09 March 2017

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa - Part 2 - The psychology of your attacker


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Sun Tzu – The Art of War.

By Mike Smith
10th of March 2017

Psychopathic Resentment - Why your attacker hates you even though you have done nothing to him

When one looks at the veracity of violence against the victims of crime in South Africa, then one notices an intense hatred of the victim by the perpetrators. Innocent people are not simply robbed, but often, and in most cases, severely beaten and tortured for hours or even days as in the recent case of the 79 year old Trevor Rees where his attackers came back a day later to beat and kick the defenceless, tied up farmer some more.

This violence and hatred is not only aimed at the person or persons being robbed at the time, but extends to their children, parents and even their pets, maids, gardeners and farm workers. Even young children (like little Willemientjie Potgieter, 2yo at the time) are tortured or shot like beings less than dogs. It is clear that his attack is not just against you, but against society as a whole.

To normal people this kind of violence is incomprehensible and cannot be understood, because in their minds they have done absolutely nothing to their attacker/s, they cannot understand why and how someone can hate them so much when they didn’t even personally know their attacker/s and vice versa.

However, in the mind of your attacker he knows you intimately and you know him. In fact he does not see himself as an attacker and you as the victim. In the inverted universe in the mind of your attacker, he is the innocent victim and YOU are the evil attacker.

He can justify every single attack, every action, by blaming you. In his mind he has suffered his entire life under your constant attacks. Everything you have done in your life or is currently doing is, because you want to stick it to him and put him down.

Your success is a constant reminder of his own failure and inferiority. Any outward sign of your prosperity is a personal affront against him.

When you study hard to get an education to better yourself, you only do it, because you want to show him how dumb and stupid he is, for not getting an education. You are insulting his intelligence or lack thereof. When you send your children to school, care for your children; buy them gifts, etc...you are only doing it, because you want to show him what a bad parent or person he is.

When you get and hold down a good job, you want to stick it to him and show him how useless he is and how much better you are than him, because he is jobless and cannot find a real job.

When you are wearing nice clothes and drive a nice car, you are taunting him with your superiority. You think you are better than him.

When you live in a nice house and have a nice garden you did not get it through hard work, you have it because you somehow exploited him or his forefathers and now you are showing off how much you have stolen from him or how you have exploited him and his forefathers.

Just your mere presence, you being alive and living a normal life is a visible reminder of his inferiority and his situation. You are the mirror in which he looks and he does not like what he sees, but instead of using the mirror to improve and better himself, he resents it. He wants to destroy it, because that is an easier solution than bettering himself.

When there is no real reason and no evidence of you injuring him or being bad to him (you don’t even know him and he doesn’t know you) he will invent it. He needs to justify his actions to himself so that he can always remain innocent in his mind and it is always easier to rob and kill someone who deserves it.

Therefore the attacker believes that his indignation is justified and righteous. Beating you up, raping you, torturing you, stealing from you and killing you is not a crime in his mind. It is tit for tat. It is retribution and payback for you putting him down his entire miserable life. Not just you, but your entire community and society that you belong to. He wants to balance the scales and at the same time teach you a lesson. Stealing from you, robbing you, robbing your house, etc are merely secondary attempts to balance the scales and not that important to him.

That is why we often see very few material things stolen in farm attacks or farm murders. Often only a cell phone or some insignificant object is taken. To the victims and other normal people this makes no sense. “How can a person kill someone just for a cell phone?”, they ask...but what they don’t understand is that in the mind of the attacker, the cell phone is just a prize, a trophy for his righteous effort to settle the score and return the balance to the scales...at least temporarily. It's a restoration of justice. He thinks, "You were putting me down. Now guess what? I'm going to put you down. You've got all that. I'm going to take it away." ”You think you’re big, I am so small, but look what I can do to you”, robbers taunt dad whilst kicking him in the face

Now you take a person like that, make him the president of your country and allow him to surround himself with other criminal psychopaths who vote for him, support him and keep him in power and you can start to comprehend who your attacker REALLY is.

The person attacking you in your home at the end of the day is just an extended member of this psychopathic criminal gang.

Proper knowledge of your attacker’s psychology already helps you to avoid him and deal with him.

The attacker

Your attacker is essentially a lazy, opportunistic and psychopathic, coward. He is not a predator. Instead he is a common scavenger. This does not mean that he is weak or less dangerous. Neither is he stupid nor exceptionally clever. He is extremely CUNNING and therefore extremely dangerous.

Further it is important to realize that the person attacking you is first of all NOT a reasonable person. Reasonable people do not attack other people.

Reasonable people study hard and work hard for their money; they don’t steal, rob, intimidate, hi-jack, torture and kill people for money.

Reasonable men court and date women; they do not rape.

Your attacker finds all of this too much effort, too costly, too time consuming.... He wants to get the maximum amount of loot with the least amount of effort. Therefore he is constantly scouting for possible victims and possible opportunities and if a chance presents itself he will attack. He will also form alliances and surround himself with other likeminded psychopaths and gang up against victims.

Therefore you cannot have a reasonable discussion with your attacker. If anything, you need to TELL him, ORDER him, or physically impose your will on him. Like a spoiled and out of control five year old child you need to show him where the borders are and what the consequences are when he steps out of those borders.

How your attacker chooses his victims

Criminals do not choose their victims randomly. They are always looking for weaknesses, distractions and fears. The reason why he appears so successful is, because he preys on the weak in the herd, not the strongest.

Your attacker’s mind does not work the same way as yours or as that of a normal reasonable person. As we have said...he might not be super intelligent, but he is also not super dumb. However, he uses every bit of intelligence that he can muster in a criminal way for criminal goals. He thinks about taking advantage of victims in every conceivable way possible...every second of every day. This makes him extremely dangerous, especially, because he knows that his victims do not think like him and are most of the time not prepared for his actions and that is all he needs; He simply needs you to be unprepared.

As a coward your attacker will not attack you when there are lots of people or witnesses around. He will wait until you are alone. Your attacker will not attack or face you from the front. He will attack you from behind and when you are not looking or paying attention. He will not show his face, he will be masked. Your attacker will not come empty handed, he will have a weapon.

Your attacker will seldom come alone, most of the time he has backup from a gang of attackers. Your attacker will not come during the day, he will come at night.

The attacker is not interested in a fair fight and will never keep to ethical sportsmanlike behaviour. He will be cowardly, brutal and kick you when you are down or hit you from behind and he has no problem doing it to a woman, a child or an older defenceless person.

Your attacker relies on terror and the element of surprise.

As we will see with “Situational Awareness”, the attacker wants to take you from code white to code black instantly. In his book “1984” George Orwell writes, “The object of terrorism is to terrorize”.

Your attacker wants you to freeze up when surprised with an act of terror.

Don’t let him ever surprise you. Good situational awareness will prevent this and will ensure that you always know exactly which state of alertness you are in.

Your attacker does not want you to make a lot of noise and draw attention. He wants to attack, but does not want to BE attacked. That is why he will try to clasp over your mouth, suffocate you or incapacitate you. The attacker does not want the police or any other help to arrive while he is busy, so he will isolate you and he will try to make it as quick as possible...unless he is sure that you are extremely well isolated, then he will rape you or torture you for hours.

Most importantly…Your attacker does not want you to fight back. He wants you to be an easy victim. He wants certainty of success without having to work too hard.

Do not simply hand over the loot Conventional “wisdom” and bullshit self defence instructors will tell you that the sooner you hand over the loot the sooner the robber will be out of your face. However, literally thousands of cases in South African farm attacks and home invasions have shown that this is seldom the case. People are still beaten, tortured, raped and killed even AFTER they have handed over the loot. These beatings and tortures carry on for hours or days.

Simply put, do not simply hand over the loot and...fight back. Don’t make it easy for him. Do everything possible to make it as difficult as possible for him and make him work as hard as possible. Your attacker hates hard work and does not want to hang around until other people come and help you or until the police arrive. When it takes too long or when it is too much effort, he will give up the fight and run away.

Guerilla Survival in Self Defence - Surviving an attack as a strategy to win

You do not need to be strong or exceptionally well skilled to survive an attack. You are not necessarily looking at knocking him out, you are first and foremost looking to SURVIVE.

