03 March 2017

My last visit to Paris

...Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
Mugir ces féroces soldats?
Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras
Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes!

The original Facepalm.
"Cain" by Henri Vidal in the Tuileries Garden, Paris 

By Mike Smith
3rd of March 2017

The other day in his CPAC speech, President Trump mentioned his friend “Jim” who used to go to Paris every year during the summer, but not anymore. Apparently he gives it a miss nowadays seeing that “Paris is no longer Paris”.

Of course straight afterwards the libtard chorus started with the Socialist Spanish Mayoress of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (she holds dual citizenship and her father was a Communist) who immediately responded about how wrong Trump is and how Paris is so much “better” nowadays…and of course, the crackpot Socialist President Hollande backed her.

To show you how far removed this French git is from reality, look at what he had to say…

“I won't make comparisons, but here people don't have access to guns,” Hollande said, referring to strict gun-possession laws in France. “Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy.”

On Friday 13 November 2015 terrorists killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theatre. Another 368 people were injured, almost 100 seriously. Afterwards Francois Hollande said the attacks were an act of war by ISIS. Now it seems he has forgotten about them.

So where did they get the guns? Apparently Belgium. How was it possible to just drive across the border with guns? Easy. The borders, thanks to these socialist idiots, are open.

Nevertheless, even if you rule out the guns…the TATP (Tetrameric acetone peroxide) explosives the suicidal bastards set off in the Stade de France during the French German football game can be made from nail polish remover and hair bleach. The truck driver in Nice on the 14th of July 2016 who killed 86 people and injured 434 more never had a gun. In fact what STOPPED the bastard was a gun.

In fact none of the 911 terrorists had a gun when they hijacked four Boeings, but this is again a typical leftist idiot who never lets a moment go by without taking a swipe at legal and trained gun owners.

In fact in the last few days Paris has been under siege by hordes of rioting blacks fighting with the police, setting cars on fire, etc over an alleged baton-rape of a black man by the police who stuck a telescopic baton up his arse…and of course because of their favourite politician, Marine Le Pen of Front Nationale who is probably going to win the next election.

Look, I have been to France many times in my life. The last time was two years ago during their summer. All I can say is: “President Trump’s friend Jim is absolutely correct.”

My first involuntary words as I came around the corner of the "Bir-Hakeim" Metro station on my way to the Eiffel Tower were, “Sacrebleu! but there are a lot of Kaffirs here.”

The pavement stalls in front of the Eiffel Tower reminded me of the market in Douala, Cameroon and just as filthy.

No, seriously Paris is overrun by West African Blacks and North African Arabs. Funny enough I found the Asiatic foreigners from Cambodia and Vietnam very pleasant and helpful. I ended up going mostly to their restaurants. Good service and half the price. Nevertheless, I wrote to one of our regular readers who live in France about my experience and you know what my exact words to him were? “Paris is not a European city anymore”… Trump is 100% correct. Paris is not Paris anymore.

You know…when my better half and I see these riots on TV she always says to me, “Good thing we went, when it was still OK. It is now ten times worse…”

Sick! In love with tyrants.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris
Look, it is still beautiful and it fills you with pride to see what your ancestors (a lot of Afrikaners have French ancestry) accomplished. When you stand in front of the Notre Dame or the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, you cannot help, but think…”Where has a kaffir ever built something like this?”

But, to tell you the truth, I won’t visit Paris again soon. Horrific traffic, the worst hotels in the world, unfriendly staff at the restaurants, three hour queues at the Louvre, the Notre Dame, etc…and of course €9 (R120) for a single beer…forget it mes amis.

The only good thing for me was to lay a poppy at the grave of the unnamed soldier below the Arch de Triomphe and wonder about the proud history of France and how they fought for their existence against the Romans, the Moors, etc through the ages…can somebody just please answer my question, “What did all those brave French soldiers they sing about in their National Anthem actually die for?”

What is the point of having your best soldiers fight the enemy at the front door when your treacherous politicians allow them in at the back?

Now where have I seen this movie before?


  1. Anonymous7:16 am

    Those invaders are dead and they don't even know it. Less than 5% of the population.
    No other people can go from 0 to guillotines or 0 to goose-stepping quicker than europeans.

