02 May 2017

What exactly is Zuma's responsibility?

By Mike Smith
3rd of May 2017

Six years ago in 2011, I wrote an article about how Jacob Zuma admitted his failure to create any jobs and then blamed it on whites.

Zuma admited the ANC failed to create jobs, blamed whites

See, first he promised blacks half a million jobs, then failed to deliver, but immediately proceeded and promised to deliver 4 million more jobs. He had a brilliant six point plan and even set up a R9 Billion Job Creation Fund.

In that article you can also see my references to Zuma’s other empty promises like the R250 million hospital he was going to build for blacks in Louis Trichardt in the Northern Transvaal and how he even promised them a place in heaven if they voted for the ANC and showed their ANC membership card at the pearly gates.

Back in 2011 The DA made a list of 50 broken promises by Jacob Zuma Since then thousands more were added.

However this did not stop Zuma in February 2017 to promise more jobs in his State of the Nation address…This time with a brilliant “Nine Point Plan”…

So in May 2017, after South Africa has been downgraded to junk status and Zuma not only failed to create a single job in eight years, but now also risks the losses of millions more, the ANC says It is not Zuma’s responsibility to create jobs

OK fair enough, I accept that…can anybody just please tell me what happened to that R9 Billion Job Creation Fund? Oh and while you are at it…it would also be nice to know what happened to the R250 million for the hospital that was never built. Let me guess…It is also not Zuma’s responsibility to built hospitals, right?

Which begs the question..."What then exactly is his responsibility?" ...

Actually...Why do we still need Zuma? Why do we still need a lying, thieving, raping scumbag making empty promises as the head of the country?


  1. Anonymous11:10 pm

    we need a nine point plan to get rid these career criminals in parliament...

    1. Anonymous5:21 am

      Anon 11:10.
      Rather: a 9mm hollow point to get rid of their plan would do a better job.

    2. Anonymous5:51 am

      G5 shells for good measure.

    3. Anonymous10:30 am



    4. Anonymous1:02 pm

      How about 9 railguns to be sure?

    5. Anonymous12:55 am

      c'mon people five more :)

  2. Let's roll!


  3. All this is made possible by the average IQ of ANC voters and ANC cadre values. Hopeless mix.

    1. Anonymous4:30 am

      Angela merkel has a high IQ. Look at her policies.

      So much fail in your comment.

      The zulu king with his 80 IQ, who heaps praise on apartheid... has more common sense.

    2. Anonymous5:45 am

      Germany is next to fail letting all these brown and black low IQ beasts of the field in. The king of the zulus can praise the Queen of England it does not change the fact that simians like him made this mess we are all seeing around us. These apes can't even run a post service for fuck sake.

    3. Whiteman10:10 am

      It worries me greatly when white people believe ANYTHING that a black barbarian says. Whether he/she is a king, minister, ousie or garden boy. People, see these creatures for what they are, or DIE ! They hate your white skin, so get used to it, and act accordingly. How many times have white people been murdered by the ousie or garden boy who worked for them for YEARS ! And they were only super good to these creatures, because they are dedicated Christians. And if you want say : Oh, they are not all bad ? Then pray tell me, how do you distinguish between the good ones, and the bad ones ? Because when you are dead, it is too late ! !

    4. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Angela Merkel is the daughter of a pastor and has a huge guilt complex about any kind of privilege. I am so sick of people indulging in guilt complexes on behalf of others instead of going out and cleaning toilets in sympathy with those they profess to want to liberate. They should be CRUCIFIED! But of course, rather death than clean a toilet yourself. The hypocrisy and disgust with natural bodily functions never ceases to amaze.

    5. Anonymous12:40 pm

      @Anon 4:30

      Angela Merkel is consciously destroying Germany with her policies. IQ has got nothing to do with it. Surely you can see that ?

      You seem so enamoured with zulus you're either married to one or are one. Whichever is the case why not add something positive to the discussion ?

      Remember Weenen.

  4. Anonymous4:28 am

    Hau! It is fake news!

    1. Anonymous5:46 am

      Almost as fake as referring to the ANC as a 'Government'.

