11 April 2017

What comes after the ANC? Revisiting our vision of tomorrow

"Non-violence is not to be used ever as the shield of the coward. It is the weapon of the brave." - Gandhi

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2017

Often when it comes to managing conflict it simply is a case of you not seeing an issue through the eyes of the other person and the other person does not see it through your eyes.

Sometimes during a frustrating, heated debate it is necessary to pause and reflect on what the other person has said and yesterday I had such a moment when some commentators expressed their views of why they are not going to demonstrate against Zuma and the misrule of the ANC on Wednesday; Zuma’s birthday.

Apparently they see the futility of it all, because the moment Zuma is gone he will just be replaced by his ex wife, another Zuma…or by some other ANC idiot…or worse, by the EFF idiots. So they reason, “What is the point of demonstrating when the country is going to go tits up anyway and the ANC will just remain in power? Better to prepare for the chaos.”

So in order to address these concerns it might be worth revisiting and recapping some older concepts we mentioned two years ago when I introduced my readers to Gene Sharp’s Strategic Non-violent Resistance techniques.

There WILL be chaos

First of all the chaos is inevitable. It is part of any revolution and yes, it is a very good idea to be prepared to weather the storm as best as we can.

However, we must start at how we want the country to be after the chaos. After the revolution.

What comes after the chaos? The importance of "Follow Through"

In his book “Blueprint for revolution” Srdja Popovic talks about the importance of “Follow through”.

See, it is not enough to just get rid of the dictator. You must follow through and you do not stop until you have the country you want to have.

This is a mistake the Egyptians made in the Arab Spring. Within a matter of three weeks at the beginning of 2011 the Egyptians got rid of their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Then suddenly everyone went home.

The job was done, the dictator was gone and now peace would follow...so they thought.

Unfortunately it gave rise to the Muslim Brotherhood and a worse autocratic President, Mohamed Morsi. In June 2013, they had another revolution.

This time it would last seven months. Relative peace returned with the election of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, but he is still trying to this day to put down the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist insurgency that started from the Sinai Peninsula and the economy is still in tatters.

Srdja Popovic warned the Egyptians. He trained them. He told them that they should “follow through” like the Serbs did in the Serbian revolution of 2000.

The overthrow of Slobodan Milošević occurred on 5 October 2000, but “Otpor!” did not stop there. That was not the end goal. It was not the “Goose Egg” yet.

They first made sure that the new government would be democratic and that the citizens were guaranteed individual freedoms before they stopped. They also warned the new government that if they ever deviated from the new constitution they would face another revolution.

Today Serbia is not perfect, but it is ten times better than under the dictator Slobodan Milošević. For the last 17 years they have had relative peace and prosperity, free and fair elections in a multiparty democracy and a sharp reduction in corruption and gangsterism. However, they have recently started demonstrating again against a rise in corruption and I am afraid that unless the current Serbian government curbs corruption there will be another revolution like in 2000.

So no…Have no illusions. The overthrow of the dictator alone is NOT going to bring lasting peace. You need to “follow through”. You only stop when you have the kind of government you want. A government that everyone can live with.

That is why I do not like the phrases, “Zuma must fall” or “The ANC must fall”. It symbolizes just a step in the revolution not the ultimate goal. Like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in the USA. Occupying Wall Street was a mere tactic, not the ultimate strategy. There I much rather prefer, “Save South Africa”.

Revisiting “Our vision of Tomorrow” and what we want after the ANC is gone

In August 2015 I kicked off a campaign of information with an article called How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

I made it clear that it might not be an ideal that I personally strive for or want, but if you only have R20 you cannot expect to eat an expensive steak. You will have to be realistic and settle for something less...or go hungry.

The article pulled almost 150 comments. I summurised them and the wishes for a post ANC South Africa in a follow-up article called Our vision of tomorrow - The Goose Egg Principle

From that research 35 points came out what ordinary South Africans wanted for this country.

They wanted simple things…like peace with our neigbours, good schools and education. Low crime. A society without fear and without burglar bars and alarms. A society where we can own our property and not constantly have to fear that a government is going to confiscate our land. We want less tax better distributed and not stolen, an accountable government that serves the people, decent health care, decent old age pensions. We want a country that we can be proud of and not shame ourselves for.

Funny enough, nobody mentioned a Springbok team that wins occasionally.

Main thing is that it is not perfect. No country is, but it is a country that we can at least live in. A country ten times better than the ANC's Rainbow Stuff-up.

Here I have to reiterate for the newcomers not familiar with my own personal views that this might not be my own personal ultimate wish for South Africa.

Those who have read my blog in the last ten years will know that I envisage a new “Great Trek” back to the Cape, declare independence for the Cape, regroup, build up and seize the initiative and once we have our enemies on the back foot and running we don’t stop until we reach the equator. My vision is Axenic Apartheid. A country free of any parasites stretching from Cape Agulhas in the South to at least the Kunene and Zambezi rivers in the north with the area inbetween that and the equator…“No-man’s Land”.

However as one reader said the other day…“If we want to live in this land, we must write a plan for the next 500 years.”

Problem is we are not going to reach the ideal in the next 20-30 years. What is it that we want now? What can we then build on for the next 500 to 1000 years? Gene Sharp calls this the Grande Strategy.

Then you have the interim strategy. THAT is our goal that we identified two years ago.

A theory of Strategy: Reverse Planning

Lt.Col Bob Helvey calls the strategy “Reverse Planning”. In a military sense it is known by the equation S= E+W+M (strategic formula of ends, ways, means).

The principle is that you start at your goal; your ”Goose Egg” that you drew on the map with your pen. Then you break it down into smaller achievable goals (the Ends) and look at the tactics you can use (the Ways) and the resources you have (the Means).

Like Gene Sharp says; “It is a technique of combat. It is a substitute for war”. It is war by other means. Just because you use different weapons does not mean that you fight less hard or strategize less.

The problem is that people hear “Strategic Non-violent Conflict” and they think it is for pussies and sissies. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like I said the other day…Lt.Col Bob Helvey is no less a soldier, because he swapped his rifles and grenades for non-violent means and weapons. He still fights just as hard and just as strategically against oppressive regimes as he did in the jungles of Burma, just with different means and different weapons. After a civil war of 70 years, (the longest in history) he realized there had to be a different way to get rid of a dictator. He became a disciple of Gene Sharp.

Who will take over from the ANC and bring in the reign of terror?

In October 2015 I drew up an entire map of how a revolution takes place based on the research I have done over many years studing many revolutions. You can see it here

You can see how the fall of the old regime is followed by a short honeymoon period, how the moderates rise, but are too busy trying to govern chaos and how the small group of dedicated radicals rise, overthrow the moderates and bring in the reign of terror.

After that the cool down period or “Thermidor” follows. Dr. Crane Brinton likened it to a person catching a flu.

It seems as if everyone is in agreement that the “moderates” who will come to power in SA will probably be the DA or coalition of DA, COPE, ACDP, etc…

However…it also seems that people have already decided that the “Radicals” that will rise and bring in the reign of terror will be the EFF.

It is when this happens that the Apathetic Fence Sitters believe they will rise and restore order and kick the radicals out and bring freedom and peace to SA.

What prevents US from being the radicals in the first place?

If we want to prevent the rise of the radicals then there is only one way and that is that WE have to be the radicals. WE have to bring in the reign of terror and cleanse the country of the traitors and parasites.

But, but, Mike…what about your “Non-violent Conflict”? Are you not now contradicting yourself?

No. Not at all. The revolution is NOT over when the dictator or the Old Regime has fallen. How many times do I have to say it?

Non-violent struggle is only a part of the revolution. It is a strategy to get rid of the dictator and old regime. After that comes a lot more.

The response of the regime WILL be violence. It is their only answer. There might even be deaths. Brutal, violent deaths. This is where discipline needs to be applied and where we should not retaliate and return the violence. We should use the regime’s violence against it.

I know that when peaceful people are attacked, the instinctive response is to retaliate with violence. I cannot emphasize more that this is exactly what should NOT be done. It will give the regime the excuse to use even more violence. The time for retaliation and our violence will come later during the reign of terror. Then you will get your retribution.

But Mike the ANC used violence during the 80’s and they won

True…The ANC did use violence and they did win. If they were more disciplined and used Non-violent struggle they would have won a lot sooner.

Mandela wasted 27 years in prison, because he was stupid and did not want to let go of violence. During this period the ANC was hunted down and violently defeated by the Apartheid government that reduced them to a fax machine in Dar es Salaam.

The turning point for the ANC came in 1983 when they visited Vietnam and learned the strategies of non-violent struggle and “People’s War” from General Giap.

What eventually won the war for the ANC were not their bombs and landmines and AK-47’s…It was the boycotts, the stay-aways, the sanctions, the co-opting of the churches, the defiance campaign with the peaceful marches on Apartheid beaches led by Bishop Tutu and Reverend Boesak. All textbook Gene Sharp stuff. Go look at his 198 methods of non-violent struggle. THAT is how the ANC eventually won.

The UDF and Inkhata were the moderates. The violence of the early 1990’s where the ANC murdered 20,500 Inkhata members was the rise of the radicals. The period from 1994 till now is the Dictatorship of the Majority. This is the status quo under all Communist regimes. They never get further than this.

Strategy choice: Taking lessons from the Boers, Gandhi and Syria.

