09 April 2017

No protests please; We are Afrikaners

“This is a technique of Combat. It is a substitute for War and other violence.” - Gene Sharp


By Mike Smith
9th of April 2017

Friday’s stay-away and protests were music to my eyes. About 200,000 South Africans countrywide voiced their objection to the criminal gangsters masquerading as a legitimate government ruining South Africa. If one takes it that for every protestor there were probably ten sympathizers not protesting on the streets, then I would say it was a good start.

So before I voice my opinion of the apathetic majority who did NOT protest, just a personal thank you to all of those in and out of South Africa who DID protest on Friday.

I don’t think people realize how far we have actually come, especially the whites of South Africa and even more specifically the Afrikaners.

Take for instance the whites who were robbed, raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms for the last 23 years under ANC criminal misrule. You would think that such people would stand up, fight back and let their voices be heard. Not a fuck!

How many times did Dr Dan Roodt, Steve Hofmeyer or Sunette Bridges try to get these people to march against crime and farm murders? How many people were they able to muster? Three hundred? A thousand? Maybe on a good day 2000? This apathy of Afrikaners, but whites in general, is a serious thorn in my side.

Last week, before the mother of all stay-aways and protests against Zuma, I had many readers, friends and family telling me that they were not going to protest and they were not going to stay away. They expressed their sympathy, but that was it. Some had excuses that their jobs were of such a nature that they could not stay away.

I think that is what all apathetic losers tell themselves to make themselves feel better.

The call was not to do much. In fact nobody expected them to stick their necks out at all. All they had to do was…well, NOTHING.

They couldn’t even do that. They couldn’t collectively do NOTHING and stay away from work. They could not even give the economy a tiny little Angina attack.

Imagine if they could stay away for a week…the whites of this country make up the engine, the heart of the economy. If they simply collectively stay away and do nothing for a week it will be the equivalent of a heart attack. You will bring the country to a standstill. There will be no lights, no water, no medical services…nothing. The regime cannot survive it. Dick-tator Zuma and the ANC will fall.

On the other side there were the openly hostile ones whose excuse was that they did not vote “YES” in the 1992 referendum so that absolved them from all future involvement in any attempt to get rid of the ANC. They do not need to go and demonstrate with “liberal yes-voters and kaffirs”.

Ask them what needs to be done and they say, “I don’t care. They caused the shit, they voted YES; they can now sort it out. I warned them 25 years ago. Not my fight.”…Blah,blah, blah.

Funny…I know that in 1992 two thirds of the whites voted “yes”, but just go and try to find one today…Good luck with that!

For the last 23 years I have been trying to find a single “Yes”-voter to interview. There aren’t any. Nobody voted “YES” in 1992. Further, when you point out to these apathetic “No”-voters that the people who demonstrated on Friday were mostly all far too young to have voted “YES”, they block their ears.

But why are whites like that? What is it that they do not get? I mean it is quite simple…If you want change you need to take action. Freedom does not come free and it certainly is not going to fall out of the sky.

They say they know, but boycotts and protests is not what they do. It sounds too much like “Toi-Toi”…

Protests and boycotts is something that blacks do. We Afrikaners have our own version of “No sex please; we are British”…it is called, “No protest please; we are Afrikaners”.

Besides, we first want to see what the others do before we go along. Like the NG-Kerk omie en tannie who go to a “Happy-clappy” church for the first time…When the people start singing songs and clapping hands they first nervously look around to see how many people are clapping before they also slowly and carefully start clapping along, but towards the end of the song they are clapping the loudest.

Just do not suggest boycotts and protests. I speak from personal experience, because every time you merely suggest a protest or boycott you are met with resistance and open hostility...

You can say: “Yes, but in Europe and the rest of the world whites do it all the time. They protest and go out into the streets and riot and make their voices heard....”

“O nee! Om hemels wil Frikkie…dis wat die kaffers doen! Dis nie vir ons mense nie.”

So if boycotts and protests is not what they do, then what is it that they WANT to do? I find it hard to believe that they simply want to be apathetic. I still have hope that in their hearts they actually WANT to do something, but they just don’t know what.

The answer to that we find in the psyche and history of the Afrikaners.

Today if you suggest that the NP of Apartheid fame had their own propaganda and brainwashing of Afrikaners, then people deny it or say that “yes, but it had no effect on me…”

Bullshit! Your disgusting Apathy is testimony to how effectively and how much you were brainwashed by the former NP regime.

Time for a reality check:

Reality is that a large portion of Afrikaner history has been sugarcoated and washed squeaky clean. R.W. Johnson mentions this in chapter 14 of his book, “South Africa’s brave new world” when he talks about the ANC’s imaginary version of history. The Afrikaner historian Prof Hermann Giliomee and his Stellenbosch colleague, political philosopher Prof, André du Toit mentioned the same imaginary history in their book, “Afrikaner political thought; Analysis and documents”, Vol I 1780-1850.

It is nothing different to the Nazi imaginary history of the Aryan races mentioned by Heather Pringle in her book "The Master Plan: Himler’s scholars and the holocaust".

See, the reason why Afrikaners do not do protests, boycotts and riots are, because in their minds there is only one solution for South Africa: Another heroic guerilla Boer War.

No amount of evidence or proof will sway them or convince them otherwise.

They all wait for the “Gentleman Boer Commando”, the righteous De La Rey or De Wet, to lead them and fight the Gentleman’s War against their gentleman Nobel Savage enemies. In fact they are not hoping for a guerilla war at all. They are hoping for something between a Cricket match and a Rugby game with rules taking place on a Bisley shooting range where they can brag about their marksmanship skills and scare the kaffirs off, because all you need to do to solve South Africa’s problems is show the uppity natives, “Jy neuk nie met ‘n Boer en sy roer nie”…en dan gaan ons almal huistoe.

You point out to them the truth about the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War as documented in “Boereveraaier” by Albert Blake or by Hermann Giliomee and they clasp their hands over their ears.

Truth is that the heroic Boers weren’t all that heroic at all. Half of the Boers were either in the National Scouts fighting on the side of the English, swore allegiance to the Queen (Joiners) or signed statements of neutrality (Hensoppers). The Boers had ill discipline and would often go AWOL and abandon their comrades when it was time to go home and harvest or plough. The legendary marksmanship of the Boers only came about as a result of the superior German Mauser rifles.

Apparently the Boers were such good marksmen, because bullets were scarce and expensive so from a young age they were taught that every shot must count.

Now any sniper knows this is rubbish. It cannot be. To be a good sniper takes about 5,000-10,000 practice shots. How are you going to become a good sniper when you never shoot? It is like a 100m sprinter practicing once a year. All myth and imaginary history.

More Boers were killed by Boers than by the British. “Hensoppers” were free game and their farms and livestock were often raided by family members in the Boer commandoes. Joiners and traitors were fusilladed in firing squads after a short military trial, often with no or little legal representation. Even General De Wet’s own brother was a Joiner and he vowed to “shoot him like a dog” if he ever saw him again.

It is about time people start to realize the truth about the Anglo-Boer War and that it was no “Gentleman’s War”. It was not a cricket match. It was brutal like every and any other guerilla war in history if not one of thee most brutal wars ever and the Boers were no angels.

If Afrikaners think that sitting on their arses waiting for a heroic chance to play games with the natives and be friends again afterwards is the way forward then I have news for them. It is going to be a slaughter and THEY are going to be the victims.

So Whites of South Africa…let us hypothetically say you do choose Guerilla War to get rid of ZUMA and the ANC or to get a Volkstaat for that matter. What are your chances of success? 26%

You choose non-violent protests and your chances shoot up to 53%.

Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan did the research in 2011. Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict

They studied 323 civil resistance campaigns around the world between 1900 and 2006. What they also found was that, only 4% of violent regime changes ended up in a functioning democracy five years afterwards, compared with 42% of non-violent regime changes.

So there you have it: The Truth PLUS the Evidence. Non-violent resistance has a success rate of double that of an armed struggle. That is why I support it, not because I am a paccifist.

Quite the contrary, I am not a pacifist, I am a martial artist and I train regularly to use violence when I have to, because in some instances violence does have a justification to stop violence. However violence should not be used stupidly. You do not climb into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. You beat him at chess.

You do not fight a dictator who is strong and have all the weapons when you are weak and have none. You must fight him in a different way.

Lt.Col Bob Helvey is no less a soldier, because he swapped his rifles and grenades for non-violent means and weapons. He still fights just as hard and just as strategically against oppressive regimes as he did in the jungles of Burma, just with different means and different weapons. After a civil war of 70 years, (the longest in history) he realized there had to be a different way to get rid of a dictator. He became a disciple of Gene Sharp.

What is it going to take to convince the whites of SA? I don’t know. Probably nothing.

I am just glad for the turnout last Friday. And I hope the turnout is going to grow every day and especially on Wednesday, Zuma’s Birthday…And if this post can convince just ten more people to join the protests, I will be happy. Elke bietjie help.


  1. Anonymous1:16 am

    I agree with approaching this in a non violent manner. But I have my reservations, not because I'm Afrikaans, because I'm a realist.
    What if the support is there for a massive stay away by the whites, middle class blacks and all and sundry. So the lights go out, the fuel depots close, the supply chain comes to a halt. What then? This is the point where the violence and chaos erupts.
    So we garner critical mass and peaceful demonstrations reach 500 000. As our groundswell grows, so does the opposition's. The opposition has zero intention of achieving anything in a non violent manner.
    Yes, non violent protest is an excellent starting position, it insures we hold the moral high ground in the eyes of the media and the world at large. This is very important as it can determine who backs our cause and who opposes it. So let's not under estimate the power of a peaceful strategy. But let's also not under estimate our predicament in terms of the likelihood of absolute violence. Absolute savagery is not probable, it is almost guaranteed at a particular stage in this revolution.
    So as much as I would like to see change without bloodshed, bloodshed is what I'm preparing for.
    Did I stay away on Friday? Yes I did.
    Do I wish to see more on Wednesday? Yes I do
    Do I want a civil war? No I don't.
    Do I want a peaceful solution? Yes I do.
    Do I believe change will come via peace alone? No I don't.
    Does this make me a nay sayer? Depends if you answer that question before or after the violence erupts.
    I hope for the best but am preparing for the worst.
    Situational awareness is lacking in most of the population however.

