26 April 2017

About the war in Lichtenburg

“According to his son, Omar, bin Laden would routinely hike from Tora Bora into neighboring Pakistan on walks that could take anywhere between seven and fourteen hours. “My brothers and I all loathed these grueling treks that seemed the most pleasant of outings to our father,” Omar bin Laden later recalled. Bin Laden told his sons they had to memorize every rock on the routes to Pakistan. “We never know when war will strike,” he instructed them. “We must know our way out of the mountains.” -
Quoted in Chapter I… “Out of the mountains; The Coming age of the Urban Guerilla” by Lt Col David Kilcullen

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2017

About 240 km west of Johannesburg is the Ditsobotla Local Municipality, an amalgamation of the former Lichtenburg, Coligny and Biesiesvlei municipalities. Lichtenburg is of course famous for its statue of Boer General Koos de la Rey.

Now for those not familiar with the ANC’s policies of amalgamation of municipalities, it is just a scheme to get white taxpayers in former white towns to subsidise and pay for the services provided to the ever growing black townships in the surrounds. They did the same in the Helderberg Municipality in the Cape for instance where the towns of Strand, Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay now have to subsidise Lwandle/Nomzama township. Incidentally under Apartheid this place was made up of a few hostels with less than a thousand people living there. Now it is almost the size of Khayalitsha and has 60,000 inhabitants.

Nevertheless, the problem with all these amalgamated municipalities is that once the ANC takes over, the mayor and his/her cronies start stealing the money and do not deliver the services paid for courtesy of the whites. Therefore you often see in the middle of these townships amongst the shacks a few palaces with luxury cars will spring up…all ANC criminal scum who enrich themselves by stealing money from blacks, that was originally stolen from whites.

So obviously the local plebs and Lumpenproleteriat will get upset, because they are not getting the roads and schools and municipal services such as running water, electricity rubbish removal etc…Hence we have often violent service delivery protests.

So two weeks ago another series of service delivery protests started in the black townships around Lichtenburg and Coligny. Last week 14 people were arrested for public violence during a service delivery protest in the area.

ENCA Malungelo Booi reported on television that 11 Million rand was paid to a black contractor for a new road however the new road was not completed. They also paid for a school to be built and residents were promised free houses. So obviously when these did not arrive community members went on the rampage in Lichtenburg on Monday calling for Ditsobotla Mayor Daniel Buthelezi to step down. They went into town and looted, supermarkets, bottle stores, furniture shops and burned down the houses of whites and set trucks alight. The town was destroyed and the media said it resembled a war zone.

White residents and farmers in the area armed themselves, blocked streets off and told women and children to stay home.

So you would think that it is quite clear why the bastards are upset…not so quick.

The next day the media reported that “the protesters are angry about the death of a 12-year-old child in a car accident last week. The circumstances surrounding the child's death is still unclear.”


Then all of a sudden the story has shifted that the 12 year old black boy was “beaten by a farmer” who caught the boy in his maize field. Apparently TWO people, 26 and 33 yo have been arrested, because “the incident is racist”. They will appear in court on Friday.

Aftermath of North West protests after 12 year old’s death

Obviously a bullshit story, but we will wait to see what happens…Nevertheless, just take a look how the lying bastards in the media now swung the entire story around. From ANC non-service delivery protests to protests because of white farmers killing innocent little black boy.

Hey? And then the Media wonders why the public think they are lying scumbags with no credibility.

Besides even if a boy was slapped by a farmer, you go to the police and lay a charge of assault and let the law takes it course. There is no justification for simian behaviour such as looting and burning.

Nevertheless…Expect more of this. Over the past 23 years we have seen thousands of white farmers killed and the reasons/excuses are always “Racist” farmers who treat their workers like shit, don’t pay them, abuse them…blah, blah blah. No proof. Just flames of rumours and allegations fanned by the lying media.

Whites must prepare themselves, because the ultimate onslaught is also going to be blamed on some fantasy “White Racist” false flag incident. Rape, torture, looting and genocide will all be “justified retribution” for some imaginary white racist incident. Watch this space.

However, whites will have to start thinking about offensive measures. In a state of war where the rule of law has broken down, a parallel system of control should be established to maintain order and safety.

Barricading towns and setting up booms in roads are fine, but they are all defensive measures. If you want the violence to stop permanently then you have to go on the offensive. You have to seize the initiative and once you have it, keep the pressure up. You have to patrol the enemy territory.

There should be no go zones…There should be clear and unambiguous sanctions (punishment and retribution) communicated to anyone thinking about crime or misconduct against innocent people. Here the ten to one rule should apply. For every house burned down, ten will be burned down in return. For every person killed, ten will be killed in return.

You find the same system from the favelas of Rio de Jeneiro to the towns of Afghanistan.


  1. Anonymous6:09 am

    Typical the nature of a herd of baboons. They get angry at themselves for noting. You must see the bastards looting an orchard of mango trees. The very same way these apes were looting the town.

    It is clear who created them from where. Satan's DNA mingled with all types of apes. Zecharia Sitchin described it so well. Every morning Enki held a drill. All his fallen angels each behind a female baboon. At the given order it was like ,Up with the tail, in with the stick, a few months later another demon fucked baboon was born ready for future destruction.

    Now we got stuck with the plague. Liberals pray for demons like these to go to heaven with them. Their heaven will be worse than hell. Picture yourself how these apes will break down heaven to total chaos.

    Why, burn the chickens alive.?, because of their demonic DNA.

    1. Anonymous3:31 am

      "Liberals pray for demons like these to go to heaven with them." Ha ha, that's too funny. Have you noticed the way they pick unripe fruit and throw it away in anger and disgust?

  2. Anonymous6:24 am

    Dit Is klaar aandiegang die oorlog. Ons moet net n mind skuif doen.

  3. Anonymous6:30 am

    Seems war is coming to a city near you... vaalpens

  4. Anonymous6:54 am

    You have to weaponize their justice system against them, just like they weaponize SWAT teams and the courts against us.

  5. Anonymous7:11 am



    When I saw these scenes I had a flash back of the start of what happened in Moz/Angola and the former colonies including what was happening in Rwanda before the genocide.

    From farm murders, road blocks to now having an entire town under siege and destroyed.

    The media now in control of the Karasites & their Indian pals will swing any & every story against the white man. Its what they need to usher in that massacre.