After the apparent ease and speed of the Arab Spring revolution, the Syrians also thought that they could simply demonstrate en masse and wave their fists at the dictator Assad and he would step down. However, they were fooled, because they never saw the months of hard work that went in to prepare for the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. They only saw the boxing match that lasted one or two rounds not the training and preparation beforehand.

Srdja Popovic trained them all. He recounts it in his book, “Blueprint for revolution”.

Usually when he trains revolutionaries from Tunisia, Libya, Maldives…wherever…He always get the same sentence; “Yes, Srdja, we hear what you are saying, but it won’t work in our country. Our situation is different. Our dictator is different. Our people are different…”

Same old, same old. Exactly the same here in South Africa and on this blog…”Yes, Mike…I hear what you are saying, but South Africa is different…”

The terrain might change. The tactics and weapons might be different, but the principles of war and therefore Non-Violent Struggle are universal. A dictator relies on obedience and pillars of support. If you defy him and disobey him and pull the pillars of support out from underneath him towards your side he will fall. The regime will collapse.

You don’t need firearms and bombs to do that. Besides he has far more bombs and rifles than you do. He has a lot more money, soldiers and resources than you do. That alone should tell you that Guerilla War is futile.

The Syrians told Srdja Popovic the same. They wanted to combine his Non-Violent Struggle with a Guerilla campaign. A two prong strategy.

The results can be seen today. Syria is a mess. Ruined. Chaos. Millions of people displaced. They used violence, which give the regime the excuse to use force. Then the rebels tried to get support from outside (America, Iraq, etc) and Assad brought in his allies (Russia and Hezbollah).

Do you really want moths and years of hardship carrying your house on your back? Because that is what your rucksack is. It is your entire house...all 20-30kg of it on your back. If you think it is a fun camping trip I have news for you. The novelty and fun wears off after about three days.

The Boers faced the British and chose a conventional war that they lost. General De la Rey warned Paul Kruger about this beforehand. Then they chose guerilla war and after some successes the British brought in their allies from across the entire British Empire and applied a scorched earth strategy. Again the Boers lost. Eventually 6000 Boer soldiers dead and 34,000 women and children died in concentration camps.

In 1900 the Indian barrister Mahatma Gandhi joined the British forces in South Africa as a medical ordinance. He saw firsthand the horrors of the Anglo Boer War and the futility of the Boer strategy. He knew from his own Indian history that guerilla warfare would not work against the British. In India they tried it many times in the 19th century.

Therefore in 1930 when he wanted the British out of India he adopted Strategic Non-violent defiance and disobedience.

He knew that standing up to a much stronger British army, police and all the soldiers of the British Empire would be futile and cause thousands if not millions of deaths.

He simply started disobeying and defying the British regime in every single way possible. Mass civil disobedience followed. How did the British respond? With violence and more laws.

They baton charged and clubbed the peaceful Indians. 80,000 people were thrown in jail including Gandhi himself for 9 months. The Indians just carried on defying, boycotting and disobeying all their stupid laws.

At the Qissa Khwani Bazaar British soldiers machine gunned a crowd of peaceful demonstrators killing 200-250 people. Some sources say up to 400 people were killed. Soldiers who refused to fire into the crowd were imprisoned for life and fined heavy penalties.

The beatings and the massacre were shown across the world. The British tried everything to provoke the Indians into more violence, but they refused. With every set of beatings the Indian crowds became bigger and stronger. They simply told the British to get out and go home. Their time in India was over. In 1947 the British left India forever.

About 400 people dead…As opposed to collectively 40,000 Boers, their wives and their children. Civil War, Guerilla War or Peaceful Non-Violent resistance? You tell me which works best?

What are the other options?

Negotiations, International intervention, Military Coup d’état? …Good luck with that.

Just ask yourself one last question…What is it that Jacob Zuma, the ANC and the Guptas prefer you to do?

Do they want you to sit at home and do nothing? Do they want you to clean your rifle and polish your bullets at home? Do they want you to sit at home and prepare your nifty Bug-Out Bag?

Sure. The last thing they want to see…the last thing they want you to do is demonstrate on the streets and wave your fist in their faces telling them to step down.

What is it going to take to convince the whites of SA? I don’t know. Probably nothing.

I rest my case.


  1. Good write Mike.

    Is this not somewhere in a vision of a seer. New government forms in the Cape and then the war between true Afrikaners and this government starts?

    1. Anonymous11:26 am


      @Donycero3:36 am

      New gov gets formed. Same problems, nothing changes but its one step closer to the republics.

      There is more to it but basically this and then the republic is around the corner.

      I said it a few times, so few people realize how close we are to that republic.

      Its like walking into a dark cave, you cant see much but just around the corner there is an opening, a new light and exit.

      Its super close, very close.

      Watch events in Europe between the USA, Russia and especially Turkey.

      From my interpretation of it...

      We get an interim gov, troops will be called to fight overseas and there will according to him be some intern camps setup by the USA - some troops go fight in Egypt, some land up in or near Australia where the Japs release them.

      This entire scenario mentioned above is a long explanation.

      Dark days in the republic but not too long after that the republics will be here.

      It will be very dark leading up to this event but its not too far. We are pretty close IMO.

      I dont believe the interim gov will last long, probably 1-3 years or sooner but I think it will happen pretty fast, faster than people think.

      Zuma wont go and the strikes will simply get worse and worse and eventually, they will throw the ENTIRE ANC out of power and take over as a coalition but nothing will change. Some ANC will jump in to form the new coalition.

      Many people will feel relieved but it is a false sense of security.

      I believe we will see regime change here in SA and Zimbabwe at more or less the same time.

      Its better to get the water boiling so froggy doesnt get too comfortable, its time for the people to wake up and feel the heat.

    2. Anonymous8:54 am

      The Western Cape is ideal for a parallel government, it already has a parliament, international airport, large harbour etc and low ANC support.

      Most head offices are also already in the Cape Town area.

  2. Anonymous3:54 am

    Nice one!

  3. Anonymous4:09 am



    Very powerful & it becomes difficult to decide which is your best piece but this for sure must be up there. All very well articulated.

    See my take on a 500 year plan is very simple. A small nation needs a plan. I am of the firm belief & live by the rule, any plan is better than no plan and not having a plan is planning to fail.

    The plan should not only include a 500 year plan regarding SA & a dream country for a future generation but it takes into account (or should take into account) global threats.

    Our enemies, most enemies - will use our or any nations enemies against them.

    If there is no plan, then we might as well pack our bags.

    Many did have such plans and packed their bags for this very reason. There was no "AFTER" plan. And with no future vision, many left this country.

    Despite what many might think, it is not easy leaving your country of birth. It is even harder seeing it afar and seeing it in its present condition & should a clear, concise plan be made, many of those who fought alongside you will come back - those countries they immigrated to ALL have plan.

    If we have a dream, if we have a vision for the next 500 years - despite the fact that we will never see it, at least we know that our future generations will have it - peace, prosperity, their own language, their own cultural identity.

    It is not about hating the Karasite. Karasites will always be Karasites whether you hate them or love them, me personally, I totally understand them hence why I call it a Karasite. There is no point insulting a tick or warthog at the end of the day, it will remain a tick or a warthog.

    The saying " know thy enemy" We know Karasites are very short term thinkers. Our greatest strength is our faith and ability to plan. Planning is mentioned throughout the book of Proverbs and the bible.

    Let us first & foremost commit our plans to the Lord.

    Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
    and he will establish your plans.
    Proverbs 16:3

    May he give you the desire of your heart
    and make all your plans succeed.
    Psalm 20:4

    In their hearts humans plan their course,
    but the Lord establishes their steps.
    Proverbs 16:9

    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Jeremiah 29:11

    Im not sure who writes up the plan, Im not sure who will follow the plan. Im not sure how they will follow it but this should all be part of the plan.

    Like the founding fathers of America, so we WILL be the founding fathers of the united republics of Southern Africa. It doesnt cost a cent to dream and the neat thing is, the mind and brain cannot tell the difference between a dream, vision or grand plan and reality.

    If we can honestly have a vision so far ahead, while navigating the present, we will thrive. Right now this nation is perishing for a lack of vision. A ship with no rudder nor sail.

    If you plan on seeing South Africa tomorrow, your vision must stretch far into the future.

    If we can see that far into the future, if we can simply agree on a few bedrock principles based on biblical laws.... Then who can stand before the Lord and his people?

    No matter what empire is thrown at us, no matter what local threat threatens us, we will never fret. Every time we hit a hiccup on this road that we are traveling with no map - the people panic & want to bail out of SA.

    That is because they have no vision.

    I believe oom klasie said we will fight differently for this reason. We will have a future vision, a vision of a future republic, so crystal clear in our minds that it will cause us to fight differently.

    We will stop reacting and rather begin acting on our long term plans.

    30 years is too short, 50 years is not much, 100 years comes and goes but half a century. What a worthy goal, the problem is most people are afraid we cant achieve it....

    But I say...

  4. Anonymous4:09 am


    What happens when we do achieve that plan?

    This nation, when it sets a goal, aligns itself with the Lord, works together, there is NOTHING that will stop us.

    You can laugh at tomorrows, next weeks, next months, next years, next decades problems when you have a road map and a plan.

    If Japan could set goals where they lost over half their men in WW2 & they could become a power house, an economic power within just 30 years after WW2 - then what can this little white tribe achieve with the Lord by our side?

