25 March 2017

At five to Midnight how much closer are we to a solution for South Africa?

By Mike Smith
26th of March 2017

After blogging for ten years and more than 2000 articles, it seems like some people still do not get what this blog is all about.

You get the odd idiot coming on here calling people “Wusses”, defeatists, etc and looking for action asking when we are going to use our weapons and start shooting….blah, blah…suck my nana.

I must admit sometimes such idiots make me desponded. It makes me feel like why do I still bother? Often I just tell them to fuck off, but I guess I feel the same way about such people as some readers do about Kaffirs (white or black), because when you challenge these anonymous trolls…these brave, none-WUSS, action-seeking cowboy people with their “know-it-all-can-do-it better-than-you” attitudes, to show us other WUSSES how it's done, lead the way so to say…then nothing seems to be forthcoming.

Which brings me back to the point of this blog they so hate. I never claimed to be a De la Rey or Messianic Saviour or mystical guru with all the answers. I have said many times that I do not have all the answers. All I want is for people to think about the answers. That is the crux of this blog.

See…many years ago I met former President Thabo Mbeki. I shook hands with him and spoke to him for a while. He probably won't remember me today, but later in a speech he said we South Africans should work hard, talk to each other and find solutions for our country.

I am not sure if he really meant what he said, because I see the ANC as the biggest problem with no solutions for the country.

Be that as it may…What Thabo said is exactly what I am doing with my blog. Here is a platform where people can come and talk. Call it a Think Tank for the common South African. Here I present my ideas, my solutions, my answers, my views and my concerns openly and honestly for scrutiny.

I know that not everyone will agree with me, my views or my ideas and that is OK, so the forum is open for them to step up and say so! Take my ideas apart as much as you like and put your own ideas forward. Let us do the same with all ideas.

However, what detracts are personal attacks. We can really do without that, but the worst are those who want the blog to close down. Those who do not WANT a solution for the country. Those who want to see people shoot each other whilst they sit back and munch popcorn. Or simply out of petty jealousy, because if THEY cannot come up with a solution then nobody else should either.

My blog is kind of an open challenge. Put your ideas forward and say what YOU think we should do and what the solution for lasting peace and prosperity in South Africa is. Let us analyze it, criticize it, turn it around, look at it from all sides, discuss some more and let us weigh the ideas up.

My ideas are simple and by now you all know them: We have tried Apartheid and it did not work. It led to lots of violence and a minor race war. We have tried Multiculturalism and an integrated society and it is even worse than Apartheid...and any fool can see that if we carry on like this, it will lead to a MASSIVE, inevitable race war. A trainwreck of epic proportions.

So what the fuck now??? What do we do now? What is the next step?

Oh I know...Let us call each other "wusses", "cunts" and "homos" and see if that helps. Let us ask people when they are going to start shooting and fetch the popcorn.

My answer for the ultimate solution is Axenic Apartheid. Complete and utter separation. Not the half baked Apartheid we had before; not federalism...Axenic Apartheid. Complete and utter separation with completely, uncontaminated societies. Now if anybody has a better idea, another idea, an improved idea or whatever then say so! By all means challenge me. Let us debate it. Feel free…I am all ears!

However…I know that a lot of people do not share my views or solution for South Africa or might even be frozenly shocked…so, because they are cognitively challenged and mentally stunted and cannot come up with any better idea, their only solutions seem to be to call other people “Wusses” and wanting others (never themselves) to start shooting.

Yawn…but OK…It is fine. Now ask yourself how much closer are we to a solution for South Africa?

Now unless you are blind, deaf and illiterate, any fool can see the inevitable train wreck coming in South Africa and it is not going to be pretty, because the ANC's solution is to confiscate everything whites own and chase them out of the country. So what are you going to do in the mean time? Sit on your arse and do nothing?

I tell you what I am doing...while all the detractors and mudslinging anonymous trolls are busy thinking and trying to come up with a better idea than mine, I am watching the clock and tapping my foot and I can see time is running out for South Africa…So yes, I am seriously sorry. I am indeed busy preparing myself, my extended family and my friends for the Mother of all trainwrecks and I suggest those anonymous, poo-flinging “wusses” who still do not have a solution, do the same.


  1. I concur.
    Tried posting on here some time but were accused of plagarism, being a fake, etc.etc.so, unlike you Mike, I decided...fuck that. If people don't want my point of view and rather want to get personal, I'll keep quite although I still read and take from your blog what is okay for me.
    To all Saffas, just this: Whatever your political orientation, you are already wearing your uniform in the form of your skin colour; lines have been drawn and its' a matter of time before this low level war is coming to your door. There will not be a full scale war in this country a la Syria or Iraq...the current scenario will just intensify because whites sit back and do fuckall but moan on Twitter and Facebook.
    So yes Mike, like you I have prepped my family and friends, got a defence and escape plan and mostly, we are very much ready.

    1. Anonymous1:49 am

      You mean Faceprick and Twatter... ?

    2. Anonymous1:49 am

      So where are you going to go?

    3. Welcome back Oak. Missed your comments.

    4. Anonymous12:12 pm


      @White Oak9:54 pm

      Smartest thing to do.

      Its not just the blog, you cant even try inform or convince others. I have given up trying to convince others now.

      If they cannot see it now, then they will never, ever see it.

      By the time they see it, they will then run around asking ...What do we do?...

      Too late then. Best thing is to do what you have done. Time is of the essence now.

  2. Mike. Spot on as usual. The white mans God wants total separation.The
    Libtards knew better. Apartheid! No
    half measures this time.

    1. Blacks want total separation too, Europeans in Europe and Africans in Africa.

  3. Anonymous10:29 pm

    I agree in principle with axenic seggregration Mike, but how will it be implimented without violence?

    1. Anonymous1:50 am

      The left are already violent. Use that violence as a disguise.

    2. And more, where do we draw the seperation line. Europeans only?

    3. Well, firstly I won;t advertise. Learned this lesson from the poor fuckers called Boeremag - nailed by their own kind. Secondly, I've been lucky enough to have had first class training and some real contact experience at Mapatsha...
      Thirdly, being calm and rational, taking some of the good advice from Mikes' many years of blogging and using some common sense...enough for me to get my ducks in a row.
      No one is going to help you and my plans may not work for you - may just turn into a long debate, so it's pointless to elaborate.

    4. Anonymous10:07 am

      Europeans were the biggest opponents of apartheid. You would be better off inviting the Zulu Royal family into your fold.

  4. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Too many agent provocateurs who want to cause trouble, spies and double agents find a way to snuff them out and get rid of them.

    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    Ecclesiastes 3:8

  5. Anonymous10:35 pm


    i recon it is about 2 minutes to midnight. you better bellieve it, these cunts are going to take everything, land, pensions, salaries, the entire fucking lot. the populist war between the eff and the anc is going to explode into a bloodbath that this continent that made all other wars look like sunday school picnics.

    1. Anonymous12:14 pm


      Anonymous10:35 pm

      You better believe it! Right on, more people see it the way it is now.

  6. Californian10:41 pm

    Why continue?

    Things looked bleak for nationalists here in the USA until last year when Donald Trump came out of nowhere and captured the presidency. Whether or not he fulfills his promises is important, but not as critical as he demonstrated that the situation can turn on a dime. Among other things, his victory energized the Alternative Right.

    White racial consciousness is there, simmering. In North America. In Europe. In Australia-NZ. And in SA. It can be brought to the forefront by the right leadership and the right organization.

    My answer for the ultimate solution is Axenic Apartheid. Complete and utter separation.

    Agreed. And White Americans have to see this as a solution to the rising tide of color. We can not allow ourselves to be placed in a situation where we become the minority. The new rainbow nation of SA shows how that will turn out.

    The USA has made six decades of effort to integrate blacks into American civilization. The payoff? Exploding black crime, out of control illegitimacy, inevitable school trashing, endless race hustling and the destruction of cities like Detroit, Newark, Trenton, Selma, etc., etc. Blacks just can not maintain the civilization that White people have turned over to them -- a fact which is obvious to all but the most deluded liberal.

    Right now, Whites in the USA still have the numbers and the guns to establish a White republic. Whether that is done by a partition of the country or deporting blacks somewhere ought to be the primary topic for debate.

    We all gotta hang in there!

  7. Californian10:42 pm

    PS: for an ongoing commentary on blacks in America with witty commentary, there's:


    You'll note the similarly in behaviors on two continents.

    1. Anonymous10:20 am

      And http://www.ambrosekane.com, where they are called dindus and can't be taken anywhere.

  8. RunForrestRun11:00 pm

    So who fits into your definition of "Axenic Apartheid"? Where do you draw the line, would a DNA test be required or is your "stamboom" enough evidence? How is that different to Hitlers idea of racial purity and the "untermensch"? Do you allow trade with other races? What about religion, --do you ban all religion non congruent with "axenic apartheid".

    There are many societies in the world where different cultures get along quite well, the secret is that they all have similar IQ's so can see the benefits of co-operation, the Africa Bantu on the other hand has been given a free pass to pass as "human", (another thing those dastardly Brits visited upon us).

    The easy solution is to pass laws globally allowing for limited franchise based upon intelligence and passing a test, a test where issues are clearly explained and comprehension required to evaluate and pass the test. This will disenfranchise the stupid, both black and white and they will no longer be able to influence our lives.

    Now go ahead, -call me a fudge packing cunt, you know you want to.

    1. You're a pudge packing punt.
      Not because I want to...but because I CAN.
      That having been said.
      The only issue at hand is how to go about in bringing this process of segregation into affect.
      Persoonlik is ek al moeg om te hoor van kantonne en dorps-laers.
      Die proses skort
      a) Legimiteit.
      b) Heelwat ekonomies- ontgin- en volhoubare grond.
      c) n Aanduiding daar onder die blanke bevolking van NSA inderdaad n sodanige behoefte bestaan vir realisering van so iets. Om met 30,000 stemme hoed in die hand by baas Klapper...of Wêreldhof Hof te loop staan - is futiel.
      Warreføk nou ?

    2. @RFR, I have never called you that. Maybe someone else did, but not me and you are a fine one to speak seeing that you have called others far worse on here. .
      Nevertheless, let us stay on topic. There is the ideal and then there is reality, and 100% Axenic Apartheid is probably not 100% realistic (show me the political system that is 100% perfect and realistically achievable) , but my version of Axenic Apartheid is pretty much similar to what the Japanese are practicing where 98,5% of the people are Japanese and small ethnic tribal differences between the Ainu and Ryukyuans for instance are trivial and negligent. There are more differences in language and culture between East Frisians and Bavarians in Germany. So, if Japan is allowed to do it why not other nations?
      Ethnic issues in Japan
      I am no fan of Hitler, as you know and do not subscribe to the "Untermensch" idea, because it ultimately leads to extinction of oneself. I am a Nationalist not a National Socialist (I trust you do know the difference). I prescribe to Art.1(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: “All peoples have the right of self determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”.
      However, I do have to correct you. The idea of the Untermensch as you say is not Hitler's idea. Many nations such as the Indians with their "Untouchables" (Dalits), the Japanese with their Burakumin (Japanese version of hillbillies), the Muslims with their “Kaffir” (unbelievers), the Bantu with the Pigmies and Bushmen, etc, have had their versions and practiced it for thousands of years. Doesn’t mean it is right or justified, but for them there is nothing wrong with it. Cultural relativity remember? So why single Hitler out? If you want to be truly objective then why not look at Shaka’s massacres or the Australians who have massacred thousands of Aborigines List of massacres of Indigenous Australians or the Maori Massacres and cannibalism of Europeans for that matter?
      Now you want to “Disenfranchise the stupid” so that they “do not influence our lives”…OK…fair enough, but do you want only intelligent people to rule over you? Is intelligence your only criteria?
      Thabo Mbeki has degrees from the Universities of London and Sussex. Mugabe is the world’s most educated president and has 18 degrees, seven academic degrees including two masters (University of Fort Hare, London, and Unisa) and eleven honorary degrees. Three revoked.

    3. RunForrestRun2:51 am

      As you said, its not about "ruling",-its governance, and sure there will be the odd Thabo and Mugabe, but intelligent people who have had to pass a test to earn the right to vote will not vote for people like that in great numbers. Intelligent people "governing" will have enough sense to pass the kind of laws that maintain Maslows hierarchy of needs and wants. With the majority of wants and needs met people don't agitate, crime becomes unnecessary and populations prosper. Pork barrel politics becomes unsustainable when the voters are educated, intelligent and informed.

      For sure pure Socialism is bad, but then so is the purest forms of Capitalism. Intelligent leaders know it requires balance.

      Anyway, European populations are not as pure as the Japanese, - miscegenation and bastardy has already made that choice impossible, especially in SA where some studies have proven most Afrikaners are already "coloured".

      I just threw Hitler in there to test Godwins Law.........

    4. Anonymous3:01 am

      Show us how it is done, run to Liberia and live with them half arabs.

    5. Anonymous6:04 am

      You really worry about minors, we will give you a spot (a gray area) between us and the kaffirs where all the kinds who are worried about the same concerns you have, can deal with them and carry on with your headaches. If complete apartheid is not enough for you, then nothing will satisfy you. As far as religion is concerned ,it will result in the very same as the past . You will go to the church of your choice. If your church preaches multiculti demon shit, you go to the gray area where the demons will deal with you until you came to your senses. ('n paar houe met die knopkierie op jou kop sal gou jou siening verander) Trading will take place with those who want to trade on a fair and healthy basis. Forget about your IQ tests, unfortunately we will have to deal with all burdens in life, you simply cannot wish it away. You should stay where you are now between your high IQ multicultis. Complete apartheid will not work for you. You think you can survive between your high IQ kaffirs. They are millions more than the few whites. These kaffirs will only tolerate you until they become majority. Then they open the borders again for their brothers. You simply haven't learned anything yet since the fall of South Africa.

    6. RunForrestRun9:37 am

      @Anonymous6:04 am,--You see, its people like you that make me the moer in and then I get abusive, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE COMPLETE APARTHEID WHEN MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE ALREADY HAlfNAITJIES?

      You cant unscramble an omelet, look around you at the very "tanned" boertjies with the "kroesie hare". Just take a look at some of those coloured people in the Cape, ffs I grew up with some of them in the 60's that were whiter, blonder with bluer eyes than a lot of so-called "white" people.

      Its about intelligence and value systems, watch the movie The Great Wall with Mat Damon and tell me those Chinese chickies are not attractive.

    7. RunForrestRun1:11 pm

      http://www.geocities.ws/kempcountrymen/afrikaner1.htm.----Read it and understand that approx 6% of the average Afrikaner is NON WHITE,---that means every single one, so which part are you going to cut off?

