06 March 2017

Libturd Peter Hain graces us with his presence

Peter Hain, hero of the Anti Apartheid Movement
By Mike Smith

6th of March 2017

I am not sure if there is a Guinness Book of World Records entry for the biggest pile of shit ever, but if there was, British politician “Baron” Peter Hain would be a close contender.

This piece of Libturd with his communist parents was educated at Pretoria’s Boys High. At the age of 15 he gave a tearful speech at the funeral of the hanged terrorist John Harris who planted a bomb at the Johannesburg Park train station killing a 77-year-old woman and injuring 23 others.

Peter Hain
Throughout his miserable existence he was against the previous government and Apartheid and tried to get the ANC in power with his sports boycotts and bullshit campaigns. He was also a bank robber who claimed that he was framed by the SA Secret Service.

That this arrogant piece of vile shit is still alive is a miracle, but that he dared to enter SA after being such an enemy of its people is beyond me.

Now that his beloved Noble Savages and Marxist terrorists are fucking up the country…he comes out of hiding.

Peter Hain visits South Africa says it has lost its moral authority

One would think that this shining example of morality would keep his gob shut after being so wrong about Apartheid and the ANC, but alas…he also thinks that Brexit was wrong. Apparently according to him, Brexit “will be deadly for the economy”.

Yeah right!

Here is a good rule of thumb. Whatever Peter Hain says…believe the opposite. He is an idiot.

Whatever he says is bad, is good. Whatever he says is good, is bad.

What an utter hypocrite. Peter Hain wasted his whole life to get the Marxist ANC to power so they could create a Multiracial Utopia, but then refused to live in it.


  1. Anonymous8:14 am

    Liberals are kaffirs with white skins.
    The same parasite tendencies, they achieve their goals and see it materialize as a total fuck up and move on to cause more kak somewhere else leaving a trail of destruction.

    No accountability...blame some emotional crap.
    "moral compass"

    1. Is it true that Peter Hain is a homosexual?
      Last I heard of him was when he visited the black man who has been used recently by the same people in London who made Mandela their puppet - Julius Malema.
      Julius is amazing! He lives in a great big and very grand European style house in a grand and expensive part of the White man's Johannesburg. He wears the most expensive kind of White man's clothes, shoes too, and has a very expensive watch to go with it all. He drives around in a shiny White man's car - he even has a White man's swimming pool and dainty chairs and tables by the pool for afternoonb tea - with this person Peter Hain - and all tahis while his poor followers are starving out in the townships!
      It is a pity that he has to cope (ape) the Whiatge man in everything he does. It is very undignified and so far from African culture.
      Julius says that the White People look on Black people as "bobyaans", so it seems that he v#feels he is despised.
      Obviously that is a very uncomfortable way tao feel and he is not likely to like anyone White if they make him feel so inferior. It also makes him vulnerable to being used by those certain White men of Money in London who will use him for all he is worth - to destabilise South Africa and incite the Blacks to violence - just as they used porr stupid mande4la - who betrayed the country and especially his own Xosa people who lost everything when he took over! Nobody thinks about that , nor about the fact that Mandela made homosexuality legal in SA long before any other country - against the wholesome natural culture of AFrica. Mandela was a most horrible person!
      I hope Julius Malema will wake up to how he is being USED like a stupid fool, before it is too late - and I hope he never ever invites that fool Peter Hain to tea again!
      (Since when do Africans drink tea like Whites? Weird!)

      I would really like many people to also get t know how safe, peaceful and prosperous South Africa used to be when everyone had their own tribal lands and security - which they called apartheid.
      Just wish there never were those signs saying "White Only" on benches, and I wish the police who tortured Steve
      Biko had been found and hung for what they did.

  2. I've sent this cunt several emails wishing him a painful death. I'm still patiently waiting.

    1. You are a stupid, vulgar fool.

  3. Anonymous9:10 am

    ... very much the same as the Liberal doos, MARK HEYWOOD, on Daily Maverick, whining about how we/ they/ us/ them/ somebody warned the useful idiot, crony gang members that because they did not check the checks & balances now we are up shit creek....

    Hehehe, Mark Heywood, we've been warning you that this would happen... FOR THE LAST 150 YEARS!!!

    Yeeeeaaaahhhhh, we've been having it!!!


    1. Anonymous1:27 am

      Bwhaaaaa..rather call it the Daily Shit. I see n24 refuses to mention race when a black attacks a whitey, but screams WHITE when some whitey hands out a few poesklappe.

    2. Anonymous5:23 pm


      @Anonymous1:27 am

      Virtually the entire western media. Only report when its a white, which shows you who they are against and everything starts making sense then.

  4. Whiteman10:22 am

    Lets face it, the best thing to happen to him is to get mugged, but not killed. They must just put him in a wheelchair for life, and then he can confess wordwide, how foolish he was. Who was that liberal writer again, whose widow got mugged, and then she high tailed it back to england ? Ja nee swaer, we call it the Amy Biehl delusion !

