17 February 2017

The Great South African War between the ANC and the Banking Cartel

By Mike Smith
17th of February 2017

One of the things that have always puzzled me was how the biggest Capitalists in the world could support the biggest Marxists.

Take Christian, White, Western orientated Apartheid South Africa for instance. Some of our biggest ANC supporters during Apartheid were the Western banks. Further…the biggest white western capitalist and democratic nations, who were supposedly in a “Cold War” with the Communists, were supporting our Marxist enemies against us.

With all the sanctions and boycotts against us we could deal, but Apartheid was only broken in 1985 once the banks like Chase Manhattan (David Rockefeller) and City Bank (CIA Front) stopped loans to South African companies and started calling in all short term loans.

Barclays disinvested and sold their shares to the Oppenheimers (Anglo American Corporation & De Beers) who then founded First National Bank whose original Logo of a Camel Thorn tree (Vachellia erioloba) against an African sunset hid a subliminal map of Africa, a rabbit (symbol of liberation) and an AK47. They changed the logo several times after people saw through their bullshit.

Nevertheless…Hardly was Apartheid gone or these banks fell over their feet to perversely please and pleasure their new Communist masters. ABSA, the former Broederbond Bank who has Broederbond owned Pierneef paintings hanging in its head office, appointed one ANC Communist and terrorist after the other to its management and got into bed with the Socialist grant system of the ANC called “AllPay”.

FNB sponsored the Homecoming Revolution, glorifying what a sterling job the ANC was doing and that those whites who have fled the de facto failed Black Communist one party state of SA should return and if the didn’t…well of course they must be “racists” then.

These banks like ABSA made fortunes out of the ANC’s theft and exploitation of the white taxpayers.

But then came the shock in 2012 that the ANC would change over the R10billion/month grants distributed to 17 million lazy and useless blacks from ABSA to American Net1 UEPS and their Cash Paymaster Services on 1 April 2017.

Till date nobody knows how the grants will be paid and everyone is expecting a disastrous meltdown when 17 million black South Africans on the dole are not going to get their money. I mean the first of April 2017 is only a month and a half away…There are going to be a lot of pissed off black April fools.

Of course the CEO of Net1, Serge Belamant, is a fraudster who faked his PhD and Net1 got the deal through fraudulent and corrupt empowerment dealings with the ANC

Nevertheless it was just one of the things that pissed ABSA bank off about the ANC. Another was the fact that the ANC’s pornographic bedfellows, the Guptas, were using ABSA (amongst others) as its personal washing machine to cleanse their dirty, slimy money.

Then in mid 2016, the four major banks in SA shunned the Guptas, and the ANC flew into a raging fit. Suddenly all you heard coming from the ANC was “White Monopoly Capital” this and “White Monopoly Capital” that….and a lot of threats by the ANC to destroy the Banks.

A salvo was fired across the bow of ABSA when the new Public Protector and ANC mattress, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, reported that ABSA had benefitted from an unlawful apartheid-era bailout from the SA Reserve Bank when it bought Bankorp in 1992 and demanded that they pay back R2.25 Billion to the current ANC government.

Like that was going to happen…

On the 26th of January 2017 hundreds of blacks from the filthy ANC Youth League stormed into and occupied ABSA bank in Durban to stink it out. Typical strong-arm, intimidation bullshit from the ANC.

The arrogant ANC then followed it up with allegations that the SA banks were all colluding with foreign banks (Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Rothschilds, etc) to fix the Rand currency. Probably true…

Standard Bank‚ Absa face prosecution‚ huge fines over price fixing allegations

Sixteen local and international banks face collusion fines

Bank price fixers must be punished for their 'unbridled greed‚' says National Treasury

ANC challenges 'monopolistic behaviour' of banks

Make no mistake, I am no friend of these banksters and former bedfellows of the ANC and the Guptas after how they helped to bring the Marxist terrorist ANC to power. As Richard Poplack said, “Since 2007, almost all of the big-name financial institutions in this country allegedly huddled together to rig the currency rate – so that they got richer, and South Africans got fucked.”

You just have to add up all your bank costs and commissions when changing foreign currency into Rands at ABSA or Bidvest and you will know just HOW you got fucked by the banks and agree with Poplack.

However, the relationships between the ANC and the Banks have soured. The love affair is over…There is not a shred of love lost between them and the ANC anymore. Problem is that the ANC, arrogant pricks that they are, think that they can win this battle. They are in for a big surprise.

DA spokesman on economic development, Michael Cardo, summed it up when he said:

“The fact is that there is a cabal of ANC ministers in the Cabinet‚ clustered around the Gupta-lackey‚ Mosebenzi Zwane‚ that wants to do battle with the banks‚ regardless of the economic fallout.”

What it means is that the ANC wants to destroy the banks and steal all the money and they don’t care if the country goes bankrupt or who dies of hunger when millions of blacks will be starving.

I am just worried what happens to the whites in this battle, because the African saying is that when two elephants go head to head it is the grass that suffers.

Personally, I don’t think the ANC will survive this battle. Going up against the World Banking Cartel is never a good idea. The Nats learned that lesson too.

