04 April 2017

From Polokwane to Junk Status: The rapid radical goose-step to the Left

By Mike Smith
4th of April 2017

“Junk Status”…the first step to being an economic basket case like Zimbabwe…or a Communist Utopia…depending on how you look at it.

23 Years…What took the ANC so long? I am extremely disappointed in them and I am sure the SACP too. I honestly thought they would reach this status far quicker. I mean…it is the plan after all. It is the Communist agenda for South Africa. For a while it was behind schedule, but now it is firmly back on track.

The achievement of “Junk status” and the resulting chaos from it might sound like a catastrophe or a major disaster to most South Africans, but in the minds and hearts of the Communists, it is a blessing. Their faithful lapdog, Jacob Zuma, has done well.

Junk status is the beginning of the final curtain for South Africa. The beginning of the Totalitarian Communist dawn that was decided upon at the 2007 Polokwane Conference, the 52nd ANC National Conference where the Communist front man Jacob Zuma, was elected ANC president, paving the way to replace Thabo Mbeki as President of South Africa.

Polokwane 2007 was the watershed moment for South Africa. There it was decided to take South Africa to the Left and down the drain. Shortly after that, those whose last hopes for SA were smashed, emigrated.

Up until 2007 Mbeki thought he could play both sides…He wanted to appease the Capitalist West and the Communists in SA at the same time. He thought he could keep both sides happy. His dream of an “The African Renaissance” that he strategized as the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)was doomed from the start.

The Communists want South Africa to be thoroughly Communist and in order to do so a certain pattern should be followed according to Karl Marx; the Capitalist system must be destroyed. They want the confiscation and the collectivization of property. The country must be economically ruined. People must starve to death. A bloody revolution with the streets flowing with blood must follow. Only then can a new Communist dawn break over South Africa. Only then can they walk through the ruins of South Africa and feel themselves equal to God.

The Communists have never and will never relinquish this plan.

Therefore I have to chuckle when people believe the junk that The SACP did not support Zuma’s decision to fire Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and replace him with Malusi Gigaba. It is all according to plan.

First of all…Why do people love Pravin Gordhan so much? He is a Communist bloodsucker who taxed South Africans to death so that his buddy Zuma could steal the money together with his Indian friends, the Guptas.

Pravin Gordhan is a Communist that went rogue. He allowed himself to be corrupted by the “White Monopoly Capital”. He betrayed the 2007 Polokwane plan of the Communist goal for South Africa. He was replaced by a more loyal Communist Malusi Gigaba who joined the SACP in 1990 and is one of the Communist brains behind Zuma.

Ask yourself, “Who can fire Zuma?”

The answer is: The Communist ANC top structure. They can recall Zuma today if they want to. Why aren’t they? The reason why Zuma feels so secure is because he knows he has the full backing of the Communists. The Communists love Zuma. He is doing exactly what they want and when they are finished with him, they will discard him and replace him with a new Communist Puppet. For the Moment Zuma is doing exactly what the SACP wants for South Africa…Rapid Radical Economic Transformation.

The ones who were apparently against Zuma’s decision were ANC secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, Deputy President Cyril Ramphosa and Mr. Third Force himself…ANC treasury, Zweli Mkhize (the mass murdering and thoroughly corrupt bastard responsible for thousands of Inkatha political murders during the 1980’s).

Ironically, the two women…Baleka Mbete and Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, Jessie Duarte are said to support the rapist Zuma. Baleka Mbete is Speaker of the Parliament, but a fraudster who is driving around with a fraudulent license because she reckons she is too busy to stand in queues. She also chartered a plane to Liberia for herself and her secretary (just the two of them) at the tune of $60,000 (half a million rand) and is in love with other fraudsters such as Tony Yengeni and assassinated Brett Kebble.

Jessie Duarte is of course the idiot who called Israelis “Nazis”.

Nevertheless… Consequences of Junk Status are that with no economic and political stability there will be no new investments and there will be no new jobs. South Africans will get poorer, Inflation will rise, the currency will fall…Boy, does the ANC have a “good story to tell”.

It must be terrible to be one of the 90% black South Africans who supported and voted for the ANC today. It must be horrible to be a white libtard who still had hopes for SA under Communist Kaffirs.

Disgusted former ANC voters and racial idealists
Imagine waking up in the morning and having to look yourself in the mirror, knowing that it is YOU who are the cause of the ruin of South Africa and having to admit to yourself that you were a Communist useful idiot, that you were wrong and the “rightwing racists” were right.

We said the ANC could not run the country. Criminal scum we said they were. We said they would ruin South Africa; steal it into poverty. You cannot reason with Communists we said…”Racists” they called us.

Back in 2007 when Zuma was elected ANC President, I was furious and I spelt out my dismay in several articles.

What I was most upset about was that my own people, white Afrikaans South Africans such as Flip Buys, Kallie Kriel, Dr Dan Roodt, etc were falling over their feet to go and kiss Zuma’s arse. They had BBQ’s with him and honestly believed that they could talk to him. Their words to me were, “At least Zuma is someone we can talk to. Zuma listens to us.”

In my disgust I cried out to heaven…”Oh when are my people going to wake up and learn?”

