05 March 2017

Putting the edge on self defence in South Africa - Part One

By Mike Smith
5th of March 2015

Above is a horrific video of a white Rhodesian woman and her son being attacked by two panga- wielding New South Africans. This entire attack could have been prevented and further could have been dealt with in a more efficient way.

However, hindsight is always 20/20. It is always easy to say he should have done this or I would have done that, etc,

However, one never knows how the situation will unfold and how one will react until one is in there and this is exactly what I would like to address with a miniseries of Self Defence for South Africa.

Now first of all I am not an expert on Self Defence and I have never claimed to be. I am the guy who trains the experts. I take a sharp knife and make him even sharper.

I have been a martial artist for 34 years and have been teaching Martial arts since I was 19. I have been in several life threatening self defence situations and in just about all I was outnumbered and managed to survive. One of my worst experiences was being attacked by an entire coloured rugby team in the toilets of a nightclub.

Am I a hero? No.
Lucky? Perhaps, very lucky, but if it wasn't for my training I probably would have been dead today.

What urged me to write this miniseries was the recent spike in horrific attacks on whites in South Africa. I cannot just stand by and do nothing. I cannot protect everyone and I cannot train everyone, but maybe I can do something that might save some lives and if all these articles save only ONE life, it would be worth it.

I do not teach bullshit. This is exactly the same stuff I taught my mother, my daughter and my wife.

The background

Two weeks ago we reported about the Underberg farmer Trevor Rees (79) who was tortured over days and kicked to death Tortured with bleach and pliers - shocking details of Natal farm assault emerge

Also recently the Crowbar gang was arrested in Cape Town for a spate of housebreakings and robberies in the white Northern Suburbs.

The 64 year old Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn, 66, both British citizens who had been living in South Africa for many years have been tortured with a blow torch, beaten, shot and stabbed, plastic bags shoved down their throats and dumped in the veldt. British woman killed in South Africa after robbers torture her with blow torch and leave her husband for dead

The attack came barely a week after British grandparents Roger (66) and Christine Solik (57) - who moved from Wales to South Africa in 1981 - were killed in the robbery at their countryside estate in the Natal province. Beaten tied up and dumped in a river.

At the same time a family of four was wiped out near the town of Belfour. Mr Gert Smuts, 78, his wife Paulina Smuts, 70, their son and daughter-in-law, were killed in their home on their farm.

Three weeks ago Two young couples were attacked by a black gang at a luxury Bushveld lodge

Businessman Alex de Sogus, his fiancée and their children were attacked at their home in Nigel. Alex was severely beaten and kicked in the face by the black gang You think you’re big – robbers taunt dad during attack

Now I had a lot of readers writing to me and telling me these people deserved what they got for their stupidity. “It is all their own fault”, they say. Where were the barking dogs inside and out? Where was the safety gate at the back door? Why did the alarm system not go off? Where was the armed response? Why was the bedroom door not locked? Why did the couple not sleep with firearms next to their heads and fight back earlier, because as some cases showed only when they fought back and the bastards noticed the slightest bit of resistance did they run away?

Fair questions. I mean all of the above is normal living for whites in South Africa.

Another reason I decided to write this miniseries is, because most self defence courses are bullshit. They are unrealistic, run by instructors who have never been in real self defence situations, and have no idea what they are talking about. Most only deal with the actual attack and not the prevention of the attack. They give people a false sense of security and train them for failure or worse...death.

Now I am fully aware that it takes years to master a martial art. That is not what I want to do here. You can also NOT teach martial arts online or by books. That is also not what I want to do. Further, most of the victims are old or female, so do not have the strength, fitness or stamina to train for long periods of time. You cannot turn such people into ninjas overnight.

What I want to show you are a few principles that will put you in a different state of mind so that you do not become a victim and in the event you do...you can deal with it effectively and survive. You might get hurt, but you will survive.

Most of it is common sense and you would think people in SA would by now have some, but alas...they don’t. There are good reasons for it. People are naive. They like to think all people are good, like them.

They refuse to believe there are evil psychopaths out there who have no problem killing and torturing them. The human mind does not like to think “worse case scenario”, because “it is too ghastly to comprehend” and there is nothing wrong with it. It is normal. It is human...but it will get you killed.

You have to TRAIN and CONDITION your mind to think further. That is what I want to show you. Get your mind right and you are 50% of the way there.

AAR and debrief of the Panga attack in Pietersburg

In order to do a proper and objective After Action Review or Debrief it is important to get the input of the people involved. We don’t have that at this stage. We only have the video to go on, so it might be a bit subjective. However let us try.

The scenario:

Look at the video above and the time: 3:25 am.

A white couple, mother and son, travelled by bus early in the morning and arrived at a petrol station 200km in a dangerous, foreign country completely unarmed and not paying attention.

Why at that hour? Why not travel during the day?

Nevertheless...The woman, Jeanette van Vuuren, had a moon bag full of money strapped to her waist advertising the loot and she is filling out some forms in order to get a residence permit. The young man is sitting down. A total and complete lack of situational awareness.

Imagine the Platoon Leader of a military patrol calls a security halt to confirm his position on the map or GPS and nobody keeps a lookout and instead sits down and have coffee?? Imagine if soldiers did this inside an ORP (Objective Rally Point) or TB (temporary base) and all drank coffee and ate at the same time and nobody kept a security watch. Of course they will get revved!!

There is a reason why half eat and half keep watch, half sleep and half are awake...

She should have had her back to the wall, her situational awareness would have been easier. Just 180° instead of 360°. Filling out the forms (especially there) and at that hour was a no-no and if you absolutely have to, then get someone to watch your back and STAND guard not sit down. You can react quicker when you are standing. Nevertheless she should have filled out the forms on the bus.

