28 February 2017

Saying Goodbye to the Left

By Mike Smith
28th of February 2017

I’ve had a funny feeling towards libtards lately. Not sure what it is, because empathy, it is not...it is more a “facepalm” feeling of helplessness when you watch them fuck-up. It is like watching a bear climb up an electric pylon...ever higher; You know what is going to happen. You can see it coming a mile away and although you know it is not going to help, you still shout, you warn, but alas all you can do is wait for the flash, the smoke and watch the bear tumble to the ground. Facepalm headshaking moment.

Such a moment I had over the weekend when I saw the left from Tinsel Town in their yearly vainglorious circle jerk aka the Oscars...and they couldn’t even read the card with the correct winner properly. Face Palm, shaking head. I mean this is the stuff Zuma does, “Seventy Leventy” style and they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore.

Watching the Oscars and the repetitive, boring yakkity yak of leftist bullshit and anti Trump “political statements”, I thought to myself, “What a bunch of pathetic clowns...”

They elicited by me a spontaneous thought similar to watching the cadaveric spasms of a nest of dying flea-infested rats.

They have lost touch with reality. The world has passed them by during their La-la-land complacency. Like the bob on a gigantic pendulum the world has reached the amplitude of its left leaning period and is now starting to swing to the right with a mighty destructive force and like the tiny flees on a sixties hippie, the just awoken left is desperately trying to cling to the weight; desperately trying to hold it back...one can almost feel sorry for them, because they are just going to be dragged along and smashed together with all their bullshit ideals, experiments and other houses of cards like “multiculturalism”, “political correctness”, “cultural relativism”, “ racial egalitarianism” and of course...that evil empire of the Union of Soviet Socialist European Republics.

The European Union is falling apart, the Rainbow Nation at the tip of Africa is falling apart…where are the libtards going to run to?

Nevertheless, for the moment they are still screaming and kicking, but it has a negative effect. Instead of sympathy they just get scorn. Instead of being taken seriously people laugh in their faces.

People see their infantile tirades against President Trump daily on television, hear them on the radio, see the shit they write in the biased, leftist newspapers and the revulsion for the nauseating, lying left’s behaviour is growing by the day. They are being ignored and shunned like a spoiled and squealing four year old with soiled pants.

Everything Trump has said about the media so far is true. They are indeed a bunch of lying, manipulating and dishonest scumbags. Nobody trusts them anymore. Daily people point out their dishonesty, leftist bias and hypocrisy. Problem is they still think they can get away with it and why not? They have been getting away with it for the last five, six decades. Now that they have become the stale victims of their own unprincipled behaviour, they want to cry.

However watching them stuff up more and more every day is actually tragic and comical at the same time. It is like you wanted to help them and give them advice, but alas...the bear just keeps on climbing.

Of course they are now looking for the evil Boogie Man

“It is Putin”, they shout…”Steve Bannon”, “Robert Mercer”, “Breitbart”, yakkiti-yak…yeah, yeah…whatever.

For years when the right pointed to the very real left wing agenda in politics, the media and the academia, they called us “conspiracy theorists”. Now who are the conspiracy theorists?

At least ours were not theories, but facts. Today we are still waiting for their "facts" about Russian intervention, blah, blah....

We, on the other hand,  refuted all their junk and bullshit theories with hard and undeniable facts. Blogs like mine had to fight tooth and nail against the daily stream of billionaire funded leftist psyops with no budget of our own and just sacrificing our time and personal lives. Now, finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel; a light radiating and emanating from the burning corpses of the malign leftist media and raving prevaricators of the leftist academic world.

All I can say is I hope they cherish their phony pictures and articles from over the years. I hope they bathe themselves in the former glory of their lies and I truly hope they had the time of their lives, because the world is changing rapidly and it’s not going to be gentle on them. As Shakespeare said in Troilus and Cressida: “I couldn't be more glad to see the back of them, good riddance I say. Goodbye and good riddance!”


