07 February 2017

Brutal farm attacks over the weekend

The average South African white journalist when he
hears about Farm Attacks by blacks on whites

By Mike Smith
7th of February 2017

In Underberg (Natal) a gang of black “farm attackers” rammed a 79yo white farmer’s house with his tractor, kicked down his door, beat him to a pulp and left him tied up and bloodied on his bedroom floor…and because it was so much fun they returned a day later and beat him again.

Underberg farmer robbed‚ beaten in two-day ordeal after attackers use tractor to ram house

Trevor Rees was tortured from Friday night over the weekend and only found by workers, security and paramedics on Monday morning. His hands still tied behind his back with electric wire and blood everywhere.

No arrests have been made, but the police are investigating…Yeah right they are.

The media reports further, “The attack on Rees is the second violent farm robbery in the area in less than a week. Last week farmer Gavin Carter was gunned down in his home by three men in an apparent robbery on his farm West Ilsley.”

“Violent farm robbery”…that is what these whorenalists call it…two violent farm robberies.

Now let us hypothetically turn this around. Let us say a gang of white men attacked a black man’s house in the middle of the night, beat and tortured the old black man over two days, kicked the shit out of him just for fun whilst his hands were tied behind his back…What do you think the media would have called it then?

Here is another incident over the weekend Wet matches save white couple from being burned alive by black attacker

Lourie and Celia van der Merwe (both 60) were attacked in their sleep by a black man who broke in by the back door.

He cowardly clubbed them both over the head and in the face whilst they were still asleep. Celia suffered a brain hemorrhage as he clubbed her on the head, broke her jaw, fractured her face, knocked several teeth out and stabbed her in the face. The bastard also stabbed Lourie four times. He then ordered Celia to tie up her husband, poured chemicals in his eyes and petrol over him and ordered his wife to set her own husband alight. When she refused he tried to do it himself, but luckily the matches were wet. Celia managed to escape through the garage door and Louri managed to make it to the kitchen. When the bastard attacked him again he kicked him down the stairs and he ran away. He stole a cell phone and R200 (about $14)

Just ordinary crime. Nothing to worry about. Turn around and sleep further. Nothing unusual for South Africa anymore. It is hardly news anymore when blacks attack whites…but just let it be the other way around.


  1. If this were a nature documentary it would be interpreted as follows...animal attacks weak victims.

    Always is the old or woman or children - the weak.

    Tomkat you are spot on - these things are not worth a pint of piss. Just make sure you can see them coming - that's your primary concern.

    If they do catch you off guard you are fucked I'll give them that.

    Nevertheless blacks are not the primary enemy. The liberal idiots who uncaged these beasts are enemy number 1.

    On our watsapp group it is a commonly made point. Why put my/our patriots lives on the line? To do what, stop blacks from attacking the very idiots who uncaged them?

    In a weird way I guess I 'support' Zuma or whichever kaffir is gonna torch this place the quickest. No need to delay the inevitable.

    PS: Our watssapp group is moving along swiftly, drop me a mail at millsviljoen@gmail.com and we will load you up.

    Nice article Mike.

    1. Anonymous3:49 pm



      Boet they are the most cowardly creatures in the world. Always the weak and old.

      The British only at the end of the war turned on the women/children, this lot start their war by attacking women, children and the old.

      The most cowardly of the things.

      Starting on them first will not end well for them.

    2. Anonymous9:33 pm


      These things are worse than animals because animals do not attack for sadistic pleasure.

      FakePresident Zuma has encouraged these farm attacks with his "Shoot the Boer, kill the farmer" bullshit.

      Also, they are too stupid to realise that this will also "Starve the kaffir", but I don't give a damn about them.

    3. JP's as I said, I sit at my pub, beer in hand, I have the whole street and all access routes visible. Let the fuckers come.

      A comment I posted on Bella's fb the other day in response to another of these cowardly savages exhortation to murder Whites; I invited him to come and pay my neighbourhood a visit and that my gate is seldom locked when I'm home and to see if he would leave undamaged.

