03 February 2017

For the last time, we are all settlers in South Africa

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2017

The Bushmen got their loincloths in a knot again.

Don’t call us coloureds. We are Khoisan

They don’t want to be called “Coloureds” anymore, they want to be known as “Khoisan” and they want to be recognized as a nation and the only indigenous people of South Africa.

They want to be included in “land redistribution”, which means they want some of the white people’s land stolen by the ANC and they want to be included in “Black Economic Empowerment” which means that they want some of the Free Shit paid for by the white taxpayer’s money stolen by the ANC. Nothing new.

Incidentally and funny enough is that the Bushman language is not one of the eleven official languages of South Africa, but the motto on the South African coat of arms (which shows two bushmen meeting and talking) is “ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke” which apparently means “Diverse people unite” in the now extinct language of the "ǀXam" people.

Just shows you how deurmekaar and stuffed up the modern New (improved) South Africa is.

Of course the man who designed the coat of arms was not a Bushman at all or even a Kaffir, but a white Afrikaans libtard guy (not sure what is worse) called Iaan Bekker and the meaning of the motto comes from the white German man Wilhelm Bleek’s translations from the 19th century, which is a bit suspect seeing that when the SABC interviewed modern Bushmen and asked them what “ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke” meant they said it meant something like taking a wee in the bush.

This is only the start of the many ironies and problems, seeing that this language was practically extinct until (as I saw in a documentary) some white British linguists taught the Bushmen their own language back to them from tape recordings made in the first part of the 20th century.

Further, there is no “Khoi-san” nation in history. The Khoi-Khoi were the Hottentots and the San were the Bushmen. Two distinct groups with different cultures, beliefs and languages.

But let us refer to them in this non-existent terminology to make things simpler. So are the “Khoi-San” groups the first human’s in SA then?

As I have mentioned before, the answer is an unequivocal “No”,… not even by a long shot.

Contrary to common belief, The Khoi-San are NOT the first South Africans and also migrated into South Africa. The above article is from a black man, not that it gives it more credibility, but because if it was from a white man he would undoubtedly have been labeled a “racist”…so I am just saying.

Some of the oldest homo sapien sapien (Khoi-San) bones and fossils we can find are around 200 000 years old and were found in Ethiopia not South Africa. Academic studies into earlier humans shows us that the Khoi-San migrated into South Africa around 20 000 years ago via the area we call Botswana today.

Besides, the original humans who inhabited South Africa, Homo Ergaster, Homo Gautengensis and Homo Naledi died out and went extinct LONG ago and blacks made it VERY clear that they want nothing to do with Homo Naledi. It is NOT their ancestor.

Homo Naledi an attempt to ‘link black ancestors to baboons’

Of course the Bantu migration was from around the equator; the areas of West and Central Africa and the reason of their migration were the stronger tribes driving them ever further down so that the ones living in SA today are the weakest of the weak and the most cowardly of the cowardly. The word “Xhosa” is in the Zulu language synonymous with the word “coward”.

Nevertheless, it goes further, because these “Khoi-san-bushmen-hottentot-coloureds-halfnaaitjies” are nowadays not living in South Africa anymore, but mostly in Botswana where they get virtually no recognition whatsoever and are severely oppressed by the black Ba-Tswanas and their pleas practically ignored.

Which brings us to another problem seeing that their land was not stolen by whites, but by blacks during the early 19th century period of the Zulu king Shaka’s “Mfecane” (Defecane in Sotho), meaning “Great scattering” when the Zulus chased weaker black tribes all over the country like the Sothos who fled into the Maluti mountains, the Swazis and the Ndebeles/Matabeles who backtracked north again where they came from and, as I have mentioned, the cowardly Xhosas who fled south.

These Xhosas have done so much killing and fucking amongst these “Khoi-san-bushmen-hottentot-coloureds-halfnaaitjies” that they even adopted the clicks from their languages and that is why Nelson Mandela (a Xhosa-Khoisan halfnaaitjie) looked more like a Makwakkie than a black man.

Recently a black entrepreneur, Maynard Mamnyowa, caused a bit of a stir when he wrote a supporting article called Colonisation; Not Just a European Malady: Blacks Stole the Land Too!

He bluntly called these land lies of the EFF and ANC, “a scapegoat for the ANC, a populist ticket for the EFF, and an excuse for bad governance and poor delivery from the government.”

You see, this is where another problem comes in, because in the beliefs of the “Khoi-san-bushmen-hottentot-coloureds-halfnaaitjies”no human being can own any land or even an animal. It all belongs to !Xu, their “big-god-supreme-being- wavela uMain-ou-thingamajig”.

So where does this sudden interest in owning land and Free Shit come from?

Besides they were nomadic hunter gatherers who never settled in one place for very long and apart from their bones and rock paintings, left nothing behind to show us that they were even there. No title deed, no receipt of acquisition, nada, nothing, zilch. So their claim to the land they were just passing through at the time is a load of, well…BOLLOCKS.

I have sorted out this nonsense a long time ago in Part 32 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box: Who does the Land belong to? and in this article; Mike Smith: Does South Africa belong to the Khoi-San only? , but often have to redo it, because the problem with blacks is that they WANT to believe this rubbish that they are indigenous to South Africa and at least indigenous to Africa therefore the whole of Africa is black and belongs to them and them only.

However when you point out to blacks that whites were in North and even South Africa thousands of years ago (long before them) and settled in places completely uninhabited by them you get that blank Kaffir stare and the thick-lipped response, “Africa for Africans…”

Fucking brain dead morons. You cannot reason with retards.

