11 May 2017

The "get set" position of whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith

11th of May 2017

"On your marks; Get set;..."

Apparently…The day after President Jacob Zuma's cabinet reshuffle, inquiries about emigration shot up by 250%, said Stuart James, a director at consultancy firm Intergate Immigration.

Rich plot their escape from South Africa

South Africa's super-rich are adding dual citizenship to their shopping lists. The majority of the people are entrepreneurs. They're successful, but they are very concerned about the political stability of the country. Clients are mostly white family men in their 40s who "want their plan B, in case they need it".

”I am not fleeing South Africa”, says Shoprite former CEO

Spur founder, Allen Ambor bows out after 40 years, sells his stake in the company …Said Spur CEO Pierre van Tonder: “At the end of the day, he is not leaving Spur or going anywhere.”

Of course…Just getting his shit sorted for Plan-B…Just in case…, but they are still in denial about the racial issues of South Africa and choosing the side of the Blacks spreading fake news and biased information about racial incidents.

Read: Spur apologises for ‘that’ incident, announces national action plan to prevent it from happening again

Many whites will be forced to leave South Africa – F.W. de Klerk


  1. Anonymous2:00 am

    Well the way things are looking Mike shit's fast approaching now. Where are all the nay sayers? Vaalpens

  2. Anonymous3:36 am

    Mike's shit is fast approaching? Must be the mageu he drank.

    (Commas, they save lives!)

    1. Anonymous2:49 pm

      No, it gives retarded fucks like you something useless to say.

    2. Anonymous11:53 pm

      There is a button on your keyboard. Right next to the button with the letter 'M'....

      Use it!

  3. Anonymous3:56 am

    We all know that the anc is hellbent of forcing White s to leave SA , its Racist policies and its propaganda of whites to blame for all the short comings . This zuma and others in the anc keep trying to blame their corruption and self gain on those that built the stockpile from which they are Looting .
    A friend of mine who recently was retrenched from an Insurance Company to be replaced by a Black candidate , because the Company gets paid 50 geez by the Gov to replace or get left out to dry.
    This same friend still said to me , its a form of reverse "apartheid ".
    I replied now how can that be ? if we were told to employ as many Blacks as possible to help them proliferate and be well off ? How can it be if their Tax base aint sponsoring a white homeland or employing as many Whites as possible etc ?
    The answer is , They want us GONE !
    Even though we are still the Employers and Possibility makers .
    The masses have this twisted Idea that when the Whites are gone they will get everything he leaves behind. Little do they think of is that ,that little will never stretch over their Lot , there wont be enough for their consumption .
    So with the powerstruggle at the top there will be much Blood shed from this Lot . They better know that once the Whites leave , they gonna be worse off and fighting will begin amongst themselves .

    1. Anonymous7:32 am

      And they better know I will burn my house down, lock stock and barrel and I will salt my plot of land. Nothing will grow on the soil for a 100 years. However, I still think the forces actually pulling the strings also wants the impis gone, just to many "bakhand dronkgat luigat" parasites. Fokken Wiki what! A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

    2. Anonymous8:41 pm

      "The masses have this twisted Idea that when the Whites are gone they will get everything he leaves behind. Little do they think of is that ,that little will never stretch over their Lot , there wont be enough for their consumption . "

      This video explains this negro mindset perfectly:

  4. Anonymous4:06 am

    All the wiggers than could not live with the niggers.

    They started late but they're goons be running without looking back.

    These are the same arseholes that defended the stinks.


    1. Anonymous9:48 am

      I so miss rfr, he could have corrected my spelling mistakes and given me a finger lashing for my improper English now.

      It was meant to be gonna not goons.


    2. Anonymous2:53 pm

      LT, any white who sides with this Rainbow abortion is lost to our cause, avoid them if possible or drop them if they won't get out of the way. Libs are a big big part of the problem worldwide.

  5. Anonymous5:56 am

    Another flare up


    Pretoria area.

  6. Anonymous6:06 am

    Gee whiskers fuck face de Klerk. Many whites will have to leave. Ni shit Sherlock. Shit for brains. Fucking many have left already, doos. Thanks to you and your fucking pals in the Nat Government. Hang him high in public on a tree.

  7. Anonymous6:11 am

    My son and his wife and two kids left 8 months ago. He is a pilot ATPL flying Boeing 777 300 for Emirates. Living in Dubai. And so are most of our kids and grand children fucked off. De Klerk please go and have a miserable death. Dutchman. Ons vir jou Suid Afrika. Kak man. Words cannot express my anger.

    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      And you think that your son is better off in Dubai - until he ends up in jail for snogging his wife in public or something. The arab countries are not for westerners. Who cares what your son does anyway.

    2. Anonymous3:15 am

      Your son will soon start paying taxes to SARS because of new legislation effective next year. Even if you work in Dubai you will have to pay up. Cost of living in Dubai is high so once a big chunk of tax is taken off it doesn't become all that worthwhile anymore. Save as much money in Dubai as you can in the meantime and then emigrate to another country. I empathise with Anon 6:11 am because the only time he gets to see his children and grandchildren is over Christmas. This is not how it should be. I understand your anger.

    3. Anonymous5:30 am

      @ anon 12:29 am.

      Stop being an arsehole, this man might just save yours and your families lives one day.

    4. Anonymous4:33 pm

      @anon 6:11am
      So what the F has 'Dutchman' got to do with it? Are you trying to create an English vs. Afrikaner story here? Stick to the subject or maybe read the blog entry again (or maybe more). If you want to go that way, lets do it. But stick to the point - Doos! People like you are cannon fodder for the simpleton Shaka

  8. I like de Klerk's "many whites will be forced to leave . . ." FFS and who do we have to thank for that? Not Boland Bank, but Pink Frikkie!!!

    Thanks, you p . . .! I have a very dear and much respected lady friend who follows the blog so I'll refrain on spelling out for the whisky-pickled turd.

    No place to hide [run] for me and no desire to neither. LT, it's you and me and the others on the group, bud.

  9. Another prostest..


  10. Anonymous10:34 am


  11. Anonymous10:54 am

    And some more;



    1. Anonymous3:32 am

      I did mention this some articles back



      All the little flare-ups -- just like a bush fire
      The very vocal GV heroes here keep on telling us how retarded the "stinks" are ???
      They then do a carpet accusation blaming ALL "stinks"
      Never failing to look beyond the obvious

      “It would appear that the protests are motivated by criminal or political elements,” he said.

      Now WHO would ever have thought that the gubbermunt "stinks" would ever think about paying criminals to be the foot soldiers of the revolution and indulge in a bit of third world entrepreneurship ?
      WHAT have they go to lose ?

      I am suprised the very knowledgeable Mr Smith is not letting us in on the secret -- what the plans and program of the "stinks" is ?

  12. Its good that those rich ass holes leave the country and they can take their spunging jews with them and never ever return.look at those whitey bassons,oppenheimers,ruperts etc,they have billions and we have a million starving whites and they dont even give a cent to our people.it would be good if all those white bosses also leave because my brother works in continental and he gets paid 15% lees to the hour then a black and the white ass holes approves his wages.one of those rich bosses got driven over by his own trike amd he broke alot of bones and all the whites loved it and said payback is a bitch.so please leave all you joiners and rich modern day slave traders.TOODELS

    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      The Bassons, Oppenheimers and Ruperts have literally poured billions between them into charity and social upliftment you ignorant, ungrateful twat. You are lucky that they don't realize how futile it is.

    2. Well they still are billions,those moneys they only gave not to pay more taxes you twat!they will never give from their own pockets.whitey would give old food from checkers and wont give food if he is going to loose money.those poese can go get fucked by the rothschilds in europe and fuck off.

