22 March 2017

Spur needs a taste of reality

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2017

So I take it by now you are familiar with That Spur incident

I see the Spur has now apologized to the black “victim”, Lebohang Mabuya, who started all the shit and offered her assistance and counseling, etc, etc.

Good…It is just that I have not heard that they are going to offer the white child victim of the black bully councelling.

In fact, I have never heard that the Spur ever offered counseling to the white victims of black farm attacks, seeing that the white farmers provide 100% of the food the Spur sells.

The Spur, without having all the facts, one-sidedly banned the white man from ALL the Spurs in the country.

So apparently what happened is that the man saw his daughter being hit over the head by a black child and intervened, grabbed the black bully and confronted the black woman who could not control her brood. She told him that he could go and fuck himself, so the argument escalated with threats, accusations of racism, etc…blah, blah, blah.

So here is my take:

1: Why go to the Spur in the first place? It is a kak restaurant, kak food and it is not cheap. It got rid of its white waiters and waitresses long ago, at least at my local ones and practices racist BEE and Affirmative Action. That alone is enough reason to boycott the Spur. Why any self respecting white person would go there is beyond me, but when you do, don’t cry when you get an outcome like this. When you sleep with the dogs expect the fleas to bite you.

2: If you are going to hit someone, do it and get it over and done with. Don’t make bullshit idol threats.

3: Teach your children that nobody has the right to assault them and when they are being assaulted that they have the right to defend themselves. Punch his fucking lights out if he touches you.

I could never get it how parents, especially MOTHERS could teach their sons not to fight. Even shame them for fighting and telling them that it is only a “Skollie” who fights, etc. Yet when he grows up, the women expect him to now magically be a soldier, a man and a protector of his wife and family. I think when it comes to raising kids about self defence and fighting the mothers should STFU and let the fathers do their thing.

4: None of the Spur staff members attempted to deescalate the incident. The Spur is jumping to conclusions without having all the facts. The Spur was clearly incompetent, hypocritical, biased and prejeduced in this incident.


Boycott the Spur. Simple as that. In the words of Lebohang Mabuya..."They can go and fuck themselves."


  1. Anonymous8:27 am

    Cameras in the restaurant have shown the whole incident as it unfolded and the so called black child who the bully complained about for apparently hitting his child on the head, it turned out not to be like the bully complained.

    The black child as she was playing unintentionally knocked the head of the spoiled white child and the child complained to his father about a certain kaffir child knocking her over the head. That is how white children inherit their genes of racist hatred of black people from their parents. Instead of the father being reasonable as the child never sustained any injury, the Mainstay told him to go and aggressively grab a child by the collar to her mother.

    The mother seeing this abuse her blood boiled immediately. When the Mainstay controlled lunatic confronts her she was already at stage 4 of anger asking herself how can an old man grab a three year old in that indecent manner. Is this how white race is being cultured in their families to swing small children by their collar when they are angry. That's when all the shouting and insults enaued. I wonder how the situation would have been like should the father of a black child have been there. Or was it the reason why the white bully took advantage of the situation seeing that the father was not there? Surely, that man would have been bitterly moered beyond recognition.

    1. Anonymous10:31 am

      "Cameras in the restaurant have shown the whole incident"

      Please provide the link so everyone can see.

    2. Anonymous10:56 am

      Choke on this bitch: http://krugersdorpnews.co.za/322184/spur-incident-an-eye-witness-account-of-what-really-happened/

    3. Anonymous12:52 pm

      'Inherit genes of racial hatred', and yet you're the racist, whatever race you are are.

    4. Anonymous11:53 pm

      I second it fully that man is stupid and is the reason why blacks would take us as being racist to the core. I am white and the way he behaved is not how we were groomed in our families. You cannot release your anger on the small child no matter what race the child is. It was completely uncalled for.

    5. Anonymous11:54 pm

      Then why the fuck was the white child's cheeks red you dumb cunt?

    6. Anonymous12:11 am

      People... this Anonymous person is talking bullshit.
      Firstly I also would like to see the video. So ask him/her to supply it.
      Secondly, where does this person get the conclusion that white children inherit genes to call other people names? This said person doesn't have more than 2 brain cells.. This post says allot about the idiot who posted it.
      And last.. The black child was not 3 but ten years old and the white child was a girl and 5. Maybe before commenting here he/she should stop thumb sucking and get to the facts.

    7. Anonymous12:25 am

      You see this just shows how you are lying, it was a black child (boy) 10 yrs old who hit a 5year old white girl. If you want ti say something get your facts right at least

    8. Anonymous12:38 am

      Spoiled white child? Really?

    9. @ Anon 11:53 PM who said..."You cannot release your anger on the small child no matter what race the child is."

      Forget about any "Race" for a moment... What are you going to do when this is your child?

      Here you have a ten year old boy who punches your five year old girl in the face. What are you going to do? Ignore it? Just say…”Oh they are just kids?”

      What if YOU were that poor five year old girl and somebody punched you in the face? Hmmm? What will you do? Please enlighten me you stupid fuck.

    10. Typical black racist response - a whole lot of bullshit with not a single bit of evidence to back up your "evil white" rubbish fucking rhetoric! You and your ilk are a problem that needs to be sorted out quickly.

    11. Anonymous3:46 am

      Sigh....why every argument between blacks and whites becames a racial issue is beyond me. As for SPUR - nice knowing you , I will not be back as I am white and dont want to be picked on and labeled

    12. Anonymous5:37 am

      @Mike Smith

      White people are the biggest propagandist on earth. As the saying goes that it would take a white man seven Carmels to pass through an eye of a needle just to gain an entry to the kingdom of heaven.

      Look how your fellow hypocrites in arms are distorting the truth. They claim lebohang Mabuye's son is 10 years when he is just Seven and was not even involved on the incident. The issue was between a young black girl v/s a young white girl who happened to be a bully just like the father.

      You can read the facts yourself.


    13. Anonymous8:35 am

      @ anon 5:37 am.

      Which saying are you talking about? Is it popular with civilization or is it just a saying popular in your head?

