06 April 2017

Zille, Colonialism and why Blacks cannot be honest about history

Singapore: Show me where has a black ever build anything like this.

By Mike Smith
6th of April 2017

Poor Aunty Helen Zille. She went on a holiday to Singapore courtesy of the South African taxpayers and was so impressed with what Singapore did that she pissed off all the blacks in South Africa with her views that colonialism was not all bad…

Sad, but that is the way it is. Poor Aunty Zille wasted her entire life dedicating it to the poor Nobel Savagae and THIS is the thanks she gets. Shunned not only by blacks in general, but also by the blacks in her own party and by her fellow white colleagues.

Stupid libtard…It doesn’t matter if she is 100% right in what she said. It doesn’t matter if God Mandela, Pixley ka Seme or Sol Plaatje all said exactly the same thing…She should have known better. She should have known that blacks cannot be honest, not even to themselves and that they have a natural aversion to the truth.

She should have known that blacks hate her. They despise her and her whiteness. Hellen Zille is to them the embodiment, the epitome of the patronizing colonial “White Madam” who talks down to blacks…but alas…White libtards can even be less honest to themselves.

If Helen Zille was truly honest with herself she would have realized that blacks in South Africa were the biggest hypocrites and racists on the planet.

Blacks hate EVERYTHING white, unless it is Communist of course. Then they love it. Blacks do not have a problem with Colonialism they only have a problem with white western capitalist colonialism.

The USSR and Chinese colonialism are all OK, because it is Communist. Stuff Tibet and the Dalai Lama. The Black ANC bastards and Kaffir South Africans won’t even give him a visitor’s visa, because the Communist Chinese are their friends and Tenzin is their enemy.

Stuff Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that were occupied by the Communist USSR, including Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan and Hungary…Stuff Laos occupied by Communist North Vietnamese (1959-1979)…big mates of the ANC.

Where are the objections to Turkey occupying, northern Cypress, Morocco occupying the Western Sahara and Ethiopia occupying parts of Somalia and Eritrea?

But ultimately…Where are the objections to the BANTU colonization of South Africa from the north and driving the Khoi-Khoi and the San off their land? Fucking colonizing black hypocrites.

Blacks cannot be honest about history. If there is one group that historically suffered tremendously under British colonialism then it is the Afrikaner people. 34,000 white women and children died in British concentration camps. The British scorched earth policy burned their farms down and killed all their animals. Blacks refuse to acknowledge this. To them, Afrikaners are historically “advantaged”. Blacks cannot acknowledge that the Boers fought colonialism harder than they ever did.

No, in the minds of the Blacks they are the ONLY ones who “suffered” under colonialism and the only ones who fought colonialism. You point out that the Indians of South Africa excelled tremendously under exactly the same colonialism you get blank stares.

Then you get an IDIOT like president (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma who said that all South Africa’s problems started with the colonization by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652…In other words blacks have been “suffering” under white colonialism for 365 years…til today…of course.

Truth is that blacks only came into contact with whites at the Fish and Kei rivers around 1770. In other words 120 years after van Riebeeck. At the time of the British Occupation of the Cape Colony (1806) there were only about 26,000 whites at the Cape, hardly enough to “oppress” any blacks.

The first time the Xhosas came under British rule was with the British expansion of the Cape Colony in 1847 to annex their land between the Keiskamma and the Kei rivers which they called, “British Kaffraria”. A British Protectorate with all the benefits that came along with it the same way as Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana benifitted. Therefore the Xhosas hardly resisted this initial British occupation and annexation.

The Boers never occupied this land and in fact as soon as SA became a Republic in 1961 and broke with the British Commonwealth they started proceedings to give the Xhosas self rule and full independence in the Transkei and later in the Ciskei.

The Natal Colony came into existence in 1843. Again the Apartheid Government established a country for them with nominal self-rule called Kwazulu with the capital at Ulundi. The Zulus declined full independence and full self rule.

Why? I thought Colonialism and Apartheid was so bad that they would have jumped to the opportunity to be away from it. Why did they choose not to break away from Apartheid South Africa? Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana got their independences between 1966 and 1968. Then there were Venda and Bophuthatswana…Also independent black countries where they could fully rule themselves.

So in effect, these 365 years of black “SUFFERING” under Colonialism was in fact only about 100 years long (1860-1960) and it was not “Colonial Suffering” at all, but rather “Colonial PROTECTION”.