At the time I was the lone voice who wrote in an article after Mbeki was replaced by Zuma…“Bad just got worse”…everyone waxed lyrical about the “wonderful” Zuma. Mike Smith: It was just time for a change

I was viciously attacked on “Global Politician” by the illustrious liberal idiot and Zuma apologist, Dr. Johann Wingard after my articles in which I told the truth about Zuma, Mike Smith: On trapping birds and kicking dogs and Negotiations with the ANC and Appeasement - The long term strategy for Afrikaners by their own leaders

BTW…Dr. Wingard was Chairman of the “The Volkstaat Council” which was an organisation of 20 prominent Afrikaners including Solidarity’s Flip Buys and the Recce Commandant Douw Steyn (think failed Bophuthatswana invasion) , created by the South African government, via the Volkstaat Council Act in 1994.

Tja…Not a single inch closer to a Volkstaat today, are we?

Paid by the government to look busy for five years and did absolutely NOTHING. “Fucking useless” are the words drifting past my brain every time I think back to the “Volkstaat Council”.

Here is the truth…The ANC idiots are not going to do ANYTHING to get rid of Zuma. Neither are the Afrikaner Intelligentsia.

If you want to get rid of Zuma and get a Volkstaat, you have to go for the head of the snake. You need to get rid of the Communist scum backing him. Only then can you reverse the 2007 Polokwane decision to turn SA into a Communist Hellhole. Everything else is futile. You are hacking away at the branches when you should be going for the roots. For the hundredth time...you cannot reason with a Communist. The only thing you can do is put him up against a wall and put a bullet through his brain.


  1. Anonymous2:53 am


    Shame Mike, I remember reading those posts like yesterday - you saw it as clear as day light. Thats the problem when you can see into the future having a firm grasp of the past & history.

    I think its more a curse than a blessing because you/us sound like a mad man until the end, when everyone has to admit you were right yet for years you walk around waiting for it to happen.

    Ja, we in for it now and all part of the plan.

    I do think though, the ANC have underestimated the white monopoly capitol or global white capitol.

    Im not sure if every ANC member will back Zuma (perhaps they will) but the other minority parties I see joining together backed by white monopoly capitol from SA and overseas to get rid of the ANC.

    An interim government I believe will be setup in SA in the not too distant future. I cant see the West allowing the ANC to stay in power, controlling the minerals, acting like a nationalistic government - I think it will become a Ukraine situation where they are backed by the West.

    The other side I also wonder/think about, if the ANC want this & he is getting so much flack in the media, how can they honestly hope to win the 2019 elections?

    Perhaps they get rid of him to take the heat off the party (replace the Captain) but stay on course to reach destination banana republic.

    Either way, he now controls everything to prevent any revolution that comes their way or has the power to start one and maintain its purpose.

    Oh well, lets see this play out in slow motion knowing where it is heading.

    Great post, keep it up.

    1. Ninja i concur.

      The problem like i mentioned before is we dont know how much Russia and China will intervene with the west setting up camp here.

      Just a thought. I see Suidlanders and many right-wingers looking for support from the west or at least (bewusmaking)

      My thought is instead of taking trips to the USA we might find a better friend in the Putin(Russia) circles.

      Why do i feel like they are on the Karasite's side instead of ours when we know they are much more conservative than the the West with their gay, feminist and multiculty agendas.

    2. Dony, I also would favour Putin, but what about BRICS and the nuclear deal? Putin wants that very much. If someone [Mike, stand up!] could convince him that these parasites will stab him in the back at the drop of a hat we might stand a chance.

      BRICS, I think is falling apart. Did I hear correctly that Brazil has also been reduced to Junk status?

    3. Anonymous4:00 am


      ~Donycero9:35 am

      You know Donycero, I always wondered what would have happened if at the last min FW the traitor suddenly opened door for Russia back in the day.

      Supplied them with the big yellow G - gold.

      I agree, I would not trust anything from Washington. The Kurds are a perfect example. Today a terrorist, tomorrow a freedom fighter....Sounds familiar right?

      I do agree, swing to Russia but who can you trust in this world in the end?

      I say we put our faith in the Lord and watch it fall into our lap - we will have to dance a little but it will be the last dance.

  2. They can negotiate all they want for a Volkstaat. They are so naive they can't see the Zots' laughing their arses of behind a facade of pretended interest, while thinking, "How fucking delusional can these Whiteys be???"

    1. Naivety is a burden we carry but it is a also character indicator that makes us the white race and gives us justification when we decide that the intrusion is unjustified. It is the thing that turns us in to the worst monsters this planet has ever known. I say let us be naive but let us wake from this nativity and awaken the viking.

  3. Anonymous3:51 am

    Boere-ninja you mention that Zuma is getting flack in the media,how can they honestly hope to win the 2019 elections.The elections are rigged just like Mugabage rigged them in Zim,Zuma and the ANC will do the same and win hands down.

    1. Whiteman5:27 am

      Anonymous 3:51 am, such a good thing that you mention the zim election circus. I remember one of them, where the MDC was winning by all reasonable accounts. Then suddenly out of the blue, a " new " dispensation was created, by which there would be " power sharing " with the MDC. And there was handing out of fancy titles, and probably lots of money passing through under tables etc. And all the " enlightened " western powers just accepted this rediculous bullshit. It is called democracy, " African style ! " Then you get " intelligent " whites, who actually support, and compete in this satanic cesspool of iniquity !

  4. Anonymous3:55 am

    @ MS.

    The most frustrating fact of all is that, although you almost did wall art in describing what is presently happening in South Africoon, there are still those totally ignorant sodding twats that think you're talking crap and that you are just a racist.

    Thank you for spelling it out the way you have, maybe some idiots will wake up now.

    You cannot pay bills if you do not earn money to pay them with, you cannot manage, grow and develop an enterprise if you do not have the finance, you cannot feed yourself if you cannot buy food.

