29 March 2017

Zuma’s last hours before “checkmate”

By Mike Smith

29th of March 2017

The writing was on the wall for Zuma last year on the day the top four banks in SA closed the accounts of his Indian puppet masters the Guptas and they fled “sak-en-pak” to Dubai.

Till this day there is no real explanation from the banks as to why they closed Oakbay accounts, apart from “dubious transactions” we heard of in the media coming from the Public Protector’s report on State Capture. The EFF came closer to the truth when they claimed that Zuma is the money smuggler for the Guptas and have smuggled billions of stolen taxpayer’s money out of the country for the Guptas…for a fee of course.

Problem is that these banks have their own puppet masters in Britain and the USA and they don’t like competition when it comes to ripping South Africans off.

I can only imagine that a conversation between these big bankers would go something like this:

Rotschild: “Say Rocky old chap, what do you think of these Gupta coolies stealing taxpayer’s money down in good old SA?”

Rockefeller: “Say what Rothy? Stealing money from South African taxpayers?? …But that is OUR job!!! We cannot have that. We have to do something. Do they have accounts with us? Close their damn accounts. Let us show them who is the boss.”

Sounds farfetched? Not so. Even the libtard media has now exposed the conspiracy and handbag war between the international bankers (ANC calls them “White Monopoly Capital”) and the Zupta fraternity.

Zuma vs Pravin. Is it checkmate?

Apparently the conspiracy is called “Operation Checkmate” and the intelligence community is well aware of it.

This is the reason why the useless President (yours not mine) Zuma ordered Finance Minister Pravin Gordon and his sidekick Jonas back to SA from their overseas trip. They were about to go and speak to the “White Monopoly Capital” about how to get rid of Zuma and his Gupta cronies and Zuma wanted to prevent the talks at all cost. Maybe he hasn’t heard of Skype yet.

People in crisis go into panic and do funny things. You will often see a soldier who panics in a crisis situation that he will run out from behind cover straight into a hail of bullets. Zuma is doing the same.

Nevertheless, just the fact that Standard Bank and Citibank are involved already tells you a lot. It is quite a well known fact that Citibank is a CIA front and Standard Bank the British MI6 equivalent. Former CEO of Citibank John M Deutch was also CIA director under Bill Clinton in 1995-1996.

The Crimes of Citibank – more CIA connections

Nora Slatkin, the former executive director of the C.I.A., notified the agency that she was considering a position at Citibank while she was still monitoring the Deutch case inside the agency, records of the agency show.

NY Times - Former C.I.A. Director Helped Official Monitoring Inquiry of Him to Find a New Job

Nevertheless, they are pushing Zuma into a corner. He has two options; Flee to some socialist banana republic (probably Sudan with his big mate Omar al-Bashir) or fight like a demon as a dictator.
We are in for "People's War" part two.

He has already showed that he has no problem to deploy the army for Parliament. So he will pull out all the stops. MK Vets, Narysec youth brigade, ANC Youth League, ANC women’s league, etc to keep him in power and in typical Africoon Dictator Style he won’t care how many people die in a race war or what happens to the Rand and the economy.

Unfortunately for him, he is going to lose. He has saddled up a horse he can’t ride. He will now learn how the world really works and he will learn a lesson that these mighty men in the world are extremely vindictive and will destroy him and not only will he be kicked to the curb, they will come after him until only a blood stain against the wall remains. They will destroy his entire extended family and those of the Guptas…

Just ask the Boers what happened to them when they stood up against these guys. They will come after you for decades and they don’t care how long it takes…they will destroy you until nothing is left. Boers are still suffering today.

Just look at Apartheid and the NATS. They held out quite Long. 40 Years. South Africa was practically self sufficient. All those sports boycotts and economic sanctions had hardly any effect on the economy or the Rand…Until September 1985 when Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank called in all the short term loans after PW Botha’s disasterous Rubicon Speech. The NATS saw the writing on the wall. There was no way they could do business anywhere in the world after that. They had no other way, but to toe the line and do as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds said.

The eventual handover to the ANC was just a simple formality after a small palace revolution where bombastic PW Botha was replaced by Fuck Wit de Klerk. CODESA was a farce. The “Democratic” elections were rigged. In KZN more people voted than were living there. In the Cape ANC supporters were bused in from the Eastern Cape, many with two, three or even four ID documents. Large scale intimidation of UDM and Inkatha supporters were reported, yet Pink Frikkie de Klerk declared the election “free, fare and democratic”…Ja right.

Zuma’s days are numbered. He just doesn’t know it yet. He thinks he is clever and mighty. Poor idiot. I won’t call it “checkmate”, because chess is what the stupid Communists play...The West plays Monopoly.


  1. Anonymous4:17 am


    When I read that Zuma wants to have these banks investigated I had to laugh. This man cannot even count, yet wants to play with the money changers of the world.

    I would not be surprised if he is taken out.

    Well said, lets see how this plays out now.

    1. I cannot believe that he hasn't been taken out yet. Surely there is someone with brains and balls in that useless lot?

    2. Anonymous8:14 am

      Hmmm...time to put fresh champagne in the fridge...remember that Siener story about that impy that dies a violent death? Sounds promising indeed!

    3. We can only hope & pray?

      I think he got a bit of a "snotklap" in the cabinet meeting last night, but the bastard is so devious [probably because he's being instructed by the Guptas], let's see what his next move is.

    4. Anonymous5:46 am


      @Anonymous8:14 am

      Ive been thinking the same thing, lets see how it plays out. With his stuff ups, wouldnt surprise me at all.

  2. Anonymous5:10 am

    Just wondering what is going to happen afterwards. How quickly do they clean up the mess as in Hawks, SOE's etc etc. Maybe I am wrong but to me a big split in the cna circus would be better and the fucks disappear in the distance dust. But thanks for the heads up, always like reading your blog.

  3. Anonymous5:28 am

    I wonder if Gordhan hasn't already had preliminary talks with the Bank Bosses. Like you said Mike - nothing a Skype session won't fix. Zuma is living in a delusional utiopa. He thinks the Liberals in Europe will back him up. Now, I know that the Merkels out there are too p**s onnosel to see it yet. But as soon as this mindless drivel about the dune coon immigrates open their eyes, gaan hulle hom in die hol loer. I don't know the ANC think they are this special entity, like some parents think their halfbred, incorrigible werf ettertjies is special and is worthy of attention. Zuma...die wêreld gee nie n fok om oor jou nie!

  4. Anonymous6:11 am

    Considering how things are playing out shit isnt to far off now. Looking at the munts in power and the munts in the street something is going to go down. White witch hunts everywhere you look, the arrogance and racism of these munts are reaching fever pitch. Saddle up gents think we are headed straight for a shit storm. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous11:07 am

      What is different from the last time you said this 3.5 years ago when mandela died?

    2. Anonymous9:31 pm

      Anon 11:07. Remember a storm dkesnt always howl at maximum speed there are brief periods where its looks as if it has passed. So we have seen a storm move closer and then its calmer. Does not mean the storm wont hit us. I would rather be wrong at the end of the day than be unprepared for my family to suffer. My 5c. Vaalpens

  5. Whiteman6:43 am

    Do you guys remember how just before 1994 the " enlightened leaders, " warned that voting " no " would cause a bloodbath in SA ? And that really scared the shit out of most people. Because after all, there was all the history of Africa to use as reference. There was the bush war, and land mines, and all the terrible attacks by the anc " freedom fighters, " on innocent civilians. But what have we actually seen in this country ? How do you define a bloodbath ? Is it the number of people ? Is it the time factor ? Is it the type of fighting and/or murder ? I am always surprised when the libturds shit on the patriots when they talk about war as they only option. Like in the previous article, a person shits on BN, and laments about three hundred women who get raped, and infected with aids ? Is it better, or more humane, if you spread them over, say five years, or is it worse if they get raped in one week ? And I have to ask. Are they libturd feminazi type females in the first place ? The patriots definitely don't want to save those types. That is why we will take our women to places of safety, and then take on the enemy. And we know they come in all the colours of the rainbow. And this my friends, explains why the libturds react the way they do. They are going to be MOERED from both sides. Being raped by an aids infested nignog, will probably be of the more humane punishments, compared to what the angry white patriots are going to dish out !