Under this protection, vast sums of white taxpayer’s money were pumped into these territories for the upliftment of blacks from the virtual Stone Age to modern times. Schools, hospitals, homes and infrastructure were built…All courtesy of the bad oppressive Colonial masters. All the ANC leaders, the PAC leaders, the Cosatu leaders, the Cope leaders, the ACDP leaders and the SACP leaders…received their education under the colonial system. All those black doctors and judges…Ooohhh the amount of suffering to get a Ph.D courtesy of the white colonial sponsors.

Problem is that blacks have a huge inferiority complex and cannot admit that they never built any cities or infrastructure in South Africa. Therefore they invent ridiculous names for towns, cities, and streets like “Tshwane” for Pretoria, the capitol of SA. Apparently there lived a mythical Chief called Tshwane in the area…No proof that the doos ever existed or how he looked like, but they have a statue of him. The futile search for Chief Tshwane

One can almost laugh at the ridiculous childishness and inferiority complex of the blacks and how the white libtards play along in this stupid game just to make the little niglets feel good about themselves. Hey? Poor little Philemon comes last in the race, but still gets a “Troosprysie”…a consolation prize for effort. Oh and don’t forget…He’s black and he’s proud. See, he needs to constantly bullshit himself and tell himself that to cope with his natural feeling of inferiority.

In 1957 the richest British Colony at the time, the Gold Coast became independent and called itself Ghana. Ghana was the fourth largest gold producer in the world. It had diamonds and many other minerals as well as oil. It was growing everything from cocoa and pepper to rubber and all kinds of tropical fruit. Four years after independence it was bankrupt. In 1965, one of the poorest British colonies, Singapore, got their independence. Singapore was situated on a salty marsh where almost nothing grew. In fact they were so poor that they considered NOT taking independence and for a while was part of Malaysia. Singapore had to be built from the soil up. It had no minerals and no oil. Nothing. Today Singapore is a shining example of hard work and pride. A successful first world country. A true economic miracle. Ghana is a dump. Why?

Australia, New Zealand, Canada…all former British colonies who “suffered” under the evil yoke of Colonialism…excellent countries today. Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe…dumps…Why? What is the common denomination? Be honest.

Maybe these Blacks are right…maybe Colonialism was bad after all, because if it wasn’t for these white colonial libtards like Helen Zille who constantly saved their poor little niglet asses, blacks would have gone the way of the Dodo 200 years ago.

They should rather go on their knees and thank God for Colonialism and Apartheid, because if it wasn’t for that, they would have had nothing else to blame their failures on.


  1. Anonymous9:21 am

    Look at the next videos and see a honest black


    1. Anonymous1:31 pm

      When no one is looking they're still skelm.

    2. A black being honest about blacks being skelm...

  2. Anonymous9:42 am

    I am so glad the Zille got burned by the fire she was helping along all the time. Man it feels so good to read about her own people shitting on her I can not describe it. But it has happened in the past but still the liberal pieces of white trash can not see that the Kaffer hate them just as much as they hate me. I can only hope that something good will come from this.
    But as you say the Kaffer can not be truthfull to himself, that is why Kaffers are synonyms for all that is bad, That is why no African country has ever been a success without white rule, that is because they are not much more than Chimps with which they share 26% of their DNA.

    But talking about colonialism I would like the bright African intellectuals explain to me why South Africa exist out of the Cape, Transvaal, Free-state and Natal and why it does not include Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia? Was they not all part of the British colony?

  3. Anonymous10:16 am

    Why do the Germans claim that we were brutally oppressing the blacks from banning them off our beaches when they are banning the same africans/muzzies from their beer halls?

  4. Anonymous10:19 am

    There are so many organizations and movements these days, all demanding free things. I wonder if we cannot join them.
    Form a movement: BBB (Baie Befokte Boere) and get something going. We need to sue the Queen for billions for the murder of our women and children.
    Seeing the ANC won't give free land for our own state, we offer them money (queen's billions) and buy the Northern Cape. Make a deal with the Khoi, and declare independence.
    We may never see the benefits, but our kids will have a future. Especially with the chit in Europe, there shouldn't be a shortage of skilled immigrants over the next 10 to 20 years.


    1. Anonymous1:03 pm

      I thought Noddy was a Brit

  5. Anonymous11:39 am


    Mike thought I would throw this one in, though not on topic of building up countries, we can see how dictator is now deciding what protests are legal or illegal.


