05 April 2017

Founder's Day: Thank you Jan van Riebeeck

By Mike Smith

6th of April 2017

Today is the day that our Dutch founding father, Governor Jan van Riebeeck, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and lit the flame of civilization on the southern tip of darkest Africa. The Day South Africa as a country was born and a day I celebrate religiously every year.

In the old South Africa this was a holiday called, Founders Day and the Cape Coloureds had a song praising Jan van Riebeeck called “Ons sê dankie, vir jou Jan van Riebeeck”, but it was also one of the first things the racist ANC abolished in 1994, because to them, and as President (yours not mine) Zuma so hatefully said, All South Africa’s problems began with Jan van Riebeeck landing at the Cape

Up until the fall of Apartheid and the release of the ANC terrorist Nelson Mandela from prison in 1992, Jan van Riebeeck’s face appeared on our currency the Rand. It was replaced with the animals of the Big Five, but in 2012 the ANC placed the mug shot of Mandela on all denominations of the Rand…giving birth to the nickname of the Mickey Mouse, Banana Republic currency, “Randelas”…a currency that will soon, thanks to President (yours not mine) Zuma, be worth Fuck All...worth less than the bananas on the tree.


  1. Seattle9:56 pm

    That YouTube video is blocked in the U.S., for me at least here in Seattle. Went through a series of proxies (NZ, Germany) before finally being able to watch it via a Romanian connection.

    1. https://youtu.be/NwyTg669BKA

  2. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Yes Mike, a day conveniently 'control alt deleted' from South African history by these communist, Christ rejecting scum. So, so sad......

  3. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels and I will lead you to the Promised Land."
    When Mandela was made president he said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land."
    Today, the ANC has stolen the shovels, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to the Chinese, Russians and Guptas...... Jan se pal.....

    1. Anonymous3:17 am

      Hahaha Cool !

  4. I am at a loss for words. I couldn't even watch the whole Snotkop video. Those Idyllic scenes of "visvang in die plaasdam", etc., are all things of a bygone era that this vermin have destroyed.

    Truly, I don't know what more one can say about the decline of the country. From bad to worse doesn't even come close.

    From heaven to hell?

    1. Anonymous1:45 pm

      Be a good little slave and eat their bullshit. Don't say anything, don't look up or make a scene. How dare you want to be free from our evil warmongering overlords?

  5. Anonymous2:35 am


    Makes me think of victory...

    I think the problem is we have never properly defined what a victory is in SA - I can bet you, without a doubt, the ANC & all our enemies know what a victory means.

    Problem is the hot weather makes whites lazy. They taste a little victory & they stop to have a castle and then play rugby.

    To take back what is ours & then some, we have to define what a future all out victory will mean.

    For me, that victory will not be completed until & unless EVERY single karasite is taken care of in Southern Africa, while military arming ourselves with the best technological weaponry one can buy.

    Our problems, all our problems stem from our enemies using these Karasites against us. Until the enemy no longer has a proxy to get to us, then we will never be safe.

    A nation cannot be great when you have a majority of brain dead, moron, low IQ karasites walking around. You would be better off having this country filled with Donkeys, they look better & smell better & dont do crime.

    But even if tomorrow a huge massacre took place against the whites, I can almost guarantee (NO I GUARANTEE IT) that whites would still feel sorry for these Karasites, such is the brainwashing.

    Sometimes I have to wonder if the brainwashing is a simple cleansing process, the young & the brainwashed should be taken care of.

    I feel more for snake shit than these fucking karasite impersonators.

    Dankie Jan en Fok Jou FW Die Doos!

  6. JesseJames2:50 am

    Mike, what do you mean with: "President (yours not mine) Zuma"

    Do you live outside of South Africa for you to say this?

    If you live inside SA, then it may be better to say "theirs not ours" because Zuma is also not my president, nor any of the presidents before him.

    1. Then you are a good guy. Zuma has NEVER been my president. None of the ANC presidents have. The ANC is an illegal and illegitimate criminal government.

    2. Whiteman5:20 am

      On the subject of the " president." Have you also heard intelligent whites saying : Ons president/Our president ? It gives me the total shits, and I immediately know I am in the presence of a libturd. No proud white patriot would EVER say such a thing. The best you can do, is speak of the anc president, and immediately add that the " government " is illegal. Then I can understand where you are coming from. Mike, I can understand where you are coming from !