  5. Anonymous5:04 am

    Well we all know the accomplishments of this individual towards contributing to the development of SA ,.... ZERO !
    As a Goat herder he must have learnt of their destructive ways of eating the bush as well as the roots as to help in corroding the earth when nothing binds the soil. Watching the instinctive breeding .
    Seeing the world around him being developed , something he could never do , contribute .
    Joining the underground of dodge and diving and hit and run Terro tactics , since Soviets, Red china, N korea , Cuba and others were willing to offer Training for FREE, to over throw anything with Western Influence and Culture. On top of it with the help of Britain the champions of Traitors and Canada , supplying of Terro Gangs and hoping into bed with them.
    Useless MF to president of SA the most successful Country of Africa in time before the Dark .
    He and the other brothers in arms dont give a Rats ass for SA and its well being , its all about themselves .
    His supporters deserve all that comes with it and to eat shit .
    Dividing the Nation and shunting those that built the Nation are nothing but asking for a disaster .
    If the other Comrats dont see the light and get rid of him they will be stooped in Darkness forever.
    Hehehehehe Fuckers until its all gone .

  6. Anonymous5:21 am


    Mike other than economics and things that really matter, he has kept one promise.

    Revenge against whites.

    His song bring me my machine gun has played out tens of thousands of times throughout the houses of our fellow brothers/sisters in this country - from hijacking, farm murders, attacks, house attacks, mall attacks - you name it thanks to his attitude to whites and life in general.

    It is pretty easy to work out that in 23 years of ANC rule more than R1 trillion has been stolen that we know of.

    R780 billion ($70 Billion +/-) is the figure we know of, add up the other bits/pieces and its possibly R1.5 trillion and then we must add in the lost opportunity cost, the actual cost to the country and then we are talking TRILLIONS of rand's.

    Combine that with the largest social grants system in the world and the #1 employer of state staff and the figure is mind boggling.

    What it took to bail out the US during the greatest world financial disaster $700 billion, the ANC stole and mismanaged the equivalent in 23 short years.

    It will take the US decades to recoup that or will take decades for tax payers to pay for that bailout with a work force four times the size of the SA population - let me be frank here.

    We will never recover from the 23 years of mismanagement, misrule and theft by the ANC. Its a mathematical impossibility.

    4 million whites who employ 60% of the blacks the government hires through their tax can never ever solve this.

    One cannot even fathom the severity, the destruction of the Karasite and how they have stolen our inheritance in this country.

    And we wonder what went wrong.

    When it collapses, we will get the blame but truth is we have ourselves to blame. WTF Did we not take the Western + Northern Cape for ourselves during the discussions in 1990-1994?

    From 90-94 we could have relocated businesses, houses, families, farms, etc etc to those parts of the country and had what is rightfully ours.

    De Klerks name will be etched in stone next to Ephialtes for all eternity.

    1. Anonymous6:09 am

      Don't insult Ephialtes by comparing that thing to De Klerk. That is like insulting a leech by comparing De Klerk to all leeches.

    2. Anonymous2:06 pm

      And why are you insulting that poor cat?????

    3. BN, the NC is still open Boet, We start at the river and move south and east?

  7. Stephen7:01 am

    Hi Mike

    I'm actually glad that we are at this point .
    Remember a year or so back , we all thought that this could never happen - the kaffirs booing zuma.

    And rightly so , who could ever convince a kaffir to vote against zuma cANCer. But now , oh boy its truly a turn-around from what we've seen for decades. They are convincing themselves we don't even need to stress it.

    The kaffirs at work look at me with big eyes , they say..." haw mlungu Stephen you were right "
    I ask .." about what ?"
    they say.." you told us that in the future people will say the anc is shit , they are rubbish , bloody terrorists. you said people will look at you angry if you just mention the word anc. And now it is happening , how did you know mlungu ? "

    I explain to them that us whites have always known this but only now their eyes are also opening to the truth.
    I explain to them , that God does not work on your skin or your car or your bank-balance,,.. but in your heart , and just as God can make people think good thoughts about you and like you , He can also turn peoples hearts against you.

    By allowing zuma to carry on in his ways for this long, even the kaffirs have turned against him.

    Cant wait to see whats gonna happen next , every day the pot gets a little hotter.

    My money is on September.

    1. Anonymous4:25 am

      Stephen, umlungu means 'scum of/from the ocean'. When ever some one calls me that I call them scum of africa. Its an insult mate.

    2. Stephen6:59 am

      I know that mate, thanks, been living in Durban my whole life.

      But I don't take offence to it i'll tell you why , its like calling a skinny-person fat , or an ant lazy , or a light dark. Its not applicable to me.