    Most people do not understand what hunger is, most have been going to bed after turfing leftovers in the bin or dishing them up for Scamp, the truth is that now you will go to bed hungry, there will not be electricity for you to turn on the telly and fuck your mind up on shit.

    There ain't going to be no cold ones in the fridge, first because there ain't going to be no fridge and secondly because you will have to choose between a cold one and a weeks supply of food because you won't have enough for both.

    Oh, those fancy mansions, madam, best you move out, ousie is moooving innnn. The SUV and shiny tin on low profiles best you take it for your last drive, as booi he is having it too soon.

    Oh! Fuel should hit R25 per litre in the next 6 months and you know all your favourite restaurants where the waiters and resses spit on your medium, rare, wipe their arse with your swiddle sticks and drop a snot ball in your dessert, well yes best you hit them while you can because their doors will be closing and if not you will need a furniture removal truck of funny money to pay for the waiters privileges.

    Oh! So sorry, I am not been negative, I am just reminding you of what you have been told for 23 years by people like the host and other good men.


    1. PreatorianXVI4:43 am

      Excellent comment LTMA, there are still people thinking at the next election they will get rid of Zuma, abroad and in SA.

      Prez for life is here now and as long as he obeys his instructions, he ain't going nowhere.

      Reality will soon bite the comfortable ones in the arse as their buying power diminishes.

      Those who do not pay head to what Mike pontificates on this blog will soon be ardent readers, provided they can afford the internet access.

      Nothing like hardship to pull people together, this could be a start, but there is long way to go in SA for comfortable white's to actually get it.

      At this point not everyone wants to bleed for change, until that point comes, enjoy the ride.

      Quality blog Mike, keep it up, your understanding of the Communist mindset is few and far between.

    2. LT, I absolutely admire your "new approach"! Subtlety and sarcasm are always winners. You tried telling the fucktards in harsh, in-your-face ways that they're fucked and they got upset with you.

      Maybe your new approach will penetrate the bullshit-shields that insulate whatever thought processes the idiots might possess. Keep it up Boet!

    3. LT high five mate....!!!!

    4. Good one, LTMA.

      Any South African who is not awake yet - currently - surely must be dead.

      When I grew up, one of the most expensive things we bought each week, was the Ruiter in Swart (a photo-comic book - for those who don't know), which cost 20c. Twenty cents! And twenty cents was seen as a lot of money in those years. You could buy four whole white-breads with 20c. Sometimes they even put a free sweet inside the bread bag. A single sweet like that would cost about 30c today.

      So comparing that with now; it is clear that these blacks have messed up in total. I don't know if they messed up on purpose like Mike says, or if it is just plain stupidity - but everything is fucked-up in a serious way.

      Even the liberals can see it now, but their brains are seizing up and they don't know what to do. (Take Ms Zille as an example)

      But, like Mike always says; no one is going to give us freedom; we will have to take it ourselves. There is no other way.

      There are a lot of us, but we can't trust each other. (I think we are more than enough to kick black ass from here to Jupiter.) But now; even if we can get together without selling each other out; once we are together the arguing is going to start. (Just thinking about that is already turning my brains to mush.) One can see a mini version of that here on this very blog. That is a "fault" built into the Afrikaner. In the Coloreds this "fault" is ten times worse.

      This means we need a leader urgently. A leader who can bring us all together. Once we have a leader who can overcome that "fault" of the Afrikaner; then we can start some serious planning and doing what is necessary.

      It’s not going to be easy at all; but it can be done. Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

      My main concern was always that the Americans and the British would come to help out the black government, but currently we don't have to worry about that anymore. The blacks and islamists invading their countries have set their own blood aboil. Americans and Europeans will even come over to help us kick ass. Many of our own people will also come back once they hear the war has started, so I seriously doubt we have to worry about people or weapons. There will be more than enough.

      Alas, we will still have to wait until the poo hits the fan - once that happened, everything will fall into place automatically.

    5. Anonymous3:57 am


      @Phoenix11:04 am But, like Mike always says; no one is going to give us freedom; we will have to take it ourselves. There is no other way.

      Amen to that!

      And not only do we take it back, but we implement a biblical cleansing. Without a cleansing here our future ancestors will live with these satanic, inbred, moron, low IQ things forever.

      Kindness is weakness when it comes to Karasites. Do what the Arabs did. Castrate the fuckers if they want to live in the land.

      Thats one reason why you dont hear bitching in Arabia about the slave trade, because there are no descendants left.

      If you dig into the slave trade, those who imported them into this land to mine, scratch just a little and you find Jesuits behind it.

      They have been using these things as a weapon of mass deception to make whites feel guilty about their power & strength.

      I dont want to see one from the Cape RIGHT UP TO the equator.

  5. Michael Dean Miller5:29 am


    After reading this, all I can say is my usual:


    Good luck to All in the coming Sporty Times.

    I'm off to clean my AR15.


    1. Anonymous8:40 am


      @Michael Dean Miller5:29 am

      Couldnt agree more.

      Food - guys stock up - 6 months worth at least.

      Import nation, screwed rand - cold porridge.

  6. Anonymous5:39 am

    Zuma took his shot with the reshuffle and will now HAVE to follow up with any necessary kill shots to prevent personal injury from the injured South African animal.
    I would be preparing for a state of emergency situation now. Protests will be dealt with with a heavy hand, backlash is guaranteed, SADF will be called in and SA will go hot.

    1. Anonymous6:44 am

      You mean SANDF. Huge difference.

