27 April 2017

How the leftist media supports the ANC status quo through manipulation of news

Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

By Mike Smith
27th of April 2017

It is enough that the lying leftist media tries to manipulate news and public opinion, but when they actually think that we are so stupid that we won’t notice, it becomes insulting.

Take the way they are setting us up for a continuation of the Communist hegemony and ANC status quo.

I mean...that Zuma has to go, is a fact as clear as day. His time is up and he must fuck off already. Even the media has accepted that fact. Problem comes in with the way they speculate about his successor.

We have been presented with a binary choice, The Butcher of Marikana, Cyril Ramaphosa...or Zuma’s former wife, Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma...the incompetent Sarafina idiot who stuffed up South Africa’s health services and the department of Home Affairs.

Like a choice between Shitpot and Pisspot.

I doubt it if Cyril Ramaphosa even stands a chance, because he is a Venda and it will be a cold day in hell that a Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho) will vote for a Venda. They don’t even class Venda’s as real South Africans...just like with the Shangaans. Then there are the ghosts of the 40 odd black miners slaughtered at Marikana on his order that the blacks won’t forgive him for.

Nevertheless...Suddenly out of nowhere, all you read about in the paper is Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma giving speeches and campaigning to take over from Umsholozi Showerhead Zuma.

She is already enjoying VIP presidential protection with a three car blue light convoy that she is not entitled to, courtesy of the taxpayer’s stolen money.

Now for those who do not know the antics of this woman, please read what I wrote five years ago when she was named AU chief.

Mike Smith’s 2012 article: Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair. When incompetence sticks like shit to a woolen blanket

THAT…dear reader is what the media holds up as the successor to Jacob Zuma. A woman who is a staunch supporter of the despotic dictator Robert Mugabe and the one whose “overhaul” of Home Affairs is the cause and reason that queues for ID’s and passports are stretching three blocks down the drag.

Like I said...the media have accepted the fact that Jacob Zuma must go...but what comes after Zuma?

Answer: More Zuma...and on the odd chance that Ramaphosa does get in...At least a continuation of more ANC.

Does the media think that a change in ANC leadership is going to make the ANC somehow less corrupt? What utter rubbish. We don’t want any more ANC. POINT!!! When Zuma goes, the ANC must go. They must take their shit and fuck off!!

What irks me even more is that the media does not even consider a moderate black libtard like Mumusi Maimane, what more to say a white libtard like Athol Trollip or a coloured like Patricia de Lille...

No! For heaven’s sake...if you want peace and stability Zuma’s successor must be black and he must be ANC.

Why? What for? Why not a white person? How can you claim to be “non-racial”, but then hold the black race as criteria for presidential succession?

It is as if these Media libtards allow themselves to be intimidated by the prospect of black ANC violence if Zuma goes, so they want to compromise with blacks with a candidate such as Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma...Keep the transition smooth. Don’t upset the Apple cart. Steal further.

Stuff that! I say SMASH the apple cart. Burn it down and stop the theft and the rot! For as long as the ANC is still around this country will NEVER see prosperity and progress. You want to replace one incompetent, corrupt idiot with another and call that “improvement”? How?

Besides, the other day she referred to the “Save SA” protesters as “rubbish” on Twitter and saying that they should rather join the ANC march against the land whites stole, then she deleted the Tweet and lied about it saying somebody posted a fake post from her account. Lying bitch Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma

No. Zuma must go and the ANC must go with him. We don’t want any of them anymore...nor his former squeeze. For me...23 years of stealing and mismanagement is enough!


  1. Anonymous9:30 am

    Mike all you said is true, however I think most of us is in for a huge surprise, even every fucking stinking libturd. The anc , even if voted out, will NEVER give up power, same as old Bob up north. They will cheat, lie and intimidate , but never will they give up the power in SA. Simple as that. Only way will be thru the barrel of a gun, and simply put there are to few of us against that majority.

    1. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Agree 100% with you, 9:30. Sad but true.

    2. Anonymous12:30 pm

      @ Anon 9:30 am.

      You are so right but please convince the rest of the whites that you are seeing a future through the history of the past.


  2. Anonymous9:53 am

    Is busy mobilising the IMPIS


    He seems to be pretty smug about it all

    Are they all so happy to be there ?
    Do we now have TWO Zulu kings ?

    It may be well for the REAL Zulu king to understand what happens in a revolution

    Never mind the French one
    WWI deposed and destroyed [nearly] ALL the royal houses of Europe

    I hope the Zulu king remembers -- YIMPI YABA NTWANA


    1. Anonymous5:24 am


      @Anonymous9:53 am

      We must let the Karasite show its true nature now. Let it do its thing and let it continue.

      I love it! It is making our job a lot easier.

      No Karasites mean no Karasites including their kings first within our borders and then right up to the equator.

      Let them do their thing so we are justified in doing our thing. That is why the best way to test a Karasite is to put it in power, then you see the real nature of the beast.

      Few, very few whites will feel sorry for it now going forward.

      Oh I long for the day when there isnt a single one in this country.

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    Put Maimane in and we will still be the target of retards failures, we will still be the white capitalist monopoly, we will still own all the land.

    These tards are as bad as each each other in stench and every other aspect.

    Any body that thinks the da is different did not take notice of the zille saga, that bitch fought her whole wasted life for these tards.

    We only have one choice, annihilate them all, cleanse this land and the lands north, eradicate the scourge and delete the curse.

    Then we take intelligent creatures like gorillas and chimps and even baboons and teach them what these tards could never learn.


    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Zille? Now there's a little tale of poetic justice if I ever saw one. Useful idiot eaten by her own kind. Perfect.

    2. Not so sure about baboons, they seem to share many traits with the noble nigger.

    3. Anonymous7:20 am

      @ Nevyn 12:39am.

      Have you ever wondered why the yanks sent a chimp into space and not a retard.

      In those years retards were still fair game but I know that the yanks knew that tard would have broken the craft or stolen the moon.

      Nah, baboons definitely have more culture and are far more advanced.


    4. Anonymous11:36 pm

      How many "tards" have actually been into space ?
      Did they break the craft ?
      Did they steal the moon ?

      WHO was responsible for the two Space Shuttle fatal accidents ?

      Super tard calling other tards tards

      Boggles the mind !

    5. Anonymous6:54 am

      @ Anon 11:36 pm.

