17 March 2017

Zille and Maimane were right. Colonialism is always wrong

By Mike Smith

17th of March 2017

I have never thought much of LWB Helen Zille, but after she ordered the ghostbusters to drive out ghosts from her Leeuwenhof home in 2009 and wanted men (only men not women) who are HIV positive and have multiple sexual partners to be charged with murder, I knew the auntie was completely cuckoos.

Mike Smith 2011 – Is Helen Zille going cuckoos

Zille ordered and paid for a ghost buster to remove the ghosts from her Leeuwenhof home

Everything that comes out of her stupid gob is a reflection of what is going on her fluffy, “My-Little-Pony” head where her beloved Nobel Savages ride on white unicorns through rainbow coloured streets and of course they can do no wrong.

She sees herself as princess Celestia with her unicorn pony called “Twilight Sparkle” who feels obliged to teach the bronies of Ponyville about the magic of friendship.

One hardly knows where to start with her latests rubbish. First she tweeted that Colonialism was not all bad, “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.”

Then the kaffirs in the EEF called her A cold-hearted racist

So she crawled on her knees to suck their dicks and said…. “I apologise unreservedly for a tweet that may have come across as a defence of colonialism. It was not.”

Then her boss, Mumusi Maimane tweeted, “Let’s make this clear: Colonialism like Apartheid, was a system of oppression and subjugation. I (sic) can never be justified”.

Maimane said: "We received a number of complaints and I find Zille's tweet indefensible."

"The DA is party that is committed to redressing the wrongs of the past. We want to build a united South Africa – one nation, with one future," added Phumzile Van Damme.

Zille is now likely to face disciplinary action and a probe from the party.

There were other DA members who also distanced themselves from Zille’s tweets such as Mbali Ntuli who said, "It was ONLY negative!! Colonialism=development argument is trash as those subjugated can attest to.”

"It's like saying Nazism was good for German democracy and their advancements in technology," added Ntuli.

Aaah yes…Funny how she wrote in the language of the colonialists and how she is able to read today seeing that she learned it from the descendants of the colonialists who taught her people how to read and write their own languages like Xhosa and Zulu who are incidently the BIGGEST colonialists in the country.

That is right. The term “Bantu” is a scientific term referring to the Kaffirs who migrated from the Niger Delta area into South Africa and who forced the San and the Khoi-Khoi out. Kaffirs are NOT indigenous to South Africa. There the Afrikaners have more claim to being indigenous than any of the black tribes and this was even acknowledged by Zuma in 2009 when he said, the Afrikaners are "the only white tribe in a black continent or outside of Europe which is truly African", and said that "of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word."

Zuma: Afrikaners are true South Africans

Some blacks don’t like the term “Bantu” and prefer to call themselves “Africans”, but the people who named the continent were the Roman Colonialists. What did the Kaffir call Africa?

Blacks didn’t even have a name for the continent they lived on, because they had no idea that they were living on a continent at all. The concept of “continents” is “colonialists”.

When the colonialists arrived the blacks were carrying their shit around, because they haven’t even invented the wheel yet. They had no written language. They had no concept of property ownership and definitely none of all those progressive libtard creations like, “human rights”, “workers’ unions”, “the rule of law”, “social grants”, etc…They had no schools, no universities, not even a single shop. There was no serious medicine let alone hospitals, old age homes, prisons, or mental institutions.

And then they believe this bollocks that the blacks all lived in peace and prosperity before the white man came. You just have to read up on the Mfecane/Difaqane of the Zulus to see how brutally they murdered each other out. The diaries of the Voortrekker Pioneers and the countless missionaries tell tales of horror of how blacks were starving in their thousands and turned to cannibalism eating their own children. Colonialism and Apartheid put an end to it.

The reasons why the Voortrekkers found the Highveld of the Freestate and Transvaal so empty are, because nothing grows there in winter and blacks did not have the colonial technology at the time to grow and stock up feed to properly overwinter and because the added Difaqane killed them all off.

Yes, so maybe Colonialism and Apartheid were wrong…depends on which perspective you take. Maybe Zille and Maimane are both right…COLONIALISM IS ALWAYS WRONG.