When the two bastards approached, the young man allowed them far too close. At one stage he was concentrating on his mother and had his back to both attackers.

Front bear hug
He should have loudly, assertively and with authority told them to back off. Even tell people to “call the police”. Attackers have been known to retreat simply by hearing the word “Police” and the prosect of the cops getting involved scares them off.

Being loud would have drawn attention to the situation and maneuver away. When the one drew the panga Tony should have rushed him and closed him down with a front bear hug to restrict his panga wielding arm.

Crushing elbow strikes from the mount
He should have taken the bastard down, and in the video he does a good job of smashing him to the ground, however he should have followed it up straight away and got him in the mount position. Restrict his movement. Three rapid elbow strikes to his face would have sorted him out to concentrate on the other one.

Normally when you do this extremely viciously so that blood and teeth fly and eye sockets pop out the others stand back in shock or run away. A Juji-gatame arm lock or a Waki-gatame would have broken his arm and freed the panga for Tony to use. There are also several methods to break his neck from a rear mount with your heel hooks in.

Juji Gatame

Tony also tried to use the plastic chair to fend off the attacker, but the muscles in his arm were severed and his right arm practically useless. He did well to move in circles and not in a straight line backwards. However he kept circling in the wrong direction. He
should have moved around the outside of the leading foot of the attacker to get to his rear, close the gap and get him in a rear mount. Best position to be in for you; worst position for the attacker.

Waki Gatame

Rear Mount with heel hooks in
(very important, but do not cross your feet)


The rear mount face down.
The ultimate position where you want to be is on top.
Notice the heel hooks in.
Even a skilled opponent will find it
extremely difficult to escape this position.
Easy to break his neck, choke him out or beat him to a pulp from here.
He has almost no defence or attack from here.
What was good? Fighting back and not running away probably saved their lives. Smashing the panga weilder to the ground. Moving around in circles around the attacker instead of straight back. Getting away alive.

What was bad? Travelling at night. Not having a weapon. Not having a shield of some sorts. Bad positioning at the petrol station. No situational awareness. Being caught completely by surprise. Not restricting the attacker’s movement. Not being brutal enough.

Now critics will say that they should have “Just given the money”...

As you can see they had no chance. The attack happened before they could even think of handing the money over and the entire attack lasted about a minute.

Critics will also say, “Just run away”...

Oh yeah? An elderly overweight woman in trousers is going to outrun two young, fit blacks. Where are you going to run to? Might have worked here, because it was in the open, but what if you are attacked inside a building, on a bus, on a train, in a toilet, etc...Besides by running away you will just trigger their pursuit instinct and they will instinctively start to chase you.

Would a gun have helped? Probably not. Not if you did not have it drawn already, as the 21 foot rule proves.

You are faced with five options in a confrontation not just “fight” or “flight”.

You also have “Freezing”, “Posturing” or “Submission”.

Posturing is making yourself louder and bigger than you actually are like animals hair standing up on their backs, growling and barking.

Would “Submission” have helped? Probably not. It is NO guarantee as we have seen in the cases of people who have submitted, were tied up and still tortured for hours, before eventually being killed with their hands tied behind their backs.

“Freezing”, “Fleeing” and “Submitting” will get you killed. Your best options to survive in a life and death confrontation is “Posturing” and “Fighting”.

However, when you do fight, you must know full well what you are in for. Forget about Mr. Nice Guy. Forget about a fair fight and rules. There is no referee here who will stop the fight or break it up when it gets too rough. Nobody is going to come and help you. You are on your own.

You must be able to switch the killer instinct on and fight 120% with total brutality and no mercy. You have to go beyond yourself and your usual abilities. You must be able to break arms, rake out eyes, rip nostrils apart and kill with whatever you have without thinking twice. There is nothing wrong with it. It is your life or his...and if you are unable to fight like that...say your last prayers, enjoy the next few hours of torture with a blow torch and die quietly. Death will be a welcome relief from your pain.

You have to start facing reality and wake the fuck up. You are living in South Africa NOT La-la-land. You have to start thinking "Worst Case Scenario".

You HAVE to become a brutal mother fucker. To win you have to be prepared to be more brutal than your adversary. Sorry...If you want to live and see old age...there is no other way.

More in the next edition.


  1. Anonymous1:57 am

    This is the first comment from the youtube video:

    'I am kenyan but these black south africans are not humans, these people are savages. White people need to bring apartheid back, this time around the rest of Africa will not be bothered, a matter of fact, purge them all'

    1. Anonymous3:51 am


    2. Anonymous10:53 am

      You see, even our fellow black Africans hate these black and white liberal South African kaffirs.

    3. Anonymous11:52 am

      Further comments from this commenter reveals a hatred of black South Africans because of xenophobic attacks on other black Africans, not attacks on Whites. He/She wouldn't give a damn if only Whites were being attacked.

      Remember Mike's article on the "Good Kaffir":


  2. Anonymous2:17 am

    I saw this on facebook and a lot of the comments were 'why didn't the petrol attendants help?' etc, let this be a warning when the shtf you're all alone buddy aint no one coming to your aid.
    As Mike said guns aren't always suitable so I carry an iron-wood knobkerry in my car.

    1. Stephen4:15 am

      Anon2:17 , the petrol attendants didn't help because they are black and blacks will not lift a finger to help whites , its upto us to become super-aware.

      Mike is right , its unfair but we gotta be on edge every day.
      Expect the worst whenever a kaffir is close .

      They are freakin cowards ' will not touch a man that looks like he is ready for it , always the week unexpecting ones they tarket .