    3. Anonymous7:40 am

      What did it help? Please take a look at this failed state. They will NEVER get enough of hating the white man. Satan's spawn with split personalities, all of them, with their forked snake tongues. Gemors!

  13. I am reading Rebelspoor by Lou Bothma at the moment and, though I've known it for a while, I never realised just what a huge betrayer Jan Smuts was of the Boer Nation. He was a liar and conniver of note.

    Then again, I suppose, he was only being a politician, having left his honour and integrity as a soldier behind in the Boer War.

    1. Anonymous6:29 am

      @ TT 12:13am

      Its has always amazed me that a man can screw his kin over for a buck and a little glory but what amazes me more is how stupid his kin is to allow themselves to be screwed over.


    2. Anonymous9:29 pm

      Thats why the say goes TT, Politicians are not born, they are excreted!


  14. Does anyone know what is going on in the Klerksdorp area. Apparently they have declared war on whites

    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      @ wasp 2:16am.

      Only in the Klerksdorp area? Shit! I have been under the wrong impression for to long, thanks for clearing it up, I thought war had been declared on whites throughout SA.


    2. Anonymous10:45 am

      Pictures or it never happened

  15. Anonymous3:21 am

    Hello Mr Mike Smith
    I am a coloured and i do read your blog and i have to admit that yur blog awakened me to the realities of this Rainbow Abortion known as South Afria . I have a question to ask ; Are we coloureds also going to be wiped out alongside Indians by this filthy communist government!?

    1. Anonymous3:21 am . boet check north and you have your answer

    2. Anonymous9:58 am

      Allow me please, MS.

      Mr Anon 3:21 am.

      I ask you, has the governmunt done anything drastic to change your life?

      Did you get a free house and a cushy job and a free T shirt at voting time?

      When last did you get a bank loan or credit for fancy shit even though you were black listed?

      I think that you off whites will be considered enemies of the state as well, so don't be surprised if they do roll up to your place with a Molotov and a tin blade.


    3. Anonymous10:46 am

      Well coloureds like to fight so you going to get a PK if you take us on.

    4. Anonymous11:01 am

      once we are gone, once you are gone, once the indians are gone, the banking globalists will even kill off the blacks in order to rule the world. all who is left will have no identity or history, the world will just be one big cow farm. then there is no resistance left only compliance.

    5. Anonymous6:12 pm

      They wont stop till only one tribe is left so.... Seeing you guys more or less in the same category as whites id say yes

    6. @ Mr Coloured 3:21 am...Well you can read this a bit of history and decide for yourself if they will attack the coloureds as well: Zulu attack on Indians 1949

      I will tell you that Blacks do not see coloureds as black enough and despite all those boycott riots in Lentegeur and Mannenberg during the 1980’s blacks don’t believe that coloureds did enough during the struggle. This is how the ANC propaganda was distributed since 1994.

      However, there are many whites who believe that they should ally with the coloureds against the blacks. When I was younger I also believed that. I have since changed my view. I will tell you what my problem with the coloureds is and you can correct me if I am wrong. It is a phenomenon I call “Indecisive selective loyalty”.

      About three years ago I was sitting at Newlands stadium supporting the Stormers against the Hurricanes with some friends and family. Behind us was a group of Cape Coloured men and women all dressed in All Black shirts, supporting (very loudly) the New Zealanders. Why?

      Like Errol Tobias once said on Supersport when a coloured from PE phoned in and said he was an All Black supporter: “So Mr All Black supporter, do you have any sons who play Rugby?”

      “Yes, three”

      Errol: “So when your sons one day play for the Springboks are you still going to support the All Blacks?”


      Further. I only voted once in my entire life and that was in 1994. I remember standing in the long queue that stretched for several blocks outside the town hall. What struck me the most and what I still remember the clearest to this day was the coloured people all dressed in ANC T Shirts, with ANC banners supporting the ANC.

      You also see this phenomenon in Cape Town with all those idiots in their Toyota Corolla’s and the Manchester United banners in the back window.

      When you start speaking to them about it then it is like: “Nai my broer, ek is a Mên United supporter”...

      And I’m like: “OK...have you ever been to Manchester?”


      “So how can you be a “Supporter” if you are not next to the field when they play? Do you mean you are a Man United “fan” maybe?”

      Again: “Nai my broer, ek is a Mên United supporter”...

      And I am like: “Oooh-kaay...can you point out Manchester on a map of the UK?”

      Finger points in the general direction between London and Southampton.

      See what I mean? Cape Coloureds have no loyalty. They always support the flavour of the month. The winning team or the strongest team.

      Coloured people should make up their minds which side of the fence they are on. They should nail their colours to the mast, because when the war starts, they cannot change sides halfway through. Those who side with the ANC, whites, coloureds, Indians...I don’t care...They cannot then expect any mercy.

    7. Anonymous11:00 pm

      Anon 3:21

      Yes ,you are right . Alot of us are whores who selects the winning team. But you are talking about stuff that you witnessed long ago . Since we speak Afrikaans ,surely we will be next on the menu .i hope alot of them have seen the light now especially with guys like Bryan Habana telling media publications overseas about South Africa turning into a shithole.
      I guess i asked that question because i am in a bit of denial and need you guys to reaffirm and confirm what i suspect might happen seeing that there is a war against the Afrikaans language and we speak afrikaanes as well .

      But then again ,You guys will also have traitors in your midst .

    8. Anonymous11:06 pm

      @Anonymous 9:58

      No , not a damn thing at all. All we got were lousy quotas in sport where we were classified as black so these useless blackies can scavenge and leech on our achievements since they cannot produce noteworthy athletes. But it seems like they are done calling us black and they now want 50% african BLACKS for the Springkak team come 2019 world which i find to be laughable when everyone knows Rugby is a white and coloured game.

    9. Anonymous11:15 pm

      Anon 3:21

      So be it.and i agree they shouldnt expect mercy but surely you can acccept those who want to be on your side like me but you gonna have to come up with some sort of vetting technique or process because traitors will no doubt try to infiltrate. You have to worry about your white people being turncoats as well, Mr Smith .

    10. Anonymous11:44 am


      @Mike Smith9:30 pm

      That is so true!

      That is why if the ANC launch an attack on the whites, you can be sure they will be involved and support the ANC.

      mamzer: Mongrel a bastard, child of incest ( They would be bastards because Israel was forbidden to intermarry with them - If born out of wedlock = bastard as well - its funny that centuries later they are called Baster by the Dutch/Germans for these people in Namibia

      The Basters are a Namibian ethnic group descended from European settlers, primarily the ... The name Baster is derived from bastaard, the Dutch word for "bastard" (or "crossbreed")

      Same as the bible!


      Original Word: מַמְזֵר
      Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
      Transliteration: mamzer
      Phonetic Spelling: (mam-zare')
      Short Definition: birth

      A mamzer is a mongrel

      For this ye know, that no fornicator, nor mamzer, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God, Ephesians 5:5

      A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD

      The Pharisee Jews referred to Christ as a Mamzer & the whites today that they enforce this multicultural crap on.

      These Mamzers in this country will do to the whites what they have done since the beginning of time & what they did in South America to the Spanish & Portuguese that brought forth the Mamzer.

      They will simply want to loot their inheritance & take the place of the elect.

      Coloureds deep down despise whites for being white but feel better than a Karasite. In a spiritual sense he will think that when whitee is gone, he will take over the reigns.

      A mamzer shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD, Deuteronomy 23:2

      An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD forever: Deuteronomy 23:3

      And mamzers shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines, Zechariah 9:6

      All the nations surrounding Israel were Mamzers. Cane was and is called a mamzers.

      When one studies the subject deeply, there are the elect and then the mamzers - simple as that.

      If it is not an Israelite it is its enemy - the Mamzer will always rise up, will always side with the heathen for it is a heathen.