  1. Anonymous9:22 am

    Saying goodbye to them is too soft. The end of a rope is more the idea i had for them. Too much blood and destruction on there hands

  2. Anonymous9:57 am

    The term "fake news" was meant for us, coined by Hitlery Klinton. It has backfired big time.

    Once again, proof of how revolutions are all top down. None of this would have happened without the top down revolution of Trump.

  3. Anonymous11:04 am


    Was discussing this very topic last night. In fact if you watch homeland, the new season they even try discredit to their best Alex Jones.

    Its funny the liberals are considered "left" but all their actions speak of far right wing extremism. If you reject their lies, bullshit, if you reject & question them - they violently attack you!

    That is not left in my book, that is ultra right. They are so intolerant that even if you ask a simple question, they will label you a racist, Nazi, they will try every tactic to discredit you and drag you through the mud.

    If that doesnt work, then they riot, break windows & destroy things.

    The only people running scared or starting to shit themselves are those multicultural pundits, the Kumbaya family bullshit - singing around the fire with their dreadlocks, one white baby, one asian baby, one Afro boon.

    In fact, 1 month back a liberal British asshole was interviewing De Klerk and asked him if he was concerned about Trump and old Frikkie said "actually its not just Trump, its like the whole world is being engulfed by a pro nationalism stance & right wing stance"

    Its quite funny, others accuse me of living in the stars, following astrology, that I should rather take up tarot reading and that Siener is nothing but a crack pot.

    Well De Klerk almost, just almost said verbatim what Oom Klasie said " It will spread throughout the world, to everyone's amazement"

    We see it happening right now. Should Le Penn or Wilders win - It will usher in a new era, so fast, so furious that I have no idea what the west will say or do - what happens of the liberals when this day arrives? How will they attack multiple governments?

    Should France vote for or recognize Palestine as an independent state - expect bombings & terrorist attacks.

    From here on out, like summer or winter that creeps up slowly, so we are going to see the world turn very fast.

    The only one left without a chair but still be playing musical chairs with multiculturalism will be Britain. The rest of the EU countries will reject it en mass, like someone who simply drank too fast and vomits it all up.

    You tell the truth these days and they call it fake news. They call anything coming out of Russia "propoganda" yet the largest lies are from the West.

    We felt it all those years ago. Once again, we South Africans were ahead of the curve - we know their tactics, their games, their manipulation plays.

    We were the first nation to reject multiculturalism, the first to accept independent nations within a country that could function or work together, we were the first to see right through their bullshit and lies.

    And we will be the first to completely come out of this thing. Mike you are right, these guys will be knocking on our doors for help in the coming future - how long? I dont know but 100% spot on, correct.

    You did mention it ages ago!!

    One last thing - what is going to happen to the liberals in SA that accepted and still embrace the new South Africa rainbow nation, when most of the white nations in Europe totally reject it?

    That will be very interesting. What are they going to say then?

    While they are still championing Madiba se gat, the world will be laughing at them and asking them "WTF are you doing"?

    This will be the time I believe when Oom Klasie said that even the liberals will move to our side, where the two fit perfectly together.

    They will be moved both here in SA and through events taking place in Europe.

    I have been waiting for this day for decades and finally, like a drought stricken field crying out for rain, the rain has fallen.

    Its finally upon us guys, we are very lucky to witness what is about to happen around the world. Its a once in a lifetime event.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      @ BN 11:04 am.

      On the day that liberal steps over to be welcomed into the fold, do we drop him or do we welcome the traitor from the passed, do we say join the ranks and be a brother?

      I would not be able to trust the scum that traded his race and culture to support a beast that attempted with every endeavour to murder mine.

      I say shoot, nuke and dispose of the shits that couldn't see the light, why give them another opportunity to attempt the same from within our ranks.

      I am a true apartheidist, if you support the beast you are the beast so stay the beast. No mercy, no distinction on colour of skin when the time comes. Drop them all.


    2. Anonymous10:41 pm


      Is there NO end to you and your BS

      Here is a little quiz for you

      When the rest of the World collapses and millions of European whites flocking to Southern Africa ( according to your great prophet )

      Do tell what happens to the "Boere" completely outnumbered by the verdomde uitlanders AGAIN !

