10 May 2017

Putting your faith in the good nature of Blacks

By Mike Smith

11th of May 2017

The other day, Rian Malan wrote an excellent, albeit very sad and depressing article called Coligny: The shape of things to come

It was about the racial war in Coligny and the ongoing implosion of the libtard pipedream, the once revered and praised “Rainbow Nation” Utopia of South Africa.

It stirred up many emotions in me. It sickened me to my core. The thing that got me the most, that honestly hurt me and which was like a slap in my face was the mindset of these libtard white people in Coligny.

Malan mentioned how a crowd of blacks (“protesters”) came towards the CBD to loot the shops and burn down white businesses and white homes…how the whites were warned by the police and told that they have only five policemen in town and won’t be able to stop the crowd…and what did the whites do? Malan mentioned the “Apprehensive” whites were taking cell phone videos…

I mean…You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, mate. Cell phone videos? De fuck, man?

Nevertheless it got worse:

The looting spread. Bottle stores and shops were openly looted. Three houses were set alight and six white girls who were trapped in a ransacked hotel had to be rescued by the armed farm patrol.

The next paragraph I will quote verbatim for the record, because this had to be the most shocking part.

“As word spread on social media, Afrikaners for hundreds of kilometers around began to mobilise and roll into Coligny to save their brethren. Some were armed, and ordentelike citizens didn’t like the look of them. As one put it, “The last thing we needed at that point was trigger-happy right-wingers shooting people in the streets,” so local Afrikaners set up roadblocks and politely asked strangers to go home, which was pretty brave, considering that night was falling and there was still no sign of strong police reinforcements. Many thought they’d be protected by God. Some put their faith in the essentially good nature of their black neighbours. “

Hey? Say what? Whites from the surrounding areas came to help the people of Coligny in their hour of distress and what do the nice, “ordentlike” Colignyites do??? They don’t like the sight of their helpers. Call them “trigger-happy right-wingers”. They set up road blocks and told strangers who came to help them to go away!!! Night was falling; the town was looted, wrecked and burning. The media said it resembled a war zone and there were still no police to help them, yet they refused the help they were getting, because it was not the right kind of help. They naively put their faith in the “good nature” of their black neighbours.

What is this? The result of inbreeding or what? How can you witness with your own eyes the looting, the destruction, the burning, the terrorising of your own white people by hordes of your black neigbours...and still put your faith in the “Good Nature” of your black neigbours?

Fuck me...I am shocked. Speechless. Totally flabbergasted. Ohne Worte.

But it got worse.

Nothing shocked me more than the episode with an apparent libtard auntie called Diana Swart. Again I quote Malan:

“Diana Swart, a vivacious woman who used to manage the town’s multi-racial under-21 rugby team and make dresses for black girls who wanted to look beautiful at Coligny High School’s multi-racial matric ball. After dark, she sat under a tree outside her house, watching shadowy figures carrying looted TVs and beer crates back to the township. “My sons wanted to get me out,” she says, “but I wasn’t scared. I never thought anyone would harm me.” She was wrong. When the sun came up, her house was surrounded by a mob that threatened her with knives and then burned her house down, with her beloved dogs trapped inside.”

Numb! Like a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck denying what is happening. Shocked into disbelief. If they came towards her with pangas and chopped her up she would still be denying that it was happening to her. Putting her faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

Then at the funeral of the dead boy, Matlhomola Mosweu:

…Supra Mahumapelo, ANC premier of the North West and an important ally of President Jacob Zuma said, “I have a problem with white superiority in this country. White people continue to control the land and the banks. We are going to call all the white people and tell them they are visitors in this country.”

Take note of that…”ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE”…

In the minds of these blacks; if you are white you are a racist and you do not belong in Africa. But these libtards of Coligny still don’t get it. Next time the panga wielding hordes come with their petrol bombs to loot, burn and kill… They will again be putting their faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

After the knowledge of history of the 19th century Kaffir wars, the massacre at Blouwkranz/Weenen, the murder of Piet Retief, The Battle of Blood River, The Battle of Isandlwana, 4000 farm murders, 70,000 whites murdered since 1994 under the ANC regime, daily hijackings, robberies, home invasions, rapes, whites being tortured for hours before brutally killed, etc...You would think that whites would have long lost their beliefs and faith in “the Good Nature of blacks”…Not so.

Makes you wonder why you still bother, doesn’t it?

Let us say things happen like Rian Malan anticipated...the start of things to come...and tomorrow the white suburbs in Johannesburg and Pretoria are invaded by hordes of blacks...Are you going to rush there and help them? How many Diana Swart’s will there be? How many white people in these white suburbs will set up road blocks and turn white people away who want to come and help them? How many of these white people will again be putting their faith in the “Good Nature of blacks”.

Putting your faith in the good nature of Blacks is not a strategy for survival; It is suicide


  1. Anonymous12:13 am

    "Deep down all kaffirs are good natured",like 6 foot down in a cardboard box.

    1. Anonymous3:06 pm

      @Anon 12:13am

      Why waste a good cardboard box?

  2. Anonymous12:41 am

    “We know we are not really welcome here, so we try hard to make friends. We try to speak the language. We give presents to policemen so they will protect us. We help struggling people with credit, but when the looting started, families I know very well came with their children to carry my stock away.” One added: “A black person has no heart.” Then he gave me his name and phone number and said, “I don’t care if you identify me, I have nothing left to lose..."

    Sounds familiar... Same as the Hutu Tutsi scenario where they were friends the day before the killing started.

  3. Anonymous12:47 am


  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    This is a type of Stockholms syndrome. The Swedes and Euroes are suffering from it.

    We need to get shrinks in to help out before we write them off.

    Any qualified shrinks here?

    1. Anonymous9:12 am

      Any qualified shrinks here. Fuck you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. They are beyond repair. And the shrinks are the worst culprits. They are liberal aa they come. They will tell the inbred whites to hold hands and sing kumbaya. Shrinks. Really. I take it this was tongue and cheek.

  5. Anonymous12:51 am

    To add to my comment about "stockholms syndrome"... I recall the solution is to be more violent than the assailants, that way the victims of stockholms will side with you instead.

    The solution is to smash this Magic Room to pieces.

  6. Nay, Mike, I felt the same as you did when I read that. Your neighbours come to help you and you tell them to piss off??? Un-fucking-believable!!!

    There is no hope for the majority of whites in this country, I'm afraid. They are all going to be the victims in Johanna Brand's vision and there is nothing we, who know the situation, can do about it. As they say, "daar's nie pille vir domheid nie." They have succumbed to the parasites' brainwashing and intimidation. Dis verby met hulle.

    That's why I said to JP in the beginning concerning our little WhatsApp group, when he had visions of recruiting 100's, we rather want quality before quantity. The members we have are "the right kind" of people.

    By the way, Ninja, LTMA has come on board, now it's your turn. Kom, Boet?

    1. Anonymous3:55 am

      Do not join any "groups". Almost all of them are already infiltrated with police and National Intelligence guys. Whatsapp is fully monitored by these guys. A few stings are in the pipeline already.
      Form small independant cells and act autonomously.

