24 March 2017

Dear President Zuma; Please suck my reconciliation dick

By Mike Smith
24th of March 2017

Every time this dumb fuck of a president (yours not mine) opens his gob I cringe, because when he lets us know what goes on in that stupid head of his, it just fucks up my day. Seriously, I have been wondering for a long time now what size boot his gums take, because I would really like to give him a present for his birthday.

According to Umsholozi Showerhead (uNumber Whan)…blacks have been trying to reconcile with whites since 1994, but whites have been slapping the hand away.

“During a Human Rights Day commemoration in Durban on Monday, speaking in Zulu, Zuma said it was still difficult for the majority of white people to extend a hand of reconciliation to black people. White South Africans have not reciprocated black people’s attempts to reconcile South Africans across racial lines, says President Jacob Zuma.”

Zuma’s reconciliation appeal to whites

Ja…evil whites, angelic blacks, blah,blah, fuckin’ blah!

In fact it is just the other way around. I for one also had some young and naive liberal hopes back then in 1994. I was a bit sceptical, but I thought, “Why not? Let us take hands and maybe we can build this country together and make it bigger and better than it ever was”, but the disappointment set in very quickly.

Blacks with Thabo Mbeki at the head and Mandela posing for pictures showed that they were not interested in reconciliation of any kind. They were out for RETRIBUTION.

Retribution against the whites for preventing them for so long from stealing the country into bankruptcy, that is.

First they came up with the witch-hunt on whites in their own version of the Nuremburg trials with the bullshit and farcical TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) aka the “Des and Alex show”.

They actually paid blacks R30,000 each to come and tell their sob stories of how they “suffered” under Apartheid. None of the “victims” were taken under cross-examination and their lies were told and believed without question or opposition. Still only 20,000 “victims” came out to collect the money. At the time the country had a black population of 40 million. So less than 0,05% claimed, after being handsomely paid, to have been so-called “victims” of Apartheid. Sorry , but a cloud called “Bullshit” drifted past my brain.

Then came the racist discrimination of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in sport, racial quotas in university entry basically excluding white children from studying at their own universities.

Then came the renaming of the cricket team to the Proteas and the constant shifting of the Springbok Rugby emblem and the racist interferences with the team and management selections.

Then came the closing of RAU, the Rand Afrikaans University, the destruction of all five Afrikaans Universities with Stellenbosch the last to fall. The assault on Afrikaans schools such as Laerskool Mikro in Kuilsrivier.

Then came the destruction of our two former Boer Republics/Provinces known as the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

Then came the changing of our city names, our street names, our airport and harbour names, the renaming of our dams, the destruction and removal of our monuments and setting statues (e.g. CR Swart at Freestate University) alight and throwing statues with poo (e.g. Rhodes at UCT) or paint, like those of Queen Victoria and her Grandson King George V. The Hospital named after him is now called King Dinizulu hospital.

Then our suburbs like Hout Bay, Muizenberg and Milnerton destroyed by the influx of black squatters.

Then there was the destruction of our radio and television stations and programmes, the destruction or hijacking of our newspapers, magazines and other media by blacks.

Then came the re-evaluation of our properties so that we were taxed three times more, then the raising of electricity fees, television fees, the raising of personal income tax so that people can hardly cope anymore and the blatant theft of our tax money by the corrupt Black ANC.

Not only did the ANC rename our hospitals, schools, universities, dams, they completely destroyed them.

White’s history has been vilified and demonised. Jan van Riebeeck has been scapegoated as the father of all South Africa’s problems and the Anglo/Boer War now takes up only a page and a half in the Matric history book...the rest replaced by ANC “struggle” history.

Then you’ve got the race obsessed president himself, singing “Dubula iBhunu” (Kill the Whites)...and “uMshini Whami” (Bring me my machine gun) calling whites “scared cowards” (amagwala) and “raping dogs” (Ziyarapa lezinja). On top of it he constantly preaches that whites are colonists, should go back to Europe and wants white people’s land to be confiscated without compensation.

Then we haven’t even touched on the thousands of white farmers and their families brutally assaulted, raped and tortured for hours before they were killed by blacks. Those are just the farmers; you also have the whites being robbed, raped and killed in the cities and towns and their cars hijacked by blacks and the drivers murdered. All murders that the ANC ignores and the local blacks NEVER condemn.

The list is almost endless...and this is what that rocks-for-brains President calls “RECONCILLIATION”??? Fuck him and his reconciliation!

Ever since the ANC came to power they have been at war with South Africans as a whole, but especially the 9% white minority. The useless ANC is not interested in reconciliation with whites in South Africa, ever. All they are interested in is how much they can steal. The most despicable, filthy scum this country has ever seen. Zuma can take his “reconciliation” and shove it up his AIDS infested, rotting and stinking arse. I believe in axenic Apartheid not reconciliation. I’m preparing for war. The ANC proved that it is inevitable and long overdue.


  1. Anonymous6:21 am


    Spot on - FUCK YOU ZUMA!!

    Hamba you Tsotsi Magosha isifebe inja!

    This fucker needs to go down, down, down. In fact, this bastard needs to be hung!

    He is clutching at straws. This man to hide his thieving & corruption will take us to war. It is part of the plan.

    Part survival / part plan.

    I believe his plan was always to take us there & in the process, he thought that "why not take as much as you want from the cookie jar" after the dust settles, it will be the last thing they look for.

    This is a fucking parasite. Its chaos to get away from his looming jail term. He thinks that the sooner he can bring us to the brink of war, the sooner he can jet out of SA and not face his term.

    Hanging is the only solution for this piece of shit, he and his entire conniving, thieving Zuma/Gupta friends, pals and family.

    He wants chaos but I think he will be very surprised that it is the whites who would sooner go to war than many of the blacks in this country.

    He assumes he speaks for most blacks & he assumes his wants are the peoples wants. This thing is an utter, utter, utter parasite of the highest order.

    He is THE most corrupt African president to date. When are his own people going to throw in the towel? When will they kick this thing out?

    This one is a damn sly parasite, very cunning with his talk. He plays into the EFF very well. Whites havent reconciled, then the ANC supporters hear the EFFs talk and now they are all on the same page and agree that the whites are the problem.

    All morons.

    He must go ASAP, he cant go sooner.

    This is a modern dingaan walking in a suit.

  2. Anonymous6:25 am

    Unrelated, or entirely predictable, tangentially related multi-cult failure. You decide:

    'Illegal aliens congregating in sanctuary cities, study shows.'


    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous1:20 pm

      hey besoeker... Here are some pictures of you and your americans supporting the ANC in the 1980s


      Some more American Manginas protesting.. Tell me... Have you Mericans changed your mind yet? Have you been cured of your delusion about us?



    2. Anonymous10:56 pm

      "Have you been cured of your delusion about us?"

      Sadly no. Your foto only tells a fraction of the story. I regret to inform, the 'delusion' has only worsened.
      Double "Groan"


  3. Anonymous8:20 am


  4. Anonymous8:32 am

    Stuff your black rainbow nation in your black asshole you black asshole zupta.

  5. Anonymous9:10 am

    Demographics is everything. The African population growth projections are truly staggering especially Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya - all off the charts with 6-9 children per woman. An epic struggle for our very existence is coming like a freight train and given how readily the blacks are erasing White society there, I think South Africa is already a lost cause. Why remain in a county whose government hates you and is most certainly encouraging and funding the farm attacks? Watching recent video of your university riots with blacks burning buildings and painting "Fuck White People" on buildings and burning artwork says all I need to know.

    1. Anonymous12:12 pm


      ~Anonymous9:10 am

      Ja, Ja - we`ve heard it all before.

      Tell you what, why dont you arrange for the evacuation, housing, immigration of white South Africans and then let us know which country they should go to?

      But the blacks in the US also say "fuck whitee" Today they mentioned it in - go to RT you will see it.

      There are plans to help this population, for one stop sending aid and 2nd dont feed the things. Let mother nature help them out - problem is whitee interfered with them thanks to fake Christians promoting the gospel to further their own hidden agendas.

    2. RunForrestRun1:21 pm

      Given the article above describing it quite succinctly coupled with your own observation, any thinking human being would come to the same conclusion you have.

    3. Anonymous1:25 pm

      Ironically it is the elite white NWO that is artificially exploding their numbers so that they can be used as leverage against the west because the elite want to bring the west down.

      The Africans will be double crossed as soon the west collapses.

    4. Anonymous1:26 pm

      There are a core of men that dont tuck their tails between their legs. You are not one of them.

  6. Anonymous9:12 am

    Shot out !

  7. Anonymous10:17 am


    The problem in South Africa is that whites care much about "OUR" than anything else. I even liked the way you called everything that was built through South Africa's minerals "OURS". Afrikaners had six universities while the majority in the country almost had nothing yet the country had minerals to benefit ALL but the former regime could only use all the revenue realised from our minerals to build the Afrikaner empire.

    You cannot claim ownership to what was built by the government because it belongs to all. It was built through the wealth of the country underneath the soil and not by certain individuals to start claiming ownership.

    Obviously, ANC cannot continue to rule while the legacy of apartheid is still visible. ANC cannot continue the legacy of Apartheid, never. Under democracy, there is no special race that must be treated as jewels by reserving certain amenities only for them. We must share everything equally to benefit ALL.

    I know how much you loved apartheid and how much it used to care for you while ignoring the needs of others, but what it did was terrific. All this while, during its tenure it created imbalances of affluent white suburbs (Hout bay, Muizenberg and Milnerton) and impoverished black townships like Langa, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, etc. That is fact that is still visible today.

    Now with all these imbalances, you still expect the ANC just to start on a clean slate as if there were no injustices done on blacks by both colonial and apartheid regimes and still continue the legacy of the oppressor as usual. It does not work that way. In America even to this day, the previously disadvantaged are still empowered through Jobs, education, etc.

    Whites must just only discard their ego and come to the understanding that the government belongs to the people, NOT TO AFRIKANERS ONLY. What is it with this thing of OUR THIS AND THAT? damned!!!. Apartheid government came with their own method and style to rule and now is the ANC's turn. Respect that.