    1. Anonymous8:56 am

      Did you even bother too look at what happened in BOSNIA / CROATIA / SERBIA

      I can see you still have not the faintest inkling of the kind of shit you wish for

      So tell me WHAT do you do with 300,000 white woman infected with HIV ??????
      They certainly will NOT be breeding anymore WHITE kids !

    2. Whiteman10:10 pm

      Anonymous 8:56 am, no sane person will ever like war. It is a fact though, that professional soldiers like war, because people choose their careers/jobs, because that is what they like to do for a living. ( Be careful though, to criticize them, because they can save your arse. ) Now because I am a patriot, I accept that war is sometimes the only way to save my nation and/or country. It is however wise, to first explore all non violent options, just like my forefathers did, before the Boer War. But there comes any time, when you have to be realistic, and take that terrible last option. Now you obviously, after twenty plus, years have not reached that point yet. Will you ever reach that point ? Unfortunately the thinking patriots can not give you any more time. So the FIFO principle will apply. ( Fit In Or Fuck Off. ) When you get killed in the NSA, it is not important if you are one of ten, or one of three hundred thousand. Finally, I leave you with the words of a wise man : There can be NO peace, without a WAR !

    3. Whiteman, what is this Anon 8:56 dingbat suggesting? That everybody just sits back and waits to be butchered?

      You are speaking as a military man [remember, I know you are] to an "enlightened liberal" who can only identify the problems, but offers fuckall in the way of solutions. His only solution being capitulation? He doesn't realise that with his attitude he has already capitulated and is merely waiting to be slaughtered.

      Los hulle, Boet. Laat hulle vir hulle kry waarvoor hulle bleikbaar so gretig is,

      This isn't Bosnia / Croatia / Serbia, etc. This is Africa and we who have been there and done that, know what we're up against. If the odds overwhelm us, so be it, but at least we won't go out with a whimper.

      Eendrag maak mag.

    4. Anonymous5:45 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations11:09 pm

      I want to know where he comes up with the 300,000 number?

      Why not 299,000 or 301,000, or 299,999 - like where does this 300,000 come from?

      There have been over 300,000 rapes since 1994...


      They worry about the wrong shit.

      Yes we have seen what happened in Bosnia, Croatia & Serbia. We are all well aware of that.

      Did you see what happened in Ukraine when people handed their weapons in to the communists and never fought back or in China?

      So in other words - dont fight, get raped slowly.

      If you mention arm, train, unite, prepare - then we are all idiots because the 300,000 women you know standing besides the road will get raped and oh dont forget to look at Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

      So whats your solution?

      This guy continually comes on here knocking everyone, mentioning NWO, crying about Bosnia and other wars but offers no solution.

      If you asked me, sounds more like an agent working for the govamunt.

      South Africa is more complex than the former Yugoslavia, if you think it is only going to be black on white violence then you dont know SA very well.

      The distrust that attacking the whites will cause among the black tribes will cause them to attack each other before attacking the whites.

      Who will rule the various tribes? Which black president? Which tribe does he come from?

      Everyone is so scared of the land thing for whites but dont forget, when it comes to taking land, they are also going to be fighting over who owns what, among the various black tribes.

      They take a farm on the border of KZN and Eastern Cape & then the Zulu king tells the Xhosa king - Hey pal, thats my farm and then...

      The situation here thankfully is complex. Its not as simple as a Zimbabwe with 40,000 whites.

    5. Anonymous1:43 am

      Are so easy to -- "knock"

      In EVERY case of violence against whites in AFRICA
      Did ANY black grouping fight among THEMSELVES
      BEFORE turning on whitey ?
      It is always -- the most easily identifiable grouping -- the one to which most hate has been directed --ie the whites that are attended to FIRST !

      Please show us otherwise ......
      I am sure YOUR vast knowledge of the historical process of decolonisation in Africa will produce numerous examples to prove YOUR point !

    6. Anonymous1:50 am

      @ Tomkats Tribulations

      Why not do yourself a favour and have a look at what de la REY said to Paul Kruger in the volksraad when there was talk about war with the British Empire

      De la Rey was elected commandant of Lichtenburg district and became a member of the Volksraad in 1883. A supporter of General Piet Joubert's progressive group and a political opponent of Paul Kruger, he disapproved of Kruger's attitude to the Uitlanders (immigrants who came to the Reef after gold was discovered in the Transvaal) and he was against inviting armed conflict with Britain. Nevertheless, he helped to capture the Jameson raiders. When speakers in the Raadzaal called for war, De la Rey condemned it as premature, unsound and unnecessary. Angrily Kruger denounced this attitude as cowardly, only to be answered by De La Rey comparing the relative strength of the British Empire and the Boer republics.


      Was de la Rey a "CAPITULATOR" ?????

      How can anyone work with people who know so little / NOTHING !

    7. Anonymous12:42 pm

      Where do I get 300,000 from ?

      Well I have posted this numerous times before but it would appear you never saw it / were not bothered to check it out / were too lazy / did not understand ?


      This website explains EXACTLY where every one lives
      It is obviously possible to drill down for more detail -- as I am sure the the government models in certain state departments do.

      As you are aware there was a census in 2016 which means some of the figures are a bit outdated


      Please look at it and tell me WHERE the 4 -5 million whites live ?
      The demographic breakdown ........

  6. Anonymous7:02 am

    Oddly enough, I'm quite optimistic.

    Reading a few news articles it seems Zuma may have 'asked' Gordhan to resign and Gordhan has refused.

    Perhaps Zuma does fear a backlash?

    Either way he got owned in the international media today by being refused to attend Kathrada's funeral and having a letter read by his former deputy president asking him to resign. All on TV everywhere.

    Even Cosatu and the SACP are talking against him, and they're supposed to be his major backers.

  7. The coming race war is not too far away, I just hope that the blacks start to become nationalist's within their tribes before that day come. That would give us whites a change to stand on the sideline and look at them destroying each other as they has been doing for centuries.

    The xenophobic attacks that are happening every so often is in my mind not too negative, but the farm murders are still far more than the xenophobia and that is not good. I would like to see Zuma sitting in the President's chair until the next election as he are doing more harm to the ANC than what any political party will ever be able to do. If Zuma should survive his term the Rand would be in the range of 30 to the Dollar if it is not in a worse situation. That would even out the minimum wages and put the poor in a much worse situation than what they are finding themselves in today. That would cause a breakdown in ANC loyalty but it would put businesses that are exporting in a good position and would give them a chance of entering the international market in a big way. That would mean the ones that are following up the ANC would step into a growing economy and it would be up to them if they can use it to their advantage or the countries people.

    What is a fact is that white people should start to prepare themselves for the coming short term in sinking of the economy to use it to their own advantage to reach some form of self-determination.

    1. Anonymous8:22 am

      It doesn't look like Zuma will survive his term, his own party members, even those in the 'top six' are openly against him.

    2. Anonymous8:57 am

      Just ask the PORTUGUESE in ANGOLA and MOZAMBIQUE how THAT little story worked out ....!!!!!!!!
      You people have NO idea -- NONE

    3. Anonymous9:06 am

      Mr Smith
      I apologise if I am a bit harsh on your fan club

      I get SO tired of the unreality that some of them live in.