      Shame a sjw fighting on behalf of evolutions forgotten species.

      Those were accidents you prick not stupidity, fuck, tard boy don't you know the difference, oh sorry I forgot you're as retarded as those you wish to defend.


    6. Anonymous11:28 am

      Out of +- 130 STS missions I'd say two losses are relatively acceptable. I would love to see how these tard niggers launch 130 shuttle missions and not fail every single one. HARHAHAHAR

    7. Anonymous7:45 pm

      @ spacekadet 11:36 pm.

      Each shuttle mission that ended in disaster and good intelligent whites being killed, had a retard aboard.

      I can tell you now that the tard was most probably not listening again and not doing its work, thats what caused the fuck up.

      You know how it is with tards, we whites have to show them how to use a spade, a broom, a dust rag even a simple spoon.

      In 300+ years of whites discovering the stinks they have still not evolved to compete or challenge us, they still crap in the bush, eat with their paws, change their minds manually, steal, break and fuck up everything they touch.

      Now some idiotic libtard thought they could put a tard onto those sophisticated crafts and look at what happened, tard fucked it up again.

      I see the same thing with this country, libs gave it to tard and tard is fucking it up.

      Admit it tardy boy, you should never have been allowed down the tree or up on two. You're creatures from a forgotten time, forgotten by time.

      I must say I love it when you turds, oh sorry I meant tards fuck with technology, especially when you believed you're multi skilled and drive while you text, I love looking at the mangled carcasses in the wreck of what used to be perfectly good machinery till tard touched it.

      I wish that more of you tards had cars and cell phones, fuck the perfect culling combination, you see tardy boy you lot should have stayed in the bush because the bush has stayed in you.


    8. Anonymous2:18 pm

      Ontnugtering is net om die hoek

      Revelation soon will come

      I am glad it is not from my eyes that the scales will fall

      Supertards will however have many unwelcome suprises !
      When they discover that the "tards" are not all that TARDY !

    9. Anonymous2:26 pm

      Strange is it not Mr Supertard LTMA
      How many of these useless tards do YOU EMPLOY ?
      Have working for you ?
      That you pay to keep your business running ?

      You see you are just like the great ( but now dead ) white Saviour Eugene
      They even had to get tards to dig his grave.

      Perhaps you are an even bigger hypocrite ?
      Rather die in your bed than make it yourself !
      Typical of the likes of you and the Mal_Ninja

      Perhaps the "tards" will be digging your grave as well ?

    10. Anonymous12:19 am

      And perhaps tards will just be saying the same old shit over and over again of how untardy the tards are. Wow these untardy tards are really running every aspect of this country super untardy.

  4. Anonymous10:10 am

    Its so blatant now I just laugh and think how stupid do you have to be to believe that shit.

    1. Anonymous12:32 pm

      Almost like, "step away from the TV mam, step...away from the MSM if you value your sanity sir".

      Corporate Media has lost touch through their propaganda lies and has become a tragic parody of itself.

  5. Anonymous12:05 pm

    As daai kaffermeid wil "president" word, moet iemand dit seker net eers wakker maak. Hy is moeg. En wat 'n lelike fokken gedierte.

    1. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Sif with the AIDS. Take a shower and some beetroot and call me in the morning, sharp sharp!

    2. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Haar suster is daai stuk etter "minister of social development" Bathabile Dlamini. Ewe skreeu-lelik en walglik. Om vreeslike, gillende nagmerries van te kry.

    3. Anonymous12:42 pm

      You can't even write a fiction horror novel set in this country. By page three it will have offended someone's "dignity" and you will wind up incarcerated for hate speech. Even if you write about a green-spotted purple monster with a taste for black jellybeans, someone will take exception to the use of the word "purple" because Whoopi Goldberg starred in the movie of that name as the long suffering, saintly black woman who showed up whitey. Don't even go there with black jellybeans. You name it, it will be twisted and censored.

  6. Anonymous12:58 pm

    The hell with it. Let them make this hideous bitch president. They will see their arses. Once the tables are turned they will get no mercy.

  7. Anonymous1:06 pm

    BTW I don't think the Sothos are Ngunis, but call a kaffer a kaffer by any other name ...

  8. Anonymous2:38 pm

    You all want to fight the fast mass spreading of false anti Boere Afrikaner and white propaganda online ( where is spreads fastest ) ? This is how another groups does it.

    I do not care about your personal opinions about this groups of people, so all you antagonists who are going to try and distract others from what they can take from the following links can piss off already.

    They have been and still are extremely effective.

    Jewish Internet Deference Force : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Internet_Defense_Force
    and here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Haganah

    I would suggest
    1. Use a facebook PAGE ( disable comments and non admit posts )

    2. List only LINKS to the Anti white Boere Afrikaner sources and dont do headlines ( Do not give enemies a way to get facebook to shut you down )

    3. Message all page members and get their email ( Incase you get shut down and )

    4. You post a vid that is false propaganda, an BS or inciting article, a website, etc THEN you send ( not via facebook) and email out to all members containing the source link, who and how to report it.

    5. Now you have mass action for every instance of false propaganda.

    I have made some adjustments to the way the folks in the links do it ( excluded a trace and spammable website and contact email ). The folks in the link did in fact get their fb page shut down because 1. They listed their opinions per post and gave instructions directly on FB - do not do that)

    In PR alhoewel nie gewoonlik op die skaal van n heele gemeenskap nie, is die tiepe terugslag n baie bekend tegniek. Werk ook vir eie propaganda teen vyhande.

  9. Anonymous6:52 pm


    Not only should the ANC go, but they should NEVER have been allowed in power.

    I tell - just like during the Boer war where many traitors were put against a wall, so these liberals will have their day!

    All those like Helen Zille etc etc WE HAVE A HUGE list, she must count her lucky stars. Her disciplinary hearing with the DA will be like nothing compared to what happens when the day of reckoning arrives & its fast approaching.

    She & every other liberal must not think that because they change their tune towards the end of this sinking ship that we cant see through it. We see straight through it and it convinces us even more that they need to go.

    I find them all guilty of treason against the whites in this country.

    There will be no court, there is no need for that. We have witnesses to what they did, it will simply be a quick hanging or putting them against the wall.

    They brought the ANC in, the only way to get them out will be by the barrel of a gun.