  5. Anonymous10:26 am

    would be funny if he got car jacked or something.

  6. Anonymous10:46 am


    There is only one solution for a piece of white shit like this... a bullet between the eyes, him & every traitor.

    Probably woke up from the Multicultural suicide happening in England. Ja London has fallen & the UK in many parts now have gone - rapes just about in every city & read now even Hijackings in broad day light!!

    Its always something with these liberals. They are never happy. They want a luke warm society, unfortunately those dont exist, only in Disney films.

    Mike I mentioned it before, every single South African that I met during my travels that loved the New South Africa were all living outside of it!!

    When I asked them why if they loved the new SA so much why werent they living in it, it was dead silence & then a skaamness came over them.

    Why if it was so shit did they live in SA & why if it is so wonderful do they live overseas?

    Why is it that the whites who love Mandelase utopia all live outside of the country. Those who live & deal with the reality of the new SA either hate it, moved and say they hate it or live here and say they hate the way it is gone.

    I wish, I pray one day that when things come right, we stick it to these things & either dont let them ever back in or if they are in the country hang them for treason.

    Better to tattoo traitor on their foreheads, let them walk around in shame.

    I`m ashamed that I have family who 24 years back were eager for the new SA, they championed the new SA but today they are so disgusted, against it that Im not sure what I should be more ashamed of, them being against the former SA or them being so doff and waking up during this nightmare.

  7. Anonymous11:06 am

    Brexit IS going to be bad for the UK economy. The poms can't sell products and services to the EU without a quid pro quo. So interesting times lie ahead.

    But less can be more. For example: I read in the Sunday Times that the Saffa middle class can't afford their four-day-a-week maid anymore and, even more seriously, the braai is going out of fashion because meat has become too expensive to waste.

    How many billions of tonnes of meat have not been rendered inedible on the braai. The women sitting to one side complaining about their maids, the men talking big with their brandy and Coke. Beauty in the kitchen making the potato salad, buttering the rolls for the wors and opening the jar of beetroot because the madam doesn't know the right way to turn the top off.

    Gone are the days of unhealthy Woolworths microwave crap. People - yes, people include men as well as women - will have to learn to COOK. They will have to find ways of turning the leg of lamb into meals lasting a week instead of being sliced into slabs to be incinerated on the braai on a Saturday.

    I'm very happy that I no longer have to pretend to be excited at the prospect of a braai. Beauty always had to clean the braai on Mondays. So glad she doesn't have to anymore.

    The divorce rate will go down because nobody has the time or energy to cheat. Everyone's too busy working, cleaning their houses and cooking their own food instead of eating out or braai'ing. Bon appetit!

    1. Anonymous4:11 pm

      11:06 Already eating beans, rice and bananas, so anything more is luxury, hey but I do enjoy a little Rachmaninoff and Chopin in my spare time, so Kaffir better be aware if he thinks he can home invade me while I'm blasting out piano concerto no'2 he and his fellow stinks might stumble upon a 357 barrel just at the crescendo before the wonderful Mr Rubenstein let's his fingers dance across the Key's.

    2. Anonymous4:32 pm

      So by your logic Beauty and Philemon do not have a job anymore, hau!

    3. @11:06 ...Wait until you have to stand in a queue for three hours just to get a ration of strawberries or bananas...THAT is Socialism. Just ask the East Germans how nice it was.

      Wait until the state works out that every human only needs about 10.6 sq.metres to live and size up your home for Beauty and Philemon to move into with their extended families. Double garage?? You don't need that...at least two families can live in there. Binne-braai entertainment area??? Why do you need that? At least another family can live there.

      THAT my friend,is Socialism... It's coming. Ask the Hungarians and the East Germans how it was.

      You will probably hear from the East Germans how nice it was. They will say, "It wasn't all that bad. We had a great time. We had jobs" (working on Saturdays was compulsory)

      Yip...humans are adaptive animals. Like pigs they can even be happy in shit, joke bout it and have lots of fun. There are today millions of former East Germans who still defend their system as better and superior to the West. They will tell you that the schools in East Germany were far superior to the West, despite all evidence against it. Look at how advanced West Germany was with Audi's, Mercedes, BMW's etc...the East Germans had the two stroke Trabant. For that you had to wait ten, twelve years and still not get it. But heay...it wasn't all that bad. That there are still people defending such a system boggles the mind, but it shows you the effect of Communist brainwashing.

      Nevertheless...wait until the state comes and tells you to work overtime on Sundays for no extra money, because it is your socialist duty to show solidarity with your socialist brothers in Cuba, North Korea, etc...Don't say you won't. In East Germany millions of people did exactly that.

      THAT my friend, is Socialism.

      The ANC has said many times before that their model of Socialism is modelled on the East German model. Many of them studied and were trained in East Germany.