Think about the Battle of Blood River. The Voortrekkers were not attacking, they were defending. They were not looking for retribution for the Bloukrans Massacre. They simply wanted to SURVIVE. The fact that they dealt a knockout blow to their attackers was a way of making sure the attacker does not stand up again and carry on attacking them.

One of the first things a Jiu Jitsu martial artist learns as a white belt is how to survive.

As a white belt he has very few skills and very little experience, so he needs to be able to survive for as long as possible. This skill of survival he takes throughout his life. If you can tire your opponent, survive and outlast your opponent long enough, he will give up the fight and you can beat him.

This is exactly the same principle the guerrilla fighter applies. He knows he is weaker and not as well equipped as his opponent, but if he can survive long enough so that the opponent gives up the fight, he will win. We have seen this in Vietnam with the French and the Americans and in Afghanistan with the Russians. This is also the strategy the ANC and SWAPO used in Namibia and South Africa and why they are currently in power. They simply outlasted their much stronger opponents and waited for them to give up the fight.

Prevention is better than cure

Most self defence courses will show you some flashy moves that do not work in a real self defence situation and skip the most important part; the part of how to prevent such a situation altogether.

The best self defence is to avoid a situation where you might have to defend yourself.

Self defence starts a long time before the attack. It starts in your mind. Do not be naïve. Do not believe that all people only mean you good. Realise that there are evil psychopathic people in this world who will rob and kill you if presented with the opportunity to do so. Never give them that opportunity.

It is further very important not to become so paranoid that you stop living and enjoying life. If you do that, your attacker has won.

Do not isolate yourself. Have plenty of people around. Don’t flash wads of cash. Don’t show expensive equipment like cell phones, cameras, jewellery, etc. Make sure you always have good situational awareness. Have an advanced warning system, even if it is just a dog.

If you are under attack, make a lot of noise. Scream, blow a whistle and bang on something, whatever. Tell people to call the police. Rip your attacker’s mask off and most importantly, viciously FIGHT BACK with everything you’ve got!

Fighting back buys you time and time is what your attacker does not have. Your attacker will run away before he runs out of time…When he starts to doubt if he will be successful, he will give up the fight and you will survive.

Thy myth of the skimpily dressed woman

Conventional wisdom holds that women who dress provocatively are inviting rapists and putting themselves at risk. However, this is not true. Think about all the elderly women and babies being raped in South Africa. None of them wore skimpy clothes. Or dressed provocatively. Rapist go for weaknesses, not for sexiness. They go for the one who fights back the least.

Research (Predators: Who They Are and How to Stop Them, by Gregory M. Cooper, Michael R. King, and Thomas McHoes as well as Betty Grayson and Morris I. Stein 1984) shows that it is rather women with passive, submissive personalities who are most likely to be raped—and that they tend to wear body-concealing clothing, such as high necklines, long pants and sleeves, and multiple layers.

Rapist are looking for weaknesses and can accurately identify submissive women just by their style of dress, their appearance and the way they walk and carry themselves. Rapist, like other attackers, go for the weakest in the herd. If you slump and appear submissive, you appear weak.

There is a very good reason why some people often get picked upon and constantly attacked whilst others NEVER get attacked. It is called Confident Assertiveness as opposed to Submissiveness.

In other words, show that you are alert and not prepared to be anyone’s victim. Show that you know your rights and are not going to be easily exploitable and that you are willing to put up a tremendous fight if attacked.

Make Hicks Law work for you

Simply put, Hicks Law states that the more choices you have the longer it is going to be before you take a decision.

Later on we will see how this can be a problem for you, but Hick’s Law works both ways and…it is related to IQ.

If you can activate your attacker’s, lazy, cowardly, psychopathic and criminal cognitive system and keep it occupied for long enough, you can avoid being attacked.

Be confident. Never show weakness; Never show fear

Think about a dangerous dog sizing you up and looking for signs of fear and weakness before he attacks. Don’t show him weakness. Don’t run away.

In a similar way, the attacker will size up his victim looking for signs of fear, distractions and weaknesses; It is your job to keep him guessing. In the mean time you size up his facial expressions and read the facial cues.

As long as you can make him doubt his chances of success he will not attack. If his victim looks, bigger, stronger, faster, fitter, or simply Paraat (An Afrikaans word meaning Military-like, disciplined attentiveness; from Latin “Paratus” –“Ready”)…he will not attack.

That means don’t show that you are distracted. Don’t show that you are looking at your cell phone, don’t pull the map out and stare inattentively at it. Don’t walk around with earphones on or plugged in. Don’t take photographs and not pay attention.

Appearing drunk is also a sign of weakness that can be exploited. Attackers like to beat up on drunk people and rape drunk women. When you are drunk, you are easy prey. You are easy to knock down and rob and worse, raped.

You do not have to be big or strong. You only need to show that you are Paraat, aware, confident and in a state of readiness and show it in the way you carry yourself and the way you look. Never show arrogance, but also never show fear. When your attacker sees, “It is not worth the effort” he is not going to attack.

When you are walking down the road and there is a group of possible attackers standing against a wall where you have to pass, remember that passing them will just take a few seconds. That is all you need. Their minds will start to compute their chances of success straight away. You just have to make them doubt their chances of success just for a few seconds until you are passed and you will be OK. This can be achieved with assertive confidence.

On the other hand, if you stop, show fear and start to back pedal or run away, you will signal that they will have a good chance of success and they will come for you. You don’t need to say anything. You don’t need to show any weapons (yet). In fact showing a weapon at this stage will give them clarity on exactly what you have to offer and what their chances of success are. You want them to doubt; to guess…to be in a state of uncertainty. This is what assertive confidence or Paraatheid does.

They must wonder why you are so confident. They must think you have all this confidence because you have many options and possibly concealed weapons. Options they are maybe not aware of and cannot see. Maybe you have seen a policeman up ahead. Maybe you see witnesses or a CCTV camera that they cannot see. Maybe you are a trained martial artist. Whatever it is, keep them guessing about your nonchalant confidence. By the time they figure it out you are passed and gone.

Home invasions and hijackings

When it comes to your home, don’t count on walls, safety gates, burglar bars and alarms to keep your attacker away. None of these are certain deterrents. If a person wants to get into your home he is going to get in.

However, you can make it as difficult as possible for him...and you can make him doubt his chances of success by being clever and using subterfuge and deception.

Criminals have admitted that they are NOT deterred by burglar bars but avoid homes where small dogs make a lot of noise. When they see a pair of large male Wellington boots or a large motorcycle in front of the entrance door, they will avoid the home. In my backyard I’ve always had a punching bag hanging in the tree, visible from the road. For women living alone this could be a good strategy. Let them think there is a big trained guy living there.

When you stop at a traffic light, always make sure you can still see the wheels of the car in front of you. This will give you enough distance for a quick getaway. If you cannot see the wheels touch the tarmac, you are too close. When there are criminal elements keep the gears engaged and your foot on the clutch.

OK I know...It is not good for the release bearing and it might not be safe, but it might save you from getting hijacked.

Don’t fiddle with your radio or the GPS. Don’t talk on your cell phone, and don’t wear ear phones. These are all signs of distractions and exactly what your attacker is looking for. Don’t have your handbag on the front seat. Put it in the boot.


Understand the psychopathic nature of your attacker. Get into his mind and it will be a lot easier for you to defend yourself. Your main aim is to SURVIVE. Try to avoid the self defence situation altogether, but when attacked, fight back viciously and resist with everything you’ve got. Do not simply hand over the loot. It is no guarantee that you will be safe and you might still be beaten tortured, raped or killed. Thousands of examples can be taken from daily self defence and survival situations in South Africa. Your best chance of survival is to fight back. The moment you start fighting back and lending severe resistance, the clock is ticking for your attacker until help or the police arrive. You want the attack to stop. Make your attacker run out of time and he will run away.


  1. Mike, thanks so much for this guide. As a woman with a husband in race denial, this helps to ease my fears of an attack, just by knowing (and from now on practicing) what you wrote above.

    1. Helizna, we'll give you some manual instruction over Easter. Take heart, you're not alone.

    2. Anonymous12:09 pm

      OMG! You married a mangina!

