15 April 2017

The colonial propaganda firm paid by the ANC to racially divide South Africa

"If anyone is left looking gullible and ridiculous by these revelations it is the ANC’s Western liberal supporters and apologists." - James Myburgh

By Mike Smith
15th of April 2017

Some conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts and truly mind blowing. For instance...

Last Wednesday the controversial UK based Public Relations (read propaganda) firm Bell Pottinger, disassociated itself from the Gupta family.

Bell Pottinger walks away from the Guptas

The company was paid £100,000 a month (About R1.7 million) to polish the image of the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma, with a “deflection campaign” using social media. The Bell Pottinger plan reportedly involved using, among other things, “fake bloggers, commentators and, Twitter bots”, involved in a fake news campaign to support messages critical of white monopoly capital and be defensive of the Guptas.

It was a special bargain price, probably with a few free samoosas thrown in, because the company usually charges in excess of £150,000 a month.

The “Daily Maverick” discovered at least 106 fake Twitter profiles that automatically reTweeted Tweets that were pro Gupta and anti Madonsela (former Public Protector) . The report explains exactly how this was traced by the Daily Maverick and appeared in an article on the 10th of November 2016. You can read it here:

Paid Twitter: Manufacturing dissent, helping Guptas

Bell Pottinger also organised the radio interview on 702 between Atul Gupta and Stephen Grootes and were asked by President Zuma himself to create a media climate to push forward his chosen successor, his former wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

The arms deal facilitator Fana Hlongwane and Duduzane Zuma were the intermediaries who would eventually pay R24 million of stolen taxpayer’s money to Bell Pottinger to racially divide South Africa so that they could carry on stealing while ordinary South Africans were distracted and busy fighting each other over “racial issues”.

The entire 21 page report has now been leaked out and uploaded onto the internet. It can be seen here:

READ: Alleged full report of Bell Pottinger’s Gupta PR plan The person in charge was the 33 year old Victoria Geoghegan, educated at the University of Manchester. She has spent time in SA working for Investec and Richemont, the company of South African billionaire Johann Rupert who owns amongst others, Cartier, Dunhill, Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc.

She obviously used her knowledge of South Africans, their psyche and the racial issues amongst the people of South Africa, as well as the stupid SA libtard media against them to racially divide them further and let them focus on each other instead of her pay-masters in the ANC and the Gupta family so that they could carry on stealing to their hearts content.

The reason why Bell Pottinger quit the Guptas was because the young lady Victoria Geoghegan and other co-workers started receiving death threaths.

My readers will remember that about a year and a half ago, during the summer of December /January 2015/2016 there was a sudden major surge in “Racial incidents” reported in the media. The Penny Sparrow saga was a major one. It was all manufactured and fed to the libtard media who was only too happy to play along.

Another thing that emerged was the sudden appearance of the vague term “White Monopoly Capital” that was suddenly the enemy of the state, the blacks, the EFF and idiots like Andile Mngxitama and his Black First Land First Organisation, Mzwanele Manyi and his “Decolonisation” Foundation, and others.

Another one of these organisations is “Uncensored Opinion” run by Pinky Khoabane, a columnist of the Gupta owned newspaper “The New Age”. She has 16,400 followers on Twitter.

About the cartoonist Zapiro who drew several rape cartoons of rapist president Zuma raping the justice system and him and the Guptas raping South Africa she said...”Cartoonist Zapiro whose real name is Jonathan Shapiro needs to be raped, hopefully by a gang, to be able to understand the horror of rape and to get it into his skull that rape is not funny”.

The funding of these organisations and their idiotic leaders was all organised by Bell Pottinger.

Of course, Afrikaans speaking Dr. Johann Rupert is no idiot and discovered this conspiracy bullshit and campaign to discredit him as the God Father of the “Stellenbosch mafia”. He is of course the Chancellor of Stellenbosch University. He discovered that he apparently controlled the South African media and were actually running the country behind the scenes and found out that the same company that was doing his PR work for the last 18 years was also now working against him on the side of the Guptas and the Zumas, the people who REALLY captured the state. So he fired the unscrupulous Bell Pottinger. So did Investec.

Said Rupert... “And while they were still in the employment of Richemont, they started working for the Guptas. The very same person … Their total task was to deflect attention from state capture allegations involving the Guptas. Guess who they took as a target? A client of theirs … me!”

Tja...talk about a stab in the back of note.

Currently there is a massive campaign to name and shame Victoria Geoghegan and the people of Bell Pottinger Campaign to name and shame Bell Pottinger executives grows

This company will do anything for money. The firm also worked for F.W de Klerk and helped devise a strategy for former president De Klerk when the National Party planned its election campaign in 1994. Some other clients include Asma al-Asad, wife of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and Augusto Pinochet, the former Chile dictator. They also helped murder convicted Oscar Pistorius secure teary-eyed interviews.

How Rupert was warned about Bell Pottinger

Interestingly enough, Bell Pottinger admitted to working on many African election campaigns like in Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, etc doing speech writing, candidate presentation and other services. Most of these candidates were not funded by the parties , but by Third Party business interests.

The report states that one of these “Third Party Interests” is the South African Businessman and international arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz ,born in Springs and owns the Paramount Group, an international arms dealing consortium who will sell to anybody.

Ivor Ichikowitz
Ivor Ichikowitz, another Bell Pottinger client, is a close ally of the ANC and Jacob Zuma and he provided the president with an aircraft to use for an ANC fundraising and business trip to Lebanon and Kazakhstan. Another flight by Zuma to the United States on an aircraft owned by Ichikowitz in 2011 caused considerable controversy when the cost (R 6.3 million) was questioned in parliament.

Twelve things you should know about Ivor Ichikowitz

International arms dealer and ANC funder Ivor Ichikowitz
The man who ran the Paramount Group Account at Bell Pottinger in London is an Afrikaner called Nico de Klerk who graduated from the University of the Free State and emigrated to the UK in 2006.

Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny,
paid for courtesy of the SA taxpayers
Working for Bell Pottinger pays well. Victoria Geoghegan, recently got married at a lavish ceremony at the private Villa di Ulignano in Tuscanny that cost €17,000 a week to rent. Seems like 30 silver shekels go a long way.

Sunday Times Report: 'White monopoly capital' chosen distraction in PR strategy to clear Guptas


There are several things that stand out from this report.

1: The hypocrisy of the ANC and Zuma about “colonialism” being the evil origin of All South Africa’s problems, yet they have no problem to pay these colonial masters to polish their Gucci shoes.

2: They talk about “White Monopoly Capital” that needs to fall, but are selective to whom these “Whites” are, like Afrikaner Johann Rupert, but at the same time they are in bed with billionaire arms dealer Ivor Ichikowitz.

3: The ANC’s strategy of (Racially) Divide and Rule (Whilst we steal) is now exposed and clear. It is also clear that they will steal and waste millions of taxpayer’s money to implement and achieve that goal. It is a small price to pay for the billions they have stolen already and are still going to steal.

4: Blacks and white liberals who still support the ANC, Black First :Land First, and idiotic slogans and campaigns against “White Monopoly Capital” or “decolonisation” etc...have been taken for a ride by the ANC, the Guptas and a paid British Propaganda firm .

5: The racial divide in South Africa is today stronger than it ever was under Apartheid. It is now clear that this was a deliberate manufactured racial divide driven by the ANC and completely unnecessary. It has the potential to cause a violent racial civil war and genocide of whites in South Africa. It is arguably responsible for hundreds of racially motivated farm murders, rapes, tortures, hi-jackings and home invasions. The motive is clearly GREED by the ANC.

6: It affirms everything we have said on this blog over the past ten years. The ANC is not interested in peace or even reconciliation. They are not interested in good relations between the different races and people of South Africa. The ANC is not interested in nation building or uniting South Africans. A united South Africa is a threat to their Marxist hegemony over the diverse people of South Africa and a threat to their means to loot the state coffers freely into bankruptcy.

7: People of South Africa should realise the power that they have and what the totalitarian ANC and dictator Zuma fears the most. Once they realise that power, getting rid of the ANC and Zuma is a piece of cake.


  1. Anonymous3:48 am

    Ek werk self in PR hier in die UK en waarheid te se meeste van ons in die PR community weet gewoonlik wie by wat betrokker is, maar nie altyd hoe diep nie. Wat my wel verbaas is waneer ek sien hoe mense altyd so geskok en surprised is om te hoor dat daar die heeltyd n spesifieke campaign was vir dit of dat. Verstaan daar is amper altyd ( 98/100 ) a PR agentskap or publicist agter eenige iemand met n hoe profile en of cause of campaigns en dat dit amper NOOIT obvious sal wees nie. Die ander punt is alhoewel ek n persoonlike bias het teen eenige iemand wie my land en mense teiken, weet ek dat ek altyd bereid is om teen sulke tiepes te werk. Maar ek weet ook die agencies het gewoonlik geen personal feelings teenoor eenige opienie of groepe se miesie nie. Dit gaan alles oor die geld, die strategie en die satisfaksie van success ( of dit nou pro of anti watookal is) Of julle nou daarvan hou of nie, dit is die wereld waarin ons woon. Die reels van doe game is nie meer die selle nie, en as jy gaan aandring om gentlemans rules te baklei en jou veihand nie, dan gaan jy 4 en n half keer verloor uit 5 teen die wie met ander rules speel. Net jammer ons mense glo nog in in die "gentlemans" way. As die wereld tog maar net fair genoeg was vir fair competition, maar dit is nie en daai rules gaan jou laat verloor keer op keer. Groete > Myburg

    1. Op dees aarde, Myburgh, al sit jy in Engeland, kan jy gerus maar jou Afrikaans opknap. Jy kan nie spel nie, en jou woordeskat is maar beroerd. Hoe moet ek nou glo jy werk in openbare betrekkinge - al is dit in Engels? Kry vir jou 'n Afrikaanse woordeboek, en dan klink jy volgende slag nie so uiters onkoel nie.

    2. Anonymous1:27 am

      Who cares about -- woordeskat
      'n Afrikaanse Woordeboek

      Perhaps in your vast study of military strategy , tactics , doctrine
      You have discovered that subterfuge , trickery , misinformation have all been used to -- confuse and defeat the enemy.
      One example and one of the reasons Operation Overlord succeeded
      There are many many others
      You may also come to discover that the British are masters at this type of warfare.
      Probably taught as a module at Sandhurst



      See if you can not only READ

    3. Anonymous4:04 am

      Orwell se uitlating dat 'n afgeslonsde taal dit makliker maak om onsuiwer te dink is waar. Taal het 'n groot invloed op hoe ons dink en redeneer. In die filosofie van wetenskap is daar outeurs wat sê dat die afsterf van tale die maniere om die natuur te beskryf al meer beperk.( Heisenberg het gesê dat die dualistiese aard van lig eintlik 'n taalprobleem is, omdat daar nie 'n manier in ons taal is om wat daar gebeur in woorde te beskryf nie.) Wiskunde is tot 'n groot mate 'n taal en hoe meer perfek die taal is, hoe akkurater die resultaat. Let ook op die taal in 'n wetenskaplike artikel - skerp en gefokus. Orwell was reg.

    4. Anonymous10:02 am

      Beste Myburgh,

      Jy beweer dit is nie persoonlik nie.

      Dit is BAIE persoonlik vir die honderde boere wat vermoor word en meer nog vir die wat dit oorleef.

      Dit is BAIE persoonlik vir die honderdduisende Afrikaansprekende kinders wat nie meer in hul moedertaal kan studeer nie.

      Dit was BAIE persoonlik vir die 160 000 vroue en kinders in die Britse konsentrasiekampe en miljoene Jode in die Duitse konsentrasiekampe.

      Die leuens en saai van haat IS persoonlik. Dit gaan nie oor "gentlemen" wees of nie. Dit gaan oor leuens. Dit gaan oor mense wat net aan hulleself dink en nie aan ander nie.

      Die geld is dus nie die rede nie, maar die verskoning.

      Ek kry jou regtig jammer dat jy dit nie kan raaksien nie.

    5. Anonymous9:07 pm

      @Myburg, as mense en veral afrikaners net kan wakker skrik en besef hoe waar dit is wat jy daar griffel, ons waarde-sisteem tel tans teen ons, want die eerbare manier word gesien as n swakheid. Plus die Britte is n suur nasie, hulle sal op enige iemand trap om een rang op te gaan.

      @Marie, mevrou, die wereld is groter as wat jy besef, moet asseblief nie eerlike terugvoer sleg maak vir jou eie lekkerkry nie, onthou ook asseblief dat hierdie n internationale forum is, so nie almal is so eg gelettered soos u nie. Groete JJ.

