14 April 2017

Cuba: Exposing the tyrannical regime the ANC is in love with

Fleeing a Socialist paradise:
Cuban refugees on their way to the USA 
By Mike Smith
14th of April 2017

On the 25th of November last year the great Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro died. In South Africa, the ANC cried for weeks, about their great hero and friend.

A few days prior to that Donald Trump became the president of the USA on a Republican ticket and with a lot of anti illegal Hispanic rhetoric.

The most amazing thing that the liberals wanted to hide was that the State of Florida, where the demographics show 46% are Hispanic and only 29% white voted for Donald Trump.

In the capital of Miami, where 70% of the people are Hispanic (mostly Cuban) and only 19% white 34% voted for Trump. Even when one assumes that 100% of the whites in Miami voted for Trump it still leaves a huge percentage of Hispanics who voted against the Socialist (read Communist) Hillary Clinton.

I saw several interviews by the world media where Miami Cubans were asked who they would be voting for. Almost to a man they said for Trump. Why?

Since 1959 and the great Cuban revolution, more than 1.5 million people have fled the Marxist paradise of Cuba for Miami. More than 46,000 Cubans without visas attempted entry in the 2016 . The USA always had an open door policy towards these people and since 1995 Bill Clinton’s introduced the "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy of giving Cuban refugees residence permits and eventual citizenship...But a few days before Barack Obama stepped down as president of the USA, he cancelled this policy.

This is where the conundrum comes in, because when you ask the average world liberal, he/she will tell you that Trump is “anti-immigration” and Obama/Hillary are “pro-immigration”.

In other words Trump is a racist and the Obama/Hilarry multi-culti embracers. Why then would Obama block Cuban refugees as a last stab in the back before he resigned?

See, Obama is a Communist, just like Hillary is a Communist and allowing refugees in who are fleeing a Communist Utopia is bad PR for Communism. They would like you to believe that Communism is dead...like it is dead in North Korea, China and Vietnam.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro might be dead, but the Communist Castro regime carries on under his brother Raul Castro. Ob the 26th of July 2008, when Fidel was too old and sickly to carry on governing, his brother took over the reins. The dictator Fidel ruled Cuba from 1st of January 1959 until 2008. Almost 49 years. Forty nine years of HELL in which Cuba has distinguished itself as one of the worst, most monstrous human rights abusers in the world.

More than 500,000 people passed through the Communist Gulag death camps.

With a population of only 11 million, it gives Castro’s despotism the highest per capita political incarceration rate in the world. Torture is institutionalized. A myriad of human rights organisations such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International have documented the regime’s use of electric shocks, dark coffin sized isolation cells and beatings to punish “anti socialist elements”. Firing squads have carried out more than 15,000 executions. Family members who want to claim the body have to pay for the bullet first and are ordered not to cry at the funeral.

The Cuban barbarity is epitomised in the labour camp on the Isle of Pines under the “Camilo Cienfeugos Plan” where prisoners are forced to work naked, beaten with electric cables, have to cut grass with their teeth and sit in latrine trenches, neck deep in faeces and urine, for long periods of time. Some are forced to eat the shit and smile and make happy faces to the amusement of the guards.

In 1960 the 23 year old Cuban poet Armando Valladares Perez refused to write “I am with Fidel” on his desk and dared to raise issues of freedom under the new Castro Liberation Regime...He spent the next 22 years being tortured in prison. His book “Against all hope” stands as Cuba’s version of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”.

Describing his incarceration later, Valladares wrote:

"For me, it meant 8,000 days of hunger, of systematic beatings, of hard labor, of solitary confinement and solitude, 8,000 days of struggling to prove that I was a human being, 8,000 days of proving that my spirit could triumph over exhaustion and pain, 8,000 days of testing my religious convictions, my faith, of fighting the hate my atheist jailers were trying to instill in me with each bayonet thrust, fighting so that hate would not flourish in my heart, 8,000 days of struggling so that I would not become like them.”