    2. Anonymous7:04 am

      Does the 'N' stand for nigger?

    3. There's not much of the SANDF left. Their pay and food money has also vanished. I wonder where to?

    4. Anonymous11:39 am

      Boere mall ninja will get his wish. SANDF will not be deployed and Zuma will deploy AU troops (remember how they trained here).

      Globalism, here we come! Thanks Boere mall ninja! for helping the globalists at the expense of patriots!

    5. Anonymous1:15 pm


      @Anonymous11:39 am

      LOL ;) Im laughing so loud I`m crying.

      This is what happens when you take too many drugs...

      Remember this is the same fool who keeps quiet about white murders, calls me FW2.0, now Its my fault Zuma fired all those ministers.

      Hmmm....Ja....Makes total sense.

      My fault we also have Zuma in power I guess or that FW handed to Mandela who handed to Thabo and who handed to Zuma.

      If its not satanism with you, then its NWO, then its screaming about Eugenics, then its accusing others of FW2.0 & dont forget the Christian judges other Christians telling everyone who`s a true Christian and who not one - make your mind up.

      AU Troops - sorry mate, you too late to the party. I mentioned it 2 years back.

      You are not a patriot, please stop pretending to be one. You have never said anything about the killing of whites - NOT ONCE!!!

      You are an agent provocateur!

      Remember, according to Anonymous - Im FW2.0, sponsored by Soros (LOL - talk about delusional) and its my fault the globalists are in SA in the first place.

      Shit, you cant make this shit up.

      Globalism here we come....ha?

      That happened in 1906 when South Africa was being absorbed into the British empire - where have you been?

    6. Anonymous9:38 pm

      That's right BN, we can see this piece of shit talking his shit a mile off by now.

    7. Ninja, my bru, just ignore this doos. Really the shit it and ol' RFR sprouts is just too nauseating for words. There is no greater insult than just being totally ignored.

      These fellows bring nothing constructive to the party so giving them any recognition is really pointless.

    8. Anonymous7:13 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:23 am

      Agreed! More headless chickens will attack us...Next they will say it is because of individuals like Mike, us that the rainbow nation didnt work.

      Its coming, wait and see.

  7. Anonymous5:45 am

    Where are the white leaders in SA. To many "veraaiers" and no leaders. The Afrikaner is a "groot bek" all talk no action. When is enough enough?


    1. Anonymous7:12 am

      Nou maar goed ou Karel, wat nou van jouself. Wees n tier, staan op en lei die Afrikaners. Ons is bewus van die verraaiers. Ons wag in spanning vir jou leiding.

    2. For most of Onse Volk, after they've been slaughtered, unfortunately, Carl.

    3. Anonymous7:54 am

      @ Carl.

      You're right.

      With small exception, Afrikaners favourite pastime is to "rat out" patriots.

      Beware of people you don't know.

    4. Anonymous8:39 am


      @Anonymous5:45 am

      Its easy to call the Afrikaners "veraaiers" but dont forget madam Zille, Tony Leon, many, many English speaking whites (In fact I know plenty of them) voted for a rainbow nation.

      So why should Afrikaner boy be blamed for everything, when it was many English speakers who backed the ANC?

      Where are all the English speaking whites? They are all in bed with the ANC, like Barbara Hogan.

      I dont see English or Afrikaners, I see white South Africans. So long as we see two distinct groups, we are dividing ourselves further.

      Whites have it too good in this country, they need to feel the heat before they do anything.

    5. Anonymous9:55 am

      Beware of people you DO know, as well.

    6. @Carl

      Weet jy waar is hulle. Hul bekke is stil. Ek sien honderde leiers om my. Die ouens met die grootbekke is volgers nie leiers nie.

      Jou bek is groot en myne ook seker, maar ek se jou daai uitsig van jou is nie `n skerp obesrvasie nie maar `n uitlating van frustrasie.

      Los name soos Afrikaner en engelsman ons almal moet nou hande vat, ek verseker jou daar is leiers wat net nodig het dat ons hande vat.

      In die meentime moenie leiers wat ons aanmoedig om hande te vat, uit te kruit, as nobodies nie. Elke ding het `n plek en tyd. En ek verseker jou ek ken selfs jong lighties wat in helde kan verander onder die regte druk.

    7. @ Carl,
      To busy & preoccupied with :-
      Wie is hoofkampkommandant;
      Wie is onnerkampkommandant;
      Wie is sekondant mbt bg;
      Wie se voorvel is gesny;
      Dra jy baard;
      Is jou ma n dogter van Sion;
      Het jou pa in Bloedrivier geveg;
      Kan jou sussie bloos;
      Siener is die alfa & omega;
      Elke brandewyn & coke garage party moet geopen word met skriflesing en gebed;
      Jy moet na boertwak onder jou blaaie ruik;
      Die boernooiens dieselle tussen hul bene.
      In kort: Hul't n ding oor hul eie importansie.

  8. Anonymous7:43 am

    Another one who saw this coming was Jan Lamprecht of the old African Crisis.

    Doe anyone know what happened to him?
    He was very passionate about his website and struggles (he'd been threatened several times) and then he just disappeared of the internet.

    His website seems to have been taken over by others, whose views are quite different to his, and not even a shadow of its former self.

    1. Anonymous9:21 am

      Check history reviewed channel and african crisis channel both on Youtube.

    2. He is on our group and still very active. If you would like to join mail JP or Tomcat with your details. You will find their details in the comment sections of previous posts on this site or just ask them on their comments.