    The people can congregate in their millions on the fields, praying as loud as they like. If they are not prepared to fight for what is theirs, then what little they have left will be taken under the "racism" act.

    The heathen sees their cries as a weakness, as an enemy on their last leg.

    The racism act is, any white person who lives in SA owes us everything and better give into our demands, lest we kill them and if we kill them, then it is also their fault because all whites are racist.

    Ja the revolution is in full swing. I would not be surprised if all of this is just for the sake of rioting.

    "Whites must prepare themselves, because the ultimate onslaught is also going to be blamed on some fantasy “White Racist” false flag incident. Rape, torture, looting and genocide will all be “justified retribution” for some imaginary white racist incident. Watch this space. "

    Very scary but they must not for one minute think we will keep or be quiet. This time NO MORE KARASITES in Southern Africa.

    For every innocent white life they have taken over the 23 years, a million of these blood sucking Karasites will pay.

    Arm, train, unite, prepare.

    I think now, events are closer than they have ever been. And yet these white liberals still cling onto Multiculturalism.

    Problem is, even after they have been massacred the surviving liberals will still blame the white man and hug their boon karasite.

    Its time....

    Its time we have no Karasites left in SA, them and the liberals need to go.

    73,000 whites murdered and the media, no one says a single thing. That is the real racism.

    But Ja what can we do.

  6. Anonymous7:17 am

    I still agree with your independent white colony. It will work we just need to sell it to those that think they still safe being retards bud.


    1. Anonymous2:09 pm



      Agree but even if they get klapped by these things, they will simply say its ok. Its apartheids fault, its our sins.

      TRUST me - listen carefully to this women and what she said....

      I was nice to them, I said hello to everyone, I taught the kids after school, helped with aftercare, greeted the Indian people, helped them with their matric....I cant believe this has happened.

      Man this nation is sick - perhaps God is simply going to sort out the weak from the strong here.

    2. Anonymous11:31 pm

      Stockholm's syndrome

  7. Mike this is a-exactly what I told our mutual friend, Dr HM [re the Jewish question-remember?], last night! And, can you believe it, they know nothing about what's happening a 100 km away! She phones a friend [white-naturally] in the army and he also know nothing about the fuck-up happening a 100 km away??? WTF?

    10 to 1? Fuck that! The way these things breed that ante has upped to 100 to 1.

    1. Anonymous4:38 am

      TT the MSM keeps people deliberately in the dark. That is why blogs like these are essential, not only for creditworthy information, but also to counter and expose the lies.

  8. Anonymous8:13 am

    Lex Talionis

    Remember Weenen.

    1. Anonymous3:25 pm

      They already gave us enough Casus Belli to utterly destroy them 10 times over, them and their white money masters.

  9. Anonymous8:17 am

    Makes my heart cry out:

    Coligny resident after petrol bomb:

    1. Anonymous4:38 am

      tell her to go on a diet.

    2. Anonymous9:48 am

      It's because of cretins like you Anon 4:38 that this woman doesn't bother with dieting, preferring to live with dogs who don't criticise. I felt very heartsore when she cried about her 14 year old doggie. That's gut-wrenching.

      Apparently the attackers weren't even from Coligny, they were bussed in. How do you defend yourself against that?

    3. Anonymous3:14 am

      The bussing in was to add numbers to protest against the ANC. When they saw the ANC couldn't give a rat's penis about service delivery they went on the rampage against whites. They want to try this, then burn down their informal settlements wholesale. They don't give a shit about their tv sets stolen on credit at Lewis stores. They can sleep kaal in the veld, that is what they are used to. You must never let a kaffer have access to drink, ask Eugene Terreblanche. Sharia law applied to blacks would be a blessing. We wouldn't have to see their ugly women either.

  10. Anonymous8:26 am

    This incident is just in time for freedom day celebrations. Once again there will be lot's of white bashing and anti white propaganda.

    These monkeys are really becoming predictable.

  11. Anonymous8:30 am

    Ok we get it blacks/non-whites, you don't want us in the streets, you don't want us in the supermarkets and restaurants, you don't want us working, you don't want us to go to school, you don't want us around. We get it, let us go and live on our own where we won't bother you. Really it's that simple. Go and build you communist Utopia without us, we really don't care - just leave us out of it.

    1. Anonymous1:31 pm

      @Anon 8:30am

      The parasites don't want the host around, but are totally dependent on the host. Their communist "Utopia" would soon turn to shit and they would be pleading for Whites to return.

    2. Anonymous1:31 pm

      Are you posting from Orania? Oh wait... You aren't

    3. Anonymous8:45 pm

      1:31 are you posting from your mom's basement? Thought so.

  12. Anonymous8:31 am

    Looting is on the increase. The new normal. We will witness this everywhere soon. But look how these guys break all the glass showcases and leave the stuff.


    1. Anonymous12:18 am

      Now you know why LTMA calls them retards.

  13. Anonymous9:46 am

    The way i see it is we are going to be blamed no matter what. So let's go already ! I have heard all sort of ideas from lacing township water supplies at the tanks to flying drones with gas up to the air vents of certain buildings and blocking all exits. Folks are coming up with some crazy shit and i would definitely not be surprised if soon for every one farmer killed we start seeing 20bodies lining the way in to the nearest township the day after. Hell i have even heard of folks talking about pitting tribe on tribe with war starting in the western cape, driving folks to escape further and further up North as the war follows them leaving devastation behind and then resettled by ........ They got no idea the damage that can be done by one man, no idea at all and there are definitely a whole load of men out there with very many potentially very effective ideas. Just hope these blacks come to their senses before they force us into something they will regret. Hell we already know we will be blamed regardless.

    So in the mean time here is something that might have been useful for those farmers and their businesses.

    Ever heard of Ultra Sound Deterrents ? Get one or two and run the speakers away from your house so you do not get effected. Depending on settings, they generate nauseating and painful frequencies which can only be heard by certain ages groups in line of sight of the speakers.

    They would work on any number of people from one to large crowds and they are no myth, the do actually work extremely well.
    and this one (Mosquito) http://movingsoundtech.com/

  14. Anonymous10:33 am


    Gone in 60 seconds & the fast fires.

    There was a false sense of security here.

    People said that things turned violent in 1 minute.

    This is the great deception that will occur before they massacre the whites in JHB.