      So the whole notion of axenic apartment starts with a logical fallacy, a fallacy that the race that wants to be separate actually exists.

    8. @ RFR...Ja, I look at Barry Hilton with his hair and I also wonder if the English in SA stayed pure ;-) Nevertheless, like I always say, I don't mind to be called "coloured", but then the ANC must just show me where I can stand in queue for my BEE benefits. I mean it is the ANC who still classify people as "white" and want to take everything from "whites". So if it is such a "fact" that Afrikaners are actually coloureds does that mean the ANC will leave them alone when they come to take their land and all their possessions?

    9. Anonymous9:11 pm

      @RFR, we don't need you between us. Stay where you are. If you don't fit in a society you don't fit. You departed from South Africa, because you can't live with your multiculti kaffirs. The rest of us who do not have the ability to run have to endure the shit which was created by the international powers from behind closed doors. Yes they constructed race mixing and tried to breed us into shitskins like they do all over the world now. However , we will stand up and liberate ourselves from them .We will separate us from their terrorists murdering and raping us every night. Unfortunately there are half naaitjies which we will sort out as time goes by. If they chose to take up the weapons with their kaffir brothers against us, it will be their choice. One thing you can be sure of, no more race mixing will be allowed after we separated ourselves. If they want to enjoy the peace that complete apartheid will offer, they will have to follow the rules. Otherwise they can go anywhere and do better for themselves. The very same will count for everybody else, you included. WE force no one to adopt the complete apartheid system. In Rome you do what the Romans do, in our Apartheid system you will do as we do.

    10. RunForrestRun11:35 pm

      Anonymous9:11 pm, -Nobody constructed race mixing, please read the link I posted, you lot have been giving it to the ousies for 100's of years.

      If you have been in SA for 3 or more generations then YOU most probably are also a halfnaai, so wat nou ou? How are you going to "unmix" your race? Please tell us that because its not 6% of Afrikaners,--its 6% of EVERY Afrikaner whether you like it or not.

    11. Anonymous5:55 am

      RFR only you believe your shit, so depart and go communicate with your 100% super race that exist in your head only. Why do you want to bother with us which are halfnaai in your eyes. We don't need you. Do you understand what I say? You are too clever for yourself. We will sort out this kaffirs on our own. Cases like you belong amongst the high IQ oaks, Why waste your time here with us stupid idiots who seek to separate ourselves from you very clever people who are always ahead with all the shit. You know why you hang around here, because you are a stinking lying liberal pretending to be right. Now go, no more commenting on your rubbish.

    12. @RFR...Do you know what? That 6% figure you are using is a myth. At school I was friends with Prof Heese's son, Johan. Poor laaitie took a lot of flack from the Afrikaans speaking teachers because of his book "Groep sonder grense". Ironically Prof Heese was a libtard who wanted desperately to prove that white Afrikaners are African so he cooked a few figures and found a few surnames in the archives of Cape Town to prove that some Afrikaner forfathers such as the Germans and French did marry some slave girls, but here comes the best part...He found a lot more English surnames, but because that was not what he wanted to prove he simply ignored it and never mentioned it. However, today the proof is in the pudding.

      Look at the Cape Coloureds's surnames. Davids, Adams, Josephs, Daniels, Williams, Jacobs, Abrahams, Petersen, Hendricks, Philander, Fortune, etc...All English.

      Now sure, there are some Afrikaans SOUNDING surnames, but they are not Afrikaner surnames. For instance, Baadjies, Jantjies, Arendse, April, etc,

      Afrikaners have surnames such as Van der Merwe, Botha, Malan, Kruger, Grobbelaar, Hattingh, Müller, Prinsloo, etc.

      So you tell me who spawned the coloureds?

      Unfortunately my own descendants are not in the Archives of the registrar of births and marriages in Cape Town. So I am fucked. I cannot claim BEE status, Maybe you can. Good luck with that.

      Genetically I also discovered I am fucked. See, a few years ago my sister had Leukemia and they were looking for a donor of bone marrow. I volunteered. They took 17 blood samples from me and tested it extremely accurate and found that we are descendants from Western Europe (Britain, French, Dutch and German) Fits us to a tee knowing my grandparents and great grandparents. In fact the Doctor Prof. said that the next step for a donor (if I was not a match) would be to look through the records of those countries. Not once did they consider looking through the Cape coloured records for a match. Now I wonder why that would be if it is like you claim that "ALL AFRIKANERS" have at least 6% coloured in them. Now I do have blue eyes and curly hair that I got from my father, but he was 100% European. My Afrikaans mother, with her 6% Coloured has perfectly straight hair which my sister inherited.

      I mean I am at a loss here. You say that all Afrikaners...ALL AFRIKANERS have 6% coloured in them yet in 17 samples of blood the doctors at Constantiaberg Clinic could not find a single trace of that DNA in me, so that means I could not have inherited it from my mother, and she could not have inherited it from her father or mother and they could not...I mean otherwise it would have shown up in my DNA. Where is it??? I want my BEE benefits!!

      So it seems like your claim that ALL AFRIKANERS have 6% coloured in them is what it is...Bullshit.
      Try again.

    13. Mike, how is your sister doing? Was a bone marrow donor found?

    14. @Randy. Eventually they used her own. She is still clean after 8 years. Touch wood.

    15. RunForrestRun11:45 am

      @Mike Smith,--I don't disagree that its English people as well, in fact I don.t care either way, for all I know I have 6% or 10%, it matters not to me. Did you even read the link I provided, it referenced many sources?

      The point is your family may be an exception but many are not, living in denial is not an attractive trait,---or a river in Egypt.

    16. Anonymous12:27 am

      I have not read Heese's book though I have looked on the internet for actual proof that Afrikaans speaking whites really do have mixed race genes but have found none.

      The first book review of Heese's only mentions that Afrikaans speaking whites MAY have mixed races in their ancestry.

      It is a possibility that the traitorous Afrikaaners had mixed blood and explains why they serve evil.
      The Afrikaner elite marry amongst themselves which would keep their genes in their families.

      People in past times knew that racial mixing was a biblical no no, so I suspect it was the degenerates who grabbed a meid in the barn, as in those days white people really lived by the Bible and race mixing is forbidden by God.
      We know that the Huguenots were very religious having fled their Flemish due to religious persecution.

      In a miscegenation case the by blow would be brought up in the slaves family. The dregs naturally sink to the bottom and the scum (like those who sold us out), rises to the top.
      It's the way nature works.

      Is it a coincidence the book was written at the time of white onslaught in South Africa?

      Was this book written to influence whites to accept black majority rule by falsely claiming Afrikaans speakers have tainted blood?

  9. RunForrestRun11:05 pm

    By the way, many years ago I also met Thabo, --I had the misfortune of looking into those muddy pools with the yellow sclera and knew right there and then that there was no future for white people in South Africa.

    1. Anonymous3:03 am

      Were you looking in a mirror perhaps?

    2. RunForrestRun9:40 am

      @ Anonymous3:03 am, --Really? Is that your infantile notion of a witty comment?

      And people wonder why I gave up on stupid fucking dregs like you.

    3. Curmudgeon2:24 pm


      You are wrong on so many counts...

      Miscegenation levels in Europe are low...  Very very low... Google it. Many studies available.

      The same holds true for the diaspora. A recent study showed that more than 95% of white Americans are still 100% European - http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2015/1/18/white-americans-are-very-white.

      I would imagine that similar studies in Canada and Aus. would yield the same results. 

      Up until very recently, most Europeans considered other races inferior, and miscegenation would have lead to complete ostracism.

      The studies on Afrikaner genealogy all reference church records from the old Cape Colony, and do not factor in subsequent European immigration. While it could be possible that we were at some point in the past on average, 6% admixed, it is certainly no longer the case.

      My wife and I both did 23andMe DNA tests (the most accurate ancestry test around today), and through our two profiles, I studied the results of hundreds of white South Africans, Europeans, and Americans. Here are some of my findings:

      - 99%+ of white South Africans have non-European admixture.
      - This averages out at about 3% (3.5% at most). Definitely not 6%. One 3d of this is Sub-Saharan African, two 3ds Asian.
      - This means that theoretically, the average white Saffa could have grandkids that are 99.25% white. Unless you're a one-dropper, I would not consider us to be "half-naaitjies".
      - Anglo South Africans are every bit as admixed as their Boer/Afrikaner counterparts (my personal anecdotal observations actually leads me to believe they are slightly more mixed).
      - Anglo and Afrikaans white Saffas are genetically very very similar. All of the Afrikaners I studied had a substantial amount of British/Irish genes, and all of the Anglo Saffas I studied had a high percentage of German/French (Dutch falls into this category on 23andme) genes.
      - The overwhelming majority of our non-European genes is the result of miscegenation with slaves between 1652 and 1690. Anti-miscegination laws were subsequently passed and they seem to have worked. Due to the founder effect (Google it) these non-Euro genes were retained in our gene pool.
      - Does this mean we are in fact inbred? By official definition: no. We have a higher degree if relatedness than continental Europeans, but significantly lower than Ashkenazi Jews - no one ever calls them inbred...
      - In corroboration of the studies I mentioned earlier, 99% of the European and American whites I studied were 100% European.
      - Coloureds (I could only find about 5 of them) are mixed AF. they were on average about 35-40% European, and the rest was a mix between various African and Asian sub-types.

      Regarding your comment about the seamless coexistence of different races with similar IQs... Utter tripe... Do some research, man. Diversity itself IS the problem. Again, there are numerous studies available on the topic. Higher levels of diversity leads to less social trust and cohesion; and higher levels of depression and suicide. Ultimately it leads to the complete breakdown of communities.

      Nationalism and self-determination for all.

    4. @ Curmudgeon...Thanks for your comment. Very informative.

      Just NEVER mention to a coloured that he has African blood in him...unless of course you want to hear the history of your mother, your extended family your dog and your horse ;-)

      On the subject of the Cape. People forget what the Cape was and who the people were who supplied the food to the Cape. Up until 1896 when the Suez canal opened, the Cape was the "Shell One-stop" on the highway to the Far East as well as the brothel for the seafarers. From 1652 to 1896 thousands of ships replenished at the Cape bringing many horny European sailors to the Cape.

      The sailors brought a lot of these seamen-friendly women from Malaysia, Indonesia to the Cape to set up whore houses for next time they come past.

      in 1846 a US ship called the "Gentoa" shipwrecked at the Cape and its cargo of servant girls from the Far East set up whore houses in Cape Town. From there the word "Gentoo" or "Jintoe" as well as "Docks Gentoo", because they serviced the sailors and still does so till this day. In more modern times the sailors they serviced became Taiwanese and Filipinos...from there the "Kaapse Geelbekke"...coloured with distinct Asiatic features.

      So you see, it is a myth that the Dutch spawned the coloured community by marrying Hottentots. The coloured community was a result of their own great, great, great grandmothers...who were whores, and who fucked British sailors from ships passing the Cape. They even adopted the swearing of the sailors...because NOBODY in the world can swear worse than a Cape Coloured. And if you look at all the British surnames like Williams, Peterson, etc amongst the Cape Coloureds and notice how their language is about 50% English then it is not hard to see where they actually come from.

      Speak to coloureds and you will hear how they are very proud of their Scottish grandfather or German great grandfather, but they will NEVER admit that they have any Kaffir in them. Even to them it was a major taboo for a man or a woman to have sexual relations with blacks.

      By 1770 the trekboere reached the Eastern Cape and first ran into blacks with whom they were at war. More than 1000 km away.

      These pious and religious farmers trekked away with their wives and families. To make them out today as fornicators of blacks is absolute rubbish and if it happened it would have been a major scandal in the entire community. Up until 1994 and to a large extend still today it was and still is frowned upon when a white person has sexual relations with a coloured or black.

      I mean...The NG Kerk had a ban on trousers for women in the church and up until the 1980's women had to wear hats to church. That is how pious they were. Sexual relations across colour lines were not only against the law, but extremely embarrassing and would lead to ostracising. The few cases where it did happen were mostly amongst the tiny Lumpenprolitariat of the white community, alcoholics, homeless whites, etc.

    5. RunForrestRun9:55 pm

      @Curmudgeon, thank you for that, I merely quoted research from the 80's which seemed quite sensible, your research however does not address the issue of specific families and I quote " In some cases dispensations were given allowing interracial marriages. One example is the case of a Khoikhoi or Hottentot woman named Eva-Kroata. A Dutch man named Pieter Van Meerhof, married her and had 5 children with her. All of them in turn married white men. Eva-Kroata is the progenitor of a number of Afrikaner first families. These include the Krugers, Van Riebeecks, Bruyns, Van Rensburgs, Zaimans, and Pelzers, to name a few. Paul Kruger, the great revered Boer hero, is a descendant of Eva through her daughter Petronella Meerhof. Andries Pretorius, the Great Voortrekker leader was himself a descendant of two East Indian slave women, Catharina van Bengale on his mother's side, and Helena van Malabar on his father's side. Thus, the entire Pretorius family can trace their ancestry back to these two slave women. These well known interracial marriages, are just a fraction of the non-white blood absorbed into the modern Afrikaner genepool. Ironically, Governor Simon Van Der Stel, who passed the 1685 law, was himself of Coloured stock. He was born in Mauritius to a half-Bengalese mother"

      One of my parents is also from pure European extraction so I am familiar with European history, specifically the Ottoman occupation of large parts of Southern/Central Europe. There is a reason many Southern Europeans are so dark.

      Be that as it may we need to agree on what multiculti means before we pursue the subject, in my opinion Europe has been multiculti for centuries with the relatively free movement and exchange of people all over the place. Various cultures have lived in relative harmony all over the place. By relative I don't mean they haven't had conflicts, I mean they have been relatively tolerant and accepting of differences like dress, cuisine, music, art etc etc

      HOWEVER,-In recent times multiculti has come to mean the miscegenation of Caucasoid with Negroids, it is part of the fuckedupness of our time. That is NOT my idea of multiculti.

      I don't really give a shit either way, I believe every individual must take responsibility for their own actions and choices, blaming it on this and that is as useful as glorifying in the "wonderful boers" who beat the Khakis.

      The people who blame the ANC and blacks and communists and Siener and FW and Globalists and Rothschild's and Jews and and and will find something else to blame their misfortune on if those excuses didn't exist. The fact of the matter is some of us saw this fuckup coming 30 years ago, we warned people, we eventually gave up because none of them can organise a pissup or a poke in whorehouse located in a brewery. To this day they continue to arm, unite, organize and still achieve fuckall, they cant even agree wtf a boer is, so you have to ask yourself, --are they capable of ever achieving anything?