  2. Anonymous3:51 am

    Mike and that is something the British do very well, back stabbing and being 2 faced, I think the financial/political/military powers in Whitehall call it divide and conquer, bastards

    1. As the saying goes.
      The sun never sets on the British Empire - God himself knows you can't trust and Englishman in the dark.

    2. Anonymous1:15 am

      Stupid ignorant idiots ( like yourself )


      Perhaps you may discover that such a surname is -- IRISH ?

      You do understand that there are different nations that make up the -- UNITED KINGDOM (s )
      England , Wales , Scotland , Northern Ireland
      Please do NOT insult an Irishman by calling him an Englishman -- likewise for the Scots !

  3. Anonymous5:06 am


    Great article.

    See, there is always a 2nd party or 3rd party brain behind them.

    From day one, I knew the ANC could not do this alone. It was very well orchestrated, no Karasite could come up with that alone, the strategy behind their fight for or against SA has always had either a western white or Eastern white behind them.

    They just puppets.

    The question is...

    1. How long will he still be in power?

    2. If they kick him out, will he serve time in jail and if not, where will he go?

    Great info.

  4. Anonymous5:17 am

    Good to see that you are exposing the playing off of races against each other. Been mentioning this to mal Boere mall ninja who took the globalist bait and wants to start a "
    karasite extermination war". Like I said, we are being baited into a an unnecessary war where the elite will come with their "problem / reaction / solution" thing and put us under world government as a solution.

    It is a bit like when we get sick of a turf war with gangsters and we beg the government to call in the military and police, thereby promoting a police state. Meanwhile it was the police state that created the gang wars in the first place.

    We are nothing but scum gangsters and vermin to be reduced to 500 000 000 as per the georgia guide stones in the eyes of the elite scum

    I plead with you and with the munts to not take the bait. We need to both bail out of this war.

    If the world government comes, it will be worse than the farm murders that we have here. Far worse. Humanity will be tested and tested severely. Don't lose the race.

    1. Anonymous10:56 am


      @Anonymous5:17 am

      Hey doos, let me ask you again why you say nothing about them exterminating whites?

      You said zippo when Malema said whites will be taken care of, nor do you say anything about the farm murders.

      Why do you worry so much about Karasites? Is it because you adopted a few or the maid turns you on?

      Do you really, honestly believe that you can live and have a utopia with these things around you?

      If you do, then you are seriously fucked in your head.

      The munts will do it with or without the globalists you fool. They do it for free, which is why they never take anything besides weapons from houses once they have finished raping, robbing, murdering whites - but like a true coward, traitor, white asshole you dont say anything about this.

      First we need to sort out the shit like you, blinded by the Karasites.

      YOU THINK you can change them but you never will. You are a severe racist wanting to change the nature of the karasite.

      They will devour you with or without a globalist, they are the worst of the worst parasites in the animal kingdom.

      If the world gov - where have you been sleeping? Who do you think put the things in power?

      You think its just farm murders?
      There are more than 75,000 deaths in your utopia with your karasites, more deaths than during the Boer war - WTF are you going on about it or saying about it? OH please keep the karasite around, we need them - you need them!! Not me!

      The Karasite needs to be taken care of eventually, whether Zuma is there or not or we will simply be devoured - there is no debating it.

      Either that, or enjoy slowly, but surly vanishing from SA.

      You cant have it both ways, its impossible - LET ME SAY IT AGAIN "IMPOSSIBLE"

      The new SA was the best it was EVER going to get.

      You are scum to gangsters and speak for yourself, fucking loser you. You speak for yourself and not for the people.

      Have you had Karasites murder your family? No I highly doubt that.

      Speak to me when that happens, until then shut the fuck up and comment on David Ickes Youtube channel, you obviously latch on to every word the reptilian speaks.

      Global this, global that, Satan this Satan that - but never says a word about the 75,000+ whites murdered in 23 years.

      2 of my family members make up that count, countless more horrific stories, I WILL not EVER GIVE up until there is not and I mean NO KARASITES from the Cape to the equator.

      If the globalists need help, they know where to find me. That thing needs to be eradicated, you think you can honestly have a 1st world country with them?

      PLEASE go smoke your ganja.

      I hope it happens here, I know plenty of whites up their own asses who are bleeding heart liberals, hope the Karasites get rid of those fuckers first and then we can deal with the Karasites.

      A Karasite free Southern Africa at this stage is non negotiable.

      During the truce they murdered our people like the Amalekites attacked the Israelites during their Exodus, so they attacked our people in their most vulnerable state.

      Killing innocent women, children, old people, butchering, raping, torturing them in the most heinous ways & you just want those 73,000 lives to mean zippo, the tens of thousands of families who grieve for their lost members - all during a time of "peace"

      The Karasite will be blotted out like the Amalekites for eternity in this region - for what they did to the whites in Rhodesia, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.

      Attack us when we arnt prepared, arnt in a state of war, when we agreed to the truce and hand over everything to them.

      Murdered in cold blood where they dont even steal a thing - you need to choose which side you are on, there is no fence here. You sit on the fence, we will feed weak assholes like you to your pets.

      NEVER - Karasite will be blotted out FOREVER.

      EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER.....Non negotiable at this stage.

    2. Anonymous12:40 pm

      Proof that you are tuly mal in the head. Why do you dance in the blood of the victims to push your agenda?

      Pay attention to the chess board, idiot. The blacks are pawns. With out the Rooks, knights, bishops and king/queen, the pawns are not strong enough to reach the end of the chess board. They have limited capability.

      If anyone is careless about the 75000 deaths of whites, it is YOU you dumb shit. Had we taken out the opposing king/queen/buishops/rooks/knights, we would have spared those 75 000 you speak of

      You stupidity and inability to deal with this lethal 4-D chess game makes you a fucking liability.

      The "karasite" will wilt away without them being energized by the elite in their fucked up programs of using them as leverage against the west.

      You sit there like a doos playing checkers while they play chess.

      Go back to fantasizing about dancing in the blood of victims and dreaming of your karasite thing.

      You are clearly a bottom feeder who does not know how to lead nor how to properly identify the enemy that created this shit in the first place.

    3. Anonymous8:39 pm

      BN he cannot even admit it otherwise his whole agenda falls apart.

    4. Anonymous12:48 am

      And what is that Agenda Anonmouse 8:39pm? Stopping a race war where many will die? Wow, what an evil agenda.

      You still can get guns today and finance them legally and use them in self defence. Try doing that illegally via war lords in a Rwanda civil war scenario. You are better off now than in a civil war because you can still stroll your beer boep over to a gun shop on a lazy afternoon on Saturday, you lazy Bloubulle worshiping twat, but you are too lazy to do even that, never mind stay away from work or protest in a peaceful revolution. Yet you want us to believe that you will be combat effective in a non peaceful revolution. Give me a fucking break.

      You can legitimately use your guns to stop these farm attacks and it is possible to do it 100% of the time, all the time. There are plenty of successful self defence cases with the rest of us. Including me. You boers and mal ninjas act like you are the only ones being attacked. I just don't bitch about it like a mangina like you all do

      But what grates me is that you buffoons romanticize about some glorious bush war, but you can't take a fucking trip to the fucking gun shop and get a bunch of weapons. Then if you get a boer to licence a 308 winchester bolt action (by luring him with the promise of a lekker kudu jag), he looks down upon the hand-geweer rambos.

      What kind of cuckoo land do you people live in? You are too lazy to get out of bed and defend yourselves from blacks (whilest hiring blacks to make your bed) and then you want us to believe that you will defeat them in some glorious war. What you smoking?

      I know your type. All kak praat on blogs where it is safe but you leave us in the lurch when the real fight starts. People like that piss me the fuck off.

      That is why I am against you. You talk shit but you don't walk the walk; and because of this you cannot be trusted with war talk. Stop talking about karasites being pushed back to Uganda because you can't even muster up the strength to attend a protest to mildly complain about Zuma.

      If it had been the Greeks, they would be throwing Molotov at anything with the ANC colours.

    5. Anonymous5:18 am


      @Anonymous12:48 am

      And what is that Agenda Anonmouse 8:39pm? Stopping a race war where many will die? Wow, what an evil agenda.

      The Agenda is you are a full on doos. There is NO WAY EVER that my own close relatives were murdered in vein and nor were my family members and close family attacked in vein.

      Its non negotiable, when the shit hits the fan you can go share Ickes Island with him and talk.

      There has been a race war on planet earth since the fallen ones. The entire history of humanities wars have come down to race & power, money is nothing but an expression of a form of power.

      Stop reading bullshit and pull your head out your ass.

      Why cant you admit and talk about the white murders in this country?

      You are plain and simple a traitor, I have no problem with anyone opposing my views but I am against race traitors, those who deny and who prefer to protect karasites.

      Liberal traitor, you think you can talk your way out of this one and try get a Karasite with an IQ of 70 to understand you....

      And you wonder why SA is like it is... Its because of fuck nuts who think they can change karasites and who think they are one and the same as the whites.

      You people will never learn.

    6. Anonymous8:17 am

      @Boere Ninja:

      1. You write very well. I believe you are a patriot.

      2. Trouble is that all this blog talks about these days are complaints about the zots. Preppers and "bug out" bags are the talk of the day.

      3. Take a look at revolutionary efforts around the world and see what they are doing. Some accomplished, others not. Compare and contrast.

      4. Mike encourages passive resistance. Works against whites, but not with kaffirs.

      5. I think the era of debate on this blog is over. Time to pull finger and stop complaining. They WILL take your land.

      6. Mike is a tireless and thoughtful SA blogger - best there has ever been. His accounting and analysis of SA history is astonishing, although I believe the time now is for action.

      7. I agree with LTMA's comments- make a point of reading them.

      8. Again, passive resistance is pointless to kaffirs- you are just playing into their hands. They think you are weak. Nowhere has this been seen to be effective by whites against blacks.

      9. Sorry I can't help, but I left SA with my family years ago for safer and greener pastures.

      10. ANFO is cheap and easy to make.

      11. Stop infighting, it accomplishes nothing.

      12. Thank you for your good work.

    7. Anonymous11:52 am

      perhaps we can start thinking of technologies to help us.

    8. Gee Wiz you two Annonies!

      Go get a room man! Not everyone appreciates your flattering and love making here!


    9. Hey Ninj, my bro, fuck this arsehole. He's like Shaka, RFR, etc., not worthy of recognition.

      "Start a race war" the stoolpusher says??? FFS, 75000 butchered what does he call that?

    10. Anonymous10:33 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations4:13 am

      Tom my man, those are just numbers. They dont mean anything UNTIL it happens to one of their family or close friends.

      We not need a race war, its been brewing here since 1652. Not only whites but the various tribes here as well.

      The history of humanity is one giant race war.

  5. Anonymous6:03 am

    Another great post and a hell of a lot to absorb. Boggles the mind how you remember this stuff and how much research you do. This needs to get out there and reach a wider audience. I try to keep up with current news but I, like many I suspect, had very limited knowledge about all this stuff. You summarise and collate complicated issues for the benefit of your readers. So, a humble 'thank you' Sir!

    Off topic: If/when you get a chance would be great to hear your thoughts on the US/Syria/Russia saga. The chemical attack was terrible with everybody blaming everyone else. Russia promised that Syria had no chemical weapons.
    Also interesting is China getting involved in the North Korean issue having been big allies. Seems like N. Korea has a big surprise for us on 25th.

    All the signs of World War III which will affect all of us.

    A BIG thanks Mike.

    1. Anonymous8:40 am

      Don't be like Jacob Zuma who is ignorant about germs

    2. Anonymous11:19 am

      Anon 8:40 am

      Uh... OK... thanks for the advice Einstein!

  6. Anonymous6:16 am

    Brilliant post as usual Mike. So is Penny Sparrow a real person or just a fictitious character, included her daughter who was created by the Bell Pottinger gang?

    1. Anonymous10:37 am

      Penny Sparrow is a half-real person. This poor old schizo should have been left alone to set herself up with a trestle table and pack of tarot cards on the PE beachfront. She clearly has mental health issues, yet the ANC attacked her like a pack of hyenas. You can't even be a bonkers poor white in South Africa without being called a racist.


    2. Penny Sparrow4:48 pm

      I am fully real you know !

    3. Yeah, yeah, Penny. Show us your tits then?

    4. Penny you made my day.

    5. Anonymous9:09 am

      Pics of the tits or you can go and munch on some more samosas you fake freak!

  7. Ok boys instead of us commenting what are we going to in the foyer of their building. Let's start walking the talk

    1. Anonymous8:42 am

      Your first sentence makes no sense

    2. Anonymous10:32 am

      We understood you Kevin. F*ck these trolls.

