20 March 2017

David Rockefeller dies - Let us all drink to the death of a clown

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2017

Guess who joined Mandela in Hell?

Billionaire banker dies age 101

All together now...!!!


  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    And now his billions means sweet fuckall. Burn you murderer burn!!

    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      make sure you don't burn with him. Know the truth...

    2. Anon 10:22,
      The true face of Goya's painting :- 'Saturn devouring his Son'.
      The epitomy of a face ( specially that 'venynige mondjie' ) which spells 'Engulf & Co'.

  2. Anonymous4:21 am

    With the farm debt being what it is if they grab even a small percentage of farms the knock-on effect will be catastrophic. All the mills and refineries won't be able to pay their debt, the logistics companies the packaging companies too many ancillary businesses to even count. Farming is one of the foundation stones of the economy.
    Are they ready to collapse the entire house? No one can tell where it will all end.

  3. Anonymous6:14 am

    And when is that other satanic reprobate, Kissinger going to peg off.

    We have been caught in their evil spell for far too long. 1987/88 we smash the Communists in battle and for our desire to live and be free we get told that apartheid is evil and have a communist govt and Bee yoked around our necks, then when Kaffir breaks into our homes and we smash him to the ground or shoot him dead in a fight for survival, we get accused of raccist and land up with a criminal charge and possible imprisonment hanging over our heads
    we have got to break the cycle that these NWO bastards have got us in.

    1. Anonymous9:06 am

      @ Anon 6:14 am.

      Is this not bringing together those that will stand against such things.

      If you feel the way you do how many others share your anger, frustration, rage and impatience?

      I have heard about the end times since I can remember but could never see it arriving, now I see it, I look at our congestion and over population and we are not nearly as populated as Europe, ME and China and I cannot see the resources lasting another ten years.

      We are already in the antibiotic immune age where medicine just cannot fight the infections anymore.

      Food has to be genetically engineered to feed the hordes and masses that are been produced, some where everything will collapse and starving people don't give a damn about laws and order, we are coming to the days of the toughest and strongest will survive. You, whether you want to or not will fight for life and not space and ownership of land, the land issue is the veil that is being used to start the shit here because these retards know they are out of time and money and to stop themselves getting the chop they are directing the focus on the only enemy still left standing


    2. Anonymous1:14 pm

      That's it, the land issue will be the excuse these black parasites have been looking for all along.

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    Longevity is claimed to be a gift of the gods to those who abide by the rules.

    This man lived an abnormally long life, so which god did he bow to?


    1. Anonymous12:25 pm

      I reckon he benefitted from a lot of organ harvesting, and blood transfusion that's what these evil men do they suck the life out of mankind in every way possible.
      Well he has certainly gone to the grave taking a lot of family secrets with him, just think of all the wars, assassinations, Nations resource plundering, banking cartels and currency fixing, stock market manipulation the list is endless.

    2. Weet nie maar ek sweer ek kan die braaivleis tot hier ruik!

    3. Anonymous9:02 pm

      The secret to his longevity was having several heart transplants. A new heart every few years ensured him fair health and the ability to steal a few more years on this earth.

      With all of his billions, one wonders whether or not he cloned himself. After all these globalist elites are privy to the very best science and medical advancements.

    4. LT, was it necessary to even ask the question?

  5. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Soros next please!

  6. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Please let your American readers know abut this.

  7. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Sorry about that, I mean please let American readers know about this.

  8. Seattle WA8:24 pm

    My final memory of this pig will forever be from that Chilean video where he's old, broken-down, in a wheelchair and getting screamed at by a local as he tries to get into a Mercedes limo.


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    2. Anonymous12:31 am

      "Natasha Stop White Genocide in SA"

      Your profile picture...if that's really a picture of you, you are a stunning beauty!!

    3. Anonymous12:32 am

      Natasha is wit warm!