      They can only prey on the weak and defenseless, but FFS our people must catch a wake-up. I mean, take the case of the 79 yo toppie, alone on the farm [and there's been a lot of kak there in the Berg]? Shit people, please this is not the South Africa we grew up in. It's a Utopia of murder and lawlessness. If you catch the thing on your property, shoot to kill, drag it into the house and stuff a panga in its paw.

      I myself must go and buy a supply of pangas! Just remember to dirty the the things so they don't appear to be brand new.

    4. Anonymous3:30 am

      @ JP 9:04am.

      They are torching this place already only in a different way to the way we want.

      Look retard is retard but you have to give him credit his patience is state of the art, what you take a day to do he can manage in a year.

      I do not rate them at all, they are not anything but a disease and a nuisance but they do know how to wear me down.

      They are in no hurry mate, they have no future because today is all they see.

      The animal within has no idea of conservation for tomorrow or the next generation, its all now and nothing tomorrow because there is no tomorrow its just a succession of todays.

      I can provide an example for you, they know that aids is a killer but yet they carry on fucking and rutting like aids is a myth, you see there is no tomorrow so don't worry. Today is not yesterdays tomorrow today just happened.

      If we want this place to burn mate we have to make it burn, start the fire and fuel it.

      We are getting there mate, people are getting less tolerant and more angry, just 6 more months then the revolt will begin and shit will fly.

      BN 3:49 pm coward is a compliment to these things, these things are not cowards they are the most primitive form of life on two legs.


    5. Anonymous6:54 am

      The watssapp group was an excellent idea JP/TOM and H....

      Keep up the good work.


  2. Anonymous9:15 am

    Yip, torture and murder is the new national sport. But, as the media help us understand, all are affected, not only the whites. So we all are supposed to feel extremely happy about that.
    But because people like Penny Sparrow and Chris Hart said what everyone knows and thinks, a new law: Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill is being debated.
    This is serious shyte. Rape, murder, torture, and if you caught you will have the opportunity to apply for bail and skip the country, BUT don't ever say what's on your mind.
    Geez, you could go to jail for 10 years.


  3. justice seeker9:38 am

    this is why i hate this country whites still refuse to stand together. the majority white woman that i keep meeting are so for the black bastards i see it at work place and it pisses me off. these white trash woman even acceot hugs from this black bastards. Why do they allow this???

    1. Anonymous2:58 pm

      Marxist brainwashing runs deep in Lala Land Azania.

    2. That's because the black men turn on the charm when they encounter a white woman, no matter her looks, age or figure. White men in my experience often don't turn on the charm, or would even make the woman feel bad about herself when they do encounter them... true story, even on this site...

    3. Anonymous7:32 am

      @ Helizna



    4. In the black community women are chattel and bought with cows (lobola). Black men are polygamous. They hunt down young black girls and rape them to make them their wives (uKhutwala). All of this is well known and fairly common knowledge, so why do these white women still enjoy the ”charms” of black men?
      The kaffir just wants to go and brag that he scored a white woman. Like it is a prize. This just shows their inherent racism and acknowledgement of “White women are better than black woman”…Now when this black man is around his own females, why does he not turn the charm up then? Is there something wrong with black women that they are not worthy of his charm?
      These white women you describe seem like attention whores. They must have extremely low standards when they accept the attention from simian bipeds. On top of it they seem to try and make the white men jealous. Might work with some whimps, not going to work with me. No self-respecting white man would want to charm such a piece of trash anyway. The black man is doing us a favour by removing her defective genes from our gene pool. Take her. Good bye!

    5. Agreed on the low standards, but it has to do with low self-esteem as well.

  4. Mike i think only one in about thirty black on white attacks make it on to the mainstream news. Maybe even less, but i get a post almost daily of an attack.

    Definitely there is an agenda behind the pace of reporting.

    I do get the feeling they are starting to prep us for an uprising but at a time not decided by us but the powers that be.