    73,000 whites bloods are on their hands!

    The traitors that keep the ANC in power, those who continue to turn a blind eye, those who cozy up to them, those who continue their racist against whites, provoking the masses to massacre them.

    The day will come, it will come when every white person in this country who had friends, family butchered, murdered, raped, hijacked, terrorized, kicked out of the work force, impoverished, tortured...

    The day will come, it always does when these two faced bastards will pay and it will NOT BE IN A CELL.

    The women of these Karasites are more cruel than the men! You see how they beat old white people in old age homes, how they put tires around the necks of blacks and set them alight, poison families.

    The women are far more evil than the men. The babies dumped in the bins to be fodder for rats, tells you they are 100 times worse than the men!

    We still have some way to go on this road but the day will come when the road ends. When it does, the liberals better go into hiding.

    Hunt the bastards down like a rabid dog & then sort out the Karasite.

    One is a thorn in our side and the other a pain in our asses.

    1. Anonymous11:32 pm

      The Mal_Ninja

      Mr Smith must have unending patience with RETARDS that use up pages of text with the same old stale crap day after day lines and lines of dribble

      Blah de blah de blah

      Please get the doctor to re-check the meds

      PLEASE !

    2. Anonymous5:28 am


      @Anonymous11:32 pm

      Glad you listening, sometimes its good to repeat the message, you are right - according to society I am mal and the new SA is a democracy and utopia.

      If you dont like what I say - dont read it.

      I bet you lap up every word because deep, deep, deep down in every white South Africans dreams is for a Boere_Ninja to do what he says.

      I repeat it, so when it happens in the not so far future - people dont get afraid, they are well prepared.

      The real question is why the fuck do we put up with your mocking comments, you have never EVER, ever said anything constructive or given your opinion. Your opinions are none but only offers criticism.

      They dribble to people who think the ANC is their solution and the new South Africa has a place for whites.

      Enjoy your new South Africa, have no fucking idea why you are on here. Many others are of the same view point.

      No run away and die of AIDS.

    3. Anonymous8:22 am

      @ BN 5:28 am

      Don't waste your effort on this shit rag, its a tard or a sjw.

      All it can do is complain, criticize and blame.

      It most probably has to change thought through the manual process you might find that the finger is still stuck in position as its forgotten it changed from its last shit thought.


    4. Anonymous2:13 pm

      The two man karasite annihilation squad
      Why am I not suprised

      Talking about a stuck finger
      Man that's rich coming from you two
      Who do not have two thoughts between you ...




    5. Anonymous4:31 am

      @ anon 2:13 pm.

      Turd rag, are you jealous that you cannot sling the shit and deliver the punch, does it eat your soul that you hide in the ethers and try take on the brave?

      Are you one of the turds that love defending the tards, I think you're a scared little shit that wants to hide himself in the dark, well the dark is coming for you and they are going to love tearing you to pieces and watching you bleed.

      Your great mates will slowly carve you up and laugh and mock you while doing it and you will plead and cry and tell them how you ridiculed the BN and LTMA in defense of them tardy tards.

      In the end when you feel the fingers of cold crawling through your soul and the blood of is life pooling and congealing around you while the darkness invades your eyes, you will ask yourself why you were not more like the Ninja and LTMA because then maybe you would have fought for your life and counted kruss even if you did lose the fight but you turdy boy will die wailing and begging and crying instead of standing and fighting.

      I would piss on you but that would be an insult to my urine and a waste of a good piss.

      Now fuck off and go play retard lover with the retards.


  10. Anonymous7:52 pm



    Change Ethnic Albanian to Afrikaner / whites & you will see what will happen should a coalition form here between the various parties including the whites.

    Reads & seems like something that could happen here.


  11. Why not a white person? ... most peoples (blacks) would rather be ruled badly by one of their own than be governed well by foreigners(whites).
    Besides the ANC have become used to the trappings of power. They would probably fight to the death than give up their Mercedes Benz to go back to a bicycle.

    1. Anonymous12:01 am

      Rivoniaboy message , whites are not foreigners in SA , they are the Developers and stopped the Blackman from slaughtering each , so saved their Lives and payed big monies to help them proliferate and kept them alive from natural reducing diseases .
      Then from the MB forced to the Bicycle is a lot of Hog , its township propaganda. Its more like as seen in the WHOLE of Kafrica the same procedure . Once in the saddle try to unsaddle me .

    2. Anonymous12:11 am

      @ rivoniaboy 9:53 pm.

      This lot of retards maximus are fucking lucky to even have bicycles.

      Bicycles, mercs, houses those things are colonial, white apartheid tools, these idiots were sitting on their dirty unwashed black arses doing fuck all when the ships with homo sapien arrived and intelligence set foot on this continent.

      Yeah, I realise they will fight to be ruled by a retard but we all know retard means backwards so they are been ruled backward exactly the way they think, quite fitting I would say.

      Problem is there are whites that reside here too and have a vested interest in this property so we don't want it messed up and crippled because after we have sorted this shit out we want to turn this back into the land of milk without hani.

      Oh and by the way, death will come they are pushing it and the tolerance of these whites that have swallowed this shit for so long is wearing thin.

      Judging by your call sign you're either a wigger or a true retard, so I don't hold out much hope for you but carry on enjoying the inventions of homo sapiens for now as I am sure once we start training the baboons and primates they will evolve far faster than what this retarded species has.


    3. Anonymous1:37 am

      Our way of life is to build wealth.
      Their way of life is to loot wealth.

      That is how they prove themselves as coming of age as opposed to the way we do it.

      Aluta Continua

    4. Anonymous6:31 am

      Haha! Love the milk without hani!

      ..they can't evolve to something higher, they being a collective product of their given lack of brain power.


      You cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear.

      ....and one of my other favourites:

      You cannot polish a turd.

      Hopefully whites have now learnt to not

      Throw their pearls before the swine 🤔

    5. Anonymous8:07 am

      Haha! Love the milk without hani!

      ..they can't evolve to something higher, they being a collective product of their given lack of brain power.


      You cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear.

      ....and one of my other favourites:

      You cannot polish a turd.

