30 April 2017

Update to the lying, fake media and their fake Lichtenburg/Coligny story

By Mike Smith
1st of May 2017

Here is an update to the Lichtenburg chimpout that was apparently sparked by the death of a twelve year old boy, but like I pointed out a few days ago, started two weeks before already, because of ANC corruption, mismanagement and unfulfilled promises:

The original story can be found here: About the war in Lichtenburg

Here are some new articles:

Young Coligny victim still has to be identified

Coligny family identify body of 12yo boy - police

Nobody knew the boy. Nobody had a name for him. He was not missed by his parents at all who never claimed his body and police only found them 11 days later from a misspelled name on his shoes and showing pictures of him to residents in the area.

Here is a direct quote from the article above:

“The alleged murder of the boy, who authorities said was 12 years old, was apparently the reason for violent protests in the area last week when residents went on a rampage, burning and looting businesses.

Hey? Do you spot the bullshit?

1: Alleged murder? Facts? Who alleged what?

2: Who are these “Authorities” who said he was 12 years old if they had no ID, name or nobody knew him? Where did they get the age from?

3: “was apparently the reason for violent protests”….Apparently? According to whom?

4: They call him a “12yo victim”…victim of what? He jumped off a moving bakkie all by himself. A victim of his own stupidity maybe?

5: Look at how they describe the two accused as “appeared Scruffy”… Re they trying to influence people's perception of the accused? Racists are all dirty and scruffy, right?

Now there are more bullshit “allegations” and anecdotes of the farmer’s “alleged” history of racism saying the one bumped a black man off his bicycle and further…

"They (white people) have been killing us since 1976 and still call us monkeys" said Sunnyboy Gomone.

The white magistrate M L van Loggerenburg recused himself from the case saying he feared for the safety and security of the community of Coligny and that of his own family. He rather wanted a “neutral” judge to hear the case.

I thought all judges should be neutral and impartial. If not then they should not be in the job.

Is it because the judge knows that he is white and that the racist black lumpenproletariat outside his court is going to think he is impartial simply because he is white? What does the judge mean by “Neutral”? A black judge?

Surely race should not have anything to do with the neutrality and impartiality of a judge. Under the rule of law we are all equal before the law.

It is clear that the judge allowed himself to be intimidated by the masses demonstrating outside the court seeking mob justice and lynching waving placards saying: "No bail for farmers" and "No bail for boers."

Is his resignation from the case an admittance that the rule of law has broken down in South Africa and we now allow mobs to dictate to the courts?

Safety fears see magistrate recused from farmers' ‘killing' case in Coligny

Absolutely disgusting how the media carries on. No sources. No proof. No facts…Just allegations and rumours. I cannot believe they even call this rubbish “NEWS”. Then they wonder why nobody buys their Fake News fish & chips wrappers anymore.


  1. Anonymous11:46 pm

    The rule of law has long been non existent for the ANC and their minions.

    We do not recognize the legitimacy of the ANC anymore!
    We demand their removal!
    We demand International intervention in this banana republic South Africa.
    We demand help from the International community to help us to stay alive against these ANC criminals!
    We demand the ANC be reinstated as a terrorist orginization.

    Heed our call good people of the earth, we are running out of options here. We will defend ourselves against this murderous tyranny with any and all means open to us.

    1. You have the support of many of us here in the UK but seemingly not our PC politicians,where are the demonstrations now that white people are being butchered in South Africa? It is pretty obvious to many of us here that white South Africans are beiNg subjected to attempted genocide encouraged by the black racist regime of the ANC you have the support of many of us ordinary citizens in the UK,stay strong we support you wholeheartedly in your struggle against oppression and evil and God is on your side,we will pray for your safety and hope you can find peace in that beautiful country !!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous12:13 pm

      I guess the English no longer wish to smuggle weapons to the blacks to kill us like they did in the past during the bush war. I take it that this is because you have had a taste of what multi culturalism is all about.

      Welcome to the club.

    3. CORNELIA VAN AARDT12:40 am

      I see in one of the articles they said he stole ONE SUNFLOWER!!!!

    4. Anonymous6:28 am

      ONE BIG LIE !!!!!!!!!!

      It is going to take more than many fake news articles to get to the bottom ( or top ) of this story.
      I rather suspect it is going to be milked for ALL it is worth.

      I wonder WHEN the "Boere" are going to stop making silly mistakes -- knowing that each and every one is going to be Gold to the regime.

    5. Anonymous3:41 pm

      Mike you such a fucking idiot the is that a child died and you do not seem to be concerned about that why is that? And who in his right mind jumps out of a moving vehicle? What if it was your what then? The only stupid thing here is you trying to make a name for yourself through other's suffering. Not so long ago a white farmer shot and killed a man afterwards he claimed he thought he was a wild pig what's your take on it Mister I know it all. It is not only the ANC whose bringing this country down. It is also people like who does not seem to give a damn about and make selfish comments about others. Everyone black or white we are equals so let's respect one another no one is special. You were not even in coligny so you do not know anything about what happened there. Stop been a dick

    6. @ Anonymous 3:41 pm...On the 13th of December 2010 six kaffirs went to farm in Linley, tortured and murdered Attie and Wilna Potgieter. Their little two year old daughter Willemientjie was picked up by her red hair and shot in the back of her head and her body thrown aside like a dirty rag.

      What is your take on that? What if that was your daughter? "...you do not seem to be concerned about that why is that?"

      In March 2017 three Kaffirs tortured the 64 year old Nicci Simpson with an electric drill on her farm near Carltonville. They drilled through her feet and hands. "...you do not seem to be concerned about that why is that?"

