30 March 2017

All hail Dictator Zuma

By Mike Smith
31st of March 2017

July last year, Zuma told people that if he could have his way he would like to be dictator for six months and straighten South Africa out.

If I were a dictator for six months South Africa would be straight

Part of his plan was to arrest all homeless and jobless people and send them back to school.

Well…now he has his chance. With his putsch last night and the firing of ten Ministers (Including finance minister Gordhan) , ten Deputy ministers and his challenge to South Africans to see if they can stop him, he effectively declared himself president for life and dictator of South Africa.

That is right, not just the Finance Minister…all his critics and those of his Indian friends…And why not? I mean if your Gupta bosses insist that you start swinging the axe so they can get to the taxpayer’s money, you might just as well do a proper job. If you are going to swing the machete do it all in one go and cut ALL the deadwood out, right?

Zuma has now surrounded himself with his Zulu loyalists, yes-men, cronies, gat-gabbas and puppets and managed to secure the keys to the purse of South Africa. If you thought theft and robbery of the state coffers were bad before…wait until you see what is coming now. He now also has the support to confiscate land and possession as he pleases. Nobody is going to stop him seeing that his big mate and utter racist Fuckface Mbalula is now Police Minister after he fucked up Sport and Bongani Mkongi the man who wanted to burn the building down with the inhabitants inside who flew the “Zuma must fall” banner in Cape Town, is now deputy police minister.

Zuma names 10 new ministers, 10 new deputies

Zuma to ANC members: “Remove me if you dare”

Zuma wants to amend the constitution to allow land grabs

The Rand is already in free fall and economic junk status is looming.

Junk status on the cards after Zuma’s night of the long knives

Of course Zuma is right. Nobody can remove him except the people of South Africa…and it is going to take a bloody revolution funded by our international banking friends, to do so. Any banker reading this...contact me.

Of course afterwards they want to be paid back, so somebody is going to have to sign over the gold and other mineral rights. I am so desperate to see this idiot gone that I can almost give the Devil a blowjob for it.


  1. Anonymous12:04 am

    Revolution for a homeland for us I can stomach, but to fight for the Afriforums, Banking cartels, FF- etc etc will need a big fucking carrot(big piece of land away form the non-whites) and then some.

    I can almost smell Amerikan($) democracy in the form of m1a1's and f-15's coming over the horizon.

    1. Anonymous11:14 am

      The globalists will never honor their deals. They never do. Only God honours deals (covenants)

      Rather make a deal with God, just like 1836 or whenever Blood river was.

      You will never ever ever get your side of the deal. Trust me, I have had minor run ins with these types of bankers and others; and I can promise you.... They will do what mandella did to Viljoen.

      Viljoen just got the run around and got stuffed around and he resigned in disgust.

      I urge you with all my soul. Please please, do not make deals with any one of these.

      Rather make a Blood river covenant instead. This is far far far more likely to end in good than going to bankers like they are gods.

    2. Anonymous2:18 pm

      We must just make damn sure that nobody has an illegal mandate over the whites in SA ever again. We have to eliminate and exterminate the people who make nefarious deals on our behalf.

      But alas we are preaching to the choir here, the asleep lazy half-libtard bulls supporter is the one that need this info.

      Que Sera, Sera

  2. Anonymous12:19 am

    Give them the rights to whatever they want, just add an expiration date to the contract, 5 years then the rights revert to us again

    I hope the bankers are reading your blog because if they are not then they are going to be losing a lot of money.


    1. Anonymous11:10 am

      Why make a deal with satanists in suits?

      Worst thing you can do.

  3. Anonymous12:28 am

    Lol, your a living legend and one of the most astute, smart and talented writers and researchers I've come across on the web, thanks for all your insightful articles, they've really helped cure me from decades of racist Rainbow Nation brainwashing crap.

    1. ...and then some. HOORAY for Mike. Thanks for all and much more :)

    2. Anonymous11:10 am

      Holy crap! Another one that has been red pilled!

  4. He is definitely an April fool .

  5. This is the defining moment in the collapse of the so called "New South Africa". Historians will look back in the future and highlight this moment as the defining straw that broke the camels back!

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      There are a whole lot of these "moments"

    2. Anonymous12:28 pm

      No mate. That was in 1994. This is just another episode in the story. Kaffirs have fucked up every single thing that the white man has built in Africa. We shouldn't be shocked that the same is happening here. As soon as FW sold us out to the shitskins, the process started.

    3. Anonymous1:54 am

      It began in 1994.

    4. Anonymous9:34 am


      @Smelt12:37 am

      Yes major road sign on the way to hell.

      The toll road opened in 1994, each sign along the way confirms why Apartheid existed in the first place.

      If this was a road sign, it would say....

      150 kms to final destination now, there might be one or two more off ramps but not too long before we reach full on destination hell AKA or like the song " My African dream" - full corruption, warring militias, Rand worthless, no jobs, screwed economy, etc etc.

  6. Anonymous12:42 am

    All the bailing in the World is not going to keep this boat afloat.

    The sands of time are running out !
    Deadlines MUST be met !
    I surmise there are other more important deadlines that have synchronisation parameters that involve what happens here.
    Besides Mugabe is one step in the grave and would like to see the fruition of the program for the end of the white man in Africa BEFORE the other foot is in the grave

    One wonders if it is not Zuma that is taken out and leads to the night of slaughter ?

    One wonders if it is a member of the SACP that takes him out ( Janusz Walus and Derbey-Lewis in reverse )
    When you sign up with the Devil you also sign yourself away -- especially when your death becomes useful


    I wonder why -- when I asked her about -- the APRIL THESES she got an assistant to send me a curt reply ?


    Changed YOUR tune a bit NOW Ms Anthea Jeffery ?????

  7. Anonymous12:45 am

    I had a feeling that he was going to extend that middle finger and not to set his maglasses this time but to say suck on this little world, you are dealing with the big Z now.

    MS, I hope you are right because now we can sort the shit out properly.


    1. Anonymous11:08 am

      It WOULD be funny if you turned into a runner and went to Oz. Your types tend to do that.

    2. RunForrestRun2:04 pm

      LOL, the main reason people like him don't run is because,

      1. The have a criminal record
      2. They have no qualifications
      3. They have no money
      4. They dont have a clue

      That is why they get so angry with people who have those things, simple envy, quite pathetic really.

      Its why they build up these fake online personas of themselves as ultimate Rambo's and every post has to be about 3 times longer than it needs to be.

      As soon as someone actually calls them out on it they just disappear into the "ethers",---its why I call them etters, they are the poisonous puss of the population.

    3. Anonymous8:04 pm

      @ 11:08 am.

      We are not the same you and I carry not the yellow streak that runs down you and your kinds back, I posses not the swift feet that are your inheritance and I wear combat boots for a living not sprinting shoes.

      You wouldn't know my type for you feel intimidated by us so you rush away.

      So stop wasting water you cannot wash away the yellow that permeates your soul or the stench that announces you presence.


    4. Anonymous12:11 am

      Phew! There is an overwhelming stench of shit that is permeating this post.

      Oh look! Its rfr the smell of fear shit just cannot hide the presence of scared piss when this weakling posts.

      Careful men there might just be another call for castration while the land rovers are being repaired in the bush and intelligence is being promoted by the fearful and yellow hearted.

      Please if any body knows of organ donors, ask them to leave their balls to this rfr ball less wonder, even an undropped pair for him will suffice as he still won't know what to do with them when he gets them.


    5. Anonymous4:24 am

      @ 'Runforestrun'

      This may come as a surprise to you but some of us actually live happy lives in our home country.

    6. Anonymous8:32 am

      Run homo run

    7. Anonymous8:59 am

      Here's a typical day in the life of Forest Cunt aka RFR.

      Being that this doos still lives with his mommy and daddy; this ass wipes mommy makes and packs his lunch for work. After work, he goes with his work mates to the pub, where he tells everyone his war stories and tail gunner days as a storeman in Bloemfontein. After this he goes into town seeks out some fresh meat in the form of maori boys, for his blow job and bum fuck. He then returns home, where mommy warms his supper before he retires to his room. Here Forest homo...cunt...whatever, sits down in front of his lap top and enters the MS blog. Now this drunken wop becomes the ultimate keyboard warrior. After two beer shandies, he's ready to take on the world.

      Big man or Joe Cool...but in reality you suffer from an inferiority complex. Probably brought on from your varsity days when you were banging your room mate Vuyo. You love the black monkey. You fucking hypocrite.

    8. Anonymous12:20 am

      The need for so much vitriol ?