      I say that because I've lived it , I gew up here in Durban and since forever , when I walk in the street or on the beach promenade, I always have my ready-to-kill face on.
      I walk with fury in my eyes , they can see believe me , they know, that's why its so easy for them to identify the soft targets.

      Anyhow as I say , in my whole life here in Durban I've never been mugged or even in that situation because I don't give them a chance.When a kaffir even looks at me , and believe me they do scope you out from a mile away,but so do I, as he looks at me I softly say to myself-dont even look at me you freakin kaffir I will snap your neck before you even try anything....and gues what , I safely walk by...I can feel them looking at me as I walk on but I can also sense they know that I'm just waiting for them to try..so they don't try because they can see I'm not a soft tarket.

      The devil does walk around out there seeking whom he can devour, make sure that when he sees you he realizes that he can't devour you and look like your ready to take heads off.

      Hit first , hit hard and don't stop smashing it , even if he tapps out , this is not mma its VSA..vicious south africa.

    2. Anonymous5:18 am

      @Stephen 4:15am

      They are cowards and will only attack in groups, never one on one. Even if you can only see one of them, the others are never far away.

  3. Plaaskind2:29 am

    What about pepper spray or a zapper in the pocket. Specially if you are alert.

    1. Anonymous4:04 am

      The 21 foot rule is still relevant. Either defensive "weapon" is just as useless, unless it's in your hand when you need it.

      Avoidance of situations is best. But that is not always possible. You need to be permanently aware of your surroundings, and prepared. Ideal is to practise defence moves regularly. A bit late to try remember (during an attack) in six months time what Mike wrote today!

      An additional issue is potential (psychological) paralysis when an attack occurs - I don't believe that anyone who is not already conditioned to respond to an attack can know beforehand how they will react to a situation until it occurs, and the possibility that the immediate response is inaction, is high.

    2. Avoidance of situations is the best method yes. Awareness of your surroundings is crucial.

    3. Anonymous3:25 pm

      The funny part is that the guy who came up with the 21 foot rule says it is not a hard and fast rule and was never meant to be main stream.

  4. Hi Mike.

    Is Krav Maga any good.

    1. Its top notch mate but like Mike says you cant use books and vids. You need full contact training in any martial art. With Krav Maga you go for the kill so the odds are that you might be prosecuted for murder instead of self defense but it is a martial art that works.

    2. Anonymous1:20 pm


      @Barend Jacobs3:19 am

      Yes it is. Remember it simply means "contact combat". It depends which disciplines the guys teaching the system also come from.

      I notice many are now incorporating BJJ into their training. If you can find one that trains weapons, kicking, good hand skills, ground game and continually progress then yes.

      I have seen some good trainers in Europe. Some former BJJ world champions now teaching it. Combined with BJJ it is good.

      Good hands, kicking, defense, weapons training combined with BJJ is good.

      I watched a video recently of a guy who trained 6 months for 3 days per week do a "kumite" sort of thing against multiple opponents and was impressed.

      I was told he didnt have much training, did some wing-chun before and he did a fine job, he was fit as hell though.

      Traditional MA are good but a lot of the stuff simply isnt practical enough for the street. It takes ages to perfect techniques that when needed would be difficult to pull off in a real situation.

      Though those who excel in it or teach it usually do come from a MA background but 6 months training would be good + keep fit.

      If you have an opportunity, train with a few places. Go scout 2-5 diff places & see which ones suit you.

      Some Krav Maga schools dont progress, they keep some techniques. The good ones continually refine, test and introduce better techniques.

      KM kind of reminds me of JKD - it continually evolves.

      At this stage, anything would be worthwhile.

    3. Anonymous3:23 pm

      I rejected krav maga that is gun related. They have gone full retard with their training and empty chamber brigade.

      You can go for it. I rejected it.

    4. Anonymous10:11 am

      I have been reading the articles and comments for quite some time. I am not too good with my words, so I have not contributed to the comments very much.

      I do not have a laundry list of credentials when it comes to Martial Arts, but maybe the readers can find a few Do's and Don'ts useful.

      Don't mistake Martial Arts for Self Defence. Proper SD has nothing to do with how high you can pop off your Nidan Geri. SD is multi-faceted, from situational awareness in a parking lot to the actual physical combat.

      Don't be impressed with instructors selling you this or that "style" is the most ultra lethal, super stealth special forces combative technique.

      Do not take it to the ground if possible, especially when outnumbered or if you have little/no experience. Grappling with an assailant on the floor in your lounge is going to get you stabbed or kicked to a pulp by his comrades.

      Do train as close to real world situation as possible. That can be with Martial Arts or tactical handgun.

      Do involve your spouse with the above.

      Do engage with your local Designated Firearms Officer (DFO) on how to get a section 13 license.

      Remember Weenen.

  5. Anonymous3:22 am

    First rule of unarmed combat: Be armed.

    The End :D

    1. Bruce Lee said no martial art can stand against a bullet.

  6. Anonymous3:48 am

    Mike I don't know if I will ever make it to 60 at this rate of social decline, and even if I am still well and able to run a half marathon. I won't leave the front door without a walking stick or cane, I'm going to invest in a whole collection of hardwood wrist smashers and maybe a few with concealed spikes, just maybe it will level out the playing field a bit.

  7. Anonymous4:40 am

    I am no expert, nor do I train experts but I have, like most south africans, some experience on being a victim.

    But I question this 21 foot rule thing. It is as if people throw their hands up in the air if the assailant is 20.99 feet away. "Oh fuck, I dont stand a chance now, you know, because some American said so..."

    I was able to draw and discharge a round with an assailant climbing into me screaming that he was going to kill me. I actually missed (grazed his hip and left a hole in his jacket), but it caused him to fuck off.

