07 April 2017

They said it couldn’t be done…and now…?

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

Cape Town

Cape Town

By Mike Smith
7th of April 2017

…We are doing it! Almost two years ago in 2015 I introduced my readers to the techniques of Strategic Non-Violent Conflict in a series of articles that can be seen below.

These techniques are based on the ideas of Gene Sharp in his book “From dictatorship to democracy” but also from his disciples, Jamila Raqib, Srđa Popović (Blueprint for revolution) and Colonel Robert Helvey (Guerillas Without Guns)

They are all part of The Albert Einstein institution and of course the Serbian Srđa Popović had huge successes with Otpor! and CANVAS to get rid of the dictator Slobodan Milošević. He also trained Arab Spring freedom movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and Syria to name but a few.

At the time we had a lot of Nay Sayers. People putting in so much energy to come up with ideas of why it won’t work, instead of putting that energy into Making it work.

One of their favourites was…and I had to laugh, because Srđa Popović mentions this exact same phenomenon in the beginning of his book…”Ja, Mike…I hear what you say, but it won’t work in SA. South Africa is different. South Africa is not Serbia or Egypt. We are not all the same…We cannot unite…blah, blah, blah.”

And now? Look around. All the techniques and strategies I spoke about two years ago playing out on the streets of South Africa. People demonstrating in their thousands against the dictator ZUMA.

Nevertheless we need to focus now. A lot of work lay ahead. What needs to happen now is that musicians should pull in and set up bands outside the Gupta residence in Saxonwold and on the lawn of the Union Buildings and in front of parliament in Cape Town. Music draws crowds. Speeches should be held and if prominent figures and celebrities from the music, radio and TV world pull up it will help tremendously.

We also need churches, to send pastors and dominees to come and pray at the gates against Zuma. We need to co-opt the police and the army…get them on our side. Give them cool drinks, flowers, cigarettes…whatever. Whatever you do…Don’t throw stones at the police. The police is not the enemy. Zuma is the enemy. He steals their money too.

We need to come up with new and innovative techniques of defiance and disobedience every day so that it does not get boring. Keep the momentum up, keep the pressure building and don’t worry about pushing him out…when you pull the pillars of support out from underneath him, he won’t even have the power to resign. He will simply fall.

Keep it up people of SA. I am proud of you.

How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

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  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    It's fantastic to see how peaceful protests unfold. Watching the pro Zuma thugs today however tells another story. How long can the peaceful resistance last before the inevitable clash between the anti and the pro takes place?

    1. Anonymous12:50 am

      This works to the protestors advantage. They are smiling, giving cool drinks to the police, have marshals and display a peaceful orderly manner to be be media and world and make a good impression.

      On the other hand, the Zuma supports have angry scowls on their faces, carry bricks and weapons, and instigate violence. The media note this, as will the international media, clearly marking them out as undisciplined thugs and 'bad guys'.

      With these types of protests, it's also a propaganda war and about having the support of a be media. And as Mike has highlited, the police too.

      If the Zuma supporters start attacks, it will lead to vocal international condemnation.

      Police estimate that over 200 000 took part in anti-Zuma protests across the country, this is massive.

    2. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Yup, the ANC are the violent oppressors now with their threats on violence on peace loving south african protestors. Spread the word all over the internet! The ANC goons are violent thugs that gun down marikana miners. Violent thugs that wear camo and threaten violence against girls with flowers!

  2. Anonymous9:59 am

    Boere mall ninja feels like a tool when he said that he could not find 4 protesters because they were all at the potato farmer at loftus

    1. Anonymous2:54 pm


      @Anonymous9:59 am

      Its so sad when individuals can make any worthwhile contribution but waste their time & energy mocking others, ripping others...

      Never heard any good come out of your mouth. You must be one very bitter, sad individual.

      I bet your life is a reflection of your drivel and toxicity.


    2. Anonymous2:12 pm

      Still, you mentioned that SA's cannot stand together because we worship rugby.

      Feel like a doos yet?

  3. Anonymous11:14 am

    Thanks Mike - for this post and all your others. You're a shining light for many. More than you know.
    Cheers 🍻

  4. Anonymous12:43 pm

    why did you have to pollute this with that picture of mandela?

    1. Just to piss you off ;-)

    2. Anonymous1:39 pm


      @Mike Smith4:11 am

      LOL - Love the saying, hate the pic.

      I dont mind the pics but what bothers me is people believe this turd pulled this shit from his head.

      NO NO!

      If you read his quotes and then look up on the books he read while on Robbin Island, you will find the quotes in those books.

      So its again one of those Mandela/Obama moments where they say one thing clever and believe they came up with it.

      If I taught a chimp to say 3 words and showed it to the world, within a few months/years (if the video goes viral) and you mentioned those 3 words people would believe the chimp came up with them...

      This is the power of brainwashing and the media.

      I bet if you translate these quotes into other languages like hindi, you would find these quotes go back thousands of years.

      There isnt a single invention or originality in these things.

  5. Hiers solank 'n voorbeeld van 'n hero!
    Leke man, leeeke:)

  6. Anonymous1:58 pm

    By the way what happened to potato farmer. Mighty men. Angus Buchan. Mighty quiet these days what.

    1. Anonymous12:34 am

      He is holding a prayer day at 22 April in the Free-state. he is praying aganst the persons who take the right in their own hands meening people like us, and not the farm murderers.

  7. Anonymous2:16 pm

    The turn-out was incredible. Just maybe we can make a difference. I read recently that the ballot box is where it counts but this just might be the changing tide. A vote of no confidence now looks plausible??... we shall see on 18th.
    Anyway, well done SA! This is a great start and beyond all expectations.

  8. RunForrestRun3:18 pm

    You are a really strange person if you seriously believe that any revolution in South Africa, be it peaceful or violent will result in a scenario of "white" people being winners.

    Much as I dislike and disagree with some of your commentators (mostly just because they are stupid, rude and obnoxious dicks) they do have one thing right, THE ONLY way you can have anything remotely approaching what was a civilized society in South Africa as evidenced by what we grew up in the 60's and 70's is the removal or decimation of the Bantu population until they are irrelevant on every level.

    When you come up with something like that THEN you can shout the odds about achieving something, everything else till then is just self delusion.

    And go ahead, blame me for being negative, for not coming up with ideas, blah blah blah, it only demonstrates your own petulant childishness.

    1. Anonymous12:41 am

      You forget about the Western Cape, Coloured population growth is faster than that of Blacks.

    2. Anonymous12:53 am

      @ rfr 3:18pm.

      This is one comment of yours that I agree with.

      I can only hope that these passive demonstrations of resistance lead to a civil war, like the Arab spring, that started with demonstrations but ended in full scale conflict.

      But as you say anything less is a delusion.

      And grow up man, you over promote yourself in intelligence, you're the most obnoxious prick to ever be a limp dick and if rude hurts your sensitivities, then mate you did right by running because in this land you would have wilted.


    3. @RFR…so what have YOU done to make that goal of a society that we grew up in achievable? Apart from a few smart arse comments, NOTHING. You hold yourself for so intelligent and so much better than all the “stupid, rude and obnoxious dicks” on here, yet you have never produced a single positive suggestion on what to do. All you do is sit in Gisborne and chuck mud from afar. Or is that popcorn?

      If you think you can ever achieve a society like we had in the 1960’s and 1970’s without doing anything then you are in cloud cuckoo land. There HAS to be a revolution. We HAVE to win. There is no other way.

      But then again you have given up on SA. You don’t think it is possible. You cannot think any further, because your lazy un-intelligent brain blocks you from finding a solution. When faced with a scrambled Rubik’s Cube you try for a while and proclaim that “There is no solution”, the puzzle is dumb and those trying to solve it are all “stupid, rude and obnoxious dicks”.

      Here is some news for you Sparky…Just because you are too dumb and lazy to solve the goddamn puzzle doesn’t mean there is no solution. Give up if you want to. Vreet jou fokken stupid popcorn daar oorkant die water. Just don’t expect the rest of us to be like you. One day when the country is free again and we have the society we want, you will be the first one back to show and brag about how bravely YOU fought alongside us.