      Hopefully whites have now learnt to not

      Throw their pearls before the swine 🤔

  12. Anonymous1:19 am

    Ons redenenasie verskil. Ons waardes is van Bo, dit is onversoenbaar met hul kultuur. Haat wit, maar wil wit wees. Dit is die gesplete persoonlikheid waarmee hul so gewetenloos kan moor en verkrag en wil he sonder om daarvoor te werk. As u wil weet wie eintlik die land regeer, gaan sit op die lughawe en kyk watter Tradisionele leiers vlieg op en af. Derde werldsereldse kultuur die een dag, en die volgende dag wil hul Westers wees. Die Trekkers moes nooit ingemeng het toe hulle mekaar uitgemoor het nie. Maar nou moet ons vorentoe kyk, wat verby is kan ons nie verander nie. Twee honde baklei om 'n been en 'n derde loop daarmee heen. Uiteindelik gaan regverdigheid geskied, nadat baie bloed gevloei het. Suid Afrika behoort aan die witman, ons was die Pioniers. Al lieg hulle hoe daaroor, die Skepper weet dit en Hy haat valse getuienis. Vergeet ook van VN en al die ander nasies wat oop bek kyk na wat hier aangaan, hul deel is ook afgemeet oor hul ongeregtigheid.

  13. Anonymous1:35 am

    everybody... sing along...



  14. Anonymous1:50 am

    I stumbled across this on the net. Copied from the 'morning stat ministeries' site. Vision by some one called Rick Joyner.

    On May 16, 1993 I had a vision of racial violence erupting in South Africa on an unprecedented level. Whites were killing blacks and blacks were killing whites by the thousands. The government completely lost its authority and there was anarchy throughout the nation.

    I saw a white supremacists group that was as organized as a modern army, and fought with the strategy, discipline and efficiency of an army. They were very confident of victory, and I knew that they would kill as many as it took to prevail. I felt that they would never surrender. They were more powerful than anyone believed that they were. However, the blacks were overcome by a rage that would also never quit, and the conflict grew beyond anyone’s expectations. Quickly, the strategy of both sides was reduced to simply killing as many of the other side as possible.

    The killing was so widespread throughout the country that the United Nations expressed helplessness, confessing that the situation had deteriorated beyond anyone’s ability to intervene to bring order and stop the killing. The entire world sat in disbelief day after day as reports of the slaughter came in, each one seemingly surpassing the horrors of the previous day.

    Even though the vision only lasted a few minutes I felt that I had watched the scene for weeks. I was then given a view of the effect that this tragedy had on the rest of the world. World leaders everywhere rose up to address the issue of racism, but it was too late. In a short time much of the trust and interchange between races that had been gained over decades was erased. A deep racial paranoia began to sweep the earth, which worked to exacerbate every racial conflict. This fear was so deep and gripping that men were having heart attacks when they happened unexpectedly upon those of another race. As this vision ended I knew that racial violence and killing was spreading around the world, with a thick darkness sweeping over entire continents.

    I do take all visions with a grain of salt.

    1. Anonymous4:13 am


      @Anonymous1:50 am

      I read it also but test a prophet or visioner/seer by what happens - that is what the bible says.

      What other dreams or visions did he have? I posted a link below.

      Read through his site, trying to make a name for himself on dreams/visions.

      Take the year of 1993 - in terms of world attention & context. The entire world thought that in 1993/1994 - I think the world was more afraid than the whites in SA.

      I refer to Siener van Rensburg because he is spot on with everything he has said so far.

      UN is useless, where were they in Rwanda? They couldnt stop Bokoharam with all their international troops, billions in funding.... 2 months and former SADF soldiers and Boko was on the run and the ANC were kicking & screaming - their deepest fears of having the SADF take them out.

      Have you ever seen a Karasite react in any pressured situation? I have, they cant handle an enemy or any pressured situation.

      This guy was hoping 1994 would usher in this - the key word that he uses that gives himself away is "white supremacist"

      The minute someone calls whites in this country supremacists from overseas, they immediately give themselves away. They are clueless about the situation & the history of whites in this country.

      I think the US has more racial tension right now than South Africa in many ways. We are seeing a North/South situation building up there.

      Karasites are predictable, greedy and dof. With IQs of children between the ages of 9-13, where their best hope of a president is a man who cannot count - just explains the situation.

      Do you see how many black cops are killing each other in the line of duty? They cannot handle pressure and cannot handle loud bangs/noises.

      The date 1993 & his word "white supremacist" give it all away.

      This is a man who watches TV, repeats what he hears and then connects a major election with his deep fear that his multiracial biblical integration teachings could soon be destroyed if a 1994 civil war broke out.


      Here read his shit.

      Fucking mumbo jumbo. Bullshit baffles brains.

    2. Anonymous7:10 am

      @ BN 4:13 am.

      I am sure this chap is the same chap that posted how he went for a piss on the side of the road and saw the deer running away as the earth moved with camouflage soldiers in training for the on coming war.

      He actually posted that shit on this blog, some astute fella informed him that we don't have deer here and talk him to stop talking crap.

      If rightly remember, I am getting on in memory though, he also spewed similar shit to what has been posted.

      Just another insignificant looking for attention, I would say.

      We ain't going to kill them a day at a time we are not going to stop or rest until every last fucker is a stinking carcass.

      So whatever Joyner smoked there just didn't work.


    3. Anonymous7:24 am

      Rick joiner is a luciferian. Look it up. He joined the same Order of St Johns cult as Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. So I would give him and Gustav Muller a pass. (Gustav Muller reckons Rick Joiner is up there with ou Siener). Fraud!

    4. Anonymous11:28 pm

      Apparently this works






      May the Earth move for you ......

  15. Anonymous1:57 am

    Even Hollywood couldnt match the Horrors that come out of SA . If this Horror was to come to your front door it will send you screaming out the back . The Zombie movies dont even match the real Zombies when frenzy looting or whistle guiding killing goes on where they set upon a scared shitless individual. The lawless spending and corruption has bypast Mexico to become the new champions of everything related to CRIME. One can only imagine the vast amounts of Money available for such possibilities .
    One thing is for sure the Black Government is doing so much more for Blacks , than the White Government did for Whites .
    If you didnt pay your Taxes and employ as many Blacks as possible you were FINED very quickly . The Till attendees were replaced for Blacks , Petrol attendance (no country in the world has this anymore) Sweepers , window washers , gardeners, maids etc.
    Now we have the total opposite AA , BBBEEE implemented to drive the founders and creators OUT , one white Bank employee replaced for 3-5 black ones , oil finance and insurance companies forced their white employees to train black ones then to be replaced by them . White businesses forced to take in partners that havent lifted a finger towards the building of the Company . Laws protecting those who break laws , so you cannot get rid of those hanging on .
    Then we have those that Burn Unis and Vehicles and property that arnt held to account . If it was whiteman he would have to replace or pay.
    With all of this you have Murder and Rape which is punished with Kidgloves , Theft isnt even seen as punishable .
    I must have left a whole book off that could still be added.
    What are the Children of the Future gonna think when these Greedy ones arnt around and left such a MESS ? since they dont give a RATS ASS !