    3. Anonymous11:26 am

      Saw himn on youtube in an interview. He has turned to Stormfront style white nationalism.

  9. Anonymous7:58 am

    Interesting to note that the Freedom Front + are not one of the parties calling for Zuma to resign.

    I guess those 2.3 million Rand salaries are quite important to them.

    Can't believe all the pieces of shit in Parliament earn so much and that's excluding the latest Mercedes-Benz, driver, security, medical aid, 'travel expenses' and of course all the 'commissions', kick-backs and business deals on the side.

  10. Anonymous8:12 am

    I am gobsmacked! Nothing to add, all well said. Eventually i come accross a post where you speak your mind and there is no hidden agenda. Thank you!

  11. Mike this article is one of your best i must say. Not just the points you make but the style of writing is top standard.

  12. Anonymous11:22 am

    Is it still uc.mikesmith@gmail.com?


  13. Anonymous4:37 pm

    RSA hitting junk status, BRICS challenging IMF (UN) to form their own bank. Maybe now SA will go to BRICS for loans, I think that the Russian nuclear power station is on the horizon for ESCOM and other Chinese/ Russian products to buy for so called upgrades of infrastructure in SA.

    1. Anonymous3:51 am


      @Anonymous4:37 pm

      Said it loooong ago. These guys need to bankrupt this country to have it re-financed by the East in order to do what they like.

      They forget - the Borrow Is ALWAYS Slave to the lender. Yellow lender far worse than white lender.

    2. Anonymous4:17 am

      Also with BREXIT, EU could implode with Germany joining BRICS as well.

  14. FredBarbarossa9:13 pm

    The only thing you can do is put him up against a wall and put a bullet through his brain.
    Where do you propose we find someone who can shoot that accurately?

    1. Hehehe true...you probably need an atomic microscope to find his brain or simply stick the gun up his arse, pull the trigger and hope for the best ;-)

    2. Anonymous12:58 am

      A shotgun would do the trick Mike.

  15. Anonymous10:13 pm

    I don't know how y'all live with the prawns. I would lose my shit if I had to interact with them on a daily basis. Fucking prawns.

    1. Anonymous11:29 pm

      Anon 10:13 Prawns are rich in culture and nutrition, but try living with Ticks, Mosquitoes and Lice , sucking the Life out of the Host.

    2. Anon 10:13 - You got to be like me and ignore them totally. I pretend they don't exist and refuse to acknowledge them or I would lose my shit. Having said that I am however very aware of the potential threat the fuckers pose. Prawns are good to eat. These things are good for absolutely fuckall.

    3. Anonymous9:42 am

      I think this yank is making a reference to District 9 movie.

  16. Spikey10:25 pm

    DA leader Mmusi Maimane on Tuesday announced an amended route for the march, following various threats of violence from the ANC Youth League.

    Maimane said, after consulting with the South African Police Service, they had decided to change the venue for a third time to end at Mary Fitzgerald Square.

    The march was originally going to be to Luthuli House, and then changed to Beyers Naudé Square, one block away from the ANC's headquarters.

    In September 2016, the "occupy Luthuli House" movement staged a march to ANC's headquarters, which saw them squaring up against hundreds of ANC supporters.

    The supporters included members of MKMVA, the ANC Youth League, Congress of South African Students and the Women's League.
    I think the fan is going hit the shit on Friday

    1. Anonymous3:31 am

      Spikey the reason is all good DA supporters surrendered their guns more than 10 years ago, so they wouldn't even be able to defend themselves, besides that mpondo Maimane hasn't even a knobkerrie to swing.

    2. Anonymous10:08 am

      @ Spikey.

      Has this joke you call an opposition asked the nations dictator if he is happy that you fellows stroll and perambulate around the streets on a business day?

      Are you sure that they will not upset his Excellency the honourable president by wasting valuable time that could be making more money for him to steal.

      I hope that this joke does not offend his Excellency to much as then the jokes leader might have to go and wash feet and kiss arse again to appease the new dictator.

      I rest my case, threaten these weaklings just an whisper and you've won a war.

      Isn't this joke Maimane what these liberal arseholes said will be such a wonderful leader?

      Well if that's their idea of a leader then I am so happy that fly solo.


  17. Anonymous11:11 pm

    South Africa - From White to Shite in 23 years!

    Isn't it charming that the British hypocrites are "prepared to fight for Gibraltar", but not for White South Africans.

    1. Anonymous4:22 am

      Once Gibraltar goes, I think the whole British Common wealth will split up as well.

  18. Anonymous1:53 am

    I have noticed how low keyed the comments are on this post.

    I think the reality is setting in, the whites lived in the world of it will never happen to us, oh we will scrape by but it will not happen to us.

    Welcome chaps, welcome to the Zuma order, I see pinch face whatever the fuck his name is has given a subtle warning in the news paper." Fight fire with fire".

    If I am right then Fridays mass action will result in a state of emergency, the police and if you can call it an army will roll into place and the last of the master plan falls into place.

    Zuma then crowns himself lord of all and the witch hunt begins, first all serious opposition will be removed, then the journalist will be dealt with then the whiteys, Indians, coloureds and non friendly boys. After that he will arm his Zulu boys and open season on the other tribes and the immigrants.

    I hope I am wrong but meditation of late keeps bringing images of blood and flames, destruction and smoke.

    People with government pensions, I hate to tell you this but you not longer have a pension, I do want to say though that when you had the chance to change the face of this world we live in you sat back and waited for somebody to do it for you. Maybe now you will start doing something for yourself.

