14 February 2017

Romanian “protests”- the revolution the left is wishing away

THIS is how you get rid of a corrupt government

By Mike Smith

14th of February 2017

End of last year the Romanian people voted for the Social Democrats (they must have rocks for brains) and hardly were these leftist assholes sworn in or protests erupted from the very people who voted them into power who now want them out again.

The reason was that the new Grindeanu government (headed by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu) wanted to pass some laws that would effectively put government officials above prosecution for corruption and decriminalizing certain acts of corruption. Further, those already under investigation for corruption would be pardoned and the reason for it…that the prisons are overfull.

Now I have another (far better) solution for corrupt politicians than a stinking prison, but it involves a blindfold a white wall and a firing squad. Prison is far too easy and gentle for these scumbags.

Nevertheless it resulted in a serious of daily/nightly protests which I have been following since it started in January, because as you know I am a keen student of revolutions and especially Gene Sharp’s techniques of non-violent revolution.

What we have been seeing are protests growing daily and getting louder and louder. It started with about 5000 protestors and within a week it grew to 600,000. All textbook Gene Sharp stuff.

The effect was that the government already withdrew the proposed legislation, tried “Rent-a-crowd” counter demonstrations and is now calling out a referendum, all to stem the tide of revolution that the leftist world media are not recognizing as a revolution…yet. They hope it is going to wither away by not giving it any media coverage, but Social media is on the side of the protestors. Last time these amounts of demonstrators were seen in Romania was in 1989 when the Hungarian minority in Romania initiated the revolution that got rid of the Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. Not even his hated brutal secret police the Securitate could protect him. Like so many of these scumbags him and his whore wife Elena tried to flee from the rooftop with a helicopter but were caught, tried by a drumhead court-martial and shot like dogs.

For 42 years the Romanian people tolerated brutal Communist rule and all it took was a Hungarian Reformed Church Minister, László Tőkés, to wake Romanians up about their human rights and all hell broke loose.

Bear in mind that the Hungarian minority only makes up 1.2 million of about 20 million people in Romania.

And then they say one man…a minority…cannot start a revolution. Bullshit.

Now imagine the glorious day when we will be able to watch how Zuma and his wives try to flee from the rooftops of Nakandla or Luthuli House and get the Ceaușescu treatment.


  1. Soon Mike soon. Cant wait either.

  2. Anonymous2:43 am


  3. Anonymous3:18 am

    Great article. Don't expect these monstes to go quietly into the night however. Our former Kenyan boss is trying to reconstruct his evil shadow government. Eight long years and over 300 golf games later, he still haunts us. The liberal feather merchants of D.C. who supported our Madiba wannabe are now conducting their kommunis subversion behind the scenes. As retired LTC Ralph Peters recently said; "We have New Testament aspirations in an Old Testament world." In the "Old Testament world" these evil slange would have been put to the sword.

    Keep up the good work Mike.

    Regards, Besoeker

  4. Is this perhaps something to do with Siener's prophesies?


    It seems pretty threatening to me.

    1. Anonymous6:07 am

      Fuck siener. This is Bible prophecy

  5. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Mike and his 'revolution' ideas. We already had a revolution in SA - back in 1994 when our own government sold us out to the K4's. For a revolution to work you need people who are semi-literate and rational thinking. We have K4's with IQ under 70. That is why they fall for communism every time - because only children with a mental age of 10 think communism is great. So when you have 80% of the population with a mental age of 10 (or as I prefer, retards) then the only revolution you'll get is for whoever they kick out to be replaced by someone even worse. Be careful what you wish for.

    Case in point is Venezuela, where the average IQ is 80. They are now starving, hunting dogs to eat and they cry for Chavez to return to save them. You see, you can't reason with stupid, infantile people who are in the majority.

    So Mike, keep on dreaming about your revolution, but realise this - do you honestly think what replaces Zuma would be better? The ANC are going to rule until Jesus comes, and anyone in doubt just needs to look at Zimbabwe.

    1. @Anon 8:25 PM...Aaahh yes. The white people of the USSR were all children with a mental age of 10. So are the 1.7 billion Chinese who all think Communism is great. And how about all those white people from East Germany who still today think the DDR(GDR) was a paradise, nobody starved, everybody had a job, etc...? And the Polish, and the Bulgarians, the Hungarians, the former Yugoslavians...all "retards" right?

      It is clear you have no clue as to how Communism works and how the Communism masters stay in power so long. Judging by your glorification of Chavez, you are probably a Commie yourself. Do you have a mental age of ten?

      I am not dreaming about a revolution, I am showing the way with every letter I type. Revolution starts with small acts of defiance. It starts with two simple capital letters: N-O-!!

      The day you start saying "NO!" to the regime is the day the revolution starts in your head.

      Look...I don't have all the answers. I just want you to think about the answers. If I can just get people to say those two letters to the ANC, then I will die a happy man. Just reading this blog is already an act of defiance.

      Now maybe you like to mock and laugh at me and my efforts, but I have managed to get at least ten people to say NO! What have you done?

      Ten years ago when I started blogging, I was a lone voice. I found some other lone voices and we started getting louder and more defiant. Look around you today. Look at how the people are becoming more and more defiant on FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, etc...The revolution is happening my friend. It is not a dream. It is a reality.

      Now maybe in your mind you are already defeated; you see no other way, but to capitulate to Communist scum. You have already given up and accepted the inevitable Zimbabwean outcome. And that is OK. That is you. It is not me. I for one will NEVER accept defeat from Communists. I will fight them until the day I die and I will leave behind enough thoughts to even fight them after I am dead. Maybe in your mind I am "stupid", "infantile" and have "the mental age of a child of ten"...I don't care. Think of me what you want. I carry on. You go away now and go crawl up in a bundle in front of the feet of the ANC who as you say "will rule until Jesus comes". Good bye.

      I am not so sure if they will last that long, but then again...Jesus can come tomorrow...and you will be right. To me it doesn't matter when Jesus comes. It will be incidental. "'n Bysakie"...The most important thing to me is to get the ANC out.

    2. Anonymous12:27 pm

      @Anon 8:25 am.

      Allow me to ask you this, which is better, looking back at the past and holding regrets and blame or looking forward, determining a goal and striving to achieve whatever it is that the mind is set on?

      Do you want to try make a difference and determine who replaces zuma or do you want to sit on the sidelines and blame somebody else in 3 years time because nothing has changed? Only you can effect that change and the change will happen when you decide to start changing your view.

      We here read all about 92, 94 and De Klerk and Meyer, Geldenhuys and Malan, all people we can blame for our situation, will the blame help us achieve a future? I do not know who you are but I have read a couple of your posts, man pick yourself up stop surrendering before you've even stepped in the ring.

      We as a group should see the lower IQ of retard as our advantage, their laziness, disorder, inability to complete should become our strength.

      The way you win a war is by fighting it, I really don't care how you fight it but don't fight a war if you've already defeated yourself.

      If the man is dreaming about revolution then his is actioning his dream because he at least has put up this blog, you are dreaming about defeat thats why you post what you do.