  7. Anonymous4:33 am

    This morning I had to see 2 doctors for minor ailments.
    Both asked me if I had taken off work to see them.

    I replied NO ..... it's a holiday for me .... Van Riebeecks Day.

    The look on their faces made my ailments disappear instantly.

  8. Who and what was Jan van Riebeeck en Adam Tas really for the South Africans?

    We have all seem to forget that South Africa is, was, and always will be the real property of a corporation with Satanic-Jewish-Zionist bosses in Europe. It was founded and populated by the VOC, die Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, the Dutch East India Company at that time in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck came to the Cape with three ships loaded with the first white slaves from Europe. They were treated as the property of the Company who had a private army/police force in the fort where the authority of the Gouverneur or Governor and his click of land owners from Europe was unquestionable.
    Did we Forget Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the days of Adam Tas and the Donker Gat? What about that day when Adam Tas eventually came out of the dungeon and said: “From this day on I call my farm Libber Tas.”? [That means Free Tas.]
    The fact was they were never free and those that did Trek inland only expended the influence and property of the Company who also went from Holland over to England and Founded the Bank of England in 1694 and the British East India Company, 1600–1874, and later controlled the British Empire. These same families of Jewish bankers, Satanic Zionists and Illuminati bankers did the same in Canada Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The British East India Company at one time controlled the whole of India and collected even all the taxes of the people that included Pakistan at that time before the country broke in two. Talk about Power! No wonder they are so rich. We won’t even mention China and the opium enslavement trade. The British Empire never ruled the world, it was them, who were the true masters.
    These Satanist today are still collecting from their investments of hundreds of years ago and they will keep on milking. They own all the minerals and oil, fishing rights and so on… even the water. They have all the legal papers and loopholes covered to control all governments in these countries for ever. They control the Industrial military complex of the USA as well as the UN. There is no freedom on Earth from them. We will always be Company slaves…..after all they signed our pay checks for hundreds of years if not thousands of years for they also ran the Roman Empire. I am sorry if I opened your eyes here but it is true, go and do the research. Evil ruled for a long time. This agents of evil will always reclaim what was theirs in the first place.
    Another idea or question is this: “Did South African gold and diamonds finance the Boer War, and the first and second WW for England, and these bastards?” Do they need us for the third?
    Poor Adam Tas
    No Libber Tas
    Only Oom Tas
    On this Bus

    1. Thank you very much for opening my eyes. I was so terribly blind before you graced us with your incredible wisdom.

    2. Anonymous9:37 am


      @“Edgeba7:17 am Did South African gold and diamonds finance the Boer War, and the first and second WW for England, and these bastards?” Do they need us for the third?

      Yes they did fund both wars in the end.

      Do they need us for a 3rd?

      Yes unless they want it to land in the laps of the Chinks & Russians but they control them as well and this entire system is to rob the sons of God of everything that God promised going right back to Adam.

      Muhammadanism, Communism, NWO, liberalism, are to rob him and remove him from ruling the nations with an iron rod.

      Going to go on a tangent, in different directions but all connected.

      Today even Science confirms (in an indirect way) that Adam was created around 6,000 years back - they say the blue eyed, light colour eye gene goes back 6,000 - Biblical history confirms this date of the Adam and the only races + nations who exhibit this gene are those found in the West - you get throw backs in other cultures from mixing.

      If you read + learn what the Hebrew word of Adam is, then compare it to Christs + Davids complexion and description + follow Christs lineage going back to Adam, that he basically looked like the first Adam because after all his genetics were from the first Adam - he also had blue eyes.

      The genetics of Adam prevent the world from going out, the genetics move the world into a new era, the genetics found in the western nations, the descendants of Adam are the most progressive, technologically sound, pioneering nations.

      This system is babylonial and Satanic in origin. The gear up is for a 1 world babylonial system, ruled by someone that rises from the dead - you will see all occult's are big time into rituals about resurrections.

      I believe this is one of the reasons why the MSM is trying so hard to convince the world that Jesus looks like an Arab/Khazarian Jew when the original documents found in the Washington congressional library tell us what he really looked like.

      Appeal to Christians, Khazarian Jews and Arabs during a great world clash. With DNA today, they can resurrect dinosaurs...

      With DNA, they can resurrect Nimrod who ruled the first earthly kingdoms and it is interesting to note that he wore a cross, much like the Christian cross.