      Did the great prophet mention what happens then ?

    3. Ah fuck, not you again.

      The "verdomde uitlanders" assimilate into our society, what else, arsewipe? That's the reason why they're fleeing Europe and coming here.

      Jeez, your bias is now getting fucking boring.

    4. RunForrestRun3:28 am

      @anonymous 10:41.

      Thats a difficult question mate,-LOL. You just have to believe,
      and arm,
      and prepare,
      and train,
      and Whatsapp,
      and Russia,
      and Putin, and and and and............

    5. Anonymous3:30 am


      Boere_Crackpot, those are exactly the people we will welcome with open arms, the majority of them will be South Africans in any way, and I think thát show will be without punch.

    6. Hey RFR, I know, I know . . . I said you would never elicit another response from me, but the other day you seemed to be exuding something that might just have given my cause to hold out some hope for you.

      Alas, I have alwways believed that first impressions are honest impression so I am greatly relieved to see you reverting to form again.


    7. Anonymous9:39 am


      Oh I love debunking these assholes

      @Anonymous10:41 pm

      Do tell what happens to the "Boere" completely outnumbered by the verdomde uitlanders AGAIN !

      Were all the Europeans against us? Its the same prick who keeps on mentioning Soros - yet soros paid for protesters throughout the world.

      Who do you think paid for the protesting against apartheid? Hmmm interesting.

      I met so many Brits, who were and are to this day for the old South Africa! Yes, hardcore white Brits. More of them probably than the entire white population in SA!

      What will happen? - we have a plan! I would rather have 20-30 million whites living here than 1 millino Karasites.

      @RunForrestRun3:28 am

      Shows you how much this dick head knows

      Asshole - show me one, just one of my posts where I mention whatsapp? Go on, waste your time searching because you will not find one!

      You wont find any!

      Dont listen to RunForrestRun3:28 am - cause his entire life he has been running, he is running with the sheep in NZ and soon will be overrun in NZ by Maoris, Indians and the Chinese and then want to run back to SA.

      And yes people.

      Arm, train, unite - the best way to avoid a war is to be prepared for one!

      Every great military strategist has know it and the founding fathers of the US and the founding fathers of the great new Republic of Southern Africa.

      Enjoy sheep shagging prick!

    8. RunForrestRun12:05 pm

      @BN,---ag lighten up man, you speak so much shit you have to expect some push back, now take that "veldskoen" out of your mouth before you choke on it.

      Every great military strategist,---lol. Sun Tsu said in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won.

      We have very different ideas of what constitutes "victory".

      You sure do spend an inordinate amount of time reading and replying to this blog,-OCD much?

    9. RunForrestRun12:55 pm

      @TT,--Don't worry mate, I don't take anything you guys say to heart anyway. You see, YOU and about half a dozen others constantly denigrate everything I say and constantly tell me that this is the absolute last time I will elicit a response from you,---YET here we go again.

      So like I always say, past behaviour is a good barometer for determining future behaviour, and you me old maatjie are just a talker, a bullshitter, not even a keyboard warrior because you don't actually contribute anything to the discourse and you cant even stick to a simple promise you made on the internet, so what do you think the odds are of you actually sticking to something substantial?

      You, and most of your mates are what I call circlejerkers, (wankers in other words). You "aanhangers" find a blog like this then spend your days jerking each other off, constantly seeking affirmation and solace in the fact that there are a few dozen others just like you. Anyone with a slightly differing opinion instantly gets ganged up against and just like the zots your "tribal" mentality takes over.

      You know what? People like you used to run South Africa, and when the shit hit the fan they sold it out for a bag full of silver. People like me, didn't much like the "boere" running the old SA and we don't much like the "houties" running the new. In fact in a lot of cases its just the other side of the same coin.

