18 March 2017

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa - Part 3 – Revisiting the basics of Situational Awareness

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2017

I have in the past briefly mentioned the Jeff Cooper Colour Codes when it comes to situational awareness.

Mike Smith - A lesson in situational awareness – Never leave your house in Code White

It is important to notice that this model is not perfect and other people have added more colours or used different colours and wording in the past. Lt Col. Dave Grossman speaks of a “Condition Gray” and omits “Condition (Code) Orange” in his book “On Combat”, chapter four.

In fact originally Jeff Cooper never used a “Condition Black”, because the argument is that Situational Awareness stops when you enter the realm of the fight for survival and you only act instinctively.

However, as we will see later, this is not always the case. Instinctive actions can be trained. Further, the trained fighter still has and needs to have an acute sense of awareness of his situation at all times and especially when he/she is on the losing end.

Fighting is not luck or magic and it certainly is not a guessing game. It is an art. A science. Not for no reason did Sun Tzu and Machiavelli call their respective books, “The Art of War”.

Strategy and techniques we can cover later.

Positioning is everything

For now, you need to know that the trained fighter/soldier needs to know exactly what stage of the fight and what position he finds himself in, in order to know what to do. He needs to know exactly which stage, and position his antagonist finds himself in, what his plans are, what he is going to do next, etc. so that he can neutralize him with the highest efficiency and optimum utilization of resources, human and other.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters borrowed the hierarchy of positions from Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu Jitsu.

How to act in stage red and black will follow later. However, there is no magic formula, but by careful analyses and study of the physiological and psychological aspects of a conflict situation it is possible to know exactly where you are, what is happening to yourself, to others and to your antagonist in battle so that you can know what to do. It all starts with…Situational Awareness.

A definition of Situational Awareness

A mental state of awareness of yourself and your environment in order to know what to do.

Situational Awareness is not static, but dynamic

Situational Awareness is not a binary (“On” –“Off”) thing. It is not like a pitch dark room where you suddenly switch the light on brightly. Rather it is like a dimmer switch that you use and you can increase or decrease the amount of light. Strange as it might sound…Your Situational Awareness "light" goes in reverse; from White to Black with yellow, orange and red flowing into each other in-between.

The Jeff-Cooper Model of Situational Awareness

Whether you are in single battle for survival on the streets, driving a car, flying a plane or in a combat situation in war, the principles of Situational Awareness remain the same.

It should be used and trained every second of every day and become a natural part of your life to the point where it is automatic, subconscious and you hardly notice that you are actively applying it.

Below follows the Jeff Cooper Colour Code system of Situational Awareness as applied to Civilians in South Africa and I use a female example, but it can be modified to fit males just the same. The amount of applications of the principles of this system is almost infinite. You can use it from driving a car to sailing a warship; from self defence to military combat. In fact this knowledge was previously only taught to police and military personnel, but in my opinion South Africa is in a state of war and therefore every citizen should be able to defend him/herself against attack.

One can hardly ever be in
this stage in South Africa
One is almost always in
this stage in South Africa
Criminals often use distraction to attack you from the rear.
Have someone cover your rear or position
your back against a wall if the threat increases.

Tunnel vision (aka "Focus Lock" as in a camera) sets in,
but also tunnel hearing
There are no rules and no second or third places in the street.
Your aim is to survive through speed, intelligence and brutal efficiency


  1. Great stuff Mike-much appreciated.

    This is also a pretty good channel with various real life self defense situations:


    1. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Good job with your avatar! Now the whole fucking world knows you have guns... While you at it, why dont you just give people on the street your ATM cards and their PIN numbers too?

    2. Anonymous2:01 am

      @ 12:33pm.

      Fuck my dog! Really? Do you really think the whole world knows that he has a weapon or two?

      Sheezus you are so bright, you must have past matric with distinction after spending 20 years repeating the same subjects. Varsity holds its breath for your arrival.

      What a cunt you are. Have you ever heard of a national data base for licensed firearms? A little secret for you,if he has a licence then all the terrs know it already.

      I do believe JP is not related to you so he wouldn't be so thick as to pose with illegal arms on this blog.

      Go suck a smart pill, no wait, best you go swallow the factory that makes smart pills, then you might just attain moron status.


    3. Everybody already knew. Now go suck yr husbands dick you mangina PTSD ridden faggot.

    4. RunForrestRun9:41 am

      And there you have it folks, what decent self respecting human being would want to be associated with such a pair of dicks? I have known a few of them over the years, one even committed suicide after the "terrs" took his gun off him in a straightforward car hijack and his poor itty bitty ego could not deal with the crumbling of the delusional facade he had built up in his fucked up mind..

      Big, brave, stong etc etc etc and thick as two planks.

    5. Anonymous10:17 am

      fokkit maar julle manne praat darem mooi met mekaar

    6. Anonymous3:17 pm

      Only a mangina shows off his prowess and guns on the internet.

      They are called "mall ninjas". Look it up.

      I mean if you did it for the hits and youtube ratings and money, I would understand. But this lot?

      You obviously were not paying attention to Sun Tzus are of war.

    7. Anonymous8:04 pm

      @ Run Homo Run I'd still rather be associated with these mal cunts than with the likes of you.

    8. Hear, hear LTMA and JP! Fuck what these detractors are too dim to realise is knowing JP is armed is in itself a deterrent. As you said, the dimwit @12:33 should go and swallow the whole smart pill factory.

      Build a fucking nation with things like this???Fucking impossible! Let the parasites devour them, please Lord.

    9. Anonymous5:45 am

      At least now I know why JP wants to put woman in their place! Less competition to find a man!!

  2. Whiteman2:08 am

    Mike, thanks for painting such a clear, logic picture on how to survive in the NSA ! Surely, even a dof blonde chick will be able to understand this ? But how do we get this valuable information to all our patriots, even the sleeping ones ? The libturds, of course, should never have this information, because they must reap eradication, for the UTTER destruction they have sowed. I don't know what circles you move around in. But I regularly encounter good honest christian people, who are just plain suicidal. They walk around with this brainless guilty complex. Guilty because of the horrible Apartheid. Guilty because they use black labour, and can't/won't pay them more. Guilty because they are rich/successful, and have a white skin. Guilty because they never preach the Gospel, to their black slaves, and therefore will burn in Hell. And every Sunday, they go to church, so that some megalomaniac, Bible-punching preacher, can submit them to even more lashings and shameless punishment, for being such useless sinners ! How can anybody want to fight back under such circumstances ? And our enemies, are rubbing their hands with glee, because they can already smell victory. Let us hope : He who laughs last, laughs BEST !

  3. Anonymous4:02 am

    The truth is that every second of everyday white South Africans should be on high alert, 360* awareness and IA drills should be constantly employed. We live in a war zone and if you deny the fact then you are either to stupid to recognise the signs or you're sucking so hard on retards arse that your vision has been obscured by black cheeks.

    Whoever leaves their home unprepared for shit is a moron because the shit is a blanket in SA. Whoever has not set up their homes in defensive and retaliatory mode will suffer the consequence of their lethargy.

    Its a crying shame that we have to revert to survivalist strategy in this country but some arseholes let savages loose and now we have to deal with them.

    I myself prefer an armed and ready status at all times and these creatures of the dark side seem to sense and observe an alert and aware person so they side step and leave them alone. Each to their own I suppose but I cannot imagine a blunt panga blade hacking through my flesh being a pleasant experience.

    It will not happen where these creatures will come at you unarmed so always make sure you're armed similar or better than they are and if you're not then learn to use what you have in your arsenal to its maximum effect.


    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Whoever leaves their home unprepared for shit is a moron because the shit is a blanket in SA.

      But I leave home with pepper spray, a foldable knife and a pistol and 3 phones and you called me a moron the other day. Make up your mind.

    2. Anonymous10:09 pm

      @ 12:36pm.

      Then you should be content with the compliment, for moron far surpasses your status, I do apologize for my mistake but will let you enjoy a slipped compliment for this time.

      Why don't you grow a set of balls, man up some and label yourself. You like yapping and snapping but you never stand forth. The true coward revealed. Tell me did you daddy do the nanny or you mommy do the garden boy, which one produced the cowardly shit that you are?


    3. Anonymous3:19 pm

      fuck, but this LMTA has serious mental problems.

    4. Anonymous3:54 am


      @Anonymous3:19 pm

      Some people thought Winston Churchill had mental problems, some people thought the wright brothers had metal issues...

      Mental problems are subjective. What is mental ie transgender mental 2 decades ago is now the norm, same with moffies etc etc even a black man ruling SA or the US was once considered mental - just 70 years ago.

      I pray for people that society calls "mental or crazy", they dont float with the dead fish. They dont go with the flow - they are unconventional. They perform the hardest task "they think", that is why society calls them crazy. Thinking according to Ford is the hardest thing.

      Too many whites were conventional with their thinking that SA would turn out to be a Utopia in 1994 & the result? What if more of them thought along the lines of what was then considered "mental or crazy"?

      If we told the voters, whites back then how the present SA looks today & many did, you were called mental.

  4. Anonymous6:39 am


    This is what happens when the Boere go Ninja on coward Karasites. Thieves who pretend to be police.


    Wil Jy My Skiet?
    Skops die houtie in die koppie!

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      The police are part of the problem. I fear the rogue cop more than the criminal.

  5. Anonymous6:50 am


    Listen to these parasites (notice the Indian women - Indian hostility) telling us that its the white mans fault, apartheids fault, colonialism fault they are attacking each other.