      What about all those little defenceless white children that your species have killed ? You want to cry about an age gap here, how old were those murderers that murdered white children in farm attacks, come now you foul crying loud mouth thing, let's here you answer?

      You want to make a big thing of a white father protecting his child but you remain silent when my people are butchered and tortured for hours and days and the innocent children receive the same treatment. You truly are the epitome of the modern black thing that so wants to be human.

      I read your posts about the things father being there, let me help you right. The things father would only have acted if there was another ten or 12 things with him for things nature is coward, things character is animal and thing can only attack in gangs and mass, so I think you things over estimate yourselves.

      I must say that I await impatiently the day that you things bring on all the threats that you have made against my kin and I, that is the day I shall test your resolve and help you see your courage for the fear it really is.


    14. Anonymous11:11 am

      tell them my brother,they make a big thing over shit like this, they just want to hide their hatred behind small things like this that should have got the last page of the newspaper. But when our people are butchered like animals it does not even get to the newspaper....

    15. Anonymous11:30 pm

      @Anon 11:53pm

      Actually, the kaffirs are the ones who are racist to the core. They even despise their own kind from other African countries. Many whites were groomed in their families when the uncivilised masses were under control. These things do not behave in the same way as Whites and therefore can not be treated like Whites.

    16. Anonymous4:02 am


      1. In South Africa, whiteness is always attached to a farmer. This means that when someone speaks of a farmer the first thing that comes to the mind is "white man". Yet when we talk about land redistribution they always claim that blacks and the government own most land. This perception has to come to an end. When someone speaks of a farmer, the first thing that must come to the mind must be: " Is it a white or black farmer?"

      2 South Africa is a murder capital of the world. Thus murder will affect everyone that lives in South Africa except those who are living outside our borders. As long as you live in SA, expect that either you or someone close to you will be a victim. We are all affected by murder in South Africa and blacks are the most affected.

      3.Murderers are not racist and so they kill us all. Do you expect murderers to kill only blacks, coloureds and Asians and leave whites out of it? You must be dreaming. Murderers only strike where they see an opportunity. How many blacks are being killed everyday in their homes. We always wake up to the news that "a certain house few metres away was intruded upon by thugs who killed the whole family and left with cash". Such is an order of the day in our townships. All races of South Africa make up murder statistics of SA.

      4. It would be also be unfair for the police to give up all their other responsibilities to protect poorer of the poorest of society and entertain only the interest of farmers. Farmers have all the resources in the world with which they can provide their own private security just like thousand other private companies. The poor are being killed and the saddest of all they do not have money to hire a private security. The mines, factories and others all have private security either theirs or outsourced and why not farmers?

    17. Anonymous4:08 am

      @Anon 11:30

      Why would you want to treat others as whites when they are not white. There is no a single black man who want to be treated as white knowing well that he is black. All people must be treated as human and not as black or white.

    18. Anonymous2:06 pm

      Show us the video. And as the first respondent said if only the black father was there . O I forgot the black father is never there

  2. Anonymous8:33 am

    Of course this white guy was in the wrong. If someone had jumped at me and screamed like that I would also have screamed back. Hell, if it had been me he would have ended up with a steak knife in the shoulder - or eyeball. This was aggravated menacing.

    What has it got to do with the farmers? You pay your money and you make your choice. This has NOTHING to do with farm murders.

    1. Anonymous10:33 am

      Exactly dickhead, the meat, potatoes and salad falls out of the sky. (nobody grows them hey)

    2. Yes, meat and vegetables come in nice grey and white packages wrapped up in plastic from Woolworths. As long as there is Woolworths there will always be food for everyone. You are hungry...just go to the Spur.

      I mean I don't understand why people in Zimbabwe are starving. There is a Spur in Harare and even one at the Victoria Falls. Why don't Zimbabweans just go there? They always have food for everyone.

    3. Anonymous11:31 am

      Mike, how about you design us a NSA Spur logo!!!

  3. Anonymous8:46 am

    The Spur is worried about customer support = MONEY !!!

    Till this day I teach my children to stand up for themselves and if someone hits you hit back and do a descend job !

  4. Seattle WA9:03 am

    As I've aged I have come to the conclusion that blacks and Whites should not live together. We can coexist to some extent, but just in different areas with different value systems and tolerance for laziness, rape, violence, thuggery etc. Just wish the Bobbejaans would stop following the White man around.

    1. Anonymous11:15 am

      Unfortunately your forefathers were the ones who followed bobbejaans around in Africa. Moreover, Spur was built on Africa where bobbejaans are in abundance.

    2. Anonymous 11:15 am Are you really such a stupid doos? That's a rhetorical question, by the way [if you don't know what that is there's really no point in trying to enlighten you]. The answer is obviously, yes.

      Quote: "Unfortunately your forefathers were the ones who followed bobbejaans around in Africa." You quarter-brained dimwit, our forefathers never followed you lot around. They tried everything to discourage you lot from infiltrating our territory and to encourage you to stick to yours. But like the useless parasites you are you seeped into civilised society to leech off us [as you still do to this day] and out of a sense of misplaced sympathy they let you stay. Big mistake! I also blame the fucking missionaries, big time, for this.

      All attempts to educate you to conform to civilised society failed and still does to this day. Just look at how you lot misbehave? No protest march can be conducted in an orderly fashion. It always has to be accompanied by destruction; looting, pillaging, thieving, assault and every other destructive thing your peanut-sized pips you refer to as a brain can think of.

      So your premise that we followed you around is pure bullshit inspired by the massive intellect of such beacons of integrity and intelligence like your president & Juliaas. And, you fucking lot are so fucking stupid you actually believe the sewerage they spout from their rubber-lipped gobs.

      Now let's take a look at your second bit of crap. "Moreover, Spur was built on Africa where bobbejaans are in abundance." You should refrain from making statements that further exemplify your innate ignorance. I forget the names and dates, but I would urge you to go and look-up the history of Spur in South Africa. I'm sure you'll be able to find it somewhere seeing as you've managed to find this blog.

      The brand was brought to SA from the USA by a Greek[?] gentleman in the late '60's or early '70's, if memory serves me.

      So, please go and sprout your codswallop [also look that up, if you don't know what it means] elsewhere.