      Are you perhaps losing sight of who the real enemy is meant to be ?

      It is completely unnecessary !

  8. Anonymous12:52 am

    Ha ha said the clown. He's one of two. Either fearless, which i doubt or more stupid than i thought.

  9. Maybe this explains the whole thing:

    Vytjie Mentor
    18 hrs · Sol Plaatjie ·

    while Gordhan was doing the presentations in London there was a gentleman called Mr Chenkov who kept on asking many questions about South Africa. At one instance he wanted to know if the South African government was looking at developing Nuclear energy . Gordhan quickly squashed the thought of Nuclear and repeatedly confirmed that the south African government will never develop this energy. Mr Chenkov had no further questions.
    After the presentation Mr Chenkov called someone and spoke in Russian but whoever he was speaking to was not impressed and angrily dropped the phone. It is believed that this person immediately called Zuma and threatened him that if he does not immediately trigger the process of changing the finance minister and sign the Nuclear deal as commission has already been paid, he will be taught a lesson.
    A shaken Zuma immediately called the minister back home. You obviously know what happened!
    This is a big story on the Sunday newspape

    1. Anonymous4:21 am

      BRICS casino style money lending in action!

    2. Anonymous12:20 pm

      Recently the visa requirement for RUSSIANS was waived
      Russians now do NOT need a visa to travel to SA

      Wonder why that is ?

    3. Anonymous4:49 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:35 am

      I have long said that the point of bankrupting SA is to refinance with China/Russia.

      China to use SA as its headquarters.

      Get it out of the Wests hands. China to use it for their in roads into Africa. Perfect country for head quarters.

      But if they think they can go against the West they are in for a serious, serious wake up call.

      You will see Zumas wake up call soon.

  10. Whiteman2:08 am

    Let's face it, when the shit piles up, the patriots get excited. However, the libturds get panicy, and go all " legal and educated ! " It is such a LAG, when these " enlightened " idiots try to analyse the african brain. Nobody could get rid of mugabe. None of their democratic elections, and all the educated shit that went with it. Why do these people think the nignogs in the NSA are any different to those throughout Africa ? ? FFS ! And just a little reminder for the people who think that all the blacks are the same. The zulus are the largest black nation, with very solid history, and a serious dislike for whitey. They are by and large fighters, and are feared by most other black tribes. And they have a king, just like the British. Then they have zuma, who tells the king what to do, because he, zuma, controls the purse strings. ( Just like in britain.) We must never forget, in any set up, whether it is school, church, business, house, farm country, etc. He who controls the PURSE strings, is the ONLY boss. Regardless of titles, names and designations, the plebs like to pin on their doors !

    1. Anonymous11:04 am

      bollocks. Mike smith has already mangina'd your theory. The Zulus quite like the afrikaner. look up what the king of the zulus and what buthelezi had to say.

      Read Dr Richard Cummin's writings on why the CIA could not get the Zulus to spearhead the anti apartheid movement. And instead chose the other side.

    2. Whiteman2:54 pm

      Anonymous 11:04 am, I was born in Natal and lived there as a child. The political situation in this country is not static at all. Up to say 1990, we had a totally different interaction between black and white. I can remember how people would refer to especially older blacks, and say : He/she is still of the good, trustworthy, loyal type. Maybe they were the types who liked the afrikaners. Maybe there are still a few floating around, but they are dying out fast. You sit now, with not only a whole new ( jobless and angry ) generation, but creatures who have been brainwashed to kill whites, and take back the land. Their " king " zuma, is shouting for his machine gun all the time. What about all the farm attacks in Natal ? They obviously don't like whites and/or afrikaners. As far as buthelezi, and the zulu king is concerned, they are merely farts in the wind. You should concentrate on understanding the spirit of Uhuru. All blacks, no matter what tribe they belong to, understand this, and are subject to this satanic evil spirit. Even your lovely maid and garden boy, who has worked for you for years. They are just waiting to be triggered. If you ignore this, it may cost you your life !

    3. Anonymous12:46 am

      @ anon 11:04pm.

      Go spend a weekend camping in Zululand say, Jozini,st lucia, Nongoma somewhere in that triangle, by yourself that is.

      Then the Monday morning thereafter please repost your comment.

      Good luck and enjoy that weekend.


    4. Anonymous12:29 am

      You really knew the "Zulu" you would know that they are much like the Afrikaner
      They fight as much with themselves as anyone else.

      How many "civil-wars" have there been among the

      What happened to Dingiswayo ?
      What happened to uShaka ???
      What happened to Cetshwayo ?


    5. Anonymous12:31 pm

      Those arent zulu civil wars... maybe by your standards, they are. That is just the "rule of the alpha male" in the zulu culture. They compete, often violently, to get a promotion. Normal for a iron age culture that has not developed the rule of law yet.

    6. Anonymous1:19 pm

      YOU are as ignorant as the Mal_Ninja

      Please tell how the Trekkers were able to finally come to terms with the Zulu ?

      Was it perhaps because Mpande Dingane's half brother decided to take a chance and cross the Tugela ?

      WAS Mpande an "aplpha male"

      What happened at the battle of Maqongqo when the two Zulu factions faced each other ?

      Rather than wait for the Boers, Nongalaza decided to attack immediately. Both armies were around 5,000 strong. Both adopted the traditional Zulu Chest and Horns formation. The battle was fiercely contested for a while, but Dingane's demoralised men began to desert to the enemy. It is said that Nongalaza deceived Dingane's men by creating the impression that the Boers had arrived and were about to take to the field.[2] When it looked as though his army might desert en masse, Ndlela ordered the withdrawal of his remaining forces. Wounded survivors were massacred by the triumphant Nongalaza, as were the wives of Dingane.[1]

      Dingane was furious, and had Ndlela strangled to death on the spot.[3] However, this did not stop most of Dingane's remaining men dispersing back to their homes, leaving him with no effective force.


      There is so much more -- that shows how farcical and simplistic YOUR interpretation is !

  11. Stephen2:25 am

    Hi Mike

    Well here we go , now that the chips have fallen the way we dreaded ( hoped ) lets see what transpires.

    I say dreaded/hoped because its that ambivalent feeling - like seeing your mother-in-law reverse your Mac-cedes off a cliff , you know its going to destroy your car but also cant live another day with the driver.
    (no dis-respect to mother-in-laws , its just for the sake of my point)

    Whatever happens from today on , im pretty sure the word 'exponentially ' is a understatement .

    I am still of the impression that September this year will be a HUGE month in our story .It makes sense if you look at the rate of demise.

    Come September I think were in for a pleasant surprise - I don't know , I just feel something strong coming , might be the day Zuma gets dragged behind a Ranger with a bush-knife in Gaddafi-style.

  12. Anonymous2:32 am

    Met betrekking tot die vervanging van ministers en adjunk ministers is maar net n geval van vervang een korrupte met n ander. Die kabinetskommeling episode sal oorwaai maar JZ se kak het net verdiep.

  13. Anonymous3:56 am


    Nuclear bomb for SA!

    Whats the bet the Zulu / Xhosa thing starts up again, like real soon.

    The brazenness of this man is something else.

    Desperate men make stupid decisions. What more is there really to say, now its free fall and free for all in this country.

    But dont expect the other side of the political spectrum to go out quietly.

    They might even take this guy out in the end.

    1. Anonymous10:58 am

      Arent you the one who admitted to wanting to run false flags on whites to "scare them" into uniting?

      This is what the globalists and the satanists do. You see it in America where its some jewish guy that scrawled a swastika on a wall...and got caught.

      You truly are not one of us Christians. You feed off our miseries in order to push your agenda of killing everyone. First its these "karasites". Who is next? Whites? Why are we to trust you? You demonic things always doubles cross each other.

    2. Anonymous2:02 pm


      Here you go again little prick.

      I dont need to run false flags fuck head, if the whites arnt worried by now, nothing will do it.

      You with your globalist, satanist shit, grow up!!! Seriously, grow the fuck up.

      I know you are a kaffir - you have never once said anything about the whites being murdered here. You dont know the first thing about Christianity, so please before you preach to me get your facts straight kaffir lover.

      You spend too much time wanking to David Ickes shit, rather than seeing SA for what it is and soon going to be.

      ***Let me point it out AGAIN*** you prick are more worried about what I say, than what is BEING DONE **DONE** to the whites - WTF have you said about Malema calling for the slaughter of whites?

      But you continually reply to my comments. You are an agent working for either an organization or a group.

      You are here to sow seeds of doubt, you are not the first, you will not be the last.