      I think they think that the karasites are just going to say

      Yes Baas , No Baas , Whatever you say Baas
      I am bust packing for Timbuktu

      I do not / have not / yet seen ANYTHING that indicates to me that ANYONE is really ready for the scale and type of shit that is going to go down
      Has any workable feasible plan ( not talking about holing up in your little hide away waiting for the shit to blow over )

      Let the bats tell you what Angola and Luanda was like in 1975

      Perhaps you need to ask some of the "bats" that were in Angola in 1975 with Operation Savannah ( and before ) to tell these later day GV's what a PROPER civil war and the collapse of a country looks like

      SA will be probably 100 times worse

    4. Anonymous11:16 am

      Another Naive Afrikaner. Nationalism ends race wars. Apartheid was forced nationalism and the blacks who opted into nationalism refrained from waging race wars against us. Remember the king of the zulus who praised apartheid?

    5. Anonymous11:21 am

      More naivity from you. A weakening rand does not help except in the immediate short term. Then local prices start to spiral out of control and whatever gains are made are eaten up very quickly. (thats what actual exporters tell us to our faces)

    6. @Anon. 8:57/9:06 ...So are you going to say what you want to say or should we guess what goes on in your head? Actually we have some former "bats" on this blog. We also have some green boots and guys from 32. We have some former Takies and even some former mercenaries. Now apparently, according to you, none of them seems to have "a feasible plan" or know what they up against. All idiots right? So kindly enlighten us with your superior knowledge of how to become "really ready" or shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, because I am really getting sick and tired of guys like you who Know-it-all but stand back telling others how stupid and naïve they are without offering anything constructive to help.

      Like I said before, I don't give a flying fuck if you were a trained killer squirrel back in 1976, because ten years later the war was completely different and today 40 years later it is horribly different. Now unless you have kept up your training, fitness and maintenance of your skills and kept up with technological and geo-political advancements and changes, you are practically USELESS to our cause. Frankly...it is 2017, not 1976. Time to wake up.

    7. Anonymous9:10 pm

      @ anon 9:06 am.

      When last were you in the mix?

      Actually do you have any fucking clue what you are talking about?

      I suppose you were a bat is 76 or were you SF maybe, just maybe. I think you're one of the 9 million recces today the claim badge. We seem to be having a problem because there are more ex recces like you than what we trained back in the day.

      Its OK I won't tell anybody where you purchased you bagde and beret.

      Let me say this for the last fucking time. People like you should take your shit shove it up your arse and digest it. You lot are afraid, afraid of today, tomorrow and even yesterday although it is past you still fear it.

      You seem to think that most of us here are toy soldiers playing some video game, well stfu and understand. Most of the men here have sacrificed and understand what sacrifice is, most of these old boys know that when the shit storm comes more than half of us are not going to come out the other side.

      You see, we will rather go down fighting than beg for mercy and cry in fear.

      Your type beg mercy before the sword and shed water in hope of mercy. I have a name for your type but I refrain from using it here.

      Have you any idea what modern civil war looks like, have you been in the hotseat lately, can you describe to me how the supposedly armed forces of an African country engage the rebels in conflict, can you?

      Please enlighten me let me see your ground experience and observations.

      I wasn't in Luanda in 76 but I was up that way a few years later and believe me we didn't do that badly, later years I did a bit of sightseeing in other places, the old boys club from SA actually was should I say rather respected for their abilities and efficiency.

      Please do yourself a favour, do not class everybody in the category that you and some other your types fall into.

      The fact that you lot read here and then post your all knowing, done everything, saw everything and now are auctioning their shit stained under rods just proves that you never had the mettle in the day and still don't possess it in this day.

      Go back to your impressive braai stories and long tales and leave us to our own, you see birds of a feather flock together so if we are delusional and unrealistic, we will live with it, we never asked you to save us and we are not going to be depending on you to save us, "Whew! Says 906.

      When you are ready which you think you are now, why don't you join me for a refresher and let me introduce you to preparedness.


    8. @ Mike,
      Re your comment Zuma being a Gupta money-laundering courier.
      + - 2 years ago SA tycoon Wiese was caught on Heathrow[?] airport with approx. 900,000 £'ns in cash.
      This 'bust' went viral.
      Likewise 4mnths ago, 'someone' was caught with R10m cash on Oliver Thambo boarding a SAL flight.
      Since then....nada. Not a fcn word.
      How does one go about to stir this pot a little ?

    9. Anonymous10:58 pm

      I am very awake
      You do however misquote what I said

      Which was
      Ask the bats that were in Luanda and Angola in 1975 what civil war and the collapse of a country looks like
      The later battles in Angola were very different in the sense that it was army against army and not many civilians were involved. In any case by that time most of the white civil population had already left Angola

      I never said that none of these old soldiers do not have "plans"
      What I said was that I do not see s -- "government in waiting"
      By this I mean an organised and effective and competent grouping ready to step in and GOVERN
      When / after the shit goes down.
      I do NOT mean AWB and other assorted ignorant bully boys

      In any case I never suggested that I was a -- "killer-squirrel"

      I am an analyst
      How many of those do you have on -- "your-team"

      How many WESTPOINT Masters / PhD graduates ?
      How many SANDHURST Masters / Phd graduates ?
      How many Military Academy Masters / PhD graduates ?

      1975 Angola
      1991 Yugoslavia

      How different is the violent break-up / civil war and collapse of ANY country ?

      Technological and geo-political advances .......

      In AFRICA the "stone-age" continent
      WHAT sort of war do you imagine waging when there is
      NO OIL ( fuel )
      NO electricity
      NO "supermarkets"
      NO piped tap water
      In short as Siener said -- NOTHING moves in the Republic !

      Perhaps you can tell us how you foresee the situation unfold when / if the shit goes down ?
      I am talking BIG picture

      Directorate Operations Evaluation and Doctrine Evaluation of Operation Savannah
      Copy n 16 HS/11/3/14/2 27 April 1976
      ( Declassified 5.5.2008 )

      "Angola the Failure of Operation Savannah 1975"
      Author Miguel Junior
      Publisher AuthorHouse, 2015

    10. @Anon 8:57/9:06...9:06 you said: "I do not / have not / yet seen ANYTHING that indicates to me that ANYONE is really ready for the scale and type of shit that is going to go down" ya so..whats your point? All wars are terrible! Whether they are killing us 1 at a time,like they are doing now or they wipe us out in 1 go..whats the difference, no body lives for ever, are you going to live forever? Piss off with your negative bullshit, i'm sure others on this blog are tired of reading your bullshit. They can only kill
      us once, fine then we are dead, better dead than to serve theses vile dirty fuckheads, fuck you man, No One Lives For EVER.

    11. Anonymous6:16 am

      Remember, there are 4.5 MILLION whites in SA, not under 300 000 like in Rhodesia and far less in the Portuguese territories.

    12. For you Anon 8:57 / 9:06

      I.D. du Plessis

      Jy sê die stryd is verlore,
      Ons nasie te arm en klein,
      Ons taal uit 'n drang gebore
      Wat een van die dae verdwyn?
      My broer, dit mag heeltemal waar wees.
      Wie weet wat die toekoms gaan baar?
      Miskien moet ons oormôre klaar wees.
      Om weer hierdie droom te laat vaar;
      Maar as ons net altyd moet strewe
      Na wat tot oorwinning gaan lei,
      Wat baat dan die stryd van die lewe
      Waarin ons onseker moet bly?
      Solank jou bedoelings maar goed is,
      Gaan jy jou oor neerlae kwel?
      Solank jy volhard en vol moed is -
      Dis tog die probeerslag wat tel!
      Nee, soet is die stryd vir die stryer,
      Al moet hy uiteindelik verloor;
      Maar die man wat sy deelname weier,
      Is die man wat sy nasie vermoor.