    I shudder to think.

    If the goal, plan or vision seems possible to achieve, then we are not thinking big enough. We have to think the impossible. Men only strive for the impossible and not mediocrity.

    The reason so many of our people squabble among each other is because they are not marching to the same drum and vision.

    That vision will filter into every business, organization, school, household and right down to the children & their childrens children.

    At this moment in time, we have virtually been stripped of everything.

    Our non existent plan has worked quite well, we had no plan and so we planned to fail - you see the new SA - that is the result of not having a long term plan.

    I call out to future leaders, future enspirers to agree on 1 principle - they have to be based on biblical principles including the old testament.

    Its your choice - either dont make a plan and plan on failing or make a plan and put it into action.

    Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
    Proverbs 19:21

    Amen & blessing to you, your family & our future republic.

    1. Anonymous10:48 am


      @ Boere_Ninja

      I do not want to preach. But do read this Proverb and you can pull Genesis about having dominion over the animals plants and nations and also include what verses i posted yesterday about the Creator choosing Israel not because of numbers because they were the smallest in number then read my conclusion.

      1 My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you(VERY IMPORTANT), 2 turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding— 3 indeed, if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, 4 and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, 5 then you will understand the fear of the LORDand find the knowledge of God. 6 For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. 7 He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, 8 for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. 9 Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path. 10 For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. 11 Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you. 12 Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse, 13 who have left the straight paths to walk in dark ways, 14 who delight in doing wrong and rejoice in the perverseness of evil, 15 whose paths are crooked and who are devious in their ways

    2. Anonymous11:29 am



      When, sometimes, you read Proverbs or Psalms or many other verses it says keep the straight path believe in the commandments and the Lord will protect you from evil and harm. Many people read this and believe this but gets murdered anyways. Then the Atheist in particular like to say see your book is a fairy tail with a sky fairy.

      Now.....Imagine a world whereby the west kept themselfs holy(separate). Applying these instructions from the word and not sharing them with the other nations which the lord has not chosen but given Israel dominion over of-off.

      The culture of the west is formed heavily on biblical scripture. ( Not always 100% correct but the basics did shape a path of thought and progression)This is changing at a fast paste now however with all this liberal shit spreading like infections throughout the west.

      So imagine if the west did not share their culture with other nations or tried to convert them but simply left them stuck in their own futile progress.

      Then today this nation would have landed on the moon have nuclear technology. Internet smartphones, cars all the tech we take for granted and the rest of the nations well sticks and stones.

      We would be in a space to command respect and dominion over the nations almost as gods ourselfs. We could tell them with words to stop murdering or to stop any tribal wars. There could have been indefinite world peace.

      The Lord gave us the 10 commandments not to just make us good people but it is a formula for forward progression.

      We used it to become good and to receive the godly powers thereof but we gave a lot of this power away to people or nations and races with no intent of being good people.

      And i dont believe that we just gave it away all by ourselfs but were deceived by the seed of satan to do so in the form of multicultural liberalism and at the same time think that we are doing good in the process.

    3. Anonymous1:16 pm


      This is the piece from the previous comment on Mike's post but just imagine what it would have been like had we kept ourselfs separate and holy for another 2000 years.

      We ourselfs cant even imagine the place and space of tech come another 200 years, that's how extraordinary it is to keep the commands of the Lord.

      We take for granted the tech invasions of the past centuries. We should not. And it should not be an Indian, Chinese, North Korean or any other thing, it should have been an exclusively an Israel(western) thing.(whites only)

      World peace by just keeping the commandments. It is not wrong to presume godly dominion over the rest of the races for it was Written as the only Godly inspired prerogative of world peace in the Scriptures which we hold so dearly.

      How far can we go and how angelic would we be with another 2000 years compared to the karasite timekeaping?

      This dominion is what God wanted for his chosen tribe to keep them safe and push them to the top of humanity not only in human recognition but all extraordinary almost godly recognition....... and we messed it all up by delegating these super powers to every race we came in contact with.

      Just amagine the whole world stuck in 1000bc and we landing on the moon. This is what He intended for the smallest but his most beloved nation.

      Deuteronomy 7:6-7

      For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. 7"The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any of the peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.

    4. Anonymous1:36 pm


      Just imagine a movie...

      Whereby the entire world all the nations were stuck in 2000bc and were propelled to the year 2017 whereby only whites had the tech of 2017.

      This is the true power of the commandments and its gift to us, listen to Solomon but listen deeply....

    5. Anonymous9:58 am



      Very true. I have often thought of that.

      Which is why, rule #2 in our plan is that the constitution can and does only apply to the western nations, Germanic, Saxon & celtic white nations that reside or come to reside in our lands.

      There have to be rules.

      Rule #1 - anyone who violates, seeks to change any rules should be considered a traitor and hung for treason - the future generations depend on the rules.

      The bedrock of the rules are biblical.

      I have thought about a rule book, a guiding book & principles for over a decade now. Everything from education, sports, politics, religion, society, criminals, justice system, farming, entrepreneurship, language, immigration, technology, history, economics, how to integrate future whites into SA & have them thinking like us within 6 months & speaking basic Afrikaans within 6-8 months - you name it I have thought long & hard about it.

      Rule #1 & Rule #2 will surly put us at the apex.

      This article got me thinking & I will begin writing many of those points down. Rule 1 & Rule 2 are non negotiable though.

      The constitution & laws of the land can only apply to these people. I do not believe in equality, nothing mentioned about it in the bible.

      I do believe in fair & just treatment of others but I dont buy into the notion that we are all equal.

  5. Anonymous4:10 am

    Mike, not everyone will agree with some of your previous posts, as I have, but this is definitely a brilliant post. Concise, accurate, well written and the frustration in your words is heart-felt.
    What is it going to take to convince the whites of SA?... indeed.
    Violence is a given whatever transpires. We cannot hide or pretend otherwise. So, do we die trying to make a better future for or kids or do we do nothing and guarantee an absolute zero future for our kids and die anyway. This is the ultimate question we need to ask ourselves.
    We already live in a violent society and its going to get worse. Our options are running out. Now is the time to do something.
    The incredible momentum of these marches needs to increase rapidly. Momentum is of the essence.
    Am I scared?... absolutely. Am I a hero?... no way. Am I tough... probably not as much as I think I am.
    BUT... if this is God's plan, I would rather be a dead hero than a dead coward.

    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      No, not God's plan. God doesn't want us to march with that multi-coloured-underpants-type flag. God uses individuals and small groups, not huge armies.
      The fight has always been against the Boer. The NWO hates this culture that was created out of nothing. After losing everything after the Boer Wars, they stood up even stronger. We will stand up stronger again.
      But me thinks, God first wants more of us on the same page. Like when we got nothing more to loose. Then we will stand together.
      Our fight should not be on the streets doing toi-toi; our fight should rather be for the Afrikaans culture and education.
      Everything from our (Afrikaans) history, education, culture and anything related to Afrikaans is being swept away. Like it never existed. English is taking 1st place in OUR universities, and OUR corporations.
      Anyone not fighting for Afrikaans, is wasting his time.
      There aren't many true Afrikaners, but it doesn't bother me, because like I said, God uses small numbers.


    2. Anonymous4:54 am

      Clearly YOU are wasting your ( and others ) time !

      What is it with you -- Afrikaner Everything people ?

      You do understand that there are a number of people in SA that are NOT "Afrikaners"

      our fight should rather be for the Afrikaans culture and education.

      IF this is what you want ?
      Good luck getting there -- ON YOUR OWN !

  6. Anonymous4:14 am

    "Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning." Erwin Rommel.

    Waiting isn't doing nothing.


  7. Anonymous4:17 am

    You know what Mike you think the reign of terror will come from a bunch of born free Kaffirs. Do you know what the Serbs said when they butchered the Croats, we remember, this is for what ante pavelick did to us, there is amongst us white South Africans who will do the same to the NSA flag waving liberal and the Kaffir.Government Bond payment default is the next stage, then we will see how peaceful the marches will be, me think black Bloc tactics will be more fashioned.

  8. Anonymous5:03 am

    If the Americans had chosen the passive protesting as you like it, then the globalist NWO would carry on with Hillary and by now America would have been deep in WW3.As you can see, Europe is practicing your non violent revolt and the whole Africa suddenly became refugees plaguing Europe together with the Muslims.

    You mention a lot of history which proves your point of view to a certain point. What the rest of us is aware of is that behind all these conflicts you name were the globalists with their one world order plan to try and take over.

    Eventually they will overthrow Trump and his administration somewhere in the future so they can control the military power to try and eliminate Russia. All I can see from that moves is war. We all know the next big war is WW3.

    So this handing the power over to mandela and still control the government from behind close doors through their CIA agents world wide will not come to an end. These are the factors that will watch silently how the terrorists will wipe out the nation quietly. Without any news outlet world wide mentioning anything as it is proven a thousand times.

    You mentioned that the Indians drove Britain out. They were millions more. Ask SIRI, "what is the population of India. She responds, about 1,310,000,00.(1 billion three hundred and ten million.) As the Indians wanted the British to leave so does this apes in Africa us to leave too. We all know they do not have any claim here, but they claim it.