    3. Anonymous 12:09 pm
      Not true. He's ex-military and ex-SAP, but just doesn't believe that white genocide is imminent. Stuck in the "they are not all like that" mode.

  2. Anonymous12:42 am

    And that folks, is the reason why they scrapped the Commandos. They don't want the whites to train in any combat. They want us to be easy targets. It was planned from the top, probably the same day we handed over the country.
    Most of us know from doing time on the border, that these are the ultimate cowards. There is no fair fight; rather totally disarm you, before they attack. And then they mostly go for the old and weak.
    One would think that even a coward has some pride, but this species has none.
    After cancelling my Dstv (I am currently cancelling everything I don't need to pay to support BEE. No more cell contracts, just buy airtime as needed) I joined Netflix to watch movies.
    Last week I started on the series Vikings, and the first thing that I noticed was their courage. Also their belief in the gods, and fights with no fear of death.
    Now imagine 20 000 modern day Boer Vikings. Just 20 000 who will stand together and follow orders from a fearless leader.
    I put it to you.... those 20 000 will rewrite the history of South Africa.


    1. Absolutely Noddy. My landlord belongs to the local CF regiment, all SADF oumanne, but don't think they're issued with rifles. Not on your life. The cowards are taking no chances.

    2. Anonymous10:56 am



      Noddy truth is, I think at this stage we need between 200,000 & 600,000.

      I dont just want South Africa but half of Africa. And I dont want to see a single parasite walking on our half of the continent ever again.

      TT where have you been?

    3. Anonymous12:11 pm

      ROFLMAO!!!! You are so naive.

      I can see a drone strike taking out 80% of these boers. The face of warfare has changed now

    4. Anonymous1:03 pm


      @ Anon 12:11 pm, oh please, you won't know what hit you once we strike and then you will definately not be rolling on the floor 'LYAO'.

      Ninja yes, only half of Africa will do, nothing else.

    5. Anonymous3:45 am

      half of africa? You people sound like globalists, like Jan smuts who wanted half of Africa too. SMuts was a globalist elitist. You want to be part of this Soros crowd? No thanks

    6. Anonymous5:39 am


      @Anonymous3:45 am

      Yes we are all part of Soros clan. We all drink blood, dance naked, howling to the moon....

      Grow the fuck up!

      We take what was built, developed by the western nations and invaded, confiscated by the NWO funding liberation movements.

      When you build a house & someone squats in it, taking it back doesnt mean you are a globalist.

      Jan Smuts was a traitor - I dont care about that yellow dog!

      Did the yanks not take half of North America? Were their forefathers globalists when they expanded out of their few Eastern states before expanding West?

      We are the same point now, swap out the native Indians for the Parasites. The wars forced the white man there to expand Westward and here, we shall expand Northward.

      If we dont clean up properly, the Parasites will be back to wage war against our nation in another 360 years. When you fumigate, you better do it properly or else...

      This is exactly what the ANC is doing against the white man in this country with them excluding us from the economy, farm murders, suburban murders.

      This guy is an agent, again he never mentions the killings of whites on farms - why is that?

      I have called him out about 9 times on it, asking for an answer and never have I gotten one.

      Either a limp dick or working for the other side or both.

  3. Anonymous2:28 am

    Thank you for this informative article, hopefully it will encourage people to prepare and fight back effectively against these scrum of the earth criminal terrorists.

  4. This is how to speak to a kop in Potchefstroom;


    1. Anonymous3:57 pm

      I no longer live in SA, but used to be a member of the SAP. Don't we all miss the old SAP?

    2. Anonymous3:00 am

      NO we dont.

      The old SAP once threatened to arrest me when I stated that the armed robbers fled in a blue toyota corrolla. Why? Because one of the assailants returned and claimed that the assailants had fled in a yellow city golf and so the boer cops took the word of a black guy over a white guy. Maybe they thought that because he was black, he must of been credible or something.

      Even boer cops can be retarded at times

  5. Anonymous3:54 am

    Fact Mike well written. Yes they (black and white) prey on the weak , when they in Gangs and out number you . In Melville we have a few little cowardly Gangs running around beating up on singled out persons, had an incident near a bush decor d pub when slightly pissed in 2003 , asks me for a Cig then hits at me , when I wanted back at him , 5 or more of his mates launch at me making me choose flight , with them in pursuit , had to go into a gay club, after 5 min I left heading for my car , and SA ! they were on me almost surrounding me I lunged at the one who libeteed me and knocked him down and bailed, man I ran all the way to the petrol station toward cresta. Called cops to help collect my car. Felt rather humiliated , then got my car with cops watching my back , driving out a Golf followed me , slammed on brakes for him to rear end me but he turned around. Kept note of his car.
    Couple of months later saw the car at zoolake pool , so I went in , the face working at the entry I couldnt recall , so I paid to enter, put my things down went back to the entrance and a ousie had replaced the face I wanted to see and the Golf was gone.
    Since then I have vowed never to go out unarmed ever F again , never again am I gonna be caught empty and naked without a weapon , ever! Always carried my astra , the prob its too big , you cannot sit with it and having it loose is risky , always had it hidden at home. Man I never wanna be caught weaponless again EVER !!

    1. Anonymous5:50 am


      @Anonymous3:54 am

      Ja boet! Know the feeling, had the same thing happen to me with toothless wonders - coloreds.

      3 jumped me, one grabbed me to try stab me but he couldnt do it as I grabbed his mate and pulled him in front of me. His mate screamed like a women.

      Dont know how I made it out of that one. But because they couldnt stab me, they went back to their car to fetch a gun and by that time I was long gone.

      Same thing happened to my cousin - went out to play pool with a mate, guys walked in causing issues - then pool balls were flying around the place and when they went out to give them a hiding, they were stabbed from behind.

      Cowards run up behind them while they were approaching their mates in front of them. You have to be aware always. He nearly died from those stabbings.

      We all have scores to settle, wait the fucking time will come and then I dont want to see a single parasite here ever again and any leader who rises up who doesnt want the same thing in the future, isnt worthy of being followed nor called a leader.

  6. Anonymous3:55 am

    Like I mentioned a while ago... stick a small knife like a Bachi or MoraKniv with duct tape under your beds & other furniture around the house to defend or cut loose. The old man on the farm had a decoy safe & hid his rifle always in the bathroom. When they attacked him, he showed them there were no arms in the safe. They knocked him around & locked him in the bathroom. When they came back for him, he put the bullet dead centre...

  7. Anonymous4:16 am

    Mike, your article flashed memories of a trip to Transkei with my mates in our teens.

    We were aware that hikers had been attacked there before and had just run away leaving all their loot for easy pickings.

    This was constantly on my mind, I bought some woodpecker fire crackers and tested one in a glass miniature bottle, it exploded the bottle with a gunshot type ring to it, I thought it would work.

    We set off on foot for about a 10km hike to the spot armed with fishing rods, defrosted smelly sardines a catty and the woodpeckers...Sure as shit we got attacked as the last fire embers died out.

    I was ready and lit a woodpecker and threw it, it sounded like a bomb in the still of night, the darkies ran away. It sounded like about 4-5 of them scattering through the bush. I lit another one and fired my ball bearings via a catty in their direction for good measure. Job done.

    Moral of the story...Don't let the fire burn out!

  8. Anonymous4:44 am

    Thanks for this Mike, brilliant. Don't know if you have seen the video with this 'doos' spewing his racist lying drivel - https://youtu.be/aNq7h4BY5VY

  9. Anonymous5:46 am

    Thanks Mike. For some reason I sommer feel better now.

  10. Anonymous5:56 am

    @Noddy, Even less, I believe 30 people is all it takes. But I agree 100% with you. Its about time the Victims start to stand up and protect themselves and the elders that cant.

  11. Anonymous6:26 am

    Little bullied cunt will now show up and tell all of you to do nothing. Because as we all know, defending yourself is so so very evil - and you will burn with these demons forever if you resist them.

    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Are you projecting your bedwetting onto us again?

    2. Anonymous5:59 pm

      12:17 bed wetting? WTF?

  12. Thank you very much for this series of articles on Self Defence, Mike. We in South Africa really need this

    Here are my 2 pennies worth of advice to add to it.