    2. On joining groups; Some extracts:
      Everyone who at that time could not stand on his own feet joined in such working federations; no doubt proceeding from the belief that eight cripples joining arms are sure to produce one gladiator.
      And if there were really one healthy man among the cripples, he used up all his strength just to keep the others on their feet, and in this way was himself crippled.

      By the formation of a working federation weak organizations are never transformed into strong ones, but a strong organization can and will not seldom be weakened.

      The opinion that a power factor must result from an association of weak groups is incorrect, since the majority in any form whatsoever and under all presuppositions will, as experience shows, be the representative of stupidity and cowardice, and therefore any multiplicity of organizations, as soon as it is directed by a self-chosen multiple leadership, is sacrificed to cowardice and weakness. Also, by such a fusion, the free play of forces is thwarted, the struggle for the selection of the best is stopped, and hence the necessary and ultimate victory of the healthier and stronger prevented forever. Therefore, such fusions are enemies of natural development, for usually they hinder the solution of the problem being fought for, far more than they advance it.

      It must never be forgotten that nothing that is really great in this world has ever been achieved by coalitions but that it has always been the success of a single victor. Coalition successes bear by the very nature of their origin the germ of future crumbling, in fact of the loss of what has already been achieved. Great, truly world-shaking revolutions of a spiritual nature are not even conceivable and realizable except as the titanic struggles of individual formations, never as enterprises of coalitions.

      And thus the folkish state above all will never be created by the compromising will of a folkish working federation, but solely by the iron will of a single movement that has fought its way to the top against all.

      The strong man is mightiest alone

    3. Anonymous10:46 am

      My idea of "Help from above" is a sniper on a roof.

    4. Anonymous11:13 am


      'Tomkat's Tribulations1:03 am

      Imagine that! You, I, someone else, Oom Mike go to help and the munts dont chase you away but your own people!

      That is what I call DELUSIONAL. There are people in mental hospitals on serious drugs who could see through this shit but not these sane, rational, uber loving New South Africans.

      Tom better to have a bring en braai high up on the koppie with either a strong telescope or binoculars, watch the city get burned to the ground.

      You rush in there trying to save them, trying to pull them from their houses and they will kick you out - they will tell you its your fault their city is being burnt down because its racists like you who brought this upon the people...

      I kid you not, it will be like that. What we see happening on a fractal scale in this town, you simply just blow it up on a full scale throughout the land and see what things are still to come.

      Best view is from a safe place or be prepared yourself. You will NEVER convince these people.

      Its part of the propaganda conditioning - useful idiots, they have played their part and now are about to get devoured.

      Simple as that.

    5. Anonymous12:39 pm

      Jeepers Mr Smith now you are quoting from the NUTZI's ?
      The Number ONE NUTZI
      Why not from the -- Sicherheitsdienst ?

      In what became known as the Night of the Long Knives, the SS took one of its most decisive steps in eliminating its competition for command of security within the Third Reich and established itself firmly in the Nazi hierarchy, making the SS and its intelligence organ, the SD, responsible only to the Führer. Moreover, the brutal crushing of the SA and its leadership sent a clear message to everyone that opposition to Hitler’s regime could be deadly.[20] In many ways, it struck fear across the Nazi leadership and a tangible concern about the reach and influence of Himmler’s intelligence collection and policing powers, since not only had the SA’s chief been murdered, but numerous party functionaries and "opponents" had been eliminated in the action based on an extensive list which Hitler only saw after the event.[21]


    6. @ Anonymous 12:39 pm...So if you quote something from Mein Kampf you are a Nutzi? I frequently quote from the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, et. too. Does that make me a Communist?

      ...Nigger please, don't show your ignorance.

    7. Anonymous11:57 pm

      If you keep on quoting from all these different people and ideologies
      One is never going to be quite sure what YOU are ?

      Capiche ?

  7. Anonymous1:30 am

    I was in disfuckingbelief when i heard that woman speak. Her sons warned her but no the black man is nice i will be ok. And now miss swart? Everything up in smoke by your friendly neighbor munts. Shits coming gents lock and load and get ready... vaalpens

  8. Liam Verum1:57 am

    Sadly Coligny won't be the wake up call white South Africans need. Unless a massacre actually takes place there. Because sadly that seems to be what's needed. But maybe we have to wait for Siener's Johannesburg massacre. I always thought that was a load of rubbish, but it's starting to seem more and more plausible.

  9. PreatorianXVI2:22 am

    Look at it this way, Natural Selection doing what it does best, weed out the weak ones.

    You can not reason with white people who have this mentality, I know, majority of my own family members still have hope that the good ones in the ANC will ge things sorted. FFS you can not reason with them, make your peace and let them go, its easier, help those who want to be helped.

    Shinks ain't going to do fokol, they are the messed up ones along with protestant dominees who got the sheep to where they are today, unfortunatly there is going to be a massive culling under whites due to this "I will leave it in Gods hands", that shit gets people killed.

    1. Anonymous9:06 am

      100% if the eyes didn't go open now it won't go open till the tyre and petrol is lit , kan n perd water toe vat, kan hom nie maak drink, fuck em no sleep lost

    2. Im also christian and the bible does not tell you to sit on youre hands and be left to be slaughtered,God helps those that help themselves.those lui gat christians that dont stand up for what is right are the ones that are going to die.moses,david etc where all fighters and fought for their own and for God,not like alot of the christians that are happy go lucky.look at the boer wars where most of them were christians and they all fought for their land,properties and families.the bible says not to kill and it has to be put in perspective,it says basically not to kill a fellow christian(brother) or peacefull person,but you can kill the enemy when its not out of hate or vengeance,basically kille them before they kill you and that is in the bible.

    3. Anonymous10:35 pm

      And if it is in the bible,it must be true?

    4. What do you think.if you live by the bible or if you live by athiesm then you have to believe it!you think you are right so believe it,i think i am right so i believe it.as easy as that.you would one day find out if there is a hell or not and i would also and if there are one you are ending up in it and i wont end up in it as easy as that.choices choices choices

    5. Anonymous1:58 am

      Yes B.Shit what is written in the Bible IS true.

  10. Whiteman2:53 am

    Mike, I am so glad you put perspective on this whole sorry affair at Coligny ! Maybe God willed it like this, so that we don't loose REAL patriots in the time to come. I have said over and over again. Don't throw your life away, to try to protect unworthy liberal scum. Even if they sit in church every Sunday. All the people in this country are going to REAP what they have SOWED. That is a Law created by God himself, and if you want to interfere with that, you will definitely come short. However if you are a " Rambo " type, and looking for a good fight, it is up to you to fight for whatever goal or pleasure. What did not show in the article is that especially in the small towns, you MUST belong to the right church. And generally the churches have brainwashed their sheeple that the " right wingers " are evil, horrible sinners. By implication, rather have your throat slit, than accept help from a horrible sinful heathen. And this is why churches are merely extensions of the government of the day, to bullshit people, and keep them UNDER CONTROL ! And here in Coligny, we had a PERFECT example of this. If REAL patriots got involved there, they would have shot the bastards, and we would perhaps have had the long awaited war at this very moment. But it is creeping closer every day. All I ask of my fellow patriots is : Guys, don't waste your lives on people, who God has already given a death sentence !