    As it happened in the past, the whites tried to cling to their jobs and tried to co-op where they could. They all were displaced and many died. Millions had to flee overseas in order to stay alive. They will perhaps tolerate those few whites who protested there, but the moment when the numbers rise they will act much more aggressively.

    Let us say Zille and her terrorists take over, whites will be in the same position. It will become worse , because the mandela apes will go nowhere, but will be more aggressive and kill more whites, why? because they see them as the problem.

    There is Europe, and how many so-called apes who turned muslim are in Europe now killing whites who did nothing to them. Why? because they are evil. Piet Retief tried his luck too and you know the history.

    It was reported the other day on Infowars that a Sudanese ape broke into and old age home, sodomised a lame old man, killed his 87 year old wife and stab others with a knife. After his arrest the liberals said he was a mental case and will be treated as such . No hard feelings, poor ape. That's what they expect us to do , just turn the cheek and die like an idiot.

    I say , we can build the country from scratch again.Most of these fuckers running around in South Africa are born here on false documentation anyway. They have no claim here.

    1, Stock enough food and water.
    2, Take out the communication system.
    3, Remove the dams, no water, no food , no apes.
    4, Then the cleanup can start.

    There is a price to pay, die, you are going to die, so what does it matter how you die. Better to die like the Voortrekkers for their freedom than to be raped out of your existence in their rotten jails or die like a liberal without any resistance.

    The biggest problem is ,our people do not understand the real meaning of love. Do unto others what they do unto you and don't do unto others what you don't want to be done to you. All these so-called pretending black Christians are very quick to refer to the first phrase when it suits them to kill you because of the racist apartheid., but when one retaliates then they are very quick to use the second phrase.

    1. Anonymous11:15 am


      @Anonymous5:03 am

      Lots of truths in what you mentioned.

      I believe what Mike is getting at (correct me if I am wrong Mike).

      Is that while this revolution is on this level, resistance with non violence is the key.

      Should they massacre whites, then yes, everyone has the right to respond.

      What Mike is getting at, is that the Boers underestimated their last enemy. They will do the same if they think they can go on a shooting spree and shoot their way out of this one without a plan and knowing who their enemy is.

      The AU will be here, along with the alliances of the ANC.

      If the day arises and they attack whites, then sure. But dont underestimate how many non whites are pissed off with the current situation.

      The ANC will have to fight millions, perhaps 10s of millions - not just whites. For every 1 white pissed off, you have perhaps 5 blacks pissed off with the ANC.

      So you mention valid points.

      I think many people forget one thing and I have to ask this...

      Is the NWO more powerful than the Lord?

      With Icke and all his doom & gloom talk, he forgets that this is a battle being fought on both realms. Spiritual and physical, there is no NWO that can, nor ever will, EVER defeat the Lord.

      Put your faith in the Lord!

    2. Anonymous1:48 pm

      How to build a mini EMP.

      That would be a best seller.

    3. Anonymous5:00 am

      Remove the dams, no water, no food , no apes.

      Do you people never ever learn anything ?
      Your little point above was exactly what the Boeremag were instructed to do by the regime agent provocateurs
      WHERE did it get them ?
      WHERE will it get anyone that follows your pathetic advice

  9. Anonymous5:18 am

    Great post Mike!Let us see what will be tomorrow's outcome of Pretoria march. By the way, I am overseas at present, so I cant join unfortunately.

  10. Anonymous8:54 am

    Mike this article/post is seriously good. This needs to get out there. Would you consider submitting this to Daily Maverick, White Nation Network, etc?
    It has facts, substance, emotion and IMPACT!
    Thanks for the education.

  11. Is dit maar tog nie wat oom siener gese het wat gaan gebeur nie.Stakings waarvoor jy vra het oom siener gese gaan so groot raak op die end dat die land lam gele gaan wees?daarna gaan die kaffertjie wie se skadu so groot oor die land le agter die koppe weg raak om nooit weer gesien te word nie(Zuma wat gaan weg hol),en dis mos wat jy ook wil he dat die diktator weg hol.dan gaan n skadu regering intree in die wes kaap en dis presies soos jy ander rewolusies beskryf en oom siener se ook so.en nes jy graag wil he ons moet draai by die ewenaar onder soedan en dis presies wat oom siener gese het ons gaan moet doen.en jy se mos jy wil n totale apartheid he en dis wat oom siener ook gese het want die swart man gaan verdwyn uit ons mooi land uit en dan daarna gaan almal wat aan die regte kant(boere,engelse afrikaners etc) n nuwe toekoms he en wees soos n ruiter met nuwe uitrusting wat pronk op sy perd.
    Ons boere maak reg vir daai groot stakings waarna gevra word maar die 10 konings(stamme)gaan teen mekaar meer baklei as ons en ons gaan onsself verdedig en laat hulle mekaar by die massas uitmoor en soos oom siener gese het dat die xhosas gaan die massas zulus uitwis.so hulle gaan mekaar opvreut en ons moet net ons lager trek om nie weer die vrouens en kinders te laat sterf in dit wat kom nie.Soos malema self gese het dat uhuru is nie nou nie maar is oppad en hoe het oom siener gese dat die nag van die lang messe kom(uhuru,our great day,opperation iron fist etc wat hul ook gebruik)en volgens my kan daai kaffer malema nie veel lees nie en hy se self dat dit gaan kom so daar is jou radikaal terroris ook in die hele prentjie.ek stem saam dat ons die keer moet skoon maak tot teem die ewenaar soos oom siener ook gese het en soos jy ook se en dat hulle nooit ooit weer moet terugkom nie.Hulle moet eerste ons blankes aanval want as ons eerste aanval dan moord die hele aarde ons uit maar nou dat die kaffer in europa wys wie en wat hulle is en as hulle ons aanval(johannesburg,pretoria en bloemfontein eerste) dan sal die wereld baie meer simpatie he en wegkyk sodat ons ons werk kan doen.Ek,jy en almal wat soos ons voel en wat aan ons kant is gaan saam saam skoonmaak en nooit weer dit toelaat nie.Eks ook n christen maar die bybel se nie n mens moet n fool wees om saam met sulke goed te leef nie en die bybel se"meng jou met die seumels en dan vreut die varke jou saam op"en dis presies wat ons nou doen.ons chritsten voorouers moes dit noiit toegelaat het nie want ons sit met massas moord en verkragtings en onbeskryflike hartseer deur hulle.Ons jonger garde gaan maar hard baklei om dinge reg te stel en ons sal oorwin en kan oorwin.
    Mag GOD saam ons almal wees in die land en ons paraat hou ten alle tye om die tekens van die tye te kan lees en die regte ding te doen.

  12. Anonymous10:42 am

    'Just ask yourself one last question…What is it that Jacob Zuma, the ANC and the Guptas prefer you to do?'
    Well at the root they would like people to carry on blindly accepting the Marxist lie while being entertained and distracted by 24/7 TV, sport, movies, gambling, etc.
    They would also prefer the younger white generation who have been indoctrinated in Communist run schools to carry on condemning their parents and grandparents apartheid past not realising the truth that it was them who built South Africa into the once great and safe country.

  13. Anonymous11:44 am

    @Anon 8:54. What?Submitting this post to the Daily Mavericks?? That bloody liberal, leftist, pro black crap website??? You gotta be joking.

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      In your haste to criticise you have missed the point entirely. The Left/Right mention was intentional. So, does it really matter as long as this excellent article is spread far and wide.

  14. Anonymous11:48 am

    Violence seemed to work pretty well in Northern Ireland to hand the Brits a demoralizing 30 year war they could never win. One of the mightiest armies on earth was reduced to only traveling by helicopter in South Armagh county for fear of a single sniper with a 50 cal. Mass roundups beginning in 1971, watch tower construction, night vision, armed soldiers on every street corner and a network of paid informants still couldn't stop the IRA nor break the will of the people. The more the Brits clamped down, the more popular the resistance became. The turning point, I think, was when the IRA started blowing up entire commercial city centers in England causing over a billion dollars of damage (Manchester 1996). That got their attention and desire to negotiate an end, even going so far as to fully pardon convicted bombers etc.

    Good article - it has me thinking about the situation in South Africa. I'm not sure how an armed resistance or violent revolution would play out in SA. Too many low IQ blacks on welfare who I suspect would kill each other along ethic tribal lines as the food and trinkets become scarce. Also a boatload of foreigners there just for the money and the minority whites universally hated by everyone present. It would be a bloodbath and mass exodus all around leaving only those capable of the most gruesome violence and having the largest numbers. Sounds like pre-White Africa to me and a reversion to the mean.

    1. Anonymous1:25 pm

      But the Irish cannot stop a nignog invasion of Ireland.

    2. Anonymous8:30 pm

      That is why 1:25 we must hunt down and exterminate the hidden hand, the deep state, the illuminate whatever you want to call them, the ones pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

  15. Anonymous12:01 pm

    @ MS.

    Well done, thank you.

    If I say if, you could get the white SAcans to unite, stop bitching, stop this one upmanship my dick is bigger than yours crap and to honestly and critically assess themselves then I would say you might achieve success but the way we are infighting we will not create a change, fuck! We cannot even agree on how to change a flat tyre without somebody being a doos or a cunt in somebody else's opinion.

    South Africans need to wind their necks in throw out their opinions and agree on a common goal and only focus on successfully achieving that goal then you have a winner here but otherwise shelve the idea

    Do yourself a favour mate, without emotion read the comments posted in you last 10 features. We even have people that chose to leave this country coming back via your blog to cast their opinions and insult each other. Not the path of a united front that is.