Source: Armando Valladares: Human Rights Hero

Describing the great revolutionary Ché Guevara, Valaderes said, "He was a man full of hatred ... Che Guevara executed dozens and dozens of people who never once stood trial and were never declared guilty … In his own words, he said the following: "At the smallest of doubt we must execute." And that's what he did at the Sierra Maestra and the prison of Las Cabanas."

One of Valaderes’ prison friends, Roberto Lopez Chavez, a devote Christian, went on a hunger strike to protest the abuses in the camps. The guards witheld water from him and when he became delirious twisting on the floor begging for something to drink, the guards urinated in his mouth telling him that there was no God to help him. He died the next day.

So good are the Cuban Communists with torture that they even run torture camps for others. During the Vietnam War they ran the Cu Loc POW camp in Hanoi (aka “The Zoo”) torturing US soldiers and pilots captured by the Viet Cong.

Major James Kasler was tortured by Communist scum for six and a half years. You can read about his ordeal here: James Kasler torture . Kasler managed to survive. So did Air Force Colonel Edward Hubbard, but one who did not was Lt.Col Earl Cobeil. He was tortured to death.

The man in charge of the torture was the sadistic General Fernando Vecino Alegret (nicknamed “Fidel”) by the prisoners. He later became the Cuban Minister of Education. The Cuban government denied that he was ever in Vietnam saying he was in Angola.

Cuban General Lies Repeatedly About Torturing U.S. POWs

But it is not only in POW camps and political prisons where the Communist reign of terror is felt. Normal Cubans have their daily lives run by the CDR, The Committee for the Defence of the Cuban Revolution.

The CDR controls every city block and every farming unit. They know the affairs of every one and know exactly what every person and family is doing. Anything suspicious is reported. They control how food rations are distributed, where people are allowed to move, what they can study, where they can work and how they can spend their free time.

In Cuba ordinary people do not have human rights. They cannot move freely or travel outside of their own country. They cannot belong to religious or cultural organizations of their choice. There is no free expression. Radio, television, films and media are censored. There are no free political parties or independent unions.

The Castro regime also practices a vicious form of racism. Before Castro, blacks enjoyed upward social mobility and served in many government positions. In Castro’s Cuba 80% of the prison population is black, while the government hierarchy is 100% white.

Cuban Communism follows the usual Leninist and Stalinist model of “equality” that the ANC also practices in South Africa. Members of the Communist Nomenklatura live like kings and millionaires while the ordinary citizens live in utter poverty.

In Cuba the shelves in the stores are empty and food is tightly rationed. Teachers and doctors drive taxis or work as waiters for extra money to support their families.

Homosexuality is especially reviled by the totalitarian Castro Regime. There is no such thing as “gay rights” in Cuba and one can get a prison sentence of up to twenty years for homosexual behaviour. The regime brushes aside criticism of this saying that a place where homosexuals are all together must be like paradise to them.

Under the Cuban system of “Tourist Apartheid” ordinary Cubans are not allowed into the hotels designated for tourist or Communist Party functionaries and police wait inside every such hotel to arrest any unauthorized Cuban who dares to enter.

These hotels and restricted tourism of Cuba is a necessary “capitalist evil”, because the only thing that kept Cuban Communism from imploding long ago was the $5-Billion a year Soviet subsidy. Despite the Billions and the bit of tourism of today, Communist Cuba is one of the poorest nations in the world.

Castro’s personal belief was “Socialism or death”. Pre Castro, Cuba exported sugar, tobacco and beef in large numbers. Castro destroyed all of these industries. Today Cuba is a beggar nation and despite being geographically only 90 miles from Haiti, even Haitian refugees give the Socialist Paradise and Utopia of Cuba a miss.

Over the years a total of about 2 million people have fled Cuba in make shift rafts and inner tubes crossing shark-infested waters. Between 50,000 to 80,000 people have lost their lives like that. Not content with the sharks eating his fleeing citizens Castro sent helicopters to drop sand bags onto their rafts and gun them down.

One such incident was The Tugboat Massacre of July the 13, 1994.