      In February 2017 Sue Howarth (64) and her husband Robert Lynn (66) died after three Kaffirs tortured them for hours with a blow torch on their farm in Dullstroom Eastern Transvaal. Sue's body was found naked, and dumped in the veld near Belfast with a plastic bag around her face. She was still alive and died in hospital. What if that were your parents? "...you do not seem to be concerned about that why is that?"

      I have another 3000 stories like that..."...you do not seem to be concerned about that why is that?"

      Now here is the ultimate idiotic Libtard test for you...If your only concern is the fact that I called these savages "Kaffirs" then you are an idiotic Libtard.

    7. Anonymous9:45 pm

      @ MS.

      I might offend but allow me please.

      @ anon 3:41 pm.

      The biggest fucking idiot is you, you cunt, actually a cunt is useful and well liked, you are just a fucking well used arse cunt. Fuck you, you fucking retard.

      You wish everybody was equal, don't fucking talk you sewage seep here you moron. Equality is a word you don't understand, nothing is equal in nature because the system is designed for slow and fast, strong and weak, intelligence and retarded. Thats why nature left you fucking retards behind in the evolution chain, haven't you worked that out yet?

      Stop coming here with your self fucking pity you useless arse cunt, fucking man up and come and show us how equal you are, come and correct us the way nature would, you see you couldn't and you know, you're to fucking weak, to simple and just to fucking backward thats why you have to cry foul at every opportunity and claim aggrieved and beg for pity. You stink things make homo sapien want to puke with your feebleness.

      You're so equal to us that you have to steal our history, rename cities, towns, streets and buildings to try improve your image. Next you will be claiming Batholomew Dias was actually a darky by the name of bathabile diabuso, and Christopher Columbus was a darky call christosipho colombulo and they discovered all that white man claims. Fuck! You things are really beyond fucking pathetic.

      Where the fuck was your fucking big black stinking shit spew vent when my kin was been murdered and raped by your retarded and forgotten species?

      Listen and listen carefully arse cunt, when you have the balls to take us on in open hostilities us men against you retards and we fuck you lot up properly please wear a tag around you neck stating 341 that I may personally show you what justice is.

      Now fuck off and go drag your knuckles in somebody else's backyard.


    8. The blatant and vulgar use of your reply is disgusting, people that have limited language skills use that kind of language. Whilst I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Could we try and limit your swearing. A lot of people that are interested in what is happening around us, and believe me a lot of people are reading everything that is been said. Could we try use less vulgar words and more descriptive English or Africaans words. Please. Otherwise we are no different from them.

    9. Anonymous8:11 am

      @ CSAC 1:15 am.

      My humble apology. I future I will consider you and the soft more gentle ears but please whack the twats like 341 into shape as they really don't understand you explaining to them in nice language that they are similar to parts of the human anatomy that are use for the most disgusting practices.

      I trust you are repaired now.


  2. Anonymous12:36 am

    they are trying to lead you away from the fact that it is ANC incompetence that caused this. Fortunately, the public are dumb fuckers as Zuckerburg says you are.

  3. Anonymous1:01 am

    The MSM also leads us to believe that the nig nog apparently had progeroid syndrome.

    It's age changed from 12 to 16 years old in just 11 days.

    It would not have lived much longer anyway.

    1. I am an activist in SA for our farmers for many years.even though I feel as strongly as you about our genocide, I still feel that we must have compassion for the innocents and kids. This boy is human lets have respect and not call him "it", and may his soul rest in peace. May the souls of our genocided Volkie rest in peace also. Mike it would be my honour if you would kindly friend me on Facebook. Deirdre Altenburger.

    2. Anonymous9:27 pm



    3. Anonymous9:31 pm

      All the while we are treated like 'it'? Our raped and killed daughters and women are treated like 'it'? Our chopped up and mangled sons and men treated like 'it'? Do you think your compassion for the enemy changes anything? You still have not learned the lesson, people like you should be watched.

    4. Thinking it is anything else except an IT is what is causing this genocide. YOUR kind of thinking is what caused this. You say you are an activist...Have a look at a farm murder scene and you will see what your sweetheart "kids" do.

    5. Anonymous1:12 am

      I agree with Ms Altenburger
      ( IF that is really a real person and her real genuine thoughts )

      What percentage of the general population are farm murderers ?
      Are they even South African citizens ?

      You see
      Instead of you backward bunch -- LTMA and the MAL one boring us with your one-dimensional drivel here every day
      Why not start an investigation to try and analyse the whole farm murder experience in South Africa

      Collect collate and record ALL information related to these events
      SAPS dockets , victim and witness statements , interviews with the perps , physical evidence , forensic evidence and so on and so forth
      Build up a detailed database that can be interrogated ( ie you can learn useful stuff from it )

      Adriana Stuijt's work is a very basic start


      This one is reported as an attack page


      For example you might try and work out why there are so few farm murders in the Western Cape ?

    6. Anonymous4:01 am

      Anon 1:12 am and Deirdre Altenburger.

      Please side with your human kaffirs when the killing start. I beg you.

    7. Anonymous4:58 am

      @ annoying arse 1:12_am.

      I wonder about little arse creepers like you. You are quick to read the Mal and LTMA, don't deny it now you little snot dribbler, how would you know its boring one dimensional drivel if you didn't read it. Fuck what a wanker you are.

      I bet you're one of those perverts that just irritates and harasses woman when you're around them, you almost broke a finger trying to show your willingness to agree with her, this Altenburger, next you going to be inviting her to your little private faceboekie.

      Now why not go analyze yourself you perverted numb skull, you cannot accuse somebody of boring you when you read what they write

      Sheezus I sometimes wonder if retard never infused their low IQ into some people when the meide naai was in full swing.


    8. Anonymous11:35 am


      @Meand Mysurname12:15 pm

      Nee Man!

      Please - respect for this thing? Common, please!

      Dont go all limp on us now! Its a Karasites - to be dealt with like any parasites.