  16. Anonymous2:29 am

    The two Zumas when one of them has to read a script or speak to the public they sound retarded.Wonder who gave this Dlamini her degree in medicine.

    1. Anonymous4:34 am

      She doesn't have a degree in medicine. When she worked at the Dept of Health she was unable to produce any degree. She told the human resources department to go talk to Thabo Mbeki about her qualifications.

    2. Anonymous4:37 am

      She reminds me of the time when I was still part of the corporate world and attended a convention at a fancy hotel. There was a very expensively dressed black woman in the ladies room. Still naive, I asked her who she worked for. "Me, wek? What, me wek??!!! Voetsek, I don't WEK!"

  17. Anonymous2:37 am

    Here it comes....

    Wealth taxes mooted to zap inequality


    1. Anonymous4:14 am


      @Anonymous2:37 am

      And then they will tap the pension funds. Not long now.

    2. Anonymous4:27 am

      They must confiscate debt, they are welcome to it, and there's plenty of it around. Just nationalise the banks and nobody has any debt. Well, that's the way they reason.

    3. Anonymous8:29 am


      @Anonymous4:27 am

      Interesting you mention that. With the developments in SA, the way I see it is on par now with zims.

      Zims took the land - the economy was already in their hands.

      Here they need to get the economy out our hands and then take the farms.

      With that in mind - put the following to the test.

      1. How difficult is it now to take out a line of credit or remortgage a house now in SA?

      If Zim farmers did or tried that 2-4 years before the takeovers they would have seen few banks want to refinance farms.

      Those were the signs.

      Right now, would not pay off debt. Perhaps the interest only. The banks know what is going on here hence why they will not finance business, remortgage properties and farm lending been tight, pretty dry over the past 3-5 years.

      They know EXACTLY what is going down here because they are always once step ahead of the gov.

    4. Anonymous3:26 pm

      The banks and their usury are directly responsible for curbing the European(read white) birth rates. It falls squarely under one of the conditions of Genocide, specifically the creation of conditions to prevent births.

      Most whites put off starting a family because of debt, and then only one or two children because aside from the house and car they're the largest financial responsibility. You don't see very large white families anymore.

      The dark greens don't give a damn about debt, they're prepared to live in subhuman conditions, eat garbage and rut like march-hares.

      Just my tin hat theory anyways.

      Remember Weenen.

    5. Anonymous6:35 am

      The dark greens now rent the Inanda Hotel for their baby showers. In today's Sunday Times.

  18. Anonymous4:24 am

    Max du Preez pretends to be surprised by these developments. I've been banned from commenting on News24 that perhaps apartheid was better. And then Adriaan Basson sends me e-mails asking me to subscribe.


  19. Graeme4:53 am

    Now here is a really Smart person, we have many tools at our disposal, let us use them.

  20. Anonymous8:06 am

    Heaven help us if mrs -zuma becomes #1. Ignorant puppet for Jz,, looting will continue. She is just a kitchen ousie wannabe president. Womens league says its time for a woman to be #1. Never mind she is totally unqualified but then again so is Jz. What we need for president is someone who is qualified and competent.. not going to happen with ANC. Idiot greedy commies the lot of them. -- jamie mac

  21. Stephen9:28 am

    Hi Mike

    My first impression when I see this ousie is
    ; Not my monkey - Not my circus .

    Problem is the circus in in our backyard,our living space every day . Planet of the apes used to reffer to a movie , now its a apt label for our immediate seroundings.

    I can't believe this gorilla-wyfie is actually being considered , its the worst thing that could happen , like you said Mike , they're changing shitpot for pispot .

    Mike , what do you think about this latest fake news about the so called ''assasination plot on zuma and the guptas'' ?
    I think its a load of horse-sh** , all fabricated to paint them as victims maybe another bell potti scandal.

  22. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Boere Ninja, why is it that in this realm it seems, and truely comes out to be truely so, that Helen Zille's stars is more to be thanked by her for not ever nor never having her infront of a concrete wall, but we have our God only to thank that we have no expectations in this realm other than yesterdays food and tomorrows destruction?

    1. Anonymous1:04 pm

      Helen Zille's ex-friend whining because she's only got R55 million to her name.


      As the public discourse on the notions of “white privilege” and “white monopoly capital” continues to be controversial subjects in the country, former Agang SA leader Dr Mamphela Ramphele says white South Africans should apologise for the wealth they have acquired unjustly.

      “White people have to acknowledge that the colour-coded system of the past, privileged them, gave them advantages which the majority of the people don’t have.”

      “Now the issue is not to take away what’s there, but to acknowledge, and then to work together to deal with the consequences of a country where the majority of people are unskilled,” Ramphele said in an interview with Jacaranda FM on Tuesday.

      She told the radio station currently about 60% – 65% of the country’s wealth is in the hands of 10% of the population. However, 80% of that wealth is owned by 10% of whites.

      “We need to start with the fact base, and then we say, how do we bring that down,” she said.

      Ramphele also defended her own wealth, which is reportedly estimated at R55 million, saying she was not a beneficiary of Black Economic Empowerment policies.

      “I have spent 50 years working in this country. That R55 million is nothing compared to what you collectively have,” she charged.

      “So, what’s wrong with that? I worked for it, and I don’t have any guilt. Wealth distribution is not about people who have worked hard like me, being asked to distribute, when people who inherited wealth just simply aren’t making a contribution.

      “White people need to apologise for the wealth they have acquired without having to work for it,” she added.

    2. Anonymous11:10 pm

      My apology is waiting for retard to accept it, all they have to do is actively attempt to force the issue.

      Fuck them all, lying, thieving cunts the lot of them.

