03 April 2017

Now is the time

By Mike Smith
3rd of April 2017


  1. A Luta Continua...Victory is Certain.

    1. A loota continua...self enrichment is certain.

  2. Anonymous1:58 am

    Lets get this party started... vaalpens

  3. Anonymous2:25 am

    I read this today, Makes a lot of sense and probably not far off from the truth, We in SA are in a lot of shit unless something is done which I don't see happening,

    People don't realise this but Zuma is a master military strategist who has been responsible for intelligence in Umkhonto we Sizwe for a long time. He has essentially used basic military strategy to firstly be elected as President and secondly to wage and win the war in Parliament in spite of a robust constitution and judiciary.
    1. Propaganda (using populism) - eg get groundswell support of uneducated mass to give a voter base
    2. Diversion (using deception) - eg Nenegate was to test market sentiment and institutional response / acknowledgement to pay Nkandla
    3. Scorched Earth (looting, breaking down state machinery, state capture) - eg policy to support looting, placing own people in power and using treasury for own gain
    In this latest action, Zuma has implemented phase 1 of his scorched earth tactic.
    In an interesting and dare I say, brilliant strategic move (from a political perspective) , Zuma is building a buffer of support and protection against a vote of no confidence. He stands to lose close to 60-80 ANC votes (combination of ANC, SACP and Cosatu) which would carry the vote (since ANC leads house by 49 votes). By getting in almost 20 supporters into parliament, he potentially avoids a motion of no confidence.
    By appointing his own choice selected cabinet, over which he exerts control and influence, Zuma is able to pass or stop legislation in his favour. This enables him to further loot the Treasury and capture state machinery.
    This move debilitates and immobilizes the nation and its resources, and causes much needed resources to be spent on fighting for survival and preventing demise iso growing the base, stabilising the nation and competing internationally.
    It is a fact of life especially politics, that people can be bought and manipulated if given money and power. By systematically corrupting the system, Zuma builds a political and economic architecture aligned to his values and purpose.
    It takes 201 people in parliament to support his cause. He already has the populus.
    By getting the majority support in parliament and in his party, he has ultimate control.
    After the Treasury, the next 4 critical departments to control are :
    1. Police
    2. Communications incl telecommunications
    3. Transport
    4. Defence
    These 4 areas are critical to control in any revolt by the masses.
    The first 3 form part of Zuma's new appointees in this reshuffle.
    We already know that current Defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula is an ex Umkhonto we sizwe member working closely with Zuma.
    This means the stage is set for the next military move by Zuma. And that will be as blatant as any totalitarian ruler we have seen in Africa, Latin America, Asia and USSR.
    Zuma, if not stopped now, will very quickly move to destabilise the nation, which includes creating diversionary tactics of turmoil. This will require the treasury, police, defence, communications and transport ministers to collude in quelling turmoil.
    Two, potentially three actions are needed to halt this attack on the nation. This is :
    - an impeachment by the Parliament and Zuma asked to step down (cleanest, most effective and most ordinate)
    - if it fails, a groundswell movement like the Arab spring (challenging and plagued by counter forces and logistical issues plus the police is under Zuma control)
    - or lastly if Zuma appears to powerful, a revolt / coup (once again Zuma is in control of Defence and Police)

    1. Anonymous3:06 am

      Unfortunately he does to appear to explain WHY ???
      ( WHAT is the purpose ? )

    2. Anonymous3:38 am


      @Anonymous2:25 am

      I read this today, Makes a lot of sense and probably not far off from the truth, We in SA are in a lot of shit unless something is done which I don't see happening,

      People don't realise this but Zuma is a master military strategist who has been responsible for intelligence in Umkhonto we Sizwe for a long time. He has essentially used basic military strategy to firstly be elected as President and secondly to wage and win the war in Parliament in spite of a robust constitution and judiciary.

      -- This is what I have said for a long time. You put a man in charge of a country with a military background, who hates whites and you are asking for shit.

      Anonymous3:06 am
      ( WHAT is the purpose ? )

      He has been telling you his purpose from day 1....

      Bring me my machine gun.
      White monopoly capitol.
      Radical transformation.

      The plan is to get rid of whitee & bankrupt SA to put it in their hands. They dont want to answer to anyone.

      But his days are numbered now. Either be kicked out or taken out. Simple as that.