    Its the white mans/apartheids fault that they cannot move freely? I mean can you for one minute actually believe this shit?

    Do they think they can simply move to what ever area they like because its built up.

    You CANNOT argue with these things - they have no logic whatsoever.

    I mean why are they not moving to Zimbabwe or Somalia?

    Its an argument you cannot win with these morons. They talk about slavery from a black vs white perspective but fail to ever mention the fact that to Arabs took 3 times as many slaves and castrated the fucking animals.


    Now we need to take a page out of the arabs books when dealing with this parasite.

    1. First of all I fail to see what the relevance of your comment or your YouTube link has on the article in hand.

      Secondly I am astounded that you wasted 2 min and 42 sec's of your life to listen to that crap. Thirdly I am pissed off that you made me waste 2 minutes and 42 seconds of MY life to watch it as well and moderate it. Fourthly, you wasted about another five minutes of my life reading and responding to your comment.

      These are precious minutes of my life that I could have spent drinking a beer or doing some other useful thing. About ten minutes of my life was wasted by a totally irrelevant comment. Ten minutes that I will NEVER get back again.

      Now this might not sound like a lot to you, but it matters to me, because if every second cunt comes with an irrelevant comment on every article I write, imagine how much time is wasted by me in the end.

      Lastly...Everything and anything any fucking chilli pip utters about "racism" is automatically null and void. India is THEE most racist country on earth with its abominable caste system. Ghandi was an utter racist who hated kaffirs and called them so.
      So they can all go fuck themselves as far as I am concerned. If they want to say anything about racism they should start back home in Mumbai and Calcutta. Fucking bunch of hypocrites grew educated and rich under Apartheid South Africa, now wants to complain about it. Fuck Off!!

      Why don't they give back everything they accumulated, including paying back their Apartheid State sponsored education and fuck off back to Mumbai?

      And to you Boere Ninja...next time please stay on topic.

    2. Anonymous3:47 am


      @Mike Smith8:58 am

      Lol Mike I believe it is on topic, maybe not evident but it is.

      My point (which I should have made) is that the encircling of the whites by all race groups, including foreigners, illegal foreigners calling, scapegoating whites for every wrong is building up to a scenario where people will have to arm & be trained in self defense.

      They are all banding together, starting to point fingers now for everything that goes wrong. Even those who do not have the right to even be in the country.

      If everyone is pointing fingers at whitee, he better be training. Maybe I should have made that clearer.

      It is not just the SA blacks, but Indians, foreign blacks that they should be thinking about.

      So slightly off topic but looking at the comments & tying that up into what you mentioned about Self defense, they are related.

      Simply saying "listen what they say" then connect the dots & if you dont know self defense, arnt armed, trained then when they all come for whitee, he will be in no position to defend himself.

    3. @ BN...OK, thanks for clearing that up. Sorry I unloaded on you, but I am getting fed up with all these idiots trying to hijack the thread of posts. Especially those one who see a Joo behind every bush and those on about runners and stayers who see this blog as a platform to attack each other personally. I don’t like to delete posts and rarely do, but if it carries on like this I am going to be forced to. Maybe I should just delete the entire damn blog and let them go fight somewhere else. It is really starting to piss me off but only in a serious way.

    4. Whiteman7:00 am

      Mike, I can understand the frustration you must endure, to keep the " ship " on course. Not an easy task by any means. But we tend to forget we are living in a war situation. It brings the best, AND the worst out of people. Even people overseas are fighting their own battles to survive. Maybe they don't need to fight nignogs like us, but lifes battles are always present, in some shape or form. Then there is the need to communicate with people on a deeper level, even to the point of fighting/arguing with them. In my close family, there is literally nobody, with whom I can talk about politics or religion. It just leads to major kak and unhappiness ! Now I can imagine, there are people overseas, who are even more isolated ? What do you do, if your partner can not adapt, and wants to come back to his/her family. And you know it will destroy your marriage, family, and devastate your children ? So please don't close your blog Mike. You have maybe saved many marriages already !

    5. Anonymous9:59 am

      @ BN the way i see it is we are nearing the end of stage 5 and about to move on to stage 6 genocide wise

      Hurr durr

    6. Anonymous2:16 pm


      @Mike Smith4:38 am

      Mike how long has your blog been online?

      Let me tell you, you will find more and more of these guys who left SA visiting this site.

      Not because of what is happening in SA but what they are seeing happening in the countries they have fled to.

      They drive around, watch the news & see history repeating. The same signs, the same pattern SA went through during the 80s.

      They know at BEST, very best, they might have 20 years in their new countries before it heads like SA. It might not be as violent but they will have to get used to being a minority.

      So if those immigrating are in their 30s/40s now, by the time they are 60 they will be in the same situation as modern day South Africa. In fact within 15 years they will be minorities - I included the stats on previous posts.

      Add the average life span that is increasing, increasing birth rates of 3rd worlders in their own countries, combine nations like China on the rise with their over aggression, NK firing missiles so blatantly, the EU under communist rule, mass immigration....

      Sorry they are running here to vent their frustration of what is actually happening to them in their new country. They are reliving their nightmares.

      Yes our nightmare will pass and still a little longer but actually right now is probably the most important time to keep your blog up and alive.

      Anonymous9:59 am
      Yes we are at stage 6, we entered that stage when they started censoring the news. That will now increase & it will get to a point where it is severe, all hope will be lost but in those final moments things will turn.

      Those naysayers out there can say what they like but I watch what Van Rensburg said happening now daily. You see Turkey - see how vocal they have become, see his warning about Turkey and setting the world ablaze.

      We see the signs. We are in for a tough ride, it is going to seem like a thousand years but once the dust is settled, it will be the glorious republic.

      Mike all these commentators shouting, trying to cause strife. They can do what they like, say what they like but that inner flame will not go out.

      Nah leave them. Let them spew everything, they will have to eat their own words in the end.

  6. Anonymous7:14 am

    Mike great article, but another scenario unique to new SA is what colour code does one go into waiting for the cops after neutralizing the threat dead or critically injured?

    1. Code lawyer up

    2. Anonymous1:05 pm

      That would be brown. AKA condition LAWYER.

    3. Anonymous1:27 pm

      Mac there in lies my fate, I can't afford to insure my bakkie let alone afford a lawyer, so if house invader tatas a chance into my home and my neighbors call the flying squad after hearing a big gunfight, I'm as screwed as the dead Kaffirs bleadiing all over my floor you know this is not a ethical or a legal question, but desire to keep my life and not a lifestyle because I can't afford that as well. So do I wait to be charged, handcuffed put in the back of the van and have my only firearm confiscated, there is no free- bee help that's going to arrive at the charge office to bail me out. Or do I reload make my peace with God and wait for the SA pricks to arrive and see who is the first to run out of ammo? Ja I hope it never happens to me.

    4. Whiteman11:57 pm

      Anonymous 1:27 pm, you have accurately described the situation of most patriotic whiteys in this country. We are on the wrong side of a race war/genocide, and it is not the best position to be in. At this stage, in the NSA, I do not trust ANY nignog police man. And a white one, I will treat with great care, and trepidation. Now who can we blame for this ? Now if you are a genuine whitey patriot, everybody can see/hear it, especially a black, radical ( EFF ? ) policeman. But let us hope that he/she is a " christian " policeman. You are still not out of the woods, because now you must contend with, inferior basic training, a secret criminal record, and just plain incompetence, and stupidity ! Now the libturds will shout : You can not generalize, because not all police are bad. OK, so how can I make sure that only the good ones investigate my case of self defense ? No, my friends, at this point in time, as a patriotic ( poor ) whitey in the NSA, you are thourougly buggered ! And the option, to keep shooting, till your last bullet, is not a far fetched option at all.

    5. Anonymous2:26 am

      Buy a suppressor? (Or maybe make one out of an oil filter)

    6. Anonymous3:40 am


      @Anonymous1:27 pm

      1st how long do cops take to arrive?

      The fallacy is that you cannot kill them. You cannot shoot or kill one if they are approaching you with a knife etc etc

      But if they have pulled a shot off at you, are in your house shooting at you, then you do have a right to defend yourself.

      Just make sure that when you have done the job, to make sure their mags are empty! The story must make sense when the cops arrive - if they arrive.

      I know of someone who did just that. 3 arrived, with guns, took a shot and he had to clean up - no problem. Just make sure it looks real when those things pretending to be police arrive.

  7. Anonymous9:53 am


    It has STARTED!

    1. Anonymous6:51 am

      Thanks for the link, it enforced my "back of the mind" reality.

      Im getting out of SA, fuck this place and the African sunset dream. They can have it.

      I have tried and there is no hope or future on this continent. I am leaving with my qualifications where people actually appreciate it. Im sick of being called a thief and its the "whites fault" syndrome.

      FUCK IT!

    2. Anonymous8:04 am


      @Anonymous6:51 am

      Have you ever seen them pull anything off?

      All his plans will fail! These are all last gasps of a dying parasite. Same with the EU & censoring news, etc etc

      This is what people do when their policies are about to fail.

      Zuma is going to be thrown out plain and simple.

      He knows it. The land issue was also a late playing card, a card they could always use when all else failed.

    3. RunForrestRun10:03 am

      @ Anonymous6:51 am Well done, you wont regret it and your children will thank you for it, once you are settled you can even help elder family members to escape. I know several families that have done just that in NZ.