    Siener mentioned it.

    If you listen to this old tannies words, its like something from a documentary from the future regarding an all night attack on the whites in JHB.

    She said...

    I was nice to them, I said hello to everyone, I taught the kids after school, helped with aftercare, greeted the Indian people, helped them with their matric....I cant believe this has happened.

    Cant believe or refused to listen & see the reality of the beast and situation?

    If I told this poor lady since 1994 that this would eventually happen, do you think she would have listened?

    She would have told me that Im a racist, this is nice peoples, I learn everyone, I learn the kids, blah blah blah...

    And now? Niks left! No house, no pets, no zippo!

    The Christian wishy, washy whites will not listen either. When you getting butchered, Angus will be on tour in the UK or some other country.

    The Karasite is only being a Karasite. Stop doing things for the Karasite because they make YOU feel good.

    If you want to feel good, go exercise or help some other poor whites out.

    The most dangerous animals in the game parks, farms, reservations are the tame ones. The wild ones keep you on guard.

    Let her misfortune be a warning to you.

    1. Dont assume because something is peaceful it wont turn out violent.

    2. You need a backup emergency plan for when the shit hits the fan.

    3. Stop being nice to Karasites. Deep down they despise you, they know you look down on them. Its instinctual to them - they cant believe how a white would feel sorry for them when they dont feel sorry for one another.

    4. Gone in 60 seconds is not some flick! And the diesel in this epic is not some character but the Diesel they burn your house down with and all your animals and loved ones inside.

    The entire town of Coligny was gone in 60 seconds.

    Coligny is surrounded by 1 location, JHB is surrounded by multiple locations. Siener said the same thing will happen when the country is at a stand still.

    People will think its peaceful and wake up to find their families, friends and neighbors massacred.

    This is no longer an "IF" but a case of "when". People time has run out, the new SA is a failure. Time to arm, train, unite, prepare.

    I had an Ozzie friend, told me how his grandfather and mates used to go whobuss hunting, get paid for it and fed it to the dogs.

    Might be time to start thinking like a savage if you wish to live in this country. Civilization will not change it, education makes it worse, kindness brings out the monster in it...

    Learn from this event, there are a lot of things that could have been done when it first began.

    What do you need to survive this?

    A 500 year plan, a dream and some written rules and of course the people united. The problem is, 25% of the whites prefer to sing Kumbaya than to face the reality of the situation.

    Me, I rather sing Kumbaya looking through a scope.

    When the heck are whites going to learn? I bet you, 2 months down the line - she will still be learning them, helping them, blah blah until her cat gets raped.

    1. BN, 100%!
      "Might be time to start thinking like a savage if you wish to live in this country." Long past the time. People should have realised that a long time ago, even if not actually actively doing been prepared for it.

      That is the only way that you can "negotiate" with the things and the only language they understand is brutality & savagery. That is the way of the evolutionary retarded specie. It does not possess the intelligence for compassion and humanity. It is not a human.

      People have to realise this. Don't think before you pull the trigger, pray for the moment to arrive when a clear-sight picture and you can. You are quite correct, any sign of compassion you show it, it interprets as a weakness because it has no grasp of compassion.

      I've given up trying to convince the libtards. Hulle moet maar sien en kom klaar. I have surrounded myself with a circle of like-minded people [JP, Dony, Whiteman, etc] and that's it.

      For the rest, I sadly bid them adieu.

    2. Anonymous2:48 am

      @TT 1:06 am.

      Leave the scope and waste not your breathe on song.

      Grab them, rope them and draw them up onto street lamps, bridges, avenue trees and anything high enough to display the retribution that is delivered to those that kill your kin.

      Leave them suspended till the body drops from the neck then before you string the next one let him clean the mess of his kind from the road or sidewalk and dump it into the incinerator.

      Only after do you then send him to his fate.

      It will bring order to the chaos and it will empty the lands before you for retard has not the stomach for the creativeness of homo sapiens.


    3. LT, I agree with stringing them up in full view, but would like to disembowel them [without killing them] first and then hoist them up with their entrails hanging out for all to see and let them have a slow death.

      What a dream!!!

    4. Anonymous3:23 am


      Just shows you the power of brainwashing.

      When whites go on the rampage, then they pull out the "white pride, racist card".

      They have trained whites for decades.

      Thats why in a way, its good whats happening to whitee. One day when he has nothing to lose, he will fight very differently.

      When you have everything to gain and everything to lose - that is a different fight.

      I dont know if its something that runs in the family of those who share the verwoerd surname but this one is a delusional.

      Celebrates everything we have lost.

      Like I say, even after they burn their houses, kill their animals, these whites will feel sorry for them until the cows come home.

      Even after the massacre, you will be hard pressed to convince or convert these whites. They think being nice to a savage is the good thing because it makes them feel good, it never makes the savage feel good it simply infuriates him.


    5. Anonymous11:48 pm

      I dont know if its something that runs in the family of those who share the verwoerd surname but this one is a delusional.

      She is NOT a Verwoerd -- just married one and now keeps the name for ulterior motives
      ANC member sent to Ireland as ambassador
      Stayed there married some Irish media personality
      Came skulking back to SA after his suspicious death
      Go read the whole story

      Attention seeking deluded white trash

    6. Anonymous11:57 pm

      some character but the Diesel they burn your house down

      It was petrol
      The poor scared out of her wits tannie gave them the petrol

      ( According to what I read in the news reports )
      As she was about to exit her gate, a group of 200 knife-wielding men approached her, she said.

      Swart said the men forced her out of her bakkie and demanded petrol.

      "They said they all know me [and] they know where I am from, what I did in town. I had an afterschool programme for 12 years... they said if I give them petrol they would see to it that I leave the property safely."
      However shortly after, the men threw a petrol bomb in her house.


      Seems that in Coligny the Boere suffer from similar "tard" propensity as well as low IQ !

      Not so -- the MAL_Ninja

  15. Anonymous10:42 am

    The ANC's amalgamation policy is often used in the North-West Province.

    The Tlokwe (Potchefstroom) Municipality was at "risk" of being retained under DA control. So the Marxists merely incorporated the Ventersdorp Municipality into the Potchefstroom Municipality just before the 2016 local government elections. With Ventersdorp only being a township nowadays, this municipality was easily taken by the terrorists.
    Apparently, infrastructure in Potchefstroom is already crumbling.

