10 February 2017

Zuma’s SONA 2017 – A summary of ANC fuck-ups and incompetence

By Mike Smith

10th of February 2017

As you know, every year I have to sit through Umsholozi Showerhead’s bullshit and hold back the involuntary retching contractions as my esophageal sphincter gags and on every sentence the idiot utters trying to prevent me from emesitically exploding all over my TV screen.

Shit job, but somebody has to do it.

Read the full SONA 2017 here

Again as usual it is not what the President (yours not mine) said and promised, but reading between the lines of Commie Speak and that matters.

If you ignore the petulant and clown like shenanigans of the EFF pissing about the house, everything Mr. Joculator Supreme said is just a summary of ANC fuckups and a bunch of empty promises to fix it.

What you need to ask is how did we get to this stage in the first place?

Take the maths and science problem of our kids in the schools.

The WEF’s Global Information Technology Report 2015 ranked SA’s mathematics and science education quality lower than Angola, the Dominican Republic, and Mozambique.

South African mathematics, science education ranked worst in the world

South Africa also finished close to last – 139 out of 143 countries – when looking at the overall quality of its education system.

There…Apartheid education totally exonerated.

To think that the black children rioted against Apartheid education; an education system comparable to the best in the world that delivered world class doctors, engineers, architects, etc, etc…But now? The worst education system in the world courtesy of the ANC and nobody is rioting? WTF?

No…Zuma promised to fix it, fix what they fucked up in the first place and you actually have idiots believing that he can and are going to. They must have rocks for brains if they think the ANC is capable of fixing anything. In fact I cringe every time Zuma or the ANC mention that they are going to fix something, because it would be better if they rather sat on their hands and touched nothing. Everything they touch is always a monumental fuckup.

The entire health system is a disaster. This past week the whole western world heard of the mental health scandal in South Africa when almost 100 patients died, because the ANC contracted their care out to BEE idiots who had no proper facilities or the necessary know-how to care for such people, but cashed billions.

…But hey…don’t worry…Zuma is going to fix it! National Health Insurance is their flagship project that is aimed at moving South Africa towards Universal Health Coverage. The NHI will be implemented in a 14 year period in three phases.

The last few hospitals will go bankrupt and the few remaining doctors and nurses will emigrate. That is how the ANC will “Fix” the health care they stuffed up.

Like he is going to fix the crime and corruption. Like he is going to fix the drought. Empty rhetoric and promises.

The ANC has a “Water Leaks Programme”.

Burst pipes and free flowing water in the townships are causing the drought. The dams are empty…Enters “Job creation” ANC style:

“Ten thousand unemployed youth are being trained as plumbers, artisans and water agents. More will be recruited this year to reach the total of fifteen thousand.”

Meanwhile in the white suburbs the people aren’t even allowed to water their lawns or wash their cars.

The Navy in Simons Town is in a mess. The technical staff and the engineers who kept the vessels afloat are long gone. Resigned. Pushed out to make way for incompetent BEE and Kaffirmative Action idiots. The Naval dockyard is a shadow of its former self. So now they want to get the technical staff from Denel to come and fix their vessels and other stuff-ups, obviously at great cost. They want the 50 odd Denel scientists and engineers working at IMT to bail them out. The Navy has no long term strategy to cope with the shortage of technical staff. It takes about ten years to train ONE Chief Engineer. These guys do not simply fall out of the sky. Where are they going to get them from? I’ll tell you where. Those big palm trees on the Cape Parade…they will send some Munt to go shake those trees and streams of engineers will fall out.

Zuma is going to help the farmers. He said R2.5bn was made available for the provision of livestock feed, water infrastructure, drilling, equipping and refurbishment of boreholes, auction sales and other interventions.

Perfectly well run productive farms of whites that the ANC took over and gave to blacks who ruined it.

R500m would also be made available to distressed farmers to manage their credit facilities and support with soft loans.

Tja…a bottomless black pit of incompetence, racking up debt and throwing the taxpayer’s money down it.

7 million blacks now have electricity that they don’t pay for and are fully subsidized by the white taxpayers.

One set of promises you can hold him to is his “Nine point plan” …”to reignite growth so that the economy can create much-needed jobs.”

No Communist piece of shit has ever grown or created anything. All they can do is destroy. They cannot and have never created jobs. In ANC vocabulary it means taking jobs from competent hard working whites, Indians and coloureds and giving it to incompetent lazy blacks.

According to Zuma, “White households earn at least five times more than black households, according to Statistics SA.”

And this is where the more clear cut Commie speak came out with bollocks like, “Political freedom alone is incomplete without economic emancipation”….and …” It is inconceivable for liberation to have meaning without a return of the wealth of the country to the people as a whole”.

Of course “The People” means the Communists and ANC scum. “Economic emancipation” means taking the last cent from whites. “Liberation” means the last white person has left the country. The REAL people (blacks) are just there as expendable puppets to help them steal everything.

Continues Zuma… “To allow the existing economic forces to retain their interests intact is to feed the roots of racial supremacy and exploitation, and does not represent even the shadow of liberation” ….and they want to “de-racialise the ownership of the mining industry.”

There you have it…Pure Commie Speak for “Rich whites will have to give up their shit or we take it by force”…because “De-racialisation” always means getting rid of the white race.

Here is more, “It is therefore a fundamental feature of our strategy that victory must embrace more than formal political democracy; and our drive towards national emancipation must include economic emancipation.”

Say what??? “Embrace more than formal political democracy”??? “start a new chapter of radical socio-economic transformation”…???

In Commie Speak this means, “Fuck democracy and the constitution, we will use force to take what we want.”

On the Land issue… They are going to use the Expropriation Act and the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act to steal more white land without compensation.

What is most upsetting is the pathetically cowardly farmers and their 50-50 programme BULLSHIT. The farmers think that they can hang on to half by giving away half instead of losing everything. They are going to lose everything in any case. Noseriously these farmers must have rocks for brains.

Said Zuma…“Going forward, government will continue to implement other programmes such as the Strengthening of Relatives Rights programme, also known as the 50-50 programme. In this programme, the farm workers join together into a legal entity and together with the farm owner a new company is established and the workers and the owner become joint owners.”

This is what the Commies do. They want half of what you’ve got, but are never willing to give up half of what they’ve got. Once they have your half, they want half of what you’ve got left and then half of that, and so on until they have everything…at which point you as the white person become useless and expendable. Then they kill you. Not only will you lose your land, your possessions, the shirt on your back, but also your life. You cannot appease these bastards. You have to fight them tooth and nail.

The rest you can summarize by saying that crime will remain high, due to the ANC not knowing what they are doing and how to curb it, the students will not be helped and the army will continue to be the ANC’s mercenaries on loan to despotic Marxist dictatorships in the rest of Africa. They will also continue to support Communist China and the terrorist Hamas organization in Palestine.

However he went on to say in Monkey Chatter… “Siyagcizelela ukuthi abantu abanebala elimhlophe bangabantu, bafana nabo bonke abantu ezweni. Akuphele ukubahlukumeza. Aziphele nezinkolelo ezingekho ngabo.”… That means that White people are also People and also belong in South Africa and should not be harassed.

Thank you Mr. President. Thank you so very fucking much. We whites kiss your feet. Xxx

And obviously he couldn’t resist giving one last flog to that dead Apartheid horse refereeing to its memory as “The nightmare of Apartheid”….

Tja, Mr. President…you can say what you want, but during Apartheid the Nats at least knew how to run a country.