      Tards that read this, fuck you all and your ignorant, brainless babble, if you're so sure that you want what I have come and fucking take it.

      I will not be verbalising any apology so go fuck yourselves or bring the noise let's get busy.

      Fucking retarded cunts every single one of these shit hole mud stinks.


    3. Anonymous3:16 am

      I wonder where did that sheboon worked to earn 55 million in her life. Just wondering what did the other baboons do with their millions.

    4. Anonymous3:17 am

      Amazing how there is no apology in retard culture and no word for sorry in retard communication ( its not a language, its just grunts and noises, interspersed with clicks and clucks).

      Now they hate colonialism and separatism and anything white and progressive but they would like whites to apologize.

      The biggest bunch of hypocrite idiot arseholes to ever be kept alive by homo sapiens. Nuke every black fuckers arse to Hades so that he can slave the stinks for eternity.


    5. Anonymous9:47 am

      There goes LMTA, the closet satanist, trying to advance the kingdom of Satan.

      Yet he criticizes Christians when christians try to advance the kingdom of God by getting heaven populated, while he does not see an issue with populating the bowels of hell.

      LMTA is thus a satanist.

    6. Anonymous11:52 am

      @ anon 9:47 am.

      How can I be a Satanist? I am white, I come from purity not from the coals of hades where I would have been burnt black and made to stink like shit.

      You really are a silly fellow or maybe just a jack.


    7. Anonymous12:27 pm

      @anon9:47am bugger off, LMTA is entitled to his own opinions.You love to get critical with other people.

    8. Anonymous5:19 am


      @Anonymous9:47 am

      Keep quiet! This country needs every white man to have the same attitude if you want to survive.

      Stop feeling sorry for these Karasites.

    9. Anonymous1:12 pm


      @Anonymous12:25 pm

      Not 100% sure what you mean.

      But Zille will go in the end - she has already been marked and part of the walking dead traitors in this country, she is 100% a traitor and will be dealt with, not at a disciplinary hearing but in front of a wall where we will hand her judgment.

      She toi toied with the ANC to come to power, mark my words, honestly I tell you - We will make her Toi Toi in front of the wall before dealing with her and every damn white traitor in this country....

      Including those whites that under these circumstances continue to sit in the DA & ANC and want to talk about stripping whites.

      Time for politics are over. By June if they have not left those parties to form an all white part for the whites in this country or joined other parties, they will ALL be held liable for treason.

      Treason is punishable by death in the new republic.

      They have some time, they read this blog, they better start thinking very carefully on whos side they want to be on.

      They will not jump fence the last minute and think we will not deal with them. They will all be dealt with.

      Dealing with the traitors in this way is non negotiable and the same goes for every white traitor which is why lists have already been compiled.

      Any white who outright supported the ANC in stripping the whites in this country, implementing policies, spoke out in favor of redistribution - there is no debating it, they will be tried for treason.

      I love the new SA, the Karasites have shown us who our friends are here in SA and the world. The world kept quiet while they stripped us.

      The liberal traitors supported the stripping of their OWN people.

      Dont for one minute think we will not deal with these people.

      They have two choices

      Be hung or shot - there is no other choice. They never gave whites a choice in this country, they will be shown the same mercy.

      Boer war got rid of the first lot of traitors.
      New South Africa will get rid of the last lot of traitors.

      And I am 100% certain of this, there will be no forgiveness of traitors. NONE!

    10. Anonymous11:23 pm

      Boere-ninja you tell one person to keep quiet but you keep quiet about LMTA.

    11. @ Anon 11:23 pm...It is LTMA not LMTA. Are you dyslexic or something?

    12. Anonymous11:52 pm


    13. Anonymous6:41 am

      I belong to the D.N.A

      National Dyslexic Association...

      Dyslexics of the world! UNTIE!

    14. Anonymous10:25 am


      Og nam,og.

      Enod llew.

    15. Anonymous5:36 am

      Mike fuck you JEW boy, boere-ninja is your pet that's why you defend him all the time

  23. My money is on the Ousie.

    She would not all of a sudden come to the forefront out of nowhere..
    Coming back from heading the AU means she's had some training and was primed for this job for the last 5 years.?. There's no one else on the list besides Cyril..

    She would also be aware of all Jacob the kaffir's dirty dealings, such as the 783 charges hanging over his head. She's got him by the balls and can protect him and even pardon him if she becomes president..
    She can muscle her way in with what she knows about her 'Comrades'. They have pulled off a 25 year long heist and could have never spent all that money. There's billions stashed in Europe and India.. Properties, businesses, bonds, stocks, shares, gold bullion etc..

    This will sink the ANC and end up as a huge embarrasment. N fokken myt vir n President.. Imagine telling that to a Vrystaat Boer 40 years ago.?.

  24. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Good morning Mike. Just wondering... are you and J.P. Viljoen still friends? Havnt seen him for a wile.

    1. Yes of course...JP was on holiday for a while traveling through South Africa.

    2. Anonymous10:03 am

      He is preparing.

  25. Jason7:49 pm

    Well hopefully she-boon never becomes president. My guess is that the shit will hit the fan before the next elections and that jz will be the last retard.

    1. Anonymous3:27 am

      Even if - a very big if - JZ is defeated, there are many other retards in the ANC. The entire ANC must go. I meet middle class blacks who are as worried as we are. Unfortunately the stupid rural masses are told by their bribed chieftains who to vote for.

  26. The hatred and entitlement towards the whiteskins is the Detonator that will ignite the PE-4

    1. Anonymous8:47 am


    2. Explosives -explosion

  27. Anonymous1:45 am

    Finally made the front pages of at least one UK daily...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4457280/Is-South-Africa-heading-civil-war.html

    1. Anonymous8:47 am


    2. Anonymous9:44 am

      I notice now that the elite are on board with the zuma bashing.

      DOnt think for one second that the media, especially the English media that bashed afrikaners not so long ago, suddenly care about white people. They have their agenda. Just PASOP with these media scum.

    3. Anonymous10:21 am

      What an article. Pulls no punches. Read the comments. And the young blacks are being trained in military camps for the attack against whites I see.

      Whites must leave while they can.

    4. Anonymous12:29 pm

      @ anon 10:21 am.

      Let them train, nothing is ever retained so why worry.

