01 March 2017

ANC in love with criminals

Gauteng’s MEC for safety and security,
Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane handing out KFC parcels to prisoners

By Mike Smith
1st of March 2017

You know what you miss the most when you are a convicted ANC terrorist scumbag on Robben Island? KFC.

Hhhhmmm, lekker…You will give your right arm for a succulent piece of fried chicken.

So to show your love for rapist, murderers and child molesters you always make sure they are well looked after and you personally hand out KFC to them. After all they are ANC voters and in SA prisoners can vote.

MEC defends R60 000 for prisoners' KFC

Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane showing off the
devastating effects of too much KFC
Of course this is nothing new. The ANC loves criminals. Last year the same Gauteng’s MEC for safety and security, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, stood up and nominated an alleged murderer and alleged election cheat Chris Mabunda as a ward councillor.

Also that was nothing new. ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe confirmed that there were 28 ANC candidates on the party’s lists for the local government elections in August who either have criminal records or were facing serious charges.
28 criminals on ANC’s local government election list

Meanwhile the victims of these criminals do not get a cent from the ANC. Old people have to live on a pittance of a pension. White people keep on paying taxes to these bastards who spend it on criminals who attack them on their farms and in their homes...Looks as if, under the ANC, life is better in prison than out.


  1. Anonymous4:06 am

    Boer-Afrikaner ‘nation’ warns ANC of war over land


    1. Anonymous7:14 am

      Think we can expect kak very soon... vaalpens

    2. back at the ranch some 'boer seuns' are practicing their Sepedi moves...



    3. Tja...would like to see how he dances and prances when the panga wielding Pedi's of the Malema clan come knocking on his door. Fucking idiot.

    4. @ Anon 4:06 am...Che Guevara said you can start a guerrilla war with 30 guys. I sincerely hope they can get 30 together. Just ask JP how difficult it is.

    5. Anonymous11:08 am

      30? Just go to a pub,

    6. Anonymous11:26 am

      @ MS 19:48am.

      They still haven't lost enough yet and the b&c and castle is to freely available still.

      Give it time MS and the 30 thousand will come running.

      Another thing is there are too many movements to go to so why join a radical one when you can join one that wants to avoid a fight and prays for peace.

      Too many individuals looking after themselves as well, they haven't seen that when the shit storm breaks it will affect everybody and not just the guy on the other side of the street.

      So do not give up because today a task failed, try again tomorrow and keep trying till there is a break through and that break through will be created by stink themselves.

      Other thing is Guevara did some really nasty shit to his own followers to prove that he would and could lead them. No Guerilla fighter has a clean slate and goes to church every Sunday to find compassion.

      BTW coming back to the religion discussion, have you noticed how stink has taken township of the Christian faith? Man they will claim creation one of these days.


    7. Anonymous12:39 pm


      @JP Viljoen7:21 am


      Anonymous4:06 am

      A vote is coming, its in the background. Its looming. Not much time now.

    8. Anonymous1:55 pm

      Mike you might get thirty guys all wearing medals and unit cufflinks and ties at a border war memorial service, I think JP might make better headway with 30 Boerseun sepedi dancers. Flip I wish I was born a Kurd or a mujahedeen, because my people would rather pimp me to the cops for suggesting there is a better way than just sitting in your farm, home, car or workplace waiting to get murdered.

    9. Reminds me of the legendary Etzebeth brothers from Parow

      Cliffie Etzebeth used to say it is easy to start a fight with a Boere-boytjie in a pub even if he has done nothing to you. Just take his beer away.

      These guys were shit stirrers of note. Always looking for a fight. Always looking for somebody to bliksem. An aura of invincibility and fear surrounded them. Their reputation preceeded them. People avoided them. I once met “Skattie” Etzebeth in the AGS Church in Goodwood (was there with a friend who tried very hard to convert me). “Skattie” became a big Christian. Stopped fighting completely and was actually a really nice guy. A few years later he was shot dead. He was a debt collector and he collected a debt in a coloured township. The coloureds didn’t know him much so wasn’t scared of his reputation. When he tried his threatening shit of, “Ek sal jou donner”, they just put a gun in his face and pulled the trigger.

      There is a lesson to be learned in there somewhere. Not sure what it is though.

    10. @ Digenis/Anonymous 1:55 pm who said..."I wish I was born a Kurd or a mujahedeen"...