      Now please fuck off and before you reply to any of my posts, you best tell everyone why you never say anything about the whites being murdered & massacred here and why you are more worried about Karasites than the whites?

      Probably poking the maid right?

      Post your own shit before replying to my posts. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to find everything wrong with everyone elses comments.

      You obviously have very little self esteem or you would make a worthwhile contribution or even just post your own shit.

      Please grow a pair of balls mate.

    3. Anonymous11:57 pm

      @Anonymous10:58 am

      You know if you consider yourself a Christian then you should obey the commandments of God. if not then you lie to yourself and try to deceive God.

      Christians should not support terrorists and so-called freedom fighters killing other Christians every night. If they support this demonic infested ANC government they are just as guilty as the criminal himself.

    4. Anonymous12:08 am

      Well said 😊

    5. Anonymous3:38 am

      @ Anon 11:57 pm.

      You're mistaken, its not the ANC it is the whole of the darkside, get it right.

      The DA, COPE, ACDP and any other organization, political party, institute and whatever else that falls into the dark side is your enemy.

      If you think one of them are coming on a white horse and shining armour to defend poor little whitey then you're definitely need to go back to your planet.

      Get it into your head, the DA and any other Africoon wants you dead and gone not just the ANC, so if you're praying for that nice Africoon to step forward for you then you're just as guilty as the criminal himself.

      Look at Europe and elsewhere, they are a pestilence and curse, they have this belief of injustice and entitlement and you whitey are the cause of it.

      Please fucking wake up, stop praying and arm up.


    6. Anonymous9:29 am



      Spot on.
      One might be more moderate at the outset than the other, but they ALL seek the same thing - getting rid of anything whitee owned, operated.

      Just makes me wonder, that little peki running the DA is married to a white piece of trash, or is that all for show?

      Also we should not be hoping Europe comes to our aid or any country for that matter.

      We should be looking to ourselves.

      Can 4.4 - 4.8 million unite? Will they?

      Time will soon tell.

    7. Anonymous10:31 am

      BN 929 am.

      Mate, why would Europe or anybody else run to our aid, I might sound like a stuck record but Africa has a repeating history, the circumstances might change but the reaction stays the same

      How many European countries or any other nations came running to aid the whites in Africa from the start of the shit with these retards?

      Every major power that set up shop on this continent fucked off and left their colonists to shovel shit which they helped to continue dumping.

      We are no different, I wish these guys would stop hoping for a miracle from some other off the continent country, it just ain't going to happen.

      I tell you what will attract attention is offer some land, business opportunities, incentives and such like to those thrown away soldiers from recent conflicts and you will have a fighting force beyond imagination, lots of those outcasts are angry and want to place hot lead into soft flesh.

      Those boys have been treated exactly the same way we have been treated so they understand and are looking for somewhere to call home.

      The weapons acquisition masters are also in abundance and are always willing to deal.

      So maybe in a little while whitey here will say but fuck it! I have had my head so far up Europe's arse that I haven't seen a alternative.

      Another thing is that don't under estimate showerhead, he is not as stupid as he makes out. That dictator speech he rattled off was the signal to his cronies to standby and don their inaugural gowns, he effectively pulled off a coup while his party watched in amazement and shock.

      The next thing is when inflation soars he will say whitey is sending money overseas and that's why there is no money for grants and food. He will effectively turn his fuck ups onto whitey and all those European and other countries will look the other way

      So mate, who gives a shit if whitey wants to unite, he will have to unite because if he doesn't him, his wife their kids and pets will not be buried but they will lie in the most undignified manner on the streets in their own shit, piss, guts, blood and tears.

      The hell that comes with retard in civil war is never published in papers and books because it upsets the stomachs of even the most harden when you see the true nature of the retarded beast.

      So whitey must either man up or pack up quickly because this road is the one to the darkest hell and believe me there ain't no Jesus or miracles along the way.

      I hope for most here that they wake now at 5 to 12 and not 10 after 12 as there is no light on that side of the moon.


    8. Some people sprinkle the walls of their homes with water and blow smoke to get rid of spirits i shit you not. They pray every day not for food or love or good things but against demonic forces. They are obsessed with Satan and things the eye in the natural world can not see.

      They live in a world, a reality different from yours and mine and i am not saying that those things can not exists but they live in that world.

      When their daughter comes home from school while they are still at work and a karasite forces himself in to their home(2 of them) and rapes their daughter multiple times infecting her with HIV... you know what they do? I'll tell you because i know one of them.

      I have sat with them while they pray and it is satan this and satan that and evil spirits this and all things of this nature. You know what this father did. He was my ex wife's uncle.

      The rapists were caught and sentenced. He went to jail to visit them. He forgave them and prayed for them. That is the main part of his whole story.. the climax of his story.. how he prayed for them and forgave them.

      Sad to say he never boosted about praying for his daughter or her anxieties or fears or sickness. She turned in to a schoolgirl slut fucking every second guy.

      I dont know whether she was treated for HIV but the rapists i can assure you are not feeling bad about being able to find a good looking blonde blue-eyed teenager. The only thing they fee bad about is being caught.

      My point. Dawid did not sprinkle Goliath with holy water and prayed for him. He cut the motherfuckers head off and carried it by the hair hanging from his hand back to his people and lifted it up high above his head with glory and satisfaction and pride and honor and victory and and... then the entire philistine army fled in fear.

    9. Anonymous9:04 am


      Donycero6:08 am
      My point. Dawid did not sprinkle Goliath with holy water and prayed for him. He cut the motherfuckers head off and carried it by the hair hanging from his hand back "

      Amen to that

      And dont forget Joshua, that dude took no prisoners. It was "slay them all, show no mercy, not to women, not to Children" Just cull those mother fuckers...

      They didnt play around.

      The Church has brainwashed people into thinking or telling them what Christians should be and you usually find that what they say, is not found in the bible.

      Like I say...

      If people read their bibles, there would be no need for Churches.

  14. Anonymous3:56 am

    Maybe this is the opportunity for all the posers to show their mettle and the bravado of the GVs to be tested.

    I surely hope so. When it breaks I will identify myself and then these wizards can measure my integrity. I hope the detractors will do the same.


  15. Anonymous5:56 am



    Listen how Max Du Preez says he didnt think Zuma would do it.

    This guy has been wrong on EVERYTHING he thought.

    He still has hope, there is more hope for a fool than a liberal doos like Max.

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      I see his pal Melanie is going nuts

    2. Max is not just on our list. He is also on the ANC hit-list. I just hope he stays around till when the shit hits the fan. And i hope their is a video clip doing the rounds showing him paying(with his life) for all the liberal debt he has accumulated.

  16. Anonymous6:29 am

    The only people who will lose money if international investors pull out is the foreign investors themselves.

  17. Anonymous10:56 am

    Fuck... You would do a deal with bankers? The law of Satan dictates a double cross on you if you make that deal. Don't do it. These bankers are satans little helpers.

  18. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Having considered all the options I come to only one answer: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/

  19. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Mike it is an insult to Pennywise the clown, to have Zuma to look like him.
    Nearly all Zulus in the cabinet oh my this is going back to the old days, Zuma has definitely gone the way of Sifiso Nkabinde. Fighting soon to follow.

    1. Anonymous6:43 am

      @Anon 1:03pm

      "Mike it is an insult to Pennywise the clown, to have Zuma to look like him."

      What are you talking about? Pennywise is nowhere near as hideous as that thing.

  20. RunForrestRun1:55 pm

    This doesn't even make the news in New Zealand. We are more concerned by just how much we can klap the Bulls tonight.

    1. Anonymous1:02 am

      Maak die deure oop vir ons RfR. Samel vir ons geld in daai kant. Voer vir ons battle gear en bug out bags in van rusland af?
      Is daar n ding soos n BoereMaffia of n PatriotMalitiaMaffia?

    2. Anonymous1:05 am


    3. Anonymous2:04 am

      I smell fear shit again.

      Fuck, I don't even have to look to find the source, the piss scrawl has stained the pages again as rfr again.


    4. Anonymous9:13 am

      RFR you are a morphy, so where do you come with rugby mate?

      You played with yourself at school and still do. A one army wanker.

    5. Anonymous10:06 am

      Your little islands are next RFR big guy.


    6. Anonymous10:36 am


      I think you may have a point. Most umlungu's are too entertained to even give a damn about what is going on around them. Especially those living in what is considered "the west".

      TV is a big comforter, something that can take the worries away at the push of a button. Folks sit mesmerised in front of the screens. Meanwhile in the background the powers that be take away your rights.

      There will come a time when the melanin deficients will find themselves in a crucible, when ? I can't say, but we're still too comfortable to notice. The crucible is only warming up.

