20 March 2017

The West sets it sights on Iran…and possibly South Africa

US soldiers north of Mosul

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

I read with interest an article on RT that the US is amassing troops and warships on the Iranian border to secure their oil interests, because there is no way they can allow some “Rogue nation” from the “Axis of evil” to threaten or hold them at ransom with oil.

The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

How this is going to impact South Africa will be very interesting indeed, seeing that South Africa wants to sell missiles to Iran

“South Africa has applied to the United Nations Security Council to sell missiles worth R1.5 billion to Iran.”

At least they are trying to go the legal route.

Knowing the US foreign policy of “the friend of my enemy is my enemy” and how quickly friends can become enemies or vice versa, I won’t be surprised if the US will soon be stirring a regime change in South Africa ala Arab Spring or even preparing for an invasion.


  1. Anonymous1:11 am

    The US won't invade us, we have nothing to offer or to loot. They will just hit us with sanctions to shatter our allready sinking economy.

    1. Anonymous11:36 pm

      I recently returned from Walvis Bay, Namibia, the country's sole deep water port and former South Atlantic home to the Royal and South African Navies. Also in port were two of the three ships of the Royal Navy's Atlantic Patrol Tasking South. A Daring-class Type 45 air warfare destroyer and a Royal Fleet Auxiliary small fleet tanker were both pier side. (The task force's third ship, HMS Clyde, was presumably on station patrolling the Falklands.) While Walvis Bay enjoys a 138-year history with the Royal Navy, it could soon be home to a powerful Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy surface squadron.


      MR Smith
      You can continue deleting my posts where I bemoan the ignorance of South Africans

      Doing so will make NO difference or have any effect on the Geo-Political situation
      It will however deprive some , of the information they need to awake / smarten up
      Including perhaps the owner of the copy and paste blog ( I am not quite sure she understands everything she plaks up on her blog ? )

  2. Whiteman2:32 am

    Mike, when I read an article like the above, and all the links you provide, it makes me realize that we are all like goldfish in a bowl. We are basically forced to only see, and experience our immediate surroundings. Then we get caught up in all our little personal squabbles, and personality differences. But we don't notice the " hungry cat, " getting ready to scoop us out of the bowl, for breakfast ! What goes on in the world, is SO important, to what happens to us. Should there be a nuclear war, I do not believe that anybody will want to fire a nuclear missile at us. We are just not important enough, and already we are being destroyed by African " nuclear cluster bombs." But one thing is for sure. Any worldwide upheaval, that stops the normal flow of oil, food, normal goods, etc, that we rely on every day, will have a MAJOR impact on our lives. And when millions of hungry, bloodthirsty, whitey hating nignogs, start jumping around, we will have to flee for our lives. That is why clever patriots, are looking at ALL the options, and making contingency plans. Any person, who can not see that the world is a powder keg, ready to explode, is SERIOUSLY DOF !

  3. Anonymous3:07 am


    Mike those US air bases are ready now in Botswana. The change will come fast. Im not sure how the yanks pull this one off fast with Iran though & they have to contend with Korea.

    But the US army general did say last year that the US will beat their enemies harder than before & they know their enemies have been studying them, copying their moves, weapons. This time I dont think they take much shit.

    Perhaps this is the real reason for their buildup around Europe. Hit Iran & prevent Russia from hitting Europe while NATO assist the US.

    Problem is 2 fold.

    1. Biblical alliances - Turkey a NATO member is an enemy of the people of Israel and the land of Israel. Turkey (Gomer) is an Allie of Persia (Iran) in that battle.

    2. Siener mentioned the Russians swing through Turkey & we see the NATO alliance weakening with Turkey, the Turks banding closer to the Russians. It could be a million reasons why they swing through Turkey into the middle east.

    My thought is they swing through the middle east to support Iran, Turkey offers no resistance due to not becoming an EU member + spat with Germany & they see it as an easy way to get their former empire out of the shackles of the EU while offering no support to the West & allowing Russia / Iran to do their thing.

    The NATO buildup in Europe will push Russia through to the middle east.

    I see also that Iranian troops are getting pretty close to Israel as well.

    With Israel & Syria firing at each other, they are drawing Russia & Iran in. Then combine China sending troops to Africa and this is going to get real crazy fast when the shit hits the fan.


    1. Anonymous7:22 am

      But Ninja, the US is reducing their Nato funding, how do then reconcile a US/Nato alliance in a war when in fact it seems like the US wantscto pull out of Nato? And, let us not forget, Trump and Putin in big tjommies, why would they fight each other?

    2. Anonymous8:42 am


      @Anonymous7:22 am

      US increased their military budget by $50+ billion, NATO members now upping their spending.

      Its not Trump. If you read the news, there is an invisible hand against Trump & for war. The same one behind Clinton calling for war.

    3. Anonymous1:22 pm

      Even with Trump at the reigns US foreign policy goes on unabated. Trump is the puppet and figurehead who says all the right things. We will never see the puppet masters.

    4. Trump and Putin big tjommies is fake mainstream news.

  4. Anonymous3:11 am

    The USA no longer carries credibility with the world elite anymore. If Trump puts sanctions on us, he will lose credibility.

  5. FredBarbarossa7:05 am

    Worrying times indeed... SA whites will find themselves between a rock and a hard place if the US decides to foment rebellion within the Republic's borders. There will be those whites affiliated with the Security complex who will naturally do what any military is supposed to do, and in so doing, create open season on the rest of the white populous.

    If the following raid carried out in El Adde against a Kenyan Army unit by Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabaab is anything to go by then I am not too confident of the outcome for the SANDF.

    An Excerpt: The Kenyan military is actually the workhorse of the region, doing much of the fighting against jihadist groups. They can be well-equipped, well-armed, and often decently trained. However, they suffer from terrible battlefield leadership and poor operational management. The unit decimated in this video had just arrived in the region, and the outgoing unit left without handing over any intelligence of any kind.

    1. Anonymous2:00 pm

      Hey fredB maybe our farmers can start growing Kat for the Somalis to chew on, in exchange for protection from our own kaffirs (the worst, laziest dumbest ungrateful Kaffirs in all of Africa)

  6. Anonymous11:41 am

    Don't hold your breath. It wouldn't be politically correct, and what would they have to gain from it? The Republicans are sick of Trump. He may not last the year. Certainly not four years.

  7. Seattle5:42 pm

    Hopefully Trump will declare Whites in SA to be oppressed people fleeing black violence and corruption. He should put White South Africans to the front of the immigration line with expedited paperwork. I realize not many Whites want to leave just yet, but it's nice to have options. The U.S. is still 70% White and there are 200 million of us!

    1. Anonymous4:13 am

      Yeah, right. Especially this arsehole from Rustenburg.


    2. Anonymous8:43 am

      Anon 4.13

      You talking about the goffle? Yes she's the arsehole