      @ Anonymous8:04 am.---Really???? Why dont you tell that to the hundreds of elderly Zimbo farmers, tell them how Mugabe is going to be thrown out etc etc. You poor delusional cunt, some people are in their 40's and 50's, - they only have another 25 to 30 years of life left. You have been commenting on here for at least the last 3 years that THIS is the year, and then another year goes by, some new signs appear and then its NEXT year.

      You make me fucking sick with your bullshit.

      You and your idiotic friends want them to spend those years in fear and trepidation, getting poorer, getting attacked, robbed, murdered??????????

    4. Anonymous11:51 am

      You know Forrest Gump, I have been reading your trash for some time now, and I wonder why you here.
      Mate, no country in the world will be safe. So if you ok in Oz, then good for you. But your kids will have the problems. These blacks going to take over the world and running isn't solving a problem. I suggest you, and even your kids, make note of these self defence articles. You going to need it mate. No matter where you are.
      You poor delusional cunt, as you say.....!!!


    5. Whiteman12:35 pm

      RFR, for the sake of good balance, I am going to agree with you on some points. It is not common knowledge, that many people in zim laughed at mugabe and his threats in the early days. They played it down, as to be just " political rhetoric ! " ( From a stupid nignog. ) The " clever " people, in this country, are doing exactly the same. Remember way back, there were also " negative " people, who warned Piet Retief not to make deals with dingane. And so, history repeats itself. Now take the bullshit story of a " volkstaat, " which has been fed to concerned whiteys for twenty four years already. But with all sorts of variations, just to keep it interesting, and tantalizing. Then there was the HNP, ( Herstigte Nasionale Party ), who bravely used to shout out : Hierdie land is ONS land ! Man, this used to get people really hiped up. But it was like a Miniature Pincher, saying to a Rottweiler : This is my bone, just try to take it ! Now what is my point ? All these grandiose plans and schemes, like a Volkstaat, independent WP, and any other new plans in the pipeline, is subject to only ONE determining factor. You will first have to get rid of ANY government, black or white, which is hostile to the whiteman. If you foresee such a government ever in this country, stay put, and make your plan happen. If you can not picture such a government, ever comming to power, you have two options. Emigrate, or stay, and fight for what you believe is rightfully yours. Many of us are forced to take the second option, whether we like it or not. But when a fighter has his/her back against the wall, there can be only two outcomes : Death or victory !

    6. Anonymous12:47 pm

      The Boere_Crackpot is off the meds again


      Should I go on ........????
      What kind of bubble does this idiot live in ?

    7. Stephen12:47 am

      Forrest , no-one wants to live in fear .
      That's why Mike has this blog so people can be more prepared. Why can't you understand that not all of us could/can leave .

      This kaffir / muslim problem is a global curse , besides - where ever the Whiteman is , that's where the kaffir and muslim is looking to go for obvious reasons .

      Now here's the crux Forrest - like I said before , the stage is being set for the final chapter in the book.If you knew what that world looks like you would understand why all these things are transpiring now.

      Forrest we're not looking to the world for answers - we now what's gonna happen - it is written. We will excape the hour that's coming on this world and we won't have to go to NZ or OZ.

      Faith is stronger than fear Forrest.

    8. Anonymous4:19 am

      Run Homo Run

    9. Anonymous2:04 pm


      Anonymous12:47 pm
      The Boere_Crackpot is off the meds again


      Should I go on ........????
      What kind of bubble does this idiot live in ?

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah let me burst your bubble.

      yes please go on.

      Let me answer you.

      Kenya - 150,000 - whites
      Angola - 200,000 whites
      Mozambique - 200,000 whites
      Rhodesia - 150,000 whites
      SWA - 80,000 whites

      SA - 4,500,000 whites (4.8 million according to others) - A nation the same size as Scotland, larger than many other white nations in Europe.

      Let something happen and you will see that many people come together REAL FAST - faster than you can down a brandy & coke.

      So yes, we are outnumbered and we have always been but we are also more than we have ever been.

      You also forget that 75% of the above people could go back to their colonies, 85% of South Africans have no European country to go to.

      You also dont take into account the moderate black which numbers in the millions, nor the coloureds.

      I dont rely on those groups but it is not as simple as your examples above.

      SA has more moving parts - for one we have 11 kings with their own agendas.

      Im not saying they wont do it or attempt it but there will be consequences that the other countries who kicked those maningi whites didnt experience - for one they have never seen what happens when you put a nation in a corner.

      The Afrikaner today sits much like the forces under Xiang Yu's during the Battle of Julu

      He said that the time for waiting was over and ordered them to proceed to the Qin city of Julu.

      His army crossed the river that separated them from Julu and once over the river Xiang Yu ordered his men to sink their boats and destroy nearly all their food, leaving enough for just three days.

      Xiang Yu’s boat burning strategy gave his men no choice and they fought with skill and passion and over nine long battles finally defeated the much larger Qin army.

      When news of the victory spread, rebel soldiers from other states came to join Xiang Yu and his victorious army.

      The 200,000 men in the defeated Qin army were not so lucky as Xiang Yu showed his evil side when he ordered that they should all be killed.

      His chosen method of execution was to have them all buried alive.

      Xiang Yu sounds like my kind of guy - vat nie kak nie - no more Mr nice guy - I say keep one for the museum.

    10. Anonymous7:16 am

      I think you labour under a delusion

      How many of those millions of White people are able to fight ?
      Are PREPARED to fight ?
      How many are scattered ALL over SA in little pockets ?
      What is the ratio of black to white - at EVERY different point in the country ? )

      Do you really think that this strategy ( to wipe out the whites ) only arrived yesterday ?
      Has it perhaps been in planning since before 1990 ?
      Xiang Yu had AN ARMY

      WHERE is YOURS ?

  8. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I must caution you all not to put it on social media that you own guns. Not because we have anything to hide, but rather to avoid persecution.
    opsec they call it...

    1. RunForrestRun10:47 am

      Common sense we call it.---unfortunately not that common. We all know its only immature "Rambo" types who like to post pictures of themselves with guns, for the most part they are also the types that curl up in a fetal ball when the first bullets start flying. They are actually no different on a cerebral level than the nignog on Facebook with his "niggas" and a chromed "nine".

    2. Anonymous3:31 pm

      In 5 years, we will be laughing at JP with his gun -homo-ass-sticking-out pose in his avatar. Kinda like these Section 16 gun owners all mock the chicken wing rifle pose of the Special task force in the 1990s

      ROFLMAO. Who the hell stands like that JP with a rifle? Certainly not Jerry Miculek. Certainly not every other successful person whose job it is to be a professional gun slinger/sportsman or whatever. Not even I pose like that when I shoot rifles. And I suck at shooting guns. But at least I am not a poser.

      I have wiped out all traces (to the best of my ability) where the common garden slug on the street knows I have guns. Yes, the American spy network knows, the government knows. But the local mamparas do not.

    3. @ Anon 10:47 & Anon 3:31…You know, I will never get cunts like you. Every single day people on this blog say that whites should arm themselves, train themselves, etc. and a guy like JP does exactly that and you assholes go and shoot him down. No pun intended.

      A while ago I posted a few links and articles about how to use non-violent resistance and you fucking lot all shot me down.

      So there you have two options…Train and arm yourself for an armed struggle or use non-violent resistance, (or maybe a combination??) yet all you have is criticism. No solution. No suggestion. Just a bunch of smart-ass comments from the back bench of the peanut gallery.

      Let me tell you something, I know JP personally. He is an extremely intelligent young man, super fit well trained and well armed. On top of that he has excellent leadership qualities. He would be officer material in the old SADF. I have seen him shoot and have even given him some tips and advice and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with his stance/s.

      Criticizing his particular body position in a photo at a specific time during specific drill smacks of utter ignorance and petty, infantile jealousy. He could be diving for cover at the moment of the picture and you would still say, “His stance is kak”. ...Bunch of morons.

      Maybe if someone poses for an example of a perfect stance for a book on stances for pistol shooting /Rifle shooting etc. he will be snapped in the perfect pose, but knowing JP, he is no poser and whilst you are standing in front of the mirror posing for the perfect stance, JP is out on the range practicing his drills.

      Besides JP, with his picture of his trained physique and him training with his firearms, might inspire someone else to take up some weapons and get training as well, because if JP can do it anyone can and there are no excuses. What is your excuse?

      What do I see from you miserable lot?

      Anonymous and useless smartass comments. That’s it? Some fucking inspiration you lot are. So you should just fuck right off. Leave the oke alone and rather concentrate on your own stance and your own training.

      Go jerk off to some more YouTube videos of the glorified trick shooter, Jerry Miculek whilst people like JP and I train for real battle. It is a bit different than shooting at paper targets in perfect weather all the time with a normal heartbeat, you know.

      Maybe Jerry Miculek is the be all and end all to idiots like you and maybe he is your ultimate hero, he certainly is not mine. I would like to see Jerry run in full kit through the forest, through thick smoke, over tree stumps and logs, under bushes with live rounds fired over his head and a few thunder flashes exploding around him and trip flares going off…all at night whilst it is pissing down with rain…and then see if he is still the world’s best shooter and how good his grouping is when his heart is beating at 200 bpm. What does all his experience and skills help him then, when he doesn't even know the basics of tactical breathing?

      Get out of here. I am just wasting my time with amateurs like you.

    4. Anonymous1:11 am

      @ anon 3:31 pm.