      They are, but they're hidden behind the Greek words "akathartos" and "akatharsia", which are usually mistranslated by KJV translators as "unclean spirit" and "uncleanness", rather than mamzer or mongrel, and mongrelization, and which are misrepresented by dictionaries and concordances like Strong's who have kept so many in the dark about the real meaning for so long

      Of course its an unclean spirit because it is neither of this world but a mix of Adam & the fallen ones - one can read where the peoples come from in the book of Enoch.

      Sorry folks but it is what it is.


    11. ...nah, Mike, I disagree with you.

      Indecisive Selective Loyalty. You say this is a phenomenon associated with the Coloureds. As oppose to what other group or nation in the republic, or even in the world - for that matter?

      In my family it is only me and my one nephew who are All Black fans. The rest of the family are Springbok fans.

      I, myself, was a Springbok fan for years. In 1974 the British Lions toured South Africa and won all their matches, except the last match, which was a draw. I listened to every match on the radio and I was betting for the Springboks throughout. I never once changed my loyalty, although my teams were losing badly. Neither did any of my friends, who were also Springbok fans.

      I changed loyalties after 1994, though, when they come out with quotas. For me that is unfair; as sport has got nothing to do with race or skin color. The only thing that count in sport is skill. If the whole Springbok team is White, because those are the most skilled players then so be it. If the whole team is black because those are the most skilled players then so be it. But when you have to have a certain percentage of such and such players in the team it is unfair and people are not chosen on skill.

      The results can be clearly seen in the performance of the Springboks.

      Now, the rest of my family are Springbok fans and we argue a LOT about rugby. BUT if someone should come from outside and attack one of my relatives I will jump in defending him or her without thinking twice. They will do the same for me.

      In short: my support of the All Blacks doesn't diminish my loyalty to my family or my country.

      On you Manchester United argument I want to say this, Mike. I am a Morgan Freeman fan. He is a hell of an actor according to my reckoning and I enjoy watching his movies. But that is all I know of him. I don't know where he lives or who his wife is or what he eat for breakfast or anything else about his private live. I only like watch him in the movies and that is all.

      So I think the Manchester United fan is only interested in the team when they play soccer, because when they play it is pure poetry in motion.
      Semantics are not going to cut it and why does he have to know where Manchester is to be a Manchester United supporter?

      Those Coloureds you saw in 1994 with ANC banners and what have you, are now DA fans. Not because of Indecisive Selective Loyalty, but because they have brains and can think for themselves.

      When we have an election again you must visit the townships, Mike and come to a voting station. You will see at the gate of the school, church, etc, there is blue table with DA people and a green and yellow table with ANC people. You will see how sad and bored the ANC people look, because their table is empty with people not even looking their way, while the DA have lots of people at their table talking and laughing.

      When the real fighting breaks out there will be Coloureds fighting on the ANC- and government side. BUT, there will also be Whites and Indians fighting on the ANC side.

      Coloureds are like everyone else. We don't think with one mind. Everyone has his own opinion. But what I can say is that most Coloureds know what is right and what is wrong. All of us can see which side the wind is blowing in the republic. Any Coloured who is still an ANC supporter is there because of corruption or he/she is getting something out of it.

      But there are also Whites and Indians who are like that.

    12. (continue)

      Coloureds have ALWAYS been loyal South Africans. We “trekked” with the Boers out of the Cape into the interior away from the British. We fought in all the wars that was fought in and by South Africa. We were called the “agteryers”, but we did our job, because we were loyal.

      In the 60’s we weren't conscripted, but we voluntarily joined the army and fought on the border to protect the republic against terrorists. We inundated the South African Police and worked everywhere including fighting terrorists on the border, as well as infiltrating them as Security Policemen. One of the first Security Policemen to die in the late 70’s, because of his duty, was a Coloured.

      There were and are many great Coloureds who did a lot for the republic. Many of them didn’t even get the recognition they were supposed to get, but that never stopped them from doing their best.

      We have many skills, Mike. One of those skills is fighting. We have a different way of fighting, but we get the job done. I can assure you, that when the shit hits the fan, you are going have a Coloured next to you in the trenches.

      To Anonymous 3:21AM I want to say, no, we are not going to be wiped out by the filth who attack us.
      Neither are the Whites or the Indians. When the shit hits the fan we are going to fight back and we are going to show these liberals and blacks something they never saw before. The fight in South Africa is going to be different. It won’t be about race or skin colour, it will be about what is right and wrong.

    13. @ Phoenix...Point taken. And in Formula One...They always supported Ferrari and Schumacher. Almost to a man. Why?

      I have always been a McLaren/Mercedes fan and today still actively support Mercedes-AMG, even with Hamilton as the main driver.

      So don't worry mate. I also have issues I still wrestle with. For instance...I love Blues music. I am a big fan of Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, etc. Try as I might, I just cannot shake my love of the Blues. The sound of a Blues guitar is like honey to my soul and cuts through to the marrow of my bones.

      BTW, you are 100% correct about quotas in sport. The only thing that should matter is skill. I think most whites will also agree with you on that one.

      Nevertheless...It is good to hear the loyalty of the coloureds shifting over more to the direction of the whites. I hope it stays like that. In the mean time keep working on the minds of your friends and family who are still undecided and supporting the ANC or the Rainbow nation and I will do the same amongst my people.

      Maybe we should approach our fight against the ANC like Dr. Danie Craven said about the perfect Springbok team. Whites as the forwards and coloureds in the backline.

    14. Anonymous10:44 pm

      Fucking A Phoenix!

      The question is will you fight and kill your delusional brothers as we will fight and kill our lost delusional brothers who fights for the enemy?

      Some tough choices on the horizon for all of us.

    15. Anonymous5:17 am


      The 1 problem i have personally apart from religious believe is that i come across plenty of so called coloureds who have intermarried back with the blacks.

      They speak Afrikaans just like a coloured but you can see the Karasite in their eyes and features. As a white you can smell them. I don't know if coloureds can smell blacks, i have never asked a coloured but we certainly can.

      When i hear something in the yard i don't just go out. I open a window and smell if i can smell it, and i have.

      The second problem with having coloureds on your team is something i experienced at my work. These were not African mixed coloureds but top of the coloured stock. Smart capable coloureds but always trying to connive against whites showing utter racism.

      I had a senior coloured manager long ago(was also stand in head-girl at my school while i was in gr8.

      She would walk the factory floor with me and whisper who should be fired. She would say you need to fire that black and that one(2), then passing a coloured she would say that one too(1 He was very light skinned with almost green eyes one of my best performers).

      Then when passing whites everyone should be fired except for two. Under my management figures whites were the top target achievers. Coloureds were 2nd (some were at the very top but a bunch let the rest down)

      Then in the far distant 3rd place it was the blacks with two good performers. (those two were the only two Zulus in the black group.)

      Now my point is that this senior manager who was coloured held unconscious racial bias or maybe it was conscious, towards whites even though they were the top performers. She would sacrifice performance and productivity because of her deep-sided bias.

      I wouldn't want that around me.

      I think to answer your coloured colleague at the top i would say. Form you own groups and start preparing your own brothers because they are also sleeping and unaware of the Bantu hate and mentality, because when whitey eventually gets angry and pull all viking and barbaar he will want to be by himself.

      That is not to say we cant achieve a common goal in defeating a cowmen enemy by teaming from afar.

      The thing is i don't want my daughter to marry your son. I don't want it. I want to stay as far away from it as possible. I don't want them in the same class room, parks, universities, neighborhoods nothing. I want Apartheid/ Separateness, Holiness. And i am not saying rule over or dominate the other because that would imply togetherness.

      You go there and i go here. You rule yourself and i rule myself, we can be friendly from afar no probs.