    1. Anonymous2:21 am

      If the ANC becomes violent they will be attacked by the international media, their foreign accounts will be frozen and all they'll lose all their stolen dollars, and any parallel governments which form in response to their violence will have international recognition and backing.

      Modern conflict is also about having the media on your side as well as the support and sympathy of the international community.

    2. Anonymous6:53 am

      which is why the world media and community did nothing when they began getting hardegat on the students. Yup... you comment sounds legit.

    3. @1:16 am...Thanks for your comment and I am going to take it apart now. Please do not see it as a personal attack on you. It is simply a way to try and understand your logic or lack thereof.

      1. You did not demonstrate on Friday, but you want to see more demonstrations on Wednesday. So if we all have that attitude there won't be any demonstrations on Wednesday. Or do you just want other people to put up a nice show for you to watch on the telly?
      2: You want a peaceful solution but you are not willing to go and demonstrate peacefully.
      3: The reason you do not want to demonstrate peacefully is because you do not think peace will work, but you are also not willing to give it a try.
      4: You see violence as inevitable and are preparing for it. So in effect you want violence and not peace.

      Now in my piece above I showed you the evidence that your chance to bring about change through peaceful demonstration is twice as high as through a violent civil war. You reject it. Fine. I rest my case.

    4. Anonymous10:32 pm

      Have you not noticed how the international media have been attacking the ANC and Zuma?

      The difference is that the 'student protests' were violent and led by racists, so they had no support from anyone since they were acting like illiterate scum.

    5. Anonymous1:33 am

      @Mike... Perhaps I should've been clearer. I stayed away...from work, to support the shutdown. I stay over 100km from the nearest town, but non the less went into town to see if there were any demonstrations...there were none.
      I do not reject the idea of peaceful protest. I support it. Up to a point. You know this will turn violent Mike, like you said, you're watching the clock, tapping your foot and preparing for war. Does that mean you don't support peace? No it doesn't. It means you would prefer peace but being a realist you understand that you will be facing war.
      What about your articles on situational awareness? Are we supposed to all go back to code white now? Just because I see code red, does not mean I wouldn't like to be in code white.

    6. Anonymous1:45 pm

      Mike @ 8:37

      No man, Mike! - did we read the same response from anon 1.16?

      1. - yes, he/she DID stay away on Friday.
      2. - 1:16 actually DID go demonstrate peacefully.
      3. - see 2 above.
      4. - seeing violence as an inevitable doesn't mean he/she wants it to happen. I sleep with a 9mmP close -
      doesn't mean I want some affirmative shopping to take place during the night, rather that I'm prepared should it happen.

      I think you're actually both on the same page. Just that with a hell of a lot of comments requiring moderation you may tend to miss some critical content. :-)

      To anon 1:33 response - I think your first comment was quite clear. :-) Happy to cut Mike some slack on this exchange!

    7. @ Anon 1:45 pm...Yes you are right. It is difficult to keep track of all these "Anonymouses" and moderate all these comments.

      However He/she said specifically "Did I stay away on Friday? Yes I did."

      I might have misinterpreted that as stay away from the demonstrations instead of stay away from work.

      Sorry, but I think you will agree that it was a bit ambiguous .

    8. Anonymous11:36 pm

      Easy mistake Mike, don't worry I'm not crying.


  2. Waardeerde Mike,
    Vergun my hierdie plasing in my moedertaal. Dit wil so effe blyk die visiere is nou gerig op al wat 'slapgat' Afrikaner blyk te wees.
    In weerwil van jou akkolades en hoog opgaan vir hierdie kumbaya tiekiedans....val die 'dom/halstarrige' Afrikaner nie ( meer ? ) vir hierdie tipe str@nt nie.
    Want u sien, n ander meer ingeligde Afrikaner het dit eens as volg opgesom :-
    Menend. As Zuma more nog sy gat sien...wat gaan dit aan die status quo van die Afrikaner spesifiek, verander?
    En deur dit te se, etiketteer my nie as n gemaksugtige wat dinge vanuit my leunstoel betrag nie.
    Ding is net, ek laat nie donkiedrolle in my hare draai nie.
    In elk geval nie meer nie.
    So laat almal dan trippel in hul spel van 'ring a ring a rosie' te wil speel in die hoop dat die gebeure van die afgelope tyd die onafwendbare so ietwat uitstel.
    Mooi man!
    Dit herinner aan n scenario waar daar by n ongeluk verbygery word. Kyk wil jy kyk....maar ook nie eintlik nie.
    Onafwendbaar sit daar verskroeide karkasse in die wrak, maar deur te trippeldans en handjies vat maak ons asof die laaaang pad na vryheid....nie gaan realiser sonder bloedvertgieting nie.
    En dis hier waar ons vir die oomblik verkies om vir n wyle...eerder ietwat weg te kyk.
    Jou verkneukeling om hierdie grootse gebeurtenis gade te slaan...maar net n sussing om dinge vir n wyle uit te stel.
    Jou laaste para. eweneens die uitering van n gewaande 'happy clappy'.
    Wat in hierdie optimisme hou jy as grootse stokkielekker voor oe?
    As jou versugting dui op n eventuele oorname selfs deur die libtard PROGGIES vorentoe, en dit die wel en wee van blankes ( en spesifiek die Afrikaner meer so ) indringend gaan verander...vertel asb vir hierdie skrywer waar jy jou 'magic mushrooms' koop.
    Hierdie oefenlopie niks meer as om na strooihalms te gryp en die praktiese realiteite wat die toekoms inhou...vir n wyle onner die mat te wil invee nie.
    Skrywer merk ( nes n paar ander ) hierdie skrywe en denkrigting wat jy huidiglik openbaar...daar onder jou kamoefleerdrag n pienk 'panty' uitsteek.
    Ek ween.

    1. Was dit nou regtig jou beste poging? Nee man. Probeer weer.

    2. Anonymous5:24 am

      Afrikaners and Essers can only get along at a bring 'n braai.

    3. Anonymous5:50 am

      Just try to see it from my point of view for a few seconds, OK? What is going to happen when every miserable cunt comes on here and shits the blog full of meaningless and empty insults and comments to the host? How many minutes-hours am I then going to waste? What would the point of such a blog then be?

      So please, leave your differing opinions as much as you want and let's discuss it and find a common solution, but for heaven's sake...keep those empty rubbish comments off this blog.

    4. Daniel Maartens 2:10 am
      Wat op aarde probeer jy kwytraak? Ween gerus, en kyk in die spieël terwyl jy ween.
      Maar wat stel jy voor moet ons doen?
      Jy klink soos wanneer 'n mens saam met die karasiete in 'n meeting sit, wat groot woorde en baie aaahhh's gebruik om net mooi niks te sê nie.

  3. Anonymous2:23 am

    Waar ek betoog het was 75% van die wit mense Afrikaners.

    1. Mooi. Daar is 3 miljoen Afrikaners in die land. Waar was die res?

    2. Anonymous6:07 am

      Hulle trek en ruil seker hulle geld oor in $ (of ander currency) voor die banke withdrawl limits kleiner maak en die rand heentemal sy gat sien. Die res sit en "like" dinge of facebook dan voel hulle mos hulle is deel haha. Ai die mense jong - lekke dag.

    3. Anonymous10:24 am

      @Mike Smith 5:09 Vra waar was die Engelse was aangesien dit vir jou vermaaklik is om die Afrikaner af te kraak en terselfde tyd die Afrikaner teen die Engelse af te speel.

    4. Anonymous1:14 pm

      10:24 a nudge here and there does wonders my boy

    5. @ Anonymous 10:24 am

      Ek sien die stuk het weer heeltemal oor jou kop gevlieg. Sal ek nou myself will verdeel en vervreem? Ek kraak niemand af nie. Dis nie ‘n aanval op Afrikaners nie. Ek probeer hier te verstaan waarom 60,000 mense op Loftus vir die Bulls skree, maar as daar moet gedomonstreer word teen korrupsie of selfs plaasmoorde dan daag net 200 op.

      Almal wil verandering hê, maar elkeen se voorstelling van verandering is anders. Wat is dit bv. wat JY wil hê? ‘n Volkstaat? ‘Dat die plaasmoorde ophou? Dat korrupsie moet verdwyn? Dat die ANC of die Kaffers moet verdwyn?
      Kom ou beesblaas, vertel my nou wat de fok is dit wat jy wil hê en dan vertel jy my hoe jy van plan is om dit te bereik? Jy will nie demonstreer nie. Die meeste Afrikaners wil nie demonstreer nie. Loop vra vir Dr Dan Roodt hoe moeilik dit is om ‘n paar mense bymekaar te kry vir ‘n demonstrasie teen plaasmoorde.

      Sê jy nou vir my waarom? ASSEBLIEF. Ek wil hierdie instelling, hierdie “Mindset” graag verstaan. My teorie is dat die Afrikaners wag vir ‘n De la Rey om hulle triomfanklik in ‘n tweede Anglo Boereoorlog te lei, net hierdie keer teen die ANC. As dit nie so is nie, dan sê jou sê en verduidelik vir my wat de fok dit is wat die Afrikaaners terug hou! My teorie is op die tafel. Wat is joune? ‘Skuus jy het nie een nie. Al wat jy kan doen is om my te beskuldig dat ek verdeeldheid saai, want jy wil nie die waarheid hoor nie. Dit maak seer.