    4. Anonymous4:17 am



      (mostly just because they are stupid, rude and obnoxious dicks)

      And you wonder why people dislike you. From day one, all you have done is insult people and come to this blog with a higher, god like inferiority complex.

      3 months ago, you would have said it would never have happened.

      Now its happened and you say it makes no difference.

      When Zuma is gone, you will say it doesnt matter.

      When the massacre happens, you will say - told you so.

      When the republic is formed you will say it will never last.

      Then 20 years later when its going from strength to strength you will fly back to sa and say...

      Told you so.

      I know plenty, plenty nay sayers like you.

      Keep insulting others on here and see what happens.

    5. Anonymous4:23 am



      Why not just say what you want to say rather than insult or mock others?

      You can get your point across without having to resort to that.

      You are quite right to say it wont happen until the Karasite is gone but please, no need for insults.

      Low blows are not needed. Just say your say without dissing others, its just a little courteous to do so.

      We dont have to agree and lick each others asses but at least have a little respect for each other. It doesnt cost anything and foster a common objective or goal - we might have different takes, ideas on what needs to be done but thats a good thing.

      Common dont resort to mocking and insulting, thats what morons do when they start losing arguments or who cant debate properly.

      I agree with you regarding the illusion and delusion of thinking we can have what we want while this Karasite lives in this land.

      I am going so far as to say, not only in SA but the ENTIRE Southern Africa up to the equator & declassify them as a human species.

      Humans progress and invent things but this thing simply devours.

      Ser Humano - to be human, is to invent and progress. This Karasite cannot Ser Humano because it has no inventions despite education and still cant uplift itself.

    6. RunForrestRun4:42 am

      Like I said, petulant childishness. How the fuck anyone with half a brain can believe you will be successful is beyond me, I have told you the solution many times, --You have probably 25 years of life left, MAX. So you wanting to waste that life trying to achieve the unattainable is just so ludicrous that comparing it to a Rubiks cube is only further demonstration of your fucken idiocy.

      YOU are the idiot that voted YES, YOU are the idiot that remained an officer in a corrupt communist government for 13 years, YOU are the fucking idiot who now once again believes in the the Rainbow nation and its protesters achieving something.

      YOU are the fucking libtard, a leopard never changes its spots. I will stop eating popcorn now, and start throwing it at the friggin monkeys who are too stupid to learn something Piet Friggin Retief should have taught you more than a 100 years ago.

    7. RunForrestRun5:06 am

      I predicted almost everything that would happen in South Africa since about 1984, --I guess that makes me a Siener? Here are two more predictions for you.

      The same scenario that took place in Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe will now take place in SA, you will have several Black "resistance/freedom fighter" movements establishing hegemony in various parts, you will have landmines all over the place to prevent them from moving freely, farming will cease.

      Malema will be your president within the next 10 years.

    8. @ RFR..."Petulant childishness"...no originality. Stealing my saying.

      I voted "yes"??? Where? I wasn't even in the country at the time. I only voted once in my entire life and that was 1994. Just to say that I did. I voted NP back then, because I had no idea that we were betrayed. My eyes opened later.

      I was an officer for 13 years, but NEVER in the SANDF. Jeez, you really think little of me.

      And no I do not believe in the Rainbow nation. I once did...in 1994. That thought completely disappeared after about two years of Mandela and Mbeki's rule.

      So if you are so clairvoyant and clever why did you run away and not give South Africans the solution? Oh yes...sorry you did, but they were so stupid they could not listen to you. But if you were so clever then why were you unable to find a way to convince them?

      The rest of your swearing and name-calling is not worthy of commenting on.

      Listen old Foresty, old chap...In German they have a nice word for somebody like you. You are a "Klugscheißer" ...literraly "Clevershitter"...
      Everything you come up with is like shitting cleverness. The whole blog is full of your little turds of cleverness.

    9. RunForrestRun1:00 pm

      Where did I say you were an officer in the SANDF? You see, right there you demonstrate your inability to listen, read and comprehend with an open mind.

      You have all these notions you read about in millions of books written by lots of intelligent people, you spew them on your blog as if they are your own little pearls of wisdom, the fact is you do not have a clue, not one original idea you can call your own, in Hungarian we have a saying for people like you.

      Más tollával ékeskedik

    10. Anonymous1:39 pm

      RFR is obviously an elderly chap to be living in Gisborne, a small sleepy town in NZ's North Island. Pretty beach and all that, but nothing much in the way of employment.

      Old people get grouchy because their past is a lot brighter than their future. To compensate they pretend to know everything better than everyone else.

      I'm more inclined to RW Johnson's view that the ANC will bankrupt the country quite soon and the IMF will step in. Our own small town municipality is running at an operational deficit and this is the picture countrywide. It is only when the stomach is empty that the black will "roep die baas".

    11. Anonymous2:10 pm

      One day Run Forest Run will run from New Zealand back to SA (or the cape republic), and he will be on kiwi blogs pissing all over the kiwis for not running.

    12. @ RFR See? You don't even know what you wrote yourself. You are completely delusional, mate. Let me quote you your exact words back to you... "YOU are the idiot that remained an officer in a corrupt communist government for 13 years"...So please enlighten me as to which Communist Government that is?

      Hungarian? You are quoting Hungarian to me? WTF? I once fucked a married Hungarian slut for four years. That makes us practically brothers. I still have some naked pictures of her if you want to swap. She turned out to be a real psycho bitch the day I stopped shagging her. Sister of yours?

    13. Anonymous11:32 pm

      Why fear malema or showerhead or any retard, are you so insecure that one creature can drive a fear so deep that you flee your home?

      Maybe its best that you chaps left for safer shores because if just a name makes you tremble I would hate to see you lot when it gets noisy.


    14. Ag ou Foresty…you make me sick. Your ignorance and inexperience of life shows. You cannot handle the fact that there are actually people more intelligent, more experienced and better than you. In your mind you are the BEST…Clap…clap…clap…fucking, clap !
      BTW…that Hungarian aunty will be shocked to hear you call her a gypsy seeing that she is as racist as they come and despise gypsies.
      For the rest of your bullshit and tripe…. I have lived a full life. Educated myself , traveled a lot and experienced a lot. I will never apologize for anything I did in my life. It gave me all the wisdom and made me who I am today…someone you only wish you were. So GFY your mediocre Beta-mangina.

    15. Anonymous5:53 am

      Ooo! Hungarian slut shaming! Manginas! Feast your eyes on THIS!


  9. Anonymous3:45 pm


  10. FredBarbarossa5:37 pm

    Great news Mike! Well done to all those who assembled at the various centres to protest... And to you for your persistence and dedication to the cause.

    Anonymous 9:59am. Who Knows.... Maybe 20 000 of those protesters pitched up to prove Boere Ninja wrong!

  11. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Forgotten are those days when these critters shouted, kill the boer, kill the farmer.one settler, one bullet.

    Forgotten are the days when these creatures introduced the witch hunt trc, the aa and bbe.

    Forgotten are the days when your fellow whites were slaughtered and tortured in their homes because they were white.

    Amazing how all is OK now, the rainbow nation united and everybody is kiss, kiss huddle, huddle and big buddies again.

    Lest you all forget, the same creature that you held hands with to destroy one of its own is the same creature that will be devouring you in the very near future.

    These are the same creatures whose 3 leaders in 23 years have allowed the corruption, crime and destruction to continue unchecked, those same 3 leaders never once tried to stop the murders of your white kin.

    So before you all start singing praises and worshipping check your tongue and your finger for hypocrisy could be your nature and hypocrite your name.


    1. Anonymous12:36 am

      HOOR HOOR. These creature used to be ANC.

    2. Anonymous4:41 am

      And so say a few of us

  12. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Mike you're confusing me now! You talk about pushing them to the equator, with your map line drawn above Namibia, you write articles about how different we are and how useless boons are, now you're all stoked and pumped that 1000's of liberal whites went marching hand in hand with them and sung struggle songs with them.

