20 March 2017

Why black farmworkers are killed by blacks

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

Here is a video explaining why farm attackers kill black farm workers too…It is because they are seen as “House Negroes” who warn the master when the slaves are revolting in the plantation and coming for him.

EFF – Why black farmworkers should be killed


  1. Anonymous11:53 pm

    So if you show this to carte blanche reporters who say that 6 % of farmers are black and 6% of all farm murders all of blacks, what do you think this reporter would say?

  2. Anonymous12:27 am

    This guy sounds like a black boere mall ninja

    At least that is how I see it.

    He calls for the destruction of other races in the name of advancing his own. Black dude sees whites as the cause of his woes, but it is actually the globalist croni-capitalist principles of the NWO that is screwing the blacks.

    Same thing with boere mall ninja. Just reverse the skin colour. We see that it is the elite that are creating these circumstances where we find ourselves in the crime BEE problem and we are being played off on each other.

    When we "solve" our "karasite" problem (BMN's word, not mine), like these blacks, we will find ourselves in poverty, just like blacks are going to find themselves in ZIM 2.0. Except our ZIM 2.0 will be a globalist dictatorship. A prison planet. A global Gulag. A global UN program where the UN solves our problem with a world police force and world army and world government. Just look at the Rockefeller story above this one.

    And like these black sock puppets in that facebook video, Boere mall ninja wants us to be deceived into believing in a tokolosh karasite and that exterminating blacks (like malema wants to exterminate whites) is the solution.

    Why is exterminating blacks a solution and exterminating whites a hate crime? Why the double standards?

    Why the fuck are we supposed to accept BMN's solutions? I mean they sound just like malema's solution to us. We are being pushed into a war where the only victors are the elite. Just like the 2 World wars were the elite became more wealthy and were able to use the wars to justify a bigger U.N.

    Have you manginas forgotten how the Great war was used as justification for the league of nations? And WW2 for the U.N? What fucking monstrosity will come out of this Great South African war?

    We have woken up my dear elitist Boere mall ninja. We know that satan is the enemy. And we know his tricks now.


    1. Anonymous6:21 am

      They are already exterminating us you fool

    2. Anonymous7:27 am

      a hashtag....really??????

    3. Anonymous1:18 pm

      lol 12:27, you are such a thick twat aren't you? You are such a weak little cunt, it's probably why you have been bullied your whole life.

    4. "We know that satan is the enemy"

      This is why you lose. Idiotic.

  3. Anonymous12:34 am

    I can already hear Boere mall ninja's voice bleating... "What are your solutions then?"

    Solution is to turn and look at the globalists who create conditions where blacks have 10 children and whites have none.

    Solution is to turn and look at the globalists who create these conditions in the first place. Have you manginas forgotten how the most savage iron age tribe (the zulus) were pacified under the nationalist government of verwoerd? I recall Mike smith talking about how Credo Muthwa in his book Indaba my children stated that the zulus actually revered whites, even werwoerd. (never read the book, cant find it)

    Remember the King of the zulus that endorses apartheid and refuses to fight a race war.

    You pacify even the most violent tribe by repeating what we did with the zulus. And what did we do? Did we pull a boere mall ninja and kill them? No! We entered the free market and nationalism with them.

  4. Anonymous6:56 am

    Unfortunately NOT going to work this time
    The stirrers ( abathakathi ) are too deeply entrenched
    In any case
    The Trekkers first had Blood RIver
    The British the AZW ( Ulundi )
    Sense prevailed ( and for how long ) ?

  5. Anonymous11:35 am

    Another bunch that should have been locked up and left to rot in jail until after Human Rights Day.

  6. Anonymous10:17 pm

    You don't understand the concept of field and house negroes. By a "house nigga" it is meant about those slaves who are working under the roof of the oppressor, in the comfort of his house. At times, house negroes get the privilege of sleeping at the master's bed when the master is out and even has all the time to gossip with the master about other slaves.

    Now with the field negroes, it is meant those slaves who are exposed to the real hardship of working under a scorching sun. They are mostly hated by the master and are being punished for no reason and for as long as it pleases the master.

    So, most farm workers are "field niggars" as they are exposed to everyday abuse of their boss. They are being beaten, slipped on at the back of a bakkie and at times killed by being mistaken as " monkeys wearing overalls".

    1. Oh I understand the concept of "House Nigger" very well. We have our own versions of them. When Janusz Waluś shot Chris Hani like the dog he was it was a white Afrikaans woman who ratted him out. When the Boeremag boys escaped from prison it was a white Afrikaans woman who ratted them out and turned them in.

      We have LOTS of "House Niggers"...Whorenalist Max du Preez, News24 editor Adriaan Basson, ‎Henriëtte Loubser of Huisgenoot...list is almost endless.

