23 February 2017

The reverse gear mind of the progressive libtard

By Mike Smith
23rd of February 2017

About three weeks ago on the 30th of January the leftist South African government and general leftist libtards and usufull idiots from across the racial and religious spectrum of the fucked up leftist Rainbow Utopia, added their screeching voices to the international outrage over President Donald Trump’s executive order that banned travellers and immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the US.

SA ire at US travel ban

Yet again the Left the world over conveniently suffered from historical amnesia and forgot how they used to put travel bans on their own citizens in countries like East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, etc and are still maintaining those travel bans to this day.

Under the Hukou system of Communist China, people cannot even travel freely from the farm to the city and need government permission to do so.

They complain about Trump building a wall, but forget their own Berlin Wall they erected. Anybody trying to migrate from the Socialist Utopia of East Germany was summarily shot and in Berlin there is a memorial to these poor souls whose only wish of escaping the epitome of leftist junk rule, was met with a death sentence at the Wall. Victims of the Berlin Wall Memorial

In the Muslim countries that Trump mentioned, there are draconian travel bans on women. Women aren’t even allowed to own passports, drive a car or go to the shops without the permission of a man.

Our very own ANC government chooses to forget how they put travel bans on their supporters and prevented their own members from escaping their hell camps like Quatro in Angola, but choose to remember the pass laws of Apartheid that required blacks to carry travel documentation so one could distinguish between our own blacks and foreign blacks, basically to protect the jobs of our own blacks.

However the left will never admit to these facts, because if they do there hypocritical bullshit fantasy world will come crashing down.. Worse is that they choose to completely ignore it, because as Dr. Jamie Glasov says in his book, “United in Hate”, “the left never looks back”. All their mistakes, all their genocides are brushed over and excused with, “It’s in the past, we are talking about now.”

Be it as it may, the Left still continuously and hypocritically denies what is ACTUALLY happening in these totalitarian societies they so worship.

On the one hand they will pose as the champions of gay rights and women’s rights, but will ally themselves with the barbaric deniers of these rights such as the Castro regime and extremist Muslim societies the world over. Castro literally murdered thousands of gays.

In 1965, the Castro regime established prison work camps known as Military Units to Aid Production (UMAP), where homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “undesirable” peoples deemed out of line with the Communist ideology were forcefully sent. There were thought to be 200 such camps across Cuba until their abolition in 1968. Reports from those who experienced the era say that police would also round people up on the streets, targeting men who looked “effeminate” or like “hippies”. This is how Fidel Castro persecuted gay people

Yet when Castro died, the left were in mourning for weeks over their tyrannical father-god, the South African ANC regime, named no less than four streets (Pretoria, Cape Town, Ladysmith and Klerksdorp) as well as the Limpopo Health Department after him. There is also a street and a school in Windhoek, Namibia named after him.

The left also prefer to ignore the hundred thousand Cubans in Miami who fled Castro’s regime and all voted for Trump, not for the Satanic Communist whore Hillary Clinton.

One can also see this leftist hypocrisy with the current wave of Xenophobic violence in South Africa where local blacks (as in 2008 and 2010) are driving out, beating and killing foreign blacks from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia, etc.

Just a month after white Cape Town women marched against Trump …The only people who marched against the xenophobic violence in South Africa were the black foreigners and victims on the receiving end of the wrath of their fellow black Africans from South Africa.

Where are all the white South African Libtards with their pink beanies now marching against the current black on black xenophobia we have seen the last few days?

In fact tomorrow on Friday the 24th of February, these immigrant hating Kaffirs from South African are planning a march against illegal black immigrants from the rest of Africa, yet they have no problem with the illegal black immigration of blacks into Europe…and the silence of the Left is deafening. Planned black against black immigrant march condemned by Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

These libtards with their constant hypocrisy and double standards make me sick.

It is sometimes very difficult for ordinary people to grasp the mindset of the average Libtard like the “pink pussy cap” wearing LWB’s who are against Trumps travel ban, but with their silence, condone the xenophobia of the South African Noble Savage…or how they can one moment support and fight for human rights in their own societies, but support rival societies where these human rights get trampled on like in Europe where they support the flooding of their own societies by the rival and evil extremist Muslim societies.

How does one understand libtards clapping hands and rejoicing when the planes flew into the World Trade Centres? Whichever conspiracy theory you believe in or not and who actually did it, the Left essentially rejoiced the destruction of their own society.

How does one explain thousands of white European libtards inviting in, smuggling in, feeding and clothing the very extremist societies who want to destroy them, rape their women and slit their throats in the name of their god and his prophet?

Or how does one understand the likes of Helen Zille, Nadine Gordimer and Helen Suzman...how they could be against the system of Apartheid in their own country, but never mentioned the gender Apartheid in Arab countries or the abominable caste system of India?

At the root of the LWB’s affinity to these destroyers of their own societies are a terrible self hatred and a desire to destroy themselves. A lusting for her own self extinction.

These insecure, character-flawed Liberal White Bitches, Feminazis, Leftist Useful Idiots (I include the limp wristed male bitches here) are tortured daily by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

They feel as if they do not fit into their own societies and cannot contribute to their own societies. In fact they simply feel USELESS, because they ARE useless. They feel as if their own societies hate them. So they withdraw themselves and start acting indignant towards their own societies. This leads to a downward spiral where their societies shun them and they become even more antagonistic toward their own people, ad infinitum.

Because they are failed individuals who failed to rise to the challenges of secular modernity, they start to live in a fantasy world, a fantasy Utopia where there are no social ills, no individuality and where they have many “friends” who accept them and with whom they hold hands, sing Kumbaya all day and hug trees… but in reality they have no real personal friendships and the few friends they do have are only so, because they share a common bond of uselessness, the same feelings of rejection and antagonism to their societies.

They become convinced that it is incumbent upon society, and not them, to imbue their miserable lives with purpose and instead of looking at their own inadequacies and inabilities to deal with the complexities and opportunities of a white western capitalist democratic system, they see this society as “evil” for not accepting them.

They are normally from a materialistic and privileged background and suffer from guilt feelings and undeservedness and look for a “faith” to redeem themselves and in which they can repay their Karmic debt, but the libtard “progressive” religion is an earthly one that resembles a mutated carbon copy of the Judeo Christian imagery. Socialism’s secular Utopian vision, writes Jamie Glasov, “includes a fall from an ideal collective brotherhood, followed by a journey through a valley of oppression and injustice and then ultimately a road to redemption.”

To counteract the humiliation of his alienation and rejection, the libtard develops a God complex and an attitude of moral superiority. He knows something that ordinary human beings do not. He is above normal human desires and affairs. He becomes the self appointed moral antennae of the human race.

Like a modern day Jesus the libtard identifies with the imaginary poor in his own society, the suffering of the downtrodden victims of the Western capitalist system and they somehow become his personal business. HE is their saviour. Yet at the same time he is utterly indifferent and completely blind to the real suffering of victims of the tyrannical regimes he so glorifies.

Another major irritation for the anger filled and permanently gloomy Libtard is the presence of “Happy people”. No matter how comfortable and joyful life in a free society might truly be, he rationalizes and convinces himself that they are victims of Western society’s brainwashing. In other words they only “think” they are happy, but in reality they are not. They are suffering from a false consciousness instilled in them by the evil Western World and they can only be liberated from this mental enslavement by the revolution and rebellion against society the libtard has appointed himself to lead.

Leftist claim to be champions of social justice, but it is a selective social justice where they keep their own societies to a higher standard than that of the Noble Savages they so love.

Where the rival society is always good, their own society is always bad and responsible for all kinds of wrongs such as women’s rights, homophobia, gender inequality, environmental indifference, etc. but not because they really give a damn about these social justice issues...because they don’t; as we have seen, these are normally FAR worse in the rival African or Muslim societies they support, but because the rival society wants to destroy the society that does not accept them. They simply worship all the adversarial cultures their own societies disapprove of and fears.

To them the tyrannical extremist regimes or societies that wants to destroy their “evil” society is not just the lesser of two evils, they are outright heroes that can do no wrong. In fact the evil they do is what attracted the libtard in the first place. It is the exact evil he/she wants to meet out against the society that alienated him, the society he now hates, but is too cowardly to do himself.

Ultimately these Leftist libtards have a death wish. They hate themselves and want to destroy themselves, but before doing so they want to take revenge on the society that rejected them and made them such hateful beings.

This brings us to another contradiction and the hypocrisy of the leftist or idiotic libtard who always talk about “Love” and “Peace”, but are filled with hate and wage relentless war on anyone not agreeing with them.

As their leftist hero and god Ché Guevara said, “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate” and “My friends are only my friends as long as they agree with me”.

In fact Libtards are convinced that they love humanity as a whole, but it is an imagined love at a distance with imaginary friends, because in reality they are unable to form any meaningful love bonds on a personal level.

The other day way had St Valentines Day. A day where couples celebrate their personal love for each other…A day that LWB extraordinaire and militant feminazi Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) turned into V-Day - Violence against women day…A day of gross generalization and a mass indictment of and hatred towards men.

In an interview with William Plummer of “People” said Ensler about her fucked-up childhood and retreat into her own fantasy world where she had a vegetable fetish and created a fantasy characters with intimate relations to an eggplant…”I was very sad, very angry, very defiant. I was the girl with the dirty hair. I didn’t fit in anywhere.”Source

Of course Ensler’s biggest fan is that Communist whore and Black Panther mattress, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda who states in her biography, “My life so far” that as a child, she suffered from a poor self image and lack of confidence in her appearance. Her mother committed suicide on her 42nd birthday by slitting her own throat. Jane Fonda was only 12 at the time.

Instead of individual love between couples, leftist promote a beastly “Free Love” and sexual orgies and follow the ideals of the mother of the 60’s sexual revolution, the bisexual Margeret Mead who saw the promiscuous sexual attitude of the Polynesian Noble Savage (who also practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice) as the ideal and not the conservative White Western Christian way.

But even that view was flawed. Her bullshit book “Coming of Age in Samoa” (1928) which she wrote when she was only 24, became the Hippy Bible, but is based on almost pure fantasy as the New Zealand anthropologist Derek Freeman pointed out.

Mead had very little understanding of Samoan culture and she couldn’t even spell the Samoan words correctly. Freeman’s research stretched over four decades. He taught at the University of Samoa and Samoans themselves who have read Mead’s book, dismissed it as rubbish and a misrepresentation of their culture. He also interviewed the women she originally interviewed who admitted they were just pulling her leg and having fun with her naiveté about their culture, but when he tried to publish his finding in 1971, his manuscript was rejected by leftist American publishers. For decades afterwards and to this day these leftists try to discredit his work and push Margeret Mead’s idealistic fantasies to the fore.

Yet at the same time the Western Leftists ignore the puritanical sexual repression and outright war on sexuality in the totalitarian societies they so glorify. In Stalinist Russia sexual pleasure was portrayed as unsocialist and counterrevolutionary. Mao Tse-tung introduced the unisex “Mao suit” and Islamist societies cover their people in layers of cloth.

It is an artificial and unnatural enforced sameness with the imperative to erase attractions between private citizens. Normal sexual human beings are reduced to obedient desexualised robots.