      En ek het dit aanskou, ja, daarop gelet, gekyk, en lering aangeneem: Nog ’n bietjie slaap, nog ’n bietjie sluimer, nog ’n bietjie hande-vou om uit te rus; dan kom jou armoede aangeloop en jou gebrek soos ’n gewapende man. Spreuke 24:32-34

    6. Anonymous9:28 pm

      @ Mike Smith 8:55

      Behalwe die ABO verbrande aarde beleid het die Engelse hulself seker in al die vorige oorloe n pakslae gegee want volgens jou was die boere te lafhartig en te afwesig of soos jy dit sal stel "n klomp dose"

    7. @ Anon 9:28 pm...Ek het nie gesê die Boere was lafhartig nie en nog minder het ek gesê hulle was “dose”. Waar kom jy aan daai kak? Weer uit jou duim gesuig en opgemaak.

      My artikel wys daarop dat daar Afrikaanse mense is was sit en ginnegaap en absoluut niks doen nie. Hoekom??? Want hulle het ‘n denkbeeldige voorstelling van wie en wat die Boere regtig was. Hulle het ‘n denkbeeldige voorstelling wan wat die ABO regtig was. Hulle het ‘n denkbeeldige voorstelling van wie nou eintlik gewên het.

      Skrik wakker my maat. Die Boere het die oorlog verloor. Maak nie saak hoe dapper hulle was nie.

      Maak nie saak dat hulle drie keer meer engelse soldate gedood het as andersom nie. Hulle het verloor. Hulle het hulle republieke verloor. Dis al wat tel.

      Dink jy nou regtig die Boere het alles reg gedoen? Dink jy hulle het nooit foute gemaak nie? Hoekom leer jy nie uit hulle foute nie? Generaal Piet Cronje het oorgegee met 4,150 man sonder om ‘n skoot te skiet.

      Buitendien wys ek daarop dat hulle glad nie gentlemen en engeltjies was nie. Dis die waarheid. Die feite word gestaaf deur verskeie geskiedkundiges. Dit baat nie jy wil die booskapper skiet nie. Hierdie “mental model” of waanvoorstelling wat jy van die Boere en ABO het is in jou kop geplaas deur Apartheid verraaiers in die NP.

      Gaan doen jou huiswerk en loop lees die ware geskiedenis en gaan kyk wat regtig met die Boere gebeur het. 34,000 Vroue en kinders het gesterf in konsentrasie kampe. Meer as 6000 Boere krygers het gesneuwel, meestal deur verraad van hul eie mense. Dis die harde feite my ou. Jou ontkenning van die waarheid maak nie die waarheid enigsins minder die waarheid nie. Dit bly die waarheid.

      Die hartseerste vir my is dat halstarige mense soos jy dit alles weer van vooraf wil doen. Jy moet waansinnig wees. Dis nie Rugby nie, my ou. Daar is nie ‘n tweede helfte waarin ons hulle gaan wys nie. Kry vir jou ‘n slukkie van die realiteit. Dis 2017. Die wêreld het verander. Die oorlog het verander. Pas aan of vrek. Adapt or die.

      Waarvoor is jy bang? Dat 100 mense sal sterf? 200? Wat van ‘n 1000? So what? Dis nog altyd minder as die 6000 guerillas wat in die Boere oorlog gesterf het en die 34,000 vroue en kinders. Ek wys jou hier ‘n ander manier van dinge doen met baie minder lewensverlies...ek gee jou al die feite en statistieke, maar nee. Wil nie hoor nie. Wat presies is dit wat jy nie verstaan nie?

      Kyk rondom jou. Kyk hoeveel van ons mense word elke dag uitgemoor. Jy verkies egter om niks te doen nie. Nog ‘n bietjie sluimer nog ‘n bietjie slaap. Nog ‘n bietjie handjies vou en saggies oor jou ogies kom die slaap. Sit en wag tot die kak die fên strike...23 jaar lank sit en wag jy al. Jy gaan nog 23 jaar wag. Kry jou gat in rat en loop demonstreer!

      Ja laat my dink aan toe ons laaities was en die bangbroeke nie hulle koppe in die Rugby losskrum wou indruk nie...Die afrigter moes hulle gatte met die fluitjietou bliksem om hulle koppe daar in te kry. Moet ek nou dieselfde doen?

    8. Anonymous1:34 am

      Robert de Nero se "Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups" nou waar kom jy daaraan dat ek nie betrokke is met ons huidige benarde situasie nie. Ek kan verstaan waarom jy sulke lang relase kwytraak want jy praat maar baie snert ook.

    9. Lig die "baie snert" vir my uit dan kan ons dit bespreek en kyk of dit regtig snert is.

  4. Anonymous3:13 am

    It's a start, but i do agree the street theater is not something we Boere Afrikaaners needed to be part of. We must find ways to stop paying taxes, teach our own to be self sufficient and then stop deliveries. Start getting half our young into tech jobs ( online is less volatile and just as lucrative - more so with a weak rand ). Not that the internationalists give a damn but we must have strong lobby groups overseas and lets be honest diplomacy accounts for maybe 2% of results. So leverage, leverage leverage and that's as decent start.

    1. Anonymous5:40 am

      Well I was at a ratepayers association meeting of English speakers, Afrikaners, Indians and blacks recently where we all worked together to tackle the problem of an out of control municipality trying to milk us dry. Our signatures and representations worked and our property taxes were substantially reduced.

      There were two loud Afrikaners at the first meeting who dissed everything that everyone had to say and were eventually thrown out, to everyone else's relief.

      Some Afrikaners still think they can shout the odds to the exclusion of everyone else. If you "ware Boere Afrikaners" want to sit on the sidelines then don't diss the people who take to the streets and get something done through ratepayers' associations. Julle Boerekak is en bly stront.

    2. Anonymous12:46 pm

      Welcome to the world of the paid traitor antagonists/disruption. Unfortunately the weak fall for their traps and judging by your insults you either had a dislike for us before this or just a weak mind from the get go son.

  5. Anonymous3:27 am

    If Europeans in SA were to strike for a week the comrades in the ANC would probably bring in a state of emergency and round up whitey at gun point and force them to 'wek'.

    1. Anonymous8:30 am

      @Anon 3:27am

      The useless ANC couldn't possibly round up 4.5 million people in one week.

  6. Furthermore to my writing as per above, a quote from someone else :-
    " The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency.
    It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate, willing to have such a man for their president.
    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than mr Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa.
    Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Jacob Zuma who is, after all, merely a fool.
    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president".

    And therein lies the problem. To march or not to march...is not the question.
    I therefore rest my case.

    1. Anonymous5:55 am

      Your defeatist view is very sad. With 17M on grants and freebies being handed out left, right and centre your point is, however, noted.
      The immediate issue is State Capture and the consequences thereof. Friday was a show of solidarity and this needs to increase in a big way. We Marchers, as a collective, are saying that NO ONE will 'capture' SA.
      Violence is almost a given and if we are not prepared to defend this beautiful Country and the future of our children then we deserve the results of our complacency.
      We are living in scary times but there are few alternatives. If the collective rise above this dictatorship can you imagine what a strong message this will send to those who have aspirations of using their undue appointments for self-enrichment.

      What a wonderful prescedence this would set.
      For me "to march" is obligatory even if it means getting hurt or even worse.

    2. Anon 5.55,
      What do you have to show for your 'collective' march, other than zombies being replaced by even BIGGER zombies?
      If your big march resulted in having a Whitey Basson to head our finances...everything would have made perfect sense.
      But Gigaba of all!? Give me a fcn break.
      Likewise the biggest doos of them all acting as head honcho of the cops.
      Considering this lunacy...our next mugu president might just make Zuma look like Einstein.

    3. Anonymous9:19 am

      I agree with you.
      “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” - Sun Tsu.


    4. Anonymous12:03 pm


      English please.

      From what I can make out, you're very right, these idiots cannot see that their puppets strings are being pulled by a worse puppet master.

      Maybe cops will also get performance bonuses now of a couple million taxpayer's money and the marchers will rejoice at govermunts generosity.


  7. Says Signor Smith: “See, the reason why Afrikaners do not do protests, boycotts and riots are, because in their minds there is only one solution for South Africa: Another heroic guerilla Boer War.”

    So, tell me how did you form this opinion? Or is it just conjecture? Please tell.

    By the way, who are you Mike Smith? Are you Don Diego de la Vega? Bruce Wayne? Or Clark Kent perhaps? Please tell – the suspense is killing me.

    1. Who am I? The man showing you a way, yet you reject him, because it is not the way YOU want to go…No problem. Tell me then which way is it that you want to go?

    2. Hang on cowboy, not so sensitive. Just in case you glossed over my first question, can you please enlighten me as to why you believe Afrikaners see “another heroic Guerrilla Boer War” as the only solution? That’s a fair question. Not?

      I’m not rejecting you. On the contrary, I’m an avid follower of your blog. I agree with 80% of your views and what you say. The other 20% - mostly the stuff you post over weekends – are just drivel.

      I think that it’s time to come clean and tell us who the nom de plume belongs to. Like you said – ‘Now is the time’. The “Resistance” has arrived. Now would be a good time to reveal yourself.

      Which way is it that I want to go? I don’t know. It would be nice to partake and show my support for the protests, but it is what happens after the demonstrations and after blood has been spilt that really matters. Who replaces Zuma? That ousie Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma? How about a Mexican stand-off between Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan? Alas, they all wear Commie cloaks. A real catch 22, isn’t it?