Even the most liberal of academics cannot refute and have to agree with the DNA evidence that we South Africans (Black, White, Indian Bushmen…all of us) are not originally from South Africa… We are all from settler backgrounds in South Africa


  1. Anonymous7:22 am

    As described by Jan van Riebeeck and co.: "Vuile, stinkende honde."

    1. Julle is die fuil stink goed, wat ons ouma groeitjies kom klim het.

    2. Julle is reeds die vuik stink honde, wat ons ouma grooitjies kom verkrag het.

  2. Shaka to comment first? Come on booi,must we fuck off back to Europe?

  3. Great historical article but will be wasted on the brainless kaffirs.

    The old rule will always apply: Might is always right.

    These arguments of who got here first and what not don't lead to any outcome other than the intended guilt tripping of whites to get the whites to stop fighting back so the kaffirs can continue their pillage uninterrupted. (note how they have no shame as they are conscience creatures themselves)

    This argument needs to be scrapped from our vocab in my opinion. Tell the kaffirs if they want it they must come and take it and they must make sure their force is greater than ours.

    Does the male lion worry who pomped the female lion first??? No, he simply kills that male, kills the cubs and starts fucking the lioness who is now his bitch.

    A lion doesn't give a fuck about who got there first - if he wants something he just uses his aggressive power and takes it.

    When whites instill in themselves an aggressive form of tribalism and forget this 'who got here first crap' we will have the kaffirs running scared.

    Hell, we will have everyone running scared.

    1. Boers hiding behind whiteness like the cowards you really are. Why can't you stand on your own two feet. Showing your savage nature by comparing yourself to the wild animals you are at heart. Africans have ascended barbarianism.

    2. As I have said before...To be, or not to be...


    3. Anonymous11:33 am

      @ JP Viljoen.

      Young man, I gave said this once, I say it now and I shall say it in the future.

      You will make a fine leader. Keep it up lad.

      Time to take aggression with aggression and show these fucking backwards bipedals what a fight really is.


    4. Anonymous8:12 pm

      Shaka if it was not for a whiteman, you would be able to read or write or do sums.

    5. Whiteman didn't invent any of those things, you copied them from Asians.

    6. Anonymous8:14 am

      That's rich coming from someone who slurps day-old ramen noodles out of a dirty coffee cup.

    7. Anonymous2:52 pm

      You have ascended barbarism? I nearly choked on my coffee infused ouzu ffs ... hiding behind our white skins? I employ (or try to) your unproductive useless brethren ... need to teach you which side of a broom to use dammit and I must still deal with unions? Do me a favour ... ante kai gamisou ... malaka


    8. Anonymous3:08 pm

      @Shaka 11:23pm

      What have you invented?

    9. They stole everything Shaka, they took the Khoisan knowledg and made it boereraad, they stole afrikaans that were created by Khoi people that were beaten when spoken their own language, and they dont want to accept that their ancestors are Khoi

  4. I had a dog named Shaka when i was 4. A black Doberman. I remember calling him by making that kissing sound while clapping my hands on to my legs standing with a slight bend.

    This article reminds me of that because Shaka will come running to this one just as my dog used too.

    Sorry for that i just had too, but good article Mike. I think we need to turn pandora's box in to smart YouTube videos and make it viral.

    1. Its all pseudoscience that no one takes seriously anyway.

    2. Anonymous5:40 pm

      Dony, it's so easy to trigger this shaka piece of shit parasite.

    3. Shaka for you. Enjoy


  5. Delusional Mike at it again. We are not all settlers retard, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Settler as you can see by the definition settlers are backed by countries of foreign origin and maintain ties with their mother countries.
    Now as for those khoisan their not pure blood but are coloureds masquerading as khoi and are delusional.
    Bantu migration was not a result of war you nitwit but simply the taming of wild lands and expansion no different than Aryan expansion in Europe or Chinese expansion in Asia. You don't know geographical history do you?
    And stop your blatant lying about Xhosa's being synonymous to cowards you just made that up and when I investigated it only your posts came up and had no sources for it! You pulled it out of your ass.
    Shaka never stole any land he was consolidating Nguni people under a single ruler. Ironically Boeretjies also acquired click sounds from Khoisan.
    Maynard Manyowa is a Zimbabwean retard who doesn't know basic history and cites no sources for his worthless opinion piece. He hilariously says Zulus sold people into slavery when Southern Africa had no slave system in place. Shaka never colonized anything he was uniting Nguni people under one banner.
    Blacks are indigenous to Sub Saharan Africa and it ours to use as we see fit. Africans never claim the North, you just made it up as you always do.
    There were no whites thousands of years ago in the South, now you're just being delusional, nice try though.

    1. @ Shaka...Fucking moron doesn’t even know the difference between “Settler” and “Coloniser”.

      Here is the Oxford Dictionary definition: “Settler: A person who settles in an area, typically one with no or few previous inhabitants.”

