16 February 2017

Turning the tables on the champions of Fake News

Media manipulating a picture: The picture of Trump's crowd
taken much earlier than Obama's crowd and selling it
off as both taken at noon.
By Mike Smith
16th of February 2017

Fake News is not new. During Apartheid we grew up with international media manipulation; showing sleeping blacks in Joubert Park with whites walking past and selling to the world as dead black corpses and uncaring whites just walking past not giving a shit about poor dead people…throwing sweets in dustbins and letting black kids dig it out photographing them, etc…

Many years ago when I started activism against the ANC’s mismanagement I was interviewed by a young white libtard journalist of an Afrikaans newspaper and the article she published was completely out of context and reflected more her own ideas of what should be done in South Africa than my ideas and what I actually said.

I didn’t cry foul. Just took it on the chin, but when I got to the part where she called me gay, I decided to call them up. I made it quite clear that I didn’t mind gays that much (as long as they didn’t came on to me) but that I was actually hetero…VERY hetero. Proudly hetero…

They published a tiny correction on page two the next day, but the damage was done. The fake news was thrown and some stuck. I remember how I cut out that correction and how I kept it for eternity just in case I need it someday…Now I couldn’t give a flying toss.

Nevertheless, it gave me a good insight into how journalists can twist people’s words, leave important sections out, quote only what they want to quote, show only half of a picture…and outright LIE.

I was quite resentful after that experience. Never trusted a single MSM article after that ever again and never will. My own experience made me start to hate the lying bastards in the MSM who spread their liberal bullshit and poison in the world every day.

Those who have read my blog for many years will know how I have exposed their propaganda many times. How they will post a stock picture of a white man with a knife and a balaclava over his face when the crime was committed by a black man. How they would post pictures of white babies when in fact it was a black mother killing a black baby, etc…It was just sickening to watch how these prestitutes and whorenalists would carry on. In fact they are one of the main reasons why THIS blog exists. If only they told the truth, there would be no reason to comment at all.

However, what they did further, (News24, IOL, etc) was to close their comments section down to further manipulate public opinion. But as their bullshit and manipulation grew, so did the blogs and Tweets.

Suddenly they found themselves on the backfoot. So last year, 2016…they invented a new phrase: “Fake News”.

The definition of “Fake News” is: The truth the MSM does not want you to know.

See? The MSM wants to have the Monopoly on fake news…but the tables have turned and it could not have happened to a better bunch of NWO call girls than the bunch of MSM harlots in the South African media.

Now they want to cry foul How fake news works as political machinery to tarnish the integrity of journalists

Can a parasitic piece of lying lice shit have any “integrity”?

Look at this gem from their first lesson at journalist Kindergarten, “Apparently, lying is not illegal, if you haven’t taken an oath.”

Ja well...they know it better than anyone else.

There is the classic recent case of manipulation where President Trump was inaugurated and they showed the picture from early in the morning when not a lot of people were there yet and showed how few people came to Trump’s inauguration compared to Obama. Lying bastards changed the time on the picture.

Now you can read the article I have posted the link to and see how they insist and are adamant that “the news from the journalists was accurate”….Ja, ja...whatever. Bollocks!

But the best one is their advice on how to curb Fake News...”Don’t believe everything on the internet and on social media. Rather check with the traditional media, other tested sources.”

“Tested sources”... Yeah right, we tested you lot all right...and found you wanting.

Nevertheless, I will let the SA media and the ANC’s Guptastic and Zoomtific New Age and ANN7 fight it out for championship title of Masters of Fake News in the Run up to the ANC’s elective conference in December 2017.

My readers know where to find the truth.


  1. Children will learn about this site in future classrooms.

    And on the note of first securing that future:


    2017 is the year they get vast tracts of white mans land in addition to the vast amounts of land they already own. Just go for it is all I ask, we need to get this show on the road.

    1. Zuma is supposed to be the President of the country, the President of ALL the people of the country, not just the blacks...he has just once again proven that he is not my President. He has once and for all made it very clear that the land cannot be shared by black and white alike. "The People" means "Black People" as in the Land must return to "The People" meaning to Black People. Therefore he dehumanises white. Whites are not People. This is Communist racist hate speech of the worst order and they expect me to have respect for this thing?? Nigger, please...

    2. Anonymous2:45 pm

      @Mike 10:57am

      Zuma is not really their President either, but they can't see it. They are just voting fodder to keep his thieving carcass in power and carry out his racist agenda (and line his pocket). Zuma only cares about himself, his kin and his cronies.

    3. Anonymous3:29 pm

      No of course not, he never was the white man's president, this is the nigger's default mentality, to loot and destroy; it is not in the white man's nature, so the kaffir cannot be a white man's president. Let them fuck up all the farm land and put up a statue of Zuma in every dorp so that all the male dogs can piss on it.