BTW…did you notice how they rounded the big numbers off for him this time…R349m…R779m…after he made a total buffoon of himself the last time with his “seventy-leventy” speech. Fucking Moron. He can take his reconciliation and stuff it up his arse. I am looking fwd to the rest of the year giving the ANC more stick than ever before.


  1. Anonymous3:38 am

    Yip, Mike the seventy-leventy speech was replaced by seven hundred and seh-WHENty nine million. You could call it an improvement. Taking into account the IQ level.
    But he still turns the page after every 3 sentences.
    The speech itself is not really worth comment.
    Same as, same as....!!!


  2. Anonymous4:15 am

    Same old same old, monkeys in suits pretending...

  3. Anonymous4:21 am

    Sitting in the gallery as a blog moaner will never achieve anything. They are chipping away at the white dominion bit by bit and will succeed in their plans.

    The 'when-wes' eventually took their suitcases and let Zim. The same will happen in SA. Those whites who remain 'alive' to the end will leave with nothing.

    No, this is not negative defeatist talk, just a realistic outlook.


    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      Solutions mate, now!

    2. Anonymous12:02 pm


      @Anonymous4:21 am


      Please dont become another Zuma.

      Can you count or when last did you count?

      Zimbabwe fell because the country relied on 5,000 productive farmers and had a white population of 25,000 supporting 15 million karasites.

      There are more farmers in SA than there were whites in Zims in 2000.

      There are as many whites in SA as there are in Scottland & Ireland.

      Lets put things in perspective, add in the Indians, Coloureds, blacks that have no issues but want a solid, stable country and you are dealing with 15 million at least- the total population of Zimbabwe.

      Plz dont compare apples with Oranges.

      No one here is moaning besides you! Everyone here is simply stating facts.

      The same will happen in SA....

      You cant hopefully compare 25,000 whites to 4.5 million whites are mention realistic in the same sentence.

      There are more whites in this country than there are whites in some of the US states.

      Keep your own outlook to yourself, my outlook is very bright with borders stretching up to the equator. Maybe not tomorrow, next year or in a decade but it will happen.

      The only thing on the wall is that the ANC will not be in power in the next 3-7 years.

      SA has something Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa never had - a very, very large white population. If they grouped together, formed a group, trained group of only 30-35% of the population they would have the 2nd largest army on earth.

      Thats realistic & achievable.

    3. Whiteman12:31 pm

      Anonymous 4:21 am, you rightly describe the war of atrition, ( genocide ), to which the whites in this country are subjected. And there definitely are comparisons with the Zim situation. But " leave with nothing ? " What exactly do you mean ? If you refer to emigrating, you do not understand the situation of the majority whiteys in this country. Only rich people, with good contacts can emigrate. The people from Zim could migrate south, without too many problems. The semi-rich, have been migrating to the Cape, for many years. But the majority of whites, can not even do that. I am one of them, and I have decided to fight, just out of principle. But I am trying to be very wise, and patient. Because if I have to go before my time, I plan to take as many of my enemies, as possible, with me. And they come in all the colours of the rainbow. And I also have the same message for them : The writing is on the wall !

    4. Anonymous12:14 am

      @ Anon4:21 am.

      We have quite a unique situation here, forget Rhodesia, Zambia, Mozambique and the rest of fallen Africa.

      We mate lasted longer than all of Africa, we declared our independence long before anybody else and we moulded and made our own country, when I say we I talk about the forefathers of us white South Africans.

      We built something that Africa hadn't seen, we were politically stable, a world class economy and the best military on the continent. We made a safe haven when others deserted theirs and let their rulers pull the plug.

      We will not leave because we have nowhere to go to, All the world is going to shit and that shit stinks worse than the shit we shovel.

      Every action needs an activator and we whites might be waiting, watching and talking but the day will come when action takes the place of word and wish and then we will get busy and the undeniable fact is that nobody will be exempt from standing to because what is going to happen will affect every white that remains in SA.

      So liberal, racist, wealthy and poor will all face the same terror and retard will not distinguish between who or what you were or are. They have already stated that they will remove us from this land and I can assure you they are not buying the boat or plane tickets.

      So if the writing is on the wall, what are you doing to make ready. " Rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war" you decide what it takes to be a warrior in a garden.


    5. @ Ninja,
      All's good and well.
      Maar die grootste fôkkop in jou skrywe is om te dink jy op hotnot- en koelie se kind kan vertrou.
      Lot is die grootste back-stabbers en uitverkopers op Gods aarde.

  4. Adrem4:30 am

    Thank you Mike for the truly excruciating pain and other bodily discomforts you have taken by listening to the verbal excrements of the 'State' imbecil-in-chief's annual cacophony. Not enough, you even found the strength to produce an interpretation of this garbage: clear, precise and to the point. My compliments.

  5. Anonymous4:44 am

    Zuma didn't say anything about Eskom or all the other looted parastatals. Watch Brian Molefe continue the good work he did at Eskom at National Treasury.


    1. Anonymous, you're a tad behind the times as far as Molefe is concerned - remember what he told the Transnet pensioners some years ago when he was still CEO: "YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU BENEFITED UNDER APARTHEID..." But this same piece of black filth forgets that he has never put a shovelful of coal into a firebox; never lubricated even a single moving part; never laid a metre of track and never spent just 30 minutes in the absolute foulest weather conditions shunting/compiling trains so that passengers and goods can be moved. The bastard also forgets that at least 40% of old "Spories" are Black and Coloured and who also contributed their bit to keep the wheels rolling - from the most humble cleaner to the highest official in office - each and everyone were part of the good old SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS that was the main artery of a vast transport system developed along with the infrastructure that made South AFrica the powerhouse of AFrica in its day, but no more... yet this moronic Molefe is awarded an HONORARY ENGINEERING DEGREE by Glasgow University - I wonder whether he was required to prove that he was worthy of that by dismantling - and then reassembling a kiddies' tricycle? NO, this bloody kaffir belongs in hell for the way he treated the old Spories - stealing their money, and stealing millions from "EKSDOM"

  6. Stephen4:59 am

    Hi Mike

    I didn't watch , so thanks for he re-cap .I spent the evening cuddling up with my missus ,Sorry that you had to sit through the SONA-VA-SPEECH.

    One thing you said Mike .. " how did we get to this stage in the first place..." and there's the crux of the matter.

    We live in a world far apart from what we ever could have imagined . Would any of us ever have believed if some one
    told us that we'd be ruled by a zombie one day.NO WAY we'd say , so it did seem very far fetched ( maybe another life-time , not ours)this world that the book of Revelations speaks of.

    But surely now its all feasible , all the scoffers eat your hats now - zombie apocalypse and we're the cast.

    Yip guys , BN-TT-JP-LT don't drop your guard , now is the time.

    1. RunForrestRun1:37 pm

      I believed it back in 1982 already. At the time I had a conversation with a "boer",--I can even tell you his name. I said 'Jy gaan n swart president he",---he said verbatim "Nooit, fokken nooit nie in my donderse leeftyd nie", he followed it up with much of the rhetoric you read on these blogs from 3 or 4 commentators.

      I say this to make 2 points.

      1. Some of us DO have the wisdom and foresight to see what will happen, but get denigrated for it.
      2. That guy and his many boepens, khaki clad buddies still make the same noise today, they are still the strongest, bravest, scariest, most passionate people about Afrika.

      And they will do exactly the same thing they have done since that day in 1982.


      So if you have any brains you will realize you cant depend upon them. It is firstly about you and yours,-your immediate family. Take ownership of their safety and future security. In 200 years your descendants will thank you for it.