      However, I am in full agreement with Mike and all the others who agree with him that Spur's food is kak. I haven't eaten there for years and once won 2 vouchers at golf which I told my wife to give to any suckers who wanted them. So, you see, I wouldn't even eat their shit for free.

      Furthermore, I am in full agreement with LTMA @11:04 below that any establishment frequented by you lot should be avoided at all costs. If I am anywhere and your kind should enter, I will immediately finish up and leave.

      You see, I don't acknowledge your existence. That's not to say, I am not aware of you. I am very aware of you because of the threat you pose to humanity, but will have absolutely nothing to do with you.

      Otherwise, have a great day and see how much destruction you can wrought.

    3. Anonymous3:27 am

      Well sead.agree 100% u can take a monkey out of the bush but u can't take the bush out of the monkey.blacks r baberic animals and no matter what the fuck they try to duplicate us with they wil stay a animal.they can't even live among themselves,killing.murder.robbing etc etc how the fuck can they live in a civilised community.how can any person kil e torture especially the farmers who provide the fucken pap on they're tabel.only explanation"FUKKEN ANIMALS!!!!"

  5. Anonymous9:32 am

    Correct Mike - kak food.

    I told my wife we would never go back there, that's about 2 years back.

  6. Anonymous9:50 am

    I bet LT has a few things to say about this he he he....

    1. Anonymous11:04 am

      @ anon 9:50 am.

      Actually I don't, if the man wants to sit in a restaurant frequented by retards and their types then he must expect the actions of that type to overwhelm the atmosphere and environment.

      I was in Mozambique a couple of year ago and Mozambican driver bashed into one of my vehicles. Quite a bit of damage to both vehicles. I ended up paying for both because Africa belongs to Africans and if whites were not here there wouldn't be accidents.

      So if we never lived in SA spur would not need to pay for counselling and this incident would never have occurred.

      That's the way it is and until we truly do something serious about it, it will just escalate and continue to escalate.

      White SAcans must realise that if they hang around the darkside and frequent places darkies frequent then they are asking for shit. This is the prime example of how things can go and will go.


    2. Anonymous1:53 am

      @ TT 12:07 am.

      The facts are there.

      Wherever we go these things follow, whatever we have they want, whatever we say they dispute but let's do a physical comparison between the species and the materials.

      Most white peoples cars = clean, not scratched, not dented, proper treaded tyres, head lights work.
      Things car totally the opposite.

      Most whites property= clean, cut lawns, gardens, no scrapyard on the pavemunt or inner yard. House painted and maintained.

      White suburb = working sanitation, clean streets, mowed or paved sidewalks, planted trees and quite roads and no pavement visits we use our entertainment areas to welcome and entertain our guests not the pavement. Things living areas totally opposite to ours.

      White restaurants = clean tables, white ironed and starched talble cloths, candles on the tables for ambiance not to provide primary lighting, clean hot machine washed cutlery and crockery. Soft background music, private quite conversations, pay the bill at the end of your evening not every time the order arrives.

      I think you're getting my drift, whatever we have, thing wants but the thing that thing wants most is our culture, discipline, order and ability but he just cannot attain it, when he gets a white property, possession or endeavour everything crashes the minute he realises that care is needed to maintain it and make it work, thing cannot attain the care and preserve part of life so that's why things go to shit and eventually become scrap that nobody wants except the Chinese because the Chinese have capitalised on things weaknesses and will exploit those weakness till thing is destroyed and just another slave to the Chinese system.

      I do not even respond to or take note of these things anymore, I realise that the shit storm is approaching and that we are going to exchange the only thing I am interested in exchanging with thing and that is all I am waiting for.


    3. LT - Dis nes jy daar sê. Thing surrounds itself with all the Bling, but at the end of the day it's all for naught because thing is unable to attain the discipline, order and ability to maintain the bullshit facade that the Bling implies.

      Net plein fokken sleg!

    4. Anonymous11:39 pm

      @LTMA 11:04am

      Exactly. Why pay good money to eat shit, served by shit in the company of shit?

  7. Anonymous9:57 am


    1. Anonymous10:44 am

      Hey man! Haven't you heard?
      Blacks don't like facts!
      Nor does the useless white monopoly media.

      Lekker man, its so easy, fuck it up and blame the whites. Get with the program China.

      (I apologize to the Chinese for my racist comment)

    2. Anonymous10:58 am

      Some people are pathetic propagandists. No evidence can counter that provided by CCTV footages. Hence, tell Krugersdorp news to go eat humble pie of shame for misleading public with their racist agenda. They must also apologise for spreading lies.


    3. Anonymous12:42 am


    4. As die prentjie omgekeer was en dit was jou kind wat die slaanwerk gedoen het... hoe sou jy as ouer opgetree het.... kinder baklei altyd maak nie saak waar en ouers is nou jare daarna kwaad dan speel daai delfde twee weer saam.... wie van ons was nie al deur dit nie...

    5. Anonymous2:56 am

      Anon 10:58
      The CCTV footage does not have audio, so it cannot show that the woman told the man to f...off after he told her that her son is a bully.

      So fuck you.

    6. Funny that the link has nothing to proof as there is no footage spur refuse to share the footage is it because it actually proof that they are stupid

  8. Anonymous10:18 am

    Agreed Mike
    It is high time Men stood up to their "Wo-Man" and stopped letting the hen rule the roost.
    They are quick to take your paycheque and still want to give orders and you have to beg for a bit of "leg over". Men, what happened to your Viking blood.

    1. Anonymous11:39 am

      Watse Viking blood? Lafhartige poes.

    2. Why call him a poes? Thats not how you unite.

    3. Dony, I don't think this oke @ 11:39 is quite with it. He seems to be decidedly dof?

    4. Yep Tom i see a lot of them lately on here hence i am so quiet.

    5. Anonymous11:33 am

      Anonymous you must be a Kaffir to talk so much shit

  9. justice seeker11:02 am

    i used to work at a spur in 1996 my have things changed...then it was all white staff.i never eat at spur screw them now than ever...rather go to wimpy and risk one of terrorist mandelas bombs going off ..LOL

    1. Anonymous3:10 pm

      Rather be a Wimpy muppet... cause the waiter's there think some of you deserve spit in your burgers...