      I doubt it will be limited to SA, but will be the world over. Millions of people across the globe hate us for bringing them civilization.

      Well that's just what I think...

      Remember Weenen.

  21. Anonymous2:10 pm

    The ANC has forever tarnished the good historic reputation of the mighty Zulu.

    Hey mr.Zulu, once Zupta has completed the wishes of his money masters he is going to starve you too out of existence. Wake up!

  22. JesseJames2:43 pm

    Something is seriously wrong with the fact that the bloggers on Mike's blog sound the same as the libtards. I think that Zuma is doing the right thing by not siding with the Brits - let Zuma continue ad this is not our fight yet. It's a phase during which people are waking up and siding more and more with rightwing ideas and that is what I believed we should focus on.

    Too hell with Zuma. Stop critisizing the guy. I thing he will take a lot of weight of our shoulders if he could destroy some of our other enemies in the red overalls etc.

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      Sometimes good to help light the fuse. Instigate the fight between them. Klap the ANC let it looks like eff. en the klap the eff en look like anc has done it.

    2. Anonymous3:43 am


      @JesseJames2:43 pm

      Its a two edged sword.

      On the one side, we dont want to see the country end up going bankrupt but that was always the inevitable under any black rule.

      The other side, yes I support what he is doing.

      The more cracks, splits, disintegration of the ANC, the more factions, the more they stop focusing on whitee & look at each other the better.

      The ANC will be split in quarters IMO.

      Some will support Zuma, others will leave the party to join the EFF, others will join other political parties like the DA/Cope/etc etc and the other faction will simply be opposed to Zuma but still call themselves the "true" ANC of Mandela and former terrorists.

      All is good but from Chaos, dont expect the country to function at all, if you think it is bad now, wait until the rand hits junk status.

      Then the military plan a coup, the police become non existent (if you think its bad now, you dont know whats bad yet), then there is food instability with inflation due to junk status.

      On and on.

      So when you support Zuma and what is happening, just know that what is still going to happen is going to make the present SA, still seem like heaven.

      Wait until a loaf of bread costs R100 or R200 and dont forget with rampant inflation, all those social grants will not even by a loaf of bread, toilet paper and sugar.

      Then when money is tight & they cannot borrow finance from other countries, then they start hitting your state pensions, trying to tap private pensions.

      There is a serious knock on effect.

      Dont forget the cost to run the power plants, expect huge riots, riots/strikes that cripple the country and no one works because the money they earn from their work doesnt keep them afloat for even 1 week.

      So its dominoes from here on out and thats not a pizza company Im talking about. This axing has started the final domino collapse but its not all bad news for those who have prepared.

      While its still ok outside, I would stock up on at least 6 months food supply now while you still have a chance. Your investment in food will probably be your best investment once inflation and hyperinflation hit.

      Water sanitation and food supplies - 6-8 months supplies.

      Remember SA is an import nation. When the rand tanks prices of just about everything will increase at astronomical rates.

      I would not be surprised if someone takes out Zuma in the end.

    3. Anonymous9:14 am

      You do have a point my friend.

    4. @Jesse

      Yes i agree but i dont think Zuma or the ANC has what it takes to take on the puppetmasters. Zuma, the ANC and SA in general is like toddlers to them.

      They can just say Oh! behold....terrorists and we have the USA and Europe here as their private army.

      On the other hand we have Russia who might just intervene like they did in Syria and oust the west out of the conflict. You even have China who are silently licking their lips in anticipation of owning Africa and SA. How far they are willing to go to intervene i dont know but it is chess to them. Maybe we are a pawn they can sacrifice or maybe a bishop they want to utilize.

      The main thing out of all of this is that these money masters dont like losing money. They will intervene shortly and might be doing so already from behind the scenes.

    5. Anonymous9:01 am


      @Donycero5:31 am

      Van Rensburg mentioned the Chinese ships & Indian ships will be sent here. There will be Indian troops sent here.

      Remember Brics - there is also a silent battle going on between China & India for Africa.

      Who gets SA - the Chinese, Indians, British or white South Africans?

      Hmmm, question is, with whom is the covenant?

  23. Anonymous12:05 am

    Stop feeding the enemy and stop paying taxes

    1. Anonymous11:32 am

      GO for it. And in doing so I will be paying for your room and meals in Pollsmoor.

    2. Anonymous12:11 am


  24. Anonymous12:51 am

    I was looking around the news sites to find some April Fool's News. But nothing. Seems like Zuma stole the show with his cabinet reshuffle.
    I guess it doesn't get funnier than that.


    1. This seem to be an international phenomenon. Apparently all the Lib news sites are scared of being branded as fake news.

  25. Anonymous3:31 am

    So it's weekend, everyone is having a braai and watching rugby or slaughtering a sheep and twerking in a shebeen. WTF? Where are the protests? Where is the mobilization?
    Fuck, this revolution seems like it's never going to actually get started. Inaction, the South African way. Let's just sit back and rot slowly.

    1. Anonymous4:50 am

      Let's hope that 17 million don't get their grants payment on Monday. Thanks should accelerate things a bit

    2. Anonymous5:20 am

      What's the score?

    3. Anonymous5:27 am

      Anon 3:31 Haha of course , you think Kaffir wants to DIE ? he wants to have a great Life now that he thinks he gonna get some of the Treasury too. When the regime change took place , my workers were hoping they could just go to the Bank and get some Money , no Bank account zip just collect $$$$$ . When Holecim (swiss) sold to Alpha Stone (BBBBEEEEE) the Managers all celebrated FAT $$$$$ coming their way.
      Imagine the celebrations drinking and twerking and raping going on now thinking FAT $$$$$$$$$ coming their way. King ZUMA got Fat $$$ now its their turn , and man it better not run out , otherwise de klerks hope of keeping SA wholesome will not happen. When Mugabarge style self destruct mode sets in, all will be destroyed , and dem whites who resisted this euphoria better Lock n Load.

    4. Anonymous12:38 am

      @ Anonymous 4:50am
      You so typify some of the idiots that post here
      ( Apart form the ones that can only swear crudely )

      Payments were going ahead yesterday quietly and in an orderly fashion.

  26. Anonymous5:37 am

    Mike, I think this all planed and all within know about it, Somehow its to deceive the resistance. If there were unhappy ones they would be at each others throats already.

  27. Anonymous5:53 am

    All hell dick tator Zooma. As from today your FBI and CIA spies will be dealt with shortly. James Comey, FBI director has been replaced by the Honorable Trey Gowdy.
    Hopefully all you f,cking lying CIA spies hanging around on this blog will be replaced shortly.

  28. Anonymous10:51 am

    No, no, this is not a bad thing... If I can recall correctly, Siener mentioned something about the fact that the coffers will be raided.
    Old Eben said a guy once told him that the last government institution to fall will be Finance.
    ... makes sense that Eben says it must indeed happen NOW because, I mean, do we really want to wait ANOTHER year for it to be over...!!!???

  29. I think the ANC split is now a fait accompli. I would not be surprised if Gordhan is charged with sedition after his call for mass action against the government at Kathrada's memorial service. I think he also gave Zuma the perfect excuse to declare marshall law and take power a-la Zimbabwe. HKGK

    1. Anonymous1:29 pm

      It's Martial Law for completeness. Zumps is doing the bidding of his masters very very well.

    2. Anonymous2:53 pm

      You sound like an American who said that it is a given that Trump would not get elected and Obama would have a third term as a dictator.


    3. Anonymous11:00 pm

      @Anonymous2:53 pm
      ROFLMAO do you WOT

  30. Anonymous2:43 pm

    It all seems Pravin is the new Terror Lekota. Bitter as hell. And talking about mobilising - will he go on and have his own political party for the other half of the faction to affiliate? Really interesting developments. Politicians like him only care about their own pockets and serving interests of their paying friends. I think he should rather focus on proving to the nation that there is no wrongdoing from his side for our current economic crisis. Instead of hijacking a memorial service of the late Kathrada for his own political agendas. I believe the nation deserves to know if there are no dodgy dealings behind closed doors of his office since he was sworn in to serve the nation. Especially with so much conflict of interest which the media has been reporting of late. I just wish he could clear the air for the public because at the stage he’s just mumbling in his words, showing frustration and speaking from irritation. I think facts will do. If he was really doing such a good job, then he must state it factually and explain why is our economy where it is today under his leadership and watch.
    Concerned Citizen

    1. Anonymous12:50 am

      Part of an answer


    2. This is a very strange comment you are making here on Mike’s Blog, Concerned Citizen and I wonder why.

      Unlike you, I rather like Gordhan. I like the way that he walks in the street amongst the people - without a retinue of bodyguards. I like the way that he stands outside in the street in front of ordinary people and addresses them, without any fear. Why should a politician have bodyguards and why should he be afraid of his own people who elected him into office?