    I must firstly say that I am no fighter. I am not a martial artist nor does this reflect the time I spent in the police. People are already intimidated just by the fact that you are a policeman and it thus doesn’t count. What I write below reflects my own experience as an ordinary citizen of the republic.

    I lost very few of the fights I had in my life.

    In the first place I avoid fighting as much as I can. Walk away when you see danger approaching, or avoid areas where one knows something violent might happened. I also never look like I'm scared, no matter how scared I really am. I look people straight in the face and I walk like someone who is going to do a lot of damage to whomever attacks me.

    Despite all those precautions there WILL be times when one HAS to fight.

    Then I do this.

    Firstly: remember that a real fight is NOT like in the movies. Movie fights are carefully choreographed so that it looks cool on the screen. In real life people don't fight like that. A real fight is total chaos. There are no time for fancy moves and all that.

    Civilized people are trained not to hurt others. Like the reasonable man you mentioned in your article. When you fight you must “unplug” the reasonable man inside you. When you fight you must change into a total savage.

    Allow the reptile brain to take over where your ONLY concern is YOUR survival AND destroying your opponent. If you look carefully you will see Bruce Lee doing it in his movies. When the fighting starts he goes totally berserk and makes a hell of a noise as much as he can. The noise you make will release stress, release more adrenaline into your blood stream and also scare your attacker.

    And then you do EVERYTHING possible to destroy your attacker. No mercy.
    (Someone said that to turn on the reptile brain, one must imagine your enemy hurting a small child or a pet that you love – that will automatically release the savage inside you.)
    Use anything as a weapon. Your whole objective must be to DESTROY your attacker, so you must do as much damage to him as possible. The magic of it all is once you allow your reptile brain to take over, you will automatically know what to do - even without any training. I think the martial arts people call it the releasing of the Chi or something like that, but I call it the savage part of me.

    (Incidently one will notice - when you fight blacks - that they have a natural bad smell, which seems to come out prominently when in such a situation. That smell might also activate your reptile brain.)

    All this does not guarantee a win, though, but it is a good start.

    Two very important things are; ATTACK is the best defense and be careful of someone with a slight built. Small people with a slight built are more violent than anyone else and might just beat you into a pulp because you underestimated them.

    It is also important to remember that in a real fight size doesn't matter. Only absolute viciousness and brutality count in a real fight.

    When I fight and I come out on top, I keep on beating my opponent. This is so that he would never want to fight with me again. Where I live it is very important. Once you have respect you are basically safe.

    Must sound like I'm a total psychopath but I can assure you I am not. But when you have to fight you MUST turn into a total psychopath to stay alive.

    Stay safe, Mike and it looks like the big fight is coming in 2017…

    1. Anonymous8:54 am

      "or a pet that you love – that will automatically release the savage inside you"

      That happened to me Phoenix.

      They stole my dog and tried to sell it.

      The SPCA phoned me with the information and whereabouts after we asked them if they had by any chance picked up our dog.

      I was a lightie maybe 16, I grabbed my old mans sand wedge golf club and took my moms car and zeroed in on these fucks.

      There were about 5 of them, I calmly asked for my dog back (she was so excited to see me, tail wagging etc...)

      They were full of kak wanting money, I just pushed the cunt over and took my dog to the car.

      They followed me and as I put the dog in the car I pulled the golf club out and klapped the first guy...they all ran back into the bush.

      I saw red and they could do fuckall and they knew it.

      Just go mal, it will save your life.

  13. Anonymous6:35 am


    Nice post.

    Allow me to add one thing - their superstition.

    If you have signs up on your house mentioning frogs, reptiles or snakes they will generally also think twice about entering.

    If you hang things up like those dream catchers with feathers etc etc that you find in shops, that also works.

    The best thing is to string together small bones, possibly small skull, feathers and make it look like mutie or something like that. Freaks them out big time.

    Hang them on all sides of your house.

    And most importantly - dont hire Karasites. Karasites are the reason you get robbed. All the people who I know who have been hijacked, robbed the most always have karasites involved - gardeners or cleaners.

    You dont need a gym contract, just spend an hour a day cleaning your house, doing your garden and you can say good bye to that waist - you will also have spare cash to invest in more rounds, fire arms.

    1. Anonymous7:30 pm

      You need one of those alien and predator statues in your front yard glowing eyes and moving limbs to scare the kak out of them.


    2. Anonymous8:50 pm

      @BN 6:35 am.

      If we whites had to band together, trek South, set up home and become independent do you think these contributors to this blog and other whites have thought that suddenly they will have to start doing everything themselves?

      I truly think the above scares the South Africa whites, they cannot work, don't know how to work, want to much bling, to much material and to much flash.

      They want the job done but want somebody else to do it for them, they are willing to pay but at prices that you can only get second rate shit for.

      You see mate, I do not think the average white SAcan has what it takes, their are a few exceptions but very fucking few and far between exceptionals.

      The average Bob and Harry or Sally are fat, over fed, lazy, slobs looking for a fast buck, the next meal and a good time whether it is with ousie or booi then with mommy after hours.

      The truth is that cunts like this fucking homo arsecunt anon 12:28 and shitshute rammer 11:35 are the children of the lesser breed that I speak of. They are the typical bling flings that will wait for you to achieve and then like a tick try suck life out of you, I am sure they practice sucking darkside dick in the present so that they are trained for what they are hoping to be a new era with some clean dick and lots of bling.

      BTW this dirt shit stained dick, is the biggest coward that trolls these pages, rfr might be a negative, defeated and insecure, abuse loving homo but at least he labels himself and let's us know that he stands by his beliefs, this arsecunt just posts under anon like a true coward.


    3. Anonymous3:52 am

      LTMA, cousin to boere mall ninja, I am not against whites. I am against being played like a fiddle by the elite who are using blacks as sock puppets against us.

      You must understand the hidden hand that is directing all of this. If you fight, you need to end it by taking out the kingpin, not the pawns.

      But then again you are from boksburg, so you probably don't comprehend it.

      The black people that you seem to hate so much will naturally lower their numbers without the white elite bolstering their numbers by keeping them impoverished.

      let me be clear: I never accused YOU of impoverishing the blacks. I accused the elite of this.

      The moral of the story is that black numbers are bolstered in order to use them as leverage against the white west.

      If you don't play this game that the elite have started, you wont be in this position where you waste your life and my time on these forums. There would be 300 million blacks instead of 1.3 billion in Africa. And nobody had to kill anyone while we help ourselves to minerals and the likes. The remaining blacks live happy and nobody has to die.

      We are being snookered into an unnecessary war.

    4. Anonymous6:00 am


      @Anonymous3:52 am

      " end it by taking out the kingpin, not the pawns. "
      For every kingpin you take out, you have a thousand pawns waiting to be kingpin.

      "boksburg, so you probably don't comprehend it."
      I would rather sit with a guy from boksburg than some intellectual liberal wanker any day of the week.

      "The black people that you seem to hate so much"
      I dont hate blacks, I understand them. Big difference. When you hate them, you let them live with you. It is liberals like you who truly hate them because you feel sorry for them.

      I dont feel sorry for them nor do I hate them, in fact I understand them better than most whites do. Unlike most whites who have had little to do with them.

      "black numbers are bolstered in order to use them as leverage against the white west. "

      The numbers are like they are because the whites never did to them what the Arabs/Muslims did - castrate them. They were clever, they were thinking about their future and their future generations.

      "We are being snookered into an unnecessary war. "

      No! The war is being brought to the whites. They are tools and like being the tools of the elite. They hate the whites, you see it with all their policies.

      The elites game is to have them massacre the whites in this country. They put them in charge knowing full well what the outcome would be.

    5. Anonymous8:40 am

      @ Anon 3:52am.

      I might come from Boksburg even if I came from Brakpan, Springs, Krugersdorp or Sandton, Hyde Park, Midstream, Centurion you would and people like you would find a problem with it, I would either be to English, to Afrikaans or maybe to stupid, to white, to tanned, to smart or to something or not enough of something else.

      Man, you fuckers are all the same, you couldn't lead yourselves around your paved gardens but your hoping to influence and advise others.