      I hope this strikes a chord somewhere in your fucked-up mind.

    13. Anonymous7:35 am


      General George S Patton
      Speech to Third Army 1944

      No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country


    14. Anonymous7:46 am

      When you are ready which you think you are now, why don't you join me for a refresher and let me introduce you to preparedness.

      Please understand I am not concerned with small unit tactics
      I am concerned with the BIG picture
      The place where the military and the civil intersect

      Alan Turing knew very little about the " military"
      He single handedly helped to defeat Germany

      Perhaps this is too much for you to understand ?

    15. Anonymous11:25 am

      Anumb 9:06/8:57 , My you are a dingbat , Mozambique and Angola felt betrayed , with constant pressure from Portugal to handover ,fearing International isolation. (just up your alley on what you on about) .
      Those slaughters happened only because there was no Unity and Flight Mode was activated , the few that stuck together were overwhelmed eventually because of NUMBERS and when the Portuguese army fought on one side the Kaffs attacked the other side where women and the weak were left exposed. Guerrilla warfare was always a cowardly warfare.

    16. Anonymous7:51 pm

      @ Anon 7:46 am

      You chaps really impress the crap out of me.

      Could you and a couple of others stop quoting authors, and other peoples thoughts, reading other people experiences and just for once come up with an original own idea.

      I don't give a continental about Alan Turning, Dunning Kruger, Hitler and whoever else you lot idolize and leech ideas off of.

      You're suppose to read those ideas just to enlighten yourself and maybe improve on the knowledge, not to quote, name drop or bible on a blog.

      I do not want to kill the enemy by quoting or by exchanging volumes and pages of books read, the enemy doesn't give a shit how well read you are and neither do I. If you cannot do what needs to be done then why have all the theoretical knowledge if you not going to use it.

      The little I understand is the important bit, out there is a jungle comprising of different battlefields, I have to be able to fight in every terrain and know myself and my enemy, not quote authors or storylines.

      So put away the books and quotes and get active and start rather preparing yourself and your kin for the battle because no matter how much theory you have if you cannot apply it effectively, you're toast and so are all those that your quoting and regurgitating impressed.

      To much knowledge leads to to much analyzing, to much thinking, then you start doubting, considering, procrastinating and delaying you start looking for other means of resolution and at the end of the day we have a situation worse than the one we sit with because nobody wanted to act, everybody wanted to talk to an enemy that was acting and continued to act while you were hesitating and fearing.

      You can carry on reading, I will continue my drills and fitness, my weapons skill, my orientation, my route marches, e&e, all the things I will really need to use in what is coming, I might just see the end of the shit because I am fit and fight ready.


    17. Anonymous12:56 am

      WITHOUT a BIG picture and strategy you are doomed
      NEVER get to eat Bananas in Durban !
      End up begging for mercy on a street in BOP
      Then being gunned down in cold blood !

      The Captain who taught Generals ( including MANY German ones -- like GUDERIAN ! )



      I am NOT saying give up

      I AM saying have PROPER plans in place
      I AM saying be VERY aware of what it is that will face us in the near future.
      I AM saying look at the BIG picture

      I am afraid that ALL the bravado I see evidenced here does not give me ANY indication that this has been done
      ( Apart from Mike Smith himself -- and perhaps others ? )

    18. Anonymous1:37 am

      @Anon 12:56am.

      You so well informed, show us what we will face in the near future, show us your PROPER plans and roll out the BIG picture.

      Strange how you come here with all your fucking wise talk and valuable information but you haven't even got your own blog.

      Another smart poser, leeching off Mike Smith, that's all you are.


    19. Anonymous12:31 pm

      Please explain to me how I am "leeching" off Mike Smith ?
      I merely voice an opinion
      Mostly provide material to back up what I say

      Unlike many others

      IF it offends you just do not read those posts

  8. Mike, maybe - just MAYBE you should post your article to Msholozi himself as I get the idea he is under the impression that he's still God Almighty and Holy Moses rolled into one, hence untouchable and destined to rule forever... or until Jesus Christ returns to earth which could perhaps be a million years from now... After all, Zuma DID say the ANC (presumably under his leadership) would rule until then... Fact is - show me another country in the world (including any primitive African state) whose ruler did not even finish primary school; who is totally illiterate and uncouth in every respect. Now, if it had been someone like Inkosi Buthelezi, who has more royal blood in his veins than the king, Zwelethini... I would have been quite happy to have Buhthelezi as president as he is well-bred, well-educated, well respected by many, many people of all races in this country. Nah - the sooner Zuma takes a hike, the more everybody will like it...

  9. JesseJames8:55 am

    Nothing will be better once Zuma is replaced. I don't know for what reason people are on the side of Pravin. Will Pravin and the NWO (Rothschils etc) steal less from us than Zuma? I believe that the NWO want SA to be destabilised - look at the Soros riots in CT for example. Also look at the fees must fall movement and the accompanying violence.

    I dont think any president in SA has a lot of freedom to governmen. Options are limited internationally and locally.

    On an international level we are dictated by the NWO (greenhouse gas taxation, petro-dollar etc). Locally we are dictated by democratic power and we know that the blacks abused the democratic system to outbreed us. Winny Mandela encouraged blacks to breed in the past... isn't she the one to blame for povery among blacks? Locally we're also dictated by ideological conceps such as communism etc.

    The fact that theres hostility between Zuma and Malema is currently very good for stability in our land. The closer Malema is to the top, the worse off we will be.

  10. Anonymous10:25 am

    Apologies for veering a bit off topic.

    I think more than a few farmers still owe quite a bit of money on their farms, surely the banks stand to lose on that. So why are they (the Banks) not up in arms about this land redistribution act ?

    Could it be they've sold the farmers down the river behind closed doors ?

    Remember Weenen

    1. Yes they should be squealing because they dont like to lose any money but property debt is small change compared to debt of countries, that is where the big money is and where these gangster bankers mostly focus on.

      They wont replace Zuma with someone which they dont control.

  11. Anonymous10:44 am

    Kissinger stated “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.

    South Africa was planned to be a waste land by the global powers. The land issue is not to return the land to the blacks. It is to destroy the food supply. This way the people become desperate useless slave puppets.

    SA will continue to increase debt at a exponential rate to the central banks as the country slips further and further into the 'failed state' that is envisioned.

    I always have to shake my head in disbelief when those on this blog believe that they will one day take SA back fromt the ANC/Blacks.

    The 'Globalists' will destroy SA like other countries: Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt etc etc etc and will continue to exploit the wealth of these countries for their vaults. Iran and North Korea are next.

    There is no support from them to return SA to a stable government. Chaos is their weapon.

    Those who can leave should and those stupid enough to believe in the rise from the ashes of the 'boer' people should continue to dream on.

    South Africa is finished. End of story. And Jan Malan, 'self determination' is not something that these globalists support.

    When all countries are totally dependant on the central banks for hand outs and the globalist corporations for their food, then they will announce their plans for 'global rule' through a central 'one world powerhouse'.

    1. RunForrestRun12:22 am

      Somebody's awake.

    2. Anonymous2:06 am

      Why then leave this country if you are predicting this scenario for the entire world?

    3. Anonymous3:22 am

      How can we leave if the doors are closed?
      Why don't you start a movement in NZ to make it easy for us to go. Stop criticizing us rather open the doors for us.

    4. Anonymous5:29 am


      @Anonymous10:44 am

      The globalist thing is coming to an end.

      They cannot take on Russia, China & Iran along with African nations that will side with these nations.

      You talk about Globalists...

      I talk about the all mighty Lord YAHWEH!

