10 April 2017

Gifts for Zuma on his 75th Birthday

By Mike Smith
10th of April 2017

So this coming Wedenesday on the 12th of April will be Zuma's 75th Birthday. I thought of some gifts we can send him. If you have any more send them to my email, uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

So he can go Fuck himself

Black Silk blindfold -
To contrast against the white wall he is going to be standing up against

So he gets it right the first time and doesn't have to steal from taxpayers

A play set on how to govern the New South Africa he created

Dictator Costume 1

Dictator costume 2, So he can look like his hero

For keeping him strained in the dock when he is charged for the 783 pending fraud cases

Matching Hood & noose set

Box of Smarties. So he can learn how to separate colours properly

Nkandla edition

His own personal bridge so he can go jump off it.

A needle file set - Where he is going he will have a lot of time to get through the bars.

Some shiny sneakers - So we can at least see his feet sticking out Atul Gupta's arse

Umshimi Wham! Ooh....He has been wanting one of these for years.

A course in political and economical re-education.


  1. Anonymous2:53 am

    You forgot a portable shower, boy is he gonna need that

  2. Anonymous3:21 am

    1) Not happy with the bridge. Too expensive and he's too thick to understand why it was given to him!
    2) Smarties a good idea, with multiple uses. He may also use them to learn to count.

  3. Anonymous3:43 am


    Multi purpose:

    1) Deodorant - under arm
    2) Spray in mouth to keep the bad spirits away.
    3) Spray up ass to keep flies away.


    1. Anonymous11:20 pm

      @Noddy 3:43am

      "3) Spray up ass to keep flies away."

      Whoever takes a shine to him in prison will be very pleased.

  4. Kry vir die Fokker n Pik en n Graaf.. Beste Present ooit..!

    1. Ek't te vinnig gelees en toe sien ek "Beste presedent ooit!". Amper omgedonner met n moerse hartaanval, hahahahaaaa

    2. Hehe.. Focus bru, focus..

  5. Anonymous9:30 am


    one of these

  6. Anonymous10:27 am

    How about a well deserved necklace.

  7. Anonymous10:47 am

    Nah, he'll be overjoyed hearing the gory details about the latest farm murders when the perpetrators report back to him.

  8. Anonymous11:18 am

    Just giving him the recognition for his birthday and a full page on your blog is already to much.


    1. Anonymous12:50 am

      @LTMA 11:18am

      You're right. Let's just give him his cake and forget about it.


  9. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Smithy is moving to the ridicule stage of Gene Sharpes' thingy...

    1. Gene Sharp’s “thingy”?? It is a tactic of revolution. It is called Laughtevism Look it up. Dictators hate it. Ask Erdogan. Ask Putin.

  10. Stephen12:54 pm

    Mike , ha!
    I just pictured zuma in a Castro-suit wearing led-flash-nikes , sitting on edge of a bridge popping smarties with his toy-gun in his hands- chuckeling along he-he-he - happy as a pig in shait..

  11. Anonymous3:27 pm

    This hout making threats towards whites.

    1. They continue to threaten us because they continue to get away with it. We do not stand up to them. We will only begin to push back when it is too late.

    2. Anonymous9:57 pm

      "I want to say to our white counterparts in South Africa, they must be very very careful.

      "So please, we just want to request [Save SA] nicely: don't divide our nation because if you continue to do so those that sided with you in 1994, they won't be here in five years," Masina said.

      "It might be very rough and we are many, this is not a threat, we are many [and] it might be very very rough."

      "It is very important that we send a very very strong warning that... we will crush any individual who stands [in the way of] the project of nation building and social cohesion in South Africa."

    3. Anonymous9:58 pm

      And as a mayor he must understand the deeper intent of the ANC.

      This is a stern warning to all whites. Take heed.

    4. PreatorianXVI11:15 pm

      This Houtkop has all the credentials of a up and coming struggle general to complete the second phase...