    2. Anonymous7:07 am

      @ Anonymous 3:10 pm


  10. Jip, kak plek. Een van die eerste plekke waarna die kaffir toe gestroom het na Apartheid. Hulle kon nie wag om soos die witmens te sit en eet nie. Natuurlik eet hulle gewoonlik die ribs sodat hulle die pote kan gebruik :) Ek grilll vir 'n Spur, yukkie!

  11. This is a very difficult and sad one, Mike. On this one I am going to write my first point last.

    The problem is that when one is civilized, one wants to solve a problem in a civilized and rational way. One also wants to get it over as quickly as possible to go on with your life.

    This is what this man apparently did according to the eye witnesses. He brought the problem to the attention of the mother so that she could tell her child not to fight with the other children.

    Problem is when you are dealing with blacks and also a lot of Coloureds, this approach doesn't work. Uncivilized people see your civilized and rational approach as weakness. They hear what you say is logical and reasonable and they realize they have no answer to give you. Then they turn over to abuse and shouting and screaming. This leads to the rational man also losing his cool and we end up with what happened in the restaurant. Very sad and difficult.

    What makes even my blood boil, is the fact that the minute a non-white is having an altercation with a White person, the White is immediately called a racist. Most of the time race has got nothing to do with the altercation, but they bring race up. My experience has thought me that non-whites are actually the racist ones, while Whites almost never bring race up when there is an argument. (I wonder why and I believe that as soon as a black call you a racist the White should also call the black a racist.)

    It is as if Whites are not allowed their own opinions and their own freedom of speech. So any White person who does not agree with them is automatically a racist.

    That is why we should have our separate restaurants and other amenities where we are of the same culture and where we understand each other. I think we had something like that in South Africa once upon a time and there were never any trouble like this.

    Spur – I started boycotting them years ago when they began employing only a certain race group as chefs and waiters. I really hope that everyone on this blog start to boycott spur and also tell all their friends to do the same.

    My first point is that the kids would have been playing together a minute after the incident happened if there were no interference from the adults.

    1. Can you imagine one of those things touching your food or plate after they have been to the toilet or scratched in their noses and ears? Eeuuwwhhh!

    2. To call a white person racist because of their race is racist in itself. It is a racial assumption.

      You are correct in saying we should call them racist. I do this over any incident before they can do it. They are dumbfounded when you do this. They need to be the victim and when you call them racist first you strip them of this.

    3. That is why we should have our separate restaurants and other amenities where we are of the same culture and where we understand each other. I think we had something like that in South Africa once upon a time and there were never any trouble like this.
      No such incidents but we got bombed. Remember?

    4. Anonymous7:15 am

      Are there any people from outside South Africa on this forum?

    5. Anonymous3:02 pm

      Yep, me as the video was sent to me from a friend who lives in Jo'burg. There is a lot of fear deep in these comments. Whether you like it or not (and probably it's 'not'), Africans are now running things and yes, the standard of what you are used has dropped, and will continue to do so. You know you could leave but you will not get the same standard of what you are used, in the UK or even the States. This video is such an eye opener to those of us who don't know what is happening in SA, but it does show that the country still has a long way to go.

  12. Anonymous12:15 pm

    They should change their name to Spurt, because that's the kind of shit you will have after visiting one of their restaurants.
    Come on, kaffir township gat krappers handling the food I'm going to eat, no ways

    1. Anonymous11:34 pm

      I have stopped going to Spur 10 years ago when they started to go seriously AA and BEE. A white manager showed me security footage of how black workers in the kitchen spit and smear snot on white peoples orders. Later it came to light that this was not an isolated incident, and happens regularly at most Spurs. When he tried to report the matter to H/O he was told to shut up or get fired. From that day on I started boycotting anything to do with Spur group.

    2. Anonymous7:11 am

      @ Anonymous 11:34 pm

      Thanks for that information.

  13. Anonymous12:29 pm

    The sheboon deserved to get the poes klap.
    She purposely agitated and agitated and then of course the race card was pulled. So predictable. Anyway like you said Mike, Spur food is KAK so let the nig nogs enjoy it with their nig nog waiters and all.

    In 1978 a spur burger and onion rings with chips was good and the waitresses even better. Today stay away.

  14. Anonymous1:22 pm

    So you are not paying attention and you go through the green robot
    Some idiot shoots through late and destroys your car

    Will anything that happens after that undo your broken car ?
    Will the fact that you were in the right and following the law put your car back together again ?

    Once the shit is done it's done

    Rather pay attention and make sure it does NOT happen !

    This idiot never stopped to think about what would happen and how HIS actions would have a wider and bigger effect on others

    Brute force , ignorance , emotion and a shallow intelligence the hallmark of some , many , most South Africans
    Just another reason to hate white South Africans

    Have people NO idea of the World we now live in ?
    INSTANT everything -- good or bad

    There is NO putting humpty-dumpty back together AGAIN
    No-One has yet found a way to turn back the clock !

  15. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Ons het jare vir Spur slaaiblare gelewer. Ek het baie keer persoonlik afgelewer. Spur het die sifste, vuilste kombuise van al die franchises waar ons gelewer het... ek het daar besluit om nooit my mond aan Spur kos te sit nie. Jy sal naar word as ek jou vertel... nooit weer nie!!!
    ... en moenie laat ek begin oor my vriend se besoek na die fabriek wat die burger patties maak nie... - dis 100% beef, maar dis nie vleis nie...

    1. The Spur in Somerset West closed down, because probes showed the meat in the patties were of an "Equistrian origin"...Turned out the supplier Uli Heydt, was supplying Zebra meat from Namibia. They reopened at the Mall.

    2. Mid 2015 me and the wife had a quick bite at Spur the one evening. I felt terrible the next day as if my stomach was on fire on the inside.. Left it for a few days which turned to weeks and eventually made time to go to the Doctor.
      Was diagnosed with H.Pylori a day later. It is a stomach virus that eats away at your lining and you contract it from digesting human feces and water contaminated with the virus.