    3. What the fuck does it matter who I am. A nobody. Look at the facts the evidence and the message I convey. If you agree with it then say so. If you don’t then say why. What is so difficult about that?
      You start off your comment with “Signor Smith”…Da Fuck is that? Are you trying to be a smartass or what? Concentrate and focus. Don’t try and be facetious.
      The reason why I believe that the Afrikaners who are not demonstrating are waiting for a De la Rey is because half of my family are Afrikaners and half of my friends are Afrikaners and I listen to them every single day of my life. I think what they want is something between a Boer War and a Border War. They want to sit and wait until the war comes to them.
      Just NEVER mention Non-violent demonstration. Then you see the shitstorm that you see on here.
      Now it appears as if your concern is who replaces Zuma. Another Zuma. So in your opinion it is useless to go and demonstrate to get rid of Zuma, because he is just going to be replaced by another Zuma….Finally we are getting somewhere. Why did you not say so before?
      Firstly I mentioned the anatomy of a revolution many times. Dr Crane Brinton wrote a book on it. I drew up a diagram explaining it graphically. Did you see it? Click on those links I posted a few days ago. A revolution follows a certain pattern. There is the rise of the moderates who take over from the regime. Then there is the rise of the radicals. The reign of terror, etc…eventually it cools down again.
      Nobody said that Peaceful Non-violent demonstration is going to remain peaceful. Normally the only answer the regime has non-violence is violence and they use violence to suppress the revolution. Fully normal. Let us say they kill 500 demonstrators. What about 1000? It is still less than the 6000 Boers who died in a guerilla war and far less than the 34,000 women and children who died in the concentration camps.
      I am NOT saying it is going to be bloodless. Far from it. People will die. It is inevitable. However if you take up arms in a guerilla war MORE people will die. All statistics show this. I have posted the proof and the links. Study it.
      Why are you worried about another Zuma taking the place of Jacob Zuma? Why not work towards us taking over from Zuma? Why not work towards a New South Africa where the possibility of a Zuma ever running our country will be completely eliminated?

    4. Anonymous5:53 am

      Nice try 'Gru', why are you somehow so interested to know the identity of who's writing this blog?

    5. Yes, you are right. You are a nobody. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. Why did you not say so before? Signor Smith? WTF’s wrong with that? Should I say Doos Smith? Think I’m flippant? How about your ad hominem response, macho man? Don’t make it personal. Hou jou bal op die oog en blog.

      Back to the actual topic. You are right, I have grave concerns about who replaces who in this impending "revolution" as you call it. See, in my view, there can be one winner only. The ANC. Why? It’s simple really. Here are my reasons:
      - The ANC has nurtured their identity as the party that liberated the country from apartheid;
      - Virtually every second household relies on the government for an income;
      - Most of the jobs created over the last 10 years have been in the public sector;
      - every second African believes the DA would bring back apartheid if it won a majority; and
      - those who are disillusioned with the ANC turn to public protest (something they have done for yonks) rather than to political rivals.

      They may have lost a few percentage points in the last election but to a South African Kaffir the ANC über alles… and in the unlikely event they lose the majority? Well, let’s just say they won’t go quietly.

      Make no mistake, the ANC CAN be beaten – just not at the polls.

    6. Anonymous9:26 am


      @Gru6:50 am

      You make valid points...

      Let me ask you a question.

      What do you think is going to happen when the public sector that is 3 times larger than the US civil servants cant survive on their salaries due to inflation, price of food, household goods increasing due to junk status, that everyone in SA knows full well is Zumas fault?

      How loyal do you think they will be or remain when they see more ANC members distancing themselves from Zuma?

      How do they support a government who has reduced their salaries to that of peasants?

      If the ANC were going to win the next election, they would not be acting so irrational.

      Zuma knows he faces a jail term. There is no way around that - either jail, exile or both and the confiscation of everything he, his family and comrades stole.

      The ANC are not what they used to be. They might have the masses voting for them now but when it comes to the crunch and their rands buy them less and less food - then what?

      There is too much opposition, too much international attention on SA IMO for the ANC to get away with it.

      Im not saying they cant get away with it but everyday that those gov workers earn less, makes them think twice.

      He is already blaming the riots on racist whites - I honestly believe he and his parties racist cries have been cried about for too long.

      Legit concerns - there is only one way. For the whites to unite and prepare.

      Simple as that.

      To be honest, I dont care if they go out kicking and screaming. So long as they go.

      Whats the difference if they go out with a bang? I mean really, 73,000 white murders to date and whites are still worried about a war...

      This has been a war for 23 years now.

      73,000 deaths is a civil war.

      Whatever they want to do, I would prefer them to do it faster. I dont like to see the whites boiling away slowly - if they feel the heat faster, it might just wake them up - this is what we need.

    7. @ Gru...fair enough. I don't dispute what you say. However you still don't give a viable alternative or solution on how to get rid of the ANC or Zuma.

      Now stop attacking me and attack the problem. Look at where we want to be and how we want SA to be in the future and work your way backwards from there. Break it down into small achievable goals. Work at those goals and eventually one day we will have the country we want.

      Everyone must do what he must do. I don't care what it is you do to get rid of Zuma and the ANC, just fucking do it. If you think sitting on your arse is going to get rid of the ANC and Zuma then SIT on your arse. Just do whatever you have to do.

    8. @Mike - Apologies. My intention was not to attack you.

      You asked for a solution. For what it’s worth...

      1. Establish a cultural rights movement. Call it something like the “South African Minority Alliance" or SAMA. The foundation of the movement should be to ensure that the cultural rights of specific groups (i.e. the Afrikaner Boers, etc.) which is in a vulnerable, disadvantaged or marginalised position in society, can achieve equality and is protected from persecution. You want to win the sympathy of the world – that’s the objective (ah, and don’t forget – that’s how the ANC won South Africa).

      2. Identify, groom and train up 3 dynamic female representatives to lead and be the face of the movement (this should happen over a period of about 12 months). These females should be from different cultural backgrounds and be of the assertive type. One African, one Coloured and one white female. Throw into the mix a Muslim female and you have a recipe for success (I’m not kidding). Note - under no circumstances should these reps be males – let alone white South African males. Why? Why would you sell a newly-established cultural rights movement whose primary goal it is to overthrow the ANC government with white male reps? They will be scoffed at and be labelled as “racists” by the ANC from the outset. You would want to avoid that at all costs. Anyway, that should be the strategy…

      3. After 12 months, you deploy them globally for a period of, say, 12 months. During this time, their job would be to introduce and advocate for the movement's cause in all the prominent Western countries. Think America, Canada, GB, France, Sweden, Germany, etc. They should appear as guest speakers at political rallies, universities, be interviewed on television and openly speak against the ANC. The world should fall in love with the movement.

      4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the movement should ensure that it grows its support base and most importantly, ensure that it gets traction with the local populace and across all spheres of life.

      5. There should be massive demonstrations across the country every single day. We should keep the momentum up and relentlessly apply pressure. That’s when they will fold… guaranteed.

      @ Boere_Ninja – in 2003 the Nigerian governor of the Edo State recruited me to project-manage a couple of infrastructure projects he was hoping to progress later that year. I witnessed and experienced firsthand what happens when you fail to remunerate your civil servants for months on end… they stayed put. Why? Because if they dared to resign, someone else will be there to snap up the vacancy. How did/do they survive financially? Well, you know how innovative they can be. They make up rules as far as they go. They are survivors, and they know how to facilitate kickbacks and the like. ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan. ‘n Coolie het ‘n plan. ‘n Nigeriër het 5 planne en 10 backup planne…

      Also, they wouldn’t dare to revolt – his paramilitary force (MOPOLs) would round you up in no time at all. Yes, the governor was a dangerous man…

      Besides, TIA – why should the situation in South Africa be any different?

  8. Anonymous6:00 am


    I hear you and I listen to you.

    I throw this at you. When the ANC started its shit back in 60 and 70s it was definitely not a passive, non aggressive resistance, they murdered their own kind mate, they put the fear of the ANC into every retard that they came across and they succeeded in accumulating support beyond their imagination.

    In the 80s they put the UDF out as their point man because they were banned, I somehow cannot recall anything peaceful about those protests except those retards that were dispatched to the dirt nap, they became peaceful. I do recall the horrors of the persuasion that were used to get support for the terrs, remember the good old Dunlop flaming necklace, the Corsican necktie and that old favourite party trick the stoning of a suspected non supportive member of the community, just asking?

    You see I am not Afrikaans and I might be a little thin on tact and a bit blunt on fact but as I see it the ANC won that war, hands down and no second place consolation medal was giving to us loser's.

    So maybe you think that I am to thick to understand the roll of passive, non violent resistance, well that is your opinion and I encourage everybody to have an opinion but before you voice your opinion let's look at the fact.

    We are dealing with a below class IQ creature, we have a creature that sees your non violent protest as a weakness and determines that because you're weak you are scared and lastly the dictator doesn't give a continental shit about human rights, international opinion and or any other shit that you can think up.

    As for worrying about international bank accounts they couldn't give a shit because their money is in Russian, Chinese and North Korean accounts and fuck the Brits, Euros or Yanks these retards have taken care of themselves. So they couldn't give a rats arse about how many passive resistance fools walze down adderly street or camp out at union building, they know you don't have the nerve to unseat them. Non violent resistance is not going to do a fucking thing, unless we can get them to spray some lead on the hand holders and spill some red stuff into the asphalt.