      I like the clear and understandable manner in which he talks. When he talks about the economy and finances, one can hear that he knows what he is talking about, unlike most other bumbling ministers and even the president (who can’t even say a number.)

      There were never any scandals associated with Gordhan. You never heard of him wasting tax payers’ money by staying in ridiculous expensive hotel rooms or buying himself a millionaire car – like other ministers are doing.

      I also think that he actually stabilized the economy against great odds. He also did his best to fight the corrupt practices of other government departments and state enterprises. (I personally think this was the reason he was replaced).
      People across the spectrum have faith in him as everyone can see he is doing things according to the law.

      In his last speech I could hear that he is not someone to mess with. You can see the tie is gone and he is slowly going back to being an organizer. And I think that is a danger to anyone who opposes him. (Personally I doubt he will form a new political party, but I think Zuma made a very powerful enemy.)

      Now you say that someone like Gordhan only cares about their own pocket and serving the interests of their paying friends. On what evidence do you base this statement?

      Gordhan is a communist and I don’t like communism. But during the two terms that he served as finance minister he did things according to the Constitution of the Republic and not according to his own communist agenda.

      So, I really wonder why you make this type of comment here on this blog as it does not fit in at all with the general conversation here.
      Not even Gordhan’s enemies made the claims that you are making and I wonder why you chose this platform to make it on.

      I am not particularly concerned with Gordhan or anyone associated with the ANC, but for me what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong…

    3. Anonymous8:58 am


      @Phoenix6:32 am

      Thats where the problem lies. He was doing "TOO" good of a job. He made the Karasites feel inferior and they would be held accountable for their thieving.

      He exposed them for who they are.

    4. Anonymous6:18 am

      I would go one step further and say that as things stand at the moment, there is no one in the anc that is as qualified and ticks all the boxes for what is needed from the president after showerhead is ousted, than Mr Pravin Gordhan. You have nothing to be ashamed of, Sir.

      Wouldn't it now just be beautiful if Mr Gordhan was elected president with Mr Jonas being his deputy. Zupta se moer dan.

    5. Anonymous10:47 am

      Come now, fellows just now you will be calling him Gordy and Pravs my China,

      Remember what side of the fence he sits on and remember who he takes the money from to give to the undeserving. He might come from the hood but he ain't no robin.

      Stop getting happy because somebody has eventually stood up to old showerhead, they should have done it years ago but couldn't why will they get it right now.

      Showerhead has planned this and is executing it to perfection, why has he placed his lackeys in the strategic spots, he owns this country now and don't be surprised on Friday if he declares a police state and has ol gordy and some cronies placed in a poorly run well ventilated joint with not the best citizens for company.

      So before you crack the champagne and begin lining up for the polling station, let's see how the week plays out.

      We already lost some serious bucks today when our status went scrapyard and I think whoever was not expecting that definitely had their head in the sand.

      Interesting times ahead for all.

  31. Anonymous3:24 pm


    Funny story....

    This is what the almighty SADF is reduced to. A boys club for really old fat guys.

    The nature of war has changed. Military Dogma and doctrine are 1986. Shit has changed.

    1. RunForrestRun11:38 pm

      Funny, but not ha ha.--Just add another 280 fat, grey guys with their ketties and crossbows and you have the making of 300 spartans.

      Or 1% or 2% or maybe 3% of (4.5 million which consist of 2 million males of which about 400 000 are 18-40, of which 300 000 are not gay or retarded)

      Which leaves you with at best 3000,----not a bad start, but lets get real. You would need at least 3 months for basics and another 3 months to specialize.

      So approximately 3 battalions or one brigade depending on whose Army you looking at.

      fuggedaboudit,- A couple of Apaches could take care of that if all they have is basic arms,----and nobody is going to wait 6 months for them to get ready.

      So unless Eeben and his mates come to the party with a ready made army these people are seriously deluding themselves.

    2. Ignorance is bliss. A couple of Apaches hey? They could not do it against the ragheads in Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria or Somalia... But you credit them with a victory against us that they have not earned yet.
      Living in SA under the ANC is basic and advanced training enough. Six weeks rounding off will do the rest

      People like us are not clean slates like 18 yo roofies you know. We bring life experience and lots of knowledge to the table. Most of us have been training for years. Besides like I said before. It's 2017 not 1976. The war is not in Angola it is in SA on your doorstep. It is not in the bush it is urban. You are not wearing browns you are wearing civvies... You need a completly different set of skills mate.
      What you are doing is a common mistake that I see all the time. You are judging others on what you feel and what you see in the mirror.
      Because you are unfit, untrained, knowledge and skillsless, you think everyone is. Like I said before... Just because you do not grasp and cannot understand Simpsons rule or integrated calculess doesn't mean everyone is like you. There are people for whom it is a piece of piss.

    3. Just because you cannot design a bridge to cross a river does not mean everyone else cannot either.

      The only purpose your negativity serves is to show us your own fears and anxieties. You might think you are pointing out our incompetence, but in reality you are just showing us yours.
      Lastly ...the ignorant apprentice always mocks the tools of the master artisan, because he does not understand their use. Old as time. They also mocked David's slingshot.

    4. Anonymous12:29 am

      @ 'Runforrestrun'

      You know that a large percentage of 'gays' vote for the right wing in Europe. In France, one third of the National Front voters are homosexuals. A large percentage of the British National Party too.

      And don't forget that the ancient Greeks and Spartans would be considered flaming homosexuals by modern standards.
      1 % of males would be about 22 000, so lets say fighting men about 10 000. 3% would give about 30 000. This is a very large fighting force.

      Remember, modern warfare is not about standing armies facing each other.

    5. Anonymous12:47 am

      So tell me
      What do the old SADF "rooies" and Eben Barlow think about the current situation in SA ?
      On the face of it they seem to still stand by that old approach -- that the military should not concern itself with matters of politics or governance and just obey the government of the day ?

      One wonders about "democracy" in Angola and the dictatorship of Dos Santos and the MPLA
      Eben Barlow and EO took out UNITA and Savimbi !

      I trust these guys ( those who fight for money ) about as much as I trust the MK Veterans Association

    6. En van Dawid gepraat - die Here het nié gesê "Hoor'ie Dawid, loop hier af en gaan praat met hom" nie. Hy hét gesê: "Loop hier af en tel 'n klip op..."

    7. RunForrestRun1:04 am

      So help me out here, its either a conventional war or a guerrilla war. White SA's do not possess the infrastructure, logistics, manpower or equipment for a conventional war.

      A guerrilla war has only ever been effective when the guerrilla's can be normal people indistinguishable from insurgents, in other words when they are the "plaaslike bevolking",---so if I was the government faced by a white insurrection you do what the Yanks did to the Japs in USA WW2, you round up every single one and put them in camps, at the first sign of that most of the people will be queuing up to leave. I dont care what kind of war you want to fight, when your white skin becomes a target there will be nowhere to hide.

      Its not about negativity, or David, or slingshots or skills or Calculus.

      Its simple logic, whitey has got nowhere to hide in South Africa, its like a white guy trying to be an insurrectionist in China. Seems like you guys have forgotten the women and children who died in the camps, are you still going to be so brave when they are your children or your wife?

      And we aren't even talking about the hundreds of white guys in the SAP and SANDF who will be shooting at you.

    8. Anonymous1:33 am

      The smell of fear shit and the luminous scrawl of terrified piss that has run down the leg now scrawls more shit for men to read.

      If the stench was not so overpowering one might consider reading the crap and laughing at its inferior message and defeatist slant but instead the smell of fear invokes a puke gag that causes the reader rather to give it a wide birth.

      The ball less castrating wonder labelled rfr has been polluting the pages with its self claimed intelligence that in truth is only the manifestation of its greatest fear that made it seek refuge from its own shadow.

      Ignorant people normally claim intelligence because they are to fucking stupid to realise that they are ignorant. They normally refer to dunning/kruger as this was the words that their occupational therapist used when trying to describe the infliction that these morons suffered.


    9. Anonymous1:42 am

      "... integrated calculess"


    10. Anonymous3:30 am

      @ MS

      So what you're saying is things are asymmetric now ?

      Remember Weenen

    11. FredBarbarossa6:02 am

      @RFR. Eeben currently trains African Armed Forces and recently published a book which is basically a training manual aimed at improving African Military Strategies.
      I'm not really in favour of this as it could turn around and bite the lot of us on the backside.