    4. Whiteman11:22 pm

      Mike, you are pricking holes into this bubble called the NSA democratic miracle ! The libturds hate it, when you go all negative like this. I usually try to soften the blow, by sugesting the following : Rent that beautiful movie, called Dr Shivago. Not only a wonderful love story, but such an eye opener for how the commies do things. Of special note, when the doctor returns to his lovely large house, and finds it occupied by the " people." Then he and his family get offered a small section. I have seen houses in the east of Pretoria, which could comfortably house one hundred nignogs. And the owners all voted for the NSA. And I know, they cant wait to open their doors, to the poor suffering multitudes. Just think about it, a different maid, and garden boy for every day of the year. That is how you spread the love, brother !

    5. Anonymous2:47 am

      At least in east Germany nobody starved to death and the schools and hospitals worked. In Africa under black rule fuckall works. No hospitals, no schools, no maids, no gardeners, no water, no power, no food, fuckall. Robert Mugabe says blacks would rather be mismanaged by their own kind than live in a country run along efficient lines by whites. If that were really the case, how come there are so many Zimbos and other refugees from failed states in South Africa. Zuma and Malema are the best thing that could happen to South Africa. They will bring the ANC to its knees. The EFF is just another mini-ANC, those two are double bluffing.

    6. Anonymous5:34 am

      Anon 247 am you are missing the point, South Africa and zim like the rest of Africa is like east germany namely communism.ANC, EFF= communism.

    7. Anonymous5:47 am


      @Anonymous2:47 am

      Zuma and Malema are the best thing that could happen to South Africa. They will bring the ANC to its knees. The EFF is just another mini-ANC, those two are double bluffing.

      They are creating the perfect environment now for this revolution that is underway. I hasten to say but we are already in this revolution.

      The entire point of the ANC was to wrestle every ounce of power from whites. They could not do it, their next best thing is to do what Karasites do....

      Stuff it up by implementing policies which will see the country fail.

      With these tax hikes, you are going to see many more people unemployed - mainly blacks hired by working class whites.

      Another dent to the economy. For the conditions to be ripe for a revolution the people have to be desperate and believe anything.

      Hence why the ANC formed a guerrilla party - the EFF.

      This is what is happening here now. Dont forget they were promised a war, promised they were going to slaughter us. Then that was put on the back burner.

      All so we could hand the country over.

      Now the violence has escalated because the people have been reminded what they were promised but never got pre 1994.

      So we have severe killings of whites due to promises not being fulfilled. If you look in the rest of Africa - they kicked the whites out with a revolutionary war.

      They could not defeat us and so believe we handed over because we lost.

      Like Malema said, why do whites still have everything despite us winning the struggle?

      Now they want to go to war and in order to do that, they have to create ripe conditions for it.

      The problems in this country have been deliberately created for the coming revolution.

      I mean, if the ANC took a vacation for 24 years, we paid them to do zero, this country would be running better.

      Their policy is to 1. Wrestle this economy out of SA hands. 2. Refinance with the BRIC nations.

      Siener mentioned they pull the west by the nose. The west is so blinded by them, particularly America.

      Why do you think there is a stuff up with people getting grants now? They need the conditions ripe for a revolution.

      Slowing of grants - gets the people riled.
      Slowing of grants - allows the gov to tap the pension funds.
      Slowing of grants - feeds into the land redistribution.

      They do what all communistic gov do - problem, reaction - solution and in our case in SA - the problem when you dig a little further is the white man.

      The solution in their minds is to get rid of us.

      Its all part of their well laid out plans that have been in the making for decades.

      People dont quite understand that we are already IN the revolution. The revolution has started, they need it to pick up steam now.

      You do that by making life tough for your people - they are doing a great job considering that it requires a lot to stuff up an economy like SA.

    8. Anonymous1:09 am

      Maimane himself said he considers the EFF as a part of the ANC.

    9. Anonymous4:50 am

      Maimane - just another nigger...

    10. Anonymous11:04 am

      @ 4:50 am

      Whatever your views on Maimane, the point is that he and probably the DA view the EFF as a wing of the ANC.

      The goal of the EFF is probably to rile up blacks and then 'merge' them with the ANC.

  8. Anonymous11:12 am

    The future leader, a true marvel.


  9. Anonymous12:22 pm

    I have always believed that these libcunts never really get hammered hard enough by the riot police, had this cunt been broken during one of his protests but I mean truly broken he would never have come back into the field.

    The year was 83 and retard was starting their shit with wog dancing and tyre burning, throw well, throw shell bombing and just that annoying shit that really pissed the good guys off.

    My first township duty was sebokeng and retard was making a meal of the uprising, I was still green but not that green to not dish a proper beating when one was needed and as a bonus we worked with SAP riot police, I had a particularly nasty ol drop handlebar moustache with mutton chop sidies waarer Boer warrant officer in charge of us.

    This ol boy gave us a brief in the caspir and he told us in no uncertain terms that when we debussed from the vehicle we were going to war and that if we did not intend on serious delivery of good ol justice to the heathens then he would disarm us and make us walk back to base.

    Now all I can say is that if this liberal twat had encountered that old boer on riot detail, Mr Hain would most probably be an activist in a very hot spot now.