      Past experience would indicate not, so that is why I say forget about the Afrikaner/Boer bullshit and throw your lot in with like minded people with similar values who have a leg to stand on, for sure as fuck these legless dickless wonders don't.

  10. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Mike. Have been following your blog for about a year now. I can see why you are so frustrated!!!!!!! as some people just miss your points completely. However there are also those who are on the same page as you and their comments are thought provoking too.To be honest, I don't always agree with everything you put forward, but admire your your guts, commitment and intent. You may not be the ' leader' that we are seeking ( or perhaps you will be? ), but a 'preparer of the way' like John the Baptist. Everything has its time.
    XX chromosome

  11. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Axenic Apartheid is a great idea Mike. Your blog is a great blog. But, and it is not a defeatist but, the majority of people out there are either black, liberal or completely naive. There is a small portion of our country that can see what is going down, they come to this blog. And yes, it's probably more like 2 minutes to midnight and we are all watching the clock, tapping our feet and gearing up for one mother of a civil war.
    You see, as much as there have been good debates on this blog with regards to solutions for our country, I think the guys and ladies inherently know that none of those solutions will be explored until AFTER this place blows up. Perhaps it's the sound of inevitability approaching that makes your articles such as the self defense strategies pure gems. Likewise, your readers are all trying to decipher the BS MSM to connect dots in an attempt to work out exactly how many minutes we actually do have before midnight. Your blog is instrumental in this regard.
    At this point in the game, it makes no difference to me who ran and who stayed, who calls who a wuss and who has the biggest dick in the comments section. What does make a difference to me is how close are we?, what specific events are serious accelerators?,what is my best strategy to make it through this coming war?, what areas and which people do I avoid?, who is going to be my enemies?, who do I shoot and who do I save?
    The cold hard fact here is that shit is going to hit this fan shortly, regardless of what solutions we may come up with now. So Mike, thanks for all your efforts over the years, we may not have solved the problem in time but you have certainly adjusted many South Africans mindsets, and that will mean many more people will walk into this prepared and therefore many more will survive, thanks to you.
    Keep up the good work, fuck the detractors, we know what's coming, lets stay the course.

    1. Whiteman2:43 am

      Anonymous 11:45 pm, I am hereby extending to you personally, an invite to get yourself an ID ( avatar ), by which we can immediately recognise your contribution. And this goes to a number of other truly great contributors on this blog. I have explained twice before how to do this, and will do it again, if I am asked. But really guys it is very simple, and I am seriously computer-dof. But just think how you will improve this wonderful blog. Your much valued contributions, will form precious building blocks, to to make this FORT stronger, and much more consumer friendly. Come on guys, I am making a very fair request. Maybe you do not realise it, but your really valuable, much appreciated " anonymous " contribution often gets lost between , between other anonymous bullshit and clutter. Furthermore, if you are really serious about sharing thoughts, and debating with your fellow patriots, give us a handle so that we can identify you immediately. Pleeeeeze guys !

  12. Anonymous11:56 pm

    I do believe that time has run out.

    Showerhead is pushing the land issue with aggression and it will not surprise to see the shit starting in due course.

    I hope those that think you are a joke and a poser, are ready for what is coming because they will be calling your name and asking for help.

    I hope that all those that have seen are prepared and ready, this will start with a bang and it will not go quiet until either they or us are annihilated.

    Ex Unitate Vires.


    1. If people can not start seeing that the writing is on the wall by now, i don't know, really i don't.

      They will go for the kill shot on us soon. I see their arrogance. When some of them talk, even, positivelym about us, to their comrades, and condemn the ANC, and their racist policies. they say i dont want to be part of a genocide and the slaughter of whites.

      They truly and utterly do believe that we wont be able to present any resistance. It will be like taking candy from a baby. I kid you not. I believe it is their numbers thats making them so arrogant.... But it is a good thing. I wouldnt want it any other way.

      Underestimating your opponent and the element of surprise is a motherfu.... that has f.....up many before. I know this from personal experience.

    2. Anonymous9:59 am

      What are you talking about? We are holding hands and singing kumbaya! Everything will be ok...



  13. Anonymous12:02 am

    Dear Mr Smith
    100% with your concerns

    I do however think that you miss the MUCH bigger picture

    This may help


    There are a lot more like this
    See if you can spot anything interesting ?

    As it was in the past so it is today -- GEOGRAPHY does not change.

    What is happening in SA is merely the side show for something MUCH bigger

    Zuma / ANC forget it = PUPPETS

    Yes I have read Siener -- just not the way the Mal Ninja has. WW III and SA -- inextricably linked !

    As much as I believe all the research by the SA IRR -- that most people in SA just want to get on with life -- that we do NOT ALL hate each other ......

    All it needs is a few dedicated shit-stirrers to "massage" in malicious ways some of the realities of the South African situation
    VOILA -- the seeds of revolution ( busy being planted as we speak )

    I cannot see any easy way out of this -- it appears the die is already cast.

    The options (there are very FEW ! )

    We need MORE "Oranias" in the Cape Colony
    ALL whites need to move to their OWN republic ( Singapore in the Cape )
    We need people with MONEY to start the "Oranias"

    I am in the process of starting to re-locate

    We need some very clued up military brains to work out HOW we are going to defend ourselves.

    We need to start preparing for the worst whilst hoping for the best ...

    I see nothing else -- in the "crystal ball"

    1. Anonymous1:06 am

      @ anon 12:02 am

      " we need more Oranias in the Cape Colony"

      I say make the Cape a Colony, the lighter details were laid out last year, MS made the plan sketchy but quite clear.

      Why not start promoting and finding investment for such an endeavour, there are organizations out there that will buy in.

      When we start splitting into little strongholds the unity is splintered and the focus divided.

      I agree with you totally on our own republic but let's make it one republic not many small ones.


    2. Anonymous12:33 pm


      @Anonymous12:02 am

      Yes I have read Siener -- just not the way the Mal Ninja has. WW III and SA -- inextricably linked !

      So what way have you read it?

      Upside down? Back to front? Or did you sit on Oom Sieners lap and let him whisper in your ear?

      Ummm I believe I covered it all on many, many previous posts.

      In fact I point out that to really see where we are on the road, look abroad first before looking at SA.

      When you write a post, please explain a little further. When you try to project your "superior" understanding, you just show yourself up.

      Because I have linked current events in SA with international events. Like before Russia even went to the middle east, I mentioned watch what happens there.

      Turkey - another one.

      So please elaborate further on your understanding seen as though "us" morons dont get it.

      Yes I admit I have not read the book upside down or in Japanese, so perhaps my understanding of it is far less limited. I guess I might have to have it translated into hieroglyphics to get a better understanding.

      Or wait, dont forget the others say Snymans version of Sieners is not correct. Those claiming all this kak tell me he dictated his visions on his smartphone and thats how they listen to him.


      Enlighten us about your illuminated understanding.

      IF you read Van Rensburg and still thinking on the lines of Orania I would encourage you to stop reading the Japanese translation of the book and rather read it in either English or Afrikaans.

      You dont need Orania to solve the problem - the solution is in his warnings.

      Why settle for crumbs when you can have the entire cake & eat it?

      My Orania spans from the Cape to the Equator - anything else is wasting time and not thinking big. Think big or ship out - plain and simple!

      If you are going to fight, it takes the same amount of military brains to figure out how to take the entire Cake rather than settle for crumbs - Oranias will be hit with rockets like those that the Palestinians send to the Israelis.

      Im not dismissing what you are saying but I for one will never arm for an Orania style location or country - its either go big or dont do anything.

      No Karasites from the Cape to the Equator - its really that simple! If you have Orania it will be like the walking dead, the things will try get in any way they can.

      Let them light the fuse, we will end it with a bang.

      From the Cape to the Equator and no karasites in between.

    3. Anonymous11:36 pm

      With your superior knowledge tell us HOW this is going to come about
      Do we not have to worry about the HOW
      "Siener" has it ALL worked out ?

      Do you understand that by a process of natural accretion "Oranias" -- GROW TOGETHER
      One has to START somewhere !

  14. Anonymous1:10 am

    I've been guilty of burning day light but am preparing properly now. 5 mins to midnight indeed.

    Are your teeth fixed?
    Are you at your target weight?
    Do you exercise multiple times every week, hot/cold/rain/shine?
    Can you run 2-3 miles in less than half an hour, without calling 911?
    Do you do it regularly?
    Do you have a real Go Bag at home?
    In your car?
    Can you purify suspect water to potability at least four ways, none of them using fire or electricity?
    How many of them have you actually done?
    Have you planted a vegetable garden?
    What about in a greenhouse, or using raised-bed coldframes?
    Can you can surplus produce?
    And what about canning cooked meats?
    Have you sealed up buckets of dry staples, like uncracked wheat, rice, beans, pasta, salt, sugar, etc.?
    Have you ever built an ad hoc shelter in the wilderness that'd get you through an entire winter where you live, warm and dry?
    Can you navigate successfully cross-country (no roads) with nothing but a USGS topo or equivalent, and a hand compass?
    Can you make a cache for supplies?
    Find it a year later?
    Proved it by doing same in the last year?
    Do you have both an IFAK blow-out kit, and a serious home first aid kit?
    Can you clean and dress a serious wound?
    Splint a broken limb or joint sufficient to allow travel/transport?
    Can you hit a man-sized target with a pistol from 10-100' away?
    Can you battle zero a rifle?
    Can you take your weapons apart, and put them back together?
    Do you have spare parts for replacing the ones most lost/broken?
    How far is the longest distance have you hiked in the past year?
    Can you move with a full pack 10 miles over rough terrain in a day?
    Did you do it in the last year?
    Do you have the boots for that broken in?
    Can you communicate with radios that far right now?
    Can you pick up broadcasts on SW?
    Send them?
    Can you predict the weather where you live from the almanacs on your shelf, your own weather station, and personal knowledge?
    What about the tides, phases of the moon, sunrise/sunset?
    Can you make what you need to live in the wilds with a knife/hatchet/machete/multitool/paracord?
    How many things have you made that way? Copyied and pasted from the Raconteur Report blog.

    Can anyone think of anything to add?

    1. I don't need to cache up supplies and food. I just need to know where you cache up yours ;-)

      Don't rely on too much equipment especially equipment with batteries. Skills take preference to equipment.

      Learn original map and compass work. Learn camouflage. Learn to set traps for animals and humans. Learn tracking skills, animals as well as human. Learn to cross open terrain and roads. Learn IED making. Learn to apply all of the above in Urban as well as bush settings.

    2. Yes the most important.
      You need a team or a group with communication to other groups.

      Having a couple of Rambo's in your group is a good thing but a one man show Rambo only works in the movies.

      In a group you add what others lack and others add what you lack. You have each others backs.

    3. Anonymous9:39 am

      I don't need to do all that. I have a smart phone!

    4. Anonymous1:23 pm

      110 how about, do you know how to build anti Casspir or Ratel ditches, do you know how to build effective sandbag barriers, do you know how to defend a small town in a besiegement for a extended period of time.

    5. Anonymous12:36 pm


      @Anonymous1:10 am

      Yes, I have watched every season of Bear Grylls and survivor - I think Im sorted now.

  15. Anonymous1:15 am

    My solution is simple. We must take it from our religions. No religion on earth promotes racism and God or Allah is not a racist. If God was a racist he would have created only one race with a single culture and now the devil enslaved the minds of racists to work against the plans of God. God wants to see us living together as one irrespective of the colour of our skin. If there is any religion that promote racism, do some research and you will find out that initially that religion was not about race but the religion was simply tainted by racists over time as they realise that there were other race apart from them.

    I believe that racists must just accept that they are sick and they need help urgently to be mentally liberated. No culture on earth promotes killings unless such culture has some underworld influence of dark forces from the evil one or witchcraft.

    Racists are the only barrier to peace on earth as they live with irrational phobias that they are exposed to danger when they are in the midst of other race groups.

    Criminality exist in every race and at times can be worsen by aspects such as when one race decides to oppress and marginalise another. Such create tension and hatred between the two groups and eventually complete resentment.

    (To be continued)

    1. Anonymous2:38 am

      Concerning Islam

      Oops, I dropped something


      Remember Weenen

    2. Anonymous5:35 am

      So if God is not a racist, why did He create everything kind after his own kind. He created the diversity of nature and each species have no choice but to stick to their own species otherwise nothing would have existed by now anymore. Does it not function like that for millions of years now? You want to teach blowflies to produce honey? Honeybees to go and suck nectar on turds? Horses to mate with donkeys.You will turn the whole world into mules! Sorry ,you need to go back and read all the past comments on this blog from previous years. Then come back with wisdom and comment some sense. Your religion story is a bucket of shit. Satan wants to race mix all races and he promotes shit stories that God and Allah is not racist. Allah is satan. All Islams do race mixing and that is contrary to the Creator God's creation of nature. Just go figure that!

    3. Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is suffering terribly from demon-possession.”

      Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.”

      He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

      The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.

      He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”

      “Yes, Lord,” she said, “but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”

    4. Anonymous9:36 am

      only problem is your definition of racists... It can never be blacks and it is always whites. Therefore all whites must die.... which ironically, is the sane persons definition of racism.

      Hypocrisy much?

    5. Anonymous10:08 am

      @Anon 5:35

      Human and animals are not the same. All human are of the same species but different races. All dogs are of the same species but different breed and so are donkeys, monkeys, etc. Dogs can live together despite their different breed and I believe that all human can coexist despite their different races. God loves diversity and that's why He could create us that way. It is not an offence to nature by bringing humans to live together since they are all of the same species. So, a donkey and horse are not from the same species but ALL HUMAN COME FROM THE SAME SPECIES AND THUS CAN COEXIST TOGETHER ON THE SAME HABITAT.That is possible the only problem is that we have racist in our society. Racism is the mental illness, that's why racists would see other people as belonging to a different species. Moreover, most racist were proven to be psychotic.

    6. Anonymous3:53 pm


      I dont know about that . Humans are different like a Horse and a Donkey , We see the way some conduct themselves brings out the Racist in others , its not a Mental illness. Its actually a natural reaction, what is a Mental illness is when one tries to suppress the reaction and pretend its normal how others differ in action to oneself. Another thing is go to central africa and see how some havent evolved from the SUBORDER HAPLORHINI .