    3. Anonymous11:55 am

      @ KJ 6:44 am

      Right let's see, you call for a sit in of their building over this blog and log on to superbru for Saturdays game tell me which one is going to get the support.

      Don't be surprised if you find yourself the only occupant sitting waiting for atul and co.

      The boys aren't going to do a thing, the youngsters are going to join hands with the enemy and sing struggle songs and do the we love the blacks program.

      The guys on this blog are either going to attack BN or start spewing intellectuals versus non intellectual crap, others are going to post bible verses and pray for JC to intervene and others will just try change the subject.

      So when do you want to do sit in let me know because I like the walk and would like to see it happen.


    4. LTMA 11.55. If the whiteskins roll over so be it / thanks LTMA maybe you and I then

    5. Anonymous6:58 am

      I feel like invading land as well. Have been eyeing vacant land in the western cape. :D

  8. Thanks Mike for a good article

  9. Anonymous7:58 am

    The damage has been done, the money is in their bank account, the world doesn't GAF and this whole thing will be swung around by the anc onto the whites as white anti anc propaganda and guess what, we will still be the bad arses of the world.

    The post mortem was great but what is the solution?

    You say peaceful protest, I say full on conflict, rfr and co say run rabbits run, some limpies say negotiate and others say fuck it let's just sit on our bums and wait for god to bring us victory.

    Mike, what is the solution and don't tell me you don't have the answers, mate you have more answers than I have and you have a following that will listen to you.

    The anc didn't need to employ anybody to smear the whites with smelly brown stuff, these retards hate us already and always have. Have a look at the arrogance, anger and attitude of the average SA retard, they are dying to have a go at us, they taste the hatred in their mouths and feel it in their bones, so I don't believe the anc had to hire anybody to shit smear us.

    So even through exposing the shit smear campaign it will not make a difference to our situation here and we are just going to carry on getting bashed by all and sundry. You're white, mate and there ain't no place for white in an ever darkening world.


    1. @ LTMA who said..."Mike, what is the solution and don't tell me you don't have the answers"

      We all know what needs to be done. Do it.

    2. Anonymous8:38 am

      @ MS.

      I am doing it, not in the area that you are but I am working the groundtard and his imports, I actively spread the division between import and home boy but that ain't enough.


    3. Anonymous5:20 am


      In time! Preparation met with opportunity.

      Know their weakness and have a 500 year plan.

      Think of future generations.

      There will only be one left, one karasite in a museum in the end.

    4. Anonymous2:26 am

      these retards hate us already and always have

      YOU must live on a different planet then
      I do not have that problem

      You ( and BN and others ) wish to alienate right from the get go EVERY possible potential allies

      I suppose the Voortrekkers and every other "Boer" expedition was an ALL WHITE affair ?
      Including the ABW -- NO darkies assisting the Boer forces then ?

      YOU are the retard !

    5. Anonymous7:29 am

      @ Anon 2:26 am.

      Hey retard, if you are with me then why do I not see you stand beside me?

      Stop talking start showing.

      You all are talk in the right company and say the right things at the right time, but I never see you in the fight, I never hear you heavily accented African voice in the crowds and I never read you slanted scrawl in the news, yes you fucking hypocrite you all want to be my friend just so that you can stab my back.

      I might be the retard but you left out the rest, you meant to say " retard slayer"

      Go back to the bush for the bush remains in you.


    6. Anonymous1:30 pm


      @Anonymous2:26 am

      You alienate yourself.

      Either stand with the volk or sit on the fence.

      But you cant do both.

      If someone could present a peaceful solution (I have asked this probably a dozen times now) then please present it.

      One should always strive for peace but when you are told that your existing reality is peaceful and democratic but then look at what those who claim this is peace do, say, and treat your people in this "non racial" society...

      Then one must contemplate and think a little.

      They dont want you here, call you racist, colonialist, mock you, taunt you, destroy your future prospects, murder your volk.

      At that point it becomes a decision, hard may it be but it has to be made.

      You are either for your volk or on the fence.

      Remember, the ones you so wish to have peace with, wish you were gone.

      And during those moments of pondering your future & the future generations, in those moments, if you should look deep within your soul...

      You will know there is only one solution and one outcome.

      Either we go or they go but this was the best it was going to get - the rainbow SA.

      How I wish it was not so, how I wish it could have worked but we have to deal with reality and reality can be a bitch.

      If you sit on the fence, chances are you will have to ship out in the end or find a new home.

    7. Anonymous11:46 pm

      They dont want you here, call you racist, colonialist, mock you, taunt you, destroy your future prospects, murder your volk.

      In order to make ANY sense at all you need to not only qualify your statement but also quantify it


      Once you have grasped who and how many the "THEY" are you might come to some semblance of the -- truth !

  10. This is a great article, Mike and a real eye opener. My mind boggles to think of the stuff that I wouldn't know if I didn't read it on your blog. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the distracters and other trolls. Except for the commentators you must remember there are many more who read your blog and never make a comment.

    One can actually calculate from the distracters’ comments on how desperate the opposition is becoming. Negative comments to your last few articles show clearly the opposition is at their wits end.

    Lies have a limit, whilst the truth is unlimited. Lies can NEVER beat the truth, like darkness can never overpower the light. Even the light from a single candle will drive away the greatest darkness. The minute they start calling you names, I see in my mind's eye: YOU ARE THE WINNER: GAME OVER.

    You will be in the history books of our new republic and all of us (your readers) will be able to say: I was there.

    But the subject of your article is something that we should keep in mind for our new republic. That is to have a great PR agency that always keep our name high and highlight all the great things we do. The Israelis do exactly this in a very efficient way.

    What I have discovered is to never try to convince people of your point of view. That is simply impossible. All you need to do is to tell stories filled with facts and to plant seeds in their minds. Once the seed is there it grows on its own. This has been used by advertisers and great politicians forever and it works.

    With every man and woman doing the best that they can towards the cause, there is no way that we can lose this battle. As long as we don’t underestimate the enemy, we will be victorious.

  11. Thanks Myburg 3.48 are you good to go

    1. Anonymous4:29 pm

      Sockpuppets (Catfishing) + Google bombing are some of the simplest techniques in use by less fair campaigners these days (such as Bell Pottinger and MANY others). "Catfishing" even features in the new Homeland series where a character who portrays that lout "Alex Jones" with an office full of Internet Sockputtets ( fake accounts ) spreading a messages and shaping opinions, fostering the herd mentality in people. So moving on, and truth be told alone with dedication one can do quite a bit. But in numbers with multiples for each that message becomes so large that it can do way more good than all the bad dished out by Bell Pottinger sockputtes. Just have to have to ensure there is complete clarity around understanding of the messages ,how to identify real opposition and how to perform these basic strategies and be dedicated to it. So although your question is directed at myself, these techniques could be used by anyone with varying degrees of success which is ok when your talking large numbers. Then so long as most stick to the general strategies and regardless of the potency of each individuals efforts, when all combined this thing we face will struggle to absorb multiples as it does now with even the most singularly effective truth campaigns. They know we are all well conditioned to accept most of their screw ups as "oops" moments where we just insult them and laugh. So that combined with their size means they can take most singular hits quite easily in their stride. But with multiples and in their current condition they will definitely at the very least tumble down to their hands and knees if not further. Naturally there is quite a bit more detail and planning to this quick off the cuff response.

  12. Mike, an outstanding article, thank you

  13. Anonymous8:43 am

    Warning to the Rich
    5 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days. 4 Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. 5 You have lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned and murdered the righteous person. He does not resist you.

    James 5:1-6

    1. Anonymous1:29 pm

      @ anon 8:43am.

      Who exactly are you aiming at?

      Because if you thinking its the white monopoly capital then you're a bigger fool than you believe yourself to be.

      More millionaires have been made in this country since 1994 than you can imagine, guess what? They are blacks so I do so hope that you are a racist and turning the wrath of your god onto them.

      Generally the wealthy whites have worked and earned their riches.


    2. Anonymous1:17 pm


      A fool's lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.

    3. Anonymous10:18 pm

      @ anon 1:17pm.

      Stop cowering behind your religion, you should be embarrassed by your fear.


    4. Anonymous11:05 am


      A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion
      Proverbs 18:2

  14. Foxie 69:09 am

    Thanks once again for your brilliant articles - unfortunately I've had to re-register as I accidentally deleted my old profile. Keep up the good work!

    1. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Don't give Foxie 6 a loaded weapon. You might delete yourself by mistake. :D

  15. Anonymous9:15 am

    A small part of the biggest heist in the history of #SouthAfrica which has contributed to #JunkStatus and is being underplayed by fake social media accounts via #BellPottinger and #WarRoom networks.


  16. Ok 8.42 I left a word out.

  17. Anonymous9:52 am

    Want to see what professional shit stirrer Pinky Khoabane looks like? Trained to be a pharmacist but spends her days inciting gang rape on behalf of the Zuptas. I suppose it pays better than dispensing pills.


  18. Anonymous10:00 am

    Shit Mike, this is scary stuff and exposes a lot of what is going on in this stuffed up country. To hell with them all....

  19. Anonymous10:30 am

    Wow man! Just how deep does this rabbit hole go?

  20. Anonymous10:41 am

    Well, as the saying goes, we must fight fire with fire. Whites have enough money to recruit our own PR agency and produce our own propaganda news - in our favour. Why not.

    But this does reveal that we are not as bright as we would like to think. We have been out-smarted on this one.

    1. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Not outsmarted. More like too lazy.

    2. Anonymous3:56 pm

      Exactly. A strong PR campaign, media campaign which directs topics and frame of arguments and therefore is attacking, and psychological warfare is essential these days.

      It is very clear that the ANC has been creating and frame of discussion, this puts their critics constantly on the defensive. Controlling the frame is essential as you control what is being said and what issues are discussed.

    3. Anonymous9:07 pm

      @ anon 10:41 am.

      You've not only lost this battle you've been losing the war.

      You have never been outsmarted on anything in this fight because you've never been in the fight.

      Wake up, chap you're always playing catch up, doing post mortems and responding, hindsight is an exact science that why you chaps are so good and intelligence and intellectual.

      These retards and their strategies have been months ahead of you and you think you've been outsmarted, huh?

      Even if you have got the money you whites are to divided, to self fucking opinionated and to greedy to see the benefits of a collective assault on your enemy. You will rather watch you bank accounts and try out do your neighbour, brother or friend before you unite and join him.

      So please don't believe you have just been outsmarted because you're lying to yourself, the enemy has been playing you for so long that you no longer know who the true enemy is and that true enemy is still playing you right now.

      Maybe you should study Sun Tzu, for you truly do not know yourself, that is the why you are losing this war.


    4. LTMA 9.07 -Sun Tzu if a battle cannot be won do not fight it - maybe that's why millions of whiteskins have left Africa

    5. Anonymous9:49 am

      you need psychological help dude. stop ripping into your kin.

    6. Anonymous11:15 am

      @ MS
      The content of the articles are always top notch and thought provoking. Thank you for your ongoing efforts.

      @Anon 10:41

      You have a point, but I wouldn't say outsmarted.
      My work I often traveled a lot over KZN. Quite often as a passenger. The radio would have been on one of the local(black)stations and as I began to pick up on the language I noticed that there is a lot more political discussion on those stations than what we'd have on a traditionally umlungu station.

      I think because they are always singing from the same political hymn sheet, there is an appearance that they are more politically savvy.

      That being said, what political leaders do we have that are fighting for our interests ? Flip floppers, hensoppers, ex black sash verraaiers ? What can we expect ?

      Remember Weenen

    7. Anonymous12:13 pm

      Sun Tzu would be wrong in this instance for we factually known many a ware and or campaign has been planned and or instigated by persons or groups from afar and they still are.
      That said he also included many strategies related to retraction or distance which could counter the very quote mentioned.

      As for the other commentator stating “ we have always been outsmarted, not just now”. Well the truth is politics is fluid and there is no fixed state. Currently we are and have been “losing” but have not “lost” ( permanent ) just the same as the times in history when we have won – forever fluid - Regards Myburg

    8. Anonymous11:37 pm

      @ Anon 9:49am.

      Do I rip into my kin or do I say the things my kin does not want to hear, do I take away the soft and just do the blunt.

      Let's get real, 80% of you whites want your cushy comfy lives, your maid, the garden boy the fancy house, fast car, fat paycheck monthly, easy living, good restaurants and trophy wives. Yet you are not prepared to work for it fight for it or strive for it

      You want the sugar coated bullshit smoke blow and to fool yourselves that you made it.