    The point that I am making is that these shit stirrers were and are to well protected and it just takes one person to set an example and then they don't have such an appetite for shit after that. Obviously some cop never thrashed this idiot hard enough when he was younger


    1. Agreed LT! Discipline is never a bad thing.

  10. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Hi Mike here is something quite interesting , and it should be an eye opener for the Western Leadership .

    1. Yip...exactly that I see with my own eyes and heard in the mosques I attended. Actually the ones where I went to the Muslims had more time for Jews than for Christians. To them, at least Jews did not eat pork so were not as unclean as Christians. To them Christians are filth who eat pork, use alcohol and allow their women to dress like whores. Christian women are in any case all whores because they have sex with a few boyfriends before they get married and the Christian men are all a bunch of weak sissies for marrying such slut women that no Muslim man wants.

      Never ONCE did I hear about how beautiful and tolerant Islam was. Only about how bad Christianity and Judaism are. That was 25-30 years ago. Imagine how bad it must be now.

    2. Mike you are describing white progressive liberals, funny how they are the ones that want to lick the Muslims asses until it is shining. LOL liberalism surely is mental illness

    3. @ Jan...Oh I can tell you a lot more. For instance another reason why they believe Christian men are worse than Jews is because at least Jews are circumcised. In their minds Christian men are dirty have septic stinking dicks and any woman who has sex with such a man must a desperate, dirty stinking whore. Therefore when they rape a Christian woman they are actually doing her a favour by giving her some squeaky clean halaal dick. She should thank them for it. In any case to them women are all shit and all whores and the worst women are the White European women who are only "Fuck pigs" to use when you are too lazy to take a wank.

      As a Muslim man you hear this kind of talk every day and grow up with it. Then people wonder why they hate whites so much and why they rape thousands of women in Sweden, France Holland and Germany.

      What boggles the mind is that Libtard European women and men go and demonstrate to have more of these Muslims. Welcome them in!

    4. Anonymous1:35 pm

      People's minds are weak Mike, that and the Marxist conditioning that has been going on for ages are working great for these sickos.

  11. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Peter Hain is like Donald Woods who was editor of the Daily Dispatch a news paper Donald managed in East London,this vile piece of shit(Donald Woods) tried to help Steve Biko,he also ran away to live in England at least Max is living his dream in arsezania just like Alister has done.

    1. Anonymous2:51 pm

      Max says he's emigrating to Chechnya if the ANC form a coalition with the EFF in 2019. Going farming there.

  12. Anonymous4:34 pm

    ANC never had a moral authority to begin with!



    1. Anonymous2:43 am

      Fucking pieces of kaffir shit. Where are all the liberal fucks to justify this shit?? You cant can you fucking halfwits. Die wiel draai kaffirs die wiel draai..

    2. Anonymous3:24 pm

      These soulless creatures of the night are worse than excrement and vermin, and do not belong on this planet.

    3. Boys, it's the way and nature of The Beast.

  14. Anonymous1:32 am

    jy kan sommer sien die ding is n' doos.

  15. Anonymous4:22 am


    "Britain has urged Kenya to restore law and order in the north of the country after a British rancher was shot dead there."

    The silence is deafening in the RSA...Why?

    1. Anonymous5:23 am

      Well you need to understand that the western powers are behind the demise of SA. It suits their corporates to have anarchy in order for them to carry on looting the economy.

      And a broken country ramps up on debt to the central banks.

      SA's international debt used to very low in comparison to other western countries. Not any more though.

      This is the problem with the whites in SA. They keep on thinking that sooner or later the UK/USA will come to their aid. Yet they are the behind the scenes perpetrators.

      The Boers lost favour long ago with the west/Brits. Vengeance is sweet. But judgement will eventually come on them.

      Remember though that Godly persecution is not a curse. In the long run His people will benefit.

    2. Anonymous5:30 am


      @Anonymous4:22 am

      All part of the plan! They always deep down had a love, hate, admiration for South Africans.

      The only nation of its small size to give it a ass kicking and an ass kicking so badly to the tune of £200 million pounds over a hundred years ago.

      Now with BREXIT they have to kiss ass. See they are talking to African countries again, they call it colonization / Commonwealth 2.0 - this time though, they have to grovel.

    3. Anonymous11:44 am

      Talking of the Commonwealth BN, I see that Verwoed took SA out of the Commonwealth in '61 and the ANC regained membership in '94.
      Makes one wonder what the deep conditions of this membership are.

    4. Anonymous5:21 pm


      @Anonymous11:44 am

      With the BREXIT, Im willing to bet that when it comes to doing business with SA, they will have to accept the ANCs radical transformation program.

      Now we know why the British have been so quiet about our farm murders, BEE/AA, the double racist standards of the new SA.

      Remember he said "their plans are long in the making". If they support their initiative, then Im sure they will support them when it comes to implementing that "radical" transformation.

      In order to implement the radical transformation they are speaking about, they are going to have to bring the fight to the farms & to be successful there, they are going to need intel, backing, weapons...

