15 February 2017

Demented Wigger rejected by her beloved shitskins

Anita Ronge

By Mike Smith
15th of February 2017

One of the most boring statements I always hear from the Kaffir community is that “Whites should integrate into the new South Africa or Fuck-Off back to Europe”.

I mean you always hear how whites are accused of “racism” and not wanting to integrate, blah, blah, boring blah.

What exactly blacks mean with “integrate” is not clear, because every time some liberal twat attempts to “integrate” he or she is slagged off by the black community.

We have seen this with Auntie Helen Zille, her sidekick Athol Trollip and even with their Communist God, Ronnie Kasrils.

Ironically it seems as if the more they do for blacks, the more they try to integrate and the more they try to Kaffirize themselves…the more they get accused of “Racism”.

So why not just admit it like on Alcoholics Anonymous? “Hello, my name is Mike. I am a racist.”

Chorus from fellow racists: “Helloooo Mikeeee”.

Anita Ronge aka Kasi Mlungu
Take the strange case of Afrikaans FHM bird and wigger Anita Ronge also known as “DJ The DutchAz” aka “Kasi Mlungu”.

According to her she is a "black person trapped in white skin".

Kasi Mlungu is proudly black

Poor thing is a perfect example of a deluded Libtard with a severe case of identity crisis and a tad of schizophrenia thrown in.

Problem is that blacks despise her Wannabe Blackness: Kasi Mlungu gets thrashed for making money off black culture

Blacks are saying…"Black people are jailed, shot at, caged, placed in coffins for being black," but Kasi Mlungu "tweets to earn the same respect,".

See? If you are black and you have not been jailed, shot at, caged, placed in coffins, etc…you are not black…which is about 99% of blacks in South Africa.

Anita does point out a very important thing at the end of the one article where she says; "What is wrong with me adopting African culture, something that is ours, that is local and proudly South African?

Foh Shizzle my Nizzle
"If you look at a lot of the people who were commenting they would have pictures of Beyoncé and that is appropriation of Western culture. If you can adopt Western culture, why can't I adopt African culture?" she asked.

Anita doesn’t get it. Blacks are the most racist pieces of shit alive.

It is OK for them to adopt white western clothes, cars, cell phone technology and computers…but boy do you as a white person just dares to adopt a single crumb of their blackness then you are “stealing their dignity.”

It is like they own their blackness through their birthright, but you don’t own your whiteness through your birthright. They are entitled to whatever is yours, but you cannot get anything from them.

Not that I want to. Like I said: I want nothing from them. To me they have become invisible a long time ago.

Tja...Once you go black...The white man don't want you back.
I also reject white idiots like Anita Ronge. She nailed her colours to the mast. She must now fuckoff to the township and go live there amongst the filth and savagery. Don’t come back. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous9:37 am

    dom teering teef

  2. Anonymous9:41 am


    For a long time I thought shooting these things or hanging these things would be the best solution, the problem is the ending is too fast.

    One never finds white liberals in 3rd world countries, they usually arrive liberals and leave far right wingers with their version of reality shattered.

    The best solution for us would simply to disperse these liberals to various 3rd world countries, banishing them, never allowing them to return.

    That way they can live their little karasite utopia or Mussie utopia among these heathens and dont accept reverse phone calls - once you skop the things out, they are gone for good.

    Shootings/hangings would be too fast! Banish them to live with the things.

    The worst nightmare liberals will ultimately face will be waking up to reality facing their once though of utopia.

  3. Anonymous10:16 am

    Its a miracle the cow has not been raped yet by her fellow kaffir brothers...I am so thankful for being n WHITE women with healthy working brain cells. She is an excise and a waste of white skin

    1. There is probably no need to rape her. The thing probably spreads with the greatest of pleasure and for all and everyone of the foul, disease infected things. Why wouldn't she, if she's a 'fir trapped in a white skin. I mean, you ca't go half-black.