      They will hit the streets and the chaos will rule, random shots, scattered fire, ineffective RPGs and vehicles fuel stolen for private cars.

      Drunken parties, raping woman and ill discipline will be the order of the day, we clean up at night and rid the earth of the curse.

      Please I pray let them loose, let them come, we have spoken, debated, discussed and argued for too long amongst each other, let's get busy and settle this matter.

      Sad news for you, most of us whites ain't going nowhere we are here to stay. Really sorry to disappoint you.


    5. Anonymous1:46 pm

      "Whites must leave while they can"

      So if I throw a molatov at your house, I can bully you into leaving? AWESOME!

    6. Stephen4:03 am

      @anon 10:21 , please allow me to explain something to you.

      What you are doing now is exactly what the 2 spies did to the Israelites , fear-mongering . Did you know that the Israelites were only one day away from their destination , only one days walking to go - but they gave up and turned around and spent the next 40 years walking in circuls.

      Buddy we are one days walking away from our destination , we are not gonna turn around now and give these flappies another 40 years to rule us , no.

      We are gonna trust God and press on in this path , did you know , as real as these kaffirs and their evil plans are , so real was the dangers in the promised land there was giants and fierce people , so much so that the 2 spies felt as small and insignificant as locas ( grass-hoppers)

      So they convinced the people to turn around and we all know that they never saw their promised land , so even thou you might be scared of the giants and fierce people , do not give up now , we're at the edge of our desert.

      Its Time , now is the time to show our faith with deeds.
      Show them that we're going nowhere , that this is our land, God's land.

      So I beg of you , drop the defeatist mindset and put on the armour of Praise and Spirit of happiness.

    7. Anonymous5:48 am

      @ Stephen 4:03 am.

      Allow me please.

      The defeatist are those afraid of losing possession, position and life, they are the ones that look at numbers and calculate that 50 to 1 is insurmountable odds that will never be overcome, so they throw their lot in with the majority and figure to rather lose a little than lose the lot.

      Unfortunately they realise not that a little is unacceptable to these coons, they want it all and they want it now, these coons greed is insatiable and ever increasing.

      These defeatist are those that have never fought for anything in life but have stolen the sweat from another mans brow and turned it into coin that they have not shared, they are the ones that did not answer the call of duty to defend the land that produced their bread, these defeatist are those who continue in their cowardice to sell their kin for 30 pieces of silver.

      People must realise that numbers in warfare mean very little if those soldiers have no discipline or order.
      A well trained and disciplined army can decimate any force sent against them all it takes is training, discipline and tactics.

      These retards cannot fight a battle, they scrap like cur dogs, they break formation, disobey orders, spray lead instead of concentrate and selective targeting and the biggest advantage is that they cannot fight a continuous battle, a skirmish is enough to party up a storm

      They cannot do cold temperature, they get lazy in the heat they are to slack to stay the course and they love the instant pleasure and satisfaction more than they the commit to the end goal.

      So let the defeatist be, let their beliefs be their downfall and their death.

      All men die, some die begging the sword while those of weakness die begging mercy and crying in fear.


  28. Anonymous3:12 am

    Hoe meer lappe om die kop, hoe astranter laat hulle raak. Sy het bevordering gekry,daar is baie planne in daai lappe. Wag net en kyk. Ons gaan baie spektakels beleef. Hopelik duik die regte kans op. Is dit nie dieselfde een wat voorgestel het hulle moet beetsop suip vir AIDS nie. Hopelik dop Siener se mis emmer om.

  29. Anonymous5:11 am

    Anyone know what happened to lime-light?

    1. LimrLight8:46 am

      I am right here :)

  30. Anonymous12:56 pm

    They can have the land back as soon as they hand back the wheel they stole from us

  31. Whiteman11:43 pm

    You find people who have emigrated, who have a genuine concern for fellow whites who are still stranded in the NSA. From time to time, they will advise us all to leave, espesially after a particularly disturbing incident, or gruesome murder etc. Then you get the rich liberal bastards, who will say the same thing, in a condescending way, and their sick " holier/better than thou " approach is : See how clever we were, to bugger off LONG time ago ! Why are rich people totally unable to see and/or understand the plight of the MAJORITY of normal (poor) whites ? Consider the white squatter camps in the NSA. You hear numbers of 800000, but nobody really knows, because how the hell can you count them accurately ? But what about hundreds of thousands of white squatters, who are just slightly better off, but also could NEVER emigrate. They live in garages, spare rooms, caravan parks, and even in a tent, in the bush on somebody's farm. Let me tell you, ANY person, who receives any form of help from another person/institution to survive, is a WHITE SQUATTER ! But most people are proud, and ashamed to call themselves by that name. If you rely solely on the R1600 per month state grant to survive, you are also a white squatter. Now who will hazard a guess how many white squatters we have in this country ? And increasing EVERY WEEK ! Let me tell you, we are in the middle of a human disaster !

    1. Anonymous6:02 am

      @ Whiteman 11:43 pm.

      So where is the unity of the whiteman?

      Where are those landowners that can donate land so that we can build our bases, import the homeless and destitute?

      Where is the goodwill to feed those that have nothing and where are the trainers to begin the training of those who have nothing and hammer together a force of 500 000 to face the on coming storm?

      The biggest question is that do those homeless and destitute want a better life, do they want to work for it, fight for it and claim it?

      My experience is thus, 1 out of every 20 wants to get out of his current situation, the rest are just to useless and lazy to want to get off their arses and take back what they have lost.

      Only when the slaughter starts will a few wake and after they escape they might fight but I have learnt, they steal, lie and con to easily to be trusted so rather look to your brother in arms than concern yourself with the unworthy.


    2. Anonymous6:31 am

      Then by far most old white people are squatters because even in the good times only 6% could retire financially independent. ALL old white people I know are still slogging away into their seventies and eighties. So much for whites having it better off.

  32. Anonymous4:38 am

    For all who believe non violent protests will suffice think again... Overseas media already seeing what our own people can't. The kak is coming...
    We are fucked.

    1. Anonymous5:52 am

      @ Anon 4:38 am.

      So what are you going to do about it?

      Are you giving up the fight or are you going to get into the fight.

      We are not fucked, mate. You are fucked with that attitude.

      Man up man!


    2. Anonymous10:31 am

      Not fucked - an opportunity to fight for our freedom and oppression to finally get away from these blacks permanently.