    16. @ Anonymous 5:17
      Alas, Anonymous, this is true. During the 60’s and 70’s many blacks, who were living in “Coloured areas” stayed on even after the Group Areas Act was introduced. They changed their first names and surnames. Because their children grew up amongst Coloureds they spoke and acted exactly like Coloureds.

      But the black character was still inside them. You are lucky, I had to attend primary school with these savages. They were always the most stupid kids in class. And when I say stupid I mean in the worse way. They struggled to understand basic concepts. Our teachers were very good, though, and at the end even the blacks understood some of the work. Furthermore the black kids could never sit still or concentrate. They were always ready to fight and it was clear that they prefer chaos and broken stuff above all else. Luckily very few of them reached High school and left school in the lower standards.

      On the racism and back biting of Coloureds whom you worked with; I want you to know that I don’t talk for all Coloureds when I comment on Mike’s blog. I only talk for myself. Coloured people don’t have one “coloured way” of doing things. We are individuals and everyone has his one way of doing things. (I also know Coloureds like the ones you are talking about and I dislike them.)

      In general, though, Coloured people have the same values, intelligence and culture as White South Africans. What happened during the Apartheid years was that we were treated like second class citizens; like people who can’t think for themselves. Many Coloured people were humiliated by low class whites and they could do nothing about it. And this is what caused the utter prejudice against Whites that a lot of Coloureds have up to this day. Their children grew up with that prejudice they inherited from their parents and it is still there.

      But if you look closely you will see that everywhere in South Africa - today - where Coloureds and Whites go to school together or work together, they become great friends in almost no time. That is because we have the same culture and understand each other. (That is why I think we should work together against the liberals and blacks. Once we are rid of these common enemies, we can go our separate ways again.)

      Anyone who thought I said Coloureds where little fluffy angels, is wrong. I never said that or even insinuated such a ridiculous thought. Coloureds are like everyone else around them. Some of us are pure evil, while others have the black soul inside them.

      @Anonymous 10:44. I will pop a cap in an enemy coloured ass, without thinking twice. If he's not fighting on my side, he is not my brother...

      I see, Anonymous 5:17, that you say in your first paragraph that “Coloureds who have intermarried back with blacks”. Many people assume that Coloureds are a mixture of black- and white people, which it is not. Trevor Noah’s mother is black and his father is white. You will hear the Trevor puts emphasis on the fact that he is NOT a Coloured.

    17. My parents were Coloured, both sets of my grandparents were Coloured. On my mother’s side, my grandparents’ parents were Coloured. On my father’s side his father had a White father and Coloured grandmother.

      My research has shown that Cape Coloureds originated out of Malay slaves who were imported by the VOC from Malaysia and Indonesia in the 17th century. These people mixed with the White sailors and other White workers in the Cape as well as the Hottentot and Bushmen who were still around. I think that is where the original stock of Coloureds came from. It was only later that some Coloureds mixed with black people and most of them were not from South Africa, but from places like Mozambique and even Madagascar. So we are not a mixture of black and white, we are a complete potpouri, which actually make us the only genuine South Africans, born out of the soil.

      On the religious side we split into Islam and Christianity, with the Christian Coloureds adapting to the Afrikaner culture in whole.

      You will also note that the world is slowly, but surely being taken over by “Coloureds”. Not Cape Coloureds, but people of mixed parents. And these people are no weaklings or pushovers. The men are of the strongest and most ingenious and the women are just plain beautiful.

      I was brought up by my mother who taught me to be respectful towards everyone. My mother had both black and white friends. I had no major problem with blacks, until I worked in a black area for twelve years. Decent people can’t live normally amongst or with blacks. They steal everything of value and corruption is a normal way of life for them. That is not the type of people whom I want to rule the country where I live in. There are many decent Black people, but you can trust none of them. No one.
      Blacks must live on their own, ruled by their own people. Civilized people must live on their own, governed by their own people. There can be no other way. Blacks cannot be allowed to govern civilized people, because they simply can’t do it.

      I will fight with anybody else who is going to really fight so that we civilized people can have our own country where we govern. Once we reached that stage, I would prefer to go back to the old ways.
      If we can’t go back to the old ways, then only people who are capable must govern the country. In order to be a government employee or politician you must have proven skills and also qualifications. And I would really prefer that politicians and even the president write an exam to show their competence in governing the country.
      I will also insist that every citizen MUST have a gun. Every citizen starts his/her gun-training from the age of ten and when he/she reaches the age of sixteen you get your first gun. With everybody responsible and having a gun, we will never have any problems with our government. Crime and abuse will then also be basically non-existent.

      With people like Mike and many others on this blog, I see a bright future ahead of us. Although it will start with a hell of a fight; afterwards we will be able to tell many stories to our children. And we will live in glorious peace in this good land…

  16. Anonymous5:01 am

    I don't know how on Earth anyone expected any different. I left SA in '91 knowing the Munts would steal everything, fuck the country up, then blame whitey and eventually want to kill them all. I'm now in Britain - an overcrowded hole full of wankers that are going to be displaced as they are among the most misled and brainwashed people you'll ever come across. I've no kids as I could clearly see the shit on the horizon. I can't believe any sane person would believe anything else.

  17. Anonymous5:39 am


  18. Anonymous5:49 am

    Land Audit Needed - 'You didn't build that'... successful farming operation.

    De Klerk: "There is a hunger for agricultural land among our people, like in Zimbabwe, and if we do not listen, we will follow the path of land occupation and confiscation."

    Lose your land to the squatters or the gov't. You decide.

    De Klerk's threat reminds us [as he so often has] of the fundamental beliefs and tenants of the 'Deep State' and communism.


    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Liam Verum9:09 am

      So many past mistakes. Someone should've shot de Klerk in 1989. In fact both Botha and Vorster should've been too.

  19. Anonymous7:14 am


  20. Anonymous8:54 am

    White nations should give SA whites asylum so we can all leave this bee bunch to live in squatter camp conditions because that's how the whole country will look once we're gone, also all the Indians and coloureds will be taken out by the black savages too, they should all be so grateful whites are still here.

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      There is no such thing as white nations. All previous white nations have other races in their midst and the growth rate of the other race populations is overpowering the growth rate of the whites. These whites also embrace this parasitic and self destroying tendencies.

      It doesnt matter where you move- The white race is standing in front of a massive genocide and they dont know it. In a thousand years they will say.

      "They say there was once a people. They looked like angels and called them self sons of god. They had flying machines. Some even say they walked on the moon and played with the sand of Mars.

      They had eyes like fire, hair that shone like gold and skin as white as snow. They were mighty and strong like gods till they shared their secrets(technology) with sons of man(non-whites).

    2. Anonymous1:25 am

      You mean like Sweden? Oh wait.... Only muslims are let in.

      Like Germany? Oh wait... Merkel turned away virtually 100% of white ukrainian refugees. Google it.

  21. Anonymous10:02 am

    The problem with you guys is that you hate your own people.

    You already know that there are 800 000 white people living in poverty and yet you guys dont do shit for them . For instance ,right here in my hometown ,there is a white old man forever begging on the robots and he is in a wheelchair plus he is a former SADF vet and whites simply drive past him like he is rubbish. Not one white person ever stops to help him . What makes you think he and other poor whites will be motivated to join your fight against ANC and its brainwashed kaffirs when you other whites dont do a damn thing to help them? I think these people are simply preparing to die and dont give a damn about your so- called afrikaner or white nationalism . What do you think about that Mr Mike Smith ?

    1. Anonymous11:27 pm

      I hope you at least give him some money when you pass him.

    2. Anonymous11:38 pm

      In these situations
      I always ask myself --
      WHERE are the Christians ?
      WHERE are the churches

      Skynheilige bliksems !