  4. Stephen10:48 am

    Hi Mike

    There's nothing as revolting to a white man as a white-woman that fraternizes with kaffirs .

    And who da-heck wants a kaffir's shit stuff , I know a couple guys that would rather have a wisky-on-the-rocks than a beer-on-the-pavement .

    Not even a kaffir wants a kaffir's stuff , that's why they steel our stuff .

  5. Anonymous11:30 am

    I wouldn't touch her with shakas dick.

  6. Ronge??? pleeease dont tell me that barry ronge, he of the left wing gender confused type, actually fathered a child...or is the ronge family name just cursed with pinkos and other rubbish?

    1. No chance of daddy being Barry Ronge.
      The only 'deposits' he can muster is up your poop hole.
      There was/is the leader of the AWB called Ronge though.
      Never the less. The bitch reminiscent of the type that got Judge Jansen in the k@k.
      And what in faarks sake is that thing in her mouth.
      n Ou afgekapte muti peester?

    2. Anonymous2:35 pm

      Ha ha ha, that's exactly what my husband said, maybe Barry Ronge wasn't gay all his life. No sorry, I replied, but Barry Ronge has always been as gay as a daffodil. Husband also thought I was joking when I told him about the R6-million Zuma statue in Marikana. Incidentally, that whole Marikana statue story is a shot at Cyril Ramaphosa in case he seriously wants to run for next pres, a slot reserved for the Dlamini-Zuma ex-wife. And now they are targeting the banks with their half-baked accusations of currency manipulation. Oh please, as if the banks can manipulate the rand exchange rate. Zuma will do more for a run on the rand than Soros ever did on sterling, and the damage will last longer than the remainder of ANC rule.

    3. Anonymous2:51 pm

      'skuus tog, statue to be at Groot Marico, not Marikana, but still - only a spies-gooi away. Groot Marico will be the Nkandla of the North West.


  7. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Lets hope they pull an Amy Biehl on her very soon. Only way for libturds to learn.....

    1. More like pulling on her turtles lip maybe ?

  8. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Yup white trash.liberal.

  9. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Hey Mike did you see photos of Oliphant tank that fell off its transporter. I would love to show them how obsolete a tank is in modern warfare. Without its support and maintenance unit, it will suck it's diesel tanks dry trying to keep up with a fluid enemy leading the lump of shit around in circles.

  10. Anonymous5:46 pm

    She reminds me of Mmusi Maimanes wife.

    We hardly ever hear any news from her, maybe she should visit soweto more often & catch the true black vibe instead of living in a former white suburb of the w-cape.

    Owen Roodt.dbn

  11. Mr Mister6:07 pm

    Helloooo Mikeeee...

    Ooh what a shame. She looked so cute and sexy.

    1. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Heelllooo Mrrr Miiisterr!!

  12. Anonymous7:33 pm


    How times have changed.

    10 years ago when I read comments on news sites, you never heard whites speaking up like they do now.


    The harvest is on time, the fruit is ripe and the people are ready.

    Arm, train, prepare and unite!

    Dont take anyone's lead who is not willing to do the job properly and clean up everything right up to the equator.

    Read the comments & see the awakening.

    1. BN, brother, indeed things are starting to turn. I read the comments.

      Here's some more inspiration. Spread this far and wide.

      I was this morning early sitting and pondering what our little WhatsApp group can do within the bounds of the law and the first thing I came up with was that we have to spread the word and get people to open their eyes to the reality of what's going down here, no matter if they ridicule us. The more people talk about "these doomsday fools" walking around, the better. Remember, there is no such thing as bad advertising.

    2. Anonymous5:49 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations4:54 am

      Tom all I can say is be very careful using these tools. They can spy on you, unlock your cell phones mic, read SMSs, anything!

      I would go so far as to say only communicate with letters. These days if you use your cell for email, they can tap your email via phone.