      Simple as that. Stealing, thieving, little Karasite.

      Yesterday it was sun flower seeds, the next its hijackings, the next its rapings, then hacking farmers.

      This is how these things start off, just like a flea or some lice.

      first it hatches - puts its paws in some seed bag.
      Once it has tasted its first victory, the parasite grows more brazen and so he quickly ascends into full blood sucking Karasite mode.

      They dont become hijackers overnight or go from nice little Karasite to torturing farmers in one fell swoop.

      This is not his first thieving job, let me tell you! If they didnt catch him, then it would have been their farm equipment, then it would have been a car and so on and so on.

      They dont steal to take possessions, this is what it seems like to the average person. They steal because they get off on seeing whites in pain. They get a real kick out of simply doing something defiant.

      Its a spiritual thing - they couldnt give a toss about the seeds or anything - this is why they torture farmers but find nothing taken.

      And if he never jumped off the back of the bakkie, Im willing to bet you the cops would have released him before those white farmers got back to their farms.

      They would have tapped it on the paws and congratulated him for stealing from malungu. He was probably listening to Julius for some time already.

      Until the whites take their heads out their asses, these Karasites are going to burn your asses. Maybe the whites in this country are into BDSM because they sure can take a beating & raping with a smile.

      If you like, in the future seen as though you have so much respect. We will give you an all day, ever green pass to the underground museum where you can sit with the stuffed ones.

      When you feel sad and lonely you can cuddle up to that lovely smelling Karasite.

    9. Anonymous11:40 am


      @Anonymous1:01 am

      BEE maths for you

      33% pass mark - I had a karasite working for us, it worked for us for about 13 years back in the day.

      When it first started working for us it was 33, 5 years later it was 32, then it was 38 the next year, 13 years later she was still 33.

      I dead serious, her age fluctuated based on her sugar consumption & temperature of the day. IF you asked her twice in the day, morning then evening - you got 2 very different answers.

      Perhaps they are from homo-naledia because according to the evolutionists they also dont seem to know the age of anything - today its 1 billion years old and next year we find the same thing being discussed is 335 billion years old.

  4. Whiteman1:13 am

    Mike, thanks for spelling out EXACTLY how the satanic media operates ! And we know that the same recipe is applied world wide. I know people who are literally addicted to reading one or more of the lying liberal newspapers. If it does not get delivered on time, they have coniptions. But they are quick to say that they are mature and intelligent enough, to seperate truth from bullshit. But they have NO idea how brainwashing and perceptions work. They do not understand the power of the " letter. " And finally. There is no such thing as as an impartial judge. No matter how many degrees and/or experience he or she has. Because partiality, and subjectivity, are ingrained human traits. At best, we can try to hide it, or bullshit around it. But you definitely can find a scared judge. That is also an ingrained human trait. And let's face it, a mob of screaming, blood thirsty nignogs, looking JUST for you, does not make for a fun day at the office !

  5. Anonymous1:21 am

    Hey Mike, right on the money as usual.

    I'm a big Siener V Rensburg van and I tel you things are turning quite swiftly.
    He mentioned that nothing in the country will be right. Look at the organized crime in our commodities sector. Not even the Police (which is part of the takings of course) are doing something about it. Siener said " we will experience a great famine, then the grass will be green and when it goes dry and brown, we will experience our final struggle"
    He also mentioned in the South American continent, the Northen side there will be conflict (Venezuela) could all of this be a coincidence??
    These fucken Marxist wants to go to war, this is their plan all along. Take Mandela for instance, before he was inaugurated he stood next to Max de Preez and all this Marxist ANC scum with their right hand and pledged by saying their kill the Boer, rape their wives and then sold a banana rainbow nation to us.
    Their plans are set, this WILL play out sooner than what we will expect. Zuma has to play his cards soon, to create instability and take EVERTTHING by force, this will be the only way to take full dictatorship.
    Create a coup, blame it on whites and we have our instability which they now have the means to arrest us or kill us and the world thinks he is great. Remember, Siener said "a father will betray this son, a friend will turn on the on trusted most"
    We are seeing this in the news, they are calling to take arms.
    Our struggle will start soon, people please get your wild camping gear ready.
    AMC -God for Christian Boer nation

    1. Anonymous9:34 am


      @Anonymous1:21 am

      Spot on, I see it as well.

      Its like he said.

  6. Anonymous2:08 am

    Hi Mike, sorry to go OT so early in the thread, did you here about this? https://brushbeater.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/a-sign-of-the-times-south-africa-cancels-2100-amateur-radio-licenses/
    Usually during severe government instability with a coming crackdown, Amateur Radio licenses are one of the first things to get pulled- the narrative must be controlled...

    1. Interesting, Thanks for the link

  7. Anonymous3:15 am

    So when a bakkie overloaded with black school children (<---this actually is illegal) crashes and its a tragic accident small wog falls off a whitemans bakkie then its murder ... Hmmm that makes so mutch sence

  8. Mike i truly believe the media is pushing this race agenda not because it makes for a good story but because their masters are trying to influence whites to start getting angry over the bullshit. I even get blacks and colourds telling me they are noticing a deliberate intension from the media to demonize whites as racists. I mean if even the blacks can pick this up then surely the whites are all picking it up or at least starting to.

    10 years ago these race stories was to krypgat by the ANC. We saw the pictures used in robberies or rape articles always a white man with balaclava and the liberals just looked passed it.

    Now I believe the intent is not to krypgat but they are deliberately trying to manipulate the liberals and whites in to taking a racial stand as well as firing up the black on white hatred.

    I personally dont care. I want us to take a stand but for what purpose. Definitely not so that the same Apartheid Money Masters and traitors that sold us out can rule over us again and set us up for mass slaughter to achieve their goals.