      That's why kaffirs gets so offended when you call them kaffirs, well because they know they are useless kaffirs so it has a baring on them.

      I bet they give you a skwif look when you call the scum of Africa , well see that's because they know they are scum of Africa.

      Easy a pie , its called kaffir-sielkunde.

    3. Anonymous12:51 pm

      It's not what people call you....it's what you answer to.

      Remember Weenen.

  8. Anonymous8:22 am

    Gedleyihlekisa, "the one who causes great harm whilst pretending to be a friend"

    So the meaning of Zuma in Xhosa is "To sneak around at night with bad intent".

    nuff said!!

  9. Anonymous8:35 am

    Here is a very good lesson for y'all...:

    WARNING: To White S.Africans: Spies & Stings

    1. Anonymous3:14 am

      Good luck listening to that unending monotone

      Wonder IF you have worked it out yet ?

      IF you can trust no-one .....

      HOW do you ever organise ?
      HOW do you ever achieve any sort of solidarity ?
      Everyone walking around looking over their shoulder to damn scared to do anything and suspecting EVERYONE !
      Does the great groaner explain THAT one ?

      It is called -- "Self-censorship"

      Perhaps you need to go and try and work that one out !
      Inquire about the thirty pieces of silver .....

  10. Anonymous8:46 am

    Just to throw some light on Boere Ninja's figures, this is how much 1 Trillion is:
    A million seconds is 12 days.
    A billion seconds is 31 years.
    A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

    1. Anonymous6:19 am

      30 billion a year has been stolen and lost to corruption. FACT

      So work it out.

    2. Anonymous7:26 am

      Hmmm wonder if that ninja can even count.

    3. Anonymous10:04 am

      @ anon 7:26am.

      Thank the white man's intelligence for inventing that actuarial program that you logged into to work out your sums.

      WOW but these apartheid and colonial masters are intelligent lads.

      You lot still cannot count your fingers on both hands and thank goodness for spell check and predictive text otherwise we still would not have a clue of what you are trying to write.


  11. Graeme12:11 pm

    "What exactly is Zuma's responsibility?"

    Well, since you asked the question let me take the liberty of responding, his primary role and responsibility is to Rape, Pillage, Plunder and Steal!

    There you go, fair response to a simple question, honestly I think he is doing a great job, as a tax-payer he isn't exceeding my expectations, he is however damn near close to Afro - Nirvana as can be.

    1. Detroit Refugee3:10 am

      One other function;
      Blame YT.

    2. Anonymous8:13 am

      Zuma's responsibility is to simply wake up each day and take the piss.

  12. Anonymous5:19 pm

    African leader vs Western leader.

    African leader is for show, like fancy shoes, western leader has responsibilities.

    African leader has no accountability, blame apartheid or colonialism, western leader accountable for actions.

    African leader can kill a person live on tv and eat them and the west will say nothing, western leader can say he will grap a woman by the pussy and he gets slaughtered by the media.

    African leader gains popularity by brute force and instilling fear
    , western leader has to be charismatic and display intelligence.

    African leader has no term constraints (president for life), western leader has maximum 2 terms.

    African leader can have a history of cannibalism and visit the west, western leader who voiced a opinion against islam gets protested.

    In other words Zuma in the african sense has exactly no responsibility and he does not need to have. The problem is the whites sees him as the president and expects him to behave accordingly. Will never happen.


    1. Dingo, you're spot-on. There is only one solution to this problem and I believe it is fast approaching.

    2. Anonymous7:17 am

      Hahaha Fact ! Dingo.

    3. Anonymous8:55 am

      How is the coke and klipdrift doing

    4. Anonymous12:21 pm

      It's very lekker 8:55, how's the MSM rainbow kool-aid fuckface?

    5. Anon 8:55, you retarded turd, FYI it's Viceroy and Coke [notice the capital letters, imbecile?]. Get a basic education before you try sarcasm which is purported to be the highest form of wit and therefore requires intelligence.

      In short, fuck off and piss into the wind, Pisdruppel.

    6. Anonymous1:28 am

      You are so fucking raw one can see it a mile away.

  13. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Boooooooooo Boooooooooo.
    I love this democratic feeling.
    Boooooooooo Boooooooooo.
    Thank you zuma, you ugle cunt for teaching me this democratic thingy.