      All I can say is be aware and know the enemy and those who put satans spawn in charge did so for their NWO agenda. Anyone threatening Satans kingdom is a threat.

      I believe the most important thing to get into everyones mind is the idea of complete eradication.

      IF we have that mindset and they bring the fight to us, when they do, we will be prepared to do what should always have done.

      All Im saying is be aware of what they can do. You know there are traitors all around us, our own people promised high & mighty rewards for working with Satans children.

      Great idea, just know the limitations and potential threats using them. Thats why its also best to join several groups.

      I say the above because we already have people sitting because they were seen as a threat to the republic.

      Just be careful boet.

  13. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Mike & fellow readers, posters...

    Read this.


    Just be aware - if you say anything about the ANC, it could be seen as hate speech.

    1. Fok die ANC en die kaffirs wat dit bestuur..?. Goed genoeg.?

    2. Thanks Boere LaCosaNostra. That was exactly my thoughts too. They can suck my hate speech nana. Fucking idiots use hate speech every single day against Whites. Sorry they don't have a Monopoly. According to their definition of "Hate Speech" anybody from the DA, the EFF...anybody who ever says anything against the ANC or criticises their misrule is guilty of hate speech. So hier is dit weer as jy dit nie die eerste keer gehoor het nie. FOK DIE ANC!

    3. Anonymous5:44 am

      Ditto, ditto and ditto......most sincerely meant.

      Critical mass in the making; the exponential powers of which have the potential of becoming an unstoppable force.

      What exactly, will the tipping point be..???

    4. Anonymous6:55 am

      Take a look at the ANC at work.


    5. Anonymous12:25 pm

      The ANC can take their hate speech bollocks and shove it up their arse. Bastard hypocrites!

  14. Maybe whe should read this poem and take note:


    “The Saddest Story Ever Told”

    By Oliver Allstrom

    When a White Girl Has a Black Baby

    When a white girl marries a kaffir, her sun of life goes down.
    And glaring spots of sin appear on her white wedding gown.
    And white and black men stand aghast while viewing this strange role;
    And mutter, “they will wreck themselves, and damn each other’s soul.”

    We know a carnivorous bug has crept into her brain
    And gnawed away her self-respect, which left her half insane.
    Now all her racial pride has flown beyond redemption’s fold
    And she begins life’s saddest tale that ever yet was told.

    Three days and nights she felt black lips press smug against her own,
    And on the fourth, her troubled soul, let out a frightful groan.
    And so the weeks and months flew by, and then a baby came;
    She looked at it with tear filled eyes, and hung her head with shame.

    And then she dreamed of other days, sweet, girlhood days gone by,
    And of the white friends left behind, and so we hear her cry;
    “O, could I turn life’s pendulum backwards a few short years
    I would not bear this cross today, nor shed these bitter tears.”

    “My baby would be white as snow, and sleep upon my breast
    Like a fledgling robin that slumbers in its nest.
    While now, O God, my mongrel child just whimpers through the night
    Till in my sleepless dreams I scream, not white, O God, not white!”

    And so I stagger through my days far from God’s love and grace,
    Till now, I know, no black man lives, can take a white man’s place.
    My offspring shall be mongrel bred, their hue-skin shall remain,
    For even God with all His power, cannot remove the stain.

    I sold my birthright for a mess, I mixed my white-born blood
    With black blood, so I languish here like one bogged down in mud.
    Though God may grant a pardon, I never can retrace
    My footsteps down life’s narrow road, back to the white man’s race.

    So now I groan, “It might have been,” had racial pride been mine.
    Today I’d hug a pure white child, and call him half divine,
    I’d lift him up before the world, and praise his father’s name,
    While now, my baby’s mongrel face, reminds me of my shame.

    All other crimes may be forgiven when prayer its power fulfils;
    The scheming crook may find new hope, and even the man that kills,
    But all my prayers can never clear my baby’s mongrel skin,
    Nor make him white as driven snow, nor cleanse my soul of sin.