On that faithful morning, around seventy men, women, and children stole an old wooden tugboat called the “13 de Marzo" (13th of March) and attempted to flee with it to the USA. Castro ordered his Coast Guard to repeatedly ram their boat and split it apart. When the people were in the water they circled them to create a whirlpool so they would drown and kept their heads under water with fire hoses. 41 people including ten children drowned. A few survivors who clung to a refrigeration box were told to swim back to land. Fortunately they were rescued by a Greek freighter and several US Coast Guard. You can see some of those who drowned here: Victims of the Tugboat Massacre

This is the Cuba and the regime that the ANC is in love with and want to duplicate in South Africa. Nelson Mandela awarded Fidel Castro South Africa's highest civilian award for foreigners, The Order of Good Hope. Jacob Zuma praised him as a great friend of blacks in their struggle against Apartheid.

In Cuba itself, nothing is named after Fidel Castro. It was his personal wish that no street, park or building should be named after him. There are no monuments to him.

Windhoek, Namibia
Despite this, the ANC named four streets after him (Pretoria, Cape Town, Ladysmith and Klerksdorp). The Department of Health in Limpopo Province was named “Fidel Castro Ruz House”. Also in Windhoek in Namibia there is a street and a school named after Castro.

The ANC drove our own engineers, doctors and nurses away and now employ Cubans (Communist Party members) in their place. The ANC destroyed our medical schools and now send black students to go and study medicine in Cuba.

You can read what I wrote about how these black students represent South Africa in Cuba with their regular simian behavior : South African medical students in Cuba making a name for themselves

This again shows the utter hypocrisy of the ANC. Outwardly they want to project an image of the champions of freedom and human rights, gay rights, etc…The claim to be against racial discrimination, but not in Cuba…

Behind the backs of the world’s liberals they are in love with the most despotic tyrants in the world of which the Castro regime is but one. Mugabe is another. The Butcher of Dafur, Sudan’s mass murdering president Omar al-Bashir, indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, is another great friend of the ANC. In fact, when you look at all the ANC’s friends…they are criminals, thieves, mass murderers or tyrants. The ANC is utterly in love with tyrants.

People should take a close look at Cuba, because this is the eventual “Paradise” the ANC envisage for South Africa.


  1. Anonymous4:22 am

    The Huffington Post South Africa has a brilliant new progressive plan to solve all of Africa's problems: deny white men the right to vote, then vote to steal their assets.


    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Ha ha, the Huffington Poes, those girls are such ugly nerds no man would want to shag them, not even for a one night stand.

    2. Mr Mister5:07 pm

      If Shelley Garland is a dude, then he's clearly a genius compared to those females at Huff-Po. This would mean that he has managed to infiltrate the rag and got them publish a pseudo-propaganda piece without anyone doing basic fact checking or verification. To all the girls at Huff-Po, Well done - you've just proven how much smarter us white males are.

  2. Anonymous4:24 am

    While good men do nothing this type of shit will flourish.

    Unfortunately for all the idealists and dreamers, the nations that can make a difference look the other way.

    The men that wish to make a difference will not and the men that can make a difference cannot get themselves organized.

    So, as much as you speak the truth and we know you speak the truth nothing will stop the ANC taking SA into the cess pit of hell.

    Mike as much as you say patience and restraint, we haven't got the time and you know it.


    1. Anonymous9:53 am

      How old are you?

    2. Anonymous6:21 pm

      @ LTMA

      You're right.

      Whenever I read this blog, the main theme I hear is that you must "debate" or bugger off.

      Aren't you guys tired of "debating" after 23 years?

      I believe LTMA is spot on.

    3. Anonymous10:06 pm

      @ anon 9:53 am.

      Too old for you to molest.

      Too young to take my final rest.


  3. Anonymous7:56 am

    "...of fighting the hate my atheist jailers were trying to instill in me with each bayonet thrust, fighting so that hate would not flourish in my heart, 8,000 days of struggling so that I would not become like them.”

    Boere mall ninja failed this test on day 3 when he began with his karasite thing.

