15 February 2017

Homo Sacer - Should we privately outlaw farm murderers?

By Mike Smith
15th of February 2017

End of last year the cowardly scumbag Svetoslav Stoykov kicked an unsuspecting German woman in the back down a flight of stairs in a Berlin train station. She broke her arm and had to be treated in hospital.

Svetoslav Stoykov kicks woman down stairs

At first the leftist media were out in full force and without a shred of evidence made sure they got the first blow in by blaming it on “rightwingers” kicking a Syrian refugee out of hatred, because she was wearing a headscarf.

Turned out the woman was German and the “headscarf” was a hoodie from her jacket and although the media called him a Bulgarian, technically correct, because he carried a Bulgarian passport, he is actually an ethnic Gypsy and NOT a Bulgarian. He lived in the Gypsy ghetto of Maksuda in Varna, Bulgaria with his parents-in-law. He is married with three sons between ten and six and has several criminal violations on his record in Bulgaria.

Normal Bulgarians were disgusted when they found out that the German media referred to this cowardly piece of trash as Bulgarian. You can see the video below.

Nevertheless, the police couldn’t find the perpetrator at first, because he fled to France to stay with relatives in Nice and it looked like the story would just die and wither away…as usual.

However, one man would not let go. The bodyguard, security specialist and former kickboxing champion Michael Kuhr who worked with Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Sean Penn, etc. was determined that this bastard should be found and opened a bounty on the head of Svetoslav Stoykov.

Now, it has to be said that Germany is a "constitutional and legal state" in the sense of Emanuel Kant’s “Rechtsstaat” where the constitution and the rule of law rein supreme and Michael Kuhr is a big proponent of close cooperation with the police and against vigilantism, but in this case it had the desired effect.

Suddenly every single German was on the lookout for Svetoslav Stoykov and it was just a matter of time before he was found. A few weeks later he was returning to Berlin on a bus with his wife and complained about other people’s cell phones threatening to kick them down the stairs like he kicked the girl in Berlin, but didn’t know that the bus driver was a Bulgarian who understood every word. The bus driver quietly alerted the police and Stoykov was arrested when he stepped off the bus. He didn’t resist.

Nevertheless, it made me think about our situation in South Africa and all the farm murders. How would it be if someone started a bounty pool where we can all chip into and every time a white farmer or his wife are attacked, tortured and murdered we declare the bastards outlaws and set a bounty on their heads…Dead or alive…doesn’t matter.

In a historical sense, being Outlawed meant that anybody anywhere could hunt the bastards down and shoot them like dogs. In Roman Law it is known as Homo sacer ...it was considered worse than a death penalty, because from that day onwards that you are outlawed you will not know rest and peace until the day you die.

Now imagine if we extend Homo Sacer to corrupt politicians…Wouldn’t that bring an immediate stop to corruption? Just a thought.

Nevertheless, we live in a country where the law-abiding citizens live in constant fear and the murdering, criminal scum walk free. I would say it is about time we turn the tables.


  1. Anonymous4:07 am


    Entire family wiped out by karasites.


    This is what a terrorist means when he says " radical land transformation" and it doesnt entail money.

    In my mind this speaks loudly of the people on the ground being given the go ahead to do what they like, due to their impatience of having whites on land.

    Make no mistake this is a war. The war isnt coming - its here, happening right now.

    Radical transformation is first killing as many white farmers as possible, psychologically killing them through these killings that they will in the end, simply walk away from their farming way of life.

    I mentioned on a previous post, this is what we are in store for now. The killing fields are going to ramp up, now faster than ever.

    Both on farms and suburbs.

    Entire family wiped out!
    Expect more in the coming weeks & months.

    This is a war people, dont cry when someone stands up in the end and wipes out your pets. Problem with the white man in this country he has been too soft.

    To sort this out, we need a complete new radical, extremely radical approach to destroying this karasite once and for all - that doesnt entail pushing them one side, its pushing them out of SA for good.

    Or you will simply find many, many, many more entire families wiped out by the karasite.

    Either you make a choice or they will make the choice which will effect every white family in this country.

    1. Anonymous2:12 pm

      I know of a situation a few years back where one individual suggested that they blot the two criminals in the head, the others replied and what then when the cops arrive? The individual replied we do the same to them and burn them in the bakkie with the 2 criminals in the back. Well individual had to leave the scene promptly in case the other community watch members pimped him to the cops and he himself landed up in jail.
      Until people start to see the whole state from the laziest municipal worker to the highest office as their enemy including every squater, and liberal member of the DA then we will continue to get wiped out one by one.

    2. @ Digenis...who said: "Until people start to see the whole state from the laziest municipal worker to the highest office as their enemy including every squater, and liberal member of the DA..."