    1. Anonymous11:17 am


      @Whiteman2:53 am

      @Don't throw your life away, to try to protect unworthy liberal scum

      Couldnt agree more.

      Fight for yourself, fight for the people who are preparing but leave these liberal scraps for the Hyenas. When the Hyenas have gorged themselves on these carcasses and can hardly move, then we deal with them like fish in a barrel.

      By that time, they will think they are invincible having fed on weak liberals.

      Liberals have always been cannon fodder for the masses. Liberals desperate the weak minds who can think for themselves or simply go with the herd.

      Liberals are weak minded, best to leave them and make sure our future generations dont have any around us.

    2. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Nice one, we need all the like minded people eventually together under organized leadership. This is only the beginning
      of our 'struggle' for freedom.

      It's not Uhuru yet my brothers, but it's coming closer.

  11. Only solution is for Europeans to be repatriated to Holland and Britain where they came from.

    1. Anonymous3:35 am

      I was born in SA, carry a SA ID you fucking useless munt. So why don't you take your stinking black ass back to Congo where you lot of knuckle draggers came from. booi?
      Fuck you and all of your sub-human species!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous4:19 am

      @ Shaka 3:15 am.

      Our disagreements have been minor and of no consequence in the past, our major disagreement is looming like the tropical storm of a scorching highveld day, I do say with the utmost joy that I welcome the opportunity to express myself more animatedly to you and your retarded species.

      Please remember to repatriate me to my origins but make sure you do it before I repatriate you to yours.

      I am going to have a serious disagreement with you, I promise you.


    3. Anonymous4:28 am

      You arrogant bastard, your time will come as well, believe me, as the sun sets in the west your time will also come, arrogance is your weakness!!

    4. Anonymous8:10 am

      @ Shaka,

      Why not mobilize the comrades, and put pressure on the State President to call a press conference with international press also invited and make that announcement ?

      There are thousands of whites praying for that day. By making it public it would show the rest of the World we're not welcome here and would justify granting us refugee status.

      Aaaaanyways, I'll let you get back to eating that KFC.

      Remember Weenen.

    5. Being born here doesn't make you African dorry Neanderthal. You have European DNA and are a cancer in Africn soil. I'm no from Congo Nguni are indigenous to Southern Africa only there are no Nguni in Congo bro.

    6. Transvaler11:03 am

      Sorry to pop yer bubble Shaka - I am not from either of those countries - try Germany, France & Ireland. Nice try but no banana....

    7. Anonymous11:19 am


      Two solutions for bantus.

      1. Go back to the jungle by the Nguni river where they ALL come from.

      2. Dig a hole in the ground and join Naledi.

      We will be kind and offer them those to choice. Or they can fit into our choice and final destination for them.

      An underground museum showing future generations how a half naked Karasite with no inventions went from walking with animal skins draped around their carcasses to driving cars thanks to the white man.

      A before & after statute with photographs, videos of how the old SA was, the rainbow nation and how the future republic looks without a single Karasite - besides the one in the museum.

      We make sure its behind thick glass - you never know with these things, everything they touch breaks, so even then we better be careful.

    8. Anonymous3:02 pm

      @Shaka 3:15am

      "Only solution is for Europeans to be repatriated to Holland and Britain where they came from."

      The only solution for you is to keep your foul smelling gob shut. You are the most boring and repetitive cunt in the whole world.

    9. Anonymous11:53 pm

      @Shaka8:18 am:
      I never claimed to be African. I said I have a SA ID you stupid piece of shit. I am South African, who the fuck wants to be identified as African?, the most backward and regressive species on earth?. get the fuck out of here arsehole.
      But really it must suck donkey balls for you, to think every morning when you wake up and look into the mirror, and see that ugly baboon shaped face, with your shit colored skin, to think why the fuck did nature create me the same color as shit?. Don't you realize that maybe, just maybe nature is trying to tell you something?
      And at the same time you then realize that the only thing a black is good for is to stand on all fours and lick the dog shit from the white man's shoes... must really suck to be you booi!

    10. Anonymous3:48 am

      Wel as jou gat nie swart is nie, jou hart is. Dit maak jou pik fokken swart!

    11. Anonymous7:06 am

      Shaka, being a kaffir does not mean you were here in Africa before the apes and baboons, They were here before you destroyers. Who gave the continent of Africa to you. Nobody, if you can occupy it, so others can too. You are a demonic brood, you have no right on the creation of God. So just shut up.

    12. Anonymous9:24 am


      You are not very bright.

      Africa is the geological name of a continent and does not denote a specific race. Can you grasp that? There is no such a thing as an African race.

      In fact there are hundreds of millions of Africans that are not black. Just check out the Berbers etc of North Africa.

      Racial names are Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid and then of course Karasite.(lol)

      Stop mixing up your terms for it just proves your 70 IQ.

      You are an African Negroid and I'm and African Caucasian.

      I am from Jacob's line aka Israelite and you are a pre-Adamite that evolved from homo Naledi.

  12. Anonymous3:20 am

    It was the death of a black kid that "triggered" the blacks. So if there is more death, the mangina boers thought that it would inflame the situation.

    So by ANCs own admission, the only way to stop the farm murders is to trash everything.

  13. Anonymous5:05 am

    So tell me
    How many of you GV heroes HERE shouting the odds actually live in Coligny or Lichtenburg ????

    How many went to assist in Coligny -- by taking relief supplies and helping in other ways ?

    What Mr Smith fails to understand in his mad ranting is this

    WHEN all the GV heroes go back to THEIR homes the residents of Coligny have NO WHERE else to go

    It is THEIR community -- for better or for worse -- it is where THEY live -- EVERY DAY of THEIR lives

    I am amazed the intelligent Mr Smith cannot see or understand this.

    Well done to the inhabitants of Coligny for turning away the GV heroes
    What would have happened had they stayed is ANOTHER BOP with WHITE bodies lying in the street !

    Thankfully some people still have brains !

    They should NOW use them to work out non-violent ( REMEMBER Mr Smith ) ways to defeat the protestors

    What was that quote of the Mahatma again -- Mr Smith ?

    1. Anonymous5:20 am

      Tourettes syndrome capslock poes.

      (TSCP) Thats your new name.

    2. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” - Ghandi

    3. Anonymous6:25 am

      It will come to civil war between whites and blacks no matter who you assist or not.

      I can't stand these Christards either.

    4. Stephen7:04 am

      Anon 5:05 , its you that don't comprehend what Mike is saying.

      What you mean with better or worse?, were not married to these kaffirs , maybe you are married to a kaffir.