    I also see Afrikaners at each others throats in road rage. It is not like the 1980s where boeries would help people.

    This Cuban dude finished the race of the Bible. You okes have failed. You try and justify it by claiming blacks are apes or whatever and therefore, they don't count. How do you explain turning on each other? Afrikaners are failing in the race.

    Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come...

    I too am struggling with this race but trying to finish it.

    Go ahead, attack me.

    1. Anonymous10:23 am

      We won't attack you my boy, we'll just laugh at you and your little delusions.

    2. Anonymous11:12 am

      @ Anon 7:56 am.

      That would be a waste of a bullet, we will just leave you for the karasites.


    3. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Anon 7.56
      What the fuck do you know about the Afrikaners?
      Is it what your parents told you or is it the shit they teach you at school. You know nothing.

    4. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Rifles were stolen at a military base in Kayelitsha according to news 24. Since when is there a military base in Kayelitsha. Seems the reporter is slightly confused about a military base probably because there are weapon cashes in every location

    5. Anonymous4:21 pm

      Well it sounds like you are also failing in the race by attacking Afrikaners by saying they are also failing, there I am attacking you.

    6. Military Base in Khayalitsha...It is the former Cape Coloured Corps (Now 9 SAI). Off the N2 and Spine Road crossing. In the old days the address was "Eerste River". Now it shows you how big Khayalitsha has grown. The base is completely surrounded by shacks.

  4. have been going to Cuba for the past 20 years.got married there 15 years ago. its not half as bad as you say.

    1. Anonymous10:03 pm

      @ rb 10:37 am.

      Maybe it ain't so bad because you have no standards and are a dirty, wasteful and low self esteemed half breed that could only find acceptance there.

      I get the idea that you're one of the white worms that charge off into these 3rd world shit holes and shagg the dirty stinking locals then claim to be trying to help them and promote them, am I right?

      I saw your type throughout Africa and heard your crap and how you lot had visions of creating a new world for them locals, meanwhile it was nanny bashing business as usual for you perverted creeps.

      Just asking if you are one of the hordes that come, fuck and take the siff back.


    2. Yip...there is always one who will defend the system. I know an ugly guy who is married to a Chinese woman. He pays her family in Shanghai $500 a month just so that she stays with him in Europe. That is how desperate the guy is. Nevertheless he is just like you. Sings the praises of the Communists and the system. You point out Tiananmen Square massacre, the "Hukou" system, the mobile execution vans that harvest people's organs, Mao's Great leap forward and the cultural revolution that killed 70 million people...he always has an excuse for it. Mao was a great man. Deng Xiaoping was the best, 'cause he is the one who opened China to the world...despite being a mass murderer who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre.

      But that is how it is. Speak to some former East Germans and you will soon hear how good the Old GDR was. You point out the Stasi and the fact that every third person was an informant...brother spying on sister, children spying on parents, etc...you point out the political prisoners, the people shot at the wall trying to flee the Communist Utopia, you point out the long 3 hour queues for strictly rationed bananas and strawberries, the 12 year wait for a 2-stroke Trabant car...YOu will soon hear, "Oh, but it was not all bad. We all had jobs. We had fun too...We had a great time."
      Some even want the Wall and the DDR back. They cannot cope in the modern competitive world. They want Daddy State to take care of them from cradle to grave.

      There is always one who will defend the system. You normally discover that those who defend the system were card carrying members of the party. They had special privileges denied to the ordinary person.

      I have also been to Cuba many times. One of my friends was so in love with Cuba that he started a Cuban Club/Bar. Problem is...what was he in love with? The "Potemkin village" façade presented to the tourists or the real poverty of the ordinary Cuban?

    3. Anonymous11:09 pm

      @ Robert. I only have to walk 5m into town and I will find someone who will say the same about SA as what you say about Cuba. We are surrounded by people just like you. Useful idiots.


    4. Anonymous2:46 am

      @Robert Carey 10:47am

      Going to Cuba as a tourist and living in Cuba as a resident are not the same.