First of all the Bantus should not have colonized South Africa and killed of the Khoi-San. Maybe the white colonialists should not have stopped the blacks from killing themselves in their millions and maybe the white colonialists should NEVER have fed them or taught them to read and write. We certainly would not have had the problems we have today.

And further...I just find it a tad ironic and hypocritical that the DA, the ANC and the EFF always seem to blame the "Colonialists" of Britain, Portugal, France or the Netherlands, but I have never heard them complain about the Communist Chinese colonising Tibet or Africa for that matter. I have never heard them speak up against their former Communist Masters of the former USSR colonising Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, the Ukraine, or Afghanistan for that matter. Why is that? Is it because you as the puppet dare not criticise the hand of the puppet master up your arse?

So I have to conclude that I must apologise to Helen Zille and Mumusi Maimane…They are right. Apartheid WAS only wrong. Colonialism is ALWAYS wrong and seeing that they are both descendents of Colonialists and Mumusi Maimane is married to white English speaking descendent of the British Colonialists…when are they leaving?

Oh...and please take all your Bantu colonialists along and drop them off at the equator where they came from.


  1. Anonymous1:47 am

    As the saying goes - the revolution always eats it own... poor old cow Helen Zille.

    1. People are going crazy, about Zille's colonialism comment. But they seem to be OK with Communism, which,World wide has been responsible,for millions of more deaths and horrors than Colonialism ever was. Not to say that Colonialism was benign, (the genocide in the Belgian Congo is a prime example of the horrors of Colonialism.

  2. Giegiegiegie...I really thought she joined the rank of the believers, but then she changed her story again...hehehehehehehe.

    The thing is, when you say Colonialism was not bad, you have hundreds of solid facts to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    It must be like you said; the old lady is bonkers.

    No matter how liberal you are, if you look at things in a logical, unbiased fashion you cannot help but see the truth. And the truth will ALWAYS win, no matter how politically correct you think you are. Madam Zille is intelligent and she sees the truth. The more the blacks are messing up, even the simplest thing, the more she sees the truth. But she can't get it to fit in with her biased and twisted liberal world view. What a shame.

    By the way, David Bullard had a good laugh when this news came out. The rest of the twitterazi called it "David Bullard Reloaded".

  3. Tja, ou swear. Nou het al daardie bobbejaantjies wat sy so vertroetel het in gorillas verander. Gorillas wat sien daar gaan 'n lekker pos vir iemand beskikbaar wees as hulle nou net van hierdie ex-Daily Mail verslaggeefster ontslae kan raak!

  4. Anonymous8:43 am

    A very good listen today: https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2017/03/south-african-whites-prepare-for-anarchy-suidlanders-racial-conflict/

  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    Its the same as all these clowns praising Fidel Castro,
    Born in Cuba via wealthy Spanish Colonialists that owned large swathes of land in Cuba.

    What is the difference?

    Mike, I was fascinated if you were going to do a hard hitting article on him. (A Humble request Uncle Cracker)

    1. OK. I will see what I can do ;-)

    2. Anonymous12:34 pm

      Thank you Mike,

      Much Respect.

    3. Anonymous5:16 am

      You need love......that's all. I can't imagine having so much hatred to other people 24/7 for life, that's not life. Remember hate only consume those who hate!!!

    4. Anonymous5:19 am

      Hahahahaha...You need to approve my comments before posting them? that's just being a coward, I bet you will never approve them, coward!

    5. @ 5:19 am ...De fuck you on about? Who are you?

    6. Anonymous12:02 pm

      some dumb doos Mike, dom etter thinks his comments must show immidiately after posting like in the old days on news sites.

  6. Stephen10:13 am

    Hi Mike

    They say every dog gets its day , and a bitch gets a weekend , looks like Zille got weekend .

    Also notice how battered she looks , and its not caus she's getting old , I've seen a lot of woman grow old gracefully , and in her case its not age that's taking its toll - dis ou nick wat sy pond by haar vat.

    Really she looks like a witch - hulle se mos - meng jou met die seemels dan vreet die varke jou op.

  7. Anonymous10:35 am

    In her heart she's realised the truth...

  8. Anonymous11:30 am

    I think she dont know how to deal with the dròught in Cape so she is organising her re call. He he.