    1. Anonymous3:54 pm

      Nothing to say you won't be successful in your defence within the 21 feet. But if your attacker is armed and intent on taking you out, and has the element of surprise, then ........ good luck!! Thankfully, you beat the odds.

  8. Anonymous4:43 am

    We are all waiting for Boere mall ninja to dance in the blood of the victims to promote his "solution"

    Self defence is a solution. Not this Boere mall ninja stuff.

    1. Self defense is not a solution. It is a temporary relieve from the source of the problem. The ultimate solution is to have no threat in the first place and this is where Boere Ninja is spot on.

    2. Anonymous1:55 pm

      NO crime in Orania
      I wonder why ?

      IF 90% of crime is committed by black South Africans
      If 90% of black Africans are removed there will be 90% LESS crime
      Simple logic !

    3. Anonymous2:46 pm


      @Anonymous4:43 am

      Sis man! dance in their blood....Nah wouldnt put my shoes sold to me by Gorge Soros through that, who knows I might turn into a reptilian & look like F.W 2.0 according to you.

      You would not need to use self defense if you wiped this thing out prick!! Do you see the Ozzies or Yanks having to use self defense right now against their nativos?

      It is guys like you who still want to sing Kumbaya and then wonder why we even need to resort to Self defense.

      Ive asked you about 10-12 times to provide us with a solution - Common I'm all ears....

      You cant provide one and bash the only viable one.

      Its not my stuff either!! The Yanks did it, the British, its called "survival of the fittest"

      And why is it you never answer my questions?

      You tell me what you think of the kaffirs massacring our people? tell us, why are you so silent about them murdering 75,000+ whites?

      Why do we only hear about your stupid comments when someone here or I comment? We never hear you say a word about the killings, attacks of whites?

      What is your opinion of that?

      You cannot win a game or a war playing defense - the best form of defense is an offense.

      Lay off the ayahuasca, its made you very soft. Very soft, thats what happens when you come from a pampered life and your parents look after you. When you go into the real world and try self defense to survive, you can only do it a few times before you ask "there has to be a better way"

      And there is....

      The process of elimination, when you deal with an infestation of parasites, your best line of self defense is to go on the offense and eradicate them as fast as humanly possible.

      The worst thing you can do is try separate the parasites, that will simply lead to further infestation & over breeding.

    4. Anonymous3:21 pm

      And the solution you offer... Will it be used as justification to bring in a world military into existence? They are known to use a global crisis to justify the UN's interference.

    5. Anonymous11:33 pm

      Hey numbnuts 3:21 you have it backwards, we do nothing now and for sure we will all live under a world military. How can you get it so wrong?

    6. Anonymous10:37 am

      Boere mall ninja, I already gave a solution. You obviously dont read.

    7. Anonymous10:48 am

      in case boere mall ninja didnt get it the first time, my solution is to do what Trump did. By fixing the economy. And it is working for Trump. Trump never called for the eradication of blacks. You boere mall ninja are nothing but some closet serial killer.

    8. Anonymous1:36 pm

      trump? lolz

    9. Anonymous9:07 am

      Hahaha! Do you think Zuma is the same as Trump?

  9. Anonymous5:38 am


    When I see shit like this....

    I say carry a hunters knife on you - mini or large.
    Carry a small gun.

    No this thing needs to be completely eradicated. Any future leader not willing to do this is not worth being called a leader nor followed.

    We have to clean up properly this time. Day in now and day in they slag our people. They used to murder whites in this country one by one, the new trend as of 2017 is to slaughter an entire family.

    This unfortunately guys/gals is going to get worse, so Ja the next time you say "apartheid was so bad" consider the alternative of living with these Karasites.

    Total eradication is the key. It is the only logical next step. When the call for land gets louder, the accusations of whites having stolen the land - you can expect way more of this.

    Be armed, train, unite, join groups and let us form a body in the millions.

    Once upon a time many Rhodesians laughed at us, called us backward with Apartheid - now they can see why we had it. Hindsight can be a bitch.

    Hindsight will be a real bitch if we here in this country dont get our asses in gear.

    1. Anonymous10:59 am

      That's right, why be reactive when we should take the initiative? Kill them all, they have proven time and time again their intention by killing us. Kill 'em till they stop.

    2. Anonymous3:19 pm

      Hindsight will also teach us that the solution you offer will bring in a larger government tyranny that was justified by the violence.

    3. Anonymous10:57 pm

      Not if we put the right people in our new chosen government 3:19. A government for the people by the people, it has been done before and it will be done again worldwide. Now fuck off you globalist piece of defeatist shit.

    4. Anonymous11:52 am

      anon10:57 man are you going to feel like a twat when you get double crossed and you dont get your romantic government

  10. It's shit being in a situation like that. Transitional spaces and situational awareness is key.. Looks like only the 1 guy was armed, the other 1 had nothing..

    Have a look at this as well. Piet van Zyl the guy who takled the Ref a few years ago left a message to Julias;


    Have a look at the comment section..

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      have you been getting training from watching fat youtubers?

    2. Yip. Me and John go way back bru..:~]

    3. Anonymous11:46 am

      John uses rogaine on the beard

    4. Haha.. That's a Man's beard right there.
      Some say he also applies 'eat all you can buffet' for his physique. I think his transitional spaces are getting compromised.?. :-)

  11. Anonymous6:27 am

    News24 bias?

    The stories on the above links never mention the race of the perpetrators. It's always robbers, gangs or men.

    Look at what happens when the tables are turned:


  12. Anonymous7:25 am

    Even if you KNOW this, as in demo in video it needs practice to be perfect.
    There is always the ETB rule. eyes, trought and balls. you can believe me one trust in the trought and he will go down.

    1. Anonymous10:40 am

      what is a trought? Is that like a fancy fish or something?