    I was my father’s future hope, my mother’s joy and pride,
    But I got lost on life’s dark road, and there my spirit died.
    I smeared my all-white heritage and left the white man’s track,
    Now my descendants for all time shall be forever black.

    I try to hide from all the stars, the moon and setting sun;
    For all mankind of my white race, condemn what I have done;
    I tremble and my teardrops flow, I pray, but pray in vain;
    For nevermore shall I be one with my white race again.

    And so dark clouds above me roll, deep waters crash below,
    I sink, and reap what I have sown, and drink my cup of woe.
    My mother sleeps deep in her grave, my dad lies at her side,
    For both were crushed when I became a negro’s common bride.

    Now, should I decide to leave him, where could I choose to go?
    My misspent life will follow me like footprints in the snow.
    Before me lie dark jungles where paramours seek a prey;
    Behind me death keeps whispering, “I am the only way.”

    This black and white, prenuptial mess, this racial suicide;
    Must be forbidden by the law, men must find racial pride!
    Then, never again, forever, shall tales like mine unfold.
    With all its shame and sadness, that ever yet was told.

    1. Fucking beautiful, Foxie!

      I wonder if that slut Gillian Schutte has read this? hehehe

    2. Whiteman4:43 am

      Foxie, thanks for placing this PROFOUND TRUTH ! For those of us who are religious, this poem is undoubtedly Holy Spirit inspired. But for the average rainbow-idiot, it is a NIGHTMARE ! On the same topic, I want to share an article I read a long time ago, which facinated me. The writer made the following statement : When a white woman conceives from a black, they conceive a coloured, or mongrel child. They divorce, and she marries a white guy. Then she has a child with the white guy. That baby, although white, perpetuates black traits, which were evident in the previous black husband. So you have a whitey, with nignog tendencies, and/or subtle caracter traits. I do not know if this has been scientifically proved, but it makes sense to me. So manne, if you marry that hot chick, and you want to have babies with her, make VERY sure, if she has not been contaminated. And if she conceived after being raped by a black barbarian, it is a tragedy beyond description. And the black bastard must be killed slowly, and painfully. I firmly believe, that when an Adamite contaminates his/her blood line on purpose, it is an unforgiveable sin. The Bible refers to it as sinning against the Holy Spirit. ( The Spirit of Apartheid, is a much better name for this Spirit ! )

    3. Anonymous4:53 am

      Great contribution Foxie -

      Food for thought, for sure....

      Written a very long time ago, but still applies today and always will, ad infinitum.....


    4. Anonymous10:00 am

      Hahaha Mike , Imagine a Racist anonymous establishment. Racism comes naturally when others keep f-ing up and Breaking things. Perhaps they should start Kaffir anonymous , Hello Im sipho siff and Im a Kaffirholic , and man I cannot help it and Hi Im Anoughta wanna be Kaffir .
      Maybe it sees the strain that whites are under and the easy going other Lot that get for free and think of pussy all day and recklessly breed without a worry , wanting to live that way.

    5. Anonymous1:18 am

      WM 4:43 , Also read that somewhere, also if the next is a white male and they have twins , one could be mixed. Best we should keep it THOROUGHBRED. As we see so many Blondes hunted by Black and other ethnicity`s and probably held to ransom of being raysis if not hooking up , the prob is that if the blondes all please these there arnt gonna be any left in the future , because these bimbos should realize that their package from the less faithful one, wont look like them. Once he has fulfilled his Lust , he runs in most cases or simply looks out for the next , and she sits with it. Tiger woodhead etc.

  15. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Serves her right. Wiggers, waffirs, warasites and wunts deserve to be turned upon.

  16. Anonymous9:00 am

    simpel ding try soos daai amerikaanse slet, gwen stefani, lyk met haar kak style. nie veel beter as n24 se eie R300 jannie jammergat liberal melanie.