      Get off your lazy arse find the determination and energy and start doing something for yourself and make the change, don't come here with accusations of ripping into my kin when I say the things you're trying your best to avoid.

      The truth is we have never won anything except the skirmishes, we lost the war when our forefathers never annihilated the foe, we lost it again when we didn't do our bit and annihilate them from 66 to 88 but let me tell you, they are going to annihilate us and they are working diligently at succeeding.

      So man up or shut up.


    9. Anonymous4:53 am



      Problem with SA LTMA is whites. The white man is his biggest problem here. The whites are so delusional that it makes delusional people seem normal.

      What kind of people can honestly think they could ever share a country with people who hate them, kill them, steal from them, want them out the country for good?

      Since 1652, there have been nothing but wars during this long battle.

      For the most part, the whites here are a lost cause. They refuse to see the reality of the situation.

      They will either die fighting or be starved, economically impoverished in the new SA to a point where death will be welcomed or many will simply take their own lives.

    10. Anonymous6:06 am

      @BN: White people do actually see the reality of the situation. You give yourself away going back to 1652 to justify current hostilities between extreme right wingers and Joe Average. In reality it is the extreme right wingers who will do something stupid and get themselves killed, or turn the gun on themselves.

    11. Anonymous10:31 am


      @Anonymous6:06 am

      OH I totally get it...

      The 76,000+ white deaths (that we know of) & the probably close to the half million or more mark of attacks are more than the Angloboer war casualties, all those whites are right wingers that did something stupid to get brutally murdered and attacked right?

      YUP makes total sense.

      Best to simply keep your doors open and invite them in, just in case you offend the criminals further. Wouldnt want to offend any criminal or any black.

      Keep quiet, eat humble pie and everything will work out just fine, you should ask those Zimbabwean farmers what happens when you try to appease a terrorist government in power.

      Hmmm, see one thing I do know is my history. If we trace the new SA - the rainbow nation, we find that it has its roots in the union of SA.

      The Union of SA has its roots in the Anglo boer war and the British fighting the Boere, Xhosas + zulus.

      After the war, every nation, state, province, region was amalgamated into the union of SA, which the white sell outs took control of. They then tried to manage it for as long as they could against a marxist inspired people who originally formed their political party when the British took over.

      The union came about when the British defeated a few different tribes, those battles go back to the 1700s and the skirmishes go back to the arrival in 1652.

      Even the ANC can trace their roots back to the union of SA, when blacks, thanks to the brits were not allowed to own guns, cars and excluded from politics in natal.

      Due to that political party (the ANC) not being able to defeat the whites, they then resorted to marxism in order to defeat the whites. Had a union not been created, Apartheid would not have been created, every nation would have ruled itself.

      Perhaps you should connect the dots.

      You dont need extreme right wingers to do anything, you live with Karasites, the most extreme barbaric thing. right wingers exist because of them.

      I guess those Tutsis were all right wingers right? Or those in South Sudan? Or those in the Congo?

      Get rid of them and all racism and "dumb, stupid" right wingers will vanish.

      The only reason we have racism and right wingers is because of the Karasite. Where you put them, you always have turmoil.

    12. Anonymous1:46 pm

      @BN 10:31 am: Stop being so fucking hysterical. You act like the boeremeisietjie caught with her broeks down in the wrong place at the wrong time in the Kruger park when she should have stayed in the jeep with the rest of the tourists.

    13. Anonymous6:28 am


      @Anonymous1:46 pm

      You sound very much like an ANC supporter. This is what they say every time one of our people are killed.

      Again, you say nothing about the killing of whites and that anyone who says anything is acting hysterical.

      It is you are acting hysterical without being able to take the truth, hence why you run straight for the mocking sessions.

      No man with balls that stands up right mocks others and the truth.

      Be a coward.
      Die a coward but cowards always die twice.

  21. Anonymous11:55 am

    Mike, brilliant, wow, what an article. You just poesklapped the libtards from n24 and the like with some real insightful facts. I recon stuff like this will earn you an eary morning visit from zumas goons kicking your doors down, but keep it up.

  22. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Bell Pottinger and Twitter Campaigns

  23. Anonymous2:43 pm


    Huffington Compost heap paper bails out

    1. I think it was a test to see how far they had come in dividing the people. But I'm sure they didn't expect the fall out when they were attacked by black and white...

    2. Anonymous12:06 am

      And now whitey grovels for forgiveness like 'penny sparrow.


  24. Anonymous10:56 pm

    “fake bloggers, commentators and, Twitter bots”

    Leftard tactics world wide.

  25. Anonymous9:57 am

    ok, this means the games over guys. SA will now spiral into debt which will en-debt all taxpayers in SA. This is the underhanded method for the final looting and directing the revenue stream.
    No need to loot the treasury out of sight. This will be done in the open under everyone's watchful eye. But oblivious to what is going down.

    Nuclear power is coming and it will cost R1 trillion – Report


  26. Anonymous11:50 am

    Another thing I would like to explore is how we can use our strengths.

    Blacks have their strengths (numbers) which they use to act like violent bullies, so what technologies can we use to stop them?

    How can we use technologies to render them obsolete?

    And I dont mean twatter and faceprick. I mean, like super conductivity and quantum computing and that sort of thing.

    Instead of wasting our skin fighting a stupid mal ninja race war, I would rather just put them all in a dustbin of history because of their behaviour.

    We need to use our brains as much as possible rather than being stuck on 1 solution only .

    If room temparature superconductivity becomes real, it will be possible to pipe electricity from another country without any line loss. Pirating in electricty on the black market is what I would do if I could. Anything to tell these BEE fuckfaces of ESKOM to fuck off to the dustbin of history.

    Quantum computing with Firepoint tech? We could use that to communicate in real time with anyone in the world at any time without relying on BEE / AA cunts of Vodacom that only allowed black investors.

    Bitcoin? I am cluless about them

    We should workshop these things as an additional arm of disengaging from these vile hateful types.

    1. Anonymous4:43 am


      @Anonymous11:50 am

      Now people can really see what you are a hypocrite...

      OF the worst kind... Now you want to "Instead of wasting our skin fighting a stupid mal ninja race war, I would rather just put them all in a dustbin of history because of their behaviour. "

      Ive never said race war - If you can find one comment post it, with the link, with the date.

      I said make them vanish, requires a long term plan + short, intermediate plans.

      You can live in the same house with parasites, either you move out or fumigate but you cant do both.

      Took you a whole 3 months to move from hug the boon & soros is causing this, FW 2.0 to now you want to "How can we use technologies to render them obsolete? "

      Give it another 3 months you will be what I have proposed + said for the past 20+ years.

      Its the only option. I asked a few times here, provide a long term, peaceful solution that will work.

      1994 was the very, very best you were ever going to get.

      Not sure why you calling them vile, 3 months back you were loving them. Has Soros started paying you now? Remember dont turn into an FW2.0

      Dont worry, another few months to a year and 3.8-4mil will be thinking just like this.

    2. Anonymous9:01 am

      @ anon 11:50 am.

      Hey tech wizard nerd, why don't you develop your technology to render them obsolete as you phrase it and show us your brilliance, until then put a plug in that thing you call a brain because at present its just spewing crap onto ether pages.

      There are plenty whites here in SA that can create technology beyond your wildest fantasy that would wipe the face clean of this wretched stink that litters our space but they won't, I will tell you why they won't.

      They are to scared, too intimidated and too hopeful that all of this is just a bad dream and bad PR and tomorrow retard is going to welcome them to a bring and braai and call them honey.

      They are too afraid to give up what they know, too afraid too lose what they have and too afraid that somebody in the group will sell them out to the enemy.

      You see you geniuses have all these brilliant ideas, brilliant minds and excellent criticism of those that will fight a hard war but you will never step up to the plate because you are to scared.

      I am not bashing you, I am merely pointing out that your type have a gift that you're to scared to use because you will not make the ultimate sacrifice because you have not yet realised that what you are to scared to lose you have lost already it just hasn't been taken from you yet.


  27. Anonymous11:58 am

    I wonder how many words per minute Smith reads.

    1. Anonymous1:04 am

      More than most of you ..........

  28. Anonymous1:29 am

    Surely I don't need propaganda to keep me apart from liberals who cannot judge between right and wrong.

    After Verwoerd's death white South Africa was targeted by the illuminati globalist NWO and racial integration, and multiculturalism were enforced by legislation on whites to such an extent that we had enough of that shit.

    What amazes me is that from Vorster's time all liberals tried to co-op with their apes, but without success. Now they pretend that all whites must go down that shithole again. None of them have learn anything from history.

    The Voortrekkers left the Cape, because they didn't want to serve under that Liberal English government of these days. They were white English speaking people, not black English barbarians. How do you expect the Voortrekker offspring to join hands with todays barbarians who kill murder and rape them every night.

    Neither will they join hands with this sick white liberal bastards today to serve under the black barbarians. What they have done the past 20 years is enough evidence of their incompetence to be even called humans.

    Anyone who thinks he can co-op with them is wasting his time. We all know it. Forget that stupid f,ckin potato whore who wants to mingle all shit together. Anyone supporting that shit stream will get Dingaan's "knopkierie" sooner or later like Piet Retief. If you are too stupid that you cannot learn from nature and history then it's better that you die.

    We all know the globalist NWO is trying to wipe out most whites by racial integration "verbastering". Hence their call for all must take hands now to make a so-called difference.

    There will be no difference, until this black barbarians realize that they cannot beat nature with it's millions of examples of separateness which is the main principle of survival.

    Any creature who let go of his principles, stares extermination in the face. So if baboons and apes are not even that stupid , how stupid are these men who think they can ignore it and do the opposite.

    1. Anonymous5:57 am

      When you are talking about the potato whore, are you talking about angus? Or Gilian Shitter or Schutte. Whatever its name is.

    2. Anonymous6:48 am

      You can separate through technology. Why are you still hiring precious and Sipho in your homes? Buy a goddam dishwasher and do housework yourself.

    3. Anonymous11:40 pm

      the potato whore

      "Potato Whore"is having a massive whing-ding this weekend

      On the 22nd April, we will have a National Day of Prayer in Bloemfontein, calling all peoples from all different parts of this country, from Tzaneen to Cape Town, from Upington to Durban, we are coming together.

      We are tired of people taking the law into their own hands. We are going to call upon The Lord to bring justice, peace and hope to our beloved South Africa. He says “If my people who are called by My name” – that is you and I, so I want to ask you to pray for us.


      I am sure many here will be there ?
      All the Bible punchers ( Including the Mal_Ninja )

    4. Anonymous5:13 am


      @Anonymous11:40 pm

      Still no reply 5 months from you regarding the white murders?

      Stop worrying about others on here, we dont give a shit about you!

      Traitor and karasite lover.

  29. PreatorianXVI3:19 am

    Those wishing to let the blood flow, it might be closer than anticipated and the non-violent option might be spent...

    Taking The Vote Away From White Men Isn’t A Joke In South Africa

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/15/taking-the-vote-away-from-white-men-isnt-a-joke-in-south-africa

    "In South Africa, it’s not such a crazy idea to call for the disenfranchisement of whites. And if Malema or another politician suggests it in public, there will be no recourse in pretending it’s a joke."

    1. Anonymous5:49 am

      Get with the program. And make sure you read the comments BEFORE you post last weeks news

    2. PreatorianXVI6:09 pm

      Obviously, no one read last weeks news, nothing Mike has put on his blog seems to have sunk in with you Anons, easy to throw around comments like yours without contributing.

      If you understand a bit about how these commies operate, this joke is not that far fetched. Keep one thing in mind the rest of the world does not get any news about South Africa and the white people being discriminated against here. Unless it fits with the MSM narrative not much about SA is reported, a bit a bout Zuma's intellectual capacity and that's about it..

  30. Anonymous3:50 am

    Hi Mike, you got to read this. Please let us have your comments on it... http://labs.thebureauinvestigates.com/fake-news-and-false-flags/

  31. Anonymous3:51 am

    Assault rifles stolen from army base, policeman steals firearms from police station......

    1. Anonymous3:32 am

      The ANC must already be having nightmares of Libya and Gaddafi's end.

  32. Anonymous11:47 am

    Mike a few months ago I asked for your estimation on where we were on the sliding scale to a breaking point, I think you call it a scale where the Masse's realise they will never get what was promised to them.

  33. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Mike part 2 of the same Q and where do you think we are at this juncture.
    Also in regards to the junk status when do think the govt will default on bond repayments. I suspect this is perfect storm scenario.