    7. Anonymous8:51 pm

      @Anonymous10:08 am

      Apparently you do not understand nature and Who created it. You are part of nature, you are not separated from it, your existence depends on it. Obviously you want to indulge yourself into a multicultural society. No problem, that is your choice and I do not stop you from doing it. Just tell me why do you want to stop or deny those who want to live separately from you and your broods to do so. Don't they have a right on life as you claim your right of multifucked up living. Of course they do!. So just f,ck away and go and mind your own shit. Go suck turds with the brommers jou fokken stupid kont!

    8. Anonymous10:02 pm

      Multiculturalism is the mental disease. Satan mingled his DNA with all kinds of animals in the times before the flood. It was a mixture that was not created by God. Do you even know that.? Do you even know that God ordered the Israelites to wipe all those nations who were racially intermixed with these giant offspring of satan and his baboon mixed slaves. Obviously you don't know that. That's why you talk rubbish like Race is mentally ill. You are the mentally ill multicultural inbred who should rather just shut up. You want to decide and prescribe to God what he must do. Go do it, let us see who will listen to you. You will not be inside the complete apartheid boundaries. What do you even comment on this blog. Go to your multicultural sites. We don't go there and try to convince you otherwise. Go do what you like. Your shit multicultural point of view is the reason why thousands of white people are murdered by blacks every year in South Africa. If we are completely separated from blacks , how can we ever abuse them or cause them any harm. Only mentally ill multiculturalism inspires them to believe that something very terrible is done to them. Hence their hate for separateness and their lust to murder innocent people. They do quite the opposite of love, the law of God. They murder and you instigate it with your multiculturalism, therefore you are just as guilty as the murderers themselves.Be sure,you will not be tolerated amongst us.

    9. Anonymous10:27 pm

      @Anon 3:53pm

      Get some education please. That's why you remain an easy target to be recruited to racist mental slavery.

      Human and Apes are all from different species but same family. Horses and Donkeys are of different species but same family. Species can be grouped into families by looking into their anatomy.

      So, next time if someone tells you that blacks and whites are of different species. Give that person a "slap" so that the devil can give him some mental liberation.


      God loves diversity and want it to be preserved. Imagine the world with only one race and one culture. That would be a boring world where people could not have to learn about other cultures and have fun.


      Satan loves racists because he uses them as his puppets. He gives them insatiable desire to exterminate other races and thus working against what God loves the most and that is DIVERSITY. There are many racist satanic cults in the world with only one aim of killing diversity.

    10. @ Anon 10:27 pm...Of course God loves diversity. That is why you see hundreds of thousands of different flowers, insects and animals. Do they intermix? No. There is a reason God kept them separate. In effect that is what the word "Diversity" means. Go study English, because it seems like your understanding of the word "Diversity" means all diverse species should intermix and form one blob of mixed mess dough. What you do not grasp is that if everyone intermix then there will not be any “diversity” anymoere.

      See? I am a Nationalist. I don't want to exterminate any race. I absolutely LOVE diversity. Every Nation separate and on its own. We can trade, we can talk, but you have your place and I have mine. The way it is in nature.

      There are many species that can interbreed, but they don't. Take the Blue Wildebeest and the Black Wildebeest (the one with the White tail)...In the wild they NEVER interbreed. Only when they are in captivity under conditions of forced Integration that they interbreed. The result is a weak offspring susceptible to all kinds of disease and easy prey for predators. All game rangers know this, that is why they have to keep the species apart in captivity. Go to Kagga Kamma game reserve, they will explain it all to you. It is nature’s way to keep the species pure and strong.
      Even God separated nations at the fall of the tower of Babel. It is the Satanic Multiculturalists who wants to undo God’s work with interbreeding.
      BTW, the “Satanic racist cult” you describe above seems to fit the ANC to a T. They are the ones singing "Kill the Boer" and who wants to exterminate other races.

      Coming back to your place and mine...South Africa has never been a black man's Country. The Bantu Blacks are not even from the Southern Hemisphere. They migrated 6000km from the Niger delta, above the equator down Africa's great lakes into the Region now called South Africa. There they met White People who were there Long before them and stole the White people's cattle, raped their wives and killed their farmers. So it is only natural that the Whites push them back to where they came from. At least above the Kunene and Zambezi rivers.

    11. Anonymous12:36 am


      Then you are making yourself guilty. If God separated us, then what did your ancestors came to do in Africa? Why are you still in Africa?


      Racism also has its subgroups. It also manifest as tribalism, folkism, etc. If you group white people together. A new form of racism will manifest among whites themselves. Some will feel that an Afrikaner shouldn't be with an English or Italian. Some will feel that Italians are not white enough and some will even call for genetic testing to be done. This is what we call SICKNESS. All humans are one species and all are from one human race.

      This is one reason why pagans are racist. PAGANISM and RACISM are two side of a coin.


    12. Anonymous12:47 am


      Africa does not subscribe to Southern and Northern Hemisphere. Africa is one continent and it is a home to a black man. Colonial history of propaganda has tried to change history thinking that blacks would bite into it and as result justify the injustices that a white man has committed in Africa.

      If the Southern Hemisphere part of Africa belonged to a white man, how did it come that whites can only be found here in South Africa and not anywhere else in Africa. Whites arrived in South Africa on three ships and their history in South Africa starts there.

      You must go and tell that science fiction to your three year old and not to graduate like me.

    13. Anonymous1:16 am



    14. @ 12:47 am @ Anon 11:53 “Injustices the white man has committed”, Like what? The 69 at Sharpeville? How about black injustices like Shaka murdering 2 million blacks or Mugabe 20,000 Matabeles? Or Rwanda 1960’s 1994. Nigeria Biafra Christians slaughtered by black Muslims.
      OH, so Africa is black and “whites can only be found here in South Africa and not anywhere else in Africa” ?? What about the white Egyptians, Greeks and Carthaginians? What about the brown Arabs and Berbers from North Africa? What about the white Namibians, the San, the Rehoboth Basters? Where must they go so you can claim the whole Africa although you pathetic Kaffirs jumped down the trees from central Africa and spread out to South Africa? I take it you do know of the Phoenician ships at the Cape more than 2000 years ago and the Rock paintings of the “White Lady of the Brandberg” showing white people hunting. Then there are the rock paintings in Rhodesia showing Arabs and whites on horseback. At a fort/castle.
      What claim do you have to ANY land in SA? Where are your title deeds?
      @ Anon 12.36..You say, “A new form of racism will manifest among whites themselves”…You mean like the xenophobia amongst blacks in Africa and them murdering each other out from Siera Leone to South Africa?

    15. Anonymous1:50 am

      @Anonymous10:27 pm
      Nature is there for all of us to learn from. You will breed yourself out of existence with your story "all humans are the same". You can't even see that. Apparently you cannot figure it out. Go marry a black woman and breed yourself a few apes. let your apes marry more multicultural mixtures and see how stupid you offspring becomes. That is reverse evolution , you f,ck yourself into stupidity.You can go and do that with pleasure. We will not stop you. Be sure ,amongst us in the COMPLETE APARTHEID system you will not be welcome. You and your kind do not belong with us. Your satan shit, "like he loves racists", why did the cunt mingle his DNA with the baboons in the first place. Go suck your mentally ill multicultural turd in your faggot infested multicultural community. We had enough of your multicultural murdering kaffir infested South Kafrica. They proved enough in twenty years. Are you blind?

    16. Anonymous2:08 am

      Jy sien dis die probleem met julle liberale julle verstaan YHWH nie. Altyd 100 ander redes soek oor hoekom ons nie apart moet wees nie en dat ons rassiste is. Genesis 1 Se my God Hy het soort by soort geskape. Ek weet nie watse een jy dien nie. Seker die een wat die kerk al van 1500 al in ons keel probeer afdruk het. Mike ek stem 100% met jou planne ou maat. Moenie jou steer aan die gemors nie, min gaan sien ek belowe dit vandag vir jou.

    17. Anonymous2:53 am


      Whites created injustices by stealing our forebears land. Apartheid only came later. Africans (Blacks) have been living in Africa even before your so called mythological Phoenicians arrived in Africa. Most whites arrived in Africa through colonisation and majority have since left Africa to go back to their forefathers' land. Mike, it is not even a secret that your ancestor Jan Van Riebeeck arrived here just yesterday.

    18. @ Anonymous 2:53 am Which whites stole the land from which blacks? Please provide the evidence of ownership and the proof of theft so I can direct you to the nearest police station where you can go and lay a charge of theft. Personally I do not know of any white South African who have stolen any land in the Niger Delta or Central Africa for that matter, because that is where your forbearers come from. If anything you fucking lot stole the land from the Khoi and San, but even they came from East Africa where Kenya is today.
      Unless you can provide proof of ownership and proof of theft you have no leg to stand on. Piss off.

    19. Anonymous4:45 am


      Jan Van Riebeeck through his mixed blood descendant Pretorius stole our land. But, we will return it back soon. We do not buy into a stupid history of propaganda that will tell us how South Africa was like during 1652.

      Our land is our land.

      Robert Sobukwe is turning on his grave.

      iLizwe lethu, Our land!!!

    20. Anonymous5:26 am

      @Anon 1:50 am

      You can never defeat the fate of human kind. Even if you create your own prison with the intention of preserving your own bloodline and race such will not last. Why did prehistoric people looked different from us today? It is because they were interbreeding throughout ages for the survivability of their offspring. Moreover, in the next world there could also be no black and white people when modern races of today will also be suffering extinction. Biology has proved that inbreeding produces weak offspring if it is sustained for too long.

      Not all people react the same to diseases and not all suffer from the same group of sicknesses. Whites have their own diseases which my body might be resistant from because of my blackness. And so are blacks with some of their diseases which whites might be resistant from. An example of this phenomenon is that of Khoisans who died just by being in contact with a white man. Now, with all this possible catastrophe future generations will need to share both genes of resistance from their ancestors so as to survive the outbreak of many future diseases as we modern people could survive diseases which killed our forebears.

      Now with your little prison, in the long run, anarchy shall arise from future generations who will rebel that prison system by wanting to interact with the outside world. The outbreaks of diseases which shall only kill your kind. The high rise of birth disorders because of narrow pool of strong and weak genes from the parents.

    21. @Anon 4:45 ...So Pretorius is a descendant of van Riebeeck? HAHAHA...More lies from a lying black as usual. Do you fuckers ever stop lying? I told you already. It is NOT your land so piss off.

      When the white man built this country with his know-how and money you fucking lot were just a side show murdering each other out. You should thank Apartheid for stopping that so that your numbers could explode and spread like cancer through the country.

      Listen mate, you don't have to come here and tell us that you are going to or want to take white people's land. We know that. We are preparing for it and waiting on you cowardly fucks. Go tell the white libtards in the DA what you intend. Maybe it will wake them up, but I doubt it.

      So what are you going to do after you have chased the whites off their land? Let them hang around to watch you? No. You will chase them out of the country or kill them, cause you won't have any use for them. So just admit it. The land issue is just a cloak for wanting to chase the whites out of the country. That makes you THE WORST racist piece of shit.

      So fuck off. Don't come here and swing the "racist" epitaph around when you are ten times worse. Voetsek.

    22. Anonymous6:21 am

      @ Anon 4:45 am.

      If its your land why then why all the issues of expropriation bills and changing the constitution that your pathetic race thought up.

      Why all the legals and manipulation, why haven't you lot just taken back what was yours?

      If I own something and it is stolen and I find it, I will not change the law to reclaim it, I will reclaim it. So as you retards believe this is stolen property, why don't you just reclaim it, you are the power of the land, you yap about it daily so just go ahead take back what is yours.

      You will not and let me tell you why you will not. You want the rest of the planet to continue buying into your bullshit, your lie of democracy and all this dark rainbow shit that some white idiot thought out for you.

      You have learnt from other coontries in Africoon, those same powers that sold Mozambique, Rhodesia, Angola and the rest their dream, sold the same smoke to the resident retard here, but after retard bought into the dream and set up corruption the dream seller fucked off because they couldn't take the bush out of retard even after taking retard out the bush, so coontry failed and starvation, economic collapse, corruption and meltdown set in.

      You retards think that you can smokescreen your terrorism behind the stupidity of law and democracy manipulation, so youre trying to save your arse from another Zimbabwe and other states where majority pop starves the average monthly income per family is approximately 50 usd a month and international aid is a must which is then claimed by governmunt and sold back to the already starving nation.

      You see, you dimwitted idiot, if you really believed that we stole the land you would have taken it already, the rest of this planet would have agreed with you and stood back and watched but you lot are not so sure that planet reality agrees with planet retard. So you will not make your move, you will not invade land without suffering the consequence of your stupidity.

      Now please proceed with your threats and action your attempted intimidation, let's see the outcome.


    23. Anonymous6:39 am


      It now turned out from the research which I conducted that Phoenicians were in fact not WHITE as you claim, but the descendants of the Canaanites sons of Ham. From the DNA tests which were conducted by National Geographic from a Lebanese and the ancient bones of a Phoenician found from a grave in Egypt, the result were shocking. It turned out that the two had almost same DNA which could be concluded that they looked much alike. Thus, phoenicians were not anything WHITE but such a propaganda was driven by White supremacists for many years in order to promote their race as superior. The same propaganda that you still promote in your blog. So now this rubbish all the hogwash about certain whites being in Africa ages ago.


      I have always known that one of the sons of Phoenicians by the name of Hannibal Barca, a military commander was BLACK.

      Whites have done a lot of damage to history and even stealing history and culture of others.

    24. Anonymous11:17 am

      @ anon 6:39am.

      Mike allow me please.

      You lot will believe any shit that might make you look better than the retards you really are.

      You forgot to mention the study and research that proved that you retards had cites with aqueducts and sewer disposal, and you walked around in top hat and tails before the whiteman and that the white stole you culture and turned it into his.

      You forgot to mention the study that proved the ancient Egyptians were black and built the pyramids and ancient cities with history recorded in hieroglyphs on the walls and pillars.

      Oh, yes you forgot to mention that retard circumnavigated the globe, mapped it and started trade before all other nations and of course the white man stole that as well.

      By the way you forgot to mention that you retards were found without a history, living in mud huts, eating each other, carrying spears while the western world had proper bang, bang banduki, magic flame stick that punctured your kinds black flesh and let the life ooze out of you.

      You forgot to mention that you were still carrying the shit that you toted with you on your head while the western world had wheels and carts.

      And know you and your backward tribe have learnt to read and write and hau bass! this eee computer wish! is magnificent.

      You see retardus maximus backwards specieus, that is your lot will believe any shit that's why you change street names and town name and the rest of the shit that you lot do, all just to make you feel better about yourself.

      Strangely enough your species has done everything and anything yet you lot can still not invent anything, manage anything or preserve anything.

      You wasteful liars are the pits.