    Moreover, the ANC government does not chase you out of universities, employment, sport, etc. The problem is your EGO of being ruled by a black man. You simply hate the idea of being ruled by blacks and that makes you resist reconciliation and transformation.

    With farm murders and white genocide, you simply want unnecessary attention. Why would you prefer to isolate yourself from murder statistics of South Africa? Ain't you citizens of South Africa? Or do you expect all the murders to take place without you being part of the statistics? That would have been possible if you were living on the clouds up in the sky.

    With regard to farm murders. Please advise your farmers not to take advantage of cheap labour. Let them do everything according to law and provide their own security just like Mines, Industries, Companies, etc, do. They only want to pocket the money and let them stop being stingy and provide their own private security at his farm.

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      Oh man. I am waiting, Mike is going to rip you to pieces fucktard. Get it thru your empty head, knuckle dragging simians are not human, fuckoff back to the bush and go swing on a tree branch!

    2. Anonymous12:20 pm


      You cannot claim ownership to what was built by the government because it belongs to all.

      YES WE CAN - a diamond in their hands is, was more like a marble, they had no concept of commerce prior to whitee arriving. I think you did a little digging, you will find the word...

      "ECONOMICS" is not a bantu word but a Greek/Latin derived word - it aint bantu - so the only reason they had mines was due to economics & if economics werent their thing....

      Then what?

      Obviously, ANC cannot continue to rule while the legacy of apartheid

      Yes thats clear evident. The legacy of amazing hospitals, world class education, crime free, more work, higher living standards, better literacy rates, 1st word transport system, 1st class military system had to be removed and could not be maintained like usual.

      Show me 1 just 1 positive thing this ANC fucked up government has done off their own back that was not built during apartheid? Dont bother, you wont find it.

      Moreover, the ANC government does not chase you out of universities, employment, sport, etc. The problem is your EGO of being ruled by a black man. You simply hate the idea of being ruled by blacks and that makes you resist reconciliation and transformation.

      Typical fucking parasite - yes they do chase us away from sports - how many white players do you see on the soccer field?

      With farm murders and white genocide, you simply want unnecessary attention.

      So 73,000+ whites killed is looking for attention? FUCK YOU!!!!! Zuma cannot count, so how are they going to keep score, after all thats what statistics are.

      Ag this one is clearly a Karasite brain, it thinks because it can type in English that it can now debate. The brain has an IQ level of a 9 year old and it want to discuss Adult things and complex subject, might as well be taking to a parrot.

      Please advise your farmers not to take advantage of cheap labour. Yes we have and they are taking it seriously, mechanizing and soon they wont need brain dead fucks picking grapes.

      Karasites are so 19th century. You dont need them for anything besides Chinese dog meat. That would be a good business, feeding the things to Chinese dogs.

      Fuck off now, you shouldnt be on talking or discussing anything with racist, colonialist whites - remember you dont like them, you werent invited now go rape a granny, shag a sheep or rape some 6 month old baby - you guys do a great job doing that.

    3. Ja nee, jy dink nes 'n kaffer. Ons probleem is nie met swartmense nie maar met hul kak waardes. Jou stink POEPHOL!

    4. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Oh boy! This must rate as the dumbest post ever on this blog. "DOOS" does not do adequate justice to this moron because, for the most part, they are useful. OMG!!!!

    5. Anonymous12:53 pm

      @anon 10:17

      Universities were built from tax payers money to educate their children. (Sure many wealthy businessmen sponsored certain aspects of them)

      Why did blacks not do this before any whites set foot on this continent?

      Imbalances? Open any news site / newspaper any day you will find an article how the CURRENT politicians have milked millions for a job that never materialised. ( I witnessed blacks destroying 10" diameter pipes meant for water service delivery to their community???)(Burn schools, clinics etc...)

      Black ego... everything is being transformed from something that worked to FUCKED UP.

      White genocide or black genocide...WHO is doing it?

      Please advise your black farmers to do the same!
      I live amongst black farmers...There is only one guy that plays by the rules all the rest pay their staff R100 per week and make them live with pigs.
      (I reported it to the authorities only to find out they are the farmers...fuck all happened) They ask me for work everyday. Kan nie meer nie Meneer.

      All white farmers that I know of and have visited their farms provide decent living accommodation, facilities include - house, ablutions (flushing toilets & showers) hot water. Electricity / solar powered. Including fire wood, water and of course meat and vegetables and sometimes a school with teachers.

      That is more than your fucking useless government has promised people for over 20 years.

    6. Anonymous1:06 pm

      WTF did I just read.

      Fuckoff KAFFIR. Go give your STUPID FUCKING COMMENTS somewhere else.

      We respect nothing of KAFFIRS.
      Your KAFFIR bothers should enjoy it up there while they can. They will be replaced very soon.
      Steal some running shoes KAFFIR, because you are going to need them.

    7. Whiteman1:17 pm

      Anonymous 10:17 am, you seem to know nothing about the Boer Nation ? Or maybe those hateful afrikaners managed to convince you as well, that there was no such thing as the Boer Republics. Thirty four thousand women and children killed to protect that which was rightfully THEIR country. And if you want to bring in malemas shit arguments into this picture, kindly also shit on the americans, and australians, etc, etc. Now I am not sure exactly which angle you are playing here, but it smells like the libturd line ? Why mention impoverished townships, when it is a world wide phenomenon ? What do you say about the rest of Africa, where there has never been any horrible afrikaners, to claim resources as their own ? Have you had a meeting with zuma and malema, to explain your very enlightened plan ? Now as a Boer, belonging to the Boer Nation, I will say this one thing to you. Until the black savages sacrifice thirty four thousand dead women and children, in a fair fight, they will have NO claim to fame ! ( And for our overseas readers, just this clarification. The the word " boer, " in lower case, means a farmer of produce. But the word Boer, refers to the Boer Nation, one of the greatest nations to ever walk this earth. And they are hated by the afrikaners you mention in your post. At least we can agree on that point ! )

    8. Anonymous2:37 pm

      @Anon 11:59am

      You are retarded mentally.

      @Boere Ninja

      You can do all the politicking but the fact remains, all the infrastructure was built through the wealth that was obtained from Africa's minerals. Thus, it belongs to all of us. Obviously apartheid government had all the money because it only took care of 3 million people (whites) as compared to ANC which takes care of 55 million (whole population).

      @Anon 10:17

      Obviously you don't understand the government's revenues system. The country cannot be run through income tax alone. Most of your PAYE tax pay old age pensions and grants. Our countries' mineral wealth through royalties is what has built our universities and infrastructure. Ethiopia has universities today without an influence of a white man and South Africa could have done the same without JV Riebeeck influence. Perhaps it could have been more richer than today.

      Others deserve no reply as their posts are just hogwash.

    9. @Anonymous 10:17am

      I would like to take you on, on your comment. I have to divide this up in two parts due to bug in Blogger:

      “The problem in South Africa is that whites care much about "OUR" than anything else.”

      This is simply not true. It is the exact opposite. It is because the Afrikaner cares so much about others that we are in the current mess. The Afrikaner is the only nation that negotiated its own country and freedom away, because they care so much for others. The Afrikaner is also the only white nation that uplifted the blacks who lived in the country. Unlike other white nations that almost wiped their natives from the map.

      During the Apartheid years, South African blacks and other non-whites were FAT and very well cared for. (Check old photos of DRUM magazine, etc and you will have proof.) I addition to that, South African non-whites were the best educated in the WORLD and they got their education from their own South African Universities, build and paid for by the Afrikaner. Here’s a few names: Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Prof. Tony Links, Chris Hani, Prof Jakes Gerwel, Seretsi Khama, Dr Manto Tshabala Msimang, Prof Richard Van Der Ross, Oliver Thambo, Barney Pityana, Dr Frank Quint.
      I can give many more names, but space is restricted. Whites never stopped any of those people from studying and being the best they could be.

      “Afrikaners had six universities while the majority in the country almost had nothing…”

      Almost had nothing??? What is that? How can you almost have nothing? You either have NOTHING or you have SOMETHING. Here are the universities that catered to the needs of non-whites. You will see it is not “almost nothing”. University of Transkei, University of Venda, University of the Western Cape, University of the North, University of Bopthuthswana, University of Durban-Westville, Vista University, Fort Hare, UNISA. The University of Cape Town also allowed non-white students.

      Except for the universities there were also countless technikons and other training facilities for non- whites. You could find non-white artisans in all the industries and the mines during the Apartheid years.

      There were job reservation and I never fully agreed with it, BUT there was work for EVERYONE all the time.

      By the way, the universities I mentioned were built by the Apartheid government to cater for non-whites.

      “We must share everything equally to benefit ALL.”
      I can agree with you there. But you should tell this to the current government, not to us here on this blog. Those in government are the ones taking everything for themselves. They don’t want to share with anyone. Even black people are suffering more than what they ever suffered under Afrikaner rule, because of this. Middle class people have been impoverished to the point where they have to beg at the traffic lights or be car-guards at shopping centers. Those are people who were gainfully employed before, but now they can’t get formal employment because of the colour of their skin.

      By the way sharing everything equally to benefit ALL is a communist concept and it NEVER worked anywhere before. The only thing that work is to actually WORK for what you want.

      “I know how much you loved apartheid and how much it used to care for you while ignoring the needs of others, but what it did was terrific.”

      There you said it yourself: Apartheid was TERRIFIC for our unique situation in South Africa. You see, I didn’t even had to convince you, you already convinced yourself. But I guess that is not what you wanted to say and thus advise you to look up what the word TERRIFIC actually means.

    10. Here is the second part:

      “Apartheid government came with their own method and style to rule and now is the ANC's turn. Respect that.”

      A government should not RULE a country. That is why the SA government is so extremely bad in everything they do, because they want to rule. A government is there to GOVERN the country. In other words MANAGE the country. The current government and most of its members are only there to enrich themselves and those closest to them. They care nothing about the people of the republic.