  14. Anonymous12:06 am


    IQ-67 at their best.

  15. Anonymous6:47 am

    30 billio stolen per year? What was the SADF military budget back in 1985?

  16. Anonymous9:53 am


    1. Anonymous1:14 am

      @ Anon 9:53 am.

      It might be genocide on twats that want to believe that there is not a smell of shit permeating the air but for most of us homo sapiens its not going to be receiving that happens it will be a giving in full force.

      You see retard has, I notice as I watch the KFC incident and the response from thick skin retardus on white nation that he has a right and that we are afraid of him, I suggest keep him thinking that way but start packing whatever catapult you have, keep the long ones in stage 0 and easy to reach.

      Let the fuckers roll out because the time has come let's smack them so hard that they revert back to the forgotten age where they belong.

      Lots of chaps have posted on here that this will not be a man on man war and a war of guns, sorry guys, you're wrong, this is going to be an in your face war and get use to the idea it will be a genocide but not on whites.

      We burn, bomb,nuke, Chem, drill and drop everyone of these fuckers, even a back is a fair and welcome target and if it breathes stop it in the act.

      If you want to win this lose your humanity and realise the animal that confronts you is not human. Its learnt to talk and walk but there is no more to it than basic movement and natural instinct that insects possess the rest is a facade.


  17. See how apartheid is now to blame for Kaffirs brutality.
    They were brutal Kaffirs long before apartheid

    1. Typical Kaffir bullshit, always playing the victim, always someone else's fault, never admitting that primitive people are by nature prone to violence and murder.

  18. Anonymous9:57 pm

    A true JACK with no clue and grazed knuckles.

    Everything is a joke to this clown.


    1. Anonymous11:26 pm

      @LTMA 9:57pm

      That boy (Zuma) sure is a grinning fool.

    2. LT, send your number to JP at millsviljoen1@gmail.com FFS, mate!

    3. Bring back the death penalty!

    4. Anonymous7:57 am


      Thanks mate, I hope we hunt happily together in the future.


    5. Anonymous8:46 am

      Yea LT, we are waiting in anticipation.


  19. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-04/white-south-africans-are-preparing-slaughter-and-removal-all-whites-within-five-year

    1. Anonymous3:32 am

      The Zerohedge link is really good
      Some interesting insight as to how foreigners ( mainly Americans ) see South Africans ........

      We do indeed stand on the cusp of ... something -- it may well be something to write home about ?

  20. Anonymous12:25 am

    God is sick of Black People!


  21. Anonymous12:34 am

    Black People ... You are animals


  22. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Are you Ball Bearing or Child Bearing?

    Grow a pair.
    Get on the group or get left behind.

  23. Anonymous3:08 am

    Perhaps LTMA is trying to -- bear up
    Like Zuma

    Here are some -- "ball-bearings"

    The nonagenarian maintained that Zimbabwe was the most highly developed country in Africa, after South Africa.

    "Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa. After South Africa, I want to see another country as highly developed," he said.

    Zuma and Mugabe met for bilateral talks on the sidelines of the economic forum.


    You see what the MAL one and LTMA ( and the rest of you ) do not understand )

    It is NOT a case of 40 whatever million SA blacks
    It IS a case of 400 whatever million blacks -- from Zimbabwe , from Mozambique , from Angola , from Zambia and so on

    WHAT do you think Zuma and Mugabe go and talk about ???
    The price of KFC ?????

    PS ; the WEF is in DURBAN
    Perhaps "Stephen" should go have a look ?

    1. Anonymous1:15 pm

      @ anon 3:08 am.

      You need to change your rods, we can smell the fear that you have released into them.


  24. Whiteman1:32 pm

    Anonymous 3:08 am, you make a very valid statement about the 400 million nignogs ! And you left out Swaziland and Lesotho as well. I will admit the odds are very bad for us whiteys. And the rate of emigrating is on the increase all the time. Saw an article about a company who advises and assists people who wanted to emigrate. Just after zuma had his " criminal cabinet " reshuffle, their enquiries went up with 250% ! Let's face it, only a miracle is going to save whitey in this country. But there still are many people who believe in miracles. Then there are many who don't believe in miracles, but they are salt of the earth patriots. And they say : If I go down, it is going to be with a helluva fight, and I am taking down as many of my enemies as possible !

  25. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Something of interest here in Virginia, concerning statues being removed.


    Regards, Besoeker