      Just connect the dots - whats being said & whats being planned. Very easy to see.

      Old scores to be settled here, long old scores but all their plans will fail.

  16. Anonymous7:15 am

    Mike: Unrelated, but of possible interest.

    Operation Observant Compass - The Hunt for Joseph Kony.


    Regards, Besoeker

  17. Anonymous5:17 pm


    For those out there, training / preparing...

    On these devices themselves, the CIA can allegedly hack into some of the world’s most heavily encrypted social media and communications platforms such as WhatsApp, Weibo, Confide, Signal and Telegram before any encryption can even be applied.

    *** Dont forget it was the CIA providing intel in Angola - they play both sides.


    The mind boggles.

    1. RunForrestRun10:34 am

      Yep and they do love their "useful idiots", -like you.

    2. Anonymous10:42 am

      finally, a post where boere mall ninja isnt calling for mass extermination. Well done! keep it up! try one more post where you arent calling for genocide.

    3. Anonymous1:30 pm

      Are you 2 dumb fucks RFR & undercover lib-retard safely in your safe spaces now? Good! Stay there.

    4. Anonymous2:30 pm


      @Anonymous10:42 am

      Answer the question you fucking loser, two faced, limp dick cunt.

      I have asked you now on numerous occasions to speak about the genocide and killing of 75,000 whites in this country.

      What do you say about that and why dont you even mention it you fucking traitor.

      You are more concerned about karasites than whites.


    5. Anonymous8:45 pm

      Run Homo Run

    6. Anonymous1:27 pm

      Boere mall ninja, we already know of the stage 6 of the boer genocide. Don't disguise your eugenics ambitions of being a mass murderer by dancing in the blood of genocide victims.

      IT is clear to me and hopefully others, that you are performing the classical "playoff" where in high school some cunt would tell another cunt that I called his mama a hoer and then a barney would break out where I would have to pound the other guy into the ground over a lie. All in the name of self defence. Yes, like you, I was justified in fighting to defend myself against a bully with a lie, but like you, I could not see the lie that had caused the fight. I only found out later. You too will go through the same thing.

      Evil has a modus operandi and you clearly don't know what that MO is (either because you are doff, or you are one of the players)

      It is clear that we are being played off against each other. This concept is way way waaaaay above your paygrade.

      If the black nations had been industrialized, they would have been fewer blacks than whites, world wide.

      Blacks are being used as pawns and you are either part of that, or you are a pawn as well. Like myself in school, you will come out of this fight, most likely a victor over the blacks, but you will have discovered the screw job too late.

      You will have realised that you have been manipulated, admittedly, by a real threat, but it is a manufactured threat. You will come out of this with a Pyrrhic victory only.

      So like the stupid cunt who attacked me in high school where I was justified in beating him up, you too may be justified in defending yourself, but you are going to realise that the real enemy is the father of lies. You know who that is. The Father of lies who lies to the blacks and says "hey, those mlungus called your mama a hoer and stole your land"

      I made this mistake in school once. Never again. Next time I go after the real liar and the real evil.

    7. Anonymous6:24 am

      Anon 1:27 you are such a little weak bullied cunt, almost as weak as Run Homo Run. Sing some more kumbaya with your fellow libs, runners and blacks and cry for better days, we will do fine without you. You do not belong here, you do not belong among us. Is FW de Poes perhaps your father, you sound an awful lot like him.

    8. Anonymous11:39 am

      anon 6:24am

      At least I woke up. Take the blue pill and go back to sleep

  18. Whiteman3:40 am

    On the topic of being paraat, and fighting fit. Let us examine the mindset of most of our decent, christian whiteys in this country. They have Precious, doing the house work, and helping with the kids.Then there is Sipho, who does the garden, and helps the boss with all the odd jobs. Now these two christian bosses, just cannot accept that precious and sipho, are anything like those terrible, barbaric black murderers in the news papers. Because ! Lovey, remember when we paid for the funeral when precious could not afford it ? Remember when we caught her stealing, and she cried a lot, so we did not fire her ? ( She quoted Bible verses about forgiveness ! ) And remember when sipho broke the ride-on lawnmower for ten thousand rand, because he forgot to check the oil ? And remember when he got drunk that Sunday night, and gave precious a black eye ? We read the Bible to both of them, and precious agreed not to call the police. ( Because there was a big job sipho had to do the next day ! ) So lovey, there is just NO way, that these two people would not be totally loyal towards us. After ALL the things we have done for them ! And we know, they will warn us if orher horrible black people want to harm us. In fact, we dont even need dogs, because they are so noisy, and stinky ! What is my point in all of this ? My friends, some people are just destined to die. Save your valuable sympathy for the really deserving cases !

    1. Anonymous10:40 am

      I said the same thing to some retard white english Natalian. Fuck you should have seen the snotty attitude that I got from that wanker.

    2. Anonymous11:57 am

      @ Whiteman 3:40am.

