17 February 2017

Just a rational thought on rationality

By Mike Smith
17th of February 2017

I can fully understand how two rational people can have two different opinions about a subject. I mean people have different upbringings, different religions and value systems, different levels of education; they have read different books, seen different places and experienced different things. So naturally they are going to have different opinions.

Now when two such rational, logical people meet, keep open minds and exchange their ideas and share their experiences with each other, surely the point will come where they will have the same shared mental model and agree on the logic and the rationality.

The prerequisite is the logical, analytical, and rational open mind and the willingness to see it from the other person’s perspective. So when all these factors come together, two rational people will disregard the illogical and irrational and what will remain will be the truth and therefore there can be no other alternative than a mutual agreement.

Based on the new knowledge, the irrefutable evidence and the proof the rational person MUST change his point of view. If he refuses, he is lying to himself and being irrational.

However, we know that with the leftists libtards, it does not work like that.

One of the first things you notice when dealing with a libtard is the “hands-over-the-ears-eyes-wide-shut-head-in-the-sand” phenomenon.

No matter how much evidence and proof you put in front of the libtard, he/she refuses like a stubborn donkey to see the light.

Take me at the age of 19 for instance. Based on my upbringing, my value system, my limited education and a fair dose of youthful naiveté…I was a liberal, but as I educated myself, travelled, spoke to people and made some discoveries and experiences, my points of view changed.

As I have mentioned before… I, at one stage, converted to Islam for an entire year, because in my youthful naiveté, I also believed the bullshit propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace.

However I completely indulged myself into Islam, studied everything I could find about it and went to the Mosque during Maghrib every single day where I listened to the Imam’s, the Maulanas, etc.

One of the first things I discovered was why Muslims are Muslims. It is because 99% of Muslims know next to nothing about their own religion. They never read the Quran, the Sunnah or Hadith, the Kitabs, etc…So therefore they are mostly ignorant and simply believe what they get told stands in there (which is mostly made up by the Imams).

Now I sat there on the carpets of various mosques all over the world and listened how these Imams NEVER told us about the beauty and peacefulness of Islam. All I heard day after day was what scum Christians are for eating pork and drinking wine and how evil Jews are.

This goes out into their daily lives where they will smile to Christians, but in their hearts there is total disgust for the filthy scummy Christians. Oh yeah and Christian women are all whores who love getting raped and should never be married.

Like I said I managed to hold out for a year when I realized that Islam was not for me. Once I discovered what the religion was all about from the inside and I have seen and lived the evidence, I as a rational, logical person had no other choice, but to reject it.

What I cannot understand is the following:

There is so much evidence out there. In Germany they dish out the Quran free on the street. All people have to do is read it.

The oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, etc is quite common knowledge. The public beheadings and amputations by sword in these countries are common knowledge and can be seen on YouTube. The attacks of Muslims on Christians on Madrid trains in 2004, in Paris November 2015, the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January of the same year, the truck attacks in Nice and Berlin and the more than 1000 white Christian women, sexually attacked in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 are all REAL incidents. It is not “Fake News”.

However, despite all this evidence, you still have thousands of White Europeans, especially women, who welcome these people in...WHY?

Look at the television and see how white people demonstrate against President Trump and welcome these Islamists into the USA after he banned them for their own safety. They never demonstrate against the cruelty and inhumanity of Islam, yet their placards tell of how racist and inhumane Trump is.
Sorry...I cannot for the hell of me understand it. How can any rational, logical person, after seeing all this evidence, still want these people into their countries? Look at Europe and how white Europeans after everything that has happened in the past 15 years or so, still welcome these people in. The only conclusion one can come to is that these people are not rational, logical beings. They need to be locked up for their own safety and that of others.

You have the same thing in Germany for instance when it comes to the topic of the former GDR/DDR (Former Communist East Germany). You mention to them and point out their own experiences to them, yet there are still people who defend it. Seemingly intelligent people.

You say to them, “But look how you had to queue up for three hours to get strawberries and bananas, look how you had to wait ten/twelve years for a two-stroke shit Trabant car, how the government decided what you study where, how the state decided what music you could listen too and what dance you should dance to which tune (the Lipsi dance), how the jails were full of ideological enemies of the state, how thousands of people tried to flee East Germany, how the Stasi watched and listened to every single person’s most private and personal life…How can you still defend such a system?”

Then the answer comes, “Yes, but…It wasn’t all that bad. We had fun too. We had jobs, we had friends, we knew how to get bye...”

They had such a great time in the GDR that some of them want to rebuild the wall and border themselves off from the evil cold West.

And these are supposed to be rational and intelligent people? I don’t think so.


  1. “However, despite all this evidence, you still have thousands of White Europeans, especially women, who welcome these people in...WHY?”

    These sluts know exactly what they are doing. Women will always devour a civilisation if given any power over the political gears of a civilisation. They are admitting more aggressive non-white males in to rival the cucked out white males in an attempt to make the white men manly again.

    Simple supply and demand. When the civil war happens and the men fight their supply is reduced and a natural patriarchy will ensue as there are simply less dicks in circulation. Women will have no choice but to get on their backs and knees because if they don’t the next woman will.

    Hypergamy means a woman will always seek out the best male, and we currently live in what is known as a gynocentric society or a fanny centred where feelings have replaced logic. We worship the feminie as opposed to the masculine – the hall marks of a dying society.

    I can’t emphasise this enough, men and women are anything but equal. This is Frankfurt school crap force fed to women to weaponise them against us men. All the ancient white civilisations worked when men were men and women were women. Meaning men fought and provided security and woman lay still long enough to get impregnated and subsequently raise the offspring – up to a point of course – and then the men would take over the development of such children into adulthood where the cycle would repeat itself.

    Women NEVER communicate ideas, they communicate FEELINGS. This is why you always listen to HOW they say something as opposed to WHAT they actually say.

    For example, if you hear white women saying they don’t want kids, what they are actually communicating is that they really want kids but the environment within which to have kids is not safe or providing enough resources to secure a successful rearing of that offspring. Hence why white women are closing their wombs nowadays because society is so fucked.

    Again, when white sluts say ‘refugees welcome’ what they are actually saying is ‘yay more dicks in circulation’ and ‘I will teach our wimpy white men to man up and force them to fight these goat fuckers, and hopefully then they will have the balls to grab me by my pussy and fuck me until the point of paralysis’.

    Women need to be impregnated as early as possible as it then keeps them too occupied to prance around like sluts looking for attention:


    Moral of the story, the most aggressive man grabs the most pussy.

    1. Anonymous12:19 pm

      JP...I am a White woman AND I TOTALLY agree with you. Women want men to take charge. We are made out of fat cells, hormones and emotions. I cannot take the kind of stress that my husband are able to take. Not because I am a weak human being but thats how God created us. We are created with a womb for a reason.And yes when women sit around with nothing do, thats when all the shit starts.Feminism etc..
      And most women grow up (mature)very quickly once they have children. But these days all some women worry about is how big their fake boobs,nails and eyelashes are.
      My point..women need to get fucked properly by a proper white male have children and be the support behind her man. Agter elke man....

    2. Anonymous9:50 pm

      this only applies if you are male or female. If you are one of these NWO specials (half male, half female) then it does not apply.

    3. Anonymous6:07 am


      100% correct. Its like this vendetta against white males. It is to show them they have control.

    4. @ JP…So let me get this right…Are you saying that all these white women who want the Islamists into Europe and the USA are doing it, because they want more men to choose from and want to make their own white men jealous so that these white men then go to war with the Islamists and throw them out again and reclaim their white women?...but then they preach “Peace and Love”…
      So all these women who got sexually molested in Cologne on New Years Eve 2015 actually WANTED to get molested so they could get their men into a fighting rage and defend them?
      And those white women who got killed in Paris, Nice and Berlin actually sacrificed themselves to make their men jealous and reclaim their still alive sisters?

      Sounds very irrational to me.

    5. @ JP…Good Comment above and food for thought. A lot of truth, but also some points I differ on as with the other guys who responded.
      So to all the guys below like Anon 9:57, Whiteman, LTMA, etc…let us talk about what JP mentioned.
      I differ on quite a few points. Such as “woman will always seek out the best male”…
      No they fucking don’t. Just look around and see all the good women with wimps.
      There are also some misconceptions such as that the “Alpha Male” gets all the “Alpha women” and that you can read books or articles to make you an Alpha Male. Like one poster said; “…the bible teaches you how to be a real alpha”, etc.
      Take it from me mate. No book, no course, not even the Bible can teach you how to be an Alpha Male. You are either one or you are not. If you are even thinking about whether you are an Alpha male or a Beta male: You are a Beta.
      Then there is the statement; “the most aggressive man grabs the most pussy.”
      An Alpha Male doesn’t need to be an aggressive jerk or a pussy grabbing asshole to somehow prove that he is an Alpha. Women are attracted to a man that is considerate, makes them feel protected and secure. When you open the car door for your woman, help her into her jacket, give her your coat when it is cold, pull out the chair for her, you show that you are considerate and care about her. If you feel so insecure that you don’t do it, because you don’t want her to think you are a sissy, then you are definitely NOT an Alpha Male…and she will pick it up and shun you.

    6. There is a time and a place to be aggressive and have great sex, but when you are going to be an aggressive prick all the time, you are not going to get far, you are just sending out signals of an insecure little boy.
      Three years ago I was attacked by two skinheads in a German pub who bothered my woman at the jukebox and I told them to piss off. I was attacked by one from the front and the other from behind and the one in the front hit me twice in the face. Five seconds later both were looking for their teeth on the floor and blood streaming out of noses, mouths and cuts. They should actually thank my wife today, because when I moved in for the kill she is the one who stopped me and flipped the killer switch off again. The entire pub was in shock and awe. They have never seen a fight like that in their entire lives. Smashing a guy’s face into the floor with a Knee drop Tai Otoshi is not a pretty sight, believe me. The look in my wife’s eyes I will never forget (it was her first time she saw me in a fight). It was a combination of shock and admiration all rolled into one and it lasted for about three weeks. That night we went home and made passionate love, The best ever. So yes there is a place for being aggressive, and when, then properly.
      You see, the difference is that the Alpha Male never needs to look for shit. Beta males are aggressive and always look for shit and fights. They have something to prove. The Alpha Male has nothing to prove. He simply is and knows what he is. If it comes his way he deals with it as quickly and as efficiently as he can, like a well trained German Shepherd dog. When the wolves come the little lambs usually all huddle behind him and cling to his leg to protect them.
      My training in Ju Jitsu taught me to always be courteous and treat people with respect. A problem I often encounter is that people mistake courteousness, good manners and a good upbringing for weakness. When you behave knightly and gentlemanly they mistake it for softness and weakness. Even the word Ju Jitsu means “The Gentle Art”. You go ask those two Skinheads what was “gentle” about my Ju Jitsu.

    7. Coming back to Alpha males and Alpha women:
      The mistake people make is that they think Alpha Males only want Alpha Women and vice versa. Rubbish. My experience shows that Alpha women often end up with weakling wimps, because they can control them. I know lots of well trained and even elite soldiers where their wives wear the trousers in the house. I know Rugby Players and other sportsmen shit scared of their wives. There is also the belief that Alpha Women are the prettiest. No they are not. Look at Hillary Clinton. Look at Angela Merkel. Alpha Women who would never have gotten there if they weren’t. Do I want any Alpha Bitch on my side? Certainly not. Do I want a subservient little lamb worshipping my dick…sorry feet? Certainly not. My wife is my partner. My best mate. The one who’s got my back. We’re a synergized team, but also she is my wife and my lover. There is no dominance from any side. There is NEVER a pissing contest about who the boss is and what should be done. There is never even a discussion about it. It all just flows naturally. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
      No…You can take a good man and make him a better man, but you can never turn a Beta Male into an Alpha Male. Alpha Males do not even think about whether they are. It is not even important to them. They simply are.

    8. Anonymous12:39 pm

      Mike If one takes Berlin in particular before 1930`s it was Liberal lefty indoctrinated free for all with red light districts and Gambling Joints. The very poor on the one side with soup kitchens and on the other a group that feasted on prawns and caviar and oysters. With loaves of Bread and other basics costing Millions and Billions.
      When the Nationalists got the Nation working again for food stamps its hardship invoked a from weak to dragon to take on the Russian Bear and its supplying Allies.
      The invading Titans fought (bist zur letzten patrone) with the last Bullet. The rest we know.
      When the Mongolian Ruskis stormed in the German Women were only to happy to have the retreating german soldiers in their midst, short lived only to be re ordered to the outskirts leaving the Women to fend for themselves against the Rapests .
      Most scrambled to get to the American and British sides to be treated much more Humanly. Then the hard task of Women and all hands on deck to Build it up again. Many Women with their new found Love left for Overseas.
      In today`s Germany from what I see these only prey on single Women or Men when in Numbers just like our Lot in SA . The more they cornered the more it will nurture the Dragon , just like a wolf when cornered its tail between its legs but dont get too close for you will regret it.

    9. RunForrestRun2:08 pm

      I'm with Mike on this one, you treat a woman you don't know chivalrously not because she is a lady (something you don't know anyway), but because you are a gentleman. Its rooted in your own self worth.

    10. Men and woman are created equal in value, but different in function... God's original plan for rulership on earth is through a man and a woman was created as his partner and companion.
      I am privileged to run my own business and even more priveleged to have my wife as my PA. We make a good team and I love it. Yes the shit flies between us sometimes, but that's part of it. 1 defeats a thousand, 2 defeats 10 000

      What Mike is trying to say with his escapade in Germany is that if there is really one thing that you will protect to the death, it's your wife.. It is just a different feeling when you have to protect her, you will rip a guys head off clean.!
      I would avoid a scuffle with a guy about bullshit, but come close to my wife or threaten here.. I will kill you, especially if you're a zot..

      JP I agree with a few but disagree with a few point as well. I take it you're not married.?. If you are it can't be for long.. To say women should just lay still long enough to get impregnated is a cheap shot mate. If it were not for some women some men would have never became what they are.
      A woman is crucial in life's functionality and they play a vital role in society. Unfortunetly like you mentioned society is a mess and the roles have been swapped. Well it's simple. You destroy the foundation of the family and you destroy the core of a healthy society. That is why you see so many things aimed at destroying the man's values to corrupt him. Number one is lust. A man corrupted by lust is useless. He walks around the whole day obsessed with women and all they become a mere sexual objects, nothing more.. It 'breaks' a man's mind.