I just wish some enterprising and entrepreneurial White South African would approach the banks with a REAL viable and long term solution….a business plan for the next 200 years if you like…

Oh look!…In fact I just happen to have exactly such a plan ready…In quite a lot of detail mind you. It involves a push to the equator and an ANC free Greater South Africa stretching to the banks of the Kunene and the Zambezi…I mean lots of diamonds and minerals in this area… Any banker wants to see my plan? Speak to me. I’m your man.


  1. Love that bit, "Speak to me. I’m your man."!

    Mike, I think this is all in accordance with old Siener - the interim government, etc. I do so love it when things start coming together.
    The show is on the road and gathering momentum every day. This fucking brain-dead bunch in the ANC think it's a fight they can win. And, as the comments in that link to EWN that BN posted yesterday shows, it seems the Boertjies are catching more of a wake-up every day.

  2. Anonymous5:28 am

    All fair enough but what does BRICS hold for SA?

  3. Anonymous6:11 am

    "Barclays disinvested and sold their shares to the Oppenheimers (Anglo American Corporation & De Beers) who then founded First National Bank whose original Logo of a Camel Thorn tree (Vachellia erioloba) against an African sunset hid a subliminal map of Africa, a rabbit (symbol of liberation) and an AK47. They changed the logo several times after people saw through their bullshit.
    Any further updates on this?

  4. Adrem7:19 am

    Thanks Mike, a highly interesting write-up which helped me to connect yet more of the missing dots. The picture is - almost - completed!

  5. Anonymous7:36 am

    Not only South African banks.

    "The Competition Commission on Wednesday referred a collusion case to the tribunal for prosecution against 17 banks, including three of South Africa's big banks.

    "The commission said in a statement it has been investigating a case of price-fixing and market allocation in the trading of foreign currency pairs involving the rand since April 2015. It has now referred the case to the tribunal for prosecution.

    "The banks are Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan Chase & Co, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, Investec Ltd, Standard New York Securities Inc, HSBC Bank Plc, Standard Chartered Bank, Credit Suisse Group; Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd, Commerzbank AG; Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Nomura International Plc, Macquarie Bank Limited, ABSA Bank Limited (ABSA), Barclays Capital Inc, Barclays Bank plc (Respondents).

    "The commission is seeking an order from the tribunal declaring that the respondents have contravened the Competition Act.

    "Further, the Commission is seeking an order declaring that 14 of the banks - Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan Chase & Co, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Investec, Standard New York Securities, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Credit Suisse Group; Standard Bank of South Africa, Commerzbank; Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Nomura International and Macquarie Bank - are liable for the payment of an administrative penalty equal to 10% of their annual turnover."

    Notice the focus on Absa and Standard Bank locally. Investec is run by an all round bunch of scoundrels so no further comment there. Nomura is a Japanese mergers and acquisitions focused investment bank who are particularly outspoken about the ANC. They opened a branch in Cape Town in April last year.

    Good luck with trying to grab 10% of this lot's annual turnover.

  6. Anonymous8:11 am

    A commission of inquiry was conducted in 2001 in regards to speculative attacks on the Rand.

    It was found that several international banks, Deutsche Bank being one of the main culprits had colluded with Sasol to weaken the Rand.

    The Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 was set in motion by speculative attacks on the Thai Baht by large banks and traders to deliberately weaken and crash the currency to make huge profits.

    Even Hong Kong implicated Soros in the Asian Crisis. Hong Kong, having a pegged currency which they have to 'defend' is very aware of the speculative attacks on their currency but they have large foreign currency reserves to defend the currency for a long period. South Africa, does not have a lot of foreign currency and the SARB does not intervene to defend the currency as it is a 'free-floating' currency determined by demand. However, this puts it at the mercy of foreign banks and wealthy individuals, who at a whim can potentially crash the currency or even strengthen it if it suits them.

    None of this is conspiracy theory, in economics the concept 'speculative attack' on a currency is taught, it is exists and this is how banks and wealthy individuals can make a lot of money by manipulating a nation's currency.

    1. Anonymous10:12 am

      Exactly. And it doesn't help to raise interest rates too late when you have an overvalued currency, as Britain found in September 92 when George Soros thrashed the pound. The rand is too strong right now and will get thrashed again.

  7. Anonymous10:19 pm

    So you are promoting a greater south africa? That is what globalist jan smuts promoted too. Our suffering is being used to goad us into doing what the globalist want.

    1. @ Anon 10:19 pm...Let me guess I am also a shape-shifting reptilian like Jan Smuts, right?

      So where do you suggest the border should be Sparky?

      The original Orange and Limpopo Rivers of the Old SA? Wasn’t the Old SA also a Union? Lemme guess… you want to restore the old Boer Republics, right? Now, nothing wrong with that, I am all for it. Just tell me what are you going to do with all the Kaffirs?

      You just going to chase them over the Limpopo? And then what? You Boertjies on the Limpopo border will soon start employing them again. Then they multiply and you are back to square one again. No my friend, if you are going to do it, do it properly. Chase the fuckers as far away from your borders as possible; declare the area in between No-Man’s Land and any bastard caught their shot like a dog.