      Back in the 50,s Kenya, 60,s Congo, 70,s Rhodesia, 80,s SA

      The history is written but the god fearing, humanity stricken dumb fucking idiot save the world, love thy neighbor and his wife christian types learnt the hard way.
      SA,s prime example was ol darling Amy Biel, yeah if I remember right they toasted her.

      Rhodesia they just gang fucked the nuns and shot the priests.

      Congo they mass fucked the nuns then made the priest give the nuns a holy dick run before they slit the throats or burnt them.

      Keyan now that was nasty stuff, they would parade fuck the nuns, the piss and shit on them and in their mouths and some would arse fuck them as well while others would make the priest eat there own shit and they would cut his dick off and feed it to him

      Strangely enough most of these attacks were led by graduates from that particular Christian school or convent or academy, who knows what they call those places.

      So let these kind hearted Christians carry on feeling sorry for booi and ousie, they will realise their biggest fuck up in due course.

      I do not know if you have noticed, the money is finished and now the shit is going to start, no siener or any other prophet needs to revealed.

      There is just no more money left to spend and people are battling to live, I am talking about not so long ago white spendy types that had eat outs 6 days a week and take aways on day 7.

      Now if they are feeling it, imagine how all the retrenched, gutter sitting garden variety booi and his menagerie of ill skilled kin are feeling it.

      Where do they look in times of strife and starve? Through the bosses window into his nicely furnished house.


    3. Anonymous1:50 pm

      Hey LTMA that's what I've been thinking the last few days, I bet the govt is broke, and that is totally broke, that's why they can't pay 17 million lazy Kaffirs, that's why Zumas on his jet plane outa here, that's why the govt has applied to re join the ICC so that they comply with international conditions for a loan from the markets or world Bank, and that is why someone on the inside pulled of a 15 million dollar robbery at jh b airport.

    4. Anonymous2:34 pm



      And then pricks like this asshole @Anonymous10:42 am

      Wants to wonder why I say that the only way for sustained peace is to eventually do what the US had to do.

      The exact same thing was happening in the US prior to them having to sort out the natives.

      That prick is probably sleeping in a safe country, behind a safe wall and has never experienced Africa.

      The only people who havent called for these things to be eradicated are those who have never experienced or lived in Africa.

      Soon they will see what happens in SA when they begin taking the land and then lets see.

      Perhaps you can ask that asshole why he has never questioned or said anything about the killing of the whites in South Africa and is more concerned about the karasites?

      These things are the devil. Either do it or move country, you cant sing Kumbaya together - any idiot that thinks that isnt living in SA and is still reading the long walk to freedom and watching Sarafina.

    5. Anonymous4:01 am

      @ BN and Digenis.

      Oh, SA is bankrupt, they just have their slaves hiding it. There is talk of them using state pensions to finance shortfalls. Listen, if there is talk then its already in process.

      Face it, when last did we see a drop in food prices, electricity and any essential items, it just ain't happening and it will not happen, the way that retard works is when there is no money just charge more for the things that there are.

      This land issue is to divert attention from the treasury so that these dirty pawed critters can deliver the final blow. Mike's best mate, ol brian, will ensure that the death blow is dealt before the country gets taken over by another party.

      But the upside is that when it happens, all we need to do is the MS move. South we must go, small highly mobile, tactical teams striking hard and fast. If anybody hasn't taken note of the MS plan best they catch up quick.

      The advantage of a bankrupt state is that it cannot finance huge military and there is no fuel for armour, planes and transport. The military splits because every general thinks he is a leader and a revolutionary but in fact he is only a fucking ignorant idiot that let the ball drop long long ago.

      The sad news for the gollywog huggers is that the pain of thier fate will be far worse than they ever imagined.

      So standby chaps, I estimate later this year or very early next year, the banks have been raided, the coffers emptied of their bullshit figures and mass starvation, heavy taxes and a whole lot of angry, upset natives who will be told its whiteys fault.

      Then those that scoffed and ridiculed, don't come crying because you are not welcome here.


    6. Anonymous10:47 am

      LTMA, Roman Catholicism is not Christian.

    7. Anonymous11:45 am

      @ Anon 10:47 am.

      Is that bible that you read not a production of the Romans?

      Did not Constantine commission the compilation of its chapters and verses?

      How can you claim that the Catholics are not Christian for Christian faith was birthed by the Romans.

      Now if you deny this fact then you're denying your Christian God and Jesus Christ. Just something that I would want to consider if I was making the statement you have.

      If religion had not divided so drastically, don't you think that there would be less shit in the world?

      But because you have raised the subject, let's look at this 2000 years+ franchise that you've bought into

      Have you notice how many black Sam's are now prophets and apostles and Jesus's voice on earth. Now are they RC or Pentecostal faith or Methodists or some other that is different to yours? I am just wondering because Christians have so many different beliefs that I am surprised that you all read the same book but never get a clear message.


    8. Anonymous11:52 am

      Boere mall ninja and others: Understand this. Satan's law is the law of double cross. God's law says nothing about contravening covenents.