      Hollywood have turned men into women and visa versa. That is why women become femminists and 'independant women' because the men have gone soft and have forgotten their purpose. A man without a purpose is lost and women do not want to follow a visionless, lost man..
      It starts with the men. Until they do not shape up you will have confused woman trying to fill the roles of absent men..

    11. Cont..

      Talking about Alpha women is a whole subject by itself. These women can be the most evil and vile people ever. It is a rebellion against the authority which God placed upon a man, which is a method Satan uses to abolish God's plan for rulership through a man and create anarchy. Just look around you and the evidence of the damage it has done can be seen everywhere.. In fact, if that My(t) of Zuma becomes president you will see kak like never before.
      Mike is correct. These women are many a times married to a whimp they can control because they hate being challenged by an Alpha male. I personally always clash with women like these, big time. They can see when an Alpha male enters the room and carries a natural authority with him so they always look to start stirring. Avoid them like the plague, or just tell her straight in her face to piss off, now.
      I also agree that these women should not be in certain positions of power and authority, it causes a lot of shit.

      Well, Alpha male is easy. You are 1 or you're not.

      Women should be protected, and young women especially should be gaurded by her father until the day she is married. Men in today's world give their daughters away to weak imbeciles who panelbeat them and use them as objects to satisfy their own carnal lusts, and the parents wonder why the marriage was a fuckup.. The father is suppose to check that guy out from top to bottom and if he doesn't fit the bill you tell him to fuck off.. Fathers are absent in their daughters lives and wonder why they get pregnant at 15...
      Mike.? I can just imagine what kind of scrutiny your son in law went through.? Right or wrong.? You wouldn't have let your girl marry a doos who's a drop out.? Men are not men anymore, and fathers are not fathers anymore.

      My wife is beautifull and really strong emotionally. I had a lot of shit to deal with the past 3 years, a lot.. Long story short, all the stress and pressure caused health issues for months and for a added bonus I broke my right hand badly in a bike accident. For 18 months my wife had to carry 70% of all our responsibilities by herself, I was out of the game big time. She did it like it pro.

      JP, boet. Here's some good advice. You've got plans to do big things. Get the right woman next to you, marry her, and you will go double the distance, I promise you.

    12. Anonymous3:23 pm

      Thank you Mike. A woman naturally looks up to a great man.


    13. Anonymous4:41 am

      JP, you still have a lot to learn.

      Mike as always, very well put.

      I haven't commented much on here but this comment of JP is getting under my skin. Women are flawed, and when left to ponder life (not have a job) they do start causing kak. However it is not all women. Most women I know start looking for something constructive to do. So do I paint all women with the same brush and call them all emotional beings who are not good for anything? No....that is not a rational conclusion to draw.

      Men have lost their manliness because of feminism and women who want to prove that they can do everything a man can do. This 'manliness' is more inline with how Mike explained it. Open a car door, be polite etc but still in charge without fighting, without belittling and without breaking down someone's character.

      Each sex has their own strengths and weaknesses, through working together and supporting eachother a hell of a lot can be achieved.

      So JP to be quite honest, you clearly have no respect for women. So why the hell should they respect you?

      This in my opinion is why the human race is fucked. If all the men are like you, more feminists will be raised, which means men lose even more respect, which leads to them treating women even worse etc. A horrible cycle.

      In stead of bashing the fairer sex, seek out a life partner who will make you a better man. Who will support you, love you, care for you and stand by you. Trick is to be worthy of it.


    14. Lol I post a comment on Friday afternoon, was a bit tied down yesterday (Monday) come back and see the shit storm I created, which I never even thought was actually that heavy.

      Firstly, Mike used the word 'women' and I used the word slut as I do contrary to what you think differentiate between the two. Go and read my comment very closely and you will see. So I never generalized the way some of you simply thought I did.

      Anyhow, I don't even know where to start, so will touch some points.

      @Mike - after the sex attacks 'women' (what I call sluts) were handing out flowers to muslims in the days after the story broke, so why they would defend muslim pigs who raped their fellow white women/ 'women' by handing flowers out to them boggles my mind.


      To all the white knights and manginas out there, please just go and look at this simple article which again shows a very simple Truth, the vast majority of protestors are 'women' while the vast majority of invaders are 'men'. (Only whites have the potential to be men, no nigger or dune coon could ever be called a man)


      This is undeniable. Feminism is a war on white men and 'women' (what I call sluts to differentiate) are bringing in non-white males as the primary weapon in their arsenal.

      So some food for thought, I never used the women but sluts.

      I never used the term alpha male so don't know where this came from but what the hell it was an entertaining as well as educational read.

      For those clowns who want to try the 'but feminism is jewish' crap on me, you just fucked yourself over because you have admitted then that 'women'/ sluts are easily manipulated by external parties other than their very own white men and have proved my case as to why you logically would never give 'women' or even good women for that matter any power over the political gears of a country because they would be easily manipulated to fuck it up in any case.

      Given that this is a political blog, we should seriously debate the future role of women in our soon to be whites only society.

      We might as well talk about this now instead of scrambling under pressure after a war when drafting new constitutions on whether we will follow the same retarded concept called democrazy and if we do follow the democrazy plot do women get to vote.

      I will leave you with something very deep to think about. If 'women'/ sluts and even good women are bringing in non-white males to divide and collapse the white patriarchy, what mechanism can white men use in the future to divide and keep the women in place - to put it crudely...

      The answer = polygamy believe it or not.

      Just ask any woman/ 'woman'/ slut about her feelings on polygamy and - as I have told you, listen to HOW they say it not WHAT they actually say - and you will see how polygamy strikes a nerve so deep in women/ 'women'/sluts it is very fun to watch.

      We can debate this in future posts and I look forward to it. You can bring your emotion and I will bring historical as well as contemporary fact and we will see who will win.

      We have much to thrash out now so that when we establish the new republics we have gotten over all the squabbling and it is a smooth process.

      Keep well ;)

    15. @ JP...I had to read your last comment twice in order to make sense of it. Seems like what you are proposing (Correct me if I am wrong) is a fundamentalist ultra religious, polygamous society where women have no political rights and very little other rights and where women are divided by men and "kept in their place" as you say.

      Sounds a lot like that the Islamic societies you so despise, don't you think?

      When you said, "We can debate this in future posts"...you meant it tongue in the cheek, right?

      You see, contrary to what you might believe, human beings are not polygamous. Promiscuous maybe, but NOT polygamous.

      Nature gives us women and men on a roughly 50/50 basis. This story that there are seven women for every man is rubbish, a myth and holds no water.

      If nature wanted us to be polygamous we would have had ten women for every man. This is not the case. So polygamy in human societies are as unnatural as celibacy and it simply leads to a perverse catastrophe.

      Let us look at your beloved Islamic societies for instance where they do indeed practice polygamy and women have no rights. The result is that if every man takes ten wives there will be a shit load of men who will be sexually frustrated, turn to homosexuality child molestation, animal rape and other rape (male and female). Exactly like we see in fundamentalist extremist Islamic societies.

      These men have no other choice then, but to go to other countries and rape their women. As we are seeing in Sweden and Germany.

      The other ways to have your polygamous society is to kill half of your own white men. Even so every man will only have three women. With a reduced amount of white men you are vulnerable to invasion from other nations. Looking after three women is a full time job. Where are you going to find time for all of them, your children and fight off the invaders?

      Another way is to invade your enemies' space, kill them off and take their wives. Question is do you want to do that? Who are your enemies? Certainly not other whites, right? Do you then want to take the wives of the blacks, Arabs, Chinese, etc. and mix your blood with theirs?

      So please enlighten me to how you intend to get the balance of men and women tipped in such a way that there will be seven women for every man.

      Sorry but your polygamous society sounds like a schoolboy wet dream. A fantasy. I mean I might be missing something, but at the moment, any which way I look at it, it won't work.

    16. Anonymous11:37 am

      JP is a closet slams

    17. Mr Mister7:00 pm

      Barack Obama is a beta male. His wife is probably an alpha female but definitely more manly than him.

    18. @Mike...again you put words into what I tried to keep simple. I can see clearly now that there are many black and blue pilled men here. We worry about the blacks but they really are nothing. The race war is one facet-the bigger war going on anongst our own kind is the gender war and class war-I never said we will hv legal polygamy-we already do-the amount of white men with their on the side modern day concubines makes it clear to me the average guy is not a one woman man.

      Again im shocked so many South African men think its logical for women to vote -even in spite of whats happened to white civilisation over the last 90 odd years since women were given there chance to have a say.

    19. Anonymous1:23 am

      Thanks Mike, what I was thinking. JP is soooo off here.I wonder why he hates women so much? Hmmmm. I think he might be gay. Always such a hero, like he has something to prove.

    20. Anonymous3:44 am

      JP, you have a God complex....

      "Women need to be impregnated as early as possible as it then keeps them too occupied to prance around like sluts looking for attention:


      Moral of the story, the most aggressive man grabs the most pussy. "

      As early as possible? Girls are fertile at age 12/13....still children. They should NOT be having babies. But I guess this ties in with your fundamentalist views and polygamy, where old farts have sex with children and kick out the younger men in the group as they are competition.

      "Firstly, Mike used the word 'women' and I used the word slut as I do contrary to what you think differentiate between the two. Go and read my comment very closely and you will see. So I never generalized the way some of you simply thought I did."

      Yes you did, you were using women and sluts interchangeably as the same thing.

      You actually remind me of Cesar Milan. He is so insecure of himself that he needs to be the boss of a dog. His self worth is so low that he gets high off being "alpha" and "leading the pack". That he thinks showing dominance over something smaller and more vulnerable than himself makes him a MAN! It doesn't...it just shows his lack of intelligence that he tries to rule over dogs as a dog instead of human being with much larger brain capacity.

      I have one rule that I live by, it's quite simple and encompasses most things. DON'T BE A CUNT


    21. @ LG I expected you to live by one rule you are definitely a simple man as demonstrated by your comments. I live by a number of different principles in fact.

      I take it what really aggravates you is that I use my name and face unlike you who named himself after a tv. If you think using your name and face on the internet is a god complex again you are lost beyond comprehension.

      For those with brains, take the red pilled test and enjoy this video by TFM:


    22. Ehhmm... JP, LG is a girl. A very sexy young lady, intelligent and educated. She is the only reason why I might still agree with you on that polygamy thing :-)

    23. Anonymous1:06 pm

      Awwwww Thanks Mike!

      JP the God complex was directed towards how you speak about women. Awesome that you're showing face but it doesn't mean much,,,and it certainly doesn't aggravate me.

      I will gladly meet you in person and bump you off your little throne that you seem to sit on. My one rule actually works great. If you park your car like a douche...get back in and fix it. IE moenie 'n poes wees nie

      When you're in the company of Christians who YOU care about, try not to use the Lord's name in vain...again moenie 'n poes wees nie.

      If someone does something nice for you....say thank you! Moenie 'n poes wees nie. So yeah my one rule is quite simple but it works in everyday life.

      And then you can get a snippet of my brain and why your comment of women shouldn't vote seriously ticks me off. Some women are bat shit crazy....a lot of men are as well....Voting should be based on intelligence.


      I used to be Miss IQ but then some other woman lost her shit about it so I left the drama and just use my initials now

    24. Anonymous2:59 pm

      Hi JP. I think your fear of women is really unfounded and there is no gender war. When looking at election results and statistics of white countries, women vote on average only about 10% more liberal. You give women way too much credit for what happened to white civilisation in the last 90 odd years. How much influence did women have in the two World Wars where beautiful white men killed and maimed each other in millions? Do you really want to chain 50% of your population to the bedroom and kitchen? Will you not be so much stronger if you allow every person to be the best version of him/herself?

      Is the more caring (in general) nature of a woman not a benefit particularly in some jobs? Interesting enough my sister's little boy insisted on a female docter when his penis had to be examined. Would you only prefer male nurses?

      I also believe that white men are the crown of God's creation and I am in awe of what the white man has established. The white man is definitely not my enemy and I am sorry that you see the white woman as yours. Just remember that to take someones freedom away will guarantee you an enemy.


  2. Whiteman10:47 am

    JP, you are a man of TREMENDOUS insight ! Are you a professor or something ? I have not read such earth shattering logic in a long time. ( I am not looking for a loan, boet ! ) But I will encourage you to explore this subject further and deeper, because it is SO relevant and important in these times. You probably will lose some female readers, but maybe you will gain even more. Something is very wrong with our civilization, and our male-female culture. When, and how did it all go off the rails ? Can we redeem the situation, or is it too late ? Sure looking forward to the debate on this one ! !

    1. Anonymous12:33 pm

      @ JP.

      Thank you for your observations and for the enlightenment that I have received, you have just summed up rfr so well that I think he will be able to pay less for his shrink as of next week, he now knows why he is a male bum chaser and woman avoided him like the plague when he was trying to identify his sexual orientation.

      rfr, when you have read JP's post you had better try man up and say thank you.


    2. Anonymous9:57 pm

      you can read any of these books on how to pick up women. Also read christian marriage councilling books and you will begin to see how modern pick up artists are teaching you how to fake being an alpha male while the bible teaches you how to be a real alpha.

      Also, what is happening is the equivalent of men going to titty bars because they are gatvol of their manly angry wives.

      See, you hate it when your wife turns into a fucking man, a dragon tranny lady... So WHY THE FUCK HAVE YOU ALL TURNED INTO FUCKING MANGINAS!?!?!? It is the same thing to a woman.

      You grab your bitch by the hair and shove her fucking face into your pillow and rip her panties the fuck off, and knock her the fuck up with a bun in the oven.

      If she resists like a man, take her skanky ass and put it out on the street and replace her with a younger hotter woman and repeat the fucking process.

      If she cheats? Replace her skanky ass. Does she refuse to make you a sandwich when she is prepared to run a soup kitchen for useless mud people? Replace her skanky ass.