      “Moreover, the ANC government does not chase you out of universities, employment, sport, etc.”

      That is exactly what the ANC government is doing. They judge people only on their skin colour or race. Thus, competent people are not allowed to do the jobs they are trained for. If only competent people were employed in ALL sectors, you would see very few blacks there. Most of us don’t care about the colour of the person’s skin, we care about if he/she is competent in doing their job.

      We are South Africans and we accept that there are different races living here. But blacks are the ONLY people who keep on bringing up race, nobody else does.

      “Ain't you citizens of South Africa? Or do you expect all the murders to take place without you being part of the statistics? That would have been possible if you were living on the clouds up in the sky.”

      This is the worse argument I ever heard in my life. You say that murder is a normal part of life and people should expect to be murdered. This means YOU are actually living in the clouds up in the sky. We ordinary people expect NOT to be murdered and NOT be part of murder statistics. I think that goes for everyone.

      “With regard to farm murders. Please advise your farmers not to take advantage of cheap labor.”

      In most cases farmers are not being murdered by their laborers. I would advise you to visit a farm and stay there for a week. Then you will see how good farm laborers are treated by the farmers. Our farms are labor intensive and the workers are the farmers’ most valuable assets. They are treated fairly, BUT you must also remember farm work is not for sissies.

    11. Anonymous4:45 pm

      See, you are a classic example of a leech, parasite that wants everything like the millions of you brothers and sisters for free, never adding or giving back, whites must always give to you, what have you given back lately?

    12. Anonymous7:38 pm

      @ 10:17 am.

      If your IQ was higher than 60% it might have been worth the effort to listen to your argument.

      If your IQ was higher than 80% I would have considered arguing your argument with you.

      If your IQ was higher than 50% I would have called you evolution in progress but the universe dictates, I have to call you retard.

      Now let me interject here with this, you retards prove your retardedness by believing and listening to shit, you enforce and expose your retardedness by living like apeman in a shopping mall and lastly please just fucking for fuck sakes for the last fucking time, prove to me any fucking country, state, land, organization, institution, business or concern that has worked, been successful, not corrupted, not in debt, paid taxes with integrity and has a succession plan that a retard owns.

      I cannot even read the shit that you retards spew let alone listen to the stinking crap that exits your traps.

      The reason you come to a white mans blog is that you are still trying to prove that you lot are something, trying to prove that you wannabes can be but alas, you and your forgotten species will never be.

      You will fuck it up, ruin it, break it, destroy it then you will beg it from white countries again.

      The only things that African retards do and prove that they do it properly, is FUCK IT UP. Africa is your history recorded, look at it and continue your pride.


    13. Anonymous10:29 pm

      Apartheid was nothing more than an Afro-brexit for blacks. The Boers did you a favour.

      Independence is only for grown ups and does not work for arrested development stone age things like you.

      That is why the Zulus agreed with apartheid, because the zulu king is not a mangina pussy like the rest of you. YOu are like little black children that throw temper tantrums because you were not fed by us and not got your ass wiped and nappies changed by the boers. Boohoo... waaah waaaah waaaaaaaaaah...

      Apartheid was nationalism and Mandela was part of the globalisation of South Africa. You are all to happy to return to your mommy's house. That is why you rejected nationalism. You are too lazy, stupid, childish and too weak to be a grown up and running your own country.

      Go back to your big black mamma. Pussy.

    14. @ Anonymous 10:17am…
      Spending time on a fucktard like you is actually not worth it, but at least it gives me the opportunity to point out your communist lies and mythic believes and replace it with facts.
      1: South Africa during Apartheid had 21 universities of which only five were Afrikaans. In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 black universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the 5 black universities of the homelands. At the special medical university of MEDUNSA whites trained black medical doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and paramedical personnel to world class standards...at full state costs and about 200 black medical doctors were qualified there every year...thanks to the “oppressive” Bantu Education system.
      2:About “South Africa was built with the wealth of the country underneath the soil”….OK so blacks according to you were in SA before the whites and sat on this wealth beneath the soil for thousands of years. Why did the blacks not take that wealth underneath the soil and build South Africa with it? Were they to stupid to realize the worth of the minerals or too stupid to get it out of the ground? Truth is SA was not built by the government. It was built by enterprising entrepreneurial men and women and with the tax money of hardworking whites, who studied hard and worked hard to get where they are today whilst you fucking lazy lot sat in the sun drinking beer and pomped and made babies who now demand everything from those who worked hard.
      3:You say, “Under democracy, there is no special race that must be treated as jewels by reserving certain amenities only for them”…You are 100% correct. I agree with you. Kindly tell that to the ANC and let them stop their racist policies of BEE and AA benefitting, not all blacks, but only THEIR blacks, because let’s be honest…All the racist policies of the ANC only benefit the cadres . And while you are at it let them stop racial quotas in university entry and racial quotas in sport too.
      4: “How much I loved Apartheid”??? “How much it cared for me? What planet are you on? I grew up poor and had to start buying my own school shirts at the age of 15 with the casual money I got from working at Shoprite on the weekends. I also had to pay my own school fees or be shamed in class. I realized then already that nobody is ever going to GIVE me anything. If I wanted to be successful I had to study hard and work hard. So I worked three jobs paying my own way through university and educated myself. Nobody EVER gave me a fucking cent. I never inherited anything in my life and never will. Everything I have, I had to work for. And you know what? Most whites had to do the same. My sister had to pay off her study loan and bursary for many years after she studied. That is how 99% of whites got educated during Apartheid. Study hard and hope and pray you get accepted into university if you had Higher Grade subjects and good marks and then hope and pray you get a bursary. Get a study loan and work part time to pay your food, your boarding house, your books and clothes…It wasn’t easy mate. It was hell.

    15. 5: About Apartheid that created “imbalances of affluent white suburbs and impoverished black townships”…what utter rubbish. First of all when I grew up, Lwandle in the Strand was just a few hostels with about 1000 inhabitants. Masiphumilele in Fish Hoek did not even exist yet, neither did Mandela Park in Hout Bay. These township exploded in 1993 when the ANC bussed in thousands of voting fodder from the Ciskei and Transkei and simply dumped them there with no water, services streets or electricity. During the year that the ANC ruled the Cape they did absolutely FUCKALL to improve the townships. Now the DA must clean up the mess.
      How “impoverished” were the townships? At the hight of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

      In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

      There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

      Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre. In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.
      6:Sorry but your attempt at justification of Kaffirmative Action and Black Bastard Economic Empowerment against 9% of the whites does not hold water. How can you be scared that 9% whites are going to take away the jobs of 80% blacks? It is mathematically impossible. Shows what an idiot you are.

    16. 7: You say, “Apartheid government came with their own method and style to rule and now is the ANC's turn. Respect that.“…..and “You simply hate being ruled by blacks.”
      Well first of all the Apartheid government did not come up with the idea of the homelands. The Canadians, Americans and Australians practiced it already with the Indians and Aborigines. Where does it come from? It is international law… Art.1(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: “All peoples have the right of self determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”.
      Tell you what why don’t you respect the Afrikaner’s right to rule themselves, just like they respected the black’s right to rule themselves with the creation of the Homelands? Why do you want to rule Afrikaners and whites? I for one don’t want to rule you. I don’t want to be ruled by you. I want to rule myself. Why don’t you respect that and give the Afrikaners a homeland? If you dislike them so much and if they are/were such evil racists then why do you still want them as part of your new SA? Is it because they provide you with loads of tax money you can steal?
      8: Oh…So with farm murders we are just seeking attention??? Tell you what. Stop the farm murders and we will stop seeking attention. Simple. Listen idiot…first of all being a farmer is a job just like any other job. If 4000 black architects or 4000 black lawyers or 4000 black whores get killed by white murderers in South Africa , would you start thinking that a specific group is maybe being targeted by another specific group? Would you still call it just ordinary crime and just part of crime statistics?
      9:You say, “Please advise your farmers not to take advantage of cheap labour. Let them do everything according to law and provide their own security just like Mines, Industries, Companies, etc, do.”
      So you are generalizing and criminalizing all white farmers as criminals and exploiters of innocent black labourers and then you wonder why 4000 white farmers have been killed by blacks. Do you even understand what you just said? What you are doing is hate speech, doos. Besides why must the farmers or anybody for that matter provide their own security? We pay our taxes to a useless government with a useless and corrupt police force.
      You obviously do not understand the role of a government. The role of a government is to respect the rights of the minority NOT the rights of the majority and the tiniest minority is the individual and the most basic right of the individual is The right to life. THAT RIGHT is what the government should protect. That is their ONLY job. It is not the job of government to build schools and roads and dams and hand out grants to useless and lazy blacks. The ONLY job of government, the only reason why we have a government in the first place, is to protect our individual rights. Nothing more and nothing less. If they cannot protect our rights, then we don’t need them anymore. Then they must go. We gave them the monopoly on the use of force with an army and a police force. If they are too useless to protect our lives, then we have no other choice but to take the monopoly on the use of force away from them and protect ourselves and get rid of government. That will mean that we will have a revolution and anarchy. Is that what you want? So better you start holding your government accountable and remind them of what their fucking job is instead of coming on here spewing your shit.

    17. Anonymous2:38 am



      Your justification of apartheid is so pathetic so much that it could simply be reduced to that of Bill Gates pretending to be poor. Why is it that we could tell the difference between white man's universities and that of the natives? Our universities were no different from that of our high school. All had poor infrastructure yet South Africa was then the richest country in Africa in terms of mineral reserves.


      This is not communist ideology. It is logic. If our country by then was no:1 Gold producer, it meant it was generating billions of rands in revenues. That is the money I meant was SUPPOSE TO BENEFIT ALL EQUALLY. Why was it that whites took 80% all to themselves and share 20% to the rest of non-whites governments?

      You mean blacks were FATTER, and the reason was that there were some who could manage to eat from the crumbs that fell over your table. You had housemaids that you usually gave leftovers to take home and feed their families with. By then most black families did not have source of income and their oupa and oumas could only get their pensions and grants every after three months as compared to their white counterpart who were paid their pensions every month. Shame!! and that still was the best system according to you.