However it does not help to point these things out to the libtard. To the Leftist idiot, this denial of the truth and dismissal of presented facts become a life and death struggle. Everything is at stake when his political or social reality is confronted. If he admits that he was wrong, admits the truth, he will admit that his entire life was wasted on bullshit beliefs. He has no other choice but to keep on lying to himself, keep on denying and keep on dismissing.

Nevertheless the manner in which the Libtard pseudo “intellectuals” idealize the Noble Savage is a crucial lens through which to observe how the libtard is not “progressive” at all, but backwards.

They long and dream of the reversal of civilisation and a return to the stone age. They long back for the purity and innocence of childhood and becoming a child again where they will be taken care of by a father-god who has everything under control and can make all the decisions for them. Ultimately they long for a submission to a tyrant father-god who has power to destroy the evil monsters under their beds, their evil societies that have alienated and caused them so much pain, torment and suffering. A father-god that can reverse the love between two individuals and the sexual act that gave birth to their miserable lives and finally remove their souls, erase them again and relieve them from the pain of living a life in an evil world they did not want to be in and a life they did not want to live in the first place.


  1. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Maybe abortion wouldn't be a bad thing if you knew the kid was going to turn out LGBT.

  2. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Mike! ... Thanks so much again for revealing the truth. The daily kak in the so-called news, the printed propaganda (does anyone still buy a newspaper?) etc, can drive one totally nuts. I sometimes feel like I am living in a nightmare. What also amazes me is how dof and ignorant some people are - they really have no idea why they are even demonstrating against Trump(!) nogal. But it is so 'cool' to try and fit in with what everyone else is doing. Peer pressure is a bitch for these 'liberated' 'ladies'.

    1. Anonymous1:01 am

      @Anon 3:30pm

      Not only for demonstrating against Trump, but also for siding with Muslims.

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    OK, so this is not directly about SA but is a fine example of what “Leftist Useful Idiots and Limp Wristed Male Bitches” will do.

    Here’s advertising at its best:

    The premier of Manitoba, Canada announced on TV that there should be more aid for refugee claimants!! WTF.
    That’s one way of getting more illegals to flock into the country.

    These refugees are mainly from Somalia and they are crossing the Canadian border on foot by walking through snow and ice fields - (ag shame). No one asks how the F they got to the border in the first place. I’m sure they didn’t arrive there by boat across the Atlantic!!!

    And it’s not helping that the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is an effeminate feminist! Thank goodness he’ll be voted out at the next election.

    I hope, in the meantime, that Sweden and other European countries implode because of their immigration policies and that Canada will learn from this!


  4. Anonymous9:47 pm

    I see Sweden is a hellhole worse than our wonderful SA. Mass migration is cultural suicide. But in time when it is too late the masses will learn this painfull truth. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous12:55 am

      @Anon 9:47pm

      I think it's already too late!

  5. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Isn't it amazing that a religion started all of this shit. They might have bent the rules, buckled the frame work but it all comes but to Christianity and Jesus Christ.

    If there was never love and peace pumped out by Christian believing hypocrites then we wouldn't have liberal arseholes floating around.

    We wouldn't be worried about Muslims treating woman badly and we wouldn't have useless insignificant idiots allowing thieves, rapist, murderers and the rest into their country.

    There wouldn't be marches against trump or any other hard-line realist because they wouldn't be considered hard-line they would be the daily order.

    We would have fake farmers filling stadiums for prayers to a fake god and we surely wouldn't have given our country away to a creature that we should have annihilated 300 years ago.

    So when we sum it up get rid of the churches, religion and other shit, do what needs to be done and life will become right again and law will be forceful and not an excuse to protect the weak and useless.

    Just my opinion.


    1. Anonymous12:53 am

      and then people wonder who the 'antichrist' is. You have no idea what you are saying Judas.
      'Get behind me satan'

    2. Anonymous12:56 am

      Your comments have revealed your true identity. You are the lowest of mankind - the true 'beast of the field'.

    3. @ LTMA. Are you sure you are not a Communist? Christianity is not the cause or the inspiration of Communism. Satanism is. Read Richard Wurmbrand’s book, “Marx & Satan”.

      True, Marx corrupted Christianity to attract followers, just like Aleister Crowley did and Satanism does. To blame Christianity for the existence of Communism is like blaming good for the existence of evil. Without good there would be no means of defining evil and evil will lose its name. Communism is an attempt to eradicate Christianity and replace it with Satanism not atheism.

      Also, be careful that you do not fall into the Marxist trap of determinism. The social determinist states that all our actions are the results of social influences such as our schools, culture and our religion. In your reasoning Christianity is the reason why Stalin killed 20 million people. Without Christianity there would not be any Marxism and without Marxism there would be no murdering Stalin.

      This is absurd. Christianity professes the philosophy of free will. In other words you choose to be evil or not.

      On the contrary, the biological determinist believes that it is purely the result of genes and hormones, such as that Kaffirs cannot help for being murdering scum, because their genes determine them.

      This brings us to another point of the Libtard who selectively flops between the two, because on the one hand the Libtard denies the biological origin of race and clings to social determinism, saying that all our actions are the results of upbringing, education, religious values etc…but when you mention that according to that reasoning Gays can be cured through education, they quickly change around and shift to biological determinism and say that gays are genetically like they are and cannot be cured.

      Christianity of course says you have a choice.

    4. Stephen3:40 am

      Hi Mike

      This is why I like your blog so much , you cut straight trough the bollocks , so bek moet jam kry .

      I don't know if you have received psychological training or if its just divinely-inspired as in my case - but you certainly have your head screwed on the right way .

      And thanks for standing up for OUR FAITH ,the same measure will be metered out to you.

      If any one blames Christ or Christianity for the state of the world, they are only fooling themselves.

      People who DO actually get The Word of God into their weekly diet can discern very easily , so no matter what any one says, we know the Truth.

      As for these libs , I also think they feel guilty but its more a guilt towards God than man,they feel that if they be-friend to the poor blacks then surely God will have mercy on them , well forgiveness is up to God , all we can do is arrange the meeting.

    5. Anonymous5:25 am

      LTMA, I guess reading and being educated is not one of your favourite past times, hey?

    6. Anonymous7:08 am

      Stephen 3:40 , I feel the same , with all the delusional bullshit false made up news , Id rather read it here with accuracy .

    7. Every creature below humans do not have free will, the lion knows he is hungry so hunts, tired so sleeps, thirsty so drinks, programmed to be a lion to use a crude example, he does not decide to murder his brother, free will. Trees plants rocks and the such have no will at all, YOU LTMA have free will, you can choose to plan and kill or trust in the Lord for your deliverance, you can choose to steal your way to the "top" or you can put your trust in the Lord, Christ did die and he is risen. I changed my life around two years ago but first step was wanting to learn the truth, never mind talking to everyone, I went to the source, prayed and read, prayed and read, prayed and read, today the things the Lord does in my life are, I have no words, you wouldn't understand. Learn to see the things that happen in your life not from a carnal point of view, flesh body but from a spiritual point of view, God the father acts, he really does. You would at first call me lucky, then wow man you are on a roll, then you'll say it's coincidence but what do you say when day in day out the things that happen cannot be described. Be sincere in your prayers, don't just go to a church, there are plenty of things amiss. Sinagoge van Satan, plenty, like I said trust in your education, being able to read, then read, then prayer, let the lords word answer, he always does, be sincere, want to and lastly, fight the good fight, he will never leave you. Peace to you LTMA,

    8. Anonymous10:39 am

      @ mike and others.

      It only seems to be the Christian countries that suffer from liberalism.

      I don't see any Muslims, Israelis, commies, Hindus shouting come in here you thieving, murdering, raping savages, come and live with us.

      So I have to deduce that Christians are the root cause of liberalism, is it not Christian to turn the other cheek, all men are equal, love thy neighbours?

      Isn't it the Christians that set up soup tables in coonville to feed retards that steal from the same Christian, is it not Christians that promote adopt a retard child and love them like they your own kind?

      Is it not Christians that run around in retards space trying to convert them?

      Hey I am asking valid questions because I haven't seen any other religion doing the shit that I have mentioned.

      I will bet you that if you ask any of those western country liberals that do promote retard and raghead moving to their country what their religion is they will tell you they are Christian.

      I am a pagan, I love mother nature and the Force of life, who are you Christians to judge me, if your God be better than mine, your God will deal with me, he doesn't need you to do his work for him.

      Once again you have made the mistake of thinking you are bigger than the creator, stop reading that book for it was written by the hand of man and mans interpretation of God is not Gods will.

      So fellow if you're such strong believers let your God deal with me.

      For it be the Christians belief to remove the log from your own eye before you take the speck from mine.


    9. Anonymous11:13 am

      To the Christian lads,

      I have been thinking a while and I have another pertinent question for you fellows, if you are truly such great Christians and believers in JC then what are you doing here?

      The God that you believe in came to earth in the form of JC the son to save all men, not just white fellows like yourselves and kin. If you are the Christians that you say you are you should be accepting retard and the whole of earths people and creation for your God made them and has said you should live as one big happy family.

      Now chaps, calm down, keep your cool, breathe deep and slow, I am not trying to divide us here, I am purely pointing out that you chaps get upset with a statement I make but youre not practicing what you preach. Just a thought for you chaps to prey on.

      BTW, shouldn't we be happy that all the retards want to live in Europe and Aus and NZ, fuck fellas we want new borders, the less there are on the continent the easier it is for us to implement the plan.


    10. Anonymous11:52 am



      You are right, we only find this disease in FORMER christian countries. The countries with the most problems in the west are the most degenerative Christian countries.

      Holland got to where it is because they have been backward for a very long time. More churches are converted to shops in Holland than any other country. Christian heritage but Christian no longer.

      Back in the day, when they were true Christians they did not have these issues.

      Socialism/Communism eroded those pillars and broke down the borders.

      They weakened Christianity and so the people flap in the wind like a loose sail. They are directionless.

      When the nations were ruled by Kings just a century ago, in accordance with former Christian principles they thrived.

      Their very social system, the wealth they enjoyed was thanks to that former system which always guarantees prosperity.

      Now that the gates have opened, watch all their banks run dry and their very system swept from their feet.

      Without their parachutes, without their gov supporting them - lets see how many liberals there will be when these immigrants are taking food from their mouths, shelter from their loved ones and they have no safety net.

      You will see liberals become right wing militia very fast.

      You only find it in countries where you find a very strong safety net.

      Poland - they are some of the most religious Christians. They dislike these immigrants and dont want them in. They are also very vocal about this.

      Their social/benefit system up until recently was non existent, which is one of the main reasons so many had fled to Briton over the past 15 years to find work and why they are so against this invasion.

      This liberal/Social feeling sorry for these things system only exists in countries where you find a strong benefit system.

      These immigrants when given the choice only want countries offering benefits, which is why they will walk through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia etc etc to try get to the land of milk of honey found in Germany, France, Holland, the UK and the rest.

      Freeloaders and those liberals think the benefits will last forever.

      Within a decade they will all be broken. Read between the lines, the US is bitching that their NATO allies are not stepping up and paying their fair due to NATO.

      Why is this?

      Simple! Running out of cash. The first thing the UK did when it ran into cash problems was get rid of their fleets, downsize their army.