    3. Anonymous12:21 am

      @ Anon 10;02m.

      Its not that we don't care, mate its more that those people don't want to be help, they want hand outs freebee, grant me this, grant me that shit.

      There is a couple that beg at the robots west of my office, he has a code 14 licence, she has receptionist skills, he got a job driving trucks local it lasted a week, he melted because he had to work.

      I myself have employed 9 young whites claiming to not be able to find work, they wanted money not work, they lasted 2 months, I lost because they fucked around instead of working.

      My homeless guys work until the pressure is turn on then the wilt and fade, some steal my tools and material, others just bottle it down and go drunk.

      You seem to think we are interested in saving all the whites in SA, wake up! We are only interested in saving those that want to save themselves. White nationalism is not only apartheid from the retards its apartheid from apathy, convenience, grants, free shit, uselessness, laziness, charity and any other weakness, tolerance or misconception that can break the pride of a nation and lose the identity of its people.


    4. Anonymous1:24 am

      I think you enjoy the smell of your own farts

    5. Anonymous4:28 am

      @LTMA: I have found this to be the case too, where "poor" whites claiming to want to work are the laziest, most dishonest scum you never want on your premises. As you say, they just want free money for drink and drugs. White car guards can be the most vindictive if you don't give them money. On the other hand, I do give to a couple of white car guards who aren't nasty. These guys are organised with bonds to pay off and whatnot. Some of them even have dental implants to stabilise their false teeth. Lol. To each his own.

    6. Anonymous8:18 am

      you are a good man LTMA. I am proud of you mate.

    7. Anonymous11:08 am

      Tell me Mr LTMA

      How is it that the Zimbabweans do NOT fade
      Whitey does

      SURELY this shows that Mr Zimbabwe is SUPERIOR ?

      Sort of contra-dicts all the crap you post here ?

    8. Anonymous9:25 pm

      @ anon 11:08am.

      Can I call you Retard, maybe FIUC, maybe wigger or just plain K?

      The whites I employ are not employed as labourers they are employed as managers, supervisor, training or qualified.

      The retards cannot do that work, you see retards are retarded they have no brain, no cognitive ability, cannot plan, cannot control, can execute and cannot complete. They are manual slaves, the can only be slaves, thieves and breakers.

      Now retard, go and play because once again by opening you shit hole vent that stinks from the accumulated turds between your ears you allow yourself to be bashed back to your retarded origins.

      If Zimbabwean is so superior, what the fuck is he working in my country for, why are they starving, why is the land that was the breadbasket of Africa when whites lived there now a dust bowl of shit that flies won't sit on?

      Come you dumb prick answer me, your turd spill is dribbling from your nose and you think it is brain juice.

      You are really a dfuc you, you stepped right into my minefield and you never saw the signs, imagine how I am going to lead you into greater nastier shit when we get noisy. I cannot wait to rid earth of you stinking oxygen thieves.

      Now go back to your bush.

      And listen next time you address me, you black stinking turd, call me baas.


    9. Anonymous5:24 am

      I call YOU hypocrite
      YOU are the one employing the Zimbabweans

      Told us so a couple of articles back

      Not so ?

    10. Anonymous9:53 pm

      @anon 5:24 am.

      Cunt, I wouldn't employ you fucking retarded farmer killers and economy wreckers for a slaves wage, you lot are just as bad as the cunts we have here

      Answer this you stupid retarded shit crawler, why the fuck are you turds here, why haven't you got a thriving economy and industry in your own country?

      Sheezus you cunts are so fucking stupid that I am surprised that you can stand.

      If and I say if you're lucky enough to drive the whiteman out of SA, it wouldn't take 6 months for you tards to be flooding Europe asking the white boss for job.

      Cunt, do me a favour, bring your supposed superiority on, let's finish the game, let's see who is the master and boss. Fucking stinking cowardly turds

      BTW I employ immigrants and not all immigrants are zimfuckingtardedbabweans.

      Now run go find you mother somewhere in the shit pile outside your kraal.


    11. Anonymous12:17 am

      @ anon 5:24 am.

      Turd crawl, I wasn't going to waste the energy on you but I will because I want to expose the stupidity that is retard.

      You call me hypocrite. I now highlight what a true hypocrite is.

      You retarded turd crawlers claim colonialism stole your land and your identity but you fuckers want the colonist materialism, let me expose your ignorance twat.

      You fuckers strike for service delivery which happens to be a colonial concept, you want brick houses, flushable toilets, running water, electricity all colonial inventions.

      You desire fancy cars, flashy clothes, shoes and socks you retarded shit drops never had those things before the settlers and progressive homo sapiens arrived.

      You want light skins, flowing hair, long eyelashes, make up, creams all colonists identities and concepts.

      You want colonists education and when you see its way above your retarded standard you play with the score card so you can say that you passed.

      You see you self lying piece a black shit, you and your type are the true hypocrite and you live in denial and blame to blow smoke up your own arse so that you feel better about yourself but you know that you are a forgotten species with no future and just a leeching, begging useless fucking turds that want everything your way but have not got the ability to make it your way.

      Now climb back into your shit pile before you get bashed back into it.


    12. Anonymous6:40 am

      Now go and take your chill pill
      Before you blow a gasket
      Have to get taken to hospital -- in a BLACK ambulance.
      Get a BLACK blood transfusion

      MIGHT improve your demeanour !

    13. Anonymous8:33 am

      @ anon 6:40 am.

      I know what will improve yours, wait it's not far away.


    14. Anonymous9:07 am

      Yeah LT these blacks get free donated mostly white blood while old whitey must fork out over a thousand randelas for the same blood plasma. And those amperlamses are mostly run by whites because they either know what they're doing or they are pink monkeys. So chill LT and don't make a scene, that's my advice to you if I don't have a retort.

  22. Anonymous10:18 am

    My advice for you guys is that when those black monkeys called the ANC come for your farms and businesses ,just burn them and set them alight and destroy them. Make sure you have large quantities of parafin and gasoline on hand so you can leave nothing for those filthy IQ67 communist scum .

  23. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Here is a little press release by COSATU on Coligny. Especially for Boere ninja.

    Take you blood pressure meds before reading.


    Jeez talk about "inverting reality" here... Read it and you will see what I am talking about

    1. Fanning the flames of black on white hatred and calling whites the "racists"...Tja and then you still get people like this auntie who believe in reconciliation even though Cosatu specifically said, they are not interested in reconciliation:

      "The federation also rejects the call for reconciliation but demands justice for the families of murdered workers and those that have been abused. The concept of reconciliation will not work, when the white racists are running amok and slaughtering poor workers."


    2. Anonymous9:09 pm

      @ Anon 12:27pm.

      Any decent, self respecting and proud white person would also not want reconciliation.

      Fuck these cunts and their shit now, the time to reconcile permanently has dawned so get down to business and clean out the cancerous stain that wishes to take your life.


    3. Anonymous11:35 pm

      Surely by now we know that this is just part of the script / the agenda that the MSM work to as well

      To create two separate groupings ( camps ) that are antagonistic to each other
      You have to have two sides to create a war !

      WHO does COSATU speak for / on behalf of ?

      Done purely for the benefit of the posters here on Mr Smith's blog

      ( To create the impression that ALL black South Africans think this way -- and thereby add fuel to the inferno )

      Seems everyone is falling for it !

    4. Anonymous5:27 am

      anon e mouse 11:35Pm

      So tell me, if ALL black south africans (globalist term if i have ever heard one) are not thinking this way, then where are they marching? Oh wait...

    5. Anonymous11:03 am

      The continual service delivery protests
      Are now being manipulated to give whitey the blame
      Even although whitey was not the one promising all the free stuff

      Some time ago when they had a power failure or riot or something in London
      WHO was also happily involved in the looting ?