    I've seen so many clips of whites pumping their fists in the air, shouting Amandla! Clips of whites trying to dance in a circle with blacks, clips of white chics making that la la la la noise that sheboons make. I've even seen a clip with a white dude chanting with a group of blacks that were demanding land be given back to blacks. You're actually happy about all this?? I'm really surprised!!

    God our ancestors would be rolling in their graves if they saw these whites holding that shit flag, singing shit kaffir songs, thinking they all African now. You're actually happy about this???

    What the hell, you even slapped in a Mandela picture and quote there, I thought you saw him as nothing more than a terrorist piece of shit??

    For me all that these protests have done now, is given liberal doos's more ammo to fuel their deluded fantasies. All I can hear now is seeeeee we told you, we can all be one, we are all United, we can all hold hands now, cos only Zuma is to blame, only Zuma has made South Africa this way, once Zuma is gone we will have our happy rainbow utopia once again.

    1. Ahhh yes…see how the nay-saying snakes crawl out from underneath the woodwork when you set the pile on fire? But that is what I love about this blog…the brilliance of all these strategic thinkers who think only as far as the length of their noses and who have been doing so for the past 23 years. Those with the foggy eyes for whom you have to sacrifice your precious time and spell out every tiny little step of the way and break it down into even tinier little sections so that the dumbest of the dumb can understand. What would I do without them? My life would be so empty and meaningless without such a great purpose.

      If only they could present me with proof of their strategic brilliance after 23 years…A tiny little Volkstaat with a few tiny brained nay-saying snakes would be good enough…Alas…nothing. No Volkstaat. Nadda, Zilsch…But always happy to criticize the ideas of others.

      But because I know they won’t be able to sleep tonight unless the great Guru Mike spells it out for them and because I do not like to torture them with a few minutes of “thinking”…here it is:

      As you know I am not a fan of the occupying dark forces inhabiting our lands at the moment. Nobody wants these heathens gone faster than I and I wish I could snap my fingers and say “Simsalabim” and they are all gone, but I have to settle for reality that it is probably not going to be so easy.

      Further I am tortured by scripture that says in 2 Corinthians 6:14…“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?”

      However unyoking oneself takes a bit of time. It is not instantaneous. You have to loosen this strap, then that. Then lift up the yoke then separate…it is NOT instantaneous and it is not realistic to think it is going to happen instantaneously…unless of course one is deeply and unrealistically religious and think God has a magic wand that He waves and the heathens are gone, but then one does not believe in the power of God anymore…rather in the power of magic and fantasy.

      So…there is the idealistic end-result in the future and then there is the current here-and-now realism of today. Overgesetsynde….To get THERE…we have to work from where we are NOW.

      It might even have to be that we have to exercise that horrible thing called “patience” and tolerate the reality of having to be yoked together with the heathen for a little while longer, because the reality is that we are not the only oxen in the team and the other oxen are quite happy to be yoked unequally with the heathens and before we can separate completely, we need to wake them up first. We might even have to take baby steps with them, because they don’t like to be woken up.

      I know it is not nice. The yoke is hurting. One wants to instinctively throw off the yoke and discard it RIGHT NOW, but patience my people…Eventually the yoke WILL go and the heathen will not be in our land anymore.

    2. Anonymous12:58 am

      In other words it's a process. Processes have steps that need to be completed one after the next until the process is completed. This does not mean that all of a sudden everything is going to be hunky dory. It does mean that critical elements necessary for completing a successful process are now being added. It does not mean you can slow down on your preparations, on the contrary, you will now have to step up your game. It does mean with every passing day now we will have more and more of our people joining our cause. Get ready my brothers and sisters, we are growing stronger now by the day. If we want our country back, we will need countrymen and woman. A war is a series of smaller battles, strategic wins in the smaller battles improve your odds of winning the war. This battle begins with flowers, cool drinks and cigarettes but will likely end with accelerants, lead and bandages. Pay attention, reality only bites when you deny it.

    3. Anonymous1:16 am

      No Mr Smith not nay sayer snakes, just not sure of your strategy.

      I personally don't GAF who holds hands with retard and sucks black dick or arse. I only hope for a lasting solution to an ever increasing problem.

      If a third force can work its hand in creating a violence to this struggle and that violence can escalate to total conflict and civil war then may the multitudes rejoice in union sing struggle songs and parade daily for to reach my goal I am prepared to sacrifice all fools and family.

      No peace will ever reign without bloodshed and total annihilation of this retarded curse from our land.


    4. @ LTMA… See what I don’t get? The readers on here who have been bellyaching and griping on here for years that we need to do something and we should stand together and fight the scourge of the ANC together and then suddenly it happens…and then you accuse them of, “holds hands with retard and sucks black dick or arse”…WTF mate? You said on here that you employ many of them. So what is that then? Sounds a bit hypocritical doesn’t it?

      Nobody likes to hold hands with those that are normally the enemy, but you have to priorities.

      Always shoot the one closest to you first. Don’t be so resentful and full of hatred for the heathen that it clouds your logic and judgment. Don’t rush out from behind cover into a hail of bullets.

      There are steps to be managed. There are interim temporary steps to be taken. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Jeez man I thought you were a bit more intelligent than that. Think the problem through logically from start to finish. You are not doing that right now.

    5. Anonymous4:36 am


      @Mike Smith12:23 am

      Very well put Mike.

      I 100% agree. We didnt land up with the new SA in one fellow sweep. It was a step...by...step...gradual...step...to...the....new...SA.

      I think many misinterpret and get confused with what you say because they cant see the trees for the forest.

      They want their own land but dont want to share with the heathen and I agree with them.

      They want a McDonalds fast food solution... - Here`s you big Mc Republic, french fries and coke and would you like to buy a muffin?

      This is not a fast food business.

      The new SA was designed both here & overseas over decades. To change the perception and to get what we want requires a few steps.

      The ANC will not go peacefully but peaceful protests do go a long way against an enemy that is violent.

      Problem is these same people forget that Israel wondered the desert for 40 years because they simply never stopped complaining, never were grateful, never followed instructions.

      So unless you want to enjoy another 17 years under the new SA and never get to see the promised new republic, continue complaining and bitching.

      Or be grateful that despite their every effort, every policy, all their tricks, attempts to get rid of us, we are still here.

      It will happen, it takes time.

      Let these Kumbaya singers join the protests, let them do what needs to be done, use them as shields and in the meantime prepare.

      Let the useful idiots try get their illusion of a rainbow nation back that never existed.

      When they realize it never existed and the force meets their force with pangas, guns etc etc.

      Then the right will step out and sort things out but if the right tries to do that now, it will be like traveling down a highway at 200km per hour and hitting the reverse gear or trying to do a doughnut - its not going to end nicely.

      We will get what is righteous and what we desire but prepare in the meantime.

    6. Anonymous8:51 am

      @ Mike Smith.3:48 am.

      Its called frustration, I am getting older,slower,poor sighted and more fucking irritated by the day and things are dragging arse.

      So if I have insulted or offended you or other followers with the above post, I apologize.

      It was actually a generalization of what I have been observing of late.

      The whites are quick to bitch and complain but not one fuck will they unite to protest about the farmers and other whites murdered by these savages but fuck let retard say " we are going to march against showerhead, then these useless fucking whites think it a fucking fashion statement and the all jump on the bus.

      It so fucking cool to join these fuckers that have pulled this country to shit but its not so cool to stand up for White rights.

      And yes I do employ darkies and they are foreigners but they work and enable me to feed the homeless whites that have been chucked out by their own kind.

      And if you organise and protest march against racism and injustice to whites I will hold your hand and sing songs with you but don't expect me to do it with the next retard that is going to just continue killing our people. So I am not bellyaching and bitching I am just pissed that we sell out so quickly and forget our own.

      Mike you know that this could turn into the next Syria, libya, Egypt scenario why the fuck not let these tards get it going and we clean up the spill? Because it will spill our way, just cause it to flare between the tards and let it roll our way.


    7. @ LTMA...I am just as frustrated as you are, but now is the time to keep our cool and step up.