    4. Anonymous2:07 am

      Okay now...let's look at this. That big ape from Zim also made the same noises about "returning" land to the "people". So all the whites left and everybody is hungry. No one has received any land. There were only a handful of top class farms given to his buddies. No land went to the "people". Can these pavement monkeys not see where this is going. Do they really think they are going to be handed farms??? Gaaawd how dof can you be.....

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    I remember writing a letter to the editor about gun control. Saying that I was against gun control. When the fuckers published it, they had removed a sentance and a few words which made it sound like I was for gun control. Fucking cunts. Fucking ombudsman said they had a right to "condense" letters for space.

    I also dont trust them.

  3. Seattle10:52 am

    Thanks for providing this website and open comments. I found it after becoming extremely frustrated with censored sites like News24. I'm following South African events as I believe it foreshadows what may eventually occur here in the U.S. Our L├╝genpresse (lying press) is trying to undermine Trump while inciting violence against Whitey, but many of us are awake and quietly preparing.

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      I have been watching developments in the US for close on 2 years now especially since Trump entered the presidential race in 2015. You are 100% percent correct in drawing parallels with what happened and is happening in SA since the 1980's. It is plain to see that Trump is being undermined on a daily basis by the leftist juggernaut. False and fake news is being spewed and repeated to brainwash the gullible public. I hope he can stand up to the onslaught long enough for the people to realise the truth that they are being manipulated and lied to....


    2. Anonymous4:17 pm

      why did you americans fuck us over in the 1980s?

    3. Anonymous4:18 pm

      catch a wake up! You are the new afrikaner. What you are facing is the Peoples war. WTF were you thinking when you supported sanctions against us.

      Do you not understand the complete devastation you left in our country with your sanctions??

    4. Anonymous3:25 pm

      @4.17 and 4.18
      Hindsight is an exact science.Don't attack Seattle. We were just to blame when when we voted the yes vote.There was an enormous amount of propaganda at the time and maybe fake news was around then.

  4. Anonymous11:32 am

    The other point about Trump is the fact he appealed to a lot of "out there" places the liberal twats had already destroyed. They had no money to get to his party.

    Before he was inaugurated he already stopped a few manufacturers relocating hence ensuring jobs for the American people.

    Libturds are sore losers and cannot accept the outcome and need to fabricate fake news to compensate their lying cunt souls.

  5. Spikey11:57 am

    I have never ever read a newspaper article about me,my family or friends that was accurate.I no longer have newspapers in my humble abode, cause my budgie died a few years ago and I now can afford double ply toilet paper to wipe my arse.

    1. Anonymous4:14 pm

      why the fuck would you offend your sphincter like that with news papers? FUUCK...

  6. Anonymous1:46 pm


    Very important question.

    Listen to Zumas SONA speech.

    He mentioned "revolutionary transformation" and then began speaking in Zulu....

    Most missed it but its a code name, key word which no one has picked up online.


    Operation Vula.

    Notice when he mentions operation vula - he gets applause.

    operation vula isibili - choice of operation vula or operation vula the choicest.

    Can someone have what he said translated?

    Some serious shit mentioned in the address.

    Why is he mentioning operation Vula in parliament in the same context as his previous "radical & revolutionary" statements.

    1. Anonymous10:30 pm

      @ BN 1:46pm.

      Vula means open.

      Maybe the Terrs mean open the gates of hell, kill, ravage, destroy and claim, you might have a point here.

      Why does only the terrs know about operation vula and not the general public.

      Anyway, we know they want us annihilated so what's new, just be aware, alert and prepared and then let them roll on in, life is rather boring at present so bring it on boys, let's play.


    2. Whiteman11:43 pm

      BN, we are at a disadvantage, because we can not understand the language of these creatures. But even if you understood the language, you could never understand how their minds work, so it does not bother me too much. If you have correctly identified your enemy, it is more valuable than, speaking his/her language. Because you have already decided to totally wipe out your enemy, speaking their language will be a tragic waste of good brain space ! Mike, thanks for again, providing your readers with very important knowledge. The MSM, and their journalistic-prostitutes, are NOT to be trusted. We are still going to shoot them in the streets, like kaffir-dogs !

    3. Anonymous12:22 am

      http://tia-mysoa.blogspot.co.za/2013/12/operation-vula-its-secret-safari-and.html...I think you are right Boere Ninja.


    4. Anonymous1:05 am

      @BN 1:46


      Text is:
      It is a practical implementable programme, as outlined by Honourable MEC Zikalala who shared what KwaZulu-Natal province is already doing and will be doing to implement the programme, bevula umnotho bewuvulela abamnyama abebeshiwe ngaphandle ezweni labo. U-Operation Vula wesibili!