      So you and BN, and the few other delusional cunts spewing their shit here are a sideshow, cheap entertainment,--you will do nothing, just like you always have. In fact judging by what you lot do when the shit hits the fan I very much expect you to be crying like the babies you are. One or two of you will most likely end up on the TV news next to a bakkie bleeding out on your khaki shorts and velskoene while the rest sit at home making excuses.

      Me, I will carry on eating sheep and popcorn.

    10. Anonymous5:16 am


      @RunForrestRun12:55 pm


      Again you are twisting it. You are one fucked up individual.

      You came on here attacking LTMA, Myself, Tomkat and everyone!!!!!!

      It is you who revoked the response you get, no one else is to blame.

      You are the first, the very first to call the shots and shout your mouth off and tell everyone how shit they are, how shit South Africa is and then when we have something to say you want to play victim.

      Grow a pair of balls man and stop playing victims. Luckily everyone can debunk your bipolar and see all your comments for the past two weeks.

      It was YOU who first went onto the attack and made out everyone on here was an idiot, a loser, that the best thing to happen to you was to go to NZ.

      """"You, and most of your mates are what I call circlejerkers, (wankers in other words). """"""

      This is all you ever do - why the fuck do you come on here?

      If this was a pub or a bar, you would have had the shit kicked out of you by now.

      You want to talk shit, go somewhere else.

      Dont piss through your eyes when others call you what you are " an instigator", you want to put everyone down on this site, say what you like but the moment, the minute anyone fires back you want to play victim and complain that everyone is against you.

      But you were the first one to fire the shots and shoot everyone down on here with this exact same mentality of calling them....

      "You, and most of your mates are what I call circlejerkers, (wankers in other words). "

      "You know what? People like you used to run South Africa, and when the shit hit the fan they sold it out for a bag full of silver. People like me, didn't much like the "boere" running the old SA and we don't much like the "houties"

      Funny how when the Boere ran SA you lived in it!

      You say people ran, but you are in NZ doos!

      Thats good, continue disliking us but in the end dont come back!! Live in your multicultural cesspit NZ.

      Piss off.

    11. RunForrestRun10:14 am

      Sorry I called you a wanker, - a dickless wonder like yourself must have felt really put upon by that. You really are one fucked up, confused and deranged lunatic. I stay out of bars and pubs, too many hasbeen, neverwasses like you talking shit about prophets and "signs".

      You know, I was wrong calling you a "dreg",-laer as slangkak in die see is more your speed. For the last 13 years I have followed these blogs, and the whole SVR thing has been ever present. Every single one of those blogs had somebody like you extolling "Oom Klasie",---you sure get around.

      I leave you with this thought, even a broken clock is right twice a day, you sir are so fucken broken that I don't think you have been right even once.

      You really make me laugh, at least some of your wanker friends have enough of a dick and balls to form a whatsapp group, my bet is you are too pathetic to even join it yet you call for mass genocide and slaughter.

      Disconnected from reality much?

    12. Anonymous11:23 am

      As an objective reader that usually stay out situations of okes bashing each other I really believe this runerforestrun character is really looking for a poesklap of note. He looks for shit, gets bliksemmed, then run of crying to his mommy. tommorow he is back for another hiding.

    13. RunForrestRun1:59 pm

      @anonymous 11:23Am,---get a name fucknut, or are you too illiterate?

      Your mommy wasn't crying the last time I saw to her, in fact she was screaming hallelujah,---repeatedly. In fact I experienced the exact same thing with your wife, poor women, having to put up with dickless, nameless wonders

    14. Anonymous8:35 am

      jip, die forrest ou is so common soos grond anon 11:23. doos is gay maar spog hy pomp vrouens, naaste wat hy aan punda kom is wanneef hy skaap ooie naai in nz.