    12. Anonymous7:16 am

      Rfr, I don't think you understand the "willpower" of people inspite of age, gender, shortcomings, disability's, hunger, cold or whatever else stands against them.
      When the Italians invaded the Balkans and later the Germans came to assist their failing axis ally against the ordinary men and women that resisted them. They (Nazis) had no idea what a quagmire they were walking into. So much so that they had to postpone the invasion of Russia so they could subdue a bunch of goat herders and mountain villagers, of which very few had any experience with weapons or military tactics. But what they did have was (resistance) running through every vein and artery, and empowered but that were able to take on the most powerful and advanced military machine of that age.
      So insult away because you've now proved to us what kind of a person you are, I don't care if a man is in a wheelchair, fat, unfit or blind every man can and will do according to his ability and skill.
      And by the way I breezed through para selection and actually had to do the obstacle course twice over as punishment whilst everyone else was eating from fresh ratpacks, because I got cheeky with a lieutenant.

    13. @RFR, WHY do you spend so much time and energy on telling us why not to do something instead of spending your time and energy on coming up with ideas to help us? Could it be that you are clueless and has no other solution apart from running to New Zealand? Why are you then here?Is it because you are looking for a solution coming from us instead of finding one yourself?
      Can you see what I mean? With every post and every comment you make it clear how ignorant and clueless YOU are,not us. You suffer a perverse form of Dunning Kruger. You overestimate your enemy and underestimate your own people. You have given your enemy a victory without him earning it. Why don't you just go and suck his dick? I know you want to.

      It is as clear as day how simplistically shortsighted your lazy brain is. You think two steps ahead, encounter two obstacles and give up!! WTF dude?? I honestly thought you were better than that. You are an embarresment to all white South Africans. People see how stupid and lazy you think and think we are all like you. Why don't you analyse a problem properly and think difficult issues through to their conclusions. Problem with your cognitive system is that it has become lazy over the years. You look for quick short cuts and solutions and when you cannot find any you simply give up because it is too much effort or takes too much time to think further. Unfortunately there is not much I can do with a person like you. You are a lost cause.

    14. Anonymous9:59 am

      @ Fredbarbarossa 6:02 am.

      Like all education, training, skills development and preparation it doesn't matter how good the course is or the detail involved in compiling and transferring the experience and knowledge.

      One factor has to always be present to successfully achieve and master any task, discipline, if discipline is practiced, enforced and maintained then the recipients will benefit from whatever was transferred but as in all cultures discipline is not maintained and enforced so no matter what manuals are written what training is given it falls apart as soon as the enforcers of discipline are removed.

      Now let's go back to the SADF days, Discipline was not enforced it was a religion, you lived for discipline, that was why basics was there you were broken down from that Ill disciplined mommies sin into a man that would listen and obey, that knew to observe the rules and show respect. When the SADF became The SANDF then that changed, opfoks and corrective discipline was stopped and became inhuman and degrading, troops got fat and lazy rank couldn't give a shit and effort has become something that is taboo.

      Without discipline comes ignorance and stupidity as whatever creature it is suddenly does not see the need to learn because it doesn't have to as nothing can be done to it to make it learn, so illiteracy takes over and then the students do not understand and they fail and the powers that be then realise that everybody is fucking stupid so the drop the pass marks to accommodate the stupidity but only exacerbate the problem and the circle just get tighter but never finds a solution.

      Now EB can write and train every army in Africa for as long as he wants, when he pulls out within six months all his knowledge is forgotten and squandered and has no effect on the recipients because there is no discipline, no order and no management to ensure that the knowledge has been maintained and updated.

      Africoons do not understand discipline and order, it is a colonial and apartheid tool to oppress them and deprive them of everything that they are entitled to.

      So good for EB I hope he is making a killing and maybe a couple of fresh faces and green sticks can glean good advice and tactics from his book to help our cause.

      Saying that I doubt that many will as I see they same disease of apathy and Ill disciple in most of the young whites and their parents.


    15. Anonymous10:35 am

      Agree FredBarbarossa, he( Eeben) is training useful tools that are expandeble if they step out of line but at the same time used against us who is against the the new world order. They are instruments of the NWO . All for the sake of money

    16. RunForrestRun10:58 am

      I seriously doubt a man who wants to use calculus but spells it calculess has anything to offer me,- are you bipolar or just drunk on dooswyn, your emotions swing wildly from day to day?

      Thank you, you have now finally succeeded in confirming South Africa and the dregs that remain are a lost cause, I shall inform local employers to look elsewhere for sensible, hardworking, educated people.

    17. @RFR...I guess the term "portmanteau" is foreign to an educated psychobabbler like you. How about the word "Libtard" see if you can figure out and analyse that. One can amuse simpletons like you for ours. Oops, did I just foregt an "H"...ooh and I misplaced a "g"...Now the world is coming to an end. I opened a wormhole.

      See? You just confirm what I already know with every comment your post.

      Tell me something RFR, if you are so clever why did you not figure out a solution for South Africa and shared it with us all instead of taking the first option and short cut to NZ?

      Come you are the great psychoanalytical bullshitter, why don't you use your magical powers and tell us all how we can get the psychology of South Africans in order so that they can unite against the ANC. Or have you given up on that too, because your lazy brain simply cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel?

      Stop taking shortcuts and put a bit of effort in. Think your problems through properly instead of always coming up with simplistic reasons and causes.

    18. Anonymous11:42 pm

      @ Mike Smith 9.01

      Mike - been reading your blog for about 7 years.

      This is the first time I have noticed you outing a commentator's country, (RFR - New Zealand)


    19. @ Anon 11:42 pm

      First of all I did not "out" him. He proudly outed himself on here many times and told us that he stays in New Zealand. So I take it that it is no secret.

      Secondly, RFR has several times tried to out bloggers on here and I have refused to post his rubbish such as his ridiculous claims that former SAS bloggers all had criminal records and all live overseas. As far as I know...NONE of them has ever had a criminal record and if they emigrated would have had to present a police clearance certificate. So he is talking absolute rubbish.

    20. Anonymous10:15 am

      'Runforestrun' . Regarding your omments on warfare, bush warfare is probably a bit updated, rather think of Iraq.

  32. Sitrep :sometimes holding onto the past is an indication that some see the past greater than the future (by the way it's got nothing to do with age but your set of mindsets)I stopped attending my sap/Sadf reunions years ago

  33. Anonymous2:14 am

    Met so baie dinge die afgelope dae aan die gang wonder n mens hoe Zuma met soveel selvertroue so baie kak kan aanjaag. Kyk jy n bietjie verder dan sal jy sien by afgelope regerings byeenkomste hoe danig Zuma met die weermag is. Die weermag was nog nooit so hand om die blaas met Zuma soos deesdae nie.
    Dit is amper asof hy doelbewus aanjaag en uitlokkend is met sy gegiggel en sarkasme. Miskien wil hy die land in n oorlog wikkel.

  34. Whiteman2:32 am

    People who have emigrated, often suffer from " buyers remorse." Just take some examples from your own day to day life. You buy a car, house, or get a new wife. Any big expensive endeavour, puts a strain on you, especially if you are not hundred percent sure of your decision. Now you definitely do not need any negative push back, which makes you look like a doos. Especially from friends and family, whose opinion you hold in high regard. You want ONLY positive strokes, to get rid of your unpleasant, disturbing buyers remorse. So the shitter, and darker, the NSA comes across, the happier you are. But then you stumbled across this Mike Smith blog, and here are people, ( idiots ? ), who believe they can sort out the NSA, even if it means flattening it first ? So all you can do now, is to prove how crazy they all are. But you keep comming back for more argument, and confirmation of your decisions in your life. Buyers remorse is such a BITCH, and no drug or pill can take it away !

    1. Anonymous11:31 pm

      @ Whiteman 2.32

      I like reading Mike's blog. I buggered off some time ago from SA - personal reasons.

      There are a lot of diaspora reading this blog. Can't speak for others, but I don't have any "buyer's remorse" for emigrating.

      You sound a little bitter.