      Was it perhaps hi IQ whitey that was helping him / her self ?

      This is a common human failing
      Which is much worse among the promised but denied low IQ -- you know best IQ 80

    6. Anonymous11:18 am


      @Anonymous12:27 pm

      They must not for one minute think that they have a place in the future SA.

      We have their comments, actions in the papers, media and it will remain like that forever.

      This short period has exposed everything about them that the white man always knew but wasnt 100% sure of.

      There wont be any Karasites left in this land in the end. That I can promise you, just wait until the shit hits the fan.

      The silence before the storm. They think silence means weakness, loud mouths until they get a moering.

      Those who shout & cry about the racists, pointing out racists & always the most racist.

      Apartheid was introduced because blacks are THE most racist peoples. They feel inferior, they know they are inferior, they know how they see themselves and then project it onto others.

      They think others are thinking what they truly think about themselves. They are Karasites - the lowest form of parasite on Earth.

    7. Anonymous10:37 pm

      BN, the past 2 decades has given us enough evidence to shut these karasites down forever.

  24. Anonymous1:01 pm

    We should be glad that the west hated us under apartheid. It means that we did something right

  25. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Orange farm now rioting


  26. Anonymous3:01 pm


    They following a play book

  27. Anonymous3:05 pm


    Mal ninja, is that you mom? :D

    1. Delusional woman

    2. Anonymous4:35 am

      As always, there are two sides to this story. There is an Afrikaans run pharmacy in my town where I will not shop because I feel unsafe there. Their blatantly discriminating behaviour to black customers nauseates me - if they are good enough to give you their money, they are good enough to be treated with consideration. I don't want to be caught in the inevitable backlash.

    3. Anonymous8:58 am

      Anon 4:35 , Well if your people are being MURDERED and TORTURED , you wont be smiling either, and thinking when are you next , since all the woes and failed achievements are blamed on Afrikaners and whites as a whole . If you discipline its seen as OPPRESSION , if you tell the truth about behavior its twisted as discrimination, if you condemn actions its deluded as racist .
      When your food producers are savagely murdered and burnt , you aint gonna kiss them.
      One thing though if you know you are being HUNTED , dont have your F GUNS in the safe waiting to be taken , Lock and Load and in your hands if they are idle. FFS dont be taken by surprise. If you have a Pharmacy and undesirables come in , make money and up the price.

    4. Anonymous10:27 am

      @Anon4.35 And you think these black till operators at Pick n'Pay or other stores are not cheeky to us whites.I buy tobacco at a local tobacconist in a suburb of Durban from time to time.The black women behind the till in this shop is so bloody arrogant and cheeky when you ask her something.You seem to have a short memory the Spurgate Moment with that K Bitch swearing at everybody.

    5. Anonymous10:48 am

      Hey Anon4:35
      I guess its ok if they spit in your food before serving it at Spur. No one says a word, and we just chew and swallow. LOL
      Reminds me of Van who walked into the chemist and said:
      Dagse, Please gives me one candoom.
      The chemist looked puzzled and asked. Sure sir, is that for flying insects or crawling insects.
      Nee man, says Van, sommer net gewone seks.


    6. Anonymous10:35 pm

      Make no mistake, 99% of them hate your guts and will kill you in an instant.

    7. Anonymous12:20 am

      @ anon 4:35 am.

      Funny how you blind eye all the farm murders, rapes, hi jacking, heists, house breaks, muggings and the rest but you pick up a pharmacy giving retard a taste of its own.

      I would fucking drop you if you had to be in my presence, you're the fucking typical white traitor idiot that sees only what you choose to see.

      You forget the old days when you enjoyed your freedom under proper law and order.

      Best thing for you is to chew lead that you feed yourself because you don't fit with your sweet little stinking ks and you definitely are not welcome in our ranks.


    8. Anonymous3:50 am

      Well, you can go and look for kak and get killed. Be my guest.

    9. Anonymous6:14 am

      100% LTMA, that pharmacist sounds just like the kind of people we need, 4:35 and us whites who pay our rates an taxes how are we treated by the black run municipalities and government.

    10. Whiteman10:48 am

      Anonymous 4:35 am, you definitely have Stockholm-syndrome. Thanks for supplying our readers with another subtle example. That that you have not noticed twenty plus years of " inevitable backlash " YET, is tragic to say the least. But just be patient. When those blood thirsty, whitey hating, murderous barbarians rush your house, screeching for your blood, you will have NO problem. Just invite them to sit down, and then you tell them about that horrible racist pharmacy, which did not make one cent out of you ! They will definitely carry you shoulder high. ( But play soccer with your head ! )

    11. Anonymous2:50 am

      Actually the racist pharmacy did make quite a lot of cents out of me until I decided to rather go to the non-racist Muslim owned pharmacy. Allahu akbar.

    12. Anonymous8:30 am

      @ anon 2:50 am.

      You should have worn your bomb vest and lifted you thumb after the Akbar.

      You're a laugh a minute, ha,ha, Muslims not racist its like telling me Muslim aren't bum runners, sheezus they are the biggest queers under the sun.

      Go burn a Qur'an it might make you feel better.


    13. Anonymous9:01 am

      What is a racist 2:50? C'mon define it for us.

    14. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Dont worry Towel head. We will boycott you.

    15. Anonymous7:05 pm

      Non-racist Muslim? Your tactics are totally transparent by now. Is it hard being a baiting shill? Your voodoo does not work anymore, try something else.

    16. Anonymous2:12 am

      Everyone is racist to a greater or lesser extent. The Muslims in SA don't make it all that obvious, although they're not soft on blacks who work for them, unlike you Jesus shouting white heathens who can't do without your black maids.

    17. Anonymous4:14 am

      @anon2:12 not all of us white heathens depend on kaffir girls or maids.

    18. Anonymous4:24 am

      @Anon4:14 am Just as well. Can't have white heathens mixing with "kafir" infidel heathens.

    19. Anonymous4:16 pm

      Anon 2:50 am

      The racism is in your mind, do you expect everyone to be super friendly with you all the time? Why must you be treated differently?

      Maybe try not to be so sensitive or you across as one of those types with a chip on their shoulder who sees racism in everything.

  28. Anonymous10:21 pm

    All here seem to forget the ANC slogan.

    Mayibuye we afrika translated means bring back Africa.

    Chaps, they are succeeding and excelling at their endeavour. Maybe it will be their only success.


  29. Anonymous4:40 am

    "Many whites will be forced to leave South Africa – F.W. de Klerk"

    Just don't think you are going to leave the country ,traitor de Klerk. This is the shit your two paws have created. Blood is dripping from your hands.

    If you dare to leave, we will get you overseas, and you will be dealt with. Rather stay in your chaos and face your sinking ship. Captain of the ship leaves last. They need to tie you on a pole like a goat waiting to be slaughtered where Dingaan can deal with you like Piet Retief.

    There was no need to change the constitution, all was in favor of the money power who controls from behind closed doors. Your 30 pieces of sliver have killed many people Achan de Klerk.

    All the traitors who have helped Achan de Klerk, don't think you are welcome back. We know who you are and you will get your fair share together with you mandela terrorists.

    1. Anonymous9:09 am

      Anon 4:40 , We all blame frikkie , he should have delayed a bit longer and made sure we had a Homeland (self sponsored , because karashite would never have contributed) but with allllll our ALLIES , NOT ? pounded us to hand over , to Commies. SA would definitely have been a different place then already . It was still OK while Karasite had something to feed on and blow and spend what was built up over the last Century , but now that its running out , we have an AGITATED Karashite . The MAIN Karashites at the top have taken it all. So nothing LEFT soon you Fucken Karashites.