  13. Anonymous8:45 am

    Eat and drink with a mindset you live in South Africa or as previously said Vicious South Africa ! Situational Awareness always look for a possible bad guy.

    I know talk is easy and cheap but trust me I have been there and it was 3 against one. I walked away.

  14. Anonymous8:49 am

    A whole lot of whites in SA are oblivious to the fact that there is a war in this country, its an undeclared war but its still a war.

    Every time these retards spew out about white monopoly capital, white owned land and white privileges they are just confirming the fact to their soldiers that the war is still on.

    I know that I hold a harsh view and opinion of whites that die by the hands of retard but if the truth be told, whites ask for what they get and they just ask for more after getting what they asked for.

    MS posted the situational and escalation of confrontation awareness levels last year, every single South African white over the age of 13 should know those levels of threats and how to avoid or neutralize those threats.

    If you become engaged in hand to hand or hand to weapon combat then you haven't been reading the Mike Smith blog or you're just fucking stupid which is what people are that do not read this blog.

    Get with the program, if its got a weapon, you must have a better and bigger one, if its unarmed and starts shit, fucking bash the living shit out of it with your weapon then dump it and flame it.

    Don't report it, don't carry it to the hospital just walk away after burning the evidence.

    Seriously, we need to retaliate 100% more viciously, inhumanely and determinedly and as one man said, tell the cops you know nothing, saw nothing and will never see or know anything. Then maybe, just maybe we will win this war.

    We often talk about guerilla warfare and I often ask, have you got the dedication, determination and skill set for it, guerillas are animals and your conscience dies and nothing else matters except your end goal. If you want to win, then adopt the winners attitude. There is no nice in competition and second place is as good as last place.

    If you really want peace, push for war. Retards understand that better than white man does so what is retard doing? His peace is the fucked upness of chaos and destruction, he wants us gone so he can have it.

    There are some poser here that will tell that you are crazy to stay here and fight for a piece of land, don't listen to them because they wouldn't know what loyalty is or even how to spell the word, they might just ask dunning/Kruger or their next shag, sorry I mean sheep for an explanation. Man has fought and died for land since before history was recorded and it is a territorial thing among all beast, only the weak and scared run and boys most of you are still here so that says volumes about you the person.


    1. Anonymous12:06 pm



      100% spot on.

      Its like clock work - They mention "land, white thieves, colonizers" and more & more of our people are getting murdered.

      It has escalated past red alert now. They used to murder 1-2 farmers at a time. Now they wipe out an entire family.

      They have murdered more than 75,000 of our people in the last 23 years but over the next year or so will drastically increase.

      By the time the whites look around to take stock, they will see 10% possibly of their population wiped out, if they dont wake the fuck up fast.

      That prick Malema calling whites " Dutch gangsters" that alone will result in more of our people getting murdered.

      I dont know, at this rate are the whites ever going to wake up? I think it scares them because if they wake up - then they will have to do something about it.

      So long as they walk around with a defeatist mindset of being outnumbered, not having a leader, no weapons, they will be sitting ducks.

      In my mind, they outnumber us now and have always outnumbered us BUT they will truly outnumber us if the whites or some white group/leader doesnt do something fast.

      Shit to think what we have been absorbed into in the new SA - no army, no leader, nothing!

      In years to come, future generations are going to ask why the heck we handed in our weapons, army, generals, etc etc for a fantasy called peace.

      The battle still rages. The battle has raged from day one. Wars have been won and lost along the way but the real battle will be - who survivors.

      In their mind, the battle will be won when there is no white left in SA, no economy and we have been stripped of everything.

      In the liberal, soft, limp dick whites minds in this country, the battle is won when you hand in your weapons, sing kumbaya, play the rainbow nation game and hope your boon neighbor invites you to a bring en braai.

      In my mind, the battle will only be won when we eradicate the parasite, not out of South Africa but Southern Africa.

      Anything short of this & we might as well do these Munts a favor and pack our shit up now and leave.

      When the day arrives, when the whites do eventually come together, band together - I will walk up to who ever is leading the whites and ask them outright what their definition of a victory or a victorious battle is....

      If it is anything short of eradicating them or not taking Southern Africa, I shake his hand and leave.

      I wont have my future ancestors re-living a nightmare. No, no...

      Its all or nothing this time. Its actually good, let them abuse these whites more. I want more whites pushed to the edge of eradicating this parasite.

      If the Yanks/Aussies did what we did & let those savages live, they would be in the EXACT same situation today, being called British Gangsters and their people murdered.

      I hope Mr De Klerk sleeps sound at night.

    2. Anonymous2:04 pm

      Some time ago you spoke about a twelve week course ?

      What is really needed is a proper approach where you can take unfit overweight people and slowly turn them into people that can at least defend themselves ( and perhaps others )
      NO hotshit GV afkak stuff is needed
      Just simple and intelligent training that can be followed by most people of any age.
      There should be such -- self-defense courses in EVERY town in SA

    3. Anonymous10:18 pm

      @ Anon 2:04 pm.

      I agree with you totally.

      And yes for the overweight and unfit the best exercise routine to begin with is pilates and yoga. The most unbelievable results come from those two disciplines.

      The advantage of yoga is a steady and focused mind which also allows controlled reaction and situational awareness.

      You can get yourself a team going in your town or suburb and if you shop around you will find good instructors to present for you. Remember that self defence is not only hand to hand its weapon proficiency and contact avoidance.

      If you do start something like this you will be amazed if it is presented properly how soon your group grows and how quickly you can make a difference

      You have the right idea and now you need to get it actioned and growing.