      Team have weaknesses and strengths to realise and capitalize your advantage you have to start looking beyond your classist society and start seeing the advantages in every single person you meet.

      I am not saying take the tramp home to dinner but I am saying look at the tramp and know he has something in him that you don't.

      Anyway, thanks for the insult it confirms that you just another defeated divider looking for an excuse not to commit to anything that might cost you something.

      Understand this clearly as much as I hate retard, I have met a lot of them that have welcomed me more than arseholes like you have, I have had black men stand the fight with me when lead is flying and tempers are raging and my white support have been to scared to come and assist.

      Know this to that I am a fucking angry person and I am angry at fucking arsecunts like you and other whining male bitches that post shit here as much as I am angry at retard because had you fucks not separated yourselves so willingly from people of Boksburg, Brakpan, Bellville and other places you deem below your class, this country would not be the fuck up it is today.

      Why the fuck don't you just fucking run to another fucking country like your fucking arsecunt brother rfr did.

      Now fuck right off with your fucking excuses and go pacify your sensitivities with a nice little whisky.


  14. Anonymous6:56 am


    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      look on the bright side: At least he didnt marry one of Boere mall ninjas wekkas...

    2. Anonymous1:57 pm

      I guess Chinese Buddha, Thai Buddha, Japanese Buddha, Korean Buddha are also all 'constructs' as Buddha was an Indian with blue eyes.

      It's normal for people to make religious figures look like their own culture or race.

    3. Anonymous6:00 pm

      At least BN wasn't a little bullied cunt.

    4. Anonymous2:53 am

      Anonymous6:00 pm

      At least BN is a little cunt.

      There... I fixed it for you. Send the paypal donation to fuckyouandyourmother@fuckyou.com

    5. Anonymous6:02 am


      @Anonymous12:28 pm

      A limp dick with no contribution. Someone who has an agenda and too scared to actually have a voice.

      So in true cowardly fashion he will attack anyone here who has a pair. Cowards.

      This nob prefers to be a servant of the parasite. Enjoy dont complain when they hack you asshole.

  15. Stephen7:18 am

    Hi Mike

    Its actually sad that our lives has come to this , look for a city-sleeker like myself its par for the course so im not like a fish-out-of-water , but somehow I reminis about a time that dis-appeared before it arrived.

    I just thank God that He's given me the presence of mind to always be one step ahead of them , and if the worst thing happens and it becomes lethal - well then you'll have to be prepared to be one step ahead there as well.

  16. Anonymous11:16 am

    The Suidlanders Expose Rape, Murder, and Land Theft of Whites in South Africa


    1. Anonymous1:40 pm

      Thanks @anon 11.16 am. A highly informative (particularly for Americans) presentation by a super-bright man. I've followed him on survivalistboards.com for a long time. He is especially well-informed about SVR.

      Thanks for your excellent article Mike.


    2. Anonymous8:42 am

      If the presenter's name is Fred, he has coloured children. Just another "kyker" like FW Frikkie's sons who had a penchant for coolie girls

    3. Anonymous1:30 pm

      @Anon 8:42 am Thank you. That's right -- on survivalistboards.com and elsewhere he used the name Frederick von Strass.

      I was disappointed to hear "Fred" admit working for the ANC until recently and my concern about his credibility has increased since reading your comment about the coloured children. That doesn't sound good for the integrity of Suidlanders.

      Can you provide any links / other information to help us decide whether or not to take "Fred" (and Suidlanders) seriously in future? Many thanks.


    4. Anonymous12:07 am

      James you are spreading fake news.

      The guy from the video is named Simon Roche and he is married to a Boer woman.

      Fuck you....deceiver.

    5. Anonymous4:08 am

      James, he admitted to coloured children in one of his posts on that forum you mentioned. He admitted to working for the ANC, but it was in his youth he says. What tipped him off was his use of the word "alluded" which Fred likes to use. He talked about bizzare stories of wife swapping and shit. WTF. I would not trust this guy at all. He tried to get me to join his group, but I never met him in person. I declined.

    6. Anonymous4:19 am

      hey james, go to the survivalist forum and search for the thread : Understanding the rich elite and how they will effect SA

      The go to post 14 and search the word "Coloured Child" and then read the sentances around those words.

      He talks about racial purity with whites but he admits to coloured children.

      I mean if you want mixed kids, that is none of my beeswax, but dont sit there and hoity toity yourself with whites acting how you want to saves whites. White this white that. Fuggit. I dont trust the guy.

    7. Anonymous4:20 am

      oh and in the same post he admits to being jailed for anti apartheid activities. I mean, hey, thats your choice, but what the fook is he doing in afrikaner ranks then? Is he a prodigal son?

      Whats going on? Don't be duped by him or boere mall ninja or others. Go see the post for yourselves.

    8. Anonymous4:25 am

      Dear James : this is what Fred von strass had to say in that forum and I quote: " Of one thing I am certain, liberal values and liberal theology clearly do not make sense especially in practise. I have given it the benefit of the doubt, have been jailed for it, have a coloured child, and have made personal sacrifices to support the implementation of the national democratic revolution, only to discover that it is unremitting Africanist bulls**t. "

      So a man in the Suiderlanders is a former supporter of the NDR? DAFUQ?

      And you want to join this guy and Boer mall ninja in uniting with these people to arm and train and fight?

      I see these guys getting taken out by a drone strike in day 2 of the fighting. Day 1 will be CNN and others rocking up for the show. IT will be Bop invasion in a clapped out merc, the Sequel.

      We need to fight with our brains here with knowledge and intel. It is like Mike smith said, we fight over cyber space in the future. The future is now.

      Boeries have always had dodgy leadership. You need to be your own leader. Retain your leadership and dont give it up unless it is Jesus himself. (Jesus is cool, lol)

      I hope you find this message...

    9. Anonymous11:40 am

      I think James made it clear that Fred was a non de plume

    10. Anonymous4:44 pm

      Many thanks to the above posters for all your enlightening and helpful information about "Frederick von Strass" -- a pseudonym that the speaker in that video admits using. Further, as you might have seen on survivalistboards.com today, Fred was requesting information from America in connection with a subsequent presentation.

      My eyes have been opened by this latest revelation. I shall now retain personal leadership and prepare for survival of the onslaught independently, with the help of God.

      With much gratitude for the invaluable information shared by Mike and the many other good people here. As was said in the above posts, this type of information can literally save lives. No ways do I want anyone I care about to be victims of a Bop invasion Sequel! Clearly we need to be vigilant about such traps.


  17. Anonymous11:35 am

    jeeez you just described boere mall ninja in the opening paragraphs

    1. RunForrestRun2:55 pm

      My exact thought as I was reading it,---great minds think alike.

    2. Anonymous2:51 am

      Well, I never ran though haha.

      I just see the hidden hand playing us off against each other. WE waste energy fighting people who would never had existed in the first place if it had not been for this hidden hand. And the hidden hand endorses what boer mall ninja says... namely creating a global race war which justifies a global military and government.

      Boere mall ninja is a trojan horse who, admittedly, is railing against a real black threat, but that threat would not have existed had we rebelled a lot sooner against this hidden hand.

    3. Anonymous9:04 am

      Run Homo Run.

    4. Anonymous10:53 am


      @Anonymous11:35 am

      You are real underachiever, anyone who shows you up just a liiiittle bit, you have some asshole comment.

      Typical runhomonrun would reply - two wankers sitting in a pod.

      1 Over seas.
      The other 1 ready to lay down and take it up the bum.

      Moffies, typical moffies.

      Enjoy your - cant see the tree`s for the forest.

    5. Anonymous4:05 am

      Boere mall ninja. I am not against whites defending themselves. I am against being played by unseen hands. The Africans cannot organize a pissup in a brewery or even run a bath. Someone is directing the blacks against us. Who is it? Some sneer its the Jews. I think there is more to it than that. Until I get definitive answers, I will refrain from joining your lot in this misguided quest of salvation. My gut tells me that you are a fraud. GO ahead and hate.

  18. Very good article Mike.

    The Psychopathic Resentment part is excellent and should be understood by every white citizen who does not comprehend the true reality of SA today. So many people have ended up in early graves because they refuse to understand the 1st part of your article. Most of all it sums up the majority of the Kaffir population we have to share our space with in this country..