    3. Anon957

      That is not how you treat a women boy. Get your priorities straight man. Women are not some pieces of meat to fuck and throw away as you please.! Speaking like that about a women will have me to ask where does that put your mother in the picture, seeing she's also a women.?. Do you speak with such vile character about her as well.?.

      1 sentence you say the bible teaches you to be an Alpha male. Did the same bible you read tell you to "put her skanky ass on the street and get a new younger hotter one as well.?. Did you miss the part of marriage is a sacred vow to God.? That's low man. Rather leave the bible out of this because it's clear you don't read it properly..

      Seems like a lot of chaps only want to quote the bible when it's about killing and whatever they want to justify in an argument..?. But when the same bible questions your personal life it's not applicable.? Funny isn't it.?....

      "If she cheats", you ask.? Why not be a proper man and she will never have to cheat, how about that.?. You see the problem with dick-swinging guys like yourself is you think all this trash talk makes you look big shot, but actually all you suffer from is 'kleinpielsindroom'. That's why she will cheat and not make you a sandwich, because you're an idiot.!
      Fuck man, if I had a daughter and you pulled that shit on her I will rip your heart out and feed it back to you..

      Learn some respect.. Jy klink so n fokken jagse klein snotkop wat net alles wil steek..

    4. @ Boere La Cosa Nostra: Lots of truth in what you say mate. You ask, “I can just imagine what kind of scrutiny your son in law went through.?”

      They went through hell. All of them. My favourite was to get them to trim the palms and Bougainvilleas around the swimming pool and when they came out there with forearms full of scratches and cuts to make them wash the car. Eventually her husband turned out to be a professional soldier, top fit, doesn’t drink, etc. A man who can take care of her when I am not there.

      Would I have wanted a skirt chasing aggressive jerk who thinks he is an Alpha Male for my daughter? No. I wanted a MAN who could take care of her and his family. And that is what it is all about. It is not about being an Alpha Male or Alpha Female…It is about being an Alpha Family.

      The Voortrekkers did not survive Blood River because of Alpha Males, but because of Alpha Families.

      You say, “A man corrupted by lust is useless”…Very true. The mistake a lot of young men make is to think that an Alpha Male is the one who has sex with all the beautiful women all the time, makes them all pregnant and throw them away after they were used. What a total misconception. Do you want to give your daughter to such a man? How long will such a society survive? Isn’t that the cause of the social breakdown in the black and coloured communities?

      Like you rightly say, “You destroy the foundation of the family and you destroy the core of a healthy society.”…Never a truer word spoken.
      Alpha Males are the ones who can take care of and protect their families. Even lions know this.

      Alpha males do not have weaknesses. Even their perceived weaknesses are strengths. Chasing women all the time to simply have sex instead of selecting the best mate to have a healthy family with makes you look silly and childish and it is showing a weakness and a weakness can be turned against you.

      Just think about Samson and Delilah. The strongest man in the world, reduced to a wimp by his weakness for beautiful women. Or the beautiful Judith who took matters into her own hands when her men were too weak and used her beauty to seduce the Assyrian General Halofernes and behead him after he laid siege to their town of Bethulia and cut off the water supply. All his brilliant and elite military training was reduced to ZERO by a woman who had no training in any military things whatsoever.

    5. Cont/....Believe me there are people in Military Intelligence who specialize in just this. It is their job to study the enemy generals, officers and the morale of the soldiers. They look for any and every single weakness they can exploit, concentrate an attack on and breach it like a wall. Therefore the officers who make it to the top are men with strong characters, few if any weaknesses, assertive and they are for the most part, gentlemen. Ask any general if he wants an officer that is an aggressive, skirt chasing jerk and see what he says. You cannot rely on such a person. You cannot trust him to even carry out a simple order.

      Now imagine a policeman or a professional soldier whose job it is to be authoritarian, aggressive and use force. If he is going to be like that all the time, his own family and friends will think he is a monster and be shit scared of him. He has to be able to control and channel that aggression when it is needed. He needs to be able to flip his killer instinct on and off at will and only when it is needed. He needs to be able to go from full calm to deadly aggressive in a split second and know when and how to switch it off again. But the last thing you want is him to flip into an uncontrolled aggressive rage especially when innocent loved ones are around. This does not come easily. You have to train for it. My experience has shown that Beta Males never master this. That is why some officers never get promoted past certain points and many martial arts won’t allow you to progress past a certain point unless you have the right character. In Ju Jitsu you can forget about it. It takes you seven years to earn a Black Belt. You could have done a Ph.D in the same time.

    6. Whiteman3:14 am

      Thanks to all the contributors to this very interesting, and important debate.The relationship between men and women, is probably the most important of all lifes realities, because the survival of humanity is involved. I have been around the block a few times, and would like to share some of my experiences, and hopefully add spice to this very interesting debate. I have looked very closely to the marriages that last for decades, or till one partner dies. In virtually every case, the female wore the pants in the house. But both partners would wax lyrical, as to how happy they were/are ? Then you have the wonderful marriages, but as soon as one has died, the real truth comes out, and you see it was all just a sham ? I come out of an era, where divorce was a big no-no, and if you were divorced, the people with tthe " happy " marriages, gave you the negative vibe. They could never appreciate the fact, that it takes GUTS to get divorced. Then another observation I made. How come some of the most beautiful women , marries such useless arseholes ? I encountered many of them, once they were divorced. Why do women like a bullshitter, especially if he has money ? Icame to the conclusion, that females can not recognise, and/or appreciate true integrity in a man. Some of them even admit, that they are attracted to the " bad boy " immage ! WTF ! I also have a lot to say about the ones, who marry men who moer them, and sometimes even kill them. But let me conclude. All you guys, who married quality women, and are blest with a truly happy marriage, are experiencing Heaven on earth. And I truly envy you !

    7. Anonymous1:49 pm

      but mike smith was found in a car full of beer and girls after his wife locked his ass out of the house one night (I read that by mike smith on another post a while back)

    8. @ Anon 1:49 pm...First of all My name is spelled with capital letters like all Proper Nouns in the English Language. Secondly you never start a sentence with a conjunction such as "but", "and", etc. Conjunctions are used to JOIN sentences not to start them. Further if you start a sentence in the English language you start with a CAPITAL LETTER. So if you start a sentence with a conjunction and a small letter I can only assume that the first half of your comment went missing, was accidentally deleted or that half of your thought went missing.

      Nevertheless. You are right. My first wife (now deceased) tried to lock me out of my own house once. Only ONCE. She got the idea from one of her friends across the road who was a slut and after four marriages and three children from three different men was going from one boyfriend to the next. Apparently locking your husband out is the way to teach him a lesson.

      Unfortunately with me at the time( I was 25 years old) it was a declaration of war and the outcome can be only one thing...total destruction. See, with me it is different than with other people. Other people can get 10% angry or 50% angry. My brain works in a binary method. For me there are only two options, 0% or 100%. There is nothing in between. Whether it is hate or love.

      Locking me out of my house showed me that she didn't want me anymore and told me to fuck off. So I fucked off. Three weeks later the police found me camping at the beach surfing and partying it away with girls in bikinis. I had the time of my life. They were telling me to go home, because my wife was worried sick about me. I couldn't understand it. Why was she worried about me? I wasn't worried about her. She told me to go so I went...and I didn't want to go back. This time it was my turn to say "fuck off".

      Nevertheless I went back a few days later. On my own time. Who learned the biggest lesson. Not me. She never tried that shit ever again and she got rid of her stupid friend.

    9. Anonymous2:20 am

      Hon 9:36 , Hi Mike if anon 1:49 can bring up something published months ago , its a good sign , meaning everything you publish is sinking in and remembered. LOL !

    10. Anonymous4:05 am

      Interesting read by posters here on how a women should be treated.....

      From a conservative right thinking woman's viewpoint I would like to say which man I would hypothetically choose judging by the posts here:

      BoereLaCostraNostra wins hands down!

      As his post reflects him to be a true naturally born balanced caring alpha male.

      A man worth his salt!

    11. @ Anon 4:05 am...Oh noooo!! Now you broke my heart :-(

      BLCN...As a gentleman I step back. You won mate. She is all yours. May you live happily ever after ;-)

    12. @ Anon 2:20 am ....Yeah. 10 years and 1800 articles later and all the cunt remembers is that one comment. Makes you think why I still bother, doesn't it?

    13. Anon 4:05 & Mike

      Well I'm humbled, thanks guys & lady..

      Cheers :-)

    14. Anonymous1:48 am

      Aw Mike It was hard to choose between the two of you, but one can only choose one not so?

      Just wanted to put it out there that sane women don't like to be treated as some suggest here and I appreciated both your posts, even rfr's one ;~)

    15. Anonymous11:35 am

      Thats what women say, but they always cheat on the BLCN with guys like me :D

    16. Anonymous11:37 am

      I dont recommend taking a woman's advice. They call for sharia law and islam which openly sells women on slave blocks

    17. Anon 11:37 you are spot on...but your advice is falling on deaf ears.

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    White liberal Americans and Europeans demonstrated against Trump, but not against Zuma or Mugabe. Definitely irrational and illogical.

    1. Mr Mister6:12 pm

      Much drama has been made about the ridiculous "Women's March" that took place in Washington DC and other cities. Those feminists from around the world came together to protest against a man who has done nothing at all to women's rights.
      What's even worse is that they did so in solidarity with a religion that openly practices female slavery
      and gets away with it. The woman who organised the “Women’s March” is a Saudi apologist who praises the very Sharia law that discriminates against women in Saudi Arabia.

    2. Anonymous8:18 pm

      Slacktress Susan Sarandon and turncoat Russell Simmons at "Today, I am a Muslim too" anti-Trump rally in New York, where they declare "Solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters".

      When the irrational become delusional and self-destructive.


  4. Anonymous4:04 pm

    You really are dof, aren't you? Taking a year to discover that Islam is a load of bullshit.

    You're a slow learner boetie.

    Going to post this, or are you chicken?

    1. Anonymous2:05 am

      @Anon 4:04pm

      Studying Islam in great depth and travelling all over the world does not make one a slow learner or dof. It makes one an authority on the subject.

      Mike would only be dof if he were still a Muslim after all he had learned and observed. It doesnt matter how long it takes to leave.

      Also, could you read and fully understand the Koran in one year?

      It makes him an authority on the subject.

    2. So if it takes someone seven years to get a doctorate in Islamic studies he is even more of a slow learner than I? Piss-off you superficial cunt.

    3. Brutus11:11 am

      anon 4:04 wins the dom doos of the week award with that pulitzer prize piece of work.

    4. Anonymous12:38 pm

      And you must be brillant with and iq of a 150! The problem is with people like you is that you think know everything but you know nothing since you have never experienced life. What Mike did was experience life and got to know his enemy much better, you the kind of guy who will stand next to your enemy without you even knowing it and have your throat slit before you even realised it happend!

  5. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Mike- Forgive me for going off-topic ... here is a good article on Verwoerd I thought you and your readers would find of interest:


    1. Anonymous1:21 am

      Thank you very much for sharing this outstanding article. A rare glimpse at profound wisdom and common sense. I have sent it on to a number of others.
      Regards, Besoeker

    2. Anonymous1:15 pm

      An Exellent piece , wouldnt we have all guessed that if they couldnt even get their fully funded Homeland on the go , what they would do to SA . Their full fruits of achievement shows today. Its Chaotic Mayhem from what the profound Nationalists had produced with Sanctions and all.
      Reminds me of the Ants and the Locusts. Blacks dont know how to run a Nation. Looking into the Mind of a Blackman he doesnt think correctly.(Pastor Manning)

  6. Anonymous9:37 pm

    the globalists want a global disorder so that they can justify a global military. If shit is burning all over the place, you will be begging for a global military to come in and restore order.

    So be wary of these boer mall ninjas that seem to welcome war.

    The siener prophecies, like all satanic things, cloak the will of satan in christian mortality.


    Ban guns! its for the children! (uuuhhhh, nope, you are using christian guilt about children dying to push for gun confiscations)

    Kill unborn babies! Its pro choice! I mean you dont want to suppress women do you, christian? (uuuhhhh, nope, you want to kill children and cloak it in the freedom of woman's choice. )

    Kill the karasites! You need to fight for the union of the greater south africa! (uuhh, nope. You want to expand on the NWO's borders under the misguided attempt at fighting for white people)

    be careful of being led astray. Dont be stuck on stoopid out of your disgust about farm murders.

    Remember, fight with your brain first...

    1. Anonymous8:33 am

      @Doos 9:37pm

      What a load of shit you typed here, fuck it really?

      You are clearly insane, how does one fight with their brain? Perhaps think with your brain which you obviously don't!

      Stupid not stoopid.

    2. Anonymous12:39 pm


    3. Anonymous12:44 pm

      Anon 9:37 Fact , Fight with your Brain and all else will follow , just like chess.

    4. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Anon 8:33 of course you fight with your Brain , but before capitulation. Take chess , just rush in and see the outcome.

    5. Anonymous2:18 pm

      well 8:33 anon. Sorry that you dont get it.

    6. Anonymous7:15 pm


      @Anonymous9:37 pm


      Remember, fight with your brain first...

      Yes! Remember that, now go chat with Satan. You seem to know more about him than anyone on this blog.

      Like I said, you dont even need to say anything to this fool.

      If Satan's pet really knew what he was speaking about, he would know the expanse of the coming republic is exactly what the NWO doesnt and didnt want.

    7. Anonymous10:43 am

      Can boer mall ninja give us a guarantee that this new greater south africa wont be handed over to the enemy?

      The last thing we need is a FW DeKlerk 2.0 handing it all over. Last time it was the blacks, next time they will look just like us.

      Possession is nine tenths of the law. If you have a greater south africa, you need to keep communities and juridictions as small as possible and keep law enforcement as local as possible.

      Mike Smith was mocking me on the other post about being 5 boers defending the republic. The smaller the jurisdictions, the better. AS long its 15 million sets of 5 people. The lowest you can go is the family unit which is roughly 5 people. So yes thats a good start. Make the family sovereign state with the husband as the head of the state. That way we dont have to deal with this satanic cult that organizes our marriage partners and business partners (like BEE decides who our business partners are going to be)

      ...or a satanic state that decides how to raise our children and what they get to learn at school or how to discipline them.