      Exactly. To my they are all terrorists. From the lazy Kaffir who on grants to the the highest in the ANC to the libtards in the DA and FF Minus who Support them. And don't get me started on those fucktards in Soliforum like Dr Dirk Herman who SUPPORTS Kaffirmative Action and BEE. The bastard wrote a "good practice" booklet on how to introduce AA and BEE gently...like injecting poison slowly so that it doesn't hurt too much. Alle Volksveraaiers. Almal terroriste of kop in een mus met terroriste. Skuim vannie aarde. Stel die goed teen die muur en skiet vrek!

    3. Anonymous5:28 am

      Mike you see it like I see it, but why can't the rest see it the way we and others see it, liberal humanism is probaly a virus that infects the brain.

  2. Anonymous4:16 am


    YES!! I want a bounty.

    Though we should also think with our situation and know that in our case, its state sponsored.

    The killings are being done not randomly but by design.

    I would not be surprised if these blacks are getting paid some way via grants or something, so in effect our farmers all have bounties on them.

    It would not surprise me at all that our farmers have bounties on their heads from big shots in the ANC wanting to claim various parts of the land in this country.

    The state cant afford to buy the land back & cant afford the diabolical, monumental stuff up of what happens when they resort to land confiscation.

    So they take the easy road - Killings - what comes natural to this satanic karasite.

    They learnt from ZANUPF failings and how whites took land in various other countries and applying it to us.

    It will come out one day that these murderers get compensated by the state or compensated by someone telling them to do the killing.

    But it all goes back to the state.

    Zuma, a former vet in charge of a country would never end peacefully. A man at the head of their war operations will never bring peace or prosperity.

    White man must grow some balls now & do what needs to be done in the end.

    1. Anonymous5:13 am

      Silently, one by one, from the top down, just do them.

  3. Anonymous4:28 am

    You know a lot of these bastards get caught believe it or not but they get light prison sentances.
    Sure the judge says 18 years but they out in 6 sometimes less. (Should be death penalty)
    A friend of a friend of a friend had one of those horrific torture-murders that you don't read about in the press. They caught the bastards and they got sentenced to blah blah blah whatever.

    That's when my friends, friend was contacted he opened a channel of communication in the jail and for only R1500 a month he paid for the perps to be gang-raped by guaranteed AIDS+ prisoners. They call it a slow puncture apparently.
    One died of a septic colon after only 6 months, only 1 is still alive.

    1. Anonymous6:01 am


      @Anonymous4:28 am

      Let me tell you, from 1st hand family experience.

      When they say arrests or arrested, this is what it means.

      The police catch them. Put cuffs on them, load them in the van, drive down the road 1-2 kms (best case) and open the door and release them.

      This has happened to us. It has happened to others we know of.

      They arrest them, it makes the public feel like the police are doing something but when you follow up, the guys dont even land in a cell.

      Its arrest & release.

      What we should be looking for is " farm attackers jailed or prosecuted" - The next time you read attackers caught, notice you will never see a follow up on "attackers jailed".

      This is why I maintain, this is state sponsored, paid for farm/white killings.

  4. Anonymous4:32 am

    Start a kick starter campaign.

  5. Anonymous4:47 am

    Yip, especially this type of chit. It seems its escalating.

    Hunt them down like dogs.


    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      This now has to be the last straw to break the camels back.

  6. Anonymous6:23 am

    You need a good tech guy who can set up a bounty site on the Deep Web... mind you, there are already a few sites where you can post a bounty.

  7. Stephen7:25 am

    Yes Mike

    I'm in , I will donate a quarter of my salary every month the fund ( call it the bounty-trust ) just think , we will even have the kaffirs look for kaffirs ( and maybe that's the best way , they're mos chommies )

    Lets do it Mike , I will work my butt off to see that happen. Maybe even one of us will catch that kaffir , it will be like a double-lotto-win - you get the kaffir AND you get paid for it too...lovely.

    Great idea Mike .

  8. Anonymous8:35 am

    At last. Someone with balls.

    FF Plus’ Groenewald to Zuma: what do you have against white people?


  9. Anonymous10:18 am

    Homo Sacer wont work. There is a reason why we abandoned that system for the current system we have where you are innocent until proven guilty.

    I have seen time and time again how evil people usurp and hijack righteous institutions and use them as whipping sticks against us.

    you need to internalize it all by making it as easy as possible to defend yourself. You got to own your own justice system. Castle doctrine. Keep and bear arms. The usual thing. Shoot shovel and shutup.

    1. I agree that such a system as "innocent until proven guilty" is better...in a normal society. However there was also a reason why the other system was used in the Wild West. It was not a normal society.