    4. Anon 2:04 pm Like me and my daughter. My husband doesn't think there is any danger and so will not even allow us to learn how to shoot or defend ourselves. As such that means I'm on my own in learning how. Such a course that I could do "in secret" would be very welcome.

  15. Anonymous10:08 am

    Learn the human body, know where the pressure points are to incapacitate a human who attacks you and neutralize him permanently with one strike whether it is a punch, strike,kick,throw or elbow or whatever. Like for instance the human head has so many pressure points, the temples ( not the forehead though, very hard), the nose, side of the jaw,the eyes, ears, cheeks.

    The hhuman neck with the throat, larynx, wind pipe for breathing, jugular veins on either side of the neck, nerves on either side of the neck that if if hit hard enough can stun a person for a few moments or long time.

    The collar bone or clavicle can be snapped like a twig if hit hard enough, very soft, the sternum solar plexus, stun the diaphram when hit and knock someones wind out.

    The extrimities such as the arms well they have nerve endings, muscles and bones that if struck can put them out of use and the legs, the shins, the ankles , can break an ankle bone if kicked in the right spot.

    But yes, this does not come over night, you have to condition your mindset on how to take your advisary, nemesis and it takes years of practice.

  16. Anonymous10:11 am

    Kind of aggretion is needed to deal with these coons.


  17. Anonymous10:43 am

    More Mike, give us fucking more! In what world is it ok to submit to to these animals.

  18. Good article Mike.

  19. RunForrestRun11:43 am

    You really don't get it, do you?

    Do you seriously think that anything you say is new? Your blabberings abut loyalty, retaliation, situational awareness etc etc? Do you really think we didn't know that shit 20 plus years ago? The fact of the matter is most of us knew all this stuff in the 70's and 80's already, these attacks are not new, they have been going on for 30 plus years. Originally us "cowards" tried to wake people up, we tried to form groups, we slept with guns under the pillow, I had a lead shot filled little leather cosh semi permanently on a sling around my wrist those days, a little tap around the jaw would put you to sleep. You could buy them from the gun shop in Rossettenville and it saw a fair bit of use.

    We tried all the stuff you carry on about, BUT>>>>>>>>

    Lets look at the FACTS, - the basis of your entire argument is based upon a false premise, its based upon the fallacy that in South Africa you have a loyalty to kith and kin, loyalty and affinity to the land and some sort of nationalistic pride among white people. If that were true this blog would not be necessary, white people would have listened to us, come together and done all the things you are blabbering about 20 years ago WHEN WE ASKED THEM TO.

    LOYALTY requires having something to be loyal to, and that thing does not exist in SA, so please stay, and fight, and arm, and prepare, and unite, and Putin, and Krav Maga and Whatsapp and prophetize and proselytize..

    And in 2 or 3 years time when you finally wake the fuck up and realize that the "weak and scared" were right please have the grace to admit you were wrong. Right about then you will realize why my pen name is RunForrestRun,-----STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

    1. Anonymous3:08 pm

      only a mangina runs.

    2. Anonymous10:34 pm

      @ rfr 11:43 am.

      I used to think you were a cunt, I have since determined that I was horribly wrong, I am truly sorry for my mistake.

      Needless to say a cunt is an extremely useful and very much like part of a female's anatomy, you are definitely not that, you are the biggest, dirtiest and most abused arse that ever grew a body.

      You must suffer from something that has not yet been diagnosed and d/k cannot find the answer as well.

      You just are to thick too get the message, your shit spew with all your boyfriends cum streaks in it is just not welcome here, are you to think not to see it?

      When we do fuck up we fuck up on our terms and can say we never gave up, we never ran and we were not defeated by ourselves we went down to the enemy.

      As the man said earlier, no GVs, we are just proud, honourable and self respecting men.

      Now I hope this message sinks in because it is embarrassing to see you grovel for abusive affection.


    3. Anonymous12:13 am

      @ rfr 11:43 am.

      What do you know about loyalty?

      You enjoyed and benefitted from a superior South Africa. You received a higher education that was paid for by all white South African taxes, you enjoyed the freedom to move about freely and sleep soundlessly in your bed while studying because there where young men guarding you and your family from harm yet you arrogant, ungrateful piece of excrement today have the audacity to insult, antagonize and enrage some of those same people that protected you.

      Don't speak of things you know nothing of, you fucking hypocrite, you chose your path now live the guilt for none here is going to exonerate you of your cowardice.

      The other ex pats that post here support and understand this blog but you are the cancer that has driven our white population into this divide, you with your self perceived importance and over inflated ego. You wouldn't know the difference between loyalty and the yellow piss that ran down your leg the day you heard you might be called upon to fight.


    4. RunForrestRun2:15 am

      @ LTMA, Now that you've got that off your chest why don't you address the point I made?---Or is it because stupid is as stupid does?

    5. Anonymous4:35 am

      Run Homo Run.

    6. Anonymous7:37 am

      @ Runforestrun

      This is our country and our home.

      Up to you if you're happy to live as a foreigner somewhere else, but it's not for everyone.

      We are aware of the problems, but this is not Zimbabwe, there are 4.5 million whites not 100 000.

      The size of the white population is bigger than that of several European countries and is bigger than New Zealand's too.

    7. Anonymous9:48 am

      @_rfr 2:15 am.

      Oh! was that a point, I thought it was a piece of shit because it sure looked, smelt and acted like one.

      If all your points are so useless, do yourself a favour never get into a knife fight because you're just a blunt instrument.

      Now fuck off and go get arse fucked you fudge packer.


  20. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Mike with the sassa April fools day approaching it would be wise for banks and supermarkets to be on a extra high level of security, because Kaffir wont see the no cash as any fault of their own govt but rather the banks and supermarkets. What ever the outcome is it will be amusing to watch, well if 17 million go hungry tough shit they can go eat dirt like their ethiopian relatives in the 1980's.

