22 April 2017

A lesson from history: How Joe Slovo defeated P.W. Botha

By Mike Smith
22nd of April 2017


By now most South Africans who took part in the marches against Jacob Zuma on his birthday, probably realised that it had little effect. Zuma laughed it off and enjoyed his birthday with his (corrupt) family and friends.

So what went wrong?

Simple...A lack of proper planning, and of course...Semantics...People have not realised yet that “Peaceful Protest” does not mean the same as “Peaceful Procession”.

And that is what we saw. Peaceful marches, peaceful processions, but very little PROTEST.

Before the marches, the police warned people to not use violence. MK “veterans” pitched up to guard Luthuli House and threatened violence, and what did the people do? ...They obeyed. Exactly what the dictator wanted.

Reality check: You can have all the marches and processions in the world, but as long as you “obey”, you are not going to get rid of the dictator.

“Protest” means disobedience and defiance. It means pushing the envelope, calling his bluff and mass provocation. It means presenting the dictator with a “dilemma” not a “problem”, because problems are solved easily, but “dilemmas” have two or more bad outcomes and no good ones.

What you want to do is to get him into the position where, if he does not use violence the protests will lead to his fall. If he uses violence, it will also lead to his fall.

He is stuffed, no matter which way he goes and you need to do this every day, escalating and getting stronger and stronger until he falls.

“Non-violence” does not mean “passive” and “non-aggressive”. It does not mean “quiet” and “subservient”.

“Protest” means, that when you knock on the door and at first it is not heard, you knock harder and louder and when that is not heard either you start ringing the bell and hammering the door with your fist and when that is not heard you start kicking the goddamn door down!

...And when you are asked or told not to, you disobey and defy and get even louder.

You are not violent; you are not hurting anyone, but you are defiant, disobedient, aggressive and loud...because if the dictator does not want to listen to the voice of reason that his time is up and that he needs to go, the people need to get nose-to-nose in his face and the message needs to be shouted into his ear until his eardrum is on the brink of bursting!

But it is early days. People will still learn. How they want to learn depends...They can either reinvent the wheel and learn from their mistakes or they can learn from history.

It took the ANC of old a long time to learn. 25-30 years in fact. Maybe it will do us good to take a look at that.

Myth: Non-violent protest has never worked in Africa and will not work in South Africa.

I hear this a lot. It is of course rubbish. Arab Spring case in point.

Nine years ago in 2008, two years before the Arab Spring, I wrote an article called: How will World War IV be fought? in which I predicted that that people will fight civil wars with social networks, laptops and cell phones. As usual I took a lot of flak and ridicule for my ideas. Then the Arab Spring came and people networked on Facebook and Twitter and executed a cyber Blitzkrieg. One after the other Tunisia, Egypt, Libya…all African countries…started to fall.

“But those are Arab countries. It is not South Africa”, the critics maintained.”Black and white won’t stand together in South Africa”, they said…

They already have. There is no better example than South Africa during the 1980’s and how Apartheid fell.

It is a myth that only blacks were against Apartheid. Hundreds of white academics, church leaders, journalists and artists were all against Apartheid and shaped the minds of the white populace to give up the fight.

First mistake: The ANC chooses violence, terrorism and guerilla war

In the 1950’s seeing the Apartheid regime, standing as firm as a mountain of granite, through the eyes of a young black man like Nelson Mandela must have been very overwhelming. The possibility of ever overthrowing it probably seemed utterly hopeless and impossible.

Here you had a strong, developed first world country where everyone including blacks was upwardly mobile and enjoyed the highest living standards in the whole of Africa. Hardly a starving, bankrupt nation ripe for revolution.

You had the best, strongest and most motivated army as well as the most efficient, non-corrupt police force and security/intelligence agencies with the highest morale on the entire continent of Africa. On top of that you had a well armed civilian force…just about every white household had several firearms.

But then something happened.

New Year’s Day 1959 was a great day for the 40 year old Nelson Mandela. It filled him with a lot of hope for his people in South Africa. On that day the Cuban guerillas of the “26 July Army” under the Castro brothers Fidel and Raul and their mate Ché Guevara, finally forced the American puppet dictator Batista into exile and Castro turned Cuba into a Communist state on the doorstep of the USA.

Watching the smiling, victorious and cigar smoking Fidel Castro walking triumphantly through the streets of Havana, Mandela thought that THIS must be the way to go. An armed struggle, a guerilla war…for if Cuban guerillas could beat the mighty USA then surely the blacks in South Africa could beat the mighty Apartheid regime.

Mandela was not the only starry eyed Communist with delusions of grandeur at the time. Just about the entire SA Communist Party and the Black Nationalist ANC looked at the Cuban example and were convinced that a guerilla war was the only way to go, because for years they have looked for a solution of how to bring down the white Apartheid regime…

To these Communist revolutionaries in South Africa the Cuban example was the only way to go. So they abandoned peaceful means, formed Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and adopted a violent armed struggle…It was probably the biggest mistake they ever made.

The outcomes of the armed struggle

Problem was that nobody ever told the MK revolutionaries in the ANC that a guerilla war only had about a 26% chance of success. With peaceful protests you have a 53% chance. More than double the odds.

So within a few years they were all in jail. Several received death sentences for high treason and acts of terrorism. The rest were hunted down and neutralized by the security agencies and by the 1980’s the ANC leader, Oliver Tambo admitted that the ANC was defeated and a spent force. The ANC was reduced from a strong political movement with an armed wing to a mere fax machine in Dares Salaam.

The ANC was terribly disappointed. Where did it all go so horribly wrong for them?

According to them they did everything right…They had funding to the tune of millions of dollars every year, they received the best revolutionary training in the USSR, East Germany and even learned from the Cubans in Cuba themselves. They had tons of weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, land mines, RPG-7’s, etc. They could melt into the civilian masses in the South African townships. They had sympathetic neighboring countries where they could launch their insurgencies from. They had allies in the form of SWAPO (PLAN), the MPLA, ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, Frelimo in Mozambique, etc…Basically the ANC was spoiled. They had EVERYTHING you need to run a successful guerilla war or armed struggle, yet they still failed…

Not only that. What did they achieve? All they succeeded in doing was to unite and strengthen the Apartheid regime and make the whites more resilient. The National Party was winning election after election.

By the 1980’s the South African Defence Force was arguably one of the strongest armies in the world with an extremely high level of morale who have by then become experts and world leaders in counter insurgency. Armies from Israel and the USA were learning from the South Africans and adopting their tactics and training methods.

Despite an arms embargo against them, the South Africans were not only producing their own weapons, but exporting them. They had the Ratel infantry vehicle, the Buffel and Caspirs…They had the G5 and G7 howitzers. Best in the world. The Rooivalk helicopter was being developed as well as the Cheetah fighter planes. The South Africans had nuclear weapons, tested ballistic missiles at De Hoop and had a space program run at Houwteq between the mountains near Grabouw in the Western Cape.

In Angola, the combined forces of the mighty Communist empire of the USSR, GDR and Cuba, along with all their puppets such as SWAPO and the MPLA were properly and convincingly defeated in battle after battle.

Second Mistake: The ANC tries their hand at violence a bit harder

Despite all the defeats and setbacks over many years, the hardcore MK revolutionaries in the ANC still had hopes of a military victory. They thought better training would do it so the guerillas were sent to the USSR, GDR and Cuba for the best training.

They thought better and more weapons would do the trick…so shiploads full of state of the art weapons such as SAM 7 missiles and T-62 tanks from Russia arrived in Luanda along with MIG 23 fighter jets, Mil Mi-24 helicopters and pilots from Cuba.

When the African Guerillas still proved unsuccessful, the Communist countries got personally involved and took charge. Russia had about 1500 elite soldiers and paratroopers as officers, trainers and consultants in Angola. The GDR about 3000. Cuba about 50,000. Nothing helped. Not even Castro taking charge personally.

So they thought the problem was with the logistics. The railroads were repaired and improved. Brand new General Electric diesel locomotives were bought (all blown up by the SA Recce’s). Roads and bridges were repaired and improved…all to no avail.

The Communists could not even defeat a tiny force of about 3000 committed South Africans on the Namibian/Angolan border. How were they ever going to take the whole of South Africa with an armed white citizenry of about five million?

People who have a fanatical fixation on violent means are hard to convince and often they have to learn the hard way, but by 1983 it must have been clear to even the simplest of Communist idiots that an armed struggle as they envisioned it…would NEVER succeed against South Africa. More than 20 years of armed struggle and terrorist bombs brought the communists absolutely NOTHING.

It was time for a rethink.

The visit to Vietnam

During the time of the ANC’s armed struggle, another war was being fought by the West against communism…This time in Vietnam.

In the 1950’s during the First Indo China War, the communist nationals (Viet Minh) kicked the arses of their colonial masters, the French, including the mighty French Foreign Legion.

It culminated in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu which occurred in 1954 between Viet Minh forces under General Võ Nguyên Giáp and the French Union's French Far East Expeditionary Corps. About 4000 French soldiers were killed in battle and about 8300 POW’s died during Vietnamese forced marches and hell camps.

The Americans thought they could do better and invaded South Vietnam between 1960 and 1965...about the same time that Mandela was on trial for terrorism in South Africa.

In the minds of the Americans Vietnam was the domino that could not fall, because if it did the whole world would fall like dominoes to Communism. Today we know the results. 800,000 Western Allies, including 60,000 American soldiers, died.

By 1975 the Americans left Vietnam with their tails between their legs. Despite winning almost every battle, they lost the war. The domino eventually did fall. Ho Chi Minh and General Võ Nguyên Giáp had defeated the mighty USA. How did they do it?

In 1978 the ANC decided that if there was anybody to learn from then it was this man, General Võ Nguyên Giáp and his president, Ho Chi Minh. So with the funding from the USSR they set out to visit Vietnam. Over the next five years between 1978 and 1983 the ANC paid several visits to Vietnam and learned the strategy of “People’s War”.

Having learned the hard way that violence seldom has the desired effect, they were forced to keep an open mind, shut the hell up and listen.

It must have been very hard for blacks with a warrior mindset and culture to adopt strategies of non-violence. It was against all their instincts and even affected and threatened their manhood. In their culture the physically strongest dominate. Men make war! The strongest warrior is king. They had no time and place for this war of the coward. In their culture the warrior gets in the face of the other warrior, he doesn’t strike like a coward.

What the ANC learned about “People’s War”

Slowly they learned. The Vietnamese told them that for every dollar they had, only 20 cents were spent on the physical war and weapons in the jungle; 80 cents were spent on the war at home in the USA.

The Vietnamese told them that the guerillas in the jungle were not there to fight the war; they were just there to create the ILLUSION of a war; to draw and tap resources of the enemy. It was a deception. The goal was not to win, but to prolong the war. It only chucked sand in the eyes of the American generals, politicians and public.

The real war was taking place in the USA in the minds of the US citizens. In People’s War the real soldiers are not crew cut marines who wear camouflage uniforms, flak jackets and M16’s; they have long hair laced with flowers, they wear jeans, T shirts and a Peace Sign around their necks.

They don’t march through the jungles of Vietnam, they march through the concrete jungles of Washington DC and San Francisco. They don’t carry the Stars and Stripes; they burn it…and carry banners and signs of peace. They don’t sing the “Star spangled banner”; they sing “Imagine”, “Blowing in the wind” and “Give peace a chance”…They don’t salute each other with a military salute; they give the peace sign salute…They don’t show in the media how strong their own soldiers are; they show how strong and brutal the enemy soldiers are.

The principles of war

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a one-on-one Ju Jitsu fight or making war on a grand scale, the principles of battle are quite simple and universal.

There are several ways to defeat your opponent. If you are not strong enough to physically overpower him, you must find a way for him to give up the fight. He must lose his “will to fight”.

Ultimately you target the mind of your opponent. It is in the mind that the will to fight is lost and the opponent gives up the fight.

The soldier’s strong mind is only as strong as his weakest link, which are often his own emotions.

His mind can be strong enough to kill an enemy soldier, but he is still a human being who has loved ones he believes he is fighting for. To keep on fighting he needs their support, but when his girlfriend, his mother and his little sister tell him to stop fighting, he will consider it. When they turn their backs on him for fighting, he will doubt his reasons for carrying on fighting or the sense of it all. When they join the enemy in the fight against him, he will stop fighting, because he is not going to kill his own loved ones. No amount of order, threats or incentives from the best general is going to make him carry on the fight.

How to beat your opponent

You don’t need to physically beat him. You only need to take away his support. You conquer his mind and make him give up the fight.

You use cunning, deception, guilt and his own strength against him. You find out what his weakest link is and concentrate your strengths and attack his weaknesses. You take him from a place of his familiarity to a place of your familiarity.

Violent means by using tools such as bullets, bombs swords and knives are all quick and efficient ways to ultimately shut the brain down…but they are by far not the only means. Besides they are expensive, require manpower and training.

Of course there is a place and a time for violence too. Sometimes only violence can stop violence. When you are attacked by an irrational drug addict or a drunken bar brawler, it becomes extremely difficult to convince his mind to give up the fight. Therefore violence is sometimes necessary.

If the person is physically much stronger, aggressive and wielding a weapon, you might even have to kill him to get him to stop. For the rest…there is always a gentler way, because ultimately what you want to do is make his mind give up the will to fight. You can shut his brain down with a bullet, starve it of oxygen with a rear naked choke or use hundreds of other means, but ultimately it comes back to the same thing. His mind gives up the will to fight.

Think about the general in battle. You either defeat him by killing him personally, or isolating him from his support by cutting his supplies and communications to his men, killing his men or getting his men to run away and abandon him. Like the King in chess, he is defeated when he has no support, isolated and gives up the will to fight.

The ANC forced to rethink their strategy

By 1983 the ANC planted the Church street bomb. What did it achieve? It hardened the Apartheid regime of P.W. Botha some more and a major crackdown on ANC bases abroad was started.

At the same time, Botha consolidated the powers of prime minister and State president and became an executive president…a powerful dictator with nuclear abilities and commander in chief of the strongest army on the continent. He must have felt invincible.

In 1984 the ANC was frustrated and still not convinced about peaceful means. There was a strong increase in political violence and the assassination of black political opponents in Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). This led to retaliations and the Apartheid regime training and equipping Inkatha which was run by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Zulu people.

By 1985 the main strategists in the ANC, like Oliver Tambo and the former SACP leader Joe Slovo, a South African lawyer who held the rank of colonel in the KGB, were forced to face reality…they have wasted 25 years on a useless armed struggle.

There had to be another way.

Joe Slovo went back to his books such as “People’s War; People’s Army” by General Giap and “The great spring offensive” by General Nguyen Thong.

The penny finally drops

It was then that Joe Slovo sat down at a table with a piece of paper and drew a red line across it. In the top half above the red line he put PW Botha…the dictator he wanted to defeat. Below the line he put himself.

Around P.W. Botha he put all his pillars of strength. The army, the police, the intelligence agencies, the Stellenbosch academics and politicians in the Broederbond, the education system, the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) and other churches, the business leaders, ABSA bankers, the farmers and mine owners who ran the economy, the artists, musicians, poets, writers and journalists in Naspers.

Slovo didn’t hold back. He put it all down on paper. He looked at the sports councils such as that of Rugby and Cricket, cultural organizations such as the FAK and ATKV, the white voters…everything and everyone that he could think of that kept P.W. Botha and the NP regime in power…and he went to work.

Joe SLovo realized that P.W. Botha and the NP were just like any other dictatorships. They relied on certain pillars of support in order to stay in power. Some pillars were stronger than others, but the strongest ones were only a handful of loyalists around him; a few generals and politicians in the State Security Council. They would probably be the last to fall. Another strong one was the uncorruptable and loyal police force.