      Colony: A country or area under the full or partial control of another country and occupied by settlers of that country.
      Jeez now we have to teach you English too.
      Well according to your own Wikipedia quoted “Definition” of Settler: ...A settler is a person who has migrated to an area and established a permanent residence there, often to colonize the area.
      And further...”Many times settlers are backed by governments or large countries.” Obviously not necessarily. Could be doesn’t have to be.
      The blacks and Khoi or San never established permanent settlements in SA. Grass huts that could be packed up and moved. Therefore Nomads. Look up the definition of Nomad.
      The Dutch who came to SA were not sent by the Dutch government but by the VOC (Dutch East India Company). There were no political parties at the Cape at the time. The Boers who went to Argentina after the Anglo Boer War were not sent there by a government, but settled there. The British colonists who came to SA were sent by their government, but were called the 1820 settlers.
      Nevertheless, stick around Kaffir. You are going to get a wake up call in the next few days.

    2. Settler and Coloniser is the same thing retard you are just arguing pathetic semantics. Blacks established permanent settlements, you found them here and they are still here.
      VOC was the defacto government as it was intertwined with the state same as the British East India company.
      There were no parties because you were a dutch colony, the Boers went the because the Argentineans wanted white settlers to settle on stolen Indian land. British came to settle on stolen African land.
      Whites are kaffirs too if you don't know unless you embrace Islam.

    3. Anonymous7:48 am

      What "taming of wild lands", Shaka? Are you implying some form of agriculture? The Portuguese brought maize into the country, more's the pity. The Zulus could have carried on forming splinter sub-groups all hating each other and repeated Mfecane until they were extinguished. Instead, the whites stopped them from killing each other and gave them pap.

      Shaka was a moffie. Are you a moffie too? Aren't you really Pierre de Vos, cause you sure sound like him.

    4. Anonymous9:32 am


      Shaka11:28 pm

      Shaka can you show us maps of these settlements?

      If we stole it, just proves the whites are better at managing things. If they were so outnumbered why didnt they beat the Europeans with their very sophisticated ships or weapons?

      And no we did not find any permanent settlements in the Cape, Northern Cape, half of the eastern cape, Transvaal and we own part of natal.

      End of story. Its a fact.

      Now go play or rape grannies/babies, this is what your permanent settlers do best, anything else and it turns to an abortion.

    5. Shaka, you had me going for quite a while. However, you are a Troll. You are not black or even a coloured, you are a wit ou.

  6. Anonymous8:22 am


    You are right...you cannot reason with retards / low IQ.

    Please show me anywhere on earth where you get free stuff due to the colour of your skin? (Sounds like racism to me)

    Imagine the wet dream of darkies that we all "return" to Europe. Now we are in Europe and say my Great great great Oupa had a farm here so you must give it back, if not I am white so you must give it back anyway. Sounds crazy right.

    If all whites started walking around with horse shit in their hands, sooner or later you will hear how whites stole their valuable African horse shit.

    Hey Shaka...how is your wife and my kids?

    1. Your grandfather didn't have shit in Europe you were all kicked out. You are all white trash scum of the earth who don't want to go back because you know your low status in Europe.

    2. Anonymous10:59 am

      Hey shaka munt seems like you love this blog. Do you wake up every morning hoping Baas Mike posted something so you can read it? Fuck me seems you really like us boertjies neh wena? Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous11:03 am

      Whatever...Send regards to your wife and my kids.

    4. Anonymous12:54 pm

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    5. Mr Mister3:40 pm

      Sounds like Anonymous had a wife who is now involved with Shaka.

    6. Anonymous10:53 pm

      @ Anon 8:22 am.

      Dude, I sure hope you are right in thinking that Shaka is some white dude trying to be retard, if not you are going to have to take the hiding that you're getting and thats coming.

      Enjoy the rip I do not think the chaps here are going to let this one fly past.


    7. Anonymous11:12 pm

      Mr Mister you can also send regards to your wife and my kids!

    8. What wife and kids? Neckbeards live in an alternate reality.

    9. Anonymous8:10 am

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      You write to well and the mastery of the vocabulary is above that of the retards running here, you see shaka the new south africans think they are new but I can tell you with certainty that they act, smell and look exactly Like the old kboois of our old SA.


  7. Whiteman8:36 am

    Mike, this is why a piece of land, or country, belongs to those who claim it. But they must be clever enough, to cultivate it, tame it, and protect it against any intruder. If they can not do this, they are overrun by a stronger opponent. Then they either become slaves, or they are killed, or they are ctoss bred into extinction. That is how things have worked on this earth, even from before Adam and Eve. Today, we are faced with exactly the same options in this country. In any nation or race, only a small portion is willing to fight for survival. We see it here as well. For that small proportion to succeed, many factors play a role. Just for starters, they have to be able to communicate with one another, to form a united front against their enemies. Thanks to modern technology, we have crossed this hurdle successfully. Now we can take on the other hurdles as well !

  8. Anonymous8:42 am

    Why would whites want to live in a k4 country like south africa ?
    19,000 murders a year, rapes,assaults, gov corruption. etc

    Why do the EU & US not open their gates to whites from SA who want to leave this shit hole ?

    Why do the white business sector encourage whites to remain in south africa when normal whites have no rights due to AA, BEE etc ?

    Time for white south africans to understand they are no longer wanted in sa & have no future even the DA cannot help them.

    1. Anonymous12:53 pm

      Same reason why Merkel opens the door to muzzies and shits the door on Ukrainian refugees.

    2. The DA are part of the problem, they were never here to help whites, they are anti-white, always have been and always will be.

      There is one thing to be said about being here, we still have guns, lots of them, so the niggers still get shot pretty often, which is rather nice.

      Besides all that, moving to Europe would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, the whiteness of Europe will soon be a memory, only recorded in the history books. And I believe, we are still freer than the Europeans with their commies in the EU controlling their every thought and actions.

