13 February 2017

The sickening corruption with the ANC’s land games

Corrupt scumbag Gugile stiNkwinti

By Mike Smith
13th of February 2017

It is just bloody horrendous you know…the way the disgusting ANC carries on stealing taxpayer’s money, stealing productive farms in the name of “Land restitution”, etc…

I cringe every time I have to use that word so loved by the ANC, “restitution”, because the definition of “restitution” is “the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner” as if whites stole their farms from blacks.

What utter rubbish especially when one considers that the real thieves are the ANC.

Take the case of the Bekendvlei Farm in Northern Transvaal near Nylstroom (I have decided that from 2017 I would refuse to use any new Kaffir names for any of our streets, towns, airports and provinces and when I do…asseblief tree my aan.)

That fugly ANC Land Reform Minister, Gugile Nkwinti, bought a 7000 ha white owned farm that had no land claim on it with R97 million of the taxpayer’s money and “restituted” it to his two buddies in the ANC who had no ancestral claim to the land whatsoever…and asked a R2 million bribe for it to boot…sorry, "facilitation fee" as he shamelessly admitted.

His two mates Errol Velile Present and Moses Boshomane then ran the farm into the ground, sold 3,000 cattle, worth almost R18-million as well as sold all the machinery and tractors back to the dealers and never paid the 31 black workers for five months despite getting an additional R30-million for machinery, salaries and construction from the department of Land Reform which they claimed had to be used for “reconstruction” on a perfectly well run and profitable and beautiful farm.

Further…Despite having an agreement with the farm’s former white owner to serve as a mentor, these thieving bastards appointed the farm’s truck driver, a certain “Doctor Bavu”, as a mentor, despite the man's "lack of understanding and experience" in farming and made him a co-signatory for the recapitalisation funding bank account and made him sign check after check without him having a cooking clue what he was signing and what the money was used for.

Hey? Exploiting innocent black ignorance. These scumbags simply have no morals whatsoever. They will steal food from their own grandmothers.

This just shows how theseANC fat cats and unscrupulous bastards would steal money from poor black farm workers on minimum wage and use them to steal and defraud the taxpayers out of more money. To them it doesn’t matter if the farm workers go hungry or the entire country go hungry due to farms being destroyed. All they are interested in is enriching themselves

After auditors Deloitte recommended criminal charges being brought the department suddenly put the farm under new management in 2014 and it has now been returned to its former glory after it was virtually destroyed and robbed into bankruptcy... The farm now breeds livestock that include cattle, goats and sheep and grows various vegetables. It also has a game farm that runs impala, kudu and other game. It won an award for best supplier to a fruit and vegetable producer in December.

As for Gugile stiNkwinti and his cronies...Scot free of course.


  1. Anonymous8:29 am

    Wouldnt it be awesome if you could clip them one by one.

  2. Anonymous9:05 am

    Lekker in suid afrika....vaalpens

  3. Anonymous9:06 am

    Ons laat dit toe!

  4. Anonymous9:29 am

    has now been returned to its former glory.

    By WHOM ?
    Who is responsible for the current well run farming ?
    Best supplier -- Woolworths ? Checkers , Pick&Pay ?

  5. Anonymous10:02 am


    Mike they will always steal. This is part of their nature.

    Some whites cant see this and needs to be made aware of it but,

    other whites know this and simply shoves it to the side and say well they deserve what they are taking because of evil whites. These are brainwashed liberals or weaklings who cant think for themselfs.

    Everything boils down to one point for me.

    Whites that can see them as a subspecies with an inherent foul nature, and whites who think they are the same as whites and can be fixed.

    Once you recognize they are not the same as whites you will stop looking for excuses to justify the evil behavior.

    Being poor never forced me or my family to steal, murder or rape. Even when there was no food we would still sit around the table and pray before my mother would serve us pigeon that we caught in the backyard that afternoon. They taught me to read and write and defend myself before i started school.

    It inspired me to become better not worse.

    I see these little black fucks in my town and i can tell you 99,9% of them will end up in jail. What worries me is that these things will be of age when my daughter is all grown up if we dont do something sooner rather than later.

    If you think farm murders and these vicious attacks on whites currently are bad enough as it is... I want to tell you watch when these next generation of fucks become of age. The evil will be like nothing we in our modern times have seen or can fathom.

    You can already see most of these attacks happening now are not committed by disgruntled apartheid blacks but by young millennials.

    It is only going to get worse.

    1. Anonymous1:34 pm



      "If you think farm murders and these vicious attacks on whites currently are bad enough as it is... I want to tell you watch when these next generation of fucks become of age. The evil will be like nothing we in our modern times have seen or can fathom. "

      I agree 100%!!!!!!

      We aint seen nothing yet but they aint see how evil the baas can be! Like I said, just leave one in a museum.