    1. Anonymous3:50 pm


      @Donycero9:47 am

      Especially when the news networks have been censoring everything. This is going down before the 2019 election.

    2. Anonymous11:32 pm

      I saw another post yesterday of a 40something lady dead naked and her eyes removed. Sick bastards.


    3. Anonymous8:14 am


      Anonymous11:32 pm

      Silence before the great storm.

      We will hold accountable every white traitor, sell out and ANC politician for the murder of our people.

      Put them against a wall and shoot them.

    4. Dead on Ninja.

  5. Anonymous9:59 am

    True Mike these fucking animals need to be put down. Hopefully we can dish out that same justice to shaka and his excrement friends. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous9:41 pm

      @Anon 9:59am

      Even animals and excrement are better than these things.

    2. I also like to have some fun on here with Shaka every now and then, but i think he is just a white troll.

  6. Anonymous10:01 am

    shaka is going to tell you that you beat and massacred his kind men exactly the same way and worse during apartheid and how then were suppressed and stolen from and fuck knows what else.

    I just thought I would get the word in for him as I know the retard is itching to tell you this.


    1. Anonymous2:57 pm

      He doesn't care LT, he is only interested in strife and death. He is a fucking dirty vulture that piece of shit.

    2. Anonymous9:45 pm

      @Anon 2:57pm

      Even vultures wouldn't touch Shaka's rancid carcass.

  7. Anonymous10:28 am

    Mike what is happening in this country is so sick, sick, sick. May they all rot in hell where they belong including the socialist controlled media who bullshit us on a daily basis. When and how will all this bullshit end. Look around you, most of the whities in this country are pathetic, dumbed down arseholes. Look how they act and perform at any sports event........the idiots.

  8. Stephen10:37 am

    Hi Mike

    This is horrific , I'm sadened beyond expression.
    Can you imagine what these people went through.

    And we don't see this on the news , just anc anc anc an-freakin-c. Your right Mike , let a white-man just give a myt a lift on the back of his bakkie then the whole world comes down on him,but nothing happens to these kaffirs for their atrocties , its enough to make a saint sware.

    You know Mike , even if there was a wit-wolf or tribe of wit-wolwe that went around doing this to kaffirs , there would be a nation-wide hunt for them and the media will say - look the evil whites.

    But we don't even do that and yet the media vilifies us and not these bastards. All we hear is .. White privlages white capital whites this n that.

    Maybe that should happen,for every farm attack we hear of we return the favour by slipping into a plush-estate in Umhlanga ( believe me they stay there , next to the wit-mense) ....but there's the problem , I can't even type the rest , I can't even imagine doing that to any-one .

    I know we're raised to live and let live . But that's just us , the' evil-white-folks '.To the heatens its kill and destroy.

    Hierdie kaffirs se dag kom Mike . With a mighty fury.

    1. Anonymous6:12 pm

      @Stephen10:37 am

      Hierdie kaffirs se dag kom Mike .

      Yup their last days.

  9. Anonymous10:48 am

    fucking prestitutes. Fuggem.... Fug all of them. Just boycott the fucking lot.

  10. Anonymous10:50 am

    Why is the media doing this?

    Some theories floating:

    They want to legitimize black rule?
    They want to provoke whites into a war?
    They just want us dead?

    1. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Break down of the white psyche so they can just roll in and finish us. But I think this sort of behaviour by our fake media is only achieving the opposite, at least for me.

  11. Anonymous11:10 am


    And people get upset with me when I call for the eradication of these Karasites.

    Until it happens to one of their family members, they dont know what its like.

    There is only one solution.

    35% of the nation unite, form an army & we have an army the size of the entire US army - the day will come. Only crazy people try the same thing 2-3 times expecting a different result.

    Working together doesnt work.
    Separation doesnt work.

    There is only one alternative. You can try sugar coat it all you like, all we like but there is only one solution in the end.

    Either we go or they go.

    Push them north, starve them. Cut their food supplies, medical supplies, any shipments going in/out.