    I just hope our brothers will be able to see the truth and know whom to trust. All we can do is spread the info but i have no doubt we are heading for a full scale revolution/war in this country.

    Just look at the Zille/colonialism story. I am sure those liberal aunties who so love their maids and gardenboys are identifying with Zille. Thats why i say this mass manipulation with the agenda to create racial tension and instability to legitimize a parallel gov.

    You are exactly right... How can they know he was 12 years old. All bullshit and the people eating it for breakfast lunch, supper and pudding all day long.

  9. Anonymous4:53 am

    Mike I guaranty you those so called parents didnt give a toss where their offspring was , now that a claim can be made its all snot and tears.
    We all know these opportunist just wait for one to be able to cause chaos , so why do these Farmers give them one ? either filming abuses or letting wildling commit suicide while in their care only to give the Hordes a reason. The media s blood lust will blow it sky high , to sensationalize it. One things for sure they dont publish the Torture and gastly Murders that take place.

  10. Anonymous4:54 am


    Mike, readers from recent comments from those in the ANC and news stories, Im sorry to say but I think these are final war preparations.

    This smells too much like a JZ setup of what he used to do in KZN when he came out of prison.

    We see the Arabs do this all the time in the middle east. Find a body, set off a bomb, capture it on footage and then their war is justified.

    You wrote about them taking bodies out the freezer if I recall correctly.

    Knee jerk reaction - they want to see how many whites say anything and they want to see how the whites reacted there.

    This is perhaps how they will start their land claims in different areas. Without the SABC broadcasting it, the new Police recruits keeping everything in check.

    This Zuma has put everything perfectly in place now.

    Whites are so confused, terrorized, spent, stressed, that incidents like this dont even mean anything anymore.

    The white is now totally fucked by the heathen in this country and the heathen is hot on his tail. He is basically in a corner the way I see.

    No matter what happens, what is said and done, there is no way out for him now. Its become so severe that he cannot even argue in a court of law in his defense without being a racist.

    South Africas Bantu Dictionary - edition -2015

    Racist - Any white person living, working, steeping foot on the soil of South Africa.

    Its the best thing being called racist, in the future when these Karasites are being roached, burnt out, when they put their hands up and cry racist they will get it.

    It eventually will have the reverse effect.

    Karasites must ALL GO - roach the inbred lazy bastards out from the Cape to the Equator.

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      @ BN 4:54am.

      My friend, I have had my fill of these cunts now, I am tired of their threats and unfulfilled promises.

      They need to shut the fuck up and man up, sorry ( retard could never be a man) step up to the plate now.

      Everyday its the same shit, over and over again, regurgitated crap from fucking brain dead morons. They think they can talk us to death and by fuck they might just get it right because I am getting bored with the shit now.

      Let me tell you though, I observe these retards daily and make notes on what I observe, 90% of these tards are so unprepared for the coming shit that they will fright white when the storm hits.

      They are only interested in the bling, easy life, cool look, what set of wheels and who is who that they can latch onto to be famous for 14 seconds.

      So when we do go noisy take out the masses first then the shit stirrers cannot hide in the crowd and we don't have to worry about who will be the next terr on the block.


    2. Anonymous2:27 pm


      @LTMA & others on here.

      If you think whites are afraid, then double that for the Karasite.

      They are more scared, which is why this has been a low level war.

      Yes let them flap their lips, I am no longer worried or concerned to be honest.

      When the majority of the whites become concerned, then I will start worrying because then time will be up.

      When they eventually wake up, then from that point it will not be long. I dont even let these retards annoy or bug with anything they say now.

      They should be more concerned with their affiliations and other tribes than the whites. You will see the assassinations pick up.

      That could be a problem. The violent one who dies, he will be the false flag to usher in the massacre.

      That is the one Siener mentioned. So we must watch who they massacre and who they try blame for that.

      Im more afraid of the white traitors than these retards, the traitor managed to get retard to steer this country.

      Grab yourself some Durban poison - not too much or you might go bossies ;) or get paranoid and sit back relax...

      The day will arrive, main thing is being prepared.

      Im serious, I will not give them the benefit of enraging me or even effecting my mood until that day arrives because they arnt worth shark shit let alone any emotional stress.

    3. Anonymous1:32 am

      @ BN.

      When the whites recuse and excuse themselves like the judge did then the dark side believes they have won and we live in fear of them.

      You and a couple of others are the exception but retard moves in arcs around our kind because they sense that unbelievable shit is waiting for them within us but the rest of these whites allow these tards to intimidate them.

      Basic rule for tard discipline is to hammer the shit out of him before he can let it out on his own free will.


    4. LT & BN, brothers I agree. You notice my comments are growing fewer. I'm really tired of this 'tard-shit. I agree, put up or STFU!

      The boys on our WhatsApp group are pushing JP & I to get you boys to join us!!!???

      We're not many, but a good crowd of decent citizens.

    5. Anonymous7:19 am

      @ TT.

      Mate, I thought you had joined the darkside, you never seem to appear here anymore.

      Welcome back mate. Send me the procedure to get onto your wa group.

      I have it somewhere but age is catching me and so is memory loss.


    6. LT, mate, How could you possibly think I joined the darkside? Shit, I'm still recovering from the shock of that!

      Drop JP your number to: millsviljoen1@gmail.com and welcome aboard, brother.

  11. Anonymous5:10 am

    It is not only the Newspaper reports that are slanted the television news is pathetic.

  12. Anonymous5:20 am

    Mike, people had better jump out of bed awake, if we do not take a preemtive approach to a very downward slide, we will all have to deal with the problem when it comes to our front doors. Mr Martin Olds (rest in peace) was if one can say a canary in the coal mine 17 years ago and still many choose to ignore.