    1. Anonymous3:19 am

      There might be an element of truth to the ANC verbal diarhea that states that junk status is an act of sabotage against the ANC by the bankers because ANC fiscal policy has not changed in yonks.

      So it is a matter of asking the banking elite. We might be pulled out of junk status once this economic attack has worked on getting zooms out.

    2. Anonymous7:53 am

      I'm not Mike but SA bond markets are dodgy right now. Ratings agency Standard & Poor downgraded SA's foreign debt to junk and local debt to one grade above junk. Read why here.

      It will take a long time after Zooms is out before stability returns. In the meantime expect volatility in the rand against all major currencies.


  34. You betrayed your racist attitudes spectacularly with this and there is no excuse for it:

    "It was a special bargain price, probably with a few free samoosas thrown in, because the company usually charges in excess of £150,000 a month."

    And there you have it folks.
    The "Gupta's" and "Zuma" have become the placeholders for the hatred of previously stymied racists. Now they can come out swinging with all their vitriolic bile and claim its jystified by supposedly directing it at Zuma and the Guptas.
    We should thank these "good racists" for not having enough sense to conceal themselves better. Mike (unlikely his real nanme) can barely restrain himself, even when he is winning, to sneak in a generic racist tropes held by his people and upon which fore-mothers suckled him and his cradle-mates.

    "Mike Smith", all the worthiness of what you wrote was discreditted by your compulsion as a racist to get your end in with that comment.
    What kind of blog name is this anyway? If you were looking for the perfect generic WASPy pseudonym to hide behind and purvey peeved-off perspectives of a frustrated South African racist of British colonial desecent, you couldn’t have chosen better.

    Sadly it is people like you and your followers who have dis-united this country; systematically and legislatively in the past and now from your bileous ramblings on blogs,social media. Take responsibility for the ugly face you present to people of colour and then maybe we have a chance. But of course you have no insight as you continue to hide behind false self-righteousness and pseudonyms.

    1. Gupta troll alert !

    2. Anonymous6:12 am

      @Tiger Lily: Please note what Mike actually wrote after the samoosa remark.

      "It affirms everything we have said on this blog over the past ten years. The ANC is not interested in peace or even reconciliation. They are not interested in good relations between the different races and people of South Africa. The ANC is not interested in nation building or uniting South Africans. A united South Africa is a threat to their Marxist hegemony over the diverse people of South Africa and a threat to their means to loot the state coffers freely into bankruptcy."

      Do not take offense so quickly because the Guptas happen to be Indian like you. They are typical criminals from Uttar Pradesh who only came here in the early nineties to see what they could ransack. They were more prescient than us.

    3. Anonymous6:14 am

      Phew! Some people are so PC and take offense so quickly that PC should refer to Pissing Contest in hypersensitivity.

    4. Anonymous6:16 am

      @ A fucking wagon burner, I can smell the stench of the wood in the ethers. Shoot the cunt

      Tiger lily and all, hey ma larney and all I must be telling you that you spell and smell just like a charo from the hills, reservoir hills.

      You one of those toothless tigers that run like the wind from the wind.

      Cunty, maybe you haven't realised it but some of us are proud to be racists. Fuck! You are one SMF.


    5. Anonymous8:32 am

      Once again, using the racism stick to beat us into submitting to corruption and evil. Worked 10 years, ago. Today we march forward under the rain of blows from the left, just like Ghandi did to the british in the salt tax rebellion.

      We are in the right, you Tiger Lily are the new colonial British oppressors.

      We march forward with no retreat anymore. No retreat to the strikes and blows of "racism". No more

      Forward. No turning back. If one falls to the ground, the rest behind must keep moving.

      Gone are the days where we cower in the face of punches and kicks.


    6. Anonymous8:35 am

      South Africa is a globalist union, much like the North American Union (now aborted by our hero Donald Trump) as well as the demonic European union.

      Death to unnatural unions! Death!

    7. Anonymous9:07 am

      Let me fix that for you Tiger Lily defender of evil.

      "Sadly it is people like the ANC and their followers who have dis-united this cuntry"

      Makes much more sense, now fuck off and grow a brain while you are at it you blind fuck!

    8. Anonymous9:35 am

      I would suggest your literal interpretation of 'samoosa' suggests, on first impression, a lack of a sense of humour but more especially the denial and/or ignorance you display for the blatant 'Capture" of SA. The real issue for concern should be the 'free stuff' we don't get told about.
      If you cannot see this then you are an utter fool which your racist rant cannot conceal.

      The underlying message of this post is State Capture. If 'samoosa' defines this entire post for you then I say that your 'educated' view is racist, obtuse, short-sighted and childish.

      Pity because you sound like an educated person. But, sadly, you may be educated but you sure ain't intelligent. Sounds like a member of the 'deconolize science' gang.

      Funny how the majority of the recent 'Marchers' were black... actually hilarious! Damn racists!!!

    9. Anonymous10:13 am

      Well its a well documented fact that indians do make the best samoosas and its a famous indian snack .wanna argue this? ill take you to 20 indian aunties who will tell you with pride that theirs is the best...so what you feel left out because you never seen or met a racist now you wanna look for one under every rock go crawl back in your mothers hole and get lost

      Lotsa love
      Mr Durr

    10. So "a few free samosas" equals a generic racist trope. I can't see how talking about samosas makes the sentence racist? It rather makes it funny. It also makes the reader think on why this company is charging less than its usual fee to the Guptas.

      But please explain how "samosas" makes the sentence racist.

      I am sure there are racists who make comments on Mike's blog, but most of the people here are not racist. Most of the time, though, people are called racists because they bring out an uncomfortable truth about non-white people.

      I couldn't care less if purple-green people from the lost world of Atlantis govern the country, as long they do it in a proper way. They can even steal some state money for themselves and run businesses, as long as it doesn't affect the running of the country.

      The blacks running the country has bankrupted every state institution and almost every government department. They are running the country into the ground via their open theft, blatant corruption, visible incompetence and I-don't-care-attitude; and that is the beef I have with them. I don't care if they are black, if they can't govern the country properly I am going to complain about it.

      Being black doesn't make you special in my book. If you are supposed to do a job then do it.

      It is definitely not Mike and his followers who have dis-united this country. This was done by the president, his party and his government. Just listen to their speeches and statements and you will see what I mean.

      The name of the blog is perfect and it shows what type of people are on this blog. We love the truth above all else. And the name of the blog is exactly that, as it says precisely what the blog is about.

      The president of the republic says that Africa is so big that all the continents in the world can easily fit into Africa. I don't want a stupid president like that and I don't care that he's black. If he was White or Colored or Indian or whatever, I would still have said he is stupid.

      I suppose Tiger Lily is your real name. Cool name, but wrong place to look for a fight...

    11. Anonymous11:06 am

      Ima proud racist, bitch, whatcha gonna do about it? Oppress me some more with BEE and AA? Fuck you and anybody who looks like you.

    12. Anonymous12:09 pm

      Hey tiger lily who tied you loose to come and cramp our style on this blog eh. Why don't you go speak with dad and mamoo, let them remind you of what the Zulus did to y'all Char's in Cato Manor during the 1950s, and they will also tell you it was us wit oues with guns that came to your rescue. I remember in the 80s and early 90s when umlazi and kwamashu and bambayi used to flare up with violence, how the whole of Chats and Phoenix used to cry for the Boere to come and save them.
      So you can steel for the Zulus and Zuma today but who's going to rescue you when the impis come to slaughter all you gobangwaans?

    13. Anonymous12:11 pm

      Charas are MASSIVELY fucken envious and rude. Invite one into your home and they will want to buy your property from you because they envy your "white" taste - they just don't get it right themselves. Chara taste is typically overblown and bombastic. They can turn a palace into a gold plated pigsty. It looks like utter shit no matter how much money the chara throws at it.

    14. Anonymous2:27 pm

      This Tiger lily sounds like he has to kiss negro butt again , his life depends on it , otherwise he will be discarded like a gutted samooza .

    15. Anonymous3:15 am

      To the paid troll.

      Your propaganda doesn't even work with liberals anymore and you're losing. The international community and most of the country are now against you.

      You have realized the walls are closing in on you and your last desperate move is to attack white people. And even worse, you've realized it's not working.

    16. Anonymous12:58 pm


      Its our fault, everything is our fault.

      If we never arrived in 1652 it would be our fault, if we never arrived they would have accused us of being racist and not arriving.

      When we arrived and handed them everything, they call us racist.

      Please, please, you are preaching to the wrong crowd.

      We hate racists very much, hence why we want an all white society, that way no racists can ever survive.

      Blacks want an all black society, business, forums, organizations just as much, hence BEE.

      Take your head out your ass!

    17. Anonymous9:30 am

      BN eish we don't care about eh history just gib us our free shit you raysis

  35. Graeme2:24 am

    Without wanting to sound like a proverbial gatkryper S.A. Sucks, Z.A. Sucks, this Blog along with a few others have done an excellent task of performing their duty for South Africa, they have all being brilliant P.R. stalwarts without the B.S. and without the monthly invoice amount of 150 000 Pounds Sterling.

    Their task has been made easy by the thieving, corrupt and grossly inept South African government that goes by the name of the African National Congress.

    Up until the dawn of S.A. Sucks everyone accepted that everything was just fine!

    I would like to use this forum as a public platform to thank those South Africa Sucks individuals for the tireless efforts that they put in to enlighten millions across the globe.

    Up until that moment in time everyone was trying to exist in some sort of a Rainbow Nation delusion that was a farcical tragedy.

    I would also like to thank the ANC for exceeding my expectations for your theft, corruption, nihilism and blatant disregard for each and everyone of your electorate, no P.R. will ever be able to turn the clocks back.

    We have now all become aware of your true colours!

  36. Anonymous6:05 am

    Australian rice farmer Graeme Kruger, who emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in 1997 before coming to Australia in 2012, said an increasing number of white farmers were getting out.

    “I would like to say, I certainly have never been and was never a supporter of the apartheid regime, and I certainly didn’t immigrate because I wanted to get away from South Africa,” said Kruger, now executive director of the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia.

    “We supported and openly celebrated the changes. But equally what is happening now is not right. To me it’s about humanity. Whether it’s the old apartheid regime or black-on-black violence or xenophobia, leaders need to be very careful with their positions and inciting violence towards anyone

    Another liberal idiot who thought he could co-op with his terrorist brothers finally had to give up and run. Now from far away he cast stones on his own shit.

    How many innocent whites have died because of traitors like that. He doesn't know the principles in life. Why not blaming the NWO and their terrorists for the disaster in S/Africa. He rather condemn apartheid. It's the NWO and their fools who are currently screwing up Europe too. Is that also because of apartheid.? They idiots are so brainwashed they will never wake up.

    My advice to all you stupid cunts out there, rather shut up than blaming a system like separateness which is one of the cornerstones of survival. Your multicultural fucked up society will only last until the whites became the minority then it will collapse as proven a million times.

    1. Anonymous10:19 am


      @Anonymous6:05 am

      Well criminality rubs off - when you surround yourself with criminals, the children of convicts, lying becomes second nature.

      He wouldnt want to get those sheep shaggers all pissed off now would he, you know what they do to little fags in penal camps.

      I bet if you watch him walk, he walks like a real cowboy and that aint from riding kangaroos.

    2. Anonymous10:32 am

      Apartheid was an attempt to de-globalise south africa. So if you are against apartheid, you are against nationalism and you are a globalist cock sucker. Fuck off and die then Graeme. Eat shit and die. Just saying.

    3. Anonymous11:36 am

      @ anon 6:05 am.

      Graeme Kruger is the typical coward that does not want to admit to himself that he is a coward so he fights his fights from distant shores and wins them all by kilometers ahead of the second fastest coward

      As I have always said, you can call a cunt a reproductive organ, a fanny, a love nest or Graeme Kruger but the fact remains that it stays a cunt at the end of the day.


    4. Anonymous2:22 pm

      Anon 6:05 If you never were against apartness then you should be quite happy with the NWO of togetherness , NOT ?
      I say separate development was actually a good system, especially for those making their own lives work. for those knowing their ways will not come together as proven by the separate development in all the African run Countries after they chased the Whiteman out and proved their OUTCOME, didnt want to put in a seperate development because it would become an utter FAILURE.
      They would much rather raid and pillage to live for another day. It proves it in SA regarding the Land issue , so much Land is there , but its to much effort to put in Effort , rather have it up and running , and get it for FREEEE.

    5. Anonymous9:07 am


      @Anonymous2:22 pm

      Separate development could never work in this country or any country with karasites.

      Have you ever seen a Karasite develop a single thing? A single invention? Give them education and they stuff that up as well.