      Dont be fooled into thinking you are doing Gods work when in fact you are doing Satans work. You will get double crossed, just like the Euros got double crossed today.

      If I am not wrong and this extermination is manipulated by satan, you will emerge not into the light but into darkness.

      All I am saying is don't get pulled into this delusion. You will die and find yourselves sharing a pit with these evil people forever.

    9. Anonymous5:57 am

      Ltma, you seem ignorant about the history of the Reformation and the Bible which will answer all your questions including the great falling away, so would encourage you if you are sincerely wondering, to read Romans for yourself, until then may God have mercy on your lost soul.

    10. Anonymous7:08 am

      @LTMA 11:45 You sound like a Marxist, Christian hating Samora Machel.

    11. Anonymous6:57 pm

      @ Anon 5:57 and 7:08 am.

      Ignorant Christian hating Marxist I can handle but call me Samora Machel and then we have a serious problem. Your God and book preach forgiveness, you hypocrites

      Now come boys, relax a little, you're steaming out the ears there.

      How can you ask me to read a book that has so many different versions, it is claimed to be the word of God but it is written by the hand of man,nmanipulated by a Roman emperor, compiled approximately 300+ years after JC took his leave promising to return, but never has.

      Now the OT I don't now much about its origin and not many do, people speculate and state but I see it as a recorded history of a really determined and chosen people and it hasn't, short stories in it that are left to interpretation and open for manipulation.

      It does not contradict itself and call for a change of God's words when God clearly states that I shall not be added to or subtracted from.

      You chaps must really stop being so narrow minded allow others to have their beliefs, practise their religions and continue their lives, Religion is like fast foods if you enjoy KFC you will not buy Chicken Licken.

      What should really concern you is the dark prophets and apostles that have absorbed your religion and manipulated it and incorporated it into their beliefs and are now busy selling it to the masses. They are the ones that are going to to bastardise your religion rewrite your book and change the faith.

      Now the truth about the matter is that every conquering power takes the existing religion, either abolishes it or manipulates it to suit the purpose of domination. You lads better look around you for if your JC is real then he is allowing you and your kind to be defeated by the scourge that I despise.

      Chaps, them Israelis they never bought into the JC franchise and look at them, they ain't loved much, they stand alone surrounded by hoardes of ragheads, they defend their lives and land daily and they are not interested in converting non believers to their faith.
      They are still standing and haven't bowed to anybody so maybe you should assess you JC franchise and decide if it really is all you think it is.


    12. Anonymous6:10 am

      @LTMA Thank you for the false prophet warning and yes my trusted Authorised Version also warns about that and many coming in His name but God will always have a remnant(the way has always been narrow)throughout OT and NT, the Word of God being inspired, spoken and written through Jewish men and providentially kept. 2 Peter 3:1-13 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
      4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming?.... 5 For this they willingly are ignorant of,.....6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
      7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
      9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

  19. Anonymous4:52 am


    Who Funds The EFF?

    Supporters of EFF have advise their party’s MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi to report Mbete to its UK based funders.

    --->> It has been revealed that Lord Robin Renwick and Nathan Kirsh are funding EFF to destabilize South Africa by its campaigns.


    Just like Oom Klaasie mentioned.

    1. Anonymous8:49 am

      So the EFF according to that article is funded by British Barons aiming to destabilize SA and cause chaos...

  20. Anonymous9:25 am


    3 Weeks back when the blacks were burning houses, they mainly targeted Nigerian houses & businesses.

    We know this lot always are involved with Drugs/prostitution in some way. Those effected were renting from those Nigerians.

    Got me thinking, since the ANC didnt say anything and all these govamunts are in bed with each other. Somewhere along the line someone is either making money from these Nigerians on the ground level or it goes high up.

    Remember these are communist scum. They are involved in everything.

    Now (in my mind) beginning to seem a little clearer.


    McBride said police officials were killing each other in order to get their hands on confiscated drugs. He said they were illegally shifting quantities of drugs through domestic arrivals.

    Could the attacks on Nigerians be orchestrated by different police gangs, a new gang trying to take over from another police unit taking backhands?

    Seems so - this is what Mcbride is saying.

    A few weeks later, head of the Hawks, Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza, dismissed the claims. He told MPs he did not know what McBride's motive was to say there was a drug fight between the police and Hawks.

    Like a terrorist is ever going to admit he is making cash from it. I mean if Zuma can steal money, still be president & not go to prison - this was their present for getting SA out of whitees hands - the ability to run a very corrupt & profitable enterprise, where all cadres make money.

    He said his members were involved in operations at all major international airports, to deal with drug smuggling, but not in a fight with SAPS members over drugs.

    Now why if they were on top of these syndicates, would they need the public to help them out? Can you imagine the CIA/FBI asking the public in the US for help?

    Dont we help them out enough with our taxes?

    No, there is dodgy dealings going on and I would imagine it goes high up.

    You have the police making their cut, then the police chiefs, then there is some whipp in the ANC and then there is ama president allowing these people in.