    Now I do not think that I am going to be doing a bisley shoot off with sipho and shaka and I don't believe that they are interested in having a shoot out with me but I can tell you that they want to hack me up with a blunt panga and I want to do a couple of not so nice things in return to them but I know that I will be living like an animal for many years, sleeping cold and wet, going hungry living dirty and doing unspeakable acts to people that don't believe in what I do because I want to win my war, I do not want to negotiate peace and huddle cuddle just so that I have to clean up the same mess in a couple of years time.

    So as much as I respect your view I disagree with you and I believe we are on the wrong path if we continue down the one you promote, rather put the fear of us into everything that opposes us and keep that fear constant and then you will see a lasting result, this huddly, cuddly shit is going to just get you chopped up by the same retards that you're holding hands with.


    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      I think you misunderstand Mr Smith
      He is using a two pronged approach

      Use non-violent means
      ALWAYS have the other option available

      Speak softly but carry a BIG stick
      The iron fist in the velvet glove

      What is really needed is the BIG STICK
      Something that we have that others know that is so terrible that the mere possession of it is enough to finish the war before it starts.

      A few strategic nukes hidden around the place
      The "Andromeda strain"
      Launch codes and targeting for cruise missiles
      Speed dial for the papal assassins ( sudden death -- from "natural causes" )
      Not easy for people that cannot -- think outside the narrow confines of convention.

    2. Anonymous2:31 pm

      LTMA fully agree with you. Ill put it to Mike from a different angle or from a genuine no voter 1st and Iast time ever voted. Why I never went along to the anti Zuma March, well simply because myself and other poor whites have been relegated to junk status long time ago and I'm not talking about the government employment laws, those are a fact of life and as hard as it is to accept, one must just accept it and move on. But what is a bitter pill to swallow is the well off whites that we must work for that see people like myself as nothing more than white Kaffirs, and because we really do exist in that very narrow space between a rock and a hard place poor whites must just accept being paid nothing more than that of a township Kaffir. But there's more the boss gets to verbally abuse his poor white workers in a way that he would not towards blacks. Well at this point I can hear your thoughts , such as why don't you just leave or maybe its our own fault for not getting a decent education, well maybe you right, but then I would not have spent my youth driving around townships in a Casspir, and would have probably have voted yes.
      By now you are probably thinking what's all this to do with anti Zuma marches, well it's people like my boss who are crapping themselves over the downgrade and are nearly in a state of panic over financial loss and more expensive holidays overseas, I think for once a Kaffir has done me a service, so bring on the downgrades and a bankrupt state, along with civil war, because the only people I see protesting against Zuma are the ones that have benefitted financially out of this rainbow nightmare.

    3. Anonymous7:49 pm

      @ Anon 11:09 am.

      Maybe you should stay in your box and confined to convention as I do think that superman and wonder woman might be responsible for the creation of you.

      What??? Nukes, Andromeda strain, cruise missiles???? Holy cow! what did you smoke? Lad you must definitely start chewing your popcorn, stop snorting your food?

      Have you read the Bob Helvey strategy? I am sure that he had a couple of nukes in his lunch box just so he could hide them on the protest route.

      But its OK I will carry on misunderstanding Mr Smith just so that you can enlighten me further but now I think we should tell all the other bloggers not to participate in the next protest as maybe their might be a cm targeting the gathering.

      Just please save all those strategic nukes for when the masses combine and are all in one place, then maybe we can keep one or two to use on the puppet masters and globalists.

      Anyway dude, I wait in anticipation for the next instalment of covert war through passive change that you will bring to my attention. Just please keep the straight jacket on and stay in the narrow confines for now, we don't want you setting the launch codes or releasing any strains just yet.

      I must say your terminology is too die for Cecil, " iron fist in the velvet glove" so, so original WOW. The capital "BIG STICK" I thought might intimidate the masses more than the Speak softly approach though.


    4. Anonymous9:11 pm


      @LTMA & everyone who thinks this is a different tune Im playing... Listen carefully because its still the same song.

      "You see I am not Afrikaans and I might be a little thin on tact and a bit blunt on fact but as I see it the ANC won that war, hands down and no second place consolation medal was giving to us loser's."

      Remember they only won that war thanks to the masters overseas.

      That was not an outright victory. They couldnt do it alone.

      Now the same master who put the puppet in power is pulling/cutting their strings.

      They are not going to fight SA, they are going to have to fight against their baases.

      They have IMO perhaps 4-5 options.

      1. Try destroy the country further - their bank accounts get frozen overseas.

      2. Ask China / Russia to help - not going to happen. China is too busy with NK, S China Sea, Russia in a worse position than the cold war with NATO.

      3. Ask African countries to help - watch their central banks derail all their regimes.

      4. Pretend to carry on and watch a coup happen and get mob justice.

      5. Hand over power, form a coalition with another political party and hope no one nails their asses for corruption.

      Terrorists might band & stick together - ANC story about how cold it is outside but when it becomes cold inside, that same terrorist will quickly change sides - especially when its getting very cold to be in the ANC.

      When the master cuts your strings, it doesnt matter if you have the best army on the continent (SADF), it doesnt matter how much control you have of your economy - it really doesnt matter.

      When Malema went against Botswana and uttered his words, you saw how fast he was kicked out.

      When Zuma decided to investigate those banks regarding freezing the gupta account & decided to question his masters, the minute I read that, I knew instantly that this guy was not only out but going to be on the run or taken out.

    5. Anonymous9:11 pm



      Remember the agenda shown around the world regarding Multiculturalism - South Africa is the flag shit, I mean ship of Multiculturalism.

      Should it fail here, it will be a HUGE HUGE blow to their multicultural agendas in Europe, US and other white western nations.

      They cant let it go that way...

      But I believe the white man has been put here so long ago to end that world order & multicultural agenda - it happens HERE IN SA, all their evil plans have come to nothing in the end and will unravel whatever gains they made using us as an example overseas.

      What Im trying to say regarding these protests, is we must never be accused of not showing support or be accused of not supporting the rainbow...

      If you recall all my posts, you will know why...

      When justification warrants no karasites from the southern most point to the equator, we never want to be accused of not being for it from the start.

      Can you read between the lines?

      The more whites feel like they did their best but were persecuted, the faster they jump onto the train of thought of no karasites.

      I cant spell it out much further than that... ;)

      Im not supporting this in the sense "Im for it" but I want whites to believe they can change this because when it doesnt then they will have to think...

      Rainbow didnt work.
      Apartheid didnt work.
      Rioting/joining hands didnt work.


      Hence my Museum plans...

      Ons moet dink!!

      Its better to let people believe they have choice than have them realize that choice is just an illusion.

      Let them enjoy the illusion now. This is what Im saying. Im not saying I dont hope for peace but I understand my enemy.

      Let them try the rainbow - it failed, now they are rioting - it will fail but with each failure we are just one step closer to succeeding - better to fail fast than slow is my motto, 23 years did fuck all because whites did fuck all - now they doing something and going to quickly see what their YES votes really brought in.

      When all options run out and when things get real dark, nasty, bloody and tiring, then perhaps when they eat that boereworse because their stove is out, perhaps then they will think of that mad man boere ninjas solution...

      Who knows, perhaps they will in the meantime let them exhaust every possible means.

      I cant say it any clearer than that. Think further than the protests...Think far up to the equator.

      Like I said....

      If we want to live in this land, we must write a plan for the next 500 years.

      Then everything else will simply seem like a little hiccup or bump in the road. If we will not think that far ahead, then we will simply hang our heads down.

      Any plan is better than no plan and one plan in one mans head, with one mans visions dies when that man dies - ie Verwoerd.

      This has to be a la protocols of die Boerevolk.

      Whatever it takes.

    6. @ LTMA re your original comment. You want retribution not a new country. You are going to end up like those guys in Syria. I will address your concerns in my next post. The retribution will come, but first you need a cool head.

  9. Anonymous6:47 am

    perhaps this is what you siener van rensburg said "you will fight differently from the way we fought, and there will be many more of you this time"...

    1. Man.
      Siener se ou blou moer.
      Hoe gouer die lot wat aan die ou broekpisser se broekspype klou en terugfok Israel-toe...hoe beter.
      In tye soos hierdie is die laaste ding wat my worry of jou voorvel besny is al dan nie.
      Dis van te veel tyd afstaan om die ou zolroker se droompies uit te lê...dat hul die njaffer gemis het wat by die voordeur ingesluip het.

    2. @Daniel...Nou wys jy regtig jou agtergrond. Pas op dat die mense nie begin te dink dat alle Afrikaners so Kômmin soos jy is nie. Waar het jy grootgeword? Epping? Ruiterwacht? Kraaifontein?

    3. Anonymous12:26 am


    4. O my fok...Brooklyn. Ek moes geweet het.

  10. Anonymous6:51 am

    I am too busy to protest, I am reloading rounds (the only excuse to not protesting) :)

    1. Yeah right...keep bullshitting yourself.

  11. Anonymous7:25 am


    Spot on Mike.

    They remind me of Vikings & Spartans.

    Believing the only way is to battle and make it a hero to the after life.

    Im all for a new SA if it does not go up in flames or they do not en mass attack the whites and if whites are allowed the same rights in all aspects of SA - jobs, sports etc etc.

    These riots also play a psychological role against the ANC. Those in the ANC must surely be shitting themselves and with each strike have to for sure question their loyalty.

    I must say I am impressed by the country coming together.

    I read on other sites warning whites to avoid such strikes due to tension but this is crazy.

    I say join in but if the violence starts then back away but at least if the violence starts and it is a mutlti ethnic strike, it will not only be blacks, whites but everyone involved.

    If whites continue to sit on the sidelines they will get blamed for and they will get blamed if they join as well but you cant fool the masses all the time.

    Well said and well put.

    Anonymous6:47 am
    @perhaps this is what you siener van rensburg said "you will fight differently from the way we fought, and there will be many more of you this time"...