    1. Anonymous10:55 am

      doubt it. unless the Euros masters give them permission to double cross the muzzies, they will continue to spread their legs for Islam.

  2. Anonymous8:39 am

    If only these fucking liberals can learn from nature.

    You know Mike, my wife and I feed the birds. This happens on our back lawn every afternoon, early evening. Pigeons, turtle doves, mossies, weavers etc.

    Kitty loves playing her games with them. When the lawn is full of birds, I mean full, then she will go out and show them that this is her territory. They then all fly up and park off on the roof until kitty goes back inside.

    Now here's the interesting part. The pigeons all sit together on one side of the roof. The turtle doves all park off together away from the pigeons on the other side. The mossies park off on the telephone line. The weavers take off and disappear. Natural apartheid. They are all birds, but they keep away from each other.

    Must have been Hendrik Verwoerd that taught them that. Hi Hi.

    Me thinks the liberals have a lot to learn from nature.

    1. Anonymous4:51 am

      Haha Fact !

  3. Anonymous9:27 am


    Had in-laws go there 14 years ago and they were mugged. About 1 year back we know a guy who runs a fridge repair/installation business.

    He stopped doing business in Paris. He said he did not feel safe at all, he said he could not walk around in most places once the sun was setting.

    France is over! Over! Over - in fact, Europe is gone. We are seeing the final last gasps of Europe.

    Mind you, its not just France. There are places like this in every Western European country now. Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Oslo, Madrid.

    The black plague is taking over.

    Stupid asshole Europeans want to ban Americans from entering Europe but willfully allow 3rd world trash to enter, without passports.

    To think this previous government looked up to these backward, liberal swines.

    In the future, they will look to us for guidance.

    Paris is over! France is over. Its too far gone now, no hope of surviving, unless they have a civil clash.

    1. Anonymous1:29 pm

      I wish you prophetic wannabees can make up your minds


    2. Anonymous8:49 am


      @Anonymous1:29 pm

      I wish you would lay off the drugs & learn to read & not read into things which arent there.

      Enlighten us prick, where is the prophecy in what is mentioned above?

      Ironic you say "your prophetic wannabees" yet you link off to some prophetic video I have never seen - guess it is you who needs to lay off the drugs and prophecies.

      I stated a fact in agreement to Mikes observations & opinions about Paris asshole!

  4. ”Where has a kaffir ever built something like this?” - was asking myself the same question when I saw the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.. What a stunning piece of architecture.

    Take a drive through Jhb, Pta and Cape town CBD and you will see similar design buildings, not of the same grand design as the French, but designed and built Euro style. Most people don't travel through the CBD parts anymore but you will be amazed at the architecture of our buildings in SA.

    I went through Cradock a month or so ago and there's a church right in the town center which will just blow your mind away with it's design and structure.. Take a look at the picture of Kerkplein on the 31st of May 1961 and it looks like another country...

  5. Anonymous10:51 am

    like you said, they will beg for apartheid to be exported there.

  6. Anonymous10:54 am

    ine the next few generations, we will be told, that the racist whites STOLE europe from the blacks who built it. Just like we STOLE egyptian civilization from the blacks (Thabo mbeki said it).

    Just like we STOLE jobs from africans during apartheid. (as if they had any when we arrived. As if they were actually here when we arrived)

    1. Anonymous1:11 am

      Just like we stole Southern Africa from blacks:

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    Perhaps it is quite fitting for Mike Smith to talk about FRANCE when "ROME" is burning ......

    Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma on Friday echoed his nemesis EFF leader Julius Malema's words on land reform, and contradicted the ANC caucus.


    WHAT is the problem ?
    WHY so shy and coy ?

    WHERE is the Boere_Crackpot to tell us how this fits into the great prophets musings ????
    ( or does it ? )

    1. Anonymous2:31 pm

      WHY don't YOU tell US FUCKnut 11:49?

    2. Anonymous12:18 am

      I am ASKING -- DUMBNUT

    3. Anonymous8:43 am

      11.49 you clearly know the answer you dick breath mother fucker. So spell it out?