      Let me explain it to you then this way , seeing that your mind works like a person married to a kaffir...
      ....suppose a woman is in an abusive relationship ( remember were in no relationship with the kaffirs but this is for your understanding only)

      okay , so this woman gets moered by her husband - the cowboys come to help her but she turns them away caus she scared of facing her husband again tomorrow when the cowboys are gone , that's what your saying right,these people have to face the kaffirs again tomorrow so for that reason they asked the cowboys to leave - now how dof is that , tomorrow the husband will moer her again regardless.

      Infact your argument is irrational and that's exactly why we so flabegasted at their and your respons, its almost as if you like getting moered raped and murdered.

      Well let it be then , just know its never gonna be for the better , only worse and worse and worse till you die.

      Enjoy your high-horse , its gonna be on bricks soon

    5. Anonymous7:10 am

      anon@5:05 You have plenty to say but no bloody action on your part either.

    6. Anonymous9:54 am

      @ anon 5:05 am.

      Did you crawl out of rfr's rectum, you sound just like the shit he spewed.


    7. Anonymous11:38 am

      @Anonymous5:05 am

      What will happen when all the residents in all the townships around the country see how easy it is to loot, smoke, roast out the whites?

      This thing now is going to gather momentum, each riot being larger than the previous and will eventually end up being a massacre.

      I will for sure not get involved.

      I only get involved if the heathen goes and there is none , not a single one left from the Cape to the Equator - anything less is futile with a Karasite that breeds faster than a lice on steroids.

      Sorry - can never have peace with a Karasite. Its a nice fantasy that ends in horror and whites being roasted like millies.

      When a terrorist begins to feel his grip loosening, feels he may lose his gold, he will make damn sure that he burns everything down before that happens.

      If you think this will end peacefully, hmmm - every revolution has a lot of blood spilt.

      Thankfully 2 months ago a white South African woke me up - Since then, I will not try to convince any white or even discuss anything with them and I will not even be concerned about what tomorrow brings with the coming revolution. I made my plans.

      I like this blog because we have people who see the situation for what it is, rather than how it could, should or ought to be.

      Facts please, opinions dont count.

      Not even Mike with all his hard work, his brilliant writing skills, his analogy, proof, blood sweat and tears, painstaking research, with his proven points, with his study of history, with political proof, with anything CAN EVER wake these people up.

      Not sure how long this blog will be up but I can tell you that in the years to come, when people look back and read the posts, read the comments...

      They will scratch their heads and ask " why didnt we see this" - there were Tsutsis who left Rwanda just before the incident broke out - it is a fallacy that the Tsutsi never knew what was coming and were caught off guard.

      There were those in the know and took refuge and then there were those who just kept on going along, ignoring the sign posts along the way.

      Even if you pointed those sign posts out, showed those people the weapons, the plans of the Hutus, you might have saved an additional thousand or two but it would have been a drop in the ocean.

      I think its just nature, a cleansing process. Nothing we can do to help or stop it. Only those who have the will, who want to be saved will be saved.

      I have even told family what to do, what to buy, how to arrange their exists - they look at me and still ask me "how" - FFS - I tell them, show them and they put their hands up saying they cant do that or sounds interesting and they grab their remotes and start flicking through the channels on T.V

    8. Anonymous11:28 pm

      You do of course realise that Gandhi during the dark days of the WWII in Asia was quite ready to make a separate peace with the Japanese ?

      As to Coligny ( and all the bright sparks )
      WHAT do you suggest the people living there do ?
      Kill ALL the karasites ?
      WHAT THEN ?
      WHAT do you do the morning after ????????

      Perhaps you do not understand what it is to live in a small town ( surrounded by a large location )
      Where every one has to try and make a living , has to interact even if it is only for business. Has to try and maintain the peace , has to -- live and let live -- because THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE !
      No-One can live in a perpetual state of war
      ( Unlike the keyboard "warriors" here )
      IF you guys are our last hope -- then we have already lost hope !

    9. Anonymous4:11 am

      Pak op en trek Wes Kaap toe. Maar julle mis die Swart vrou se punt. Volg die geld, enige iets selfs die crack lek, solank as wat ek brood kan vreet. Ipv die Brood van die lewe kies, word satan se beste wapen om siele te roof gekies, mammon. Geld o geld! Elkeen met 'n gesonde verstand en op die pad van die waarheid, wie se denke na regs is, (nie my woorde nie, God se woorde) behoort hul af te sonder van die adder geslag. Maar lek die crack en maak klere, julle verdien om te brand. Die Adamiet kies, vir God of teen Hom. En ja, ek glo vas dat Adam, Noag, Abraham en Jakob wit was. So die keuse is so maklik!

    10. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Pak op en trek Wes Kaap toe.

      En dan ?

      How many people have the money or are in a position to just give up their jobs and family
      and move lock stock and barrel to an unknown future ?

      Pak jou goed en trek Ferreira

      Are the people already in the Western Cape going to welcome you with open arms ?
      Has anyone in the Western Cape made allowance for looking after refugees ?
      What happened to that dude that was advertising on You Tube a new beginning in the Cape ?

  14. Graeme8:30 am

    I am all for the video phones and the technology at our disposal, the minute I received the footage it was disseminated far and wide along with the excellent, hard hitting articles written on this blog (as well as some of the equally thought provoking comments).

    I have been in operational combat zones in the past and I can assure you that I don't have (and did'nt possess) the fortitude to record this savage barbarism for prosperity.

    I am eternally indebted to those who did!

    As law - abiding, tax - paying South African's we can be especially grateful to those who did.

    Also for Rian Malan, what an excellent article, it has also been distributed far and wide.

    These Charlatans have absolutely wrecked OUR Country and need Baasskap again, the Sjambok needs dusting off and it is time for us to clean up once and for all!

    I DO NOT (and let me re-emphasize that), DO NOT tolerate their conduct, for this they are going to extract a high price and let me assure you that day is coming soon!
    Kerels julle gaan K@k!

    Ons gat julle Roer!

    Luister hier jy, ons gaan julle Bliksem!

    I know, I am prepared, we are prepared, we have not had our minds conditioned, we are ready and it is only a matter of time!

    We have had enough!

    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      Just say when and where. There's nothing left for me in this rainbow abortion. Death smiles at us all.

  15. Transvaler11:05 am

    Could not believe it myself, turning down help? And when SHTF properly and nobody turns up to help?

  16. Anonymous11:07 am


    Mike, on your first post regarding this incident, I mentioned what the white women said, let me paraphrase it here...

    " I dont understand, I great all the black people, the Indian people, I learned the children, helped them with their maths, I helped them with their homework - I dont understand".

    Ja! Mandela mind syndrome.

    We should call it what it is -- The Mandela Mind Syndrome, when your rose tinted view of the world mirrors the rainbow nation your were blind sighted by.

    Did anyone ever catch the rainbow nation?

    In case anyone missed it, ALL rainbows fade and there has never, ever been a pot of gold found on the other end of the rainbow. Trying to find a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow is futile & will tire you out - 23 years of ANC rule has gotten the whites tired of SA and they want out now.

    Sorry folks but we need this shit to happen. Without it, we will simply boil to death. These incidents will wake people up.