    Maybe so but he said "fight" not strike.

    He mentions strikes a few times.

    Maybe a combination - time will tell.

    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Wow Ninja, you as well! Also having a split personality now. What happened to "not a single one left, maybe 1 in a museum "

      So you're also pumped that whites are holding hands with them and singing shosholoza fist pumping shouting Amandla?

      Can you and mike not see how lost whites are right now? Look at the protesters, they want to be African, they want to sing their songs and dance like them, they want Zuma gone, but they want the other black guy in, they actually want to be ruled by a black man.

      I'm still blown away that you and mike are all for this.
      Do I want us to try create another boer war and think that we are super warriors that will win? No

      Do I think peaceful protests will work? Maybe, but not like this, not with us thinking we are all one now.

      Tell me ninja, with all your past predictions and theories, do you not think it's possible that right now whites are being set up and watched closely?

    2. Anonymous8:45 pm


      @Anonymous12:28 pm

      I think of it as Sodom and Gomorrah.

      If there is just a few that will show that they are not against the whites, then perhaps their is hope - remember at blood river, there were blacks in that laager as well, they were not slaves and could have left at any time.

      As much as I dislike Karasites on a whole, I have met MANY of them who sympathize with us and who dont like the way the new SA has gone - they were lied to as well, just like the whites.

      We all got a shitty deal.

      If they should attack us in a sneaky night attack like Siener mentioned, then YES - leave not a single one from the Cape to the equator.

      There is no setup here, other than the elites wanting Zuma + the ANC out. The elites cannot have China or Russia having the sea routes here in Africa & the South China sea - If they do, all the sea routes between the Atlantic & Pacific could fall to Indo/China.

      It is in their geopolitical, financial best interests to remove the ANC they put in power. IF SA falls it either becomes a Southern Africa with a dollar or refinanced by China - who gets it?

      What else should we or can we do? Im for it in the sense that at least whites are not keeping quiet.

      Should we simply fade into the background?

      We will never be one people - that was the rainbow lie. I rather prefer to think of us as separate nations with our own uniqueness, all striving for a common objective - a better life, a future, a dream for our generations to come.

      See, no one can ever tell the whites that they did not embrace the new SA - this is the point of these marches together with blacks.

      Tomorrow should they blame the failure of the new SA on whites or accuse whites of not wanting a rainbow nation-- they can never say that now.

      For every one black protestor you saw out there, there were probably 10-25 who agreed with them.

      now when millions of blacks see how oppressing the ANC is to their white partners, what do you think they will say?

      HAIBO this is not e right!

      One cannot say they will keep quiet, when they are openly out there with the whites.

      They are always watching the whites. I have no doubt the ANC will go, the danger is not them going BUT that the whites thinking that peace will ensure shortly afterwards.

      They can never lose SA - this is how the ANC think, so knowing this, we can expect that if they should go, then it will be the most dangerous time.

      Remember, the vast majority of these protesters were black, coloureds, whites, Indians - there are too many moving pieces in my opinion to focus only on one enemy or whitee.

      One day we will wake up and Zuma will be gone. The ANC know this full well.

      I think the ANC is more worried they are being setup and watched closely now than the other way around. For 22 years whitee kept quiet and now all of a sudden he is making a noise but with blacks...

      This must be like seeing Tokloshe while gerook for the ANC.

      Blacks, whites, coloureds, Indians rioting in SA - I dont think they ever saw it, not with all their racial manufactured tension and division tactics.

      Terrblanche said "one day the blacks will turn on the ANC", I believe that day is here.

      Split personality - no, Im willing to do anything to see the ANC out of power. If they go, 70% of the problems go with them.

      Whatever it takes & should thinks turn on us, then so be it but the water is boiling either we jump out and do something or wither away silently and say....Told you so...

      If it gets violent, it will be broadcast to every nation on earth in 24 hours, whites bleeding, blacks bleeding - whitee will not be the only one bleeding but at least it is not alone.

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend - whether it has two heads, one head, no front teeth or anything - but the enemy has to go at whatever cost now.

    3. Anonymous9:13 pm


      @Anonymous12:28 pm

      Read my comment above to LTMA - I cant say it any other way. Its all working to our favor.

    4. Anonymous2:31 am

      @boer ninja

      Fair enough, but I still think you guys might be missing something. Sure 200000 people marched, but what about the 40million they would still love to see whitey removed? I've been reading a lot of ANC sites and forums, go look for yourself, I read hundreds upon hundreds of comments, there's actually plenty of support for Zuma coming from educated blacks, who really do see him as taking on white Capitol. Why didn't they turn up in their thousands to the protest? I'm not sure, maybe they just don't can and don't think much will change, maybe they just waiting for the right time to come out in force.

    5. Anonymous7:03 am


      ~Anonymous2:31 am

      Whatever they say plays into our hands in the end.

      Let them continue their white capitol thing - there are not just ANC supporters in SA.

      They make up less than 60% of the votes. There is (Im guessing) more than 10-15% who disagree with them now. so its a 50/50.

      Let them come out in force.

      Better for them to come out in force against a non aggressor and then see what happens.

  12. Anonymous7:34 am

    Due to all fake news and chit in MSM, I decided to rather test what is expected of me with what the Bible says.
    If not, then why am I a believer? Surely if I do kung fu, I need the right outfit, and go by the rules. Same for my Christianity. Nowhere in the Bible does it say I need to hold hands with heathens. That's like telling God he has no plan. We join forces with evil, to overcome evil. I won't do it. Period.
    Dan Roodt wrote an interesting article today on his website. Amazing how the whole world is totally against, and wants to destroy, Afrikaans as culture.
    It is a treat to the NWO. Christians from Europe can easily adapt to our culture.
    I am not a Roodt fan, but today I agree with him. Our fight needs to be for Afrikaans. That is the thorn in the flesh.
    As the Afrikaner is today, God cannot use him. He needs to loose everything, like the Israelites in Egypt. He needs to rid himself of all his gods. Rugby, Dstv, 4x4, and garden boy.
    That's the day all Afrikaners will come together and stand as one.


    1. Anonymous1:09 pm

      I dont think Afrikaans is a treat to the NWO. A piece of chocolate is a treat.

    2. Anonymous1:11 pm

      You sound like the Xhosa Nostra weirdo that told the xhosas that if they burned and killed all their livestock it would drive whites into the sea or some crap.

      You sound like that superstitious weirdo. Take your juju crap and fuck off.

    3. Noddy, many years ago Adriaan Snyman wrote a book (can't remember the title now,but I wrote down the comment on the back cover, and this is so true today:

      One day when we stand before God and we are judged, we will be judging ourselves. The condemned themselves will realise that their way was not worthy of Christ and that they were never prepared to make one single sacrifice on His behalf. They will remember how they stood looking on how the Holy name of God was banned from schools; how they shrugged and accepted that the prayer of the Government was no longer the prayer directed to their Redeemer, the Son of God; how they believed the lies of the media without thinking or investigating for themselves; how they turned their backs when Satan attacked the children of God and were thankful it was not themselves being attacked.
      Will they also remember how they, along with the followers of Satan, willingly knelt before the false gods for the sake of monetary gain, a shiny car, a few worldly possessions, and closed pacts with them and sought their favour?
      Merciful God, is there another nation with so many spineless jellyfish among its ‘men’? Show me the nation that sits back and looks on while its inheritance, its children, its spiritual good, yes, everything that belongs to it, is robbed and plundered? Show me another nation whose parliament is run by a band of terrorists and robbers that carry away everything before it, and of whom many had to be released from the prisons in order to take over the running (ruining) of the country!
      I see in the Boer (Afrikaner) of today a combination of what Israel suffered so many centuries ago. The nation is experiencing punishment as the Israelites did. They were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Our slavery will be short-lived, but just as intense. We are waiting for a Redeemer, a Moses, an Elijah, because the nation itself cannot rectify the mess any longer. We are exiles in our own land, pushed out and have been reduced to the status of beggars along our roadsides.

    4. Anonymous8:22 pm


      ~Foxie2:27 pm

      When one reads what the Israelites went through, we see it first hand in this country.

      Listen or read the psalms and other old testament books & it is exactly what we are going through.

      Our salvation will not come from any political system, any country, any person but through turning our backs and going back to the Lord.

      We will have to do the work but through our faith & prayers the Lord will be with us.

  13. warm bodies on the street or leave rsa thats my humble view

  14. We're All Rhodesian9:29 am

    It won't matter if the protests get out of hand or cause mass disruption leading violence. The BBC and NY Times will run stories blaming whites for economic inequality. They'll present cherry-picked statistics leading one to believe the whites own all the land and businesses. Throw in the obligatory mention of brutal white rule under apartheid and flash a picture of Mandela and everyone shrugs their shoulders and moves on. There will be no mention of white squatter camps, farm murders or racist anti-white BEE laws. Nor will they EVER mention the giant elephant in the room - a massive population of low IQ blacks who have a propensity to quick violence and can be swayed to vote a certain way with promises of money, brightly-colored trinkets or a bucket of KFC.

  15. Anonymous9:57 am

    I voted 'Yes' in '92. At five to seven that evening, after a full day agonising over the implications.

    What many critics of the yes-voters have forgotten, or don't even know, is that Pienk Frikkie promised us that protection of white rights would be entrenched in the new constitution. That tipped the scale of pro's and con's for me. FW lied, or the Nats/Roelf Meyer (for the negotiating team) reneged. So was I naive, or duped? Maybe both - but I make no apology for my decision..

    For those who are hazy, read http://www.sahistory.org.za/archive/chapter-11-negotiating-final-constitution

    1. Anonymous1:10 pm


      @Anonymous9:57 am

      You + millions of others mark X on the spot based on lies.