      You only live one life.

    2. Anonymous10:59 pm

      @ Run Rabbit Run 1:37pm.

      My little fluffy toy, welcome back, we missed you so.

      For a supposedly intelligent person you truly are a contradiction.

      You say you will be back in 6 months, not even 6 hours pass and youre back on the blog.

      Now I am not mocking you, I am being serious.

      Why do you post here, what drives you to come back, are we your daily fix, can you not do without us?

      TT wrote a post to you where he said that sub consciously you yearned for tour old country, your fellow country men and that you would love to be back here, I personally think he is right.

      What amazes me though is the way you see no positive in life, everything is a negative, all people are stupid, dom, onnoisel you seem to love thrashing and smashing people, I do believe that medical science has a label for your condition, they call it a low self esteem, poor confidence and massive insecurity.

      rrr, you really should seek help, go get rid of the demons that persecute your life and are destroying your soul. Go and find a positive to believe in and something to wake up to that is more than the horrors that permeate and flood your mind and infect tour spirit.

      I personally think your a really fucked up soul, and I have a personal opinion of you that I will not use MS's blog to air.

      You seem to hate every South African and more so the boere chaps, you have fantastic tales to tell about when you were in army and leading the troops and how everybody was afraid and still is afraid, the problem is little man that we are here you have left, we are not afraid, we have not forsaken our birth right and the covenant that our forefathers made with their God.

      You and a couple of the learned and well read member of this blog would like to think that some of us are Rambo, Grensvegter, Ruiter in Swart, Johnny Bravo types and that it is put on, well guys youre wrong, I speak for myself here and a couple of the chaps on the blog that say their say. The way we are is the way we are, I have been in conflict and combat, I have never backed down and even in this age I will not back down, I am hard core, rough as they come, I fight my fights and admit to my mistakes, take responsibility for my actions and ownership of my endeavours, I fear but I conquer my fears, I forge my path and I lead the people that follow me. I have a passion which I am not ashamed of, I am not scary, strong or brave but I am persistent, confident and fiercely aggressive. I do not try break a man down who has a dream, I care for my countrymen and kin and I promote my people and I defend my birth right.

      Now little man with a big mouth, you need to find out if you can say the same, if you can get on that aeroplane that you promised to board last year to come and how did you say " Poe's klap me". See if you're the man that you think you are, see if you're man enough to carry out your threats.

      Forrest rabbit you bunny boy, you can blame whatever you want for your fucked up soul but you will one day have to face the reality that you are a nothing wanting to be something in the land of giants.

      These peoples that have stayed here want their descendants to know they tried even if we do fail, they want their descendants to be proud of the heritage and forefathers.

      Now when you ready little man, let me know what flight you are on, I will be at the airport with a banner say forrest bunny and then you can test youre theory and your manliness that you seem to want to find.

    3. Anonymous11:00 pm

      Rfr that post that came through as anonymous is me LTMA

      I hit the send button before I could read it through make correction and sign it off.


    4. Anonymous4:11 am

      "when we were in SA in 1982"

    5. Anonymous4:18 am


      Its 2017...YOU will have a Maori president one day

    6. Anonymous5:32 am

      RFR you've lost all your credibility man. Whatever you say buddy, whatever you say.

    7. RunForrestRun1:19 pm

      @LTMA,-OK I have figured you out now,-its just the normal low IQ issue. You lack comprehension, -I never said I would LEAVE and come back in 6 months, I said I would put it in my calendar to come back in 6 months,----to remind me that its been 6 months since I wiped your arse the last time.

      You see that's your problem, you cant read properly and what you do read you don't understand. Its a problem common to the Dunning/Kruger brigade,-your are too friggin stupid to understand just how stupid you are. Its probably also why you hate anybody who has bettered themselves by studying, for you its just too hard. As for the rest you wrote I cant be bothered to read your self glorifying crap, I've heard it around a thousand braais and at a 100 bar counters and it all just sounds the same, blah blah blah me my I.

      I actually know some people who were recce's, looking at them you would never know it and none of them are on this blog and none of them spout his mouth off about it.

      We don't have presidents in NZ and even if we did it wouldn't matter, you see the average Maori's and Chinese and Indians and whatever that manage to gain residence are actually more intelligent than the boer/afrikaner dregs remaining in South Africa. Because lets face it, they and you are actually too stupid, poorly qualified, lacking in ambition and drive to be accepted anywhere else in the world.

    8. @RFR...Well we are not all recces, but I actually know some former Recce's as well...who are indeed on this blog and commenting. So are some bats and 32's and even police (Koevoet and takies) . You will be surprised who hangs out here. Some of them are still very active in the Private Military scene. Most of the ones I know are university educated and or successful professionals and businessmen today. Some live in SA some live overseas. Some of them are close to or over 50 years old already but still run and train daily and keep themselves fit. They also network, meet each other and talk about South Africa regularly.

      Personally to me it doesn't matter who and what you were 30 years ago. It matters to me what you are NOW. So what if you were a trained killer squirrel in 1983? Sorry, but if you haven't trained your drills and skills since then you are heavily rusted and need to do a refresher. Like me…No matter how good a diver I am; if I haven’t dived for more than twelve months I go back to the pool for a day or two. I cannot go without Ju Jitsu training for longer than two to three weeks. When I do, my body becomes soft and hurts like fuck when I get thrown…and I can hardly walk for a couple of days. If I do not shoot and practice my tactical drills at least twice a month I become slow and inaccurate. I cannot afford that and I do not want to. I like to know that I am ready at all times. Now I am not the only one. There are many guys like me and ones far better than me. What is heartwarming to me is to see young guys like JP, my nephews and my friends’ sons training their butts off and regularly going to the range.
      You see, I follow a concept that I call “life-long training” or “life-long learning”. Some people learn something at university and almost never use what they have learned. How much can you remember of what you have learned 20 years ago? I use it all the time and keep on adding and improving myself. As you know I read a lot of books, but I also train a lot…and I will do so until the day I die. Oh and BTW I also like to braai and go to the pub and blah, blah with the manne, as you say, and on top of all that I run this blog and a private life. So take it as an honour when I respond to the shit you sometimes talk.

      Nevertheless I just wanted to show you that your assumption that the people on this blog are all “boer/afrikaner dregs remaining in South Africa” and “stupid, poorly qualified, lacking in ambition and drive” etc…is false. Your mental model of those who are not like you might be wrong and might need an update. It probably won’t make a difference to point it all out to you, because it seems as if you have made up your mind about your fellow (former) countrymen already.

    9. Anonymous11:33 pm

      @ Anon rfr 1:19pm.

      Aw, my little bunny man! You are so cute when you get all educational and pompous, how sweet, your mommy must love you so much. Does she still change your nappies for you?

      Yeah, rfr there are so many recce and 32 bat guys that have left this country and boast their trade in foreign lands, of course you know some you're most probably one of them. There were only approximately 900 trained in reconnaissance SF from 72 to 89 but since we saw an exodus of the most bright ( like you wish to claim) the recce numbers have reached at least 3 million, same with 32 bat boys.

      So carry on claiming lad_you're just one of the posers. As for me I was SAI foot soldier, nothing special nothing to brag about, I did my time and filled my space I am proud to have served the flag, honoured my corps and defended my beliefs and people. I carry no shame instead I walk tall. Even if I am a when we.