    18. Anonymous2:58 am



      Apartheid government ruled South Africa and that's why it is seldom replaced as white rule or minority rule. It was a RULE because there was everything wrong about how they delivered their services to the people.
      - Blacks did not have electricity
      - Blacks did not have decent sanitation, roads, jobs, etc
      - Blacks were not allowed to pursue technical qualification such as Engineering and Technology
      - Sport was separated along racial lines. And the list is endless.

      I am not ANC supporter and the fact is that I have never heard that the ANC government chased out whites from universities or from their jobs. We are still having white students in universities as usual and white employees in government except for the fact that most are disgruntled because they need some special treatment that they used to enjoy under apartheid, some being, to be placed in much senior and supervisory positions than blacks and to earn more than blacks for the same position. But, sorry ANC cannot afford to do that.

    19. Anonymous3:25 am


      Part 1

      1. Mike, can you tell me why was the difference between black and whites universities in terms of resources, since our universities then could not look any different from my local high school?

      2. Mike, Ethiopia developed without any influence of a white man. Do you want to tell me that without a white man we could have not have had mining operations and possibly not have developed? The village of Mapungubwe had already started trading with gold to other nations and that's include the Batswana people where Gauteng is today. That was many years before a white man arrived to where Transvaal and Free State is.

      3. Redistributive policies such as BEE and AA are positive discrimination policies drafted to benefit the previously disadvantaged. Even the world accept them and gave them a thumb up.

      4. Whites all over the world will tell you how they all wished to relocate to South Africa during apartheid as it was a heaven for a white man. It gave it all out for a white man.

    20. Anonymous3:39 am


      Part two

      We should blame the government that started racial townships at the first place. That same government that created this disgusting legacy that we see today of affluent surburbs vs impoverished townships. ANC and DA is not to be blamed, colonial and apartheid government is. During then South Africa was mineral capital of the world. That money was allowed to be shipped to Europe and built it to what we see today. Thanks to apartheid government. A crime to humanity.

    21. @ Anon 2:38 am So your education was inferior. Why don't you go and tell Thabo Mbeki, Dr, Mamphela Ramphele, Dr Jakes Gerwel, Dr Jonathan Jansen, and all those black judges like Mogoeng Mogoeng, Sandile Ngcobo (Both studied at the University of Zululand and the University of Natal ) and Pius Langa (UNISA 1976) that their education is inferior? See what they say. How about Judge Ismail Mohamed who wrote the constitution of Namibia. He was at Pretoria Indian Boys High where he made matric in 1950 two years after the NP introduced separate development and he graduated from WITS in 1957 with a BA.LLB in 1957. Height of Apartheid. Inferior education? He is dead now, but go and tell his family what you think of his education seeing that it was good enough for him to became a British Barrister in 1984 and be appointed by Nelson Mandela as Chief justice in 1996. Nelson Mandela...another lawyer graduate with inferior Apartheid education. Same like Tambo and Luthuli who were Apartheid teachers and taught the inferior Apartheid Education to blacks.

      South Africa was not and is not "the richest country in Africa in terms of mineral reserves" as you so falsely state. That honour befalls the DRC. So you tell me why they are so poor despite all their mineral wealth? Nigeria...10th largest as far as proven oil reserves, 2013 37.2 billion barrels: Why are they one of the poorest and most corrupt in Africa?

      Whites took 80% of it for themselves? shared 20%? Can you kindly provide sources and proof of this as well as exactly who these "whites" are/were? I mean seeing that not a single gold mine or diamond mine or platinum mine...is owned by a white Afrikaner today or were owned by white Afrikaners during Apartheid. Ever heard of the Oppenheimer Family? Gavin Relly? Julian Ogilvie Thompson? Maybe you should check which country's passports they hold and ask yourself why a company called "Anglo American" controls 90% of all the stock on the Johannesburg stock exchange. There...go take on the Brits and the Yanks and their black BEE managers and leave the Afrikaners alone.

      Leftovers for the maid? Tja...I sincerely apologise. We should never have given a single crumb to blacks, but then again you contradict yourself, because you want us to share.

      Share what? Patrice Motsepe, Kulubuse and Edward Zuma and the Guptas and Cyril Ramaphosa are in charge of the Mines and minerals now. Go ask them to share and...please tell them to share some with the poor white Afrikaners too.

      Oh and about the pensions and jobs during Apartheid...Did Shaka Zulu have a pension system? Did he have schools and hospitals for his black subjects? Old age homes? Universities? Mental institutions?

      In his book "Minderheid in Eigen land", (Minority in one's own country)Dutch politician Martin Bosma writes and names (page 489-498) that under Apartheid there were 17 racial laws and most abandoned during the 1980's. (I can name them all if you want me to). Under the ANC there are currently 114 racial laws.

      So you tell me, mate...which system was better? Which system is more racist?

    22. Anonymous4:24 am


      Part 3

      Homelands have nothing to do with self determination but has everything to do with racism. If Africans can never have the right to claim to have a homeland in Europe why would we have a white homeland in Africa? South Africa is a sovereign country and any establishment of homelands based on race will be against the values of ANC and African Union as a whole.

      Commercial farming is nothing like a job. It is business and hence they must losen up their pockets and hire private security. So, do you think when you see security companies in our mines and industries those people are there to play games. Nope.

      It is either you who does not understand the purpose of government. If you are paying tax it does not mean the government must do everything for you. Build you a house, give you free electricity, etc, Nope. The government ia basically for the poor. If you have the means to provide your own house, electricity and security do it and don't wait for the government to do it for you because when they look into your affordability they will not see you as the person in need. Have you even wondered why the rich cannot get old age pension yet they have been paying taxes? Payment of taxes is compulsory except those who earn less R80 000 per annum.

      Now this brings us to provision of own security. If you have a business in a crime ridden country like South Africa, security is no exception. You will have to hire private security or you will DIE.

      South African whites have just turned themselves into a laughing stock of the world by singling out their own stats from the rest of South Africa. In fact they just market themselves as REAL RACISTS in the world because it is only racist who will see statistics in that perspective. The world is laughing. In that case, they will ask them: how many blacks were killed, coloureds and Asians? The answer will definitely show that blacks were the most killed.

      With farm murders, the problem will just be that there is no enough security in our farms. If you want police to do that, it will mean that the police will have to leave the poor in squater camps to perish in the hands of thugs and go to protect private interests of farmers who could simply provide their own security.

    23. Anonymous5:07 am


      Who said their education was inferior. That certainly never came from me. All I indicated was that they had poor resources. Meaning poor infrastructure as compared to white universities.

      And most of those professionals were exposed to international education as some have even went to exile.

      Mike, DRC might have many minerals but South Africa was the world leader in terms of Gold and Platinum reserves. Most important and expensive minerals and that include diamonds.

      If the Oppenheimers and the De beers could not share their wealth why would Motsepe share his from the crumbs that he found from the mines that the oppressors left over? South Africa simply has no minerals left anymore.

      Shaka never had hospitals and pensions and so was prehistoric Ethiopia. Today we have hospitals and Ethiopia also has world class hospitals and pensions without any influence of a white man. So, you see even if white never set foot in our land we could have had our hospitals, pensions, etc. Perhaps we could have had better living conditions.

      I fail to understand how does one see policies which are meant to reverse imbalances of the past as racial. If I come to the school and found children, some stomach full and some hungry and decide to give food to those who are hungry, how is that unfair?

    24. @Anonymous2:58 am

      “Why is it that we could tell the difference between white man's universities and that of the natives?”

      Because of the same reason that we can tell the difference between a black neighborhood and a white neighborhood. The white neighborhood is clean and quiet, while the black neighborhood is dirty and noisy. It is because of the people living there. Different cultures have their own way of doing things.

      The poor infrastructure you talk about was never a problem. We once needed a microscope at our school for the science class. The department wouldn’t provide it, as we already had two microscopes at the school. A meeting was held and the parents collected money and we bought it.
      You see - that is why I say the government is there to govern the country - not to rule or to hand out money to everyone. People should look after themselves. That is why white countries are so successful. It is because of the people living there, not because of their government handing out free money.

      At white schools the parents mow the lawns and take care of the gardens. They built the sport fields and swimming pools out of their own pockets. They draw the white lines on the rugby fields the Friday before a big match. In addition they take time off to give sports training in sports that they are good at. They don’t wait for the government to do it.

      If you are going to wait on a government (any government) to give you something, you are going to wait VERY long.


      This is not communist ideology. It is logic. That is the money I meant was SUPPOSE TO BENEFIT ALL EQUALLY.”

      This is not logical. If you think that all Whites were rich during Apartheid, means you didn’t live at that time. If you think that the Apartheid government handed out food parcels and money to the ordinary Whites of the country you are delusional. The Whites had to work as hard as everyone else in the republic.

      If a government takes its revenue and divide it equally between all its citizens that is communism. This means that you get something, whether you worked for it or not. It simply doesn’t work. The only principle that works is: The harder you work, the more you benefit.

      “You mean blacks were FATTER…”

      That’s not what I meant at all. There were many blacks who were fat. This means that they couldn’t have been suffering as you want to make it look. Most people in those years were not fat as they all had to work hard so they didn’t get a chance to get fat, but there were many fat black people. And also many rich black people with their own businesses. There were also many black people who reached worldwide fame during Apartheid. If the government oppressed them - like you claim - it would not have been possible.
      And yes, things were not perfect, but it was a thousand times better than what it was today. We now still have Apartheid, but it benefits only the top dogs in government and NO ONE else.

      Any black person who didn’t have work and thus a source of income, during the Apartheid years, were lazy. LAZY. There was no scarcity of work. There was work for everyone all the time. Those who were waiting for pension payouts of their oumas and oupas were lazy. I don’t even think there were people like that in those days, because even the blacks then had a form of decency and pride.

      “Apartheid government ruled South Africa and that's why it is seldom replaced as white rule or minority rule. It was a RULE because there was everything wrong about how they delivered their services to the people.”