    8. Anonymous8:12 pm

      Mike I understand what you are saying about patience and I do get that it needs to start somewhere. I guess I posted the comment out of frustration, I share LTMA's frustration with whites thinking it's hip to protest with boons now and not protest against all the anti white shit going on in sa. And I guess I was super angry watching all these clips of whites singing black songs and shouting black phrases.

      I feel like whites in sa are having a major identity crisis. Those people look like they are loosing their way and starting to think They need to become more African. Do we not have our own songs or phrases?

      Also would like your opinion on something. I've been thinking about the protests a lot, and there's some red flags for me. How well organised they were, sites like news24 giving times and locations, directions etc. The small numbers of ANC counter protests also stand out. Do you think it's possible that the enemy wanted whites out doing this protest? To test us, see our numbers, watch our actions, maybe even give us a false sense of hope? I know the Zulus used to often test their opponents, by send small attacks at them, then study them.

  13. Anonymous10:09 pm

    What will happen to the clean-up from Cape Town to the equator. Seems like everyone at the march are now big buddies.

    1. Another one...See my comment @12:23 above.

    2. Anonymous9:35 am

      And a few more

  14. Anonymous10:46 pm

    So our "colour revolution" is green and gold?

  15. Stephen11:03 pm

    Hi Mike

    Its happening just like you said , it was good to see the big turn-outs.
    What was those 3-4 stages you said all truths go through ?
    Someting like first everyone thinks your grazy but with time more seem to agree with you and then its a common-fact.

    You always said zuma is a doos and now even kaffirs thinks he is junk . You always called for a SA-spring and now its a reality against all odds.

    Feels good to be vindicated in what you believed doesn't it.

    I agree Mike , now is the time to put even more pressure,now is the time to get real serious about it and believe me - we have a Father in heaven whom has carried us thus far and is commited to His plan for us - we need to stay commited to Him and He will work all things for the good of us who believe in Him.

    So much has changed in a matter of days , I believe we are on the brink of a big miracle , even before Angus has had his million-man get-together things are changing , imagine what's gonna happen when that million-voices pray to the Father all at once,I believe even bigger things will happen, maybe then God will work in the hearts of these people that can orginise these mass-concerts your talking about, that will be great.

    Mike , I really want to lift you up brother - you have remained true to your calling in the midts of the darkness and you deserve a medal - but you'll get a crown from Him who dwells in you.

    Thanks for inspiring all of us , your a legend man .

    1. @ Stephen, thanks for the continued support. It was the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who believed we were driven only by one thing…”the will to live” who said that: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      My personal favourite is the one from Mark Twain: “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

    2. Anonymous2:53 am

      @ Stephen 11:03 pm.

      I am always amazed at you Christian types, you believe you are so right and that your god is only going to do for you.

      Firstly 100% of the darkside here in SA believe in the same god as you, they have taken over the houses of worship that you whites built to praise your god in and ask for more and more money in. The dark side owns those sacred dens of theft and robbery now.

      Secondly, the retard is from what I have been observing 100 times more of a believer in your god that you whites ever were, the retard spends whole Sundays in worship and praise of this Christian god, they believe that it is your Christian god that has given them this country and your own Christian god that will smite you from this land, careful that the miracle you speak of is not the miracle that retard seeks.

      In a matter of days we could see the biggest miracle of all, Zuma showing the world no 3 of 5 and installing himself as ruler of his self created empire. That my dear Christian fella, will be the miracle that you should pray for to that wonderful god of yours that has left you hanging for so long that you have to make excuses for the feebleness of your religion. Ask your god to open up the avenues of anger and rage and allow you peaceful and excuse loving Christians to spill blood in honour of his name because your love and peace theory just causes more shit than anything else.

      But let's look quickly how your father in heaven has carried you and your brethren, I can almost guarantee you that every single one of those white farmers murdered had your gods book by his bed, they went weekly to church and most probably also had a fish or some good Christian bumper sticker stuck to their car. They most probably also waited on miracles, attended mighty mouse gatherings, listened to bullshit love and peace sermons and also lifted their brothers up and screwed their neighbors wives because Sunday was forgiveness day. Yup!
      I am most probably right, what did all their believing and expecting get them? A dirt nap deluxe.

      So Stephen lad, cut the god crap because at present your god is shared by your enemy, get real and get angry, start thinking of ways to get retard angry and get Zuma to open up on the protestor so that we can get down to business and make our own miracles.

      Because before your god was promising miracles the Hindu asked favour from their god, so did the Buddhist, so did Egyptians, the Phoenicians and others, your god is no different to their gods and believe me creation does not take sides, so rather step up and create your miracle than pray.


    3. @ LTMA…My biggest concern is not whose side God is on, but that I am on the side of God, because God is always right.

      The Heathen is not on the side of God. He is on the side of his forefather spirits.

      The Bible tells us in Joshua 5:13-15 that God does not choose sides when it comes to an army. The Bible is full of examples where God was on the side of Israel, but also many times where God was against Israel.

      When Joshua encountered the Commander of the Lord’s Army (the Angel with the flaming sword) and asked him, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”
      He said quite clearly, “Neither, but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.”

      When Joshua asked him, “What message does my Lord have for his servant?” …The commander of the LORD’s army replied, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

      You see what is important? Be in the presence of the Lord and obey him. Don’t ask whose side God is on. Be on the side of God.

    4. Anonymous4:13 am



      Christian or no Christian - there is power in prayer - there have been scientific studies done proving it.

      I am 100% with you though that these weak, pathetic, pink skinned liberal Christians think they can have their cake and eat it, while pandering after a heathen.

      The heathen will devour them in the end if they will not do what should have been done centuries ago.

      Basically follow the laws - they are for Israel (the western nations + few left of Jews of the true remnant of the house of Judah - most of the others are imposter Khazarian satanic Zionist snakes) - Living with the heathen (Multiculturalism) is anti God.

      The Lord knows in the long run through DNA mixing that passes down the genetic sins of the father, through them praying to evil spirits (Sangonmas) that do exist, through their pagan, satanic rituals (sex with children, raping, bestiality), their lack for good - they will eventually destroy the people and they will be turned away from the Lord.

      SA failed dismally to follow those instructions - the US, Canada, Australia followed those rules and today they are power houses while here we sit with this karasite, singing kumbaya around a camp fire because they have stripped us of everything.

      If we sing Kumbaya & hold hands - expect poverty & destruction.

      Deal with the heathen as the Lord says and see prosperity & a future.

      I didnt say it, its in the book.

      The Swedes rejected it & most of Europe & now even the US & the result is disastrous.

      The power of collective prayer.

      In 1993 a successful experiment was performed in Washington DC in America to demonstrate the effect of a large group of transcendental meditators on crime levels. Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20 percent in Washington, D.C., during an 8-week period in the summer of 1993.

      In fact, the findings later showed that the rate of violent crime decreased by 23 percent during the June 7 to July 30 experimental period. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in 1 billion.

      This was a carefully controlled study. The demonstration project involved assembling in the D.C. area nearly 4,000 practitioners of Transcendental Meditation programs from 81 countries. The experiment was rigorously analyzed by a 27-member project review board composed of independent scientists and civic leaders who approved the research protocol and monitored the research process.

    5. Anonymous8:19 am

      Matthew 5:11

      “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

      Psalm 14:1-4

      To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one. Have they no knowledge, all the evildoers who eat up my people as they eat bread and do not call upon the Lord?

      Psalm 1:1

      Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;

    6. "Be on the side of God". Well said Mike..

      @LT. I've got nothing against you Mate and I don't always agree with your views, but I do also what my God commands me to do.. This is to let you believe in what you want to believe in, and not force my beliefs on you. I don't need to attack your beliefs in order to get you to commit to the bigger picture of what needs to be done. If you want the Boere to fight with you, you better know they will be bringing their God with them..

      Many ways this is beign fought and there will be people of different backgrounds, beliefs and characters coming to the same spot. Find your purpose in the whole scheme of things and let others find theirs. A man like Stephen is worth his salt and I appreciate his insights and his faith in God..