    All up the chain, they make their money one way or another.

    African National Criminal South Africa.

  21. Anonymous9:32 am


    Can you see how once again its whitees fault that blacks were attacking blacks?

    Remember I said they are ALL going to eventually turn on whitee...

    Read between the lines.


    “We condemn such acts of barbarity with all the contempt they deserve.

    We regard them as one of the highest and appalling manifestations of mimicking the erstwhile master (WHITEE) and doing his dirty 'divide and rule' job rooted as it is, in the African’s tragic self-hate syndrome.”

    EFF MP Hlengiwe Hlophe told MPs the party believed no black person could ever be a foreigner in South Africa.

    The party put the blame for recent xenophobic attacks squarely at the ANC’s feet and said the party had failed to transform people’s lives.

    “There can be no harmonious living together while a tiny minority still own 80% of the land. [The] ANC must give our people land [immediately], not tomorrow.”

    In other words, until whitee is gone, dealt with, massacred, removed, attacked, hacked, shot to death - then only peace will exist.

    Guys/girls - if you cannot see what is fast approaching, I seriously urge you all to be prepared.

    SA is in the early stages of a revolution. They need these foreigners to be pissed off and vent their frustrations out on whitee.

    Whitee is actually 5% of the population when you take into account the numbers of illegals. That 5% figure is the same figure the whites were at in Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique before those revolutions kicked in.

    They have allowed them in for a purpose. The job is not done in their minds, they keep telling us that.

    Arm, train, unite, prepare.

    But this time round, we clean up properly. Fumigate completely. No Karasites in Southern Africa - not...One...Single...One....

    1 innocent white life taken, 100,000 of theirs!

    Plain and simple.

  22. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Listen to this bullshit propaganda about Apartheid - sickening.


  23. Anonymous12:14 am

    Mike, what are your thoughts on this?

    1. I also read that. Scary indeed, but makes a lot of sense. We are in for a rough ride!

  24. Anonymous6:05 am

    Something's up... http://m.huffingtonpost.co.za/2016/11/25/anc-branch-says-it-has-no-idea-whats-up-with-the-memorial-zum/

  25. Anonymous6:08 am

    Mike what are you bitching about? Hain is one of your beloved Jews. You are a shabbos goy and a race traitor.
    Your problem is you have allowed the Jew to put too much shit into your head. You are in the same league as Alex Jones, another bullshit artist. Censoring the truth about the Jew, only proves my point.

    1. And your idiotic comment proves mine. Piece of white trash.

    2. Anonymous11:07 am

      @ anon 6:08 am CUNT.

      I supposed you're one if those limp wristed soft cocks that gather donations to put up billboards like the one across the highway from Jan Smuts airport.

      Fucking idiot terrorist lovers you and your kind.

      I really hope the Israelis fuck you rag headed cock suckers up so badly that the only thing left of you goat fuckers is the shit streak you left on the ground just before that Israeli nuke vaporized you.

      Them Jews as you call them have nothing to hide and they have been fucking you camel fuckers up since for fucking ever so go smoke that fact, you cunt.


    3. Anonymous11:22 am

      That's right, you tell him Mike.

      6:08 Your problem is you are a Fokken hond se piel

    4. Anonymous12:10 pm

      6:08 if I was a rich man dee-dle-dee-deedle-dee. I also want to be a Jew but not a poor one like those lubavich Jews from Mea Shearim. I want to be a rich jew 6:08 please tell me the secret on how to become one.

    5. Anonymous1:08 pm

      But Alex jones never censored stuff about the jews.

    6. Stephen10:30 pm

      Anon 6:08 , ag shame - another one of your kind.

      allow to state this simple fact .
      The great and mighty Egyptians - GONE ,no more .
      The great and mighty Romans - GONE , no more.
      The great and mighty Greeks - GONE , no more.
      The great and mighty Persians - GONE , no more.

      The humble and hated Jews - STILL rack your brain

      Okay I will un-censor the truth about the Jews , its not a secret but clearly you're in the dark.

      .." I will bless those that bless Israel , and I will curse those that curse Israel.."

      enough said , you choose you're stance .

      Now I know why Mike (and me) are sooo blessed.

  26. Anonymous6:21 am

    https://www.businesslive.co.za/rdm/politics/2017-03-06-zumas-constitutional-coup-nears-its-end-game-you-have-been, Hi Mike, this is very worrying, what do you think? Gadvol

  27. Anonymous1:35 am

    The Jewish festival of Purim, March 11-12, may seem benign but it has a dark contemporary meaning. It manifests the Zionist determination to exterminate all those who stand in the way of Israel and the New World Order. Sound farfetched? Remember what Mrs. Meyer Rothschild said, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” How many millions of whites perished in meaningless wars of the Twentieth Century? Who promoted sexual promiscuity, homosexuality and feminism so whites don’t form families and propagate? Add the Jewish-banker-sponsored migrant invasion of the West and the promotion of intermarriage in the media and advertising.