    8. Anonymous1:29 pm


      @Anonymous10:43 am

      LOL there he goes again "satanic this or that" jeezlike!

      Mate you are obsessed with Satan.

      I can guarantee it, if you will stop posting shit about Satan.

      How can you hand it over to the enemy if it doesnt exist anymore? You cant hand over to people that no longer exist or are only to be found in museums.

      Get it?

      The greater Southern Africa republic will not, not have any Karasites in them - not sure how many ways I can say that.

      It wont have a single karasite.

      Plain and simple - and this time, there will be no reservations either. We learnt from the Ozzies & Yanks that reservations dont work either.

      Reservations = mini apartheid sponsored by whitee that ends up with an isolated tribe of people high on drugs and dop - nope, no reservations, no karasites.

      You complain about Mike mocking you, but you have only ever mocked people in everything you have written including JP, Tom, Mike, Boere_mall ninja...

      You are the one that mocks, yet you dont like it being done to you.


      Do unto others my friend, stop speaking to Satan. He is corrupting you.

      There will not be a FW2.0 nor karasites.

      That should make you and everyone else happy here.

      So yes, unfortunately you will either have to pay young children to cut your grass or do it yourself next time round.

      Until next time!

    9. Anonymous11:40 am

      @Boer mall ninja.

      Yeah well old George Soros is not a "karasite" by your definition. How are you going to deal with that thing?

    10. Anonymous7:26 pm


      @Anonymous11:40 am

      LOL you give old Soros too much credit.

      If you follow anything he does, you would know he lost over a big billion with the US election.

      So old Soros isnt the be all or end all.

  7. Stephen10:07 pm

    Hi Mike

    Its the age old storie isn't it , look what happened to Adam when Eve convinced him.( not saying you girls are evil , just that men should take charge and woman should follow their lead)

    The above analising from JP and commentors are correct , but also woman are more likely to feel sorry for anyone , I once met an old lady that couldn't say anything bad about evil people , I asked her..''well what about satan , find nothing wrong with him ? ''...she said..''well atleast he's not lazy''

    Theres a reason why God instructed us men to be the head of the house , don't get me wrong - a woman completes a man , I'm twice the man I was before I met a wife .But she submits to me as I submit to God.

    And she likes it that way too - it takes all the pressure off her , and gives me a reason to do the right thing.

    Us married men know , that secrectly woman are even more lis than men , their just looking for the right guy to handle that urge with dignity , believe me - if you treat her right all her empathy will be directed towards you instead of these heathens.

    I'm willing to say , that if a liberal-woman has a husband , he's a whimp for-sure.

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Very true!!

  8. Anonymous1:35 am


    1. Anonymous8:55 am


      @Anonymous1:35 am

      LOL - I read it as well. You just cant make this shit up.

      They are going to turn Mugabe into a ventriloquist dummy.

    2. Anonymous12:43 pm

      Weekend at Bernies.

    3. Anonymous5:15 am

      Well they presented Mandela on tv pretending he was still alive. They will eventually do the same thing with Zuma.

  9. Anonymous3:17 am

    White liberals in the US who are protesting against trump are actually funded by George Soros aka Gvorsky Schwartz , a convicted inside trader & investor, liberal jew from hungary but now a us citizen.

    1. Anonymous7:48 am

      Soros looks as evil as he is.

  10. These women are very rational,they are living in a world created and maintained by misery somewhere else,diamond deaths in the Congo,Bombs for Oil in the Middle East,they know the life they lead is at the expense of lives elsewhere. They are going about it the wrong way because they are committing suicide by welcoming in people who hate "their way of life" they should rather lobby their Goverments to stop bombing Middle East companies into oblivion,extracting resources from Africa at such an unsustainable rate etc.

    1. Stephen10:44 pm

      Moloto , what-a-moloto-bollocks you think.

      These people are delusional , not rational .

      Stop feeling sorry for yourself and African countries , no-one owes you or the sand-niggers anything. How da-hell is the life any-one lives thanks to the kaffirs ? what crap !

      Your kind are trapped in that mental zone , in Afrikaans its called " self-bejammering "

      Your only fooling yourself.

      Diamond deaths are caused by GREED , and the middle-East conflict was not caused by whites , nigger please ?

      Oh I forgot , EVERYTHING is mos the whites fault , give me a brake please.

    2. Anonymous11:49 am

      no ol moloto may be right. If the white globalists got off the black people's backs and got off ours, the blacks would have been industrialized, fat and happy with 2.1 kids like white people. Verwoerd understood this too.

      So yes, the jingoistic Bush should not have bombed the middle east. It was a double cross on us as well.

      The world would be a better place without the white NWO and their munt minions like Thabo Mbeki.

  11. Anonymous6:56 am

    Love the truth in this post. I fully agree. Nowadays madness is replacing rationality everywhere in an ideological sense.

  12. Anonymous8:25 am

    My personal view I hold on the current topic is based on my life experiences.

    Most liberals that hold all these "let them in" "give back" etc... views are mostly from a very privileged background, their parents are rich and they never had to worry about anything.

    The problem occurs due to them being irrational whereby they raise the bar so high for everyone else who must follow their ideals without logically accepting that everyone is in fact in a different boat.

    Everyone has their own story - some better or worse than others however, such is life. Everyone may consider this is how it is.

    Liberalism is a social disease based on irrational illogical ideals at the expense of rational logical people, unfortunately there is only one rational logical cure by unorthodox methods.

  13. Anonymous8:52 am


    More house burnings in former white suburbs.


    Xenophobia moving into the suburbs.

    Criminality - signs of things to come.

  14. Dear dr. Mike,
    My wife insist 'dat n man se ballas na ballas moet ruik'.
    Any idea where she's going with this ?

    1. Nigger...please.

    2. Anonymous4:08 am

      niggerball (countable and uncountable, plural niggerballs)

      (South Africa, dated, countable) A large black sweet which changes colour (turns white) when sucked

    3. Jo.
      Jirre. Maar die Oubaas is kort van draad.
      Now don't interpret this literally ( again )
      She still maintains the smell of Issey Miyaki is off-putting. Other than the smell of napalm in the morning.
      Ja. En ek's die muhr-in oor die 'Nigger' verwysing.

    4. Stephen3:28 am

      Daniel , I know why Mike said .." Nigger..please.''

      Its got to do with that mental-picture Mike explained a couple days ago.

      You see , without him even wanting to do it , it happens as he is reading your comment.As he reads words , his brain already forms a picture that you paint. And its no secret - usually you mention something about anuses -rectums -or other foul stuff that we don't wanna see.

      Now a less intelligent person wont find those references off-putting , but bare in mind the mans RAM speed ( how quick his brain processes data )

      In the future , it will count in your favour if you refrain from the foul words ( cut out the bad stuff Daniel ) it will make it more pleasant to read your comments.

      Even I have to put up my shait-filter when I see your posts. No offence , just good advise.

    5. Thanks Stephen. You nailed it on the head.

    6. Anonymous8:00 am

      Well said Stephen.
      Really even in jest some things should remain private.
      Sick of Maartens' filth.
      He shows a lack of respect for himself and his partner

  15. Anonymous11:28 am

    Mike , I can understand why the German Men have become so soft and Tolerable , because they are controlled by a system that punishes with hefty Fines for not falling into Line , germany is an idea, a cultural landscape, an intellectual space of history. Germany is the cradle of the modern constitutional state, the treasury of human rights, freedom of opinion and expression.

    This is increasingly jeopardized by the possibility that the political elite will bend their necks from a religious dogma that is alien to the intellectual history, the values, and the constitutional state.

    A long process of weakening and leisurely occupation of the weaker, low-society is envisaged. The Islamic doctrine will gradually creep into everyday life and fortress Europe will crumble from the inside. Just remember how the Serbs have lost Kosovo. Through the demographic development and the help of NATO, which led to the establishment of the first Islamic state at European level. What an ominous sign.

  16. Anonymous6:39 pm

    a mixed multitude, an abomination. a Babylon.

    6148 `arab aw-rab' a primitive root; to braid, i.e. intermix; technically, to traffic (as if by barter); also or give to be security (as a kind of exchange):--engage, (inter-)meddle (with), mingle (self), mortgage, occupy, give pledges, be(-come, put in) surety, undertake.

    6149 `areb aw-rabe' a primitive root (identical with 6148 through the idea of close association); to be agreeable:--be pleasant(-ing), take pleasure in, be sweet.

    6150 `arab aw-rab' a primitive root (identical with 6148 through the idea of covering with a texture); to grow dusky at sundown:--be darkened, (toward) evening

    6151 `arab ar-ab' (Aramaic) corresponding to 6148; to commingle:--mingle (self), mix.

    6154 `ereb ay'-reb or mereb (1Kings 10:15), (with the article prefix), {eh'-reb}; from 6148; the web (or transverse threads of cloth); also a mixture, (or mongrel race):--Arabia, mingled people, mixed (multitude), woof.

    Arab. a mongrel race with who? That declares why they are Islam

    Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

    1. Anonymous6:19 am

      hey look, its one of those "joo! joo! joo!" types.

      Why dont you come out and say it?

    2. Anon 6:19,
      Bet the Yahwehna auntie is back with vengeance.
      Mad as a fnukkin hatter.

    3. Anonymous9:41 am

      Daniel nou kom tjy weer hier
      kom tril swaai or oor iets waarvan tjy niks weet nie. Hou op asseblief.

  17. Anonymous1:35 am

    I think rise of radical feminism and feminist thought in government and politics has an effect.

  18. Anonymous4:32 am

    Some good news for the "White Race", the real enemy is going down, down, down.

  19. Anonymous5:22 am

    Why Voice of America (and those behind it) are not our friends.

    Little more than a free political advert for Zuma - “It will be difficult -- if not impossible -- to achieve true reconciliation until the land question is resolved,” he said.


    Unrelated by significant.

    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous1:43 pm

      WEll the canadians are oppressing you. You see... Canadians own 40% of the North American Union while being 7% of the population. SO in light of boers owning 70% of south africa (which is a lie) then it means that you have the right to murder canadian farmers.

      If you are not prepared to murder canadians then you mericans must side with them dutchies in south africa. Otherwise you are a hypocrit

  20. Langenhoven1:26 am

    This blog is supposed to be a commentary about the situation in SA. Yet it is a testament to Mr. Smith's fantasy about being an "alpha male " who can do all sorts of ninja moves on "the mat", defeating enemies, real or imagined and then going home to pomp his girlfriend to keep that testosterone level going.

    In reality, I think that Mike Smith is a chubby little fat armchair warrior who dumps anyone's comments he disagrees with. He is after all the Jew in his own ivory tower.

    Disagree with this chump, and you'll either be dumped online, or he'll let his adoring sychophants climb into you with his encouragement.

    He is all powerful, and if you don't believe me, just ask him. His self indulgence knows no bounds.

    Still hiding out in Fishhoek, Smithy old pel?

    Publish this, I dare you.

    1. You have been irritating enough now. Either contribute some meaningful shit or fuck off. I will simply delete your ass from now on.

    2. Anonymous5:42 am

      Langenhoven, we are all working towards the same goal, no need to insult people.

      You dared Mike to publish your comment and he did.
      I dare you to contribute...

    3. Anonymous5:53 am


      @Langenhoven1:26 am

      Its about SA & how the world has gone or is going. It would be boring to speak about the same old shit.

      Boet make a worthy contribution.

    4. Anonymous6:16 am

      @Langenhoven 1:26am

      This is a serious blog covering serious issues. You know what you can do if you don't like it.

    5. Whiteman6:17 am

      Langenhoven, please allow me to draw your attention to the BIG picture. There are MANY people, who have followed Mikes writings, over many years. Some of them have also regularly contributed, and have not always fully agreed with what Mike may have said, or not said. But after many years, they are still here, and I consider ALL of them my fellow patriots. So your " beef " is not just with Mike, but possibly THOUSANDS of proud white patriots. And remember, thousands of salt of the earth patriots, dont even know about Mikes blog. Langenhoven was a VERY clever man. As kids, my father told us, he could add three columns of numbers at the same time ! And through his writings, one could see he was also n very wise man. So why do use his name to criticise intelligent patriots. If Langenhoven were still alive, he would have been one of our MAIN contributors, because intelligent people tend to seek each others company. My advice to you is to at least honour the international FIFO principle. ( Stands for : Fit In, or Fuck Off ! )

    6. Anonymous6:34 am

      You always get wankers like langenhoven Mike. Keyboard warriors who amount to fuckall. He seems like one of those i know more and i r more badass than you anus wart. Best ignore such ignorance. Vaalpens

    7. Anonymous11:16 am

      Maybe somebody can enlighten me.

      Why is it always these varsity grads, degree toting highly educated fellows that mix it up with retards, they must clearly see that retard is a way lower specimen on the evolution scale but they still want the stink around them.

      When the educated by experience attempt to enlight these supremo intelligent gays they get all excited and flushed and cream their overloaded grey matter just before they have a emotional orgasm and start accusations of racist, rudeness, stupidity, lower order intelligence and my list is endless.

      Please somebody tell me if they so fucking intelligent why the fuck are they sucking the thickest arses on the planet, do they think that retard is going to evolve into Einstein over night?

      And wtf do they always want to be heard on this blog if they are so ultra intelligent

      Please explain how they equate to intelligence.


    8. Anonymous12:04 pm

      Hey longdrophoven and do tell us what you look like, or have you forgotten your appearance, after being so long shoulder deep up Zille's arse?

  21. Anonymous2:09 am

    The Problem with Sweden and the swediots , trying to cover up the blunders and withholding the true reality of Sweden. Some of their Femenazi will deny rape while being raped on could swear.


    1. Anonymous8:30 am

      But this response from the citizens is the same as in SA towards the crime levels - denial denial denial. Ignore ignore ignore.

  22. Anonymous3:49 am


    Off topic.


    What do you think of this training program?


    1. I had a quick look. I don't know the guy at all, but if he trained in a few grappling arts like wrestling, Judo and Ju Jitsu like he said he did I would maybe want to listen to him.

      To be an effective fighter, you need a tough martial art like Kickboxing, Kyokushinkai, or Tae Kwon Do mixed with a grappling art like the ones I mentioned above.

      Then you need to train as close to reality as possible with real partners.