      The Lord remembers his covenants until the thousandth generation.

      How can a global order continue with such mass immigration and against the Lord?

      Every country is increasing its debt at an astronomical rate. You can only increase debt if you are making sales or profits - its fractional reserve banking.

      You make R5 profit, they can lend out R55 - that R55 gets lent to 3-5 new people/businesses, 1 out of those 5 will turn a profit and that profit is then multiplied.

      Fractional reserve banking.

      Show me one country without debt? The US has the highest Debt ratio.

      I put my faith in the Lord - Covenants were made and I read...

      Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;

      Deut 7:9

    5. Let's all go to Poland. They tell the Sandkaffirs to fuck off.

    6. Anonymous11:40 am

      Wonder what would have happened had the Righteous Afrikaners not handed over SA to stop all the Karasites and International Parasitic Bric exploiters help Drain SA ? What full out WAR ? Rotten Meat for fresh solar energized Produce , Cheap China 2 week warranty breakables for unrefined Minerals shipped out in Containers by chinese shipping logistics , to be refined back in China ? or all our best hard woods felled and loaded into Heavy Containers bound for asia (vietnam) and many many more all made possible by undertable bribes ? Wonder how long will it last ?

  12. Anonymous10:47 am

    What is the possibility of your version happening?

    This whatever you want to call him has withstood stornms that would sink a continent and the more shit thrown at him the stronger he gets.

    I am not being negative, just I look at the evidence and nothing seems to affect this thing.

    He will turn this on the local whites again, blames us and fuck the country up further.

    I hope you are right but I hope I am right too as I believe that only the letting of blood and the sweet aroma of cordite is the path to our separation from this lower order of retarded species.

    The arrogance and aggression of the bush ape will never allow for any alternative to our independence.


  13. Anonymous10:59 am

    Please read this article.It may shed a little more light on what the agenda really is. It is strange how most believe that 'democracy' is a good thing and yet this system allows the uneducated low-lifers to determine the way we are governed and controlled. SA is a case in point.

    Democratic Unfreedom - Social Technique and the Manufacture of Control


  14. Anonymous11:08 am

    White Poverty and Persecution in South Africa, with Liegh Oxley


  15. Anonymous11:11 am

    What are you 'bravehearts' doing for the homeless and desperate whites in SA. They are your people and yet to leave them to suffer.

    1. Anonymous11:47 pm

      The churches are looking after them very fine, thank you. They are not interested in the jobs we offer them because come 12:00, the food van from the X-tian church will stop there, punctually.

    2. This is a huge problem, I grant you that much. I have a solution, but not the means.

    3. Whiteman12:42 am

      Anonymous 11:11, do you know how many " brave hearts " are themselves sitting in those squatter camps ? And they are ANGRY, because the majority of whiteys capitulated to the satanic terrorists. You sound a bit like a preacher who chastises the congregation for not tithing, because he feels his salary should be higher. How do you know what the " brave hearts, " on this blog, does or does not do for the poor ? Let me tell you one thing we are going to do. When the time is right, truck loads of weapons will be handed over to those people, and they will take revenge on all their enemies. Just make sure you are not one of them, because they are getting more angry every day !

    4. You nailed it Ou Witman, my broer! If only I had the finances . . .

    5. Anonymous11:59 am

      @Anon 11:11 am.

      We are waiting to follow your example as I am sure you are waiting to follow ours.

      So let's wait and see what will happen to those homeless and desperate folk as we are all waiting for a leader who is actually waiting for a leader as well

      So there is your answer.


  16. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Mike don't forget HSBC opium drug dealers, the world Bank bully & the IMF remember what they did to that French dude before Christine Blaggard took over, oh yes I was in Natal at the time the SADF on behalf of the anc making daily incursins into KwaZulu, then confined to tents for the 2 or 3 days while all the voter fraud took place.
    Anyway as the Yanks would say I'm rooting for Zuma's eastern block, no better man around for destroying the NSA than bus wash boy.

  17. Anonymous12:45 pm

    When I googled "Gun control in Japan" I realized that the Japs see gun control in the same way we see municipal by laws. Japs see that its necessaary for order just like we see municipal by laws as necessary.

    Blacks see municipal by laws as "cruelty by whites" because they see it in the way we see gun control. They want the freedom to take a shit on the beach like in Durbs or Liberia.

    If you build neat suburbs for blacks, they will claim abuse if you make them maintain it. kinda like subject us to gun control. Its all relative.


    Never let a black man enter "oppression".

  18. WillemWikkelspies12:47 pm

    From your lips to Gods ears Mike . Hopefully it doesn't take as long as it has taken with Bob McApe up north .

  19. Anonymous2:13 pm

    The most appropriate game for Showerhead to play is Go!

  20. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Don't you think that BRICS might be backing the ANC ? After all South Africa is part of it, maybe that is why the ANC has been in power for so long.BRICS is also challenging the IMF, which has the US dollar backing.Just seeing how things work out.

    1. Anonymous11:42 pm

      BRICS is just the 'joker' card.

  21. Zuma made the world look at black people in a differed way, not even Idi Amin could do that. Even before he was elected I said he is the worst thing that could happen to SA. It happend and race is back on the front page. They will make him pay for it

  22. Whiteman8:44 pm

    It sure is interesting to read all the opinions on how the NSA polical train is doing. Some people recon it is just in a tunnel at the moment, but they can already see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching. Some people are convinced that the light we see approaching, is actually another speeding train ? Some people say the train is doing OK under the circumstances, and is just a bit slow, and will be a bit late for the next stop. But when all is said and done, it is just totally impossible to predict, and/or understand ANY african nignog train. The reasons for this, is a debate for a whole day. But I want to focus on something we tend to miss, because it is very subtle. And that is the millions upon millions of nignogs, who are flooding into this country. They are coming from EVERY corner of Africa. You might think that Lesotho, Swaziland etc, are happy prosperous nignog countries, and we need not worry about them. Let me tell you, they are also feeding millions into the NSA. It is the nature of the parasite, and remember, all whiteys have already been condemned to death. So there is this mad scramble to feast on the spoils. Now what is my point ? How can any intelligent person see this total buggerup turn out nice ? Sure, some of these aliens are so cute, and such hard workers, but look at the BIG picture for Gods sake ! The train is going to CRASH, because just around the next bend, the whole track has been stolen, for scrap metal !

    1. Anonymous11:47 pm

      The track was never layed beyond the tunnel - post 1994 by the new 'regime'. So continue to enjoy the ride for now or get off the train before it runs out of track.

      And for those who say that they can't leave, it is because you don't want to let go of the merc or the 1/4 acre - and of course the meid and gedden booi.

    2. Anonymous4:16 am

      @Anon 11:47 pm.

      Every white SAcan that leaves just confirms for retard that whites stole this land.

      Sheezus, I am ashamed to say that you're a white man. You still have the audacity to post your fear on this blog and try spread your disease.


    3. Whiteman4:19 am

      Anonymous 11:47 pm, I am willing to agree with you up to a point. But you are generalizing to a dangerous degree. The rich people you speak of, are a reality in this country. And they have migrated southward towards Cape Town on a VERY large scale. Many of them have purchased holiday houses and farms, " just in case, " for later use. But let us consider the majority of hard working, decent, patriotic whites in this country. They are totally buggered, with very little options. Now the TRUE patriot, identifies with these people, because they are the true SALT OF THE EARTH. And any person, locally, or overseas, who will not respect these people, will be seen as the enemies of our white nation. People often say, the Boers were totally stupid to take on Britain, the mightiest empire in the world. Only a true white patriot can understand this type of thing. But all I ask of you is, don't throw all the whiteys in the same box. That is totally unfair, dangerous, and very foolish !