      It goes back to Babylon. Nimrod was part man, part fallen angel. A half god. Also related to these heathens we find in this country - the cushites.

      Now we know why Cushee is being pushed and shoved down everyones throat ONLY in the West from radio, television, advertising, music etc being used like those awks in Lord of the rings.

      Mix everyone - make cushee seem cool, get adam to mix with the most barbaric satanic blood lines - the genetics prove it, look at their features and you will see the obscurity in their genetics, plat neus, dik lips, kroes hare, aap se gat, virtually brain dead, low to virtually no IQs, wash it put the best perfume on it and it stinks - bad genetics - its the genetics, they are the most disproportionate in every sense when you compare them to every race and every race instinctively dislikes and hates them.

      It is interesting then that we find in the invasion of Iraq that Nimrods body was found, taken and quickly vanished from the scene - sounds like Science fiction but it was not even covered in the English media - Russian & Chinese sources leaked it and then we found it appear in the English news channels.

      Now in the book of Enoch, its mentioned these spirits of the nephalim that were not man nor angel are always seeking to destroy and basically make it to the physical realm.

    3. Anonymous9:37 am



      Connect the dots...

      It tells us those fallen ones were violent, men of old, they knew things ordinary men didnt know.

      I believe they found that weapon of mass destruction - it will fool the world.

      The kingdom you mentioned setup on earth is for someone who will rise up, show wonders and fool the world.

      And it is mentioned in revelations. There is a secret hand behind colonialism, the rulers of Europe and an occult from my research - the Jesuits were behind many of the take overs, be-headings of noble men and most of the revolutions.

      On one hand they appear to be Christians by their ways but their deeds & actions speak of the opposite. Pedophilia is on the rise & rampant in the occult & many churches, gays, sodomy are all connected.

      Seems like the faster they can make this world evil through wars, destruction, the faster they bring upon it a saviour who will rise up, solve the worlds problems and appeal to all the world religions.

      Sounds far fetched until you start scratching the surface.

    4. Anonymous5:59 pm

      @ Boere Ninja

      You sound completely disturbed. Water down your brandy with more Coke.

      Jislaaik man!


    5. It was a pleasure. This is nothing. If you want real wisdom, go to my website: http://edgeba.webs.com/index.htm

    6. @ Edgeba...Let me guess...Stroh? Durban poison? Shrooms?

      BTW...blog baiting is bad manners.

    7. Anonymous6:53 am

      Let me guess, grass laced with mumbo jumbo voo voo powder and star juice? Edgeboy.

      What is real wisdom? Are you rfr's daddy that you are going to come and enlighten us mortals and enrich us with all the intelligence and experience of others that you have studied ( note I said studied not read) over the years and now claim as your ultra intelligence?

      If I want real wisdom I get off my arse and I go find it through practical participation, I do not come to fucking idiots like you with theories unproven for you opinion.

      Now fuck off and go play in your little fairy garden.


  9. There is only one way forward: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/

    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      @ Duncan,

      Ever wonder who is behind the anti-colonial sentiment ? Ever wonder why the situation this country is in won't receive any attention ?

      Well look no further;

      The kind gentlemen that run that organization are commie pinko scum and we're all lumpen proletariat to them.

      Not trying to be argumentative with you mate, your heart is in the right place and you deserve praise for that.

      Remember Weenen

  10. Die ANC verdeel nou in sy gematigde vleuel en sy radikale vleuel. Daar is geskiedkundige voorbeelde hiervan: Die Mensjewieke (gematigdes) en die Bolsjewieke (radikales) in Rusland en die Girondyne (gematigdes) en die Jakobyne (radikales) in Frankryk. Telkens het die radikales tesame met die gematigdes die bestaande orde omvêr gewerp en die bewind oorgeneem. Daarna het die verdeling plaasgevind en dan het die radikales die gematigdes van kant gemaak. Ek wag in spanning om te sien of die geskiedenis himself gaan herhaal hier in Suid-Afrika en sovêr lyk dit nogal so...

    1. Anonymous1:38 pm

      And then the central bankers waltzes in and buys everything for next to nothing.

  11. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Edgeba - did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and the highest form of entertainment? Probably not. Perhaps you should get someone to teach you. Bwhahahaha! --- JamieMc

  12. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Zuma knows that all of South Africa's problems began in 1994, but he will never admit it.