      In Afghanistan a strange type of guerrilla emerged. David Kilcullen calls them "Accidental Guerrillas".

      See...Libtards believe everyone on earth is like them and only wants peace. The Afghanistan people simply LOVE fighting. They LOVE war. They don't prescribe to this Western bollocks of "peace to all" and "all we all want is Peace" bullshit that libtards believe. Whenever they see a fight they join in.

      So you have ordinary citizens going about their daily business, herding goats, driving trucks, etc, but then suddenly they will see the Taliban in a fight with Coalition forces, they will then quickly rush home to fetch a gun and they will join the Taliban. When the fight is over they put their guns away and go about their normal business.

      Different mind-set and the Coalition Forces have no answer for it.

    11. Anonymous11:19 pm

      Well Mike, up NE would think that after all of these coalition(govt,anc,criminals) attacks against whites there would at least be some accidental guerrillas hitting back at them.

    12. Anonymous1:44 am

      @ Mike 9:37 pm funny stuff..."There is a lesson to be learned in there somewhere. Not sure what it is though"...

      I crack myself up every time friends and family on farms says "liewe Jesus sal hulle beskerm".

      That is one of the main reasons I don't believe that shit, and yes, I called it shit, because "liewe Jesus" is not going to protect them, a responsible father with a gun that will not allow kaffirs to rape his baby, is going to protect them.

      That brings me to another point, I feel nothing for older people getting tortured and killed on farms, if they are that stupid not to protect themselves, so be it, let the stupid ones die. I feel EXTREMELY sorry for the children that must suffer, because their parents are fucking idiots.

      Just imagine a father telling his little girl she got raped, because “liewe Jesus” did not protect them and he did not take responsibility for his family’s safety…

      WTF is up with people getting angry at the kaffirs for the farm murders? REALLY? That is like getting angry at a scorpion for stinging you. That’s what they do. Millions of years of evolution. No amount of anger or reasoning is going to stop the scorpion. Shoot the fucking scorpion in the face will stop the scorpion. Fuck.

      Just my 2 cents.


    13. Whiteman2:22 am

      LTMA, you sure make some unpleasant, uncomfortable, logic statements ! We humans, like to pass the buck, because that makes life easier, and more enjoyable. We pay the politicians, ( and make little crosses on paper ), so that they can sort out our day to day existence here on earth. But because we also worry about life after death, we pay churches to sort that out. Now when people just foolishly say that Jesus will sort everything out, without them taking ANY responsibility, they are not even christians. They are just common, idiotic arseholes. The Bible is full of examples of people who fled for their lives, despite having HUGE faith. David had to flee from Saul. Moses had to flee when he killed the Egyptian etc, etc. Lots of examples ! And to me, one of the most tragic examples is this : How many times, has it happened that farmers come home from church, and get murdered in their Sunday suits ! ! But nobody sits down, to analyse this CRAZY phenomenon ? The first thing I would consider is : Maybe we are in the wrong church. Or even : Maybe we should not be in a church at all ! Ja swaer, we are all looking for answers.

    14. To an extent you are right. If a man walks through the Kruger Park without a rifle and he gets eaten by a lion you cannot blame the lion. The lion just did what came naturally; it is up to the man to ensure his own safety.

      Further, if a man’s home is invaded by cockroaches and he kills them all off, do you blame the man? Was he evil? No, he did what he had to do.

      In fact it is his DUTY to defend himself. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you should honour God with your body. Deuteronomy 6…says: “ Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength”.

      Therefore you, The MAN of the house, need to train and keep yourself fit and strong in order to defend yourself and those who are old and babies who cannot defend themselves.

      God hates evil. God made man (men and women) pure, but with free will. Man chose himself to be evil. Even to this day, we sin. We all sin. You want God to remove some evil like murderers and rapists, but leave you alone. Do you not also sin? Are you not also evil? You want God to stop murderers and rapists, but leave you alone when you steal a pencil at work or shag your neighbour’s wife?

      God hates evil and wants you to hate evil too. He says so in Psalms 97:10, “Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.”

      You cannot just sit back and wait or turn around and sleep and wait for God to protect you.

      Proverbs 6:10… “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest”…You are going to become poor and die of hunger. You cannot just say, “Oh , but God’s grace must now provide me with food and water.” …It is not going to fall out of the sky. YOU have to act. YOU have to do something.