    The reality is lads and Lassie's that if we do not turn this around quickly we are not going to be able to turn it around at all.

    I truly hope I am not wrong because the Karoo hills and valleys of the Southern Cape call my soul, the access route to East and West are good and well covered, the territory is vast and the terrain favours the man with bushcraft and mobility in his bag of tricks.

    The bridges are few and the channeling abilities are good, so if the hammer falls as I predict move South and and stay loose.
    Small groups fast and never more than 12 hours in the same spot, even 12 is to long but I know some might have families in tow.

    I hope I am scaring you because if I am not it means you're either salted and preped or you just plain ignorant and haven't realised that time is up.

    Showerhead does not care about rule of law, he is a law unto himself, he has proved it and he intends to enforce it. Read the previous blog page about him he has warned you all, you must just read between the lines to see his entire plan.


    1. Whiteman4:44 am

      LTMA, I can identify with all you say, but we are all faced with a major problem, and that is to know EXACTLY when to pack up and go. For most people, this will be the most difficult decision they have ever made. Much more difficult than emigrating, because it will be human to delay such a decision to the very last moment. And the females are going to have the biggest problem, because for a female, her house is everything. And we all know, there will be a window of opportunity, in which you will be able to make your escape. If you miss it, you will be dead meat. But staying in your house is not attractive either. No water, lights, sewage, rubbish removal, petrol etc, does not look like fun to me. Add to this, hungry, bloodthirsty, whitey-hating ( armed ) nignogs, and you have the ingredients for a serious nightmare. And don't forget, NO communication ! So you can't even shit on the stupid, narrow minded, " negative " patriots on Mikes blog !

    2. Anonymous7:09 am

      I am all for leaving, but some say it is better to stay and protect your assets. Can we please debate this?

    3. I am with you on the Karoo thing for hiding in the velt in small numbers but i live in a small town here also. We have a population of 4000. My estimate is about 500 whites maybe less but that is without the surrounding farms. The rest are colourd farm workers.

      I can see a picture whereby if our people say in a 200km radius can descend on this town we will sit with a fortress. We will have thousands of able whites. The plots are huge and many of the homes and buildings are abandoned. There are 2 major but also not so major ways in to town. . These two entrances can easily be taken out(bridges) even hidden by removing the post sign and covering the road with dirt. The other 3 ways in you need tractors or bakkies but even they go in to the middle of no-where.. you have to know them to use them.

      Then also our water comes from the mountain and never dries up.

      This place i am sure can be a very good strategic position and if not for the purpose of battle then to hide the elderly,woman, babiesm disabled and sick.

      Only way to attack this town is by air and that would lead to major human rights violations. Not that these things care about that but just a point to make.

    4. Anonymous9:52 am



    5. Anonymous10:46 am


      Stationary is not good, having to defend a position demands weaponry and manpower, lots of people together create logistical snags.

      Is it a strategic position, what value will it have in the bigger picture.

      Its good to have somewhere to go to but you need to consider that should we be forced to do this, then you become an enemy of the state, you will be classed a terrorist and a guerilla, you will be actively hunted and never find rest until a cease fire or a dirt nap.

      The life of a guerilla is not suited to all and taxes a mans reserves continuously, you never sleep peacefully and you are always watching, waiting, expecting. Now take that type of life and close yourself into a settlement with woman and children, my friend you will lose it just from the stress of confinement not even mentioning the responsibility of guardianship that you automatically assume for the woman and children.

      I am not shooting you down I am playing the devils advocate.

      Your town sounds like the place I search for, a place where I can find my rest and live out my life, one day in the very near future I might just decide to find this haven you call home and make some rest.

      Right now though, I watch and wait.


    6. Transvaler11:02 am

      Timing is going to be critical. Do you leave behind those that are not close by, such as kids at work, grandkids at school? Decisions, decisions...waiting for the clan to get together might cause destruction of all.

    7. Anonymous1:29 pm

      When I think of modern warfare I think of Iraq and Syria, urban warfare, street to street fighting, snipers, controlling cities, fighting to hold and control economic hubs and other resources to provide funds. Isis in Iraq taxes people, and have their own parallel government because of the cities they control.

    8. Think Lebanon 2006

      Four things…Discipline, training, tactics and weapons…and you can stop even the strongest army in the world with about 2000-4000 fighters.

      The 2006 Israeli Lebanon War

      A Disciplined Hezbollah Surprises Israel with Its Training, Tactics and Weapons

    9. Anonymous10:58 pm

      @ Anon 7:09 am

      What is there to debate, the end decision is yours.

      How you read the signs is a personal interpretation.

      I would say move South now but I am pushing for our independence from the curse that infests our land.

      Go South while you can, lad there is more security in the Cape and less retards.

      There is also quite a nice idea of making a white stronghold there with loads of room for expansion. Go South and go quickly.


    10. LTMA. no not at all mate. This is a platform where we can put forth our opinions. You can jump in anytime. I am always open for learning and change of thought. I am with you on the gorilla tactics.

      You need to be mobile and it is good for those that can be mobile.

      Unfortunately plenty of our brethren and sisters wont make the cut as a gorilla fighter and at some point you will have to adapt to the changing conditions and advance from hit and run to being the power authority. You must become the government or at least start claiming territories and utilize the economic(people) resources thereof.

      Remember the end goal is not o keep fighting forever but to be the rulers of our land and your power must serve as an unquestioned repellent for potential enemies.

      But apart from all the different fight strategies what do you do with all the millions of whites who wont make the cut. I do not necessarily see them all as liabilities but rather as potential assets.