      Unfortunately you cannot learn a martial art from books or videos. You need REAL training. Books and videos can give you tips or ideas and can enhance your training, but you need the physical blood sweat and tears. There are no short cuts.

    2. Anonymous9:07 am

      Mike, thank you for the reply.

      That is exactly my problem due to where I live.
      There is no martial arts training or anyone interested to train with.

      I am still going to get fit through running etc...

      Thanks again.

    3. Anonymous11:44 am

      Mike if there was any military commander who was the equivalent of a judo black belt grand master it would definitely be George Grivas and his actions in the battle of Spilia, looks like the Brits never learned the lesson of Spion Kop. And I think more than twenty years of getting what they want has made the anc ripe for a big fall.

  23. RunForrestRun5:09 pm

    Its amazing how many "Alpha males" are found on this blog, -the strange thing is they are waiting for a "leader".

    I guess I'm going to get ripped for this but boys,--Alpha Males don't need leaders, they just do what needs to be done.

    1. So why don't you "do what needs to be done"? You must be a Beta then.

      Don't mistake an Alpha Male for a stupid brute. Don't mistake patience for inaction. A sniper is not an infantry soldier. Every major operation is preceded by a reconnaissance and a lot of scouting.

      But hey, who am I to tell you. You know it all, have done it all (at least twice) so you go ahead Mr Alpa. Show us how fools rush in where angels fear to tread. See how far you get.

    2. RunForrestRun10:49 pm

      Did what needed to be done, My family is safe and secure. Didn't take me 24 years of "kerming" on a blog either.
      Jaaaa swaer, some call it patience, others call it slapgat.

      I never claimed to know it all or done it all,---just enough to know when I'm dealing with Walter Mitty's who dream it all. Only people with nothing left to lose rush in, I guess you guys still have too much to lose, ---net nog n bietjie verder, trap net oor die streep, oeps ek trek sommer n nuwe streep.

      As for being an Alpha or Beta,--lol, what a binary devil you are. I grew up differently to you obviously, in our family at a very young age my father taught us that there are basically 3 types of people in the world sheep, shepherds and wolves. The main difference between the shepherds and wolves are basically just that the wolf doesn't give a fuck about the sheep or the shepherd, only his pack,--the shepherd is handicapped by his bond to the sheep. I've never wanted to lead anybody, its more fun to eat sheep.

      Now back to my popcorn.

    3. @ RFR...You are such a wonderful Alpha Male, Can I have your Baby?

    4. Anonymous12:13 am

      My family is safe and secure.
      Hoe seker is jy van daai saak?
      Moet net nie vis eet daar in NZ nie.
      Jou kinders word gebreinspoel daar.

    5. RunForrestRun12:14 am

      @Mike Smith, ag nee man, nou maak jy dat ek bloos. giggle.

    6. Anonymous12:16 am

      @RFR.... daardie gat in jou gevreet is geweldig groot! baie goed vir jou dat "My family is safe and secure", jy is een van daardie's wat aan die ander kant van die wereld sit en kots!oor skaapies en wolf'ies ou groot gat bek jy het nie die BALLAS nie man!.... get face to face with n Boer!

    7. Anonymous12:23 am

      @ rfr.

      You live in the biggest dream world of all, I am sure your name is Alice and you live near a rabbit hole, or do you just like brown holes.

      If you were a wolf, my little brak from the yellows you would have been on that plane to come and give me that "poesklap" that you were bragging about.

      You yellow bellied little arse runner, you're to shit scared to carry your threats, come here let me show you what a fucking good hiding is, let me set you up for a long rest and permanent pain. I piss on pieces of shit like you, you're all fucking talk but no action.

      Your daddy was most probably a fucking nerd just like you and thought he was a hero until somebody stood up to him then the shit ran down his legs and into his shoes. I see you followed daddies example. You little arsehole you could never be an Alpha, Beta of any male, you're just and arsecunt whore for all your macho boyfriends.

      Your idea of leardeship is been led to and alley by a macho queer for a bum lash.

      Fuck off cunt because here you have no ground. It has been made crystal fucking clear to you but like that shaka booi, you just need to be part of something but because you cannot live the standard you try divide the group, even when the group takes you to pieces your poor non existent self esteem drives you back hoping that somebody will agree with you and blow smoke up your arse.

      You weak insignificant empty threats arsehole.


    8. RunForrestRun1:01 am

      Note to self, get more popcorn

    9. Anonymous2:12 am

      @ rfr
      You are the saltiest motherfucker I know. Your wife, must be tired of your crying? Is she the leader of your family? I think so. I think you have a little vag and your little vag if full of sand.

      Except for fleeing from the kaffirs, I thank you also fled from strong white alpha males. You're a scared little girl aren't you?

      Anyway, you are actually uniting us rather than your intention to make us feel insecure about our future here in SA and to follow you fleeing like a coward.

      The beta male forefathers went somewhere else when they did not see a future for their families here, like you. The real men, alpha males, stayed and conquered the beasts.

      Salty, what is your feeling of importance?

      I assume you come here to confirm the reason why you left was the correct one and then you find real men, the type you admire, uniting and preparing to fight the beast you ran from. That pisses you off, not because you want to be part of it, but because if we succeed, you will not be able to find a place where you can confirm the reason you left was the correct one.

      So, from my side, please keep crying here. You are uniting us. Every little bit helps.

      Thanks salty.

    10. @ RFR...As far as I know there are no wolves in NZ. Just lank sheep and their boyfriends. Bâââhhh.

      Tell me something...Why NZ specifically? I mean of all the places in the world, why did you choose NZ?

    11. Stephen2:31 am

      Forrest , we always knew you were a wolf-in-sheep's clothing.

      But that's okay , guess what ... I used to be a wolf as well . Until Jesus changed me ,yes laugh if you want , I know my Redeemer - do you ?

      You'll say yes you believe Jesus is real - so does the demons.But do you KNOW Him ? do you have a living relationship with Him ?(we know the answer to that ).

      You see ones Jesus enters a mans heart - a wolf becomes a shepherd .No longer will you bite the flock butyou help them , guide them ....you've been doing a lot of biting Forrest.

      You say your safe , but your wretched - poor - blind . You talk about Alpha yet don't know Him that is THE ALPHA..i take pitty on you.

    12. Anonymous3:09 am


      The kiwis need cheap labour!

    13. @ Anon 3:09 am....HAHAHAHA. Yip. They need South Africans to do the work and pay taxes and contribute to the medical aids and pension funds so that the lazy and unemployed New Zealanders can remain on the dole and retire with a nice pension that some Saffer worked for. This is how the Saffers over there thank them for the flour bombs of the 1981 Rugby tour by being their slaves. I don't understand what is worse, paying taxes to Kaffers or to Kiwis. Paying taxes is one thing. We all pay taxes, but sucking Kiwi dick...I mean I draw the line there. I mean a few years ago we had an idiot on here who managed to make it to Australia and fell on his knees and thank the Aussies for taking him and his family in. I tried to explain to him that he was not allowed into Australia because they felt sorry for him, otherwise they would take all White South Africans, but the reason why they took him was, because they knew they could get money out of him to pay for their fat pensions. He was blind with rage. Attacked me viciously.

      Oh well, the rule is that the closer you get to the truth, the higher the protestation and hate.

    14. Anonymous10:40 am

      Forrest recons LTMA stands for "like to muff ass"...

    15. RunForrestRun10:48 am

      Well then.....according to your last line I must be VERY close to the truth.

    16. RunForrestRun11:27 am

      Why NZ you ask. It really depends on whether you tie your own identity to a piece of land or group of people, so if you consider that you being a "boer", "Afrikaner", South African or whateva is tied to being among the same kind of people at a particular geographical location.

      That is a very limited and limiting mindset. Its the mindless kind of nationalism that has led to conflicts since time began,--please note I did not mention race, that is an entirely different subject. Its not even rational as "boere" only exist in some low IQ plank's imagination, "afrikaners" are an artificial construct by boere intelligentsia and who the fuck even knows what a SAFFA is anymore. The point is if you spend any time on the internet you will within 10 minutes find at least 6 different organizations all claiming to be the above and none of them can agree on anything and all of them quite happy to stab each other in the back,---typical white SAFFA's in a nutshell. Just read the comments on this blog to prove my point.

      Baie langdradig I know, but departing from that point I chose the place in the world furthest away from kaffers, with a huge moat around it, without any gold, diamonds, oil or anything else anyone else wants. A place totally self sufficient in every way if the entire rest of the world goes to shit. I don't believe Chinese or Indians are any threat to me and mine, they don't run around raping, burning, looting and stealing,---in fact some of their women are incredibly hot, -they also have similar IQ's and value systems within their own cultures, cultures which are both longer and as accomplished in their own way as most Westerners.--so definitely not on the mud hut, never invented the wheel level.

      For the past 11 years I have not seen burglar proofing, been driven mad by neighbourhood dogs barking, irritated by "cahgards", or needed to make an insurance claim,- etc etc.

      Why do I still visit this site and read about South Africa you ask? I ask myself the same question and to be totally honest its a bunch of things but I guess the main one is a morbid curiosity, followed closely by validation then educational value to observe in realtime the descent and destruction of a country whilst "beta" males sit and cry, rationalize, curse, threaten, wail, gnash their teeth.

      Its also quite entertaining, so I will go get some more popcorn now.

    17. Anonymous11:32 am

      @ Anon10:40am.

      Thats only because forrest is so bent and queer that he will lick any arse to score a browny point on the popularity score board.

      You see forrest is a closet homo, with dark fantasies about the chaps on this blog and dunning\kruger who I think combine to threesome with him in their orgy of arse and dick.

      So I can only pity forrest and his wild and weird queer porno fantasies but I do think that you might be sharing forrest's fantasy because how else would you know what he is thinking?


    18. Anonymous11:56 am

      yeah that is one reason why I never migrated. The thought of contributing to countries that pissed on us does not appeal to me. I would only go to Oz to spongue off them while secretly earning US dollars or something

    19. Hi Mike, let's continue with the "rational" headline theme of the article. It sounds as if you have never spent a bit of time here in NZ - if you did you would change your tune, eventually. Especially in summer when the rain stops! For every dollar I've paid in rates and taxes over the last 24 years I've reaped it all back many times over in so many other ways. My daughters and my grandchildren too. It is I who will be one of those New Zealanders who "retires with a nice pension" in the next couple of years. Just saying....

    20. Anonymous2:38 pm


      @Mike Smith4:44 am

      Yeah totally agree. I said the same, sure move countries but why change citizenship?

      Like I said before - how long can those white Islands among the sea of Asia exist.

      Auckland = gone - like 3 years already = non white where whites are the minority.

      OZ - largest population are from 3rd world countries. Guess they like to keep the criminal element alive an well, since it might not make them look so bad when they have millions of thieving munts and arabs there.

      I dont say people shouldnt leave but I do say SAs should not change their citizenship's. That is not acceptable.

      "For the past 11 years I have not seen burglar proofing, been driven mad by neighbourhood dogs barking, irritated by "cahgards", or needed to make an insurance claim,- etc etc"

      Ja, Ja - its peaceful now, wait until you get a Moari or a person of colour president. When the day arrives and it will, lets see how long the bliss will last.

      Why are New Zealanders so happy? Why do they have such huge grins on their faces? Whats their favorite past time?

      Play station New Zealand style!

      Whats their favorite play station game?

      Bâââhhh Bâââhhh.

      Whats Bâââhhh Bâââhhh?

      Its a unique New Zealand play station game where a sheep is tied to a lamp pole and the local heroes take turns playing with it all night long ....Bâââhhh...Bâââhhh....

      Anonymous11:56 am

      Even when I worked in the UK, I never worked in the UK!
      Travailleur sans frontiers!
      Never paid their taxes, never paid their NI! Refused....

      Wont pay the enemy shit! They owe us for the blood spill`t in this country and compensation for sanctions and a lot more them and all those other liberal white turd countries these South Africans run to.

      Dont worry, they will all be back in the end - if we let them in ;)

    21. Anonymous2:44 pm


      RunForrestRun11:27 am

      The point is if you spend any time on the internet you will within 10 minutes find at least 6 different organizations all claiming to be the above and none of them can agree on anything and

      ----->>>all of them quite happy to stab each other in the back,---typical white SAFFA's in a nutshell.<<<<------- Just read the comments on this blog to prove my point.
      RFR - this actually describes you

      All the South Africans I met living overseas claim that whites are backbiters/stabbers and yet all claim Mandela was a hero yet all left in the new South Africa.

      Funny how you never left during apartheid?
      Funny how you never left when those backstabbers were in charge?

      Why does it never occur to these people who left, who call everyone else backstabbers, that in effect the only backstabbers are those who left?

      If you leave, no problem. But if you leave and then complain how apartheid was bad but only left during the new SA under the ANC - to me that sounds hypocritical.

      The only backstabber is you! No one else on here, there are the odd shakas but for the most part, I dont see many of them.

      I just find it very funny that the South Africans living overseas will always tell you, without a doubt, 99% of them how bad the old SA was, how this is the black mans country blah blah blah.

      But then why didnt they leave during apartheid?

    22. RunForrestRun10:26 pm

      @BN, there is no point in debating anything with you, you are delusional or on drugs. Jy sien fokken gesigte en droom drome. I understand that you are suffering from PTSD but FFS man, get a grip, leave the pills and the bottle, stop reading about "sieners" and Khaki ooms.

      Get a fucking life, this one is short enough and you are just wasting it in a mindfug of makebelieve.

      Or maybe you are just retarded.

    23. Anonymous4:54 am


      Ag a shame man.

      Lets debunk your bullshit as well.

      PTSD - hmmm sounds more like you.

      You are the one who left and then complains about how shit life is in SA, while living overseas and how good things are in NZ, seems you cant let go.

      Stop reading Siener - why? I pointed out what was written/said and showed what is happening around the world. I dont force anyone to listen or believe.

      For everyone thing you can find that hasnt happened based on what he said, I will show you 3-4 things that have happened and things that are happening.

      Truth is, I dont need to sell Siener or get others to believe or even accept. For those who have read his stuff, they will know.

      Get a fucking life - this has to be the best one.