      As for intelligence, my little shit spew rfr, allow me to say, your imagination surpasses your intelligence, you see I never claimed to be intelligent, I am actually still trying to determine what true intelligence is. You are the spouter of intelligence quotas, I must be normal low IQ as you put it because I never finished school, I signed PF and only stupid people signed PF as I recall you supremo intelligentos saying back in the 80s, I didn't bother with writing and putting commas, full stops and other much needed grammar or punctuation onto paper because I figured there were so many supremo intelligentos out there that you chaps would figure what I wanted to say. So laddie, start using that shit that you paid for.

      I have to say that you do love coming back onto this blog and spewing your self important crap over the ethers but you never do contribute positively in anyway and I have a feeling and understanding from experience that poophols ( sorry spelling error, standard 8 thing) I mean peoples like you are very low on self esteem and lack confidence and see the psychologist at least 2 times a week and absorb chemicals daily.

      So why don't you raise the issue with your shrink next Tuesday and ask him for something a little stronger to ease your distress?

      Let me enlighten you rfr, the people that are on this blog might not be rated by you or carry your approval but they are here they are trying and they continue to try. They see the positive, understand the risks and have a character that you can only wish for. So why don't you fuck off and go take yourself out of the misery you live in, do the world a favour, chew lead.

      I will tell you to if you couldn't make it here you're not going to make it there, so quit while you can booitjie and find a park bench that you can claim.

      Now little man, fuck right off because you're not wanted here and that if you were so intelligent should be quite apparent but maybe your head is to far up your shit filled arse.


    10. RunForrestRun11:40 pm

      Well done for keeping up the training, running the blog and all that. I commend you for that and I'll be happy to admit I was wrong and shake your hand when (and if) you prove me wrong, unfortunately I am a cynic, a cynic that has to base future results and performance on the hard realities of past performance and results.

      I know I generalize when I call them dregs, partially just to get them the "moer in" so don't take it personally, there is an old saying "if the shoe fits......" and the ones that react the strongest are normally the ones that feel that shoe pinching.

      Anyway, good luck and contrary to what many here may think I would love to see thousands of white berserkers cleansing Africa from North to South.

      And note, I did not have to call anyone a cunt, a faggott, fucker, coward or anything else to make my point. My grandma told me "seun, meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou"

    11. Anonymous2:36 am

      PERHAPS ....
      We will ALL meet up HERE
      Perhaps even on the SAS Queen Modjaji
      Go and catch sharks in Durban Bay ?





      WHAT say Mr Smith ?

    12. Anonymous3:44 am


      About 15 years ago I went to work in the UK, I ended up on a large construction site working with various nationalities.

      I also lived in a house with people from all over the world.

      The biggest skelms were the aussies and kiwis.
      Before they used to leave the UK, they took out loans from various banks and moved home. (Despite earning around 800 - 1000 pounds per week)
      Theft - criminals.

      The worst I saw a SA guy do was overstay his work visa. (He eventually got deported)

      I would assume that there must be much to do and see in NZ - why don't you enjoy your new country and stop bitching about SA.

      Maybe we can all chip in and send you a box of tampax!

    13. Anonymous10:13 am

      Mike that is the one thing that causes me great sadness and the search for an answer.why would such great soldiers as these recces bats and 32s be so willing to fight and die for filthy lucre all over the world and not for their own volk, just referring to the Afrikaner that served in those units. If there ever was a statement that caused me more envy and jealousy and yet at the same time shame, it was that of a Kurdish acquaintance of mine who simply said in his best globish English "if no PKK no Kurdish people".
      Well I remember in my youth reading about how the Rhodesian SAS or was it the Selous Scout's had planned this one last OP but history later dubed it as the OP that never was.
      Well years later in 94 during the closing days of the old South Africa I stood to my best attention on a parade ground while I surveyed all these battle hardened men, some of them remnants of the old Rhodesia and I wondered to myself, maybe they won't make the same mistake twice and this time they will put and an end to this impending darkness that was to befall us all.
      Well I was wrong. I guess these COIN warriors had other plans like making a little money.
      Well the funny thing is I know of 2 lieutenants, a captain and a major who always wore civvies all working in the local armed response security industry, isn't that just COIN for those who can afford it.
      I myself threw away my 18 holers and my jump jacket because the SADF secured nothing for us whites because as an army it had to be de politicized whilst fighting an enemy who was in every way politicized.
      So now I look to h.von dach, the pal'mach, Sadeh, Giap etc and every so often test the waters to see if if men have come to the same conclusion, and I am always wrong
      That's why I hate the old SADF because it turned us all into group thinking rugby playing weaklings.

  7. Whiteman5:12 am

    Why have I never heard any politician speculate along the following lines. What would have happened, if not one single whitey voted in that first " democratic " election in 1994 ? If all the whiteys just stated that the proposed " government " was illegal, as well as the methods to get them into power. A small handfull of us did just that, but were hated, rediculed, and ostracised by all and sundry. Now if the whiteys decide to do this at the next election, it will be too late, and wont mean a thing. But I have noticed, that more and more of the " draw your little cross " brigade, are hiding in the NSA darkness, and they have become very quiet. But what pisses me off, is when they dont even have the guts to look what is happening in THEIR " parliament ! " And as I have said before. There is NO way, that I risk my life, or go to jail to try to protect these bastards. All I ask, is that their throats get cut before mine. That will prove to me, that there is still justice in this world !

  8. Stick it to the arseholes, Mike! We're behind you all the way.

    You have summed up the idiot's rhetoric to a T. Exactly as I interpreted his mumbo-jumbo rambling.

    Indeed, how did we allow ourselves to get into this hopeless situation???

  9. Anonymous5:20 am

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.This is not normal!

  10. Anonymous7:11 am


    You have to admire them though, no other nation digs its grave & poverty levels quite like the Karasite.

    They think they are setting us up, nope!

    They are setting themselves up.

    They are actually doing our work, when things turn and they always do - half the job will be done.

    The population will be just as uneducated.
    no food

    The job will be so much easier.

    I still think their own people will turn on them faster than the whites. I cant see the ANC lasting until 2019.

    His own party will kick him out - how he has lasted 10 years is a miracle but again, a general put in charge of a nation will always lead it to war.

    Their plan is to weaken us economically, morally and spiritually. The health of a nation can be found in their economic status, reduce them to poverty and they lose all hope.

    When hope is gone, its easy to defeat an enemy which is why faith alone will keep us from ever being defeated in the mind.

    I see an interim government being setup soon, no long. 2-3 years max, I could be wrong but I cant see them being in power for another 4 years, not at this rate.

    The Karasites are just as gatvol with them.

    1. Anonymous1:43 pm

      you are being used by satan to create the greater south africa. Globalist Rhodes, GLobalist Soros and the Freemasons thank you for continuing their work to globalize the world

    2. Anonymous9:55 pm


      @Anonymous1:43 pm

      Yawn - you been watching too many David Icke conspiracy movies on YouTube - so were the Christian ministries also Satanic?

      Those same ones who went preaching to the corners of the earth?

      Dont confuse expansion with globalization and dont confuse globalization with a new world order.

      Globalization will happen one way or another due to living in the 21st century.

      If man aint expanding his dying!

      But if you prefer living in a caged house, with electric fencing, burglar bars - be my guest.

    3. Anonymous5:34 am

      Anon 1:43 so we wanting to live among our own white Afrikaner kind is helping Soros how exactly?

    4. Anonymous7:22 am


      Glad you asked

      a 1 world government needs to incrementally form. They globalise and unionize small areas and then slowly merge all of those unions into bigger unions.