  13. Anonymous6:15 am


  14. Anonymous6:29 am

    Now its all pay (Social grants), I wonder where they can spend our money seeing as they destroyed the town.

    The editors of these media sources should be held accountable for their journalism.
    Sub-standard and that is why I visit this blog.

    Great writing with sources and references.
    Thanks Mike

  15. Seen that the Parents did not report a minor as missing surely constitute child neglect wonder if they will prosecute the parents for that

  16. Anonymous8:15 am

    Boere Ninja and LTMA

    I seriously enjoy reading your comments, now here is my scenario..

    When the war (White slaughter) start, I wholeheartedly agree to jump in and fight... Oops problem... I have no military experience no weapon ( applied and declined and doesn't believe there is enough time to attempt again)

    Now what do I do? Who do I join? The SL? Run with them and get slaughtered en mass? The BL who currently has less than 10 members in my town (that gives me hope haha)

    Are you going to supply me with a weapon? (Guess not)

    So as I see it my only choice would be to rig my house (which I currently can't afford due to no job) with lpg bottles send my wife and 2 babies of with a group, sit back have a cigarette and take as many of them as possible into the abyss..

    Please advise...


    1. @ FTFK...As Captain Jack Sparrow said: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."

    2. Anonymous10:19 am

      @ MS aye there captn.

      @ FTFK.

      Firstly, let me ask you a few questions, don't mind my distrustful nature, its what's kept me alive for so long.

      1) how can you smoke if you don't have a job?

      2) if you cannot afford your bond repayments how do your justify spending cash on data to blog?

      3) WTF are you smoking if you have 2 babies?

      Answer those questions then we discuss your attitude to your problem and help you determine your action.


    3. Anonymous11:43 am


      Herewith the reply to your questions all in one...

      I can smoke and amuse myself by reading yourselves and Boere ninja's dreamy comments by having a wife that gracefully still have a position.

      Having a cigarette outside not in the vicinaty of my children, what's wrong with that?

      I reckon you should wake and smell the coffee, your comments(dreams) will remain just that "dreams"

    4. Anonymous12:59 pm

      Ftfk 100cm riot stick, homemade shield out of perspex or plywood, construction hard had with strap, safety glasses, blue 1 piece overall flame retardant if possible, safety boots and glasses dust mask or gas mask if you can obtain one, as many tear gas canisters of pepper spray you can afford, high power catty or paintball with solids, pellet gun, Molotov, acid blast bottles, pangas , swords etc

    5. Anonymous1:56 pm

      How far west do we run and where can we regroup?

    6. @FTFK
      Weapons will be available. The "when" or "how" or "what" is not important. You just be faithful to the cause.

    7. @ Anonymous 12:59 pm...To add to that...One 10 ton tipper truck fully laden with bricks or scrap metal, full speed ahead down Sauer Street, Johannesburg. Come with your "I-Mash-Akshôn".

    8. Anonymous9:59 pm

      @ Anon 11:43 am.

      What is invention without a dream? Have you ever asked yourself that question.

      What is victory without a dream, ask yourself that question?

      You Mr, need to start dreaming and then start materialising, maybe then you will not need to be so defeated.

      Start dreaming of what you can use as a weapon and not what you think you need for a weapon.

      You say you have no training, part of training is fitness and mental conditioning, why not kill the cigarette and take up some running, own body weight training and mental preparedness thought conditioning.

      You see, I might dream but I dream big and I make big, I cannot rely on others to do for me because then I am hindered by their efforts and find excuses in them for my failures.

      Carry on reading young man and carry on waiting for your saviour, I will carry on dreaming and carry on creating.

      When you can stay with me in all manner of trial and effort then you can address me as equal.

      Listen to the sparrow, its your attitude that will determine your possibilities.


    9. @FTFK

      Surely you have time on your hands. Time is more valuable than money. Vat `n pik en graaf dan kap jy elke oggend as jou vrou werk toe gaan todat sy terug kom in die aand. Dan kap jy n` moerse gat in die agterjaard.

      Build yourself a hidden bunker then when the shit hits the fan you stay in there. Then you peek every now and then to see if we have finished the job. Then you come out.

    10. HAHAHAHA...Goeie een Donycero.

    11. Dony, my man!

      So bek moet jêm kry! . . . or a beer. I know which you'd prefer.

    12. Anonymous7:02 am


      What to do?

      First work out what you do have, often times we see what we dont have but fail to see what we do have - if you have that South African spirit in you that many on this blog have, then you know...

      N Boer Maak a plan!

      2nd if you cant buy a gun, man it is so simple to put together a home made shot gun. Its so simple! Really and you can carry it around in a tool case in 2 parts that can quickly be put together & at close range your typical whobaas is going to be a holy whoobaas, should the Karasite approach.

      Join groups - the more the merrier. Im not one for simply looking at one group. Join 2-3 - that way you get an all round perspective.

      SL`s hearts are in the right place. I cant speak for their plans and I dont think they would be that dumb to make them public.

      Hats down to them, for over 12 years (from what I have observed) they have stayed true to their word, they have united many people and they seem to be working to assist the people.

      I cannot say what their future will be or any member part of that group but judge them by their deeds, so far - I see they are at least making a plan & were making one when everyone was still on the rainbow merry go round & singing kumbaya -

      now everyone is puking & shitting themselves - they have still stayed true to their initial message.

      Like I say - join 3. Keep an open mind. Network & among your brethren, you will possibly find work.

      Keep fit - you dont need a gym contract - dont get that sweaty ebola karasite sweat on you at a virgin active - dont support BEE gym companies.

      Do situps/pushups/squats/pull-ups - 100 per day of each and you will be sweet & if you can jog or get a skipping rope + heavy bag and do some workouts.

      Workout 4-6 times per week - bag workout is the best for keeping fit when training solo - 5 min rounds with the above in between rounds.