      Did some digging and I came across a FB post back then from a waiter that bragged about exactly what I suspected.. To this day I am convinced that is what happened.

      Could not find the original screen grab of the post but I managed to find this;


      Stay well clear from these places. They are glorified kaffir shebeens, and yes, they put shit in your food..

    3. Anonymous11:13 am

      Slow clap... and you waited weeks before you went to a doctor? Genius...

    4. Thank you for my slow clap.. Next time I'll push for a standing ovation..

  16. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Haven't been there for over about 13 years. One cannot really eat in most of these franchises because they are all run by jungle bunnies. Even owned by them. kfc mac donalds etc. Cook and eat at home. You see Mike why most whites are scared to retalliate with a warm clap, because you will be definitely put in a SA jail. I don't have ti tell more. Whitey in a black jail. Life ruined. What do the wives and children now do without dad. Is it worth it to klap a black savage then. Best is try keep away from them as much as possible. Prevention is better than cure.

  17. Anonymous2:10 pm

    The sheboons body language is exactly the same as that retard bitch from the lets decolonise everything movement,arms flailing above its head and making a lot of noise.classic inferiority complex.fucking pathetic creatures.

    1. Anonymous1:12 am

      It's called a nigger chimpout CAT3.
      So typical of jungle bunnies, but then what do you expect from creatures with sub 73 IQ's ?

    2. Anonymous4:34 pm

      I live in England and witnessed similar shit on the bus a couple of days ago.

      This fat African bitch ordered the driver to let her off the bus between stops, which is not permitted. She became so loud and aggressive that he actually complied.

      These uncivilised creatures are a menace wherever they go.

  18. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Please take the spur, stick it horizontally up your black arse, it will become a township shebeen within a year. Mark my words. The toilets are already filthy compared to 10 years ago... Yuk.

  19. Anonymous10:07 pm

    This black cow should have had her mouth washed out with soap.Typical of these animals to carry on like this. Then the Spur CEO has a cheek to blame the white guy.Mr Van Tonder take your Spur and stick where the sun dont shine.

  20. ceo of spur cash awake up ------- both was wrong all my 500 friends will not put foot in spur again so u can change your meneu to pap and chicken

  21. All this does is once again prove what a dismal failure their mythical fucking Rainbow Dream is.

    Forget it, guys & gals. Man up, stock up and arm up.

    1. Anonymous12:47 pm

      It's true, this shit will not stop. Words do hurt, shame......
      It seems that physical confrontation is inevitable, whether it be a restaurant altercation or a full-blown civil war.

  22. Anonymous12:28 am

    fuck me how unnecessary is all this. Another Penny Sparrow red herring. Every day people have altercations and disagreements especially when it comes to children.But just because a rude,ill mannered sow of a nanny was involved it is now national news.
    The manager should be fired. he is responsible for what happens in his restaurant and he should have been there like a flash to deescalate the situation. Just stuffing the nanny's mouth with any form of chicken would have worked.Also, why is there nobody to supervise the children playing. Spur is ever ready to employ nannies, why not one more to supervise the playground. They are supposed to be so good with kids.(pity they just cant bring them up properly). Personally ,I detest Spur.I would rather go hungry than support them. Now I will never set foot in one again.

  23. Anonymous12:29 am

    Exactly. What the fuck do white people go to the Spur for? It's the new KFC - Kaffir Feeding Centre.

    1. AKA...Kaffir's Favourite Cuisine. Why do they still eat chicken? don't they know chickens originated in the Far East and India and brought here with "Colonial Capitalism"?

  24. Anonymous12:46 am

    Heavy DAYZ.

    Why enter the Grey area when we can stick to black and white...

  25. Anonymous12:46 am

    All Whites should boycott Spur Restuarants, including Farmers and recycling companies that clean up their waste, let them do it themselves,

  26. Anonymous12:47 am

    There is always 2 sides

    1. Anonymous11:39 pm

      There is always 3 sides to a story.
      Your side, my side and the truth

  27. Some more truth . . .


  28. Anonymous1:58 am

    Whether Spur is a kak place or not is beside the point regarding this particular incident.

    The black woman's child was a three year old girl. The bigger white girl - who looks to be at least five years - old was repeatedly picking on her. So another black child gave the white brat a klap because she wouldn't stop bothering the smaller, black child.

    That white doos klaps his wife around. The female child experiences the constant violence at home and when they go out for a meal she klaps someone weaker than herself in the playground. That's how the shit starts and carries on.

    1. Anon 1:58 where the fuck do you get your kak facts from? FFS, read the comments above. You're a fucking illiterate!!!

    2. Anonymous7:24 am

      Are we busy with the same story? wtf

    3. Anonymous1:01 pm

      LOL, where's the facepalm emoji when you need it....
      Anon 1:58, I love how you provide a first hand psychological analysis of the white guy and his family. It's nice to have someone that personally knows them, provide enlightenment, thank you Anon 1:58

    4. If you believe anything that is posted by Mzanzi in any name, Citizen TV, south African today , then you are past stupid as they only post fake news. and so does it appear wito be the truth aboy algoa

    5. Anonymous9:45 am

      Cassie, is dit jy wat in Kuilsrivier skool gegaan en vir die dorpspan rugby gespeel het.

  29. Anonymous2:50 am

    Ag nee man, jy moet mos simpel wees om daar te eet, en dan nog te gaan kak soek met n meid, wat seker lekker gesit en suip het?

    Enige ou wat in die ou weermag was, weet mos, dat dit die meid is wat die kak maak, sy is die een wat altyd die boggoms maak moeilikheid soek.

    En enigeiemand wat in die ou dae op n naweek diens gedoen het naby n township weet dat saterdag is mos lekker phuza phuza, en dan soek hulle kak want n dronk bobbejaan is mos n brawe bobbejaan.

    En om nie eers te praat van dat jy jou kinders naby daai bosape laat speel nie? Dis volgens my net plein dom en kak soek.

    Hoekom is die wit ras so fokken dom, dat hulle al die lesse uit die ou dae vergeet het?