      You were deceived, lied to, fed false info and felt compassion for the Karasite like so many other whites.

      OK - so what...It was a mistake.

      If we could enable the vote, then we can disable the new SA if we want.

      Simple as that, we are the machine, the fuel in the machine.

      Without us, its just another karasite infested country.

      He who controls the fuel to the furnace controls the furnace. That is why the ANC want to make sure they keep whitee in their place.

      I have family, virtually the entire one side who voted yet - they all regret it. Hindsight is a bitch - it just is but we learn....

      Never again.

  16. Anonymous10:07 am

    Hier is tot op hierdie stadium nog net sestien kommentare en nadat Mike sy bes gedoen het om die Afrikaner af te maak as n onbenulligheid het nog net een siel die Afrikaner verdedig. Dankie Daniel. Ek het n bydrae gelewer maar dis nie geplaas nie maar ag wat nou gaan ek weer hoor watter groot doos ek is.

  17. if this article is correct then younger whiteskins are taking action (leaving and also having less childrenSA teen 2040 sonder wit mense' - Frans Cronjé
    Deur Frans Cronjé 09 April 2017 09:56

    Die Rapport-verslaggewer Elaine Swanepoel het my verlede week oor die toekoms van wit mense in die land gebel en ek het vir haar gesê Suid-Afrika se wit mense sal teen die middel van hierdie eeu bes moontlik uit die bevolking verdwyn het.

    Ek was baie jare gelede deel van ’n span wat op die toekoms van die Suid-Afrikaanse bevolking ingegaan het. Omdat daar ’n aantal huidige en historiese vrae oor die akkuraatheid van Suid-Afrika se bevolkingsyfers is, het ons noukeurig na die ouderdomstruktuur van die bevolking, en hoeveel mense in elke ouderdomsgroep aangeteken is, gekyk.

    Die interessantste bevinding was dat daar byvoorbeeld meer wit mense van die ouderdom 50 tot 59 was as mense van die ouderdom 20 tot 29. Oor die hele ouderdomsgroep van 20 tot 40 was daar bewys van wit mense wat die land verlaat het, en ons het dié getal op etlike honderdduisende geskat.

    Ons het ook gesien dat hulle die land ná 1994 verlaat het. Ons het dit geweet omdat hul ouers nog in die data was, maar hulle sou te jonk wees om die land voor 1994 sonder hul ouers te kon verlaat.

    ’n Derde ding wat ons waargeneem het, was dat daar ’n skerp afname in die getal wit kinders was wat in die land gebore word. Dit was nie net die afname wat ’n mens sou verwag van ’n al voorspoediger middelklas wat minder kinders kry nie. Toe ek verlede week na die data gekyk het, het ek gesien dat die getal wit kinders wat in Suid-Afrika gebore word die afgelope 20 jaar reeds aan die daal was. Die afname in die getal wit kinders wat gebore word, weerspieël op sy beurt weer die afname in die getal wit mense van ouderdom 20 tot 40.

    Die feit dat baie jong wit mense buite die land kinders kry, suggereer dat hulle Suid-Afrika permanent verlaat het. Dit is onwaarskynlik dat jy na Suid-Afrika sal terugkeer nadat kinders vir jou gebore is.

    Ons het toe voorspel dat Suid-Afrika se wit bevolking al ouer sou word en mettertyd tot byna niks sou verminder. Ek het verlede week weer na die syfers gekyk en beraam dat 40% van die huidige wit bevolking in die volgende drie dekades weens ouderdom of siekte kan sterf. Hierbenewens sal dit, namate wêreldwye ekonomiese toestande verbeter, weer vir jong wit mense makliker word om lewens in die buiteland te lei – veral as die regering volhou met sy dreigemente teen eiendomsregte en die afdwinging van rassekwotas in die sakesektor en die werkplek. Geboortesyfers van wit mense is te laag om te vergoed vir dié mense wat sal sterf of emigreer. Die slotsom is dat ons ’n aansienlike vermindering in die wit bevolking kan sien.

    Terwyl die wit bevolking sal afneem, sal die breër Suid-Afrikaanse bevolking waarskynlik steeds toeneem. Daar was in 1994 ’n beraamde 39 miljoen mense in die land en dié syfer het met meer as 40% (terwyl ons nie daarop kan staatmaak dat die getalle van die bevolkingstoename heeltemal akkuraat sal wees nie) toegeneem tot 56 miljoen vandag. MIV-vigs het wel bevolkingsgroei vertraag, maar die bevolking is nietemin vandag 10 miljoen mense meer as wat dit ’n dekade gelede was.

    Wit mense maak op die oomblik ’n beraamde 8% van die totale bevolking uit. Wanneer voortgesette wit veroudering en toenemende vlakke van emigrasie in aanmerking geneem word, kan dié persentasie teen 2040 tot tussen 1% en 3% daal. Die implikasies vir die ekonomie en beleide van SEB en grondhervorming sal ingrypend wees.

  19. heres the link // worth reading the 60 plus commentshttp://www.netwerk24.com/Stemme/Menings/sa-teen-2040-sonder-wit-mense-frans-cronje-20170409

    1. Anonymous11:31 am

      Thanks for that, I understood every single word.

      Sheezus mate, consider those that cannot read Afrikaans.


    2. Whiteman11:58 am

      Kj, I would like to caution you to use ALL south african statistics with GREAT care. Not only because the average affirmative nignog, can not count properly, but the " government " is forever bullshitting us, and the world, that the NSA rainbow miracle is a reality ! Any census after 1994 can be considered complete bullshit. No illegal alien will ever appear on any census form. And they are STREAMING into this country in their MILLIONS ! ( AND BREEDING LIKE RABBITS ! )

  20. I personaly will ride someone elses train and jump of at the right moment but lets not forget that this train is a train of the same pieces of shit that sold this country away and the same train getting its fuel and drections from foreign money interrests.

    I will use this train yes but i will not jump in joy and crazed imotion like 99% of the protesters who are being used as mere puppets to achieve the goals of the international money cartle.

    1. Fair enough...so what do you suggest should be done? Nothing?

      I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw: A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest--and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man. Proverbs 24:32-34

    2. Well i will be honest. I do not know. I dont have the answers and i am not shooting your view down at all.

      All i am giving is an opinion of a person. This opinion might shape or influence the way you present your approach.

      For me it is a personal matter and i know that many do share my view, so you can see that it is not the plan you present that vexes so much but the manner.

      My personal faith and believes shape my views and you also know the same as i do that these protests are a tool of a sinister agenda.

      I can not embrace this plan fullheartedly because thereof. I am not saying that it cant work either but you need to pull me and hundreds of thousands of others to your way of thinking otherwise it is futile. Remember that a great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.

      I dont have a plan but an idea yes but to put it down and reveal it at this point would be to sabotage it and maybe Proverbs 24:32-34 applies to this statement.

      The thing is that without my religion and believes i couldnt care less about this planet nor all the injustices that goes along with it. This thought pattern is what you are contending with so you will need to be versatile and cautious if you want to change or influence the thought pattern.

      It is in actuality my believes that are holding me back also because the idea that i have is one that concerns moral issues and initiatives not used on the enemy but my own white brethren and i would not initiate without my Creator giving the green light.

      Deuteronomy 7:6-7

      For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. 7"The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any of the peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.

      My idea direction is to create solidarity with my own and not with the heathen.

    3. Anonymous12:26 pm

      Mike, in just a short while South Africa will default on its promisery notes to pay the holders of government bonds. Zuma will be faced with a shit reality on how is he going to pay the public service, that includes municipal workers, emergency services, vital services, such as hospital staff, sewage & water before the whole lot shuts down. And like all countries going back to the Weimar republic and the great depression he will have only 2 choices 1 resign immediately and hand the country over to a caretaker government supervised by the IMF and World Bank or (I hope he chooses) start printing money Zimbabwe style to try keep a reign on the stagflation hole that the NSA will be sliding into. Option 2 always seems to be the African way just like the monkey clutching onto a banana through a hole so that he is unable to remove his arm.
      Mike I don't have go to any marches because I'm going to witness my desire on both my enemies the liberals that betrayed my country and the Kaffirs.

  21. Anonymous12:27 pm

    wiff kunts like dis who need ennamees

    1. Woah...blown away by your intelligence.

  22. Without this article I've always believed the white skins are in decline it's a no brainer / you just need to look at the number of south African white skins in London /Sydney / Brisbane /Perth Its fuckin obvious to me that the numbers are seriously in decline.

  23. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Don't go the union buildings. Go to nkandla...gather around his home stead and ask him to step down. Burn it if you have to. I say this because it's no longer political, it's now personal. People died for this country and here he is selling it just like that.

    1. Good Idea. I wanted to suggest that myself. Give a Birthday present at Knkandla he will never forget. Then at the same time do the same with the Gupta residence.

    2. Anonymous1:30 am

      Sorry but Zuma is a hero to all the Zulus at Nkandla. He is an inspiration to them, they would all loot and steal just as much given the opportunity. They will be there outside his gates on his birthday with their sticks and pangas waiting for your peaceful protest - in addition to the guards and police armed with rapid fire assault rifles.

    3. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Right your message on a 155 and send via airmail

  24. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Every single protester out there who is anti zuma is just making things worse for themselves & are being used by international financial forces & the anc...

    In the past SA had to give up apartheid due to international pressure because we had nobody else we could deal with during apartheid, ie: Russia & China.

    Zuma & the anc are loving the downgrades because they have engineered the situation in the first place.

    The BRICS bank in gauteng is just waiting to go live when the west pulls out of sa completely, expect more rhetoric from the anc to achieve the goal sooner.

    The anc will also nationalise the mines as a final f#$%K YOU !