  16. Anonymous10:48 am

    Wat is dit met Afrika en alles aan die brand steek?

    As jy is kwaad, jy steek hom by die brand.

    Die bus hy is laat, jy steek hom by die brand. More, jy loop by die poot.

    As jy is ongelukkig met die skool, jy steek hom by die brand. More, Sipho hy leer fokkol en sit en vreet snot by die huis.

    Ek het onlangs tehore gekom van 'n vreemde verskynsel in die lokasies. Ons landgenote (wat almal oënskynlik op die broodlyn leef), koop blykbaar duur "brand name" klere (Polo, Pringle ensovoorts) en steek dit dan voor hul bure aan die brand. Die doel hiervan is om te bewys dat Sipho nie net kan bekostig om sulke duur klere te koop nie, hy is selfs welvarend genoeg om dit sommer aan die brand te steek (en hiermee bewys hy sy buurman se minderwaardigheid).

    Hoe vereenselwig 'n mens westerse beskawing hiermee?

    1. Onthou toe hulle die witman ontmoet was hul hoogste tegnologie die vuur. Dis instink om jou grootste wapen te gebruik wanneer jy gekonfronteer en geimideer voel.

      Dit kom vanself. Hulle kan dit nie help nie. Die vuur is hul atoom bom , hul landing op die maan, hul wiel, hul duikboot hul als in hul DNA. Dis die grootste uitvinding in hul gene.

      So ja hulle sal an die brand steek. Dis hulle manier van bliss voel.

    2. Anonymous12:39 pm

      Eintlik baie hartseer as jy hierdie dom goed so sien `brag` oor niks.

  17. Anonymous11:28 am

    One point that Lukas Swart made in the video "Misdaad Teorie" which I referred you to, which stuck with me was the "pockets of resistance" that will form once all hell breaks loose.

    It makes sense to already plan ahead & create "virtual" pockets, keeping barricade material & supplied ready in you area so that you & neighbour Piet can set it up in minutes once required. Sommer draw the areas on Google Earth if you live in suburbia.


    1. Anonymous11:48 pm

      The same Lukas Swart that tells you how much more developed the black body is to that of a human?. The same Lukas Swart that tells you to sleep with a black to save it's soul?. Sorry but he is definitely driving ulterior motives . Moet nie alles wat hy se as die waarheid vat nie...

    2. Anonymous8:07 am

      Anon 11:48
      "The same Lukas Swart that tells you how much more developed the black body is to that of a human?. The same Lukas Swart that tells you to sleep with a black to save it's soul?"
      When the fok did he say this?
      I checked all his Youtube vids and his online forum.
      Nothing even remotely close to those claims that you posted.
      Prove it via links or shut up.

    3. Anonymous10:52 am

      @ 11:48 I think you have the wrong Lukas Swart but please elaborate so I can find out for myself.


    4. Anonymous11:45 pm

      For the naysayers (8:07 & 10:52), AKSKA forum , level 2.
      Go work thru the posts, you will find all the info there. I can not post a link as that level is closed to the general public. (You have to be registered to access level 2)
      All true, it was Lukas himself that said these things and not one of his bloggers.
      Lukas even dissed the author of this blog in previous posts, in actual fact the only person he never dissed, that operates his own blog/forum was Jan Lambrecht, and we all know how he ended up.
      Now don't be a sour pissy about this, go and do your own homework, and see for yourself.

  18. Stephen12:01 pm

    Hi Mike

    38 000 little creatures , 38 000 little day old birds all burnt alive - must have been agonising and prolonged suffering that they endured , and the rest that was thrown from the truck - were all run over , squashed by another truck .

    These bastards want to inflict as much agony as they can , even the lady Ms Swart (nogal) whose house was burned down , they even burned her pets alive- freakin satan spawn scum.

    Mike ill tell you what I think , I think the whites that are going to make it through, will be so so tough . Those of us still standing after this whole thing has run its corse will be so revined , so sharp , so 'peraat' .

    Physical strenght is important yes but more-so mental strenght . Even now you can feel how these things effect your attitude so in days to come there will less grace given.

    And now we can verily believe those words that says that mens hearts will be failing them in sight of whats coming upon the earth.

    We already have a country full of nervous-wrecks . And they are not to blame - these are truely perilous times.

    1. Anonymous1:42 pm

      Failing hearts? Is that like a heart attack?

    2. Anonymous3:17 pm

      these fucks are pure EVIL

    3. Anonymous8:41 pm

      Anon 1:42 do you even Bible bro? If not, fuck off!

    4. Stephen11:34 pm

      @anon1:42 , yip exactly like a heart attack . If you've never read those words , go look it up..you'll be amazed as to how those ancient words sound like current news headlines.

    5. Ignore this doos @1:42, it thinks it's witty. Fucking idiot!

  19. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Yes and White Farmers always rape black women...fucking bullshit!! They are forever victims!

    1. Anonymous1:22 pm

      The king of the zulus never played the victim game

    2. Anonymous8:39 pm

      He is a nigger, that's all anybody has to know.

  20. Liam Verum2:32 pm

    Not to mention the Libturd anti-white racist media who try to turn this into a white-racism issue. Interview a black idiot on 702 news this aftetnoon who says he is scared of the white farmers who might seek revenge. Sickening!

    1. Anonymous12:21 am

      @ LV 2:32pm.

      Whites need to understand that these creatures have been trained in what to say, how to act and how to cry victim.

      Whites have not yet learnt to fight this war and not only white south Africans I am talking about global whites.

      I do not want to push my experience and knowledge here because I am a guest but I can inform you that the warfare that these creatures fight is totally alien to you the homo sapien, they are trained by the best and if they don't learn it they are dispatched rather than sent in to the fray, the enemy that you face cannot afford to fuck up in the media and lose the support of pity that they enjoy from the ignorant.

      Although ignorant public opinion counts in this warfare it either gives you support or it brings you failure

      When whites learn to start crying, acting afraid, seeking political asylum and begging protection then we will start seeing a change in attitude towards us.

      This war is being fought on many different levels at present and the retard is winning because we haven't yet learnt how to retaliate, the weapon of this war presently is global support, we are not enjoying that so we are losing.

      The coons have been taught well what string to pull to get attention diverted from the main issue.