    For years I thought I would go on and try rescue fuckers like this, I was a die hard - vir my volk until my volk stuck a fork in my eye!

    Now I see a lot clearly, even though I have one eye - in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

    Let the veld fire rage, clear the shit, dead grass and then start the cleanup process.

    Ja stopping whites from helping or achieving their goal...hmmm... Where have we seen that before?

    If there were white deaths, those who blocked the roads should have faced the full might of the law or put against a wall and shot! Loss these savages, let them devour the weak minded, hands up, volk.

    These are the same volk who told us we were racist in 1990 for warning them, the same volk who stop other whites helping other whites. The same volk who when being smoked & roasted out still think they can tame the savage heathen.

    YOU WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER change, convince or get these whites to take off those rainbow tinted glasses. You have to let the Karasite smash those lenses in for them and when they are walking arms stretched out like zombies bumping into shit, asking for help, leave the fuckers - let the heathen feed off of them.

    The genuine whites who know what is happening will have prepared by now or making plans right now. Those who have their heads up their asses, those sick with the Mandela mind sickness will all perish.

    1. Anonymous11:32 pm

      ONE little word of wisdom for YOU

      Go and stay and live in COLIGNY !

    2. Anonymous12:22 am

      The road blockers have more savvy than you. The road blockers know that if the precious fluffy black school bunnies get shot, it will be June 16 1976 all over again and the west will MOAB our asses. Think Assad and the fake chemical attack on kids in Syria. Even Trump went full retard.

      We have to think carefully here. Something that Boers dont seem to do these days

  17. Anonymous11:07 am


    I have family that see it for what it is, how its gone but with all the proof, 23 years of heathen rule - they will not prepare and I will not prepare & get even my family ready because they are pretty quick to say we are "radicals, too intense, negative, pessimists - oh & dont forget the most famous one - they not all bad".... lol

    When the kak hits the fan, they you can always ask Oupa Angus to do a prayer for them with his noah ark filled with heathens - why doesnt he have any white orphans if he is not racist, nor coloured, nor Indian.

    What did I say 3 weeks back....

    They unleashed a spiritual war here in this land with that prayer. The evil works through these evil ones. When Israel prayers, the heathen shudders because he knows his days are numbered & will do his best to devour him before the wrath is unleashed onto him.

    Deut 28:15-17 - But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do ALL his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that ALL these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.
    Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.

    Do you see how empty the whites baskets and stores are in South Africa - robbed, gone, vanished - they accepted Multiculturalism.

    Deut 15:6 For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they (other nations) shall NOT REIGN OVER THEE.

    No nations, people or mixed groups shall rule over Israel! You know the whites in this country are from this stock and we see the Lords judgement coming over them - its that simple!

    Psalm 147:19King James Version (KJV)19 He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel.

    Why arnt they called Israelites today, I get this question a lot...

    And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord GOD shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name:

    All the Christian nations these people eventually became, the entire lot of the western world are these people.

    My point is that what we see going on here is because the strangers have been allowed to rule over the people, the result will always, always be disastrous for the whites.

    They have always devoured and enjoyed seeing the people suffer.

    So let Angus keep on holding mass prayers & rituals to stir the heathen up against the people because when the people cry out to the Lord, the heathen knows his days are numbered - you can read the book of Judges and see what happens when they disobeyed the law & what happened to the heathen once the people began to pray BUT if you pray & will not reject this 21st century multicultural shit - you will be destroyed & removed from the land.

    End of story - it is why the 10 tribes were taken captive, it is why we are taken captive, it is why the rest of Europe is being taken captive.

    1. BN, I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense about Angus' followers unleashing a spiritual war!

    2. Anonymous2:34 am

      BN it is difficult being the only awake one in a family and one is attacked or ignored for stating the truth and trying to warn them.

      Their cognitive dissonance ensures a reaction of anger and denial when uncomfortabke truths are pointed out about the beast of the field.

  18. Anonymous11:42 am

    The other thing I noticed Mike , when looking at Google Earth , one can see that Coligny was a Farming town solely with Farms surrounding it. no karasite township , now one sees a newly built karasite township with schools on the outskirts like they got their houses for free and plonked down. Karasiting on the backs of whites. Then not getting service deliveries for free then causing CHAOS .

    1. Anonymous5:28 am


      Now you know why Christ said " Go but unto the lost house of Israel" and told his people, "do not cast pearls before swines, lest they turn and rend you"

      These people are Karasites. Without the white man their numbers plummet, they leach off of him till he is weak and frail and then pour destruction of them.

      Its simple as that.

      They would not even number 5 million today without western science, medicine, up liftment, left to their own they would vanish - the earth, mother nature would devour them.

      Counterfeit Christianity has lifted the heathen up and now he that was master is slave.

    2. Anonymous10:45 am

      This has been their story throughout history. They come to us as little benign begging creatures. Until they reach a point where they think it is through their own doing how 'successful' they are and they start making demands. Then when their numbers explode they go over to action and then start killing the host and even has the audacity of telling the host it's the host's fault for getting killed by the little begging creatures. kaffir logic 101.

      Our logic dictates to not have anything more to do with them, until the end of time - stay away from them.

  19. Those guys that came to help where the christian suidlanders,luckely they are now numbering 2.5 million whites only,english or afrikaans are welcomed.dont you worry,the suidlanders are training for whats to come with their members the awb and kommandokorps.siener said we whites would argue with each other and have differences in thinking but when the two form one then they would be unbreakable.Coligney(Treurfontein) was prophecised by siener where he said there are going to be alot of smoke and trouble there.This is basically the point where the whites would start to wake up slowley and choose sides and everybody against the boers(english or afrikaans) would be totally destoyed when we take up arms.
    It serves that old fat lady right that they burned her house because they wont listern and see the writing is againste the wall and you dont feed these animals,or let me put it better,you dont feed these creatures because the would kill you and rape you after the meal but an dog wont even bite the hand that feeds it.

    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      Pity you do not study the farm attack reports
      You may find that in many cases the BLACK farm workers / staff have attempted to assist the WHITE farmer
      The problem with you people as I have mentioned before is that you are all totally ONE-DIMENSIOANL
      THIS failing stops you from looking for or finding any solution that is outside your closed World !

    2. Anonymous11:42 pm

      Please tell us who the brains are behind the Suidlanders
      Their plans for when / if shit happens ?

      ALL rushing to a [traffic jam] -- place of safety (Out in the open somewhere )

      I hope they read about the battle of Ulundi and how to form a square
      How many Gatling guns do they have ?
      How much artillery ?
      Stupid people that are going to get a LOT of people killed !

    3. Anonymous2:51 am

      @Anon11:38 am Black farm worker/staff assist to help farmers when they are attacked.You think some of these blacks are your friends.Frans Harmse 87 was killed by a black man who used to help him around his garden at the farm house,go look it up in the Vaal Week Blad.