    3. Anonymous9:50 pm

      @Anon 8:42am

      It is not a k4 country. It is a hijacked white country.

    4. Because my forefathers payed with blood for this country. Yes we are white but we are also a people with a forged identity that would dissolve by migrating. The preservation of this identity is important to me.

      Not only because of who we are as a people but it is also a metaphoric symbol for all whites across the world who are a minority and find themselves under a global genocide and the victim of collective prejudice due to their special superior uniqueness.

    5. Anonymous2:46 am

      The DA are not anti-white. Only blacks are anti-white. The DA have recruited blacks to attract black voters - with mixed results. Remember the Mazibuko and Ramphele disasters? Only Mmusi Maimane has worked out. As the Somalians know only too well, the local blacks are too lazy to run a spaza shop.

    6. @ Anonymous2:46 am

      The DA are anti-white, if you haven't figured that out by now, then you still have a long way to go. Mmumsi is a raving victicrat commie sack of shite, just like most niggers.

    7. Anonymous2:25 pm


      @Anonymous8:42 am
      "Time for white south africans to understand they are no longer wanted in sa & have no future even the DA cannot help them."

      Whites have never been wanted here.
      Many have said we have no future.
      The first settlers were probably told they were crazy to settle here.
      The settlers under British rule thought there was no future.
      Blood river seemed like there was no future.
      During apartheid - it seemed like there was no future.
      In the new SA - it seems as if there is no future.

      The future is determined by the maker, creator alone. Who says there is a future in the US, Canada, Europe, Aus or NZ?

      What might seem like our bad luck today, might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to this nation.

      It flushed the traitors out the country.
      It flushed the weak out the country.
      It flushed the terrorists out into the open.
      It flushed the righteous out, that would not give up.
      It flushed out our enemies over seas.
      It flushed out our allies over seas.

      This is not over till its over and it aint over yet.

      Like I say & will say so again, let them start their shit and we leave this place if we have to in the same condition we found it.

      Barron and in ruins.

      The world has not seen a white kaffir, you will see white kaffirs if they play games.

      We will not stop now until the equator is reached, we will not stop until we have flushed every karasite from central Africa right down into South Africa out - they will vanish ALL OF THEM, young, old, women, children & men.

      We have not even begun, our future is brighter than most realize.

      If they start their shit, they better get it right because they have but one shot to kill all 4.5 million whites, if they dont - they better pray for their future generations.

      This time it will be a Joshua scenario and it will happen - mark my words, so they have one shot and they best use it wisely.

  9. Anonymous11:46 am

    @ Mike Smith, thank you for a superb article.

    @ Anon 8:42 am, Take your shit, your fucked up attitude and your cowardly pose, if you are a white person, pack them all up that shit scared tight pinching ring and fuck right off to safer shores, we here are better off without whining little cunts like you

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  10. Anonymous12:25 pm


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    1. Cannot live without whites yet we did so for thousands of years before you came and stole what rightfully belongs to us. Go back to Europe where you will live out your days as peasant scum your lineage descends from.

    2. You call that living my boy Shaka? I call it scavenging.

    3. Anonymous6:37 am

      @shaka 11:35pm.

      I thought you and your arse fucking cronies were going to make me go back to Europe?

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      You see, you think we be peasant scum but we know that you and your kin are but word and tongue, we beat you once in an age not long past, the time doth come for us to show you once again that we the peasant scum do know exactly how to use the gun and demonstrate how lands are won.

      Now fuck off, little insignificant booi, for here you will gain injuries that no doctor can repair.


    4. Anonymous6:59 am


      @Shaka11:35 pm

      No you barely survived for thousands of years.

      Any humans whos fate is dictated to by weather conditions or mother nature is not fit to be classified as a human being.

      If it aint got inventions or a written language, it is not worthy of being called a human.

      Ser humano - to be human means to act human. Monkeys also use leaves to cover their bodies.

    5. Anonymous8:07 am

      Uh-uh, not going back to Europe, too many kaffers there. White kaffers too.

    6. Anonymous1:42 am

      And maybe you can go back to the bush?

      Abandon your concrete city, electricity, burn your computer, unplug the internet, throw your phone away, leave your TV, etc.

      Because guess who invented all this?

    7. Anonymous3:57 am

      @Anon 8:07am

      The white kaffirs are the worst kind.

  11. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Tsk Tsk. Mike forgot to mention the phoenicians and the Great white lady rock paintings of the Khoi san. As well as the Phoenician ships sunk in Cape Town. Sies! Short memory.

    Even the ancient Greeks knew about the phoenician expeditions to South Africa around 800BC.

    Fast forward to 1488 and The porra sailors found fuck all blacks in present day South africa as mike pointed out a while ago.

    Whites and these hottentothotnots pre date blacks here. Blacks are the invaders. We have a duty to protect the weak and innocent from these black wahabiists like Shaka.

    1. I mentioned this in many posts before, but I will include it again in the next post.

    2. Anonymous7:27 pm


      @Anonymous12:52 pm

      The Portuguese not settling here is another clue that is often over looked.

      The Portuguese were looking to establish colonies.

      You cannot establish a colony if there are no inhabitants or so few of them, that it would seem pointless.

      Hence why the Portuguese never colonized South Africa nor Namibia.

      There simply were not enough of the things to settle here.

      But I am annoyed with the Portuguese for introducing maize. It was through the introduction of Maize that the Zulu population increased in numbers.