    25. Listen sunshine.. You've had your black ass handed to you seven times over in the past few days. What are you still on about.?

      Like Mike said.. Either bring your fucking title deed or come take the land.. Yes.?. No.?

      I'm with you LT.. They're scared and it's showing. And you nailed it here; "If I own something and it is stolen and I find it, I will not change the law to reclaim it, I will reclaim it. So as you retards believe this is stolen property, why don't you just reclaim it, you are the power of the land, you yap about it daily so just go ahead take back what is yours."

      BTW. We are still waiting in excitement for your written history in your native language pre 1652..

      Die Fok alleen weet wat julle met die donnerse grond wil doen.?. Jy kan nie eers om jou fokken shack skoon maak nie nou wil jy nog boer.?. Wakker word kaffir.!

    26. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Anon5:56. You ARE a walking disease. We survive by avoiding you

    27. Anonymous12:39 pm


      @Anonymous1:15 am

      OMG when people quote shit without reading the bible makes me want to puke.

      God is for sure one of the biggest racists.

      He specifically chose Israel out of all the nations of the earth, I think thats called preferential treatment.

      You can read it in Deuteronomy.

      The bible clearly tells Israel not to mix with the heathens - by your logic, then why did God tell Joshua to destroy the heathen nations and show them no mercy?

      Why didnt the Lord simply let them dwell together? Why take the Israelites out of Egypt and drown the Egyptians?

      You speaking out your ass!

    28. Anonymous1:02 pm


      Anonymous12:47 am

      The word moron was created for people like you.

      If you seriously think the ENTIRE African continent only has blacks, then you are living proof and show us how the ANC has destroyed education.

      See little munt...

      Wait, let me put it into bantu English, then you ken e undastend.

      Um wen e you go up to E Nort Afrika, you finda e countrees called e Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Mali, Ethiopia ende these countries ar not e bleck! They er e Arab countries.

      Not e bleck countries.

      You get it?

      Fucking dumb karasite! Bring me my Sjambok to moer this thing quickly - god these things are parasite pains in the asses.

      Want to argue with whitee about Geography. This is why these damn parasites should never had been taught anything, you teach them one thing and they want to then try teach it to you with their 9 year old IQs.

      Like I said, no Karasites from the cape till the equator. They have shit for brains.

      @Anonymous6:39 am
      If the Phonecians were black, how come blacks forgot to sail? The Phonecians knew how to sail and had commerce including currency...

      Then why did we not find any currency in Africa until introduced by Arabs and Europeans?

      The only time you learnt about Phonecians is because Whitee taught it to you like everything else you know.

      The Phonecians are covered extensively in Steven M Collins books. They had commerce, could read, could write, had geography, a written language...

      This is how muntie behaves, muntie doesnt know how to bake a cake.

      You show muntie how to bake a cake and 3 days later muntie bakes a half baked cake and then wants to tell you, that the original recipe that he didnt have was from some black brother.

      When you show muntie that his cake is kak and half baked, he then calls you a racist. He tells you its a giant conspiracy and that cakes have always been part of his sub species stinking culture.

      You then stop right there and you realize that muntie takes everything you teach him and fucks it up. You then come up with another plan...

      Karasites know so much and invented farming that when handed the best run farms they dont produce any food. When you ask them why they dont produce anything, they will tell you...

      They use advanced farming methods. Its called Advanced African farming, you leave your fields and wait for birds to kak on them / seed them hoping a few seeds will stick or they plant anything but food like Tobacco - cause Tobacco is much better than food.

      If we go right now to North Africa, central Africa to where we find your brothers living in mud houses, you will find them today in the Jungles/bush like the Arabs/Europeans found them 500 years ago....

      Dumb, ignorant, half naked, stinking, incapable of writing, no written language, no concept of time, no concept of the world outside their jungle, no concept of geography and living like savages. You find the same group living in rain forests in India.


      National geographic is dumbed down pseudo history/geography for lazy idiots. In other words for dumb fucking karasites 99% of all TV stations written up by liberals controlled by the NWO

      By the way...

      Can you show us all your inventions or did we steal those as well?

      Blacks have virtually no inventions. Crime doesnt count as an invention nor do bongo drums - ok maybe the blues but dont forget who invented the instruments you play the blues on...

      When parasites infest your house, there is only one thing to do.

    29. Anonymous11:17 pm

      @Anon 4:45am

      "But, we will return it back soon"

      How can YOU return it when YOU claim that it's been stolen from YOU?

      "that will tell us how South Africa was like during 1652"

      What South Africa was like or how South Africa was!

      "Robert Sobukwe is turning on his grave."

      Did they forget to put him in?

  16. Anonymous1:36 am

    Does Axenic Apartheid include "no trade with blacks" ?

    1. Free Laissez Fair trade is always allowed. It is called Capitalism, the best system to provide peace and prosperity to all this world has ever seen. The only hinderence will be your own conscience, because if you save and build your capital whilst the Retard spends his on alcohol and whores, the time will come when he will look at you again and envy you and accuse you of theft and exploitation. So better is to have NOTHING to do with the Retard. Learn from history.

  17. Anonymous1:37 am

    The only way to this is migration to another planet. That way, you deal with Stowaways as well :D

  18. Anonymous2:21 am

    Mike, thank you for your hard work.

    I've been reading the blog for quite some time, not sure how many years...at least 2 if I were to hazard a guess and I've picked up on quite a bit of useful advice and news that the MSM fails to report.

    People, don't let ego stand in the way of good advice. Take the advice for what it is worth. Use the blog as a springboard for new ideas, explore each on its merit, keep what is useful discard what is not.

    Ad-hominems and are counterproductive and set a poor example to the international readers and also railroad the free flow of information/discussion on the topic at hand.

    Calls for genocide/mass murder should stop, or in the very least an extremely vague euphemism be used. When the hate-speech and internet laws are changed don't wonder why you having that black bag put over your head 02:00 in the morning.

    To the men reading this, go get fit and strong. Doesn't matter if you weigh 50kg or 150kg, if you can't lift your body weight you are weak. Apply for a section 13 firearm license. The safety of your family is YOUR responsibility.

    Respect one another, runner or remainer, boertjie or soutie. We're all in the same boat like it or not, the world over. SHTF they are not going to ask for your ID to see if you're a soutie or a boertjie, your melanin deficiency singles you out as a target.

    Apologies to Mike if I have stepped on your toes with this.

    Remember Weenen.

    1. No not at all...fair comment.

  19. Anonymous2:24 am

    By separating society you would still have not won the war. Any person that can successfully bring together all nations would be a real hero. That would be a permanent solution.

    Mike so far we have never tried multiculturalism yet. A whole lot of people have been resisting it before they have even tried it.

    1. Anonymous5:17 am

      @Anonymous2:24 am
      Uncle Cracker (MS) blogged since the days of Uhuru Guru, Dark Raven and all these bloggers of South Africa Sucks. We have ripped each other apart and washed the heads and went forth and back until we reached the state of Super weasel, Ultra Weasel and the final state of Diesel Weasel. Which means.....

      Complete and Total separation (apartheid) where no kaffir will ever again can be abused by any white man. They will look after themselves and so the whites. You don't have to go far back on this blog where you will find the borders.

      Your idea of a man bringing together all nations by means of multiculturalism is a complete failure. If you can't take a lesson from nature with it's vast diversity which can only function on total separation by each kind after his own kind in order to survive , then you have still a lifetime to learn.

      If nature , which we humans are part of , and rely upon for our existence in the future , suddenly start to practice multiculturalism and horses decide to mate only with donkeys to breed mules then you can figure out what will happen if rest of nature follows your idea of multiculturalism. If nature decides to turn gay it will wipe itself out in one cycle of production. Humans included.

      Not even a herd of baboons and a herd of apes can overnight in the same tree. If you want war go try that. Not to escalate anymore, you should get an idea of the real solution by investigating nature and follow it's examples if you want to live in peace and harmony.

      South Africa has proved it quite right. Mix Honeybees and blowflies and they produce shit.
      Multiculturalism is a total failure and should be abolished as soon as possible. Finish , there is no ointment for this sore , but war only. Then complete separation. So you better prepare.!

    2. Anonymous7:18 am

      @_anon 2:24am.

      The real hero would be the one to nuke every single, darky,commies, terr and liberals arse off this planet, that's the real hero.

      Your multiculturalism is another sky pie that is unattainable, you retards just cannot integrate with anything but shit and disaster.

      You are not referred to as mud people, hewers of wood and bearers of water for nothing. You and your type were created slave and should have stayed slave.

      Your species cannot mix with us and you are not our equal.

      Rename all the towns, cities, streets, buildings, airports and harbours the fact remains, we built them, we designed them, we engineered them and we own them you lot are poser and impostor.

      We don't want anything to do with your curse and disease.


    3. Anonymous10:13 am

      The anti christ will bring all nations together. Still feel like holding hands and singing kumbaya?

    4. Anonymous10:26 am

      @Anon 5:17am

      ALL HUMANS BELONG TO THE SAME SPECIES. Let us stop deceiving ourselves by thinking that human belong to different species. Let us not be influenced by our cultural differences because our cultures are not something which is innate. Our cultures are merely something which we learn from our parents as we grow up. Culture is influenced by our habitat. Imagine a white child who grew up in China vis-à-vis a white child who grew up in Europe. The two will obviously have a completely different culture but same race. Thus culture can only be adopted hence cannot be a major factor of our conflict.

    5. Anon 10:26
      Jy redeneer nou net soos 'n NG dominee.

    6. Anonymous1:58 am

      @Anonymous10:26 am
      Don't be f,cked to drag us in with your shit point of view of. "ALL HUMANS BELONG TO THE SAME SPECIES. Let us stop deceiving ourselves by thinking that human belong to different species"

      You are the only idiot believing in that corrupted faggot idea. You can go and live between your cultures you want, we won't bother you, but in the separated and complete apartheid system you don't belong. You can take up your gun with your kaffirs and defend them. If you kill us all, you can have the country all for yourself and vice a versa.

    7. @Anonymous10:26 am

      Just imagine a tiger and a lion is the same species but only have cultural differences. Then you wake up, and it was only a liberal wet-dream, and yes the bed is wet and you are mad that its pee and not something else.

    8. Anonymous5:54 pm

      A complete and utter separation is the only solution --- worldwide.

  20. Total seperation is spot on Mike. I watched a vid clip yesterday with an American black talking about black pride and white pride.

    He sees whites as having more pride than blacks eventhough you never year whites talking about this.

    His view is that when a white man has a child with any other race he will will tel you he has a black child or a mixed child. Being called white is an exclusivity. You can only be called white when you are white. He also mentioned whereby negers make fun of other negers when they are a darker colour their big noses and lips, about prominant black fetures etc... but then that same neger will boast about his nlack pride

    Well it was interesting to see how he views the whole black pride fasage.

    I believe blackpride is not pride at all but a verbal outlet for inferiority complex.

  21. Also i went camping at Hartenbos last weekend and the place was completely white. It felt and looked like i was in a diffirent country. The people were also so polite. Not one person passed me without greeting, smiling or nodding. This is what white civilisation should look like without the parasite.

    1. Anonymous2:55 am

      Yet you came to the parasite territory (Africa). For as long as you are in Africa, parasite will always be around. Forget about all those temporary arrangement of white only circuses.

    2. Anonymous3:12 am


      The so called axenic apartheid will give Zuma the ammunition he has all been waiting for to drive you to the sea. Bwahaha… it would be a stupid move that won't even be supported by the west.

      The ANC will welcome that move as a final straw to drive you out of the country. However, I don't see that move gaining support from many whites as they will merely see it as a suicide. By doing that they will be giving the ANC a licence to kill.

    3. Anonymous9:11 am

      You're describing most of the Pacific NW of the U.S. where just about everyone you encounter in the great outdoors is White with the occasional Japanese and Korean. I love it as everyone is so friendly and willing to answer questions and share information if needed. I have literally never seen a black person out in the woods or more than 1/4 mile away from a parking lot.

      Our blacks, being generally lazy, recoil at the thought of outdoor activity and fresh air. They much prefer baubles, brightly colored clothes, Nike shoes and anything shiny like fake gold and oversized chrome wheels. From the moment they wake up in the later afternoon, they persue these things endlessly before heading off to the downtown hip-hop nightclubs to get drunk and high and try to impregnate anything female, regardless of age or STD infection.

    4. Anonymous9:15 am

      Fuck, tell us where it is, so we can go there.

    5. I am an Afrikaner. (African). My forefathers came to South Africa which is at the southern most tip of Africa. It was empty when they arrived. The parasites were still up in central Africa running away from superior parasites making their way down here. So no i did not come to parasite country, the parasite came to my country.

      Your dreamworld where you believe that because you are called an African(The whiteman coined this) the entire continent of Africa belongs to you only shows how small your brains is. You are actually a Bantu. An African can be any indigenous race.

      There is more proof that my people have lived here in Africa than your people. The ancient Egyptians had blond hair and blue eyes and is undoubtedly of European stock as proofed by King Tuts DNA.( Not just the DNA just look at the mummy for yourself.)

      That is over 3300 yeas ago. Bantu history... well i dont know when it climbed out of the tree but there is no history until my Boer ancestors started recording it.

      Hamitic (Berber, Cushitic) + Semitic (Ethiopian, Arabic)
      Hausa (Chadic)
      Niger Congo
      "Guinean" (Volta-Niger, Kru)
      "Western Bantoid" (Senegambian, Bak)
      "Central Bantoid" (Gur)
      "Eastern Bantoid" (Southern Bantoid)
      Nilo-Saharan (unity doubtful)
      Central Sudanic+Eastern Sudanic
      Khoi-San (unity doubtful; Khoikhoi, San, Sandawe, Hadza)
      Malayo-Polynesian (Malagasy)
      Indo-European (Afrikaaner)

      So you can see Banto (the flat nose big lips stinking one) is only one of many races. You can not claim Africa an entire continent like your thieving nature wants you too .

      What i am actually trying to say is go fuck yourself. And it is not meant at you directly but for fellow whites who might be falling for your thieving, victim-playing agenda becuse i dont reason with a Bantu. I am beyond that.

      This is my land the land of my people, the white indigenous Boers and Afrikaners that build it with blood and sweat. Your kaffer psychology might work on liberals but not me. I see you for the parasite you are. Stealing, thieving and claiming to be the victim. I dont fall for your shit.

    6. @Anonymous9:15 The Cape is the way!!!! That was Hartenbos.

      We were standing in the parking lot of a shopping center. I held my wife and asked her to look. "Just look and tell me what you see" i asked her. She looked and looked as the people walked and drove by and i spun her around and said "look everyone is white"!