      Dont get me wrong many people will die but i am compassionate towards all of my brothers even those that take a bit longer to wake up.

      For me personally i tend to lean towards the Suidlander prediction of events to play out.

      The ANC will be declared an illegitimate government shortly and a separate (DA, Afriform, Solidarity. kind-of)government will run parallel to it backed by the west. The Cape will be your safest bet but even this government are not truly our friend or our saviors but puppets and tools of the foreign financial elite. The rest of SA will be dominated by criminal gangs.

      Should the ANC lose the tax income of SA the blacks are done for it. They will revert back to their old ways and desamate each other and the whites who are not protected

    11. Anonymous12:34 am

      Thanks for those reads, Mike.

      A quick one, do these whites here in SA really think that life is just going to get better and they will wake up one morning and the roads will be fixed, the water will be treated properly and all the leaking pipes will be repaired, do they think that the electricity will be sorted out and there will be a reduction in tariff and that retard is going to welcome them with open arms and start treating them with respect?

      I ask the above because, I have been watching for sometime now and I have been reading your blog for just over a year and I can truly say that I think in total there are 7 realist's on your blog that actually can see the bigger picture, they are normally label crazy, insane, mental and a whole lot of other names that the users can think up in 20 seconds.

      The rest of the the name callers and detractors seem to think you are joking and that you just like writing this blog to keep yourself occupied and that the truth you write here is actually fiction.

      My point is, How come that people with fuck all, no hope, no ambition, no material assets, no wealth, nothing to give and nothing to lose will stand up and fight against a perceived injustice, I say perceived because sometimes those people that are fighting have been sold sky pie by some other fucking bingbat looking to score.

      Yet people with everything to lose will not take life seriously, knuckle down and stand up against blantant and definite injustices but they will try explain them away and excuse around them?

      The ragheads as much as I don't like them. I have to admire them and respect them, they get into the mix and they kick back hard, they fight the fight and the stay the course, if dying is not an option the take dying but by fuck, the dish out their venom without hesitation.

      Why are my fellow countrymen not like that, why do they have to be pushed to extinction before they will defend themselves, why must they place value on the material before they place value on life and freedom and family?

      I look at these people that I share culture with and I become ashamed and embarrassed to call myself a South African because white South Africans have become a bunch of arse licking lapdogs to retards every whim and they will K this and K that around a braai, mouth off volumes on your blog but will they put their foot where their mouth is, NO they when challenged will call for a leader, tell you how family is first, tell you how many bills there are to pay and tell you that they consider and love life more.

      The fact is the life that they are living is not life, I grew up in a period where we never had security systems or burglar bars and safety gates on our houses, kids like I was then played in the streets and in the bush without fear or even a thought of there may be a murderer, paedophile, criminal in the area. We road our bicycles wherever we wanted and enjoyed the freedom of true law and proper order.

      The life that these people claim to be defending is not life,its a jailed existence, so if you are going to live like that why not fight to free yourself?


    12. Anonymous12:50 am

      Part 2.

      True freedom can no longer be had but a freedom where you are able to move freely without threat of mugging, murder, kidnapping, hi jacking is possible, all what one has to do is ensure that it occurs and to make it occur people need to start uniting, standing up and let the enemy of our good and decent life know that you will no longer stand for his intimidation and victimization.

      True freedom is telling these clowns to shove their bbee and aa and fucking trc and come kiss our black arses shit, people need to realise that the reason we whites find ourselves where we are is because we have allowed it.

      Now, to all who read this, stop making excuses, stand up and be counted, forget your bills because your bills are the cause of your weakness.

      Stop looking for a leader and be the leader and most of all if you really love your family as you say you do and you want to protect them, then I suggest that you start fighting back because your willingness to bow to the retard is leading to the death of your family as retard sees your fear of him and your fear of losing your possessions and he knows your weakness and he will come to capitalize on those weaknesses and he will be taking more than just your car and tv.

      All I can say is we are sitting on the perfect opportunity for revolution but we are not using it, we could be freeing ourselves but we are to busy guarding and worrying about our material possessions and bills to see the opportunity that is afforded us.


  19. GORDHAN just a red commie like them all a few years back i tattooed in my studio Romiean sailors from a grain ship bringing food for Comrade Bob,a protest was going down in the street,plenty red flags about.The vsailors were upset and told me these words,DO NOT TRY THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WILL DESTROY YOU.

    1. Anonymous9:40 am

      Can you try English next time?

  20. Anonymous4:33 am

    @LTMA, you are on the right route, There is no going back, the country has passed the point of no return. Now you need to vasbyt and prepare for what we know lies ahead, Hone you skill set get your bug out bag stocked and ready to be picked up and gone. Soon, Very soon. S

  21. I've always loved Kipling's beautiful - and hard-hitting - poetry, and while wondering whether our country will ever return to a time when it was safe, prosperous and peaceful, this poem suddenly came to mind:

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy -- willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    Perhaps there comes a time when the word "SAXON" should be replaced by WHITES... It ties in rather well with what has - and is happening now in our once beloved country. Whites developed this country into the powerhouse of Africa and our railways of old were the main arteries of our once brilliant economy up to the time of Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd - oh, for someone like him again...

    1. Anonymous12:02 pm

      If you listen to that tommy robinson of the english defence league, you will see that the saxons are in bed with the muzzies. Both are a pedophile cult.