    The holier than thy morons in this country think you can logically convince a barbaric savage to think rationally. They forget we had apartheid for this very reason.

    We have been at war since 1652 with these karasites, along the way battles have been won and lost but the war will continue up until the day we chase them out or do what was done in other colonies.

    Tough times, call for tough measures or we can keep on talking for another 365 years YAWN.

    We only need 35% of the population to bare arms in the end and the good news is, they will be forced to bare arms - they will have no other choice & I imagine those who eventually bare arms will number more than 35%.

    And while you are at it, to speed up the process of pushing whites into the camp, troll Twitter/Facebook/social media & make the most vile racial remarks about whites and force them into our camp.

    If they will not wake up, then we shall wake them up.

    Enough talking about this thing, make a plan. Our problem has always been that of a reactionary one. One battle and then the dust settles, then it creeps up again and the battle rages on...

    Then it dies down and flares back up and so knowing this, seeing the pattern, it doesnt take a bright spark to see we have been at war since 1652.

    Slag hulle, dis al!

    1. Anonymous2:51 pm

      We must first take out the MSM chief whips and their banker backers.

    2. Our woman and children need to fight with this time, they cant stay at home and be a weakness to us like with the cowardly british in the Boere Oorlog!

    3. Anonymous1:45 pm


      @Geselsie Grootbek9:42 pm

      Agreed! If they can join in, we would 100% for sure have the largest army on earth. I only pray they do.

      But saying that, Mike has said it before. Many Afrikaner women sell their people out.

      Had the same thing when I moered a pom overseas, who ratted me out, who translated what I said in Afrikaans to the doos?

      Yes an Afrikaaner girl working for the company. I packed my shit and left. I have no idea why they do it, she didnt have to say a word and could have just said she never saw the incident.

      Worst part is, she only saw half of the incident but felt compelled to only tell one side of the story. Ja, that is what we are dealing with.

      Happens all the time.

    4. In my day we called Afrikaners like that plastics, they were Afrikaans but tried to be English crazy stuff

  12. RunForrestRun1:38 pm

    I understand that a lot of people prefer anonymity, for various reasons like id theft, hacking, spamming etc. However, your content does provoke debate and perhaps to better facilitate it you may want to look at adding some code to your blog that would allow people to "like" or dislike comments,-that way your community becomes more in tune with whatever the general consensus is. A quick search led me to a site called intensedebate.com

    Its a few clicks to add the code to your blog and voila.

    1. The consensus is against you, yes you. Did you not get the picture or the message. This is not a new article and a new page in your life and all your previous insults forgotten.

      Mike knows what is out there Mr voila. He's been doing this for quite some time.

      Run your own blog if you are so clever.

      We are having serious debates and you are just trolling pushing the direction of conversation upon yourself every time instead of giving us the space to debate the articles that takes a lot of effort.

      I wont tell Mike what to do as this site brought me many new insights and is a valuable tool, but you need to come right.

      I would advice you first of all to change your attitude if you can do it, but i wont interact with you ever again if you keep on insulting my people left behind in this country, and i would advice all readers to ignore any of your posts.

      I am not being mean, I know you feel a strong connection towards us and SA but dont put your own people down.

      You just dont do that.

    2. Anonymous1:41 pm


      @Donycero12:18 pm

      This thing is a waste of time, another shaka. He has no aim other than creating divisions.

      Not a brother/sister or worth even considering him a fellow South African.

