14 March 2017

The “Ons roep die Baas” chronicles…Thyssenk(o)rupp(t) to bail out the SA Navy’s sinking skuitjies

By Mike Smith
14th of March 2017

I have always maintained that liberals are just socialists who do not understand socialism. They don't understand what it truly is. That is why Lenin called them “useful idiots”.

Socialism is just a tool, a plan or strategy to steal everything from hardworking people and to enslave them for as long as possible so you can milk them dry. Let others work hard and you steal it all.

When you understand this basic principle, then it is fairly simple to understand why the world’s biggest capitalists like the Ford Foundation, the Rockefellars, the Rothschild’s, et al support Socialists all over the world and why they were behind the end of Apartheid and bringing the corrupt Marxist ANC to power. It is all about the money. Just follow the MONEY. It always ends up back at these mega corporations and banks.

Let us look at how this principle works at the hand of a recent incident.

A few days ago in Rostock in the former (DDR) East Germany, Denel has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) covering the support of the South African Navy’s three submarines and four frigates.

Denel partnering with TKMS on upgrading SA Navy’s frigates and submarines

So let me explain to you what happened here.

After Apartheid was gone and the ANC came to power…in the late 1990’s, the corrupt gangsters masquerading as a legitimate government, the useless ANC, stole BILLIONS from the South African taxpayers to buy weapons from mega corporations overseas and receive kickbacks on it, in what is known as the great South African arms deal scandal

Officially the number stolen was R30 Billion (about $4.8 billion at the time) but other sources reckon it was at least double that.

Part of this deal was the acquisition of four MEKO class frigates and three 209 Class submarines from Germany through the engineering and steel giant ThyssenKrupp, nicknamed in South Africa, Thyssenk(o)rupp(t)

Of course ThyssenKrupp has a very dark history of not only dealing with the Nazi’s and building up their war machine, but actively sponsoring them. Between 1933 and 1945 they donated 60 Million Reichmarks to the Nazis every year.

From 1940 to 1945 more than 100,000 forced labourers and prisoners of war worked as slaves in the 81 factories of ThyssenKrupp making everything from Tiger Tanks to the trains that transported the Jews to the concentration camps.

Business with Hitler – How ThyssenKrupp built up and sponsored the Nazis using slave labour

After the war, the court in Nuremberg was very lenient on the Krupps, because those behind the court was also the big money powers of the Capitalist countries deviding up the spoils of war. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach took one for the team and were convicted of slavery and plundering, but did no time due to health reasons (he suffered several strokes). Of course their excuse for the slavery is that this actually saved some Jews from being killed.

For his effort and the death of 20 million Russian soldiers against the Nazis, Stalin got Eastern Europe and half of Germany.

Today the Krupps are still operating, still using slaves and still corrupt to the core…and it is all legal in Germany, because under German law, companies can be as corrupt as they want and bribe as much as they want as long as they don’t do it in Germany itself.

So how fitting then that such a company would do business with the Afro-Nazis of the ANC and rip the South African taxpayer’s off. The South African taxpayers are just their new slaves under a different name.

All of their shenanigans came out when the current mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, blew the whistle in parliament that she had evidence of three payments by warship supplier Thyssen-Krupp on 29 January 1999, each of R500,000, to the ANC, to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and to the Community Development Foundation, a Mozambique charity associated with Mandela's wife, Graça Machel.

Der Spiegel revealed that German investigators in Düsseldorf investigated allegations of $25m-worth of bribes paid to South African politicians, officials and middlemen by ThyssenKrupp.

British and German investigators suspected that bribes of over one billion rand were eventually paid to facilitate the deal. Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Tony Yengeni, Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik as well as then Defense Minister Joe Modise’s advisor, Fana Hlongwane were mentioned.

Source: The Guardian-Bright hopes betrayed

Source: Mail & Guardian. Arms deal: Who got R1 Billion in payoffs?

Nevertheless the Navy’s rigates and subs were delivered and part of the deal was that ThyssenKrupp had to reinvest some of their money into South Africa, but when they came out to South Africa in 2005/2006 with a swollen wallet to dish out the loot, they found that nobody wanted to touch their filthy money.

Of course by then the “Arms Deal” was well known as the “Arms Scandal” and companies were scared that they would later be accused of benefiting from kickbacks of the arms deal, because the full extent of the Arms Scandal has never come to light.

So back then…in discussions with the Navy and the ANC regime, it was decided that they would build a fifth frigate.

SA Navy to buy fifth frigate

SA still mulling fifth frigate

However, in the meantime the ANC, through their abominable racist policies of BEE and kAffirmative Action, ruined the once proud SA Navy.

For instance, my favourite female Admiral and former MK mattress in Angola, Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala, was fired for defrauding the Navy out of laptops and assaulting a subordinate guard who wanted to search her car.

You would think that someone on an admiral’s salary would be able to buy a laptop and not steal it, but then you don’t know the mentality of such a common kaffir.

Navy admiral quits after laptop fraud

She then went to the EFF for a while and then the UDM, but also resigned September 2016 from them after a fallout with UDM leader, General Bantu Holomisa. She got another defence posting and is currently National Youth Service coordinator at the Department of Defence.