    4. Anonymous12:29 pm

      Stop using insults , you ass licking dick lover... :D

  8. Anonymous11:52 am

    That movie you talk about Mike is called; The New South Africa the tainted Rainbow Nation of death and disease, murder and corruption, where every terrorist is heralded as a saint.

    But wait there's more, we have a lot of new flicks coming over the horizon - "America is lost, my fellow Americans what have you done?" "Europe, the world cries for you" Australia........................................................................................

    The end of Whites and Western culture, museum pieces now.

  9. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Especially for Boere mall ninja who licks his lips at the sound of the war drum


    Ol Saaafrican - Kim Clement on his prophecy over France and the Beast of the East. If this is true, the frenchies are not going to surrender :D

    1. Anonymous9:09 am


      @Anonymous1:04 pm

      I know you love me sweetheart! I have never seen the video and I dont care.

      Mocking is the lowest form of wit - again, I point out this asshole has been visiting this blog for months now and I dont see any value or any worthwhile thing coming out of its mouth.

      Only mocking others - why waste your time? You think your insults will hurt me lol - keep on pal, give me your best shot.

      Told you boet, lay off the ayahuasca.

      LOL war drum - unless you are blind, deaf and pure stupid dum, If you cannot see the build up in Europe & SA then there is for sure something wrong with you.

      NATOs buildup on Russia`s border.

      Whites being murdered in SA at an astronomical rate.
      Muslim invasion of Europe.

      Oooops sorry, all those above are media manipulation, George soros puppets.

      Those people entering Europe are reptilians from nibiru, the whites being murdered are being taken in the rapture & the buildup of NATO on Russias border is an optical, 3d hologram.

      Yes.... the war drum is just made up. I wonder if your mommy has blocked specific sites, cause if you visited about 3-5 news sites they would confirm all of that.... BUT WAIT....... they are owned by the Illuminati and everything on their sites are lies.

      Dont forget Im a Soros puppet, paid billions by him to post on Mikes blog to rid of Africa of the Karasite to implement a NWO government on this country in preparation for pink Frikkie - FW De Klerk 2.0 when he dies he will be resurrected and my soul will be transported into the beast.

      yarra, yarra, yarra..... anything else you would like to add?

      Or maybe FW is my father & Soros my uncle, or perhaps Mandela is the real Mike Smith & Eugene Terrblanche is hiding in some deep underground cave system originally build by the Anunaki to mine gold 22,000 years ago for the descendants of the Phoenicians to retake the Zimbabwean ruins where UFOs will fly out of the mountains of Zimbabwe and Atlantis rises up again and the pyramids open up and reality no longer exists as we know it.

      I know ludicrous - lay off the zol! Mocking, trying to discredit us Boerehart will only make us vas byt more. You dont know a Boerehart let alone Boere_Ninja.

      Go back 7-10 years on this blog, you will see - I will be around until the end, until the republic is here and then it will be done!

    2. Anonymous9:26 pm

      BN I don't know why you give any time to this divisive piece of shit trying to discredit everything said on this blog. Carry on, there are more people listening than most people realize.

  10. Anonymous1:36 pm

    I met a German couple who are planning emigrate to Cape Town, said they feel safer in the Cape than in Germany!

    I found this questionable, but that was their strongly held view.

    Western Europe, in another 20 years, if things carry on at this rate are going to have some serious problems.

  11. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I shared the exact same experience as you Mike, went to France a 2 years ago and went to Paris for the weekend, before I left my French friend said "enjoy the African city". But I couldn't wait to experience the dreamy romantic things Paris had to offer, when making my way from the subway to the Eiffel Tower it was like boom welcome to Africa, he was right, kaffirs everywhere, with their stupid little makeshift kaffir stalls along they road for a couple km's, they follow you, get in your face trying to sell little Eiffel Tower key rings. When I got to the tower it was the Arabs turn, then finally I found what I thought would be a nice quiet spot on a bit of grass, where I planned to sit and look at the night lit tower and drink my Leffe, then came the coolies turn, every 5 seconds 1 comes up trying to sell a bottle of wine, or some stupid flying toy, AND THEY JUST DONT UNDERSTAND FUCKING THE WORD NO!!