  21. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Well good for you forest...by the way who did you ask?

    You are like one of those blue arse flies that fly around irritating people, with no other logical purpose.

  22. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Mike what about razor sharp tactical folders, used in close quarter deep cutting techniques for self defense. My Emerson cost me a fortune about 10 years ago, a true investment worth every cent.

  23. Anonymous6:59 pm

    I wonder how many of our guys will answer the call when the time comes. I don't think many people realize just what is in store for us. Are you guys ready? How many will lose heart after seeing the first couple of hundred whites chopped up? How many will lose their minds after seeing what they did to our women and children? We are in for a very sick future if these globalists and their little black manipulated muscle goes on about the land they want to steal from us.

    1. Anonymous7:31 am

      So how do you suggest preparing?

  24. What is patently clear is what cowards these attackers are.
    Two of them and only because of the panga do they have the guts to launch an attack. Watch the unarmed one- just serving as a distraction and kak scared of coming within reach. Even the one with the panga is mostly retreating and has the panga raised above his head for the purpose of intimidating. In so doing he had his jaw wide open most of the time and a slight "tap" between the corner of his mouth and the tip of his jaw would have sent him down like a sack of potatoes.
    I agree with you Mike - the only reason they attacked is that they perceived these targets as "soft". If you even look like you are befok and will take the fight to them they wouldn't dare to try. Cowardice is in their DNA, therefore they always hunt in packs or more than one and always with backup weapons.

  25. Anonymous10:57 pm

    This in from some other article but relevant, especially for us on the farm..:

    Let veral op die woorde in die berig: "Die polisie ondersoek 'n saak van huisroof en doen 'n geregtelike doodsondersoek."

    Dit is hoe dit hoort!

    Dit is 'n mite dat die SAPD 'n moordsaak "moet" open wanneer 'n slagoffer 'n aanvaller gedood het. Die SAPD het 'n diskresie wat uitgeoefen kan en moet word.

    Indien die SAPD lede op die toneel geen rede het om te vermoed dat 'n moord gepleeg is nie, m.a.w. dit is voor die hand liggend of waarskynlik dat 'n slagoffer 'n aanvaller in selfverdediging gedood het , dan is dit die regte prosedure om 'n geregtelike doodsondersoek (GO) te registreer.

    Die doel van 'n GO is om 'n hof daarmee te taak om te bepaal of iemand vir 'n onnatuurlike dood aanspreeklik gehou kan word.

    Die hof kan bevind dat die oorledene 'n wederregtelike aanval op die slagoffer geloods het, waarna die slagoffer die oorledene, regmatig, in selfverdediging gedood het. Dit word dan as straffelose doodslag in ons regstelsel geag.

    Indien die hof egter nie oortuig is dat die dood weens straffelose doodslag is nie,, kan die hof gelas dat 'n saak van moord geopen en ondersoek word.

    Ongelukkig ken baie SAPD lede nie die wet wat hulle moet toepas nie en/of hulle is onbevoeg/onwillig om die diskressie waarmee hulle ampshalwe beklee is uit te oefen. Vir sulke SAPD lede is die maklikste en veiligste uitweg om die slagoffer van moord aan te kla en toe te sluit. So 'n argelose en onverantwoordelike benadering is geensins in diens van geregtigheid nie.

    Indien jy 'n vuurwapen besit, wat jy bereid sal wees om in selfverdediging te gebruik, moet jy die selfoonnommer van 'n goeie strafreg prokureur, wat kan toesien dat 'n GO eerder as 'n moodsaak teen jou geopen word, op "speed dial" hê.

    "Share" hierdie boodskap asb. met boereverenigings en/of vriende wat hulself in 'n situasie mag bevind waar hulle hulself teen gewelddadige aanvalle moet beskerm.

    Geen slagoffer (en/of hul familie) verdien dit dat die slagoffer wat hom-/haarself teen 'n onregmatige aanval verdedig, van moord aangekla word nie.

    Firearm Solutions sal met graagte slagoffers bystaan wat hulself verdedig het of voorbereidings wil tref om hulself te verdedig.

    1. Whiteman2:35 am

      Anonymous 10:57 pm, thank you for this VERY valuable information. It is just another example, how the whiteman is hounded, and obliterated in this country. All part of the genocide. I believe that the war in this country will kick off, when white patriots take on some useless " police contingent, " during some or other disturbance. If there are white policemen among them, who choose to fight against the white patriots, they will automatically be seen as traitors. I sincerely hope that this does not happen, because it is always difficult to shoot family and/or friends.

  26. Anonymous11:28 pm


    1. Anonymous1:00 am

      This time the only people that matter worldwide knows our plight because it is becoming their plight as well. The whites who are against our survival are our biggest enemy and should be marked, hunted down and killed. It's either them or us. The sane people of the world knows the truth.

  27. Anonymous12:54 am

    Ok, it is time for a reality check on the current and future of whitey in SA. Are you ready BN, LTMA, Tomkat etc:

    Blacks are the majority in SA and will rule because of that:

    Political power comes from physical occupation: not historical rights, not title deeds, not moral rights—only occupation. Those people who occupy a territory determine the nature of the society in that region.

    Laziness on the part of the whites is what has caused them to lose the right to rule SA.

    It is said, in fact, that the definition of a white South African is “someone who would rather be murdered in their bed than make it.”

    The only way that Afrikaners can be spared the fate of all First World minorities in Africa, is for them to abandon their dependence on nonwhite labor, accept that their salvation lies in a smaller territory, and congregate in that smaller territory where they will form an outright demographic majority.