      I see the likes of you daily, the poser, the slick dude the Mr fucking Hollywood.

      You're worried about the image, the pose, the stance you tiny little weaner boy.

      I can see you are just a talker, war isn't about the Hollywood look, its about killing the enemy and keeping you and fellow soldier alive and winning who gives a shit what you look like when you fight, nobody cares just as long as the job gets done.

      You truly are ignorant of life in survival mode.

      Go gel your fucking wig and put on your make up, you wanker.

      At least the man is on the range and practicing his art.


    5. @ LTMA...exactly. Many years ago I asked a visiting Israeli colonel how it was possible that Israel could beat the Egyptians in the Six Day War bearing in mind that the Egyptians had a much bigger army and a lot more modern equipment. He said to me, "Easy...whilst they were training for parades, we were training for war."

      Those words always stuck with me.

    6. Anonymous3:35 am


      @Mike Smith2:45 am

      The white South African mind is a strange thing.

      They can be getting slaughtered (which they are), if you mention retaliation or the same thing that is being done to your people - you are mocked, called a satanist, non Christian.

      You tell people to arm & prepare - they tell you that you are a psycho & everything is fine in the rainbow nation.

      You tell them to unite, band together - they tell you it will never happen.

      You tell them to arm themselves - they ask why or say why provoke a war.

      When they get murdered, raped, robbed - they blame apartheid.

      I dont get them. I honestly cant get them. The few that actually get it, that can see what is happening in this battle for SA are far & few between.

      Even these new lot that post on here, you never hear them offer any thought, post any news, keep their people updated on events - its always mocking, shaming, name calling....

      South Africans that move overseas & tell you life is better but post continually here.

      South Africans that have no hope but dont want to do anything.

      Anyway, life is still pretty good here for most. Its when it things turn that many will wake up & 2017 will be a mass awakening.

      They complain a lot but do absolutely nothing about it.

      "Easy...whilst they were training for parades, we were training for war."

      EXACTLY - While that one with the red Beret shouts, promises, threatens, that is what WE HAVE to be doing.

      And we need thousands now, tens of thousands.

    7. Anonymous9:52 am

      A real combat soldier would not get ruffled by comments on a blog. If you are, then you will get ruffled by a crack of a super sonic bullet flying over your head.

      Reminds of that Readers digest story of a ww2 vet. He was driving down the freeway at high speed. Big wasp or bee flew into the car. Wife went nuts and started grabbing at the steering wheel shrieking and going mental.

      WW2 vet kept his cool and slowed the car down and controlled the steering wheel despite the wife going full retard.

      If you cannot handle a comment about posing without getting ruffled, if you cannot handle a bee without panicking, then you wont make it 5 minutes in war, even if you are trained to run with 50 kg on your bag and shoot thereafter with 200 bps heart rates.

    8. Anonymous9:54 am

      oh one more thing...

      The mocking about the posing? Its called hazing by the Mericans.

      Guys do that, they bust each others balls in the army. Perhaps you were never in the army. If you get pissed off over THAT, then get the fuck out of OUR army.

      Somewhere, there is a US Marine laughing at you Mike.

    9. Anonymous11:56 am

      anon 9:54...maybe there is a Marine but you are not one of them, maybe you think your wannabe american talk is tough but in reality you are just another run of the mill poes.

    10. RunForrestRun12:21 pm

      @ Anonymous 9:52 am. - Circlejerkers mate. You break the circle in any way and the cum starts flying, lol. The sound a bullet makes when it hits something close to you or just misses is a life defining moment. Nobody knows how they will react until that happens. Its part of my frustration with this blog, there are many thousands of people who will never be part of the fight for whatever reason, finding a way to get them to safety is WAY more important than learning Krav Maga, crossbow shooting or grappling in the dark with a zot or ten. Civilizations are not built by "Rambo's", its the Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Philosophers etc that form the building blocks of society.

      If my contributions here convince just ONE family to leave and survive I am happy. What most of these wankers dont realize is that its never the ones who fight who end up ruling, - just look at the ANC, almost the entire government is made up of "exile's".

      As for contributing to the ANC, every time you buy something you pay VAT/GST, you cant escape it, so some of your money will always go to the system. Part of the problem is that you have all these different factions, Christians/non Christians/lost Tribes/ Prophets etc etc without any commonality of purpose. They are fucked before they even start, its why I keep telling people its not about your "whiteness", its about having a common value system, whether that be in Alaska or the Kalahari, once you grasp that simple thing you can start moving forward.

      Right now its just a bunch of circlejerkers running around in circles lashing out at all and sundry.

    11. @ Anon, 9:52…I had my fair share of getting mocked and doing the mocking when I was an officer for 13 years. Difference is we used intelligent humour. Something you are obviously incapable of. You are just an annoying moron. People like you just get told to piss off.
      @ RFR…You are trying to convince people to leave. Good for you. I have no problem with that. I even support you. Those who can leave should leave if they want to. Now please tell me what you are doing about the ones who decide to stay or worse, those who cannot leave? When the munts come for them what are you going to do and say? Pull up your faggot shoulders and say, “It is their own fault. I warned them. I did my best.”
      Come, be honest and tell me how you are going to justify your cowardly inaction to yourself. I am quite interested. At least the “Circle Jerkers” on here are trying to give those who cannot leave a fighting chance by giving them some tips. Yet you just heap scorn, criticism and bullshit name-calling against them. You should be ashamed of yourself.
      If you have a problem with the advice given here, then point out in a rational way what the problem is and what your opinion is. We value all positive criticism, contributions and inputs to help. If there is anything at all that we are doing or saying that is wrong, please point it out and correct us.
      But that is not what you are doing is it? All you are doing is sitting in the corner munching your popcorn and name-calling. Really it is getting boring now. Either your comments increase in worth or I will block them. This blog can really do without your negativity

    12. Anonymous3:31 pm

      Mike it's this new generation they judge other people by what they have and what they do rather than by personally. It's the amount of crap they drag along when they go camping that gives them pleasure rather than being where they are in nature. Why are they so concerned with JPs image, does it challenge their apathy. JP being what I am a middle-aged very old fashioned reformed Protestant, I may not agree with your theology, but I say good for you, train and up skill, learn unconventionally tactics, urban as well as rural, familiarise and practice with everything from throwing things to puncturing tyres, to morse and make the 03h00 darkness your friend. You will need every skill in the book to survive and look after others, and some of them don't'deserve it because they many years ago voted yes.

    13. @RFR...I did not let your last comment go through seeing that it is the second time now that you attempt to sneak a comment through where you try to oust blogger's identities and making ridiculous claims that former bloggers who have emigrated all have criminal records.

      First of all I have met most of them in person and I can assure you that none, not a single one, has a criminal record and they all have police certificates to prove it and I am sure you do too, seeing that you had to present one when you emigrated. Nobody would be allowed to emigrate without presenting one. So if you used your brain that would have cleared that one up.

      I find it ironic that you are now stooping to new lows trying to out bloggers seeing that many years ago you had issues with former bloggers about this very same thing.

      I also find it ironic and hypocritical that you want others to blog under their real names, yet you remain anonymous behind your "RunForestRun" pseudonym.

      I have touched on the aspect of anonymity many times, but here it is for the record again:

      On this blog people have the right to remain anonymous if they so choose. It is a right that I respect and insist that others on here do the same.

      Anonymity or pseudonyms are not signs of cowardice. Many writers like George Orwell (real name Eric Blair), Shakespeare (Real name Sir Francis Bacon) and Bob Dylan (Real name Robert Zimmermann) used them. Afrikaans writers, singers and poets like Eitemal (Wilhelm Jacobus du Plooy Erlank) and Totius (Jacob Daniël du Toit), Johannes Kerkorrel (Ralph Rabie), Dozi (Hendrik Opperman) and Bok van Blerk (Louis Pepler) used them. It is simply a choice.

      Anonymity ensures people concentrate on the argument and not the man. I speak from experience because many years ago I blogged for over a year under my real name. I am not scared to do that. In fact I have met several bloggers on here in person and presented myself. Everytime I drive through South Africa, which is usually once a year when I go to the Kruger Park, I contact people and give them the opportunity to meet me in person. I have also met bloggers in person in other countries such as Holland, Germany, England, USA, France, Spain, etc. Believe me there are more than enough people on here who know me personally.

      However I do fanatically respect people's rights to remain anonymous if they so choose. Even yours, RFR. One of the reasons I use the "Blogger" platform is because it does not show people's IP addresses to me. Besides I am not interested. What counts for me is the quality of the comments, which sadly is a bit lacking lately.

      So kindly refrain from trying to out people's identities and respect their right to anonymity just as I respect yours.

    14. @Anon 3:31...Thanks for your positive comment. It is a rarity nowadays.

    15. Stephen11:16 pm

      Hi Mike

      I feel the same , its has always been about the quality of your thought-provoking posts , and then followed some thought-full debates.

      That for me has always been the draw-card , and I wish the guys will just all get with the program.

      Julle manne moet nou ophou om Mike se tyd te mors.
      Come-on troops pull it together.

  9. Anonymous 1:27-Please check out Gunsure. R99 pm for peace of mind. Thank me later.

  10. Anonymous8:00 am


    The real situation of whites in SA, the following sums up the entire issue of whites in the country regardless of what sector of the economy...

    Johannesburg – University of Pretoria AfriForum campus co-ordinator Jaco Grobbelaar said he felt like his humanity was disregarded when the higher education national convention in Midrand was disrupted with calls for white people to leave.