    4. Anonymous5:20 am


      @Anonymous11:47 pm

      Where do you run to?

      Europe? 20 years time it is overrun.

      Australia? 20 years time whites will be the minority.

      New Zealand? 20 years time & Auckland will be 80% non white.

      There is no running. You will simply run from yourself.

      The world is only so small and the white man makes up only a tiny % of the total global population.

      You can run or immigrate from SA but you cannot outrun the inevitable overrunning of ALL western, white run countries.

      Jump from a pot of boiling water, into a pot that will be at boiling point in 10-15 years and then where do you go?

      Imagine for one moment if the Spartans thought the exact same way about mighty Persia? The entire European continent would have been destroyed

      It took only 300 or so men to hold it before reinforcements could arrive.

      Think what the rest of Greece were saying when they heard 300 Spartans VS the mightiest empire on earth at that time - you can just see them laughing, rolling on the floor with their wine & olives...

      We have the same voices today regarding whites and South Africa. You will never convince them and they will never convince us.

      Better to have died and felt alive, than be alive but feel dead.

      I have in all my years, never, ever met a 100% happy South African. They might have settled but they are always restless.

      They speak more about the past than the future in their new safe countries.

      I dont say people shouldnt immigrate. For those who have family and are young, it is an option but its not that easy.

    5. @ BN ...OK Boet, you put the 300 Spartans together and I will lead them. Good luck with that. I have been trying to get 300 Spartans together for the last ten years. Dr Dan Roodt organises a march to the Union Building against farm murders and he cannot even get 300 marchers together...But wait until Saturday...Loftus Stadium will be packed with 60,000 Blue Bulls Warriors...all strong and roaring and mighty and shit.

      So what should I do? How do you lead a people who don't want to be led? How the fuck do you wake them up? Please, tell me, because I am at my wits end.

      Do I give up? Nee...ons kyk maar noord en fok voort!

    6. @ LTMA...Stay and do what? I don't think people have a problem to stay if others are willing to work together and get rid of the ANC and get their own country, but what gets people down is the inaction. Nobody does anything. All are sitting back and wait to see what happens. Now you can stay and keep on sitting and do fuckall in SA or you can go overseas and sit there and do fuckall.

      Which is better? At least it is safer overseas and their are more job opportunities. I can fully understand why people leave, because when you look around and you speak to people in SA, you realise that you are surrounded by a bunch of idiots, lazy fucks and bang-gatte.

    7. Anonymous6:12 am

      @ 11:47

      This is our home country, despite political problems, many of us do live happy lives in SA.

      Also, in your new country, you are always still a foreigner.

    8. Anonymous6:27 am

      @ Mike.5:42am.

      Let's face it, half of those that remain will not fight, half of the half that will fight are not trained to fight but are prepared to fight.

      I am the first to admit the whites in this country are lazy, not only physically lazy but mentally lazy as well.

      But must we give up hope on them? I continue to try win people over if I can get one a month I am doing my job but I can tell you that I have more woman in my conversion ratio than men and they turn the men.

      Mike, you once mentioned on the blog about your mates and you doing weekend stay fresh exercises, well you're not alone mate.

      I just believe that whites in this country need to be taught to win, we have lost the desire and the know how.

      Why are you here, mate? I know why I am here because I believe in my ability, I have an incurable hatred and there are people like Mike Smith, Tomkat T, the super Ninja, JP, whiteman, BLCN and other chaps that post here and make me realise that I am not alone and you are not the only voice out there.

      Last thing Mike, bang-gatte to start with soldiers at the end of the day, they will start scared but when they have had the taste and realise that there is no escape fear becomes aggression or death.


    9. Anonymous6:31 am

      @ Mike Smith 5:33 am.

      How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

      We change these idiots one at a time.


    10. Whiteman7:15 am

      Mike, what you say makes perfect sense, and this is why I don't fight with people who have emigrated. Unless they criticisise decent honest people who, are too poor to bugger off. And that is definitely the majority of people in this country. But the temperature of rebellion is increasing all the time. It is impossible to predict the exact boiling point. We tend to think that farm occupation, will be the last straw that breaks the camels back ? I am not entirely sure, and admittedly, I am led by the zim example. I am more inclined to think the nignogs themselves are going to start anarchy with real, historically proven Uhuru. If one of there main leaders are assassinated, it could be just the thing the doctor ordered, to get the show on the road !

    11. Anonymous8:01 am

      @ Mike and BN.

      Maybe its time to not count numbers, put away the how ever many million of retard and how ever many less millions of whites.

      Maybe we have been beating the wrong drum.

      Let's look at ability, look at a subject that is raised on every single one of these posts, intelligence.

      Let's stop thinking in terms of size and think in terms of desire. BN calls Sparta, Mike you say get me 300.

      I say sell the right mix, Sparta did not stand against Persia because they had 300 extremely well trained, super fit killing machines, shit! Persia had 100 times that many killing machines, also fit, blooded and tested.

      Sparta had an unbeatable weapon, belief, ability, pride and a lust for battle, now combine those 4 elements and you have your Spartan, he did not train because he had to, he trained because he wanted to he trained because it was his pride and his passage to glory.

      Persia was cocky self assured and relied on reputation, doesn't that sound like the current regime?

      Take away the modern mans softness, take away his fast fattening foods, his b&c, whisky and castle, take away is TV and his games and sell him reality.

      Put up billboards in every city with pictures of those hacked up, butchered farmers and their children and wives. Show the results of hi jacking and house breaks where residents are tortured and killed and display those beautiful hate filled outburst by retard where they state that they will kill us and shoot us.

      I see those bill boards advertising the boycott of apartheid Israel and I think to myself, when will we have our billboards calling for white unity and exposing horrors in picture of what has happened to whites in this country.

      Sell the right franchise and you get a national market sell harder and smarter you will achieve international buy in, those boards are not across the airport just to look pretty.

      Every single advert that you see has either a darky smiling at whitey and getting fresh or whitey smiling at darky getting fresh. Show the truth and you will have your 300 and carry on updating and exposing you will have your million but oh wait, I forgot everybody is waiting for me to start, guys I have started you just don't like the way I do it but I am busy and I will continue because I ain't looking for Sparta I am looking for my independence and my freedom.


    12. RunForrestRun10:02 am

      Mike Smith5:42 am LOL, you are starting to sound like me, just throw a few idiots, dregs, morons and low IQ rubbish into that and I could have written it.

    13. Anonymous6:03 pm

      @ RFR
      What have the high IQ guys achieved other than handed the country over to be slaughtered. Of course IQ counts , but you haven't done anything yet to change the situation in South Africa. Have you? Not blaming you!

      That tells me the very same story over and over. We all have our valid opinions, but as my situation is so are millions of others. You can contribute on the blog by comments and suggestions, but the main thing is you must provide for your family. There goes your time and money just to stay alive. So who will provide for our families. Who will make the funds available for all of us to fly to a certain location and start to organize where you are out of sight. Who will provide the money for our survival while busy with that. Who will supply the necessary equipment needed for our purpose. None of us have the capability to do it. If I can get cnc machines I can make sophisticated weapons. The point is where are you going to do that without been seen? How much do those cnc beasts cost. Where will we get the money. Our people are scattered over the globe. They became soft. We need to produce our own high tech weapons to eliminate the incapabilities. Drones, well equipped and controlled from afar. That's where I see the high IQ equipped men to do their share.

      The last option will be where the whole country will be forced to defend themselves. By means of a total onslaught on their lives and they will be forced to fight or die.

    14. Anonymous1:13 am


      300 Spartans
      WHO was it that actually stopped the invasion and eventually defeated the armies of the Achaemenid Empire ?

      I think you need to go recheck your history
      Spartans HAD to train -- NOTHING voluntary about it


      Anyway to sweeten the pill -- just for you


      Actually pretty close in historical detail !