He also realized that each major pillar was kept up by several smaller pillars. He then set to devise a plan to undermine each pillar, but not to destroy it, rather to pull it over to his side. At the same time he had to keep up the deception that there was “only” an armed struggle taking place. This kept the focus of the security forces away from the real battle…the battle for the minds of the white South Africans. He needed to find away to isolate Botha, remove his pillars of support and get people to abandon him.

Joe Slovo realised that actually a lot of the work was already done or in progress and he did not have to do much more. Just a few critical sections still needed to be addressed and organized.

Nevertheless, he realised that he could actually pull every single pillar out from underneath Botha and over to his side. When he had all the pillars on his side and P.W. Botha was standing alone on the opposite side of the red line, he realised that he had won. The Apartheid ideology would fall, the NP would crumble away and the bombastic dictator P.W. Botha would be reduced to nothing.

This is what Sun Tzu meant when he said, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Joe Slovo called his plan “Operation Vula”.

Operation Vula: An elaborate plan of deception

Some of the main actors and responsibilities:

Oliver Tambo and Joe Slovo controlled Operation Vula from Lusaka in Zambia. As his generals on the ground he chose Mac Maharaj, Siphiwe Nyanda and people like Pravin Gordhan, the recently sacked finance minister.

First Mac Maharaj had to be brushed up on his knowledge of revolution, urban warfare and insurrection so was sent again to Moscow, East Germany and Cuba for refresher courses. Then he and Nyanda were smuggled into South Africa across the Swaziland border and started their work.

Funding came from Baron Joel Joffe, South African lawyer from the ANC defence team at the Rivonia trial who now lived in England. $100,000.

Chief Communications officer was communist journalist, Janet Love, who would later become assistant GM of the Reserve Bank, Commissioner of the South African Human Rights Commission and currently National Director of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC).

Nyanda was put in charge of the Military committee. He and his officers, Charles Ndaba and Mbuso Tshabalala focused on military recruitment and training.

The political or “Non-violent” committee in Natal was run by the likes of Pravin Gordhan, Jabu Sithole and Mpho Scott.

Secret talks and persuading of P.W. Botha’s closest allies like Foreign Affairs Minister Pik Botha, Minister of Constitutional Development, Chris Heunis and Education Minister F.W. de Klerk as well as the persuading of the generals in the military, police and intelligence services, the academics and opposition party members were left to educated members such as Thabo Mbeki, Cyril Ramaphosa, Pallo Jordan, Aziz Pahad, etc.

Implementing the plan

On the surface Operation Vula had to look as if violence increased, but in effect, the emphasis was on non-violent means such as the defiance campaigns, the boycotts and the strikes.

For instance when Slovo realized that the whites were very pious and religious and their churches supported the state and rationalized and justified the state’s Apartheid ideology from the pulpit and the Bible, he did not set out to destroy the churches. He did not plant bombs in the churches. He did not assassinate their leaders…he worked on and co-opted the leaders such as Beyers Naudé, Johan Heyns, Albert Geyser…Bishop Tutu, Reverend Frank Chikane, Alex Boraine and Dr Alan Boesak, to name a few.

Slovo did the same co-opting of the white academics at Wits, UCT, Stellenbosch and RAU, the media, the musicians, etc.

For instance, the Voëlvry Movement was a group of liberal Afrikaans musicians organized against Apartheid. Afrikaner writers and poets like Andre P Brink, J.M Coetzee, Dalene Matthee and Breyten Breytenbach (to name a few) were all anti Apartheid activists working on the minds of the white South Africans.

Senior journalist in the media were co-opted and briefed on the “democratic” fairness and innocence of the ANC ideology. If only Apartheid was gone there would be no need for violence.

The farmers and mines were the backbone of the South African economy. South African agricultural products were some of the best in the world, yet their apples, oranges and wine were vilified on overseas markets as oppressive of blacks in SA.

The mines relied on cheap black labour. The unions were organised and united and the mines vilified overseas.The darling sports of the whites such as Rugby and Cricket and the Olympics had to be boycotted and whites vilified overseas. The strong army with its conscripts had to be undermined with the “End conscription campaign” and soldiers fighting Communist forces in Angola were vilified as brutes.

On the ground Bishop Desmond Tutu and Reverend Alan Boesak led the UDF and the MDM (Mass Democratic Movement) on campaigns of defiance; defying Apartheid laws by arriving at beaches, marching and picnicking and arriving at hospitals demanding blacks to be treated in white sections of hospitals.

Trade unions were organized into “Mass Action” demonstrations putting pressure on the mines and industry.

Turning the police against the dictator

During these demonstrations police could only look on. Every time they used violence, shotguns, batons and teargas, the foreign and local media were there to put them under the magnifying glass and film their brutality. Tutu demanded on camera that they apologized “for what they did to our children”…

It did not take long before the cracks started to show in the police. Just before the 6th of September 1989 elections the police cracked down on a riot in the coloured area of Mitchels Plain. A 30 year old coloured police Lieutenant, Gregory Rockman saw people from his own community, people he grew up with being beaten by the police. He commented that his police colleagues, many coloured, acted like “wild dogs with a killer instinct”.

He said the police ``feasted on the people`` with their whips, attacking nonviolent protesters indiscriminately.

Tutu sang his praises and the MDM called him a hero. Rockman loved the attention.

When the Apartheid government then announced that sjamboks (whips) would no longer be used to break up protest rallies, Rockman, was right back on foreign television claiming credit, ignoring orders to keep his mouth shut and putting his 12 year police career on the line. He then announced that he would be joining Cape Town`s mayor in a peaceful protest march to parliament that the regional police commander already has said he would block.

He also founded the new police union Popcru (Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union) and many other policemen joined him. The government couldn’t arrest him. The antiapartheid movement was demanding the resignation of Law and Order Minister Vlok and the removal of riot police from duty.

That was all it took to reduce the once mighty SAP to mere spectators of the revolution...one attention seeking policeman who broke rank and the whole force crumbled.

As in any revolution, the turning of the police is a major blow for the dictator. All they had to be shown was that life under the ANC would be paradise in comparison to life under the dictator.

The strongest pillars closest to the dictator

Joe Slovo studied P.W. Botha very well. He knew he was a crude and bombastic bully who often bragged about how he humiliated those under him.

For instance he once regaled a foreign visitor with the allegation that his press spokesman, Jack Viviers, was so obsequious that he would pull down his pants and sit on a block of ice if Botha told him to do so, an expression the president stole from Bhrezhnev, describing the servility of Soviet Minister Andrei Gromyko.

Working under P.W. Botha was not easy. He swore a lot, threatened those under him with beatings and physical violence, telling them how he would “donner” them.

Along came the nice, educated black gentlemen of the ANC and showed his “friends” in the Security Council a good time, laughing, “braai-ing” and drinking a few whiskies with them. All their fears were allayed. Under an ANC government they would not be prosecuted. They would maintain their positions in government. Their salaries would increase. The ANC were nice guys you could trust and have a good time with…

They fell for it…

Actually easy considering the authoritarian attitude of their hated boss, P.W. Botha. Slowly but surely, one by one they started looking for an excuse to get rid of him.

The 1989 election and the fall of the dictator

By 1989 the stress started to take its toll on P.W. Botha. On 18 January 1989, Botha (then aged 73) suffered a mild stroke.

On 2 February 1989, Botha resigned as leader of the National Party (NP) and wanted his finance minister Barend du Plessis to replace him. Instead, the NP's parliamentary caucus selected as leader education minister F W de Klerk. They told Botha it was better for his health, that he could stay on as President and have all the power, whilst F.W. de Klerk would do all the hard work. He did not oppose De Klerk’s election as party leader.

In March 1989, the NP elected F.W. de Klerk as state president and a group of Ministers led by F.W. de Klerk marched to his office and demanded Botha resign and vacate his office. Botha was livid and felt betrayed.

Botha’s former friends and colleagues in the Security Council who were already having secret meetings and parties with the ANC, wanted to push him out and said he should claim bad health due to his stroke, but Botha, like a typical dictator, refused to resign, saying defiantly in a television address that the constitution entitled him to remain in office until March 1990 and that he was even considering running for ANOTHER five-year term. He still could not see the writing on the wall.

They then used the media to make him appear senile and stupid. This was the same Naspers media that Botha bragged he controlled. He often joked how he not only told Naspers chief Ton Vosloo what to write, but also exactly how many lines.

At the end of March 1989 UN resolution 435 came into effect and the UN took control of Namibia. On that day, the 1st of April 1989 Botha and de Klerk reached a compromise: Botha would retire after the parliamentary elections in September, allowing de Klerk to take over as president.

However more and more of his ministers resigned and turned their backs on him joining De Klerk.

Eventually…four years after his disastrous defiant “Rubicon Speech” of 1985 and the introduction of Operation Vula, P.W. Botha was isolated and alone. He was in checkmate. Not a friend or ally in the world. He resigned on the 14th August 1989, three weeks before the September elections.

Useful idiot F.W. de Klerk was sworn in as State President on the same day.

P.W. Botha…The once mighty dictator who felt himself invincible, the commander in chief of the strongest military on the continent, a man who once had nuclear weapons at his finger tips, was reduced to a pathetic figure sitting on his couch with a crocheted blanket over his knees...staring blankly out of the window of his modest home in George….sulking and brooding for the rest of his life over conspiracy theories of who the traitor in his midst was.

For Joe Slovo, the Codesa negotiations and the ANC’s ascend to power was now just a formality.


What would have happened if Nelson Mandela never took the violent route and never formed uMkhonto we Sizwe? What would have happened if the ANC rather adopted the policies of “People’s War” and that of Non-violent resistance earlier?

Simple. They would have been in power 30 years earlier and with a lot less effort and bloodshed.


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    Excellent and accurate Article Mike , the betrayal was so High , and now what we are left with to face , I think Im gonna puke .
    Now we have a a bunch of headless chickens looting what was built up in the past decades . Where is it all going to end ?

  4. Anonymous9:32 am

    True. The Nat presidents were for the most part terribly obnoxious. Lot of white people left South Africa during the Nat rule already because of their perception of thugs like BJ and PW.

  5. Great article, well written, fresh perspective

    Most of the work is already done, MSM portrays Zuma as an idiot an incompetent and the ANC as corrupt. Perfect scene for a mass protest! We need to lure the ANC into violence by non-conformance. The media will have a field day! And from there it will become easier to defy the regime.

    Witholding taxes should be the first mass movement of non conformance

    1. Anonymous11:33 am

      @ Heinrich

      Income Tax is deducted from your salary automatically, there is VAT, fuel levy, toll booths. Could you elaborate a bit further on how to do that ?

      Remember Weenen

    2. @Remember

      True. I meant not submitting any documemts yearly and when they do "calculate" that you owe, don't pay. I see it as illegal transactions anyway. When I go to the shop and give them money, I get a receipt for the goods I purchased. Same when hiring an electrician, you see the service delivered on an invoice. I am shown where my money went. Why can SARS not give me a receipt showing specifically where my PAYE or income tax went. I want to see that my money went for potholes in Kerk streer on a specific day. I want to see the proof that my PAYE goes toward the purchase of a new minisub and exactly when it will be installed. After all, SARS is a business, they should not be exempt from business laws and ethics.

      Hopefully, companies and businesses deducting PAYE from the salary realise the theft and take a stand against deducting taxes. Put the responsibility of paying PAYE back into the employees hands and things will change.

      I must admit, at this point it is difficult getting there though

    3. Anonymous12:00 am

      SARS is only perceived to be strong & organised... I heard from a lady who works for them that they do not have the resources to follow up & even charge all the companies who are behind with their VAT submissions at the moment. All they can do is beg you to submit your VAT. So, resist, then when they ask you, tell them you will submit end of the month. Be prepared to accept the 10% penalty... then end of the month, keep delaying... you are not the only one sukkeling to pay - there are hundreds in the boat with you... all you have to do is make sure you don't leave the boat!

    4. Anonymous2:52 am

      @ Heinrich

      Hehe, I feel you. I am sure if you line up a million people and ask them if given the opportunity pay tax or not, you won't find many that will say yes.

      Not sure if they can put you in jail for not paying tax, but I don't want to find out the hard way. So for now I'll give Caesar "his due". It seems better than getting reamed in prison to me.

      They've probably stitched every little loophole up with bylaws and exclusions so they can skate around not giving you a receipt.

      Man, I wish I was paid in cash monthly, that way I got to choose if I deposit my hard earned in a bank account or not, they some of the biggest crooks alive.

      What I would like to see though. All these "beneficiaries" that receive a grant every month put to work, like a tax-labour system in feudal times. "Oh you can't pay tax in goods or coin, no problem, c'mere 'n help build this road !" There are way too many sick lame and lazy in SA sucking on the teat at least if they were helping towards maintaining the infrastructure.

      Remember Weenen

    5. Anonymous7:14 am

      I agree that PAYE is immoral. I would entertain any idea of undoing this demonic entity.

  6. Anonymous10:41 am

    it is the MO of all satanic movements. Gun control is the same. It is about baiting christian retards with feelings of righteousness.

    Ban guns! (satanic thing)....
    Its for the Children! (christian bait)

    Murder unborn babies with abortion! (satanic thing)
    A woman has free choice! (christian bait)

    weak minded christians buy into it.

    1. Anonymous3:18 am

      Gun control to me is maintaining proper muzzle discipline at all times.

      The MSM are experts at creating the hype around all these agendas and pluck at heart strings.

      Throw your TV away, read books (not 50 Shades and Hairy Potgeiter). DIY, Science, Language, Philosophy, Politics.
      Get out into nature with your family, learn a trade. Get fit, learn to shoot, plant a garden. Anything but sitting in front of the idiot box.

      Remember Weenen

    2. Anonymous11:32 am

      I ditched the box in 2005. i do have this PC monitor ...

    3. Anonymous11:34 am

      I read Mike smith blog. I shoot guns. I am priming 223 remington as I type this. I planted radishes. Too poor to get into nature. I dont have a family. Looking for bitches though.

  7. Anonymous10:53 am

    That is what warfare is about, decption and lies. A good strategist in any war is always vital and important to destroy an enemy no matter what. Find the weakest link in the enemy and start working on it, chipping away at it and sooner or later the enemy will be done, it is also good to have allies, sympathisers on the outside. Good article.

  8. Anonymous11:26 am

    You can start by not paying ANC supporters. Ditch the meid and garden gargoyles.

    1. Anonymous2:26 pm

      1. Refuse ALL Black help
      definitely car-guards of any description. It is a protection racket. Refuse help from trolley assistants etc. Do without domestic or garden help.

      2. Cut off all bursaries, charity collections, sponsorships, etc.

      3. Leave all BEE enterprises immediately. Stop propping them up. Do not support any business or persons with BEE links. It is traitorous. Boycott them. All BEE charters must be sabotaged in every way possible.

    2. Anonymous1:04 am

      But then everyone must get rid of their maid and gardener otherwise you have the neighbour's gardener jumping the fence to get at your petrol powered garden tools in the garage. Or that stuff must be locked away in a shed. What they really like is a petrol powered weed trimmer or lawnmower.

    3. Anonymous7:16 am

      I work for a BEE company. All SA born chinese guys and gals. Fuck the other BEE cunts though.

    4. Anonymous12:39 pm

      @ Anonymous 7:16 am

      Taiwan represents the real China, not those communist peasants who are happy to be classed as 'honorary blacks'. At least the Taiwanese don't need handouts and are in the same position as whites and make their own success. They're not s bunch of spongers leeching off everyone else.

      These 'BEE' companies should not be supported, I make an effort to not to support such businesses and if others do too, they will feel it.

  9. Anonymous11:41 am

    Everybody's at Bloemfontein with Uncle Angus today.