    Like most people here I have had my fair share of dealing with this lot and from the Cape to Musina it's the same thing; Jelousy and resentment towards a white group all because of what you said.
    "Your success is a constant reminder of his own failure and inferiority. Any outward sign of your prosperity is a personal affront against him."
    Now instead of pulling his finger out his arse he would much rather destroy you and carry on living in his upside down kaffir world which offers him nothing.?. Boggles the mind....but that's the nature of the noble savage isn't it..?
    25+ long years and they still cannot manage, but ja..

    skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, as in deceiving; craftiness; guile.  - sums up it perfectly. From the small time thief to the top politician in this country...


    a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. - Tja 🐒

    Lastly the fight. Go Bossies if you have to.!. I think we fail to understand what we are capable of in a life & death situation and what we can do to survive.. If you don't have a gun there are many ways to suprise your attacker and knock the life out of him..
    Example; a hydrochloric acid bomb which will take your face off and blind you within seconds.. Very cheap, R50 will get you almost 2 litres.
    A 20l drum of ammonium nitrate will set you back R400. Cook it, mix it with Aluminium powder and shrapnel, bag it, put it on top of a 20l petrol drum or LP Gas cylinder and shoot that fucker with a rifle.. Enough grunt to blow up a small house..
    Sharpened Chinese bamboo is a deadly weapon.
    There are 100's of home made self defence and attack options to play with.

    At the end of the day I agree Mike.
    "It is further very important not to become so paranoid that you stop living and enjoying life. If you do that, your attacker has won." - just be Paraat..

    My 50 bucks worth..

    1. Anonymous1:13 pm

      BLCN 12:3 , remember the Brothers in Government and Sahrdicks will be on you if you kill the Zombie. My shout would be make traps and early warning contraptions. F -gut attached to a bag of empty can or bottles elevated to sound like its gonna bring down the House. These also like bending burglar bars , have some wilkinson superglued to them , the blood should flow. Never be taken by surprise , with a Zombie standing over you while you trying to rest for the next days Contribution. Paintball guns with red should also be an option , when they see red its panic mode.
      When Zombie tries to grab something in the car , dont wrestle with him just a cut in the hand with a sharpy . When Zombies are outside switch lights off inside and lights on outside they dont know what to expect. Have a weapon handy in every room .

    2. Anonymous5:59 pm


      @Anonymous1:13 pm

      Plz with this piece of shit criminal government, resort to doing what the ANC taught their people to do....

      Burn the parasites, dump the carcasses. Never take a cell phone with you or any gps when dumping the carcass.

      End of story. If it comes to kill you or I, it either does the job or I will do the job.

      It wont think twice of doing it & the very fact you find it trying to do it is proof of it wanting to kill you. NO I say fuck that, get rid of the thing - save other innocent lives by getting rid of the piece of shit.

      If its good enough for the munts in the townships, its good enough for me. The reason they rob you is because they are too shit scared of what will happen in the townships if they tried that shit there.

      Where Im from, in the late 90s a few of my neighbors had to teach a few of them a lesson that broke in - they never got to tell the tale.

      Besides we all know, you call the cops to come help you

      1. They take hours to arrive or dont show up .

      2 they arrive and rob you

      3. They lock you up and try extort you.

      with 70 murders per day, one more karasite decomposing in the veld is not going to make a difference.

      The police are so incompetent, they only arrest those who wont fight back. If you skiet the things, get rid of the body.

      They lose over 50% of the dockets - why waste your time. Skiet, scout a location to bury them, put them there burn the body.

      You will be saving your tax payers unnecessary time the cops take to investigate, you will be helping your fellow citizen by eradicating criminals.

      You also have a 50% chance the thing is not even from SA. When in doubt, follow what muntie shabalala does in ama towneship.

      You must be a 100x more vicious than the aggressor.



  19. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Your analysis of the Zombie crims is VERY accurate.
    It explains perfectly why the hate is there and why it is so strong
    The weak getting one over on the strong.

    I was always amazed back in the day when car-hijackings and house break-ins were starting how the "experts" were always telling everyone to -- just give everything over and say yes sir no sir three bags full sir
    They always told everyone -- never never fight back
    Fat lot of good that advice helped.

    Prepare yourself for the worst
    Make sure you have LOTS of little tricks all over
    Multi-layered defense
    Be awake , be prepared , ALWAYS be on your toes
    Learn what to do and how to do it
    These perps often do not have lots of ammo
    Make them waste it ( not on you )

    1. Anonymous2:22 am

      You have been watching Alex Jones again arent you? Don't you have an original thought? You are copying what he said

    2. Anonymous9:33 am

      I think Alex Jones is a twit
      The truth is the truth
      IF he happens to hit on the truth then good for him

  20. RunForrestRun7:50 pm

    Mike,--there are some commentators on your blog that are probably not old enough or been exposed to the inner workings of various "organizations" in South Africa to have learned caution.


    If you could do a post on the above document, it may lead them to understand that there are wheels within wheels and that a lot of them are already under surveillance and that some of them may even be agent provocateurs.

    I don't really give a shit about the more abusive/stupid ones among them, but I'm sure there are a few naive's who with a pertinent warning can extricate themselves before they become part of the "useful idiot" clan.

    Some real "stoere boere" names in that document.

    1. @ RFR...Yip, we are well aware of such traitors. As you can see, at the end of the day they destroy themselves. It was the same in Poland where the SB infiltrated Solidarity and even the head of Solidarity and 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa, was a paid Communist informant

      Remember that when you look at our own Solidarity/Afriforum gang.

      Nevertheless you had the same with the Stasi in the former East Germany (DDR/GDR) where every third person was a so called IM (Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter or Informal collaborator). Brother spied on sister, husband spied on wife. Children spied on their parents, etc…

      In Romania it was the same with the “Securitate”…and just like Western Socialist Democratic cunt-ries such as Denmark and Sweden sponsored the Marxist terrorists such as the ANC and SWAPO, they also sponsored the brutal Communists in these countries.

      The Swedish furniture giant “IKEA” used political prisoners (Anti Communists) in East Germany to build their furniture and even directly sponsored millions to the Securitate in Romania
      Ikea funds went to Romanian secret police in communist era

      I actually had a few pieces of cheapshit IKEA furniture, but since I discovered their evil ways I completely refuse to buy a single thing from them.
      IKEA South Africa – Nevada Furniture

      And this is what happens at the end of the day. Such evil traitors and collaborators find themselves isolated. Their conscious gnaws at them. They cannot live with themselves anymore. They see the evil and the rot from the inside and they have to get out.

      It happened to me when I was a member of the liberal Afrikanerbond. I saw the Afrikanerbond youth going on camps with the ANC Youth League (to promote dialogue). I saw white ANC members (former NP members), Members of Parliament, Deputy Ministers, Directors General, etc promoting their ANC crap during AB meetings. I fought them tooth and nail and had very little support. I was often disciplined for my harsh anti-ANC stance and my harsh words against AB members who were also ANC members. In the end I resigned. I couldn’t be part of such an organization that stood hand around the bladder with Communist scum.

      You cannot promote the ideals of the Afrikaner and that of the ANC at the same time. The ANC attempts to destroy the Afrikaner. Unfortunately these guys’ salaries were paid by the ANC. So guess where their loyalty lay?

      Nevertheless, at the end of the day all these systems implode, because their own people see the rot from the inside. The AB had about 18,000 members during Apartheid. Now they have less than 1,500 active members and about 1000 retired or “resting” members (rustende lede).

      Today I operate alone and simply tell the truth. You know how many liberals I have woken up and cured? Thousands. That is it. I learned a long time ago that there is nothing you can do against the truth.

      You can try to suppress it, but you cannot kill it and at the end of the day all those ANC collaborators will crumble away. They will see the truth. They will see the rot for themselves and they will abandon Evil. So even if we have ANC “IMs” commenting here, I don’t mind. I actually welcome them. At the end of the day they will all come over to our side, never the other way around.

      Look at the ANC. They are a spent force. Crumbling away more and more every day. It is simply a matter of time.