    You are all being played by other men, the anc hold 62% majority, even if another election is called after a coup or some other major fkuc up, the anc would still win in a democratic structure that the UN would be forced to instill.

    1. Anonymous2:42 pm

      So what shall we do? Nothing?????????

      And that's going to help us all, how?

  25. Anonymous6:24 pm

    The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

    - Plato

  26. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Lmao... Why don't more whites participate in the protests? I counted a number of "excuses" among the posts above.

    Notably, from some of the more frequent posters on this site.

    All these strong war fighter men of men, who each have their little excuse not to march, not to protest, makes me wonder if they really are the "grensvegter" or just some wannabee penkop aanhanger.

    I asked the same question on a number of forums the last few days before the march, and my question was simple:

    "If this matters to you, in any way, you will be at a march near you, if it doesn't and you are happy with the way things are, you will pop a excuse." "What's your excuse?"

    And the reaction was pure vitriol, i was castigated from all sides, made out to be the worst and lowest.

    Here were some of the excuses (in no particular order):
    I am hourly paid
    I work on commission
    My company says i must take leave
    My family is in hospital
    I don't take part in protests
    Their will be violence
    The police will shoot
    The ANCYL will attack
    The EFF is part of the protest (Insert political party affiliation)
    The weather looks like rain

    I lost count after a while.

    But after each excuse or reason was given for non-attendance, i said - Ok, you are excused, but remember, stop complaining in future about politics of South Africa.

    This of course lead to even more threats and comments etc, etc.

    Make of this white attitude what you will, but just like the afrikaner/boers cannot stand together, the myth of afrikaner/boer superiority will be challenged one day, and there will be a lot of shocked boer/afrikaners as a direct result.

    1. Anonymous1:06 am

      What superiority myth are talking about 8:58 pm ?

    2. ".....future politics of South Africa" [?]

    3. Anonymous1:41 am

      I believe the underlying reason is/was fear of possible violence yet I saw plenty women and a few children. I can't say I agree with children being there. So the fear of injury/death is very real for many reasons not all of which are cowardly.
      We are left with a few choices: Do nothing, pray for divine intervention, vote Mike for President, etc.
      Or, if we want what is in our hearts, we should be prepared to sacrifice our fears for the future of all South Africans especially our kids.
      Easier said than done but, seriously, what other options do we have? Non-violent marches have been very successful so, imho, this seems to be the only choice we have.

      So, I agree with your submission, lets stop making excuses.

    4. Ja...jou simpel, intellegatvolle kômmintare raak net beter.

  27. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Mike, you once said genocides start when the goverment/authorities tell one tribe that the other tribe is preparing to remove/kill them and that they should kill them first.

    Does these protests have the potential to spark something like this, seeing the most protesters are white?

    1. Where did I say that? Quote and link please.

    2. Anonymous1:43 am

      I remember watching a video on how they start and was not sure if I found it on your blog.
      Anyway, the following links and quotes could indicate you agree. If not I am sorry.
      I just wanted to raise what I believe to be a valid point and add value to this conversation.

      "...whites will forever float between stage 5 and 6 with blacks in their backyard and ocassioanally be moving into stage 7 (extermination attempts)."

      "7. EXTERMINATION...When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to do the killing. Sometimes the genocide results in revenge killings by groups against each other..."

      "The first indication is that the ANC’s supporters are getting more and more frustrated. The ANC cannot deliver on all their false promises. They cannot give their supporters houses, jobs, wealth, a chicken in every pot, whatever…When the insurgents finally lose their patience, the ANC will do exactly what Robert Mugabe did and tell them, “Well, we gave you AK-47’s. You know where the houses and the wealth are. Those white bastards who oppressed you during Apartheid”...That will be the trigger."

    3. Anonymous5:54 am


      This could happen.

    4. Anonymous11:12 pm

      @ Anon 5:54 am

      Those are typical misdirection communist 'argument' tactics.

      They are trying to control the frame of argument, moving it to what suits them and pushing others on the defensive.

      Their arguments should be ignored as those against them should continue as they were and create new issues at the ANC, constantly making THEM defend. Thankfully this seems to be happening lately.

  28. Anonymous1:34 am

    Who is Gene Sharp?

  29. Anonymous1:47 am

    White people in this country need to stop fighting/arguing over petty bullshit, if we are truly loyal to our country we should stand up and support any and all forms of resistANCe.
    everything else inbetween is irrelevant all that should matter now is collapsing the anc by any and all means availible to us.

    1. Anonymous3:07 am

      100% correct

    2. Anonymous12:48 pm

      We must tell that to doos Mike Smith

    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      @Anon 12:48pm

      No, you need to tell RFR.

  30. Anonymous9:29 am

    if the cunt wants a machine gun , give him this instead


  31. Anonymous2:09 pm


    Stern warning to whites...


    Save SA that things might get "very very rough".

    Last Friday marches against President Jacob Zuma's recent Cabinet reshuffle, including one organised by Save SA in Pretoria, were held throughout the country.

    "So please, we just want to request [Save SA] nicely: don't divide our nation because if you continue to do so those that sided with you in 1994, they won't be here in five years," Masina said.

    "It might be very rough and we are many, this is not a threat, we are many [and] it might be very very rough."

    "It is very important that we send a very very strong warning that... we will crush any individual who stands [in the way of] the project of nation building and social cohesion in South Africa."

    Bring it on Karasite!!!!

    This time, there will be no Karasites left.

    For every 1 innocent white killed in the new SA, a million of these fucking barbaric savages must still pay.

    The fucking audacity of these Karasites.

    Like I say, better to feel the wrath than slowly boil away for another 23 years.

    1. Anonymous11:08 pm

      If they are threatening like this, they are scared. They see how many blacks are protesting, even from the ANC and now are trying to deflect the issue to whites.

      These threats have the opposite effect, they embolden resistance.

  32. Anonymous2:11 pm


    How Karasites lie & turn everything around...

    Gigaba expressed concern over divisions within the ANC.

    "We should call for a halt to divisions within the ANC. We are not properly managing disagreements in the ANC," he said.

    Gigaba also said country's economy, from which the majority of South Africans are excluded, is unsustainable.

    "We must agree on inclusion. South Africa's economy excludes black people, women and the youth. It's not sustainable," he said.

    The only people excluded from the economy are whites....

    When the fuck can we eradicate this thing for good. It is a useless piece of shit in human form.

    No Karasites from the Cape to the Equator.

    No mess, no fuss, no arguing, no mercy.

    Its either that or enjoy living in squalor & poverty.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      It's funny that they say it excludes blacks when blacks are employed by law. What they mean is blacks are too stupid to compete and too lazy to learn the skills to get ahead. Given what the whites have already built in South Africa imagine if the blacks were even half as competent- South Africa would be as rich as South Korea, as powerful in Africa as America is in the world.

      But ultimately because South Africa is now the same as any other postcolonial nation populated by non-Europeans it is Africanized.

  33. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Let me try get this into perspective.

    Somewhere above is the well known observation, "my enemy's enemy is my friend". So, use that. Use whatever is available to get the job done. As long as there's common cause, go with it. I have joined the protests on all possible occasions locally. No, I have not raised a fist to the "Amandla" chants and "Awethu" response - I don't see my way clear to agree with the "struggle" rhetoric. But if we can achieve anything in a joint cause with those who are effectively "sucking on the hind tit", then let's do it. What's the alternative?! And in addition, do whatever it takes. Tax revolt, picket the Gupta compound and Nkandla, march on parliament, join Angus Buchan's prayer initiative, whatever! Read again Mike's earlier series on the "peaceful" Revolution. We have to keep up the pressure, and intensify it. No - I don't have the answers to what we do after zuma's downfall! One step at a time!

    And - don't believe that when zuma is ousted, we're done. The entire web of corruption must be brought down. Zuma is just the start. (And, by the way, we want all his ill-gotten cash back - and that of the guptas and other cronies.)

    I also believe that there's a strong possibility that SHTF day will come. I'd prefer to avoid that - lot's of reasons for it, including kids (albeit grown up, and sadly disbelieving of the crisis in which we find ourselves) who will become an additional concern and burden. And if it really comes to 50m vs 4m - let's be realistic! The verbal bravado is all very well. But remember that Blood River was a very different and totally unique situation, with Divine intervention, and doesn't necessarily lay down the ground rules for all future generations...

    I also think there's potential for a Marikana type event to come. If the anti-zuma pressure increases, he is very likely going to dig in his heels and use whatever he has at his disposal to counter any opposition. Are we up to that?

  34. JesseJames2:11 pm

    Somewhere in SA there must still be stingers. Those stingers are not in the hands of the SANDF. Who has those stingers? An answer to our political problems might partially lay in utilising those stingers very strategically.

  35. Anonymous7:57 am

    The problem here is that blacks hate whites. If it is even just 10% of blacks that hate whites that is 4.5 million blacks- as many whites that are in the country as a whole. Cape Independence or Volkstaat or outright fleeing are the best ideas because even if you remove Zuma that doesn't guarantee Malema will just disappear. And because whites hire blacks to work for them, because only 3% of the population pays taxes and that 3% is 90% white this means that the whites disproportionately shoulder the burden and are resented for it by the blacks who want what whites have.

  36. Whiteman11:05 am

    Anonymous 7:57 am, you have highlighted the main problem we all face in this country. It is the undiluted hate which the black savages have for the Whiteman. But in all fairness, it goes both ways. Even the rainbow children, who make as if they love the blacks, are just bullshitting themselves, and trying to appear oh so " enlightened and godly ! " Let me tell you. NOTHING is going to take the hate away ! It is like a festering boil, getting more inflamed and infectious all the time. And it is about to burst open, and cover those who are closest, with horrible stinky puss !