      Separate development leads to whites improving, uplifting themselves. The Karasites then see what little they have got in comparison to the white man.

      Then jealousy creeps in.

      Then whitee is accused of stealing, holding the masses back, accused of being a racist blah blah blah

      Useless shits. You cant develop with a parasite around.

      Can any person sleep sound at night with a bed full of bed bugs or a house infested with fleas or lice?

      Separate development works if you have your own country and keep these Karasites out of your country and as FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR away as possible

      In the end, the Karasite will go the same way the bushman went. Either that, or whitee will have to go and this place will become separate backwardness.

      I love the new SA. The new SA has turned many liberals into far right wingers. It has shown us what the Karasites really want to do to the whites.

      I love it, they tell us exactly what they are planning to do with all their arrogance.

      I dont want to hear them crying in the future calling us racists etc etc, cause that shit wont work. We have seen EXACTLY what they have done to whites in 23 short but long years in power.

      73,000 lay in their graves now, murdered in cold blood.

      For every innocent life taken, a million of them will pay.

      Make no mistake this is a war but the battle is yet to be decided.

      I love Karasites a lot especially when you dont see any around.

  37. Many interesting and valued points. Perhaps thecwriter could clarify what he means by "libtard media"? I've only heard the term libtard used in a trolling kind of way. Obviously lots of right-wing leaning people feel the word liberal isn't enough of a pejorative so they thought combining it with the word retard would better express their contempt for liberalism, but I'd be interested to hear what was meant by it in this context.

    1. Are you a Bell Pottinger bot or are you paid by the HuffPost?

    2. Anonymous10:56 am

      You answered your own question.

    3. Anonymous11:13 am

      He is a rainbow-homotard who slurps up everything the corporate media tards and government tards tells him Mike. Seal club the retard and move on!

  38. Was wondering yesterday, didn't Malema go to London in 2015? Wasn't he the one who started with this 'White monopoly capital' in his rally speeches?

    1. Anonymous3:54 am

      Oh Yeah!

  39. Stephen2:20 am

    Hi Mike

    You cant make this stuff up really. Its like a script from hell , this country were living in , these conditions were living under , the daily attack on whiteness and the shear blatant arrogance of the kaffirs is enough to make a saint swear.

    And to this Evans-dude above - LIBTARD was coined right here on Mike's blog. It means you have to be retarded to be a liberal , or rather you are retarded if you are a liberal.

    You know Evans , you had two things going for you , you share my name and skin colour - but reading your post makes me realize not all Steves are cool .. some like you are a fool.

    Mike one last request , looking at the state of things not just here but also abroad - with North Korea and Trump in conflict , then looking towards September ( its keeps coming up in my minds eye ) do you also think that there will be global-drama in that month ?

    The more I see ,the more it makes sense .

  40. Anonymous2:42 am

    Libturd Extraordinaire - Actress Charlize Theron’s Adopted Son Steps Out In Yellow Dress And Female Sandals - http://magtrendz.com.ng/actress-charlize-therons-adopted-son-steps-yellow-dress-female-sandals/

    1. Anonymous3:29 am

      Not quite right in the head.

    2. Anonymous3:54 am

      Oh please, these people are diseased. Their minds have completely gone.

      I'm so glad not to be associated with that, what a laughing stock! Sicko's

    3. Anonymous11:11 am

      You DO realize that you just saw the picture of the person that will one day wind up probably murdering her...

      Mark my words...

      And then people will claim that the mudshark got what was coming to her...

      Remember what we spoke about? It is the law of the double cross.

    4. Anonymous2:19 pm

      For any five year old boy to be dressed as a girl is sufficient reason to murder the twisted bitch.

    5. Anonymous8:45 pm

      Now we know why Sean Penn kicked her into touch.
      Jesus! Just imagine having to be seen in public with that lot! Good for you, Sean. You deserve better than a piece of trash.

    6. Anonymous10:02 pm

      2:19 don't confuse a niglet for a boy

    7. Anonymous10:24 am

      Hoe weet jy Charlize Theron is van Benoni? Sy het haar Oscar gechrome.

    8. Anonymous6:45 pm

      Haar ringtone klink amper na so iets "Ring ek tune Ring!"

    9. Anonymous10:39 pm

      Well that thing speaks Afrikaans so she must be from somewhere...

  41. Anonymous3:01 am

    When eveyone is at work, they will stop next to the highways and wait for the people to start going home. They will then cause a huge traffic jams, making sure no vehicles can leave the roads, preventing people from reaching their homes where they are protected and have guns, then the killing will start.

    1. Anonymous11:02 am

      I installed a gun safe in my car (job wont let me carry at work). Car is viewable from my office window.

      I at least have a pistol. With any luck some of us will take sick leave on that day per chance and get to the choppa....

    2. Anonymous11:17 am

      @ Anon 11:02

      Yeah, most workplaces are full of alarmists who will need trauma counselling at the mere sight of a holster.

      Did you do the installation yourself or have a professional fashion you a lekker hidden job ?

      I have a small portable safe that uses a cable and locks under my seat, but it is definately not SABS, so I am hesitant to use it for my pistol.

      Remember Weenen

    3. Anonymous9:29 am

      Anon 11:17 WTF is Weenen? That flood story? C'mon spill the beans :)

    4. Anonymous10:29 am

      Google Nissi Safes, they are SABS approved, but they are in the Transvaal, Alberton


      I had mine done under the driver seat. I coated it with spongue to stock the gun from scratching (yeah I am a mangina haha)

      If you have a 4x4, they have easier options.

      I think there is another installer whose name escaped me where they use a Hilux's existing centre console bolts to install a safe. It should only be used to avoid getting fired.

      I got fired from a job because I got busted with a gun at work. New boss said "no guns". Can't risk it a second time.

    5. Anonymous8:10 am

      @ Anon 9:29

      In remembrance of the 534 murder victims of 1838 and a reminder that the cowards will come in the dead of night.

      @ Anon 10:29

      Thanks for that chap.

      Remember Weenen.

  42. Anonymous12:32 pm

    As with everything in life generalizations about nations, races, cultures, religious etc are never correct. One corrupt firm with no morals or scruples does not make an entire country like that. There are corrupt and greedy and selfish individuals and organizations the world over. It's this we should be addressing and how to try and raise children that difference should not divide and that no one group is superior over another.

    1. Anonymous12:53 pm


      @Anonymous12:32 pm

      Oh please, take your rainbow bullshit kumbaya and sing it somewhere else.

      If one group is not superior to another, then why the fuck have the bantu never invented a single thing?

      No there is nothing but chaos with blacks, every Karasite infested country is a complete, complete, total fuck up.

      Its the only human parasite. Without other races to leach off of, mother nature takes care of their population.

      There are nations that are superior, you can fool yourself honey but you cant fool me.

      Thanks to the white man, I can type this over the internet, on a computer invented by him, software designed by him, the networks designed by him, the telecommunication lines required to turn the bits into bytes are thanks to him.

      Tell your children they are the same and in the end watch them get eaten alive by Karasites.

      When you see it happen, remember we are all equal.

    2. Anonymous10:23 pm

      @ Anon12:32pm.

      When your children and grand children are starving in a country where all it takes to feed yourself and compete with the other 1st world countries is just a little hard work, commonsense, discipline and initiative then I would like you to come and explain the equality that you so promote in your post here.

      I dont know why I bother to even waste my energy on the retardedness of your kind but I suppose I cannot hit sense into you so I will just repeat what I have said previously.

      How can retard and human be equal? Drive through Africa, please. Go and see the utter destruction, dereliction, apathy, stupidity and retardedness of Africa that the white man( humans) once ruled and retard then claimed.

      Please go and assess your equality then convince yourself that these retards are truly equal to homo sapiens.

      Do me a favour, when you want to talk shit, rather go to the toilet, you obviously have a serious inferiority complex and are trying your utmost to justify your stupidity.

      Fuck off and have a good life in your retarded world. Do not think we will feed you once your bubble pops.


  43. Anonymous2:37 pm

    One thing is for sure, the 'MSM narrative' is failing. First it was the closing down of comments on news sites, and then the fake 'Penny Sparrow' social media comments from the ANC's so-called 'war room'. And then came this recent media agency attempt against whites....and all have failed, the result has simply been more exposure of ANC wrongdoing against and more discrediting of the ANC.

    Anyone who supports the ANC right now has less intelligence than a mentally handpicked person.

  44. Anonymous1:36 am

    Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QD

    +44 20 3772 2500

    Chairman and Managing Partner
    Mark Smith

    Chief Executive
    James Henderson

    Why not give them a call or take some eggs for a walk to their offices...?

  45. Anonymous1:41 am

    Mike, please post a follow-up article to this with the doosse se faces on so we can all copy the link and mail it to them...?


  46. Anonymous2:11 am

    @ Anonymous12:32 pm

    You stated the following.

    "There are corrupt and greedy and selfish individuals and organizations the world over. It's this we should be addressing and how to try and raise children that difference should not divide and that no one group is superior over another."

    Did you ever think how does nature exist for so many millions of years? Did you pay any attention to it? Did you ever wonder why did people build houses with walls in it.? Why is there a wall between you and your neighbor?. Why does your neighbor have his own house.? Why are there boundaries for countries?

    For Separateness, Apartheid. You separate yourself from your own family in your house for peace sake by means of walls. You can picture what a house would be without walls and separations. The wall between you and your neighbor is there to separate you from each other for peace sake. Do you get it? Boundaries between farms are there for peace sake and so are boundaries between countries. So, can you see how the hateful Apartheid is keeping peace so far.

    Now let's take a look at nature. Why are there so many millions of different species, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, etc.? Because each of them abide by the one rule of "kind after kind". (Separateness, Apartheid). If they don't abide by it and it starts to follow the demonic view of all you multicultural liberals of "there is no difference between any thing", nature would wipe itself out in one cycle of production, all you multicultural liberals included.

    I know you have no clue what I mean. If nature in it's total vastness decides tomorrow not to abide by the Apartheid principle of "kind after its own kind" and it starts to practice your ideology of no difference between races or kinds, and horses try to breed with cattle and vice versa, there would be no offspring of any kind of creature anymore. All fruit, veggies, plants, animals none would produce anything. Can you see that you are contra nature.?

    But, but we are HUMANS they say,

    Humans, are not separated from nature, they are part of it. Humans are depended on nature with all it's principles of Apartheid. It is impossible for you to exist without abiding by the natural rules.

    Therefore, every nation on earth has the right to separate himself from other nations. Even you multicultural broods practice apartheid when you live in homes with walls between you and your own family and your neighbors and you separate yourselves with offices with walls, at work.

    You want to teach your kids there are no differences. You must be mad to think nature is corrupt like you.

    Separateness, Apartheid = Peace. So,do we whites have a right to call for a separate living. a Separate land without interference from other nations. Of course we have!

    No political rule can undone nature's rule of Separateness, Apartheid. The whites in South Africa have the right on their land and to separate themselves from the black nations. Denying any creature in nature his right on life as nature functions, will lead to everlasting conflict until nature gets it way.

    Any church or political party who denies nature and it's principles are doing so to cause chaos and destruction. Do not support them, they are evil. There will be peace only when different nations respect nature and abide by it's laws of separate living.

    Any baboon or ape who thinks he's equal to a leopard will become a snack sooner or later by negligence of nature's principles.

    "Apartheid Forever", it's the cornerstone of existence.

    1. Pardon me if I state the obvious but somehow the liberals don't seem to worry about this fact: If you mix races it is the white race that comes to an end. You hear all the coloreds, Indians and Africans are blacks because if a white pairs with a black what arrives nine months later is definitely not white. Once you stir a teaspoon of shit into the vanilla milkshake... I'm sure you get the picture. Anyway - black may be beautiful but white is white.

    2. Anonymous8:58 am


      @willempie8:39 am

      And white is might!

  47. Anonymous5:37 am

    Ja nou het n miljoen rassistiese blankes land uit padgegee weg van die swartes af en ek en 4 ander het alleen agter gebly tussen mal blankes wat die toring van Babel wil bou saam Angus Artapelmoer.

  48. Anonymous5:46 am

    And can we believe them when they say they've walked away from the gupta business? Maybe just trying to stop the fallout...

  49. Anonymous8:45 am

    Holy Mackerel the price some pay for multiculti kum baya , with the Iti navy/ferry collecting savages and taking them home to mamma `s , with the love so great ending in tragedy .


    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Play stupid games, you get a stupid prize.