  4. You're right Mike. The time of the liberals are over.
    It is actually a blessing that the filthy muslims went to Europe. Once civilized communities were soon turned into uncivilized third world villages and towns, with rape, theft and other crime the order of the day. Moderate, every day Europeans saw this. That was a mighty wake up call to the sleepy head Europeans.
    I think they are awake now.
    Watch Youtube and you will see that every day muslims and blacks are getting beaten up all over Europe. All the muslim and black can do is to scream ‘racist’ at the top of his voice, BUT THAT DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE. THAT DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE. If defending my wife and my home against thugs makes me a racist – then that is what I am.
    The European then just keep on beating, until the piece of Islamic filth or black scum is just a pile of shivering jelly or his mates stop him. Even the European women have taken to the fight.
    There is a video of a hefty German auntie giving a black the beating of his life after he tried some shit with a German girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omCJYl-MkPM
    And remind me not to mess with a Finnish girl. I must admit, I know very little about the Fins, but aren’t they the ones who send the Russians packing. Well if you can beat the Russians, I certainly don’t want a piece of you…
    By god, the Europeans are the toughest bastards on the planet earth and just because they cooled off for a few hundred years makes these jiggaboos think they are helpless. The Europeans conquered the whole world and beat the toughest armies the conquered nations could muster. Nothing has changed. That spirit of the Vikings, the Gauls and the Celts are still in them and will never be conquered. The White people of the world only stopped fighting, because after the invention of the atom bomb they were rational enough to see they would simply destroy themselves and everything else with them if they continued fighting.
    But with black smut and muslim filth, who invented nothing, they don’t need nuclear weapons.
    This is good. Soon rational thinking people will also start beating up on these liberals.
    And that will really make my day, because all the trouble we have from blacks and muslims are because of these liberals. If there were no liberals, the muslims and blacks would be too scared to try the shit they are doing now.

    But with the Donald in charge we have nothing to fear. Did you see how he just keep in telling the truth? Everything he says comes out exactly as he said it would and this must really drive the liberals up the wall. The Donald never changes his story, even if what he says is not popular. And now more and more people are starting to see what he says makes sense and is rational and his support is growing by the day.
    Unfortunately there are no hope for us here in South Africa. The rational thinking people of South Africa are too scared of losing what they have to do anything. Myself included.
    Did you see how the foreign Africans were preparing to defend themselves this time? They have been beaten up four times already and they said enough is enough. I think the same will happen to us. Like you always say, we will first have to be driven against a wall - with no escape. And then it will be a bloodbath.
    I grew up with muslims and many of them are my best friends, but I dislike their religion because of its arrogance. But now that they are getting beaten up in Europe and the US, I actually feel sorry for them, because now one can see how weak they really are. Like the one guy who smacked the Italian bus driver. The look on his face when the old man didn't offer the other cheek, but rather beat him into a pulp is priceless. These third world scum can do nothing when they are attacked. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-VkdRbO0GY
    Everybody is worked up and I really hope the end game is here now...

    1. Hi Phoenix , your word in gods ear , but I really think you underestimate the damage that 3 generations of commie schooling and a left/green media inflicted on the European man. Most of them are pussies and particularly in the German speaking areas many of the spineless guys are manipulated by their non feminine , domineering wife's. The Germans even have a - useless - " Defenceministress ". Sweden seems similar. I also think that the more Trump is promising the more difficult it will be for him to deliver considering the state machinery there where a vast majority of the American government apparatchiks are in the left camp and will work very hard to sabotage all efforts. I think that the only hope we have is a worldwide financial crash de luxe. Such an event will bring the right people in survival mode and the softies will just perish.

    2. I see it like this, ZIPF. Most people are neutral, they are neither liberal, nor non-liberal. Western people just want fairness. In the West and amongst the civilized nations of the world, people base their actions on logic. They want to be able to explain why they are doing something when asked.

      Muslims and blacks don't have that kind of intelligence. They just want to do anything that comes to mind, like walk into a shop, take what they want and then walk out.

      Now these Europeans can see the incredible damage the immigrants are doing to their countries. The muslims bring crime to places where there were never crime before. And THAT is waking up the sleeping Viking, Gaul and German in those sleepy head Europeans.

      Like Mike always said, you just need to move some blacks into a liberal neighborhood to turn those liberals into raging right wingers. It is happening in front of our eyes, even here in South Africa. (Yes, I am looking at you David Bullard...hehe.) The media is just not reporting on it.