    "I am afraid. You look at chairs flying and I see my people in the corner… there was women there and I ran to make sure that they were okay," Grobbelaar told News24 after the incident on Saturday.

    "My feeling is that they don’t see us as being a part of anything anymore. They almost deny my humanity, our human dignity."

    "It is a circus. There is no way we will solve the situation if we are not allowed to speak," he said.

    "It is getting violent and I am not willing to risk my life to find a solution."

    There is a great silence that is taking place & then a great thunder will erupt in this place.

    All whites will be silenced going forward. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the New South Africa. Should you say anything - you will be called a racist, an apartheid supporter, a colonialist - etc etc

    Very close now.


    1. Anonymous10:30 am

      @ BN 8:00 am

      I would say there has been more than enough speaking in the NSA and why these whites carry on speaking is beyond my comprehension.

      Gobbelaar's message should have been " arm up and make ready " but instead he states he is not willingly to risk his life to find a solution.

      The man has obviously been living in the dream world of huddle, cuddle, kiss, kiss let's ignore reality, life will change if we are just a little more tolerant.

      Whites need to wake up the war is on its been on for a long time and retard is winning at present but I can tell you that when it gets noisy retard will not be winning.

      We don't need a voice, we need hardline action and a momentum that cannot be stopped and is so quick that when the world wakes up the show is over and chicken parade is in process.


    2. Anonymous11:03 am

      @ BN 8:00 am.

      Let's face it we haven't been killed by the retards, we have been killed by all those white South Africans, those Christian God loving folk that saw the way out and scrabbled for the exit, a few which still have the nerve to post their shit spew here and claim to know it all, see it all and done it all.

      Those who supposedly saw the shit coming and left for the families sake and to make sure there was a support base for those who stayed behind to deal with the shit.

      I am sure you have read some of those comments here and also have had to pick yourself off the floor from laughing at the lameness of their excuses.

      The most apparent trait of cowards is always how they try to justify their actions by using excuses.

      The fact remains that had they stayed the whites would
      have had a stronger base to act from and retard would never have seen us as easy targets and scared mlungus that they could intimidate and terrorize. The fact is that those cowardly beings have done nothing for the whites that remain and our own ingenuity will actually save us at the end of the day.

      So all whites in SA need to stop looking abroad for support and start buying support rather because our own that have fled will not return to aid us, we will be left to our own devices while across oceans mice will be praising madiba and saying and what a fine man he was and those whites we told them they should have integrated with the blacks and found a solution and its through them that SA finds itself where it is. Needless to say that they were the first to find the exit even when their hero madiba was playing boss.

      Those stone throwers from distant shores are the ones that shout how whites will never unite, only because they vanished so quickly that unity is a myth in the making and a word in the dictionary. How can you know what unity is when your back is making greater distance between the act and your body?


    3. RunForrestRun1:58 pm

      LTMA has anyone ever told you that verbal diarrhea is actually symptomatic of a medical condition? You present as bipolar with a helping of narcissism, with some schizophrenic Tourette's.

      I've been told Lithium could be immensely helpful for your condition, failing that a partial lobotomy might be advised.

    4. Anonymous3:09 pm

      And so LMTA exposes himself as a christian hater. Why don't you just go with Boere mall ninja and join all the other christian haters and muslims and satanist globalists that want to kill everything God made?

    5. Anonymous8:15 pm

      @LTMA 11:03

      I’ll tell you who the real cowards are:

      Those who have the means to move to safer lands but choose to stay behind because they don’t want to sacrifice their assets or lower their standing of living and, heaven forbid, the weather!!! They love their 3 cars, fancy house (and servants) and do not have the guts to start from scratch in a new country, and let me tell you it takes guts to do that!

      I feel for those who want to leave but who cannot

      Ou Toppie

    6. Anonymous10:32 pm

      @ rfr.

      I see I am hitting a cord here boy. Is guilt eating your soul? Live with your cowardice.

      @ Out Toppie.

      The fact remains that all my posts about ex pat runners are aimed at those cowards that smart arse it at others on this blog.

      They are the only ones that I have a gripe with, the rest of you ex pats never throw stones and insults at us just the few that are the true cowards do.

      @ 3:09pm.

      I don't hate Christians I hate the posers that claim to be Christians. You choose what you are.


    7. Anonymous10:59 pm

      Ou Toppie

      The cowards are those that emigrated, because they expect the country to blow up at some point.

      Those that also expect the country to blow up at some point, but stayed regardless on whether they have 3 cars or not, are not the cowards. I would say that they are the bittereinders.

    8. If you stay in South Africa and pay taxes to the ANC...you are part of the problem, not the solution. You are funding a genocide against my people. If you employ a single black, in the kitchen, garden or otherwise, you are part of the problem, not the solution. If you tip a single car guard or give a single cent to a black waiter or begger, you are part of the problem and not the solution. If you pay taxes to the ANC and obey any of their laws, YOU are the real shit scared coward. If you stay in South Africa and do not defy the ANC every moment of every single day, you are a yellow belly ANC dick sucker a coward and shit scared of them. If you choose to stay, at least make your stay worthwhile. You cannot decide to stay in SA, sit on your arse and just do fuckall. What is the point? You are then to me more useful as an emigrant. Rather pack your bags and fuck off. At least then you don’t pay taxes and fund a genocide against whites. For those inside South Africa who have chosen to stay…Start getting your act together and start the resistance. It starts with personal defiance against every single thing the ANC says or does. If you have emigrated shut the fuck up or support those defying the ANC in South Africa and do not criticize them.

      There…end of story.

    9. Anonymous6:02 am

      Right on the money Mike, and defiance started that day that shit new flag was raised up the pole, and then again when the anc with all kinds of intimidation and threats tried to get us real patriots to hand in our firearms, well at the gunshop you should see the look on all the glockboys with the new renewable license's when I purchase my brick of 500, "ha is that card still legal". My answer is ask the shop owner and besides I don't care.

    10. 2nd divide between whiteskins. first it was the soutie /boer know its going to be those who have left and those who are staying.ask anyone from the old security police and they will tell you the anc internal /and those abroad worked together .im just cant get this divide amongst whiteskins .its not like rugby boys eg in the old days northern tvl against wp

    11. @ KJ...Yes, the exiled ANC and those in SA worked together and they didn't even have cell phones and internet like we do today.

      I will tell you what the problem is. In every revolution, your biggest enemy is not the one standing opposite you, it is the one standing right next to you. That is why the likes of Robespierre, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, the ANC and ...Yes...even the Boers executed more of their own people than those of the enemy.

      Traitors and detractors are poison to morale and a revolution. That is why I sometimes feel I can kill their comments, because I am not sure if they are doing it deliberately to sabotage unity amongst us or whether they are plain stupid.

    12. mike you are so so so right

    13. Anonymous10:08 am

      Mike Smith5:04 am

      If you stay in South Africa and pay taxes to the ANC. You are funding a genocide against my people. If you employ a single black, in the kitchen, garden or otherwise. If you tip a single car guard or give a single cent to a black waiter or begger, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

      This to me is probably the best comment made on the topic of self defence.

      This is something we seriously need to debate on a topic of its own.
      No Dstv, no cell contracts (buy minimal air time), no Justice in the garden and no Precious in the kitchen.
      Stand up and ask your church who they funding. If it is Kayamandi or Khayalitsha, stop giving.
      We being totally ripped off on electricity, rates and taxes, petrol taxes to just name a few.
      All money going towards funding our own genocide.
      There is not one country in Africa that has the privilege of 4 million whites as slaves to milk for taxes. And we just keep on paying.
      As long as the Stormers and Bulle win on Saturday, everyone is happy.
      Mike, lets talk about this one day. We need to start circulating our money between ourselves.


    14. Anonymous11:18 am


      I withheld my property rates and taxes this year.
      As they keep increasing with no reason.
      Debt collectors rocked up wanting my money.
      (Your bill will accumulate interest) You don't have a choice.

      I don't even use Eskom, running water or refuse removal. (Zoned agricultural)
      I paid greatly to be self sufficient.

      Assuming you live in the city, Please enlighten me as how you still have these essential services without paying?

      People are talking kak here, everyone pays tax.
      (Someway or another you are getting fucked and paying people to fuck you)

    15. drain the swamp

  11. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Never expose that you have a gun. IF you do, like Mike did with his Sig Sauer, keep your ID hidden.

    Never use your gun as an intimidation tool, even in the name of self defence. Only pull it if you are justified in pulling the trigger.

    If they find out that you packing, they will run bleating to the police that you pointed a gun at them.

    1. @ Anon 4:26 pm ...Can you please explain what you mean by, "Never use your gun as an intimidation tool, even in the name of self defence. "

      Seems like you have had some bad training and believe a few myths or you simply don't know what you are talking about. Maybe you simply forgot the "only" between "gun" and "as".

      Come let us openly discuss and explore these myths.

      A "gun" (firearm)is an excellent intimidation tool. In fact it is mostly used for that purpose. Police use it all the time. Just simply wearing one openly is intimidating. Oh and when it comes to wearing a "gun" for intimidation purposes, size definitely matters. Maybe that is why I have a piss willy 9mm.

      Pulling one and ordering a criminal to drop his weapon and lie down is intimidating. It is a sign of authority. The same reason why the Samurai used to wear two swords openly and at all times.