    4. @ Anon 12:32 am ...Hehehe. Get in line mate. Last time I checked the queue was stretching from Cape Town to Amsterdam.

    5. Stephen4:19 am

      Anon 12:31 & 32 , now-now chaps - have some manners

      Don't you guys think Natasha knows what she looks like?
      You guys don't think perhaps the men around her can see what you guys only see now?

      Also if you have read her comment ( looks like you guys only look at pictures) you would have picked-up that she is a good-girl - and surely don't need 2 anonymouses flerting with her.

      If this is what happens when you guys see a pic , whats gonna happen when you see her in real life on the beach or in a mall....are you gonna be like the sex-demented arabs that attack white girls in Germany just because they are white and good-looking ?

      Come on boys , show that your a class above the rest of the perverted lot. Next time she posts - remember she's not blind and make her feel welcome instead of perved-on.

      Btw , her comment was to watch your thoughts and control your mouths...now what is it again you guys were thinking ?

    6. You horny buggers all went and checked out her blog, didn't you???

      So did I!

    7. Boys will be boys ;-)

    8. Stephen, Natasha is not being "perved on"! She is merely being appreciated and subtly complimented. Show me the lady who doesn't enjoy being complimented and I'll show you a libtard bull-dyke.

    9. Stephen6:56 am

      Okay Tommy , is she being appreciated for her comment? oh , I thought so.

      Why not compliment her on her line of thought.

      All men appreciate a good looking woman , nothing wrong with that - and a woman with good-looks and a heart in the right place is even better.

      Natasha , you know your gorgeous - I like you for your heart thou.

    10. Anonymous7:19 am

      tjo kerels, dis lekker om so mooi girl op Mike se blog te sien. tot LT en runner se vuil bekke is tjoepstil! so gepraat van runner, sa girls is darem mooier as jou run of the mill skaap teef ne ou seun?

    11. Anonymous10:58 am

      Poor Natasha.(Dogs are circling)

      She makes a huge contribution on her own blog.
      Please respect her for that.

      Show some self discipline.
      That is somebodies daughter.

    12. Anonymous11:20 am

      @ Anon.7:19 am.

      Beauty is best enjoyed in silent appreciation.


    13. Anonymous1:25 pm

      The irony is that her profile 'about me' sounds like she is anti boere mall ninja.

    14. Anonymous1:27 pm

      She isn't that hot. I have had hotter girls. :D You manginas can have her :D

    15. Anonymous11:18 pm

      Her site is so FULL of -- well it hurts my eyes and my head so I am not sure ?
      All I know is that it looks like child's paste book
      higgledy-piggledy cut out pictures all over.

      Her heart might be in the right place BUT please get some professional advice on how to construct a web / blog page / site

      You could start by looking at this one !

  10. Anonymous11:03 pm

    a shroud has no pockets, motherfucker!!!

  11. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Does anyone on this blog know why do these evil fuckers live to a ripe old age. Satan seems to love his children more than God does. If of course there is satan and a god. Just wondering.

  12. What planet are you all on?
    How is it that you have never seen a woman with blond hair before?
    BTW. thank you for all the compliments ;-) especially the one’s about my heart... the last time I read my history books, Afrikaans people: lief JESUS oneindig baie... kom aan maak tyd met ons Skepper die tyd is min... en moed hou ons sal dit maak in Suid Afrika ♡

  13. I want to know where he is buried, so I can dance on his grave.

  14. Anonymous11:27 am

    How is it that you have never seen a woman with blond hair before?

    Woman entering the online World suffer under a tremendous disadvantage -- because there are so few of them -- the survivors have to take up the slack

    I am afraid I do not share your enthusiasm or positive outlook

    "Afrikaans people: lief JESUS oneindig baie..."

    SOME might ask -- WHERE was Jesus in 1902 ?

    Get your blog together and supply some answers ( NOT Boere_Ninja type prophecies please ! )

    Forewarned is forearmed
    My people perish for lack of knowledge ........