    11. Anonymous1:49 pm

      I find Adriaan Snyman's view, as quoted from his Vaandel website, particularly interesting on this subject. I think Mike also touched on this previously, although I'm not certain. Although in Afrikaans, it can basically be summarized that God created man in His image and that there is no characteristic of a black in general that resembles that image. Here is his answer to the specific reader, Ben:

      "Ben skryf: “Ek kan daarom nie aanvaar dat jou velkleur iets met jou saligheid te make het nie.”
      Die velkleur raak maar net die oppervlakte, daaronder lê saligheid verborge in sy totaliteit:
      In Gen. 1:26 sê Jahweh: “Laat ons mense maak na ons beeld en ons gelykenis.” Die s.nw. “beeld” sê eerstens vir ons Adam en sy Maker lyk na mekaar. Die woord “gelykenis” neem dit ’n stappie vêrder as net die uiterlike. Volgens Strong H1819 kan dit ook beteken dat daar ooreenstemming is in denke.
      Maker en maaksel is dus nie net mekaar se ewebeeld nie, maar ook mekaar gelykenis op ’n hoër vlak. Dit maak heeltemal sin, want hier tree die Skepper se eie wet in werking wat Hyself verorden het, nl. dat “soort nét sy eie soort” kan voortbring.
      Hierdie wet bepaal daarom ook heel logies dat SLEGS die blanke óf die swarte na Jahweh se beeld en gelykenis geskape kan wees. Want selfs ’n vyfjarige kind sal vir jou sê ’n blanke man en ’n swart man is nié mekaar se ewebeeld nie en verskil soos dag en nag. Letterlik!
      Ons moet daarom aanvaar dat eienskappe en kenmerke wat tot die Maker behoort ook by die maaksel gevind sal word. A.W. Tozer het in sy klassieke werk “Attributes of God” altesaam 18 onderskeidende kenmerke van die Skepper uitgewys. Ek noem net enkeles: Wysheid, Soewereiniteit, Skeppend, Liefdevol, Genade, Geregtigheid, Minsaamheid en Goedheid.
      Uit empiries waarneming weet ons dat hierdie eienskappe slegs by die blanke Westerling voorkom. Hy het/besit wysheid, hy is gemaak om te heers; hy het ’n skeppende gees soos sy Maker — álles wat op die aarde tot stand gebring is, is deur die blanke se toedoen daargestel – van ‘n vuurhoutjie tot ‘n maantuig.
      As die swarte dan ook na die beeld en gelykenis van die Skepper gemaak is, wáár is hierdie vrugte van sy gees, sy infrastrukture, kuns-, muskiek- en letterkundeskatte; sy katedrale, sy skepe en sy wiel en sy knoopsgat?
      Die blanke se hoogste vervulling is wanneer hy liefde en genade kan betoon — kyk maar waar daar groot natuurrampe plaasvind, dis altyd die blanke wat hom daarheen haas om die agterlike, hulpelose swarte by te staan. Nog nooit het die swartvel hom eers verwerdig om die blanke in sulke omstandighede te gaan probeer help nie.
      Ja, hy gaan daarheen om te steel en te roof.
      Die woord “liefde” bestaan nie eens in sy taal nie. Hy weer net van “ek lus jou!” en dit maak nie saak of dit sy ma, sy suster of sy dogter is nie.
      Goedheid en minsaamheid kry jy ook net onder blankes.
      So, Ben, glo jy nog hulle is albei na die beeld en gelykenis van God geskape?
      Jer 12:14 “So sê Jahweh: Aangaande al my goddelose bure wat die erfenis aantas wat Ek my volk Israel laat erf het — kyk, Ek ruk hulle uit hul land uit, en die huis van Juda sal Ek uit hulle midde wegruk.” Wié is hierdie “goddelose bure” anders as dié wat Hy nié gemaak/geskape het nie?"


    12. Stephen9:30 pm

      Listen LT , you will get your wish , God will deal with you.

      'This God' that we believe in is THE ONLY GOD there is , your pagan nature -god doesn't exist.

      No LT , we shouldn't live as one big happy family with the heathens , do you know what happened at the tower of Babel ,not every one that says he is Christian is so LT , many will say to Jesus that they are , but He will say ..''Away from me , I never knew you..''

      You say ..'stop reading that book ' ..ha what? Why so we could become blind like you, no thanks.

      I'm not ashamed of the name of Jesus , but I am ashamed of you , to think you are male,white,with some Afrikaans/English heritage but still you deny Christ , ...

      You don't even realise that soon your life will be required of you and then we can't help you ,that's what we're doing here LT , yes primarily we talk to Mike about his writings but also drop a couple of goading sticks.

      But I suppose it is as Abraham said to the rich man
      ...'' even if their relatives were raised from the dead to tell them , they will not believe''.

    13. @ LTMA. Nobody is “judging” you. The Bible says we should correct each other in the spirit of brotherliness. 2 Thessalonians 3:15, “Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.”

      Also the old testament in Proverbs 19:20 says: “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.”

      Your statement that “Christians are the root cause of liberalism” is false.

      The root cause of liberalism is Communism and the root cause of Communism is Satanism. Everything to the left is Communism and therefore Satanism, just various degrees of it. That is why Lenin and his friend Alexander Kerensky (Kerensky’s father was Lenin’s teacher) said, “There are no enemies to the left”. It was a strategy to isolate the Conservatives.

      Don’t mistake the modern day Ecumenical bullshit and Liberation theology that you see as Christianity, because it is not. Ecumenism is the proof of how communism infiltrated Christianity, not the other way around. This “Peace-on-earth-Oneness” of the various churches is satanic.

      Christ himself said in Luke 12: 51-53 “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law."

      In my Pandora series I pointed out how traitor F.W. de Klerk is a great “Christian” of the ultra conservative Boer Church (President Kruger was a founding member) the “Gereformeerde Kerk”, also known as the “Doppers” and how their Dominee Peter Bingle (a house friend and fellow Broederbond member of De Klerk, Leeuwenhof afdeling) influenced him and told him that God wanted him to give the country over to Marxist terrorist blacks.

      The Doppers are so conservative that they only sing Psalms and no hymns, yet in their daily life they are extremely liberal and love heathens. Just take a look at the List of Gereformeerde Dominees of South Africa and see how many Mhlangus, Ndlovu’s and other heathen names there are amongst them.

      No my friend. You have to make a clear distinction between real Christians and the Synagogue of Satan.

    14. Whiteman2:38 am

      LTMA, it is said that there are approximately thirty thousand different christian churches/religions out of just ONE Bible ! ( OK, there are many Bibles too. And each one claims to be better, brighter, more correct, more holy, than the previous ones ! ) The objective outsider, is well within his/her rights, to state that christianity is one crazy mixed up religion. And to add to this sorry state of affairs, desmond tutu is your christian brother. Even mandela. Remember, he belonged to the Methodist church. I refer to myself as a BELIEVER. Dont want to be a christian, for ALL the money in the world. If a nignog shoots me because I am a Believer, I will be a martyr. If he shoots you because you are a christian, you are just another victim of white genocide. If you want to be a TRUE martyr, get your NAME right !

    15. Anonymous4:11 am

      anon 1:49. This is why I insult ol' Boere mall ninja and his morbid fascination with Adriaan Snymans take on Siener.

      Snyman is really no different than Bill Gates and other eugenicists who stick poisons in our food and water. The mall ninjas of this world just go along with it because it fits their narrative of survival. And who could blame them? I would not like to be murdered off.

      The problem comes from being played like a sock puppet by this satanic element that has invaded the minds of people and tells us "Kill each other, kill each other!, kill each other!, kill each other!, kill each other!"

      That is why mall ninja man and others here are stuck on genocide and are talking about wiping them out. They have submitted to the will of Satan and disguised it as the will of God. Ever since the cross 2000 years ago, God has not called for the extermination of anyone. So what verwoerd did was right, at least in principle. That is why the NWO took him down.

      It is a chess game that the globalists are playing and they have deliberately put you in a chess position that gives you no other choice than to exterminate. WE should have played the chess game better, but we find ourselves playing their stupid chess game, that was probably rigged in the first place.

      Yes you have the right to defend yourself, but recognize who the real enemy is. Blacks are just the pawns in this chess game. Don't go full retard and buy into this Boere mall ninja theology that says that once you eliminate the pawns south of the equator that you have won the chess match. Gimme a frigging break. You will sit there all smug, with a shit eating smug grin, while those that engineered this are sitting on top of you, plotting your extermination next.

      The law of Satan demands a double cross. The law of God does not. So make ABSOLUTELY sure in your minds that boer mall ninja is right, by considering all options first before you go full on ninja.

      Dont drink the kool aid. Dont take money from these globalists in the upcoming clusterfuck that has a high chance of coming. Dont make them NWO rich through war and the funding of war.

      Fight with your brain. Not with your dick in your hands.

    16. Anonymous6:13 am


      @Anonymous4:11 am

      I have never heard you once, not once say anything about the Eugenics being played out in South africa against the whites.

      Are you a secret nig nog lover?

      Seems like it! Not fucking once have I ever read a comment where you either 1. Dont mock someone 2. bring up bullshit.

      You seem to only bring up things when it comes to protecting your nig nogs.

      Eugenics is taking place, in nature and in our modern world.

      Its called survival of the fittest.

      Blacks allow themselves to be pawns. No one forced them to be pawns.

      Guys like you like to simply lay down and get kicked to shit before you do anything or even if you do anything.

      Im not talking about survival, what we see happening around the world is a survival mechanism. Survival is always a fools game.

      Surviving = you do something and I block, defend, attack.

      Planning = anticipating what the opponent is going to do and evading, cornering and catching them off guard.

      Im talking about planning and not being a lame duck or some deer caught in the headlights.

      We have to plan. What we see happening with the murder of our people and removing everything we own in this country is and was designed LONG ago.

      I have asked you on more than one occasion.

      If you provide me or everyone on this site with an explanation of how the two groups can live peacefully together, then I will eat my humble pie.

      Go ahead - do you think it hasnt been tried in the 360+ years?

      Mate stop with the Soros, NWO crap. If you acknowledge that order or those people or then you must know that they are doing what I say we should do.

      They are using these other nations to eradicate the white man. When you face eradication, you have to start planning real quick or your days are numbered.

      Please provide a solution.

      You cant play chess properly with these nations. They are not Gods people!! No where in the bible does it say that they are Gods people.

      All the nations that are here, are here today - the only difference is their names have changed and their locations and in some cases, you find the people in the same locations.

      The Western white nations are from the ten tribes of Israel which is why we find the attack against them all. All Christian nations.

    17. Anonymous11:09 am

      ARe you one of those "daughter of Zion" types, boere mall ninja?

    18. Anonymous11:13 am

      dude! WE have been whining about the fluoride, vaccines and other eugenics programs that affect whites. WTF? Abortion? You are the one that promotes it. Not me.

    19. Anonymous5:45 am


      @Anonymous11:09 am

      lol - what planet are you from? Your heads too far in Uranus

  6. Anonymous12:12 am

    Superb post Mr Smith.

    Still, the only thing worse than your common Libtard is the Liberal White Bitch and FemiNazi. They are detestable little fucks...

    1. Anonymous1:05 am

      @ anon 12:12am.

      You have made the penny drop, thanks mate.

      The reason that The downunder settlers went south was because none of the sheep are liberal or femnazi but they are still white.

      So our expats are still busy humping white somethings, that now explains rfr defensive explosions on why he left.


    2. Anonymous12:15 pm


      @Anonymous12:12 am

      Yikes. When I see those things I dont know whether to skop or skiet or both.