      Had they not introduced maize, their numbers would have been a lot smaller. The introduction of maize here caused the overall karasite population to increase in Moz & South Africa.

      For centuries they had fish, coconuts & wild animals and then all of a sudden an introduction of a staple diet & we see their numbers shoot through the roof.

    3. More pseudoscience. White supremacists really are obsessed with blacks and Islam.

    4. Anonymous6:52 am


      @Shaka11:36 pm

      No blacks and arabs are obsessed with whites & Europe, you dont see Africans fleeing to all African countries, only to white European, well run countries.

      You dont find whites wanting to live among animals in Africa nor the middle east, hence why the greatest migrations of people without there being a war have been out of SA over the past 30 years.

      They are obsessed with being white, being treated like whites.

      Sies! Who would want to live among these things.

    5. Anonymous8:05 am

      Not really. We would prefer to be able to ignore blacks entirely. Islam is not a big deal for white South Africans.

  12. Anonymous2:02 pm


    Reasoning & logic are not African.

    They have no inventions, that part of their brain does not have those features.

    If they had logic, they would have had a wheel.

    If they had any form of intelligence, they would have had a written alphabet or some form of writing.

    If they had the brains or intelligence, they would have had some maps or forms of maps.

    If they had any form of logic or cognitive function, they would have had some form of currency - all they had was barter - the most ancient form of doing business.
    If they had any form of logic/intelligence, they would have known about geography & where in the world they were.

    Man these things did not even have a recorded history book. Everything is from word of mouth. Hence why Africa is in such a mess.

    If you cant measure, because you cant count, then how do you draw up boundaries/borders when you dont know where you are?

    How do you prove what you say and prove how long you have been on your land when you have no concept of time?

    Their timeline starts when the white man arrived. If you go into the hill country of Zimbabwe today and ask some old madala sitting there what year it is, he will put his paws up and say "Ey dont e know"

    No time.
    No maths.
    No written language.
    No currency.
    No geography.

    But they are very sure that everything is theirs.

    Thats like aliens arriving on earth, telling us where they are from, their galaxies and then we try and claim their galaxies, time warps, black holes, claiming they are ours once they leave earth.

    Again, you cannot ever try figure out how these things think. Without our education, clothes, technology, where would they be?

    They know it, thats why they hate us in this country.

    Imagine taking the stand when you are on trial and trying to prove something without...

    The time of the incident.
    No idea where the crime/incident took place i.e location.
    Without the victims name or identity.

    The craziest thing about it, is trying to explain this to a sane, rational person. If you explain the situation to normal, clear thinking people they will look at you as if you were crazy because the very notion, idea or concept is so backward, that is seems forward and so to even mention it would seem pathetic and stupid but when you have the mind/brain of a 7 year old, well anything goes.

    You cant claim something as yours when you have no proof how long you were on the land for. You cant claim the land because you would then need to give us a date, which is impossible when you had no concept of time and you would have to prove it was really yours or that you purchased it.

    If you must prove you purchased it, then you must prove so with mathematics, which we know today this president cannot count. Then you must establish and show us the boundary of your land, which you cant because they had no idea where in the world or in Africa they were.

    If this was a criminal or some legal case, it would be thrown out of court before anyone went to trial for lack of evidence. The only evidence they have or case they are trying to lay this on, is apartheid and the fact that whites arrived from Europe.

    Africa is not only for Africa, North Africa is Arabic.

    Another great article.

    Now that scientists know that Gorillas and Chimps can communicate with sign language, if they are given human status, can they kick out all the Africans out of central africa claiming it is theirs?


    I think we can get the vervet monkeys to learn sign language and then they can claim this country & then we teach it to the baboons and get them to also claim it as their country, give them rights as well.

    Blacks are excluding them as well, since they are from naledi, they should be considered the original inhabitants of South Africa.

    1. Anonymous10:04 pm

      @ Anon 2:02 BN.

      Let's give these retards one thing in their favour. They are excellent mimic's. They have been able to mimic the whites and get the rest of the world to believe they are human.

      They have mimicked the art of driving a vehicle, I say mimc because if they could really drive then their cars wouldn't look like they have been pulled through a wrecking yard before they are a week old.

      They have mimicked the art of having a brain as they now get top jobs and fancy titles but sit behind the desk with poker finger still so far up one those double black holes feeling its way around in inner space that one wonders if there is anti matter behind those dull eyes.

      Come let's be fair, let's give retard some credit, they can multi task, they can drive a car, work a cell phone and cause an accident at the same time.

      As you state reasoning and logic are not African and that is very true, when you labelled them Karasite you were perfectly precise they are truly parasitic, these retards will live off anything and try claim it as theirs.

      BN if these retards could invent, develop, engineer, create or even maintain anything do you or any of the readers here think that we would be buying all the shit we see coming in here from places like India, China and Russia? These stinks cannot even produce food without fucking it up, the land that they so claim as theirs lies over grown, over grazed and unused when this parasite gets hold of it.

      Fuck them all. I have had enough of their shit and I can tell them I am not running or leaving if they want this land that is rightfully mine as much as they think it is theirs, they will have to spill my blood into its soil to take it from me. I will not be going quietly or without a fight.

      Every man that calls himself a man should be prepared to fight and protect his claim to his home and his birth right, it's is only weakness, laziness, non pride, selfishness and cowardliness that allows a man to jump ship and claim right from distant shore and throw stones from afar. It is through those types that we the few now sit with the shit we sit with.