      When a house is infested with parasites, it needs to be fumigated completely, you cant even leave one alive - Keep only one for specimen purposes.

      Constant worry, now we know why Joshua right up to David had to do what they did did. Without it they, like us would never have found rest, like it says ...

      "You know that because of the wars waged against my father David from all sides, he could not build a temple for the Name of the LORD his God UNTIL the LORD put his enemies under his feet.

      1 Kings 5:3

  6. Anonymous10:11 am


    Where you get paid to make monumental fuck ups.
    If anyone ever finds out you get redeployed and paid to fuck something else up. (normally something important like the water board or education.)

  7. Anonymous11:03 am

    I bet the farm workers will vote for the ANC again and again. SO don't feel too bad about the worker if they indeed voted ANC.

  8. Anonymous11:21 am

    And who manages the farm now ?

    1. Die Wit Baas. Let op die hoofletter 'B'

  9. Anonymous11:32 am

    In a mail I received earlier today, I read of white women turning to prostitution to feed their kids. I have heard of white guys who have lost everything due to BEE/AA.
    These are people who could actually generate tax. People who have the skills to create wealth, build big companies, pay large amounts of tax to enrich the government.
    But reading about farms going down under BEE management (like many government departments, and water is top of the list. Maybe Mike can open some can of worms on this topic), I come to realize that its not just the skin colour that is different. We think totally different. Our worlds are so far apart, there is no way in hell you going to force the two together. We never have, and never will be a happy rainbow nation.
    There is only one solution. And that is US and THEM, with a border, high security walls and 24 hour armed patrols.
    Period. There is no other solution.


    1. I would agree but for one statement...it should be "us OR them"...the great cleansing of the continent should start in the south, and end at the edges of the Sahara. We two species will NEVER peacefully co-exist. Olie en water pel, olie en water.

  10. stinktwini is by no means the first and only piggie at the trough, that's been bust...and will not be the last. At this stage of the game, one has to consider chopping out the orchard, root and branch. Drastic and possibly over the top, but required. The rot is just too far progressed to save anything.

  11. Anonymous12:05 pm

    A.K.A. PooPile stiNkwinti.

  12. Anonymous1:15 pm

    If they cannot manage to clean the storm water drains, fill the potholes in the roads, maintain the electrical power source or improve national health care how the fuck could they manage a farm.

    All my afore mentioned are simple task that they just need to send crews out to do, the bill is picked up by you, the taxpayer and retard just has to say to junior retard to tell more junior retard to send a team of more Junior retards to fix or maintain but as you chaps know that is impossible for retard to do, so what do you think happened on the farm.

    These critters do not see how whites work and plan and organize they think it all just happens and when it does happen for them its a total fup and they then blame apartheid or some racist occurrence that caused the fup.


    1. LT, you're right my mate. Also, it's not as if they had to invent maintenance plans for all these things. It was all in place and working when the useless fuckers took over. Then, because of their absolute ineptitude in everything, they have fucked it all up. The things are beyond useless. They aren't even good for fertiliser.

      Give every single Kaffir water, electicity and sanitation, but don't worry about expanding the facilities that supply these services. I mean, FFS, how fucking must they be? It's beyond the comprehension of the average human being. We cannot appreciate just how dumb the fucks are. I think therein lies our problem. We try and debate with them as if they are some form of human being, which they clearly are not.

      Extermination is the only solution. I wouldn't even go as far as keeping one for interest's sake, as BN suggests. Just get rid of the whole fucking nightmare, once and for all.

    2. Anonymous7:52 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations11:27 pm

      I was just saying, keep one as a souvenir because after that it will be paradise/parasite free.

      We will need a reminder why we did what we did or else we might resort to feeling jammer vir hulle all over again.

      Dont hate em, love em ;) BTW you might be called satin, globalist puppet, part of the NWO by that freak who says anyone who wants to do that is part of the Soros clan.

      Has Soros paid you TT?

    3. Anonymous11:41 am

      @BN 7:52_am.

      Your liberal traits are showing through, WTF would you even want to keep one alive, just keep the broken anvil or shattered sledgehammer there will be more than enough memories when you view those souvenirs.

      Come now BN, are you getting soft and senile in your old age?


  13. Anonymous1:28 pm


    Farms turned to shit & former white areas turned into make shit squatter camps where they burn down the houses like they do in squatter camps.


    Wouldnt surprise me in a few months if there is a war on the ground in these areas between the foreigners & locals.

    Very sad seeing this happen.

  14. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Im really gatvol & fed up with these bastards.
    De Klerk & co should rot in hell for the situation in sa.
    I have decided to not even fight them because that would be a waste of my time, daily we hear this whitey this, whitey that, ag no, as long as we are here we will be subject to aa & ee etc

    Whites must just find new homes outside of africa with the help of foreign white governments.

    We cannot continue to stay here while sa falls apart.