  10. Anonymous11:55 am

    Ok so the guilt trip from the left wing worked on the minds of weak quasi christians and got them to turn.

    Will this guilt trip work on the minds of the heathen? They quite enjoy immorality. If you had to show live feeds of the ANC's SAPS beating little children, these pedophiles in washington will get excited and turned on by it all.

    Showing pictures of dead farmers has not done jack for us.

    Somehow showing the SAPS beating 4 year olds to death live on TV will actually endear them to people like the late Jimmy Saville and other left wing pedo perverts in the USA as well as the left wing media.

    (just thinking out aloud)

    On the other hand it may still work on those that you speak of in your article.

    But perhaps we should double whammy it by showing the west how ungrateful blacks are for everything.

    1. Anonymous9:09 pm

      Just shows you that we are truly living in end times, man's values and morales are truly going down the drain.

  11. Anonymous1:48 pm

    The ANC is divided,perhaps one should look at what is there to attack and with what means.Social media is a powerful tool and can be used very effectivaly.The target should be dlamini-zuma as zuma is anyway on his way out.If she wins the plunder will continue.

  12. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Thank you for your blog Mike.

    I liked PW Botha.

    It must be very hard to keep an even temper when surrounded by traitors and under attack world wide.

    I would not like to have been in his shoes for all the world.

  13. Anonymous3:08 pm


    Mike great article, thank God they never figured it out 30 years before 1994! But then again, perhaps we could have already gotten rid of this useless ANC.

    For the sheep shaggers who hit us with Sanctions, Kimmy just sent them a message. What all these nations did to us, they will have done to them 100 x worse!

    They interfered, let them eat nuclear & enjoy their kebab imports in Europe!


  14. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Simple question here, Do we want to remove a dictator or do we want to take a country back that was given away.

    I see that attention has been focused on one individual and all else has been forgotten.

    Showerhead is not our enemy, he is our ally, he is doing more to destroy the ANC that any NP government ever done.

    WTF do you people want to stop him.

    Let him continue, let him destroy, create division and steal this place poor.

    I understand one thing, if he can weaken his own support why strengthen it again for him by uniting the anc through mass action?

    Look at it this way, showerhead has done more damage to the ANC in the last 3 months than any one ever has, he has damaged SA more than ever in the last 3 weeks then quite protest could do in 10 years.

    My own opinion, let him be, let the dogs fight amongst each other, let them feast on each others flesh.

    There ain't going to be no money to pay the police force, defence forces, civil servants and emergency services why on earth would you as a revolutionary and resistance want to interfere with that.

    Why don't we start finding our support, start finding our financiers and start our preparations?

    I am not interested in saving this retarded SA I am focused on purifying it, cleaning it and creating it into the powerhouse of Africa again and making it safe, free and beautiful again.

    When will you South Africans realise that your salvation lies not with governments and other nations but rather with private, greedy and powerful financiers that will pay to finance small armies to get their greedy little fingers on more wealth.

    While the libtards and retards huddle cuddle, hold hands and sing to the shower, why don't we get busy in the background to ensure that the shit we need happens?


    1. Anonymous1:51 am

      Agree 100%

    2. Anonymous8:05 am

      Fuck you LMTA, dont call us south africans. South Africa is a globalist identity. South Africa is an artificial country put together through the blood sweat and tears of many that did not want this.

      Call us Boers, Dutchmen, souties, even Capetonians. Fuck it... South Africa is no longer our identity. It was a hijacked identity from the globalists.

      Call us Transvaalers. Free staters, Fuckit... NOT SOUTH AFRICAN...

    3. Anonymous9:01 am



      Spot on! Have to agree.

      One must let this train run its course.

      South African whites are the most confused white species on this planet. They rejected apartheid in the end, embraced the New Multicultural SA but now amass in their hundreds of thousands to pray to God to save.

      Are they so disillusion to not see that they are having to pray in their hundreds of thousands because they have accepted multiculturalism?

      I dont know where or how Mike gets the spirit to continue because when I see those whites, I feel that all hope is lost. They are delusional beyond a mental hospitals help.

      The Karasite is a mere symptom of the main problem - the white man in this country.

    4. Anonymous9:44 am

      LTMA spot on, during the 90s the anc got the Zulus into the nsa rainbow garden by inviting Zuma onto the stoep. Now that Zuma has stolen the house from the anc, the Xhosa, Tswana and libtart losers want us whiteys to toyi toyi sing and blow vuvuzelas in protest against Zuma to resign because they know if they try remove him by force he will sink this country into an tribal ethnic civil war that will make Richmond or the Witwatersrand look like a playground fight between children, and we all know that the anc commie libtard end conscription campaign queers have no backbone for any fight. So I will sit safe while the anc tear themselves to pieces and up skill, gear up and train because I know that very soon the fight will come to me.

    5. Anonymous12:14 pm

      @ Anon 8:05 am.

      So there you go give it away to retard as well.

      You weak, simple individual, you traitor of your forefathers sacrifice.

      Not fuck me, but rather piss off you.

      This country is South Africa, I was born here, I live here and I will fight for this land, I will answer the ancient call as my father and forefathers did.

      What retard has done does not alter what those Boers and English predecessors of our gave life and limb for.

      It does not take away the hardships of opening new land in wagon and on horse with powder and ball, it does not obliterate the fear they felt in the chill morning air as they waited for the pre dawn attack and it does not remove the tears of loss and the pain of sorrow that were wept by love ones who gave to the ground those brave men and woman that forged the way for future generations

      So you be something else, I am a South African, I am proud of my heritage and I will fight to regain what others have stolen from me.

      You have already accepted the defeat of you by not recognising your country, its means you have given retard the right to piss on you the way he does.


    6. Anonymous2:01 pm

      South Africa is a globalist concoction you fool. No different than the EU. YOU HAVE BEEN CUCKED into accepting the SA identity. No different than a white Swede accepting that he is no longer a Swede but a European.

      Cucked little man, catch a wake up and understand that South African Union is a fuck up and we need a new identity.

      Keep in mind that the Boers fought to prevent the unification of the region (which brought about the loss of the republics)

    7. Anonymous1:05 am

      LTMA spake thus

      private, greedy and powerful financiers that will pay to finance small armies to get their greedy little fingers on more wealth.

      You CANNOT use the tools of the devil -- to fight the devil
      You CANNOT sup with the devil and not PAY the price

      PS to Mr Smith
      Unfortunately of late this has become something of a -- "Bible Teaching Blog"
      Perhaps a -- "spin-off" is called for ?

  15. Anonymous8:49 pm

    I knew something big was on it's way. When Uncle Mike does not post for a week, that means he's busy.

    As always, well researched, put across in language that everyone can understand, precise, true and to the point.

    Thank you Mike for the time and effort you put in.

    I cannot wait for that day when Uncle Mike blogs " I told you so"

    1. Anonymous9:49 am

      I was thinking the very same, Mike thank-you for the effort, it must come at some personal sacrifice,
      By the way during 89 whilst this was all transpiring SADF soldiers were still dying in the operational area, although unbeknown.

  16. Anonymous9:48 pm

    You know Mike, you are correct about non-voilence when it comes to regime change because the hidden powers-that-be know that there are no people more enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free. Therefore they allow regime changes to take place every-so-often. However, the greatest problem facing the world is these secret powers-that-be themselves. I don't believe that they can be overcome by non-violent means; unless you were able to convert the whole of humanity to the cause of their overthrow simultaneously. They are after al just humans, but they control the issuance of paper money. The worldwide conversion and revolt against them would have to happen so quickly and so completely that I can't see it happening short of some intervention by God. But with God, all things are possible. So, keep up the good work Mike.


  17. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Do we really want a soft transition in our new way of order?

    Do you want to carry all this soft and cuddly stuff with you?

    Do you want to live in a world where you have to consider the other person before you consider yourself, do you want to have to check what you want to say as it might offend others, do you want to have this rights group and that rights group fucking raising shit that should just be handle and sorted?

    An aggressive take over only lasts 30 years because the instigator doesn't seriously get to business and is always trying to find favour in somebody else's eyes, FT close the media down, shut the country off and get down to business, use whatever it takes to achieve your goal and if you can't achieve your goal then employ the right person to achieve it for you.

    The bottom line is this, Bob Mugabe still in power, Bashir still in power, Museveni still in power, Kagama still in power all fought civils wars to attain their objective, nobody even blinks an eye at those countries today, WTF do you want huddle and cuddle for.

    The whites must realise the odds are against us, we will always be the villains and the world will always hate us.

    Time to choose we either integrate or exterminate there is no fucking middle ground.


    1. Anonymous4:52 am



      When I saw those deluded people who call themselves Christians at Angus`s "Christian" gathering, right then and there I knew we were fucked.

      In his first prayer, he asked to take the bible literally but later on he says no to racism.

      OH well, then he cannot and should not have asked for the taking of the book literally.

      Because the book literally says " do not mix with the heathen".

      The guy is seriously, seriously deluded. Out of all those people, Im guessing less than 2% have actually read the entire book.

      Most of those people were bored over the weekend and decided to join.

      The other 3.5 million whites Im sure either just dont give a shit or they know that the man is SERIOUSLY deluded.

      If he is not about racism, why does he not have any white orphans?

      The Karasite lover only adopts blacks. Where are the coloured, Indian and white children.

      Like I say, when the paw paw hits the fan

      1. Get rid of the liberals.
      2. Get rid of these deluded people calling themselves Chrisitians - chase them out, they brought the new SA upon us as well.
      3. Get rid of the Karasite.
      4. Then you can enjoy a racial free South Africa.

      Honestly after watching those prayers, those people, it is no wonder why we are stuffed in this country.

      I am ashamed to even call those people South Africans. More like happy in-breds.

      LTMA best we sit and watch the Karasites first devour those Christians before doing anything. I will not want to get involved to save these assholes.

      Best thing would be to watch them get savaged by the Karasite. The Karasite would be doing the white man a great, great favour.

    2. Anonymous8:35 am

      @ BN 4:52 am.

      Whoever believes that those idiots went to pray for the countries healing is smoking sock juice, they went there to gain browny points for the great and final trek.

      I have noticed that these Christian folk do good not because they want to but rather because they want recognition and a couple of browny points for the pearly.

      I see how these houses of theft and corruption are selling this fucking horrible disease as human, we all know the dark is not homo sapien but a retard of evolution being kept alive by the Christian and liberal idiots.

      Let these fuckers pray and gather and huddle cuddle with the curse, one day I will sit and watch them get fucked over by retard and I will not lift a finger to help.

      BN, I hope and pray that the God of Israel deals these fuckers such a blow that when they realise it, it will be to late because hades would have closed the gate and stoked the fire.


    3. Anonymous10:12 am

      Deport them all to Europe. That is one way to suppress European anti apartheid movements

    4. Anonymous10:15 am

      ok BN.
      why do you associate with this heathen LTMA who has stated that he is an atheist non-believer. He is the worst kind.


    5. Whiteman10:20 am

      BN, you hit the nail on the head ! Let me tell you, the majority of whites in this country are angus-worshippers. Some maybe just not so outspoken, but they definitely sing in the same choir. And they hate us right wing patriots. I had one of them actually exclaim that the farm murders were just " pay back " time, because of Apartheid. ( With that typical holier than thou- we told you so attitude. ) These creatures will have to be wiped out before there can be ANY improvement in our situation. That is why I will NEVER try to protect them. And definitely not risk my life, or go to jail for them. Malema perhaps does not realise this yet. He tries to tell his followers not to be scared of the whiteman. But they are too dof to realise that if they kill the libturds, the patriots will not interfere. We must invite him, to read Mikes blog on a regular basis, so that he can see the light !

    6. Anonymous12:28 pm

      @ Boere_Ninja

      4.5 million whites.

    7. Anonymous1:21 pm

      Boere Ninja have you read the Bible from front to back and studied it ? Just asking?

    8. Anonymous4:58 pm

      @ Boere_Ninja

      Angus Buchan did not say racism, Firstly he was speaking about 'our' government. He began by praying for a responsible government. He was referring to the government when he said "we say ‘no’ to racialism in this country. We say no to senseless murder and rape in this country". He did not use the word racism. He used the term 'racialism' actually. There's a difference.

    9. Anonymous5:34 pm

      BN, I do not understand your logic, you say chase out deluded " christians" and liberals. Okay how many deluded " christians" and liberals are leaving the country at moment? A lot, but at the same time you call them cowards and idiots for leaving the country. I mean it sounds like you vitually hate everyone, probably even yourself. So what kind of person do you want in south africa, or up to the equator as you state? Obviously not black, coloured or indian and no liberals or deluded christians, nobody left.

      Your kind will in the end turn on each other like starved vultures because you will not know where to draw the line, you will virtually kill each other and try and chase each other out the country. You sound exactly like what hitler and stalin or any other loonie dictator stood for, you are no better than malema or mugabe, it will never work!

    10. Anonymous1:26 am

      Those who have regularly read the comments on this blog will realise that this right-wing annihilation army consists of two soldiers - LTMA and Boere Ninja. And one claims to be a christian and the other an atheist. What a team.

    11. Anonymous2:13 am

      @ anon 1:26 am

      Doesn't that make you proud? Two men will stand up to the hoards of retard that are just waiting to bum fuck you and rape your wife and little girls or is it your grand children. You should be proud that there are 2 whites that will go forth and stand in front of you.

      OH! Sorry, I missed the fact that you love taking black dick up your shit shute and cannot wait to get out of the house in the morning so that you can whore your arse to the retard male. Fuck no wonder we disturb you, are a bender and are afraid that we are going to annihilate all those siff black dicks that you run up your arse.

      You ignorant twat, you will be begging mercy from these retards shortly then you will cry for us to annihilate them for you. Your calibre will never beg the sword you will rather suck arse and beg for more dick.

      Your type are to afraid to even past comment let alone face the retard that why you just bend and invite.


    12. Stephen3:00 am

      @LTMA ... HA!

      you say you 'hope and pray the God of Israel .....' oh I thought you don't believe in God

      How can you hope and pray to some one you think don't exist ? you contradict yourself mate.

      Also I know why you cant type Jesus Christ's name,
      you always type the letters J and C , like He is some hiphop-star..

      Because deep down you know that He is real , even the demons knows He is real.

      You can type Hitler , Mugabe ,Zuma ,satan ,whatever , but you cant bring yourself to type 'Jesus Christ' ?

      wow that says a lot about you , all the vile you speak you have spoken upon yourself. Be even more evil Lt - your piling more coals on your own head and by the looks of it your heads on fire already.

      You are never gonna feel any better than you feel now , by cursing God and His People you make your life more miserable every day , when is the penny gonna drop ?

    13. Anonymous4:36 am

      @ Stephen 3:00 am.

      Really? Are you for real? I think that you're getting high on your sock juice.

      I said I don't believe in your bible and your Jesus fucking Christ I never said I do not believe in the creator which I also view as the god of Israel, Christ! I really wonder about you thick Christian types.

      The god of Israel also welcomed sacrifice actually demanded it, blood and non blood offerings, he also demanded human sacrifice and prepared specific humans for that honour. So why don't you go fuck yourself with your Jesus cross and let me make the offering to the creator that he wishes me to make.

      Think of it this way, he might just have put you Christian idiots here for human sacrifice that's why he has let the retards crave you up all these years.

      Just to let you know, I feel good, I feel good everyday, I don't need to read a hocus pocus book on love and peace and forgiveness to feel good, I don't have to beat myself up about sin and be the artificial turds that you Christian idiots are to make myself feel good.

      I rise every morning and bow to to the rising sun, meditate in my offerings of fragrant scents and flavoured smoke. I get up get things done and make things work, I don't rely on others to do my work for me, I pay those that I employ to work for me and I demand that they slave for the wage they earn but unlike you Christian idiots that lie and steal a man's sweat and labour I pay my men top price and supply their transport and a daily meal.