      Should the SHTF here, I have no doubt somewhere along the lines, someone will supply us all with weapons. SFR said who would supply us. We wait and see.

      Most important - pray and ask the Lord to be with this nation and save us but be prepared in the end to deliver Gods judgement on this Satanic, backward, heathen, bastard & when the time comes - send ALL of them back to Satan where they belong.

      But in the mean time, smile, be nice, play a long, sing Kumbaya with them if you must but make a plan. Preparation is key.

      Join different groups, get a different perspective. You dont have to lap up any ideological bullshit - the only one needed is to make sure every Karasite should vanish in the end - much like the dodo & Kwaga should they attack us.

      Living in SA is like living in hell, where history has repeated itself everyday since we arrived. This Karasite is a thorn in our side, a splinter in our eye - they prevent us from having rest.

      Sooner or later we have to decide, either it goes or we go.

      But the choice will be made, either by us or by them - there is no doubt about it.

      And make sure your childrens, children are told to avenge the blood of our people. Whether it takes us another 20 years or 360 years, we make a vow to take it back.

      Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!

      NO matter how long it takes, how many future generations it takes, she will go back to her rightful owner.

      Most importantly dont ever let the Karasites see you down or perceive your are down. They are opportunistic heathen, savage animals - dont let them smell your fear.

    13. Anonymous3:50 am

      I have no doubt somewhere along the lines, someone will supply us all with weapons. SFR said who would supply us. We wait and see.

      Perhaps those weapons Bra Julius and the EFF have ?
      The ones that no-one has ever seen before and cannot be identified because they are so new and secret and hidden in an underground parking garage

      The ones you mentioned some time ago -- that were going to be used to kill us all

      We still waiting for THOSE ones ........

    14. Detroit Refugee3:02 am

      Stay alert, stay alive.
      Do what you gotta do & be ready to pick up weapons dropped by dead enemies. When TSHTF most likely they're will be rifles & ammo on the battle field.

  17. Mike, do you know what happened to Front Nasionaal FB site? It's like they've vanished.

    1. Don't know. Never read it.

  18. Anonymous12:05 pm

    So what is the Van Rensburg timeline

  19. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Why is there always so much trouble in NORTH WEST ?

    That Pieter [Doorewaard] of Pieter Karsten [his uncle and employer] drove into me with his bakkie as a joke,” he said.


    You see I have personal experience of this

    Laat my dink aan Van Wyk Louw se woorde dat daar soms iets boos in die Afrikaner skuil !


    After many years and 70,000 something or the other one wonders who the "tards" are that such a number can be reached and so many can be so unprepared and such easy prey.

  20. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Nexus.za noticed that as well, boere krisis aksie and kommandokorps also seem to be cyber attacked, you can still get updates for fn and bkb on Facebook.
    Mike have you noticed how maroela media has also swallowed the same liberal msm rat shit and are spewing out the same lies as the rest.

    1. I don't read Maroela Media unless someone sends me a link.

  21. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Mike, I would like some clarity from yourself or anyone else if that is possible, the cosatu/sacp/anc faction vs the Zuma/zulu/anc faction rumble in Bloem today was that just a side show destraction or will this develop from booing and punch ups to a full scale tribal civil war? There was another Zululand anc councilor killed over the weekend, I wonder if this was connected or was it for greed.
    A few weeks ago you made one of the most profoundest observation, by saying ours will be a civil war within a civil war. Well if that is what is to befall us then what is to come will truly take on the character of the Yugoslavia civil war or Syria with all its many factions on the Assad's side or those on the opposition.
    Did you know that during the peninsula war (Spanish Ulcer) resistance against Napoleon and his allies was organised and executed at parish/local community level, they did not wait upon a national leader to arise then to establish a centralized command structure. I think we can adopt the same successful strategy and where the need arises small groups can Confederate with one another to achieve an objective that requires numbers.

  22. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Hi Mike
    Damn the press in SA is more dangerous than a comrade ready for plunder and has more hate in them than one armed with a can of petrol and a tyre. The problem is the organ grinders, not the performing monkeys, are your own. The guy that drives past in his fancy car or lives in the security estate. In other words its not the flat nose presenter or journalist , its the guy who owns the printing press or the one that supplies the materials to them, the one that supports the lying media by advertising his products on it. The one that keeps the whole shitload of propaganda going, thats the problem.
    Looking at the comments and articles again. Its directly from the white mans text book. Reasoning, providing facts and arguments, checking all sides of the story, what would a reasonable persons reaction to the event be. The list can go on. You are not dealing with reasonable people( the munts at Lichtenberg/Coligny), you are dealing with people who have almost fanatical hatred for white people. People who blame whites for their own incompetence , so many years after apartheid ended. The fact that they have progressed nothing, in fact their own meager services have deteriorated to such a extent, they might as well be chucking each other with spears again. People whose nature it is not to take responsibility for their own faults anyway.
    One of the biggest concerns is what one of your commentators (2.08 anon) about taking away radio licences.


    1. Anonymous1:15 am

      Here is a link to the The South African Radio League's latest bulletin explaining the reason for the license removals.


  23. Anonymous9:03 pm


    And so it goes on and on, the white bashing media at it again.

    1. Anonymous8:19 am

      @ Anon 9:03 pm.

      Is derek hanekom white? I have always believed him to be a wigger.

      Please do not insult white people again, that piece of shit is an albino masquerading as a white.

      He like that zille cow chose his lot let him eat his shit.


    2. Anonymous9:28 am

      No matter how hard you bat for them, no matter how vocal your commie/anti white rhetoric, realise that if you're white the sub 70 IQ's will turn on you. Without fail, without exception.

      Remember Weenen.