    That was my Paris experience, wanted dreamy romance, left with anger and frustration. But also I know what you mean by feeling the pride of admiring what our forefathers built, I couldn't help but look at the kaffirs little shit wood stalls standing next to a beautiful old European building and chuckle to myself.

  12. Adrem1:56 pm

    Mike, you were realistic with your impression about Paris two years ago and you are equally right with everything you mention in your article above. These days, in order to gain access to selected places, one has to pass through metal detectors and bags will be controlled. As a result of the insecurity in general, tourism has taken a considerable dive, especially when considering that France is (or now was?) Europe's tourist attraction number one. Just imagine, the government of China has recently officially warned their citizens from traveling to Paris, quoting security concerns.

    An increasing sense of uneasiness lays over the city; and a ride with the Metro reinforces this feeling. What is next and what is going to happen in the times to come - on ne sait pas - except, and that's for sure, the outlook overall is frightening.

  13. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Sorry, quite off topic here, but also on the subject of movies, a must watch movie on Netflix is Riphagen: The Untouchable. It demonstrates very well the different motives for betrayal and how careful one should be in times of turmoil.

    Another excellent movie, demonstrating the white man's military excellence, is The Siege of Jadotville.

    Both are quite in line versions of the real events.


    1. Anonymous10:37 pm

      Only problem with your "siege" movie is the part where it involves white Rhodesians attacking the Irish. So much for your "white man is superior" BS.

      So who is superior for being white? The white rhodies who got their asses handed to them? buahahahahahahaha

    2. Anonymous11:18 pm

      Anon 10:37pm, enlighten me please, how many white rhodies (mercenaries) were there in that force who got their asses handed to them? And how many of them died?


    3. Anonymous12:23 am

      White or black or whatever got nothing to do with it

      Not the size ( colour ) of the dog but the size of the FIGHT in the dog
      FIGHT incorporates intelligence

    4. Anonymous11:01 am

      As far as the few white Rhodies and the white French Commander on the side of the mercenaries were concerned, their mission was completed successfully - they were still alive and the Irish (UN) was sent home. It does not take away any of the brilliance with which the Irish stood their ground and for that matter, the timing and discretion of the white mercenary commander to call it a day when he did, without the loss of any lives on the Irish (UN) side. That, in itself, to me is an accomplishment.


    5. Anonymous12:25 pm

      That movie is not how you will have to fight. That method of war is outdated, just like muskets and cannons. YOu are living in the past. The method of war that is implemented is too advanced for white people to fight. You are stuck in 1976 - Lights of Luanda and all that outdated dinasaur crap.

      Learn to fight in the 21st century

    6. Anonymous10:50 am

      @ anon 12:25 pm.

      Another sheep shagging, stone throwing fucking kia, I see.

      We are waiting to be enlightened.


  14. Anonymous5:30 am

    Wont go to Paris again either , with all these Tangos able to organize their HITS its best to stay clear. Its like when Crime is tolerated it make the Law abiding vulnerable. Nothing serious will happen to those , hence their on going practices.
    In Germany the Laws are a Joy for these from hardened death threatening LAWS , a turkish boy couldnt be reformed in Germany. with Intimidation , bullying and anti-social behavior , was punished by sending him back to Turkey for 6 Months as harsh punishment. Once back in Turkey the boy behaved so well and become meek and tame, after his harsh punishment went back to Germany (social benefits are better as well as Lifestyle) to transform back to his previous ways , ending in Jail after stabbing a pupil.

    I must say I`ll miss Paris with its beautiful Buildings with their impressive architecture and birth dates proudly shown . So sad that one can but would not want to risk sitting in their open Terraced Coffee shops today . One just doesnt know what will come next with so many Black leather d MEasterns or Nafris hanging around. Charles de Gaule airport also reminds me of Faraday taxi rank , how can one feel secure when the Government tolerates this. I will only go back when Death will be the certainty for the Evil perpetrated .

  15. Anonymous8:02 am

    There will be a war in France. The Eiffel tower will go down

  16. Anonymous8:15 pm

    "What is the point of having your best soldiers fight the enemy at the front door when your treacherous politicians allow them in at the back?

    Now where have I seen this movie before?"

    Are we not familiar with it.? Did that not happen us?