  21. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Daar is baie regte Boere wat nie net gan le nie my broer. Ek praat nie nou van ou manne nie my pal. Glo my, die hele wereld gan skrik.

    God gan ons help, maar nie voor ons ons self die regte ding doen nie.


  22. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Hierdie probleme het onstaan a.g.v. "perels voor die swyne werp".'n Vark het sy hok en'n skaap het sy kraal. Die varke voer jy in die hok en jy hou hulle daar. Die skape kan jy die hek oopmaak en hulle laat wei. As jy die vark soos 'n skaap wil hanteer sal jy die prys daarvoor betaal.Gaan maak maar die varhok oop, dan sal jou tuin in puin gelaat word. Al het jy hom ge evangeliseer dat hy glo hy is 'n skaap, dan handel hy nog steeds soos sy varklike instink hom lei.

    Jy kan maar daardie vark evangeliseer so veel as jy wil. hy sal nie 'n skaap word nie. Daar is beginsels wat gevolg moet word om dinge te laat vlot. Daar is net een beginsel wat mens en dier volg om vreedsame voortbestaan te verseker.

    Skeiding tussen alle soorte, mens of dier, dit maak nie saak nie , daarsonder sal niks vrede met mekaar kan hou nie. Die een soort sal altyd die ander soort op een of ander manier irriteer of verpes. So duur dit voort totdat een sy geduld verloor en dan is die ander een vrek.

    Aparheid ,bliksems,goddeloosheid man, verstaan die idiote dan nie Apartheid nie? Dis hoekom daar apartheid is, om vrede te bewaar. Ongelukkig kan 'n idioot dit nie verstaan nie en sien hulle dit as hulle Christelike plig om die varke te evangeliseer met die hoop dat hulle miskien in skape sal verander.

    Waarom wil die mens die natuurlike in die onnatuurlike verander en sodoende miljoene ander mense verwoes. Hoe lank wil hulle vat om leer. Leer hulle dan verewig en kan nie tot die kennis van waarhied kom nie?

    Die verstandiges sal weet om hulle af te skei van die mengelmoes. Die onverstandiges sal deur die varke vetrap en verskeur word tot daar niks van hulle oor is nie.

    Daar is baie blankes wat die vertrapping wil ontvlug, maar daar is geen heenkome. My raad aan ver afgelee boere is om 'n tuiste te skep op julle grond waar mede blankes heen kan vlug om aan die lewe te bly en sodoende mekaar ook kan beskerm. Sekerlik ,kan julle planne maak vir oorlewing.

    Verlaat die stede stilletjies, moenie dit aan die klok hang nie. Laat die varke met die evangeliste afreken wat glo, hulle moet die "perels voor die swyne werp"

    Kom uit haar uit, my volk, sodat julle nie van haar plae ontvang nie. So staan die opdrag geskryf in die boek Openbaringe aangande die mengelmoes van Babilon. Laat hom wat ore het om te hoor,ag slaan op die waarskuwing en reageer.

    1. Anonymous8:50 pm

      The crux of the matter is that if they live apart from the host any host they revert back to the lowest denominator of creature on this planet. Isn't ironic, even with a the best of hosts they will still fuck it up and soil it with their filthy paws accusing the host of not feeding them enough. A black nation of fail, failing and flailing in motion.

  23. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Will Lichtenburg be remembered as the proud name bearer of where it all began? Will it be the first flash point where we take our country back, or will it be one of many sparks of light that bring us closer to freedom? How does that saying go - "Freedom isn't free"

    1. Whiteman12:11 am

      It is fairly common knowledge that Siener said that angry Boere/farmers would gather near Lichtenburg, and start a revolution. Now all our enemies, white and black, are aware of this. Is somebody trying to stir the hornets nest prematurely ? Probably the majority of ALL people in the NSA, do not want to war, and the country collapsing. But there definitely are people who want to see a big war. And I am not referring to the white patriots, who want to end the genocide. We must ask : Who will make the most money if war erupts, and the country collapses ? These are the really dangerous people, and they must be wiped out immediately after the war starts. There is a big difference between fighting for freedom and rightiousness, and making war for money !

    2. The money changers sitting in the temple benefit

  24. Anonymous8:28 pm

    We have been living this war that no body wanted to admit for so long. Now that the fighting has actually started let's see if the whites can actually stand up and return the hostilities.

    Maybe we will find another reason why we should rather just accept our losses, maybe an excuse as to why we can't fight.

    Sometimes the only thing that works is a big hammer to hit everything into place and if you only have 2 then use them because 2 is better than nothing when you need to get a job done.

    The last wave of emigration has started the last serious white money is leaving and there will be less jobs, more destitution and an ever increasing hunger, bills will mount and income will fall and fade, the whites time of hardship has arrived. Maybe some hammers can mould an army and prepare a civilian not for duty but for battle.

    These born free old thieves will be losing as well, remember that they were given position and given right through perceived injustice and they cannot maintain or perform their duties so when white man does not direct operations, maintain procedure and install discipline everything goes to shit.

    There are going to shit loads full of unhappy zots shortly and those shit loads are going to want to vent and where do they vent? Just look back over the years its always white business or property that gets trashed, its whites who get blamed.

    So I hope you chaps are loaded and ready because as much as people hate to hear this, we are at war we just haven't had our first real battle.

    @ MS, maybe you could run a series on escape and evade in an urban conflict zone, how to safely remove ones family from a city under siege and also elaborate on urban guerilla tactics. Just a request. I do think that 98% of your followers have no idea of how bad it really gets.


    1. Anonymous2:51 am

      Doomsday preppers of the world! UNITE! The zombies! The Zombies! aaaaarrrrggghhhh... *Gurgle* * Scream *

      aaargh.... They got me! Save yourself LMTA! Save yourself!

  25. Update: Now apparently the boy died when he jumped off a moving bakkie (pick-up truck).

    Point is the riots started long before the boy's death and were against the lack of ANC service delivery and against a corrupt mayor. The whole issue has been turned around by the leftist media to blame this behaviour on whites.

    1. Anonymous9:26 pm

      Of course Mike, how else will they continue to justify the wholesale slaughter of us?

    2. Anonymous10:49 pm

      Hoekom kan ons nie dieselfde doen nie, vir elke plaasmoord, die naaste lokasie gaan uitbrand uit retaliasie nie?