      I had a very remembral experience. I havent seen this ever. I am to young to remember only white areas. It certainly looks like there is a Groot Trek back to the cape like the ANC is speculating.

    7. Anonymous11:47 am

      @Anon 2:55am

      "Yet you came to the parasite territory (Africa)."

      Dony didn't come to Africa, he was born there like many generations before.

    8. Anonymous1:03 am


      The kingdom of Mapungubwe (1075) which was the Bantu village in South Africa started long before the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck


      There are other Bantu kingdoms which existed in what we call transvaal and free state today long before the arrival of a white man.

      Vasco da Gama claimed to have seen South Africa complete with people and as well as developed settlements on the shores from what is the Cape to Natal today. Vasco came to South Africa before JV Riebeeck.

      Blacks and Africa as a whole will not bite into your propaganda. Sorry

    9. @Anonymous1:03 am

      Mapungubwe a (Bantu) village is based on speculation.

      The biggest collection of valuable items was found in the lower (homestead) including Persian bowls, Chinese dishes, ivory and gold beads. A number of the king's spears and axes were also found here, as well as a monolith with a soapstone bird. According to (Shona) custom, the bird was a symbol of protection during the birth of royal children.

      As you can see they find a bird and it is shona tradition. That must mean that the USA eagle also imply that America was founded by the Shona.

      The only credible evidence which gives direction to race or ethnicity is Chinese and Persian items. By putting words such as Bantu and homestead in among their sentences wont fool me.

      Also dont confuse kingdom with kafferdom.. big difference. Bantu never had kings. They had dominant males and offspring. Liberal whites coined dominant Bantu males as kings.

      What you call a developed settlement and what i call a developed settlement must be two totally different things.

      Spotting a Bantu in the Transfaal and giving his race the entire SA is like an alien spotting me on earth and giving my race the entire star system.

      Rather go ant tell your EFF buddies and Hellen Zille and Max du Preez about your Zimbabwe kingdom. I am sure they will lend you an ear. As for me naw, my boy, not today not ever.

    10. Anonymous4:58 am

      @ anon 1:03 am.

      You really are thick, I mean pig shit brick thick.

      Look at Africa, sheezus! Just open your eyes, Africa is a failed continent, wherever you retards govern, collapse is the order of the day.

      I can throw a 1000 examples of your inabilities, lack of knowledge, engineering and skill but I do not have to, fellow blog contributors do a much better job of trying to enlighten and dead and unused brain.

      If you lot are so intelligent and so sure of yourselves you would have given us our own land ages ago but alas, your insecurities and fear rule your instincts and your instincts tell you that death ain't far off if the white man has to go.


    11. Anonymous1:04 pm

      @Anon 1:03am

      "The kingdom of Mapungubwe (1075) which was the Bantu village in South Africa"

      How on earth can a village be a kingdom?

    12. Anonymous8:10 pm

      @ Anon 1:04 pm

      Its all about imagination and fantasy.

      The lies that one believes, the fantasy of an advanced culture and imagination of being something that they clearly are not

      Just the coons trying to compete against the true human species. You see they know they are inferior, inhuman and unable, so they make incredible claims and expect us to believe their shit spew.


  22. JesseJames2:38 am

    Things are going backwards very quickly. I think we are one white on black murder or something as such away from full blown chaos.

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm


      JesseJames2:38 am

      Right on! JesseJames, one little, tiny incident. It could be something rocking the economy, grants, a riot gone wrong, xenophobia and this thing comes crashing and burning down.

  23. Anonymous3:53 am

    Mike, staan vas. Soos jy weet is hier oral georganiseerde trolle wat goeie werk soos joune aanval. Jy ken die idioom van hoe bome wat die meeste wind kry. Jy is n hoe boom. Hulle kan dit nie verdra dat jy 100% reg is nie en sodoende probeer hulle jou ontmoedig en jou blog opgee. Toe moer met hulle want jou lesertal word net sterker en groter. Hou so aan en dankie vir jou harde werk.

  24. Whiteman5:58 am

    Have you guys ever noticed the number, and type of weapons, that the average american posesses ? Many of them actually own heavy stuff as well. Now I have often wondered. If the patriots in this country, also had that kind of fire power, what would have happened ? Somehow, I think things would have been a lot different. Siener said we get weapons from Germany. Now whether you believe this or not, there is NO way, the patriots can do anything without decent weapons. Stealing them from the state, is also not such a good option, because they are probably rusted, and buggered up. So it brings me back to what I see as our only option. Withdraw to an area, where you can consolidate, wait out Uhuru, and make careful plans. People who stand to lose the most money, will get weapons from somewhere, that is for sure. Then we do to them, what they did to us. Use them, and abuse them !

    1. Anonymous9:14 am

      ROFLMAO!!! Fuck...
      You obviously were not paying attention when the Boer Kommandoes were around. Those guys had weapons equal to the military. But they gave up and surrendered the militia to Mr Abortion, Thabo Mbeki.

    2. I dont know if you have ever watched the movie WARLORD and i dont like to use movies for direction but believe me, there is always a willing party to sell you weapons or to claim a piece of the pie in the end.

  25. Anonymous5:58 am

    You have been blogging for ten years but you still fold up like a melted marshmallow when one solitary reader calls you the W word?

    Is that what you're secretly afraid of, that you may just be a w***? All men are afraid of being caught out on their w***ness. The bigger the bravado, the bigger the WFF (w*** fear factor).

    Your dream of axenic apartheid is 350 years too late. Are you still going to be blogging about axenic apartheid 340 years from now?

    The majority of all people in South Africa have had more than enough of the ANC. That cabal will fall sooner rather than later. By far most blacks, Indians, coloureds and whites want jobs, not tracts of bare land. It's only the criminals who are stirring up racism because that's the last card they have to play.

    This will come to an end, whether you blog about it or not. Of course, you are at liberty to blog, but try to be rational. Stay away from strong emotions. Don't work yourself or anyone else up unnecessarily. Most of your readers sound like panicked warthogs.

    Here is something worth commenting on. I would add that professional engineers of all races don't want to be substandard losers that the rest of the world won't recognise. This is all ANC state capture.


    1. @ Anon 5:58 am...I take it you were the one. Personally I couldn't give a toss what you call me. If you called me a hundred names it wouldn't bother me as long as you contribute a single rational idea along with all your name calling, but that is not what you do. All you do is come on here and call people wusses and ask when the shooting show is going to start.

      Your reference to "all men are wussess" shows me that you are a woman. Are you some psycho bitch? ooh did I hit a sensitive cord? Why don't you publish your real name instead of being anonymous and let us see who the real "wuss" is when people petrol bomb your house at 02:00 in the morning. Come...let us see YOUR bravado and test YOUR psycho bitch fear factor.

      See it is not the name-calling that grinds me down. It is the fact that people like you know it is 5 to midnight, but have nothing better to do than troll on here and annoy the shit out of other people. I have to ask myself if I really need that, because I don't.

      What exactly is your problem? You read the blog every day, yet you hate it. If the blog is so insignificant and run by wusses and the ANC will fold regardless, then why are you so concerned about it? Why do you religiously come back every day and read such an insignificant blog full of wusses?

      You want to tell me how to run my blog and what I should comment on...so why don't you take up the challenge and take over the goddamn blog?

      Seriously...I will give you all the passwords and you can do it seeing that you can do it far better than me. Hey? How is that? You can even close it down if you like. I honestly do not give a toss.

      Alternatively I can make the blog by invitation only and keep anonymous people like you completely out. Is that what you want? I mean I am a tolerant guy who gives everyone the chance to state their case rationally and reasonably. You are wasting my time with bullshit. This is not a pissing contest about who is the toughest bitch in the brothel, because then you would win and I am sure there are kinky leather clad websites for that. Don't you rather want to go there, because it seems like this blog is not for you. Not kinky enough. You are more of the Domina type, right? Like to whip wussy men or something...Hey look I am not criticising you, different strokes for different gals and one man's kinks is another man's kicks, but honestly ask yourself if this is the right website for you.

    2. JesseJames8:32 am

      5:58 - "The majority of all people in South Africa have had more than enough of the ANC"

      Dit is eenvoudig nie waar nie. Die meeste mense wil dit waarvoor jy gewerk het verniet hê. Dit sluit jou geld, jou grond ens in.

    3. Anonymous9:22 am

      @ Anon 5:58

      The Council mentioned in that article are not an examining authority and it is not up to them to decide who becomes an Engineer or not. They just give someone the right to put some fancy honorifics at the end of their name.

      With the actual technical ability of the people they've been vetting the past 20 odd years it's detrimental for any Engineer to belong to that particular Council. I have dealt with a lot of people with above-mentioned honorifics, of them I will only say they are clown shoes.

      I may be missing something, so feel free to elaborate further.

      Remember Weenen

    4. Anonymous9:39 am

      @ anon 5:58 am.

      I do not know if you are for real or not.

      I do not GAF if you've had penis enlargement, penis sew ons or you still just the biggest cunt you were born with.

      The greatest agitation to irritate the " panicked warthog" is the fact that you and a lot like you do not understand brotherhood. The unwritten code that develops between you and your fellow man when you face the threat of life and limb for extended periods of time.

      That feeling that lives inside you everyday of your life when you know the man next to you values your life as much as he values his own. That bond that makes you brothers even if you know not each others mothers.

      You and types like you have never advanced into the shit holes of hot lead and naked aggression with only your ability, courage and brother to ensure your safety and you have never lifted a fallen brother off the battlefield and wondered why it was him and not you.

      You will never know the honour of meeting and serving with great men that care not for the material and self but rather for the collective and the colours. You whoever you are will never know the true meaning of brothers in arms.

      You come with your clever remarks and your cocky comments, you call the names and insult the host and your knowledge is so that you wish us to bow before your script yet in yourself you find not the strength to stand forth for your clan, you find not the courage to serve your people yet you find the audacity to slander the host and attempt your division.

      I personally cannot tolerate your kind and I find it difficult if not impossible to hold my tongue in the presence of your poison, you are the cancer that collapsed our pride, you are the division that broke our nation and your are the traitor that sold its identity.

      When the brothers of the pages one day unite, we will see the wussies and warthogs but until that day, hold your tongue for here are men that have done more than their share? and are now being call upon not by others but by themselves to right a wrong that was not their doing.

      When you can carry the burden then you can wear the yoke till that day hold your tongue and learn from this host.


    5. Anonymous9:44 am

      So you are going to come and petrol bomb my house? Oh please, you and your ragtag following of unemployable psychotics couldn't light a firecracker without blowing your own eyes out.

    6. @ Anon 9:44 am...So if you are so sure then why do you not put your name and address out? Could it be that you are a "wuss"?

      Me personally? I won't use Molotov cocktails or anything that needs to be ignited. There are much better ways...Condy's crystals (Potassium permanganate) mixed with Anti Freeze (Glycol) has a delay time of about 20-30 seconds before it gives off a very violent exothermal reaction that burns at 2000°C. You wrap some Thermite (FeO , rusted iron filings and AL+Mg alloy filings from a bicycle frame) around it and it cuts through steel like a hot knife through butter and forms a fire so violent you cannot put it out. Combine that with a bit of knowledge of velocity, displacement and the parabolic nature of projectile motion and one can put a Dragon egg on someone's roof from two blocks away with a simple pneumatic launcher constructed from PVC and a diving cylinder...and studying someone's house from Google Earth even directly above his bedroom. He will just see some hot flaming metal stuff dripping through his roof and onto his bed with no way to put it out. Violent stuff. My science teacher at school wanted to show us and these dripping pieces of metal burned holes right through his solid wood, science class desk with no way to put it out... We "wussy" laaities were kakking ourselves.

    7. Anonymous1:59 pm

      A more subtle murder technique is to attach a tracker and remote controlled IED onto the petrol tank of your target's car.

    8. Anonymous2:14 pm

      How do you know who I am? How can a man ever know anything? We’re living in a peculiar civilisation. The police are playing crooks in it, and the crooks are doing police duty. The politicians are preachers, and the preachers are politicians. The tax collectors collect for themselves. The Bad People want us to have more money, and the Good People are fighting to keep it from us. It’s not good for us, know what I mean? If we all had all we wanted to eat, we’d crap too much. We’d have inflation in the toilet paper industry. That’s the way I understand it. That’s about the size of some of the arguments I’ve heard.

    9. Anonymous11:54 am

      Mike, i learned that trick of yours in boy scouts. We used it to like fires for cooking (much easier than stoopid matches).

      Problem is that a number of years later, I bust out my boy scout kit, found the crystals and glycol. Mixed them but no ignition! I had done it exactly like we did in scouts.

      Does that shit have an expiration date? Or something?

  26. Anonymous6:25 am

    Best solution isnever to make your plans public, keep the liberals & k4 boeties in the dark.

    Whites went wrong in rsa the minute they coexisted with blacks.

    What was needed in africa was the imperialist approach, think the spanish in south america but the english, french,germans, belgians & others never had it within them to kill these bastards off, but rather use them as cheap labour this is why the k4's have come back to haunt them today.

    Whites in africa had soft hearts & capitalist desires which never ever served them in the long run.

    1. Anonymous9:04 am

      You sound like a white Islamist.

    2. Anonymous3:58 pm

      "White islamist", you couldnt be further from the truth.
      Fuck islam, k4's & colonialists of all stripes.

      I am a fascist.

  27. Anonymous7:12 am

    ... and then you have traitors like this Papenfus...


    ...we Whites...

    1. Anonymous9:11 am

      Fok'n ongeloofik! Gerhard has certianly missed his true calling as an American politician.


  28. RunForrestRun9:58 am

    Public Service Announcement


  29. Anonymous10:07 am

    Mike - What do you think of the Suidlanders' organization? Could it used to bring white South Africans together for a common, organized defense? I've read they believe a white genocide in South Africa is imminent and are currently touring the USA to spread that message...

  30. Willempie10:33 am

    Al hoe meer mense besef dat ons op 'n massiewe botsing afstuur. Baie mense se oë is besig om oop te gaan en na my beskeie mening moet ons 'n plan hê wat geïmplementeer kan word onder die dekking van die verwarring wat gaan heers wanneer die duiwel hier losbars. Ons moet leer uit ons ervaringsveld en ons planne maak in die lig van ons bedreigingspersepsie. Dit is een van die redes waarom ek simpatie het met die Suidlanders se plan om uit gevaargebiede te onttrek. Ons ervaring leer ons dat die vyand nie skroom om ons vrouens, kinders en oumense sonder genade uit te moor nie dit maak dus sin om planne te maak om hulle na veiligheid af te voer. Daarna moet daar 'n bereikbare politieke doelwit wees waarvoor baklei moet word - op die slagveld en by die onderhandelingstafel. Dit is waaraan daar nóú gewerk moet word: 'n Bereikbare politieke doelwit wat ons en ons nageslag se voortbestaan sal verseker.