    Nay, once we as a people can share a goal then we will win by a non aggressive, non violent revolution but until that day, I prepare myself for a very hard and harsh existence and pray to the gods that they will bless me with a soldiers death before the aches of age eat away my flesh.


  16. Anonymous1:23 pm

    The missing piece in the puzzle is the part where whites believe that if they allow themselves to be beaten like ghandi that the world's media will laugh and say that whites deserve it for mistreating the blacks.

    It is already happening with the farm murders.

    If you can break that psyche over whites, you have made a break through.

  17. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Mike, I applaud your tenaciousness regarding non-violent resistance. However, what you fail to recognise is that, out of a SA population of roughly 55 million, 44 million are low-IQ black Africans (https://www.statssa.gov.za/publications/P0302/P03022015.pdf), and only 4.5 million are white (which includes many whites who think SA under ANC rule is just hunky-dory - which includes some of my own family). Please show me one country run by black Africans where whites have thrived under black rule and where blacks have used non-violent resistance to introduce a fully-functioning government for all? Blacks are incapable of running anything remotely successful, because at their core, they are tribal and easily corruptible and influenced and dumb. You only need to raise the ghost of Apartheid and they run to vote for the ANC or EFF at every election. So, a white person running the country will never happen again.

    The other issue is that the ANC will NEVER give up the country or their power willingly. Just imagine for a second that SA is able to vote them out at the next election/through revolution. Do you think they will just go away like good little children? Or, do you think they will return to the 'armed struggle' communist way and make life for SA'cans hell? SA will end up being a literal war-zone with bombs going off everywhere and people living in constant fear - more so than they do today. It will be the SA of old, where you couldn't go to the Wimpy without taking out life insurance. Remember - the rest of the world doesn't care a toss about SA, so the ANC will act with total disregard. It's how Mugabe has thrived in Zimbabwe.

    As noble as the idea of 'non-resistance' is, in my opinion it's futile. We all know the only way for white SA's to survive is to have their own homeland and become self-sufficient. Even that won't be peaceful as the starving blacks keep looking over the wall at how good the whites will have it, but it at least gives the white population a chance. However, you will then sit with the problem of having the bleeding heart white libtards inside your borders, who will feel guilty at their success.

    I don't have much hope for the future of the white SA'can. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. It's for that reason that I left years ago and haven't returned since. It's no longer the country I grew up in. It's turned into the beast we always knew it would be under black rule. The current situation shouldn't shock anyone with more than 2 working brain cells, so it shouldn't be too difficult to work out what the future will look like.

    1. Anonymous8:27 pm

      Regardless if they are voted out or in power these ANC criminals are making life hell for all the living creatures of this fucked up country. They must go.

  18. Anonymous6:16 pm

    What comes after? Just another paid stooge taking more of our liberties away. It doesn't matter if he is white or black or purple all of these so called leaders are bought and paid for, they all submit eventually no matter how good their initial intent. Their only agenda is to keep us fighting against each other while taking the spotlight away from their own evil deeds. And these people who attack the ones offering solutions or other perspectives are part of the problem - they have a stake in this evil business and are waiting their turn at the honey pot.

    Total eradication of the current political, financial, media and social systems are the only out of this. Not all at once, that'll just be stupid. Give all of the power back to the people. We need to unshackle our minds and lives from these slave masters worldwide. We need to kill those brainwashed zombies that stand in our way.

  19. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Oh yeah before I forget, I made us raysisst whites who are not allowed to study - who are not allowed to work - who are not allowed to eat - who are not allowed to farm - who are not allowed to scream out - who are not allowed to cry out - who are ultimately not allowed to live our very own struggle song.(why can they have it but not us?)

    "Bring me my sharp sticks, bring me my hard stones!
    Bring me my consuming fire, bring me my killing poison!
    Bring me my iron rod, bring me my steel sword!
    Bring me my handgun, bring me my shotgun!
    Bring me my AK, bring me my LMG!
    Please bring me my tac nuke, bring me my strat nuke!
    Please bring me my genetics, bring me my viruses!

    You ANC apes will never hold us back again!
    You ANC monkeys will never hurt us again!
    It is our moral duty to erase every last one of you ANC kaffirs - black and white!"

  20. Anonymous7:17 pm

    You've convinced me Mike. For one part because I know that the 'powers that be' have NO power other than that which WE give to them through our capitulation. They are not Gods, they are just a bunch of filthy, commie scum and there aren't enough of them to carry on without our consent.

  21. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Excellent LTMA

  22. Numbers are to high and on the increase /plus more automation at the workplace will create the tsunami of instability .http://www.indexmundi.com/south_africa/age_structure.html

    1. Anonymous7:15 am


      Mike, do you have any doctors that read this?

      Alternatively your cure for liberalism shall suffice.

  23. Anonymous6:30 am

    Malema today was repeating the need to be 'peaceful, 'orderly, 'non-violent' etc. Maybe he's been reading the same material?

    And I wonder how much international backing the DA/EFF/UDM/ACDP/COPE alliance have?

    The crowds today in front of the Union buildings were quite massive.

    1. Anonymous2:05 pm

      I'm all for throwing everything we can at zuma and co - including marching together with the enemy. But the last four or so paragraphs of the linked article do worry me a little. I think it's quite possibly exactly what's in malema's head...


  24. Whiteman7:05 am

    All these so called " opposition " parties have bosses in high places. Often they share bosses, because all the little soldiers must march to the same tune. And the rewards are such, that they will NEVER say no thank you. They are often sucked in so deep, that if they try to get out, their lives are in danger. And Africa is VERY harsh with whistleblowers ! Remember how potent " occupy Wall Street " was ? And they just fizzled away. Call me a party pooper, but this whole lot is also just going to blow away. Africa can ONLY respond to mayhem, bloodshed, and murder ! And again, the FIFO principle applies. ( Fit In Or Fuck Off ! )

  25. Anonymous8:16 am

    This is great!! All the opposition parties taking to the streets! The whole world is watching this. SA under the ANC must be hit with sanctions like under the NP. We have been down this road before, we will survive it again.


    By the way, I don't think the Cape is all that wonderful. Cape Town is teeming with Russian criminals allowed into the country without visas. Port cities have always had a seamy underside but Eastern European criminals + goffel criminals = bad news. And then you have the Capetonians with all their affectations. Send them to the equator as well.

    1. Hah, Anonymous. The Cape IS all that wonderful and the ideal place to restart our republic. When you talk about gangster-control, you are mostly talking about Cape Town and surrounds, including the Cape Flats, of course.

      Nowadays, the gangs also extended to many of the coastal towns, because of the illicit perlemoen and crayfish trade.

      BUT that is still only a very small part of the Western Cape. And even in the mentioned areas the gangsters are not exactly on every street corner. BUT they are making living there unpleasant, yes.

      Despite their reputation, these Eastern European criminals are sometimes getting their arses kicked by the local "goffel criminals". The "goffel criminals" are not exactly pushovers. It is a continuous fight, which sounds like real war at night, especially on the Flats.

      However, none of these gangsters are undefeatable. They are human beings, like you and me.

      The only reason they proliferate is because they have the support of the corrupt South African Police Service, the Western Cape Government and of course the national government. Once a real police FORCE is established in the Cape again, these gangs will be brought down to the pre 1980's level again.

      I would go so far as to say that the gangsters should be used (as only a small part of a greater force, of course)to gain total control of the province at first. They already have all the logistics, the contacts as well as the discipline to fight a low level war.

      But for me the Cape is the best place to start. Establish an independent republic here, build up a proper army and then from there onwards slowly infiltrate and conquer the rest of what is needed

      ...Capetonians with all their affections..." Hehe, I take it you mean our "moffies". Just don't take any notice of them and they won't bother you, Anonymous. Hahaha...But all in all we are a friendly people and once you come to know us, you will like us. Mike is from the Cape. Ask him if you don't believe me.

    2. Anonymous12:59 am

      'The whole world is watching this.'

      are you thick? the world is watching Syria/Russia/USA. SA was written off after mandela. The world sees SA as it sees Zim - a write-off. No one outside of SA is watching this - no one cares.

    3. Anonymous5:41 am

      The Western Cape is like another country compared to the rest of SA.

      I've been to 'Gauteng', complete cesspool and shit-hole, like most of the country outside the borders of the Cape.

    4. Anonymous1:10 pm

      @Anonymous 5:41 am: Ja, Gauteng is a complete shit-hole, I don't live there anymore either.

      @Anonymous 12:59 am: If the rest of the world doesn't care what happens in South Africa then S&P and Fitch wouldn't have reacted immediately in downgrading us with Moodys soon to follow. If Trump responded to Assad's use of sarin gas on Syrian citizens by bombing an Assad-controlled military airfield, then the US is not likely to be indifferent to scenes of protests in South Africa. South Africa is a far more developed country than Zim with a lot more whites. Trump certainly doesn't like the ANC. Sanctions are easy enough to impose.

      Oh, and don't believe denials on Al Jazeera. Sarin gas is used by Assad's government and ISIS alike.

    5. Anonymous12:04 am

      Anon 1.10
      yes you are thick. Assad never used gas on his people. But you believe the lie.

  26. Anonymous8:18 am


    Is this the same one or a new one?