Of course the case of Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala is just one example of the scum the Navy brought in. There are hundreds of examples. What irks me the most is that when you speak to the white guys who are still in the SA Navy then you constantly hear apologetic bullshit such as that “The MK ones are not so bad; it is the APLA ones that are useless...”

Be it as it may, the SA NAVY is FUCKED!

During Apartheid the dockyard used to have some excellently skilled personnel. The electricians, welders, fitters and turners, etc were some of the best I have ever come across in my life. The engineers and other technical personnel on the ships were world class.

Where are they today? All gone. Emigrated or found jobs somewhere else without any problem like all highly skilled people do. Many have crossed over to the Merchant Navy, work in industry or started their own businesses. The ones left in the SA Navy are the dregs and useless ones. The scum who still kiss ANC ass and suck ANC dick.

The SA Navy hardly has enough skilled personnel to man even ONE frigate. Let alone the other three or a fifth one. They have no people to run the dockyard or dry-dock ships. There is no one left to do upgrades and planned maintenance on their vessels. They cannot recruit any people; because there is no money in the budget...I mean you cannot give money that the ANC can steal to the Navy or train personnel, can you?

So what did they do? They went to Denel/Armscor to help them run the dockyard, but because Denel is also suffering the same skills shortages, they have now gone a full circle back to the original builders of the frigates, our German friends...ThyssenK(o)rupp(t)

ThyssenKrupp engineers and technicians must now be flown in to do maintenance on the Navy vessels, do drydocks and upgrades, etc…And I can assure you that at R14 to the Euro…The Germans don’t come cheap.

Of course it would be far cheaper and better for South Africa to recruit the former workers and technical staff with attractive packages or train new ones, but to get the Navy back to its former glory will take at least ten years to train people up and allow them to gain the necessary experience. I am afraid that this depth of knowledge and experience is lost forever. Ruined by the illustrious ANC. You will never get these people back to come and work for the ANC.

However the ANC are not in the least interested in restoring the Navy to its former glory or to train up and skill people. All they are interested in is how much money they can steal through kickbacks and blatant corruption and, because it worked so well the last time…they have approached ThyssenK(o)rupp(t) again.

And when the vessels are old and need to be scrapped, you start the whole process, the whole cycle of corruption, again. No one knows how long this contract is for, because the media is all quiet about it, but to these mega industrialists and foreign banking scum, the ANC is the gift that keeps on giving. They are the ones keeping the white taxpayers enslaved and paying their taxes. The keepers and guardians of the white tax cows.

Classical “Problem-reaction-solution”.

The ANC create the problem, there is an outcry that something must be done and then they offer the solution and appear as the heroes.


  1. Anonymous1:59 am

    All that expense to keep the sharks out of the rivers and the bathing areas, but nobody contains the biggest sharks from getting into our pockets.


    1. Anonymous5:30 am

      Hey LTMA if I was a Krupp sales rep I would go dig through the plans archives and sell those Kaffirs the Scwhere Gustav along with railway line from Alexander Bay to Kosi Bay numba one special for shooting sharks.

    2. Max Blancke12:08 pm

      How can I get an invite to South African Resistance site?

  2. Anonymous4:51 am

    Mike thanks for your stunningly insightful and well-researched article! We are indebted to you for your intelligence and courage in telling the truth.

    PS LTMA, on the level of your personal struggle with "envy" etc that you mentioned under the previous article, I salute your honesty and consultation of a therapist. I don't think you realize how much you have undermined the good work of Mike and other intelligent White South Africans through your stupid self-indulgence.


    1. Anonymous10:35 am

      @ Anon 4:51 am. Melanie.

      You are the perfect example of the ignorant sponge, like you allow the media to bullshit you, you fall for any shit that you wish to believe.

      That is not my post it was posted by an impostor. Now if I was you I wouldn't mention intelligence and truth in the same sentence because clearly you cannot determine the authenticity of either.

      Is Melanie an alias for rfr?


    2. Anonymous1:14 pm

      No LT it's an alias for that little bullied cunt who wants to cower in the corner and bite anyone who wants to resist.

    3. Whiteman10:46 pm

      LTMA, thanks for clearing up the story around that strange unbelievable post under your name ! I was going to ask you which shrink was working on you. Because if he/she could get you " right, " there is also hope for me, and a few others on this blog. And we would have been able to negotiate with your shrink for bulk discount ?

    4. Anonymous12:08 am

      @ Whitman 10:46 pm.

      Now that was a good chuckle.

      We do not need the shrinks, mate. All these others that cannot see shit in a sewer should be queuing for head works.


    5. You guys are a laugh a fucking minute!
      LT, I must admit, "The Impostor" had me going.

    6. Anonymous3:55 am

      Mel AAnie Verwoerd perhaps ?
      Now THERE is one for you LTMA

    7. Anonymous4:52 am

      @ TT.

      Come now, mate.

      I would be on serious head med if I ever posted something like that.

      I will apologize when I am wrong but I will never grovel and seek recognition with such a shit spew.

      And there just ain't going to be an apology when guys think they can attack us and walk away. So don't be expecting an apology soon.

      As for rfr I have figured that his is either so thick skinned and stupid that nothing gets in, or he is the doos that will set us up and hand us over.