      If everyone can find their proper purpose in this whole thing we can make the life of these politicians hell and move forward very quickly. If you're commited to getting a group of Guerilla's together to fight, someone else is commited to writing new laws.. Not everyone is going to take up arms and shoot kaffirs.. You will never win this fight with just brute force. I believe in a hammer, but I also believe in a micrometer..

    7. Anonymous1:30 pm


      For everyone of those verses, I can find a verse that contradicts it.

      Dont take verses out of context.

      I like to make the analogy of Christians who take verses here & there to someone who wants to what someone said at 35:54 - 37:56 on Season 5 Episode 11 of their favorite TV show.

      If you take any verse and paste it somewhere you can make it mean whatever you want it to mean.

      Take the books, one after another in context....

      Jumping from the new testament, to the old testament when most Christians dont even accept the old testament on account of it being for the Jews, is futile.

      I can pump this blog full of verses day after day out of context.

      The end of the day, the book is is very explicit from the start of not mixing, not mixing with the heathen.

      One can defy those basic laws but then pay the price. If singing kumbaya makes one feel better while rejecting it, then it is their choice.

      Just dont cry when you eventually have everything but everything stripped from you.

      This is not a jibe at you or to put you straight but too often Christians use verses like post it notes - they make them stick when and where they want to make them stick, while ignoring the content and context.

    8. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Trancendal meditation? Dafuq? You some sort of new age hippie?

    9. Stephen2:49 am

      @Bn , well then , were is it?
      Where is the contridiction you speak of ?

      Where is your Verse thar says were cursed if people speak I'll of us for His name sake ? That's a lie ,there's no such Verse

      Where is the Verse that says a wise man says to himself there is no God..another lie , there's no such Verse

      Where's the Verse that says your blessed if you go around with evil-doers and do as they do
      Another lie , there's no such Verse. ..

      Bn , are you adding things that is not there?
      Well then you should know what God will add to you.

      No Bn come-on man , I thought you were wiser than that.

  16. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Slaughter and eat, how can you not celebrate it.

    1. Anonymous8:05 am

      You forgot the "shitting in the streets and on beaches" part

  17. Anonymous12:25 am

    Sorry Mike, I don't feel your enthusiasm. Suppose for a minute you oust Zuma - a philandering idiot who cannot annunciate basic numbers in parliament, then what? Your next president, and every one thereafter, will still be an opportunistic prawn with a genetic proclivity to steal money, rape women and blame Whitey. Perhaps learn from the 1970's Portuguese in Mozambique who wisely decided to abandon hope and flee. Let the prawns endure the ensuing decades of brutal civil war, famine and economic collapse. Nature knows best how to limit prawn population as it has done for thousands of years.

    1. Whiteman8:18 am

      Anonymous 12:25 am, unfortunately it is still whitey and his money which keeps ALL these nignog states going. And as long as whitey is here, they will keep going, despite wars, calamity and famine. Even in the really " poor " african countries, whitey still keeps them going. Because they can outbreed the worst natural and/or man made disaster. The only hope we have is complete Apartheid. All our resources, and ability, must be concentrated on our OWN survival. But admittedly, I dont know if this will ever be possible, because we let it slide too far ! Now it seems more fashionable to say : If you cant beat them, join them ? ?

    2. @ Anon 12:25 am...Those Portuguese from Mozambique all had Portuguese passports and a mother country to go back to. On top of it they had a sympathetic neighbour in the form of SA that took the rest in.

      Most whites in SA have only one passport. South African. The Afrikaners especially. There is no mother country to go to and no sympathetic neighbour. So what do you suggest they do now? Do you want to try again?

      Listen mate, you cannot just write down any shit that comes into your brain. THINK first. Reflect. Think again...when you are sure you have the right solution THEN write it down. I am all ears.

  18. Anonymous12:45 am

    Neet wat Mike, dis nie nodig om saam die kaffers aan optogte deel te neem nie die ding gaan van self plat poes. Kyk bietjie hoe lyk blankes wat deelneem aan die rewolusie: http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/archives/57991

    Piet Retief

    1. Dit gaan nie oor om saam met kaffers te staan nie. Dit gaan daaroor om die kaffers te kry om nie saam met die ANC te staan nie. Nou verlekker jy jou dat die DA laaitie gemoer was. Ten minste prober hy veg vir'n beter toekoms. Onthou net hy het nie Ja gestem nie. Hy was duidelik nog te jonk. Waar was jy? Wat doen jy om hom te help? Niks. Jy behoort jou te skaam my maat.

    2. Anonymous11:35 am

      Anon 12:45 en willempie 3:40 Soos Mike gese het , het dit eintlike niks met gatkruip en Kaffer boetieskap te doen nie , dis einigheid vir SA , toe hierdie Lot in die Bos geduck en dive het , was dit 32 Bat op hulle spore was , die meeste wat van swartes was . Hulle het ook geweet dat hierdie Lot net agter die Land se rykdom was en hoe die sou uitwerk. In my opinie is dit beter dat ons van hierdie Lot ontslae raak met die help van einige Tool en Tong .
      Hou net die Morels op hoog , en hou oe en ore oop vir verraaiers en die die altyd verklenierd voel en met almal wil boks , want hulle is die weakest Links . Haltet euch wakker, staan saam teen die BOSE.

  19. Ironies, nê!? Nou staan al die "Ja"-stemmers in die strate en swaai plakkate rond terwyl dié mense wat baklei het vir 'n "Nee" stem nou gereed maak vir die onafwendbare gewelddadige rewolusie. Die ergste is dat die plakkaatswaaiers nou weer vas oortuig is dat daar nié 'n burgeroorlog in Suid-Afrika sal uitbreek nie (Prof Michael Friedman gister op Cape Talk Radio). Ons sal maar sien wie was reg aan die anderkant van dié betrokke drif...

    1. So watse bewyse het jy dat die mense in die straat almal Ja-stemmers was? Die meeste wat ek gesien het was jongmense wat destyds nog te jonk was om te stem. Het jy nou weer die kak uit jou duim gesuig?

      Ons het nie nou verdelende stront nodig om mense in twee kampe van Ja en Nee stemmers te verdeel nie. Ek gee nie ‘n fok om wat jy in 1992 gestem het nie. Dit is NOU en dit is 2017. Kry jou fokken gat in rat en loop staan saam op die straat. Wat help dit nou om jouself te verlekker en jou eie mense sleg te sê? Konsentreer op die ware vyand en fokus...en ek is jammer om te sê, maar as jy nie saam op die straat staan nie is jy nie deel van die oplossing nie, jy is deel van die probleem. Jy is deel van die vyand.

      Ek het destyds glad nie gestem nie. Wat maak dit my nou? Moenie eers probeer om te antwoord nie, dit was ‘n retoriese vraag. Feit is ek fight NOU. Wat maak jy? Staan en trek draad en steek tong uit. Kom reg of fok weg.

    2. Anonymous8:01 pm

      Nee Mike, fok man, nou bliksem jy heeltemal van die wa af. Het God saam met Satan en sy duiwels geloop en plakate swaai. Nee, hy het die bliksem in die pad gesteek en sy poorte gesluit.Het jy heeltemal vergeet!, meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou. Wat hulle daar doen is maar net dieselfde as vorige kere. JY moet dit kan raak sien. Waar 'n volk in harmonie gaan saam leef het met anders kleuriges het hulle totaal uitgebaster.

      Jy kan maar jou draad gaan trek daar in die mengelmoes, jy sal die knopkierie vreet van hulle kant af.

      Zille staan vir verbastering en al die ander klomp saam met haar. Wll jy ook nou daar in die pot kak in klim? Los die klomp bliksems laat hulle aan fok, want geen witman sal en kan ooit enige iets reg kry met hulle nie. Alles wat ons tevore gedoen het was kak, so hoekom sal dit hierdie keer reg wees. Hoeveel maal wil die mense nog gemoor en verfok word voordat hulle wakker word. Tot die laaste donkie vrek is.

      Wat die volk moet doen is om Achan met die ban vloek te tref , dan sal God die plaag verander, al dan nie , kan julle maar plakate swaai en vet kaffers aanstel as presidente , die plaag sal nie wyk nie, want dan moet God teen sy woord gaan en maak hy himself 'n leuenaar.