      You see Stephen, I am not only a heathen and Satan I am an honest man that avoids all forms of dishonesty and
      corruption unlike you Christian idiots that hide behind you JC love peace and lies then try claim to be above reproach and claim forgiveness because you are only human and you are weak but don't worry jc's blood will wash you clean, then you quickly fuck another fellow over and go get forgiven on Sundays.

      So when is the penny going to drop with you fuckhead? That book and that god JC of yours are created by man, you are following the biggest, longest and most mythical franchise ever sold and you're to thick to see it.

      You JC types cannot even tell me where all your religious symbols come from yet you claim them to be yours, some of those symbols predate your bible by 7000 years, wake up idiot.

      Why the fuck do you Christians always tell us folk how wonderful your god is but on your death beds you pray not to die, you want to carry on living in this shit hole for longer but you tell me how great heaven is.

      You're a contradiction and you lie to yourself.


    14. Anonymous4:42 am

      right-wing annihilation army consists of two soldiers

      I think Mr Smith leaves them here as "interference"

      They certainly fulfill that role with aplomb ......

    15. Anonymous5:27 am


      @Anonymous1:21 pm - Have I gone through the bible - Yes and more than that - I use the history book + archeology to confirm or else the bible can be bent by anyone to mean anything - the marxist/devil likes to change history for that reason.

      Anonymous4:58 pm - Angus Buchan did not say racism. Really? You can see his opening prayer on youtube where he says "no to racism" - He said it, clean out the wax mate.

      Anonymous5:34 pm
      No your black mates, your boons are turning on you. You people will run screaming when your pets turn wild.

      Stop worry about me and start worrying about your future in this country because under the ANC you have none but the nutters/rightwingers here at least have some plan, your guys plan is to hug the boon while it stabs you in the back and rapes your wife.

      'Anonymous10:15 am - LTMA cant be a heathen. His genetics point to that of European ancestry, those Europeans cannot be heathens when it comes to faith.

      If that was the case, the Israelites would have been called heathens when they prayed to their false gods.

      What LTMA is a disillusioned sickened former Christian. He has become this way because of wishy, washy, do gooder Christian assholes who dont know their verse from their ass and rely on pastors to spoon feed them verse by verse and interpret the good book for them.

      Up until this Christian gathering I was concerned about the whites but after this, I dont give a fuck about those whites.

      As far as Im concerned every one killed is one less asshole liberal christian and one step closer to a better country.

      I think the best thing that could ever happen in this country now is a white massacre. I never thought I would say it but I truly mean it.

      If we can just direct those heathens to these Christians would make our lives much better.

      Maybe at "next time" we can drop a moab on all those fucking useless white skins.

      What kind of assholes ask for a rainbow ANC black run country and then cry out on an open field about the new South Africa they so embraced 23 years later?

      WTF is wrong with them that they cannot see that the entire problem comes down to them accepting the new SA?

      They want the new SA but complain about it? You cant please those whites. Didnt like apartheid but were safe, had jobs, a strong rand, food security but hated it.

      They get given the new SA with all its wonderful crime, less jobs, weaker rand, rapes, murder and they complain - they want the new SA but not the way it is.

      HELLO, WAKEy, WAKEY - it is like this in the new SA, the crime, rape, murder, less work and jobs are all part of the package.

      Do they actually know what they want?

      They cant in this country, on this continent want the best of both worlds - aint never gonna happen!

      I used to be concerned about the whites until Saturday and once I saw that 20% of the white population are nothing more than happy, clapy morons retards, I gave up all hope.

      Now I know why we sit in this situation today.

      I say dont immigrate to leave SA and its blacks, immigrate to get far, far away from these deluded whites.

      Perhaps this is the result of Fluoride in their water.

    16. Anonymous5:29 am


      LTMA, whiteman, TomKat and the likes of the others, better to have a bring and braai on a large Koppie - make sure to bring your telescope and binoculars and watch the massacre.

      No point in trying to help, help your families. These savages will do our job for us.

      Like I said, we have a white problem in SA, namely liberal whites. Sort them out and the rest is simple.

      What they prayed for now will open up spiritual warefare. The Lord will be silent because they have accepted an abomination.

      The spirits that cause strife will now work through the heathens, like they worked through Goliath.

      They will mock, taunt and ask "where is your God now" and the result will be catastrophic.

      Little did they realize they just taunted the evil spirits, who now will work even harder through their pet boons.

      You can sit in sack cloth, crying with your arms stretched high, fast, do what you like, crying to the Lord to protect, save you, intercede for you while accepting Multiculturalism, you have just brought the spiritual battle upon yourselves.

      When the Lord is silent, the heathen rages and the spirits do their evil deeds. They love it because there is nothing more pathetic than seeing a Christian cry out for help who will not turn his back on this multicultural satanic agenda.

      Watch and learn people - they just opened up themselves for a moerse spiritual attack!!

      Now I sit and watch and you will see in a very short period of time now how fast things go from bad to real, real bad.

    17. Stephen6:06 am

      @LTMA .. You make me laugh .. oh my hat .

      So lets get this straight.
      You believe in GOD but not His Son Jesus Christ .
      You bow to the rising sun in the morning and inhale flavoured smoke while meditating.....

      okay please let me just finish laughing..ha,he he .

      No wonder your so screwed in your head !
      That sun your worshipping is a creation of the creator you claim to know...hahah!
      That shait you're inhaling causes your mental problem. That's why you speak different types of kak everyday caus you inhale different flavours kak every morning.

      Here is a clue , when you get up - say WOW what a huge ball of fire , thanks Lord for making it , then inhale some fresh air while standing upright , don't sit in a triangle way your hurting your knees and look like a fool doing it.

      Can I now carry on laughing please thank you...hehehe

    18. Anonymous7:05 am

      @ BN 5:27 am.

      Allow me here please.

      What the arseheads do not realise is that this place is sliding so fast that greased lightening cannot catch it.

      Wait until they are arrested on some trumped up charge and put into cells for the weekend while the retards go and rape their wives and children and sodomise their sons.

      Wait until retard empties there bank accounts because they manipulate SARS statements to show that you owe SARS more money than what you have ever earned.

      They think that there will be rule of law here, ha! They are in for a surprise, Africa has a very definite and common rule, if darky holds the reigns darky calls the shots.

      They will come out of the state whorehouse their arses reamed, their blood infected and their spirits broken

      They will be dead on their feet and just and empty shell.

      Do not underestimate the dark side they don't want all of us dead they want most of us tortured and broken, defeated and destitute.

      These farm murders are the test that none of these whites comprehend, its the test to see how much we have left and to slowly wear us down. They see the millions praying and the libs adopting and joining the black swell and they know the whites are fearing, they smell that stench of fear on these whites and they know the time is coming.

      Leave these big mouths let the see, let them know that what we have said here was not fantasy because when they are in the cells there will be a comrade there overseeing the bum ream and he will tell them how their wives and daughters are absorbing black cock and swallowing black cum and their sons are being arse rammed just like they are.

      I fucking love it, I will laugh my arse off when it happens because these idiots have not heard, they dont want to hear but believe me there is no greater way to break a mans resistance.

      So let them post their clever shit, I just hope that they take lots of Vaseline with because what is coming( no pun intended) is not going to be so nice.

      These weaklings have not the guts to face the onslaught but the onslaught has the commitment to break these weaklings.


    19. Anonymous8:13 pm

      @ Stephen 6:06 am.

      Its good to laugh, its the best way to start a day

      I laugh at you JC lovers more than you laugh at me

      Where does your Trinity god come from? Ever heard of Zues, Poseidon and Hades?

      You JC, I am the light? The eye of Ra.

      Where does JC come from? Try the demi gods of the Olympians. The god laying with humans and producing off spring.

      Should I carry on.

      You must wake up son, you Christians are the only breed that has to market their religion, you are the cause of all the shit that you face because you live in denial of the truth while claiming to believe in truth.

      Wake up man, look around you, if you truly believe in a God then follow natures law and enforce natures law, stop hiding behind crosses and fucking fish.

      You lot are fucking stupid, its those that have not adopted your fucked up JC religion that are the powers of this world, that rule this world because they have stuck to a simple law " the strong survive and defeat" they have manipulated you dumb fuckers into the slaves that you are.

      Go count how many fucked up JC believers live in debt, then see how fucking fucked up your fucking cunted religion is. Oh! Don't worry god will look after you and provide for you, fuck I spit on you weak pathetic fucking arseholes with your love and peace.

      Go wash some coons fucking stinking feet and gain some browny points.

      I cannot believe that whites are still so fucking retarded in this day and age.

      Your god must really be fucked up if it takes him 2000+ plus years to cum, has he heard of foreplay?

    20. @ 8:13 pm...So if you hate Christians so much why do you want to live amongst them. I mean there are many atheist or Christian hating utopias you can go and live in...North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia...

    21. Anonymous12:19 am

      @ MS 11:18 pm.

      Is that the best you can do, that weak response?

      I can turn it around and say if you hate the anc so much why don't you live in a different country where they are not.

      You cannot fight a battle and expect not to suffer losses and have different opinions.

      You cannot fight a war expecting it all to be a roll up victory.

      Come on Mr Smith, I expected more than this narrow minded view from you.

      You open up discussions but don't want people to say their say, I thought you were bigger than that.

      The Christians can bash but are not allowed to be bashed, you are mistaken there, I am a realist not a conformist.

      So I think I will stay here and carry on the fight even if I do upset the sensitive.


    22. @ LTMA. If I didn't want you to have a say I would not have published your hateful comment now, would I? I would have just deleted the piece of crap. It’s not even a comment. It is just dripping hatred for people with a certain belief system. Question is...Is that the best YOU can do?

      I mean if you look at the article and you look at the blog...Is this a platform where we attack Christians? Is that what you are trying to do? Why don’t you rather focus on who the real enemy is?

      And please...do not try to insult my intelligence. Have a bit of respect when you come on here.

    23. Stephen3:04 am

      Okay LTMA , let me tell you straight now.

      Its clear from all your cursing that you hate Christians , and your gay or at least have gay-thoughts , I have never heard a straight-man refer so much to black penis and taking it up the bum as you ,SIS MAN ! you sicko .

      You used to attack old Forrest , telling him he likes what YOU clearly think about all day - now you attack us Christians smearing your scrap on us.

      But we are not like you sicko , (wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor), so we know what your heart is full of . ( hatred for Christ , love for sodomy )

      You never really scored points in my book , but now your just scoring minus points , the more you curse against Jesus , the darker your life will become.

      See, now your even fighting with Mike , the one that allows you to rant like a lunatic but you show him no respect either.

      Your going backwards LT. From bad to worse , time is running out for you - oh well why even warn you , your lost on your own accord.

    24. Anonymous5:44 am


      If I am the sicko then I feel sorry for you, what's coming your way is not sick its worse, its the type of terror you could not dream of, its the nightmare you haven't had.

      You think I am joking when I describe to you the African horrors of war, then best you continue laughing now for if showerhead pulls off what he plans you will be wishing you had taken note.

      Do not think that there are ROE,s in African warfare and don't believe they apply human rights and the Geneva convention shit but I will leave you to find out.

      As for fighting with Mike, if he is so insecure that he cannot disagree and take an argument then he should not state that he is a believer in the truth.


    25. @ LTMA...You may address me personally if you like. You do not have to speak over third parties.

      What did I disagree with you about? Your tirade against Christians? All I asked was why you don't go and live in a Anti Christ Utopia then?

      Are you upset that I didn't agree with your Christian bashing tirade and now you are sulking? AAWWWHHH poor LTMA. Go to mommy...she will kiss your forehead and it will all be OK again.

      So here it is for the last time...listen closely because there won't be a second time:

      I do not allow Jew bashing on here. I do not allow Christian bashing on here. If you do not like it. Take a hike. Go find a site where you can go and insult Christians, Jews, Whatever..This blog is not about that. Nobody forces you to associate on here with scummy Christian idiots. Go have a Circle jerk with your atheist friends or whoever you want your confirmation from. Honestly, you are welcome to leave any time you want to and kindly take your potty mouth along. I had enough.

      If you want to come on here and debate then do so, but your disgusting and filthy comments about arse reamers, etc will not be tolerated any longer. Ata meiveen otee?

    26. Anonymous8:15 am

      @ MS.

      Really? Are you sure that mommy will kiss my forehead and tuck me into bed? WOW! I am so lucky, thanks mate, I thought I might have been a bit old for that.

      You obviously disagree with me on my views of Christianity and its followers, that is clear.

      As for Jew bashing do not accuse me of that because I do not allow that shit either. I admire and respect the Jews and will take anybody on that chooses to bash them.

      I wouldn't sulk if you offended me Mr Smith I would take you on, so please don't insult me.

      As for my potty, filthy mouth, you can choose not to publish what I write but candy coating the horrors don't make the less horrendous.

      You choose mate, I will post you can censor.


    27. @ LTMA...whether I agree with your views on Christianity not is irrelevant. For the record I don't. This blog is not a Christian praising blog, nor is it a Christian bashing blog. The same goes for Judaism. However the blog is full of Christians and Jews discussing the state of South Africa, seeking solutions and debating their points of view. You might have noticed that I even allow and welcome blacks to debate on here and often have long discussions with them. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me. I am not overly sensitive to swearing and often do so myself albeit in moderation. However that comment of yours was absolutely perverse and disgusting and I am sorry to say it is not the first time. If you want to warn people about the coming racial war then there are better ways to do it in.

      Like I said this blog is my home. I allow in here who I want. The door is open to you and to anyone who want to talk about the state of South Africa, the state of whites in the world in general, the threats to them and to debate and find solutions for their shared future. If you do not like their company on here; if they irritate and upset you, then you are free to leave through that same door that welcomed you in. But don't come here and insult people and especially me, your host, because I will not tolerate it and I will delete your ass.

      The last few weeks you have become increasingly crude and obnoxious. I don't know what is eating you, or if it is simply frustration. Maybe take a holiday to New Zealand and go visit your buddy RFR or something. Your comments have not been appreciated much lately and were barely tolerated by me. I also feel that they have been pernicious and have a deleterious effect on commentators and unity in general.

    28. Anonymous10:58 am

      @ MS.

      My apology for my manners.


    29. @ LTMA...Accepted.

    30. Anonymous9:22 pm

      MS. Thank you.


    31. Stephen1:03 am

      Okay LT ,...even thou you don't need to apologise to me - I also accept it . Now will you please allow us to help you .

      All that anger and rage you feel , you can direct it in a positive way , no need to curse against Christ or Angus or me for that matter.

      Seeing that you like using my lingo and phrases why don't you also take some of my decency and refrain from bad-mouthing people with faith , don't talk so much about filthy things , realise that we're all on the same side and help build unity amongst us instead of spitting on us.

      We know your advanced in the years and knowledge but so are we , we deal with the same frustration you do every day so your not alone .

      Treat others on here the same way you'd like them to treat you.

      Lt , Mike has given all of us the opportunity to chance others minds for the better , don't squander it , respect it and the blessing will follow you instead of you forcefully looking for it.

      Look , its a new day - you've been forgiven and set free from the bondage of hatred , now go your way do your thing and don't allow the devil a foot in the door again.

      You know this , but the first step towards fixing yourself is to ADMIT you were wrong and be Sincere about it.

      I believe you CAN chance for the better.

      Best wishes for your recovery.

    32. Anonymous6:26 am

      @ Stephen 1:03 am

      Yes I do owe you an apology, and here it is.

      Please accept my apo!ogy.

      As for my view on Christians we let it lie, I will respect you and your beliefs as I am sure you will respect mine and we will not voice our difference of opinion on either.

      Allow me to say, that I do gather that there is a definite difference to you most chaps that post here and those ones that tell me to love my neighbour, turn my cheek and so forth.