  4. Anonymous2:26 am

    While we have been absorbed in and diverted our time and energy on discussing colonialism and tweets, a shrewd and cunning military master has been preparing for war.
    Make no mistake, this is not kindergarten politics as displayed by Trump & Co. This might be Africa, but the world is mistaken if they think that our politics is confined to tribal discussions around a campfire, especially since we have boisterous and barbaric fistfights in parliament.
    The Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu, was one of the first known exponents of guerilla warfare as an art of war. But it is claimed that this tactic was deployed by ancient tribes before Tzu.
    In Africa there is ancient history and Zuma has just given new meaning to the phrase political guerrilla warfare.
    South Africa wake up, before its too late.
    By Siegfried Jegels (2017) Very well written and factually sound. What is also evident that the Xhosa powerbase in the ANC is also been diluted. while focussing attention on the whites he is more than likely preparing to eliminate the Xhosa leadership. Can we be expecting a similar occurrence as the 5th Brigade invasion of the Matebele? I would be very worried if I was Xhosa or any other South African of any other ethnic race or Tribe. Will South Africa soon have an Elite Dictatorship with the rest of the population experiencing such poverty they will starve and watch their children die.

    1. Anonymous4:17 am

      Onthou Bloed rivier!!

    2. Anonymous12:14 pm

      Onthou Bloed rivier!!

      Onthou OPHATHE GORGE 27th December 1838


      Everyone gets all gaga about Blood River
      Forgetting this soon after battle where the Trekkers nearly did not make it
      Clearly it shows that AFTER Blood River the Zulu were NOT a spent force !

    3. Whiteman1:40 pm

      Anonymous12:14 pm, you make an uncomfortable, but very true observation. I will never critisise the Voortrekkers for not cleaning up completely, like the americans and the australians did, because hindsight is always 20/20 vision. But I have been at Blood River in December, and the heat is totally debilitating. Then I try to picture chasing around on horseback, with a single shot musket, and shooting zulus. No my friends, it would have been much easier to pack up and trek again, till you could find a nignog free area. But this time round, we have decent weapons, so we will have NO excuse, not to do the job properly !

    4. Anonymous4:00 pm

      All fair enough but a couple of pioneers with their oxwagons and cattle, women, children and laboroures in the widerness armed with muskets against a force that vastly outnumbered them with assegais and shields. Against all odds, they survived that day at Blood river. Today the odds are again against them but with faith from the Almighty, they will come on top again, they just need that same winning spirit again!

    5. Anonymous4:23 pm


      @Anonymous12:14 pm

      Lol doesnt mention how many zulus against how many trekkers, 7 trekkers?

      More farmers are killed per month than this.

      Hardly a comparison.

      The real battle for SA is who ultimately gets to live in it without the other.

    6. Anonymous12:45 pm

      You see clearly now

      THIS is your failing

      WHY do you not go and see what you can find out about what REALLY happened on the 27th December 1838
      It is perhaps MORE important than Blood River
      No one wants to see what it was all about
      Because the wonderful victorious Trekkers very nearly saw their arse
      Because they were so very full of avarice
      The so very clever WHITE Trekkers fell into a ZULU trap.

      Karel Landman

      Hans dons de Lange

      BONGOZA !!!!!!!

      7 Trekkers

      Why not instead of typing kr@p that shows how ignorant you are
      Try to do a bit of homework and find out how many trekkers were involved

      Try -- nearly all who were at Blood River
      ( Except Andries Pretorius -- who stayed on the Mtonjaneni Ridge )

      THIS is why I have so little respect for you
      You talk a lot of kr@p and know NOTHING ( of your OWN history )

    7. Watch these battle tactics of 2000 years ago and tell me how long the "mighty Zulu impi" would have lasted against the Romans...Ten Minutes?


  5. Anonymous3:04 am

    Maybe he reads Mr Smith's blog ?
    ( he is German living in Germany )

    His website


    The Article


    WHY the stuff can people NEVER provide the original link ?????

  6. Mike, Copyright infringement?

    1. Anything from this blog you can spread it far and wide.

    2. Was a tongue in cheek reference to the featured picture. I agree the wider the blog is spread the better.

      Keep up the good work and forget about closing it down, mate. You are one of the few voices of sanity and reason around.

  7. The ANC should be dissolved. I honestly do not know why we still need an ANC. (Did we ever?)

    I mean...there are so many other parties ANC members can choose from: The radicals in the ANC can join the EFF, the moderates can join COPE, the ACDP or the UDM. The Zulus can join Inkatha, the Indians can join the Minority Front, the Coloureds can join the Cape Party and the white libtards can join the DA or the Freedôm Front Minus.

    Opposition parties holding anti Zuma meeting
    These other parties should now step in and offer ANC members positions and attractive packages in their own parties and absorb them. The reason why these ANC members still stick to ZUMA for the moment is because they are worried about their jobs, but if you hold the backdoor open for them and show them a different route, they will go.

    1. Great thinking! You're dead right, all the ANC has done is wrought destruction and misery. Eliminate them completely.

  8. Whiteman7:00 am

    Can you guys remember that time when the zulu ( security guards ? ) marched to lithuli house ? And the anc took pot shots at them from the building. That was quite a fun exercise. Maybe if the " opposition " joins hands, we are in for reality TV like never before ! Mike, you have a good plan there, to have the opposition parties steal all the disillusioned anc gravy train passengers. But there is one BIG problem. They are all going to shout like Tom Cruise in that one movie he made : SHOW ME THE MONEY !