      Proverbs 12.11 says, “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense”.

      Proverbs 13:4 says that those who do nothing wants much but get nothing. If you want to prosper you must work hard.


      So if you get attacked or somebody attacks your wife, your child or your grandpa on a farm, you cannot say, “Where was God? Why did Gentle Jesus not protect them?”

      Where were YOU? Why did you not rid your land of this filth; this evil? Why did you not HATE evil like the Lord instructed? YOU, the MAN OF THE HOUSE…It is your responsibility to look after your family. You must train yourself, you must provide safety and security to your family. You must arm yourself to do battle with evil.

      God says in 1 Timothy 5:8 „Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    15. I hope you fully comprehend that last passage, because the word "Kaffir" means "Unbeliever".

      The Bible actually tells you that when you do not look after your family, you are worse than a Kaffir.

    16. Stephen9:27 am

      Mike yes abselutely ,people must realize that God already helped them ... that's why their alive.

      The ability to think-deside-act-reason is all the help we need , from there you make your own choices and great your reality.

      These kaffirs are a reality in this country ,and that's the core of the matter , its the kaffirs thats to blame-no one else ,not old people not church goers and definitly not God .

    17. @ Mike,
      Had the honour one evening to see the Etsebeth bro's in action.
      The Scott clan ( more like Ruyterwacht vs Epping ) entered the Old Libertas Hotel in Goodwood.
      Like you said, if you have a deathwish, dare touch an Etsebeth's beer.
      Skattie het sy eie krag nie geken nie. Was net hoes,koes en lippe klap.
      Clifford not as strong, but oh bejeeziz - so fcn ugly.
      Only need to look at his rugby playing son ( Eben ) to catch my drift.
      Suppose you also know another chap who you'll often see in ads and appears as an xtra in movies. An ex cop. 6'5... 5th dan and all. Own karate school in B'Ville. ( no names - no pack drill )
      Noem die naam Etsebeth - en hy bekak himself. Wat hy ook die aand gedoen het toe hy by een of ander joint sy lyf 'bouncer' wou hou....en die Etsies hul opdaging gemaak het.
      Anyway...not 10/20 or 30 volksbroers in the time of need. Just 5 Etsies will do.

    18. I bet you are talking about Hennie Bosman?? Back in the old days I used to joll at Soundwave in Durbanville. Those were the tough days. Sometimes I wonder what happened to all those guys.

    19. Spot on. ( HB )
      Squeeky high-pitched voice'n all.
      Clifford subarban well mannered outoppie.
      Can't afford to cause k@k. Eben a money $pinner.
      The Greeff brothers another 'clan' worth mentioning. Operated the same time. ( Had a band...Bobbies 5 )
      Off topic...but yeh. Those were the days my friend..I thought they'll.....

    20. @ Daniel...Actually old Hennie is a very nice man. A real gentleman and a true warrior. He doesn't go about getting in to meaningless bar fights etc.

      You can see him here. http://www.kyokushinsa.co.za/about-hennie/

      However his younger brother Fanie used to be an idiot. He was a bouncer at Soundwave late 80's, early 1990's if I remember correctly. He had a friend called Craig and the two of them would take guys into a backroom and beat the shit out of them. Stupid bullies, always looking for shit with smaller guys, etc but would never fight a true trained streetfighter.

      Eventually his stupidity caught up with him and he went out in a comical way. Read here: http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/train-kills-driver-chatting-on-cellphone-40277

      Don't know the Greeff brothers, but another "clan" were the Kirsten brothers from the Strand. Kobus and Jaco Kirsten were both Rugby players. Kobus used to be a policeman and WP Rugby player and Jaco EP.

      Read here http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/top-policeman-arrested-for-drunk-driving-25383

      Jaco always moved in the shadow of his older brother and even once got into shit for impersonating a police officer, trying to be like his older brother.

      All these guys were just common bullies who could beat up on guys smaller and weaker than them, but would never look for shit with a true trained fighter.
      Let them go up against MMA fighters and see their asses handed to them.

      BTW when it comes to a stand-up fighter (Karate, kickboxing, etc) against a grappler (Judo, Ju Jitsu, and wrestling) my money will be 100% on the grappler. There I must say that the Etzebeth's were true grapplers.