      This is what is happening in Europe. It is not in the news - they are hiding it - but Europeans are standing up all over Europe against these immigrants. In places like Russia and China muslims and blacks are killed outright.

      Trump has succeeded in all his policies. His success is just going to grow and grow. This is the most determined man I have ever seen. More and more people are coming over to his side, because they can see what he does is the right thing. He has many black supporters.

      That is what Mike's article is about. The liberals' walls are crumbling as you read this.

      The only thing that scares me is that Europe might not be brought under control again, after it rid itself of these filthy people trying to invade and once again run a sword through the whole world. And this time it won't be pretty, because they won't allow liberals to stand up again to protect these third world vermin.

      Liberals are the enemy.

      There are many muslim people and black people who are not part of this. They work hard and make a better life for themselves. You will see that no so called "right winger" has any problem with those. Many of those "right wingers" even help those people to go forward.

      So it is not about racism, it is about what is right and what is wrong...

  6. Whiteman12:29 pm

    Mike, I love the humour of the obama/hillary photo ! It is very strange that you see nothing of hillary on the news channels. It is as if she dissapeared into thin air ? But I must say, Trump keeps the news rats so busy, they have to bat one " spin ball " after the other. I like the analogy of the bear climbing up the electric pylon ! A similar scenario, is sipho stealing electric cables, but does not realise the power is still on. Now we are all just waiting for the big, spectacular flash !

    1. Anonymous2:29 pm

      Ag! Complaining about NOT seeing die Hildebeest? If I never saw or heard from either of the Clinton's again it would be too soon. Same goes for our former Kenyan master.

      Regards, Besoeker

  7. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Dunno if it means anything or not but I'm hearing noise about the social-grants not being paid something about changing systems. If they are not paid for 2 days expect a category 5.

  8. Anonymous1:30 pm

    "This will be the time I believe when Oom Klasie said that even the liberals will move to our side, where the two fit perfectly together."

    Weet nie mooi van daai een nie. Van hulle. Ek dink eerder die souties en die boere gaan(is) een wit nasie word. n wit volk in Afrika. Die Libtards gaan net cannon fodder word.

    1. Whiteman10:24 pm

      Anonymous 1:30 pm, there is much speculation about the two groups of people who come together, and fit together like hand and glove. Siener had NO love for traitors, liberals, jingos, and basically all white trash. I lean towards your explanation, out of logic practical consideration. You get the Afrikaans speaking Boere /boere, who are true patriots. Then you get many other whites, from different European back grounds, who are equally patriotic. One can readily refer to them as whiteys, with BOERE HEARTS. These are the people who come together, and form a glorious, God inspired, victorious fighting force. A libturd can NEVER be trusted. They blow with the wind, and I will NEVER be able to trust them. And I will definitely not share a fox hole with any of them !

  9. Anonymous1:43 pm


    Notice how SA is quiet about this new rioting/looting?


    Total media censorship in SA, have to look at international papers to find out what is happening in SA.

    Little to no mention on most SA news sites.

    Couldnt find anything on iol or news24.

    Perhaps its a testing ground for things to come our way.

    1. Anonymous10:54 pm

      News24 ? Bwhahahahahah!

    2. BN, I believe it is, though I think the truckers are innocent pawns in the game. The gubbamunt knows just what to say to elicit the desired reaction and pop goes the weasel.

    3. Anonymous9:29 am


      @Anonymous10:54 pm

      When you shout out, you should include a link. I could not find anything on the first page or 2nd pages, nor their home page - only a picture of someone bleeding from an attack and I had to dig for it - there were no links either explaining what had happened.

    4. Anonymous11:27 am

      n24 is just full of white bashing liberal kak from the likes of cunt nugget maxine and co. dont expect any real news from that rubbish so called online news site. same withh the other ones like iol.

  10. Anonymous1:52 pm


    Mentioned before EFF is just a proxy. Dont be fooled by the public Jibes. Few years back Kunene said the ANC, a faction within the ANC funded the EFFs trip to Mozambique.