      It wasn’t only blacks who didn’t have electricity. None of us had. We used oil lamps and candles as well as a wood burning oven and Primus stove. Electricity came bit by bit, but by the late 1970’s everyone who wanted electricity had electricity. Langa, Gugulethu and Nyanga had electric street lights and every home had electricity if they wanted it. All these townships also had those giant spot lights that changed the whole area into day at night.

    25. (continue)

      The government didn’t supply electricity to informal settlements as that doesn’t make sense.

      You say your list is endless. It may be so. But you must remember that the Apartheid government created countries for all the blacks. All the blacks had to do was to develop those countries, but they couldn’t. It is the same like they are messing up South Africa at the moment.

      Some clever people worked out from previous experience that people feel the most comfortable when they are amongst their own people. This is a fact of life that you can do nothing about.

      The cultural melting pot. The rainbow nation. Multi-culturism; simply does not work. No matter how many band-aids you put on it, it does not work. You can see it everywhere in the world. Where different cultures meet there is a clash.

      So they worked out a system where every culture can be on its own. Everyone will agree it was not a perfect system, but it worked and it benefited EVERYONE. It was the best system under the circumstances.

      White students are NOT at university as usual. They are being targeted because of their skin colour. The girls are being raped and the men are being assaulted and even killed. They can’t study properly because every few months there are unrest on campus.

      In addition I want to say that black people have got an unnatural obsession with Whites. They run after Whites and want to be everywhere where Whites are. They wear White-people clothes. They drive White-people cars. The follow White-people culture. They got White-people religion. They lighten their skin and they straighten their hair. They do their best to marry a white girl whenever they reach a certain status in life.
      The fact is that blacks will sell their souls to be white.

      Blacks should stop that and live their own culture. That will make them much happier than what they currently are.

      The rainbow nation came apart at the seams since the late nineties. More and more people are seeing the light, Anonymous…

      Many of us will be coming for the liberals. I can assure you there will be no talking or arguing or explaining then...

    26. (continue...)

      The government didn’t supply electricity to informal settlements as that doesn’t make sense.

      You say your list is endless. It may be so. But you must remember that the Apartheid government created countries for all the blacks. All the blacks had to do was to develop those countries, but they couldn’t. It is the same like they are messing up South Africa at the moment.

      Some clever people worked out from previous experience that people feel the most comfortable when they are amongst their own people. This is a fact of life that you can do nothing about.

      The cultural melting pot. The rainbow nation. Multi-culturism simply does not work. No matter how many band-aids you put on it, it does not work. You can see it everywhere in the world. Where different cultures meet there is a clash.

      So they worked out a system where every culture can be on its own. Everyone will agree it was not a perfect system, but it worked and it benefited EVERYONE. It was the best system under the circumstances.

      White students are NOT at university as usual. They are being targeted because of their skin colour. The girls are being raped and the men are being assaulted. They can’t study properly because every few months there are unrest on campus.

      In addition I want to say that black people have got an unnatural obsession with Whites. They run after Whites and want to be everywhere where Whites are. They wear White-people clothes. They drive White-people cars. The follow White-people culture. They got White-people religion. They lighten their skin and they straighten their hair. They do their best to marry a white girl whenever they reach a certain status in life.
      The fact is that blacks will sell their souls to be white.

      Blacks should stop that and live their own culture. That will make them much happier than what they currently are.

      The rainbow nation came apart at the seams since the late nineties. More and more people are seeing the light, Anonymous…

      I will be one of those who come after the liberals. There will be no arguing, explaining or convincing then...

    27. Anonymous8:50 am

      Hey Mike

      It seems that we once again have some visitors from the Brett Fish brigade. Remember that ass wipe? These are more than likely comments from Brett himself.

      As I have said before; Brett and his kaffir monkeys love reading your blog. It's truly an orgasmic experience for them

    28. Anonymous9:49 am


      The effects of apartheid were so depressing such that French researchers cut their research short simply because evidence was out in the open and very shocking. Seeing all those big beautiful houses which accommodated whites with small families as compared to two rooms houses which accomodated blacks with large family that included uncles and aunts. Majority of which had shacks at the back yard to accommodate another family. Those effects could still be seen to this day. Even my son seldom ask me why is it that whites live in big houses and beautiful places as compared to blacks. I usually tell him the truth that whites were thieves when they were in power. They stole everything to themselves from state money, land to the control of economy. Then he further asked me why are they accusing Zuma and his cronies to be thieves? I always respond that Zuma is doing exact same thing they were doing and thats why now they are worried that Zuma and his friends are now on the right track of becoming more richer than them.

      So, if you think you can justify apartheid you will even be challenged by small children and you wouldn't even answer them because they will start by asking you; why are white people living in beautiful suburbs while blacks live in dirty townships?

      They know well that it is the duty of the government to eradicate poverty. To eradicate slums or squatters and even to clean the area and make it look beautiful. It is not anyone's culture to live in the dirt or noisy area. All that apartheid government never done in townships. The corrupt ANC government is now trying. They paved our roads, gave us water and sewage system.

    29. Anonymous11:32 am


      continue 1

      I usually see whites also marching with black students demanding fee-free education. There are no white students who are being raped on campus. That's a green lie.

      There is no single black woman who wants to be white. They normally wouldn't go for a white woman hair because they will look scary. They normally go for Brazilian or Peruvian hair or simply for an afro hair. Sometimes they would go for a blown out African hair or natural dreads locks. I have never seen a black woman wearing a white woman hair because whites have terrific hair. Very ugly hair that shed easily and scatter all the place.

      Who said whites have monopoly of light skin? There are millions of blacks who are naturally born with light skin and even some are more lighter than whites themselves.

      My dear, most clothes are manufactured in the EAST and that include cars and gadgets as well. That has nothing to do with a white man. That's why ANC government is now looking EAST and not WEST. The WEST empire is crumbling down and is dying a slow painful death.

    30. Anonymous11:45 am



      Whites are still in our universities in their high numbers.
      Squatters needed electricity because it makes life a lot easier.

      There is no such thing as people live comfortably around their people. We have many blacks who live around white communities in SA and Europe and have now even made good neighbours. Do you want to tell me that you can't live and work in China or Indonesia simply because you will be uncomfortable? Racists have that mentality and that's why racist are mentally sick. Their bodies are programmed to react that way when they are in company of other nations. Once you allow yourself to be a racist, be rest assured that you have invited mental sickness to your body for the rest of your life. You have just unintentionally exposed yourself as a racist.

    31. Anonymous2:56 am

      Hey kaffir. The farmers HAD their own security. It was called the Commandos. Your beloved communist scum gavamunt disbanded then. DOOS

  8. Me and my wife was invited to a braai not so long ago by a lovely succesful (bankers) couple in Cape Town. It kicked of great, had a few beers, good chuckle, dinner, wine etc.. We ended up talking about politics and I vented my anger towards exactly what you pointed out in the article Mike. It did not take long to realise that they suffer from the libturd illness but that did not hold me back. For every positive thing they tried to come up with I had an endless list of counter arguments. The stuff just kept on coming.. Anyway, at the end of the night we left, said our byes and they said "what a lovely evening and such very interesting conversations we had". The next morning their son rocked up at our place and gave me a download of what transpired after we left. Apparently the mom asked the son if he believed anything I said. The son's reply was that everybody was entitled to their own views mom. The mom instantly caught a fit and started shouting that we are rubbish for our views etc.. That just because her own son did not agree with her. I was astounded and completely left cold when he told me. I mean how can you be so two faced and all very merry infront of you and the next thing you are the scum of the earth. Hell, I thought I convinced them to see the light. See, like you said before.. The lefts are only democratic when you hold on to their views. But anyway my point is, when you look at the stuff menioned in your article, what on earth will it cost for them to wake the hell up???

    1. Anonymous12:32 pm


      @Charl O'Connell10:38 am

      Charl the bible could not explain it any better...

      Dont cast pearls before swines, least they turn and rend you.

      They will all wake up when it is too late and then run around like headless chickens begging someone to help them.

      Liberal assholes. You could not convince these people today, you would not be able to convince them 50 years ago if you could travel back in time with proof, footage, info, newspaper clippings...

      They are a lost cause. Someone recently convinced me that I should not worry about the countless whites that dont know what is coming. I was told that if they dont know what is coming by now, then it is not our problem and they deserve to be burnt from the carnage that is on its way.

      Like a veld fire clears away the dead, old grass, so this veld fire will rage to get rid of these liberals. Notice after the first rains how the scorched earth gets green shoots?

      That is how it will be. Those left behind will flourish.

      Let me tell you. When the fire rages, these same liberals will blame "right wing" whites for retaliating after the massacre. These are the same whites who will blame the whites.

      Liberals are the biggest fuck ups around. They existed during Siener Van Rensburgs time & he said they walk around like their eyes have cataracts. Something drastic, very drastic would have to happen for them to wake up.

      Even now in London the liberals are making excuses, yet 12 months back they were rioting to welcome the migrants and what did they get?

      Same in Sweden, same in South Africa. Fucking lost cause, waste of time!

    2. Anonymous1:00 pm

      @ Charl

      I guess the positive is they created a son that listened to your views which clearly resonated with his views.

      In future invite their son for a braai, perhaps he can educate his parents.

      (Braai NOT spur)

    3. Anonymous1:35 pm

      The spirit of delusion has come upon humanity

    4. Anonymous2:20 pm

      looks like Boere mall ninja does not believe in Siener any more (the part where Siener or Snyman or whatever) said that the sapige and behoudende would fit together like a peg on a table... or some shit.

    5. @ Anon 1:00 pm..."Braai, Not Spur"...I think that should become our new Anti-Spur slogan.

      @ Charl...Boet, stop trying to convince libtards. It is futile. I tried it as well for many years. I tried it on this blog, I tried it by dating libtard women and thinking I could shag them right...nothing helped. They have personal issues.