      But like all types of shit I will avoid and ignore the turd now.It is below me to respond to traitors and sellouts.


  3. Anonymous5:04 am

    Ja ja boet

    All you need to do now is ask -- WHO was Queen Modjadji ?
    Hint -- ask CYRIL !
    Another hint -- who was the most revered and powerful person in the black African cosmology ?

    As far as the "Megas" are concerned you lot ARE useful idiots
    It is right in front of you and they rub your nose in it.
    Because nearly everyone has not the faintest idea of how to read the -- CODE !

    1. No,no...all you have to do now is to TELL US, doos.

    2. Anonymous1:07 pm

      Let me guess Mike since DOOS likes to talk in C0d3 - Queef modjadji was the whore of all whores who spawned the common african niqqer Karasite? No? Fuck, who really cares anyway.

    3. Anonymous4:00 pm

      Have you taken you meds today?

    4. @ Stephen...sorry I accidentally deleted your comment. Finger trouble on my cell phone. Send again and I will post.

    5. Stephen10:23 pm

      Hi Mike

      all good , I was just responding to anon 5:04 (a.k.a doos)

      Looks like there's some things he doesn't graps.

      First of all , who gives a rats ass about his kaffir imagination , or kaffir cosmology ? ha!
      Even European-cosmology is a load of bollocks so why would we flinch for the kaffir version.

      Anon 5:04 (aka doos) , its like trying to scare us with the boogie-man or the tokolosie , ha!

      Listen kaffir - take your queen ,and pock-face-cyril, and your code - and go to the shack next door , tell the little kaffir there your story , he might look at you with big eyes - we're just laughing at you.

    6. RunForrestRun12:42 am

      @Stephen, --LOL,-I quite agree with you on kaffir cosmology and the European- cosmology,---I just take it to its logical conclusion and put the demented zol induced mutterings of the boere Rasputin "Oom Klasie" in the same category

    7. Guys, they all speak in Code because fuckall the things say ever makes sense.

    8. Whiteman4:13 am

      RFR, you are inadvertently supporting Siener van Rensburg, and giving him loads of credibility. He said a long time ago : Die mense sal weer baie oor my praat eendag ? ? How much are people talking about jan smuts today ? Or any of the other traitors out of the same era ? But I have said before : Leave Siener alone, if you dont like him. Concentrate on zuma, malema and all their tjommies. They tell it straight, with no complex figurative speech. They say loudly, and clearly : Bring my machine gun, and kill the Boer/boer, kill the farmer ! Do we really need a prophet, to interpret such clear speech ?

    9. Anonymous4:17 am

      You all seem to have caught the -- LTMA virus
      'n Vloek hier 'n Vloek daar en Siedar ORALS 'n Vloek

      What is that favourite Sun Tzu quote of Mike Smith

      It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.


      And rainmaking remains at the heart of the Balobedu culture. ‘I trust and believe in my queen’s rainmaking powers,’ Molokwane states firmly.




    10. Stephen7:05 am

      Anon 4:17 , Wie het ge-vloek ?

      Kaffirs is not a 'vloek-woord'

      Maybe you feel 'ver-vloek' in that case youd be right on the money , because if you realy believe that crap (rain-making-queen) then you are ver-vloeked.

      If you by this time of common knowledge still don't know what causes it to rain then surely you are dof.

      Truly you are a cursed lot, freakin stupid kaffirs.

    11. Anonymous8:27 am

      Stephen, never mind 4:17 it's only O.G. who are more offended by mere words than the wholesale killing of a people...

    12. FredBarbarossa10:26 pm

      Ja TT, they do all speak in code.... "geMORSE CODE"

  4. Anonymous5:58 am

    That is the future for most industries in this country.
    Just like the rest of Africa.

    They wont train the local population.
    Its much more profitable to employ expats as one can have many more fingers in the pie.

    Airport meet & greet, security, accommodation, visas, flights and you can even ask the expats to bring you expensive electronic goods from their countries.

  5. Anonymous7:52 am


  6. Anonymous11:48 am

    where is shaka? This is his chance to show how corrupt white germans are

  7. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Hoe de fok kan 'n hoermeid 'n admiraal word?

    Goeie fok. Ek het nie meer hoop nie.

    1. Anonymous9:07 pm


    2. Anon 2:25
      Hoe meer jy hoer, hoe hoër jou rang of aanstelling in die regering, veral daai ou hoere wat die cowardly cadres happy gehou het in Quattro. Hulle staan heel voor in die koor. MY my goedige fok, wat ek nie kan kleinkry nie is hoe enige iemand, selfs 'n pitkop ites soos daai Dlamini affêre kan bestyg!

    3. Anonymous4:19 am

      Hoe de fok het die ANC aan bewind gekom?

  8. Anonymous1:25 am

    Great article , thanks Mike.
    Its unbelievable how the world actually operates. The level of corruption as you allude to is absolutely mind-blowing. Thank God for the populist revival, hope it gets momentum. Its so painful to know that we (SA) have been screwed over so badly by the greedy bastards.
    Point in case. My son and me were watching a documentary about North Korea. Its flipping madness whats going on there. You can get executed by even watching a western movie. When it was finished he asked me, why the world doesn't protest and carry on the way they did over SA. Easy, I replied. What does SA have? Gold , Diamonds, Platinum etc, What does North Korea have? Nothing he knows of, exactly I told him. Sad but true. Thats why your blog is so important. It can make the blind see.