      So you that remain take the weaker brother that cannot stand alone train him and educate him not in the ways of the world but rather in the ways of war and pride and show him his heritage and the sprit of his ancestors that won this country for his clan and replace in him the flames of passion, the fist of discipline and the iron rod of cultures pride and bring forth in him the warrior that will stand firm in trouble times and defend what is ours and take back our land.


    2. Whites didn't invent any of those things you listed. They copied them from the middle east.

    3. Anonymous6:44 am

      @shaka 11:37 pm

      The things that you retards learnt you copied from the baboons and apes, like how to pick berries off a tree, cup your hand to drink water, dig for roots with a stone, make a path from your cave to the waters edge. Shit outside your cave and not inside. Kapish?

      Now you retards try disown your heritage by saying you don't come from apes, you idiot, of course you don't, apes are more intelligent and cultured than your species are, so you should actually pray to them as if they are your god.


    4. Anonymous6:45 am


      @Shaka11:37 pm

      Sure! They claim Pythagoras square is theirs and without Pythagoras you cant build the pyramids.

      Well anyone who visits or has visited Egypt will tell you that they cannot even develop a road, let alone a house properly.

      No the middle east has them because once upon a time, just like in Africa, they were living there.

      If the Arabs invented all those inventions, then why arnt they still inventing today?

      Oil is not an invention & the US gets 90% of its oil from Canada.

      Anything else Shark shit?


      Thats why the best thing that could happen is they took control of this country. They will ruin it with greed and it will come back to us in the end.

      It is ours already, its just a matter of holding on and enjoying the ride but when the ride is over, they will ALL be chased out of SA - useless things.

    5. Anonymous8:02 am

      Shaka, what are you doing on this whiteman's blog? Why are you using the whiteman's internet? Cultural appropriator much?

    6. Anonymous11:21 am

      up until oil became useful about 100 years ago, shaka, the middle east was a shit hole with camels and dunes

    7. Anonymous11:25 am

      hey shaka, the arabs took you all as slaves. Not us.

  13. justice seeker3:00 pm

    ive notice that novody ever mentions anything bad about australia as a destination even siener van rensburg mentions nothing...please can somebody prove me wrong

    1. Anonymous11:07 pm

      Too many Aussies mate, you cant paint your house without passing a course. Cant have a braai without a permit.

      I do have a friend that is doing super well - they call it the lucky country.

    2. Siener saw us regaining SA so i dont think his main priority was for us to think about relocating to Aus.

    3. Anonymous6:49 am


      @justice seeker3:00 pm

      There is mention of it but you have to read between the lines and think on what he has mentioned.

      He said that Englands far distant colonies would settle in SA.

      Aus/NZ are considered their colonies, still have the flag and are distant colonies and they are the ONLY colonies left of England.

      Those in Africa are all gone and they were never ever far distant colonies. Kenya, Tanzania are about a 5 hr flight, where Oz/NZ are about an 18-22hr flight - they are FAR distant.

      With China in the background destabilising Asia, Americas dwindling Pacific control, NZ being flooded by Asians, Australia on Chinas door step, they will not have a future there.

      Those South Africans have been led there to bring them back, Mike will love to have Aussies in SA.

      We best get the play stations ready for them.

      An Aussie & New Zealand play station is a sheep tied to a lamp pole.

    4. Anonymous7:20 am


      Here is the text...

      The Boers annex the Union and expand further North. Many
      distant colonies join us, for there is danger in their countries and
      Mother England is no longer there.

      Which colonies or countries are still considered part of mother England?

      Why mention "no longer there" mentioned in the same sentence. To me this spells out that they are under her protection, without her, they are in danger.

      Aus/NZ as mentioned still have the Flag & perhaps those from the Falklands.

      New Zealand is gone. With the amount of non whites in NZ, their standards will drop sharply and begin to be on par with the countries from which these migrants have come from China/India.

      Between 1986 and 2006, the numbers born in Asia and now resident in New Zealand increased by 661 per cent, with the Chinese (899.4 per cent) and Indians (841.6 per cent) dominating growth.

      While the city's population was 76 per cent white European in 1976, projections show it will be 51 per cent in 2016, with further reductions in later years.

      We know their projections are always way off, Auckland is about 45% white now! Another 5-10 years it will be 15% or less.

      And Australia?

      In effect this means that the White European element of Australia’s population has declined from over 90% only a few decades ago to about 75% (White) today.

      According to the report, at least 6 million of Australia’s total population of 22.5 million were not born in that country.

      But are from Asia, Africa & the middle east. They have 3-6 children and so we can see that in Australia within 15 years time, the whites will be less than less than 50% and this is not taking into account migrants still entering the country.


      Those who were against Gods law of segregation, who vilified us, will be punished the worst! See those European countries that were the most vocal and see what has happened there.

      Its just the beginning of the end for them.

      Our beginning is just around the corner.

      We will have the last laugh, with our new flag flying high.

    5. Anonymous12:04 pm

      Australia is spared from globalist muslim invasion because they have made deals with the elite.

    6. RunForrestRun8:07 pm

      @BN,--We have a saying in NZ, when one of us leaves to go to another country it raises the IQ of both countries. Mind you, with an average IQ of 76 in South Africa it would take millions to raise your IQ.

    7. Anonymous5:52 am

      Australia is fucked thanks to the very same enemy tat destroyed South Africa and don't blame the kaffir.

    8. Anonymous6:02 am


      @RunForrestRun8:07 pm

      I have a saying as well....