      When I see them with the greens/purples/reds, nose rings, tattoos all over, piercings in their necks jeeez.

      I always wonder what will marry one of those things. They always look so dirty.

      Those things Im sure will even scare the Tokoloshe.

  7. Anonymous2:14 am

    Liberalism can be seen as part of a habitual coping style that emphasizes ideology and preferred world view rather than an empirically informed but potentially uncomfortable world view. Like any habitual coping style, liberalism can be understood in terms of predisposing factors (e.g. formative experiences of childhood that favoured indulgence of certain idealistic world views) and current situational demands (e.g. the need for affiliation / herd instinct, even when this collective behaviour compromises the survival prospects of it's members).

    Further, all habitual coping styles have potentially adaptive value in a societal context. However, when the larger social system is weakened (e.g. by the chosenoids' corruption of social institutions such as those of family, education, religion, justice, politics, banking) this system becomes dysfunctional and liberalism is free to mediate societal collapse. Liberalism and the many other potentially destructive but ubiquitous social forces are analogous to bacteria within our bodies that can kill and decompose the host after the onset of ill-health.

    Of course it is important that we target the bacteria / human behaviour that is mediating the demise of White people. But should we not also focus on the puppet masters and their collaborators who are predisposing our destruction through their corruption of our social institutions? As in holistic healthcare of an individual, informed treatment of our society's ailments requires that we go beyond symptoms to a comprehensive strategy that includes attention to the chosenoid puppet masters.

    Are we here to just feed covert agendas such as those of ego and preferred world views by kicking a few easy targets, e.g. beta males (ultimately alpha due to their lower incidence of arteriosclerosis and consequently superior sexual performance in later life, i.e. alphas are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction, aka 'floppy choppy'), black Africans, liberals, runners, etc?

    Or are we serious about putting truth and White survival above personal agendas of limited scope?


    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      Your insights are interesting and educational. We need more Trumps to enlighten the masses to "White survival". However, IMHO, I fear Liberalism has been indelibly indoctrinated into Western society. Devine intervention is perhaps the only solution.
      Could you please eloborate on "chosenoids". Is this perhaps the Illuminati?

    2. Anonymous11:41 am



      James insightful and true.

      What we should be doing is playing devils advocate. We should take the position of the radicals on the other side of the fence.

      For example...

      simply take the stance of radical Muslims in Europe. Call for the Islam to rule Europe. Saw this actually in Sweden.

      You can view it here - its quite funny.

      Where some guys from a right wing party drove through wealthy suburbs blasting Islam prayers. Eventually the cops stopped them.

      But their car

      This is how you play the game. You have to jump fence and force the sheep to wake up by giving them a huge skrik.

      This is the fastest way to wake up the population. Same in SA, why whites or anyone would go on FB insulting karasites I dont know.

      It should be geared/aimed at whites, it should be directed at them, this will wake them up or they can wake up at the last moment like in Europe.

    3. Anonymous11:51 am

      Thanks anon 10:13 am. I agree with you that this liberal disease seems terminal. I believe we are already spiralling into a black hole / white hole of societal death / rebirth. This process is well explained by people like Boere_Ninja and prepared for by organizations such as Suidlanders.

      Yes, "chosenoids" refers to Jewish elites -- an aspect of this problem that is well explained on sites such as The Irish Savant and The Ugly Truth. I wasn't sure if we were allowed to say the J word here. :)


    4. Anonymous4:09 pm

      @Boere_Ninja 11:41 am. Thanks. Playing devil's advocate / reality therapy is an excellent way to sound the alarm nationally. Yes, the "Rich Swedes Exposed To Multiculturalism" vid shows how to induce a crisis by highlighting the threatened loss of a valued attribute, in this case neighbourhood quiet.

      As Mike and others here also know, by inducing a crisis we create a state of flux and potentially positive societal change.

      The perceived threat of personal loss (of resources such as property, money, life) would need to (a) elicit a sharp increase in stress (dramatically raise the felt temperature of water in which the frog would otherwise have boiled) and (b) be accompanied by a method (e.g. revolution) offered to favourably resolve the crisis.

      As we know, fear / anger is the most powerful motivator. Further, if the acutely distressed individual sees a way of problem-focused coping (e.g. revolution), and once 10 percent of the population feel / think in this way, the adaptive response rapidly spreads across the remainder of the population.

      For sure, there is much that we can do to alarm and positively direct the White herd during these times. This could include people with a flair for marketing using social media to terrify / enrage our sleepwalking compatriots with real, exaggerated and fake stories about imminent personal threats, while the methods of revolution are repeated on sites such as Mike's highly informative blog.

      In other words, emotional intensity (of perceived threat) + a plan (revolution) = achievement of our objectives.


    5. Anonymous5:02 am

      @ anon 4:09pm

      Let's be honest and blunt here, the average white SAcan is going to carry on finding excuses as to why we should not stand up for ourselves and put our foot down on retards skull just before we deliver the FMJ.

      The land expropriation will begin and the whites will let it slide and pass, they will believe it will get better if no retaliation is enacted.

      White SAcans are pacifists and don't want to defend their land or possessions they will rather give them away and try be friends with booi. I see everyday how these whites interact with these retards, they have lunch with them and pick the retard kid up from school and hug the maids that are in the office and the huddle and cuddle I am sure leads to panting a little later on.

      White SAcans are afraid, afraid to go to war, afraid of dying and afraid of retard, retard has put the fear of savage into them, so don't hold your breath in anticipation for anything from the greater white pop of SA. If something does happen its going to kick off from a small group and be joined by the bigger groups, but when it does kick off be prepared for a long and hard battle.

      We will fight in the streets, the suburbs and eventually draw these retards into terrain of our choice, we will have to be totally ruthless in execution, there must be and can only be one policy and that is total annihilation there must be no humanity, no mercy and no conscience. If it moves, breathes and smells like retard then it must be exterminated, age, gender and loyalty must not be considered.

      I understand that the Christians God is not all about love and peace but also allows war and annihilation, well then the Christians must bury their need to save the world and start saving their own kind and like their forefathers they must have the gun in one hand and their book in the other, and that book must be used to send the spirit of the cursed into the underworld to live for ever in the flames of hades fire.

      But you will see that among the whites their is too much learning, to much education, to much selfishness and to much difference, they call for a leader but everybody wants to be the leader, everybody bitches against the leader that is in power and infighting is their favourite pass time.

      After that comes self righteousness and then rugby, braai and party.

      I myself believe from experience that to much learning and education causes to much thought of what could, when ones starts thinking of consequences then one hesitates and when one hesitates fear sets in once fear sets in doubt dominates and then when you doubt rather just pack up and go home.

      I am not saying rush in foolishly but I do not see many South African whites even crawling in wisely.

      So mate until, we as a nation of whites can listen to one voice, take a command without question, act as a united unit where we focus on one goal and achieving that one goal we are just going to carry on sucking hind tit, get shafted, allow retard to dominate us and be murdered and pick off at leisure. The fact is blatantly visible but we all deny it.

      Now I expect snide remarks from readers on this blog but whenever that happens it just proves my theory and makes me realise that we are still not ready for revolution.

      I read post like yours am BN, JP, MS and others and realise that there is flame to start the fire but just not enough and I wonder if there will ever be enough because most cannot bury their differences and see a common goal.


    6. Anonymous11:15 am

      seriously? attacking whites in some soft false flag op? Dafuq?

      Do you think whites are going to trust you when you play this deceptive game?

    7. Anonymous12:11 pm


      @LTMA I myself believe from experience that to much learning and education causes to much thought of what could.

      Too much thought renders one useless in the end. Over thinking, over analyzing.

      The reason this world is in a mess & getting back to one of your previous posts is that we have too many "educated people" - they think they are smarter than what they are.

      Education is a good thing when used to progress and move forward but becomes a ball and chain & clog in your system when people think they are smarter than what they are.

      This world seems to be filled with people that have countless theories & millions of followers.

      The flame is there. It is burning deep within our souls. Like I said before, we need to have our future generations know and make sure we pass the flame on down to them.

      No matter what happens, whether it takes us 1 year or 100 years, one way or other this land comes back to us!

      By June the world will be upside with the voting & change in Europe. The world is changing very fast. We see how the sentiment around the world has changed towards multiculturalism.

      The real change hasnt sunk in yet, give it 6 months with these votes in Europe and you will see the sparks begin to fly.

      Everything in good time. We have to unite our people. Preparation is key. No government is in power for ever, no country stays the same forever.

      Like the old SA passed away, so the new South Africa is being flushed away before our very eyes.

      The ANC have signed food/agricultural deals with the Chinks. They think the Chinks will back them when the party start - no the sly bastards will not support them.

      All their support bases that they rely on will crumble when the day arrives.

      When the day arrives, the conditions will be perfect & our support growing overseas under these new right governments.

      I will not stop till I see it back in our hands, our people that have been innocently murdered & the liberal traitors hang. Im not pissed off about it but thankful, it is sorting the wheat from the chaff.

      You will see what happens when the white population feels the heat now, there will be thousands upon thousands like us.

      Calm heads, strong spirits, a goal, a plan and faith and we will move continents and not just mountains.

      According to my time frame, connecting the dots there is not much time left for the ANC and the present South Africa. Less than half the time left that we have lived through in the New South Africa.

      Less than a decade, much sooner actually.

      The New Republic is so close, I can almost touch it. Everyday when I awake, I see that flag flying high and a little bit closer.

    8. Anonymous5:32 pm

      Thanks @LTMA and anon 11:15 am. The method referred to by people like Boere_Ninja and I is time-honoured. It works because of the way in which we are hard-wired. In our state of fear / anger we are more amenable to guidance in a particular direction, which could be voting for a patriotic leader, joining a civil defence organization or revolution.

      For example, White patriots used alternative news sites and social media to elicit fear / anger among the general population in favour of Donald Trump and European patriotic leaders. Closer to home, we can look at how Suidlanders have already gained huge support. In particular, we can consider (a) our emotional response to Suidlanders' articles / videos and (b) the clarity of the offered solution (join your local Suidlanders group).

      In due course, could we not feel provoked to follow similarly inspired leadership in the SVR- prophesied revolutions? :)


    9. Anonymous4:08 am

      SO it is you mother fuckers who start fucking chain letters and hoax emails? Fuck you and the lying horses you came riding in on. And you claim to be christian by bearing false witness?

      So sick of this lying trash. Seriously? You want to hoax attacks to "scare" whites into action?

      Go on, cry wolf, you sick fuck and see how that helps your people.

    10. Anonymous5:42 am



      Suidlanders is a good organization. They play a very important part in our future, I told this to Mike about a year ago.

      I have bitched about their escape/survival plan and that they need to be able to fight but I understand why they cannot promote that.

      If one joins Suidlanders or other organizations, make sure you are prepared, ready, armed and have had a bit of training when it comes to shooting etc etc.

      Suidlanders have heard the message, they have taken note and most importantly taken action for what is coming.

      Im not saying they are perfect, nor am I saying to everyone that any organization should be 100% relied on but they a vital starting point to understanding & seeing what is happening.

      Family members should be introduced to Suidlanders, some of the other groups might seem to radical and far right but they are in perfect for those that can see the storm clouds.