      South africa is a union, like the EU and the NAU (north american union). It came about with the treaty of vereeniging. Our old oranje blanje blou is actually a globalist symbol (which was hijacked by the nats but I digress)

      moral of the story: If you buy into this rhetoric of a singular white nation that covers a lot of land, what does that sound like to you? Sounds like a 1 world government... or close enough.

      Jan smuts, a globalist, dreamed of a Greater South Africa where people had to surrender their sovereignty in order to sacrifice their nations and present themselves as provinces in the greater south africa. Much like Namibia. Smuts wanted namibia as a province in a larger superstate, much like nations in Europe are becoming provinces in larger super states.

      Any time you hear of this Siener crap of "cape to the equator", know that this satanic entity is using you spiritually to do its globalist-cum-Jan-Smuts work. And you think you are serving humanity when in fact you are not.

      We gave over our sovereignty to globalists once before with FokWit De Klerk. We have no mechanisms to prevent that from happening again. Until there are mechanisms of individual liberty set up, which can guarantee a zero chance of FokWit Deklerk 2.0 then we must refrain.

      Boere mall ninja is a globalist entity of some sort. Using our misery to expand his globalist agenda.

      It is a bit like when the satanic left in America call for gun control saying "its for the children!"

      eerrr.... nope... That just prey on your christian desires to protect children so that they cuck you into doing their bidding.

      If we expand to the equator, there must be a robust mechanism to protect individual liberty abd national liberty.

      All I hear is "karasite this... karasite that"

      Nothing more.

    5. Anonymous12:11 pm


      @Anonymous7:22 am

      Ah the hypocrite speaks....

      "If we expand to the equator, there must be a robust mechanism to protect individual liberty abd national liberty. "

      Oh now you want to "If" we expand...

      But for the past few months anyone who mentioned it was "Satanic, globalist, Soros puppet, NWO this or that blah, blah blah" but now you want to speak and mention what I mentioned YEARS, YEARS ago while you were under your rock.

      Please before you type such shit, read previous comments going back several years. This is what was mentioned on previous posts, its not our fault you arrived late to the scene.

      You cant call others satanists, soros puppets, NWO muppets when you now change your tune.

      You just showed yourself up for what you are a hypocrite Mr Smudge!

      Grow a pair of balls.

      All I hear is your hypocrisy.

      So provide a solution - all you guys bitching moaning about our plans, come one - what is your plan? What is your solution - Singing Kumbaya hoping for the best aint gonna cut it!

      If you cant provide something of value or provide some solution, go crawl back under your rock!

      Refrain from what? So we must be murdered while you figure out FW 2.0 who might not come along, I think we can handle that shit once we get the ball rolling.

      Worrying about FW 2.0 before we even get sorted is like worrying about winter in 40 years time, lets first get through this bitter one first.

      oranje blanje blou my friend represents the colonies from which the white tribe come from - French, British & Dutch/Netherlands - some might even say Flemish or Germany.

      Geeez for someone who professes to be so smart & quick to jump down everyones throats, you seem pretty naive.

      "moral of the story: If you buy into this rhetoric of a singular white nation that covers a lot of land, what does that sound like to you? Sounds like a 1 world government... or close enough. "

      NO IT SOUNDS LIKE PARADISE WITHOUT PARASITES - gosh what is up with these whites, you are worried about things which havent even taken place and you are worried about something that might happen if we regain our freedom but in the meantime just keep on pissing blood, sweat and tears because you never know.....

      Evil boogie man FW 2.0 might be lurking in the background.

      Boet I told you, I will tell you again, lay off the ayahuasca, its messing with your cognitive function. You seem to have lost perspective Mr Smudge.

      When you reply - give us your solution without mocking, ridiculing, sniveling about the NWO and do so when your mind is sober, try 6 months without ayahuasca might change your perspective.

  11. Was a well rehearsed repeat of 2016. Almost planned.?.
    Thought I was stuck in groundhog day with Bill Murray.. Instead of Bill I had this kaffir who calls himself a president and who's head resembles a big shiny butternut.. Have you checked it.?. His head looks exactly like a butternut, just black..

    Anyway. I watched it on live streaming via Youtube. Had a lot of fun in the comments section. I even got called a kaffir..

    What irks me is the red carpet laid out for criminals spending our tax dollars on their Italian suits and evening gowns.. Basically giving you a big fuck you in your face as a citizen. Criminal syndicates and Mafia bosses masquerading as politicians, so called liberators of the people.. What a shame.

    What I did notice is Mr Malema's weak side.. Temper temper temper.. He couldn't even at one stage communicate properly because of his lack of control.. And then it rolled over onto the rest of the baboons. If you can't keep a cool head in an argument or fight, you're fucked. Malema pushed for a response from Zuma and when he could not get one he threw a tantrum, and so did the rest of his creche..

    Fuck them. I'm building my business with more zeal than ever before, hell, I'm even looking at buying land to farm. I will stand my ground or be buried in it but I will not bow before this kaffir government, forget it.

    Now it's Friday afternoon and the question is; Amber Weiss, Lager or Pilsener.?

    1. Anonymous1:40 pm

      tax dollars?


      YOu have been watching too many american movies.

    2. Anonymous10:24 pm

      he is right by saying dollars seeing its the reserve currency for the world ie everything you buy outside our borders is in dollars even the petrol you put in your car at the garage is paid for in dollars at some point... And seeing how niggers just love whiteman things from over seas well there you have it ... The box is always bigger than you think it is ;-)

      Hurr durr

    3. Anonymous5:35 am

      1:40 Figure of speech my thick man.

  12. Anonymous7:58 am


    Something I cam across that is again relevant to what Oom Klaasie said...

    But he saw the future British fleet as empty boxes, floating without direction.

    They are useless and without direction, for: “What nation can
    fight if it is experiencing civil war and famine?”


    The Royal Navy’s entire fleet of attack submarines – seven nuclear-powered hunter-killers – is allegedly out of service due to ongoing repair and maintenance work necessary to prevent breakdowns, British media report, citing sources.

    1. Anonymous5:37 am

      Hahaha! Made my day. Thanks.

  13. Anonymous10:29 am

    ZUMA AND THE ANC HAS THESE PEOPLES BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. MAY THEY ALL ETERNALLY ROT IN THE DARKEST PITS OF HELL - 'Her son came home from school and found her half-naked body in the house. Her eyes were pulled out of their sockets with a sharp unknown object and she died of multiple stab wounds'. http://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/murder-of-whites-continue/

  14. FredBarbarossa10:30 am

    Mmmmm... Fix health care.... just like Obama did.
    Conclusion: The common denominator = Dark Green.

    You have a better temperament than most, Mike. I don't know how you're able tolerate these black buffoons!

  15. Anonymous11:49 am

    Thanks Mike.

    I hate projectile vomiting so I never watch any retard TV and I also don't like messing the furniture so I never listen to these governmunts speeches because I just get the shits and that really upsets my day.

    Thanks for keeping me informed and from your brief I gather that nothing has changed from the last verbal barrage of crap that they spewed last year.

    I like that he actually said something nice about us whites and he is eventually considering us and trying to protect us. That is really big of him and its a great step towards reconciliation and democracy.

    Well now that we are safe again and will no longer be harassed maybe we can all get our stolen pensions back and some of our land and shaka booi might even stop calling us thieves and racists.

    What a great day for democracy.

    Keep up the good work Jacob and we will all be converted.


    1. And Friday morning around about 10ish, the President tweeted that he declared Joost's funeral a Provincial fuckin' what what, trying to keep whites in check. Runs his mouth off at whites his whole speech long, next day; "Hey whitey, I still care about your heroes.....here, have a fancy funeral". Hi-Jacked a white funeral.