  30. Did anyone actually read the link that Anon posted?
    The incident showed a man and a woman – both parents of children who had caused havoc in the playground –- yelling profane remarks at each other.

    Since the incident, various eye witnesses have contacted the News stating that they saw what really happened.

    Johan Lloyd and his wife were sitting next to the playground against the glass divider when the havoc started.

    Lloyd said he noticed a large group of children playing next to him. Suddenly, one child grabbed another by the arm and hit her in the face with the back of his fist.

    “The girl that was struck immediately ran out of the playground to her dad,” said Lloyd. “She was crying and holding her face.”
    Her dad, who is believed to be a resident of Krugersdorp asked what had happened, and she told him she had been hit in the face by another child.

    “The man then walked calmly over to the group of children his daughter pointed out,” said Lloyd.

    “I heard him introducing himself to the woman sitting among the children and saying that he had a slight problem. He then asked the woman very politely to discipline her child because he had hit the girl in the face. He also said she should please just talk to her son because ‘it’s not on’.

    “Then the woman got up and told him to f$%@ -off.”
    All of this occurred before the people sitting next to the table took out their camera and started recording the incident.

    The man then asked the woman why she had started cursing him. At this point, the customers at the next table took out a camera and started recording – and this is when the ordeal on camera started.

    It is alleged that when the incident became heated, a waiter approached Lloyd and asked him to speak to the man, who was fairly angry. “I told my wife to go get the kids and got up to calm the situation,” said Lloyd

    Lloyd can be seen intervening in the argument – he is the man with the red shirt.

    “I told him to leave it because she was provoking him and he turned around to walk out.”
    After the incident, the Spur’s management spoke to the man, who then left the restaurant.

    “I feel that if both the customers had been more accommodating towards each other, they could have prevented the whole ordeal.

    “It is important to let people know that the video posted on social media only reflects a part of the truth as events prior to the video were not recorded.
    “This was definitely not a normal Spur family day,” said Lloyd.

  31. Anonymous3:07 am

    Come on Spur... release your CCTV footage to the public! Let's see it and decide for ourselves!

  32. I simply avoid places where such confrontations are likely to happen. Ammo is just too costly now to be wasted on trivialities.

  33. Whiteman4:22 am

    Regardless of who is right, and who is wrong in this sorry affair, we have to look at the BIG picture. There has been war between whitey, and the mud-nations of this earth, from the earliest times. The outward " peace, " which prevails from time to time, is merely articicial. It has been sustained by all manner of gimmicks, lies, brainwashing, fear mongering, christian dogma, and who knows what else. But all these " glorious " actions, no matter how genuine, or christian, the spin doctors are, or have been, are nothing but farts in the wind. And if you want to be truly objective, both sides, black and white, have VERY good reason, to hate one another. But this particular debate, has NO end, or fair conclusion, because people are subjective till the day they die. ( Regardless of hundreds of religions, or thousands of books and theories, on how to be a nice person ! ) Now throughout history, this unbearable state of affairs, has only been solved in one way, and one way only, i.e. WAR ! And then, the one who wins the war, writes the history books, and those who do not agree, just get eliminated, or squashed under foot. So each whitey must decide today. Do I want to get squashed like a bug, under a stinky black foot ?

    1. Transvaler9:37 am

      Rather a wolf for a day than a sheep all my life ...

  34. Something from Mike's American alter ego:


    1. Whiteman2:16 pm

      Mike, thanks for not placing my post in answering to TTs link about the foot washing christians. Now and then, I also lose it, and when I have had time to think, I can improve what I write, and make it much more consumer friendly ! Thanks mate !

    2. Sick people. Simply sick

    3. Anonymous10:46 pm

      That wanker Adriaan Vlok will be pleased.

  35. Anonymous7:33 am

    Good comment Whiteman and so very much to the core of truth. We must decide, as war is and has always been the only solution to shutting down friction for a good many years. We've reached boiling point, something must now give. Gatvol - I'm ready!

  36. Anonymous7:35 am

    This was never about race until that women turned it into a race issue. She is raising a women beating bully and should not cry when he becomes a teenager and starts beating his mother!! Every parent has the right to protect their child and the video cameras only started rolling after the argument started. No camera shows how he politely asked her to control her child and she started swearing and shouting like an idiot instead of just saying "noted" Both parents were in the wrong as you should not behave that way especially in public. But to every person that claims she is a victim, she is nothing but an opportunistic coward. The only reason she was screaming all her racist bullshit was because she knew he would never do anything to her in front off all those people. She acted that way to get the attention and "fame". She is not a victim, she is a bully. She provoked him even after he left she continued to scream insults after him.
    Spur will not see my family ever again until they ban that women as well and until they provide counselling to that little girl that was assaulted (not just threatened) on their premises. It has been 23 years since apartheid ended yet black people continue to cry victim...poor underprivileged victims. No white person has ever gotten a house for free, or received free education or been given majority shares in a company for free. We had to work our asses off for everything we have and then we just have to give it away because there are people believing that they deserve stuff for free. It is time that the white people stop appologizing and stop backing away because we want to have peace. I will no longer apologize for something that had nothing to do with me. As of today I will treat black, white & brown people the way that they treat me, treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect regardless off your color. I was raised to never judge a person by the color of their skin, their religion or their sexuality but to judge people on how they treat others. If you want white people to treat you with respect then maybe you should start treating them with some respect as well. you get what you give and that women got what she and her child gave

    1. Anonymous11:39 am

      The Wheel turns -- the shit comes around again
      Some things already have the seed and the indication of how they will turn out
      WHY not just let the Universe sort it out ?
      Smile walk away knowing destiny will do it's normal work

  37. Anonymous7:54 am

    I don't go to the spur because I prefer to eat a meal in a restaurant without screaming children running about while their ignorant, lazy parents just leave them to do so. No respect for any other paying patrons. I can understand why this incident occurred regardless of race.

    1. Spikey1:21 pm

      Have you ever been to a Spurt where the staff shut the fuck up,and not scream like fat xxxxxl pms apes across the room to the kitchen boys?