    11. Anonymous7:37 am

      @LTMA and Boere_Ninja. Concerning your comments about education, as you would know, the value of resources (e.g. education, money, material) depends on their utilization. In particular, the fear / anger / despair now widespread among White people can be seen as a valuable resource for our emerging patriotic White leadership. Like yourselves, I am highly positive about the longer term future of South Africa as we see world events converge with Biblical and SVR prophecy.


    12. Anonymous8:47 am

      @ anon 4:08 am.

      Are you for real, or are you just trolling.

      If you are for real, best you return home.

      There has been enough real to incite and aggrieve whites and force them to arms, yet you still tolerate and standby, understand this clearly, if I have to lie to get your lazy arsed mobilised to action then I will. Your tolerance is a weakness that will only cause you grief.

      Stop finding excuses, grow a set, man up, step up and arm up.

      When you wake up one day you will be feeling the cheap tin of China pressed tin panga slicing through your flesh, rather let me lie to you if it will wake you up before the time.

      BTW if you do lay with your mother, please do not consider us all alike to your kin.


    13. LT, BN, I keep begging you guys to join our WhatsApp group, FFS!

      We're starting to resemble a Mike Smith's Blog on WhatsApp Group, but we want you two there as well. I think everyone has been recruited from here or via someone from here. There was a lot of waffling to begin with, but we're slowly finding direction and beginning to look for solutions instead of reiterating the problems, over and over again. We all know what those are.

      So, komaan Boere, TREE AAN!

      Drop JP a mail with your cell no's.

    14. Ou Witte.12:15 am

      Hi TT,

      I have been following Mike's blog for a number of years now.
      Only recently have I started commenting as well.

      We need to come together, and get rid of our kak attitudes etc.

      I would really appreciate if you could assist me in joining your watsapp group.

      You are welcome to send me mail on: ls46086@gmail.com.
      Then I can give you my contact details.

      Thanx mate.

      Ou Witte.

  8. Anonymous2:35 am

    There is no LGBT brigade protesting the xenophobic protesters...why...because they will get handled.

  9. Anonymous5:15 am


    1. Anonymous2:42 am

      Anon 5:15 This little Terrorist is probably one of those instigators riling blacks to commit hateful acts. Unemployable useless Troublemaker.

    2. Anonymous2:03 pm

      @Anon 5:15am

      First it was foreign blacks. Now it's black revenge, which is an admission that it was domestic blacks all along. I become nauseous whenever one these things opens their stinking mouth.

  10. Anonymous6:34 am


    Mike trying to understand liberals is mind trip, a complete mind trip. To actually try understand these things makes ones head hurt.

    They are the most hypocritical assholes one can or will meet.

    I mentioned on the previous post what is going to happen.

    The violence is going to escalate where foreigners who come from former war torn African countries arm themselves because the police wont protect them and they will be driven into white areas.

    They are going to form no go zones and barricade themselves in.

    The SA blacks will not stop when a few of their own get killed by foreigners. Listen to this piece of shit Nigerian Karasite in this video - he says "this is our cowntry" "this is our conwntry er we white?" in other words, they want the blacks to attack the whites and not them.

    I also mentioned it before, when it does come to whiteys door. I think the vast majority doing it will be foreigners brought in with the aid of this lot.

    The ANC purposely let these Karasites in to further outnumber us.

    If these things were not in the country, the total population would be about 35-40 million. Whites would then make up 10-15% of the population.

    Its a back door to a potential loss, create the problem, offer either citizenship or something for a vote. Its a terrorist organization.

    They have been brought in for the whites. The sentiments of these foreigners is worse to whites than locals.

    Honestly who would have thought that within 23 years that foreigners would total half the population?

    The show is almost over.

    Like I mentioned, they have one shot! So they are going to make sure they use it to the max. What better way than to totally outnumber the whites & make sure the local population dont bare the brunt?

    Brought in undocumented foot soldiers.

    You can listen to Zuma here saying the same thing....

    whet is it e thet e mekes thiz e thing eout of e control - you wil er rekall, a foreigner shot e person in Soweto & then it e heppened, the violence bigen.

    Same thing will happen this time. This time, more foreigners are going to arm themselves and there will be severe violence.


    1. Anonymous10:34 pm

      So Zulus attack nigerians. Whites do not attack nigerians in the streets. So the Nigerians attack whites to defend themselves against the zulus...



      Yup... Sounds legit...

    2. Anonymous6:01 am


      @Anonymous10:34 pm

      When you write something or want to say something, its best to communicate it in such a way that people can understand.

      These attacks are to take the eyes off the real issue, they are a distraction.

      While people, the nation are focusing on the fighting, Zuma & his goons are passing laws through about taking land. They learnt, the media cant focus on a moving target.

    3. Anonymous4:14 am

      Boere mall ninja wants to launch false flag attacks on whites to "scare" us into action. That is what the left does. It is based on lies and not truths. You aren't one of us. You are a leftie infiltrator who disguised himself as a patriot, trying to use our fears to promote your agenda of extermination. I see you, you fraud. People like you are the ones that stir up shit with blacks as well. Piss off.

    4. Anonymous6:52 pm

      Monsieur "Piss off" (anon 4:14 am), no-one here is advocating "false flag attacks" or any other form of dishonest, disrespectful or aggressive acts against us White people. Have you thought about forming a home study group with Monsieur "Dafuq" (anon 11:15 am) to deepen your understanding of how leaders use our negative emotions to achieve a shared goal? :)

      M. James

    5. Anonymous10:48 am

      monsiuer ignoramus, Boere mall ninja was advocating that we run events where we "scare" the whites into action. Events that closely simulate what they would do to us on the "day". Catch a wake up.

    6. Anonymous10:22 pm

      @anon 10:48 am. Thanks for at least confirming that you seem stuck at the level of ad hominem attack, do not understand the meaning of "false flag attack" and are best ignored in future.


  11. Anonymous6:40 am


    Ah!!!!! You have got to listen to this...

    Zuma reckons the problem is South Africa labels things which really shoulndt be labelled, because the rest of the world has them....

    He says

    " I think we love using phrases in South Africa at times that really cause an unnecessary perceptions about us, He says people love people putting labels when they want to put something"

    I agree, the unnecessary perceptions about apartheid were really not necessary considering the country was run better, there were more jobs, less foreigners.

    He also doesnt denounce the violence either. He says we have more foreigners than the entire Europe. I agree, see he is not saying sorry, or saying it is a bad thing.

    Who knows, perhaps Zuma has a Zulu plan in the making of chasing foreigners out, just like Shaka and his Impis tried to chase out all the other invading black tribes.


  12. Anonymous6:46 am

    Mr Smith what a fresh breath of air to see your perspective - the reality- and the effective way in which you dismantle these philosophies we are constantly bombarded with by the leftist media. I appreciate the well-researched articles. Thank you for your stance on Christianity.

  13. Anonymous8:42 am


    These SJW Libtard LWB's are so sad, but hey, WHAT A LAUGH!!!

  14. RunForrestRun1:23 pm

    Interesting read and all quite true but also very "binary". Unfortunately the discourse has descended into a debate on who has the most powerful sky fairy. In this case I have to side with LTMA who actually made a little bit of of sense.

    I believe we all worry too much about this issue, you see the solution to the problem is already happening as we bitch about the problem. The way society functions presently promotes excessive breeding of all these negative traits mentioned by Mike, this excessive breeding facilitated by the "libtards" will soon overwhelm the resources of the planet leading to large scale anarchy.

    This resulting anarchy will very quickly separate the chaff from the wheat leading to re-balancing of the scales, traits that promote survival will very quickly dominate again as these "libtards" die off,---the female of our species will very quickly recognize that her offspring is unlikely to survive if she mated with one.

    As a diver you will know the rule of 3's.
    3 minutes without AIR.
    3 hours without SHELTER.
    3 days without WATER.
    3 weeks without FOOD.

    So buck up chaps, hope is at hand, you only need to survive for a few months to a year and the monster will eat itself.

    Me, I will eat sheep and popcorn.

    1. Anonymous10:21 pm

      All the globalists that caused this have moved to New Zealand and purchased fortified bunkers.

      I guess all the flies are attracted to shit for a reason

    2. Anonymous12:30 am

      @ rfr 1:23pm.

      Fuck my dog! You actually have a sense of humour. There is hope for you yet.

      Are you going to eat sheep muff or really going to go cannibal and eat your boyfriends and girlfriends?

      Maybe that was a bhaaaaaaaad joke to tell a NZ settler, hahahaha.


    3. Anonymous5:59 am


      @RunForrestRun1:23 pm

      I knew you had it in you!!!

      Well put RunForrestRun1

    4. Anonymous9:37 am

      Run homo run.

  15. Anonymous2:07 pm


    Foreigners warning South African blacks about attacking them.


  16. Spikey2:08 pm

    A book that preaches death to anyone not Muslim is just a cult, not a religion. I believe in one God and it isn't Allah. You want to believe in Allah, fine, but don't expect me to bow to your God and think your ways are superior. All lives mater. Muslims need to move out of the dark ages, start treating their women as equals before they earn any respect from me. Stop fleeing from your own lands and stay there and fight for a better way of life. Muslim people are not ready to assimulate to Western ways, until they are, they should remain in their homeland.

  17. Anonymous2:55 pm


    Here it is boys....


    Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma said 2017 is the year of “taking land back to the people” and for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

    Zuma spoke at the launch of Operation Phakisa on Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development in Pretoria on Friday and said the country needs to take bold steps that will transform South Africa’s economy, including land ownership, swiftly.

    “[In order] to achieve all the goals mentioned in the State of the Nation Address government is busy amending all the laws and policies to enable faster land reform, including land expropriation without compensation as provided for in the constitution,” Zuma said.

    Here`s the radical transformation phase.

    The violence everything, is to take the pressure off of the parties underlying motives.

    Oom klasie said mentioned, The glow of fire over JHB, would be followed by the communists trying to initiate something.

    Here it is.

    And now we know why the farm murders have been picking up. 1st terrorize them.
    2nd When they are psychologically defeated, they simply walk away.

    Dont worry boys/girls, in the end we simply eradicate this virus. Everything they take comes back to us and we get more.

  18. Anonymous3:00 pm


    Mentioned before, Zuma operates like a war general. Even the naming of his program speaks of a military operation.

    Operation Phakisa.

    I pointed out during his SONA 2017 speech that he switched to Zulu and spoke about operation Vula to which loud applause erupted.

    I had a feeling it was a code name, just the way he said it, his body language, that karasite grin on his face and the way his goons applauded him.

    This is why the ANC dont want him out, he is doing everything the ANC promised. Taking everything out of the whites hands.

    This is going to get really interesting very fast.


    Their time is running out now.

    Arm, train, unite and prepare.

    1. Anonymous2:46 am

      What does "Phakisa" mean ? Is it short for Phakamisa = pick up ? Vula means open , understandably open the way , what , get rid of all resistance to open the way to the Treasury ? Land seizure will get the attention of International Investors , so it would be too risky . Treasury access is sovereign , no other nation can interfere. Murgarbage tried and all turned their backs on him. Now the price is being paid. If SA with their unprofound policies were to try it and the Imali runs out , a civil war will be sure to erupt .