  50. Whiteman11:55 am

    Anonymous 2:11 am, thank you for your clear logical explanation of natures laws and pre requisites. Unfortunately, a large number of libturds just can not grasp these realities. And angus buchan is going to prove all you racists wrong, with the BIG MIX in Bloem on the 22 nd. Check some very interesting reading about angus, and Siener van Rensburg on the web site : vaandel.co.za Even the Siener critics, will have to take note of the info in that article.

    1. Anonymous3:21 am


      @Whiteman11:55 am

      Interesting stuff.

      You will never convince these people regarding Van Rensburg. Even when the republics are here, even when they stretch to the equator, when the Karasite has vanished from the country - they will still question.

    2. Anonymous10:22 am

      Adriaan Snyman also stated in his other article that Trump admitted to being part of the KKK. When I watched Trump, he disavowed the KKK and David Duke.

      So I call BS on Snyman, unless someone with less crap afrikaans than me can prove me wrong

    3. Anonymous3:29 am


      Not sure whether true or not, but why would Trump admit that, when Obama would not admit he was a Muslim on live TV?

      Or denounce Islam?

  51. Anonymous3:49 am

    For as long as Angus is getting our people to pray with the nignogs to live in peace together with the nignogs,fuck him and his multiculty babilon god and the horse he came apon. Wile they pray and say peace peace destrution is upon our people.

    1. Stephen7:52 am

      Anon 3:49 , that's exactly why we need to pray - because destruction is on our people.

      Don't dis Angus caus he's getting the nation to do that , what have you done except for moaning ?

      I have all the respect for Angus and believe tomorrow's prayers will change this country .
      I have seen Gods hands in my own life so I know HE is real .

      So in essence - one mans dis-belief doesn't nullify the power of faith.

      You know , the Israelites that complained about Moses never got to see the promised land , count your words buddy - you place yourself in the same category as them moaners.

    2. Anonymous9:27 am

      What are you talking about man? Being PC is the new black, I'm sure G_D will understand these Pharisees.

    3. Anonymous7:38 pm

      Jeremiah 12:10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.

      Angus, is part of them, why? because

      Proverbs 28:9 He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.

      Throughout the Bible God ordered to be holy. Holy means to separate you not just from sin but also from other nations. To live separately as a nation in your land. Apartheid, Separateness,= Holy. It does not mean you are special, it's an order from God to all nations. It's part of God's laws.

      Psalms 109:7 When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.

      When we rebuke you bastard liberals to live holy ,you call us racists. You call God's laws racist!

      Proverbs 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.

      Who is wicked and who is righteous?. Those who turn their ears away from God's laws are called the wicked.

      Lamentations 3:44 Thou hast covered thyself with a cloud, that our prayer should not pass through.

      Angus and all followers can multiply in their wicked prayers, but God will not hear.

      Jeremiah 11:14 Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me for their trouble.

  52. Anonymous3:52 am

    Mindblowing. Expect to see 17 rand to the dollar soon. These jungle bunnies won't feel the difference. They have no idea.


    Cape Town - Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane has given a group of controversial Cuban engineers an R11.3m pay hike amid claims the department is bankrupt.

    The revelation comes as the department was allegedly R4.3bn in the red in February, leaving hundreds of contractors unpaid for at least seven months, according to City Press.

    Mokonyane revealed in a written reply to the Democratic Alliance on Thursday that the Cuban engineers employed in 2015 have reduced in number from 35 to 31, but that their total cost to the state had increased from R19.9m to R31.2m for the 2016/17 financial year.

    Staggeringly, their travel costs escalated from about R582 000 to nearly R5.2m in one year. Their basic salaries also saw an increase from R10.4m to R19.1m.

    “Their contracts will expire on 21 December 2017 but I have approved that their contracts should be extended up to 30 June 2018,” said Mokonyane in her reply.

    “It’s a huge increase,” DA water and sanitation spokesperson Leon Basson told Fin24 on Thursday. “We are sitting with a shortfall of R300bn in the Water Department in the next three years. Minister Mokonyane is wasting money by not contributing to the South African situation that the country finds itself in with regard to the infrastructure of water and sanitation.”

    Mokonyane is a staunch supporter of President Jacob Zuma and has criticised African National Congress members for seeking to recall the president from his position.

    1. Anonymous8:57 am

      @Anonymous3:52 am

      If Zuma cannot count & he is leading the Karasites, then you must know that the lower down you get the dumber they are.

      They know exactly what they are doing.

      They want to keep their mulatos sweet just in case they need them to fight within the borders this time.

      When these Cubans go home, the first thing they will do is implement apartheid and say NUNCA! Jamas!

      Cubans smoking their fat cigars laughing all the way to the bank, the dumb fooling the dumber.

      Money thrown at a problem will inevitably just make the problem worse. Money will never buy them a brain, education cant help them, money cant help them because its their DNA - Karasites.

      Blood suckers!

    2. Anonymous9:26 am

      Fuck but these ANC apes are useless!

    3. Anonymous11:06 am

      @ Anon 3:52 am.

      Some idiot will tell you that you're a racist and negative.

      Wait for it.

    4. Anonymous10:50 pm

      Anon 3:52 am. You are a negative racist...

  53. Anonymous7:35 am

    Stuff Johann Rupert, him & others were pro anc prior to 1994 & all the way to before Mandela died, he deserves everything that comes his way.

  54. Anonymous10:34 am



    'The country is not well'

    LOL - I could have told these deluded doo gooders this before 1994 was ushered in.

    Reverend Helgard Janse van Rensburg, moderator of the Dutch Reformed Church in the Free State, said there was a big need for a prayer gathering.

    How about they start with the following first before they jump on their prayer bandwagon.

    1. Reject Multiculturalism.
    2. Reject the accepted homosexuality they all embrace.
    3. Denounce the ANC.
    4. Admit they were wrong about the new SA & turn their backs on it - that doesnt mean bending over for the ANC.
    5. Actually read their bibles - this way they can see what their churches preach is about 360 degrees found in the book.
    6. Take their heads out their asses.
    7. Stop picking/choosing scriptural passages that make them feel good.

    "We believe prayer brings change and it is heartening to see how people from all terrains stand together in unity."

    LOL - lets see how their change turns the Karasite into a rational being. These people sound like a bunch of druggies on LSD - they are all smoking their own dope & believe it.

    There is nothing more pathetic than a Christian who will not see the world for how it is and what it is.

    What did Ghandi say.... If it was not for Christians we would all be Christians.

    And Boere_Ninja or Boere_mal_Ninja as others like to call me says, if you read your bible you there will be no need to go to these pathetic liberal, Karasite ass kissing liberal gatherings.

    Bunch of fools, the lot of them.

    "We hope that the message has been spread as far as possible so that it can be a multicultural event that anyone can attend."

    God will give them the complete opposite to what they pray for. Embracing Multiculturalism is the equivalent of praying to baal and asking God to save them.

    They are doing EXACTLY what Moses found the people doing when he came down from the mountain, the only difference is these people bow down before Multiculturalism.

    Wanting their prayers to be answered while praying to a false god. This Multiculturalism is a Satanic, marxist, brainwashing.

    How can they even mock the Lord and mention multiculturalism in their prayer?

    These people endanger all of us, they will stoke up the Lords wrath! They will get the COMPLETE opposite to what they pray for.

    They think the "neighbor verse" in the bible is applicable to all peoples and nations - IT IS NOT! It quite clearly says in the bible - Do not mix with the heathens, do not yoke yourselves with them.

    Oh, let them pray after their folly. The Lord will punish them for praying for a satanic practice.

    Fools the lot of them, they cant even see that the demise of South Africa is because of the very thing they pray for - Multiculturalism to work.

    Perhaps they are not praying to the same God because the God of the bible clearly speaks against everything they so wish to pray for.

    Let us pray for them, rather than them pray for us because their prayer will infuriate the Lord and when the Lord lets rip, we find we get caught up in their bullshit prayers.

    I hope the ground opens up and swallows this scum. They are wishy, washy, luke warm Christians.

    They embrace homosexuality and multiculturalism and want the Lord to save them?

    Really? Can they not see that we sit in this very position for all the abominations they have come to accept and make part of their day to day lives?

    The Lord is using the heathen to whip the white man in this country back in shape and the white man overseas.

    The more they cry for it, the harder the lashes will become.

    REJECT the new SA, reject all of this multiculturalism shit and turn your back on it and then things will get better.


    1. Anonymous10:49 pm

      Define a heathen for us, oh great mal ninja.

      Is it a non believer? Or is it a non white?

    2. Anonymous12:12 am

      @ BN 10:34 am.

      I would like to disagree with you on a couple of points and stir up the pot a little more

      1. Believing that pray changes everything is an excuse not to have to face reality and live the present. Pray to the Christians is the excuse the need to sit back and do fuck all.

      2.These idiots are not smoking dope, they living on their own shit, eating, sleeping, drinking and spewing it.

      3. Sorry mate, as much as I agree with a lot of what you say, you have fucked up on this one these christian god loving cunts have been taking black dick up the arse for so long now that they are just easy whores to the retarded swine that ram them daily.

      4.Ghandi was an astute and clever man man when he made his observation.

      5.The Christian believers will never receive anything because they fucked up the first rule of the creator, " there is no other god but me" 2 nd rule, " never add or subtract to my word " new testament is and addition and contradiction to the old. Check Israel those boys are blessed by their creator.

      6. Praying with a retard is like going to a party with Hades, it just leads to insurmountable shit

      7. These idiots, "I don't know why you class them as people" do not endanger us, they will be the reason that we can repay hostilities as retard will cut them up first.

      8. Mate, I am a heathen to their belief but know this brother, I will stand by you and in front of you in battle and fight till I am dispatched from this reality. How many of your Christian brothers will do the same for you. Because your Christian belief calls me heathen does not mean they are right.

      As for rejecting multiculturalism why reject, it shouldn't have ever been on offer.


    3. Anonymous3:31 am

      Would be interesting to hear how many tents get broken into over the weekend.

    4. Anonymous6:19 am


      @Anonymous10:49 pm

      Very simple and easily answered.

      A heathen is any nation or people that was not under the cloud when Israel crossed from Egypt to Israel.

      Paul mentions it in Corinthians.

      The Church preach that whites were heathens before accepting the gospel but that is because they are ignorant of history and archeology.

      They could never have been heathens, if they were heathens then Christ would not have sent his disciples to preach to them.

      Those apostles were only to go unto the lost sheep of Israel.

      So if they are not the lost sheep or of the house of Israel, then they are heathens.

      Christians can smoke their dope all night long and sing kumbaya with the heathens but it is not what is written.

      Now you tell that to the modern Christian, pastor, church and they will tell you but but but but the new testament says we are all Christs body...

      But Christs lineage and body is not of the heathen, his lineage goes straight back to Adam.

      These Christians would be better off following the Lord of the rings. Because the shit they spew hasnt got anything to do with the good book.

      I know this because of the huge, huge wishy, washy crowds that join + follow them. These evangelists love to have epic stories to tell, like when they were speared in the Amazon, eaten in papua new guinea by cannibals...

      They confuse doing good with following the book.

      Go but unto the house of Israel, as opposed to preach to every savage walking in a loin cloth.

      And then they wonder why they get eaten and whats even more ludicrous is they ACTUALLY believe they are doing Gods work.

      Christ is shacking his head at these idiots. But let them worship baal, the new world orders multiculturalism while crying out to the Lord.

      Mark my words, things now will be FAR WORSE, FAR WORSE after insulting the Lord like this.

      Chase the heathen out and you will have your rest. David was only able to build the temple when the heathen was destroyed.

      Yolk yourself with the heathen, cry out and the Lord will curse you even worse because you ask for peace when you destroy yourself by picking and choosing what to follow to impress the people, like a doo gooder.

      These are not Christians, these are the walking dead, following blindly.

      They should rather read their good books and see that what they are asking for CAN NEVER happen - because they pray for peace while accepting an abomination.

      Multiculturalism is an abomination in the sight of the Lord - end of story.

      Israel was to be a separate people, out of all the nations, the Lord called them out and they were told to not mix with the heathen.

      And told to go BUT UNTO the lost house Israel - in modern English it will read - go ONLY to the lost sheep of Israel and not the heathen.

      Let them pray, but they will bring destruction on themselves and this nation for praying for something they were commanded not to do.

      Praying for this is insanity.

      The miracle is how we lasted so long in this country with such morons.

      It is these moron evangelists which increased the karasite population by giving them food, water, sanitation, education - interfering with mother nature and the result is mass starvation.

      And then they wonder why Africa is a groot fuck up. It is these doo gooder inbred Christians faults.

      Their biggest mistake was in making the Karasite believe he could do what the white man did and then he wonders why we have such problems.

      They have told him he can do something that he never was equipped to do.