      I have to say that they are correct when they say I am filled with hatred but who cares. I will never love the dark side because its not a pet, it can't be eaten and it's definitely not human.

      So yes let's move on and get into the real enemy and set ourselves up properly to bat away approaching storm.


  18. Dmitri12:46 am

    I only have two words for you Mike: BRILLIANT POST

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      it should be 3 words... FUCKING BRILLIANT POST

    2. Anonymous6:32 am

      Yes it should be 4 words... Extraordinary Fucking Brilliant Post.

  19. Anonymous4:05 am

    R11.3m pay hike for Cubans despite 'bankrupt' water department - http://m.fin24.com/fin24/Economy/r113m-pay-hike-for-cubans-despite-bankrupt-water-dept-20170420

  20. Anonymous4:33 am


    Apologies if this derails your post.

    But this is what we mean by "delusional" whites....


    Angus Beef burger says no to racism, yet the bible is THE most racist book. God is THE biggest racist because out of all the nations on earth, he chose for himself but one peoples.

    Deluded Christians. I also say no to racism and that will come BUT ONLY after there are no karasites.

    There was no racism in Sweden when they were an all white country.

    Evangelists biggest proponents of the new world order for the past 200 years. Preaching to every peoples on earth, I always find it is an inbred type moron that is drawn to Evangelism.

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      After this I looked and saw a multitude too large to count, from every nation and tribe and people and tongue, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands.

    2. Anonymous1:05 pm

      Don't you know mal ninja, it's all about breeding the whites out of existence.

    3. Anonymous12:26 am

      Gen 17:5
      Instead, you will be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations.


    4. Anonymous5:01 am


      @Anonymous11:21 am
      @Anonymous12:26 am

      If you guys are going to copy + paste verses make sure you copy the entire context and not a one verse contextual passage that can be taken anyway.

      1. Anonymous11:21 am

      After this I looked and saw a multitude too large to count, from every nation and tribe and people and tongue, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands.

      ---IF you read your bible, you will know that all the nations ONLY come via the 12 apostles judging the 12 tribes. Read revelations carefully, namely the king James 17th century version.

      All the nations can only come through via the 12 tribes.

      Gen 17:5
      Instead, you will be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations.

      Yes which nations?

      Were there nations on earth before Abraham? Yes there were, does that mean he is the father of those nations? NO. There were nations on earth even before Adam, hence why Cane found a wife and no where does it mention Cane was the son of Adam AT ALL!

      Take your head out your ass.

      The nations which came From Abraham (via Isaac, Jacob later renamed Israel) are the 12 sons of Jacob aka Israel.

      12 tribes (2 additional from Joseph - Ephraim and Manessah - Modern Britain and the USA)

      and then the Arab tribe via his slave haagar.

      A Few arab nations are from Abraham - their hand will be against every nation and every nation shall be against them. Hence why you find so many Arabs with the surnames - Ibrahim, ibraheemi, Ebrahim.

      So NOT every nation is from Abraham

      The 12 tribes of Israel are from Abrahams seed. To which Jesus Christ said "go but unto the lost house of Israel or lost sheep of Israel" Jesus was from the seed of Abraham and Abraham the seed of Adam - trace their lineages back in the bible.

      Before you quote verses, make sure you know who the bible is speaking about. You are not dealing with some happy, clappy fool in your Church.

      I can teach pastors a thing or two about the bible without a bible in my hand.

      I say that being straight and not being arrogant.

      What is arrogant is when people post verses but take them out of context.

      Anything else you would like to ask me? If you like, you can also invite Angus, will show him how he talks the biggest load of shit I have EVER heard.

      But thats an evangelist cannibal hugger for you.

    5. Anonymous6:52 am

      @Anonymous1:05 pm

      If you think all these nations there include all the demon broods, then you still have a lot to learn.

      I can promise you, your heaven with all these broods you have in mind will be worse as hell.

      All that pestilence nations you dream of is worse than those nations which God ordered Moses and Joshua to destroy in the beginning. Today's bastards are worse that Sodom and Gomorra. So how rude would it be of God to reject those first lot of broods, but the last lot is OK.?

      You need some more study.

    6. Anonymous9:28 am

      You dont sound like a humble preacher. More like a windgat actually.

    7. Anonymous8:44 pm

      Ah! Here we go the good Christian infighting again

      My church is better than yours and you have the wrong interpretation of the word, no, no old chap, my brother,your bible was written by James and not Solomon. Oh no you both wrong mine was written by JC himself.

      Fuck! You lot are truly fucked, you don't need the ANC to fight against you don't even need Mike Smith's truth you lot have enough issues of your own.

      Your religion divided you before you even had a chance to unite, your religion defeated you before you confronted the enemy and your religion create your enemy within yourselves so you don't need another enemy.

      You all believe you are right, that's your first mistake.

      You all believe you can create a complete love between peoples of this earth, your second mistake

      But your biggest mistake is following a book that has enslaved your mind, weakened your resolve and captured and turned your will.

      Give me 100 000 heathens and true kaffirs and I will take this country while you idiots are still fighting amongst each other.

      Every fucking war that Christian fight they lose, they might win the battles but the true heathens run the show afterwards.

      If you want to win this war, burn your bibles, cast off the burden of Christianity and find the being that you were created to be.

      Let's face facts, 2/3 of you would not be around today if it wasn't for medicine, Christian bad will, law and order that was bought on by your Christian weakness. You would have been to weak to fight the savage that humans are and you would have been chopped.

      You slate the Muslim but the Muslim at least enforces law and does not blame his god for his weaknesses.

      Go fight amongst yourselves for you have lost this battle before you have started it. Showerhead will defeat you lot and laugh while doing it.


    8. Anonymous4:27 am

      Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 19Go ye therefore, and teach ALL NATIONS baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

      Matthew 28 :18-20

    9. Anonymous5:28 am


      @Anonymous4:27 am

      All nations

      So you dont agree with Christ then?

      He said specifically, from the Lords mouth

      "go but unto the lost house of Israel"

      We then get a commentary from Mathew and not Christs mouth.

      These nations that are spoken about are mentioned earlier in Mathew - the 10 lost tribes.

      Matthew 15:24 ►
      Parallel Verses
      King James Version
      But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      Mathew 15:24 is from JESUS mouth.

      Matthew 28 :18-20 can clearly be read as someone repeating the words of Jesus Christ but not mentioning the lost house of Israel.

      This is what happens when people dont understand the difference between "content" and "context"

      Matthew 28 :18-20 is taken out of context when if you read the content of the verse mentioned above, Jesus tells SPECIFICALLY which nations to preach to.

      But the moron evangelists who cant solve a cross word puzzle let alone comprehend simple instructions now interprets this as "every nation"

      Who did Jesus come to and spake to them?
      Was it the Egyptians? Philistines? who?

      He was preaching to a remnant of the house of Judah.

      He never healed anyone either who was not an Israelites, when the Canaanite women was healed - her faith & not Jesus healed her - go read the scriptures.

      Matthew 15:24 ► Is DIRECTLY from the mouth of Jesus Christ.

      Matthew 28 :18-20 ► Is someone telling the story of what Jesus said.

      What did Jesus say?

      But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      So if the Lord was not sent but unto the house of Israel or in modern English - sent only for the house of Israel.

      Then it doesnt take a genius to see that Matthew 28 :18-20 is speaking about ALL those nations of Israel and not the world.

      Its the same with the neighbor verse.

      All these Christian pagans apply it to mean the entire world yet in Exodus/Leviticus is quite clearly tells us who those neighbors are.

      The reason Christians have a hard time dealing/understanding this is because of brainwashing from other Christians.

      If you counted the number of times the word Israel is mentioned in the bible, you will find it is mentioned more times than there are pages in your bible, almost double the amount!

      Dont take things out of context!

      The words from Jesus lips reign true and hold more power than someone recounting what the Lord came for.

      The bible is so simple that people make it to be more complicated than it is. All you have to do is understand basic history, find out where ALL the apostles went to and you will realize that Israel was never lost, the Lord knew where they were.

      They are all Christian nations today, every single last one of them.

      They are all white and all have Multiculturalism enforced onto them.

      Jesus was racist, he said only preach the word to the lost house of Israel. If you have a problem with that, change the bible...

      Oops too late for that. Its already been done, the destruction can be seen and felt in SA and across every former Christian country.

    10. Anonymous4:48 pm

      “He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.””
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭15:24‬ ‭

      “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.””

      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭28:18-20‬ ‭

      Firstly, the gospel of Matthew is written by Matthew, quoting what Jesus said just like the other 4 gospels, Luke, Mark and John, all disciples of Jesus Christ. Secondly the nation of Israel rejected Christ and He was sold out to the romans to be crucified, by the way the romans found Jesus innocent ( Pontius Pilate) and could not understand why Israel wanted to have him crucified but Pontius Pilate succumbed to Israel and had Jesus crucified.

      Since Israel rejected Christ, God approached Saul which become the Apostle Paul ( Saul of Tarsus) and was the person that started the Christian church by preaching to the gentiles ( non- Jews) . This is all in scripture in the KJV Bible. Read up on the apostle Paul and the letters he wrote, the epistles, what Timothy wrote.

      40 When therefore the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?” 41 They said to him, “He will put those wretches to a miserable death and let out the vineyard to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons.”

      42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:

      “‘The stone that the builders rejected
      has become the cornerstone;[a]
      this was the Lord's doing,
      and it is marvelous in our eyes’?
      43 Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits. 44 And the one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him.”[b]

      45 When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived that he was speaking about them.

      Matthew 21:40 to 45.

      “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

      Romans 1:16
      Read the epistles starting with Romans up to the book of Philemon.

    11. Anonymous7:38 pm

      History of Christianity in Europe, how it started.


    12. Anonymous4:06 am


      @Anonymous4:48 pm

      When you dont know the bible or the history of the peoples, it is best to keep very quiet as not to show your ignorance.

      First of all the nation of ISRAEL could never have not accepted CHRIST because they were not in Israel.

      You see, there was but 2 tribes left in Israel during Christs birth. Namely a remnant of Judah and Levi.

      If you read your bible you will know there are 10 tribes. Those 10 tribes were taken into captivity. Josephus the historial clearly says in his Jewish books of antiquity.

      "The Israelites beyond the river Euphrates are not to be estimated by number" meaning they were a large, large army.

      The nation of Judah did not accept Christ. The portion of Judah during Christs reign returned from Babylon during Daniels times.

      If you take a map and really study the subject (refer to Raymond capts books on Israel) the tribe of Judah that returned did not even settle in the physical location that the original tribe of Judah settled - he explains this in his book quite clearly.

      So where or how did you come to the conclusion that Israel did not accept Christ? On the contrary every Israelite nation besides Judah today have accepted Christianity it is on the Jews who have not accepted them.

      Please go re-read the bible. If you dont understand the difference between the house of Israel and the house of Judah then the entire book doesnt make sense once the tribes separated.

      Israel accepted Christ - his apostles followed Christs word and we find the first Churches in Europe.

      I highly suggest before you start quoting things, you at least understand the historical migrations of Israel from Syria into Europe and the differences between the house of Judah and houses of Israel.

      And you wonder why Christians are hopefully confused, they think the entire old testament is for the JEWS only - when the tribe of Judah are but 1 out of 12 tribes.

      The Greeks refer to the Israelites as cousins.

      Like I said, because I understand the historical subject and have studied the bible, There is nothing you can throw at me.

      I will just spank you with your own book in the end.

      So be very careful when throwing versus around without understanding the historical context.

      Oh by the way, make sure to read the King James version of the bible not these new wishy washy versions where the marxist change words to mean something out - pull out a Greek, Lexicon, Hebrew dictionary to compare words also.

      Dont take verses out of context either.

    13. Anonymous8:00 pm

      Okay, BN, you such a smart knowledgeble guy, explain this verse to me:

      John 3:16King James Version (KJV)

      16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      Explain the word, " world " and " whosoever" . To me world means everyone on the planet and whosoever means the entire human race?To me that ties with the context of teach all nations and baptize them, etc

      Another thing I have read a lot of your comments over the years and I must say you remind more of a neo - nazi than a so called " christian" . Your beliefs tend to fall the same as Hitlers ideals of creating the Aryan race, blonde her blue eyes, seeing yourself as far superior. The Bible, King James version talks about the devil that masquerades as an angel of light, no one better than the devil himself who knows the bible backward, hey to decieve everyone. I do not think a lot of your comments are doing the whites any favours and the Bible Kjv does warn to stay away from violent men.

  21. Anonymous6:20 am

    Daar's een duiwel vefokte bobbejaan wyfie,lyk my sy het haar mes in vir Zuma. Zuma wil nog die plase koop maar sy reken dit moet net gevat word,want reken die dierasie dit was van hulle gesteel. Is daar nie iemand wat weet hoe om die misvure te stook nie. Hoe erger dit die oge brand des te meer vlug die geduld. Laat die bliksemse duiwels mekaar verteer, sorg net dat julle uit die pad uitkom. Moenie vergeet om julle eie wapens te maak nie. Seepsoda werk goed. Laat die oogpisters werk, wanneer satan krul dan kom jy hom met 'n pyp by en bliksem die ding terug van waar hy gekom het. Julle moet net nie vergeet om vreeslike liefde te bewys nie,sommer tienvoudig. Dink aan al die goeie dinge wat hulle julle aangedoen het en tree goedgunstiglik op. Vergeld die hoer van Babilon ooreenkomstig haar dade.Namate sy julle kwaad en droefhied aangedoen het moet julle dit haar vegeld,skink dit vir haar dubbelll in. So staan dit geskryf in die boek Openbaringe. Dis 'n opdrag van God, as jy daaraan ongehoorsaam is,kan jy maar weet, satan gaat met jou gat klippe breek.

    1. Anonymous10:59 am

      help me out here people. I learned afrikaans in school and could speak it. By has the Afrikaans language changed? Is this Boere twatter talk ? Or have I lost the ability to read the language. ?

    2. Anonymous1:04 pm

      It seems your English skills are also dying 10:59, move on.

    3. Whiteman1:20 pm

      Anonymous 10:59 am, you must understand, that with genocide, every aspect of your intended victim is attacked. The actual physical killing of the victim only comes at the end. The afrikaans language is also being destroyed, despite all the toothless libturd actions like " Afrikaans is Groot. " It is often these very same " culture vultures, " who are causing the most damage. The " cool " mixing of afrikaans with english, is being applied very successfully. You hear it especially on the afrikaans TV channels. It is actually a status symbol, if you can spout forth a mixed up, fucked up, afrikaans-lingo !

    4. Anonymous4:32 pm

      @Anon 10:59
      I do not want to start a 'Boere' (you choice of word) vs. Soutpiel war or discussion here, but please make an effort - many tools on the internet for translations. Look at the topic of discussion and see the forest from the trees.

    5. Anonymous6:54 am

      @Anonymous10:59 am

      Don't scratch where it's not icthing

  22. Michael Dean Miller7:04 am


    Smashing is easier than building.


  23. Anonymous7:22 am

    Thank you for a well-researched article and perspective. You are already effectively working on the minds of the people through these articles. Agreed we could do much more and become strategic. Kira.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anonymous9:26 am

      Now now. Don't censor yourself...

  24. Graeme9:12 am

    An especially disturbing piece, almost defeatist, very uncharacteristic of you Mike!

    Actually I am disappointed, perhaps it is a case of "Shoot the Messenger!"

    I am unsure whether I should be prescribed a course of Prozac or if you are having a Downer?

    My interpretation of this is that you are being almost defeatist! [And I say that with the utmost respect and humility].

    I am almost cringing!

    To this day I still believe that we could have bought another 30 years or more given fewer treasonous types within our ranks.