      "An astute politician, manager and business executive, Mzwandile Masina’s career rise has been meteoric and his successes hard-earned. He is currently the National Convener of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) tasked with the responsibility of rebuilding structures of the League National, including repositioning the ANCYL to be more militant and radical and to give meaning to the second phase of the transition, which will be characterised by radical economic transformation with a special focus on dealing decisively with poverty, unemployment and inequality."

      Those who have not yet read books recommended by Mike, I would suggest to do so sooner rather than later... For a white people who are living amongst these savages they seem to not clearly understand their way of thinking and culture, if you can call it that.

      Indaba, my Children - Credo Mutwa
      Art of War - Sun Tzu
      The Prince - Machiavelli

      This lot have been well educated on Karl Marx Doctrine, Communism is not a fixed ideology, it grows and adapts as required to keep the top structure $afe, Old Soviet Communism does not exist any more, they do not need a Iron Curtain or a wall to keep people in, a psychological prison works much better.

      As for a gift to JZ and his extended group, a one way ticket on Malaysian Airlines over the Ukraine...

  12. Anonymous8:12 pm

    I would like to give him this well deserved gift.


  13. First time Whites stand up to protest and....

    Ekurhuleni mayor sends 'strong warning' to Save SA, white people


    1. Anonymous6:19 am

      wakey wakey grootbek.

  14. Anonymous4:42 am

    This statement "Ekurhuleni mayor sends 'strong warning' to Save SA, white people" is a clear and blatant threat of impending war on all those that oppose Zuma, If you have not managed to fill the blanks yet you never will.
    Are there any questions as to why the ANCYL are being military trained and then called "WAR VETS"? I didn't see anyone of the MK vets outside Loot freely house that was old enough to be a war vet. I am astounded how this can be overlooked. The ANC are getting angry and the tong is slipping, Best you listen wisely.
    Unfortunately Mike is right, I offer no solutions on what to do, which I am sure many on here fall into the same category. I am unfortunately to young to give any real advice, I never had any military training all I can do is keep my body in peak condition listen to the advice on this forum and wait the inevitable, which is on its way and hope there is a reputable leader I can follow.

    This whole scenario smacks of Zanu PF, how Mugabe came to power and what he did after coming to power.

  15. Anonymous5:42 am

    This "Democracy" is only the transition to communism

    If anybody want to understand what and why everything is happening in SA just read the Manifesto of the Communist Party
    by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels February 1848

    "Question 16: How do you think the transition from the present situation to community of Property is to be effected?
    Answer: The first, fundamental condition for the introduction of community of property is the political liberation of the proletariat through a democratic constitution.

    "Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith page 39"

    Russia is coming....be afraid

  16. Graeme8:22 am

    Yet another fraud, an assumed birth date of April the 12th!


    For any black African born before December the 31st 1969 it is a commonly accepted fact that there were only 3 available birth dates.

    - January 1

    - December 25

    - Easter

    C'mon folks you should all know this!

    Just go and check the records at your local Bantu Affairs office. [Bantoesake Administrasie Kamer].

    Colonialists invented birth dates, everything must be de-colonised forthwith and returned to the traditional way.

  17. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Let's get him a birthday telegram from Zinedine Zidane (Family Guy).

  18. He will have to get body wash because he cant afford to drop the soap in the showers.😱

    1. Anonymous11:11 pm

      @WB 1:53pm

      That's what the Lubriderm is for!

  19. Anonymous5:38 am

    Some home made "apple juice", bottled standing up in the toilet.

  20. Anonymous2:12 pm

    On SABC news last night about Coligny a man said: "I have always been a right winger". Then he called into RSG (I heard him) and he said that he was misrepresented. He said his whole sentence was: "I have always been a right winger, but after 1995 when we won the rugby world cup I thought that I was wrong, that we can work together...". He was irate, so was I when I heard this. His wife's business got burned to the ground. The town looks like a war zone. Lichtenburg, right next door, is just as bad.

    So the SABC want to stir up even more racial tension, what a surprise.