    2. Anonymous1:15 am

      Don't mistaken house niggars as sellouts and pimps(spying). If someone sees crime being committed and report it, that's not house negroism, it is heroism.

      In essence, whites in general cannot advance revolution because they are the privileged class all over the world. Whether you go to the Caribbean, South America and elsewhere, whites are captains of industries and thus monopolised everything to themselves. Now, not all whites subscribe to this ideology of creed and exploitation, simply because they see everything wrong about that arrangement.

      God created us as equals and why would one race see it fit to oppress other races irrationally in the name of the accumulation of wealth. All the riches that you cannot take to your grave. Imagine how the world would have been without one race oppressing another. We could have all built the world together in harmony without crime, unhappiness, suffering, etc.

    3. @ Anonymous 1:15 am...First of all, those who reported the ANC planting bombs and blowing up innocent people to the security police were also heroes then. All those blacks who refused to use violence and demonstrate along with the UDF(ANC front) were all heroes then. So why did you bastards kill them with the necklace method and throw them off trains? Some necklace victims were offered to buy a Dagga cigarette for R1 to ease the pain of their fiery execution. You talk about blacks and whites as if whites are the enemy of blacks and then complain that one race oppress another, because let me guess…In your idiotic mind, whites are always oppressing blacks. Blacks are not oppressing blacks. Whites are not oppressing whites. Chinese are not oprresing Tibetans…etc…and GOD forbid…BLACKS ARE NEVER OPPRESSING WHITES. What do you call BEE and Kaffirmative Action? What do you call racist quotas in sport and university entry in South Africa?

      …Just tell me who are the ones chasing blacks out of South Africa in xenophobic attacks? Not whites! You innocent black South Africans are still murdering and killing fellow blacks just like you have done for the last 10,000 years. In fact in 2008 and 2010 The white people of Fish Hoek were the ones who housed the Somalians and Nigerians in churches and camping sites when the local blacks from Masiphumelele chased them out and killed them.
      Further you contradict yourself by saying that God Created us as equals…but then complain that “whites are captains of industries and thus monopolised everything”…Are you admitting that whites are superior? I mean if blacks were really the equals of whites then why are blacks not also the captains of industry? Besides what “Industries” did black South Africans have before they came into contact with whites? Blacks were nomadic subsistence farmers who had no written language or ever built a fixed structure. No roads, no shops, no universities, no prisons, no hospitals, NOTHING…But you claim to be the equals of whites? How in God’s name to you come to that conclusion?

    4. Anonymous3:07 am

      1. The struggle for liberation by blacks who were subjugated and treated as slaves in the land of their forefathers was legitimate.

      2. Sellouts were being necklaced because very often the information that they gave to the enemy resulted in revolutionaries being attacked and killed in their hedeouts.

      3. The ANC did not have any intention to kill civilians and such only happened by accident. The ANC merely retaliated from the attacks that they time to time suffered at the hands if the special forces if the enemy who were commanded to attack the camps of MK in neighbouring countries.

      4. You cannot expect a privileged white child and underprivileged black children to start on the clean slate as if nothing happened in the past. It will be yet another injustice on the black child. So in order to redress the imbalances of the past, you will have to come with a policy that will recognize the past history of the two and empower the disadvantaged. The same system is used in America without any complaints.

      5.A white man is always at the center of this conflict. Most whites see foreigners from poor countries as an opportunity for cheap labour and this obviously does not sit well with the locals. This as a result inspired government to punish those employers who can be found to have employed foreigners without documents and paying them far below minimum wage.

      6. Yes, this is a fact. No race must take advantage of another by way of oppression and slavery. Remember how blacks were taken to America with some married couples being forced to leave their offspring behind just to become slaves in foreign land. Those colonial masters should have known that God was displeased with their devilish actions.

    5. Anonymous3:31 am

      Ethiopians built everything on their own without the intervention of a white man. Look how beautiful is Addis Ababa today.

    6. @ Anon 3:31 am...Addis Ababa is still a dump despite massive Investment from China.

      Yes in the 1980’s Ethiopia was so prosperous and rich that the people were starving to death in their millions. Stupid American libtards held concerts to send them aid.

      Since 2000 the Chinese has moved in with $12 Billion to build hospitals like the Tirunesh Dibaba Beijing Hospital. Then there is the Tekeze hydroelectric project and the Addis Ababa ring road all built by Chinese companies. Of course the Chinese see Ethiopia as their new Chinese colony.

      The Chinese are after the oil at the Abole oil field. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) is in there big time. One day Ethiopians are going to wake up and realise their country was taken over by Chinese. Demographics is everything mate. Those in the majority determine what happens. The Chinese are already funding the Somalians, the enemies of the Ethiopians.

      You want to start again with your rubbish?