    3. Anonymous11:46 pm

      that rubbish radio station jakaranda is a perfect example of frontline leftist libtard propoganda. just listen to it for a few hours Mike, you will hear what i mean, after a few hours you will throw up so be warned boet.

    4. VB, glad to see your comment published, Boet! hee hee hee.

      Jy en ek weet dis wat lankal al moes gebeur het. Gaan in die lokasie in en wetter die bliksems. Dis al wat hulle verstaan, vrees, maar hoekom doen ons dit nie?

    5. Anonymous2:45 am

      why are you calling it a pick up truck? Are you some sort of secret american?

    6. @ Anonymous 2:45 am...Actually I called it a "bakkie", like the newspaper called it at well, but we have international reader's as well who might not know what a "Bakkie" is. Same with "Braai" (BBQ) and "Robot" (traffic light). To avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding I always explain it in brackets for the international readers. Not sure if that is necessary...maybe I am just underestimating their knowledge of Springbok English.

    7. Anonymous6:08 am

      Seems this guy has the same approach and comes to the same conclusions ( with a very interesting exception )

      “Leadership is infinitely more about brains than it is about brawn. The brawn stuff is from the movies and it doesn’t work in reality.” – Jocko Willink
      ( That's for LTMA and the Mal_Ninja )




      From the moment they touched down in Joburg, Jocko and Leif brought their unique experience to the leaders of South Africa. At the event, they talked Extreme Ownership – applying the lessons they learnt on the battlefield to help companies build high-performing team.


      Seems they have been talking to the wrong audience bringing the incorrect / misidentified message

      We need these guys to be talking about how we SA Whites defend ourselves !

    8. Anonymous6:24 am


      @Anonymous10:49 pm

      For every innocent life taken since 1994 - a million will fucking pay in the end BASTARD Karasites. In the end they will get their war but they must not cry when it happens.

      No mercy this time.

      Anyone stand in our way, they go the same way as the Karasite.

    9. Hey doos 2:45am

      Mike has an international audience......... let it sink in.

    10. Anonymous11:24 am

      I see you are NOT listening to Jocko
      ( The elements / characteristics that make a good leader )
      See how YOU score ( good exercise for LTMA as well )

    11. Anonymous1:04 pm

      @ anon 11:24 am.

      Sheezus dude! I didn't realise you wanted my attention so badly, ok here we go I recognise your contribution and will not ignore you again.

      Just don't publish articles on leadership when you're so desperate for recognition, people will realise you are suffering from a serious inferiority complex.

      Now go read up about the elements and characteristics of a good leader and start practicing them, take it slowly and be prepared for disappointments when things don't work out, people aren't normally as nice as I am.

      While you are busy study Ariel Sharon as well and see what true leaders need to do when things go shit face. Just so that if you one day make the grade you will know what its like to make tough decisions.

      I hope you're feeling better now and that you can come off the prozac and lithium.

      Best regards


    12. 'Springbok English'.. Classis Pa.!.

      "I'll moer you so hard you'll fink youre surrounded hey."


  26. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Twenty years ago this incident would have resulted in a mini war. Not anymore because we are the frog in boiling water. FFS WHITES PLEASE JUST WAKE UP!!!

  27. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Whats wrong with all you people. The media is reporting actual events of what and how it happened and you still argue. Why not go to your black brethren & sister and give them a hug and you will see the good in these people. But no, you prefer blaming, swearing and showing fists at them. Tolerance people please.

    1. Anonymous1:24 am

      Oh please just fuck-off. Blacks are not my brethren, nor are they human. They are fucking filthy beasts, that can only breed, destroy and inflict pain onto others, nothing more nothing less!

    2. Anon 10:50 - Are you totally fucked in your head? You have to be brain-dead.

      Why didn't you go and try and hug one of those savages running rampant in Coligny or Lichtenburg and see how much tolerance it would show you?

      Please fuck off to a blog somewhere, where retards with a similar IQ to yours congregate and sprout your kind of delusional bullshit.

    3. Anonymous2:30 am

      @ Anon 1:24 am.

      You stupidity is luminous, sheezus you are the most moronic creature to troll these pages.

      I can see you are trolling or you're just a idiotic retard, go hug the stinks yourself and them try wash that stench off afterwards.

      Tolerance is a weakness used by people that cannot fight for what is rightfully theirs and wish to gain the upper hand by screwing their own kind over.


    4. LT, I think you meant 10:50, mate.

    5. Anonymous4:29 am

      @2:30 - LTMA,
      Buddy are you sure you are speaking to me? go reread my post again (Anon 1:24 am) and tell me if I'm trolling.

    6. Anonymous7:29 am

      Have you had a look at how unprepared the people of Coligny were / are ?

      Really badly unprepared

      No fire extinguishers
      No proper riot drill
      No emergency plans
      No understanding that they are pretty much on their own / left to their own devices ( cannot rely on the SAPS to appear on time or to actually stop the rioting -- they are too scared of another Maikana / are too PC )

      I hope that this is a lesson for all other little towns to get themselves properly prepared.


    7. I will tell you what I have noticed:

      The Wednesday after the riots and looting of the bottle stores the media reported things were quiet. Like as if the police restored calm...

      No, the bastards were still hung over from suiping the stolen booze the night before.

      What surprised me was that nobody seized the opportunity for retaliation. The best time to attack your enemy is just after he thinks he has scored a victory and his guard is down...especially when he is celebrating with alcohol.

    8. Anonymous7:47 am

      Sorry anon 1:24 am. Big mistake, I was agreeing with your comment in my head while typing my response to the 10:50 idiot.


    9. Anonymous12:40 pm

      @Anon 10:50pm

      I would rather hug a pig's arse.

    10. Anonymous8:45 pm

      @Anonsense 10:50

      No, the question is what the hell is wrong with you?

      "The media is reporting actual events of what and how it happened and you still argue."

      The media reports what the ANC tells it to report.

      "Why not go to your black brethren & sister and give them a hug and you will see the good in these people."

      Hugging a tree smeared with shit would be much safer and nowhere near as smelly.

