16 March 2017

Why the Dutch election came too early

By Make Smith
17th of March 2017

Yesterday there was a sigh of relief that could be heard all the way from the Netherlands to the liberal halls of Berlin, Washington, Ottawa and Canberra.

Libtards around the world were shit scared that Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom would win the general election and that it would start a Rightwing Revolution across Europe especially with the French presidential and German federal elections just a few months away (April and September respectively).

Yesterday these leftist activists and useful idiots of the Communists assembled in The Hague and celebrated and thanked the Dutch People for a “victory” whilst mocking Geert Wilders. “Mark Rutte stopped the Domino effect”, they said. He stopped the wave of rightwing populism. The Satanic European Union was saved and their temples in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg City still stand.

One can only wonder what they would have done if Mark Rutte lost. Probably riot in the streets and go on a rampage like after the Trump win, because libtards only believe in democracy when THEY can win.

Nevertheless Mark Rutte’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (libtards) lost eight seats. Out of the 150 seats they now only occupy 33. Geert Wilders’ Party, the Party for Freedom (Nationalists) gained five seats and now has 20 seats.

What was of major concern was the nest of Green Communists vipers who won 14 seats, an increase of ten seats.

Nevertheless, if I was Mark Rutte I would not be too happy. Geert Wilders already vowed that he was not going to give Rutte any rest and is going to make the world very hot for him. In my opinion Rutte will have to do a lot of hard work to stop the domino effect of his party losing.

I have news for Rutte and the Libtards who think they can stop the march of the Right. Problem is that the Left overplayed their hand when they assassinated the beloved Austrian Nationalist leader Jörg Haider in 2008. Austria saw a massive surge to the right and the Rightwing Christian Democrats of the Austrian People's Party are almost 50/50 in Government now. Likewise in Hungary the Rightwing Christian Democratic union of Fidesz–KDNP rules the roost and in 2016 they rejected the EU’s bullshit rapefugee quota system in a referendum. In Poland in 2015 the Rightwing Christian Democrats of the “Law and Justice” (PiS) party won.

So how long can little Dutch Boy Mark Rutte keep his finger in the dike?

I tell you what. He should thank Father Time, because this election came just a little bit too early. If the Dutch election was held twelve months later, he would be crying for his mommy now.

As for Geert Wilders and the PVV…maybe it is a good thing to have come second this time. It prevents you from resting on your laurels. Keeps you sharp and on your toes. Ensures that you step up the fight.

Nevertheless, these Dutch libtards are slow. They are stupid, that is why they learn so slowly. All they need are some more insults from the Ottoman Sultan (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan), some more Muslim rapes of their young girls and some more terrorist attacks… and they will all come over to the Right eventually. You will see all of this in the next few months so pay attention.

30 years ago these Dutch Libtards of the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement like Connie Braam, Claas de Jonge, et al told us South Africans we were slow. We were backwards. We were “verkrampt”. We were “racists”…Tja…and now? What have I always said? The day will still come where they will beg us South Africans to show them how to introduce Apartheid.


  1. Mr Mister10:59 pm

    Well done, Geert. More than one million votes.

    As things get worse and worse in the Netherlands, support for his party will grow. Only time will tell by the time he gains power whether or not it will be too late.

  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    It's only a matter of time Mike. The ones who matter will eventually come around, the rest are fodder and fair game.

  3. Being an "ex kaaskop" myself I watched these elections closely and I must say, I was disappointed. would have loved to have seen a much stronger VVP that would have forced Rutter out of the prime ministership. The Netherlands appears to be very politically savvy which results in a large number of political parties and the inevitable coalition run parliament, which is certainly a lot better than here in SA where one party can have a majority in excess of 60%!!!

  4. Mike, I'm sure you are right and this is only a temporary hiccup.

  5. FredBarbarossa2:47 am

    Two interesting opinions from my favourite Australian blogger: The Geert Wilders disaster and The Dutch election and Trump Factor

    1. Whiteman11:44 pm

      FB, thanks for posting the " Australian " perspective. It makes a lot of sense, and indeed a worthy contribution to this very complex situation. When we look at the entire world stage, we only see chaos, hate, division, and collapse. Truly, there is need for a " world leader, " who can bring order to this disintegration of humanity. And I have not even touched on how we humans are physically destroying the WHOLE earth ! At a rough guess, I would say that this world leader, ( anti-christ ? ), will have to be black, because mandela showed us exactly what a nignog terrorist can do !

  6. Anonymous5:52 am


    The day will still come where they will beg us South Africans to show them how to introduce Apartheid.

    If that day should ever arrive, we should tell them they were right. You cant have a parasite locked in a corner being fed, given money, housing, etc etc and not expect it to go bad.

    Apartheid just prolongs the inevitable. Its a white brain simply prolonging what will eventually happen. Intellectuals afraid of fighting put their enemies one side & think they can feed, house, give money and it will not end in a war.

    This is exactly what the EU is doing - taking in these people, while holding back on Turkeys EU membership. They agreed to take them in while keeping Turkey happy with the thought they will one day be Europeans.

    Then when they wake up & realize that this is part of Turkeys plan, it will be too late - 25 million muslims in Europe, Turkeys former colonels in Europe will lead them. The coup was just smoke and mirrors.

    The EU took most of their colonels. Those colonels/army officers are silently waiting for the signal. Spain stopped thousands, upon thousands of weapons heading for Europe 4 days back.

    This is the start of Apartheid. The intellectuals dont want a war & so think they can bribe/pay off the turks, much like we did with the Karasites.

    Do we really think any other non white nation would implement apartheid in regards to whites? If they dont want whites around, they do a find job of it like we have seen in Africa.