  31. Anonymous10:36 am

    I want to know how to go about obtaining a bug out land.

    I am thinking of grabbing a piece of land in a rural area like outside George and live below the radar where there are no parasites.

    How do you buy land like that?

    Can we lease land from farmers on the cheap? (just for bug out purposes) or is that into the frying pan?

    Surely there must be a secluded spot where we can get the fuck away from people who want to murder us for the crime of living.

    1. Anonymous3:27 am

      @ Anon 10:36 am.

      Well with the new racism law hanging in the air awaiting the approval stamp, you will be able to claim land under the racism law, as the expropriation bill will then become a racist tool if it doesn't allow you to claim your piece of land.

      Why buy when you can take, as showerhead says, its all about reconciliation, if you want to be a good citizen then exercise your rights and claim your bug out property.

      I am going to be claiming a piece of the Karoo, myself as there have never been any retards there so its up for grabs and nicely far away from the rush and grind.

      So I am all for reconciliation and expropriation and racist bills as somewhere in the middle one seems to counter act the other.

      I haven't read the laws yet but why should I, how ever many million retards will not be reading them before they lay claim so why should I, the constitution does protect all who reside in this country, even land thieves and insecure species that cannot identify with themselves and their retardedness.


  32. I will open myself up to criticism if be it, but i have been pondering about a social system that might be superior to democracy and any other system for that matter. I know it is not incorporatable at the moment but it might be in the future.

    It works like this. It is based on the principal of survival of the fittest, but instead of just incorporating the law of nature you give it an artificial boost of humanity-awareness-intervention.

    It is not perfected but it goes something like this. It works on a point system. You gain and lose points and certain rights such as voting rights and how many children you are allowed to have based on productivity, capability, genetic-capability-inheritance to the third generation and some more aspects.

    What it comes down to is instead of where in nature survival of the fittest can play out in a matter of months with a species or thousands of years depending on the adjustment to the environment, we put it under a magnifying-glass and put it on steroids.

    The weak die out and the strongest survive and the medium of advancement is adjusted to keep the momentum of progression in an upward direction.

    In my mind we will have IQ's of over 1000 or even 2000 even more on average and physical capability like super hero's within 10 generations.

    If you have a hearing or an eyesight problem or any deficiency you lose points. You can make up points in other areas of personal strengths. If you have a gift you gain points. Some abilities or traits are worth more points than others.

    In the end the top scorers are allowed to have more children and more rights while the lower end scorers get less rights including fine tuning of the system and leading and directing of the population.

    Corruption and intent at corruption of the system is the ultimate sin. Depending on your points scored you will either progress and your children will inherit some points from you.

    And dont get me wrong. Points are allocated in many different categories. You can make up for some by working harder which is another positive trait that the system values.

    I cant type the entire system here but i hope some of you followed and i am open for opinions.

    I am religious so dont have a go on that. This is just an idea for discussion like discussing democracy, national socialism and communism.

    The idea originated from me watching the movie 300 whereby the Spartans killed all the weak babies and kept only the strong turning them in to a worrier people.

    If we can manipulate food like bananas and watermelon and many other foods with genetic engineering in to what they are today( Just google how unappealing they and other foods looked a 100 years ago, there was very little red in a watermelon).. but just imagine what we can achieve by manipulating the the human mind and body with genetic engineering on steroids.

    I believe we will conquer outer space and escape the shackles that bound us to the earth and even more than that with this approach. I am envisioning an existence which allows us to comprehend and experience beyond the current dimensions of our reality which we are unable to experience due to our limitations because of our current senses and psychological abilities.

    Well that might be a mouthful and a bit disturbing to some but it might make someone else think of something.

    Like Mike said lets ponder.

    1. RunForrestRun12:44 pm

      I like your system, unfortunately about 90% of the people who comment here will have to be castrated if its implemented.

    2. Anonymous9:27 pm

      You really don't know how you like your "pap" RFR. The one moment you run away from the multiculti SA and the next moment you want to share your country with high IQ kaffirs or any other clever shitskin brood. I am not attacking you , but that is your comments. Jumping around like that points only to one thing, a hypocrite. Voted yes , when the shit strikes he takes off and from afar he throw his own shit with stones. It is time to investigate yourself. How can you live with yourself? Neither will you fit in with complete apartheid.

    3. RunForrestRun11:27 pm

      Anonymous9:27 pm. For the record as I've said many times, I voted NO. You know, its pointless trying o explain things to you because you only understand what you want to. I say one thing but you hear something completely different to fit in with what you believe.

      Its why you will never get anywhere, so for the record here is my position.

      1. I dont consider kaffirs to be human so its impossible to have a multiculti anything with them.

      2. I have no problem with intelligent HUMAN beings of any race, I am quite happy to coexist and cooperate with them.

      So now lets see what you make of that, ek wag in spanning om te sien hoe fok you ongeletterde breintjie daardie een op.

    4. RFR please dont reply to my posts. I dont reply or comment on yours so please show me the same gratitude.

      We have been through this before.

    5. Anonymous3:06 am

      @ Anon 9:27 pm.

      Mate, you are arguing with god, this particular entity has been there, done it all, see it all and is the saviour of mankind, the creator of intelligence and the voice of intelligence and knowledge, wisdom was not bestowed upon this individual, this individual bestows wisdom upon the mortals.

      I wonder where all that dilution of the pure gene began as a certain individual seems to profess volumes on the subject, so I can only surmise that this god like creature must be investigating its own dilution to find the excuse for its bastardisation.

      Alas, what would we know as we are to be castrated and live in exile from this superior being.

      My advice is ignore this God and continue your life as you have noticed the negativity and counter arguments from the defeated are always aimed at those who will attempt before being defeated and the excuses are always in volumes and libraries from those that find not a reason to act but rather an excuse as to why they should not act.


    6. Anonymous5:59 am

      @Anonymous3:06 am
      You hit the nail!

    7. Anonymous6:42 am

      @ RFR
      Below is your first comment.

      "There are many societies in the world where different cultures get along quite well, the secret is that they all have similar IQ's so can see the benefits of co-operation",

      All societies with different cultures over this globe today is a multicultural mixed up mess. You are not very clear.
      Only your last comment you stated that you don't see the kaffir as a race. Fine with that , but your bucket of water where you see yourself better than the lower IQ white makes you unacceptable. Unfortunately for you ,we all have to bear the burden of that. You put yourself in a category on this globe that exist where? All of your higher IQ mates believe and live in that multiculti mess. Therefore our last chance of survival, is complete separateness. Once you have your boundaries set you can start to worry about your castration programs and education of the low IQ whites which we will leave in your very high IQ mentality. As described long ago , the body cannot exist out of eyes and ears only, but many parts.

      So now lets see what you make of that, ek wag in spanning om te sien hoe fok you high IQ breintjie daardie een op. So laat ons sien wie se trille en knaters gaan waai as ons die dag daar aankom.

    8. Stephen7:52 am

      Yes Donycero

      To keep the strongest makes logical sense but we also have the human-bond factor to incorporate.

      My wife is blind , so will that loose her points ? even thou I am inspired by her so much that it makes me double as greatfull for my own sight and enables me to see for both of us.

      Just saying you know , theories are one thing , practicality another.

    9. Anonymous11:35 am

      Don't be too high on your horse due to your health.

      Those people that do not meet your criteria are highly advanced in different criteria.

      My niece can say the alphabet backwards but she battles to tie her shoelaces.

      What happens to you if you lose a essential bodily function?

      We are not animals where only the strong survive, we are humans and we have compassion.

      Would you abandon your own family were they not to meet your strict standards?

      Life can change in a blink of an eyelid.

      We are in the same harbour yet on different boats.

    10. Transvaler11:38 am


      I agree, you get rewarded for what you bring to the table. Bring zero, get zero.

    11. Anonymous6:24 pm

      Hahaha LT @ 3:06 fucking gold man. I like your style dude!

    12. @Stephen and Anonymous11:35 am

      It is not just about the strong. Mental capacity and hardwork also earn you points, same goes for positive personality traits.

      If your wife is blind she might lose points yes but she will make up more points in other good areas. As for your children.. the whole goal of the system is what points your children inherit from both you and your wife and the points they score themselfs and leave on to their children in turn.

      Life changing in the blink of an eye and being say perhaps paralyzed or or in a braindead coma like Michael Schoemacher as an example. He will have a tally of points and his son will have a bit of a headstart compared to my own daughter yes but she can catch up. Or better yet she can marry him.

      What is most important is that they inturn leave points for their children and that the negative traits in society gets bred out of existence with the positive retained and pushed even further.

      A guy in prison for murder and rape getting parole like in today's society should not be able to vote or bring up children.

      If he does manage to have a child the chances are that that child will also have a negative impact on society in the short as well as the long term as have been proven by statistics.It is not a 100% probability but his child have the ability to escape his father's legacy and harvest his own points.

  33. When the Axenic Apartheid is complete, you would do well to implement an Inquisition and either send the traitors across the border or hang the worst of the lot.

    1. Anonymous6:21 pm

      Nothing but death to these traitors will suffice.

  34. Anonymous12:01 pm

    How many of you still have black meids and garden boys

    slowly phase them out...

    1. Anonymous6:20 pm

      I phased my garden boy out in 2015, gives me time to think and plan and as an added bonus I save a couple of thousand a year. Win win.

  35. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Well I appreciate this blog and consider you a fine South African hero, your work is not in vain and will make a difference, in fact I would vote for you as President, all that's required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing, you risk a lot and speak truth, what do the haters contribute? Besides, the sifting of the weat from the tares is coming and all will be judged accordingly, so be it.

  36. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Mike and everyone. Waiting for one leader to arrive on the scene to give us direction out of our dilemma has not worked or will ever work, he will never be able to keep all us whites happy and will only lead to infighting in a centralized organization and eventually a failure due to fracturing.
    Our strength lies in the situation we are spread all over the land, if we try work to an outcome where we can declare region's as autonomous and free towns which reject anc/govt rule. Then these autonomous regions can form a league or a loose federation based on certain principals of agreement thereby producing the unity that is needed to overthrow the anc in our areas of self control. Think of it as ground up rather than top down. I've read about the Hanseatic league and other loose fedaral systems of Germany pre Bismarck and it's the best way forward.
    So I encourage all in small towns and rural areas whether you start your movement as a Saturday town litter clean up club or as a charity club or as a kite flying club, work towards your area being Kaffir exclusion zones.

    1. Whiteman3:12 am

      Anonymous 2:17 pm, I am afraid, we HAVE to wait for a leader, because that is how humanity has worked since Adam and Eve. If you are not a religious person, then just look at the normal history of the world. Even having autonomous free towns will have to have a supreme leader, with others under him. Now for a leader to get enough followers, of the right type, drive, and ability, is where the crunch comes ( That is of course considering that the right leader exists.) Now throughout history, people only gravitate towards a leader, if they are REALLY shitting off. This is totally different to normal happy political, religious, and other leaders. We are talking of a situation, where a group of people, or a nation face extinction, and war is inevitable. Now you tell me. How many friends and family do you have, that are REALLY shitting off, and see war as the ONLY solution ? I know you maybe don't have any. Just like me. So what do you think can change this status quo ? For the answer, you must listen to zuma, malema, and others, and ignore the " clever, educated " white libturds. The whiteys must still lose their farms, houses, businesses, pensions, wives, husbands, sons and daughters, and then there will be push back. Only when this happens, will the LEADER, who is probably alive already, step forward, and save the day. But let's face it, the longer it takes, the tougher the fight is going to be. For twenty plus years, the good people have prayed for the NSA rainbow paradise to descend on us. It has not worked. Now they must pray for WAR, because we are running out of time FAST ! Mike, from your great article, with the clever emphasis on the ticking clock, to most of the valuable, informative posts, all I can say is : THANK YOU GUYS !

    2. Anonymous6:16 pm

      I also enjoy your contributions immensely Whiteman. Thanks.

  37. Anonymous4:01 pm


    Like we all the same ? Their Leadership results show .

  38. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hopefully this will materialise for those who wish to take the opportunity of offering their children a better future. For the die-hard’s, it is a tough decision.
    Next Refugees for America: White South Africans?

  39. I am one of those who are prepared. Being prepared comes first, everything else follows.

  40. Anonymous4:48 am

    Afrika - Die volksplanting, voor en na.


    Probably one of Mercer's finest articles.
    Regards, Besoeker

  41. Anonymous5:05 am

    Mike: Thought you and your readers might enjoy this as much as I did. Regards, Besoeker

    'Extended holiday or Obama in exile.'


  42. Anonymous6:14 am

    There are 4.5 million whites in SA, not less than 300 000 like in Rhodesia.

    4.5 million is a larger population than several European countries. It is bigger than Ireland's population, several baltic states and also New Zealand.

    Propaganda has made made whites feel like they are only a minuscule amount. This is not true. Out of 4.5 million, even if 1 percent are under arms, that is 45 000 people.

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      @ Anon 6:14 am.

      Don't allow your enemy to gain advantage by expressing your thoughts.

      You may make these retards realise that it will not be as easy as they think and then we have to wait another 23 years for them to advanced their shit spew to action.

      I will find it extreme difficult to do battle and manoeuvre my wheelchair.

      Please consider the aged, I have been anticipating the promise of my demise by the hand of retard for so long now you want to forewarn them.

      Imagine what 3% will do.


    2. With a small, dedicated group, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. - Ivan Simanov (Red2010)

      Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

    3. Anonymous11:14 am

      Do your math again son...

    4. Anonymous12:03 pm


      @Anonymous6:14 am

      Mate if you copy + paste let others know you are saying it or have copied it from someone elses post - courtesy please.

      There are others on here now I see who copy shit I typed in the past and then put it on here claiming Im typing but without mentioning Boere_Ninja

      I havent posted on this blog without mentioning Boere_Ninja in close to 7 years.

      Just so you know LTMA & yes now moving forward it is critically important not to mention anything so much as to give them an edge they already have over us.

      Those stats were simply to let the nay sayers know, the same ones who keep on mentioning Rhodesia, Moz, Angola, blah blah that the whites here face the same fate.

      I mentioned it to compare the whites, it is a white nation and not a white colony.

      A white nation, no different to the white nations in Europe. They are not some small group of colonialists who arrived 50 years before a revolution and had a choice to leave.