    4. Anonymous4:40 am

      Aon 11:03. Jy praat stront. Bring die studies! Hoeveel is deur die tuiniers en huishulpe se makkers vermoor? Hoeveel was in diens van die boere wat hul wreed self vermoor het of laat vermoor het? Onthou Willemientjie! Onthou babbas wat in olie gebraai word, soos 'n blerrie tjop, siek WREDE WILDE DIERE van die veld. Die wese se bestaan vind ons in die Skrif, net soos satan en sy gedrag ook vir ons daar neer gepen is om hom te kan eien. Hulle is onbeheerbare barbare, en nou in beheer. Moet ek in Braille is vir skryf? Sien drie wit smiley faces, en sestig swart smiley faces, got the picture? Die drie wit smiley faces word vir al die failures van die barbare blameer, en jy skryf skree ons is One Dimensional? Nou vat jou libtart kopse kak na jou kombuismeit en sien hoe haar seun jou binnekort in die ribbes panga.

    5. Anonymous5:40 am


      @Anonymous11:38 pm

      Funny you speak about one dimensional.

      Was it whites that burn these houses down and destroyed the town? Or are you beginning to confuse the trees for the forest?

      For every 1 black that tried to protect 1 white, I can 110% guarantee you there were 10-20 blacks trying to destroy them.

      It was not the whites burning/destroying.

      THIS failing stops you from looking for or finding any solution that is outside your closed World !

      So why dont you provide a solution?

      I have asked many times on this blog for a solution or someone to present one that is not already found in the bible regarding the heathen.

      Go ahead, show us - let me point out one little fact to you....

      The rainbow nation, the new South Africa WAS the best it was ever going to get having whites & blacks working together.

      So embrace it. There is no better than the past 23 years and from here on out, it simply gets worse, worse and worse, you see it happening everyday.

      So go ahead, show us!

      Stop telling us and everyone else that their version of the world is shit without explaining your grand idea or plan how this thing can work.

      Show us your 2 dimensional thinking please.

      Do you honestly think it is going to get better when more than a R1,000,000,000,000 has been stolen, vanished, mismanaged.

      I think the only world is your closed world.

      You cant see the end now and Im surprised you even read this blog.

      If you think now with all the poverty that the Karasite will want to deal peacefully with the whites who have been stripped of everything, then you are delusional.

      Anonymous11:42 pm

      I can tell you one thing...

      Any plan is better than no plan.

      Dont know them but at least they are planning and preparing, cant say that about the other "brilliant minded lecturer intellectual whites" in this country.

      I think it is the whites who are stupid, more deaths in 23 years among the whites than the Boer war - that is stupid thinking that the new SA will simply continue like this and be a rainbow nation.

      The only people who are going to get people killed are the whites who keep on praying for peace while accepting multiculturalism.

      It wont work, it never has worked, especially when the brightest Karasite has an IQ of 70 - Dont confuse education with IQ. I can teach a parrot every word in the dictionary but that parrot will never be able to converse.

      73,000 whites killed - I think that is a lot of whites and there is no war and no plans.

      So should we wait for another 73,000 to die before planning or perhaps do something or make some plan when 10% of our people have been butchered?

      Any plan is better than no plan.

      23 years of having no plan has led us to lose that 73,000+ whites and it is increasing daily now.

    6. Anonymous12:17 pm

      it never has worked, especially when the brightest Karasite has an IQ of 70 -

      73,000 whites killed - I think that is a lot of whites and there is no war and no plans.

      How many of your hated karasites have been killed ?

      I wonder if you see the contradiction in terms ( irony ) above

      I will help you --
      IQ of 70

      Do you get it now ?

    7. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Hoeveel is deur die tuiniers en huishulpe se makkers vermoor?

      IQ of 70

      Do you get it now ?

    8. Whiteman5:48 pm

      Anonymous 11:38 pm, you are suffering from Stockholm-syndrome. Generally, the only cure is a a bullet between the eyes. Because once you are infected, you can never be trusted again, because you might have a relapse at a critical moment. If a farm worker should help his boss, it is more because he wants to protect his meal ticket. And there is nothing wrong with that. And we all know there are always exceptions to every rule. But you have to look at the BIG picture here. By sucking up to a few " nice barbarians," in the middle of a Race-genocide, is in fact one dimensional. The onset of Stockholm-syndrome is very subtle at first, and not easy to identify. But a sure give away, is when you highlight the naked, gruesome realities of the NSA and its barbarians, you get immediate push back like : Oh, they are not all bad ! Or, our maid/garden boy are wonderful Christians ! Or, a wonderful black man stopped and helped me with a flat tyre. ( And all the horrible white pigs just drove past me ! ) Ja right, dream on you white idiot !

    9. Anonymous7:53 am

      Need I say more ?
      You prove the point

      Like a poor donkey with blinkers going round and round and round

  20. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Now you know why I left SA. SA whites don't know how to stand together. There are 4 million and I'd say at least 50% are brainwashed or liberals, who think they just need to try harder for the blacks to like them. They don't understand that to the blacks, a white skin is a white skin, no matter the 'goodness' behind it. How many times have we seen 'good' whites, who help blacks, murdered? I have a dumb sister in SA who thinks SA is just wonderful. She has young white boys and I've told her to get out. No way, she says! SA is the best thing since sliced cheese. See, you can't fix stupid. Liberals are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. To them, what's in front of their noses is reality. My sisters boys will not grow old in SA. She'll be left behind as they flee one day. I honestly do feel for the white SA'cans who desperately want to leave, but can't. The ones who choose to remain - good luck!


    1. Anonymous4:59 am

      Look not all of us can leave. Some may not have the finances nor qualifications? Some of us have nothing to loose so we choose to stay and protect those that can not leave. I had a big argument here a couple of years ago with an Os expat regarding the subject. I admit I was wrong to judge expats for leaving. The situation is volatile and unpredictable so today I will say: Any one with ways and means with small children should leave ASAP. Also to the patriots that are staying, keep on fighting one another, for that will make the miracle that we suddenly stand together even more remarkable. But OS, I assure you, many good people here, will not leave, for they are Gods children and He planted them here in Africa. So do not judge us as stupid, judge us as strong and religious. So many, got the figure 70 000 in my head, already dead without any eyebrows being lifted by any Westerner, UN , European! I'd say God is working with a plan here.

    2. Anonymous9:54 am


      @Anonymous5:47 pm

      You left but you never leave!

      If you cannot be here to help, then send us your prayers!

      To all those abroad, pray day and night for the people in the land that you may be able to one day return.

      There are no truly happy South Africans living abroad - I have not met any. I have met content South Africans but never a happy South African.

      They all long for South Africa.

      Stop longing and start praying.

      If you are overseas reading this, pray day and night for your people. What happens in SA will one day happen in every Western country.

      The tides are bringing these heathens to your new countries, you can see your future will not be that different in the end, especially with those uber political correct liberal whites.

      Send us your prayers, they are worth more than any gold, silver or donations you could send.

      Pray for the people, day and night.

      Thank you.

  21. Anonymous12:00 am

    The reason why the armed boers were turned away was because we don't need another 16 june 1976. The west is too retarded to red pill themselves. Look at the school kids who were the ones who were looting.