      It works like this: Libtards think they are something special. They are narcissist psychos who want to be worshipped and loved and adored...Unfortunately life does not work like that and treats them like equals. Nothing special.

      They cannot handle that. So they think that the more degrees they have or the more money they have the more people will think they are something special...unfortunately, people still don't think they are anything special...

      So they start hating their own societies that do not "pedestalize" them and treat them as anything special. They increasingly start to feel like they don't fit into their own societies and start finding everything wrong with it. The school system is stupid. the people are too materialistic, people don't share enough, etc...in fact all people are stupid, just that the ones not agreeing with them are more stupider than anyone else and if you are a normal rational and logical person (the opposite of them) then you are a specially hateful kind...a rightwing racist/Nazi, whatever.

      So therefore they want to destroy the society they come from and which they cannot change into something that will love them and worship them.

      You will also notice that they themselves will never share anything of theirs. They just want you to share what is yours. They themselves will live in white suburbs and NEVER mix with blacks, yet they want everyone else to integrate. They will send their own children to private white schools, but expect you to send your children to integrated schools. Liberals always want more integration, but not for themselves, always for everyone else.

      That is why they will praise the rival society, not because they care about equality, human rights or any of that stuff, because equality, human rights, gay rights, women's rights, etc are far worse in Muslim or black societies they so love...It is because the rival society is anti their society that does not think they are anything special and actually treats them simply as equals.

      See? They claim to want equality, when in fact they hate equality. They want to be something special and godlike and their activism for "equality" makes them something messianic and Saviour like.

      No, better to forget about them. They are lost causes. Rather rejoice when they get devoured by the Nobel Savages they so love.

      Concentrate on your own people and the likeminded ones in your circle. They are your friends.

    6. Anonymous4:23 am

      Mike Smith sounds like Alex Jones when Jones describes the globalist elite. They are all in competition to be god of humanity and to dominate and destroy. It is this demonic spirit of "godhood" that exists in liberals that drives this mentality.

      He calls it "an inversion of reality". Boers call it "being ploughed under"

      Sam ting ekse...

    7. @ Mike,
      My vraag net dit:
      Hoekom is die fnokken goed so donners afskuwelik lelik?
      Lê die soeke na 5 of 10 grade ( meesal in sosiologie ) gesetel in die feit om hiervoor op te maak of te vergoed?
      I mean...take a look at that black cocksucking bitch Gillian Schutte for instance.
      Either they opt for waltzing with the black mamba...or help pressing their fat little fingers in 'leaking dykes'.
      As a man of the world... grace me with your insight to please explain.

  9. Anonymous11:29 am

    You know, this got me thinking about Sharks. Not the rugby team, the type that swims in the ocean and ferociously attacks and devours other sea creatures and the occasional surfer. It isn't evil. It isn't savage. It is what it is. It's a shark. It's being a shark. That's how it rolls.

    It's the same with the species Ignoramus Africanus. It is what it is. Comparing it to a white man's norms and standards is a mistake from the beginning. The common kaffir is what he is. Like the shark - he's just being a kaffir.

    So maybe we need to stop judging him by our yardstick. Just 'know your enemy' and prepare and react accordingly. He is at least 500-1000 years behind on the evolutionary scale so he's not going to be up to our level anytime soon.

    1. Now you are starting to see the light. That is why it doesn't help to hate him, because then you secretly want him to change into something more like you. That will never happen. You can only separate yourself from him.

    2. Anonymous3:38 am

      Mike that's the problem with liberals they don't want Kaffirs to be Kaffirs, and therefore go to great effort to window dress them and a greater effort to try convince sane people that what they are now seeing is not a savage but an intelligent rational person. Well all the Kaffir wants to be is what he was born, give him anything and it will break, including cities with complex water, sewage, electricity, and a road networks with drainage systems.

    3. Anonymous11:50 am


      @Anonymous11:29 am @Mike

      Yup! This is why I say the liberal is THE ultimate racist. The liberal in order for him to live in Utopia has to make everyone equal.

      Either he strips them of their culture to make them fit in or he reverts/changes his culture to accommodate other cultures like in Germany & most of Europe for the past 40+ years.

      A good, decent, honest person does not seek to change everyone to fit his ideal world but rather accepts their differences.

      The liberal views differences as bad. They cannot accept that all races have their own unique culture. So if there is a stark contrast between races, they then sugar coat it.

      They then implement liberal agendas like political correctness. All their attempts to change cultures or accommodate them, while silencing the masses is akin to pouring petrol on a fire.

      The more they accept, allow other cultures into their countries, the more violent it eventually becomes.

      Separation with acceptance is the best medication. The only problem is when you get organizations like the ANC who adapt doctrines ie. Marxism as a tool to continue an age old battle.

      The ANC dont want whites here and they are right. They want separation. They dont want to see a white face here and I agree, they shouldnt.

      The country should go to those who win the final battle for SA. This is what this final battle will be about.

      They want complete separation but then dont come ask the baas for geld, seed, sanitation, education, jobs or an economy.

      And when the battle rages, they should also realize that we seek the same separation, a complete southern African portion of SA - Southern Africa for ourselves.

      Its a battle, make no mistake about it. Other cultures understand this very well except the white man.

      The battle will be who gets to live within the borders of Southern Africa.

      There will never be peace while the two share the same country. Ones culture is to destroy & reverse civilization and the other culture improves, innovates, uplifts, educates and builds economies/countries.

  10. Willempie12:02 pm

    Wel Mike, moenie alleen voel nie. Daar is báie wat so in die stilligheid maak soos die Romein gesê het: Para Bellum

    1. Ja, ons hoef nie veel te doen nie. Die ANC grawe hul eie gat.

  11. Alot of the whites are prepping for war and whats going to happen in secret and silence.only the liberal whites will be taken by surprise but the rest of us knows what the blacks are planning and are also prepping for it by getting medical aid packages,seeds,food,survival equipment,arranging amongste best friends,watching the news,keeping the tanks filled up etc.ons gaan Lager trek and we have a very very proud history of defending lagers!All the Paraat white people see whats being prepped by the blacks in power and the massas.

  12. Anonymous12:28 pm

    There idea of reconciliation is the satanic opposite of reconciliation with God. So if reconciliation with God is Truth, eternal life, prosperity, righteousness etc etc, then the polar opposite of that is lies, death, poverty, evil etc etc.

    Their idea of reconciliation is for us to suffer with them in poverty and lies and death and rape. That is their "reconciliation" and they will not be happy until we give up our reconciliation with God and accept Satan and their followers's reconciliation.

    That is why I caution you against Boere mall ninja and his ideals about extermination. YOu need to catch a wake up with the rest of humanity.

    I am just waiting for the Superconductivity technology that is coming out now in the next few years. If we somehow plug into this, we can render the ANC as irrelevent cunts.

    We can operate independently from these types.

  13. Anonymous1:39 pm

    "I'm preparing for war."

    Ag Mike, yadda yadda bullshit, you have been shooting off your mouth for over ten years now, when are you going to put all your guns and bullets where your mouth is? Your wannabe-big talk impresses your missus, but it sure doesn't cut it in real life. You are the biggest WUSS I have ever come across.

    1. You are right. I wasted ten years of my life with this blog. Sorry that I upset you so much with it and forced you to read it every day for ten years. Jeez I never knew I was writing just for one person.

      So what do you suggest I do now? Close the blog and go on a shooting spree? Will that make me non-Wuss? Will let that please you? Is that what you really want me to do? Tell me are you sick or just plain simple?

      I have no problem closing this blog. I don't get paid for it. I don't make a cent out of it so actually I think you are right. Ten years is enough. I will retire. I have done my bit.

      When I close it all down I will have much more time to go completely underground and cause big shit like I really want to do.

      So I tell you what...Let me close the blog down and tomorrow you can go and read the lies on IOL and News24 and then you take over here and run the blog and keep the people's morale up? How's that?

      It seems like you are not happy with the way I do things and want me to do something different or maybe you think you can do it better...but the problem is you don't do anything. Nothing. You cannot even tell me what it is you want me to do. You have no suggestions to improve this blog. You have no suggestions on how to improve South Africa.

      You have no suggestion on how to make people safer, how to prevent farm murders, how to get rid of the ANC...absolutely nothing apart from telling me what a "WUSS" I am. Is it petty envy? Do you wish you were as good as I or are you secretly in love with me? Would you like me to spend more time on you than on the blog? But listen honey...then you are going to have to tell me who you are and stop being such a bitch, because it makes you really unattractive ;-)

    2. Anonymous12:11 am


      The cunt is retarded or he is a retard shit hole rammer or ousie shagger.

      The thing is weakness personified and liberal lubricated fucking dim wit.

      He is bating you and it would not surprise me if it isn't one of the fuckwits that took a beating from you in the week about divisive and defeatist shit posts and has taken it into his mushy little sensitive emotions.

      Now he is going to show you.

      Let the cunt wallow, it will be a major victory for some and all retards if you shut down this blog.

      As for cunt 1:39 pm, you're the biggest fucking wuss by running anon instead of a label. Go get your dick shit coated, you bum running moron.


    3. Anonymous1:31 am

      @Mike 11:19 , Dont be swayed by this Fuck 1:39 he is a Loser and has nothing to contribute, we need a Info site like yours to keep us from running astray and not falling for "is it only me who thinks like this" ?
      Having read many Books , my addiction to this Informative site and its content keeps things real , I thank you for that .
      I learn something NEW every time from your Hard Effort .

    4. @ LTMA...I am all for giving up the blog if there is a volunteer (or maybe more) who thinks he/she/they can do it better. Seriously I have better things to do with my time.

      If people who call me a "WUSS" and think I do a kak job think that they are less "WUSS"es or braver than a WUSS like me and can do a better job, then they should stop being WUSSES and step up and take over the reins. No problem, I will go and they can have this blog.

      Like I always say...I wonder what they are going to read the next day, because when I am gone then I cannot entertain them anymore and after me there is just IOL and News24.