  9. Anonymous1:09 pm

    The left eating itself (pada pa pa papa) I'm loving it!

  10. JesseJames1:21 pm

    Why an article about Otta Zille? I feel that her tweet is perhaps part of a false flag...

  11. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Apartheid this..... yawn! Colonialism that... yawn!Wake me up when they change their story to something else on why whitey is so bad. This dead horse is so dead now, I do not think the bones are even around anymore, not even the flies. So goodness knows what they are flogging now, probably fresh air. The houts and liberals truly love apartheid and colonialism, it is the only thing that is keeping their beloved ANC and EFF alive, without it their political ideals would not exist, just wither away in the wind.

  12. Anonymous12:16 am

    Good morning fellow slaves! How does it feel to wake up every morning to work your fingers to the bone (if you are lucky enough to have a job in Satanic BEE AA South Africa) for these evil blacks only for them to steal it and squander it? How does it feel to take the food from your child's mouth to give it to a lazy black only for them to have some more useless children who is only taught to hate and kill you? How does it feel you white weak fuckhead? The pride of this planet reduced to mere slaves for the lowest kind of non white denominator.

    But hey, if the telly and the radio tells me everything is fine who am I to think for myself. If that mentally ill liberal at work says everything will come right, who am I to disagree? What do we know after all? It's not like we saw this shit happening 25 years ago.

    1. Anonymous1:25 pm

      kinda the same as you Euros, who pay each islamic terrorist refugee 3000 Euros a month for being a "refugee"

  13. Whiteman4:27 am

    Anonymous 12:16 am, some people might see your post as depressingly negative. But I can see it is painfully truthfull and realistic. All thinking patriots know, if we could just stop the millions of parasites, feasting on us, the white hosts, they would die out after a while. But how do we close the rivers of blood being drawn from our veins ? Obviously there is only one effective solution. The NSA nightmare must collapse, so that it is every man for himself. Sure, a large number of white hosts will also die. But if you are truly concerned about the survival of the white race in this country, especially your own blood line, you will understand this truth : No pain, no gain !

    1. Whiteman, that's what our Easter Bosberaad is all about isn't it, to withdraw and survive while the parasites feed on themselves and the libtards. When their feeding frenzy comes to an end and there is nothing left for them to feed on we can then wipe-out the remnants.

  14. Anonymous11:47 am

    As I have always stated, " you can take them out of the bush but you cannot take the bush out of them"

    Whites will still think the DA is going to give them some rights in a dark world, ain't they in for a surprise of surprises.


  15. Anonymous4:26 am

    Max du Preez is a backstabber. Steve Hofmeyr defended Helen Zille's tweets. But Max goes on about how great King Mashoeshoe was and implies Zille wouldn't have been good enough to kiss his butt.

    Zille must resign, he says, otherwise the DA will lose face with the darkies. If they kick Zille out the whites will stop voting for the DA.

    Well guess what, whites will leave the DA in droves anyway. It's just ArseNiC Lite after all.

    You don't have to like Helen Zille but what she said was true. King Moshoeshoe never built any roads or bridges.


    1. Anonymous7:36 am

      off course Maxine will go apeshit, and melani will follow, then some snotnose libtards. i dont need a Zille to remind me of the legacy of my voortrekker forefathers, i can see it every day: roads, dams, towns and cities, electricity and and and...what Maxine doesnt mention is how his beloved anc and their supporters are fucking up all these things post 94. No dude, best to laugh at this Maxine doos, the king of idiotic libtards. by the way, this cunt is NOT an Afrikaner, let us be clear about this.

    2. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Ethiopia has never been colonised yet they are complete with infrastructure. Bridges, Roads, Hospitals, etc.

      What would have stopped other African countries achieve the same? Colonialism was just an oppression to our people

      Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital

  16. Anonymous9:24 am

    The colonial history that was used to suit propaganda of a colonist. I refuse the colonial history that will seek to me where blacks come from.

    Why should it always be a white man that has to tell African history? Who is a white man by the way? Did indigene ask for their invasion to Africa? Did the indigenes of the continent ask to be colonised? We don't give a damn thing about their colonial legacy and thus we can destroy it hundred a times since it only reminds us of the pain our forebears had to go through by losing all their wealth. Their land, their minerals and livestock that was taken by force by a coloniser and a result they were forced into suffering and poverty.