      Stick to sheep shagging & enjoy your Indian/Chinese takeaways.

      The average IQ is just that average, average blacks.

      What the whites accomplished on their own in SA is far greater than what the criminals in Australia achieves & Sheep shaggers combined.

      When you are in Auckland again, take a selfie on the high street, send it in, so we can spot the white....

      And then we will tell you!

      We were & are still right.

    9. Anonymous6:03 am


      @Anonymous12:04 pm

      How so?

      Did you not read the statistics?

      You might be spared the Muslim invasion but in 20 years time, you will be outvoted by Asians under a democracy and then it will look no different from India, China or Indonesia.

    10. Anonymous9:18 am

      Why the fuck would you want to make SA's IQ look good?

      Why give a false impression of how brite a retard is, fuck that! Leave these dumb shit is suffocate in their fucking brainless stupid creations.

      We don't want the world running and offering these morons more shit to steal and fuck up, we want these kzzzz to fucking be unemployed, unhappy and uncontrollable that is the best recipe for civil war and we will not run away we will stand and take them on, courage will not desert us with swift foot and faster plane.


    11. Anonymous11:51 am

      @ Anon 6:02 am BN.

      Those that fled to safer zones are always ready to throw a stone. Should they be called to fight they are the fuckers who would be the first to take the departing flight.

      We are always going to hear how great the new lands are and how the expats do this and that and how we the stayers are stupid and we are fighting a lost cause, you heard it all before, ignore all the bullshit you hear and continue our fight let those that don't have the heart for a fight be.

      They will one day elaborate on our story and add a bit here and there to tell their grand children how they the brave fought our war.

      If they stick around long enough in one place maybe just maybe I might go across there and show them what a recovery vehicle is and a dealership is so that they don't have to use the outback and single handedly change a land Rover engine, I might just teach them what vehicle maintenance plans are as well. I wonder about intelligence when I have people tell me stories like the above when I know land Rovers recovery and vehicle maintenance plan is top notch and works exceptionally well.


    12. RunForrestRun12:15 pm

      @BN,---LOL mate, there is no such thing as a "boer" anymore, my grandfather was one of the last ones. There are family legends of him knocking out a stubborn horse and throwing kaffers over fences when they came to his house. I had a great grandmother in the boer war camps who used to cry about "die kakies kom".

      So let me tell you mate, I am as much a boer as you or anyone on this blog. As such I'm telling you, there is no such thing as a boer, there hasn't been for a long time, you should really get your head out of your arse and catch a wakeup.

      Nobody is coming to save you and nobody is going to rise up and fight. Just by the way, living with Asians in Auckland beats the hell out of living with kaffers anywhere.

    13. Anonymous2:14 pm


      Speak for yourself!

      I know many people in this country that are Boers & they dont live overseas and I do know many that live overseas that have Boere hearts, through and through.

      Its a way of life, a way of thinking.

      As for the Asians, well you can read the stories of Somalians and other Karasites in Oz + NZ stuffing things up.

      You obviously havent lived in Asia. I have! And at first its interesting but then it grinds you.

      We dont need saving! We will save ourselves.

      No one will save you either, you will all just vanish in the sea of multiculturalism.

      Die fast or die slowly - pick your poison. The end result is the same, like it or not, NZ + Oz will go the same route as SA, it might not be tomorrow but it will happen, it is happening - follow the links above.

      All the best!

    14. Anonymous8:31 pm

      @rfr 12:15 pm.

      What was your Gran daddies name " run through the jungle"?

      Your type seem to love running when there are rumours of a little instability anywhere, I will not be surprised to hear you have children named " fast feet" " lighting speed" " yellow spine" just a few that I can think of running away in your family sprint path.

      I bet your grandaddy was doing the kaffirs through the fence and the story now has been changed because you're on impress street with your new country folk.

      Knocking out a horse I can believe as well, he was most probably running so fast that the horses chasing him fell faint from exhaustion and you once again have just manipulated the story to make yourselves the hero's again.

      Listen coward take your head out your arse, we are still here and we definitely don't need the cowardly comment of your breed to inspire us, we stand our man we don't out run their horses.


    15. RunForrestRun12:32 am

      @BN and the retarded LTMpoes,--you guys are friggin hilarious, its like my daily entertainment to read your comments on this blog. The poor Mike, I can just imagine him reading the repetitive mindless shit you spew thinking to himself,---hoe de fok moet jy nou hiermee n nasie bou.

      Its funny, but also incredibly sad.

    16. Anonymous3:16 am

      @rfr 12:32am.

      You wouldn't know what nation building is, you run so fucking fast you don't even see the scenery.

      You cowardly little man, throwing stones from afar while your wife is still trying to get the skid marks out of your jocks from when you shat yourself out of SA.

      Go fix a land Rover under tree.


    17. Stephen9:24 am

      Kom nou manne !?!

      Kry nou end met die stront wat julle mekaar mee gooi.

      Lt clean-up your act , Forest stop antagonising the boere.
      Yea we all see things from our own view-points but let's find a comon-ground , let's use our individual thinking ability to out do these kaffirs . I have all the faith in us as a team.

      No-more against each other stayers and those abroad,please.

    18. Anonymous7:50 am


      @Stephen9:24 am

      Boet, you can go far back in my comment history on this site.

      You will see, never do I attack anyone here, unless they come up with bullshit to divide our people further.

      I have no time for idiots like this.

      If they are happy where they are, then why do they visit this site?