  9. Anonymous2:40 am


  10. Anonymous10:38 am


    1. I have given up trying to convince these things. They simply believe what they want and they WANT to believe that the white man stole everything from them. Talk is not going to help anymore. Stupid people don't know that they are stupid. In their minds they are just as intelligent as the most intelligent person in the world and when you try to convince them otherwise...You are a RACIST.

      So you tell me what the solution is.

    2. Anonymous12:14 pm

      Well the Protestants fled Europe to start with nothing in the Cape.
      And there was nothing....!!!
      Then they trekked inland, and started developing this country.
      Since they arrived, there have been wars. With the Zulus, Xhosas and the English.
      I read everyday about what the white man must give because of Apartheid. Never have I read about what the Boere must get because of the Boer War.
      The Kween gave us nothing. Just took our resources.
      We can start by claiming the Cape. But the problem is we have so many libs licking the black asses.
      Just like the proceeds of the Cape Cycle tour must go to the Houtbay squatters. Geez, the more you give, the more they want.
      How about giving fuck all. For a change.
      Nope, we will take this country back, but the whites first need to loose everything. Then they ALL have a reason to stand together, and claim what is ours.


    3. Anonymous12:28 pm

      The accusation that whites stole is because they want leverage against us. They want to dominate. It is the hall mark of satanists. Kind of the same as Boere mall ninja.

    4. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Hey mike, why can't you analyze the zulu king's words and thoughts about apartheid?

      I see apartheid as pacifying the zulu nationalists because it brought prosperity. There is even that Youtube video of that arrogant Brit who got his panties in a knot when the zulu he interviewed on the street denied being oppressed "economically"

      You see, there lies the solution. Free market. Apartheid's free market and political system showed how it was possible to co exist with zulu nationalists.

      It is the other mangina (a man with a vagina) tribes that got upset with apartheid because apartheid demands that you grow up and be an adult and move out of the house (the union of SA) and accept your afro brexit (the bantustans)

      So the solution is this:

      1 - Tell boere mall ninja to fuck off

      2 - seize the union of south africa from the globalists.

      3 - offer blacks 7 days to accept or deny the offer of their own countries.

      4 - Work with the blacks who know their place and accept their bantustans and pasboeks, and ensure that they get first priority with jobs at phutatijaba and no where else outside of their own nations. We move all industrial operations down there.

      5 - Extreme boycott the rest. (and by this I mean, we don't acknowledge their police, their military, their judiciary or anything they do) Just act like their moms never had kids. If they impose their police onto us, their politics onto us, then and only then do you go Anglo Boer war I on them.

      * Patiently awaiting boere mall ninja to attack because he so desperately wants genocide *

    5. Anonymous2:48 pm

      Mike do you know emaif the Navy still have Marines and what about the divers, what are the standards like these days. I still cannot understand why whites still remain in the sandf or saps, if it's for just a salary th I could understand but how do they get around saluting that communist flag every parade.

    6. Anonymous8:13 pm

      The solution lies in the rise of nationalism that is currently happening world wide.

      Even in the Netherlands, with old Geert.

      Perhaps, the best thing ever to have happened, was the mass influx of all those niggers into europe.

      to my mind, it has galvanised the right of the political spectrum to a point where we will see some form of awakening taking place.

    7. Anonymous10:52 pm

      @ anon 12:41 pm.

      Those are the most original ideas to date, have you started to enforce them?????? No. You haven't because your first solution was to tell Mike to tell BN to fuck off.

      Another one of the progressively active activists that want somebody else to act progressively for them, that is you 12:41pm.

      So if BN does bash your ego a little don't cry, you begged him to do so.

      Why not look at the MS plan that was posted last year on how to change things and set up an independent homeland on the Southern tip? I can assure you that if you get into that, lift your arse do some active participation and get nasty the results will be far more beneficial to all whites.


    8. Anonymous11:02 pm

      We all knew this land story would surface in SA.
      I had hoped with so much information & education available today people would have a different view point or at least find out the facts.

      I am wrong, these darkies hate us and they not going to let facts get in their way.

      Unfortunately due to the average low IQ any sort of negotiation will not work.

      I have been through several countries in Africa and its all the same, filth everywhere, no maintenance etc...

      The solution lies with black people, they have to be more proactive and its something only they can do. All the money in the world cant help Africans.

    9. Anonymous12:17 am

      So you tell me what the solution is.
      (says Mike Smith )

      It is not how hard you work it is how CLEVER

      Renowned scholar Professor Jeff Peires, who has written extensively on the Nongqawuse prophecy, said the cattle killing had indeed happened in the mid-1850s and was not a fairytale. “This was a trick by Sir George Grey,” he said.

      Grey was the British governor of the Cape Colony at the time.

      Peires said among questions scholars should investigate were how Grey influenced a young girl to tell Xhosas to kill their cattle. Nongqawuse was only 17 at the time.

      “About 80% of Xhosas lost their cattle and only 20% refused to slaughter their cattle.”