      £$£%£*&%$%^%£ !! we all saw this coming

    2. Anonymous10:33 pm

      Frik will get what's coming to him, one way or another. The here and now is what is most important.

  30. Anonymous4:43 am

    "Many whites will be forced to leave South Africa – F.W. de Klerk"

    Joshua 7:1 But the children of Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing: for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, took of the accursed thing: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against the children of Israel.

    Joshua 7:18 And he brought his household man by man; and Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, was taken.

    Joshua 7:19 And Joshua said unto Achan, My son, give, I pray thee, glory to the LORD God of Israel, and make confession unto him; and tell me now what thou hast done; hide it not from me.

    Joshua 7:20 And Achan answered Joshua, and said, Indeed I have sinned against the LORD God of Israel, and thus and thus have I done:

    Joshua 7:24 And Joshua, and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, and the silver, and the garment, and the wedge of gold, and his sons, and his daughters, and his oxen, and his asses, and his sheep, and his tent, and all that he had: and they brought them unto the valley of Achor.

    Joshua 22:20 Did not Achan the son of Zerah commit a trespass in the accursed thing, and wrath fell on all the congregation of Israel? and that man perished not alone in his iniquity.

  31. Anonymous6:27 am

    One thing is for sure, all these idiots who hated Apartheid had some smack or two from their liberal shit bearing trees which they have planted in 1994.

    The trees are growing and the shit is dripping. The more their crimes fertilize the trees, the better they grow and the more shit it produces. Until it forms a stream and shit a river starts to flow. It is unstoppable, that evil cycle will only stops when the shit trees are uprooted. That will only happen when the planter of the trees realizes that it is their deeds which are the shit trees producing the chaos.

    What possibly can bring them to their senses. Once they become the victims of their own deeds, then suddenly they realize what they have done to millions of others the past 24 years. They must be murdered ,robbed ,raped, all kinds of crime must guard and follow them on their way until they get the smell.

    That's why, in the coming new South Africa there will be only one principle, [Complete Apartheid]. Govern the country by the implementation of the best ideas which will be beneficial to uplift all communities as far as possible.

    This stinking malfunctioning multicultural liberal South Africa is the biggest shithole on earth. What's it good for other than crimes death and chaos. When will you idiots wake up and get the smell of your sewerage streams. When it's too late? Rather late than never. Just come to your senses.

    Just call it the day, give it up for a bad job, admit that you are a failure for this job. You might be better at something else, but going on in this crime ridden chaotic South Africa is insane. Let the rest of the world fly to hell, all they were ever good for was to help South Africa into the crime. There you have the evidence of 24 years.

    Take a lesson from nature, let it guides you by the wisdom who created it.Give yourself over to peace and prosperity of nature. Do what nature does for millions of years. Each kind to it's own kind. Each kind in it' own territory. Apartheid, Separateness is the wisdom by which nature guides all things for millions of years. Come to your senses people. Crimes are not blessings and those who rely on it for a living seek their own downfall. For how long do you think will it last? And what will the fool's end be? Total destruction and extermination. That's what
    South Africa is aiming for, the ultimate goal, extermination.

    1. Anonymous10:31 pm

      You'll first need to kill the army of 'opinion makers' in politics and online. Secondly you/we need to stand by others who are making a stand, even if it's an insignificant dispute in our everyday lives. Thirdly crush these libs wherever and whenever they stick their godless heads out.

      Stand fast!

  32. Anonymous9:38 am

    You need to watch documentaries on Rwanda as part of your prepping.

  33. Anonymous1:11 am


    Westerners tend to think that African witchcraft is a peasant phenomenon that is gradually fading away as Africa modernizes. Not so. If anything, belief in magic is on the rise, and is certainly not limited to the countryside.

    Aleksandra Cimpric has written a report on sorcery for UNICEF that draws on extensive research, and on her four years of experience in the Central African Republic. She finds that the practice of witchcraft is changing, but certainly not dying out.

    For example, the last 30 years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of children who are accused of witchcraft, and Miss Cimpric points out that such accusations are especially common in cities. As for witchcraft in general, a student in Bangui, Central African Republic, put it this way in 2006:

    Witchcraft is more powerful than ever. In the past, people just wanted little things. Now they want a mobile phone, a TV, a car, a big house. Everyone wants to get ahead. People are becoming more jealous. If his neighbor has a radio or telephone, and he doesn’t, then he might use sorcery . . . .

    Consequently, there is more open talk of magic. A man from the Central African Republic explains:

    Before, [witchcraft] was taboo. No one even wanted to hear talk of witches. So as soon as you talked about witchcraft, there would be a strong reaction. Yet now, it’s become almost commonplace. People talk about it all the time.

    I've been trying to tell you, Mike.
    They work according to a plan - and we have to know what that plan is and how it works - it should be part of our survival plan. This is your enemy - know him.

    Wie oft muss ich dir noch sagen?


  34. Whiteman3:08 am

    J. Pompies, the black barbarians have always referred to the " whitemans God." But many, over the centuries, were willing to try out this " god, " because there was much benefit to be had. It was so easy to fleece these representatives of this christian god, and you can literally get away with murder. If you steal from them, or murder them, there is NO retribution, and all is forgiven. But even the dumb nignogs, can see the christian god is weak. Because they can see the whitemans days are numbered in this country. They are becoming so poor, you can not even steal from them anymore. But the way/religion of the forefathers, is definitely the only true powerful religion for Africa. ( And they are 100% right ! )

    1. Anonymous12:59 am

      Whiteman: Not enough capacity here to explain the big picture but the following deductions:
      1. If a Creator made whitey & we have the powers which He bestowed upon us to rule the earth then we would not have this problem.
      2. Our Voortrekker fathers must have served Him because when they made a vow, it was to honour a day "as a Shabbat (or sabbath if you wish). It must mean they kept the Shabbat & Feast Days as instructed in the Torah, not "old Testament" according to churchianity - that is a diversion.
      3. Christian claims to serve the Creator, but calls on the names of "god", "lord", "here", "Iesous" and other names of pagan deities and worship the cross of Tammuz. The church therefor, is the age-old religion of Babylon. Check here in detail: https://youtu.be/MkqOyo-C8AU?list=PLYWLnWfH4nSA-azOwojiaBTZO-cg-btup.
      4. The black man worships his ancestors, who are basically disembodied spirits, therefor demons. As they are part of the Creation, they are subservient to the Creator & therefor, us. Check commentary on the Torah, or "New Testament" according to Xtians how the Messiach ordered them around. It is also relevant today. If you dig a bit you will meet whites who have seen some of them, including Tokolosh himself.
      5. So now, what is a prophet? Check all prophets pointed kings & the nation of Hebrews back to instructions of Torah: Don't steal, don't kill etc... therefor all modern leaders are false like Oom Patat - they lead you away. (Ignore the concept "Jews" for thcussion).
      6. Conclusion: Die Boer se nasate is besig met afgodery en is derhalwe onder 'n strafgerig. The Creator is using the animal of the veld to destroy all who profess to serve Him but are actually busy with pagan demonic occult.
      7. Take out the insurance policy of Leviticus 26. The Glock, the Kukri, the baked beans... won't help. This war is spiritual, it was prophecied by various including Siener. Check further vidoes of Japie van Zyl to see how his prophecies tie in with "old Testament" prophets - we will be the first to go through with Europe trailing...
      8. For fun, search "Flat Earth" on Youtube to se how many people are actually waking up to the deceptions of this matrix. Everything they tell us is a lie...

      There are no gods. Only a Creator.
      Ecc 12:13  Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter: Fear Elohim and guard His commands, for this applies to all mankind! (It is not only for the "Jew". Ask Boere_Ninja if you don't believe me.)