  20. Stephen4:37 am

    @Ltma - why do you get so angry when we openly speak of God ?

    Is it perhaps the sharp prodding of the goading-sticks you feel ?

    Lt I need not defend God , He doesnt need my help against sticks and stones.Like when naughty kids were throwing small stones at a lion in a cage , one need not to stand infront of the lion to protect him - just open the cage.

    Lt I believe , for it would be maddness for me not to believe.
    I've seen way too much to even leave a shadow of doubt ,

    Come-on Lt , stop being so bitter ' its eating you from inside.

    1. Anonymous9:07 am

      @_Stephen 4:37 am.

      Mate, maybe because I have seen more than you and have experienced the horrors of life.

      Maybe because the homeless whites so believe your god will save them but won't admit that he put them there.

      Maybe because I was forced to listen to how your mighty god was going to keep my people safe while I fought to protect my country and the idiots that made me listen to that shit were busy selling my country out right under my nose and your god allowed it.

      Maybe because a person that believed so in your god I watched struggle and battle her whole life to raise a family and your god just carried on fucking her over.

      Maybe because a person that so believe in your god I gave comfort to as the life blood drained from their body because these fucking retards just wanted a cellphone.

      So yes, if I get angry I have my reasons for I have listened my whole life to the promise of bullshit that Christians have believed only to always realise that your god sells out the people that so believe in him.

      Look at israel, they call not upon JC and they flourish, yet you people that believe in the corrupted version of the Creator you live in disappointment, fear,excuses and false hope.

      I trust you will understand my anger now.


    2. Anonymous11:33 am

      The Israelites where slaves in Egypt for aprox 400 years, before they got to the Promised Land. You complaining about 20 years under ANC rule, and you not even a slave (yet). Shame on you.
      Things going to get a lot worse, my friend. You just prepare and do what is right, let God do His plan. For we do not understand it. But I can tell you this, in 20 years time there going to be lots of whites from Europe looking for a new home. And South Africa will be the place. I believe God created the Afrikaner, so those Christians from Europe can easily mix with us. Whether they French, German, Dutch, Flemish, whatever. We easily integrated.
      I disagree with Mike on joining the marches. No where in the Bible has God ever told His people to join forces with others. He has used small groups, even individuals to conquer mighty armies.
      The day we all distance ourselves from the blacks, and prepare for a battle, that day we will be ready for God. Until then, much blood will spill.


    3. Anonymous1:44 pm

      Specially for LTMA

      No one knows what it is like to be the BAD man
      To be the sad man
      To be hated , to be fated


    4. Anonymous2:28 pm

      I can bet you, that if you scratch a little deeper you will find a satanist under the name LMTA.

      under the surface of all atheists are satanists from what we can see in the world today

    5. Anonymous5:38 pm

      LTMA, do you know the story of Job in the Christian Bible who lost everything, livestock, servants, children ( killed in one day) and still,praised God because for the grace of God, He gives and takes. Job also suffered from an illness to the point that he almost died, so he had a financial loss, lost his children due to house collapsing on them and killing them and almost his life.
      He was a very wealthy man and one day lost everything and because of his wealth his wife lived in a lap of luxury so when he lost everything and almost his life she said to him you might as well give up on God and just die.

      He lived like a beggar for many years but the good part of the story is close towards the end of his life, God gave everything back to him tenfold, to the point that he saw 4 generations of his offspring before he died.

      For the grace of God go l because He giveth and takes away!

    6. Anonymous9:36 pm

      @ Anon 2:28 pm.

      Are you stupid?

      One can only be a Satanist if you believe in shit like that.


    7. Stephen3:27 am

      Okay LT , we understand you are hurt , and now somehow blame God.

      Somehow the devil has convinced you that these evil things is God's fault . Its not .
      I understand your reality has shown you all the bad stuff , mine has shown me all the good stuff and God's grace for me.

      I've been blessed beyond measure and walk in God's favour every day , I've been lifted from the miry clay and see my blessing from the moment I open my eyes in the morning.

      It was not always like this , most my life I also spent in total dispair and each day was just another flogging on my back.I felt cast out of His grace and also saw no Light in my dark tunnel....

      Until the day that I was man-enough to admit that it was not God that took His hand away from me , but it was me that walked away from Him , I chose to climb out of His hand and without Him you will only find strive and worry and bitterness and no peace.

      So Lt like I always say - theres another reality just waiting for you to come home , you don't have to stay trapped in the one satan cooked up for you .

      You choose mate , I look forward to seeing you there.

  21. Anonymous5:28 am

    Manne, moet nie bekommerd wees nie. Onthou julle nie in 1994 hoe entoesiaties hierdie klomp liberale was om hande te kon vat met hulle sogenaamde Christen broers nie.Hulle het behoorlik in die poepolle ingekruip. Namate die tyd aangestap het, het die liefde begin blom. Die gatkruipers was met valse liefde bekroon dag na dag. Nog steeds het hulle aan gehou gat kruip tot waar hulle vandag staan en verder gat kruip. Die problem egter is dat al stem hulle nou vir Zuma uit en liberal Zille en haar hoere kom in ,dan is Dingaan en sy Zoeles nog steeds daar. Mal bliksemse Emma is ook nog daar. Hulle gaan nie verdwyn nie. Wat dink julle gaan daar uitbroei.

    Groot Potte Kak. So maak maar gereed.

    1. Anonymous10:05 am

      5:28 in full agreement

  22. Anonymous7:22 am

    Come Monday, zuma will still be in power, the whole of the Top 6 still support him & the Jews/ Anglican church will still be marching .

    After Moodys downgrades SA, the ANC will Nationalize the mines & the Banks.

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      And you can take that to the bankrupt bank.

    2. Anonymous1:41 pm

      When I was watching the MK squad outside LootFreely House I was thinking ...
      Surely it is ILLEGAL for a political party to have a PRIVATE army ?
      WHY have the DA / other political parties / private organisations not called for an investigation and explanation ?

  23. Whiteman7:29 am

    Willempie, I believe in the Law of " sow and reap ! " This is what I call a Creation Law, and it is basically the same as the Law of Gravity. It stands firm, no matter what you believe, or dont believe. If you sow destruction, you will reap destruction. And it works like a bank account, with interest. The longer it takes to reap your reward, the more interest is added. So it definitely makes sense to sow only good things. But the nignogs, and their libturd friends, have sowed destruction in this country. They better pray to their forefathers, that prize giving day comes quickly, because already, it is not going to be roses and moonshine !

  24. You know....If Andre Stander was still alive yesterday,, FNB would have been bankrupt.! Open season boet.

    Mike have gone soft on us.?.. Relax. It's still business as usual. This will not happen overnight.. Yesterday is a good step in the right direction.. If you're still confused, go and read the side articles on the blog and you will understand the fight better.. Our day will come. Wars are not won with guns and bullets alone.

    There will still be much of the same shit we see everyday, and in certain areas it will intensify until the ANC crumbles for the last time.. Service delivery riots will continue and the #fees must fall show still needs to come to an end...

    Be glad you still got time to build and prep what you were planning to do.

    To live life and everything revolves around KAFFIRS this, and KAFFIRS that is a life wasted.. You will become toxic, and a bitter asshole.. Be aware of their plans and schemes but ignore them for most of the part. You will do yourself a great favour. Spend your time building and planning on the stuff that's most important..

    The Mandela picture.?. Just turn it around and you will understand..

    Zuma will not last till 2019.. Something we might fail to see is Robert Mugabe.. This man will wake up one morning and he will be removed from power in an instant. Zuma will follow very closely. Just something I have a feeling about so don't put your money on it, but either or, he will will crumble.

    Then get to know your new improved enemy a bit better. This man has a vile hatred for whites, just look at his eyes..



    1. Anonymous1:10 pm


      ~Boere LaCosaNostra8:19 am

      Zuma will not last till 2019.. Something we might fail to see is Robert Mugabe.. This man will wake up one morning and he will be removed from power in an instant. Zuma will follow very closely. Just something I have a feeling about so don't put your money on it, but either or, he will will crumble."