      Peires said before the cattle killing, white farmers had only occupied land around areas of Grahamstown. After the cattle saga, they settled in farms around Stutterheim and Cathcart.

      The spread, he said, was evident in the number of graves of white farmers in these towns.

      Peires said the Nongqawuse saga followed the British army defeat in one of the wars being fought in the Nkonkobe area and another war, which resulted in a stalemate.

      He said there were other incidents before Xhosas slaughtered their cattle, which included the British bringing a shipload of cattle infected with disease.

      He said the intention was to spread the disease to kill cattle owned by Xhosas.

      Whether that is all correct or not ?
      Some latter day re-construction remains to be discovered
      ALL the dumb shits here would NEVER have stumbled on something like that because --

      Stephen10:23 pm
      Listen kaffir - take your queen ,and pock-face-cyril, and your code - and go to the shack next door , tell the little kaffir there your story , he might look at you with big eyes - we're just laughing at you.

      Guess what
      YOU are so pathetic I am long past laughing
      Really you lot are a TRAGEDY !

    10. Anonymous4:40 am


      @Anonymous12:41 p

      Let me answer you again for the very last time...

      What have you been saying about the white genocide in this country?

      In fact, forget the white genocide, what about the black on black violence which is higher than the genocide rates we saw in Rwandas genocide?

      What do you say about the 75,000+ whites that have been murdered in cold blood in this country?

      Stop worrying about boere mall ninja & start sorting your head out & get your priorities straight.

      Without boere mall ninja a genocide happens either way, in fact you are watching it in slow motion.

      Now was it my fault that the genocide has taken place? Hmmmmm common?

      Anyone with half a brain cell, who can read and understand basic peasant English can see through the flaw in your logic - in fact I would go on to say you have ZERO logic.

      You worry about what I say about a "hypothetical" situation but the "REAL" situation on the ground where 75,000 whites have been murdered - YOU DONT SAY A WORD.

      So let me ask you smart Alec mommy boy...

      Why are you so worried about what I say & not the hundreds of thousands of white families that have had their families butchered & the millions of black families in this country?

      Let me spell it out for you & anyone on here...

      Whether I dont say a word or say something.... in 3 days time from today a farmer will be brutally murdered, possibly 2-3....in that time frame a few whites living in Suburbia utopia under the racist ANC will be murdered...

      What say you about that?

      Thats right!

      Its my fault the savages are killing the whites but you (like most dooses) are more worried about what I say than what is happening to the whites - our kin, our family, our friends, our fellow brothers/sisters.

      You will rather attack someone saying something, than those who are doing something...and that something is murdering our people in this silent genocide.

      Ukraine`s simmering civil war has not claimed 9,000 & we have organizations calling for humanitarian aid - South Africa has 75,000 whites alone murdered in cold blood.

      470,000 dead in Syrias civil war....
      South Africa - 419,750 murders @ 50 murders per day since 1994.

      South Africa - 587,650 murders @ 70 murders per day since 1994 - less than 50% of crime or murders even make it to the docket, so the numbers above are conservative.

      Since you are more concerned about your pets than the whites, why arnt you saying anything about this?

      It will take 10-15 years for Ukraines simmering civil war to even catch up to the white genocide in South Africa but you dont say anything about that.

      You are too emotional, you worry about the wrong things, you worry about "hypotheticals" rather than the facts, you worry about what others "say" rather than what the enemy is doing.

      You need to get perspective.

      What you present above will never happened, in order for that to happen it will lead to a war and a racial/civil war - between the various black factions & the whites.

      So now, how is your solution any different to what you accuse me of?

      When I run into a problem, I go back to the book my ancestors trekked with in this country.

      The same book they made the vow on and in that book, I find & learn how Israel had to eventually take the promised land and what they needed to do in the book of Joshua.

      So before you attack someone, please have the facts & debate it on facts - not assumptions & dont take things personally.

      Before you type, think about the actions 5-10 steps down the road - your "solution" leads to a far worse solution.

      Mine is very simple - no karasites from the Cape to the Equator - now remember, the whites didnt butcher the Indians in America, we know the pox got most of them.

      Not the white mans fault they had immunity issues.

      I dont attack people on this blog, we need unity.

      Enjoy the rest of your day.

    11. Stephen6:49 am

      Okay anon12:17 , by now we've figured out that you are also anon4:17 and anon5:04 from earlier - which also means you are the original (a.k.a doos) so then we'll refer to you like that then.

      oh yeh , and we've also figured out you have this COMPLEX about something.( personally I think its because you're black )

      Through all your ramblings there's one picture you paint - very deermekaar ,very scatter-brain,very hap-hazard - you definitely cant communicate to normal people ( read as white ).

      But the worst of all is - out of all your writings and theories and history teachings.... you know - the most exciting part was that last bit where you quoted my words.....hehehe !

      okay baai doos.

    12. Anonymous10:33 am

      Boere mall ninja, for the last fucking time, stop ignoring my posts where I REPEATEDLY fucking answer your questions and you proceed to whine about how I dont answer your stupid rhetorical questions

    13. Anonymous12:09 pm


      You have a fan.

    14. Anonymous1:30 pm

      okay baai doos.