  35. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hello all. I just want to say, for what it's worth I don't believe the Spur incident happened. I think that was a first or maybe second (after Penny Sparrow) to be orchestrated to create extreme racial tension - and thus fueling political parties just looking for excuses to confine us to our homes. I've told you previously about Bell Pottinger and hope you've read a bit about those bunch of terrorists - this is how they planned the "war" in Iraq. There was no war. USA needed the oil and/or the glory and someone to blame for the oh let me not go there anyway, so the war had to be instigated. It's exactly what is happening here. Thing is with fake news or any half-baked mess, most people aren't stupid. For months now I've been clobbered and clobbering back mostly on Twitter with young black intellectuals (you may laugh) and they all sang the same tune. Eventually I couldn't​ remember who was who so I again for a last time and with my last drop of faith just plastered the links to various newspaper "stories", peppering each one with Zuma's election campaign and Bellpottinger. Nearly fell on my back tonight when I read a bit further down - my main pain in the neck twat actually started questioning the whole story. One has to wait for them to get it. Otherwise it's probably subversion or mind you white is all you need. Slowly the questions are being asked that bothered me and some of my ex colleagues. Now I want them to hurry up and get it but I realised too the best is to let it spread slowly and sink in. I can't exactly say I think there is no body there and there are stones in the casket because I don't think Bell Pottinger henchmen would be that dof. The whole case is weird. Autopsies (I've heard talk of two??) No sign of them. Still.
    Again the British rule of divide and conquer as clear as daylight here. I think also it would explain residents being stunned by the violence, even the TV reporter looked gobsmacked - because although it started about something else, it turned racial very quickly, and more looters were brought in. I will update on other stuff when I can think. Cheers and good luck.

    Cheers and good luck

    1. Anonymous1:14 am

      Whether Spurgate is true or not these blacks will spit in your food if you are a white person having a meal in one of their restaurants.

  36. Sorry for doing this in two pieces. The other thing I picked up is even more disturbing. Here we need to put our heads together because if we don't we are so fucked...
    There seems to be a whole generation of young blacks who were TAUGHT that 1. All of us voluntarily went to the Army. We did it purely to kill blacks. We are aggressive oppressive people who only want to maim, hurt and kill. No mention of Cubans here. No mention of the atrocities the ANC did to its own people. I had to fight my way through to explain we were bloody drafted as kids because the fucking idiotic Broederbond and it's buddy Israel had some agendas which the Nats clearly lost - and I was bombarded with "you want to tell me lies?" "Do you think we are stupid?" I said yes. "why must I believe you?" That was a tricky one. Why indeed. Eventually there sort of was a silence and slowly responses trickled in. Most said "I think you must talk about this more no one should be forced to do this" to "you want to tell me an entire generation of white men were screwed by apartheid?" Answer - yes. We were. All of us.
    2. They don't believe at all that their parents etc were force-fed parrafine and raw mealie meal or that kangaroo courts existed. We, the whites, especially the soldiers and police did this. Not the blacks. This seems to have been taught at school!
    3. They were in Africa first. Screw the KhoiSan. The KhoiSan is a race made up by the whites so they would have an excuse apparently to grab land and rob and kill the blacks. Even the poor Khoi people trying to fight their way through that bull were fried. You are a Coloured. Oh yes and "all Coloureds are black" which started another round of jou Masse...etc you get the picture. In other words they were taught a totally alternative version of history. Or we were. Somewhere and somehow we need to fix this for our own sakes, and here I call on those who have public posts like Mike. I don't always agree with Mike, in fact I sometimes think he's an idiot sorry Mike, but inherently there are truths. If we can find a way around this bullshit these kids were taught, there might be a chance we can be peaceful for a while longer. Malema was even bombarded when he said the ANC killed môre blacks than apartheid did.
    The Zuma web of lies have caught us unaware. This is what we are dealing with. I don't know if it can be sorted. I do what I can. Over to you guys. I live on very little money and although I was born in Kenya the Brits want zilch to do with me - typical. Now they are back and sowing dissent and hatred and don't tell me that cow Theresa May does not know her terrorists are doing it here.

    1. Anonymous10:01 am

      Here is a simple thought... Tell them that if we whitey are so clever, and if we whitey have excellent technology, and if we whitey want them all dead, how come they are still alive?


  37. Whiteman7:35 am

    Unknown 1:10 am, why do you want to be " peaceful for a while longer ? " What makes you think we are peaceful at the moment ? Have you heard of brutal farm murders ? Have you noticed riots and destruction all over the place ? You must be a joker, or a plain selfish idiot. And you think you can call Mike an idiot, even if it is just " sometimes ? " I can understand why the Brits want nothing to do with you. You have something MUCH worse than Stockholm-syndrome. Good luck !

    1. Whiteman I'm very sure Mike can take care of himself lol. Also I meant peaceful as in not daily burning down of towns - I'm speaking with Coligny as an example. I'm not stupid. I'm not an idiot. But if you feel better calling me names then go ahead lol. I've had bitch, whore, whitefuck, whitebitch, white whore etc etc. I've been told all I'm good for is to be raped and​ murdered. So stand in line if you want to to insult me. I'm sharing here what I pick up on social media. If Mike wants me to piss off he will tell me himself. You are also here purely because he allows you here. Not because it's your exclusive right. Ok? Ok.

  38. Whiteman2:15 am

    Mike, I definitely did not try to be a " nanny " to you. I just feel, that you as the host, deserves SOME respect. It seems I have misunderstood what Unknown was actually trying to say, and for that I gladly apologise. I am unfortunately very sensitive to anything that just smells like the libturd narrative. Call me negative, but I do not believe that millions of blood thirsty, brainwashed blacks can be taught ANYTHING, that resembles fairness, or civilised norms. Even a thousand blogs like yours will not succeed !

    1. People disagreeing with me and calling me an idiot is nothing new. Normally I don't mind it as long as they can back it up and tell my why they say so. With "Unknown" she just said, "I don't always agree with Mike, in fact I sometimes think he's an idiot..."

      There was no reason or point brought up WHY she said so. Therefore there was no reason to respond. It is just silly name calling. If I am going to be offended by every second person calling me an idiot I will just be wasting my time responding. Better to stay focused and concentrate on the job in hand. If it gets out of hand I just delete their asses. No problem.

  39. Willem Wikkelspies ()9:25 am

    Spur are crying long tears . Whites are boycotting them and the Bantu cannot afford to replace the white purchasing power

  40. I saw that Willem yes and Spur still stands by their ridiculous story of giving the CCTV footage to the "media" to watch, apparently to keep "the children safe". Now there was a good one...I've never heard of a more unsafe place. It's like trying to hide a bomb in a police station. Mind you.
    Mike, yes. I can't remember which video it was, one just after this Coligny mess, where you said you beat up blacks on your farm for stealing. I thought the timing of that one was off.
    Every farmer has a problem with theft. The only thing we ever planted that no one stole was pyrethrum.

    1. When you accuse me of saying something or being an idiot, be so kind as to post the link or quote what I said, then I can respond. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  41. When I have enough data I will do so. I can't watch videos all the time - I live on a grant. Will then get back to you, with link or quote or both.

  42. Mike here is name of vid. Africancrisis. About 27mins in. South Africa: Pandemonium in Coligny: Black Vs White racial tensions - Part 1

  43. Anonymous4:10 pm

    About Coligny...hopefully it has served as a wake-up call to other whites.

    Praying, quoting verses, and hoping for the best and the 'good nature' of others doesn't help unless you have some kind of physical plan in place.

    The only hope right now is for more whites to move to the Cape Town area which is already facing large amounts of 'semi-gration' from the rest of the country.

    The Western Cape/ Cape of Good Hope is the last enclave of a modern country in South Africa.

  44. Would love to but relocating isn't possible now.