      Sure, you should be trained to handle your weapon and when you pull it be willing to use it, but if you are going to train to pull it only when you are going to shoot it, you are either NEVER going to pull it or find yourself pulling it far too late. If you are going to shoot every time you pull it, you are going to find yourself in jail for murder or manslaughter very quickly.

      A firearm is a tool and just like you do not only use a hammer to build a house or overhaul an engine, you also need different tools for different jobs. I own everything from a knife and a slingshot to several crossbows of which the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 is my personal favourite. The missus prefers the Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX because of the easier draw weight. Now combined with those you use Toxic broadheads that cut channels of meat (called "meat worms") through your heart or lungs, then I can think of few things more intimidating than the prospect of being hit silently in the night by one of those babies. That is why the French Foreign Legion still uses them for certain jobs such as sentry takeout. (They use Barnett, which is a joke. They should get re-advised).

      Maybe a Sig Sauer MPX with suppressor can do a better job, but if it is the intimidation effect you are after then you cannot beat a Diablo bolt protruding from between the eyes.

    2. Anonymous3:52 am

      Agree Anon 4:26. It has happened many times during an altercation where the blacks noticed a person is armed and then later they say the person pointed the firearm at them.

    3. Anonymous9:25 am

      Hello Mike, to answer your question...

      Your advice, I would take if the rules of engagement were different

      I said this :

      If they find out that you packing, they will run bleating to the police that you pointed a gun at them.

      There is more to self defence than just the assailant.

      You have to think about the law surrounding it all. If they confiscate your gun (and in the pro gun lobby, there are stories where victims had their 1 and only piece taken from them in such cases and were arrested too) then you are a weapon down and surrounded in prison with them.

      Remember when you took your licence exam? (assuming your piece is licenced). The trainer explained to me how the police and the psuedo authoritarian assholes in the judiciary define "handling of a gun"

      You may not "handle/use" your gun on another person unless all four conditions are met.

      The 4 conditions are:
      1-attack must be imminent or in progress
      2-attack must be unlawful
      3-attack must be life threatening
      4-Dolus eventualis/duty to retreat must be exercized if it is safe to do so

      They got Pisfacestorius on point 4

      "Handling/use" of a gun is:
      1-Pointing a firearm
      2-Tending to a firearms malfunction
      3-shooting the firearm
      4-loading and unloading (that includes cocking the gun)

      There are others too, I think (I am working from memory here)

      This was written in the competency exam material.

      So by this definition, unless you are able to prove to the judge that the 4 conditions are met then you cannot do the 4 uses of the gun.

      Also, you have to look at the merits of saving the assailants life with intimidation and warning shots. Do you really want to play these legal games? Do you want the fucker to come back and steal your other guns when you are at work? The assailant will be out on the streets soon.

      You may have good tactics but you need life strategy as well

    4. Anonymous9:34 am

      Hello, me again.

      I forgot to mention the one irony :)

      Was it not Cooper who said in his 4 rules that you must not point a gun at something that does not warrant destruction? Or something to that effect?

      Why are you pointing a gun at a goon and not shooting, but instead you are shouting warnings :)

      AS for these other weapons like crossbows? Seeing that the dangerous weapons act covers them and not the Firearms act, I am all for using them as intimidation in say, a home invasion because crossbows are replaceable immediately if confiscated. As are swords etc.

      Your self defence no longer ends when the cops arrive.... It is just beginning...

    5. Anonymous11:27 am

      Hey 426, I tell you something you just the kind of person that should have been giving the Cretans advice before the Nazis parachuted hell upon them. Or you should have appointed yourself advisor to the poor Caprivi liberation army, maybe so many wouldn't be languishing away in Namibian prison, hey maybe you can give old Afonso Dhlakama some advice.

    6. Anonymous11:51 am

      426 What kind of a soft spine do have. You sound like a dirty old man trying to give real men advice on how to expose ones winkie to school girls.
      Here's advice based on real life experience, 1 you see Kaffir in the wrong place at the wrong time 2 you totally loose the cool adrenaline and blood pump into your head in state of raging anger 3 you pull your gun and blot the zot 5 shots before he has time to say how baas, then you immediately scan and sniff the area for his accomplices, 6 when all is safe clean up the gemors,7 gooi a braai for all you real friends.

    7. @ Anon 9:25, etc. Thanks for your comments. See? You are able to talk a bit of sense sometimes, but just a bit. Allow me to answer.
      1. “Rules of engagement”? De fuck you talking about? Are you wearing a military uniform in the street? Is your opponent wearing a military uniform? Get this once and for all…THERE ARE NO RULES OF ENGAGEMENT IN THE STREET: Vale Tudo! Portueguese for “anything goes”.
      2. “You have to think about the law surrounding it all.” And “four conditions” bollocks. A am very au fait with it because I teach something similar, BUT I explain it very well too, which is something very few instructors do. So let me try with simple language. When he attacks me, his life is my last concern. MY life is my main concern. Further…You expect me to play by the law against somebody breaking the law? I must abide by all the rules whilst he breaks all of them? Imagine if it was a football game…Guess who is going to win? It is not rocket science. Further you expect me to recall article so-and-so of law so-and-so of 19 so-and-so when the adrenaline is pumping and my heartbeat, whilst under attack, is over 200 bpm? At the same time I must assess what level of aggression the cunt has reached, what drugs or alcohol he is on and how much he has consumed? On top of that I have to assess the amount of proportionality he is using against me and what I am allowed to do and what not with what weapon? Don’t be ridiculous. As I have said, I couldn’t give a fuck about him. My life comes first. I kill first and let the law take its course. At least I will be alive to tell my side of the story and the burden of proof is on them, because I am innocent until proven guilty. Never in my entire life have I ever worried about the law against someone attacking me. Not once! It is simple: All laws start with ONE law. The right to life. I have that right. When he attacks me, he gives up his right. I have a right to defend myself, so fuck him. That is my rule. I have been charged a few times but never had any court appearances and no convictions. I have never been arrested. Every time I was outnumbered. Every time I waited for the police and did not run away. I gave my statements and had witnesses. Every time the cases were dropped, due to clear as day “Acts of Self Defence”. Not even my martial arts training were held against me. That is another myth. BTW…Every one of your “Four Conditions” were met.

    8. 3. Then you contradict yourself with this statement: “Also, you have to look at the merits of saving the assailants life with intimidation and warning shots.” ….I thought you sad one should never pull a gun to intimidate? Like I said before, you don’t know what you are talking about. Warning shots? Nobody takes that bullshit seriously. Not the police and no court I know of. They do not even teach that crap to the useless SA police. Sorry, my training is automatic. As far as I am aware there are no warning shots in the Mozambique drill or any other drill for that matter. Besides in the 21 foot rule you have 1.5 seconds to draw aim, fire and stop your assailant. Where are you going to fit your warning shots in? BTW, I don’t teach double tap or the Mozambique drill anymore. You don’t stop after two or three shots to take a look how you have done. You shoot till the bastard drops. If it takes two mags into central mass then so be it.
      4. “Cooper’s Four Rules”….Cooper’s four rules of firearm safety is still valid. Your failure to understand it properly explains a lot. For the record here they are again (One) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. (Two) Don’t let your muzzle cover anything you are not PREPARED to destroy (Three) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned with the target. (Four) Be sure of your target and what is beyond it…There are more rules I teach such as that gunpowder and alcohol don’t mix, never leave a loaded gun unattended, etc. Coming back to “Two” above. The emphasis is on “prepared”. It doesn’t say that when you point your gun you should destroy it. It says you have to be PREPARED to destroy it. Do you understand?
      5. “Why are you pointing a gun at a goon and not shooting, but instead you are shouting warnings :)” …Again you contradict yourself with the law and the four legal conditions above that you should “intimidate” and “shoot warning shots”. Make up your mind what you want to do.
      6. The crossbow is a tool, just like any other and there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Sure a .22 has more power and a longer reach but when you are hunting for survival at night and don’t want to be seen or heard, the crossbow is much quieter and does not give off a muzzle flash or smoke. You can use your amo again and again and with my Bulldog 400 I am pretty accurate up to about 60 meters with a simple TactZone scope. Grouping of about 100mm diameter. With a MilDot scope I have about the same grouping up to 110 meters. Personally I do not hunt over 50 metres distance. Just a personal ethical decision. Nevertheless loading a Crossbow takes time, but my missus and I regularly train speed loading drills for fun and see how long it takes to fire off ten bolts accurately in a standing position at a 20 meter 3D target. We have it down to about one bolt every 6 seconds. We call it the “Zombie drill” but it is based on the myth of what happened at The Battle of Blood River.
      7. See…in school we were taught that the Voortrekker men had three single shot frontloading muskets each and were doing the shooting whilst the women and children did the loading and cycling the rifles. Our experiments have proven consistently that this takes almost double the amount of time with three crossbows in cycling than with two crossbows individually, each loading and firing his own weapon, that is. Doesn’t matter if she is loading and I firing or vice versa; same results. BTW she is an excellent crossbow shot. Better than me. So my conclusion was that at the Battle of Blood River the women and children were firing just as much as the men and I won’t be surprised if the women were just as accurate as, or even better, than the men.
      8. On a final note, just remember that in a land where firearms are outlawed, the man with the crossbow is king.

    9. Anonymous2:24 pm

      When I said "merits" I meant negative merits. It was a figure of speech saying "look at the pros and cons"
      (mainly the cons). I don't agree with warning shots since there is no legal requirement for them.