    We have now all come to know that the ANC is nothing more than a Proxy government. (Well not really a government, but you know what I mean), moreover they are still a Bona fide terror group, where they were once an organisation almost everything is now in disarray.

    I am certainly one who will not be counted as one who had forsaken "Die Ou Krokodil."

    He was ousted in a bloodless coup by a bunch of spineless Charlatans, I think that the image that you have portrayed him as being is extremely harsh and uncalled for.

    I am now at a point where I am questioning.., (Who's side are you really on)?

    I know of no other person with the possible exception of Constance Viljoen who could have walked even a mile in his shoes.

    I hold him and his legacy especially dear to our cause regardless of his obvious failings.

    Like most of us, he was a mere mortal, unlike me he was a Giant!

    Your views and mine, sorry to say are for the first time incompatible with one another, clearly you can determine from my response that I still hold the man in extremely high regard!

    1. Anonymous12:24 pm

      Viljoen was completely duped by Mandela and the ANC, he fell for everything they said. He was the only one who could have mobilized the military and arrest all the politicians, he had the option, but he was taken in by Mandela's charm.

      The military stepping in was the only way that the ANC would have been prevented from taking over.

    2. Anonymous1:12 pm

      I think you are missing the point Mike is trying to show, he is showing how deceptive and what liars the ANC really are and that they got their training from the best in the art of bullshitting. Physically they could not beat us even at Cuito Cuanavale we held our own in a conventional war against the communist forces. So they had to resort to other methods, soft methods, typical ancient chinese tactics of hard and soft methods where the ANC went from hard( could not beat the SA forces in their acts of terror) to soft ( okay, we will target the minds of the sa citizens and foreign countries as well how bad the apartheid government is and obiviously the whites who support it as well).

      That is what he is illustrating and maybe we should adopt those same tactics as well, namely soft, enter the minds of those who support the tyrant and dictator and convince them to uphold this scumbag in his position is totally futile and bad for the country.

    3. Anonymous1:26 pm

      During 89 if those of us in the SADF and SAP were given a choice on who to take instructions from I believe most of us would have sided with PW, it was very frustrating to a lot of the men and women who worked in the various intelligence branches who knew who and what some of these white traitors were up to as explained by Mike, and the active units would have had no problem dealing with the miscreants once and for all under a state of emergency with given the green light, so to say the security services were undermined is incorrect.
      I believe that the whole affair along with the Mandela release and the anc unbanning was cooked up as part of the end of hostilities agreement pic made with the Cubans, Chester Crocker and our own wealthy business and sports money men. Just follow the money and you will know who all the whispering traitors were.
      Shit Mike you have no idea how the security services hands were tied, dozens of university lecturers an a whole bunch of shitheads would have disappeared by 6h00 with just one fax sent.

    4. Anonymous1:53 pm

      He was stuffed around regarding the volkstaad for 7 years and resigned in disgust.

      The lesson we learn from Viljoen is this:

      No negotiations.

      We state what we want, when we want it and draw a line in the sand and then take what we want.

      We take matters into our own hands.

  25. Anonymous10:41 am

    I am against an unnecessary race war but I am not against self defence. It is our rite of passage to fight this war in self defence. Self defence is righteous.

    Ladies and Gents, the way we fight will be incorporated into cultural traditions and rituals that will be passed down to future generations via race memory by means of rites of passage. But to do this, we will have to survive to the end. If we get out of this alive, future generations will see us as we saw the Spartans and Vikings.

    Pray for peace. But if war is shoved down our throats, we must dig deep and find the Viking and Spartan race memories within us. Dust them off, clean them out and put them in our hearts. We fight like the ancients did with modern warfare supplementation. If they Rwanda our lilly asses, we fight in a manner that will make them gnash and wail.

    1. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Shut up you racist, how dare you defend yourself? You will die with both your hands tied behind your back you fucking bigot! Now just keep your mouth shut and die already. Your time is over whitey...

    2. Anonymous9:23 pm

      No you kaffir ape; your time is over.

    3. Anonymous9:46 am

      @Anonymous 1:02 AM

      You're a coward, as usual. No surprises there.

  26. Anonymous12:08 pm

    It disgusts me how God can bless America while cursing us

    America exports and produces:
    gay marriage

    Us under apartheid?
    Do you remember there being porn? Scope magazines were it. Hardly porn by yank standards
    Abortion? It was outlawed.
    gay marriage ? none of that. not even a titty bar anywhere.

    why does God hate us?

    1. Anonymous2:38 pm

      South Africa - Gifted by God, developed under the influence of both Boer and British to First World status, then given away to the ANC/Communist cabal in 1994… South Africa, was the first of the Anglo-Saxon nations to give away its God-given birthright. The birthright people whose leaders sold their nation for a bowl of pottage.

      In the great prophecy to the Israelites, God declared, “If you do not obey the Lord your God, to observe to do all his commands and his statutes... all these curses will come upon you... The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower … He will be the head, but you will be the tail.” (Deuteronomy 28:) 49The Lord will bring a nation against you from far away, from the ends of the earth, like an eagle swooping down, a nation whose language you will not understand, 50 a fierce-looking nation without respect for the old or pity for the young. 51 They will devour the young of your livestock and the crops of your land until you are destroyed. They will leave you no grain, new wine or olive oil, nor any calves of your herds or lambs of your flocks until you are ruined. 52 They will lay siege to all the cities throughout your land until the high fortified walls in which you trust fall down. They will besiege all the cities throughout the land the Lord your God has given you.
      It’s the birthright people of the “beloved country” who should cry for the beloved country! Cry tears of repentance for selling their very birthright to the alien who has now risen higher above them. For indeed they, the birthright people, have become the tail, and he, the alien, the head.

    2. Anonymous2:40 am

      Don't be a doos 2:38
      I pointed out that we did the right thing.

    3. Anonymous3:52 am

      @2:40... but did you keep the Shabbat...?

  27. Anonymous5:42 pm

    South Africa will NEVER be the same without PW Botha & the Nats, minus de klerk.

    He was a man of his times, it is easier to "judge" him now but at the time, he ruled supreme, nobody locally could question his authority.

    He was really brought down by the international bankers, jewish, french, american & british politicians who he regarded as having betrayed him & the people of rsa.

    SA is dead & finished under the anc & I would like to see these same entities listed above, fix their mess but it is not possible.

    I hope they suffer under the anc & feel the full brunt of black nationalism & radicalism.

    1. Anonymous1:41 am

      The problem with the liberal west, mostly britain was that they wanted the whites out of power & wanted to instill a black government, mandela worked for them because he was an anglican like them who could be controlled & manipulated which he was as soon as he took power however things went bad for the french, jews, americans & british under zuma because msholozi is not an anglican, he was in exile in mocambique & therefore has no alliances with britain, neither does his ex wife.

      Zuma is also a catholic & staunch anti imperialist, particularly britain.

      In Natal he was educated at the Austrian Marianhill catholic mission,outside Pinetown & was known to attend church services on a regular basis & was always seen to give away money to the general congregation, he has no money sense but plenty political political savvy.

      If it was not PW otha it could have been any other white Nat that the west would have demonized & strangled out of power, it was nothing personal about PW's personal character.The british, french, americans, jews, dutch wanted an end to white rule because they had their stooge, mandela in the wings ready to take orders.

      SA Whites should not dwell on the Nats but rather the west who sold them out, they are not our friends, let the anc screw them today.

    2. Anonymous4:52 am

      Anon 1:41 Of course the pomms and chinese and others wanted the staunch NP s out of the way , because they couldnt buy themselves concessions to the Minerals . but under the Corrupts anything has a price.
      The prob is that when these in charge fuck up it effects us as well. Karasite doesnt go to them when they have nothing they come to us.

    3. Anonymous6:49 am

      Ora Et Labora

  28. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Wars are no longer won, they are settled and negotiated to a compromise by people that seek to gain the advantage of possession and self enrichment.

    These non aggressive mass actions never benefitted the down on the ground retard, those fuck wits are worse off now than they were with the old government. It might not seem like it to there children and grand children but I promise them that they are. The economy has collapsed and the effects are starting to show.

    I see more and more street trade popping up, noocs making pavemunt meals next to busy roads and setting up cheap bazaars near well frequented businesses, the hunger is crawling in and the mass cash in drying up.

    So why adopt the action of protest that enriches those that do nothing but manipulate the masses and gain the most from your efforts, rather adopt that which they are trying most to avoid, take to arms, destruction and terror, make life for the rulers difficult shut the place down but do it properly, tirelessly and constantly.

    Do not hit and run, hit and hit again, multiple targets, high impact and many casualties, keep the pressure on keep the body count high, keep fear constant and evident. Break the rulers by using the anger of their own against them.

    When attacking always hit 5 or 6 places in synchronized assault, then set a second assault for when the rescuers come and take them out too.

    If you mean business do business, when you fight a war fight to annihilate not win, then thestruggle does not takes 30 years its over quickly and efficiently.

    Right now these mass huddle cuddle are doing what the master wants and guess what? The master is very happy and busy enriching himself, he is saying thank you so very much.

    Well done all those stupid fuckers that go to those protests, you have done the masters bidding. When I say the master I speak not of the pilfering, lying, raping type I talk of the ones you never see and never hear.


    1. Anonymous10:11 pm

      LTMA you are correct. This is the only language they understand

  29. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Mike, have a look at what's happening in Venezuela, and you will see SA's future. President Maduro's government confiscated guns from the citizens a few years back, and so today the People are defenceless against their own government/police/army. It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel for Maduro. And the world ignores what's going on in the country, where 20 citizens were shot and killed by the armed forces during mass protests last week, and CNN, CNBC, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, etc. look the other way. You know why? Because they were supporters of Chavez and his communist policies, so they refuse to report the consequences of their support today. Just like they'll ignore the bloodshed coming to SA when Zuma and his loyalists start circling the wagons to protect his presidency/dictatorship. The MSM supported the ANC in the past and in the present, and they will continue to do so by remaining silent in the future. Maduro has now said he'll arm 400 000 Chavista's/loyalists. In other words, he is arming his loyal supporters to kill their fellow citizens who don't agree with his policies. The Venezuelan people are starving. And this in a country with a wealth of resources - most notably oil. Sound familiar? Everywhere you turn, the Left is running the world (except for the US and some eastern European countries. They are destroying civilisation to practice at the altar of totalitarian communist power. This cannot and will not end well. Not for SA, and not for the West. We are DUMB to allow these mentally ill people to have a say over our lives with their retarded ideology, which has never worked..... ever. Christianity prevented this from happening for a while, but now that Christianity is failing, in come the insane with their satanic ideas. Evil has trumped good.

    And I'm not too proud to admit that I don't know the solution. It's like swimming against the current. I can see clearly what's happening and what the future looks like, but I'm in the minority. All I can do is look after my own interests and protect my family from the coming fall-out. Hence why I left SA 10 years ago. As a child of the 1970's, I've gone from seeing TV for the first time, to living in a world where university students demand 'safe spaces' to prevent being offended. Stop this mad train and let me off!

    The Bible summarises Man's human nature, and no matter what era we live in, that nature never changes. The Bible gave us 10 commandments to live by to keep evil out of our societies. Man has brushed these aside because he thinks he knows better. Rome fell, and the West will also fall. This time there is no 'new world' to run to. The sub-races will overpower us through sheer numbers and due to our own desire to commit racial suicide due to white guilt and multi-culturalism. All because we allowed traitors within to systematically hollow our societies from the inside out - and all these traitors wanted was to rub our noses in their failed ideology.

    The end.

    1. Anonymous4:42 am


      @Anonymous8:46 pm

      On the surface, both countries look similar but there are two big differences - GOLD & the geopolitical nature of SA.

      Who controls the Gold controls the fiat US petro dollar.

      It is in the wests best interests from a geopolitical and economic stand point.

      If the country falls to China, if they lose the geopolitical situation, then the Communists control the gold and their BRICs destiny.

      The MSM created a god called Mandela. The entire SA story is about 1 single man - Mandela above his ANC party.

      When they step out of line, they will compare the ANC and Mandelas legacies and say the ANC are not following in the footsteps of their god.

  30. To all the P.W. Botha fans…

    You are not being objective. Take a step back, forget the emotions and simply look at the facts. Try to observe SA during Apartheid through neutral eyes.

    Problem with P.W. was that he was NOT a good leader. Great leaders have great visions. His only vision for South Africa he spelled out in 1979 with the words, “Adapt or die” which signalled in the dismantling of Apartheid. It wasn’t even his own. It was a continuation of B.J. Vorster’s “The alternative is too ghastly to comprehend” policy.

    The last great leader and visionary South Africa had was Dr. H.F. Verwoerd.

    Unlike all the prime ministers and presidents before PW Botha, he was not very well educated. P.W only had matric. Dr Verwoerd studied psychology Sociology, and Philosophy at Stellenbosch, Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig, Vorster was a lawyer, Even F.W. was a lawyer.

    P.W. was a NP apparatchik and gofer who drifted to the top like scum in a barrel. He actually knew very little about politics. P.W. tried to hide most of his inadequacies with a crude, bombastic and authoritarian attitude. He appeared comical and childish to his opponents in SA and to the world, definitely not strong. He had no tact, social or diplomatic skills. He was like a child with a big hammer who thought he could “donner” everything right. He would have done well with a team of PR specialists who could advise him on his dress, how to handle the press and foreign dignitaries.

    Now first of all you should read the book “PW Botha, the last betrayal” by Dr Eschel Rhoodie and see what a type of person PW really was. As the son of a rich farmer his favourite story to his ministers was how he used to ride his horse through the homes of the poor white “bywoners” (sojourners) on their farm and let the horse shit all over the floors. One of these bywoners eventually became one of his ministers and he enjoyed belittling him.

    PW was the minister of defence under Vorster. He is the one who secretly funded Dr. Eschel Rhoodie, Les de Villiers and Information Minister Mulder out of the defence budget to the tune of R70 million to run Project Annemarie (named after Rhoodie’s daughter) to fight the lying press and propaganda of South Africa’s leftist enemies across the globe. Nothing wrong with that. This small band of men were doing an excellent job. It was the height of Apartheid and SA was the skunk amongst nations in a world where we had basically no friends. Just about every other nation was doing the same. I wish they had more money and resources and we would not have had the shit we have today.

    However PW is the one who then leaked the information about the funding to the lying leftist press (Rand Daily Mail) , because he knew he would eliminate his two biggest opponents (Vorster and Mulder) in the NP with one foul swoop and he would then be the next favourite to become Prime Minister. PW Botha did not have the interest of all South Africans at heart as you suggest. He only had the interest of PW Botha at heart. He wanted to become the Main Ou.

    Once Vorster, Mulder and Rhoodie were eliminated and resigned in shame, PW denied ever knowing about the funding in the “Information Scandal”. He was the head of the defence department. The money came from this department. How could he not have known? Total bullshit.
    We basically lost the propaganda war against the world with PW’s backstabbing.

    1. Nevertheless, shortly after he became Prime Minister he started dismantling several Apartheid laws and told parliament that we whites “must adapt or die”. He continued funding black Bantustans with white taxpayer’s money. In 1982 he proposed power sharing with coloureds and Indians, but excluded blacks, thereby creating expectations amongst blacks who them formed the UDF and all the riots started. By 1983 the NP was so far left that the Conservative Party became the official opposition of SA. Then in 1983 PW called a referendum to change the constitution and allow coloureds and Indians into parliament. After a massive NP propaganda campaign supported by the leftist English press and a lot of scaremongering about “blacks will slaughter whites if we don’t share power” , two thirds of whites voted to share power.