    True dictatorship right here, right now. The rainbow has faded (not like it really existed) but its over now.

    Also interesting.

    Zuma trying to crash the rand but I read on international news how they are promoting the rand, saying now could be a good time to buy - in anticipation of regime change if you read between the lines.


    Zuma tries to crash it, the West prop it up with their news. If this was another country, the currency would be in the toilet and analysts would be pushing for the currency to be sold but not SA.

  6. Anonymous11:40 am


    Now they say the march can go ahead, we can see very quickly how this can turn nasty.

    Police cant stop it.
    Now ANCYL will try - they said they will get violent.

    1. Anonymous1:15 pm

      About time our white 20 year olds form their own version of the Black Bloc,

    2. Anonymous1:42 pm

      They can march as much as they like. It changes nothing.

    3. Anonymous10:25 pm

      They lost this battle when they asked for permission to fight it.

      True leaders, lead the seek not the permission to lead for the right to lead is a natural right.

      This action that these idiots embark upon will only empower those that have taken power and continue to take power.


    4. Anonymous8:19 am


      ~Anonymous1:42 pm

      There will be big money behind further protests. This is a Ukraine, Arab spring being setup here by the money powers.

      He will have to go or the ANC will be out, the puppet can never turn on its master and try make a deal with other puppets controlled by the same master.

  7. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Mike factual as always . Its proven all over the Planet seeing the successes of Black run Countries , clearly lacking build up Genes. Transkei success story of Failure should have proven that they should never have been given the REIGNS of Leadership of the whole of SA .( anc is a Xhosa organization now in charge from the Failed states ) Even the Blegros in the US play Victim to their Failures being everybody elses Fault . Detroit , another successful Failure when wrong move in. They should be grateful having been shipped out of darkest Africa , instead they detest the upliftment with Complaints . if one looks at Haiti as well from exporting Island to Begging bowl SLUM .
    Yet the Hunger to devour and spit out the next area continues , Look at not so great britain what moved in to the outcome , now those that Built the Nation are leaving the Nation. Soon there is gonna be nothing Left . Then you have Wiggers Whites wanna be Negreos helping in the Proliferation of this species ?? Heavens help us .

    As for freakled face wanna be Black so urgently hope she moves to swetoe to get a good dose and taste of her Yearning . Those Whites Females that hooked up with Blacks and got Murdered for it , cannot tell their stories.

  8. Anonymous12:38 pm

    For the seekers of enlightenment and an understanding of your enemy. If you will not learn from history you are doomed to repeat your mistakes.

    Mergers, Acquisitions and Global Empires: Tolerance, Diversity, and the Success of M&A.
    Ko Unoki

    For an understanding of successful empires and why South Africa will never be one, it will also illuminate why white South African are inimical to the goals of the empire builders and are doomed to extinction.

  9. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Mike, it's common knowledge by now they have an aversion to truth. Even the smallest inconsequential thing they will lie about. Pathetic little creatures. I'm done with them and any white who steers me in their direction as well. They're all lost to me. Fuck `em all!

  10. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I could only read a few paragraphs of this post because you don't seem to realise that the Russians don't believe in communism anymore. The Chinese don't believe in communism too much either, at least not where other countries are concerned. So you can rest assured that neither the Russian nor the Chinese want to set up communist settlements in Africa. Why should they? Take the minerals they want, and get out.

    The SACP is toast. Zuma has allowed a few communists to stay in his cabinet. If they resign, they are seen as losers. If they stay, they are seen as cowards. So it's a win-win situation for Zuma.

    The situation is well beyond communism. It's the typical African looting scenario until nothing works anymore. And then the IMF comes in to sort it out - but with Terms and Conditions. The kaffer Zuma will not like the terms and conditions because they will include his ass getting slung into jail. So there will be a civil war. My odds are in favour of the Cape eventually reaching an uneasy independence.

    1. Communism is dead. The SACP is dead. The ANC are capitalist now...hmmm, I heard that in 1990 as well.

    2. Anonymous12:06 am

      I didn't say the ANC are capitalist. They are anything but capitalist. They are useless scum who break capitalism down and replace it with nothing.

    3. Anonymous5:51 am

      Anon 12:06 anc are Capitalist in self interest , but preach Communism to keep the masses poor and in check. Just like Castro , with exception of a few , Mother Russia and E-germany (Hornecker) because they are watched by others.