    IF you dont want parasites around, you cant do it intellectually. Like a failed scientific experiment where you breed mosquito or have some virus in some quarantined room, one day it will get out and when it does you pay the price.

    South Africa is a perfect example of the parasite being let loose & infecting the whites. The whites now have zippo.

    Its intellectual masturbation. They sit & have cocktails grinning, smiling, discussing their little experiment impressing professors & other intellectuals.

    Apartheid/separation is a great idea but terrible in practice.

    In the end many will come settle in SA & then, then we can have our payback.

    Turkey's interior minister says Ankara could send 15,000 refugees a month to Europe, to “blow its mind.” He said the bloc is “playing games” to prevent Turkey from becoming strong, taking direct aim at Germany and the Netherlands.

    “I’m telling you, Europe, do you have that courage? If you want, we could open the way for 15,000 refugees that we don’t send each month and blow your mind,” Süleyman Soylu said late Thursday, according to Hurriyet.

    This is what happens when a nation smokes too much zol, by the time they wake up they dont know whether their paranoia is real or not and then need a quick puff to put them at ease again - It must be shit to wake up after their highs to see Turks/arabs around them EVERYWHERE.

    When I was in Germany 9 years back, even their little towns over run by these things. With all whitees brains, he over thinks - we think too much and do too little or too much when its too late.

    1. Anonymous3:41 pm

      Turkey, the seat of satan.

  7. I am disappointed, Mike.

    But did you notice that Geert Wilders supporters didn't demand that there be a recount and said they don't recognize Rutte as their PM. They are true democrats and a clear sign that Wilders' supporters are not liberal. Something to be proud of.

    And this is only going to make the right thinking underground stronger. The more the Europeans are going to be pushed, the harder they are going to push back…


  8. There's a good reason Wilders lost (after viewing plenty of comments) he was a one trick pony. Anti-hajji was his only point really and there were other parties who were pushing somewhat similar anti-immigration stances.

    Compare this to Trump and you can see the difference in campaign intelligence. Trump got his MBA so did marketing 101 and knew that any population is divided into a pie chart and you have to run on enough issues - without contradicting yourself of course - to strike cords with a majority of voters to net a win.

    You basically have two groups of people - amongst whites - your hardcore Nationalists who will always be patriotic and see themselves as tied to the land and then your softer Jimmy and Sally next door who simply wants to have a job and keep a household going – basically socialists/ leftists (who don’t really have the love of country that Nationalists do).

    So while Trumps view on cutting illegal immigration of course hit every nationalist in the heart, Trump ran on other issues like getting rid of obamacare, jobs jobs jobs (manufacturing) and stopping America from getting screwed in bad trade deals amongst other points.

    This appealed to Jimmy and Sally next door who traditionally always voted democrat as a blue collar worker.

    By not focusing on anti-immigration stance entirely this also made Trump seem more compassionate, which is how you capture the Jimmy and Sally next door vote otherwise you do look like a hardcore bigot with your anti this and anti that the whole time.

    Hitler used the same approach. He told the communists (leftists) that he was against capitalism and for the common worker, and when turning to those on the right he rejected the communistic model of wiping out segments of your population (including the church and traditional institutions) and instead said everyone was a German and wanted to eliminate the class war.

    Hitler used the two pronged attack of Nationalism (right wingers) and Socialism (the common worker/ lefty) to ultimately win as did Trump. Trumps campaign was truly brilliant and in many ways identical to Hitlers (hence all the Hitler accusations).

    The way Trump reeled in conservatives (except the mormon and Ted Cruz nuts) but at the same time getting the vote of Jimmy and Sally - who are not genius’s by any stretch of the imagination but your stereotypical decent people who merely want to be able to work to put food on the table and raise a family but who traditionally were your blue collar democrats.

    Wilders like I said was a one trick pony. What was his economic policy? What was his trade policy going to be? He was just anti-dune coons, that’s all.

    No one 100% agreed with Trump on everything he said he stood for. But because he stood for things that struck cords with so many people - both left and right, he - having never run for sheriff let alone POTUS - grabbed the most powerful office in all of 17 months.

    Appeal to the left (socialist- blue collar workers) as well as the right (nationalists) and you will have the entire media against you, that is how much they will panic.

    1. Oh, and you forgot the scapegoat...every good socialist has a scapegoat he blames for all the wrongs in society.

  9. Michael Dean Miller7:18 am


    Holland's descent into anarchy and war will begin soon.


  10. Anonymous7:31 am

    No I disagree the Dutch must have their country kaffirized with high taxes and Bee laws imposed on the white Dutch, yes even their peace and prosperity must be exchanged with fear and poverty. They must feel the pain and have the thoughts of a robbed future cloud their minds as they try to survive in a country plagued by death, despotism, disease and dirt. Kry vir julle.
    I don't speak for the wealthy whites who live in the good areas, but for us poor whites, not because of drugs alcohol or a gambling addiction are poor but because of new SA discrimination laws are poor, and desperately try to survive on R8000 or less every month.

  11. Anonymous10:33 am

    This is spin doctoring from the 'establishment' media, the European Right is most definitely on the rise, this is a fact and they are obviously panicking.

  12. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Make Smith
    When did you change your name?
    Bob :-)

  13. Anonymous1:08 pm

    You forgot Thierry Baudet. Now there are two anti-immigration parties in the Dutch parliament. Rutte only survived because he decided to be "hardline" regarding the Turkish dictator's advocacy for Turks in Europe to imperialize Europeans while Turks in Turkey imperialize the Arabs.

    Also you forgot about Pim Fortuyn.