      Who's he trying to fool? Not this Umlungu

    2. Agreed VB. Hi-jacking the funeral trying to score brownie points which he will do with the libtards.

  16. Anonymous1:10 pm

    A real circus would do a much better job than the ANC. The performers are organised, coordinated and intelligent. Even a circus horse can count better than Zuma with its hoof.

  17. Anonymous1:25 pm

    "Toilet Valley", Port Elizabeth.


  18. Anonymous1:48 pm

    all this talk of war and stuff. Those that you kill will be waiting for you on the other side.

    Make sure you finish the race

    1. Stephen11:23 pm

      Anon 1:48 , you said " those...will be waiting for you on the other side " I beg to differ.

      So Goliath was waiting for David on the other side ? NOT.
      Hitler is waiting for the Jews on the other side ? NOT.
      The Egyptians are waiting for Moses on the other side? NOT.

      There is a great divide that they cannot cross over, you remembered to finish the race but forgot that there's two paths?

      I'm not saying kill and there would be no consequences ,but I know that these kaffirs are definitely not going to the same place as God-fearing people.

      For sure , every one will have to give account for their deeds , but so too the kaffirs.
      And believe it or not , God is a separatist - He chased satan out of heaven , He cannot stand for unrighteousness .

      Even here on earth - darkness flees in the presence of light.

      Make sure you have enough oil to keep your flame burning and the darkness will surely not touch you after this.

    2. Anonymous6:45 pm


      @Stephen11:23 pm

      Stephen it is a sin to even mention the word karasite in the same sentence as god.

      These things are animals, a hybrid species that is cursed. It is not full animal nor is it full human.

      The light will return when the karasite is no longer in this country. Now, right now I dont see innocent - I find them all guilty!

      War has casualties, there are no innocent in wars.

      Our farms are casualties of war - it is not crime.

      Our biggest crime so far has been robbing ourselves of peace and prosperity by having these things around us. In the end, there can only be one left.

      It will happen by design - either they make the choice for us or we make the choice for them - its a zero sum game.

      Wait, these things havent seen darkness. Apartheid was a very kind system. It took our tax payers money and uplifted these things, it aimed to increase their numbers, it aimed to eventually let them take over.

      A human system that was flawed, now we go to Joshuas system in the book and see what he had to do in order to cleanse the land.

      My only prayer, is that within 30 years, we dont see a single, not a single karasite from the Cape to the Equator.

      Fastest way to achieve it is to remove rugby. After that, they can play all they like.

  19. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Dankie Mike. I also wonder what these morons do with all the money and donations they get from overseas - I mean we know what they do with it, but how much money do they still get and when will that dry up? Does Zim still get money even today? These poor Africans hey ...


  20. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Could a white parallel government work where the whites form their own goverment in predominant white areas? Do not adhere to the current government but form your own goverment with your own rules?

    1. Anonymous10:56 pm

      It is called Orania. Ever heard of it?

    2. Anonymous10:15 am

      Don't forget Kleinfontein!

    3. Anonymous12:24 am

      Well let's expand on those areas and create more autonomous areas which are self governed and protected, making them no go zones for any Dept of the state, then we link them up. Maybe the salution is a volkstaat by hundreds of autonomous region's.

  21. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Since reading Pandora's box - twice actually - you have provided me with more insight and expanded my knowkedge with well proven and researched facts. I always enjoy your posts and the way you make things clear for people like me. I just love the comments as they are priceless! I believe we have to consider one very important fact: If you compare the figures and numbers of white vs black (and other) then we are a very, very small minority and I believe facts will support this. Now the question: What is really preventing them from totally annihilating us? I still believe that deep inside their black souls they know that this will be a very costly project and one where they will not necessarily come out as victors. THEY KNOW THE WHITE HISTORY JUST TOO WELL. There is a saying that I love; If you want to fly with the birds, do not fuck with the eagles! This white nation is a scary eagle!
    Thanks Mike, keep it up. Since your previous blog I just love reading your articles and the comments!

    1. Anonymous7:06 am

      ...which is why we are getting our asses handed to us.

      Because we are oh so mighty.



  22. Anonymous1:07 am

    Parliament Scuffle: Juju Said His Balls Were Squeezed


    1. Fake News. You cannot squeeze what doesn't exist.

    2. Anonymous12:41 pm

      @Mike 6:34am

      True. The only bollocks in parliament is what comes out of Zuma's mouth.

  23. Anonymous2:29 am

    True colours...skelm down to the bone.

    They laid out 2km of red carpet for these parasites.

    After that waste of money, they all went to 5 star hotels and ate & drank extravagantly. Trashed their hotel rooms and stole the TV remotes, towels and whatever else they could lay their thieving grubby fingers on.

    My guess is that they turned a few liberals that night due to some comments on media.

    "They are proving the no voters right in the referendum"

  24. Anonymous2:41 am


    What a doos.

    1. Anonymous1:05 pm

      Its true what Forbes aka AKA says about the anc he thought he was defending them & being mucho/ revolutionary but he speaks for the k4's in government, remember he sings at anc concerts so he is close with these anc k4's.

      As for the citizen, a Rupert owned shit rag, I no longer comment on that shit.

  25. Anonymous2:54 am

    As much as the ANC like to attempt to use a crude form of diversionary tactics to distract from their own failures and corruption, the fact is that the world still acknowledges them as a failure and a joke.

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      which is why America worships nelson mandela. Because they see the ANC as a failure.

  26. Anonymous2:59 am

    What are the chances of Zuma being replaced before 2019?

    Another two years of this idiot is hard to imagine.

    1. Anonymous3:55 pm


      @Anonymous2:59 am

      I dont think he will make it but then again these things are resilient. They can survive on a millie and out breed us in the worst conditions.

      So who knows but I think the ANC internally are at war.

  27. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw1X8_1sayM

    Sjoe, die malemmer is ook maar 'n bangat, lafhard kaffer. Kyk hoe hardloop die ding toe hy sy hou in kry, hehe. Ook maar net 'n groot gladde bek en twee "thick lucky lipps"... Sy makkers gooi ook maar net DIE klllip want dis wat 'n bobbejaan doen!

  28. Anonymous8:36 am

    To some of those commentators who are always going on about the leeeder but *sobs we don't have a leeeder, just chill bru.
    He's out there he doesn't even know he's the leeeder could even be a liberal *spits.
    But when he sees his wife and daughter raped to death and his young son panga'd and some how himself escapes(left for dead?) He will use his middling degree in logistics and become a wholesale merchant of death, we will know him by the purity of his hate and anger.
    He's out there so moenie worry ous, he may even be you or even that inoffensive guy you saw at PnP earlier, cometh the hour etc...

    1. Anonymous12:39 pm

      @ Anon 8:36 am.

      People only seek leadership in times of strife and desperation. Whites in SA haven't lost enough yet to follow a leader, all still think they are leaders.

      The few that are desperate enough fall onto their knees and cry out to their God, my God, my God why have you forsaken me? They realise not that their God has not forsaken them but is busy creating the path for them to become a nation but they see it not and there are other means of turning the tide so they turn to alcohol and drugs.

      They team up with retard and criminal and they then forsake their God and sign league with Lucifer and the easy path.

      So if you want the facts and you can handle them, these that cry for leadership do not seek leadership, they seek somebody to ease their suffering and do their duties, they want to sit back and watch others create an environment where they can have it all but not lift a finger to achieve it.