    Read what EFF has to say about the land. 2017 see`s the start of it all and we see hostility from within the Indian ranks in parliament now regarding colonialism & apartheid, like Oom Klasie mentioned.

    All at the same time - land and taking back everything. "The communists initiate something"

    Malema told the House that the EFF would add its 6% to the ANC’s 62% to get the two-thirds required to amend the Constitution, and called on the ruling party to support the motion to set up an ad hoc committee on the issue.

    "If you vote against this, it’s a waste of time. We are already giving our people the land and we are not ashamed," he said in the National Assembly.

    "People of South Africa, where you see a beautiful land, take it, it belongs to you."


    1. Anonymous10:31 pm

      It would appear that Mr Mikey Smith is ignoring this little storm here at home ( not sure where HIS home is ? maybe at the Oscars ? )
      Anyway -- what ever the other "libtards" are doing It just leaves me cold as if I could care

      WHAT is going on HERE at home Mr Smith ?


      "The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has already undertaken to do a pre-colonial audit of land ownership, use and occupation patterns," Mhlauli said.

      One wonders who is going to do this ?
      HOW ?

      Perhaps Mr Smith knows ?

    2. Anonymous2:13 am

      Wow, I have my eye on a beautiful tract of land on the Knysna heads. I'm off to move in. I want about an acre - should be enough for me and my goats.

    3. Anonymous11:29 am

      That nice piece of land might just spit pieces of metal at very high velocties.

  11. Stephen2:19 pm

    Hi Mike

    I'm just as chuffed as you to see these things begin to happen .

    This could indeed turn out to be a very prophetic year.
    Only two months into it and already the intensity both local and abroad seems at tipping point.

    I'm sure we can all see -that's its all the people on ' that-side 'of the fence (eg.gays-lesbians-koellies-kaffirs-lefties-heathens) that are upset with the Donald.
    Their eventual demise is guaranteed obviously , its written down already , but its good this 'Trump wave ' smash their la-la land.

    And hats-off to you Mike , it is as you say - your the one thats been doing all the hard work here , and we salute you for that - kept many a man sane I'm sure.

    Well let's get some of Forrest's popcorn caus I think the show is about to start.

    1. Anonymous6:30 am


      You realise that a third of Le Pen's voters in France are 'gay'. The Front National also endorses LGBT rights. The Right Wing in Europe generally also endorses these rights.

    2. @Anon 6:30 am...Yes. The freedom (including sexual choice) under the conservative right stretches to everyone. Compare that with the brutal Castro regime (currently under brother Raul Castro)adored by the Left as a Socialist Utopia where being Homosexual can land you 20 years in prison or get you killed.

      Articles 299, 303a and 310 of the Cuban penal code makes homosexuality a crime punishable with up to 20 year in jail or DEATH

  12. Anonymous3:37 pm

    BN in my estimation the Nazis were liberals, they dabbled in a lot of occultist spirituality and the leadership practised a lot of sexual promiscuity and remember they were socialists but of the national type where as Russia and later Yugoslavia were the Union of socialist republics(Nations) the anc is also a union of socialist tribes,
    True conservatives are Christians mostly holding to the reformed theology with a true biblical world view, they don't drink party believe in doing there share for the upliftment of society and basically have a Protestant work ethnic, Verwoerd would have been a true embodiment of a conservative.

    1. @ Anon 3;37 pm...Who said, "in my estimation the Nazis were liberals"...

      Of course they were. They were outright Socialist scum. During the 1930's the libtard leftist in the West loved Stalin and were mildly opposed to Hitler until 1939 when the Nazis and the Communist signed the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (Time magazine called it the "Communazi Pact") where they divided Poland and Europe up between themselves...All of a sudden Hitler was a friend. "a man that could be trusted", etc.