      The sons of ham, the canaanites were to be a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren and these fools have led them to believe they can be masters...

      And they cant understand why Africa is a big stuff up.

    5. Anonymous6:55 am


      LTMA I dont believe you are a heathen. I think you are a disillusioned Christian.

      A wannabe Christian that cannot stand the lies, hypocrisy you see in the Church and how wishy washy these people are.

      These people can call themselves Christians but they are not. You cant call yourself a Christian while yoking with Multiculturalism.

      I call these heathen Christian readers. They read the bible but dont follow it.

      Big difference.

      You can not read the bible, not go to Church or any meetings and be a Christian by simply following a few principles.

      Christ did not come to make peace. He never says so, so when a Christian tells me Christ is all loving. I instantly smell bullshit because this is not what it says.

      christ came to bring the sword! The sword back then is what the gun is now. What is a gun for? A Gun is used to bring peace, through the sword of Joshua peace came to Israel through the sword.

      Peace will and can only come to this country through the sword and removing the heathen that pray to their spirits and ancestors, evil spirits that do evil deads and cause their heathens to destroy the people.

      Christians are fighters not weaklings.

      Do you think weak individuals would have been able to withstand lashings, being fed to lions, burnt with tar, hunted?

      You hate "christians" but what you hate is not a Christian. You hate pretentious people pretending to be Christians and hiding behind a book called the bible.

      If you go to the prayer meeting, yolk with these people, you are yolking with a new world order, satanic kingdom.

      This is not Christian, its false Christianity.

      Just because I can or could dress in Zulu gear, paint my face, do my dance, do the crying sound,does not make me a Zulu but an imposter.

      These people sing Christian, preach Christian, but dont follow the Christian way.

      If you yolk with the heathen and do not slay it, dont cry when you find yourself in this situation.

      This event will bring chaos upon them and eventually they will be brought right on their knees and have to re-evaluate all the bullshit they spew and preach.

      This kumbaya shit is not Christianity but satanism in the form of Christianity. It makes them feel good but feeling good does not mean you are doing good or the right Christian thing.

      These are not Christians. You cant bow down to baal, multiculturalism and ask the Lord to help you.

    6. Anonymous6:55 am



      That is like me putting my foot into a bear trap and then crying out to the Lord to help, when 3 feet before the sign it said "beware the bear trap".... Multiculturalism is a satanic ideology which appeals to a false Christianity that will bow to a false messiah that appears on the world stage.

      The first ruler of babylon was found in 2003 during the Iraq invasion - the real weapon of mass destruction, Nimrod aka gilgamesh in Sumeria - half human, half fallen angel.

      The first King of babylon to rule a world system that stretched from Egypt to Sumeria (Modern day Iraq aka Babylon).


      This story was only leaked once the Russians leaked it but a body was found.

      The body vanished very quickly and is no where to be found.

      Today with cloning, splicing, technology one can bring mammoths/dinosaurs to life, one can bring it to life. The spirits spoken about in Enoch are always trying to get back into this realm.

      Christ says it will be as in the days of Genesis. In those days there were gods on earth. Multiculturalism thrived which is why the flood came, the flesh was corrupt. Adams seedline destroyed or the image of God nearly wiped out.

      That one who rises up will yolk the Jews, Muslim and Christians & all the world religions together when he sits on the new Babylon new world order, one government ruled world, unite the world under the pretense of peace and Multiculturalism = one world kingdom of all peoples.

      These gullible sheep will be lead to the slaughter, because they fell for the trap.

      They are not Christians, they dont even grasp basic principles. They rather listen than read because they are too lazy.

      I dont think you are a heathen but a strong Christian repulsed by these things calling themselves Christians.

      Not saying Im better but I wont yolk with these deluded peoples. You cant be a heathen because you despise the heathen. Heathens dont despise other heathens.

    7. Whiteman12:09 pm

      Well said BN ! Whether people want to believe the Bible or not, race mixing can NEVER work, and will NEVER work. Mariah Carey, singer/film star, said in an interview once : It is VERY difficult to be multi racial ! And listen to the colourds in the Cape. They often say : For the whiteys we are not white enough, and for the nignogs we are not black enough. What do you think this causes to their psyche ? I read once that the colourds were responsible for the most rapes ? This shows undiluted ANGER, caused by useless whitemen, who had NO respect for their sacred genes. And I believe they are all sitting in hell today. I actually have a lot of sympathy for the coloured people, because they did not have a choice in their creation.

  55. Anonymous11:27 am

    Off topic, Jammer Menneer

    If I don't do social media or anything under the "select profile" list then how may I register as a member? I don't mind waiting for my posts to be approved, but it would be nice if I did not have to.


  56. Anonymous11:52 am

    What I like best about you Mike is that you call it like you see it. Feels like a braai, maar met n harde soutie wat wie glad nie bang is om te se wat hom wol niet.

    I certainly do not agree with everything you say, but like a Boer in the rebellion once said. I will translate: I think for myself but I am with De la Rey.


    1. Anonymous10:37 pm

      I now need to go to Boer Braai to hear what Boeries really think about stuff going on :D

  57. Anonymous7:55 pm

    He who preaches and practices un holiness like multiculturalism, brings the curse upon themselves. From the beginning to the end of the Bible the majority were always wrong. The nations mingled themselves and then received their destruction what they were praying for.

    Jeremiah 23:27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal.

    Ezekiel 23:35 Therefore thus saith YHWH; Because thou hast forgotten me, and cast me behind thy back, therefore bear thou also thy lewdness and thy whoredoms.

    Jeremiah 7:8 Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit.

    9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not;

    10 And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations?

    11 Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith YHWH.

    16 Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee.

    Jeremiah 12:11 They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart.

    12 The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of YHWH shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.

    13 They have sown wheat, but shall reap thorns: they have put themselves to pain, but shall not profit: and they shall be ashamed of your revenues because of the fierce anger of YHWH.

    14 Thus saith the LORD against all mine evil neighbours, that touch the inheritance which I have caused my people Israel to inherit; Behold, I will pluck them out of their land, and pluck out the house of Judah from among them.

    15 And it shall come to pass, after that I have plucked them out I will return, and have compassion on them, and will bring them again, every man to his heritage, and every man to his land.

    16 And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name, YHWH liveth; as they taught my people to swear by Baal=(Lord);

    then shall they be built in the midst of my people.

    17 But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, saith YHWH.

    1. Anonymous6:27 am


      @Anonymous7:55 pm

      You know, I admire them for braving the cold, the drive, the journey but that is where this ends.

      What they are doing and praying for is not what is written in the book.

      I pray the Lord does not unleash his wrath on this nation for praying for an abomination.

      These people are practicing a form of satanism. Praying for things in the Lords name that were to never be practiced.

      Mark my words, things now will get a lot, lot worse.

      Can any person who has actually gone on the bible imagine Christians praying for Lesbians/gays to have a happy marriage in the name of the Lord when Sodom was burnt to the ground for these very sins?

      Or asking the Lord to help them while bowing to a golden calf?

      Oh my, what they are doing I shudder to think will come upon the children of Jacob in this land.

      This is what happens when well intentioned, good people do in the name of the bible yet fail to read it.

      Its an enthusiastic fool thinking he can skip helicopter flying school due to his enthusiasm for flying or because he heard some guy say how easy it is to fly one of these things on TV. When it crashes, he wants to know why.

      Lord dont punish us or unleash your fury on us, unleash the heathen on these wishy washy Christians.

      If we got rid of these Christians tomorrow in SA, half the problems would be solved. Bet they all carry Mandela in their wallets.

      And they wonder why we have problems.

      Im glad others have actually read their bibles!

    2. Anonymous12:03 am

      Christianity is only meant for Whites.

      Biblical turning of the other cheek only applies to fellow whites and no one else.

  58. Anonymous7:57 pm

    What has happened to all the protest marches and mass action?

    I thought that chief retard would have left already, I imagined that the pressure would have been to much and he would have cracked and broken down and had a stroke.

    The stroke that he did have is amazing. Since the masses of mass action that attracted a total of 200 000 + 1 or 2 more let's see what has happened.

    Showerhead has got the dream of his snot pickers into the treasury, he has secured a dream of antiquated and dicey nuclear power ( that will never work or be completed) he has put another of his kin in charge of building and organising this the greatest steal to date on the African continent.

    Eskom has applied for leave not to follow procedure for finance to build this bullshit power so that means they can empty the vaults without check. Just BTW how long has retard been trying to build the power stations that are still not commissioned? A true testament to retard effectiveness those are.

    While the mass demos were all the rave, SA became a junk yard, the price of food rocketed, petrol is on its way to striking new high and those highs are not the ones that come from inhalation. The rand is greasing its arse so that the slide will be fast and smooth.

    Without being negative and short sighted I would say mass action never did work so well, the fire has died and everybody except these few gents and one lady here ( don't get offended now rfr, we all know you wear your mommies dresses and sisters make up and squat to urinate) has accepted the NSA and has lost the will to fight and now embraces their new way of poorer living.

    The one thing that everybody seem to have missed with the quite and organized toi-toi and hand holding, bunny hugging, huddle and cuddle with stinks and charcoal is that retard cannot organise, enforce or continue to complete anything, they do something half then they need to rest and recover and then they will come back and start something new because being retarded means they don't have a working brain so they forget what they started in the first place.

    So let's face it, the only change we will see is the one we bring about and at present the whites are just far to comfortable having everything go to shit in their front yard while they themselves turn native.

    Oh, I hope all you Christian god lovers are joining that dick with his hat and book to pray and look fucking stupid in Bloem because I am really waiting to see this God of yours pull a rabbit out of his arse because its never going to come out of his hat. I have waited a couple years and some to see the coming of this JC chap but apparently he told some folk 2000+ years ago to wait for him and he never returned and those folk told some other folk who told some other folk who told some other folk and so on till you guys got hold of the story and also started waiting for him to arrive, so I am not holding my breath for anything new but I am challenging you miracle callers to prove me wrong.

    Oh, please do call me a Satanist and all those other things you dream of because if it takes a Satanist to change this land and rid it of the pestilence that prevails I will gladly accept the title.

    So chaps, what next after the coffers are empty, the pray grounds littered and the rugby games finished are we going to carry sucking black arse or are we going to get a resistance active and a revolution started?


    1. Anonymous6:55 am

      @LTMA 7.57pm - IMO the protests stopped because the libtards saw that Whitey was not "racist" and that Whitey would gain the upper hand and thereby expose them as liars and the architects of all the ills in SA. Whitey has to be the scapegoat for their agenda to be successful BUT they do not know our determination and strength and where there is a Will there is a Way. We will all be of the same Will and the same plan will come to us. I have to believe this. We have all been betrayed and I have so much anger in me that we are being punished so brutally for absolutely no rational reason other than we are White. I am angry with myself as well for not becoming active in politics in the 70s when I became aware that communism in SA was being disguised as socialism - you know that "love your neighbour" & "in order to get you have to give". What a load of nonsense that has caused so much damage to us. I honestly believed that those in Power back then had Whitey's best interests at heart. What a bunch of traitors BUT what they did and what they are still doing they will get back in return but a million times worse.

    2. Anonymous8:00 pm

      Very interesting Taygan, I can totally see what you mean.

  59. Anonymous2:20 am

    Funny enough is, we did have a Multiculti Society in SA before most of Europe , BUT we had the right Authority Leading us , not a group from the end of the food chain , breaking all the Rules and showing the rest on how to be totally LAWLESS. That is the breakdown of a Society , when the new Leaders only know how to manipulate their own kind , yet have the Authority to exercise over the Law abiding.
    Its a total breakdown , (repeating myself) like a Company director running his Firm for years , built from scratch , then suddenly having his employee telling him what to do. Typical commie move of the lowest ruling over the highest.
    This Bull " we are one " only appeases the lowest . We can never be one , our differences as intended makes it possible to be free for freedom. Thats why we are all Racists , our knowledge proves it and keeps us ahead.

  60. Anonymous7:03 am

    Hi Mike - Your blog is superb and I love all your articles. Thank you very much for all the hard work (research & time) required to expose the lies and state the truth. Well done - you are tremendous source of courage and strength to me.

  61. Anonymous12:20 pm

    So if peaceful actions work, then how is it that the left in America (who is violent) is not ending up like the left? ISIS? They are more violent and yet they are the darlings of the left.

    So to add to what I said earlier, doing the mike smith way as suggested here will not cause the satanic left to balk at it all and be disgusted in the same way people were towards South Africa in the 1980s.

    It will work if those 80s dooses are still around.

    Seeing babies heads cut off will only serve to excite the left.