  38. Anonymous9:08 am

    Tomkat I just ..... 🤢🤤

  39. Ek braai amper elke 2de dag.

    1/4 chicken gaar sag binne en nie gebrand aan die buitekant nie. Juices spuit sommer so in jou mond met elke hap.

    Lam tjoppies sappig en liggies gemarineer.(die lekkerste van alles.)

    Steak medium to done( my 20 jaar gevat om hom uit te werk maar nog nie `n mens of `n plek tee gekom wat hom nou beter maak nie. (trick is preparation)

    Ribs lam.. (ek eet nie vark nie). Jy kan die vleis sommer van die been af stoot met jou vingers.(Trick is weereens preparation)

    `n Gewone braai broodjie. Tamatie en uie met bietjie kaas. Krispy heeltemal deer gaar en nie gebrand aan die buite kant nie. Kan hom ook maak met vars buns.. baie lekker.( trick cookonspray)

    `n Skoon rooster maak `n groot verskil. Onthou jy soek die reuk van die hout( doringhout verkieslik, nie laasweek se brandsels en as nie, en moet nie vegeet van die boerewors nie.

    `n Braai ruik nie soos n` braai sonder boerewors nie. Braai hom eerste dat hy jou rooster line met die vet. Gooi hom ook saam die veis op die rooster laat die geure meng as die vet op die kole drup. Ek gooi sommer `n stuk wors in die blender saam met marinade.

    Vrou maak `n aartappel slaai en vir `n man wat nooit mayo geeet het nie pak ek daai arteppelslaai in. ( trick is in die hoeveelheid eiers en hoe hulle gesny word)

    Ook `n broccoli slaai waarvoor geen kind nee kan se nie. bacon of hoender kan by gesit word.

    Ek maak vir jou crispy uieringe op die vuur en jy kan skep dat dit by jou ore uit kom.

    Moenie vergeet van n` paar vriende en `n drink dingetjie nie.

    Nou wie het iets gepraat van Spur? Wat is dit?

    n` paar vriende, n` vuurtjie en heerlikke kos sonder een swart etter om jou dag te bederf. Dis mos nou baie beter as om te worry wie in jou kos spoeg en wat meer.

    1. Nou pra jy... My bek water sommer.

    2. Anonymous12:46 am

      @ Donycero

      Nou wanneer word ek genooi my maat?

    3. Dony, you bliksem!!!

      Jy beter plan maak om Paasnaweek hier te wees. Jy's die braaimeester. JP, Whiteman, Helizna en al die ander Renaissance mense, hoor julle? Dony het nou sy bek verby gepraat.

    4. Dony..

      Jy het die tunes vergeet bru.. En die bier..



    5. Tom ek my anderhelfte gese ons moet paasnaweek daar na jou toe. Dis reg niks moet net nie voorval nie. Jy weet van my lyn van besigheid. Dis op en af soos n vrou se brein.

      Vir die ander ouens julle is enige tyd welkom. Jy sal my huis vind deur om die reuk te volg so in die straat af. Daar waar die rokie trek daar bly my Sarie.

    6. Anonymous11:14 pm


      @Boere.. my guitar staan permanent by die braai :-)

      Ek kan nou nie daai 2 liedjies speel nie maar wel die 2

      die bier is vanselfsprekend ...speel maar sleg guitar sonder n hupstooitjie.

  40. Anonymous9:16 am

    I won't be eating at any mafia p.c. spur.

  41. Anonymous9:49 am

    You can't argue with a black woman or try and reason with them. Any attempt to confront them, no matter how politely, will be immediately responded to with shouting, infinite repetitive statements and racism accusations. It's like a switch goes off and they transform into angered chimps with zero ability to calm down or listen. I don't live in SA, never been there, nor do I live around any blacks, but even I know this. Spend 30 minutes on LiveLeak watching ghetto brawls or black/white altercations/road rage and the same behavior is always evident. It's genetics at work.

    They guy should have been more Machiavellian and not confronted the beast directly. A few years ago I was at a crowded water park with my young daughter. We were floating on inner tubes in a man-made river and I was right behind my 6 year old when a grown man (an Arab immigrant) shoved her violently out of his way and into the concrete wall. I held back and waited. On the next lap of the pool where the river became a rapid I shoved the guy's inner tube so hard from behind into the overflow grating he fell off and hit his head on some metal bars. Then I feigned concern asking if he was alright or needed medical attention and then yelled out several times for everyone in the river to calm down and stop pushing. It worked great. The guy was somewhat thankful for the help and mission accomplished.

    1. Anonymous11:45 am

      Unfortunately MOST South Africans for some or other reason prefer the immediate in your face approach
      They are much too emotional and easily riled !

      Most probably have NO idea who Machiavelli was
      What his teachings are
      How to employ them

  42. Anonymous11:23 am

    This incident is a just reward for those parents failing to see the need for contraception at all times.

  43. Anonymous2:51 pm

    I think everyone should get the fuck over it and move on with their lives is this really so important? Who are these people anyway? Two fools that made it into the news. For both behaving badly. In public. In front of children. With foul language. Seriously there must be more important things to fill our time with.

    1. Anonymous1:15 am

      Yes it is important.
      We whitesare tired of being the scape goats of retarded failure.

  44. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Spur : atrocious. haven't frequented the place in years, won't be doing so at all now - even if it's the only restaurant in a small dorp when I'm traveling.

  45. Think before you speak9:09 pm

    I whant to ask one thing.Where was a rassist coment made once.It was an argument between 2 parent.If this was an argument between two black parents or two white parents.....would the same response been made on social media?

  46. The Spur has now released an EDITED version of the altercation. The part where the white girl is hit in the face by the black boy is missing. They must think people are stupid.
    I want to dare the Spur to release the WHOLE video so that we can see and judge for ourselves what REALLY happened.
    Spur releases CCTV footage of altercation
    I also see that my article from two years ago about the white man Bradley du Preez being beaten and kicked to death inside the Little Eagle Spur at the Lemon Tree shopping centre in Alberton went viral yesterday. Funny how nobody called that incident “a racist assault” and how the media buried it on the back pages. The six (four men and two women) provoked him by throwing him with spare rib bones from their plates. He confronted them at their table and the one guy pushed him; he retaliated by throwing a half filled beer glass (other report said a bottle) at their table and they then kicked him to death.
    CCTV footage reveals deadly assault in Spur
    Mike Smith Comments - Young white man kicked to death by six blacks inside Spur

    1. Anonymous4:15 am

      So heart sore !!! Spur never offered family of Bradley counseling!!!!