      A few months later PW consolidated the powers of Prime Minister and State President and became Executive President (Dictator)...He moved Nelson Mandela from Robben Island to a luxury home complete with swimming pool and unlimited visiting rights at Victor Verster Prison where his wife and family could stay overnight. Whilst creating special units such as Koevoet and 32 Battalion he started having secret talks with Mandela and his education minister, FW de Klerk started the brainwashing of white Afrikaans school children with setwork books such as “Fiela se kind” and “To kill a mockingbird” where whites were vilified and portrayed as poor, uneducated rapist and hillbillies and blacks are always innocent and good.

    2. PW knew full well that he was planning a handover to the Blacks. He is the one who appointed the traitors Neil Barnard and Mike Louw as security bosses who started the secret talks with the ANC and regularly briefed him. Then in 1985 he fucked up completely with his idiotic Rubicon speech where nobody knew what the hell he was talking about. He already crossed the Rubicon and now wanted to backpedal back over the Rubicon, but told SA that we are now crossing the Rubicon..WTF???

      He already created the expectations amongst the blacks and the international community with all his actions and then suddenly wanted to reverse the whole lot when he realised he made a stuff up. He had no idea that he would start a revolution, because if you study revolutions, they don’t start by the state oppressing people; they start by the state creating expectations and then going back on their word. PW Botha was a political dunce. His Communist enemies in East Germany and the USSR knew far more about politics than him and ran rings around him whilst he thought a military victory in Angola would secure our future. Now what? Where are we now?

      After his Rubicon speech the international bankers closed the taps and the riots erupted where PW had to deploy the army in the townships under a “State of emergency”.

      Another one of his favourites was how he bragged that he started the black taxi industry giving thousands of blacks entrepreneurial skills and jobs. What is the Taxi industry today? A nest of mafia activity with unsafe vehicles and incompetent drivers who cause the deaths of thousands of South Africans every year, black and white.

      Don’t get me wrong. You are fully entitled to your view of P.W. Botha and admire him if you want. Just ask yourself if your admiration and judgement are based on objectivity and reality or on emotion.

      For example, you might think that Mugabe is an arsehole, but fact is...he is a great leader. He achieved everything he set out to do. He had a vision of his country free of whites. He achieved that. He wanted to make every black in his country a millionaire...he did better. Everyone in Zimbabwe is a BILIONAIRE today. So it all depends on how you look at it.

      Like I said PW Botha had no great vision. He was too scared to confront the race realities of SA. The truth can be worked around, but it will not disappear. As long as there are two different races in one country you will have strife and problems. All South Africa’s problems have always been and will always be based on RACE. To eliminate these problems there should be only one race. In any country with Axenic Apartheid there can be no racial discrimination. In a country with only Zulus, you might have other problems like crime, unemployment, etc, but there will be no RACIAL problems.

    3. Anonymous4:27 am

      Mr Smith much of interest in what you describe. Very accurate as far as PW and the NP / BB are concerned. However there are a few little aspects you leave out. ( which do not complete the picture )

      1.) HOW did the Vietnamese keep THEIR people "onside"
      By a reign of terror
      By killing publicly in the most gruesome way any civic leaders that did not follow orders ( and especially those with any sort of real education )

      Of course this never featured in any of the MSM
      Because as in SA the MSM had an agenda to follow
      What you describe as far as Vietnam is concerned could NOT have happened without the assistance of the MSM. ( many useful geniuses -- Jane Fonda )

      This is exactly what happened in Rhodesia
      Mugabe was more intelligent and a quicker learner

      It is what is described by Dr Anthea Jeffery in her book -- "Peoples War" , The ANC eventually learned from Mugabe

      The CIA had a program in Vietnam --


      Which was a failure
      As it was in Rhodesia -- "intelligence" identified leaders to eliminate -- and in so doing took out all of Mugabe's internal opposition

      So very clever NOT !

      The British are the ONLY ones able to carry out these sorts of tasks -- somewhat efficiently ........

    4. Anonymous4:34 am

      there are two different races in one country

      There is ONLY the HUMAN RACE

      How many current countries have more than one specific group of people within their borders ?

      French / English -- Canada
      Walloon's / French -- Belgium
      French / Italian / German -- Switzerland
      Greeks / Turks -- Cyprus
      English / Welsh / Scots / Irish -- Great Britain
      Chinese / Malays / Indians / Eurasians -- Singapore

      and so on and so forth

      Re-visit your thesis ........

    5. Anonymous4:35 am



      He had no idea that he would start a revolution, because if you study revolutions, they don’t start by the state oppressing people; they start by the state creating expectations and then going back on their word.

      Then is it no logical that a revolution will start here because the ANC have not delivered on their promise?

      So potentially multiple revolutions raging at the same time?

    6. @ BN...exactly. I mentioned this 8 years ago already that our revolution will be a revolution inside another revolution.

    7. Anonymous9:12 am

      Mangina at 4:34 am

      French / English -- Canada (Thats why the French are exercising apartheid with Quebec)

      French / Italian / German -- Switzerland (The last guy i met who was there said that the Italians stay near the south and the Germans to the north and the french in the rest of the land. sounds like apartheid.

      Greeks / Turks -- Cyprus (Turks in the north segregated from the Greek south. Sounds like apartheid to me)

      English / Welsh / Scots / Irish -- Great Britain (fucking facepalms... The nations fought against each other and separated themselves. Apartheid again)

      Chinese / Malays / Indians / Eurasians -- Singapore (thats not a country. Its a city state)

      and so on and so forth (smells like bullshit)

    8. Anonymous9:12 am

      He was like a child with a big hammer who thought he could “donner” everything right.

      Describes the Mal_Ninja and LTMA to a T

    9. Anonymous9:25 am

      anon doos 4:34...

      Singapore was apartheid. Apartheid did something identical with its "live apart and work together" system as the Japs described it.

      What Singapore is to the East, Phutatijhaba was to South Africa.

      Catch a wake up, doos.

  31. Lesson from history, when you are outnumbered 12 to 1- they win you lose!

    1. Anonymous4:32 am


      You should study a broader range of historical topics.

      The settlers in the US were outnumbered.
      Australia - outnumbered.
      New Zealand - outnumbered.
      South America.

      Plenty of recent examples against former communist Russia in Europe.

      Small army in Vietnam defeated the yanks.
      Small army defeated the USSR in Afghanistan.

      The Greeks Vs Persians.

      Without brains, numbers mean shit.

    2. Tie ten cripples together ans see if they can outrun a 100m sprinter.

    3. Anonymous9:02 am

      @ 4:32am ( Mal_Ninja )

      You should study ( with more diligence )

      Small army in Vietnam defeated the yanks

      How small was it ?
      You do understand that there was a North and a South
      Viet Cong / NVA North Vietnamese Army

      "Stalking the Vietcong: Inside Operation Phoenix: A Personal Account"


      See if you can find this book in ANY library in SA
      ( Including the Military Academy )




      Thinking you have brains ( when you do not ) is a cardinal failure

    4. Anonymous9:42 am

      Modern warfare uses weapons which can kill countless thousands.

    5. Anonymous11:18 am

      @ Rivoniaboy

      Those are kiddies odds, Rorke's Drift it was 20:1 and the unwashed masses had their arses handed to them.

      Remember Weenen.

    6. Anonymous10:32 pm

      Rorke's drift... They also had spears vs long guns.

    7. Exactly. It is called force multiplication. It is how small overcome big, few overcome many. It is the core of warfare since when the first small ape picked up a stick to beat the larger ape.

    8. Anonymous11:39 pm

      @Anon 10:32

      I suppose it was cos of white racism that they only had spears, clothed themselves in animal skins, didn't have the wheel, didn't have agriculture, pre iron age level of technology...damn rayciss whitey.

      Remember Weenen.

    9. Anonymous4:23 am

      @ Anon 10:32

      You can't have it both ways, the Battle of Isandhlwana the Brits were trounced with 20000 zulu warriors vs 1800 Brits, roughly 11:1.

      The zulu used spears for that one too.
      The proven difference between the two battles was preparation. Not numbers. Not technology.

      Remember Weenen.

    10. Anonymous5:12 am


      ~Anonymous9:02 am

      Yeah I do have brains, thank you for your links.

      Quick question.

      Whos army was larger, had more resources?

      Its a trick question.

      The Vietnamese (I dont care what you call them) or the Americans?

      Dont forget they kicked two armies asses, not just one.

      The French and the Americans.

      I think you need to use your brain before you type.

      Which army was larger & had more resources at their disposal?

    11. Anonymous12:25 am

      You leave out the Chinese
      You leave out the WWII and the Japanese
      Who probably did more to change the political landscape of Indo China than anyone else
      WHO was Ho chi Minh fighting ????
      WHO was he fighting WITH ?



      Seems some people ( the very fantastic Americans ) keep on repeating the same "mistakes" over and over. Perhaps they coined the phrase -- history repeating itself. ( the French are even worse )

      I learned a lot from someone who was part of PHOENIX

      Clearly YOU do not have a brain !

    12. Anonymous8:29 am


      @Anonymous12:25 am

      See how you lost the argument, you couldnt stay on topic for 2 mins

      You have to now delve into other histories.

      Stick to the topic or else we all pull out historical documents and write long, long books.

      The question was...

      Who won Vietnam?

      The Yanks/French or Vietnamese?

      The Viets did.

      Whos armies were larger and better supplied?

      The Yanks/French or Vietnamese?

      The Yanks/French

      Stick with the program, dont go off topic.

      Why do you want to bring WW2 into the discussion of Vietnam.

      If you want to discuss WW2, then we must discuss WW1, to discuss WW1 we must discuss the European landscape of Prussia, to discuss that we have to discuss Anglo Europe and Napolean.

      To discuss those topics we have to discuss the rise, fall, rise of Anglo Britain.

      I mean, we can go back to when the Goths were invading Europe and the Japs first settled on Japan.

      Please buddy, lets stick to one topic.

      The question was...

      Who won Vietnam?

      The Yanks/French or Vietnamese?

      The Viets did.

      End of story. No need to bash me over the head over it, jeeez boet. Relax.

  32. Anonymous12:47 am

    The rise and fall of the NP...from National Party to NincomPoops.

  33. Anonymous4:39 am

    Operation Vula

    You leave out a large part of the most important features of this program.
    Those that made it really effective
    Were completely mishandled by the dumb SA security

    1. I focused on the strategical part , not the tactical. Of course one can go into a lot more detail, but then the article will be a book.

  34. Anonymous4:50 am

    Hi Mike, I think Viitje Mentor, the "rebel " ANC member has been following your blog. The reason would be that at weekend, she first made a FB post where she said she will start a hunger strike, then another couple of posts, adressed to all South Africans asking to start a peaceful revolution.

    " Vytjie Mentor
    2 hrs ·
    Those South Africans who cannot go and occupy either Parliament in CT or the Union Building in PTA can still go and occupy a single Strategic Govt. Building in their area. Others can supply food, water, sleeping bags/rugs and portable toilets. Younger people must be marshalls and keep Order. NO VIOLENCE, NO DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, JUST PEACEFUL OCCUPATION AS A MEANS OF PROTEST. People can remain at the OCCUPIED AREAS for as long as they can. As others go to rest, others join in. Others will be the HELPERS and PROVIDERS of the OCCUPIERS. NO VIOLENCE, WOMEN AND THE ELDERLY TO BE GIVEN EXTRA CARE. EMERGENCY SERVICES to be arranged to be on STANDBY. IN GOD WE TRUST"


    1. hehehe...the more the merrier. I just want Zuma and the ANC gone so that we can start sorting this country out properly.

    2. Anonymous6:03 am

      @ MS 5:29 am.

      Zuma used almost the exact words but he didn't say anc he said these whites and white capitalist monopoly.


    3. @LTMA. Good luck to him ;-)

  35. Anonymous6:51 am

    Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?
    The other day, I asked a long-time Democratic Party insider who is working on the Russia-gate investigation which country interfered more in U.S. politics, Russia or Israel. Without a moment’s hesitation, he replied, “Israel, of course.”
    Robert Parry — Consortium News April 20, 2017

    There are idiots out there that still think the kaffir is running the show.

    1. Anonymous11:59 pm

      Exactly. And it does not matter how many times you mention it the regulars still focus on the 'tool' instead of the ones brandishing the 'tool' for the higher objective.

  36. Anonymous7:24 am

    Ek is nie teleurgesteld in die kaffer ras nie. Hulle doen maar net wat van hulle te wagte is. Ek verafsku egter 70% van die boere afrikaners wat so murgloos flankeer na die kaffers uit vrees vir hul pay n pension en eie lewens. Soos Jeremia en Noag bid ek ook dat God nou maar die volk uitwis want amper elke blanke wat ek tee loop walg my. Almal kyk my met haat aan as ak na Angus ARTAPEL MOER verwys wat n Baal priester is wat FW de Klerk se mismaaksel probeer maak werk. Ek bid nou maar vir Gods oordele op die walglike blankedom ten eerste.

  37. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Hi Mike,
    Great article again. Its a lesson in one, meaning you dont just point out the facts, you provide references to the facts as well. No one can argue against that.

    The time for the revolution is ripe and it would be heaven sent when zuma goes, then what? The fundamental shift whites have to make is that they need to go for it alone. The world will be spitting nails and every country will be against white South Africa, but that would be the only guarantee for long term survival.

    White South Africans need to change their paradigm towards labour. We are lucky in that supply vs demand etc, a lot of iq 67's out strips high labour costs.If you look overseas, manual labour is very expensive. You see a number of good quality vehicles offering ironing services where I live. Its also nothing out of the ordinary to see white woman cutting the lawn or white guys mopping the floors in shopping centres. I say paradigm because it is one. When we got to Ozz a number of years ago, it was one of the biggest cultural shocks, however after a while you dont even look twice. People doing manual labour also dont get looked down on. The landscapers (garden boys) charge $50 a hour, yes thats equal to R500 a hour, but they bring all their own equipment and finish the job in a a damn short time. Hence Ausies dont have huge gardens and when they have its very manageable. Socially their is also changes, people dont often meet at each others homes but rather in cafe's or RSL's. The whole outlook is different, one also dont iron jeans, t-shirts etc. No one gives a rats bum on what you look like.


    1. Anonymous1:56 pm

      We fired the manual labour in 1982. Fuggem...

  38. Anonymous10:50 pm

    The flip side:

    Has anybody ever consider this slack jaw stetson wearing bible carrying god loving peace pushing evangelist might just be an ANC lover, a plant to sway the Christian idiots into a lull while his bosses ripped the shit out of this place.

    Just asking because the main issue was definitely not even touched in a the big gathering.

    But I suppose your Christian god acts in mysterious ways.


    1. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Anybody who prays to make this shit country work and come together as one is an enemy of the people and needs to be put down. Delusional clowns.

    2. Anonymous11:56 pm

      your going too far with your hatred for christianity. Yes, mainstream churchianity is way off the mark but the Word is the Word.
      Time to keep your hatred to yourself on this subject.

    3. Anonymous11:57 pm

      And just to add, you are playing with fire - an all Consuming Fire that is.

    4. Anonymous3:42 am

      Did anybody notice the wind of chaos that came over this meeting that they had there in th O.F.S...?

    5. Anonymous4:19 am

      You are pulling at straws, prove it, create your own blog like Mike does and come up with facts, not the kak that you wriite with no facts!

    6. Anonymous5:09 am


      @LTMA these are not Christians but are to be treated as pagans.

      "If your brother (whites/afrikaners) sins against you, [2] go and show him his fault (accepting Multiculturalism), just between the two of you.

      If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.
      But if he will not listen (23 years later - still accepting this multiculturalism) , take one or two others along, so that `every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.' [3]
      If he refuses to listen to them (which he has), tell it to the church (problem is the Church now accept gays/lesbos, accept multiculturalism); and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

      After what I saw this past Saturday, I wash my hands clean. Those pagans have their place...