      But hey, if people think that the disappearance of my blog is going to make SA better or safer I will close it down tomorrow. I closed it down for two months recently when I took some holiday...did that stop the farm murders? Did it make the ANC rule any better when I was gone?

      Nevertheless, I am all for doing the experiment again. They must simply tell me how long I should shut down for and I will do it, then we can see if South Africa becomes safer and better.

    5. Anonymous2:04 am

      Mike , closing up is exactly what these liberal cunts want. As you said, you were on holyday for two months and the murder and rape were even worse. I want you to know, many people on this blog learned from the comments of others. If you close down, where will they go to learn anything. Go ponder about this, none of us is perfect and it is impossible to please everyone. With all respect, not even God can please all this humans on earth. So, don't worry about that. If you can, just delete the rubbish that upsets you. No one will know it. Just know it,you are doing an excellent job Mike! All hail!

    6. Anonymous2:16 am

      Mike, that is a lost dung sucker. He's out of drugs and weed. All he could get hold of was post toasties. Now he's so mad he can only roll a few dung balls around. He's not enough reason for a man of your caliber to shut down.

    7. Anonymous2:21 am


      Yeah, the experiment will cost me and others.

      I ask you not to close down. You once stated that if you make a difference to 1 person then you are achieving your goal. I am that one person.

      I do post shit and argue here on your blog but its retaliation to the defeatists, dividers that wish to spread their disease onto your good work.

      I believe in the cause that you promote, I live the cause. I do not look for excuses rather than reason, I don't complain but rather find a solution and I am not defeated before I have attempted, this is what cunts like 1:39 pm are not they are the total opposite to what we are.

      I leave it as this, your conscience will determine your decision.

      Just know that your efforts are appreciated and that you do a sterling job.


    8. Anonymous2:33 am

      Mike surely you can't take this 1:39 seriously, obviously this ape cannot think long term strategies. These people will say anything will do anything to dishearten and divide. Out of all the thousands and thousands of people touched by your blog these few fuck faces are pissing into the wind.

    9. Anonymous3:17 am

      Well for starters Mike, you could have pointed out the obvious about that Spur incident.

      The fact that Johan Lloyd lost his cool in the first place and exposed his back while he was shouting at the black woman. Anyone could have jumped him and cut his throat with a Spur steak knife.

      Rule number 1 of Fight Club: Do not lose your cool in a public place where you are outnumbered.
      Rule Number 2 of Fight Club: Do not expose your back during an argument in a public place where you are outnumbered.

      You could have explained exactly what Johan Lloyd did wrong there. But you didn't because he is white and the-bitch-had-it-coming-to-her. You reacted emotionally. You want to fight like that, you will lose.

    10. Whiteman5:01 am

      Mike, there is a saying in afrikaans : Die hoë bome vang die meeste wind ! This is basically what you, and many of your contributors are up against. Nobody likes criticism, even if it is constructive. But after doing your thing for so many years, you better believe it, that you have made SERIOUS enemies along the way. And every now and then, they circle around you like hungry sharks. But please keep going, because your mission is PURE, and you have more friends that you may realise. We are still going to feed the sharks with some delicious bait fish. But inside every fish, we put a powerful hand grenade !

    11. Anonymous5:02 am

      If you were irrelevent, you would not get detractors coming here :D

    12. Thanks for the support guys, but you know, seriously I honestly don't know what it is with these people sometimes. I don't know what they want. They want somebody to do something, but the moment somebody does something they shoot him down. He is talking kak. They want a leader or De la Rey, but the moment somebody steps up they reject him. Yet when that person succeeds then they become jealous and antagonistic. They don't like the ANC, but they even hate the person fighting the ANC, more.

      Maybe it is all just a show to them. Unfortunately the show is too boring and moving to slow. In the last ten years they have seen it all and read it all on here, now they are bored and want to see action. I think they are cowards who want others to do something, cause a major barney and then laugh when it all turns sour. Yet they themselves are too shit scared to ever stick their own necks out and do something.

      I can fully understand why communists rid the world of such people first before they take on the actual enemy.

      See when it comes to revolution it is all about timing. You start too early when there is not enough support for the cause and you end up like the Boeremag. You start too late you end up like the Syrian Opposition against Assad. When the Arab Spring came, they missed the boat.

      Problem is that in every revolution you have these detractors. You can also speed things up when it moves too slowly. You just need to remove the brakes. Sometimes you have less than 10% support and the detractors 90% like the ANC found out in the early 1990's when Inkatha was ruling the roost and far more popular than them. So they took out about 400 Inkatha leaders and 20,000 detractors and collaborators with necklaces. Gone was the opposition and the 10% suddenly had 100% support.

      We whites are soon going to be faced with the same issues. We will have to take out the detractors and collaborators amongst ourselves first, before we will be able to take on the enemy.

    13. Anonymous8:38 am

      That's it Mike, these libtards who give power to these blacks to kill us are our primary target. It's through their little delusion of a one world bastard soup that our kids have no future. Our people will have to get their hands dirty eventually. A spiritual battle indeed awaits us all.

    14. Anonymous9:03 am

      Mike this doos writes like that useless piece of white skin, namely: Run Forest Run.

      Same cunt...operating as anonymous.

    15. Mike, you had in the past and you will continue to have my full appreciation and support in the future. We, the genuine ones who read your blog and get vivid inspiration from it, are certainly behind you all the way.

      Just ignore the schmucks, they will always be there and are of no consequence. They are way below our intellectual standing and believe me, they know it.

    16. Anonymous12:11 pm


      @Mike Smith11:19 pm

      You dont need to cause shit mike....

      You already have lol!

      You opened more whites brains & minds than any other political leader or leader in this country for the past 30 years.

      You have done more for South Africa than all the previous white, useless sell out presidents since Verwoerd.

      And you did it without a paycheck. You cant buy honor, you either have it or you dont. You can always make more money but you can never get your time back.

      Your investment will pay dividends for many future generations.

      You have served your country & your fellow white tribe well.

      You had a calling & you answered. You opened the eyes of many and when your next calling arrives, you will know what to do.

      Leave the nay sayers, they have and will always be there. They think one must simply rush head on into battle - Only fools rush into battle.

      We sit here today in this situation for a lack of vision. Where there is a lack of vision the people perish.

      The nations vision died with one man who had the vision of separate nations living in SA together having peace.

      Let us have a grand vision, a vision that spans centuries into the future. A vision that our great, great grand children's, great grand children can share and live in peace, security and dwell in this land.

      You have inspired many.

      Let those nay Sayers know that you have those who know the cause but are not worshipers of you but are worshipers rather of the truth.

      My brothers & sisters, let us dream big or simply ship out here.

      If you are not prepared to dream big now about a future in this country, then it is best to get on a ship and get out here.

      What will befall us will require courage backed by conviction & faith based on our future vision for a South Africa & our future generations.

      We must resolve to think so far into the future that we are able to navigate the present rocky road that should seem like a pebble in a lake - they are insignificant because of our grande vision for our nation.

      If you cannot have a vision, the present bumps in the road will get you down.

      What we are going through is a requirement for what we will eventually get but we MUST have a future vision that spans at least 200-300 years and project ALL potential threats.

      The US security department has such plans. When a nation or foreign gov does something, they simply open the draw and see their plans & contingency plans about how to deal with the situation.

      To get through the present, we must thing big & far into the future. With such a vision, we can simply navigate these turbulent waters we are in right now.

      “Two men looked out from prison bars,
      One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”

      Mike you are a star that has shone bright for many here during these dark times.

      Thank you - forget what they say.

      With a vision, a well thought out plan, we WILL have a bright, bright future.

      Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!

    17. Anonymous12:23 pm


      @MIKE ----Thanks for the support guys, but you know, seriously I honestly don't know what it is with these people sometimes.

      Fuck them, when they pay your bills & pay you to write for them, then they you can worry about what they think and until them, fuck them!

      Simple as that.

      The way I see it, if you aint pissing one person off with what you say once per week with a post, then you are not telling the truth and sugar coating this bullshit rainbow nation.

      Stuff them. You have probably 100 readers for every one person who writes a comment.

      They write their shit & the next minute they have forgotten - so what. Its their baby.

      If they want to be a man, then let them show us the way, let him/her prepare and go on a shooting spree. That is what the enemy wants but we will not fall into that trap.

      IMO your job is far, far, far more important than loading up, shooting. Opening peoples minds in these dark times is more important than shooting or arming.

      Once a mind has been opened, its very hard to close it off once people have seen, heard and witnessed the truth.

      Take the Easter week off lol!

    18. Anonymous1:51 pm

      The pen is mightier than the sword!

    19. RunForrestRun2:53 pm

      I don't know whether you are a wuss, and I don't care either way. The way you have responded to it is quite telling though,----some may even regard it as "defeatist", LOL.

      The usual "clingons" jumping on the bandwagon with foul language and moral support is quite funny and quite pathetically needy.

      Publish your blog, or not, it does provide a service and I quite enjoy it, but whether you like it or not the way people comment and the language they use does become the face of the community you represent.

      So calling people fudge packers, cunts etc etc etc only alienates people who don't want to be part of a community that think its acceptable to express yourself like that.

      Personally I don't like blacks for a myriad of reasons, but I dislike white people who act like blacks even more, -they should know better.

      And for those who think every comment that doesn't agree with everything on this blog is from me, get a life, I have no problem identifying with RFR, its just as anonymous as anything else.

    20. FredBarbarossa6:31 pm

      I wouldn't be surprised if "Anonymous 1:39pm" is an Agent Provocateur on the ANC payroll.

  14. Anonymous7:49 pm

    The one thing that these retards haven't thought about when they shout Boers, Afrikaners and more of their imaginary shit, this imaginary suffering, the entitlemunt attitude.

    Wherever the stupid fucking idiot white liberal cunts have tried to progress and drag these idiotic black stinking backward retarded species with them, these retards have always created a problem.

    Quick note. The English tried, the French, The Belgium's, The Italians, The Portuguese you guys get my drift.

    Fact is, only the weak and unable look for excuses.