  27. Anonymous10:12 am

    every single war that the NWO was involved in funding there was a double cross

  28. Anonymous11:03 am

    The sad fact of this whole situation is that no matter what we try we will always be hated, blamed and viewed as the enemy by these retards.

    Mike, as much as I respect your views, you are wrong on this one. I had an incident today that just reinforced my belief that the only way for us is either pack and go ( which I will not) or stick it to them twice as hard and 100 fold as nasty

    These retards are not interested in making peace or living in harmony with us, they want a go at us and even at the arse creeping liberals that blow smoke up their arse.

    Mate they will bring the ANC down by themselves then they are going to have a go at us. No amount of flower throwing, fist pumping, passive non violent stand off is going to change their view

    I do believe the hard option is our only way out of this shit hole and I know they have more lead than us but I also know that we throw straighter than they do.


  29. Anonymous1:17 pm

    When I read some of these posts it is apparent that few intellectuals are responding which is a great pity because the quality of the material Mike presents begs intellectual debate. Mostly it seems dick size is the main criteria.
    Also, it seems, very few females are getting involved which is a pity because sometimes we all need the voice of reason. I would submit that the foul language and dick size criteria be the main reasons. We are adults so a few words for emphasis now and again is quite acceptable.

    But... this is Mike's perogative ????

    1. Anonymous9:50 pm

      “When I read some of these posts it is apparent that few intellectuals are responding which is a great pity because the quality of the material Mike presents begs intellectual debate.”

      Yet you gave no intellectual argument for or against anything he said.

      “Mostly it seems dick size is the main criteria.”

      Careful my dear your penis envy is showing

      “Also, it seems, very few females are getting involved which is a pity because sometimes we all need the voice of reason.”

      So what you are saying is that you want a SJW safe space.

      “I would submit that the foul language and dick size criteria be the main reasons.”

      Using foul language to ridicule the use of foul language. So where is the “reason” in your thinking?

      “We are adults so a few words for emphasis now and again is quite acceptable.”

      And who are you to dictate to other adults how they should express their ideas?

      “But... this is Mike's perogative ????”

      Is this a question or a statement?


    2. Anonymous3:13 am


      @Anonymous1:17 pm

      Very easy to criticize, even your criticism is of a short nature.

      Why dont you let us know which points specifically you have a problem with?

      Maybe dicks are on your mind because.... thats all you dream about???

    3. Anonymous4:28 am

      Maybe dick size is important because this turd is dickless. Just a thought.

      Strange how its the intellectuals that are always the politicians, the negotiators and the ones that sell out the soldiers, workers and honest men.

      Just stating what everybody already knows.


    4. Anonymous5:23 am

      @Anonymous1:17 pm

      I've been commenting on this blog for quite a few years...think about 5 now? I'm also female.

      I've stopped in recent times...mainly because I just can't stand all the hate and anger spewing. Also the majority of men here do not value a woman's opinion and in some cases view us as nothing more than something to stick a dick in.

      The comment section has also become heavy with religion which grates on my nerves. Take Boere Ninja's comment a bit earlier about rules and the Afrikaner nation etc....

      While I believe in a well run and law abiding society, I can see a shit storm waiting to happen if it is run biblically. Especially since every Christian I have ever met has a different opinion on what the bible says vs what it means vs how it is interpreted.

      TBH, I don't wish harm upon anyone of any skin colour. I think that the main cause for disagreement is not necessarily skin colour but culture and values. I've seen quite a few black conservatives in America who share the same ideals as most of us. But something might be said about IQ, education and rearing of those black Americans.

      So I mainly keep my mouth shut, as most on here won't listen to any opinion which they do not 100% agree with. I just open my mouth when some of the men believe a woman is only for sex, cooking and bearing children ;)


    5. Anonymous7:33 am

      Ah yes... the real men of South Africa.

    6. Anonymous11:00 am

      "Now if I were to write a book out of my experience, I should begin Women have no sympathy. Yours is the tradition. Mine is the conviction of experience.
      Now look at my experience of men. A statesman, past middle age, absorbed in politics for a quarter of a century, out of sympathy with me, remodels his whole life and policy – learns a science the driest, the most technical, the most difficult, that of administration, as far as it concerns the lives of men – not, as I learnt it, in the field from stirring experience, but by writing dry regulations in a London room by my sofa with me. This is what I call real sympathy.
      Another (Alexander, whom I made Director-General) does very nearly the same thing. He is dead too. Clough, a poet born if ever there was one, takes to nursing administration in the same way, for me.
      I only mention three whose whole lives were remodeled by sympathy for me. But I could mention very many others…
      I have never found one woman who altered her life by one iota for me or my opinions.
      Now just look at the degree in which women have sympathy – as far as my experience is concerned. And my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. And it is so intimate too. I have lived and slept in the same bed with English Countesses and Prussian Bauerinnen. No [other woman] has ever had charge of women of the different creeds that I have had. No woman has excited “passions” among women more than I have. Yet I leave no school behind me. My doctrines have taken no hold among women…and I attribute this to a want of sympathy.
      It makes me mad, the Women’s Rights talk about “the want of a field” for them – when I know that I would gladly give £500 a year for a Woman Secretary. And two English Lady Superintendents have told me the same. And we can’t get one … they don’t know the names of the Cabinet Ministers. They don’t know the offices at the Horse Guards…Now I’m sure I did not know these things. When I went to the Crimea I did not know a Colonel from a Corporal. But there are such things as Army Lists and Almanacs. Yet I never could find a woman who, out of sympathy, would consult one for my work. I do believe I am “like a man,” as Parthe says. But how? In having sympathy.
      Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream out at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return, for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so…They cannot state a fact accurately to another, nor can that other attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of want of sympathy?
      I am sick with indignation at what wives and mothers will do of the most egregious selfishness. And people call it all maternal or conjugal affection, and think it pretty to say so. No, no, let each person tell the truth from his own experience.”
      Florence Nightingale

    7. Anonymous11:44 am

      "Also the majority of men here do not value a woman's opinion and in some cases view us as nothing more than something to stick a dick in."

      How funny that the women who complain about how things are done here (yet keep on coming back) and how bad men here are can't get the minds of “dicks”.
      Could it be that
      1. They have penis envy
      2. Don't have real men in their lives and come here for gina tingles when getting told of for making incoherent and illogical statements and claims.
      3. Are just bitter old cat ladies who have a 1000 cock stare.


    8. Anonymous11:44 am

      LG, do you have some sort of self esteem issue?

    9. Anonymous11:46 am

      The only time women complain about what LG is complaining about is when the woman has issues.

      Well balanced women actually don't talk like this. Well that is my experience anyways.

    10. Anonymous11:48 am

      LG, darling, the world is going into the shitter and we are supposed to stop what we are doing to tend to your feelings.

      uh ok then....

      Right... back to business.

      Should we stock up on anything before monday? Any suggestions?

    11. Intellectualism in this day and age is synonymous with ignorance and stupidity.

    12. Anonymous12:52 am

      And this is why I've stopped commenting because people do not read or listen to understand but merely to respond.

      I was not complaining at all. I enjoy Mike's writings and some of the people who comment on here...which is why I read it. This is also why I haven't whined and 'complained' in the comments AT ALL. I simply choose not to reply.

      1. I do have a little bit of penis envy. 2 reasons, men are less emotional than women and they also don't menstruate...
      2. Please do tell which of my statements were incoherent and illogical? Have you not noticed all the "in fighting" in the comments? Have you not noticed all the bible verses being quoted? Do you not agree that there is a massive difference in conservative vs liberal thinking?
      3. I don't have cats...sorry

      Anonymous11:44 am
      LG, do you have some sort of self esteem issue?

      Hahahaha, I don't think so but let me just quickly go ask a man and check.

      @Anonymous11:46 am
      What did I talk like? The poster asked why more women do not comment and I answered him. Again I did not COMPLAIN, I expressed my opinion. Had I done so without stating that I'm a woman or who I am it would not have been seen as complaining.

      Anonymous11:48 am
      LG, darling, the world is going into the shitter and we are supposed to stop what we are doing to tend to your feelings.

      Did I say you should?....Where exactly?
      I suggest you stock up on ammo and fuel...perhaps some food if you haven't yet. And don't forget the antibiotics ;)


    13. @ LG...You said, "And this is why I've stopped commenting because people do not read or listen to understand but merely to respond."

      Never a truer word spoken.

    14. Anonymous3:31 am

      I'm female, been posting here for years and have never found that men posting on Mikes blog disparaging me because I'm female.

      Why does it offend some when Christianity and the Bible are quoted here, when said is our personal not meant for other races White heritage?

    15. Anonymous4:35 am

      "And this is why I've stopped commenting because people do not read or listen to understand but merely to respond."

      Never a truer word spoken."

      In legal jargon to "understand" means to "stand under". People who disagree with you know more about what going on than you give them credit for. So maybe you should start to read what is written and not merely respond because they disagree with you. Unless, of course, you want those here to stand under your opinions.