      Says the man who left for NZ, went down under and then cant seem to get on with his life and has to come on here and tell us how good his life is, all the while he is not in SA.

      Retarded - yup, most of us are. We entertain idiots like you who arnt worth sharks shit.

      Stay in NZ, run along and play with your play station Bâââhhh Bâââhhh....

      RunForrestRun why is it so difficult for you to make a contribution on this blog? When most people dont like a website, they avoid it but you do the opposite - that to me smacks of delusion.

      Change your name to GoForrestGo, we support you - now go!

    24. RunForrestRun11:08 am

      @BN,-Everything you just wrote perfectly validates why debating people like you is a pointless exercise. I DO like this blog, its only some of the stupid commentators I take issue with, and right there is your problem, you seem to think that you and 2 or 3 others are the "voice" of the people speaking through Mike and his blog, wake the fuck up man, this is one mans blog, he allows comments, ergo its open and public. Its up to him to decide whether he allows my comments or not, -so far he has shown more maturity in allowing contrasting viewpoints than you and your jabroer gatgabbas can fathom.

      You write long and interminable screeds about the same shit day in and day out, never anything new or original. I cant be bothered to debunk it, but just off the top of my head I can quote you at least 20 things happening in SA, Russia, Europe and America that fit in nicely with your "sieners" garbage,--and thats over the last 50 years. So EVERY FUCKING year its a prophecy that comes to pass, listen you delusional cunt, its no different to the "psychics" or "horrorscope" you see in the newspaper every day. There will be some truth in it as every person sees things applicable to himself or their own situation in it.

      BUT rational and intelligent people don't base their lives on the fucking daily horoscope. As for letting go, - ag please man, I explained it all to you in a post up above, but apparently you cant read or comprehend something unless its a prophecy. This is just ONE of about 20 blogs and websites I comment on ranging on a very wide subject matter that your peabrain wont comprehend, so please don't project your own infantile delusional preoccupation onto me.

      WTF is a boere ninja?--Chuck Norris in velskoene?

    25. Anonymous11:28 am

      LTMA...i was only trolling boet...

    26. Stephen12:25 pm

      Forrest , what-da-heck is a runforrestrun ?

      Don't pull rank on the boys if your hiding behind the same door . And enough allready of your credentials ,
      Everyones got a storie , every goose has a golden-egg.

    27. Anonymous12:40 pm

      @ BN.

      This is where the rfr wants you to fall to your knees shouting I am not worthy, i am not worthy.

      You do know that he is genius and God's agent on earth and has done it twice, taught it twice, been there trice and nobody can argue his point because they just don't know what they are talking about.

      Seriously, this arse wipe rfr is the cunt that would stir shit, instigate and then leave others to clean up his mess while he tail between the legs hot footed it for lands yonder.

      He is the type of character that will plan and plot with fellow man then a 5 to 12 helter skelter for the cop shop turn yellow on his fellows and hope for 30 coins while his fellows rot. He is the cunt that turns on his own.

      Ignore the arse and his options because that's all they are, just opinions of a very , very scared little man.


    28. Anonymous12:50 pm


      @RunForrestRun11:08 am

      WTF are you talking about? No one is debating but you. You come on here to debate WHY?

      What is there to debate about? This is not a debating blog - we cannot debate the state of SA - you simply want to debate for the sake of debating, that is a different story.

      Everyone who doesnt agree with you is stupid! Yes, typical narcissistic response. Everyone must agree with you.

      Ego its open to public - yes, we know that already from your comments. Debating with others for the sake of debating is not mature at all.

      You say others dont contribute to the blog, funny how those are the ones you deem "stupid commentators". Everyone is stupid or doesnt contribute when they dont agree with you!

      What contrasting view points do you have? I havent seen any! Your viewpoint is simply to cause shit and debate things which are not debatable.

      This isnt a debating blog. Its an informative blog.

      No one has to agree with Mike, with anyone on here but what is not cool at all, is when people visit the blog and rip others to pieces.

      I dont agree with everything that some say on this blog BUT & its a big BUT - I dont run telling them they are doff and stupid.

      "psychics" or "horrorscope hmmm lol - I guess the censoring of the SABC, removal of Afrikaans was in a horoscope and happened over the past 50 years.

      Keep trying pal, keep trying - 50 years ago no one thought this country would be the way it is. No one saw how the USSR would crumble or how mass, mass immigration would cause such problems in the EU.

      Everything always fits logically when you have hindsight.

      You living in New Zealand continuing to bash fellow South Africans should be proof that it is not a horoscope.

      He called it the great chicken run. When many would leave the country who once claimed they were staunch nationalists. Im not saying those who left are not loyal - far from it.

      But we can quickly see by their comments whether they are supporters of our cause or not. You are not one of them - you claim to love NZ but continue to come to this blog, trying to rub it into everyones faces how good life is down under and then demand people agree with you.

      You can always tell when someone or a liberal lose an argument.

      1. They attack you personally.
      2. They always go from the micro to the macro to discredit the other side.
      3. They attack go on the mocking spree.

      Buddy, some of us have been visiting this site for close to a decade now! We have seen guys like you arrive fast & vanish fast.

      If you are commenting on other sites, good for you. To save you more time and effort, why not scratch this one off of your list and spend a little more time on those sites.

      No mate, there is no such thing as velskoene that tells me, either you are former POM born in South Africa that thinks that because he was born in SA, that makes him a south African.

      Met so, so, so many of them. In fact met many who were born in SA but dont go back 2 generations, let alone one.

      The same people who voted Mandela and the ANC to power & who cry that things were better back then but Apartheid was bad.

      You mean veldskoen!

      No Boere Ninja loop kaalvoet!

      While Chuck norris was playing in sand, Boere_Ninja was playing kaalvoet in concrete.

    29. RunForrestRun1:31 pm

      @LTMA, you are so transparent, there is a common thread and preoccupation running through all your comments. Its the reflection of the inner you.

      Just a thought, use it don't use it.

      Just occurred to me, when exactly did you stop being a PF, maybe around the time the SANDF put your arse out to grass with a "package"? You see it all makes perfect sense now, its why nobody has heard of you for 20 years, suddenly you pop out of the woodwork shouting the odds. Its because YOU were the lowlife std 8 educated PF storeman/clerk working for the zots for 20 years.

      Lets deconstruct,--no education so not an officer or anything else like a tradesman/engineer/artisan. There is no such thing as a PF infantryman, that's reserved for conscripts, so what does that leave us other than a fucking driver/storeman or clerk.

    30. Anonymous10:08 pm

      @ rfr 1:31pm.

      Here we go again, you know it all again, you were there you did and now you spew it

      Strange that I am still here and you are where?

      Listen traitor booi, go sell out more of your kind behind their backs, go be the saviour of mankind to the ignorant.

      Here I smell the stench of fear that drove you from your home, your cowardice reeks through you posts and your ignorance of reality is luminous in your script.

      Come you little man booi, let's hear more of your knowledge that is so profound

      You see rfr, you will never know and as far as I see you talk but do not act, I challenge you to get on that plane and find out, the fact that you threaten over the ethers is the reflection of the coward you are.

      Now go suck dick somewhere else.


    31. Anonymous10:37 pm


      It is so apparent that you one of those yellow cowards that hides behind other peoples bravery then tries to steal the credit, fuck! Youre so fake you make made in China look like quality.

      You busy hiding behind the sheep shaggers now like you hid behind the apartheid government when you lived here.

      You are the typical big mouth braai idiot, I can see it, you mouthing off about when I was in SA we and no, no mate that is all wrong, let me tell you right.

      Fucking know it all two striper, thats not a corporal in your case, it those two semen stripes running out your nostrils from sucking to much dick.


    32. RunForrestRun10:39 pm

      @BN,- Fok maar jy is n dowwe bliksem. Hier, laat ek jou help.

      Kry jou vrou of kind om Google vir jou op die rekenaar oop te maak dan tik jy met die ou een vingertjie. "translate english to afrikaans veldskoen"

      Dan sien jy hoe fokken onnosel jy werklik is, geen boer op God se liewe akker noem n velskoen n "veldskoen" nie.

    33. Anonymous12:41 am

      RunForrestRun is definitely living on borrowed time. I live in the western suburbs of Sydney and the the demographic change I have experienced over the last 20 years is mind-boggling. In Many areas it is extremely rare to find a white Australian anywhere. This is not the Australia I grew up in. Even liberal Melbourne now has the mantle of the crime capital of Australia thanks to marauding gangs of Africans. The Victorian govt is trying everything to sweep it under the carpet. From what I have heard about NZ is that many parts are being lost very quickly. There are nice areas but it is only a matter of time until NZ is swamped as it already has a small population. By all means, YOU will enjoy things but I am pretty sure your grandkids and their kids will NOT! Surely you can hear the clock ticking? Where will your descendants run to then? People of European descent are running out of places to flee. As I said, you will live a happy life but what about your kids/grandkids. I find your head in the sand approach selfish. I am an Aussie and I feel terrible about the plight of white South Africans. What has been done to them by their own European kin is disgraceful. No wonder they are so resentful of us.

    34. Anonymous6:23 am


      @Anonymous12:41 am

      NZ is gone! People think crime is the only thing - well NZ relies heavily like the UK on its social system.

      With the breeding rate of those they letting in, they wont have a system.

      15 years time & they will be less than 45% of the population. Today they are +/- 58% (give or take)

      To put it in another way, if they were in SA, they would be roughly the same size as the Indian population in comparison - maybe Indians + Chinese combined.

      So we can expect from here on out that their gov will not be white.

      These are the last 2-3 elections with a majority white gov, from there onwards it will be non whites governing NZ which will turn it into another Asian country.

      Its not theory but facts based on demographics. Plain and simple. No one can argue with statistics & their demographics at the moment.

      NZ is over, OZ will follow 10-15 years behind.

      See the trend?

      Its about 40 years.

      Congo/Angola/Moz/Zambia fell 60s/70s before +/- 30-40 years before SA.

      SA fell and we are 23 years into this & another 20 years time the UK, NZ, Aus, Canada, the US will all be minority white countries where they are kicked to the curb.

      Its a trend, you cant outrun it. The damage has been done.

      Some say the UK will be a white minority by 2066, they are dreaming.

      It will happen between 2037 & 2045 - There are many cities already where whites are the minority or bordering on only half the population.

      They never take into account how fast these other minorities breed.


  24. Anonymous7:26 pm



    Read this this.

    Shocking, they claim there are 800k Nigerians living in SA, if they say its 800k, you must know the figures are possibly closer to 1.5 mil or more.

    Karasites taking their frustrations out on these scum bags.

    But the scary thing is, if these Nigerians along with all the foreigners got together in SA - they could stage a coup or it could lead to street battles/wars between locals and these foreigners, where we find foreigners taking over entire areas, barricading themselves in - It would not surprise me at all.

    If these locals/foreigners Zims, Nigerians, Moz, Malawians, etc etc got together and protested, I have no doubt you would have more than 15 million people. That is a scary figure.

    Some say we have 10 million Zimbabweans, I have heard from others that they claim that there are about 20 million illegals in this country. Enough for a coup, enough to vote their own government into power, enough to cause severe chaos here.

    Oom Klasie had this to say...

    70. Glow of Fire Over Gauteng
    Vision: 1st October 1917: Maize cobs are on fire in Johannesburg.
    On this side of Johannesburg a number of grey goats with white
    bellies are gathered on a rise.

    Wild muscovy ducks come from the
    east and fly in the direction of the fire. ‘Kaffir’ spears appear in the east. Small and large red cattle go out from East to Northwest.

    Interpretation: The maize cobs on fire in Johannesburg is a sign of
    riots and bloodshed occurring there. (Compare other visions with
    this one: 12th August 1922 and 12th July 1923). At the same time
    there are English (grey goats with white bellies) who identify
    themselves with the cause of the Boers.

    Foreigners (wild muscovies) from East Africa (Mozambique and Tanzania) flock into the country and wherever they go, there is violence and bloodshed (‘fly in the direction of the fire’).

    ----->>> But the actual violence with the blacks and their communist allies starts at this point<<<<----- (‘Kaffir’ spears appearing in the east and small and large red cattle go out).

    Its quite interesting this last point - the actual violence will start at this point. Considering all the talk about the "radical transformation", the loss of the elections, radical land redistribution, more affirmative action - all promises of RADICAL transformation - communist talk for take over while the violence is picking up again.

    Its not coincidental that this is taking place while the masses are getting edgy. First do it to these foreigners and then to the white settlers.

    The order of events following this (not sure if they are chronological) but there will be a complete power failure in JHB, pension fund collapse, Collapse of government unity, fire break out in Jan Kemp dorp, vaal triangle prepare for war, Boere prepared for war, nation in revolt, parliament dissolves and then a coup.

    1. Whiteman1:11 am

      BN, I would like to support your statements, because I have personal experience. Up to two years ago, it was my job to criss-cross Gauteng in a helocopter. ( I did this for the better part of twenty years ) I could see, with my own eyes how millions, upon millions of blacks, were infiltrating this area. You could see squatter camps mushroom, virtually over night. You could see how clever these barbarians would cammoflage their shacks, when they were too close to the " white " areas. When driving by car, there is NO way, you can really see what is really going on. And then the stupid libturds will quote you statistics from the latest census, or voters lists, and all sorts of other bullshit. And you hear so many whiteys, singing the praises, of these illegal barbarians, because they " work so hard ," and are so " friendly." To be a good and effective Trojan horse, you HAVE to be like this. Remember, how in the old days, the local blacks also worked so hard, and were SO friendly. They said : Ja baas, goed baas, sal so maak baas. Comming back to your point BN. When the whiteys finally wake up to what is really going on around them, many will die of fright, even before being physically attacked !

    2. Thanks for this Ninja. Ja, Oom Klasie's prophesies are gaining momentum by the day. Those that can't or don't see that are either just stupid or in denial. I think the "grey coats with white bellies', might be the English-speaking populace that now unite with the Afrikaners, finally putting all their ridiculous, perceived differences aside, as we did in the Bush War, to form a united front against the common enemy? Just my take on matters.

      Certainly everything is on the verge of collapsing with #1 Turd's obsession with persecuting Gordhan probably being the last straw.

      I say, "Go for it!" We can't carry on existing in limbo forever.