    2. Anonymous12:31 pm

      Kipling definitely knew some stuff, his poem "White mans burden " also says a few things

  22. Anonymous11:28 am

    Unrelated: 'They're bastards': Dutch Minister calls out South Sudan leaders over famine


    Die probleem is nie geographie nie. Die probleem is geneties.
    Regards, Besoeker

  23. Anonymous11:29 am

    Mike Smith said:

    "It must be terrible to be one of the 90% black South Africans who supported and voted for the ANC today. It must be horrible to be a white libtard who still had hopes for SA under Communist Kaffirs.

    Imagine waking up in the morning and having to look yourself in the mirror, knowing that it is YOU who are the cause of the ruin of South Africa and having to admit to yourself that you were a Communist useful idiot, that you were wrong and the “rightwing racists” were right.

    Mike, do you think they will EVER admit this? Even to themselves?

    I say never! They never will. In all my interactions with Libtards when I point out that I was correct they will always find mitigating factors proving about how they were on the right track and then got sabotaged.

    For instance I will say: "Look how SA turned out" in spite of my warnings you still worshiped the non-existent Rainbow Nation and messiah Mandela!"

    They will counter with: Oh No! "Mandel was a saint!Even if he believed in violence at first he changed!" The Mbeki was a 'Strong Administrator' and SA was booming it was great! The Zoooma got in and now we are screwed! Its all Zoooma! Its Zoooma's fault! If it wasn't for Zoooma we'd all be holding hands singing Khumbaya whilst picking up Unicorn shit of the lawns of our garden boys mansion in Sandton!"

    That is the mentality of the liberal. Garden boys of means with Unicorns as pets and whites as best friends and servants.

    No they'll look in the mirror and congratulate themselves on "doing the right thing" and "not giving up" just before embarking on a meaningless march against Zoooma!

    1. Anonymous10:21 pm

      Watch the destruction, thieving, breaking and looting tomorrow, it the perfect excuse for affirmative shopping just before businesses have to close down due to the economic depression that comes with junk status.


    2. Anonymous4:21 am

      I personally think some will get it and some won't ( libtard idiots).

    3. Anonymous1:52 pm

      The ego of a libtard knows no limits. It can never say sorry to itself.

  24. Whiteman12:18 am

    Anonymous 11:29 am, you hit the nail on the head my friend ! This is why I don't agree with people who say the patriots should join hands with the libturds against blacks. Supposedly, when they know they are also going to be killed by the savage blacks, they will suddenly become trustworthy patriots. BULLSHIT ! it makes sense, to withdraw to a safe area, so the libturds can be wiped out by their black brothers and sisters. We could NEVER start a new dispensation, or " volkstaat " if you wish, with these satanic white creatures among us. They HAVE to reap what they have sowed ! I shall do everything in my power, to make this happen. And let me quote Siener, even for his critics, because he said something that is LOGIC. He said the Boere/farmers, ( read white people ), are ANGRY, and gather near Lichtenburg. From there, they prepare for WAR. I am not interested in saving any multi-culti suburb. You will just be kicked in the teeth, after you have paid the ultimate price ! ( To save useless white, AND black trash ! )

  25. Anonymous3:40 am

    Friday’s protest is going to be horribly middle class, so let me give you a lecture in Protest 101.

    1. Wear Sneakers and socks. You’ll need to move fast when the Nyalas arrive.
    2. Dont wear mascara. It doesn’t mix well with tear gas or pepper spray.
    3. One among your number needs to mix up Rennie’s and water in a bottle – for the aforesaid pepper spray and tear gas. A quick squirt into each eye and you’ll be ready to toyi toyi to another rousing rendition of Shosholoza.
    4. Wear a bandana – it will hide your face from SAPS spies who will be among the marchers. It also helps against tear gas.
    5 do NOT wear any outfit which looks military. It’s like catnip for the TRT and you’ll be whipped off in a van faster than you can say “but it’s Gucci”.
    6 Do NOT sing kumbaya. Go onto You tube and do searches for Fees Must Fall or other struggle songs. Shosholoza is not a struggle song. And we don’t hold up lighters for Senzeni Na.

    7 If you’re going to drink bottled water, it should be decanted into other bottles. No woolies, Evian or Perrier, darling.
    8 No, you don’t get extra creds for bringing your helper or gardener. You will get extra Creds for giving them the day off. How they choose to spend it is up to them.

    9 Carry proof of residence and ID with you. Without it, you won’t get bail. Yes, the police are required to RICA you.
    10 Go onto the Right to Protest website and save their phone number in case you’re arrested. Have it on speed dial.
    11 Berets aren’t a fashion statement. Unless you share the politics of the party, don’t wear one.
    13 Please, no Madiba shirts. If you must wear a politician’s face on your chest, try Biko, Hani, Sankara, Guevara. Go, now, and learn who they are.
    14. By the same token, quote them and not Madiba.

    15. If you see anyone in an EFF beret or PAC regalia run, get out of there. Those guys are tough AF, if they’re running, shit is about to go down.

    16 Please don’t tell your children to “listen to the nice officer”. The correct advice is “don’t upset the lapdog of the ruling hegemony”.
    17. protest speeches start with shouts of “Amandla” and fists flung skyward. Go with it. The louder the better. Just not kumbaya! Listen to the shouts around you. Do not ask anyone what they mean.
    18 attending this protest should be the start of your journey towards enlightenment. Not the pinnacle of it. For the love of glop, don’t brag about it to the black people at the gym!
    19 The people in the crowd taking videos and pics are probably NOT uploading them to IG, they’re going in a nice file which will be kept at SAPS and titled “naughty white people who dont like uBaba”.