      Now after you have told me what you are going to do to the Kaffirs, please enlighten me to what you are going to do to all the Engelse in your New/Old Boer Republic, because I take it you are still stuck in the Boer War of 115 years ago and hate the Engelse, right? And the other “Uitlanders”? Germans, Portuguese? They must also go, right? Oh yes and there are those who are “Afrikaners”, because apparently there is a difference between an Afrikaner and a Boer. So all the Afrikaners out of the Boer Republics. Oh and then only the Doppers are allowed, because a REAL BOER is a Dopper. Afrikaners are “Gaaitjieponders”, right? And all those heathens of the AGS…must also go….and so on and so forth…At the end of the day you and your five REAL BOERS will be all that is left over and you will have the entire Boer Republic for yourself. Just tell me…how do you intend to defend your vast border with only FIVE real BOERS after you have chased the unworthy out? Oh sorry…God is on your side, right? You, your five Boers and God “Teen die hele wêreld vry!”

      Oh just one last question…”Is jy fôkken simpel of net gerook?”

      Nou loop huil by jou mammie en vertel haar oom Mike was lelik met jou.

    2. Whiteman3:50 am

      Mike, thanks fot that dose of realism ! Unfortunately, some well meaning individuals still suffer from tunnel vision.This is very human, and we all experience this weakness from time to time. The thing is to force yourself to think out of the box, and see the BIG picture. People tend to forget that various white nations helped the Boers during the Boer War. Even nignogs ! Man that hurts. And what about the very horrible enemy were fighting ? They produced an Emily Hobhouse, who made incredible sacrafices for the Boer Nation. And you have once again, diadnosed the REAL problem in this country. The nignog plague ! Without the removal of the plague, their can be NO solution. For twenty plus years, the clever people, have tried every nice/christian solution in the book. And we just sink deeper into the sinking-sand. Many are dead already. Some of us are still going down, but can still breathe. Lets face it, we need a MIRACLE !

  8. Anonymous2:13 am

    You have confused Crony capitalism with capitalism. It is like crony segregation (American Jim Crow) vs Righteous segregation (apartheid). The crony versions are screw jobs on people. jim crow was a screw job on black americans because they did not get their own soverignty whereas the blacks here got sovereignty. Bop and these other nominally independant states had a parliament.

    So apartheid (righteous segregation) created a plethora of middle class soverigntys just like TRUE capitalism creates a huge plethora of middle class people.

    The crony versions transfer wealth (crony captilism) to the rich white elite and transfer soveriegnty (crony segregation) to the elite. Under jim crow, no blacks had a military whereas they had one with us. Bop had 4000 troops.

    The rich elite NWO always will cronify (is that a word?) everything that christians do. They cronify and pervert marriages, genders (like we see in the USA now). They pervert all normal human activity.

    The stupid part is that shaka on this forum is like most black idiots where he does not see the difference between the white elite (the babel builders) and the white nationalists (those who fucked off from the tower of babel and accepted Gods decision to divide humanity culturally)

    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      'the difference between the white elite (the babel builders) and the white nationalists'

      Exactly. I wish that the ruling powers would differentiate between these two groups. We are all victims of this 'global elitist' and their hidden agenda. Divide and conquer has always been a successful strategy though.

      At the end of the day the ordinary man, black white or yellow, will all suffer the same fate as the globalists strive for their end plan - world domination/Babylon resurrected.

      It will fall anyway as the hand of the Almighty weighs in.


  9. Anonymous2:19 am

    "Busisiwe Mkhwebane, reported that ABSA had benefitted from an unlawful apartheid-era bailout from the SA Reserve Bank when it bought Bankorp in 1992 and demanded that they pay back R2.25 Billion to the current ANC government."

    These wANCers are always on the take, especially with this "benefitted from Apartheid" crap. There is absolutely no limit to their greed.

  10. Ag nee wat - ek laai maar my ammunisie en ek doen Sport Shooting en Dedicated Hunting. En ek wag...

    1. Jy gaan meer as net bullets nodig he boet.. Doen ten minste 10 push-ups n dag en kyk baie war movies, hulle se dit help..

  11. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Mike , shift the red line a bit higher to the top of Angola,Zambia and all Mozambique.

  12. Anonymous2:02 am

    Wanneer die erwe van die vadere die nageslag met voorspoed verveel dan vergeet hul die prys in bloed betaal. So sal die geskiedenis hom weer herhaal telkemaal. 'n Land met bloed betaal is sonder 'n skoot deur verraad verkoop. Wat sal die antwoord wees as die voorgeslagte vra, het ons dan verniet met ons bloed betaal. Minag julle die smarte almal wat met die pad verby ons gaan. Raak dit julle nie, so baie bloed gestort.'n Nageslag wat vir ewig wag. Sal julle swyg en nooit die stryd aanhef. Te vergeefs wag hulle 'n antwoord af. Die verraad hou die wag oor ons. Miskien 'n paar geslagte hiervandaan sal die voorgeslagte weer op moet staan.