    2. Whiteman2:21 am

      Anonymous 11:31 pm, I was merely stating facts around the reality of " buyers remorse. " It is not always present, and it does dissapear with time, especially if reality and facts, prove your decision to have been the correct one. You are obviously in that privileged position, and I am truly happy with you, and for your sake. I am not bitter at all, because each person must carry his/her own water. You have to labour and/or play, to the best of your ability, with the cards that life puts into your hand. Who can you blame if you got a bad hand, and lost the game ? Or if you lost the game because you are stupid ? Some people choose to crook, but that is not my style. No, my lot in life is to fight with my back against the wall. Whether I live or die, I intend to take as many of my enemies with me as possible. But my biggest enemies are white, so my focus will be on them. The black savages have got a legitimate excuse for what they have done to this country. They rightfully say : The clever, educated white Christians, did not want to stop us, so we rightfully accepted that they simply did not care !

  35. Anonymous4:45 am

    I am watching these retard americans rounding up pedophiles in the USA. The Mericans complain about globalism. I see thabo Mbeki doing the exact same thing as these globalists were doing.

    This to me says that Mbeki could have been a pedophile too. What do you people think?

    1. Correllation =/= Causasion

    2. Anonymous11:52 am

      Well their you have it. Kilian says that Mbeki was not a luciferian pedophile

  36. Anonymous6:42 am

    That kaffir is going to be the poor kaffirs hero when he tells them to start killing whites and take their land.
    He is actually going to do what has been on their minds for a very long time.
    This stupid motherfucker is the bravest kaffir ever. We must thank him.

    Lets get this killing started kaffirs.

  37. Anonymous9:04 am

    Hi Mike.

    Thank you for your blog; It is inspiring and sometimes depressing, other times it's a rude awakening. Anyway, I hope I can share this here:
    So apparently Friday the 7 April is when South Africa will shut down. Every citizen, every city, every one that cares about our country.

    Not because of the DA or any political party but because of South Africans.

    Do not go to work, or to school or do anything unless you're taking to the streets in protest.

    On Friday, the 7 April South Africans need to take to the streets in masses... wherever you are, with signs of protest to make our collective voice heard.

    Block highways, stand with your communities, go to political houses, go to prayer meetings, arrange your own marches. Do whatever you can to make your voice heard.

    I will no longer be supporting corruption and the evil that has plagued our beautiful country. I will be joining a nationwide shutdown.

    On Friday the 7 April the people of South Africa, regardless of race, or political affiliation will stand up against Zuma & every single other corrupt official.

    Together, South Africa will rise! #ZumaMustFall #SouthAfricaMustRise

    Share this message with everyone you know.

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      @anon 9:04
      Please advise me what difference will 7 April make? Zuma is not going to give up. So lets just accept that we cannot take Zuma out, if the masses vote for him.
      Now Zuma is the 3rd president in a row that has supported BEE/AA, as well as farm murders. So how will the next president be different?
      Zuma has the support of BRICS, and feels confident about that.
      It is up to the West to come up with a plan to destabilize South Africa, send in UN forces, set up a interim government, and keep the minerals.
      Why play along with their plan? Look at what happened to other countries they intervened.
      Mass destruction...!!!


    2. Anonymous12:13 pm

      We got bills to pay...

    3. Anonymous8:49 pm

      @ 12:13pm.

      What are you going to pay those bills with?

      Where will you get the money to buy food which by the way will be so expensive that you will have a Zimbabwe scenario, how long do you think you can carry on paying bills when the money that you so want to paymbills with has no value?

      Go pay your bill and take your short sightedness with you and live in n the misery that it brings you.

      If you want something go get it don't wait for it to come to you.

    4. Anonymous11:51 am

      Doos @8:49pm

      In the real world, you have a job and bills. In your fantasy world, you are captain South Africa saving everyone and their bitch.

  38. ...."If I were a dictator for six months South Africa would be straight...." - yeah, straight into hell itself, but then, we are there already, busy stoking Zuma's satanic fires....

  39. Anonymous11:07 am

    If every man here be truthful and stand in front of the mirror and critically review himself he should then answer the question asked of him by himself.

    Am I prepared to offer my life in sacrifice for this cause that we discuss here?

    You see, gentlemen, ladies, men and soldiers, we can all post our thoughts, wishes, hatred, intelligence, stupidity and other on this blog, committing ourselves to a cause in thought but at crunch time how many will step forward and lay everything on the line for their belief?

    We have defeatist, detractors, traitors, enemy and friend posting here, each has an opinion and idea that he brings forth but are you really prepared to give everything that you have? If you are not best leave now because talk is cheap but blood, lives and commitment wins revolutions.

    The negative defeatist here consider this one fact, the Taliban, IS, AlQ has withstood the strongest military forces combined and still continue to fight for their cause, lives are not important to them the end goal is. Whether we agree with their beliefs and doctrines does not matter, those men fight for a cause not the individual.

    The Afghans held the red army at bay for how? They were a rag tag bunch of fucking goat shaggers that the Ruskies thought would be defeated in a week, what a surprise they got when they realised that those goat shaggers loved a fight and death didn't matter.

    So to the rfr,s and anons that see defeat before engaging know that you were defeated before these times happened because you were born losers and runners, you never had the heart for the fight or the belief in yourself.


    1. Anonymous9:05 pm

      Ohhhh just think of what a group of dedicated teams of 2 or 3 guys can do all over SA. Do some goodness and melt away...

      Most people just want to live in peace, most people just want pretend a problem away or run away and bury their heads in the sand - most people as we know are total idiots who cannot think about the future. Most people need not apply.

      Are you prepared to die for a good cause? Please apply!

    2. Anonymous11:56 pm

      There you go on your high horse again Mr LTMA

      Tell me WHERE did the "bunch of fucking goat shaggers" get their STINGERS from ???

      Have you watched -- "Charlies War"



      WHEN are you going step back and take the time to look at stuff -- in a bit more detail !
      GET A CLUE !

      WHY did the Boer forces surrounding LADYSMITH never take the town ?
      IN a rag tag civilian army it is a LOT harder to -- "to offer my life in sacrifice" when you do not know EXACTLY what it is you are sacrificing for ?

      In a professional conscripted army you have NO choice -- the court martial and firing squad await !
      Western civilised rational people have never been motivated by -- "lives are not important to them the end goal is"
      WE value lives

      please do NOT expect me to be in YOUR army when you have place so little value on -- LIFE.

    3. Anonymous3:42 am

      @ Anon 11:56 pm.

      You will wake to late, recall your response when the blood rusted tin of cheap panga bluntly hacks and breaks through your skin.

      I do GAF whose army you join, in truth you will not join an army because you see not the threat until you look into the eyes of death.

      I am not on a high horse but I do wonder what triggers the reaction I get from you, is it guilt or fear, does my truth strike the cord that you try so hard to conceal?

      Are you concerned about stingers and arms and resupply, well if that be your worry, let those with experience worry about that because you are to preoccupied with excuses to find an alternative or seek a solution.

      I do agree agree that fear is the most effective motivator so maybe you need to fear more then you might start appreciating life more. If you feared court martial then I can just imagine what type of a conscript you were,only doing enough to cya and never stepping forward to do more.


    4. Anonymous4:15 am

      You see while you go on about -- " rag tag bunch of fucking goat shaggers"
      Seem to want to follow their example ?


      We are excited to announce that SpaceX has been approached to fly two private citizens on a trip around the Moon late next year. They have already paid a significant deposit to do a Moon mission. Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration.


      IS what sensible rational people [nerds] are doing ( who value life )

    5. Anonymous7:47 am

      @ Anon 4:15 am.

      I don't know what to call you, maybe arsehead, stupid, nerd, whop, twat I do not want to be rude but any other name seems insufficient.

      Do you really thing that retards give a continental if you are flying to the moon around Uranus?

      My dear little man with air in your head, retard doesn't GAF if you're a lib, nerds, rocket scientists or just plain George he just wants to carve you up and take your stuff.

      So enjoy the trip up Uranus and hopefully you stay there because your head is already so far up your arse that tripping should happen in the first step.

      Thank goodness they legalised the shit you're smoking.


    6. Anonymous12:12 pm

      WHY is THAT guy ALTERNATING with LOWER and UPPER caps?

      Fuck this MXSHIT language

    7. Anonymous12:25 pm

      You have just been promoted to 2IC
      Of the -- Suicide Squad

      Operating under the rules of the -- Strafbataillon

      Unlike other penal battalions, 36th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS wasn’t established to punish or rehabilitate felons, but rather to ‘weaponize’ Germany’s most dangerous criminals and sociopaths and use them to terrorize civilian populations in the occupied east.


    8. Anonymous8:58 pm

      @ Anon 12:25 pm.

      The most realistic reality is that people are ruled best by fear and don't believe rfr when he says guerrilla wars are best won by blending, he is lying.

      Guerilla wars are best won by the guerillas that bring absolute fear to the population and people that would normally support the government. Thereby ensuring a constant supply of food and loyalty even if it is forced loyalty.