    Who said a black man could not grow on his own. The first university started in Africa and a coloniser(white man) will do anything possible to delete that history. In fact, a white man will do anything to delete a black man's history in order to delete their identity.

    However, a white man as stupid as he is could not zip the mouths of Africans as they secretly shared the pains of their past to next generation around the fire. As they always say: You can steal someone's history through books but you cannot steal what is implanted in their brains. Same thing that Steven Boko told them that they eventually killed him after realising that they could not steal the truth that Biko's parents planted in the matter of his brain.

    Any science that will seek to define all Bantu's (Derogatory colonial name) as the tribe that comes from the North is all a lie. A deliberate propaganda that will seek to confuse blacks of their identity. Colonised education and colonised science must be defeated in our universities and our education system the same way all African countries managed to trump it out of their system. No way, a white man who only arrived in Africa in 1600s can come to tell Africans of their history. To tell them where they come from, and even tell them that they were savages before a white man arrives. A white man will always plant this propaganda to make his invasion more needed, desirable and less distractive. While, in essence, his invasion in Africa was a castration of Africa's wealth and the beginning of the seed of animosity between Africans.

    All Africans originate in South Africa and any propaganda that will seek to separate the Khoisans from Africa remains a dangerous innuendo that seeks to steal people's indentity by a colonist. Today most Bantus have DNA of the Khoi and all their physical traits from hair texture to physical stature.

  17. Anonymous9:28 am

    Colonial education that treat a black man as second class citizen must fall. Colonial history of lies that portray whites as innocent and as our messiahs must be abolished. Colonial education that disenfranchises Bantus as foreigners in South Africa must fall!!!!

    1. Anonymous11:50 am

      We have already started championing for a fall of colonised education of lies and innuendoes. Truly, I have loved the spirit of other Africans for successfully defeating that corrupt system of propaganda.

      Whites are biggest liars in our modern world.

      Ask red Indians how they lost America, through a white man claiming to have discovered America. How can you discover something which is already occupied by people? This propaganda is still being taught at out education system with impunity.

      The same happened to Australia and the propaganda has never stopped.

      Go to Palestines who lost their land to some whites who came to their land masquerading as Israelites. It only turned out later that, in effect, the original Israelites were non-white. However, the propaganda of Israelites being whites is still being taught in our education system.

      Jesus was always thought to be white man because of the Romans(whites) who portrayed him as white by selling and marketing their race as superior than others. That propaganda has never stopped and is even adopted by our churches who idolise that fake picture of Christ. However, most Africans have now since seen the light that the devil is a liar.

      Come to South Africa, the propaganda continues about the origin of the Bantus and the Khoisan's who both inhabited Southern Africa from Cape to the Equator for many years. Khoisan and Bantus have a history of living together as neighbours throughout hiatory and even interbred with each other. However, a white man came with his own version that will seek to distort the truth about the two groups living together in harmony even before the birth of Christ. The propaganda of the Bantu coming somewhere in the north still continues to this day. This has to stop. This propaganda even gained entry in our education system through a back door by conservative professors whose agenda is to preserve white supremacy.

      Phanzi with White propaganda phanzi!!! Decolonised education now!!!

    2. Anonymous10:16 pm

      Karasites are even more stupid than i thought. Following their leaders blindly and believing everything they spew out of their mouths. Too tired and/or stupid to do their own research to find out the truth. Not that they would believe the truth. Why they are so easily manipulated. There is no hope for them. Or is it an inconvenient truth? The truth hurts. Its a mindset that cant be argued with. None are so blind that he who wont see. Lost cause. Useless. Waste of oxygen. Spawn of satan. ----Jamie

    3. Anonymous12:26 am

      The "varke" and in essence the varkasites who stole our land and mineral wealth must fall!!

      We must explode their only surviving empire which is white monopoly capital. Once that empire can fall, coldness will soon visit them because they will have nothing to brag about. That empire is what makes them to take blacks for granted because they see themselves as the only employers of blacks.

      Blacks should be programmed to buy only black, do that black capital should grow. The same network strategy that has seen whites' capital defeated in Asian countries. Let them continue calling us kaffirs and we will deal with them strategically.