    16. Anonymous5:28 am

      Unfortunately Mr Smith this is the type of person your blog seems to attract
      They do you no favours being on here ( and seemingly monopolising the commentary )

      IF you have followed this blog for any length of time you should by now know what goes down here especially as it affects the fairer ( but more deadly ) sex
      Otherwise I agree with your observations
      Nothing wrong with cats -- even witches have one or two
      Nothing wrong with witches either -- I am sure that some who comment here must have had them as mothers -- now there's a thought.
      Perhaps you are in the medical profession ? ( don't forget the antibiotics )perhaps with a military background ?
      Very hard to find a woman that is not only intellectual but also practical and knows her own mind based on hard fought experience.
      I would just ignore the ignorant comments of the riff-Raff that post here and expose their lack of breeding. ( Mothers as witches but probably never had any cats either )

    17. Anonymous10:06 am

      How beautiful...everyone proving my point.

      Anonymous3:31 am
      I'm female, been posting here for years and have never found that men posting on Mikes blog disparaging me because I'm female.

      Why does it offend some when Christianity and the Bible are quoted here, when said is our personal not meant for other races White heritage?

      Have you actually stated that you are female? I've commented a few times without saying LG at the bottom and have gotten no 'resistance' from the men, yet as soon as I comment with a reasonable and logical and lets all be honest TRUTHFUL statement the men get their panties in a twist.

      I have no problem with Christians, I never have. Yet you cannot rule a country or even run it properly if you have religious oppression. Which is why I haven't debated religion in the comments. Each to their own. So it doesn't 'offend' me, I merely choose not to participate.

      A republic is the answer...where the same rules apply to everyone. Where everyone in the republic has the same rights, to freedom, to expression and to live their lives the way they choose. Look at the American constitution. It is a solid way to rule. Unfortunately the precious snowflakes just can't deal with all the oppression!!!

      Anonymous4:35 am
      "And this is why I've stopped commenting because people do not read or listen to understand but merely to respond."

      Never a truer word spoken."

      In legal jargon to "understand" means to "stand under". People who disagree with you know more about what going on than you give them credit for. So maybe you should start to read what is written and not merely respond because they disagree with you. Unless, of course, you want those here to stand under your opinions.

      If we follow your logic that people who disagree with you know more about what is going on, then the whites are colonizers and we have no rights in Africa...since the majority of black South Africans disagree with our right to be here. And you've proved my point. People do not listen or read with open minds, they cannot fathom that someone else might have even one bit of information which might enrich their view on life.

      @Anonymous5:28 am

      I know it affects me and us. Which is why I choose not to engage in meaningless arguments in the comments. I do not agree with JP or Boere_Ninja who often comment on here when it comes to religion. That's ok, we do not have to agree on it. All I need to know is that we ARE fighting on more or less the same side. Basically that we are all GATVOL of the persecution of our people. That we would like to live in a society where we don't have to live behind 10m high walls. Where women can drive alone at night without fear of the cops or robbers...

      Perhaps I am just blessed with a father who taught me how to shoot and drive, who didn't and doesn't fear an educated woman. That says a lot about him as a man....

      So when the time comes, I will be on the side of righteousness. And I have no problem defending what is mine and those who I love. At any cost.


    18. Anonymous10:07 am

      @Anonymous5:28 am

      Oh... and I like cats :) My dogs don't...


    19. @LG...You are doing it again. You are feeding the trolls. Rather keep that AR-15 oiled and shooting. We will need girls like you very soon. When the time comes I will rather have you by my side than most of these trolls ;-)

    20. Anonymous3:57 am

      Yes it was my wife that posted the original post (We share this link for this blog and she has also commented previously). I aggree and support her 100%. She has refrained from responding due to the backlash which was, typically, expected. Her point was well made by the response.
      I would like to thank you, as a man, for your efforts albeit on deaf ears.

      My wife says "GO GIRL!"

    21. Anonymous10:06 am

      @ Mike
      Hahaha I like feeding the trolls sometimes. Always hopeful that some of the intellect and logic will trickle through :D
      As for the gun use...we've had some scares this past week. I'm very thankful that I'm not afraid of a weapon, only the person who uses it incorrectly...or correctly if it is aimed at me ha!

      @Anonymous3:57 am

      True hey, it is sad that most women have such a hard time being respected. But considering feminism I understand why. Then again men are also to blame, they choose life partners based on looks and those women choose life partners based on money. They both miss the point of being a team.

      Tell your wife to comment more and actually say that she is female. There was another female commenting Carin, I think. Good head on her shoulders that one!!

      Happy Easter to everyone celebrating <3


  30. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Consider this game

  31. Just wondering, how some people are obtaining & wearing the copyright camo uniform of the SANDF

  32. Anonymous1:08 am

    As nan english speaking South african I view this government to be the same as the nat government. Jobs and favours for friends. All government jobs for Afrikaners, all farmland for afrikaners etc.

    How did the boers get their farms anyway. When I was a kid all the Afrikaners I knew had a farm. How was this. Stake and claim I believe. I hated ever having to go to the tax office, license department, municipalities etc. You looked at down the nose of the privileged afrikaner in their sheltered employment.

    The Afrikaners looted SA before handing over - gold bullion etc. Why moan now. Just sour grapes that it came to an end.

    1. Anonymous3:51 am

      Stop insulting the nats by comparing them to this

    2. Anonymous3:52 am

      The reason for the snotty Afrikaner was this little thing called "Boer war concentration camps"

      Maybe if you respected others a little more, you know, like NOT sticking their families in camps, they would actually not piss on you.

    3. Anonymous4:05 am

      Fokkof kaffir.

    4. Anonymous4:34 am

      @ Anon 1:08 am.

      Bohooo, boohoooohoooo, booooohhoooohoooooo. You have been so mistreated and disfavored, my heart breaks, my tears flood

      Sheezus! I cannot believe that you are whimpish enough to even post this cry baby rubbish of yours.

      Are you sure you're not flowing out of your shoe? Does your mommy know you're such a wet?

      Man up man, I am English and I live through it.


    5. Anon 1:08 - Sour grapes or not, when the shyte hits the fan, you will be part of it, unless you run away. Your uniform, my 'English speaking friend' is your white skin...no getting away from that!

    6. Stephen6:09 am

      You just showed us how STUPID you are .

      you said " how did boers get farms.." yeh right , I can believe you don't know how to build or earn something -all you kaffirs just take ,never build.

      How many Afrikaners ( read as whites) have government jobs today ?- in relation with how many kaffirs have cushy govermunt jobs ? ..so that argument don't work either.

      No kaffir , you have the sour grapes here caus your party is over . No more mister nice white-guy , we've all had it with you cursed-lot .

      Your day is coming soon...September is not that far off.

    7. Anonymous6:23 am


      I bet you lived in SA during the NATs and I bet you left when the NATs left.

      One question...

      Did the country run efficiently during the NAT rule?

      You speak about the NATS - London/England, the politicians/lords/Ladies are far more corrupt in a legal way than most governments.

      Perhaps the Afrikaners wouldnt have been so pissed off had their women and children not been fed glass in the concentration camps...

      Stop painting everyone with the same brush.

      There are just as many arrogant English speakers, I know many, many more.

      When it comes to great hearts, I believe you will not find such great hearts like those in SA. Very warm, welcoming people.

      How did the Americans get their farms?
      How did the Australians get their farms?
      How did the Canadians get their farms?
      How did the Argentinians get their farms?
      How did the New Zealanders get their farms?

      The Orange free state, Transvaal were buffer zones. Im wondering if you cant read or choose to be ignorant but you cant be that ignorant if you visit this blog.

      On the right hand side, you will see text, blue text with underlines. On the internet, we call those things links - now a link is just that... It links to a different part of the blog.

      Now if you hover your mouse over that link, click the left part of your mouse, it will take you to the links destination.

      Now you should read a few of those articles.

      Specifically the ones where its a historical truth that NO BANTUs could have ever lived in semi-arid desert ie Norther Cape/Western cape.

      Unless Bantus knew cultivation & agriculture, they would not have been able to survive, especially with water being quite scarce in many of these regions.

      So the real question we should ask is....

      How & when did the Bantus claim the land they want to claim in SA? Which date did they settle the land, can they show us their co-ordinates, the geography, maps of their lands? Can they show us how many square miles/kms those lands stretched to?

      Hmmmm - That might be a little challenging since reading, writing, maths, are not their strong points even today, let alone 360+ years ago.

      Either they admit they are from homonaledi and sprouted out the ground (which might explain houties hard head which would be required as he was growing out the ground, pushing the soil away like some carrot or turnip) or he arrived here.

      Funny thing is Karasites arrived here from Central Africa (check Govs website which also says this - unless they have removed it by now) - another historical truth.

      Karasite thinks today in 2017 the whole of Africa is his (see still now poor with geography despite the internet) but forgets Northern Africa is the place where he was first coined a "Kaffir" in Arabic by those arabic nations who hate them with a passion and still beat their Nubian maids.

      How can you loot something you built up?
      How can you steal what you own? You mean they were simply cashing in on their hard 365 years of building SA....

      Quick question....

      What was in SA before Afrikanerjie? Niks, fuck all!
      What was in SA during Afrikanerjies rule - everything, people from all nations came to settle here & decided to mock, taunt, throw insults at him.

      What is in SA now that Afrikanerjie has left the building? Ja and is the main reason you have gone abroad to bitch, moan about how bad Afrikanerjie was but funny how you lived in the country when Afrikanerjie was ruling it.

      I have met fucking hundreds of your sly mother fuckers overseas, you all say the same thing about South Africa, why does it never dawn on your yellow asses that you only lived in SA during apartheid but all left during your utopia of the new SA under the saint Mandela which you also ironically voted for?