      Shortly afterwards the Nazis invaded Poland and in their "General Plan Ost", "A-B Aktion" and "Operation Tannenberg" proceeded to kill off about 100,000 Polish intellectuals, teachers, scholars etc. The Russians murdered 25,000 Polish officers in the Katyn Forrest and blamed it on the Germans as well hoping that nobody would notice the difference under the mass killings of whites going on already. About 200,000 white Polish children were kidnapped by the Nazis to be "Germanised" after their parents were murdered.

      It boggles the mind that you still get idiot Neo-Nutzis today who still think the Nazis were "Rightwing" or "Anti Communist". I mean what part of "Socialist" and "Workers" do they not understand in "National Socialist Workers Party of Germany"?

      Nazism is a leftist ideology.

    2. Anonymous10:52 pm

      LEFT / RIGHT
      Are false gods that lead people away from the truth
      AT their full development they are merely birds of the same feather -- BOTH lead to the same outcome -- a totalitarian state !


      Perhaps Mr Smith will tell us what the correct balance is ?

    3. Anonymous11:01 pm

      Speaking of which, I'll just leave this here.

      Marine Le Pen savages Merkel, to her face in EU Parliament


  13. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Its exactly like you say Mike....when my 4 year old throws a tantrum because I opened the yoghurt this way instead if that way...thats how the left does it.Always throwing temper tantrums! I think Its because Trump is like a strict parent. Verskil is, Trump paai nie die fyngevoelige linkse idiote nie!

  14. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Mike i see more and more okes gearing up for kak and the eff and anc even more so. Most of the people i work with are now in 5th gear preparing for war. Mike what are your thoughts on the coming months? Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous11:48 am

      Vaalpens been in that mode for some time. But I forsee a semi urban/rural kind of conflict so I'm not so fussed about cammos and long term bush etiquette, besides I think my safety boots and my fire retardant overall will be more practical in an city or town. We will do well with the denying the enemy access to certain centres, key points and the use of routes that connect two regions.

  15. Anonymous12:57 am

    Mike thanks for the clarity, the leftist false news have held the narrative for to long, tricking people into believing that they are the only credible voice to be heard, remember also that the British royals were also supporters of the Nazis, and that is who Rudolf Hess was planning to secretly visit after parachuting into Scotland.

    1. Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party and an SS officer

      Remember that this is the man behind the Bilderberg Group, a nest of Leftist vipers bent on a One World government

    2. Anonymous11:35 am

      Mike did you know that out of all the countries that the SOE sent agents to, those in Holland experienced the some of the highest capture rate, due to a number of Factors such as double agents, captured radios and codes, as well as a lot of loose talk. I wonder sometimes if that is a genetic flaw amongst the Dutch as we in SA also have so often experienced the same from so many Afrikaans traitors.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

  16. Anonymous1:48 am

    'Dutch gangsters took our land' – Julius Malema debates to take land back


  17. Anonymous2:06 am

    How can any sane person still live in SA??????????

    Disgusting Or Not? ANC MP Can't Read ....


  18. Another blow for the NWO and their army of libtards.


  19. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Mike if one hears how intermingled Politics runs by Progressive CONTROL . David Horowitz sums it up :

  20. Whiteman2:36 am

    Must we assume that the anti-russian hysteria in the USA, and among their partners, is just political posturing ? ? It surpassed any reasonable level, a long time ago. Lets compare it to our school days. The class bully, with his worshippers, tells you, they are going to moer you after school. Now if you are intelligent, you immediately consider your options. You can sneak away, before the bell rings, and take another route home. But you know, they will get you eventually. Then you can arm yourself, and decide to fight it out with superior weapons. Or you could call on your friends, and family, to help you to sort out the bullies, once and for all. ( And you will probably decide on an ambush, and a first strike on your enemy. ) So what is Putin going to do ? To me, he looks like a clever oke. And just compare his situation, to what we whiteys are facing in this country. The big black bully, is doing the same to us. However, the majority of our people, have decided to sneak home, and take a different route, and hope for the best for tomorrow. But the fact of the matter is, the big black bully is NOT going away. He has promised, he is going to moer us eventually. ( And already, he has proved, that he is not just talkie, talkie ! )