    5. Anonymous3:37 am

      Robert that's because you have never seen the other half

    6. Anonymous8:15 am

      Robert I have spoken to people who have toured Cuba, ( different to living there) and they say certain areas are off bounds for tourists and I am not talking about military or key areas but certain everyday areas, guarded by police and government security, why?

    7. Anonymous9:54 am

      The fancy tourist spots in Cuba are kept pristine, the rest of the place is a 3rd world cesspit that tourists are not allowed to see.

      Before I stopped interacting with our local dark greens in every facet of my life, one of the union reps at my old job used to try and bring me around.

      Inevitably the conversation would drift towards communism and I'd point out Cuba as a prime example of communism's abject failure.

      The nog would always disagree, pointing out how ingenious the "engineers" are for taking household scraps and "making a plan" and the 100% literacy rate, anyone can just get in a vehicle and drive to where they need to go... all the little fallacies that go along with romanticizing life in Cuba.

      I took 2 things away from those conversations...
      1) Communism fits exactly with our locals' tribal mindset in every conceivable way.
      2) F*CK Communism

      Remember Weenen

  5. Anonymous12:40 pm

    The cANCer has a bloody cheek to rename Moore road in Glenwood Durban,to Che Guevara road .The Buenos Aires community refused to have a statue of this commie prick in their city 10 years ago

  6. Anonymous8:32 pm

    That picture is heaven on earth for all third world lunatics. 1st world standards is too much of a pain for them. They hate you if you dare to strive for better and will attack and try to destroy you as proven many times before.

    1st world standards are oppressive and downgrading to their society , because you think you are better, so they say.

    Therefore they will break down South Africa to 3rd world standards. Needles to say ,those who thought they could uplift 3rd world b,b,ons are reaping now the fruit of their deeds. Unfortunately they made millions of innocent people pay for their lunacy.

    That is one true fact that these terrorists and liberals cannot undone.

    As jy 'n stront boompie geplant het sal jy gedurig deur die kak daarvan oes!

  7. Anonymous10:04 pm

    These ones on the boat are fleeing the hellhole which were created by racist whites. For sure they are going to demand when they land their. All their so-called human rights demands will kick into full action once they put feet on land.

    I guess all African refugees are heading that way too once they realized what wealth is hidden there from them.

    Surprise, surprise , they will be too late. Their Muslim bro's are their already and they loose out big-time. They claim their portion.

    What a wonderful life, all you need to do is get there as a refugee, then you can demand your human rights. Man , and are these white liberal SJW not happy to give. You don't have to work, because you are a refugee. You are a victim of Apartheid. I promise you ,when they hear that, they simply fall over their feet to serve you as the lost son.

    Once you did that they are so happy, because their way to heaven is secure now, because in the Bible it is written that once you did it to one of god's children you did it to him. They are saved by their good deeds and the refugee too.

    They go wash and kiss feet to humiliate themselves to prove their love to you and God. They really do love oppressed blacks from Africa . They hate all apartheid loving whites. That's why they separated themselves from apartheid South Africa.

    They believe baboons ,apes,gorillas and everything are the same. We are all the same, we all have red blood they say. There is no difference between a donkey and a horse. All animals in the zoo can live in harmony, because they already live in peace with each other in nature. It's only white racists who put walls between them in the zoo to prove that there is apartheid in nature.

    Overseas there is no apartheid, they welcome blacks only, no whites. There is no such thing as a white refugee. So what is the point clinging unto a sinking ship that will forever stinks with apartheid.Abandon the rubbish and go claim your rights overseas.

    The NWO has already available 1 million dollars for each black individual who can reach any European country as a refugee. Waiting for you to claim your portion. When you reach the other side, there are human rights workers there that will give you all the information where to go.

    All the white racists will die here in Africa without their black slaves,no black man left that can be abused as slaves anymore. They are too lazy to work for themselves, they will just go and die of uselessness. That's what they deserve, to be separated from the world in their own land where they can die from Apartheid.

    What a blessing will that be?