    Read the rest of this article and accept the facts. The writing is on the wall - and always has been, but there are none so blind as those that will not see. Do you agree 'runforestrun'.


    1. Stephen6:03 am

      Okay anon 12:54 lets do a reality check on the jibberish you just spewed.

      You said - "laziness on part of whites caused this "
      kak man ! being too good hearted and wanting to help the kaffirs caused this.

      You said " whites would rather be murdered in their bed than make it" .... kak man ! I made it and I got handed the worst childhood you could imagine as a white...no Mom no Dad just me and my boet but still we fought through it and now we chart our own course.

      You said " whites depend on non-white labour " ...kak man!
      im not dependant on any kaffirs labour so stuff your theories .

      There is deeper things than the obvious demographic in-balance involved here.

      Let me give you a clue....." As it was in the days of Noah ,so it will be in the last days.."

      Now you probably think there will be mutations and ancient tech ( like a conspiracy theorist ) but everyone that thinks that , has missed the pot.

      Just as Noah was the last good-man and all else was corrupt , just so are the White people the last good thing in this country, all else is corrupted beyond reproach.

      Looking for a hand-up by Forrest is like saying .. vra my broer Jack , hy praat kak nes ek.

    2. Bravo Stephen! I -ditto- everything you say.

      To respond to this arsehole & RFR has come to be beneath me. so thanks for doing on my / our behalf. It's akin to trying to debate with that toss-pot Shaka.

      I occupy my territory / property and if they want to take it from me they'll have to do it over my dead body . . . and quite a few of their own.

    3. Anonymous8:47 am

      @ anon 6:03 am.

      All good and well, your theories do well at a fund raising dinner for free shit and Grants but here we generally call what you type a big load of shit spewed through the ethers.

      Firstly if you're think that you're stronger and better than us white declare the war don't be a coward and take the old and defenceless, don't come 12 to one in the middle of the night

      Declare your war and come in your masses let's see who is the strongest, you retards believe that numbers give you superiority, I say your numbers just ensure that I don't have to aim selectively, I can point and squeeze.

      You see 6:03 am if you retards were so sure of yourself you would have tried your drive a long time ago and we would have bagged and boxed you lot a long time ago.

      You lot are spineless critters from a forgotten age, I have lived in Africa for 24 years and I have seen the black countries how the population starves and the ruling party feasts. I have seen your entrepreneurial spirit, the economy of those countries are full of entrepreneurs that are starving selling bananas or avos or some cheap Chinese shit that breaks 2 days after being used.

      You retards are so corrupt that you steal from your own families so where the fuck you come with this superior attitude of yours I haven't a clue but I suppose some liberal blew smoke up your arse.

      We will all move to a central and small domain for white people only.but I can tell you that within 12 hours there will be a knock on our doors and when we open we will hear " Baas ek soek werk".

      So why don't you bend for some more liberal smoke and we will continue in our factual world.


    4. Anonymous10:31 am

      Oh good grief this twat thinks max de preez is a good guy

    5. Anonymous5:41 am

      Hey Tomkat. What is it about what is stated that you disagree with?

      Whites (most anyway) can't do without cheap labour and that presents the problem. You can look at any small town in SA, even Sedgefield/Plett ect where whites have built a holiday community. And what do you find. The labour squatter camp. If whites resisted the use of cheap labour then the labour would not attach itself. And the end result? - crime.

      Can't you see that? LTMA is too thick to though.

    6. Anonymous7:45 am

      @ anon 5:41am.

      Shame, your poor little soul.

      Are the sensitivities a bit tender today?

      Grow up cunt, if you want to bark like a big dog stop pissing like a puppy.


    7. Anonymous11:52 am


      What do you suggest then?

      I live in a small town, more or less 150 whites, everyone uses the floppies except one other guy and I.

      Unfortunately you cant change everyone and its rather difficult living deep in the sticks on your own. Even if you think its easy...its not...

      NOBODY wants to work!!!

    8. Anonymous7:26 pm

      @Anon 11:52am

      You are so very right " NOBODY wants to work" the colour of skin is not a factor here. Every single one believes they are entitled and therefore should have and not have to.


    9. So if regulation dictate that I must use black labor, how then do i argue with you when you tell me it is because of white laziness?

  28. Mike, it's great what you're doing Boet. Keep it up, as you say, if it saves just one life it'll be worth it.

    BTW, the people on our group want JP & I to organise a braai with you. They can't understand why that might be a little difficult. he he he.

    Herewith something interesting:

    1. Anonymous6:57 am

      1:40 you are such a fucken twat.

    2. Mr Mister2:43 am

      Someone can't spell

  29. Anonymous3:27 am

    Agree most advice is unrealistic. First why the F be there that time of night with all on display...first mistake. Second the guy digging in her pockets is not a immediate threat as the accomplice on guard. If you can get close enough for bear hug then try knees to the goin or if you can go straight into suplex and smash the fucker into the ground and grab the panga. Then go for the second guy with the chair to use as temp shield and the first guys panga. Yea 20/20 is great but with persistant practice you will evolve your problem solving skills and have as close to 20/20 hind sight as you can get in the middle of the incident.

  30. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Even in the US of A the Nigs do the same thing , no matter where they are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jha-BvOJTrQ

  31. Anonymous12:08 pm

    I am more interested in knowing how to defeat the legal system when the legal system fucks it up and declares you a murderer when you shoot in self defence.

  32. Anonymous11:24 am

    Sun Tzu-to know your enemy you have to become your enemy

  33. Anonymous12:01 pm

    MS said: In other words, show that you are alert and not prepared to be anyone’s victim. Show that you know your rights and are not going to be easily exploitable and that you are willing to put up a tremendous fight if attacked.

    So in other words, be submissive in order to lure them in for a counter ambush?