      You also misunderstand the duty to retreat. It does not mean running away afterwards. It means being able to foresee a persons death and taking reasonable steps to prevent that death.
      In pretty much 100% of ambushes, you could foresee his death if you fight back but you cannot reasonably retreat. Both conditions must be met, ie: Foresee and retreat safely. Rex v Zikalala 1953 established this in our common law.
      That is why they don't charge you.

      It is why many women go to prison for murder for killing abusive partners even if the abusive husband tried to kill the women. They can foresee trouble but choose to stay.

      I don't agree with this Duty to Retreat. I hate it. I wish we had castle doctrine which abolishes it.

      Perhaps you should watch Massad Ayoob's little presentation. He explains it. And you will begin to see why the Americans tossed that into the bin and put up Castle Doctrine.


      It may be Yank, but it is close to us in terms of legality. Not identical but close.

      To quote M.Smith: You expect me to play by the law against somebody breaking the law? I must abide by all the rules whilst he breaks all of them?

      Nope. I don't expect you to play by the rules. But the judiciary may. Massad Ayoob explains it nicely. You have the legal right to do what even the state has NO right to do. And that is to kill someone on the spot without a trial.
      In public and on CCTV for youtube to watch (basically the equivalent of the death penalty without a trial in a public square)

      Think about that. Because of this ability and right to waste the guy in public (even a scum's life), don't think for 1 second that the courts will not test the 4 conditions or let you go lightly on one of them if it has suspicion that they were not met if someone dies.

      To quote M.Smith: Further you expect me to recall article so-and-so of law so-and-so of 19 so-and-so when the adrenaline is pumping and my heartbeat, whilst under attack, is over 200 bpm?

      Nope, but the courts may. Especially if you did a competency for that Sig Sauer. You are a walking library. You have read a trillion books. I am sure you have read this one. Read it again -->

      They will apply the reasonable man test. There are stories on local gun forums where people were able to think these through in home invasions. You don't have to recall a Britannica set. Just 4 sentances. And it is not always absolute.

      To quote M.Smith: At the same time I must assess what level of aggression the cunt has reached, what drugs or alcohol he is on and how much he has consumed

      Well the courts don't expect you to do a psych analyses. That is why they apply the "reasonable man test" and not the "expert shrink test".

      To quote M.Smith: I kill first and let the law take its course. At least I will be alive to tell my side of the story and the burden of proof is on them, because I am innocent until proven guilty

      Almost correct. Our law is not American law but it has its similarities. Massad Ayoob debunks your last sentance (and it is applicable to us too). The 'innocent till proven guilty' only applies if you deny shooting him.
      If you admit to shooting him in self defence (or throttled or whatever), you have to prove that you complied with your 4 conditions. You simply have to state that you met the 4 conditions with facts. The other side then disproves it.
      In most cases they will look at your statement and try and see if there are holes and then prosecute if they think they will get a conviction. Get a legal opinion for Martin hood if you must. It will help. Or any shark in a suit.

      We are not at the stage where its a free for all in the trenches and the mountains and urban warfare.

    10. Anonymous2:33 pm

      You have read a trillion books. I am sure you have read this one. Read it again -->

      South African criminal law and procedure.


  12. Anonymous8:58 am

    Any ‘in prison’ self-defence tips if the dangerous “Prevention and Combatting of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill” is passed into law this year? Which broadly states “Any person who intentionally, by means of any communication whatsoever, communicates to one or more persons in a manner that: (1) advocates hatred towards any other person or group of persons; or (2) is threatening, abusive or insulting towards any other person or group of persons”. And furthermore: “demonstrates a clear intention... to (1) incite others to harm any person or group of persons, whether or not such person or group of persons is harmed; or (2) stir up violence against, or bring into contempt or ridicule, any person or group of persons”.
    Of which if someone is found guilty will be sentenced to a fine/3 years imprisonment for 1st offence and a fine/10 years’ imprisonment for 2nd offence!
    Christians, pray these Communist leaders don’t get total power over people in the land.

    1. I cannot wait for the law to come in so we can start at the top with Zuma.

      Define "hatred"...Define "abusive or insulting"...What is contemptuous? What is ridicule?

      I find Zuma's entire miserable existence, everything he has ever said and done contemptuous. His entire handling of the Guptagate scandal and others ridicules the country and its people. This piece of shit should be behind bars not trying to silence those who are fed-up with his corruption and crime.

    2. Anonymous1:17 pm

      The definition is dangerously wide, that's the point and unfortunately SA is not a democratic society like people wish to believe… the powers that be are untouchable unlike the rest of us. Also fine and well for those who have an expensive lawyer but feel sorry for those who are scraping by and can’t afford the get out of jail card to get buggered in prison, all because they can’t exercise their right to freedom of speech or go against conscience. Sad and turbulent times if this bill is passed.

    3. Anonymous1:43 pm


      Anonymous8:58 am

      We can then nail shower boy first for his song "bring me my machine gun" and then that tadpole asshole that wears the red beret.

      Connect the dots.

      Removal of everything white.
      Blame everything on whites
      Cover up on farm murders.
      SABC censorship.
      Internet censorship
      One way race related crimes against the whites - whitee must shut the fuck up or face prison.
      Step two - nail the pension funds bankrupt SA.
      Step three - incite violence against whitee who has no guns, laws against him, no work and no pension.

      In other words make whitees future so bleak that getting on a ship will seem a lot better than living in a "planet of the apes" country where it is an empty shell with empty businesses & buildings.

      Yes hatred = whitee must shut up, take their shit.

      BEE/AA can also be construed as hatred? Farting too loud next to a KFC lover might also seem like hatred.

      Or when tadpole from the podium says they are waiting to slaughter the whites - JUST not yet but dont worry its in the pipeline.

      First they have to make sure all these other laws are passed.

      They only pushing this hard now because they know their time is up, much like Europe passing laws saying that if anyone speaks out about Islam they will go to jail.

      Same system, worldly system trying to control those who have the power, the will and the means to change it.

      When it comes in, it will then be 744 counts of corruption & 3 accounts of hatred for Zuma.

      1. Blaming everything on whites.
      2. His song bring me my machine gun.
      3. Not preventing attacks on whites.

    4. Anonymous2:24 pm

      @Mike 9:17am

      Put the whole bloody lot of them behind bars and throw away the key.

  13. Anonymous10:55 am

    Mike: Passing along an unrelated article concerning current 'African Wars' from yesterday's NYT.
    Regards, Besoeker

    'Using Special Forces Against Terrorism, Trump Seeks to Avoid Big Ground Wars,'


  14. Anonymous12:26 pm

    blerry hell, you people

    When we start PK-ing each other like this, it means that the Testosterone is flowing and we are establishing a hierarchy :)

    Well in theory at least. Do you really want a bunch of fairies that do whatever you say and behave like sycophants? Those sycophants are the ones that will turn on you (Frikkie is a sycophant). Sycophants will turn around and agree with the enemy.

    DO I look like a sycophant? If I was, I would just agree with MS and Boere mall ninja because that is what defines a sycophant. A sycophant is a "yes man"

    If we all agreed on the same line of thought spewed out by the "main stream" here, we would be a bunch of fairies... you know, like BMN. Real men disagree. Women (and weak sycophants) are the ones that just agree, so that they can fit in with the herd. No ability to plan. Just agree to keep the peace. Just like Pikkie Botha. And Roelfie.

    Do we look like herders, like bitches that go to the toilet together?? Well if we sat here and agreed with Boere mall ninja, without challenging (like any self respecting Viking/Spartan would) then we would be fairies and moffies and cookie packers. Kinda like Boere mall ninja (and the posers)


    Now if you wanna be a mangina and shut this blog off, whatever.... I will just go troll my shit on youtube and you can sulk at home. The rest of us who disagree all have the ability to think independantly. We can take initiative and think differently. Its a trait of a marine. So we will be surging forth. You can shut the blog off and take your toys and go home. Let the real mean keep walking forward.

    I don't agree with BN's satanic genocide. He thinks that he is the GREAT BN and HE IS RIGHT and everyone else does not know what they are talking about. As if none of us here have life experience either. As if I don't have eyes also.

    Do you know what that means? It means that you dont have to wipe our arses because we can think for ourselves.

    Fuck you bunch of manginas. Stop crying because someone disagrees with you and shoots you down. Be greatful that we do. It means that others will keep going when you have fallen because we wont be discouraged when YOUR plan fails. Because we will be fighting differently and will still have moral.

    Hopefully the reverse is true.


    1. Anonymous11:51 pm

      @ facepalm 12:26 pm.

      For once in your life you have done something constructive, I will agree with you on this one.

      Keep the blog going, we sort our shit out amongst ourselves and everybody stays happy.

      Everybody must be happy because they still blog and throw shit at each other. If you are not happy you do not return to the place that makes you unhappy.

      Mike, true patriots and believers in a cause cannot be beaten by words or thoughts only death can beat them.

      Keep the blog going and allow us to have our say, think of it this way, I would never sit at the same fire as rfr or even allow him to use my toilet yet you have open a communication channel for us to share our dislike for each others attitude, nothing wrong with that. I only respond to the arseholes when he posts his negative shit anyway, which is all the time.


  15. I say close the blog Mike. Close it for 30 days.

    True Patriots and Brothers don't call each other Cunts, Fudge packers etc... If someone else is a Cunt now, what will I be next week if I disagree with you.?. So much of a Brotherhood.?