      Cannon fodder for the Karasites. Use them as shields, use them as batons but never call them your brothers.

      For they are pagans and nothing more. They accept an abomination called Multiculturalism and want to cry, yet you point out the error in their ways which has led to their destruction and they tell you, that you are the crazy one, the racist one...

      I rest my case, wash my hands.

      I have told them, many of them, more than once.

      Now treat them as pagans. Carrying + reading the bible, showing up for meetings doesnt mean they actually understand it.

      Perhaps the Lord has cut off their understanding for a reason to make a point.

      SA is the point - its an abject failure under multiculturalism.

      LTMA refer to them as Christian pagans, they never were Christians.

    7. Anonymous5:38 am

      Angus Bachus resemble the Baal priests in the time of Elijah.

      He is part of the false Christians with their so-called peace and love preaching. They all claim to be Christians ,but their deeds reveal support for terrorism, hate for holiness(Separateness ,Apartheid),murder white people who has a different opinion of them, rape white people wherever they can, robberies, arsonists, destroyers, people who is too lazy and stupid to do anything for themselves. They support sodomy, backstabbers, traitors ,evildoers and whatever sin their is they support it.

      1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

      7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

      8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

      9 But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

    8. Anonymous5:49 am

      Ja this stetson only has men at his meetings most of the time no women allowed now that is fine and dandy. Why are women excluded from alot of his venues not talking about the one in OFS but the regular ones that he holds.what is his problem.If some people like him go ahead and follow him. there are others who do not like him leaves us out of the equation next case please.

    9. Anonymous12:30 pm

      @ BN.

      How does that saying go, an artist is only recognized after his death.

      Well mate, you I can say will only be heard and appreciated after the shit has come and delivered the unspeakable upon these that ridicule you.

      My own opinion is that we have lost this one, there will not be the strength, stamina and will to fight off this curse, the whites will go without a fight, they will want to negotiate peace and terms and they will lose all.

      Like our Northerly neighbours did, I remember those Rhodesian boys said that the tards were not so bad and they could make a go of it, they negotiated and complied to all the demands and law changing and that just led to more demands and law changes and more and more and eventually arrest and detention because certain people were deemed a threat to the state and the farm attacks and intimidation started to escalate. Well I need not say anymore look at the shit hole that the world calls Zimbabwe today.

      The place that the world will know a Azania will be just as big shit hole and somewhere someone will remember it as a place once called South Africa where the white man thought he could live, trust and negotiate with something that evolution left behind.

      Whites like this stetson wearer will have contributed to the decay as much as showerhead has.


    10. Anonymous12:07 am

      Rhodesian boys said that the tards were not so bad and they could make a go of it

      I can see that you completely fail to understand how this stuff works.

      I wonder if you have ever read any of the material Mr Smith mentions in his articles -- like "Peoples War"
      One wants to help you see the bigger picture , the reality -- this is probably as unlikely as Zuma stepping down.

      The average "Tard" for the most part are like any one else -- want to have a peaceful life and earn the daily crust , have a wife and a family and sit in the sun and drink beer. He / She is not interested in politics / war / monopoly capital etc etc

      SOME do NOT
      THEY want to be the -- BIG CHIEF
      So everyone else must OBEY
      Now a lot of this is already built into the psyche -- go with the flow -- be one with the MOB
      IF you do NOT obey you lose everything including your life and that of your families
      At this stage it is pretty hard to resist -- even if you want to !

      What do I know -- I was only there and saw it all first hand

      The mistake the Rhodesian's ( and South Africans ) made was NO PLAN B / C / D
      Just like Piet Retief

      What happens in a commercial undertaking when one of the parties defaults ????

      Do you have plan B
      Do you go bankrupt ?

      When YOUR annihilation squad is down to the last rounds , no food , no water , no medical supplies
      WHAT are YOU going to do ??????????

      When you START with Plan B WHAT is left ?????

    11. Anonymous12:50 am


      Christians believe in Christ (Christ-ian)
      Those whom you despise are not Christians.

      Mat 7
      22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’


      Make sure you understand the distinction, between true Christians and anti-christians, who profess to be Christian.

    12. Anonymous12:55 am

      Apart from the religious bit. I agree with you. You are right. You know whats sad? Go onto any Rhodesian website , man thats enough to make you cry. Its faded photo's of when things were great. They tried to negotiate , in other words bring them to the same level. Fat lot of good that did them. Remember the RLI or Selous Scouts, damn they were legendary, could go to hell and kick Nick in the balls and come back to celebrate. By the way I agree with you on the Stetson hat wearer as well.


    13. Anonymous3:55 am



      Boet, when they become desperate their eyes might open in hope for something, someone. Even those nay sayers on here will have to make a cold hard decision in the end but time will shortly be upon us when choosing which side they are on will be a matter of life or death.

      Like I said, my vision spans hundreds of years into the future.

      I can see past todays bumps in the road.

      If you guys have a 500 year vision, a plan, a destination, then NOTHING these Karasite short term thinkers can do can make you waiver.

      If we can agree on the dream, the goal, and share my ambition which is three fold.

      1. Borders to the equator.
      2. No Karasites.
      3. Christian country.

      If you think you can have a 1st world country here with Karasites - you best immigrate now! Never going to happen.

      If it could have worked, would have worked - time to try something new. If it worked for others it will work for us.

      Those are the pillars, we will build it brick by brick until it is achieved. This is why its important to plant the seed right now into the midns of the young ones.

      No matter what, no matter how long it takes us, we take back EVERYTHING and then some more.

      For every innocent life taken by a Karasite, millions will perish. During a peaceful hand over they murdered the whites in cold blood.

      I will not forget, I will not roll over, I will NEVER give up. Right until the very end.

      And no mercy for the traitor liberals in this country who sold out, who continue to sell out - many in the DA are perfect tests.

    14. Anonymous6:43 am

      @ Anon 12:07 am.

      I am not blaming the old Rhodies, they tried and tried they gave and accommodated and they were sold down the river by politicians their greed.

      I use Rhodesia as my example because it was our neighbour and now its the example to these brain dead, dull eyed space kadets that we sit with.

      These retards think Bob is a bloody hero, so do I BTW, he has done an excellent job of fucking his own over just as showerhead will do but the difference is that I am in the middle and I am not going to get fucked over by a 20- IQ idiotic moron.


  39. Anonymous1:08 am

    @LTMA in away you have a point there to consider.Not overly impressed with that slack jaw stetson.Sometimes he has no manners as well never removes that hat of his either when he speaks to the public.Not saying you have to remove it every time but on certain occasions remove the damn thing its just good manners.

    1. Anonymous12:55 pm

      @Anon 1:08 am: Angus told his wife to shave her doos for him so now he's completely bald.

  40. Anonymous5:31 am


  41. Anonymous6:04 am

    How long does Angus Bachus want to learn that covering up and praying for liberals with their unholy, ungodly multiculturalism is not going help any of the false Christians.

    To which god does he pray? To the God of the Bible? No definitely not. He and his supporters are calling on Baal like those in Elijah's time.

    So righteously wrong they interpret scriptures to their own downfall and destruction.

    (BAAL means LORD) for those who don't know.

    1King 18:25 And Elijah said unto the prophets of Baal, Choose you one bullock for yourselves, and dress it first; for ye are many; and call on the name of your gods, but put no fire under.

    26 And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they leaped upon the altar which was made.

    27 And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.

    28 And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.

    29 And it came to pass, when midday was past, and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded.

    Can you people see why your prayers are not answered. You can even call YHVH upon his name, but he will not answer you, because you do not care about HIS laws and prophecies. If you reject holiness ,(separateness, apartheid) he will reject you.

    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    Leviticus 19:2 Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye shall be holy: for I YHVH your God am holy.

    Telling people to stop drinking, smoking, stealing, whoring does not help anything when you neglect to address the sins that matter.

    Angus Bachus should inform his crowd that it's an abomination in YHVH's eyes to do mix marriages, sodomy, multiculturalism, liberalism which is the foundation where all these major sins originated which cause YHVH not to hear your prayers.

    15 Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith YHVH.

    16 Thus saith YHVH, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.

    17 Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken.

    18 Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them.

    19 Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it.

    2 Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

    Any person out there claiming to be a Christian ,does the laws and prophecies not matter for you? If it doesn't then you are a false Christian. For how long do you want to carry on, calling the holiness that YHVH requires from each of you , RACISM? You seem to care more about hurting the feelings of ungodly people than caring about God and your salvation.

    Revelation 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    1. Anonymous7:37 am


      @Anonymous6:04 am

      How glad I am to see that I am not the only one who has read the bible.

      He is a hypocrite, says he is not racist but only adopts black children. No Indians, whites or coloured children.

      True liberal racist, hates white people.

    2. Anonymous9:58 am


      @Anonymous6:04 am

      How very refreshing it is to see someone who has read and knows the scripture.

    3. Anonymous10:51 pm

      Quoting a bunch of religious texts is not going to help anything.

    4. Anonymous11:34 pm

      Boere_ninja you make a good point about who he adopts,one can see this man for who he is.go look up Bruce Winship on nose week.This Bruce used to be the right hand man of Angus.Mr Bruce is a dodgy and shitty building contractor form KZN who used to organize the mighty men meetings for old Angus.Bruce Winship with held R30 million from building crontractors and their workers.Bruce also used to be the administrator for Shalom Ministries that belong to Angus.So Angus has dealings with shady characters,that says alot about Angus..At least a number towns in Scotland and Ireland have band Angus for good, shows one alot of people abroad do not want this man around either.

    5. Anonymous9:18 am

      So explain to us oh wise master guru why America gets blessed with wealth and freedom when they export porn, export drugs, bombs, more porn, gay marriage etc.

      we did none of that stuff and we got shafted.

    6. Anonymous11:19 pm

      @anonymous9;18 am Who are you referring to.

  42. Anonymous6:22 am

    The guy with the Stetson has bipolar disorder and anger issues and could not make a go of farming himself in Zambia. He would sit in the Zambian dust and scream at rocks to go away. So his wife took him to church to try to get him to calm down - and then he hit on the same business model as Rhema church. He is the last person who should be preying on farmers, but there he is. He couldn't grow a potato on a compost heap in his back yard.

  43. Whiteman11:01 am

    What must we read into the riots and plundering at Coligny in the western Transvaal ? Three houses belonging to whites destroyed ? And many shops. And all this, immediately after the big angus-bash in Bloemfontein. Something smells funny. Maybe those thousands of people only prayed for specific towns or areas ? Or maybe Coligny did not pay their " protection money ? " I can not help to wonder about all these things.

    1. Anonymous10:50 pm

      Hopefully others in those regions are already planning and in the process of moving to the Cape.

  44. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Anyone who can't see that the potato farmer is a false prophet/opportunist is a poephol.good luck with your mighty moffie multiculti shitshow.

    1. Anonymous2:12 am

      I saw 99.9% whiteys there?

    2. Whiteman6:19 am

      Anonymous 2:12 am, I have been looking for a reliable objective account of the number of nignogs at the angus-bash. Even if you are out a bit, it shows a VERY important reality. There are church type people who insist that 80% of the nignogs are christians ! Now if these nignogs christians were really serious about the rainbow dream, they would have been there in their millions. What a tragic load of bullshit all these things are ! Can you really blame any whitey, who just wants to pack up, and bugger off overseas ?

  45. Anonymous1:58 pm

    I apologize for going off topic, but I have often wondered why, if there are so many whites that are destitute do the farmers not hire them and put them up on the farm, instead of our BBBEEE brethren ?

    I can't really accept that all whites would want a higher wage compared to a black farm worker, especially when it is a step up from hungry and homeless ?

    Granted, I know NOTHING about what it takes to run a commercial farm, are there are quotas on staff to be BEE compliant ?

    Anyone have any thoughts or inputs ?

    Remember Weenen.

    1. Anonymous8:31 pm

      A very good question!

    2. Anonymous1:57 am

      There is a black pastor in America. Pastor Manning. Manning states that blacks are losers and hate whitey because blacks cannot compete with us and thus resort to hate and communism as a means by which to compete and win.

      the exception to the rule is the Zulu. The Zulu competed against us and soundly defeated us in the blue collar job market. You can see how a team of zulu guys can do construction and refuse removal better than whites can.

      Can you picture a bunch of spoilt brat white guys working as fast as black guys do when removing wheely bins? Not a chance. Expecially whites who are too lazy to make their fucking beds.

      The zulus beat us fair and square in this department (which is why the zulu king and elders in the zulu nation dont hate on whitey - because they arent total losers. They are losers in everywhere except blue collar jobs.)

      So for this reason blacks will be prefered for these "kaffir" jobs. And rightly so. You cannot hire inferior whites for a job for that is AA and BEE in itself.

    3. Anonymous3:47 am


      Anonymous1:58 pm

      I have asked myself that question hundreds of times over. I have no idea why the whites do not hire whites now with everything that is happening.

    4. Anonymous4:53 am

      The commercial farms you talk about have a couple of hostels for their laborers. How do you think will whitey last between these murderers. The farmer himself will be killed if he fires all blacks and hire whites only.

      Picture yourself the mess what will happen. If I had a big farm or more than one farm, I would split it up in smaller pieces and look out for white bretheren and give it to them for free in order to attract more whites around me. That way, we all can help each other in this dark hour.

      But how do you know a liberal, he would rather let Mal Emma and baboons confiscate the land and give it to blacks before he would split up his farm in smaller pieces to help others and himself.

      Even better ,they run after Angry Bachus and do false prayers and believe Baal will protect them from the evil.

      The writing is on the wall. It's too late now. No ointment will solve this rotten sore, but war only.

    5. Anonymous8:52 am

      @ Whiteman,

      I see what you're saying and do agree, it's not an easy topic, nor palatable to some. I would like to see an article of that nature in the future, but that is up to our host.

      @ Anon 1:57

      We all have strengths and weaknesses. I have done my fair share of manual labour(trenching for cable) February heat is no joke.
      Working alongside the zulu labourers I realised they're more resilient when it came to the heat, but they can't work on an empty stomach. If we didn't eat breakfast after the truck was offloaded, work went along at a snails pace. I managed because I had to manage, the duty to my family, as I am sure any destitute white would also have to manage.

      @ Anon 4:53,

      It is a sticky situation, especially firing all the blacks to hire whites. That's not what I am saying though. If a farm were started brand-new, you could surely hire who you wanted to work your farm ? The hostels could even be closer to the main farm house, because there would be no cultural divide between farmer and worker. There'd be safety in numbers that way...

      Thanks for the reasonable responses team

      Remember Weenen.

    6. Anonymous9:13 am


      My fear is that what they want you to think. With wars comes:

      League of nations (the great war)
      United Nations (World war 2)
      ??????????? (World War 3)

    7. Anonymous11:16 am

      Don't have any illusions. I respect a white car guard more than the down and out drug addicted whites doing the rounds begging for "train fare". I would never rent a room to a poor white, the skelm would rob me blind and blame his lack of morals on the way his great-great-auntie was molested during the Boer War.

      Angus Buchan is unbiblical and an idolator. He repeatedly stresses that women must treat their husbands as "priest, prophet and king". I am all for TLC, but the appellations of priest, prophet and kind are reserved for Jesus Christ alone, not some doos with a comb in his sock and a Nissan 1400 bakkie.

      Nevertheless a lot of dumb Afrikaners worship the ground that old Angus walks on. If it makes them happy, let them have it, the fucken idiots.

  46. Whiteman11:28 pm

    RW, this is a VERY complex subject with many fasets. Culture, history, perceptions, finance, and religion plays a role. And every farmer you speak to, will have a different opinion, either for, or against your proposal. Maybe Mike would be interested to write an article, and open a debate around this VERY controversial subject. I can tell you, the sparks will probably fly !