  23. Mike, once again your crystal ball gazing seems to be on target. I read the article referenced below a year ago and thought...let's wait and see. Most of the issues has come to pass if one considers the current state of affairs.
    You are correct. The puppet masters are in control and the ANC and Zuma in particular is toast.Here is the article from a year ago Washington’s attack on South Africa- http://www.mintpressnews.com/brics-attack-empires-destabilizing-hand-reaches-south-africa/215126/

  24. Why was the Rubicon speech a failure, everything PW said at his speech has now happened post 1994 ?

    Mike you are starting to sound like a white journalist for the Daily Maverick.

    PW was fighting for every single south africans future including blacks.

    The same people Botha was fighting is the same people that Zuma is fighting, in stead of helping him fight these crooks, white south africans would rather support them.

    Logic is lost on you lot.

  25. WillemWikkelspies2:05 pm

    R12-81 to 1USD at supper time tonight . R13.25 to one USD at 23h00 . The Nkandla landlord has just fired Pravin Gordhan and his deputy according to 567 MW Cape Talk

  26. Anonymous5:32 pm

    @Krokodil Botha10:25 am

    "PW was fighting for every single south africans future including blacks."

    and his treason resulted in what? Ask yourself the question , what would have happened if there was never a yeas or no vote.? South Africa was a sovereign country like Brittain and USA and Australia. Who convinced them or pressured them to change our constitution to let in coloreds, Indians and Blacks. It is like you invite your neighbors living around you to come and have a say in your house affairs and future testament. Obviously your kids will be robbed and murdered further down the future as your multicultural South Africa has proven the past 22 years. I tell you what, if the there was no change in the constitution and the fake news were better controlled you wouldn't know anything about today's shit. Where could we stand today since 1994?

    1. @ Krokodil Botha…You are obviously a fan of PW Botha and therefore you have a subjective view of him. I am not a fan of him and neither do I hate him. I grew up during the 1970’s and 1980’s and I can only speak from my experience and my knowledge of the times.
      Now first of all you should read the book “PW Botha, the last betrayal” by Dr Eschel Rhoodie and see what a type of person PW really was. He was not very well educated. He only had a matric. As the son of a rich farmer his favourite story to his ministers was how he used to ride his horse through the homes of the poor white “bywoners” (sojourners) on their farm and let the horse shit all over the floors. One of these bywoners eventually became one of his ministers and he enjoyed belittling him.
      PW was the minister of defence under Vorster. He is the one who secretly funded Dr. Eschel Rhoodie, Les de Villiers and Information Minister Mulder out of the defence budget to the tune of R70 million to run Project Annemarie (named after Rhoodie’s daughter) to fight the lying press and propaganda of South Africa’s leftist enemies across the globe. Nothing wrong with that. This small band of men were doing an excellent job. It was the height of Apartheid and SA was the skunk amongst nations in a world where we had basically no friends. Just about every other nation was doing the same. I wish they had more money and resources and we would not have had the shit we have today.
      However PW is the one who then leaked the information about the funding to the lying leftist press (Rand Daily Mail) , because he knew he would eliminate his two biggest opponents (Vorster and Mulder) in the NP with one foul swoop and he would then be the next favourite to become Prime Minister. PW Botha did not have the interest of all South Africans at heart as you suggest. He only had the interest of PW Botha at heart. He wanted to become the Main Ou.
      Once Vorster, Mulder and Rhoodie were eliminated and resigned in shame, PW denied ever knowing about the funding in the “Information Scandal”. He was the head of the defence department. The money came from this department. How could he not have known? Total bullshit.
      We basically lost the propaganda war against the world with PW’s backstabbing.
      Nevertheless, shortly after he became Prime Minister he started dismantling several Apartheid laws and told parliament that we whites “must adapt or die”. He continued funding black Bantustans with white taxpayer’s money. In 1982 he proposed power sharing with coloureds and Indians, but excluded blacks, thereby creating expectations amongst blacks who them formed the UDF and all the riots started. By 1983 the NP was so far left that the Conservative Party became the official opposition of SA. Then in 1983 PW called a referendum to change the constitution and allow coloureds and Indians into parliament. After a massive NP propaganda campaign supported by the leftist English press and a lot of scaremongering about “blacks will slaughter whites if we don’t share power” , two thirds of whites voted to share power.
      A few months later PW consolidated the powers of Prime Minister and State President and became Executive President (Dictator)...He moved Nelson Mandela from Robben Island to a luxury home complete with swimming pool and unlimited visiting rights at Victor Verster Prison where his wife and family could stay overnight. Whilst creating special units such as Koevoet and 32 Battalion he started having secret talks with Mandela and his education minister, FW de Klerk started the brainwashing of white Afrikaans school children with setwork books such as “Fiela se kind” and “To kill a mockingbird” where whites were vilified and portrayed as poor, uneducated rapist and hillbillies and blacks are always innocent and good.

    2. PW knew full well that he was planning a handover to the Blacks. He is the one who appointed the traitors Neil Barnard and Mike Louw as security bosses who started the secret talks with the ANC and regularly briefed him. Then in 1985 he fucked up completely with his idiotic Rubicon speech where nobody knew what the hell he was talking about. He already crossed the Rubicon and now wanted to backpedal back over the Rubicon, but told SA that we are now crossing the Rubicon..WTF???
      He already created the expectations amongst the blacks and the international community with all his actions and then suddenly wanted to reverse the whole lot when he realised he made a stuff up. He had no idea that he would start a revolution, because if you study revolutions, they don’t start by the state oppressing people; they start by the state creating expectations and then going back on their word. PW Botha was a political dunce. His Communist enemies in East Germany and the USSR knew far more about politics than him and ran rings around him whilst he thought a military victory in Angola would secure our future. Now what? Where are we now?
      After his Rubicon speech the international bankers closed the taps and the riots erupted where PW had to deploy the army in the townships under a “State of emergency”.
      Another one of his favourites was how he bragged that he started the black taxi industry giving thousands of blacks entrepreneurial skills and jobs. What is the Taxi industry today? A nest of mafia activity with unsafe vehicles and incompetent drivers who cause the deaths of thousands of South Africans every year, black and white.
      Sorry mate, but your statement of “PW was fighting for every single south africans future including blacks” is a little simplistic and does not hold water.

    3. Anonymous1:03 am

      Did ALL of these NP / BB groot koppe
      Create a WHITE homeland ?
      I mean there were homelands for every other tribe in SA
      WHY never one for the "white tribe" ????

      I have an idea for an answer
      Lets see what others think ?

    4. Simple... Because the WHOLE of South Africa is ours.

    5. Anonymous12:25 pm

      As they say in the legal classics

      Possession is nine tenths of the law

      How much do you possess Mr Smith ?

    6. Anonymous10:49 pm

      @Anonymous12:25 pm

      mandela proved you wrong. He simply took the country by terrorizing the NP government as freedom fighters and the country was handed over to them.

      So we are freedom fighters too. We don't need your law. International banker laws were made to control fools as slaves. We are past that time. We are moving towards a total separation and our laws will be implemented and executed.

      By this time you should know that we owe nothing to these international bankers. We just liberate what is rightfully ours from their slaves who are oppressing us.

      They can choose what they want. Either we send their slaves over to them in Europe so they can plague them every night with knives ,angle grinders and cutting torches, or we wipe the plague completely over here. as CJ R intended to do.

    7. Anonymous1:12 am

      I apologise Mr Smith I am being flippant

      The ONLY way -- the whole of South Africa is -- yours -- will be by conquest and ethnic cleansing

      Here is the real history of the movements and areas of occupation of peoples in Southern Africa



      I know that you at least are a person that takes the time read and understand stuff ( not always accurately )
      I wonder if 5% of your posters read a book a month -- a year ?