  9. Anonymous7:29 am

    Looks like the uprising has begun, all opposition parties working with together with civil society are now launching a Programme of Action with the goal of getting rid off Zuma. DA, EFF, Cope, IFP, ACDP, UDM.

  10. Anonymous8:06 am


    The only way that the anc can be made to understand what Zuma and his buddies are doing is to explain it simply.

    On monday the 27th March 2017, Member A, had 13 Million Rands in his account... (thats roughly 1 Million US dollars.

    By Monday the 3rd of April 2017, Member A, now only has 950 Thousand US Dollars in his account.

    The sooner more of the membership realises how poorer they are getting in dollar terms....

    The sooner revolt will happen.

  11. Anonymous9:31 am

    And there we have it boys and girls, SA just hit junk status, all thanks to the useless kaffir. So it is true then as the old saying goes- anything that a kaffir touches he turns into shit. Now we have proof!

    1. Anonymous10:26 am

      Hope it is dogshit, cause that turns white after awhile in the sun.Support Colonialism and the Modern Crusades its the right thing to do.

    2. Anonymous11:42 am

      Junk status bwaaaagh-ha-ha-ha-ha, I told ypu back in 94 this would happen and no one believed me, junk status bwaaaagh-ha-ha-ha-ha.

    3. Anonymous12:57 pm

      @ Anon 11:42

      It was junk status till 2000 too...

  12. WillemWikkelspies11:44 am

    I think what needs to happen first is Showerpower K Factor must be expelled from the ANC. Once expelled he can no longer be president . Once he is gone strike while the iron is hot .

  13. Anonymous4:19 pm


    And they wonder why I say these things need to be exterminated...All of them!


    1. Anonymous10:08 pm

      Rather than extermination the path of least resistance to victory would be best. Whites who can move, move to the Cape. The whites and coloureds act in their mutual interest to protect the Cape from being africanized and secede. Now a nice big France-sized country exists where whites are close to half the population. Certainly of course Coloureds would probably still want welfare, but the far smaller population of Coloureds and the larger overall population of Coloureds who are actually employed middle class people means such a state would obviously function far better than the current South Africa.

      Of course there might be war, since the Africans realize the whites are the ones propping up the country. 21st century slaves.

    2. And the fucking useless police "had no information about the crime"??? I take it the victims were parasites, but it just proves how on the ball the SAPS is.

      There is no more law & order. It's in our own hands now.

  14. Anonymous10:02 pm

    It's funny that Mandela was probably just saying words he considered nice, never thinking that whites might eventually be forced to act on them.

  15. Anonymous11:10 pm

    @BN were they black or white?

  16. @Whiteman 7:00 am That was the plan,but a twitter campaign convinced the DA to bin that idea,and they did.

    We are not worried about "pot shots" but worried that marching to Luthuli House will make the ANC unite,in the process protect the wounded Zuma.

    So now the march is going to the Union Buildings,join us,or stay here on the blog doing nothing.

  17. Anonymous3:09 am

    Hey moloto, you can be our hero, why do you even want such a symbol of colonialism to exhist burn the thing down and you will always be remembered as Molotov moloto, anyway I've decided to throw my support behind Zuma and his Zulu impis to give you Tswanas and Sothos a real slaughtering.
    Vigilans Et Sciens

  18. Stephen3:10 am

    Hi Mike

    Surely this is the start of what we've been hoping for.
    Surely now after JUNK STATUS by S&P also MOODYS to follow, people will revolt against the kaffir zuma.

    I had a feeling things will escalate quicker than we thought , just didn't know what will trigger it - well now I know.

    Mike , I know you understand this but for the sake of the others that might not , I want to say that God's ways are not like our ways. He is not a man that He should lie or think like we do.

    As high as the heavens are above the earth , so high is His thoughts above ours . Who ever thought that the anc would turn on itself ? not us.

    Just yesterday morning we still said that the vote of NO CONVIDENCE wont work because the anc kaffirs will not vote with their 'enemy' and will still choose zuma...well we were right about that but....what if it was the anc calling for a vote ? well there you go - see ,

    God can turn the situation around - just like he hardened Pharaoh's heart to deny Moses's request and then to chase after them into the waters - just so did He harden zuma's heart about the plight of us normal people , and now - well lets just say the waters are gonna close-up around zuma very soon.

    Let Your Will be done LORD.

  19. Anonymous7:54 am

    Sheezus, they are still looking to hang from the branches.

    Isn't that such a nice photo of father and son practicing swinging from the family tree.

    Mike, I am sure there is a lot of appreciation by the stooodents for you posting such a nostalgic photo of their culture and heritage.