  19. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Check this out - what domkop witches / matvreters:



  20. Anonymous12:06 am


  21. Whiteman3:37 am

    Friends, I want to share an observation with you guys, and if you think I am talking shit, I know you will say so. Have you noticed, over the last couple of years, people hve become abnormally hostile towards one another. ( I refer to white people only ) But married people are fighting than before. Families are fighting more than before. A guy who would never " kick " his dog, now does that. People fly off the handle for insignificant things. There is probably an increase in the divorce rate as well, but I dont have reliable statistics. Many of these " satanic oppressions, " have been so subtle over time, that many people dont even notice it. What is my point ? It is the satanic NSA " miracle " doing this to ALL of us. And even if you are not religious, give me a reason why Mother Nature allows such unpleasant kak ? But let me risk an answer on her behalf. The nice whiteys, with or without religion, pampered the " poor nignogs, " to breed us into the state of destruction, this country, ( and the world ! ), is presently suffering from. Remember that libturd, who wrote that book : Cry my beloved country ? Pity he is not alive today, to see the shit he so " innocently " helped to create !

    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      Yes, we are living in end times, be prepared for the rapture and 2 nd coming of Christ to kick satans ass. battle of Armageddon I think is not to far away. But yes the world is preparing for the one world government and the anti christ that will rule the world for seven years before the battle of Armageddon where Christ Himself will annihilate satans armies and utterly destroy them. Do a Bible study and see for yourself.

    2. Anonymous11:32 am

      Got bad nyooz for you. There is no pre trib rapture.

    3. Anonymous3:27 pm

      Anon 11.32
      there is a rapture of sorts before the great time of trouble. But not as the mainstream church teaches. Y'Shua is coming for his bride - the first-fruit group of overcomers.
      Faith Walker

    4. Anonymous12:46 am

      I had this mangina white attack me in a parking lot because he did not like the answer I gave to his question.

    5. Anonymous2:40 am

      I am sure Mike won't mind a bit of religion on a Sunday, so just shortly; there is no rapture.
      Never has God taken people from this earth, He has only put them in a safe place. Like Noah and Lot.
      Now (me thinks) that is why He brought Protestants from all over Europe here. And created a new culture. One that future Protestants could easy adapt to, when things go wrong in Europe.
      Remember, He kept His people walking around the desert for 40 years. Why? He wanted the old folk to die out, so only new and fresh minds enter the Promised Land. Maybe same is happening here. Maybe SA needs to first rid itself of all us old guys, so the new generation can welcome those fleeing Europe to clean this country.
      But we still a very important part of the puzzle and need to fight the enemy.
      Don't write the Jews off. Revelations says after 3.5 years of Tribulation the Jews realize they been following a False Prophet, and return to Israel to prepare for Armageddon.
      So God's plan is perfect. The Protestants all safe in SA, while He gathers His people to fight the last battle.


    6. Anonymous4:38 am

      you are clearly unfamiliar with the many Scripture referrals to the bride (the New Jerusalem) company.

      If you are left on terrafirma to fight the last battle, you have missed the wedding.

      This is about a small remnant group who are taken as the bride. They will return with Y'Shua for the last battle on earth.

      You must revisit the 'rapture' of Y'Shua and the many that were later taken up from their graves after his return to the heavenlies. They were the barley harvest - Y'Shua being the 'first-fruits.

      The wheat harvest is yet to come. The bride being the 'first-fruits'. The two witnesses, the two loaves offering.

      The fake christians, the tares, will be destroyed and then the wheat will be harvested. The wicked non-believers (grape harvest) will be thrown into the vats for crushing.

      Don't be misled by the corrupt message from the mainstream 'rapture' lie but also do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

      Faith Walker

    7. Stephen10:40 am

      Noddy and anon11:32 ,

      Two men will be in the field , one will be taken and the other left , two woman will be grinding with a hand mill , one will be taken the other left.....Matthew 24.

      Sounds like a rapture to me.

    8. Anonymous3:46 pm

      Noddy, where are your facts, show me proof other wise I go by my King James Bible.
      And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
      Matthew 18:3

    9. Anonymous4:13 pm

      Not all the Jews will be saved only 144000 will be saved through believing in Christ, could it be pre tribulation, maybe.The Jews of today are still waiting for their saviour to come that is why they don't believe in Christ and do not like Christians.Is the Jews saviour and the Muslims saviour one and the same which is the anti christ, maybe. The anti christ together with the false prophet will deceiving the world population because he will unite all religions, nations, races,economies etc, everything will be one around the world, very charismatic person, it is already happening.

      The anti christ will decieve the Jews and turn against them to the point of trying to wipe them out and that is where Christ will save them and the world at the valley of megiddo, Israel ( battle of Amageddon), at the end of the 7 year tribulation. What this holds for South Africa, who knows?

    10. Noddy is theologically correct, and in line with what traditional Christian preachers used to preach for most of the existence of Christianity. Pre-Trib rapture is a new gospel, invented by John Darby in 1830 AD. Rapture doctrine is one of the most recent "new doctrines" in the history of the Church. The only doctrine more recent is the invention of the sinner's prayer for salvation by Billy Sunday in 1930, which was made popular by Billy Graham in 1935.

    11. Anonymous 3:46 pm
      The signs of Matthew 24 prophecies the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD not the second coming and certainly not some "Rapture" theology that was invented in 1830 AD by John Darby. When Christians saw the signs, they fled the city and were saved.

    12. Anonymous9:27 am

      Not getting into a religious battle. We all have our own opinions.
      anon 4:13 the 144000 are the Jews that start spreading the Word of God, through the Tribulation. They get tortured and killed. And get a special place in heaven. Read Revelation again.
      All the other comments, do your study on Revelations and Daniel. You will find the answers.

      Can't wait for Mike's next post.

    13. Anonymous11:45 am

      and this kids.is why you shouldnt do drugs .....

  22. Whiteman 3.37 sitrep whiteskins as a group are behaving like they do due to the fact that they lack the commitment to be Courageous.

  23. Anonymous5:35 am

    @ whiteman 3:37am.

    I am not here to convert or explain, I merely say it as I see it. The education amongst the contributors of this blog surpasses mine by light years and I learn from these people every time I read this blog.

    Allow me to say, that Mother nature allows all types of crimes against her for she created every living thing to live a life of freedom.

    Every single need was supplied by creation itself, we as a creation in this creation didn't need to work to stay alive, we have everything provided for us, we had, caves, trees, and fields to sleep in, we had fruits and food from the soil to eat, we had meat on the hoof that we hunted.

    You see, we were not happy with what we were given and we fucked with nature and creation and we caused our own shit, we had to go find religion and then start making laws and rules and then start playing one upmanship by offering more materialistic offerings to the gods that we had found, eventually dissatisfaction arose because everybody wanted to be boss and give the gods more bling.

    Thats where gold and material shit started and trading started and thats where we enslaved our species to the material and the law.

    So Mother Nature allowed us to do our thing because whatever she gave us was never good enough because we thought we were better than our creator and she has left us to discover our mistake.

    Your verse of the sins of the father will be visited on the sons of the sons of the sons until eternity, is very true because what our primary ancestors started we are now paying for.

    You see whiteman my belief is simple the strongest survive and all I need to be is stronger than my immediate enemy and I will survive. I do not believe in saving my competition, I believe in destroying it. The law of nature is no mercy only place for the fittest, so as pagan I believe that what ever tries to harm me or take my life I must annihilate or I will be annihilated.


    1. Anonymous7:29 am

      So according to your pagan outlook LTMA:

      Whites should be more like blacks.
      Sleep in caves, in the field and be hunter gatherers.

      My CI Father God made me and my white European race with a creative brain to be used inventively, and to tame and rule the earth.

      Most European whites except psychopaths have something called compassion which other races on this earth lack which makes us on par for the job.

      Compassion given undeservedly is part of the reason for White destruction.
      The other reason is when we ignore our Testament given to us by our Father who knows us, we lose our framework and become vulnerable like sheep scattered amongst the wolves without a Shepard.

      You pagan ideas are no different to the jungle law of the fittest which the blacks ascribe to.
      It encourages Marxist animalistic selfish lazy good for nothing selfish Nihilism.

      No thanks.

    2. Anonymous10:42 am

      @ Anon 7:29am.

      Ok mate, the whites being so full of intelligence and compassion have fucked it up, admit it, you don't know how to kill anymore to protect yourself.

      Let me give you an example, when you get attacked you will rely on the law to protect you, because you have been raised within the law which was derived from the teaching of your Christian JC. You hesitate to retaliate because there are consequences to face if you retaliate.

      If you kill somebody even if he was going to kill you you will go to court and your culture and religion taught you that one should nor kill, so you try be compassionate to a panga wielding nooc and see how far it gets you.

      Yes I am all for jungle law because it is the law we were created to, not this pansy crap of compassion for a murdered, rapist, thief that is why we have murderers, rapists and thieves because your compassion has made you and your type so cross eyed that you do not know good from bad anymore.

      You Christian folk battle with discipline and right from wrong.

      As for Marxism, you should stop sucking your thumb, its fucking up your thought pattern. I stand against anything that wants to remove my freedom from me and anything that wants to take my life. So put that in your pipe and smoke the flavour.

      People like you want to create division within your ranks and sow discord where ever you can, get this straight and understand me clearly, I fight for the cause of white peoples freedom and their right to this land and I am most probably one of the most dedicated and committed people to this cause, so mate next time a nooc cuts you off or passes a racist comment at you, treat him with compassion and see how appreciative he is. One day you might have to depend on this savage, jungle law pagan to help you out of the shit.


  24. Anonymous5:40 am


    @Whiteman3:37 am

    Yes Whiteman. Spot on. Its exactly what happens when a society goes through a major war, communism takes over and in our case we have lost our future.

    I have noticed it & actually asked someone this same question last month. He pointed out exactly what I thought.

    When there is no vision, the people perish. When people or a nation dont believe they have a future. Their entire internal world dies. They are like the walking dead. They take their frustrations out on everything, anything, those closest to them.

    The spark has gone from many of our peoples eyes. I remember not too long ago, when I was growing up that all the old tannies and Oumas had a real sparkle in their eyes.

    Today its virtually gone! Some say its horoscope shit but Siener spoke about this. He said the people would walk around like this, their heads hanging low and despondent.

    Now with them taking the land, we can expect that many, many more will become despondent.

    1. Anonymous9:43 pm

      @BN 5:40am.

      Despondency will not reclaim what has been lost and will eat the soul and character of the man. Time has come for the spoilt life that the whites have enjoyed in this country to be put aside and for them to take up arms in defense not of their cushy existence but rather just for existence.

      The time is here and cannot longer be ignored where we as whites will fight to have our rights restored or we will run and hide in foreign lands.

      Those that cannot flee and those that choose not to fight will be slaughtered without mercy by this curse that infests this land

      So whites must decide if they want to die crying, run forever or make a stand and fight. There will only be three choices not because we want them but because we have been handed them.

      This is not about courage anymore its about survival and must.


    2. Anonymous5:36 am



      The silence before the storm!! The clouds are building in this country.

      Oh its happening right now. There are many groups forming, many organizations and they will swell in numbers.

      You will see them all fit together nicely, it wont be too much longer. Though from here on it will be the darkest & coldest period but it wont last long.

      Thats why those overseas, those here have to all work together. There are those in other countries who can support their people, bring awareness to the plight of the people here in SA and then the locals must work together.