    3. Anonymous3:29 am

      that if you're white the sub 70 IQ's will turn on you. Without fail, without exception.

      Seeing as you mention Weenen
      Are apparently clueless about history

      Why not read this

      Cetshwayo's Dutchman; being the private journal of a white trader in Zululand during the British invasion
      by Vijn, Cornelius, 1855 or 56-; Colenso, John William, 1814-1883


      It is a free download
      All YOU have to do is take the time and effort to read it !

      I somehow doubt this -- as it does not fit into the inbred bias of the idiots that post nonsense here
      Why they will still and always remain idiots !

    4. Anonymous11:00 am

      @ Anon 3:29

      Thank you for the link, I did enjoy the read.

      I only have std.7 History, so please forgive me for not being au-fait with the scribblings of every Hollander that traipsed Africa. No doubt he was in search of an equal measure of local quim as he was currency.

      The duplicitous nature of the English during their worldwide Colonialist jaunt is well documented, even more so than your Hollander and his search for "Black Forest Gateaux".

      I find your comment lacking in essence as you engage in the tit-for-tat game that is cultural relativism. Your haughty and self-righteous attitude is typical of Communist apologists.

      You cannot structure an argument based on the merits (or lack thereof) in my comment, so you resort to insults. In the end you still have done nothing to disprove my original comment.

      Dasvidanya tovarich.

      Remember C. Vijn (nee Weenen)

    5. Anonymous2:42 pm

      You sound like you enjoy sucking zulu johnson 3:29, perhaps you are the sub 70 IQ inbred piece of feces.

      Tell us again what you are doing here with us dumb inbred idiots? Go and spread you fractional stories to the fake MSM sites, you'll fit right in.

    6. Anonymous7:20 am

      At least Mike Smiths articles are interesting ( most of the time ) have substance and relevance and can be debated.

      As for the rest -- I find it amusing
      At least it gives me some indication as to how the average Sef Afriken finks ...

  24. Anonymous4:36 am


    SA being compared to 1985. Interesting main stream observation in light of posts here.

  25. Anonymous6:04 am

    Look what's going on in America

    "Immigrant Workers Stunned To Be Fired After Skipping Work For Protest

    Now filing federal claim for violation of 'right to protest'"

    95% of this apes running around in SA claiming the land to be theirs are all immigrants too. All their Id's are fake like their news.

    The ANC really do not have a majority. All their supporters are immigrants out of Africa. They don't belong here. None of them can proof they are from the Apartheid states of South Africa. Their fraudulent documents cannot make them citizens. No ape ever had an ID.

  26. Anonymous6:18 am

    Die mis vure brand. Die kak is aan die broei. Die swere van openbaringe gaan hiedie aap plaag behoorlik verteer.

    Report: China Preparing For “Huge Exodus” of North Koreans Fleeing War

    Beijing "urgently" recruiting Korean-Chinese interpreters in border towns in anticipation of U.S. military strike

    May Day Protests Turn Violent, Police Attacked in France

    Violent commie agitators set fire to police.

  27. Anonymous7:36 am

    Mike do you think that cyber warfare would be a effective tool for when the shit hits the fan? Spreading disinformation, attacking the enemies websites, monitoring crucial information etc ... the way i see it is social media and other messanging services.... then transfered by word of mouth are the ways in which they are mobilising, you cut off their leaders ability to mobilise them... you left with a whole herd of cattle without the herdsman...
    Just my thoughts...


  28. Anonymous9:13 am

    Off topic
    I heard via a friend in New Zealand that Radio Ham lisences here are being with held.
    See below link:
    This is apparently one of the steps a government implements before a Genocide.
    Have you got any info that may verify the above?

    1. Anonymous2:42 am

      Here is a link to the The South African Radio League's latest bulletin explaining the reason for the license removals.


  29. There is only one solution for white South Africans: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/

  30. Anonymous4:35 am

    It is standard journalistic practice (across the world) for journalists to describe events, claims, or motivations as "alleged". They remain so until proven as fact in a court of law. Innocent until proven guilty: it's one of the foundational concepts of democracies worldwide. Alleging that news is fake because it employs standard technical terms like that just discredits your own position.

    1. Oh please, do fuck off. When you write you check your facts and you write the truth. "Alleged" is bullshit hearsay. It is a waste of effort and ink to write bullshit.

    2. Anonymous6:17 am

      Blow by blow account of application for bail
      Coligny Magistrates court


      LOTS of "alleged" flying around here

      Will be very interesting to de-construct this one

    3. Anonymous4:35 am is alleging that it is standard journalistic practice (across the world) for journalists to describe events, claims, or motivations as "alleged"

      The alleged dinosaur is in my backyard and eating anything it sees. Is that news or fake news.

      Please catch a wake-up man. News should not be proven true in a court of law. It should be credible from the get go, otherwise i can pull anything out of my ass to drive an agenda for two weeks like CNN and all mainstreem news sites.

      That is not news it is propaganda.... Big difference!!!!

    4. Anonymous2:34 pm

      Yeah, just like the alleged killing of 70 000 + of our people? Sure, keep defending these whorenalists and their fake art.

    5. Anonymous3:10 pm

      Anon 4:35 am is right, Mike. You can't say anyone has committed a crime until tried and convicted in court. Even if it's as clear as day, processes have to be followed.

      Look at this snot-and-tears BS story:


      Doesn't it make your heart pump custard that the sunflower thief's "father" says he wanted to be a traffic cop?

      Dead Coligny boy wanted to be a traffic cop - Father

      Johannesburg – The 16-year-old boy who was allegedly murdered in Coligny had aspirations of becoming a traffic officer, his father told News24 on Tuesday.

      Speaking on the sidelines of the bail application for the two men arrested following Matlhomola Mosweu’s death, his father Sakkie Dingake said he was saddened that they wanted to be released.