      Google (directly) translates the zulu element as:
      "opened the economy wide black abebeshiwe outside their country. Operation Open second!"

      I can't find Zikalala's statement, but it is also referred to by Lindiwe Zulu in

      "Honorable Sihle Zikalala spoke to operation VULA ... Interestingly OPERATION VULA was part of the liberation struggle plan to further entrench our position.
      Operation Vula is no longer underground but is above ground. uOperation Vula wanamhlanje is about opening the economy to those who were locked out. We will not be sneaking through borders to destroy the enemy ... we are in power no, we are using the levers of power and government to advance radical socio-economic transformation.
      The AK47 of operation Vula the underground will be replaced by the 500 billion government buying power and spent to empower the previously disadvantaged."

      It all sounds like innocuous symbolic speech. But the intended audience may very well have understood it to be meant literally...!

  7. Mike another ploy by the media is intentional misleading to change opinion. If you take the case of ET. Remember the accusations about him raping the kwords . The intention was to demonise him even more, create doubt and uncertainty even with his most ardent followers. It worked, that tiny bit of doubt prevented what would have been a huge uprising. When the facts were established , no where was any apology given.

    This enemy we are up against is a million times worse than anyone can imagine.

    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      And say of ET what you want but man oh man did he have character!
      He stood solid for what he believed in.And untill today my heart physically aches when I think of the way he died.He was true Afrikaner patriot.

  8. Anonymous12:30 am


    Come to think of it Mike you do come across as gay lol !!! Sources that contacted me yesterday confirmed it that you have gay tendencies and that the Russians hacked you while you were doing business in a Russian Night Club. These are unconfirmed reliable sources from the Open Society Foundation and Deep Seven from within the Clinton Foundation and "The Shit we Make Up Department".

    1. Hehehe...To dye for Doll! To dye for...

    2. Anonymous10:58 am

      I could be a journalist with all the crap I just spewed there.

      Just kidding boet have a great weekend.

  9. The more they use the term fake-news the more they kill themselfs. Hulle grawe hul eie gat.

  10. Anonymous4:56 am

    Daar is mos een of ander tyd n prys uitdeling van die joernaliste? N goeie tyd om hulle te stuur vir die hel. Steek hulle karre aan die brand in die parkeer area. Of trek charlie hebdo op hulle. As daar n wil is is daar n weg.
    Daai mense het bloed op hulle hande. Dit is ons plig om hulle te stuur.

  11. Anonymous6:09 am

    I have boycotted every news site which have blocked the comment section. I used to visit one of them several times a day.

    I now support smaller news sites which allow comments.

    This must have backfired terribly, as more people have turned to 'alternative' news sites instead, and actually getting more information as a result.

    1. Brutus6:10 am

      Hell but these n24 type msm has some champion bloggers..like melanie, whose only claim to fame is thst she pomped the grandxhild of oom Hendrik, Bo and Maxie, and some other snotnose idiots. Great stuff to read while taking a dump.
      Mike's blog on the other hand is the best, no kak, just straight and how it is.

  12. Stephen7:28 am

    Hi Mike

    Your site is like the antidote for fake-news .
    Its therapy for everyone that's gatvol of these kaffirs.

    I remember the days I was looking for some-one that thinks like me ( on-line obviously ) .
    And how glad I was for stumbling upon your blog , a shining beacon in the dark, to put it mildly.

    Thanks Mike , for being just you , thanks for being man-enough to say it like it is ,since then you've effected many others to follow suit.

  13. Whiteman10:20 am

    Trump has caused a " revolution " worldwide ! He has exposed serious differences between people worldwide. Probably the most dramatic exposure, is the lie of the " rainbow-nation." This myth, doggedly promoted by the libturds, and their lying press, has been blown clean out the water. And all thinking people know, if the USA could not manage to create the happy, " democratic " rainbow-mix, NOBODY on earth will be able to do it. Least of all the satanic NSA. So there you have it now, race wars from now on, till the end of the earth. But I really enjoy it, when he flattens the journo-prostitutes. You can see, most of them think they are little gods. And lets face it, they do wield enormous power, which is totally unsafe, ( lethal ), in the hands of people of their ability, and integrity. And Trump keeps on shooting them down in flames. Man, its the best reality TV that I have EVER seen. Go Donald !

  14. Infowars.com the new real news

    1. I use to like Alex Jones.. Listen closely to him and you will notice all is not well.. He's a bullshitter and doing it for the money..

  15. Anonymous4:09 am

    I'm an avid follower of this page and was quite distraught recently when this site was inaccessible. I'm relieved it can be viewed again. Keep up the great work