      Two faced swines.

    8. Anonymous7:15 am

      Anonymous1:08 am
      Luister ou maat nou praat jy darem groot stront!! Ek is n Afrikaanse Boer en nie ek of iemand wat ek ken besit n plaas nie, en elke sent wat ek het moes hard voor werk! Jy klink soos n “troll” of sal ek liewer sê n drol, want dis nie nou die tyd om moeilikheid te maak met jou wit broeder nie, maar nou ja julle soort sal seker ongelukkig ook altyd daar wees. Nie alle blankes het ewe veel grys stof nie nê, al dink jy, jy is só slim! Vir jou en jou soort, ek is weer moeg van julle wat al vir jare op ons probeer afpraat!!
      …en sovêr dit suur druiwe betref, jy klink asof jý n oordosis gehad het…!!!

    9. Anonymous7:39 am

      Anonymous1:08 am

      Kyk hier, jy klink na n dom-onosele Engelsman met alle respek aan my Engelse vriende met “brains”. Yes, I’m talking to you stupid as you’re stupid as you sound like a real APE.

    10. Ok, Anonymous. All the Afrikaners you knew as a kid had farms. The thing is that because all the Afrikaners that YOU knew had farms, does not mean ALL Afrikaners had farms. Afrikaners were working in factories, on the dockyards, in the mines, in construction... in fact they worked everywhere. ALL of them didn't have farms.

      EVERYBODY hates going to a tax office, traffic department, etc, not only you. Not only in South Africa, but all over the world. It is the attitude of the people working in those offices that will make any person’s nerves implode, no matter how patient he/she is.

      The people working there are paper pushers and everything is done in a cold, bureaucratic way which no normal human being like or even understand. You MUST fill in form AB1 before you can go to counter A4, where you must fill in form AB2 before you can go to counter A5, etc. etc. You can’t zippo, because you need the correct stamp on each form, which you can only get at the relevant counter. You spent the whole day doing this and here close to five o clock you end up at the counter where you started the whole process that morning.

      By that time your brain is mush and you wouldn’t even feel it if they push a red hot poker up your arse-hole.

      A month ago it took me TWO days to renew my car license, due to the fact that I changed my address. I had to go to two other offices to get the correct documentation, etc. And each of these offices had their own unique requirements.

      Those offices are what hell is all about, my friend, but it has got nothing to do with the Afrikaner, it is the bureaucratic nature of those offices.

      Finally you say that the Afrikaner looted SA before handing over, by stealing the gold bullion, etc. That is an interesting one which I never heard before. Give me your source, I would like to read it.

      I see you are a non-English speaking South African. What is your language?

    11. JesseJames9:37 am

      1:08 -

      Jy praat nou groot kak. Hier is vir jou 'n Afrikaner of eerder 'n Boer wat nog nooit 'n plaas gehad het nie. Regoor Suid Afrika is Engelse families gemiddeld heelwat beter af as Afrikaanse families. Nie een van my 6 vriende op hoërskool het eers plase in die 1980's besit nie en ook nie hul oupas of oumas nie. Dose soos jy het 'n verkeerde persepsie van Afrikaanse mense. Ons sou dalk in 'n beter posisie vandag gewees het as Engelse poesse soos jy nie so geldgierig was nie en meer respek betoon het.

    12. Anonymous10:37 am

      That was a real shocker of a post Phoenix, I expected more from you.

    13. Anonymous4:05 am

      ...as a nan (sic) English (and most likely non Afrikaans speaking?) = ??????????

      Looks to me to be a nasty post from a member of the useless.
      self pitying.
      previously and permanently disadvantaged species.

      It's obvi ass.

    14. Anonymous10:30 am

      how did boers get farms ?

      I rather suspect -- "Cape Smoke" had a large part to play
      The liqueur variety as well as the black powder variety

      The indigenous inhabitants quite clearly never "sold" any boers any land !
      ( Their chiefs / kapteins might have )

      To speak of property being bought or sold one must first have a surveyor , a boundary , a beacon , and a title

      WHEN did these come about ??????

  33. Anonymous2:22 am

    Front National SA

    With the attention successfully diverted from important matters by a week of protest marches, South Africa will enter the second phase of the Communist Revolution this Easter Monday at 16:00.

    The proposed new Land Expropriation Act will be prepared for Parliament after the set period of time for objections will expire on Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock. And once this law is passed through Parliament, expropriation of property without compensation will be a fact. This will announce the second phase of a complete Communist take-over – the economical revolution.

    The political revolution is now over. The ANC is firmly in power with 63% support. Zuma could safely say, yesterday: “If the ANC tells me to go, I’ll go tomorrow.” They won’t. He knows full well that there is no effective political opposition left in South Africa. Even his biggest opposition party, the DA, holds only about 23% of support and the total number of opposition seats in the current Parliament is 151 against the 249 of the ANC. The scene is set for a dictatorship.

    What the public protest marches, such as the one yesterday, might achieve, is to give Zuma the excuse to declare a state of emergency, arguing that civil unrest justifies government involvement to set the situation straight. We have been through that before: Government curbing civil rights and liberties with the excuse of it destabilizing the country.

    Zuma is quite prepared for such a step. We have all seen the gathering of “MK Military Veterans” outside Luthuli House last week. More than half of those “veterans” could not be more than 25 years of age. So where did they come from? For that, one has to look into a training programme for rural youth which has been rolled out by Gugele Nkwinti, the Minister of Land Reform and Rural Development. The National Rural Youth Service Corps (Narysec) is a so-called youth skills development and employment programme. It is the youth flagship programme of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform which also forms part of the CRDP. The aim of this programme is allegedly to create employment for rural youth, but it does not explain why the unemployed youth received military training as part of the programme! Zuma’s private army is standing at ready.

    In entering the second phase of the revolution, economic equality will be achieved. Distribution of wealth will take place and eventually government control of the economy, with nationalisation of assets. The excuse for this will probably be that government needs to step in to combat the result of the country being downgraded to junk status recently.

    And after the second phase follows the last: Social revolution. Government will eventually control the entire spectrum of society including schools, churches, clubs, sports, heritage conservation, culture…

    It is only the very most naïve people in our society who still believes that the current composition of the multicultural South Africa can be improved or changed or made to work by a democratic majority vote in the next election. One might even argue that, after 2019, free and fair elections itself might become obsolete. But only time will tell.

    For the South African opposed to Communist majority rule, the only logical way out of the revolution, (while there is still time to get out of the way, that is), is to unite for a demand of self determination for those minorities who so wish. This is a universally recognised right for minorities and is a logical lifebuoy for survival in the coming storm of revolutionary havoc. Clutching at straws called “The Rainbow Nation”, “Public Protest”, “DA take-over after the election”, “The lesser of two political evils” etc is not going to save us. And the sooner we recognise and admit that, the better.

    Daniël Lötter

    1. Anonymous4:42 am

      @ Anon 2:22 am.

      Are we going to continue to talk about it or are we going to do something about what you state?

      Let me know, if you're an intellectual you might string a couple of long word sentences together for Mikes blog and write a few more articles to impress your fellow intellectual geniuses but I am going to be training a little harder and longer this weekend just so that I am ready for Monday's big news.

      Who knows I might have to come and save you intellectual mighty men from the black curse.


    2. Anonymous6:27 am


      @Daniël Lötter

      I want to see them confiscate all these kings lands...

      You want to see a war between blacks, just watch the scenario play out above.

      They have more to lose than the whites and they know it.

      They can bring their vets, there are more blacks now against Zuma than before.

      ANC is weaker than ever before. When communists, thieves think the wall is going to collapse behind them, many jump out and bail.

      If they do this during these protests, man oh man... There is going to be shit here between Karasites.

  34. Anonymous2:29 am


  35. Anonymous5:34 am

    The template for the future SA - Zim:


    And to see some who comment here believing that all will come right in the end. And when I mention this fact Mike removes my post???

    The one eyed man is the king in the land of the blind.

  36. Anonymous9:33 am


  37. Anonymous9:50 am

    It amazes me how the unions, representing the lowest income group, work tirelessly for a target % salary increase and yet this same group vote for a president who, in one simple ignorant move, can cause the income of this group to have less value as a result of a downgrade.
    Imagine being elated because your union has negotiated a 10% increase for you and yet the government has caused your income to be worth 30% less.
    Wow, democracy is a stupid system.

    1. Anonymous7:01 am

      Case in point:

      Bus strike ends after majority unions accept 9% wage deal


      and the workers will believe that they are now better off.

  38. Anonymous3:09 am

    News 24: Rifles stolen at military base in Kayelitsha. Since when is there a military base in Kayelitsha. I suppose since Zuma got some uphill from "Zuma must fall" campagne

  39. Anonymous5:17 am


    J.P.: Excuse me, Shelley, but aren't you white???

    Garland: Yes Jonathan, I'm white.

    J.P.: Well Shelley, it seems that you are a threat to the existence of your own race... please come and stand against this wall...


    1. Anonymous11:40 am

      @ Anon 5:17 am.

      Why talk to the bitch, just drop her with a blunt object to the skull, don't waste bullets.

      Can never understand people turning on the own kind.

      There are serious issues locked inside that bitch maybe the retards can release the demons when the slice her open from belly button to chin.