  27. Anonymous12:05 am

    Well, what do you guys think. We do not have the capability to set ourselves free by fighting the plague one by one. But ,if most whites club in and we get ourselves each an air balloon, just let your mind go what we can do with that in one night without a trace. Remote steering. Stones are free all over the country. Cow dung generates enough gas to keep it in the air. Stone the plague to death. What da ya say you lot of Dutch Pirates? Something's gotta be done. Soon!

    1. Anonymous12:40 pm

      Agent provocateur.

    2. Anonymous10:34 pm

      Oh suddenly it's called provocation when one have to rid himself from a plague. Next time when you get a bacterial infection and wants to die then remember not to take antibiotics to rid you of the bacterial infection. It will be deemed as AGENT PROVOCATEUR. Just go and die quietly.

      Was it not provocative ideas from FW, PIK and other traitors to change out constitution which led to total destruction of South Africa?

      mandela's terrorists (so-called freedom fighters) are still busy every night fighting for their freedom killing white people over South Africa.

      We have the right to tell our people to stand up and defend themselves "agent provocateur."

      Even if it is necessary to take Achan de Klerk and Pik Botha up in the air balloons and drop them from 10km above with their load of stones on their terrorists.

      Just imagine, 1 million air balloons fully loaded. It is not even expensive. You simply remote control them by night.

      Now if you are a liberal, run fucker run, go and tell your CIA and MI6 spies we are go to stone them first. The balloon with the biggest boulders will hit them first. Then all hell will break loose
      Hail stones about 50 kg in weight will plague the "Plague".

      Those who do not join, will be part of the plague. Why?. because, you can go figure that

    3. Anonymous1:05 am

      Africa -- the stone age continent inhabited by stone age people

      Rock Spiders "stoned" with rocks in their head.

      ANY idea of the size of "air-balloon" needed to lift a 50kg stone ? ( never mind 10km )

      Remote control 1 million "air-balloons"

      WHERE do you find these clowns Mr Smith ?

  28. You speak about PW as if you knew him personally, Mike.

    All you know about him is what the leftist english media & rhoodie wrote about him.

    As for leaking info to the media- politics is a dirty game, you play to win, there are no morals in politics.

    If PW botha had not been who he was living by his convictions then sa would have been in the gutter ages ago.

    I fully support zuma getting rid of jews who dominate the sa economy & I will continue to support him while he gets rid of white monopoly capitalists who housed the anc in london all those years.

    1. Well there you go... You are an idiot. Good bye.

    2. Anonymous11:05 pm

      aag jirre man Prikkadel Botha, gotteloosheid, ek kan simmer siet dat ek nie met jou sal klaar kom in die nuwe "OU SUID AFRIKA" wat eersdaags gaat onstaan nie. Moet sal jy maar daar in die grys gebied saam jou mede liberaaltjies tussen jou kafferkies gaat bly. Verstaat jy niet , julle tyd is verby.

      Eers was dit Louis Botha toe PW, Botha, toe Pik Botha, nou Prikkadel Botha. Wanner sal dit einde kry?

  29. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Everything awful going on in this world can usually be traced back to these two PRICKS.

    Both of them are tightly entwined in the tentacles of the falling ,crumbling (NWO) NEW WHORE ORDER.

    C.J. Rhodes's point of view of the NWO was completely reversed 180 degrees by all the supporters of these two demons. After his death in 1902 what happened.

    Let's look first what Rhodes did and say and how was his point of view twisted in the Universities controlled by these NWO demons. Most of the graduates, indoctrinated by the twisted demonic teachings of race mixing and multiculturalism started to reverse what C J Rhodes had in mind.

    Rhodes said that it is far better that the white race should control than these dark demon race mix broods. He took action and wanted to clean up from the Cape to Cairo.

    They say Rhodes died suddenly in 1902. I say ,he was murdered by Milner who he (Rhodes) thought was his very good friend and doctor. At that point of time Rhodes's total wealth was handed over to Rothschild in his last will or testament.

    After that, things changed dramatically for the Boers and not much later they were almost completely wiped out by these dark powers doing exactly the opposite of what Rhodes did and stand for.

    As history has revealed , these NWO controlers spared none , but started to slaughter and mingle the white race on this globe into a multicultural mix brood by all means through all teachings institutions and immigrations.

    60 million whites were slaughtered in the Russian revolution. How many died in WW1 and 20 years later in WW2. All for the sake of Rothschild's NWO as he wanted it. Not as how Rhodes wanted it. Although almost all of these NWO supporters nowadays say that the NWO idea was of Rhodes and he gets blamed for their inequity while they teach and learn the exact opposite of what he did and mean.

    White nations wipe each other and hate was created against each other for the sake of race mixing to finally create a retarded stupid demonic baboon infested race over the globe which only a few of them will control.Backwards evolution (multiculturalism) was implemented. How does the world look today under the control of these NWO clowns.

    When the Boer nation thought they might get out under their control ,they simply murdered Dr. Verwoerd and create further chaos and destruction. By now we all know that history.

    How many other statesmen lost their lives because of these sick NWO bastards.

    The solution is described in the part of the Bible where Joshua dealt with Achan as ordered by God. The nation who neglect that ,will pay the price for disobedience.

    Man ,and are we not paying?

    1. Anonymous1:28 am

      C.J. Rhodes's point of view of the NWO was completely reversed 180 degrees by all the supporters of these two demons. After his death in 1902 what happened

      So was Henry Ford ( Model T )
      His legacy and foundation have been hi-jacked in exactly the same way
      As have so many others

      You are working with an intelligence that is beyond human understanding !

    2. Anonymous5:02 pm

      It looks to me many more people around this globe were taken for a ride. They all thought friendship with Rothschild will make their plans come true, but quite the opposite happened which brought so much misery over this globe. Rothschild has his own plans of ruling the world.

      Just look nowadays how Rothschild's CIA ,FBI, MI6,Mossad and all other intelligence agencies are battling pres. Trump.

      However, about 2000 years ago it was prophesied that God will make the ten horns to give their power to the beast until the appointed time, then they will turn around and destroy him when all things are fulfilled as prophesied. Most of his deceived supporters came to their senses lately which shows that the time is there for the prophecy of Rev.17 to be fulfilled.

      Rev.17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

      14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

      15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

      16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

      17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

      "Rhodes’s motivation for creating his own secret society stemmed from his disappointment and contempt for Freemasonry, which he had recently joined. His disdain for the Craft had been almost immediate, demonstrated at his induction banquet in June 1877 where, as a new life member for the Apollo Chapter of the Masonic Order, Rhodes scandalized his brethren by casually revealing the mystic cult secrets of the 33rd Degree Rite. In his Confession, Rhodes denigrated the Freemasons as an essentially pointless organization whose members "devote themselves to what at times appear the most ridiculous and absurd rites without an object and without an end".

      But Rothschild, although a supporter of imperial expansion, soon proved unworthy of this task. For one, Rothschild failed to meet Rhodes’s immediate demands for assistance in achieving his various schemes in Africa. This frustrated Rhodes, who had apparently believed in the great power of the Rothschild name to work the all-too-numerous miracles he required.
      Rothschild also seemed unable to absorb Rhodes’s ultimate imperial vision. The disappointment was obvious. Rhodes was to confide to his friend Lord Esher in 1891 that Rothschild,

      "...is absolutely incapable of understanding my ideas. I have endeavoured to explain them to him, but I could see from the look on his face that it made no impression... and that I was simply wasting my time."

      Rothschild was not interested that Britain had to become the ruler in the world as Rhodes had seen it, he was working towards his own NWO plans where he will rule the world through Britain."