      One day when they are completely gone we will discover the truth of all the IM’s and traitors who worked for them and against us. Then you will be shocked how many there were.

    2. Anonymous3:59 am

      Mike , we will win over a few who see the Light from the fallacy , all follow the Commie Lexicon. Yet many wont and dont want to see the light they hell bent on pushing for their self enriching agenda. Recently Mbeki uttered "people are joining anc to enrich themselves" in other words , trying to keep the party together , that whoever joins anc will be rich . Zumoid saying you will be left out in the cold .The anc has to keep its gang together appointing cadres mainly to keep the indoctrination flowing.
      The other case is Sassa which has to keep handing out lucky packets , imagine the grants besides the pensions were stopped , the self destruct mode will kick in . Mu garbage with his self destructive action after his grant from GB was snipped took down the whole country . His support showed how really RACIST they really are no matter how destructive , as long as its not white no matter how much better they were off.
      In the US the majority of Blacks voted for Hussain Obummer not for his policies , but because he is Black.

    3. Anonymous5:16 am

      Mike you have also joined the dots, on incidents I shamefully participated in during the closing days of the old SADF but was to naïve perhaps to understand then. with all that has happened since and with a rear view mirror look at the past, I firmly believe that the SADF were doing the work for the anc from at least August/September 93 if not sooner. In certain regions there was a operation underway by Military Int, unit with owls on beret's (that's when they occasionally wore uniform) to disarm Kommando units of heavy weapons such as Brens, Vickers etc before elections in 94, as well as identify any individuals who were a possible threat to the transition. during the same time period there was a lot of Kommando unit meetings held, where the units role, for the security of the state was to be outlined in the period leading up to elections. These meatings were often arranged through regional commands, or groups with the commanding officer attending along with other high ranking officers. the meetings often times got very emotional with certain individuals voicing there opinion. At the same time Tienie Groenewald was undertaking the very same operation but informally so as to net every white military trained male who apposed the sell out into Viljoens Delusive Volksfront so as to render them inoperable through a self made blunders like Bop and just an organisation with a big mouth and no bite through its traitorous leaders.
      General Nicolaas Cornelius Fourie we remember you and salute you this day, oh how the traitors and enemy went through so great an effort to rid the Volk of just one man.
      you will never be forgotten, Long Live The Saak.

    4. Anonymous11:32 am

      What actually happened with Viljoen & Groenewald and the delusive Volksfront at BOP ????

  21. Whiteman11:34 pm

    Mike, you are preaching a totally different message to what the nice " leaders " have been doing thusfar. Remember their sound advise, in print, and on radio ? People, dont look into their eyes ! Just submit, your life is worth more than your cell phone, or your car ! Ja right. But thinking people now realise that they want to kill you anyway, because that is what a race war entails. Long time ago, I decided to fight, even if I can just gouge out the eyes of one of the bastards, before they kill me. But let me tell you, we have been brainwashed by the churches to lie down and submit, to our own detriment. Because the churches are merely extentions of the " government " of the day. They must control and bullshit the population into total submission. They are so successful, they get their sheeple, to even pray for zuma, and his " fourty thieves ! " Now how can you take up arms against the people you are praying for ? This is how crazy this country has become. And the barbarians are laughing themselves to bits, and just getting more bold every day. Have you noticed, they operate in bigger and bigger groups all the time. And I agree that they are cowards, but they also know : There is safety in numbers. Never underestimate your enemy !

    1. Anonymous12:03 pm

      You are being deceived by a counterfeit christianity.

      The type that boere mall ninja pushes. "praying for your enemy" means to call on the judgement of God on your enemy. But who are you to call for judgement when you also are guilty in the eyes of God. So you first have to repent. And calling for genocide is not repentance. Second, God says "who are you to escape my judgement with repentance and no one else can?" So step 2 is to offer your enemy the same chance to repent.

      If the enemy declines to clean up their act, and you cleaned up yours, then you have the moral authourity to call on God's judgement on the race issue.

      If you think that praying for Zuma means "Dear God, please be nice to ol Zooms while we suffer" ... you are SORELY MISTAKEN. God is a God of justice who will not be mocked.

    2. Anonymous9:51 pm

      To turn the other cheek means not only must you turn your other cheek but so does your enemy must turn theirs as well. True Christianity means both sides must be willing to stop their evil ways and accept Christ as the saviour.

      Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

      Matthew 5:9

    3. Anonymous4:01 am

      Slap on the cheek is not the same as letting them hack your limbs off. The cheek thing is for petty things.

      You must also understand that Boere mall ninja does not have the ability to discern. OR maybe he is an agent provocateur or something.

    4. Whiteman7:40 am

      Anonymous 9:51 pm, as long as you believe that these satanic, murderous black barbarians can be " saved, " or listen to God, we have absolutely nothing in common ! By their OWN confession, they dont believe in the " whitemans God. " They dont even want Him, because they are happy with their forefathers, and it is their DEMOCRATIC RIGHT, to believe, and live like that. But if it makes you feel better, I also believed this missionary-kak, until my eyes were miraculously openend, by the Whitemans God ! He is the ONLY true God, and you dont want to find this out when it is too late. The nignogs are truly the moer in, with the white idiots, who messed with their culture and religion. Before they cut your throat, at least be man enough to confess about this, on behalf of all the missionaries who led us up the garden path. Maybe then, they will make your death quick, and painless !

    5. Stephen8:38 am

      Anon 9:51 , the peacemakers yes - but not the peace your thinking of.

      This scripture is not refering to the ones that make peace between men - but rather peace between man and God.

      Just like '' Blessed are the poor '' doesn't mean if your poor your blessed ,no not at all - rather blessed are the ones that realize they are poor in spirit with out God , and realize they need Him .

      Scripture interprets itself , and one should never think it means what you'd like it to mean, I promise you the poor are not feeling blessed.

  22. Anonymous6:36 am


  23. Anonymous10:47 am


    Where is that asshole now? The one who keeps on telling me, the people on this site we are crazy Eugenics?


    Since Malema/Zuma continue with their radical redistribution talk, telling us we stole their land, this is going to get MUCH, MUCH worse.

    The great silence before the prevailing storm.

    1. Anonymous3:59 am

      I am going to assume that you are talking to me, boere mall ninja. I never advocated that whites must not defend themselves. I carry guns too. Everyday. I am at the range around once a month. And I have survived 4 attacks on me. 3 resulting in shots being thrown around. Survived each one.

      What I am against is being played like a muthafucker by the hidden hand that is using these black people as leverage against us. DO you not understand that prevention is better than cure?

      It seems that you are egging us on into a war that should not have been fermented in the first place.

      Yes I will have to fight when it happens, but that does not mean that I am licking my lips, hungry for war. Fighting is the last resort. We should not have to kill people if their numbers had to stabilize.

      I don't deny what is happening with farmers. I just want to see the fucker behind the curtain.

  24. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Pressure points of the human body.


    1. Pressure Points? You are joking right? It is clear you do not know much about fighting. It is like putting the icing on a cake when you have no cake.

      Go make your cake first and then we can worry about the icing.

      Here is a simple experiment: Get your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, whatever to dial 10111 on their cell phone. Then you attack her while she is doing it and during the attack you switch the lights off. Try it in a small space like a bathroom or in a car.

      When they are able to dial 10111 flawlessly under such conditions and speak to the policeman on the other side whilst being attacked, you can hand them a tenth Dan blackbelt, because then they must be fucking Yoda or something.

      The Yerkes-Dodson law states clearly that under situations of extreme distress people lose their fine motor skills. They lose their ability to take complex decisions. They freeze or break down.

      Please enlighten me to how you expect them to be able to manipulate a pressure point under such conditions?

      Look there is a place for pressure points. I use them all the time in Ju Jitsu, but I will advise you NOT to train them, because first off all when you just concentrate on them too early in your learning cycle you will neglect the skills you need to develop, such as positioning, escapes, locks and chokes. Once you can do those well, yes, then go for pressure points.

      A skilled Ju Jitsu fighter will put you on the floor and in a lock or choke you out so quickly, you won't even get to the first "1" on your cell phone.