      When a person is declared an outlaw he has two choices. Either he gives himself up and faces the law, or he makes a run for it. If he runs he is guilty. Hunt him down and shoot him.

      In a normal society where a person is innocent until proven guilty the bastard can flee and we never see him again. Put a bounty on the fleeing bastard and he won't be safe anywhere in the world. If the Bounty is big enough people will go to the ends of the world to find him.

      Now this is my proposal for these ANC scum. The day they lose power and think they can flee to some despotic hellhole in Africa, they should know that there will be a bounty on the heads of every single one.

  10. Anonymous10:24 am

    Good idea Mike.

    How does one structure this?

    My thought pattern leads me to the following:

    We need people who can train dogs that can track and obviously be trackers themselves.

    Eyes and ears on the ground in all provinces.
    (Urban & Rural)

    We need lightning quick reaction with our combined resources to be effective. (We all have individual skills)

    Perhaps you or other readers can contribute ideas, many hands make light work.

    1. Anonymous4:36 pm

      How about dropping barrel bombs, I know it's a blunt instrument rather than precision strike. I give you an eg sipho the murderer is hiding low in the squater camp we. Don't have the time and manpower to cordone and search so we barrel bomb the area he is most likely to be in. I can bet you next time there is a wanted fugitive in the township and the dreaded helicopter starts hovering above the township they will gladly drag him to our feet for nothing.

  11. Anonymous11:25 am

    Two way radios for instant coms.

  12. RunForrestRun11:35 am

    Just a few thoughts about this, all four were shot in the head denoting that they did not resist at all. Secondly all 4 bodies were covered, showing respect not found from typical farm murderers. There is probably more to come on this story and I would not rule out this being done by a family member/s. We should all give pause and remember the kid in Kimberley and the other one who took an axe to dinner.

    As far as the outlaws and bounties go its a great idea, BUT will never work when the outlaws outnumber you about 15 to 1. BN has the right idea, but his thinking is muddled and depends too much on prophets and Russians, It boils down to one simple fact,---DEMOGRAPHICS.

    So its actually quite simple, you have to change the demographics. To do this is quite simple, its been done dozens of times all over the world, all it takes is desire and will.

    The problem lies in that last part.

    1. Anonymous7:55 am

      Dick. They were family of my fiance. One of the killers was a worker on the farm. Men were killed outright, woman were tied up, beaten, raped and killed. Dont sprout your mouth cancer without facts

    2. Anonymous8:26 pm

      @ anon 7:55am.

      If you have not worked it out yet please entertain me while I enlighten you.

      rfr is one of those that knows it all, done it all and made it all, he is the gift that mankind has been searching for all these years, he is the saviour of nations, the intelligence of creation and he is never wrong.

      He is also the pain in the arse that pops in at every opportunity to fuck up everybody's day, he is the guest that arrives uninvited and over stays their welcome in the first 10 seconds, he is the negativity that eclipses and positive and he is a sorry specimen of a white man, let me say I am doubting very much that he is white, I think he is a black entitlemunt that attempts at any opportunity to try show his cleva ness in white peoples conversation, you know the type that always wants to butt in and be part of? Yeah one of those.

      Condolences to your fiance and her family.


    3. RunForrestRun10:29 pm

      @LTMA, here we go again poesneus, still can't read or comprehend properly?

      All I'm saying is the reported facts don't add up. Like in these cases.



      So forgive me for wanting facts to add up and keeping an open mind. You see that's the problem with not getting educated, you are still stuck with that Std 8 mentality, jumping to conclusions with zero critical thinking.

      Fokken doosdief.

    4. Brutus5:48 am

      rfr...man what a fucking kont you are. You were to pussy to survive in SA and ran like a pussy overseas. so shut up plotmeitnaaier, and go wank with your favourate Zille picture.

    5. Anonymous11:22 am

      and rfr based his logic and keeeping an open mind by reading msm. Dom soos grond.

  13. Anonymous1:19 am

    Great idea, Mike. There is a right-wing American startup that specializes in these kinds of bounties - https://www.wesearchr.com/. I am sure that they would be willing to assist in your suggested cause. Check them out.

  14. The problem with a bounty pool, is that the moment someone lays claim to a bounty, this person will be prosecuted, as it is an admission of guilt. I will do same for free, the problem is that there is no intelligence structure to gain knowledge of the targets. It follows that a support structure is also needed, to hide weapons and ensure a clean getaway. As soon as too many people are involved, the security of the scheme id doubtable. Then one also has to contend with reverse bounty, where SAPS put a bounty out for information/arrests. I would surely be interested in developing the structure to aid in the removal of farm/home murderers.

  15. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Interesting about Homo sacer. Didn't know the Romans had that too. Scandinavians in Viking times called outlaws "fredløse", literally, "they who are without peace."