  11. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Great article, you write so well and put into words what most of us think and is the truth.

    But can I ask a favor, please please stop saying "president Zuma(yours not mine)". You must realize that all your readers share your view there, infact no kaff president will ever be mine!

  12. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Biggest mistake our ancestors made: not killing the Kaffirs off in Aussie / Yankie / Kiwi style when they arrived here. Then we wouldn't be in the shit we are today. Those early colonisers were too focussed on meid-naai and not doing the job properly......

  13. WillemWikkelspies2:44 pm

    The Cape Town march is only for 8000 according to the permit . So what will happen if 20,000 pitch . I see that Jacob of Ncuntla has sent in 600 troops . Marchers be armed and I think be prepared to shoot to protect yourselves . My gut feels says the Cape may not be as volatile as the Transvaal - I cannot help but think the Jacob troops in Loot Freely House may do a repeat of the IFP march a few years ago . I shall pray for the marchers to be spared and that they raze Loot Freely House to the ground

    1. "Loot Freely House"...hahaha...why didn't I think of that? Good one.

  14. WillemWikkelspies2:48 pm

    When Lee Kwan Yew broke away from the Malaysian Federation and founded Singapore in 1985 , he was assailed by the usual coterie of zealots demanding that all traces of the past be immediately erased .

    Yew said , “the names of the past , are of the past . What money we have will be spent on housing our people , educating our people , caring for the health of our people , feeding our people and building for their future. It will not be wasted on irrelevant sign writing , re naming of streets and areas , printing new maps and other silly extravagances , which hinder our priorities .

    So , with hundreds of names of the past , which are still there today , Orchard Road is still Orchard Road , Clarke Quay remains Clarke Quay and the statue of Sir Stanford raffles still stands in front of the Victoria Theatre . Meanwhile , under Lee Kwan Yew ‘s dynamic guidance , Singapore flourished into the widely envied economic power house it remains today .

    What a pity we have no saffer of similar mind and stature to Yew , with the testicular fortitude to say NO to wastage of billions on the irrelevancy associated with name changes , while saffers still live in shacks , with little or no toilets , class rooms , or worse still not even knowing where the next meal will come from . Why have the poor not been individually consulted whether they want a house , food and education or whether they want the funds which could be used for these purposes , spent on street name changes in some distant suburb .

    This entire stupid and costly exercise born from backward ideology , prejudice and political stupidity is an obscenity , is an insult to a hog , never mind human beings and hard pressed taxpayers and voters .

    1. Good comment. Thank you. Just a small correction. Singapore was founded in 65 not 85. Otherwise all true.

  15. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I left South Africa back in 2008 and I've watched the country slowly circle the toilet drain since then. When you're outside the country looking in, you realise how bad things are when you compare it to the life you now live overseas. When you're in the country looking out, you don't really realise how really bad it is -
    you're like a slow-boiled frog. The cost of food is astronomical and it amazes me how there haven't been riots before now. Just how are millions of (especially blacks) affording to eat every day?

    The day the NP rigged the vote in the referendum, was the day the final nail was hammered into SA's coffin. When you hand a country willingly over to a bunch of liberation black communists, then don't act surprise about the outcome now. It may have taken 23 years, but that was because of the white's still trying to keep the country going. But, at the end of the day, you can't fight the jungle. It will return if you don't keep clearing it. Just like you can't fight the IQ70 black brain. They have the numbers and it will persevere. It doesn't matter if blacks realise the consequences. To them they'll eat today and worry later about tomorrow. It's always been like them with them. So, good luck to all my fellow white SA'cans in the country. In my humble opinion, there is no magical silver bullet to save my people. The jungle will return and one day there will be no whites in SA. It's sad, but it's reality.

    1. Very true. Sometime one needs to disengage, take a step back and stand back in order to get that outside perspective. Normally one finds the answer then and can act appropriately. They teach this concept to pilots and engineers in power stations and on ships. If you do not disengage and step back you get stuck in a whirlpool of mistakes and bad decisions and drown in them.

      It is the same as when one is in a love affair. One acts and reacts emotionally, not logically. It is only after the separation and the step back that one thinks logically and clearly and sees the relationship from the outside. Often one is astounded at one's own stupidity.

      The relationship many South Africans have with South Africa is like that of a toxic love affair. Therefore they do not act rationally and logically. Rather emotionally.