      No leader will come forth till these whites have lost all and have nowhere to turn because everyday in our midst a leader comes forth but the whites are to self absorbed to recognise him when he stands before them.

      The crimes and acts have been perpetrated already but the man that would have led the nation was talked out of it by some fearful and supposedly law abiding whites person who believed he was doing the work of god but instead he was doing Satan's work and laying the foundations for the eradication of the whites that need a true leader.

      So people that cry for leadership, stop thy false calls, ensure first that you follow the word of thy God and that you interpret those words as lessons to life and not the destroyer of your soul, then and only then will you see the leader in your midst and have the courage to follow him.

      Until that day, you lot that look for leadership know that you're looking in the wrong place.


    2. RunForrestRun1:27 pm

      lol, you read too many comics. That sounds like a plot line from the Punisher, Daredevil, Batman----take your pick

    3. Anonymous4:12 pm


      Remember Israel called and asked for a King, they got one and it led to the Israelites being expelled out of Israel - here we sit today in South Africa, a remanent.

      Everyone must become a leader! Everyone must play their part.

      When the people are ready, they will rise. Not one leader, not two but many, many, many leaders.

      What makes a leader?

      Someone that takes action, says enough is enough, makes a plan, follows the plan, is true to his word, he/she is honest and does what he says he/she is going to do.

      You dont have to go to war to be a leader and wars are only won through seeking council.

      If that is you, then you are a leader. Leadership qualities abide in many that come to this blog, the silent readers are the leaders, the writers, Mike....

      Everyone here who knows something is terribly wrong, is looking for answers, finds the answers that they have already thought & pondered.

      You are all leaders but a leader cannot stand up and simply appear and lead the flock when the flock are neither here nor there.

      When the flock have decided, the Shepard will herd them but make sure that when you are leading them that you stay true to your word.

      We have had too many sell outs already.

      We need men & women who put their Lord before everything else. With the Lord by your side, who can defeat you? Who can stand against you? though they try, they shall fail.

      If you want to be led, then lead!

      A farmer cannot ask the Lord to bless his crops if he is not willing to do the planting. Faith is taking action and believing in belief itself.

      Lead and you will find your leader but trust in the Lord. Go back to the old ways.

      Be steadfast in all your ways & fear the Lord.

      There is a time for everything & our time has yet to come - bright days for the future republic & faithful people.

      I thank the Lord for the ANC, like Pharoah of Egypt they have their place. They are simply a rod to test the faithful from the faithless.

      For who can succeed if they are against the Lord and his people?

      Fear of the Lord if the beginning of wisdom - they dont fear the Lord, they shall meet the same fate that every ruler mentioned in the bible did.

      Not even mighty king Xerxis, the ruler of one of the mightiest empires on earth, nor the king of Babylon, nor Pharoah - Jacob, the ANC, the EFF are nothing compared to previous rulers who all met their fates when testing the Lord and his people.

      Now leaders, rise up!

    4. Anonymous9:45 pm

      GOd is not some cosmic bellboy that you clap your hands and he comes running.

    5. Anonymous1:15 am


      The problem now is that there is no feeling of unity or a common cause for anything. Most whites are also very liberal and probably 90% or more for the DA.

      At the moment, the DA is the only large united group against the ANC. Even relatively conservative Afrikaners I know vote for the DA.

      I know the DA is not popular on this blog though, but they are at least able to maintain a functioning municipality. Maimane himself has said they are a 'center right party'. They seem to also listen to experts about economic issues and favour a modern western, pro investment approach and as far as I know also a cut-off date for BEE and other racial laws.

    6. Anonymous11:30 am


      @Anonymous1:15 am Boere_Ninja
      Boere put the @symbol next to the name or they think its me posting.

      Just to be clear.


    7. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Fuck the DA who support AA & BEE against whites.

    8. Anonymous6:51 am

      At Anonymous 11:30, the post above yours was addressed to Boere-Ninja and therefore not written by him.
      Sorry about that if it was not clear.
      In future will add @ symbol before any usernames.

    9. Anonymous6:53 am

      @ Anonymous 1:02 am

      As far as I know they believe in a cut-off date and a lot more limited amount at least, and not that it should continue for ever like the ANC.

    10. Anonymous6:36 pm


      LTMA a man who see`s it for what it is!

      "They realise not that their God has not forsaken them but is busy creating the path for them to become a nation "

      That is exactly it...

      They are so busy crying about how dark it is, how bitter cold it is, how everything is wrong but what they fail to see is the path is being made for them.

      All they have to do is simply walk the path, follow the laws and may the Lord have mercy on these savages.

      This time, 23 years of their rule, if anyone doesnt dislike these things, they need to get their heads checked.

      There is and will only be one solution to peace in this land but it requires a cleaning up, a total but total cleaning. If you leave but one single parasite alive, then dont complain when history repeats itself.

      Either way & I will say it until the day arrives. They will either do it to the whites in this country or we do it.

      But it will happen either way, its happening right before our eyes.

      Once they get wind the whites arnt fighting back on the farms, it will be game over and spill into the suburbs and then they will wake up that the civil war has begun.

      The only way out now is to unite, arm, train, prepare and make sure you dont elect a leader, join a group, or align with anyone not willing to finish the job properly once the ball gets rolling.

      You leave a few cockroaches left in your kitchen, dont complain when you food is spoiled or they land in your food a few weeks later.

      When you fumigate, you best look for the best person that is going to look in every nook, cranny, crack, hole and fumigate properly.

      You have to make sure that every single egg, every single breeding mother, every single young cockroach is fumigated and you best make sure he uses the best equipment that works the fastest.

      Any person you hire, talk to, invite for a quote to get the job done who does not fit those parameters is simply looking to do business and get a call from you in a few months down the line when you are sitting with the same problem.

      Either way boys/girls/men/women - they will and ARE doing, going to do it to you. Open your eyes, more than half the murders, farm murders, attacks you dont even hear about.

      The media has fallen in the enemies hands.

      Or simply move house.

  29. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Whites must not complain with how the government get their statistics because by filling in census forms you are giving them all the info they need to screw you & claim that whites earn 5 times more than poor blacks.

    1. Anonymous9:43 pm

      I have since moved from the last place the dem guvmunt did a census. If they come again, I am going on holiday

    2. Anonymous1:07 am

      I've never been involved in any census.

      Are people allowed to refuse to take part or refuse to give information or give incorrect information?

    3. Anonymous7:35 am


      how are you going to lie about your skin colour ? :D

    4. Anonymous12:59 pm

      If whites want to really boycott & stonewall these fuckface k4's then they should refuse to fill in census but i believe they are such sheep & so loyal to the black government & scared of prison that they will always provide the state with the info they need to screw whites.

      Whites are dumb dumbs, like the bullet.

  30. FredBarbarossa6:49 pm

    In Gwynne's book (published in 1920) on the Communist Revolution in Russia comes the following passage: "It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terror, and not by academic discussions." This is why the ANC is what it is.
    How many whites mocked the old National Party for their concerns about 'Die Rooi Gevaar'?.... For the past 23 years, SA's have been living it!

    1. Anonymous9:42 pm

      I never mocked the nats for that?

    2. The facts that the USSR had 7000 nuclear weapons and China 3000 and both supported the ANC and the SACP are proof that the "Rooi gevaar" and "Swart gevaar" were very real.