    7. Anon 3:07 How the fuck can you state that your species was created equal to the White race. Just go look in a mirror FFS!

    8. Anon 3:07 Oh, by the way, nobody needs to oppress you lot. You do it all by yourselves and, may I say, you do a wondrous job of it too!

      Protest about tuition fees? Ah well, let's go and burn down a university or two! If that's not oppressive I don't know what is. You fucking of retards are incapable of progressing. The only progression you've known is by courtesy of the White Man. Yes, The Superior Race.

      Now please fuck off with your retarded bullshit.

    9. @ Anon 3:07 am…
      1: Ah please fuckoff with your bullshit. Terrorist attacks justified in the name of the “struggle”. You are still struggling and you will still be struggling long after the whites are gone. Look at Zimbabwe…Struggled to get the whites out now they are struggling even more. You are a race of born strugglers. That is why you allowed the Whites and Arabs to enslave you after you have enslaved your own brothers and sisters and sold them to the Arabs and whites. You are responsible for your own slavery.
      2: “Sellouts” were determined so by Bundu courts and people were necklaced on the mere suspicion of being a collaborator. Then there were the atrocities and rapes in the camps in Angola like Camp Quatro where the ANC moered their own supporters with sjamboks every day. All justified hey?
      3: No intention to kill civilians? Are you fucking simple? What do you call bombs in Whimpy bars, Worcester Shoprite? Amanzimtoti shopping centre? King Williams Town Golf club? All accidents?
      4: BEE and Kaffirmative Action. South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.
      5: Oh I see…The white man is now responsible for you killing your fellow blacks, because the white man employs the Zimbabwean and Malawians who actually WANT to work instead of you lazy skiving lot of South Africa who just want to sit on your arses in the sun and drink beer all day. Tell me something…Does the white man also employ the Somalian shop owners whose shops you loot and whom you kill? Does the white man also employ the Nigerian hairdresser with his container in the township that you beat and chase out.
      6: No you are wrong. God did not create us equal. If God created us equal then why are you bitching about inequality? God did not create us equal, but with equal worth. If we were all equal, we would all have the same intelligence, wealth and physical strength. Look at women and men. Look in nature. Equality exists nowhere. The strongest and most intelligent and the most adaptable survive. Besides if we were all equal then why were you lot so weak that you became the slaves of whites and Arabs? Look mate…if you were really clever enough or stronger than whites, why did you allow yourselves to be slaves?
      About colonialism. Blacks were not the only ones who suffered under colonialism. Afrikaners also did. Americans fought for their independence from Britain. In 1956 Ghana gained its independence. It was a rich country called The Gold Coast. It was the fourth largest gold producer in the world. It was exporting rubber, cocoa, coffee, etc. Five years after independence it was bankrupt. At about the same time Singapore also got its independence from Britain. Singapore has nothing. No minerals and no oil. It is built on a salty marsh where hardly anything grew. Yet after independence Singapore went from strength to strength…WHY??? You tell me what is the excuse of Ghana. Under Apartheid the Indians in Natal became highly educated and rich. They also “SUFFERED” under Apartheid. Why could they make it and you fucking useless lot couldn’t?

    10. Anonymous9:31 am

      It was understood as all men are "equal before the law", but not all men are equal amongst themselves.
      All this talk about slavery and colonialism and some sort of class revolution is communist rhetoric.Communists twist everything you say, so it is best to never engage with them. Remember THESIS=>ANTITHESIS=>SYNTHESIS

      I still remember the metal detectors in the shopping centres, so yeah...civilians were only killed accidentally...

      I'll just leave these over here....

      Remember Weenen

  7. The real question is why do Afrikaners have black farm workers in the first place? Afrikaners talk about having their own homeland, but Afrikaners are the ones who are addicted to cheap black labour. Black farm workers, black nannies, black maids, black gardeners. I've read that many of the violent house attacks against Afrikaners are aided by the black female maids or nannies employed by the Afrikaner family. Why can't you Afrikaners do your own damn manual labour. You Afrikaners, with your obsession with black labour, have helped created this huge problem.

    1. Definition of an Afrikaner... someone who would rather be killed in his own bed, than make it himself...

  8. Whiteman9:58 am

    Roy, you are not going to make a lot of friends with that attitude ! But it does not mean that you are talking bullshit. The problem is, the whites in this country have used slaves since Van Riebeeck hopped off his ship. It is part of the culture, and worse still, the whole economy has this phenomenon as its whole base and framework. Only a war will be able to change it, and then we can start all over with a clean slate. This is why, the whiteys in this country will NEVER push back against the blacks. But there is one exception. They must be chased off their farms, and out of their houses in the towns, and cities. Only then, will there be enough anger and push back to make a difference. But it must happen soon, because people are losing their farms and houses, without the nignogs even lifting a finger !