    2. Anonymous11:47 pm

      I left at a similar period, stayed almost 10 years but came back to SA. I know what you mean about seeing it differently from the outside, but SA has never truly been stable, it's part of life if one wants to live in SA.

      I also realized that all counties have to their own problems, maybe not as bad in some aspects.

      Despite having a well paying job, the grass is not always greener on the other side. The lifestyle, standard of living, friendliness of people, and my quality of life in general was vastly less. Even with things as they are now, I'm still much happier.

      Living overseas, no matter how much you assimilate, there is always a feeling of disconnection, of never really having a home.

    3. Anonymous12:09 am

      How quickly we can lose perspective. Thanks for the reminder.
      Re Mike: love affairs- "Small head ruling the big head". Here in SA "Dick head ruling the boneheads".

    4. Anonymous8:18 am


      @Anonymous5:38 pm

      I agree! Though I must say, I have never met a happy, content SA living overseas.

      The ones who are happy were not South Africans in the sense that their parents arrived here less than 80 years ago and they had dual citizenship.

      Those Afrikaner/whites who left this land, who have roots that go back far into our history. They are never, ever happy.

  16. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Retard does not see its failure, it does not consider the total collapse of an economy or infrastructure as failure, failure is a foreign and alien concept to retard. The same as progression, development and success, retard has not lost the primal instinct and never will.

    We deal daily with a basic animal, it only understands that to stay alive it must eat, breathe and fuck, fucking is the way you ensure that you are fed when you're old so the more you fuck the more you will be looked after.

    Now you white intelligent and realistic chaps know the above but you will continue wanting to compare these fucking horrible creatures to an intelligent and progressive species, dudes WTF is wrong with you?

    I did something I never do, I went onto the N24 website and read their shit and propaganda and lies and fairy tales but I also read the comments and particularly the comments posted by the darkside. FMD! These critters actually do not realise what has happened and they support your president. They think this idiot is their saviour.

    OK a couple, seem to think he is not worth their spit but the general run of the mill bush monkey loves this president of yours.

    I know, I know, I am a war monger, a Satanist,mental, l have forgotten what a lot of you call me but chaps I don't have my head up my arse and I don't lie to myself. We whites here are going to really shit off now, if you think we were having it rough before the chief retard claimed dictatorship then you ain't seen nothing yet, best you fasten your seat belt and wear a helmet.

    So chaps before we start insulting this backward and totally retarded species and accuse it of not progressing remember who started the shit that we sit with today and yes the bankers and NWO,ers and Jesuits and globalists and guppies and, and ,and but it does not help bitching about them if you are not going to do something about them. So rather focus on witches like this zille and suzmann and that dick trollop and your chaps ex president de Klerk and Botha because had those idiots just been like Israel and carried on fighting while giving the world 3 of 5 we would not be sitting discussing colonialism and apartheid today, we would have been build and developing and had lots and lots of slaves to get the job done quickly.

    So let's sit back watch our beautiful world that our forefathers build crumble away and say to each other, " you know, its all the bankers fault or maybe it was the Jesuits or no,no old chap it must have been ours because we did fuck all to stop it"


    1. Anonymous8:16 am



      Yup boet! Its the beginning, the danger is not in getting rid of Zuma, the danger is not getting the Karasite.

      The danger lies when Zuma is gone & everyone thinks everything is now hunky, dory.

      If you dont get rid of the cancer, it might go into remission but eventually it will spread and possibly be worse.

      Their entire plan was and is to crash SA, drive it right into the ground, crash it, burn it, blame whitee and then get rid of whitee.

  17. Anonymous11:40 pm

    How many of you have your air balloons ready? Are you not interested in getting rid of the plague?

    1. Anonymous1:52 am

      Then we should be starting with you.

    2. Anonymous7:38 am

      So you see me as the plague?

  18. Anonymous1:29 am

    Ons sal vandag sien hoe sterk (getalle en die "krag") van die optog is en daardeur kan n mens die sterkte of die slapheid van die swart nasie se ruggraat bepaal.....Sterk en aggresiewe optog, dan sal ons ons aanval vorentoe deeglik moet beplan, swak betoog beteken n walkover vir ons.

    1. Anonymous2:24 am

      In die kol "op 'n wyse van praat"!

  19. Anonymous5:48 am

    And slowly it slips into the drain!!


    1. Anonymous1:25 am

      Its ok, money is paper these geniuses will just print truck loads.

      Bob will teach them how.