    3. Anonymous7:46 am

      Always wondered if Moscow ever had the balls to send off one of those ss18 27 megaton ICBMs
      Vigilans Et Sciens

  31. Anonymous11:57 pm

    White households earn five times more than black households but MR Zuma the black middle class is bigger than the white population.I look over the road in the middle class suburb i live in, the black gentle man over the road has 3 cars worth more than two million rand,worth more than the property and house I live in.Where do these blacks come up with all this made up bullshit of thiers.Their statistician general in the yellow jacket is a groot doos he makes this stuff up about white households as well

  32. Whiteman2:47 am

    One should not generalise, because there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. But leys us consider the NP after Verwoerd. They became more and more like the democrats in the USA. They were solidly on the route, to create the big, happpy " rainbow-mix." Here and there, you could hear a dissenting voice, but the NP as a WHOLE, must take responsibility for the NSA genocidal nightmare. People put too much emphasis on Fw. They were ALL fat, rich happy cats. They also had the same attitude as the democrats in the USA. Just like hillary, they referred to the average, conservative, hard working whitey, as a " basket of deplorables." Just look at the rich libturds around you today. Their attitude towards us, is exactly the same. ( while arse creeping the blacks, with total dedication. ) My point ? There will be a Nuerenburg- type trial, for the whole NP, down to deputy minister level. The very old and sickly ones, will be wheeled into the court room, on stretchers if necessary, but there WILL be justice !

    1. Anonymous1:36 pm

      The Left wing liberals get upset when you generalize. That means that there is legitimacy in generalizing. Otherwise the left would accept generalizations.

      So fuck these people who say we must not generalize

  33. Stephen3:03 am

    Mike , ha!
    Did you see how the flappies moered each other on the soccer field, he-he-he I smaak.
    Couple days back we had a anon commenting that whites just wanna moer poor protesting black on the rugby field..

    Well what does he say now , atleast we fought fair,one-on-one , the kaffirs sommer made it ten against one and kept jumping on the ouz head...its was good to see they must have more such soccer games where the pirates loose 0-6

    And where's the big media outcry now ? Wait let me geuss , that's just normal crime hey ? And we moered the flappies caus they were attacking our kids on the field , these kaffirs just lost the game , freakin bad-loosers.

    It was fun to watch thou.

    1. Anonymous11:32 am


      @Stephen3:03 am

      Where is the video?

      Paste it in here for us.


    2. Anonymous11:33 am



    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      Best video lol


    4. Destroying Loftus stadium...Joost must be turning in his grave.

  34. Anonymous7:23 am

    Well Trevor Rees has died runner you cunt, does that sound like a movie to you? Do you even remember him, you bitter lonely exile of a cunt?

    1. RunForrestRun10:38 pm

      Never knew him, but it sounds like he died of stupidity, lets hope you grow a brain before it happens to you.

    2. Stephen3:53 am

      Forrest , see that's your problem right there.

      No empathy for your fellow-white so your condescending comments are met with mutual dis-respect.

      Do you know what its like to die from injuries [obviously not yet] injuries from sustained torture ? You say this and that about an educated mind , but a cold-heart is all I see.

      Tik-tok - tik-tok ...you just came four seconds closer to that day your words will stab you back.

      Your in NZ now correct ? well look at it as boomerang-words.

    3. Anonymous3:59 am


      That statement is below the belt, refer to Mikes previous article to find out the facts.

      I wont stoop to your level and call you derogatory names, everyone knows what you are.

      RIP Oom Rees.

    4. RunForrestRun12:15 pm

      For fucks sakes you guys are beyond hope, If you look at the comment directly above mine you will see I was responding to a direct challenge. Secondly, you guys carry on here daily for fucking years on end how dangerous SA is for farmers, how paraat and well trained and prepared you all are, how you care about your "volk"

      Yet NONE of you were there to help a 79 year old man who was so confident/trained/prepared/paraat that he was totally unprepared when they came for him,----so what else must I call you and him,-fucken Einstein?

      Do you see the disconnect, poephol? Even then instead of doing something about it you cry, lament, vloek en skel.---BUT YOU WILL DO NOTHING, you will blame anything and everything, even someone living thousands of kilometres away.

    5. Anonymous12:53 pm

      @rfr 12:15 pm.

      Come suck my arse while I shit in your mouth.

      At least the boys are here crying, lamenting, vloeking and skelling not like you that is not

      What a cunt you are.


    6. RunForrestRun1:32 am

      @LTMA, -no thanks gay boy.

  35. Anonymous7:26 am


    Is it just me or is something really not right here?

    1. Anonymous11:56 am


      @Anonymous7:26 am

      I think we should ask WHY?

      What is he doing in the background or planning in the background to merit a statue?

      I hope for that price it comes with an attached shower head and a beetroot vending machine.

      Ja typical communists - honor people who steal and are corrupt, the honest must perish though.


    2. Anonymous1:37 pm

      I hope the damn thing ends up looking like this one.


    3. Anonymous2:04 pm

      @BN 11:56am

      "What is he doing in the background or planning in the background to merit a statue?"

      He probably thinks he's President for Life, like Mugarbage and the others.

      The actual cost of the monstrosity will most likely be fraction of the quoted R6m and they'll simply pocket the difference as usual.

  36. Anonymous8:03 am

    It just proves runner doesn't even read the articles he just comes to shit stir. What a sad life he must have, just pathetic

  37. Fuck, 6 months went by that quick????

    1. RunForrestRun1:30 pm

      Yeah 6 months goes quick when you are too retarded to read a comment properly and end up assigning value to something that does not exist. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry when I read comments from a tosser like you, now just fuck off an go eat a pigeon, or shit,----its what you seem to enjoy anyway.

    2. Stephen11:04 pm

      Well here's what we know so-far about NZ.

      The other day we had a very nice heart-warming comment from a person in NZ , someone that seemed as normal as us , so we know there's at least ONE cool person over there...

      And by your overall demeanor we also know there is at least one doos there , if we can send shaka there will be two.

  38. Anonymous2:31 pm

    What is the point of outlining these corrupt k4's, sona etc ?
    In 5 years from now whites will realize how futile their concerns actually were, some ask is this a reason not to fight back ?

    Whites are just wasting their time in SA, they cannot change anything, the masses will never ever vote for a white party like the DA, so whites are fucked, end of sorry story.

    Prince Mashele recently said that we are just another african country & must stop thinking within a white framework from europe.

    The only chance whites have is to seek refugee ship in the US, EU etc, sa is kaput under black majority rule, everything is being sold to either chinese or russian so no luck on that front for the us & eu.

    Farm theft will continue, so will farm murders, rapes, racism , aa & bee, even the DA support aa & bee, so no luck there either.

    Best thing is to get eu, us etc to accept us as refugees.

  39. Anonymous6:22 pm


    @Anonymous2:31 pm

    Lol the EU or US?

    I dont think so - do you not see what has become of Europe?

    Why refugees? We must run and then how long will it be before they have to run from Europe?

    The only chance we have is to unite, arm, train, prepare and make sure next time round, you dont leave a single, not a single karasite alive. You take no prisoners and you dont call or give anything a name.

    If we have to leave, we say bye bye with a nice mushroom cloud in the background and put it in the same shape it was in when we found it, over grown and run down.

    There is no hope in the EU my friend. There is faith in the Lord and preparation and making sure you dont leave a single one left.

    There is also major tribal infighting - it will get worse, much worse, in fact it will get pitch black before we see the sun again but in the meantime - arm, train, unite, prepare.

    With the spirit of the Lord on one man, he shall chase 1,000.

  40. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Whoa hey the Dominican Republic isn't that bad! A lot of hot chicks come from there. It's Haiti that's the real shithole over there.