  47. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Why is this a 'racist' incident, two people were just in a confrontation.

    This makes headlines but not an ANC 'minister' in parliament saying white farmers should be 'buried alive' and all the farm murders which include torture.

    Yet this insignificant spat makes headlines, there is a propaganda offensive at play here.

  48. Anonymous11:22 pm

    It's as simple as this - whites sit down at a table at home and have decent civilised conversations about their day during dinner. Blacks shout and scream and fight over who has got the biggest piece of chicken. Most white families (at least most Afrikaans ones I know) teach their children to behave, say "dankie Oom/Tannie and don't make a scene in public. Blacks teach their children that whites stole everything and don't have respect for anyone. Take some time to think about how South Africa still had segregated developement. If the blacks prospered good for them. But literally - don't bite the hand that feeds you. All the white guy should have done to avoid the sexist issue was to call his wife to knock the cow the fuck out.

    1. Anonymous12:06 am


  49. Fortunately my father didn't believe in me (then a schoolgirl in the 1940's) allowing anyone to bully me - the old man taught me some basic boxing and during one of our "sessions" I actually blooded his nose (unintentionally, of course). He drummed it into my head that I should not allow others to bully me around but give them the same medicine in return. And I did... however, that was very, very long ago...

  50. BTW, just to say thanks for all the interesting (and educational) articles you always post here!

  51. Anonymous1:52 am

    Whites are not welcome at Spur. First they subtly get rid of every white employee and replaced them with blacks. Now the message is clear that we are not welcome at Spur. Lebohang is no lady. She is a coarse, obnoxious, crude and sorry excuse for a female and mother. What self respecting woman says, let alone screams such vulgar profanities at a total stranger in front of her child and other peoples' children. Her little brat's has learnt its bad behaviour from her - clearly she is an excellent teacher. Lebohang clearly has less than two brain cells as she called the man a "Racist". This incident had nothing to do with colour but two children who had a little spat. With Spur now backing the black once again I sincerely hope that Spur runs itself into the ground and closes. More unemployed blacks.

  52. Anonymous4:38 am

    “Is it because I am black???” and again and again “is it because I am black??”
    Well indeed YES, everything happened BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.
    Your child has no manners and is a bully BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    You were able to scream and swore unhindered at a white man BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    You saw a concerned parent talking to you in a friendly manner, looking out for his child (and yours who clearly needed a good talking to) as a racist BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    You jumped on the race-card bandwagon BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    You jumped to completely the wrong conclusion BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK (and stupid)
    NOBODY CAME TO YOUR ASSISTANCE because you were the aggressor in the situation, swearing and screaming like a banshee BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    The TRUE VICTIM in this whole saga got banned BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    Spur took your side only and BELIEVE ME ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK
    If you were white you would have listened to the parent and talked to your child – that was all he asked for.
    If you were white woman sitting in Spur with your white children and a black father came over to tell you your child hit his child you would have apologised to him on behalf of your child and then you would have taken your child aside to find out what happened and to solve the problem in a civilised manner. But you are not white YOU ARE BLACK so you handled it like a BLACK PERSON.
    So if you really want to know then YES – IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.

  53. Graeme7:07 am

    I have a suggestion, since we are seemingly unable to co-exist with one another, all public places in South Africa should have an opt out area for racists, (like me) I am going to name such places, "Blankes Alleenlik!'

    The racially tolerant can live in harmony with their own types in the "Multi-Culti" areas.

    This should apply to public rest rooms, airports, buses, aircraft, trains and every area of public life.

    1. Anonymous4:19 am

      Yes! Excellent idea! Bring back Holiness.
      Our God knows best.
      He instructed his children to always stay Holy.
      The word Holy means Apart = Apartheid! 😎

  54. Anonymous8:52 am

    If they have footage of the whole incident why were there no footage of the two children to see what really happend ?? I mean Spur does have cameras all over the place. And here is another question ... If your child cane to you and told you some other child is pushing,pinching or slapping them are you just going to sit back and leave it or are you going to show your little prince or princess that their mommy or daddy cares about them ... And the other thing ... If this incident happend between two african people or two white people no one wouldve made any videos to send it viral or even tried to make a "bohaii" over it but it has been taken so far just because the agruments were between different cultres and coloured people ... Now it has to be rasiscm ... Really ??

  55. Anonymous11:55 am

    all spurs i have been to always have a 'child minder'in the childrens play area watching over the children while the parents relax and 'enjoy'their meal,my question-'where was that child minder????????

    1. Anonymous4:13 am

      Do you really want one of these kaffer child minders looking after your child.Advice stay away from Spur.

    2. He or she was obviously black, that is why the white man draw the short stick, #Fuck-Spur

  56. I can only say one thing "Fuck Spur"

    When the minister of Sport last year made his speech about transformation SARU rolled over and right away like the NG church pleaded guilty. They did not stand on their rights and protect the sport by in lighting the minister of the amount of money they have spent to introduce Rugby to the black population. They did not tell the minister of the hundreds of rugby fields they financed at black schools only for it to be used for soccer. They also did not told the truth about the fact that if you take the rugby players in SA there is a larger % of players of color in all teams than what the demographics of the players are.

    I said Fuck SARU and all teams that are related to them, so it is easy enough for me to say "Fuck Spur" your service sucks and I can grill me a steak much better than your staff is doing it at 1/4 of the price, again "Fuck you Spur"

  57. Anonymous3:17 am

    Do not go and support any restaurant which belongs to the same franchise .
    Can anyone supply as a list of restaurants which also belong to the Spur group.
    My son was refused work at 3 spurs I our area"
    "Sorry we do not employ whites"
    Out of 40 cv's hand delivered 28 gave the same answer.

  58. Anonymous10:30 pm

    No more Spur for me, I haven't been in a long time anyway.