    3. Ninja & all others,


    4. Anonymous3:12 am

      If there is national chaos, at least the DA in the Cape could form some sort of 'temporary' local government. With parliament in the Cape it would not be too hard to establish a parallel government which could then move towards autonomy.
      Also, allot of money and many whites from the rest of SA would be coming down.

      In Libya there are currently two government ruling parts of the country. One is the internationally recognized, the other not, but both control large areas, cities and parts of the economy.

      Isis is also not internationally recognized, yet they control relatively large areas and cities.

      Same with Transnistria in Europe, not officially recognised, but still a functioning country with armed forces and economy.

      Even Taiwan is not officially recognised as an independent state, but has its own government, free elections, armed forces, developed economy and are a modern successful state. And are anyway the true representatives of Chinese culture.

    5. Anonymous5:35 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations2:27 am

      Tom they certainly are. For those who have read & gone through what was written. Some claim Snyman put those things in the book & are not from oom Klaasie but if that is the case, then I dont know.

      All I have done is connect the dots. In Eastern Europe, besides Ukraine there are things happening in the former Yugoslavia again and I would not be surprised if we see violence start up there again.

      Like the world has stepped back to 1989.

      Montenegro has said Russia staged a coup there, Russia deny it.

      Serbia is being supplied once again by Russia, while Croatia is being supplied by the west.

      Putin said about a year ago how he was not happy with the situation in former Yugoslavia.

      He said what the west did to Yugoslavia, is exactly what he, the citizens said of Crimea and yet the West wont accept it.

      We see NATOs strong build up in Europe. For those who miss it, every 1-2 weeks you hear of a new battalion arriving in different parts of Europe.

      USA troops have arrived in Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Baltic states...


      The black sea now has many NATO allies trolling the waters. You take the situation here in SA, Europe, you look at the situation and then look at what he said and its strikingly clear for me.


      If what is mentioned in this link is remotely true - then we are in for an election by white south Africans, which is another thing he said.

      And if this is the case, then the letters are not too far around the corner that will be sent to the gov of the day before our weapons arrive.

      He said when a black nationalist movement comes to the forefront, the Afrikaner (whites) will go to a vote - perhaps voting for an independent state/country.

      These Nigerians are not doff. I can tell you without a doubt, if the gov in SA doesnt step in (and at this stage it wont matter) that they will get other illegals to join in. Within a short time span, we find apartheid here in the suburbs.

      Foreigners preventing South African blacks from entering for fear of their lives. Would not surprise me at all.

      With the amount of drug money they have, you can expect a military build up if the gov wont intervene - they will also take action.

      What is going to happen when these thugs arrive to burn down houses & are met by a mob of foreigners who kill them?

      Its around the corner. Its bound to happen.

      Just imagine millions of foreign blacks that outnumber whites, outnumber every ethnic group, they could literally form their own government.

      They can stage protests, demand citizenship - there is no damn way that the gov will or can deport 15-25 million illegals - NO WAY.

      What is scary is that if a political party here were to jump on the band wagon, make the same promises to them, get them involved, they could have enough votes to come into power and would promise them + the locals that whites are the problem.

      Then we have a double whammy problem here. All former blacks who kicked out their baases thinking they will do the same.

      Dont underestimate politicians. In Europe they are allowing these things in to garner voters. If the ANC think they will lose, they can promise them citizenship or give them citizenship for a vote.

      A terrorist always has a backup plan. The ANC knew they would never stay in power for ever.

      Train, arm, unite and prepare.

      "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace."

      George Washington - 1st President of the United States.

    6. Anonymous11:59 am

      but but but but (just to piss off mike SMITH) you said that the burning cobs were marikana??!?!?!?

    7. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Whiteman I always take every opportunity to promote xenophobic attitudes amongst the Zulus, I know just how to work them, tell them about kwere kwere's getting shit for free or turning Zulu girls into whoonga addicts.

    8. Anonymous2:20 pm


      @Anonymous11:59 am


      Ive never made that statement, Marikana ha?

      You wont piss Mike off because you need to either first learn how to use a map, a GPS or google maps.

      The last time I or anyone here looked for Marikana, we find that Marikana is not in JHB.

      Hmmm again, please post "that post" you mentioned or shut the fork up!

      Dont put words in peoples mouths and first get your co-ordinates right.

      Marikana is not in JHB - hello?

      Once upon a time, not using ones brain was an excuse, these days all you have to do is a Google search.

    9. Anonymous10:25 am

      Boere ninja... Why dont you just go back to doing what you do best, calling for mass murder. I swear, you must be a closet serial killer or something.

    10. Anonymous8:50 am


      It's not murder when it's war. Why don't you just tell the truth that you like our people being massacred like they are. I've never heard you once say anything against the killings.

      If you are not for us, you are against us. I've never called for a mass murder, I've called for vengeance. If you don't like the reality of the situation, you shouldn't be commenting.

      Stop being a real wuss, grow a pair of balls.

  25. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Psychology 101 - Behavior modification
    You start with a cage containing four monkeys, and inside the cage you hang a banana on a string, and then you place a set of stairs under the banana.
    Before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.
    You then spray ALL the monkeys with cold water.
    After a while, another monkey makes an attempt.
    As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray ALL the monkeys with cold water again.
    Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.
    Now, put away the cold water.
    Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey.
    The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs.
    To his shock, ALL of the other monkeys beat the stuffing out of him.
    After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.
    Next, remove another of the original four monkeys, replacing it with a new monkey.
    The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked.
    The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm -- because he is now part of the "team."
    Then, replace a third original monkey with a new monkey, followed by a fourth.
    Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.
    Now, the monkeys who are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs.
    Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.
    Having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold water.
    Nevertheless, not one of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.
    Why, you ask? Because in their minds, that is the way it has always been!
    This is how today's House and Senate in Australia, operates, and this is why, from time to time, ALL of the monkeys need to be REPLACED AT THE SAME TIME!

    DISCLAIMER: This is meant as no disrespect to monkeys.

    1. Anonymous4:54 am

      Anon 11:13 , Hahaha FORBIDDEN to do so and Loyal to it , like in a K Taxi , all forbidden and well behaved. They dont say anything at the Kamakazi driving , they are so well behaved.

  26. Herewith a profound statement from yours truly.

    Simply stated, women must become ladies again and men, gentlemen.

    I cannot treat a female, dressed and behaving like a man, like a lady; opening doors and such for "it". I say "it" because that's what they are to me. They deny their gender, so how can I show respect for it. I love nothing better than being "the gentleman" to "a lady". It gives me great pleasure to be chivalrous and attentive to any lady, not just mine.

    Take note CWG? hehehe [Zuma-like again]

    1. Whiteman5:48 am

      TT, you have put it in a nut shell. Let me share another observation. A beautiful woman wields ENORMOUS power. Because men flock around them, like a moth to a flame. They can use their beauty, and/or sex, to get men to even murder for them. Also known as the " femme fatale." Most of us have encountered such females. Maybe we have even been victims. But they get used to this power, from a very early age. Often a very proud daddy sets the stage, and other suitors continue the process of spoiling the chick into total self absorbing importance. But then they start getting old, and dont look attractive any more. Suddenly, men are not flocking around them any more. It is like a dictator, who has suddenly been overthrown, and most of them, do not take it well. But if only they had concentrated more on cultivating beautiful personalities, they would still have been able to attract male company. Now here is my observation, for what it is worth. The most beautiful woman on earth, is the one who does not know she is beautiful. The UGLIEST woman on earth, is the one who knows she is beautiful, and uses it to manipulate, and dominate men. But before you guys think I am a poefter, let me quote something a very wise old man said to me one day : Son, if God ever made something more beautiful than a beautiful woman, He definitely kept it a secret ! I fully agree.

    2. Anonymous10:04 pm

      True TT, women like nothing better than a true gentleman. It makes us weak in the knees and gives us utmost respect for that man!! To be a gentleman is the GOLDEN RULE to a womens heart....

    3. Anon 10:54 I know it's the golden rule. It's got me to a few "hearts"! hehehe, only joking.

      No, jokes aside, you're perfectly right. It makes ME weak at the knees to treat a lady who exalts in her femininity like a queen. Just to be seen walking down the street in her company is an absolute delight.

      These Butch-things, I won't give the time of day.

    4. In my previous comment I meant, Anon 10:04. I think I typed 10:54?

  27. Anonymous2:13 am


  28. PreatorianXVI2:14 am

    Off Topic s slight bit, ties very well in with Rationality
    Quantifying diversity's costs


    "It also leads us to ask how we ever allowed ourselves to get into this situation in the first place."

    The final line leaves one with a lot to think about, I don't need answers from smart Alec's, just ask your self the question, what could you have done / do / busy doing, does it help?

  29. Anonymous7:23 pm



    Not long now & we will have illegals arming & then the shit is going to break out.

    1. The Nigerians are getting what their criminal activities deserve. My question is why do the residents have to go vigilante to sort out the criminals? Where the fuck is this useless police "service"?

      Who's ever heard of a police "service", FFS!

    2. Anonymous4:43 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:54 am


      Most of the interviews of residents that I watched, all said the same thing.

      There are no police or they are in bed with the criminals.

      I agree. Their evil deeds have come full circle and the people turning on them.

      Most South Africans would be shocked to know of how many Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, illegal foreign Indians this country has. For a few years now, noticed how many of them are brave enough to even have a go at opening shops in these locations.

      When you have 20 mil illegals, you are asking for kak. Wherever you find violence in SA, the ANC is involved one way or other in this country - directly or indirectly.

  30. PreatorianXVI5:36 am

    And so old England is getting a taste of what is to come...

    ‘White people shouldn’t breed’: Racist attacker spits in baby’s face


    A racially-motivated attacker spat into the face of a nine-month-old baby, shouting “white people shouldn’t breed” at her mother, a court has heard.

    Rezzas Abdulla approached Rebecca Telford while she was taking her baby Layla-Jean for a stroll in a pram in South Shields last January.

    Prosecutor Emma Dowling told Newcastle Crown Court: “He lent into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter. As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed.’”

    1. Anonymous7:45 am

      Praetorian 5:36am.

      Good for the mother and the child, they allowed them in let them experience first hand the nature of the beast.

      The beast itself is just displaying its natural tendency to be beast.

      I can only hope that more of this happens and the wake up occurs before the coffee gets cold.


    2. Anonymous12:03 pm

      Hey dumbo. Blaming the mother is like blaming whites in SA for the crimes committed against them. Stupid logic.

    3. Anonymous12:53 pm

      @LTMA 7:45am

      I feel sorry for the poor child. Liberal morons like that Susan "Today, I'm a Muslim too" Sarandon are to blame.

    4. RunForrestRun1:34 pm

      @anonymous 12.03 pm,--its not only stupid logic, its also a reflection of the character and inner persona of the "man"

    5. Anonymous5:00 pm

      LTMA, you are thick, what in heavens name has an innocent mother and nine month old baby got to do with letting a coolie who hates whites into england, it is politicians who let them in. Geez man give the innocent a break and go after the real culprits !!!

    6. Anonymous5:54 pm

      @ Anon 12.03 pm Yes. We must accept responsibility for the mess we are in.


    7. Anonymous7:33 pm

      @Anon 12:03pm.

      So who the fuck do you want to blame?

      Please enlighten me. You obviously have somebody in mind so spit it out.

      I blame the whites for the crimes committed against them, the whites could have said enough and stopped these crimes by practising vigilance, protecting themselves and not de-arming themselves, by excersing aggressive retaliation and not verbal negotiations, by installing home and farm security not saying we don't have money to do that and then going to buy a SUV of new BMW to flash around in, by forming a united front and contributing to a specific firm of attorneys that would bring legal action against governmunt for crimes perpetrated against our sector of the population.

      You see anon 12:03pm its easy to say its not our fault and we have been saying it for so long that we just say it because is easy.

      It's also easier for you to let me do the work and you gain off my sweat and toil, its easier for you to pass comment and not take action. its easier for you not contribute and allow other too because then its their money and their risk.

      So let's carry on with this, you find your excuses, I will carry on nailing your type of comment here, you still haven't figured out, that I am not here to gain friendship and popularity but rather to judge the whites and get an idea of where we stand and what our chances are. I come to this blog to face off with the likes of you so that I can push the reality of your nature into your face and make you confront yourself.

      Call it stupid logic, I call it testing the resolve of those that want to talk but find reason not to act.

      Their are regular posters on this blog, BN, TT, BLCN, JP, WM, and others that will when the time comes stand to what they say, they have the spirit. All that they need is the direction and that is not far from happening now.

      But where are you, mate, are you going to carry on finding excuses are you going to carry on ignoring the real cause of the shit that has been unleashed upon us or are you going to find the true you and honour the creature you were created to be? You decide.

      As for the mother, she might not have been guilty of voting yes for the scum to come into her country but she is guilty of not forming part of a group that took serious action to stop them entering her country, so yes she is guilty. Just as guilty as you and I are of not taking on the scum that is slowly killing us.


    8. Anonymous9:59 pm

      @ anon5:00pm, rfr and 5:54.

      Yeah, you soft cock limp dick, marshmallow sponges, make fucking more excuses for your weaknesses, fuck! You lot are a pathetic breed.

      The child is as much to blame as the mother, you Christians believe that the sins of the father are visited upon the children, now suddenly you fuck knuckles want to change your story, fuck off you wankers, stand up for what you believe, in war there are no innocent their is only my side and their side, everybody on their side is game.

      Do you for one minute think that a rag head flying a jet into a building considers the children inside, do the retards that attack farms consider the children, come you fucking big mouth arseholes, bring your humanity to the fore and then suffer with closed mouth the harvest of your ignorance.

      5:54pm do not try be me if you cannot walk my path, you never will be able to walk my path so stop trying.

      12:53pm thats right blame somebody else for your culture collapse, it easier to blame, youre just another sheep in the flock.

      You shits must wake up, the war I talk about doesn't allow for humanitarian weakness, it total destruction nuke style. The yanks never considered the children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and by doing that they ended a war in a swift decision, you lot make me puke with your self righteous attitudes but you quite willing to fuck each other over and do each other in.