      Idiots like you sell out a cause, you need to live in absolute terror otherwise you run to the enemy and think you're a hero. No mate, if I am forced to terrorize your type to win my war, I will not hesitate, one or two people are nothing in the bigger picture.

      Thank you for my promotion, I will use it effectively.


    9. @LTMA...By now you should know that RFR has no clue what he is talking about. When you read "Boereverraaier" by Albert Blake you will see how the Boers used exactly the strategy you are referring to.

      There were many "Hensoppers"...neutral Boers and many "Joiners"...those Boers who swore allegiance to the Queen. Hensoppers were free game and the Boers often robbed their sheep and cattle. Joiners were shot as traitors and everything confiscated.

      For decades after the war there was a lot of bitterness amongst Afrikaners/Boers about their family members shot by the Boer Commandos who themselves eventually capitulated.

    10. Anonymous12:58 pm

      So tell me Mr LTMA
      How do things work out for those that -- "bring absolute fear to the population"
      Like the 36th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS

      You want to use the enemies methods -- to fight the enemy.

      What happens when the fear eventually wears off ?
      Do you just have to keep on with the terror ?

      For how long ?

      HOW has this approach worked in the past ?

      You should ask Mr Smith to lend you -- "BROEDERTWIS"
      ( By the same author )

    11. Anonymous9:14 pm

      @ Anon 12:58pm.

      Hopefully in the not to distant future I can give you a practical demonstration.

      Stick around and stick your hand up when I ask for a volunteer, you might just save one of your closest that way.


  40. Anonymous8:48 pm

    And now FW de Poes? Where is your Utopia you promised? Where is your safety and prosperous future you promised? Where are all our dead sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters now?

    I'll tell you Mr. F W de Klerk, it's all dead, it's all been one big lie! Welcome to your dysfunctional corrupt murderous dictatorship.

    This is what you globalists always wanted, isn't it? You wanted a poor and starving people killing each other with your forced integration.

    All of you people who sing the curse of a one multicultural nation are marked targets now. You liars and deceivers have a lot to answer for. This is only the beginning of your end. The people will come for your blood.

  41. Whiteman12:02 am

    LTMA, you are making people uncomfortable AGAIN ! You will never make it as a politician. But hopefully you can give me advice, because I am faced with a terrible dilemma. I have maintained from the very start, that the so called " government " is illegal. I refused to have ANYTHING to do with the whole satanic mess, and definitely did not play their political voting games. Like judge Kriegler referred to the whole business as a WHORE HOUSE. So I chose not to defile myself. But I was severely criticised by friends and family, because I was such a party pooper. They told me over and over : If you don't vote, you are not allowed to complain ! So I accepted their superior status, and silently did my own thing, as best as I could. A great deal of my time was spent on preparing for WAR ! You see, one must not only do the physical preperation, but also the mental preperation. Now it seems to me, the 7th April, is more for the people who have a licence to complain ? And that is definitely the majority of whites in this country. So after twenty plus years, of their continuous legal complaining, maybe they will get it right this time ? I will definitely not stand in their way, because it is their democratic, ( legal ) right to complain. For me, I will probably just oil my weapons that day, and do some more target practise ! ( And be criticised for being a party pooper ! )

    1. Anonymous8:01 am

      @ Whiteman 12:02am.

      Question, what will further your cause? That is the question you should be asking yourself.

      Are you prepared to make the enemy your friend to achieve your end goal because the enemy of your enemy wants the same as you do or is it better to stick to your principles and just continue with your own mission.

      Even if Zuma goes and gets booted we as whitey will still be targeted, murdered, trashed, beaten and blamed.

      You choose mate, I myself will rather spend a day on the range or hiking the hills than join a bunch of hypocritical arseholes that all what to unite in their weakness because they do not have the power to do it alone but as soon as dick head falls the next retard will be shouting for your home, farm, apartheid atrocities, imagined wrongs, white monopoly, kill the Boers, fuck the whites you choose they have shouted it from the 80s why suddenly will they stop now.

      Fuck all of them, Whiteman, my advice and mine only is do not choose a friend that will put a knife in your back while you are defending him.

      If we whites meant so much to these retards why has not one stood up and defended us, they have all sat on those huge black arses and allowed us to be murdered and fucked over.

      Let showerhead cause the war between them that will aid our cause and then we step in when they are so involved with each other that by the time the have wiped their eyes out we own Africa and apartheid doesn't exist because there will be nothing left to be apart from.


  42. Anonymous12:17 am

    Either start an IRA-style campaign of bombing economic centres, assassinating judges and politicians, OR simply leave South Africa altogether with whatever cash and valuables remaining. Malema, or his successor, are going to incite the low IQ black population to come take your shit - your farm, your home, your job, your very life. He already has approval and financing from London to proceed.

    No bitching about having no money or the rand is too weak to emigrate yada yada - just fucking leave by any means necessary and get to the U.S. via Mexico or Canada. The border is wide open so fly to Mexico, walk across the border and get a job working for cash. Millions upon millions of brown people do it every year and have a good or even great life. Pick a state with 75+% WHITE people and you'll have no problems while your kids attend school for FREE, you get free food and rich people here use Craigslist to invite you to haul away their FREE used leather couches, appliances, food, firewood, old camper van, hot tub, BBQ etc. You can come here with virtually nothing and do well enough. And you'll never have to interact with another murderous black again in your life unless you deliberately visit an urban centre at 2am, get wasted at a bar and then decide to walk to your hotel at 2am via the ghetto.

    1. Anonymous11:20 am

      You are evil. You wish to give territorial dominance to evil.

      The rest of us believe in castle doctrine and stand your ground laws.

      You sound like those satanic judges that condemn women to prison because they did not exercise duty to retreat when they were attacked by violent spouses.

      If you want to leave, just fuck off and dont talk to us. STay in Manginaville, NZ. Stop trying to drag us into your sorry pity party.

      Don't come back.

  43. Anonymous5:18 pm

    @ Anonymous12:17 am

    You say white people should flee to USA via Mexico or Canada. On which boat or plane will they get a free ride to there. I tell you what. Come to South Africa. With no money leave a white squatter camp and use your ideas and show us how do you get out of South Africa into USA as you have described it. Document everything or make a video of it and post it so everyone can see how you did it.

  44. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Cape Town to Atlanta, Georgia USA one way can be had for a mere 753 USD (10416 rand). Beg, steal, borrow, rob a bank. White people, just get yourself out of harms way. It's a 9 hour flight to freedom where a new life awaits if you're willing to work at it. Overstay your tourist visa and melt away into the population. Millions do it every year. If you can't come up with that pittance I can't help you.

  45. Anonymous5:20 am

    @Anon 10:53pm

    "Cape Town to Atlanta"

    "White people, just get yourself out of harms way."

    Are you serious?

  46. Anonymous9:44 am

    EVERYONE, the main thing is not being rude and speaking about people what ever their colour. The main thing is there is a man and his cronies that is destroying SA. This is a beautiful country, and we could do much more with regards to tourism. The reason politicians fein help towards the poor is because these people might, just might, vote for another party (at the moment they are still living with the thought that the ANC will help them and still after 20 odd years they can't change their ideas to vote for another party because they would then have to tell all their friends in a LOUD voice that they are voting DA or another party as it is their culture to speak LOUDLY so that everyone knows what they are saying. I have managed at work to get our people who were ANC voters to change (or so they say) the lady has been on the housing list for 28 years and still is living in her mothers run down shack, and the man, well he is living with his brother, 10 of them in one two bedroomed house, because he cannot get a house of his own. Even as a middle income white person I find this destroying when there are some that think that the Guptas are his way of life, why dont the Guptas spread some of this money around SA's poor people? They are too interested in running the likes of Zuma and his cronies who are TOO SCARED TO SAY ANTHING as he has so much dirt on them all (believe me I know one of Zumas cousins and he tells me this has been in the making for years), to enrich the family (Zuma's family that is) Why don't these politicians come clean and let's forgive them and get on with the real business of the country, get rid of Zuma and make SA GREAT....really GREAT. which will never happen with Zuma and the Guptas in charge. They really hit on a very savvy (for his own enrichment) Zuma....

    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      so why did you bring up colour in 1986?

    2. Anonymous12:34 pm

      Mangina alert! So a guy who works in your pay grade, cannot get a house? Even though they pay less taxes in their areas? Or none at all? What do they do with the money? Oh thats right. Booze and magoshias.

  47. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Showerhead is full of shit. There is absolutely no such thing as a temporary dictator who steps down voluntarily.