      “I am in pain and before my child is buried they want to get bail. I am in pain. I am the father of the child.

      [Now comes the real reason for anger at the loss of the alleged loin fruit]:

      “I was hoping he would work for his family [IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY, GIBS ME MONEY] and now I am really saddened about what happened. If only God could have helped him. He wanted to be a traffic cop.”

      He said they had not seen him for two weeks before his death.

      [So he was left to forage for himself in the streets. Probably a prostitute. And they want to blame his death on whites.]

      Bail application

      Pieter Doorewaard, 26, and Philip Schutte, 34, appeared in the Coligny Magistrate’s Court for an urgent bail application. They each face a charge of murder. The court gallery was packed with journalists and members of the public. Dingake sat in the front row.

      Matlhomola’s death apparently led to violent protests in the North West farming town last week, following rumours that he was killed in a racially-motivated attack. He was allegedly caught stealing sunflowers.

      Doorewaard and Schutte said in their affidavits that Matlhomola jumped from their bakkie and broke his neck on April 20. He died on the way to hospital. There were no other witnesses, they said.

      “We vehemently maintain our innocence of any/all charges that have been or could be brought against us relating to the incident giving rise to our criminal proceedings,” Doorewaard’s affidavit read.

      He said he was the driver of the bakkie. They said they would be able to afford R20 000 bail each. In his affidavit, Schutte said his arrest followed claims by residents that Matlhomola was killed because he was black.


      Brigadier Matome Kgorane disputed their claim that there were no witnesses. He testified that a witness had told police that the teenager was pushed out of a moving vehicle. [SO WHO SAW THIS???] They should have stopped and tried to help him, he said.

      He told the court that Doorewaard and Schutte had threatened the witness. [WHO WITNESSED THIS?]

      “They told him not to tell the police what happened. [HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW?] They pointed him with a gun. They wanted to kill him. He pleaded with them and told them he saw nothing.”

      Kgorane said they wanted to add charges of kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.

      He said the bakkie Matlhomola jumped from was only found on
      April 25, when the two men handed themselves to police.
      “We checked the car. There was an indication that it was washed,” he said. [AG BULLSHIT, IF THE BOY JUMPED OFF THE BAKKIE THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING TO HIDE. THEY ARE SCAPEGOATNG THESE TWO WHITE GUYS.]

      The bail application continues on Wednesday.

  31. Anonymous6:56 am


    Luister hier. dan sal alles begin sense maak.

  32. Well if you have BB or Boxer twak you can still use that fake newspaper toe make a lekker zol!

  33. Anonymous8:42 am


    The nig nog must have had a birthday after he broke his neck and died. First he was 12, then 16 and now from the above report 17.
    I wonder when it's going to stop.

    1. Certain allegations don't make sense in Coligny case says lawyer.


  34. Anonymous9:38 am

    My God, Gert. Nou's hy weer 16. Kan hulle nie hul fokken mind op maak hou oud die klein etter was nie. Eers 12, dan 16, dan 17 en nou weer 16. 'n Mens kan net mooi fokkol glo wat hulle skryf nie. In elk geval, een kaffertjie minder. Mooi man.

  35. This Bell Pottinger created mess is totally out of hand. Just got of twitter after a black journalism student nogal called for the burning of racist white houses. I delicately pointed the little shit towards basic journalism rules but it's useless. The black people who do understand are in minority. I noticed there that Julius the little general is also joining the fray. He's apparently sending in people after Afriforum aid they will or want to deploy private security.
    So it's going to be bad all round.
    Also had a good look at the two men. Something is very wrong here. They are firstly too white, and secondly they seem to have European features. And this boy was buried I mean what was in the coffin? We need info on Bell Pottinger so we can shut them down. Damage is very big. They are known for this. They did the spur fake and the penny Sparrow fake.

  36. And please tell me where these mobs of paid demonstrators are when a black on black murder takes place? Nowhere. Then they trust the court. Now we are back to trial by media etc etc but try to tell them that with Malema yelling he's sending in "his" people. The absolute!ute absence of Bantu Holomisa in all of this speaks volumes. I think the Zulus (Zuma and friends) unleashed Holomisa. He is Xhosa. He won't take this shit much longer and already told Zuma he will rule the eastern cape. Well he can rule. If you went through Transkei and you were stopped nobody heard from you lol. I'm amazed at what is happening. Let me say hey kill burn down black racists houses and I'll be in jail like I'm superman. But this twat says it and it's no big deal. We whites must start getting vocal. I've noticed when you confront them they get scared.

  37. Anonymous9:49 pm



    1. Mike, what VB posted absolutely vindicates what you said about them using this to divert the attention from their piss-poor service delivery.

    2. Yip...Mike was right again ;-)

      It must have been terrible for Rian Malan to write that article seeing that he was one of the ANC Cheerleaders during Apartheid. That whole article is actually dripping with sadness. Tja...Fucking stupid libtards. Now that their beloved Noble Savages are destroying their Rainbow La-la-Land they are worried about where to go. Like Malan said in his article about what awaits them..."a fate far worse than Zimbabwe’s, because where will our refugees go?"

      Oh well, he can always go back to California like when he dodged conscription. We will handle it...At thy call we shall not falter. Firm and steadfast we shall stand. At thy will to live or perish. Oh South Africa dear land!

  38. Liam Verum5:03 am

    Very good article by Rian Malan on http://www.biznews.com/undictated/2017/05/10/racial-incitement-coligny-funeral-malan/

    However, despite the evidence being plain for all to see, there is nothing we can do other than arm ourselves, get out of these little towns and preferably out of all areas where we're a minority - i.e. out of the north and east of this godforsaken country.

    1. Liam Verum5:48 am

      Sorry, did not see the link to the news 24 article above.