  33. Anonymous5:17 am


    Here you can read their plans now.

    This is why not a single Karasite should be left in this country. They cannot be trusted. The 1994 agenda nothing but lies, they lied to our face, killed our people, did what they want.

    Its time to prepare.


    “It’s true that this country will plunge [into crisis] and become like Venezuela and Zimbabwe. India went through the same pain.

    "If we are real about transformation, we need to be real and strengthen our people ideologically and politically. We need to organise and educate our people. Did you think to transform is going to be nice?” he asked.

    “We need a two-thirds majority to change the Constitution. Otherwise, to achieve what we want to achieve, we need to go that route [take up arms]. Let’s try two-thirds. I don’t like war,” Malikane said.

    They are preparing for war now!

    We must be thankful they are doing this. They are simply proving why we had apartheid in the first place. Apartheid was offensive.

    This time, we play offensive. Get rid of all the Karasites in this country and then from the Cape to the Equator.

  34. Anonymous8:34 am

    what happened to the Ozziesaffa blog? It has been deleted.

  35. Anonymous9:27 am

    Great blog !

  36. Anonymous1:27 pm

    The greatest "crime" that we have collectively commited here is to grow crops and force blacks to grow the hell up and run their own countries.

    They are the spawn of satan because they hate the seed sowing farmer and seed sowing nations. That is the real reason why they hate you and I.

  37. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Nobody , even the media, necessarily care about a white or DA candidate as next president, because the ANC hold majority vote with a 62% majority, this is what it all comes down to.

    The sa economy, land & mines can all be won now by the anc because they have the political power, obviously various factions with various outlooks on the future are vying for leadership within the party but this all depends on the masses & what they want.

    Whites are f*cked now because zuma has taken the revolution mainstream & the masses support him & his chosen successor which equals radical economic confiscation of land, mines, banks etc

    Western ratings agencies & others from the opposition should be careful how they treat their anc former darlings.

    Johann Swart, Pretoria.

  38. Anonymous6:16 pm

    How do we get away from these fucking monkeys?
    How do we get these fucking monkeys to stop following us everywhere?
    How do we just make these fucking monkeys leave us alone?

    1. The answer came to me about two years ago when I was sitting under the trees at a picnic site in the Kruger National Park sipping a cup of coffee and watching the Vervet Monkeys (Blou bal ape in Afrikaans). These monkeys are known for their humanlike behaviour and can even get dependent on alcohol.

      Then I noticed a tourist warning sign near the kitchen telling people why not to feed the monkeys:

      See, in the wild, monkeys do not share their food with other monkeys. Sharing food is a sign of weakness and will lead to attack. There is a hierarchy. The dominant male eats, the others wait and whatever he leaves behind the others may have.

      If you as a human now come and feed them, they will see you as weak and will become aggressive towards you and even attack you. Not only that, they will start attacking others that look like you, like your wife and children, because if you as the dominant male of your group is weak, then the others must be even weaker. On top of that it attracts more and more monkeys to the site where easy food can be found from these weak and stupid humans. It does not take long before a habit develops and the monkeys become a plague attacking humans. That means the monkeys will have to be culled.

      Feeding monkeys is never a good idea. If you want the monkey to leave you alone then you should leave them alone. Have nothing to do with them and they won’t become a plague and you won’t have to go through the trouble of culling them.

    2. Anonymous11:53 pm

      Sound advice Mike, but what do we do about the suicidal whites that still feed the monkeys and give them an opening into our midst?

    3. Anonymous4:27 am

      @ MS 10:05 pm.

      Believe me lots of us would love to have absolutely nothing, less than nothing to do with these tards but it doesn't work that way.

      They come looking for us, they get in our faces and spaces.

      If they gave us our little island of whites we would happily get on with our lives and make the most of everything, the way we normally do but I can tell you now that in less than 30 days the perimeter gate bell would ring and when you asked whose there, the response would be, " baas pliz ek soek job, I wante e wek".

      I know I employ them but I have to feed myself and the whites just cannot drive a pick, throw a spade and or take the strain.


    4. Anonymous4:39 am

      The art of thieving amongst our primates seems quite natural these days especially wherever there is something to gain they hang around.
      Went for a braai at millers point close to Cape point , on arrival heard a commotion with a security officer / cargaurd with a long stick chasing chacma culprits after they raided the colourdes braai meat and eats , the bailing guilty quickly scaled the highest rock and ate his fill watching the crowds below, upon which sticks and stones with swear words started raining up to the culprit.

      When making his retreat he slipped past the Mob and head towards the abandoned cooking area and grabbed a few more delights.
      Thats when I got surprised , I ran to pick up our bags and as I turned this hairy ape stood in front of me , wanting my stuff , he grabbed my bag and I tuggerwar d back , just then he showed me his Lion sized canines and I let go . The security keeping his distance then stormed up , on seeing the Culprit 50 metres away already , he had dropped the bag and took the apples. Minding ones own business these will intrude for gain.
      It all started once they got the taste of being fed and liked it , now they there all the time , if you refuse they will fight for it.
      Man be vigilant out there you dont know what comes along .

    5. Anonymous6:52 am

      tell that to the 3 million lazy fucks who hire them to make their beds. Commonly known as the ousie.

    6. Anonymous1:48 pm

      Talking about monkeys

      A late departed friend of mine was given one as an orphan.

      It got so attached to him -- and he to it that it would attack people that got too close -- to his human pal

      When the monkey was old enough to go to the Eastern Transvaal for re-rehabilitation back to the wild my friend cried

      He was a hard bitten Rhodesian / Angolan war veteran

      Some people talk about stuff they do not really know too much about !

    7. Anonymous12:15 am

      So we cry when our pets die or leave, at least our pets do not turn around and kill us for a klipa.

    8. Anonymous4:36 am

      YOU should stop keeping PITBULLS !!!!!!

  39. Whiteman12:46 am

    Mike, this is a very good analogy, but allow me to take it further. People with wisdom and common sense, know that feeding the monkeys is stupid. But now we also have to plant food, and accumulate possessions, infra structure etc, to live. Then those monkeys, WITHOUT our permission, come and steal and destroy that which we have created and accumulated, for our OWN survival ! The moral of the story ? Shoot every monkey ON SIGHT, regardless of how cute and innocent it looks.