      My pleasure
      I find it VERY difficult to communicate with dumb-arses that do not have the intellectual capacity to understand what I am talking about -- like yourself

    15. Anonymous1:33 pm

      @ the Boere_Crackpot

      You worry about what I say about a "hypothetical" situation but the "REAL" situation on the ground where 75,000 whites have been murdered - YOU DONT SAY A WORD.

      So tell me -- Ruiter in Swart

      WHAT are YOU doing about it ?

      I am not the one talking about --

      no karasites from the Cape to the Equator

      You are going to have to start very soon -- to get through the many MILLIONS !

    16. Anonymous1:57 pm

      @Noddy, you are quite right.These liberals give and give even though they don't want these things living there in the first place. Now they are collecting food and donating stuff to build new shacks and now even paint. What TF is wrong with them. I say don't feed the dog that bites you. It's insane!!

    17. Anonymous2:04 pm

      Whatever you say 10:33 doos!

    18. Stephen9:52 am

      Anon doos , what exactly is it that you've sais that you deem so intellectual that we can't understand ?

      First you told us about your rain-making queen and pock-face cyril with the code , then you proceeded to tell us to be clever like the Brits that conned the Xhosas to cull their cattle - where is the intellectual parts in that?

      If you think your an intellectual if you believe a dumb kaffir-myth -your mistaken , that's called gullible.

      And there's nothing smart about re-telling a storie you read about the Xhosas - that's not intellectual its called reading - colonials thought you how to do that aswell.

      You must remember , you lot only learned how to read and write after we came here , - ons wit-mense is al lankal slim.

  11. the inevitable result of combining booi+natural-tendancy-to-steal-and destroy+IQ of a brick...ons roep die wit baas

  12. Anonymous10:45 pm

    A black Zim couple are sitting in their house waiting to die. No food, no water, no electricity, inflation 150 000%. Suddenly the pipes rumble with water, the lights go on and there is a truck in the street handing out food. The husband shouts to his wife, “Bring my panga, the whites are back!''

    1. Anonymous8:30 am

      More like bring the Bowl the whites are back , eish can do the garden and you the ironing again , eh he !

  13. Anonymous10:58 pm

    @ MS.

    I had a fine look at these last two highway hi-jacks that took place up here by the truckers and the taxis respectively.

    It would not be a bad way to cripple the economy if these hiways could not be negotiated and accessed.

    The best time would be to let them fill up and then put the blockages into action.

    When I was observing the chaos and congestion, your last years post on small highly mobile units played constantly in mind.


  14. Whiteman2:02 am

    What a tradgedy, that Geert Wilders, of the Netherlands, could not wipe out the rainbow-children yesterday ! Whether you like the Dutch or not, this is a tradgedy for the white race worldwide.But it reminds us of what happened here in 1994. Exactly the same story. The clear thinking, intelligent, " verkrampte " patriots, were totally out voted by the rainbow-scum ! Now it does not help to say, that Geert has increased his seats in parliament. He lacks the most important thing, and that is TIME ! Just like here, we had the idiots who said the whites, would join hands with the highly intelligent, educated blacks, and we would open our eyes in rainbow paradise. But can we be critical of the Dutch. We are descendent from them, so we all have basically the same potential. The pot can not call the kettle black. But what are the frenchies going to do ? And what are the germans going to do ? Why do I feel so pessimistic about the white nations of Europe ? Come on guys, at least convince me that Hitlers people are in a different class. I am willing to learn to speak german, so that I can understand the weapons better, which according to Siener, we are going to get from them ?

    1. Anonymous6:37 am


      @Whiteman2:02 am

      Its still a small victory. There is a coalition - it is not an outright victory.

      It is the beginning, France might have the same.

      The days of an all out victory are gone forever. Today a coalition with the liberals, tomorrow a coalition with the Muslim and the liberal, the day after that a majority Muslim power.

      While in power many more whites will wake up, the problem is that by the time they wake up there might be more foreign voters than locals.

      Whiteman - Europe is gone. It is like the Titanic, we are just waiting for the lights to go out.

      Europe is OVER! There is no doubt about it at all. Another 10 years will prove it.


      If you look at Sweden it is basically a mini civil war now going on there. Everyday bombs, shootings, stabbings - by the time the whites wake up, the enemy will have weapons & outnumber them.

      Im sorry to say but Europe is gone. The invasion over the past 40 years combined with socially engineering those cultures has created a lame duck.

      Europes light has already faded, it is just a lag effect. I like to compare Europe with the stars.

      The stars that we see at night are long gone! Burnt out, it is simply the light taking its time to reach earth. Same with Europe - Its over.

      I was in Southern Spain 10 years back, I could see Morocco on the other side. You walk in the streets & it could be Morocco.

      Everyone keeps saying "take South Africans whites to Europe", you will not want to be in Europe in another decade or two. Those people will be leaving for South America, Aus, the US and leaving in droves.

      It is going to be the next Islamic Caliphate.

      Its gone! Gone for good, there is no going back. Zimbabwe has more chances of becoming Rhodesia again than Europe ever going back to Europe.

      I maintain that it is easier to destroy a people who have never experienced multiculturalism or living with other cultures, than it is to destroy people that have grown up living around different cultures like us in South Africa.