  2. Anonymous5:57 am

    Wat de moer is dit nou met die plurale en daai sekere "brand" hoender deesdae. Lyk my daai hoender is morsig vetterig en ongesond, kyk hoe lyk die spul. Sit, staan of le, die hoogte/lengte bly dieselfde.


  3. Anonymous10:09 am

    I would not be surprised to find that the KFC outlet supplying that little snack belonged to bludder herself.

    Nice way to create extra income and quite normal in Africa.

    Nuke them all.


  4. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Hey Mike, that video is really kak. I understand the "comedy" behind it but dare to laugh at it for the wrong reasons (observing animals in their natural environment separate from humans...wink wink)you will be made an example of.

    I will give you some of my opinions after watching your blog for 4 years: Shaka is a white poster trying to rally up white support and opposition. I am not sure of the academic term, but Shaka cannot articulate his argument as well as you can, even though he shares the same viewpoints, so he uses a tactic where he plays the enemy among peers to evoke the correct response by playing commie terrorist.

    My argument seems logical to me as if it was a real black parasite, (he) would unleash the fury of mass media and social network opposition ala Penny Sparrow style.

    Keep it up, we are not far now. I will come back with some concrete information after some convincing. Cheers

  5. Anonymous2:44 pm

    "White people keep on paying taxes to these bastards who spend it on criminals who attack them on their farms and in their homes"

    Mike, you are right. This is the unwritten part of this ANC land expropriation crap. Criminals in collusion with criminals.

  6. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane MEC (Must Eat Chicken).

  7. I seem to think that Tokyo Sexwale was a major shareholder in KFC South Africa wasn't he?

    1. Anonymous3:18 am

      Ano I think that piece of shit vice president Cyril Ramoposa owns mac Donalds.

  8. Anonymous12:47 am

    god bless KFC. look what it hes done to them, a YT cannot get a KFC franchise, all whites should boycott it. The health benefits alone will pay dividends.

  9. Anonymous1:37 am

    Culinary creations of White people inc. KFC, pizza etc are too sophisticated for primitive ape-like muzzle of homo niggerpithecus.

  10. Plaaskind6:15 am

    I heard ( it can be wrong) that kfc belongs to Winnie Mandela.

  11. Anonymous6:35 am

    Sizakele. Who ate all the thighs? Who ate all the thighs? You, fat bastard! You, fat bastard! Who ate all the thighs?

  12. Anonymous7:46 am


    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      Betaal jy vir NETWERK 24 nuus?
      Fok NASPERS!!!!

    2. Anonymous8:30 pm


    3. Anonymous9:29 pm

      Nope ek betaal vokol. Toevallig raak gesien. Dis net vir my te veel toevallig veral nou met emosies wat hoog loop. Vaalpens

  13. Anonymous2:02 pm

    With all the rhetoric from Zuma and Malema these type of incidences are going to escalate rapidly!

  14. Anonymous11:20 pm

    In this morning: repost conserv Boschkop Pta Oos🔵🔴As received: 2 march 21H19: Farm Attack occurred now on Plot 68 H Kirstein Mooiplaats Pretoria East. (GR G5) Guards tied up. Apparently 10 attackers dressed in dark clothes, fled on foot easterly direction toward river, owner shot in chest, emergency services, SAPS and family came to scene, Conserv 21H52: Suspects - Fled in Dark Clothes, Armed, stole 9mm pistol, Heading towards Esperanza (Blue Road). Recommend: Patrol N4, Deploy Tracker Dog. Conserv. 😓geen verdere update ontvang nie...

  15. Anonymous12:04 am

    See top photo:
    Most niggers have hide folds in the back of their heads.

    1. Tilted heads...ready to be fed like a nestling the reason?

  16. Anonymous12:52 am

    Is THIS


    what a criminal looks like ?

    Seems we have barbarian criminals and mink and champagne criminals ....

  17. Let's face it, this country is a total abortion and this useless bastard gubbamunt has no idea or desire how to rectify the situation. Showerhead is fixated with capturing the Treasury and doesn't give a flying fuck what else happens. All these incidents just help to distract people from what he's up to.

    I think it's time that someone makes Siener's prediction a reality now.

  18. Anonymous1:32 am

    Gustav Muller oor Globalisme en Nasionalisme


  19. Anonymous1:50 am

    This is a man who speaks truth. The voice of wisdom in SA.


  20. Anonymous4:23 am


    Dont feed the migrants!