18 May 2017

Mayor spends almost R2 million on KFC

By Mike Smith

18th of May 2017

I honestly do not know why the DA calls this "shocking expenses”...it is just usual, normal typical...Fucking typical !

Emfuleni Local Municipality Mayor Simon Mofokeng, who is a member of the African National Congress (ANC), has been accused by the Democratic Alliance (DA) of spending nearly two million rand on KFC, Nandos and hotel bills during his previous stint at the helm of Sedibeng District Municipality.

Mayor spent R1.7m on KFC and hotels

That is not all…”Mayor Mofokeng's claims for luxury hotel stays and his appetite for fast food, was in addition to strange fuel claims which were submitted for his private car, as well as claims for car hire – despite him having an official mayoral vehicle.”

"It is shameful that Mayor Mofokeng, a senior ANC leader, continues to dine in the lap of luxury, when so many in the municipality go hungry. It is high time that Mayor Mofokeng is fired by the ANC."


  1. Anonymous6:59 am



    Ag nee man! Lol Im crying - that pick!

    After this pick I cant eat KFC again.

  2. Anonymous7:35 am

    More gay kaffirs coming out of the woodwork giving the old colonel a BJ

  3. Anonymous9:38 am

    I have worked hard my whole life to save up and put some money aside. These guys hand out millions to each other like its raining money. They make a mockery of those workers who work hard on an average salary. this is grand theft and no body is doing anything about it. Where is the law?

    R260m in gratuities paid to former municipal councillors


    1. Anonymous11:08 am

      @ anon 9:38 am.

      Thanks to your hard work and others like you, retards now have the bucks to squander.


    2. Anonymous4:54 pm

      That is why they are parasites and leeches sucking the system dry.. What do you with parasites eg vermin?You exterminate it, get rid of it. Need a big can of Doom !

  4. Anonymous9:39 am

    SA may just be a few inches from the throes of a mafia state – SACC


  5. Anonymous10:20 am

    Viva KFC viva Sanders!

    We demand our free KFC!


    1. Anonymous1:47 pm

      Kaffirs Favourite Chicken?

  6. Anonymous11:01 am

    Jesus, how much chicken can one eat?
    If he ate a grilled chicken at R75 a shot each day of the year for 5 years it would cost R136,875.

    Christ, it seems as if he eats 12-13 grilled chickens a day.
    Quite a healthy appetite, I'd say.

    Dit bly maar kaffer jong. Fokkol gewoond nie.

    1. Anonymous12:49 pm


      @Anonymous11:01 am

      No baba, you dont get it.

      Either ama friend she owns a KFC & e R100,000 order delivers 1 Zinger ende fryies, or she buy for the hole femily peheps also da hole shabeen.

      Thats how it works.

      The entire system is corrupt. If we could really scratch the surface, you will find these Franchisers are owned by their family.

      Its tenderpreneuring with finger linking good. Same shit, different means of stealing. These things were created to steal.

      They can come up with the most ingenious means of theft yet cant even count on one hand. Shows you how devious they are.

      Like I said, no Karasites ever again.

      Let them enjoy their Chicken while it lasts, the rest of eternity they be picking fruit & eating nuts in the Congo basin again.

    2. Anonymous4:57 pm

      Probably bought for his family, friends, aunties, uncles, cousins, man the whole troop.

  7. I don't comet a lot anymore because i am on your wave length Mike. Your article well-written and appreciated paints a picture that i am so familiar with that it doesn't shock me the way it used too.

    That is most probably when the red pill has taken over completely. I do however keep up with your writings as i have plenty of others to direct here to eat your red pill.

    Now go get us that extra extra red pill(all in good spirit) I know you have it but just waiting for the right time.... I am hungry though start teasing already.

    And i don't mean drugs(for all the junkies out there) just that extra you are keeping for some other time. Its time to go all out. Bring it!!

  8. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Haha mike how did you find a picture of shaka?

  9. Mina funa di drumstick!!!

  10. PreatorianXVI9:07 pm

    2 disqualified to be used as bait for Kroon Wild, Fried Chicken and Watermelon...

  11. Well to be devil's advocate here, as long as he spent it in South Africa supporting South African business, he did contribute to the economy...

    1. Anonymous4:20 am

      He used stolen taxpayers money. Taxpayers leave the country. Less money to spend in South Africa.

  12. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Any outcry from his fellow comrades or other blacks that he stole from?

    No - didn't think so.


  13. Anonymous11:57 pm

    They cannot fire Mayor Motherfuckeng without being hypocrites.

  14. Anonymous11:37 am

    Mike one wonder how these can justify their spending to their labour output ? Its like typical feeding frenzy before the next gets it , no matter how wasteful. Also when one sees the fat black females in the states as well like they stuffing themselves in case its run out the next time . Like one kind of greedy obsession.

  15. Anonymous11:38 am

    Mike one wonder how these can justify their spending to their labour output ? Its like typical feeding frenzy before the next gets it , no matter how wasteful. Also when one sees the fat black females in the states as well like they stuffing themselves in case its run out the next time . Like one kind of greedy obsession.

  16. Mr Mister6:14 pm

    I'm sorry but I was on the floor with laughter

  17. Graeme4:23 am

    People commenting on this Blog generally fall into a number of categories, let me focus on the smart ones, such as Boere Ninja who correctly stated that delivery of the greasy cholesterol laden, heart stopping chicken to the needy victims need not match the invoiced amount.

    No auditor will ever challenge this in the New, peaceful, free and Democratic South Africa and why should they?
    They are all a part of the same clique!

  18. Graeme4:24 am

    At least the good Colonel has a bright future in South Africa, not like General Motors who is leaving after 91 years.

  19. Graeme4:37 am

    I made a very interesting observation in the early 1990's when ABCNNBCBS and BBC were all bemoaning the hard done by African victims in South Africa who had been undermined by the Afrikaner (note, not the white South African but the Afrikaner / Boer) who had treated them so badly.

    This was a few years after seeing malnourished Somali and Ethopians flashed across our screens.

    Our Mafoeta's were well nourished, large, rotund and Rosy cheeked thanks to the good Colonel and the largesse of the South African whites and white farmers.

    This was before AIDS took a grasp of their society en masse.

    Another observation that I made is that these domestic housemaids could afford a bucket of K.F.C. (then about R 69.00) whereas I could barely afford a Zinger (then R 4.75)

    Reason, I was paying off the land that I stole from the blacks.*

    What I also noticed is that these overweight Ladies named Rosie and Gladys would depart the K.F.C. having eaten only half of the bucket, the rest would be heaved into the trash can.

    Yes, honest, hand on heart, this while Brits living in tenements were watching nonsense on their Telly about how poor the South African blacks were.

    I know it, I was there and I saw it.

    *To find out more about the property that whites have stolen from the blacks go to the F.W. de Klerk Foundation web - site and read up Theuns Eloff's garbage about how we stole the land from the blacks.

    Why not make a donation while you are there, you know, white guilt!

    ABSA screwed me over good and proper with interest payments, since ABSA is now BEE compliant can I claim the monies back for the properties that I stole from the black victims of South Africa?