      That was the point of mentioning the stats.

      At this stage, the whites would be fucking dumb not to all unite. It should be between 10-25% at the very least.

      30% would be fantastic and anything higher than that would simply be icing on the cake. At 30% we would have the 5th/6th largest in the world.

      You can bet the enemy know this, their actions scream of it which is why they have been hell bent of stripping us to the bare minimum - they obviously thought....

      " shit, if these whites ever wake up and really see what we are doing - DAMN"

      The enemy knows the might better than we do, which is why they sit laughing and cant believe we havent done anything ...YET...

    5. Anonymous8:42 pm

      Yet, BN. Fucking YET.

    6. BN & LT

      Let me start with BN last comment "which is why they sit laughing and cant believe we havent done anything ...YET.".

      Think of it the other way around. What if the enemy are sitting back and shitting themselves, instead of laughing, know that there is a good percentage of the 4.5M who have no intention of going anywhere? Will they really force the issue or just continue gradually stepping up their cowardly "Slow War" against vulnerable Whites?

      They are not that fucking stupid as not to realise that they are inferior and face a thrashing if a even a small percentage of us get off our arses.

      to be continued . . .

    7. continued . . . LTMA, your piece at 9:39 is a pure gem, Boet!
      "When you can carry the burden then you can wear the yoke till that day hold your tongue and learn from this host."

      So fucking true! They will also never understand the camaraderie of "brothers-in-arms". If you ain't been there the concept is lost. No point in even trying to explain. Let the retards be.

    8. Anonymous1:18 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:49 am

      They are shit scared Tom, thats why they are laughing. They cant believe, despite everything they have done to strip us of everything, sports, language, universities, road re-naming, provinces, monuments, farm murders...

      They laugh because they are shocked. I mean they must be thinking how thick sknned we are and if we are willing to put up with so much abuse, then perhaps they know if they start this thing with us, that we wont stop.

      The only reason they act like this is because they are shitting themselves. If they werent scared, they would leave us be.

      They are concerned that if we continued gaining and strengthening ourselves with the economy and everything else we built, that maybe, just maybe we would turn on them.

      Well their fear will come upon them in the end. You cant abuse, destroy, steal from a people forever. They are worried we wake up and realize what they have really done and then apartheid will seem like utopia.

      Its time for an Afrikanerexit.

    9. Anonymous10:16 pm


      Those stats were simply to let the nay sayers know, the same ones who keep on mentioning Rhodesia, Moz, Angola, blah blah that the whites here face the same fate.

      Tell me something
      Were YOU THERE ?

      I asked you about Siener in a post above -- you have failed to answer

      Please explain where these 4-5 Million white people are ?
      Above I suggested that NOWHERE do they constitute more than at best 15% of the general demographic
      Little pockets easy to finish off.

      I am so tired of your -- up to the equator BS
      Your little wet dreams of complete unreality

      YOU and most posters have NO idea of the kind of shit that is about to go down !

      Do you have ANY understanding of what happened during the break up of Yugoslavia ? ( Balkans )
      What happened in BOSNIA / SERBIA / MONTENEGRO

      Tell me
      WHAT are you going to do with 300,000 white woman raped multiple times and infected with HIV ???

      I suppose you never thought about THAT !

      YOU talk so much but have not the FAINTEST clue of the scenario you go on about.

      DOM , DIG and DIFFICULT !
      Just like a peacock that is about to land in the pot.

      Mr Smiths blogs and articles are mostly good
      I am surpised he does not lay out the REALITY of the situation for all you latter day GV's
      Who post up your little wet dream un-realities here

    10. Anonymous10:36 pm

      Here we are .......

      Yugoslavia will cease to function as a federal state within a year, and will probably dissolve within two. Economic reform will not stave off the breakup. [...] A full-scale interrepublic war is unlikely, but serious intercommunal conflict will accompany the breakup and will continue afterward. The violence will be intractable and bitter. There is little the United States and its European allies can do to preserve Yugoslav unity.

      See IF you can get your head around this ...


      Just substitute South Africa for Yugoslavia !

    11. Agreed BN, my brother, high time for a Boerexit. Not all Afrikaners qualify, as you've mentioned many times in the past,

  43. Mike while I was studying what Apartheid was all about it became clear to me that it was the intention of the early NP's that Apartheid should be what you described. But the SAP's were the rich and famous and was not going to allow it because they needed the cheep labor of the Blacks. They were the first to fight against the Apartheid laws, not because they treasured the human rights of the Blacks but because of the money that the NP wanted to spent on educating the blacks and the money the NP used to buy farms from white farmers to enlarge the chosen homelands of the Blacks. Today they are wrongly accusing the NP of human rights abuses and they are the trolls that are calling us right minded people wusses, cunts and what ever names they can think of. They are the offspring of the people that wanted to keep the Black people of SA savages. Maybe they are right, maybe the NP should never have introduced their uplifting schemes, maybe they should just have left the savages keep on murdering each other until there were no more left of them. So yes if a liberal call me a wuss I take it like a man and say yes Verwoerd should have listened to the liberals in the early 50's and should have left the education of the blacks up to the churches and not spent millions to educate them.

    1. @ Jan Malan...The NP was basically a bunch of do-good libtards. By 1983 they were so far left that the Conservative Party was the Opposition Party. The NP believed, just like the libtards today, that through education and throwing money at the problem they could change the genetic makeup of the Blacks and turn them into white people with black skins and then…we can live happily ever after and sing Kumbaya together.

      All that education, all that money, all the schools and universities they built for the blacks came to nothing. Today 90% of all blacks vote ANC.

      Same on the Namibian border. We tried to educate them, school them treat them free of charge in hospitals and clinics…all for WHAM (winning hearts and minds) and when UNTAG took over and they held the elections…They all went and voted 90% for SWAPO.

      It is an exercise in futility. Lord Shepstone (after which Port Shepstone is named) came to the same conclusion. He was in charge of Native Affairs and wiped their snot noses for many years. He could even speak Zulu and Xhosa fluently. He said that you should leave them the fuck alone. Don’t educate them, don’t treat them in hospitals, don’t feed them NOTHING. Have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Kaffir. He will resent you for everything good you try to do. If you build him a school, you say that he is stupid and need western education. He is uncivilized and should be civilized through education. You treat him in a hospital, you say that his own traditional medicine is inferior to western medicine. You build him a house, you say his own grass and mud hut is not good enough and that he is too stupid to build it himself.

      You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The NP found that out the hard way. They should rather have spent their money on their own people. Instead of raising taxes to pacify the infantile blacks, they should have cut taxes for whites so whites could afford to have more children and send more children through schools and universities. NO…whites were taxed so much that they could hardly afford more than two children and all their money flowed to the blacks who got shit for free. Free education, free houses…no wonder they had ten children per family.

      Now we sit with a demographic fuck-up. Thanks to the foresight of the shortsighted NP. Often I cannot believe that these people were actually intelligent and educated or allowed to run the country.

    2. Jan Malan. The money-men i.e. mining companies used the Afrikaners as slave labour in the mines. Talk about discrimination! They paid them subsistence wages and when they threatened to strike [1922] the traitor Smuts set the army loose on them and Ernest Oppenheimer began recruiting Blacks to work the mines.Of course they were also paid slave wages, but at least they were housed and fed.

      If anyone was discriminated against in this country it has tradition been the Boer / Afrikaner. The Blacks have only ever been uplifted and therein lies the mother of all fuck-ups. It's always been give-give and now they want-want.

      The Afrikaner worked hard for whatever he had and built this country into an economic and military powerhouse in 18 years, from '48 to '66, which the parasites have managed to utterly destroy in 23 years. Well, actually a lot less than that. How long has it been fucked already?

    3. Anonymous5:26 am

      Good comment Mr Smith, but alas, Whites will never be capable of outbreeding the common promiscuous African Kaffir. Fuck is their middle name.

    4. Whiteman6:14 am

      Mike, you hit the nail on the head ! But we can not separate the NP, and/or verwoerd from the NG church. ( And basically all the christian churches, whose policy it was, to arse creep the " poor " black savages. ) We were ALL caught up in this beautiful christian mindset, and we patted ourselves on the back, because we were so godly, and charitable. Many people, who should know better, are still carrying on like this today. And they are just lengthening the hangmans rope for ALL OF US ! Verwoerd came to this country as a young boy. Maybe if he had been born here, he would have thought of creating a homeland for whites. But we should not just blame him. He had hundreds of " intelligent " advisers, who did not understand Africa, and that terrible disease called African Cancer. But the most blame must go to the church. I still get angry, when I think of all the money I threw down the black bottomless pit called : Leading the poor black multitudes to Jesus. And for my generous " outreach, " I am virtually bankrupt today !

  44. Seattle10:25 am

    Keep your blog open Mike. When I first became interested in SA and Rhodesia a year ago I read all I could and watched videos on YouTube. Then I started reading SA newspapers to learn about the current situation, but it was immediately apparent there was total censorship, omission, globalist spin and lack of comments - it was so frustrating. I couldn't even find a discussion forum where South Africans vented and spoke freely. Eventually I found this site and so thank you for maintaining it and allowing anonymous discussion. I no longer register at sites just to post a comment or two and everything else is dominated by Disqus which is undoubtedly harvesting IPs and colluding with big government intelligence. I do question your use of Google-owned Blogger, but whatever works until they decide to pull the plug.

    1. Blogger? Basically because it is free and easy and they don't delete Blogs as easily as Wordpress or some other host.

  45. just a thought when you grow a traditional legacy business exponentially you go looking for a mentor and best practises .when you want to grow a new business never seen before (like elon musk does it you apply the first principle rather than reasoning by analogy ) so if we compare this to the white-skins (declining minority)solution we can't reason by analogy but instead we have to come up with something new .The key is something new as whiteskins are in decline whilst the number of births per day is going up and the jobs are been automated. i reckon our biggest Achilles heel is our own white tribe (corporate elite/extreme appeasement tribe,lots preparing to leave ,lots emigrating financially which is on the increase

  46. Ditto.we tried it and we are still the peaceful side but we are getting slaughtered and raped and our jobs are being taken from us by the so called peaceful savages.WE CAN NEVER EVER GO BACK AFTER THE FIGHT!THEY MUST LEAVE PERMANENTLY AND NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO MIX WITH US!this science project have hopelesly failed!A ONE COLOUR NEW SOUTH AFRICA ALL WHITE.

  47. Anonymous5:45 pm

    For those who are nothing in the world have been chosen to bring to nothing the things that are. - 1 Corinthians
    That's a large part of the problem right there.

  48. Anonymous6:09 pm

    To all the blacks reading this, please can we just agree on one thing before we start killing each other? Black and White armies must first kill all the libs, radio hosts, fake stream media whorenalists and all those that support this failed multi-culti abomination, we will provide the updated lists free of charge.

    Kind regards

    Anxious to be called Whitey.

  49. Anonymous12:23 am

    One thing that really irks me is when poopholes (sorry I meant people my spell checker seems to be off line) over promote themselves and get the god complex.

    It is a proven study that bi-polar, low self esteemed, low confidence poopholes ( spell checker really faulty) adopt a god complex to try cover up their inadequacies and small, limp dicks.

    Now one of those poopholes keeps on grinding away at everybody here and you guys carry on giving recognition to the poophole shit that gets posted, so poophole believes he is adding value and because poopholes head is so far up its own rectum his view is obscured by shit, so he continues to post crap because of you guys give recognition to the shit posted.

    I have out of respect for our host and my own good decided to ignore and not respond to a certain poophole and his comments, I request that you fellows do the same as very soon poophole will be quoting D/K again and classing everybody as stupid, mental, non whites that need castration because of a lack of intelligence and to much testosterone and a healthy set of balls to stand up to evil. You see guys if you are all castrated then poophole won't feel so alienated as we will all be balless just like poophole.


  50. Well, a last chirp from me. It looks like The Volk are slowly starting to band together after the Spur Incident. Spur's shares have taken I dive hear. Haven't checked myself, but heard someone mention it.

  51. Whiteman9:09 am

    Mike, I am sure you are very proud of your website, and you have every reason to be. You write an article, and within four days, you have 185 posts on your article. Regardless of how good or bad the posts are, this must surely convince even your enemies, that you are major league ! No wonder we detect jealousy every now and then. And maybe most important of all. Your message is about the most unpopular message available in the NSA at the moment. I can see how, in a future WHITE SA, white children write a history exam. And the question : For 20 marks, write an essay on how the Mike Smith website, stopped the genocide in South Africa !

    1. @ Whiteman...In 1983 when the ANC was nothing more than a fax machine in Dares Salaam they went to Vietnam to go and learn from General Giap. One of the first things the Vietnamese told them was that a radio station is indispensable in a revolution.

      Times have changed...nowadays we have blogs, Facebook and twitter. The ANC had Radio Freedom broadcasting from Mozambique, Zambia and Ethiopia...We have this blog.

  52. Anonymous9:10 am

    Mike your blog is a light in the darkness so please dont make the trolls happy by shutting it down. You have many followers who appreciate your insights and value thereof. Please continue the articles and inspiration. ---- LTMA agree - there is a particular Simian who posts inane and irrelevant crap and propaganda he has been force fed. Too stupid to research the truth. Or just because the truth hurts and/or is inconvenient. Causes unnecessary stress. He should be ignored. Dont make him feel important and part of the group. You cant reason with or fix stupid. --- jamieMc

  53. Mike, after the events from today, i hope we hear from you soon mate. Ive recemtly discovered your blog, read almost a third in one night incliding each's comment section. Stay strong brother, we need you. Sinestra_malum

  54. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Amazing what some sleep with and produce. Some Multifuckti result.


    1. Anonymous10:29 pm

      Thank you
      IN one blog post and link you encapsulate everything contained in


      You post up some cheap crap ( because it fits with your stupid "karasite" meme ) while on the same site we have

      Teresa May signs BREXIT


      Nicola Sturgeon runs Scottish Independence vote


      Talk about some kind of DUMB

  55. Anonymous8:44 pm

    The main thing that needs to be done is get ourselves separated from this ape plague from North Africa which are considered as humans by all liberals. What will be and can be done for the future can be decided later on. Right now we had enough of this poverty and oppression from these mandela terrorists. I really don't care anymore if I am classed in the 6% of white category. After separation from the apes , we can separate ourselves further. The main solution is Complete Apartheid. Just get away from the plague. If you do not want to co-op ,you will be classed with the plague and will be dealt accordingly. You agree with total separateness or you are out. Get the message out. Just refer the uninformed to this site, we will come them by. The day of reckoning is close by and all supporters need to know the reality. The 2nd BR is inescapable