    11. Anonymous11:51 pm

      in the rwanda genocide, the moegoes would go get drunk at night from looting. So that is how you solve it all. Suppressed weapons. Send in mall ninja to show us how it is done. :)

  28. A one-sided race war of low intensity is exactly what we have, and will have. This has been multiply documented, and the documentation ignored, yet it is readily available. Everything gets worse, the collapse continues, and unreasoning stupidity goes thundering into the future. We are told that it isn’t racial, that discrimination caused it, white privilege, racism, institutional racism, colonialism, bigots, - everything but the hatred of blacks for whites. And so we will avoid the unavoidable, that racial relations are a disaster, will remain a disaster, will get worse, are getting worse, and will lead to some awful conclusion no matter how much we lie, preen, vituperate, chatter like Barbary apes, or admire ourselves. It isn’t working. There is no sign that it ever will.

    Are we really that oblivious to the history of our country? Can we not see this so-called "democracy" for what it really is: A forced-unitary state born of the same twin scourge of Black Africa which has terrorized, and is still terrorizing, the majority of its own people and specifically the white people of Africa : Barbarism and Communism-Socialism. If we do not want to admit this, for fear of the blood-stained members of the ANC/Communist Regime, let us at least honour those who sweated and bled to try and save us from this scourge. Those brave men and women, who through the years fought and died to defend the honour of their God, this once beautiful country and its people. The tragic history of post-apartheid South Africa, its BEE and AA policies, its economic decline, its physical decay, its wilful destruction and the utter despair of its abused people has proved, beyond any doubt, that our forefathers were indeed fighting the good fight, that they were right all along.
    What now? Well, it’s time for us to realise once and for all...for South African whites there is no justice – it is JUST US.

    1. Anonymous6:59 am


      @White Oak11:29 pm

      I said this past Sunday that now that these Christians were begging & praying for a multicultural society to work, while asking to be saved, the opposite will happen.

      When the Lord is away, the evil spirits will play.

      We will see the evil spirits work through the heathen here & watch it rage. This incident happened a day later.


      This is going to happen now at an alarming rate. The spirits love to see Christians suffer. The heathen will mock, taunt and ask them - where is your God now?

      They thought they were doing a good deed, when in fact they just opened up a huge portal for these evil spirits to work through the heathen to kill the whites.

      With the whitee out, the spirits have hosts to play with. Africa is a mess because people dont understand where this thing is from.

      Its a direct descendant of Ham & Ham is a descendant of Cain and Cain is no where mentioned the son of Adam - it is like its father - everywhere it goes it destroys - hence why no success ever in their history - no inventions at all.

      These race wars were started when the fallen ones arrived to wipe out the Adam. The whites here are from Adam, when you trace their history to Europe and then to the 10 tribes.

      Both a spiritual and physical race battle going on.

      “In the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them — the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites — as the LORD your God has commanded you. Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the LORD your God” (Deuteronomy 20:16-18). The Israelites failed in this mission as well, and exactly what God said would happen occurred (Judges 2:1-3; 1 Kings 11:5; 14:24; 2 Kings 16:3-4). God did not order the extermination of these people to be cruel, but to prevent even greater evil from occurring in the future.

      The same can be said RIGHT NOW TODAY in South Africa. If anyone does a thorough job of tracing ancient maps in North Africa, you will find the cities named after these people.

      This Karasite has come from Central Africa and arrived here - he came from somewhere? Where? From up North, initially chased out by the Israelites but not exterminated by them...

      The result?

      You see it in SA - the murders of whites.

      Judges 2:1-3; 1 Kings 11:5; 14:24; is happening right now in South Africa.

      3 Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them out from before you; but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you.

      And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.

      The modern Church here accepts Sodomites & Multiculturalism. The Church & the heathen are now thorns in our sides.

      We should do to the Church what these heathens did to these houses.

  29. Anonymous12:29 am

    Worth a listen:

    SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down


    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      I see Jan Lamprecht is still alive and that men in dark glasses didn't get him after all. He just slinked away to Stormfront :D

    2. Anonymous5:21 am

      Don't know about the slinking away to Stormfront but he doesn't like Jews very much. That's quite a good u-tube vid. He makes some valid points.

    3. Anonymous6:00 am

      A hypocrite of note
      One wonders who he goes to for HIS thirty pieces of silver ?

    4. Anonymous6:26 am

      I see JL has now become very anti-jewish and praising the Nazis and Fascists

      Somewhat contrary to his -- "African Crisis"
      ( Yes I have his book )

      Listen and be amazed ( at less than 300 views )
      You need to know how to identify the nuggets...
      ( There are a few )

    5. Anonymous12:07 pm


      His heart is in the right place! He thinks along the lines as many of us here.

      Though we might agree on certain things and differ on other issues.

      So long as we can agree.

      1. To the equator.
      2. No Karasites - not even debatable.
      3. No multiculturalism.
      4. Christian country.

      He has some gold nuggets in those vids, listened to a few of them and he is spot on with a lot of the things Mike & others have said.

      Ja he does love the Jews, would like to see him at a bar mitzvah ;)

      I dont think he praises the Nazis (from what I heard) its more the concept of putting other nations before the white nations.

      I.E importing 3rd worlds into Germany and uplifting them when they had untapped talent in their own country.

      That is what I got from the video. He makes some pretty good observations. Like I said, no one on here is going to agree on every, single point.

      But we all virtually agree on the points above. Our own piece or portion of SA and then take the entire pie.

    6. Anonymous3:23 pm

      His articles on the old African Crisis used to be excellent and at the time he was not anti-Jewish and was pro Israel for which he received some slack in the comments. He was very articulate and there were no insults in his articles.

      For some reason his views and approach are now changed, but he still does make some valid points.

      I think he was reaching far more people with his old website and articles, I don't know what made him switch to YouTube and change his approach.

      The main threats against him from the ANC were apparently about his farm murder page which backed up pictures of white victims. He was interviewed on radio shows and was doing well, and then the disappeared. He opened my eyes to what was happening in SA so I wish him the best.

  30. Anonymous1:36 am

    Mike all unnecessary damage done about a rumor . The frenzy and opportunity taken on hearing another black died at the hands of the vile whiteman who is to blame for all their woes .
    Imagine if Whiteman went and started burning their houses and torching Trucks and looting businesses , after they heard that an old frail couple were tortured raped and murdered ? Which these inhuman s do . One thing that has been proven over and over , that the destruct mode sets in with frenzy self gain . No conscience just instinct .
    Like in a recent story I read a truck overturned with the Black driver dying , the nearest community , just looked at him and continued looting his truck. Like crash victims get relieved of their valuables in so many cases.
    Its like because I have nothing Im gonna make sure you have nothing too .