    9. Well yes. The mother and baby did not deserve that but LT is not wrong and he's got a point.

      "the whites could have said enough and stopped these crimes by practising vigilance, protecting themselves and not de-arming themselves, by excersing aggressive retaliation and not verbal negotiations, by installing home and farm security not saying we don't have money to do that and then going to buy a SUV of new BMW to flash around in, by forming a united front and contributing to a specific firm of attorneys that would bring legal action against governmunt for crimes perpetrated against our sector of the population."

      You decide, it's a no brainer really..

    10. @ LTMA...It is called Victim Blaming …It is the kind of mentality that says it is OK to rape women in short dresses, because they were asking for it.
      People on the farm deserves to be killed because they are not vigilant enough. So if an old man of 79 gets kicked to death in the middle of the night it is his own fault that his hearing and eyesight is not so good anymore, he should wear his hearing aid and glasses to bed.

    11. Anonymous1:33 am

      @ Mike Smith.

      Come now Mike, you know damn well that I did not mean it that way, I mean we take the have to take the blame as a collective and start accepting responsibility for what happens, everybody wants to shift the blame at the end of the day it is the general public that does nothing to stop the rapes, or the farm murders.

      That 79 year old man knows he is not fit to ward off attackers but he surely has children and a farm manager, where are they.

      You know as well as I do the risk involved as a farmer in these woods we call home and so does everybody else that lives here.

      If it were my parent I would move him off that land or put security in for him, so let's look at it rationally, you can say he might not have the money to do those things, I say then he should have sold his farm and move into a retirement village.

      You can say he wouldn't get enough for his farm in SA I then will say, lease the land to the neighbouring farmer.

      Come Mike let's be blunt here, there is a method of counter act, its how much effort you put in that makes the difference.

      I am not blaming the victim I am blaming myself because I allow it, I blame all whites because we bitch and moan but we don't show.

      Come Mike, you yourself agree with me, if you didn't you would never have started this blog to make people aware and make an attempt to unite us.


    12. Anonymous2:18 am

      LTMA. Please post your sentiments to the family members of all those murdered in SA. Post your comments on SA genocide watch and news comments. Provide your identity. Lets see how well recieved your blame argument is with the 'victims' next of kin.

      If you were present at the funeral of one of my family members stating what you have said here you would be in for a major reality awakening.

    13. Anonymous2:24 am

      LTMA. You are just like the rest of us on here. Sitting back and doing nothing. Commenting like real brave keyboard warriors.

    14. Anonymous2:25 am

      are you supporting the system with any tax money?? vat as well. Then you are equally to blame - wanker.

    15. Anonymous3:04 am

      @2:18 am.

      How do you know that I haven't buried my own kin from murder in SA?

      Maybe you should think further than your nose and waken to the idea that crime and murder in this country doesn't only effect specific people, we are all victims to it and some of us have suffered the actual physical loss. So get fucked with your comment.

      The truth is that you do not want to accept responsibility and you want to make excuses.

      2:24 and 25 am.

      Yes and what do I do with the monies I don't pay to tax? Ever asked yourself that question, mate.

      Do you know how many people I create opportunity for, do you know how many whites I provide for. Again you make statements without living the experience- wanker.

      Have I ever said I am not to blame, I am the first one I blame, so you too catch a wake up. I am not shedding blame I accept blame.

      How many people have you sent on firearm training and combat courses, how many lectures do you give on self preservation and survival, how many courses do you give in e&e?

      You see, mate by me not paying taxes and vat, I cannot help those that I help and if the rest of you would stand up alongside me I will stop paying taxes.

      There are those here that crit Agriforum, the broderbond and the likes but let me tell you that even if they don't fit the profile you seek, they are still actively doing something. I might keyboard warrior on this blog and hurt some sensitive emotional chaps but at least I do something for the ones that I can help, I don't just talk about what I would like to do.

      So I will take my label as wanker, its your opinion and you're entitled to it.


    16. Guys. I'm not picking sides here, but there's a misunderstanding about a certain part of LT's argument..

      LT is not 100% correct in his statement yes. I also disagree with the victim blaming part. It is not 100% fair to say that it is because of what the victim did or didn't do that such a thing happened to him or her..

      I think the core point he is trying to get across is that in a bigger scheme of things many of what is happening today can and could have been prevented if we as a collective group took responsibility and stood up against this.. Simple as that..

      Let's face it. We are where we are because of the choices we have made. I agree with him that the 79 old farmer unfortunetly should have moved on in his life due the fact that he might get killed on his farm sooner or later, but is it his fault.?. No. Could he have put certain measures in place to prevent it.? Yes.. Rather let go of the farm and lose finacially than to lose your life..? Wouldn't you's agree.?.

      Damned if you do, damned if you dont..

      The mother with the child did not deserve that and yes it's wrong to judge a situation where you are not certain of the facts. What if that was you're wife and your child LT.?. What if that women despises those muslims but regardless of that she just wanted to take a walk with her child, which she is more than entiled to do..

      It's a fine line inbetween and to find the correct answer to this argument is not easy. All I can say is look at it from both perspectives..

      Anon225. Eveybody pays tax somewhere and we ALL pay VAT. That would make you a wanker as well.. Rather start to realize that we are all in this together..

      A house divided against itself will fall.. Understanding the communication between each other is vital for our survivial going forward..

    17. Anonymous4:33 am

      @ BLCN.

      Thank you.

      The simple fact about the mother and child is not that I get pleasure from the attack on her but it sends a message to all those foreigners that have sat with their heads up their arse and let whites in SA get fucked over while they promote the scum that perpetrated the crime.

      So maybe the wording was not right but its a good thing that happened there because it brings the savage into the spotlight.

      Thank you anyway for standing up on my behalf.


    18. Anonymous4:36 am

      @Boere LaCosaNostra
      the analogy of the farmer applies to all who live in SA. All could avoid crime by giving up their freedom rights and forming a prison around themselves.
      This is just wrong on every level.
      And I do not pay tax to the SA government. I left and live overseas. I did what you suggest the farmer does. I removed myself from being a potential victim.
      And before we start the whole 'runner' nonsense again, I had to leave. But my heart is in SA.
      The comments on this blog are the value - they generate healthy debate and could eventually result in a solution.

      So lets keep up the critical thinking.

    19. Stephen6:01 am

      Blcn , just check that you don't give these heathens too much credit ,

      there is no argument actually , how many whites go about spitting on black or muslim babys faces? -- NONE.

    20. Anonymous6:39 am

      Here LTMA. Get hold of this guy and tell him he's to blame for this murder.


    21. Anonymous6:59 am

      @LTMA 9:59pm

      "5:54pm do not try be me if you cannot walk my path, you never will be able to walk my path so stop trying"

      I think you've misdirected that comment to yourself.

    22. Anonymous7:15 am

      There is always something someone should've or could've done when commenting on other peoples misfortune. Fact is, unless you are that person or are personally involved to such a degree that you know ALL the facts then mouthing off and passing judgement only illustrates your inability to be rational.

      Mike, your article has really peeled back the layers of rational thinking for everyone to see in the comments. Nice one.

    23. Anonymous11:08 am


      The way I read LTMAs comment was...

      Dont cast stones when you live in a glass house.

      That in inadvertently she brought it upon herself, maybe not directly but by accepting the status quo.

      I said the same thing about Mandelas Wembley stadium appearance when he was released from prison.

      He went to London, a huge, huge mainly white crowd shouted for joy, shouted for this person and today?

      What is the state of London?

      Majority non white!
      Huge Muslim minority that are not a minority anymore 25 years after their cheering for Mandela.

      Those whites brought it upon themselves, whether directly or indirectly.

      They supported the event and how many people did you see rallying against the propaganda that raged against the old SA?

      I think the way it was said came out wrong but I understood it to be that " if you are not apposed to the multi-ethnic system" - then you cannot complain when people spit in your face and tell you that you are not welcome in your own country.

      Same with these women in Germany asking to allow the Mussies in - if you rally for them to enter the country, want to then think you can walk in their suburbs wearing short dresses - dont complain if you get molested or raped.

      Not all women support them but how many women do you see rallying against these Mussie invaders?

      I think it came out in the wrong way, though I agree with my statements above.

      The entire western world that was against us, cannot complain now with the way their countries have gone and what happens to their people is on them.

  31. Anonymous11:47 pm


    Living in Africa...never a dull moment!

  32. Guys and gals two messages for all of our brothers and sisters.
    Get yourself camo clothing even if its just for casual wear. Get yourself a couple of outfits even if you are not going to wear it. Get some for the kids and make sure you have a pair of proper boots or hiking shoes.

    The other message is more of a warning. Remember the genocide in Rwanda. Do not underestimate the numbers of the enemy. Everyone will join in on the looting, killing and rape. Everybody joined in the killing even the shy and the good mannered.

    We were ordinary
    cycling in Rwanda
    ALPHONSE: "Some offenders claim that we changed into wild animals, that we were blinded by ferocity, that we buried our civilization under branches, and that’s why we are unable to find the right words to talk properly about it.

    That is a trick to sidetrack the truth. I can say this: outside the marshes, our lives seemed quite ordinary... we soaped off our bloodstains in the basin, and our noses enjoyed the aromas of full cooking pots. We rejoiced in the new life about to begin by feasting on leg of veal. We were hot at night atop our wives, and we scolded our rowdy children. Although no longer willing to feel pity, we were still greedy for good feelings. We went about all sorts of human business without a care in the world – provided we concentrated on killing during the day, naturally.

    At the end of that season in the marshes, we were so disappointed we had failed. We were disheartened by what we were going to lose, and truly frightened by the misfortune and vengeance reaching out for us. But deep down, we were not tired of anything."
    I don't recognize me
    Rwandan eyes
    PIO: We no longer saw a human being when we turned up a Tutsi in the swamps. I mean a person like us, sharing similar thoughts and feelings.

    It is as if I had let another individual take on my own living appearance... This killer was indeed me, but he is a stranger to me in his ferocity. I admit and recognize my obedience at that time, my victims, my fault, but I fail to recognize the wickedness of the one who raced through the marshes on my legs, carrying my machete.

    The most serious changes in my body were my invisible parts, such as the soul or the feelings that go with it. I do not recognize myself in that man. But perhaps someone outside this situation, like you, cannot have an inkling of that strangeness of mind.

    Dangerously fired up

    JEAN BAPTISTE: The more we killed, the more greediness urged us on. Greediness - if left unpunished, it never lets you go. You could see it in our eyes bugged out by the killings. It was even dangersome. There were those who came back in bloodstained shirts, brandishing their machetes, shrieking like madmen, saying they wanted to grab everything. We had to calm them with drinks and soothing words. Because they could turn ugly for those around them.

    1. Anonymous11:00 am


      @Donycero12:13 am

      Spot on!

      The Parallels that happened in Rwanda & former Yugoslavia match our present day situation.

      Rwanda - two different races/ethnic groups.
      Yugoslavia - complicated multi ethnic groups put into a union or one country, some fighting for independence while others wanted to keep it alive.

      Yugoslavia relied on Josip Broz Tito for peace & unification - think Mandela/De Klerk.

      When I think about Yugoslavia (IMO) I think the Serbs are closer to the way the whites are at present in SA wanting what they want and continually being attacked by all the various race/ethnic groups - thats MO.

      The main diff is Serbia wanted a yugoslavia, while the others wanted independence. With us, we want independence but find all the other groups apposed to it - but not for long.

      A vote is coming, its on its way. Time is ticking. There is a link in this post section of an ultimatum given regarding demands - search the posts above.

      Serbia were screwed by the west much like we were, despite fighting for them in WW2 - like many South Africans.

      They had the fire power, they had the guts, they had the man power but in the end the West screwed them and the US bombed the shit out of them - like they threatened to invade/attack us here if we never handed over power.

      But understanding Yugoslavia is a very complex issue much like SA.

      They had the Austo/Hungarian empire (think Britain in SA), they had the Ottoman empire, then they had the Nazis sponsoring the Croats, then you had the communists sponsoring the other side - communists supporting the ANC.

      The more complex, the more blood shed and violence.

      Rwanda - the UN left the day before the attacks.

      Those thinking the UN will support or help us - wrong! The more you look at the UN these days, the more you can see they are anti west, anti white, anti America.

      Even the yanks want to pull out.

      The only thing here is that the more time goes on, the more backward & disorganized, less unified they will become.

      That will be their weakness. Their numbers are not their strength but their weakness. It becomes very difficult to control large numbers who cant organize a farm, hold a weapon properly or even look through binoculars.

      Im just glad more & more whites see it for what it is, so many people are waking up. In short, there are few uber liberals left - more like liberals sitting on the fence ready to jump.

      Good article.

      I think that when the shock kicks in with the masses, the Adrenalin, there`s no going back also they continue doing it for fear of a revenge attack and so like to get the job done.

      Like I mentioned before, this lot better get it right if they want to do it. This is the danger point, they know it, we know it.

      They either get it right or they do it and the stuff up will cost them dearly. Knowing this, we can expect them to be well prepared when they want to do the job right.

      They wont be able to get it right here - not a chance but they will never the less try.

      Training, arming, forming groups, uniting is the best action.

      Now we wait for those to attack me again here on the blog - here they come....

  33. Whiteman4:52 am

    Many years ago, I attended the inaugaration of a new nignog bus depot in Newcastle. The big " hangar " was packed with zulu nignogs, and buthelezi was the kingpin those days. We were perhaps about twenty whiteys, and sitting all together. Gatsha started revving up his impis, and at one stage called them the " children of Heaven ! " And I thought to myself, bullshit man ! But then he started shouting " amandla, " and the crowd echoed it, with the meide ululating etc. People, I SHAT myself. I have NEVER felt so vulnerable, and totally fucked in my life. Then I knew EXACTLY what Piet Retief and his men experienced with dingane. So to all the " brave " people out there. Pay very good attention to the post of Donycero, and stop thinking that the nignogs here are different. And just moer the next dominee/pastor, who says that 80% of them are christians. They are nothing but satanic liers, and con artists !

  34. Anonymous6:42 am

    Ok. Who is smart enough to guess the race of this rapist:

    'The suspect is said to have been wearing a yellow soccer T-shirt and blue washed denims. According to the victim, the suspect is of average build, has large lips and short hair.'


  35. Anonymous9:16 am