01 March 2017

The ANC champagne Communists

Shame...poor disadvantaged Brian Molefe

By Mike Smith
1st of March 2017

Last year when the corrupt Gupta-ite scumbag Brian Molefe (who stuffed up Eskom and Transnet) was caught with his grimy paws in the cookie jar and former public protector Thuli Mandonsela's scathing report on state capture mentioned Molefe 70 times he shed some crocodile tears and promised to resign …which he did.

The prick was a regular visitor to the Saxonwold Shebeen and had his Gupta overlords on speed dial Cell phone evidence proves Molefe/Gupta love affair Unfortunately the thing is still there. Like shit stuck to a woolly blanket. On top of it he just received a promotion. Last Thursday he was sworn in as Member of Parliament. The stage is now set for him to take over as Finance Minister.

This shows you how the ANC works. The more corrupt you are, the more you steal, the higher you go. Put in an honest day’s work and do your job properly and you get fired.

Not that I have much time for (still) Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. He is a communist and as the former head of SARS raised taxes to enslavement proportions and cracked the whip down on his white tax cows. However you have to admit that SARS was arguably the most efficiently run government department if not the only.

However, the other day, Pravin Gordhan said his final good bye with what I will always remember him for: More massive tax hikes to fill and replenish the pockets of the ANC Nomenklatura

Now it has emerged that that the glutinous pig Molefe is selling one of his houses (complete with cigar lounge) for a discounted bargain price of R10 million. He originally wanted R17 million.

According to records Molefe owns 15 properties worth R34 million

He also bought his domestic worker, Shirley Bapela, a 4-bedroom lavish mansion because he has a “hoerkind” with her, but of course denies it and has no idea how a domestic worker with a tiny salary can afford such a house and lifestyle.

Seems like all those coal contracts while he was boss at Eskom paid off handsomely. Yes, the best caviar, champagne and cigars were always kept for the Nomenklatura…that we know…but then he has the audacity to talk about “White Privilege”.

Fuckface Mbalula and Blunt Blade Nzimande


  1. Anonymous4:15 am

    Yes, we can talk about this mess ad nauseam but the reality that we should all face is that it was our 'Afrikaaners' who betrayed us and created this situation that we now have to endure.

    1. Anonymous2:04 pm

      Ag tog...fkn kom tog net oor die jammergat kak asb. Blameshifting en verlede toe kyk help sweet fokkol. Word groot, groei n paar en kyk na die donerse vyand wat ons NOU besteel. Gaan jou niks help om verdeeldheid ye saai en wittes hier te blameer nie.

    2. Anonymous10:25 pm

      @anon 4:15 am.

      Pick yourself up, me lad and forge forward for should you continue to look behind you, you will just stumble and fall again.

      Are you going to cry about this for the rest of your life or are you going to man up and become the difference.


    3. Anonymous12:54 am

      Ja 2.04
      the vyand is still the same - Afrikaaner globalists who will sell out their kin for more wealth and international/globalistic agenda. Get with it and stop with the naive defensive stance.
      The blacks are just being used while they steal the real wealth of SA.
      But you will remain 'blind' till the end of course. This is why they are able to get away with this. Look behind the 'punch' and 'judy' show at the operators.

    4. Anonymous1:02 am

      And 2:04 what do you mean 'verlede toe kyk help sweet fokkol'. One needs to look back to analyse how we came to this point.

      Why is the world such a mess. There is common denominator that needs to be analysed and understood. And history reveals the truth. Blindly moving forward is stupid to say the least.

      Not looking back has caused us to fall into the 'dingaan' trap once again.

      It would help if we continually looked back and analysed the development of global events. Then we will discover where this is all going.

      Now return to your tv and watch the game.

    5. Anonymous1:11 am

      I still can't get over the level of your ignorance. The real enemy is 'white' people. They are just psychologically and religiously different to the ordinary white.

      It has taken great minds to pull off this global 'control' - through temporary chaos. They are masters of deception, as can be seen from your attitude/comment.

      Malema is right in what he is saying. We as whites just don't like it as it appears as hate speech against us. But we share a common enemy. But we are stuck in the 'race' distraction. Very clever deception.

      Where is all the money going from the big international corporations? It is not staying in SA to grow this country now is it.

    6. Anonymous3:19 am

      I am making a difference. I have thousands of visitors a month to my website. Those seeking truth find it.

  2. Anonymous8:21 am

    Hi Mike,

    It was Molefe who bought the property from Mahloele. Mahloele is the CEO of Harith started with state money by the PIC in 2007 to invest government pensions in infrastructure projects outside South Africa.
    Molefe, who was PIC chief executive at the time, is credited with establishing Harith.

    Full story http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/exclusive-brian-molefes-mansion-bonanza-20170228

    What a tangled web they are weaving!

  3. Anonymous2:27 pm

    One day, they'll all end up drinking piss.

    1. Anonymous3:03 am

      Ano not a minute to soon. Problem we whitens that are stuck here might not even have piss to drink.

  4. Anonymous3:10 am

    From a continental outsider looking in...

    The white man will be ran off his last remaining strongholds of Africa unless these things happen:

    1. Abandon limp-wristed Calvinism/Catholicism and adopt radical fundamental Baptism.

    2. Abandon parochial and prep schools and adopt homeschooling.

    3. Abandon careerism and feminism and adopt stay-at-home momship (SAHM).

    4. Forsake adoption of African orphans and instead have not less than 5 children born per average white family.

    5. Forsake giant agribusiness ranches and wildlife/conservancies in favor of small and medium-sized production homesteads and farmers' markets.

    6. Abandon African servants, gardeners, drivers, employees and contractors in favor of DIY white blue-collar workers, manual laborers and small sole proprietorships and partnerships.

    7. Build dense and close-knit white hamlets, towns and cities and not hide away in the African bush.

    8. Indoctrinate militia culture among white boys and men aged 6 to 66.

    9. Place white congressMEN, MENbers of parliament, town councilMEN and school boardsMEN -- white MEN in every sphere of African political life.

    10. Ex-communicate and shame white people and white businesses debasing themselves in African corruption, bribery, rot and mayhem.