  31. Freedom Day? My arse,

    Freedom to rape, loot, steal, destroy, breed indiscriminately, but I venture to suggest White Enslavement Day would be a more apt description?

    1. Anonymous10:50 am

      Might as well call it Paradise Day or Happy Happy day, it's all bullshit and inverted anyways.

      Happy Freedom Day in the black Paradise of a dead fucking country.

  32. Anonymous3:32 am

    As jy dom is moet jy bloei, dis reg. So leer n mens. Die volgende keer is die bloed op die bokant van my hand!


  33. Anonymous4:54 am

    I am 100% Boer (with a healthy understanding of the English since born in Natal and married to a Scottish woman). The Cape Republic and the Boer concept of a Volkstaad are certainly at odds ideologically. I view the above distinctions as irrelevant when one considers the larger picture. As in, all white people are fair game and will be hunted. They don’t ask if you voted Y or N or if you donated to charity before they kill you. The areas we move to and ultimately end up in or areas we can control will be determined by demographics and how the war ebbs and flows. The so called liberals will suddenly become conservative. The real hensoppers (hands-uppers) like old Max will be shot on site. Naturally the best areas are in the WC or the NC (excluding pockets/islands elsewhere in SA). So the ANC regime might want to invest in CT for its ports and Koeberg. This may prevent a Cape Republic, or at least CT as its centre. I don’t mean that a Cape Republic or a Vokstaat on the Orange River is not worth it and should not be pursued. No. Instead I want to highlight that it is not any particular political-geographical area (within WC /NC) that is important. Instead we must be flexible as to whatever solution actually works or at the time is working better -Since both ideals exist and will exist when we run and fight. If it is a Volkstaad and your children are alive by its very existence then good. If it’s a Cape Republic then even better, easier to be recognised.


    1. Whiteman11:32 am

      Slightly off topic. I just listened on CNN to an interview Christianne Amanpour had with pravin gordhan. She tried more than once to get him to denounce zuma, and got NOWHERE ! He was slithering and sliding all over the place, like a true lying politician. It was actually embarrassing to hear him talk. And the libturds have worshipped this devil even more than angus buchan ! He is obviously shit scared of the zulu impi. Probably remembers all too well, when the Indians nearly got wiped out in Natal in the late 1940s. The bravest thing he said was that if the anc did not " change direction, " they could lose the next election ? And we all know, that means taking everything whitey possesses, and finalizing the genocide.

    2. Anonymous12:00 pm


      @Anonymous4:54 am

      Welcome Voster.

      I have long said, the idea that language is what makes an Afrikaner is a very, very silly concept. Language will naturally evolve over time and is in constant flow & change.

      There are countless blacks & Coloureds who speak it.

      We are a white tribe, Suid-Afrikaners, whites who took a kans in Africa - Afri-Kans.

      When hunting season starts, they will not ask whether you speak English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Greek, Italian or anything like that.

      White is white.

      When they were hunting the Kwaga here, they didnt hunt ones that made a different sound or noise. They hunted anything that resembled a kwaga.

      We HAVE to stand together now. Put away those petty little differences.

      Boere hearts are what we need, people who have a conviction. It will require many people to lay their lives or be willing to lay down their lives.

      Every white will eventually have to - either that or jump ship. That is what it is going to take in the end.

      We can start small but dream big. Eventually the entire portion from the equator to the Cape and no Karasites in between.

      Send the bastards into he Northern African deserts, let the Arabs deal with the Karasite.

      Abolish the entire notion & concept of multiculturalism all together.

      Its either that or ship out while there is still enough time.

      The day will arrive when we get what we need to sort out the Karasite and then they mustnt do that whiney, clappy hand begging shit.

      No forgiveness this time. I am so grateful, the new SA has shown us what the Karasite would do to white if/when in charge.

      We know now and when the tables turn, they must not think we will kiss their asses like these liberal swines.

      No Mercy, no Karasites.

      But until then - Smile, be nice... its not long now.

      We saw what happened in Lichtenburg, for years we warned a scenario like this would play out on a large scale, here is the confirmation on a small scale.

    3. Anonymous12:42 pm

      CNN? Good luck with that.

  34. Anonymous6:22 am

    I heard on the radio about the boy that jumped off the bakkie and died. No one has come forward to claim / identify the body. Nobody knows who the fuck he is.

    It really shows you how low these people can stoop for free stuff. Disgusting behaviour!

  35. Anonymous12:03 pm

    @ Anon 6:22 am.

    What people?

  36. Anonymous5:35 pm

    The little nignog who belongs to nobody jumps off the back of a moving bakkie, breaks his neck and dies. White driver & co driver
    charged with murder. Town destroyed.

    Karasites get what they wanted.

    Free shit for a day or two.
    A town that is fucked.
    The horrible white man .... it's all his fault.

    Tempers are reaching fever pitch.

    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

  37. Whiteman2:44 am

    Let us speculate a bit. A miniature nignog jumps off a pickup, and kills himself. The result is millions in damage, and the possibility of a whole town being destroyed ? What will happen if a bunch of racist white patriots shoot, say fifty or so nignogs, and torch a couple of shacks ? And remember, to really get media attention, you HAVE to kill and maim children too. Would this be enough to start the war that we know is comming ? The question is, do we have enough angry patriots, who are capable, and inspired enough to do something like this ? Remember, they will have to be much better than the Boeremag, or they will just go and join those guys in their cells. As I said, it is interesting to think, and speculate about these things.

  38. Anonymous7:17 am

    ...or Zuma’s former wife, Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma...the incompetent Sarafina idiot who stuffed up South Africa’s health services and the department of Home Affairs.

    Yes its a pity she did not follow Manto Tshabalala Msimang into eternity...

  39. Anonymous11:08 am

    If you people are against black people so much, why not just pack up your shit and leave africa the fuck alone? None of you belong here anyway. And some of your shit head people are marrying our brothers and sisters and making confused ass children that dont belong. Just leave us the fuck alone. Hell we also get butchered and raped and yes a lot needs to change but crime is everywhere. The fuck you crying racism for? Just leave africa and go to wherever your fucked up ancestors came from