    Think about what Jeffreyes said in her book "the peoples war" about how they weaponize black school kids.

  22. Anonymous12:13 am

    LOL... It is starting. Finally...

    We don't need 4million whites. We only need 250thousand armed Boers and people who think like them.

    A handful of these peoples forefathers took on an Empire. Outnumbered 12 to 1 they took on the best equipped and most well trained war-machine of the time and spanked seven different kinds of shit out of them... Until the bastards herded the women and children into death camps.

    If a people who are willing to put 34thousand men (farmers and part time soldiers) against 500thousand trained military and kick thier arses ragged, are willing to stand up and fight, I am willing to back the Boers at 50 to one odds against the blacks.

    All these blacks who are wishing for a fight and are saying that they want to "genocide" the whites must be careful of what they wish for.

    There is a surging under current of a very dark and terrible anger in many whites that I have NEVER seen before. And it is growing larger and darker. I think the blacks have taken the eternal victim card too far. The blame of every black failure falls on whites and they are sick of it, because they know the truth. Blacks have failed all by themselves... It is THEIR fault, not ours.

    My view is this:
    The blacks will try to play genocide-genocide with the whites, and they will initially be very successful in their plans. Hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of whites will be killed.


    The ones who are prepared and have a Plan B will get out of high density population centres and will group together. I would not like to be black when that day comes because those survivors will play genocide-genocide back VERY, VERY HARD.

    All these facebook and twitter terrorists that are calling for the death of all whites and the gangs of cowards who attack whites in the dead of night in their homes with 6 to 12 of their armed friends will NOT stand against an organised backlash.

    History has proven that time and time again.

    1. PreatorianXVI1:25 am

      The main reason these porch monkeys are trying to disarm the boere is due to numbers...

      The 2nd Anglo-Boer war numbers [might not be exact]

      About 80 000 Boere fighting, actually only half or less were actually active at a time as a lot went back to the farm to pull in the harvest or tend to affairs at home, who were then promptly sent back to the frontlines by their woman, to defend volk and Fatherland.

      The Brittish forces [Sir Rothchild's Army] was around 500 000 well equipped and supplied, although hygiene, dicipline and morals seemed to have worked against the empire of Rothschild as soldiers realised why they were there.

      New Zealand did withraw early due to these moral objections and there was even a NZ Soldier who posted his christmas card send to troops serving the empire in the ZAR, not from old Queen Lizzy but from Sir Nathan Rothschild himself thanking them for their service. [If I find it again I will post the link] or better visit the War Memorial Museum in Auckland, NZ.

      Now if that is what a non-military trained 40 000 odd farmers could achieve against the mighty Rothschild empire, what do you think will happen against these black savages who run at the first shot fired when they attack helpless old people, woman and children served to them on a plate.

    2. Anonymous5:59 am


      @Anonymous12:13 am

      I think let a 3,000+ massacre of whites happen and you will see a lot more 250k whites.

      Dont be surprised when there are 10-20% of the population that are now prepared for war should a small massacre happen- It possibly could be higher.

      When they wake up en mass - The heathen will be destroyed not only within the borders but right up to the equator.

      They will number more than 400k for sure, if not more.

      They numbered about 250k before we gave them their freedom, 400k+ will be their number when we go to gain our own freedom.

      The white pop according to last census (depending on who`s data you look at) is between 4.8-5 mil. Said it before, that is a nation - the same size as Ireland or Scotland and not to be underestimated.

      Call upon the Lord and 1 of you will chase 1,000, just imagine what 250-400k will do when renewed by the Lord and have fire in their bellies.

      I pray for that day & the heathen knows his day is numbered here which is why he is acting like he is. He knows on a deep, deep level that the whites are capable of doing when they call upon the Lord.

      The ramifications of what happens in SA will destroy multiculturalism in every white country. If something happens here, there will be no going back throughout the world.

      SA was used as a beacon of hope for multiculturalism.

      SA will be seen a beacon of light, hope against the rising heathen nations invading their lands.

      SA whites will be looked up, revered once again in the world, they will go through the furnace though but the Lord does not test that which is strong - they will go through the furnace to strengthen them and provide hope for the other whites throughout the earth.

    3. Anonymous7:48 pm

      These tards have the idea that they are going to roll the whites up like they do their sleeping mats in the morning.

      Firstly it is good that they think that and secondly let's not change that thought pattern of theirs.

      There is one problem with the white SAcans though, I have been reading for a while now the following, prepare, unite, caches, direction, suid landers, infiltrators, spies, police, boeremag and so we continue.

      I also hear Boers versus English, Zulus, concentration camps.

      Now I am not being derogatory or insulting chaps, but at which point are we going to say, we no longer need to prepare, we no longer need to talk and we no longer need to think, we now need to do ?

      I ask this because you can over plan, over talk and over think but you ain't going to achieve a damn thing if you don't act.

      The detractors, cowards, faint hearted, some ex pats and a couple of libs will tell you that you cannot win this war and that peace will be the best option. Retards like shatarda will try intimidate you into fleeing and others will try scare you with police and courts and prison but at the end of the shit pile everything will be determined by how much we actually did to win this war or how much we didn't do so that we lost this war.

      We can sit and blog as much as we like, bitch till the cows come hime and dislike retard till we are bitter with hatred but at present retard is killing us, they are winning and fighting a war of their making. Chaps most of you cannot run 100metres without having a heart attack, most of you have forgotten where north is and how to orientate and if your GPS batteries run out well then the circles start

      Most of you have forgotten storing( I hope that is right) procedures for assault weapons and platoon support weapons. Oh! Guys you will be fighting with those because you will steal them if we have none of our own.

      Like all endeavours one needs to action them to achieve success, when are you guys going to start grouping and forming units, when are those units going to meet on a private range and do some shooting and weapons training, when are those groups going to set up different scenario engagement stages and train through them with paintball guns? Nobody can claim you're staging a coup if you and your mates are playing paint ball.

      When are you going to meet once a month to strategize and educate with theory and classroom learning? Like your church cell groups why don't you make a survival learning group, even if it is infiltrated you are not discussing a civil war you will be discussing an interest and hobby

      Just asking the questions, As it is now everybody is making the effort to type but none are making the effort needed to fight or the skill and training needed to win.


    4. Anonymous11:22 am

      When expropriation without compensation is passed
      The first farmer resists and is killed -- like in Zimbabwe
      THAT must be taken as the declaration of war
      THEN you ( everyone ) can roll up the karasites
      STARTING with the groot kokkdoore

    5. Anonymous10:33 pm

      @ Anon 11:22 am.

      Resignation has turned to fear, fear will shortly turn to anger, anger will turn to rage, rage will turn to action, action will turn to war.

      I will quote from the book, there is a time for all seasons, and all seasons in there time.

      A time for peace has past, the time for war has dawned. Those that have ears let them hear and those that have eyes let them see.

      Those that are fearful and have no leader, stand forth a be a leader.