    1. Anonymous1:55 am

      Believe me leaving is not the answer. I left and now I sit here in the UK with four tops on, freezing to death. A hoody (Englands national dress), a thick body warmer, a thick sweatshirt and under that a t-shirt. I have long jons on under my trousers and two pairs of socks.

      I read this blog as I plan to return. Whitey must learn to stand together there, become a part of the area response teams and unite. Our only chance at survival is to select an area i.e. Western Cape and make it prosper.

    2. Anonymous2:47 am

      "I left and now I sit here in the UK with four tops on, freezing to death. A hoody (Englands national dress), a thick body warmer, a thick sweatshirt and under that a t-shirt. I have long jons on under my trousers and two pairs of socks."
      You know you are dealing with a in the closet Liberal doos when their biggest concern is their clothing.
      Ignore the rape,murder,poverty and genocidal regime.
      Rather focus on the clothes they now have to wear.

    3. Anonymous5:23 am


      @Anonymous2:47 am

      Buddy he is saying that despite everything happening, he wants to return.

      That speaks of patriotism for me.

      I guess we all see things differently but he is saying, despite all the shit, he will take the shit rather than live in the cold in some other country.

    4. Anonymous8:35 am

      Fuck u & fuck the uk.

    5. Anonymous9:40 am

      your a twat. Too dumb to understand my post. I left because of the crime doos. I was going effing mental sitting by just watching crime escalate and not being able to do anything. My crime encounters would fill a page - including three cars stolen. Twat.

  15. Anonymous11:17 pm

    A fact that has always amazed me is that I never have had to teach retard to steal or break, it comes so naturally to them, like they were born to do it.

    Yet I teach them daily the same thing that I taught them yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Its like the lesson or task gets deleted from the memory as soon as white man leaves them alone, but hell when it comes to missing and broken tools they excel in that profession.

    So Stinkwinky is just doing what come naturally to his kind of creature.


  16. Tja, Mike, no more Kaffir place & street names. All this shit has done is confuse the hell out of us. Tswane, Mbombela, Lephalale, etc., etc., who the fuck knows where you are anymore.

    They contributed and built absolutely nothing to name after their "heroes", but have the bald-faced audacity just to rename the things we built. They have no shame or pride. Pure scum.

  17. Anonymous12:22 am

    From the BD:

    1. Anonymous2:10 am

      And what a familiar story. The cry from the Israelites in Egypt. There is nothing new under the sun...what has been will be - Ecclesiastes 1:9.
      Faith Walker

  18. I wonder who now runs this farm, it would be interesting to find out. I lived in Rosettenville for about five years until I got married in 1966 and I used to be very proud to be a "Boytjie from the South"! those days are long gone and I get told by my family when I visit them in Johannesburg, not to go to see the Southern Suburbs as I probably will not get out alive! Nice country we live in today isn't it!

    1. Anonymous1:50 am

      I used to live in Yeoville in the 80's. Loved the place, Rocky street and all. Wanted to buy a house there.
      Look at it now. Drug den and thug haven of note.

  19. Hey Mike, I like your decision to refer to towns and streets by their old names. these new names are disgusting!

    1. Hi Neighbour. You know, I have actually (personally) NEVER used those new names for the towns, etc. and the only reason I sometimes used it on my blog was to avoid confusion.

      However from this year onwards, I decided to stop using it completely.

    2. Anonymous1:03 pm

      No one wants to use monkey chatter when stating their destination on public transport.

  20. Anonymous2:02 am

    Slacker maid and Eskom problems resolved thanks to Elon Musk.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Durand have in their service a maid who is a marvel of slothfulness and passivity. Every effort of theirs to inculcate her with some agility seems fruitless, and they are about to give up in despair. However, Mr. Durand, passing an electrician's shop, notices some dry batteries, and at once conceives the idea of electrifying Mary by sewing these batteries in her waist. He pairs the action to the thought, and the effect upon the maid is instantaneous. All her duties are performed with the utmost alacrity, in fact, before the day is over, she is quite worn out, and decides to go to her room for rest. No sooner has the thought occurred than of its own accord the waist removes itself from Mary. An imprudent rag picker picks up the waist and forthwith receives the electric current, which starts her running wildly up the street. Pedestrians try to stop her, but they too are caught into the whirlpool of electricity and race on and on. It ultimately requires an electrician with gloved hands to stop this terrific race."

  21. Anonymous2:12 am

    Just love how these Munts use very big words for all ther fuckups! N Kaffir is n dom ding en hy is oraait vir een ding.Pik swaai...en selfs dan moet ons die wetter opcheck!

  22. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Don't be so hard on him. The ugly munt obviously needs a few quid for a nose job.

  23. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Something I'm curious about is how they justify renaming cities which were explicitly founded by white people. But then again they've basically occupied and conquered a white nation so I guess it makes sense.