      Spot on, they are going to kill 2 birds with one stone in Southern Africa.

      When they do it, it will be done in one fell swoop. They both will be out within 24 months, probably much sooner.

  25. Anonymous9:41 am

    Mike. What the fuck is it with you. If someone does not agree with you you start insulting them as being stupid etc. Stop loving yourself so much.

    1. Anonymous12:24 pm

      @ 9:41

      Too true. I bet he can't pass a mirror without looking at it.

      Disagree with him and you're a doos etc, etc, etc.

    2. Anonymous2:23 pm

      Me loooove you looooong time... :D Only 5 dorrah

    3. Anonymous2:30 pm

      anosel 9:41 wtf is it with you that you dont love yourself, dont be so stupid then you wont get insulted . If you wernt insulted to correct your stupidity , then you would really look Dumb .

    4. (@Anonymous 9:41 am and his choir boys)...I have no problem whatsoever when people have a different opinion to mine. In fact I encourage it all the time. Put it on the table and let us discuss and debate. However that is not what you are doing and that is why I get upset. Take your comment above for instance :

      Apart from asking me "What the fuck" is wrong with me and telling me to stop loving myself, what substance is there in your comment? What positive contribution did it make apart from insulting me?

      See what I mean? There is no projection on the challenges the country and its people face. There is no suggestion on what needs to be done to get rid of Zuma or the ANC. There is no suggestion on how to improve South Africa or how to stop crime, corruption or farm murders. You put absolutely nothing on the table apart from a meaningless insult to the host of the blog. There is nothing to debate, there is nothing to discuss. Just a stupid empty comment.

      Nevertheless, you asked me a question, so I must respond now. It takes me five-ten minutes to type an answer to your rubbish. Five-ten minutes of my life wasted on a stupid empty comment. Five-ten minutes of my life that you, miserable cunt that you are, robbed from me. Five ten minutes of my life that I will NEVER get back again...but now I am not allowed to get upset. I must maintain my cool.

      Just try to see it from my point of view for a few seconds, OK? What is going to happen when every miserable cunt comes on here and shits the blog full of meaningless and empty insults and comments to the host? How many minutes-hours am I then going to waste? What would the point of such a blog then be?

      So please, leave your differing opinions as much as you want and let's discuss it and find a common solution, but for heaven's sake...keep those empty rubbish comments off this blog.

      Next time you want to comment, please sit down and reflect on your comment first. Think it through and debate it with yourself first. Make sure you are absolutely right first before you state your case. Once you have stated your case, then I and your choir boys can do the same. Then we can think, reflect and state our cases...And so on and so forth. Otherwise this blog is just going to be full of verbal vomit. Is that what you want? Is that the kind of blog you want to come back to?

    5. Anonymous11:28 pm

      Each nation has its shortcomings

      I see Mr Smith your are now beginning to understand about -- DOM . DIG , DIFFICULT

      Die stamvaders van sommige Afrikaners

      Nothing is ever good enough
      No-one can do anything right
      Bitch and complain and do fokall
      When you eventually do succeed -- bitch and complain because you never did it THEIR way !

      I suggest that a little piece of the Namib desert be put aside for these bitter unhappy people
      They can talk and moan and bitch ALL day every day about Moses and the forty years of wandering in the desert
      They might last a year ?

    6. Anonymous8:53 am

      bet 5 dollah 9:41 12:24 2:23 and 11:28 same bullied cunt who is pissing into the wind

  26. Anonymous11:15 am

    Mike thanking for showing us the 'bigger picture' (again). I also read the links that you provided in this article. I must compliment you - your predictions came true! Keep on with the good work.


  27. Anonymous1:10 pm

    When are you people going to learn from history!!

    25 years years ago everyone got together to vote yes and look what happened. Now the very same folks are holding hands to get rid of Zuma. Now tell me, what now?

    There are only two solutions and no other. Move out of Africa or get together and, somehow, form your own small territory, and small it has to be - there are only 3.5 million of you and 45 million of them. How do you think you can get them north of the equator?

    Ou Toppie

    1. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Three minutes
      Three days
      Three weeks

      When ALL aid ( food , fuel , medical supplies , and so on ) from the West as well as the East stops
      When there is NO food in the supermarket -- or anywhere else ( because no-one is farming
      ( The few tatty patches of mielies in the traditional areas is not going to feed anyone )
      How long before the supplies run out and famine stalks the land ?
      Throw in a really bad drought

      Go look up TAMBORA 1815 and the Madlantule


      Go back and look at what happened to the Xhosa nation in 1856-57
      Now multiply that a couple of times

      Nature will take them North of the equator

    2. Anonymous6:19 am

      @ Anon 11:45 pm.

      Take a drive through Africa, please.

      We are the last industrial, agricultural and mass producing country I mean seriously mass producing country on the continent, well until a couple of years ago that is.

      The retards have shut us down, we import maize, chicken, mutton, pork do you really think they give a shit if we stop producing, seriously?

      There is that aid program, I am sure you have heard about it, food aid, health aid, money aid, world aid you know all the free shit that retard likes.

      Mate the aid keeps Africa alive and they know it so don't bet on them moving when everything dries up. There is always cupped hands extended waiting to receive.


    3. Anonymous8:09 am

      4.5 million whites.

  28. Anonymous11:07 pm

    @ Anon 1:10 on.

    Best way to get them past the equator is for us to go settle there.


    1. Anonymous11:49 pm

      funny but true

    2. Anonymous12:45 am

      Haha! So true LTMA.

      Just very sad you blame God for our own mistakes as in cause and effect.
      We can't expect God to jump in when it suits us as God gave us free will and as with Adam and Eve we chose the knowledge of good and evil, therefore we experience the collective consequences of our choices.

      If we bother to read and study our bible we would have enacted on the good advice that our Father gave us instead of being stiff necked and ignoring his word.
      I.e. Wipe out our enemies totally, not try convert, feed, nurse, build houses for etc. thereby literally taking the bread from the children's mouths and giving it to the dogs.
      If we White children of our Father God had bothered to inform ourselves of what really is written in our Bible instead of being lazy and trusting the enemy to preach the truth from the pulpits we would not be in the situation we are in today.

      We are warned countless times in our bible about the wolves in sheeps clothing (pastors) but many could not be bothered to read their inheritance or will and testament from their God Father, and then blame God for the consequences thereof.

  29. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Hi Mike
    Great article, and I must admit it was fantastic to see the way people are standing up to Zuma. It was all on Facebook though. Unfortunately here in Ozz, it did not make page 10 of the Daily Telegraph or any page of any news paper. There also wasn't anything on ABC or any of the other networks. Sad , but that the way it is. Hopefully it got more coverage in the Uk , Europe and the US. However I doubt it.
    As you point out everyone is entitled to their opinion. Suppose I will have to take the flak for it. Again I have to re iterate its fantastic to see the people protest that mampara. He is the epitome of what a president should not be. However.....

    What I did not see on Facebook, News24 etc, was the protests held in Diepsloot, Soweto, Tembiza, Umlazi, Alexandria, Khayelitsha etc etc. So it seems to me, rightly or wrongly that the protests were held in predominantly white areas or areas of industry, where people who will lose financially.
    As during the yes , no vote, I have always taken a logical and unemotional view to everything. Meaning , the demographics of the country will determine the way the country progresses. Every single empire in history were destroyed because the predominant ruling class brought in other labor, either in the form of slavery or cheap labor to do their work. They then get out bred and the empire gets destroyed.
    The mistake I believe that most white South Africans made and still make is when they voted yes , they did not understand what they are voting yes for. They did not understand that they are making themselves equal to the old madala with the torn pants walking in the dusty road. You as a white South African have no special privileges because you are white. you can not expect to be treated differently in hospitals, dept of home affairs etc. That is the result of voting yes. Not, the belief that you will always be treated differently.
    I agree with some of your commentors that even if Zuma gets replaced nothing much will change. Our cultures are too different, some thieving Naledi will be replaced by another thieving Ngubane. Thats just the way it is. Its not wrong to steal its wrong to get caught stealing. Different cultures can not merge.
    The only solution is is a white ethno state , support Orania. Financially , spiritually and by any means. Change the paradigm that you need a helper, wash your own toilet, cut your won grass etc. I understand that's not physically possible for everyone to move to Orania. People have businesses, farms etc, but like Israel, White South Africans must have a dream that one day can become a reality.