  23. Liam Verum1:23 am

    I think most white people in South Africa are pissed off. With affirmative action, BEE, failing infrastructure and service, and with the growing tide of anti-white racism. Yes thete are a lt of libtards. In the media and elsewhere, but they are in a minority. People can see that we are heading for a (worse than) Zimbabwe style situation. They do not see a solution and the best people can hope for is to immigrate or that Ramaphosa will take over the ANC leadership (kicking the can of the inevitable further down the road) and that the DA will continue to grow. They need to be made aware of another option. An independent Cape. A country in which blacks have no historic claim. But even that will be hard to achieve unless or until the shit really hits the fan. There is going to have to be a catalyst.

    1. Anonymous1:10 am

      @Liam Verum Cyril will be like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.The whole World knows what is happening over there.

  24. Anonymous2:27 am

    My Grandfather who took an oath never to lift his arms to surrender to the British during the boer war said that only one in 50 Afrikaners did the fighting. The rest just run along. Its a fact that only the upper 10% of the Afrikaners is worth anything and this 10% brought South Africa where it was in 1990. The Coligny uprising just confirm his experience during the boer war. The question is then do you really want to help them or concentrate on the real 10% Afrikaners who is worth anything.

    1. Anonymous9:46 am


      @Anonymous2:27 am

      I solute your grandfather! My great grandmother told us similar stories, some of her family fought during the war.

      10% of the Afrikaans speaking + 10% of the English speaking South Africans with Boere hearts today would give us a million or very close to a million troops.

      20% in 2017 going forward is enough to take over the continent.

      These days I see a white tribe, I make no distinction between Afrikaans & English speakers. If they want a future, they will have to unite.

      Those who accept the multicultural new South Africa are our enemies regardless of language.

      Treat each other as neighbors, for you really are neighbors in the true sense. Embrace one another for you share the same hopes, fears, ambitions & aspirations and yet all face the same death & destruction if you will not unite.

      The Boer war should never have happened, the Israelites were told to not wage war against each other. That was a banker, NWO war using the people.

      1 Kings 12:24 - Thus saith the LORD, Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your brethren the children of Israel: return every man to his house; for this thing is from me. They hearkened therefore to the word of the LORD, and returned to depart, according to the word of the LORD.

      We might have different tongues but I assure you, we all feel the same pain & we have all suffered in the new South Africa.

      Let us find common ground & unite or simply all perish.

  25. Anonymous4:06 am

    The ones who are prepared and have a Plan B will get out of high density population centres and will group together.

    Standard Suidlander MO

    WHERE ?
    HOW ?

    WHAT will you do when ALL exits are closed by the SANDF ( or SAPS ) with armoured and armed Nyalas and simlar vehicles ?
    Are you going to shoot them with your 9mils ?
    Did you not see what happened in BOP ?

    Your mobility ( horses ) has been taken away from you
    Just like the vlug kommando and Ophathe

    History shows that the Boers only achieved success when IN LAGER
    What happened to the Trekkers at Blaauwkranz ?
    What happened to the British army at Isandlwana ?

    WHAT are you going to do when you get to these "open-areas" ?
    Construct tent cities ?
    HOW are you going to feed all these people in these "open-areas"
    For HOW LONG ?

    Do you understand about layered defence and defence in depth ?
    Do you understand how many attackers a properly defended position can neutralise

    Imagine if people in small towns constructed proper defensive positions ( bunkers ) and just waited out the starvation of the perps ?
    After one week all the stolen shit is finished all the petrol burned up -- what then ?
    For this however there needs to be proper community understanding all pulling together , there needs to be a solidarity and a willingness to persevere.

    People in bigger centres can do the same by establishing "enclaves"
    Have a look at what transpired in Beirut in the 80's


    Read the history of Stalingrad

    1. Anonymous5:29 pm

      4:06 I have read the story of Pavlov's house. And I also know we must get to grips with understanding modern urbanised warfare, if we can turn small towns into laagers and have corridors between other similar town/laager strong points we are more than glass half full, look at Syria, Iraq on a map with who controls what area or what road and the penny will drop.

    2. Anonymous5:28 am

      For those that do not know the story of Pavlov's House

      Here it is


      Note :
      NOT the Pavlov that trained dogs

    3. Anonymous6:56 am

      CAPS LOCK POES over there thinks that Nyalas are fire proof.

    4. Anonymous9:33 am

      Here you go

      Something for the feminists


      In true over the top Soviet style

    5. Anonymous11:33 am

      You are interested in Stalingrad ( urban warfare) then this


      is the REAL deal

      I wonder how many South African woman will be able to do what the Russian woman did ?

    6. Anonymous6:05 am

      GV IDIOT emerged from his hole
      Thinks that he is going to get close enough to test his fireproof theory.
      GV idiot has not watched BOP moment of truth !

    7. Anonymous9:11 am

      Hey cap poes, do you have anything else except ancient tales of BOP, GV's, Cluedo games or caps?

    8. Anonymous10:50 am

      Hey DOM poes .....

      The South African Army, supported by other branches of service and the defence industry, held a spectacular capability demonstration at the De Brug training area outside Bloemfontein this week, involving dozens of armoured vehicles, jets and helicopters, which showed that the Army is a force to be reckoned with.


      Strange that this does not seem to be in much of the MSM ?

  26. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Coligny doesn't matter. More than 50% of French youth voted Le Pen- more than 60% of white young French between the ages of 18-35 voted for a "fascist". Le Pen lost because those over the age of 55 voted against her in droves. The old will die off... and the young will take the streets and lynch their enemies, the enemies of the native French people. France will be great again.

    1. Anonymous9:32 am

      GO eat some frogs legs and foie gras
      Read about De Gaulle and Algeria

      France will NEVER be "great"

    2. Anonymous8:04 am

      @ Anon 9:32

      I have mixed feelings about the French, but you should clarify when you say "NEVER be great", compared to WHERE ? Liberia ? Ghana ? Zambia ? Pick ONE African, or should I say African't country that equals the SPLENDOUR of any European country.(African'ts, because they cannot do anything).

      Surely YOU can't be referring to the communist uprising with Ahmed Ben Bella's FLN ?

      Communists ALWAYS enjoy the double standard where a country can't put down a COMMUNIST inspired REBELLION, but the commies ARE allowed to do as THEY like in the name of "FREEDUMB".

      How free are WE, or ANY African't country AFTER it threw off their old colonialist masters ?

      WATCH this, it is not AS good as KARL Marx, but THROWS a light on communist TACTICS.


      EVERY single colonial power did the third-worlders a MASSIVE favour, pulling them out of the stone age kicking and screaming.

      The SOONER the African'ts realise they've been DUPED by the communist Banking cartels to SELL the countries for peanuts, the better the whole world WILL be.

      I'd RATHER eat frogs legs than phutu. If African'ts hate Europeans so much, they should stop eating maize altogether, because we brought it here, plant your own staple food crop.

      I'd prefer the farmers grew opium poppies instead of any food crop. As my wise old Grand-pappy used to say " 'n kafir is doof as sy pens vol is".

      Remember Weenen.