      They thought that because they had the numbers that they could never be invaded, wiped out. This is what happens when you dont know your history.

      Its gone. Germany - gone! Germany will be an Islamic Caliphate within 20 years, they cant stop it.

      Their 8% Muslim Arab/African parasite population will be 20% within 20 years or less. When you give the parasite amazing living conditions it breeds super fast.

      They are all in the early stages of a civil war. These attacks will get worse as their numbers increase. It will be normal, a way of life, like we had to get used to hijackings, house breakins, robbery - so they will have to get used to it.

      That is unless something happens like in WW2 & the only reason this is happening is because of their guilt from WW2.

      Perhaps they have to create these weapons to convince the Arab nations to not initiate something - lets wait and see.

      Whiteman - Europe has fallen.

      We should stop looking to the West for our solution, they were the problem for us here in South Africa. They claimed they were so smart, yet look at Europe.

      To think we took their lead and followed them. We must look to each other and the Lord. Europe will be looking at us in the future for hope.

    2. Anonymous10:28 am

      Dont be a doos. It is the spirit of hitler that is driving the migration crisis. Hitler was enamoured with Islam and wanted an alliance with them. Hitler was not for white people. That was a ruse. A cover. Nazis were left wing. Not right wing.

      If Hitler was alive today, he would use the muslims to take over europe in the same way as Merkel is doing.

      They accuse us of being nazis, that is how you identify them. The ones who throw the stones are the guilty ones.

      Don't be a fool and think Hitler was your here. DOn't become like this Boere mall ninja

    3. Anonymous10:31 am

      So beore mall ninja. How do you reconcile your belief that Germany will be lost when your precious little siener says (actually it was adrian, the liar, snyman) that GErmany will become the strongest nation.?

      Make up your fucking mind.

    4. Anonymous12:29 pm


      Hey mommy boy smudge - IF, "IF", "IF" It continues like this "THEN" it will go under.

      You know the word "IF" let me help you out here...

      "IF" you cross the road and dont look left, right, left - then you "COULD" be hit by a car.

      "IF" you do look left, right, left - you increases your odds of not getting hit.

      Its a "hypothetical" If then that scenario syntax, in the latin languages the verb that follows would be a subjunctive verb and tense changes.

      Its a petty English doesnt make those differences in speech. Im not sure how to get the "IF" part into your brain.

      Europe is gone "IF" it continues like this.

      Maybe someone else could explain it to you in baby talk.

      Its HYPOTHETICAL. Im sure you get "hypo" bit and the "thetical" very well, as in you`re a full on pathetical and the "hypo" is from all the shit you smoke or are high one, as in hypo-chondriac.

      "IF" you took your head out Uranus, you would see the light. "IF" you answered the facts above rather than defending you black wife or girlfriend - dont worry, we can make an exception - we can have 2 down in the museum - your girlfriend or wife can stand next to the other karasite.

      Every time you get your ass handed to you. You must really be thick skinned. Common - next insult...Boere mall, or how about Boere jol? I mean really...

      You have no business being on this blog - you sound like a real old grumpy fucking loser, mommy, beta boy worried about Soros, the Illuminati, Reptiles, FW 2.0... Did David Icke sign your book?

      I told you, drop the ayahuasca shit.

      I must really turn you on big time, big, big, big time. Hey I must burn your ass.

      Every comment is geared towards me, old, bitter man. It must be very difficult to go through life being so bitter, twisted, grumpy, 2nd best, eaten up fart.

      I noticed though, you never answered my question again regarding...

      What are you saying about the murdering of whites & the statistics above?

      Worried about the Karasites but hey screw the boere, screw the whites.... Are you a toothless wonder or a jack?

      I hope everyone can see, this will be my lost answer to ANYTHING you mention because I have asked you now more than 10 times what your thoughts are and like a usual coward you dodge them.

      AND I have answered you numerous times.

      When someone starts the name calling, they have already lost. You lost the minute you started with the mocking & you lost when you could not answer me based on the facts.

      See the difference is you speak out your ass, I speak based on statistics like those above.

      Now run along and do your pedo thing.

    5. Anonymous11:52 pm

      @ 10:31 am Maybe Siener meant the Germans from New Berlin.

  15. If the movie Planet Of The Apes had a navy,what would it look like?

    1. Anonymous6:24 am

      It would look a lot better than this rubbish.

  16. Anonymous6:18 am


    Are the liberals waking up?

    Has Zille finally seen the light?


    How can anyone honestly say "colonialism can never be justified" when they use everything colonial?

    They wear colonial clothes.
    Colonial houses
    Colonial cars
    Colonial roads
    Colonial buildings


    Basically, we will take everything Colonialism has to offer, including those paper notes you call currency and tell you to fuck off.

    YUP typical liberal bitch now has just got bitch slapped by her pets! It would love to say "lekker" but the truth is its damn, damn, damn tragic.

    Any white working for the DA is a sellout. She now has to answer to little pekkie with his whore white wife! Really!

    These Karasites must tell me colonialism is shit when standing in sheep skins, leopard skins, bare foot & with their traditional clothes - then I will accept it but so long as the parasite is wearing a watch (they had no concept of time before our arrival), wearing shoes (they were bare foot for centuries), wearing a western suit, driving a motor vehicle - common - how the hell can anyone with any sort of logic even debate these savages.