      Leave them! I have no time for these idiots, they wont be flying in when the shit hits the fan but rather will sit where they are and justify and reason that their reasons to leave were right.

      I wish them the best.

  14. Stephen10:48 pm

    Hi Mike

    That's the bottom line yes , we're all settlers .
    Obviously us whites have much more claim to the land than these kaffirs , all the reasons spelled out so clearly by you and the troops.

    But theres more , this is how I see it....guys look at how quick time passes , the older I get the more I realise that these parasites are but a tempery irritation.

    I know , that I know that I know that's these things are not in the kingdom of God. The more they try make life unbareable for us - the more I'm reminded of their fleshy-existance and their eventual demise .

    So there's only four words I want to say to shaka/zuma and all kaffirs..... tik-tok - tik-tok.

  15. A tempory irritation...ya say?
    Well, until such time I have a little chit-chat with Peter at the Pearly Gates - irriteer die snotvreters die blou k@k uit my uit.
    For the rest...I'm not to sure what you're on about.

    1. Stephen9:15 pm

      Daniel , okay I'll elaberare.

      Have a look at the right hand side of this blog , how quick has those years passed , seems like we've just been chatting to Mike for a couple weeks yet many years have gone , these kaffirs existance are but a week in our eternal existance , I'm trying to show you things from a different perspective .

      If a person is trapped in his own carnal desires then the here and now is all there is , that's why the kaffirs want everything for themselfs.

      Some where in your life you musr have heard or read , hopefully you havnt forgot that there will not enter into heaven anything that defiles , like thiefs murderers liars homosexuals fornicaters etc.

      Thats what I'm on about Daniel , these kaffirs might be lucky enough to live on this earth while we are here , but deffinitly won't be near me in a short while from now.

      How old are you now Daniel ? Lets say you have another
      30 odd years to go , okay and then ?
      Let them irritate you another 30 years and see what happens afterwards .

  16. Anonymous9:37 am

    Apes, monkeys, chimps, baboons, have similar traits to human beings but are not human.

    Kaffirs or karasites may resemble human beings but are not human and never were. Their method of communication is: "I'm suffering, I'm hungry, give me and what what". They are lower forms of life that exist as an annoyance. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Take a long look at these creatures and you soon realize that their lives are irrelevant.

  17. Anonymous12:07 pm


    Told you, we have to use holographic projectors with Tokoloshes...

    Know thy enemy!


  18. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Look what happens when you become the brother of the likes of shakes shaka and all the blacks.


  19. Anonymous2:11 am


  20. Anonymous3:35 am

    Tja! i love the coons claim "we had it first"immediately followed by the forlorn refrain "but whitey stole it". Of course there is one massive flaw in this logic. If they invented it and it was stolen, why the fuck didnt they make some more?They even forgot how to make a wheel for fuck sake. give a pre- grade white kid some plasticine and within five minutes he makes a wheel and goes looking for something to use as an axle.At age 5 he has surpassed 2000years of kaffir technology.

    1. Anonymous2:45 pm

      @Anon 3:35am

      Kaffir technology, that's a good one!

  21. Anonymous2:50 am

    Perhaps it isn't a braindead response but something more like revanchism or the idea of sacred soil. Italy never owned Trentino historically- from the fall of Rome to 1919 it was owned and populated by Germans. It is still populated by Germans speaking German and kept only as an autonomous region. But the Italian nationalists said it was truly and totally theirs because of reasons they couldn't quite fully explain or justify with evidence and with the help of the Allied forces in WWI gained that region in 1919 from Austria.

    The blacks want it and if they have the numbers to take it they will.

    This is opposed to land ownership theories such as John Locke's "you build it you own it" which is sometimes used by Marxists to claim that workers own the factories and that the blacks own the mines and such. This of course further exemplifies why multicultural societies are bad since you'll end up with Mbumbo saying he should get the profits from the minerals he mined even though he's expendable. And then you get the whole communist ANC saying it isn't fair that blacks mine minerals all day long and that whites are clearly thieves because Africa and then whites in Europe and America who know nothing about Africa except that there's AIDS, black people and poverty there assume it must be true that whites in South Africa are mean colonizers/racists- afterall the US had the segregated South and Europe had their own colonies.

    Of course this whole thing is also ignoring that white South Africans and blacks also have Khoi-san DNA- if South Africa did claims of Aboriginality like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States did then you'd have millions of blacks and whites- probably more than 10 million South Africans overall- eligible to claim free stuff for being "indigenous".

    Obviously the Coloureds would disagree with this, but their argument is also stupid since claiming that every coloured is indigenous is also bullshit. Some of them are mostly Malay, some are mostly white, some are mostly black and some are mostly Khoikhoi- look over at Namibia for a nicer, clear breakdown of Coloured racial diversity. In Namibia about half of the Coloureds claim to be Nama people and are predominantly descended from Khoikhoi and those other indigenous guys, with a minority of ancestry from other sources (such as whites). Meanwhile the other half are the Baster people, who genetically are mostly European and dislike being considered the same as other Coloureds in Namibia. The Basters are similar to Boers in that they also had the "Republic of Rehobeth" and have made certain claims that they should be given the right to self-determination from the black-dominated Namibian government.

    In any case Coloureds trying to paint themselves with a broad brush to claim free shit is hilarious when Muslim Coloureds have little in common with darker, more black-descended Coloureds. This will only end stupidly and shows that the term coloured should never have been applied so broadly by the old Union government.