    If you don't get your own self and your own house in order 1st, then forget about ever running a new country, or ever defeating the enemy..
    If you can't even get along now what will be different in any new state or country for us. You will just find new shit to fight over.?.

    If it carries on like this the blog will become a bitter get-together spot for throwing each other with shit...

    1. Anonymous3:26 am

      You won't survive 5 minutes of opfok in the SADF.

    2. @ Anonymous3:26...Is that the best comment you could come up with? What a childish idiotic idiot you are. Just piss off and go fuck yourself.

    3. @BLCN... I think I agree with you. This site will be closed soon indefinately unless these comments improve and people start contributing positively.

    4. Anonymous5:55 am

      Understand what free speech means.

      Don't ice it. You won't be helping things.

    5. Anon326. Was a bit too much for you.? Looks like my comment went straight over your head.? Maybe you will understand it one day..

      Anon555. What does free speech mean.?.
      Free speech without respect and self control is as good as nothing...

      The value of this blog is being undermined. Mike have said it many times, it's a side show.. Don't fuck up a good thing.

  16. Anonymous1:39 am

    Ex Army Sniper Takes Out Neighbor’s Home Intruder From Bedroom Window:
    ... that's the way
    a - ha a-ha..
    I like it...
    A-ha a-ha...

  17. Anonymous2:31 am

    Mike, there is a technical side to the farm attacks that you should take some time to have a look at... On the farms we are more aware of it but it plays a big role in any planned attacks and very few victims are aware that they have become targets months & weeks before the actual attack. There is a security group that focus solely on defusing these situations... Perhaps a series on this to first of all "expose" the tactic & then how to turn it against the perp... - Afrika tekens:









    As ons die kennis het kan ons die voordeel wegneem...

    Jonathan Pompies

    1. Anonymous6:57 am

      @Anon2.31 - Thank you for the links - African signs - yep they have used these communication/information methods since forever. In survivor or self-protection training similar methods are presented but of course not for criminal purposes but for survival purposes.

  18. Anonymous5:49 am

    If you close the comments or the blog, then you dont have a proper understanding of free speech.

    Free speech is anything except the call to action. At least that is how the Americans see it, who where the ones who created and support the 1st ammendment.

    So if we used the American definition, Boere mall ninja's rhetoric is not free speech and everything else IS free speech.

    The afrikaners never properly understood this right. It is time you got knowledge-able on the matter.

    When you threaten to censor and shut down, it causes a freeze on the free exchange of ideas and it is the major reason why the Americans are ahead of us. Their free market of ideas is what makes them more successful than us. Think about it.... When you don't know something, you search youtube. I forgot how to strip my Remington shotgun. Consulted youtube. Saw some yank do it. He got hits on his moneytized video. Viola! He makes money, I received knowledge in return.

    Once you silence people and their ideas because your feelings got hurt, then fuggit. Whatever man.

    1. Feelings got hurt? Are you fucking simple or what?

      Understand one thing. I am all for free speech. You fuckoff and go start your own blog and go have free speech over there. Send me a link and I will come and visit your site and crap all over it like you do on here and call it free speech.

      No, I've had it now with people calling each other homos and runners and what not and then calling it Free speech. I've blogged for ten years now and have never seen so much idiotic shit in my life.

      This blog is not a blog for idiots. If you are going to behave like an idiot, I will delete your ass and make no two ways about it. I have no reason to keep this blog going. I don't make money out of it. So what for?? So that a bunch of idiots can come and crap and kotch all over it?

    2. Anonymous8:33 am

      @ MS.

      That would be a tragedy if you closed this blog down, I mean that.

      Block us if we come in with shit that you are not happy with but to close the blog would be a serious fuck up.

      I speak for myself here, I do not read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio, I get my info off this blog

      You and the guys that seriously post good stuff here keep me informed. The information that comes from here is raw non manipulate facts and hasn't been buttered up to look good.

      So consider your choices carefully, you could just be putting a lot of people in the dark should you shut down.

      My own opinion is that you would be making a mistake. You can censor the shit out of here but I have always respected you for allowing people to air their thoughts and rant their rage.

      The truth is I would rather be called a stupid ignorant cunt by a white guy than try argue with the darkside. Even through all the slinging there is really good info that comes out of this blog.

      That's my half cent worth.


    3. Anonymous1:30 pm

      Type error on previous post
      Mike they won't talk to a black the way they talk to each other, if you shut down it will be a loss, just block them. A selection process normally starts with a mixed bag of about 200 or so after 1 day you've shed about 50 men, the next 2 weeks you shed about another hundred after another month you left with about 25 and then 6 weeks later you probably only have 10 or less. That's what you want to keep going forward.
      I saw 3:26 comment about opvok, Mike that is why I got rid of my browns, wings and beret they are all junk to me, because I can tell all of you South African men over the age of 45 who served in the SADF all the thousands of opvoks from Walvis Bay to jozini and all the marble pt, octopus and iron cross voer has not saved us from the daily murder and humiliation we experience so the whole lot of you just face reality, you will set yourself free the day you throw your old balsak full of mouldy browns away out of your garage and out of your mind, then you will start to think plan and execute those ideas more like Avraham Stern or Yitzhak Sadeh,

    4. @ Anon 1:30 pm ...Finally someone with sense. Thanks for your comment. Yes you are right, this blog is full of those over 45's who can't fit in their browns anymore. I chucked mine away in 1993 when I was sure I won't be called up for a camp anymore. I think my niece used my beret for a fancy dress the last time I saw it. All I have left are my epaulettes. You never know when you might need them again. I know guys who have framed their Pro Patria medals and cherished it like shrines. Mine was sent to me in the post eight months after klaar-out. Fuck knows where it is today. I think my mother has it seeing that she called me up to tell me it arrived. Who cares? The younger generation couldn't be bothered with what we did.
      Besides it is like you said...Where are the thousands of officers and SADF soldiers today? Why are they not delivering us from this evil scourge of the ANC scum?

      I will tell you, because the brainwashing started when you were a roof in basics and carried on until you were an ouman. Often the topic would come up, "What when the ANC or SWAPO take over? Would you serve under them?"

      We were told by our seniors back then that a soldier is subordinate to politicians (who represent the people)and always serves the political government of the day. They were preparing us, mate. They knew that the politicians were already committing treason and negotiating a handover to the enemy whilst sending us to the border. We trusted them and went, because we were stupid dom troepe.

      I think for me the light went on when UNTAG took over and I saw the CO of the SWA Territorial Force's office right next to the office of his new SWAPO understudy. Big buddies all of a sudden. Sorry I could never do that.

      So now today I must hear about all these GV's and heroes of the former SADF. Some PF's even still serve the ANC scum today. Remember that the disastrous invasion of Lesotho was led by a White guy. One of these SADF heroes and GV's. Got his ass kicked.

      Like I said before. I don't care if someone was a trained killer squirrel in the old SADF. All that matters to me is what you can do now. Most of these guys shot an R4 over 30 years ago. I doubt it if they can still set off a pencil flare. Probably not. Their knowledge might still be there but the drawer is rusted to fuck and they won't be able to access that info fast enough when the time comes. Besides times have changed. The enemy has adapted. The terrain of battle has changed. We are not on the border anymore. Our worst nightmare has come true...The border has moved down and is now at your front door. That is where you will find your enemy now.

    5. Anonymous12:28 am

      Thanks Mike, that is a fact the border is on our doorstep, robot, restaurant, place of work.

  19. Whiteman1:59 am

    Mike, you have again crunched some balls, by being so painfully realistic and truthful ! But somebody has to do it. I have often marvelled at the war stories told about war heroes in the Angolan war, and all the other bush war theatres. Books and articles have been written, and interviews on the radio, a plenty. And there is no doubt, many of these guys were truly brave and heroic. But we have to ask this very uncomfortable question : Where are they today ? Their country is being destroyed, and we are victims of genocide, on a daily basis ? ? Where are these guys ? I saw action in Angola while we were helping the Portuguese. The Portuguese guys were called up for two years at a time. They were drafted out of their normal jobs from all over the world. The thinking ones, could see their presence in Angola, was just a load of bullshit, and a futile, bullshit exercise, for the money men. It is understandable they had only one plan, and that was to get home again, in one piece. ( And I definitely did not blame them ! ) But even I could see, you can never win any war with that kind of motivation and approach. When I came back and we had our debriefing, I asked one of the top dog generals : General, we are putting such a helluva effort, and money in to help the Portuguese. What will happen, if they just up and leave Angola ? ? His answer was : Oh, that will NEVER happen ! My friends, three months later the Portuguese were gone ! OK, the SADF then got heavily involved as we know, and there were heroes, but what do we have to show for all of that today ? SWEET BLOW BUGGERALL !

    1. Exactly. Fuckall to show for it. What was all that bullshit about? ZANU-PF in charge of Rhodesia, SWAPO in charge of Namibia, ANC in charge of South Africa. White civilians, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and wives being raped and murdered by the enemy. Where are all the GV's today? I am not talking about the troepies. I am talking about the officers. The Majors, the commandants...where are they today? You want to tell me they cannot organise a resistance?

      This is what happens when you fight for politicians and pretend to be subordinate to politicians. You become a castrated idiot. All those countries, like Rhodesia, Nam, SA...all sold out by politicians. I fucking hate politicians. They should all be put against the wall and shot.

      Next time we fight, we fight for ourselves. We fight for each other and for our families. Fuck the politicians. They are the reason we are in the shit today.