    1. Anonymous10:41 pm

      What is a racist?

    2. Anonymous2:30 am

      only whites are called racists over the globe.

    3. Anonymous10:40 am

      When discussing slavery in Africa, a few things spring to my mind.

      No. 1 a couple of important dates
      1) 1 August 1833: Slavery was abolished in the UK Keep in mind the UK appointed themselves as the de-facto anti-slavery police world wide after that
      2) September 1835: The Great Trek began.

      Also, the Humanist Movement (started in the UK) pushed their government to assist in Africa because it was noted by the missionaries and explorers that the African, in every region he inhabited was slowly dying out(lack of medicine and self induced famine and tribal conflict).

      Colonization in Africa is the most costly humanitarian effort to date, in terms of human lives and money, it is still costing us in terms of lives every day.

      In terms of slaves being maltreated,this is important in SA context because you still hear it as an excuse for Farm murders.

      I try to equate a farmer beating a slave for not wanting to work, to a farmer who smashes his combine harvester with a 12pound hammer because it wouldn't start.

      Where it is definitely in the realm of possibilities a sadist would beat a slave, and a masochist would smash his trekker.
      We must remember slaves and combine harvesters were purchased to make money and you can't make money with a smashed up harvester.

      The umlungu has been made to feel guilty all over the world by being browbeaten with certain buzzwords. It is a Communist tactic to stifle dissent and to railroad reasonable debate.

      Remember Weenen

  8. Anonymous10:51 am

    Arsezania is very close to becoming another Venezuela.Nicolas Maduro their leader has one thing in common with Zuma both worked for a metro bus company at one time.Maduro was a bus driver and Zuma was a bus washer. PM John Major almost became a bus conductor he too was a useless PM for the UK, he never completed his second term.Shows one never trust a person who worked for a bus company to lead your country they will fuck it up like Venezuela.Venezuela is stuffed it is in the worst financial melt down of the country's history,people are eating dogs and cats as well as the starving animals in the Zoo in Caracas, just like they did once upon a time in Cuba.

    1. Anonymous3:56 am

      So we need to rent land on farms and run patrols when the zombie apocalypse comes

    2. Anonymous1:04 pm

      @3,56am You think its funny the way this arsezania is going,in six months time bread could cost R100 a loaf, a few years ago old age pensioners had to buy pet food to eat for dinner, not so funny when you have to eat that shit.

  9. In Bloemfontein is die vervalle CR Swart gebou nou ook die Fidel Castro gebou... dis gepas gegewe die toestand van die gebou...

    1. Anonymous12:13 pm

      O. My. God.

  10. WillemWikkelspies10:07 pm

    When whites were removed from Haiti the landscape changed from abundance to 3rd world bedlam and chaos and nett exporter to nett importer like our esteemed bantus north of the Limpopo . Go with Cuba and Haiti at your peril .

  11. Anonymous8:37 am


  12. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I have read many comments on the Suidlanders on the site. Mike, I hope you do not mind. This is not in reaction to any particular thread, just generally addressing comments on here.
    Perhaps the Suidlanders are a bunch of fools. But let me ask you this keyboard commanders, what the fuck are you doing? what is your plan? Communications? logistics? You sit and bitch by yourself on the computer or co-bitch with others who reflect yourself. What the fuck are you doing? What concrete plans do you have? So you just bitch with superior arguments and then when the kak hits you do what? With whom?
    Keep on calling the Suidlanders fools, go for it, just remember one simple fact. They are the only organisation on this bloody earth that have this daft crazy idea of organising.
    I don’t agree with everything Suidlanders, not by a long shot, but by God I have the intelligence to at least value what they are doing.

  13. Anonymous3:35 pm

    In Castro’s Cuba 80% of the prison population is black, while the government hierarchy is 100% white.

    Not so much white as Marranos. They made fantastic slave traders and Pirates too, and settled the Caribbean, Mexico and the Southern area of what became the USA after fleeing the Inquisition spreading much false propaganda about the inquisition that persists to this day.