  25. So right Boere -Ninja as whiteskins as a group on the tip of Africa we are withering away.Here in Europe where I'm parking off I'm seen similar signs it just not widely dispersed yet.We need to grow a pair of balls between the ears as well

    1. Stephen3:45 am

      Ja Kev , thats your favourite saying.

      ..'' your looking at your futute its just not wifely dispersed yet..'' you always say that , some times that's the only thing you say.

      I only realised now, you were always talking about yourself and not about us as it seemed.

      Be that as it may , atleast you have foresight.

  26. Anonymous10:18 am

    This is worth a watch/listen:

    Mel Ve interviews the Suidlanders | 15 December 2016


  27. Anonymous2:20 pm


    This is a good read.


    “We are not xenophobic but we work in the interest of South Africans. It is about national identity and pride. There is no nationality called African. You are either South African‚ Angolan or Ethiopian. My (identity document) states that I am a South African‚ not African‚” he said.

    Khumalo‚ who grew up in the US‚ said according to his research‚ there were more than 13-million foreign nationals living in South Africa.

    He said there were more than 5-million Zimbabweans‚ 5.6-million Malawians and 3.2-million Nigerians in the country.

    “Now add Mozambicans‚ Pakistanis‚ Congolese. It cannot be‚” he said.

    “You cannot build a nation within a nation. Their businesses do not bank their proceeds. Where is the money going? It will fund terrorism. This is a Trojan Horse. South Africans will wake up one day to find men with assault rifles kidnapping girls on the streets. We have people here in SA who were child soldiers in their countries‚” he said.

    Khumalo said his party would contest the upcoming national election. If it came to power it would give foreign nationals 48 hours to leave and then seal the borders. He said his party had more than 500 members of all races.

    “We need to tackle this issue before the whole country burns‚” he said.

    OH burn it will. I noticed from twitter all these foreign blacks are asking why they are being attacked and not the whites.

    I am weary, more weary of the foreign blacks towards the whites than the local blacks.

    1. Anonymous12:09 am

      @ BN.

      Interesting comment by the foreign squatters. It shows how thick a retard really is, I will from now on at every opportunity tell the locals retards that the foreigners are here to steal the jobs and women. I know that works well because I have watched the reaction when locals come for jobs and I tell them that I only hire foreigners because they work harder and don't demand

      The hate between retard is unimaginable so let's use it.

      As for the curry makers and eaters that find themselves in my land, its time that we start pointing the local retards focus to them, these char ous are just enjoying beneath the radar to much as they steal billions a year and also skip the beady eye of the tax man.

      You know too well that for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction, how equal just depends on how much effort one applies to it.


  28. Whiteman1:49 am

    BN, that " enlightened " nignog is a Trump wannabe ! But lets face it, Trump has inspired " leaders, " all over the world, to become more bold, and hardarse. So this is probably a positive thing. LTMA, I like the way you are stiring the xenophobic pot. Bravo ! I know some of our readers are critical of Siener. But you can not get away from noticing some very interesting things he said, viz. He said the blacks point a gun at the whites, and then " somebody, " slaps the gun away ! This could be God himself ? It could be the alien nignogs ? It could even be Trump ! But it worries me, that we still have dreamers among us, who make these long term predictions, how everything is going to come right, without a big collapse and terrible bloodshed. I really dont know what they are smoking ?

    1. Anonymous5:32 am


      @Whiteman1:49 am

      Yes well spotted. Just as they are about to attack us, they attack each other. I think its a combination of factors.

  29. Anonymous3:03 am

    This is interesting. Unlike the whites in SA, the other foreign nationals will not stand by and be attacked:

    When anger takes over


    1. Anonymous1:58 pm

      303 So good to see the Kaffir has once again out of sheer stupidity shot himself in the foot.
      Let's look at his backwardness, he runs the Somali and paki out of the township's through unrestrained thuggery, violence and looting, so the Somalis cluster together in West Pretoria and now they have started self defense patrols, which by next year Marabastad will be Pretoria's very own Shatila.

  30. Anonymous4:07 am

    These Migrations of today are only possible , because the Governments arnt doing their Jobs properly, in SA Zuma with his dereliction of Duty has only his eyes on the Treasury , he is so focused on what he can get out trying to remove those that obstruct his path , his Administration or Employees are following suit . This gives other forces the advantage to settle in their agendas. One doesnt hear too much of the Liberal rhetoric in SA anymore because they have fulfilled their Tasks , from Orderly to Chaos.

    In the US the Agenda of the Demolibs is to create Chaos and Treachery , while the Majority elected President is being kept occupied , Major outside Forces are building up and expanding their Agendas . They just wont let him do his JOB . They are really outstanding in their self destructive ways.

  31. Plaaskind8:38 am

    So I will give my 2 cents.
    YaHWeH the Almighty created the earth, and the plants, and the animals and man.

    He gave man a set of rules, like any kingdom would.

    Deut 28 gives us blessings if we obey His rules. Health, wealth and peace.

    If we do not obey His rules we will receive all the curses of Deut 28.
    Go and read them. It sounds like todays newspapers. The blacks are the stick in YaHweH's hand to punish us.

    I know you don't want to hear it, but it's true. Go look.

    And yes, He told his people, YisraEl, to totally wipe out certain nations. Like the Amalekites and those who lived in Canaan.

    We as the white nations must repent and go back to YaHWeH's laws, then He will turn it around and save us, like so many times in the Old Testament.

    And yes, we will have to fight.

    1. Anonymous3:45 pm

      yes Plaaskind I fully agree. But the fight is an internal battle of wills, carnal vs spiritual. Not the physical outward battle of the shadow form of the Old testament.
      That was documented as a 'type' for us to understand 'spiritually.
      And what is happening is more our Fathers rebuke to draw His people back to Him and His ways.
      Faith Walker.

    2. Anonymous12:47 am

      Faithwalker, tell that to the 70 000+ of our people tortured and raped and killed by these cowardly outward black animals.

    3. Anonymous5:04 am


      @Anonymous3:45 pm Faith walker.

      The new testament cannot be fulfilled without the old testament.

      The only reason the new testament came into being was because of the old testament.

      There is as much of a physical battle, as well as spiritual battle. The spiritual battle is about the physical.

      Eve wasnt spiritually seduced, she was physically seduced - she gave birth to Cane and no where does it say Cane was Adams son, he also married a women from outside of Adams race which tells us there were others on earth.

      Is it also no wonder the land of Canaan was to be taken over by Adams descendants the Israelite's? The Kushites came from Canaan, the Kushies as the Jews still call them to this day are black.

      This lot here in SA are from up North, Kushites. This is an age old battle.

      Christians have a hard time knowing what the NT is because they dont know who the old testament applies to or where those people are in our modern times.

      Its simple, had Israel (adams descendents - Jacobs children) not backslidden & got kicked out of the land they were given, then the new testament would not have been created.

      Yashua said (read the book of Mathew) " I have not come BUT unto the house of Israel". The last chapters of revelations explains what happens in the end to Israelites, the people and not the land of Israel - the land of Israel should actually in todays time be called the land of Canaan to remove confusion.

      It tells us in Revelations that all the earths nations come to the 12 apostles sitting judging the 12 tribes that will eventually come together at the end of the age.

      The Satanic plan to destroy the western white man, the literal descendants of Israel is as much spiritual as it is physical.

      If they are spiritually weakened through liberalism, feminism (eve once again has full reigns) socialism, communism they will be destroyed either by the enemy during war or literally be outbred/mixed with the heathen nations.

      Should that happen, there will be no return of Yashua. For he said " I have not come but unto the house of Israel".

      If there is no house or Israelites left, then there will be no return and Satan will have proven the bible, God & his son a liar.

      Which was his aim with Eve right from the start.

      The old testament still stands, from Yashuas lips to our ears - He did not come to remove the laws of Moses. In fact there is no new law that Christ mentioned or said that cannot be found in the old testament.

      Yashua basically summed up the 10 commandments and mentioned 2 laws - should you obey those 2 laws, you follow all 10 commandments.

      Those 2 commandments which were mentioned can be found in the book of Exodus/Leviticus.

      1. Love your neighbor.
      2. Love your God.

      Should you love your Israelite neighbors (it only applies to Israel neighbors, since there were only Israelites around at the time of the commandment, they had left Egypt and only their neighbors were Israelites)

      Should you love your neighbor - you will not break any of the 10 commandments.

      If you love your God - you will not break any commandment & therefore live peacefully & love thy Neighbor.

      The only reason Yashua arrived, was born is explained in Mathew " I have not come but unto the house of Israel" Israel that was taken captive, left the middle east, entered Europe, to which we find the first apostles preaching to and the first churches on Earth.

      Jesus did not arrive to save all nations like the Church preaches.
      Jesus did not arrive to bring peace - it says so in the new Testament. Math 10:34
      Jesus did not arrive to forgive all nations - Math 15:24
      Jesus did not arrive to be a savior for all - Math 15:24

    4. Anonymous5:05 am


      Anonymous3:45 pm

      All the above are taught in 99% of Churches who today also accept homosexuals & female bishops - is it no wonder why most of the western world are spiritually dead?

      Like the protestants knew - the best way to know your bible is to either read or listen to it. You dont need some preacher, pastor to be telling you what it means or says.

      All you need to understand is 1. History 2. Archeology that confirms the history and combined with the scriptures everything will make sense.

      Without History & Archeology we can all interpret the bible our own ways, in thousands of diff ways, with thousands of diff preachers, religious denominations, introduce History + Archeology and you remove all debate & confusion.

    5. Stephen7:51 am

      Faith , most of these farmers ( if not all ) are God-fearing people.

      I know that farmers are much more bound to the cross than city-dwellers ( which I am one of , but you do get the exceptions).

      God is not willing that any man suffer and perish , He is abundant in Love and Grace for us .
      He certainly doesn't approve of these gruesome farm murders.

      I don't think you meant it that way , just realize there are smaller realities in one great reality .
      God does want us back yes , He yearn earnestly for the spirit He's deposited in us , but I don't think He is punishing us.

    6. Anonymous10:42 am

      WTF are you talking about? We have always kept Gods commandments.

    7. Anonymous12:31 am

      Lets not fall out over our differences in the Scripture and our level of understanding. We are brothers in faith.

      But, you don't know me or my journey. I observe the commandments - the Sabbath including the seven feasts, eat according to the clean laws etec etc etc. But with all respect to you, you are lost on some points and especially your elevation of 'Satan'. You have made 'the adversary' (the carnal nature of man' into another god - all powerful and some demonic being.
      Read Romans 15:4 and 1 Corinthians 10:11 'Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.'

      The interpretation of the Old Testament must be done through Y'Shua's Greater Light teachings. They need to be understood and applied through His nature and Spirit.

      Stephen, there is a difference between punishment and the refiners fire. Read James 2:19 'Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.'
      Believing is not enough. We need to follow the Father's instructions for life - the Torah. Christians are following a set of 'pagan' rituals and have lost their way.

      YhWH is reaching out through persecution and is drawing them back.

      Faith Walker

    8. Anonymous5:02 am

      Aaahhh... at last a lone voice talking sense.
      @Stephen - that is exactly why the Creator is wiping the farmers out : because the have turned from worshippng Him, to worshipping the pagan cross of Tamuz, worshipping the pagan Sun god on "sun"day.
      How can you keep 16 December like a Shabbat, if you have not even the faintest idea of what the Shabbat is or how to keep it holy...?
      Protestant religion is still merely churchianity in another mask.