    The reason Karasites cannot be debated is because IQ wise, you are dealing with a moron. Their DNA, Genetics tell us they have a 70-75 IQ level at the HIGHEST level. 70-75 is the best they can do.

    So in most cases you are trying to debate or discuss something with an adult with a 9 year olds capacity to think - that is why Africa is a complete mess. The children have all been convinced they can run a house hold without parents.

    You will never win a debate with a Karasite. The only debate is when you have a gun in your hand. These things can never, ever be convinced.

    On the one spectrum you have liberals with their high IQs which fail to see reality, their brains are baffled from all their social educational shit.

    Then you have these intellectual fools convincing us that these low IQ, brain dead, adults walking around with a 9 years olds brain, has the ability to self govern.

    Its no wonder crime is so high, they have zero logic or ability to progress.

    Why doesnt anyone actually ever ask them this? Why doesnt anyone say "Well if you dont like it, go back to the bush"?

    The white man world wide is a sight for sore eyes, spineless, useless and most of all going to die out.

    In Germany now & the Netherlands they want to prosecute anyone who mentions anything about the invasion in Europe.

    In South Africa, the day will come when should you mention any benefit of colonialism, whites, Apartheid - they will throw you in jail or take you to court.

    To think these liberal assholes cling to this shit South Africa. They are like blackjacks tangled in a dogs hair that simply cant fall off - the only way to eventually deal with this entire abortion, is to cut the thing out.

    Its beyond disgusting that the white man has to apologize for colonialism when the ANC`s largest trading partners are all former colonial masters, including the former Hindu empire in India, the Chinese, Germans, Americans, Canadians, Australians & New Zealanders, Turkey.

    The only crime here is point out the facts & this Zille needs to be hung for treason. She is one of the many whites who brought the ANC to power.

    When the revolt does eventually happen in SA, it will be diabolical. When the whites eventually do wake up to totally reject it, it is going to get real ugly.

    The liberal is a sick, sick, sick individual - not only is she crazy but she apologized for it, therefore re-enforcing that whites must be submissive despite all the evidence.

    IN SA the real crimes arnt punishable but mention that colonialism had benefits and quickly see that this is the ultimate crime against humanity.

    IT just makes me utterly, utterly sick that you have such weak, limp dicks who had so much to say but get silenced so quickly regarding facts.

    1. Anonymous7:22 am

      I know everyone says get rid of the liberals,
      I say keep the fuckers, let the liberals be our useful idiots and they can take all the kak.

      At least we can prepare for this future shitstorm.

    2. Anonymous7:40 am

      It gets worse.


      Now he wants to kick her out of the DA. Great. Kick all the whites, coloureds and Indians out.

      Blacks don't have a nine year old's brain. There are Asian and white kids who are computer whizzes at nine. Blacks could never achieve what the colonial powers achieved, even 300 years ago. Give them another 100,000 to evolve - oh wait, by that time they will be extinct. They realise this at a visceral level.

    3. Anonymous7:47 am

      You mustn't take any crap from blacks. Join your local ratepayers association. Stick it to the municipalities that they are not going to get a cent without the white man in charge. The boere in the Eastern Cape have succeeded in obtaining a High Court order whereby private citizens may now repair roads themselves and claim the money back from the Department of Roads. It seems to be working.

    4. Anonymous11:25 am

      Regarding the Zille fiasco:

      Desmond Tutu said the ANC was worse than the apartheid government with the Dalai Lama visa issue

      The Zulu king and Malema said the apartheid government were highly efficient.
      (clearly implying the anc is useless)

      Some darky in Zimbabwe said Salisbury, Rhodesia was much cleaner than skanky Harare when whites ran the show.

      (Mike did a few articles on those)

      Anyway what the fuck does it matter,

      Stop the world I want to get off, I am so gatvol of these childish idiots.

  17. Anonymous2:02 pm

    There always has to be an anonymous clown. Why does that idiot keep calling him mal ninja?

  18. Anonymous9:15 pm

    SS Queen "Stinky" Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalalalalalalolololol
    68 Kilometers South off Cape Point
    00H16 Zulu Time

    Very faint whining noise getting louder and louder...

    Sonar: Conn, sonar we have a contact coming us bearing 265 I think.
    Capt Khumalo: Sonar, conn is it a shark or one of those torpedo things we read about in the manual?
    Sonar: Eish Captain I don't really know, wait let me take out the manual... - Sipho scans the manual "Racist-Torpedo, Racist-Shark, Racist-Noisemaker, Racist-Racist"
    Sonar: Conn, sonar, Captain sir we have actually determined that the contact coming at us is some kind of racist. Please advise.
    Capt Khumalo: Racist? Nevamind Sipho, these racists cannot hurt us and have been pacified for good. What time is it anyway? I'm hungry for some pap.

    In the dark depths running true and straight the passive torpedo switches programs and turns active. Streaking with a purpose towards the ignorant oppressive evil submarine, the real racists on board won't even know what hit them.


    Beeld Newspaper reports that the cause for the sinking was those white monopoly racists...

    Case closed.