  15. Anonymous9:35 pm

    mandela terrorist freedom fighters still fighting for their freedom every night killing whites. Now they call for reconciliation. Who in his right mind can believe shit like this. At this point in time most whites do understand only one way of reconciliation. Fight for your freedom. Love them every night until none is left. Love them with the same reconciliation love as they love you every night.

    They are busy with their two third majority to change the constitution to take land which never belonged to them. If they pass that law , they have the authority according to the constitution to confiscate land legally as they are pleased. It also means they can lay claim on whole cities which lie in that area. Which means ,they can give houses for free to each of their freedom fighters. They will act in the law and nobody will be able to do anything about it. They have the military and police force with all their international supporters to finally drive all whites out of Africa.

    1. Anonymous4:10 am

      Don't worry, Boere mall ninja will save you together with Siener :D

      I do agree that we are all stuck in this clusterfuck called the ANC-run-guvvaamoont

    2. Anon 4:10,
      With the Boers always on the go they often ran out of Boertwak.
      Now. A Boertjie with a pipe but no tobacco...is een befokte Boer.
      Knowing about the Khoi and their love of Leonotis Leonurus ( wilde dagga/ganja ) - Siener saw the gap...and the rest is history.
      The follow-up with the play/movie 'Siener in die Suburbs' a re-run with the same script.
      Niks pis my meer af as n Israeliet of Dogter van Sion hierdie ou zolkop tot status/kultus-figuur verhef nie.

  16. Anonymous11:33 pm

    When this fucking dream of democracy which has failed eventually gets through the thick skull material of retard, they will blame the whites for it as well.

    Retard will always blame, never accept and never progress.

    Mike Smith, that truly is the only thing I prepare for, WAR in capital letters and these whites that think there will be a negotiations table prepared for a cease fire and reconciliation, they had better smell the coffee because this will be a war of extinction, not one retard will I leave standing. They want to annihilate and obliterate us, I will repay the sentiment 100 fold.


    1. Anonymous11:08 am

      LT it's good to know that there are guys like you around.

    2. Anonymous12:14 pm



      If it goes wrong = white mans fault.
      Goes right - its their wins.

      yes look behind anything that they have achieved and you will find a white brain.

      Its just how it is.

  17. Anonymous1:13 am

    @ Anonymous10:17 am

    "The problem in South Africa is that whites care much about "OUR" than anything else. I even liked the way you called everything that was built through South Africa's minerals "OURS". Afrikaners had six universities while the majority in the country almost had nothing"

    What shit are you gargling idiot. Since when were we responsible for your so-called majority kaffirs? South Africa was a sovereign country. We didn't owe your majority nothing.They had to look after themselves. When the Voortrekkers left the Cape from these liberals they were just as poor as any ape in Africa. Too make matters worse they had to fight the English as well as the demon fucked baboons. After South Africa was robbed by Rothschild and his liberals the Boer nation were almost wiped out by them. In poverty we cling to life and build this country while we were robbed by the international bankers. Same time we had to provide in our poverty for your God damn majority which only existed in your liberal shit mind. You liberal cunts were the ones who opened up the borders and let these terrorist into the country.95% of these demons do not belong in South Africa. They are only majority after you and your liberal national party murdered Verwoerd and then you started to create all kinds of mal practice to paint the whites in South Africa black overseas.

    Be sure,the day comes closer that your shit together with your majority demons will be a shit river this time.

  18. Anonymous1:17 am

    Fok vir Zuma,sy kaffir gevreet walg my en die ding kort n koeël!

  19. Anonymous2:10 am

    @Anonymous2:37 pm
    So you call me retarded hey?.. well seeing that all kaffirs have an IQ of 80 or less, which is a proven fact, I would suggest that your opinion about what is regarded as retarded is a projection on your own fucking stinking race.
    Here is a medical fact-check for you: Any IQ score below 80 is deemed retarded, so I assume you are speaking about yourself simian.

  20. Stephen8:25 am

    Hi Mike

    When you look at it collectively like that , all the crap we've been through over the years - its a merical we're still sain and not all under-ground planning and executing anti-kaffir assaults.

    Caus that's how I feel Mike , everyday I must bite my tongue - hold my rage - keep my cool ,only my conscience keeps me from going off the rails.

    Like most of us , I have no time for these kaffirs and dispise their presence , there's no chance of reconsiling with satan-spawn , ever.

    1. RunForrestRun2:33 pm

      Sheessh mate, please use a spell checker, its hard to take you seriously when you appear as thick as the zots you "dispise"

    2. Anonymous12:40 am

      Forest Gump, why Mike still bothers putting up your comments, I don't know. Maybe just to show how pathetic you actually are.
      My dad went to a farm school. Then came to town to go to high school, but the teachers and kids laughed at his English. He left school after Std 8, did a trade, got chosen to go to the Olympics and then started a business. My mom helped him with his English correspondence.
      Often people are not handicapped by choice, but by mistakes of a previous generation.
      Spell checker does not teach you spelling. You need to read and write it. I take my hat off to Stephan, for trying. You Gump, really nothing more than just a zot. In future, rather try and make a comment on the subject, rather than insulting people and making a total doos of yourself.....again.


    3. Stephen4:30 am

      Thanks Noddy ,

      not to worry - Forrest has a mental complex , in order for him to feel better about himself he has to try and be-little others, he thinks he says something about me - but infact is showing something about himself.

      This is part of the things that annoy Mike on this blog , instead of finding fault with the kaffirs and the world at large - these know-it-alls rather find fault with spelling.

    4. RunForrestRun10:51 am

      @ Noddy and Stephen,--You see, that's why you are in this gemors. You have a slackarsed, slipshod mentality. A mentality where the pursuit of excellence is denigrated, an attitude that glorifies mediocrity.

      Its not because of Zots that you are in this precarious position, its because of your own stupidity and choices.

    5. @ RFR…According to your logic, people had a choice about where they wanted to be born. “Hi God, I think this time I want to be a White South African. Please let me be born to white South African parents, pretty please”.

      Or how about a choice to be attacked. “Ehmm…Today I think I want to get tortured. Or maybe raped…Haven’t had that for a while. Jolly good rape seems like a good idea. Yes, I think I am going to get me one of those today.”

      How about a choice on intelligence and rich parents? “Hi God, me again…sorry to be a bother, but could you add a little more brains this time and let me be born to rich white parents who can send me through university? I mean I am going to be born in SA after all and I am going to need a good education, just in case I don’t like all those rapes and tortures I chose for myself so that I can emigrate to that wonderful paradise New Zealand and laugh at those silly whites in South Africa who choose to get tortured and raped every day.”

      Jeez…RFR, You must be a special kind of fucktard.

    6. RunForrestRun1:54 pm

      LOL, good example of circular reasoning and logical fallacy, cant wait for the strawman. Jeeez you are starting to sound just as whiny as the rest of them.

    7. RunForrestRun2:03 pm

      WTF is wrong with using a spellchecker?,----you have to be retarded to formulate an excuse and an argument justifying yourself for not using it.

      FFS, do you not see how fucking insane you are, and that includes you MIKE. Let me explain, any fucking SANE person when shown a better way to do something says "thank you mate, you have improved my life", I respond " You are welcome".

      But not you fucktards, you have to turn it into a treatise on something totally irrelevant. And in short, right there you have demonstrated why no amount of negotiating at Kodesa was ever going to work, your fucking representatives were worried about looking stupid if they used a spellchecker and missed the boat, in fact they missed the whole flippin ocean.

    8. @ RFR...Logical fallacy? I doubt it if you can even use your spellchecker to spell "logical" seeing that all your arguments here have been extremely shallow, just like your "victim blaming" above. In your idiotic reasoning people choose to be attacked for wanting to stay in the country of their birth. Your only solution is that they should move to some Poverty Bay dump in New Zealand and teach Kaffir Psychology to kiwis. I mean it is the easy way out, right? In your mind there are no other solutions, because you cannot think. Your brain is too lazy to analytically think problems through to their logical conclusions, that is why you come up with shit like intelligence should be the only criteria for citizenship, yet ignore highly intelligent psychos like Mugabe and Julius Nyerere who turned their own countries to poverty stricken socialist paradises. How are you going to establish their intelligence anyway when leftists consider all IQ tests as racist? I doubt it if you will pass a logic indicator test yourself. I think that if New Zealand set an LI test or a PI test for a prerequisite to citizenship 80% of New Zealanders will have to leave their country. Same in Australia. It is a mystery as to how they let YOU in.

      When people do not buy into your simplistic solution of "move to New Zealand or deserve your death" you accuse them of being stupid and want them to thank you for showing them the way.

      THEE way not A way, because in your mind any other idea is kak and your way is the only way. I am not saying your way is wrong. I even support immigration for anyone who wants to better his life and give his children the best opportunities in life. However I do acknowledge that there are people who cannot leave for whatever reason (Maybe they don't want to abandon their elderly parents, or do not have the money or education to leave).

      Yet you cannot acknowledge the same. Leave or die. Simplistic thinking. If you were really so intelligent why do you not come up with some other alternatives? Give the people some choices. Peaceful resistance, guerrilla war, self defence, preparation for a race war...at least I am trying to point people to exploring all alternatives and come up with some solutions.

      I am extremely open minded and if people have any other solution for South Africans stuck in a communist hellhole then I am all ears and willing to listen and I will post it immediately.

      I can understand that for you the be all and end all is New Zealand, but it is not for everyone. Now you, RFR has stated your simplistic solution. Is there anything more you would like to add or do you want to conclude with that? Because the rest of your bullshit is just idiotic name-calling and does not contribute to this blog in a positive way. May I suggest you go sit on Wainui Beach and stress your brain a bit and come up with some other alternatives for South Africans who couldn't leave like you did ten years ago. All you are doing at the moment is sitting on the other side of the world and sticking your tongue out to the people in SA like an idiotic four year old.

  21. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Mike - What do you think of the Suidlanders' organization? Could it used to bring white South Africans together for a common, organized defense? I've read they believe a white genocide in South Africa is imminent and are currently touring the USA to spread that message...