    9. Anonymous5:03 am

      @anon 10:42... yeah, which ones..?

    10. Anonymous11:20 am


      @Faith walker.

      NP. Just out of interest, you do know that in Corinthians that Pauls letters to the Corinthians is speaking to the tribe of Israel?

      They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea. Cor - 10:2

      There is only one people, 12 tribes (14 with Josephs 2 children) that crossed the sea. The modern Church claim that this is a spiritual reference but again, Paul listened to Christ and was following his commandment.

      "Go but unto the house of Israel"

      Only Jacobs children crossed the sea. It is a physical reality and the Scottish also claim it in their deceleration that they crossed the sea.


      The gentiles are often considered heathens by the modern Church which goes back to Greece when the first Christian books were being altered by Jews that settled there (look it up on wikipedia and other online sources) but this verse proves who they were and Paul knew who they were.

      If applied to the entire world like the modern Church says it does, then every nation on Earth would have walked with the Israelites, including the Egyptians and crossed the sea.

      The bible is clear that all the Egyptians and Chariots were killed.

      And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea.

      And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.
      Exodus 14:27 - 28

      Imagine, today you go and visit a Church in Egypt (good luck, they might cut your head off) and you hear the preacher tell the congregation that everyone walked through the sea and is baptized and saved through Christ?

      So then why are there still Egyptians in Egypt? Shouldnt they be in Israel? and does that make God a liar or Moses a liar for it tells us in Ex 14:27 they drowned.

  32. Whiteman9:51 am

    Man, the USA is seriously interesting ! Now the chairman of the Democratic National Convention is Tom Perez. Is he a mexican ? Definitely not white. But I see so many similarities with the DA here. They swing to the black, mexican, latino side, because they know that these creatures are going to completely overrun the whites. But the rich democrats will always be able to afford some semblance of Apartheid with their money, and contacts. And you dont hear Trump blowing the " lets all stand together " bugle anymore ! Because he knows, it is IMPOSSIBLE ! They can wave that american flag, till their wrists break off. The rainbow-dream will NEVER happen. And it is SO good to see it failing there, because we can hit the local libturds VERY hard, with this tragic reality. But really, the USA is totally ripe for a civil war of some sorts. And just like here, the HATE, between all the different factions, is just getting bigger all the time. And it seems like not even the churches can change it !

    1. Anonymous10:41 am

      The democrats dont exercize apartheid. If that is what you think, then you need to discard your hollywood education of what apartheid was about.

    2. Anon 10:41 "The democrats dont exercize apartheid." Oh no?

      How many refugees do you see encamped on the landed gentry Democrats' properties? I don't see the Rockefellers & Rothschilds opening their estates to ragheads.

  33. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Liberals can pretend to be non-racist, but internet dating site analyses tell the true story. Whites don't want to mix with blacks, but black men don't like black women - who are the most desperate and will date any race.


    1. Ou Witte4:07 am

      Hi Mike and the other manne.

      I worked in Angola for a number of years.
      We were 20 guys from S.A. who went there initially.
      From that number, 8 were white, Afrikaans ouk's. As soon as we arrived over there, some of these same wit ouk's, stated piling into those ugly, filthy black women. Seemed like they could not get enough of those ousies!

      Now all these guys are all married and have children in S.A!!!
      Most of them were also these tough, black haters. Serious AWB wannabe's.

      All this shocked the daylight out of the rest of us.

      Now, I am not generalizing, but I believe that many of our fellow 'patriots' are jumping the fence to these black monsters.

      Last year at the gas station, one of the attendants said that I would be amazed to know how many white men, visit the squatter camps on weekends to pick up the black bitches.

      To me, that is shocking!!!
      These types must be identified, and they must pay.I wonder what their parents, wives, families and children would think?

      To me, that is probably the lowest a white man can go, when screwing anything that is not WHITE!!

    2. Anonymous9:36 pm

      @ou witte. Haha n man se myt is n man se myt. Haha joke. Vaalpens

    3. @ Ou Witte. About 2001 I was in West Africa for four months. We were about 20 white guys from all over the world, British, German, Italian, Danish and some English speaking South Africans. These guys loved going to the Kaffir bars and steek the meide. Once...after a lot of insistence about how "nice" it was at these bars, I went along to have a look. I lasted about half an hour. I left in total disgust. Funny thing was that these guys were all disgusted at ME for leaving and openly showing my disgust. The next day they (mostly the English speaking South Africans) tried to take me to task for not being a "team player". I told them straight, "Look, if you like to go drinking in a shebeen with kaffirs then by all means go. Just don't expect me to come along."

      Four months...I never set foot in one of those places ever again. Later I met another Afrikaans guy who also had a tour of duty in West Africa. He told me the same thing, how these English speaking guys from Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Howick would go drinking in the shebeens and shag the meide. A good friend of mine is a white Portuguese guy who was born in Mozambique and did a lot of work in Angola. He is married to an Afrikaans woman. He is extremely conservative and won't touch these things with a bargepole. He is just as disgusted with the behaviour of the Durbanites when they work in Angola. He reckons for some or other reason they all love the meide up there.

      Don't know if I am generalising or not. Can only speak from own experience. One of my English speaking friends from Cape Town has been to Angola four times already. He is married to a Cape Coloured woman, yet he is also extremely disgusted with the way his fellow English speaking Saffers behave when they are in Angola.

    4. Hulle sê mos 'n man soek een soos sy ma. As die ousie jou man grootgemaak het, glo maar hy spring oor die draad op gereelde basis...

    5. Whiteman10:28 pm

      Ou Witte,you make a very painful, accurate observation ! But in ALL fairness, this type of thing started the moment Van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town. Even before those times, when sailors made contact with indigenous populations. But they are cursed by their bastard offspring, maybe for generations. The colourds in this country, are lamenting every day, saying : For the white people, we have never been white enough. For the black people, we will never be black enough ! And I saw mariaha carey, singer/film star, say in an interview : It is VERY difficult to be multi racial ! And trevor noah would confirm this as well, but his black genes, steer him away from being truthful and honest. Maybe if you got him very drunk, the real truth would come out !

    6. Hulle se die nuwe Toyota Land Cruizer is so sterk dat met sy Diff-lock engaged sleep hy n Duitser van n Myt af in een go..?.

    7. Mike, ja boet, but we all know Durban / Natal is a different continent, not just a country. I think all that hot curry has fried their brains.

      How anyone could shag those ugly things, I could never understand. Not only are they excruciatingly ulgy, but filthy and disease ridden too.

      Nee man, sies!

    8. Ou Witte.12:05 am

      Hi Mike,

      They are the scum of the earth! I don't know how they could sell their souls to these black heathen bitches.

      By the way, how do I go about joining your watsapp group?

      Ou Witte.

    9. Anonymous2:02 am

      Don't know if I am generalising or not

      Well seeing as you only mention --Durban Pietermaritzburg and Howick I would say YES

      Perhaps you can tell us the numbers
      How many people are we talking about ?
      Five ? Ten ? / One Hundred ?
      How old were these people ?
      In any case you need to do a recount once the novelty of a "Zambezi Blonde" has worn off.

      I suppose you have forgotten that "men" are dogs

      HOW do you think the Cape Coloured population came about ( BEFORE "English speaking South Africans )

    10. yip Mike mix race birth rate on the increase

    11. Anonymous6:37 am



      Mike I once heard that absentees makes the blacks grow blonder ;)

      Yikes, might as well pomp a yetti or Gorilla.

      Should be considered bestiality.

    12. @ Anon 2:02 Who asked "HOW do you think the Cape Coloured population came about"

      Well the Boere trekked away from the Cape, that is why they were called Trekboere. That leaves only the British at the Cape and all those thousands upon thousands of Bucked teeth british sailors rounding the Cape since 1795...I see they did so much fucking at the Cape that the Cape coloureds today still carry that bad teeth gene.

    13. Anonymous11:06 am


      @Mike Smith7:40 am

      Maybe thats the real reason they like their front teeth taken out?

      Also easier to say Jou ma th poo.

    14. Have you heard of the famous Dunns of Natal? John Dunn had 117 children with 48 Zulu wives John Dunn’s descendents

    15. Anonymous3:27 pm

      Morons behaving like sex-mad kaffirs, putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. No amount of alcohol could mask the repugnance of these things. It would be like having sex with a bucket of shit.

    16. The comments above explain, maybe, why Oompie Angus is so reluctant to condemn plaasmoorde and sexual assaults on white women... and only emphasizes rape on black women... those are his people, not us whites...

    17. Ou Witte.1:45 am

      When I worked in Angola, he (Angus) befriendid me on facebook. After about 1 week he told me that God spoke to him. He said that I had to donate money to some darky plaasskool in KZN. Angus even told me how much! Damn, I nearly fell off my chair! I told him (Angus) to basically piss off. I wiped him off my profile at once.

    18. Whiteman3:47 am

      Ou Witte, so glad you saw the light ! Unfortunately, the majority of whites in this country, are still slogging away at the " rainbow-dream." But they are making things just more difficult for all the clear thinking whiteys in this country. My best advice in these days, when somebody says : God has spoken to me, is the following. Moer him/her with a baseball bat, but please dont kill. Then visit him/her in hospital, and ask for their forgiveness. Firstly, you will see how " godly " the person is, and you will help him/her, to pick their victims more carefully next time !

  34. Stephen1:12 pm

    Hi Mike

    Reverse gear indeed , everything has gone backwards since the kaffirs got handed the country.

    I don't think I need to spell it out , were all well aware
    Our economy - backwards
    Our schools - backwards
    Our infrastructure - backwards
    our military -backwards
    Etc.etc.etc - the list is endless.

    Its staggering to think how far we've been short-changed in the past two decades plus. In all apects , we work way too hard -for way too little-and deal with way too much crap from these kaffirs and libtards.

    While these kaffirs fight and march and spend their days devising devious plans , us hard working whites are in the engin room keeping the ship afloat.

    Going in the wrong direction for 24 years has left us far from the mark we should have been by now , I miss the future we were supposed to have.

    1. Anonymous10:50 am


      @Stephen1:12 pm

      Not just 24 years.

      What about the sanctions against us for decades?

      Imagine what this country could have looked like if we were simply left to sort our own shit out?

      The country by 1994 would have been far better than what it was when we handed over.

      Despite their sanctions, we grew better, stronger, faster than many countries without sanctions! Now imagine what would have happened if we had no sanctions?

    2. Stephen, I am thrilled by the demise of the military. It's just making our job easier. A defense force of 65 000 can hardly be called a force?

      Shit, I think that's about what we had deployed on the border, fighting a war and these buffoons "can't afford" to maintain a peacetime army / rabble because the steal all the money.

      Fucking sickening, but nothing the do surprises me. They are beyond useless.

    3. Anonymous3:26 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations11:53 pm

      Tom I thought the same thing. Let them rot en vrot. Best thing in the long run for us. Their complacency will destroy them.

      The more deteriorated, the better.

      65,000, wouldnt even allow them to guard a shop let alone be called soldiers.

      What our people should be doing is training and arming.

      For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them;
      Prov 1:32

  35. Anonymous6:20 am

    Look at this. And they have the cheek to mention white privilege. We must print this and show it to all black people so they can see how there leaders live.

    Brian Molefe's mansion bonanza