    P.s - sorry I have been away but had a moerse accident, nearly pegged off, maar onkruid vergaan nie maklik nie.

    1. Thanks for the support and hope you get well soon.

  30. Whiteman1:47 am

    Anonymous 11:26 pm ( Dingo ? ), you have provided us with some pure undiluted logic ! Whether your plan can work, or happen, is of course subject to debate. But lets face it, the whiteys in this country are becoming more panicky every day. Now you find they are fighting among themselves, often with NO good reason. It is a human thing. But I have a suggestion for people who are TRULY unhappy with the NSA, and all the goings on. Go and spend a weekend at Orania, and see how much you like it. If you can TRULY appreciate and embrace what you see and experience there, then make it YOUR VISION. It is much easier to fight, strive, work for something that you can see and feel. Then you must convince others as well, take hands, and MAKE IT HAPPEN !

  31. Dreamer4:34 am

    Part 1/2

    I am new here and have read a number of posts and comments on this site over the past several days and just have to make a few comments:

    1. There are too many people who live in the past, whether it's the 1992 referendum, the Boer War, Blood River,... Aside from what you can learn from past mistakes, we have a present problem to deal with, and nothing can change the past that brought us to this point.
    2. I wish I could understand Afrikaner apathy, I am not sure if it's because people are waiting for some sort of saviour, are waiting for Siener's prohecies to be realised, are too comfortable in their present lives or too scared to rock the boat.
    3. Moreover it's not just the Afrikaner, it's the majority of white people of all backgrounds and home languages. We sit around and bitch at home and amongst family and friends about the dreadful state of things, but the only thing we can do is piss off to go and live in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. And the more people who piss off, the worse it gets for those left behind.
    4. I cannot understand some of the other comments frequently made here too. The dreamers of some sort of weird, unachievable Utopian future encompassing Africa south of the equator. The people who dream of civil war. One that probably no-one can win, but one which will be atrocious for both sides. Weird Nazi type talk of racial purity. Weirder assertions of white Phoenicians or even that black Africans arrived in South Africa around the same time as whites ( We were a few hundred years too late for that. But agreed, we were both here thousands of years after first the San and then the Khoi - arguments about who has claim to Africa and who must fuck off and back to where are pointless).
    5. I have come to the slow realisation that the rainbow nation is a myth. In 1994 I was petrified of the future. By 1996 after graduating I looked to emigrate. I never did it and became slowly living here became more and more comfortable, I embraced the NSA. Shouted for the Proteas, the Bokke and Bafana. Until Zuma started his rise to power. Since then life in South Africa has been a roller coaster ride, but even then I stuck it out, hoping, praying, slowly being boiled alive like the proverbial frog.
    6. I have small children for whom there appears to be no saviour, and because my window in which to leave is running out, I have finally made the hard (should be easy) decision to also piss off. I will not see my children grow up in a country where they are hated because of the colour of their skin. Where they are targets for rape, murder and worse. Where the best possible future is that great financial sacrifices need to be to educate them properly so that they are able to emigrate. WTF?! So I can grow old alone and poor in a ruined country. But nonetheless this is the "dream" of so many of my friends and associates still living in South Africa. It breaks my heart to leave behind my parents, other family members, friends, my people, my land.

    1. Anonymous12:45 pm

      @Dreamer That is what hurts people of my generation the most - that your children all live far, far way and your pension is getting worth less every day so it becomes harder to hop on a plane and go visit them. So they visit once every two years or so over Christmas. I wish my own parents had never come here. The USA or even Europe would have been a far better choice.

  32. Dreamer4:34 am

    Part 2/2

    But there is another solution. MS has already stated it, and that is an "Independent Cape". It is the only solution for the long term. In the short term Zuma will (might) go. Ramaphosa might become president. However, the radicals will never disappear. Those who believe they are entitled to everything for free. Those who want to take away everything that we have worked for over generations. Those who hate white people because we are white.

    An Independent Cape will never happen through the work of the Cape Party or the Cape Independence Movement. Not alone. There will be no referendum. Ever. The only way it can happen is this: People of European descent who have not, cannot or do not want to piss off overseas need to move rapidly south and west. Reverse the Great Trek. On a much greater scale. Move your homes, your businesses, your farms. Forget about South Africa's mineral wealth. But you know what, I sadly doubt this will ever happen as it will involve too much discomfort for the majority of people. Too much short term loss. Despite the fact that they are all slowly being boiled alive. Perhaps cataclysmic type events are what is needed to precipitate this. Loss of everything. Zimbabwe-fication. When your money has no worth and your farms have been invaded. When violence moves to urban areas. But part of me fears that even then nothing will happen.

    I made the point above that arguments about who must fuck off and to where being pointless, but bear in mind that when it does comes down to historical claims to land, black South Africans can only lay claim to the land north of the Great Fish RIver, the Orange River and to the east of the Korannaberge. Once there is a sufficient majority in the land to the south and west, there needs to be a UDI. But again this involves leadership that everyone will follow. I see no such leadership at present.. And Coloured people would have to be part of this solution. At least those who are moderate, educated and middle-class, with whom we share language and values.

    Such an Independent Country, not shackled by the ANC, SACP, Coastu, EFF, sense of entitlement, racial hatred, etc., would flourish. People who have emigrated would return en-masse - I would be the first (although there are the types here who would not want us to, contending hat because we "ran away" we have no claim). Many foreigners too would want to live in such a country and bring with them skills and money.

    1. Anonymous6:37 am


      You are 100% right. However, an Independent Cape, if it does eventually happen, will take 50 - 100 years. By then I will be long gone, maybe you too but you will have grand and great grand children settled in other lands and they will have no ties to the old SA. Once you leave you must accept the fact that you will probably not go back and certainly your children/grand children won't. I will never forget the old SA of the 50's and 60's but I have moved on.

      Ou Toppie.

  33. Foxie9111:36 am

    To quote from a book of sayings I had many, many, many decades ago (although it was an Afrikaans publication): 'THEY SAY SO is already half a lie" (Hulle sê so is reeds 'n halwe leuen) so perhaps the "NAY"-sayers were hoping (beyond hope) that they would be proven correct. However, even I was surprised to see the actual turnout, thinking the rain was going to dampen the masses' spirits...

  34. Anonymous4:39 am

    Zuma must go, but we can all agree that the ANC is the real problem. The ANC is not going to give up power, TIA. Only civil war will bring them down. If there is anywhere in the world where Gene Sharp’s doctrine works the least (or not at all) it is Sub-Saharan Africa.
    The ANC’s real power base is rural, the uneducated masses (Especially in Natal, Transkei and Ciskei). Now, only a large and strong black opposition to the state can bring it down. Such strong black resistance can only manifest fully if the rural blacks drop the ANC and become/join the opposition.

    Now this is where it gets tricky:
    Whites having already joined the opposition against Zuma/ANC in this “protest movement” has one significant consequence. Rural uneducated masses will only join an Afro-centrist party/protest/movement. As such they will not join this current one since whites are part of it.

    I am not arguing for or against whites joining the protests. I am merely following logic as it pertains to the “rural factor” and whites protesting.


  35. Anonymous11:15 am

    Regarding the rural I hope that somebody can prove me wrong. Since the way I see it is that the ANC have millions to recruit from (Rural). They can raise a militia army of millions And stock them. No lack of Armouries meneer.

    OK... so ‘’’we’’’ need the rural to rise up against the ANC if they are to be contained. Unlikely, of course. Bygones be gone. They have the numbers and the guns – and see your white life blinking as a thin blade in die wind.

    But, does this mean that we are done?

    I think not.

    Once they push our back against the wall... we Boers will check their new found superiority