      You might do well with this website:

      Bullshido – The art of Fighting Bullshit

    2. Anonymous9:21 am

      I think you are missing the point, if you watched the video he does it and says use it in a combination of strikes, kicks, throws, grappling, , joint manipulation and pressure points that can help you out of a situation, I personally have used pressure points even when the adrenaline is going, I used it when I was faced with

      someone who was bigger than me and for that split second I I openend him for a strike to the nose, where I took off and left him with something to remember. Using pressure points alone will not help you, but it is a an extra tool in the arsenal to use especially where you can use it to seriously incapacitate/ distract someone for a split second and open him/ her for a combination of whatever.

      Yes, this is not for beginners, it takes years to master and learn but for someone who has never done any martial arts and someone who knows something on pressure points to show them and they might just pick up a few pointers, I cannot see it being a problem , might save their life!

      Not everybody on the street is a skilled ju jitsu fighter, ju jitsu fighters, ufc fight on a mat in a controlld envirionment. Street different story, especially if you are surrounded and swarmed by ten of them, let see how much choking out you will do when you on the ground and they start kicking the shit out of you, how does you jujitsu help you if you are swarmed?No time to roll around on a mat?

    3. Anonymous11:18 am

      I agree with Mike,

      The adrenaline literally throws your fine muscle control out the window.
      After a few hundred hours of hard training will you begin to ingrain the techniques into your muscle memory.
      So the question is what would you rather spend those hours training ? Boxing ? When you land a right cross you almost take an assailant's head off ?
      The answer is NO ! Because we're humans and as humans we're conditioned to take the path of least resistance and there is always an easier way, so we choose the chap who wants to fiddle with another gentleman's pressure point.
      It all looks flash, and that is what sells.

      Join a good dojo where you can get in some stand up and ground work, train hard and get fit. Use the MA to primarily get fit as your age allows.

      What should run concurrent with your fitness training you should be putting a few hundred rounds downrange at varying distances.

      If one early morning maybe at 02:00, a group of ne'er do wells enters your abode with the intent of doing serious harm to you and your family. Your body will react in the way it should because you are strong and fit and conditioned to function under stress.

      Remember Weenen

  25. Anonymous3:52 am

    Travis Haley el gun fighter supreme ninja, calls bullshit on the fine motor skills theory. States that you can train your way out of it. He cites fighter pilots who are under pressure yet are able to manipulate buttons and things.

    Haley is no boere mall ninja. He has seen combat and there is even video footage of him in combat.

    I don't know, maybe because gun fighting is different from hand to hand stuff.

    (don't shoot the messenger :D)

    1. @ Anon 3:52...Well first of all you confirmed what I said. Pressure points are for the advanced and yes you need lots of training to get yourself to be able to use small motor skills in distress situations.

      In fact I have trained with several pilots and their psychologists. They train exactly what I am on about. Pilots train literally thousands of hours in simulators in all kinds of crisis management scenarios in order to stay calm and operate highly technical equipment under stressful situations. Guess what? Planes still fall out of the sky. Why?

      The Yerkes-Dodson Law is not bullshit and if a Professional soldier like Travis Haley believes that then he is talking shit, which I doubt he is. Maybe you misunderstood what he meant.

      In order to reach that level where you don't enter distress, you need MEGA training. You cannot go about and teach old ladies and women bullshit about pressure points when they cannot even get out of freeze mode when attacked.

      People who know what happens to them also know what to do. When your pulse goes more than 145 bpm you start to stress. When your heart beat goes to 220 bpm you can forget about small motor skills. You won't even be able to slap a pair of cuffs on someone let alone thread a cable tie. That is why policemen use pre-threaded cable ties. Soldiers and policemen practice tactical breathing exercises to reduce their heartbeat.

      I will mention more about this later.

    2. Anonymous11:36 am

      So then why do criminals retain their ability to shoot when shot at? Drugs?

    3. Anonymous2:43 pm

      If pressure points is bullshit then how does a boxer/ martial artist know how to knock someone, out, getting hit on the side of the jaw or temples, pressure points. Getting hit in the solar plexus, pressure point, choking someone out in rear naked choke hold part joint manipulation part pressure point, cutting of his/ her wind pipe and or carotid arteries which is pressure points.

      The list can go on and on the point being it is not bullshit, it works if applied correctly which takes years of training and conditioning. Yes, you wil not be using this everyday, you might no even use in your life time but never say never.

      The problem now is we do not have much time and every little bit of information to help people in their fight is very muc needed.

    4. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Cannot teach. women / old ladies about pressure points, mm let me see, eye gouging,ear pulling, hair pulling, throat strike right on the larynx, lip pulling/ fish hook, groin strike kick in the balls, opponent/ enemy is down doing foot stomps to the head, ribs, stomach, groin, basically kicking the shit out of him/ her.

    5. @ Anon…11:36 who said, “So then why do criminals retain their ability to shoot when shot at? Drugs?“
      Simple. The same reason why criminal street fighters who have no martial arts training are able to beat black belts with lots of training. The way you train is the way you react. If you train bullshit that is far away from reality you will get your arse kicked whether in a street fight or a pistol shootout.
      @ Anon 2:43 and 2:54 … Nobody said Pressure points are bullshit. Read what I said. I use pressure points all the time. There is a place and a time for everything. Tell you what. You train someone about pressure points and I train someone to take an ashtray or any makeshift weapon and bang you over the head with it, then we see which training is the best.
      The rest of the techniques (kick in the balls, fishhooking, foots tomp to the head, etc) you mention all involve gross motor skills. Eye gouging might be classed as fine depending on the situation. If you stand in a boxer stance and think you are going to eye gouge with pin point accuracy on a punch swinging grappler you are mistaken. You first have to get hold of the head/hair (gross motor skill) and then thrust the thumbs into the eyes. I used that technique against the coloured Rugby team who attacked me in the toilets of a nightclub. During that same fight I lost bowel control and literally shat myself. It is normal. It has happened to me three times in my life before I was 21. Read Lt Dave Grossman, “On Killing” and “On Combat”. It doesn’t happen to me at all anymore, but at least now I understand what happened and why and that I was completely normal.
      The same with a pinpoint strike to the larynx as you mention. You will NOT get the accuracy nor the power to pull it off on a violent attacking assailant.
      BTW…The Rear Naked Choke (Hadaka Jime) is a “blood choke” not an “air choke”…It works because you switch the blood to the brain off, not stopping him from breathing. If you are trying to cut the air off you are doing it wrong.
      So allow me to teach you how to do it right. There are many factors involved and about three pressure points. The two pressure points you want to get are the two carotid arteries on the side of the neck. First you need to know where they are and then how to switch them off effectively and stop blood going to the brain. That is done by the inner bone on your forearm (Radius not the Ulna) and your bicep on the other side. The secret is to place your elbow directly in front of your opponent’s chin, clasp your right hand with the left and simply make a muscle with your bicep. The choke will come on. If your elbow position is off you will not get the two carotid arteries. The choke is also easily countered by tucking the chin down. In order to get the arm under the chin you need to manipulate another pressure point. If you are choking with the right arm: Press your index finger from a “Bridge Hand” (left) under the opponent’s nose. The groove under your nose is called the “Philtrum”. Where that groove meets your nose, is a pressure point and pushing up against it is extremely painful. Once you have the person’s chin up, it will be easy to slide the arm in for the rear naked choke. IMPORTANT: don’t forget the position of your elbow. Directly in front and pointing away from his chin. To make it more effective you have to get your heel hooks into his hips.
      Now considering all of that…Do you think you can do a perfect Hadaka Jime and get all the points just right on someone in a real fight? Good luck with that.

    6. Anonymous12:48 pm

      Mike a half brick hand makes a good fist.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Anonymous3:22 pm

      Thank you, very informative.

  26. Anonymous3:53 am

    The first thing you can do for yourself is to simply get fit. The time you spend doing that is worth more because fitness will keep you from giving up from exhaustion in an extended fight.

  27. I read something the other day that made a lot of sense: If you have to stop a determined attacker in his tracks your best option is four in the face. With 9mm Parabellum. So, being too old for all this hand-to-hand business I always have my 9mm close at hand and I train religiously and regularly to be able to do just that. Four in the face...

  28. Anonymous10:09 am

    Mike hows this for a simple flooring ?