  13. Yeah, Mike, this is what makes me mad as a snake - Joost van der Westhuizen dies naturally after a long illness and virtually the whole world is in "snot and trane" over the demise of this "Springbok hero" who brought Jonah Lomu down" during the first world cup we were (so very kindly) allowed to host and participate in after the "Crime of APAATHITE" was finally put to rest by "Flatwheel de Klerk, Roelf Meyer and the rest of the "Oh-so-PC" gang of WHITE traitors. And undoubtedly there will be scores - nay, perhaps hundreds - to attend Joost's funeral and he will continue to be mourned by all his devoted fans worldwide.
    But what about these WHITE farmers who work their backsides off to produce food for all the bloody black locusts who are too stupid, idle, lazy, or see themselves as eternal victims (of aforesaid APAATHITE) and feel they are ENTITLED to rape, murder, rob, hijack, commit every violent crime under the sun, because the farmers are WHITE and seen as the cause of the "eternal victims" problems, so they must be eliminated in every possible inhuman way. Oh, and don't forget - these same black filth are bloody cowards to boot, as they will never dare to attack one-on-one...
    But what does the MSM have to say every time? "The police are investigating...." And such 'investigation" can take weeks and even months before maybe one perp is tracked down and brought to court - but the white crosses for every murdered WHITE farmer are multiplying by the day... And the murderous filth never think of the consequences of their senseless actions - the murdered farmer has/had workers who now also find themselves without jobs... And what about the filthy traitorous scumballs who sold us out – De Klerk and his gang of “kaffir-gatkruipers?” Nary a peep from any of them, but he did have the bloody gumption to say” I would do it all over again…”
    Cry, the beloved country…

    1. Foxie, we have to change that to, "Weep, You Unbeloved Kaffir."

  14. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Ja julle, your numbers are dropping daily, so all that fight back campaign talk is worth really nothing at all.

    Wait until the mk vets invade & occupy white owned farms en mass,
    most whites will be at work when mk vets invade farms.

    1. Anonymous4:03 pm


      @Anonymous2:07 pm

      You are right, though there are a few other things to consider here in SA, things that are not quite so apparent in Zims.

      First off, if Zulu MKs take over land in Eastern Cape, eventually there is going to be a dispute regarding Xhosa/Zulu land.

      In the Cape, they will get their asses kicked, they are outnumbered.

      Then we have to ask ourselves a few other questions...

      Like, seeing the gov owns most of the land/farms, will they also be taken out?

      I actually hope they speed this process up, a starving enemy is easily defeated, think Napoleon/Nazis in Germany.

      SA is not like Zims in terms of the economy. If the land gets taken, they all starve. In Zims most blacks have done some sort of low level growing and can sustain themselves but not in SA.

      There are so many factors here that to pull it off without upsetting the cart or tipping the cart, is going to be a lot more difficult in Zims.

      Diff political parties, different tribes, different ethnic groups, population density.

      Im all for them taking the land, I wish they would speed it up. I know it comes back in the end or worst case the things starve.

      With the country collapsing, they will speed this up now. They know they need anarchy before losing in a democratic election and so will deliver towards the end of their rein on their earlier promises.

      This they believe will keep them in power but now under a dictatorship - hence Zuma. Up until it was stealing SA broken, then when it is broken, they will rule it like a king.

      But this is not Rhodesia with 50,000 whites left over.

      Like I said, get an army of 35% of our population, get them armed, united, trained and you have an army the size of the US army, if 50% of the population unites/fights, we would have the largest army on earth, larger than the Chinese - food for thought! You guys best get recruiting.

      In times of war, nations unite.

      They have always outnumbered us, numbers mean shit when you have shit for brains.

      Train, prepare, unite - the future republic is ours, including everything North up to the equator.

      Maar slag almal van hulle.

    2. Ninja, we need someone to arm us, like the Germans did the Boere and the Rebellie Kommando's.

      Where, where, my brother? From whence will come our help?

    3. Anonymous5:22 am

      Sounds like you are for it to happen.

    4. Anon 5:22 we are "for it to happen". Whether we are for it or not, it's coming and you better believe that. Let's see what goes down in Cape Town tomorrow?

    5. Anonymous8:12 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:29 am

      Tom so long as we rely on others, hope for others, we just sit here boiling away.

      I believe we should look to the Lord first and fore most, for which nation can be against the Lord and succeed.

      All their wicked schemes will fail.

      We should look to the Lord and ourselves for our own salvation but if we get weapons from Duitsland, then all the better.

      We dont want to rely on anyone and then they think we have to answer to them. We also dont want any nation to stop us with the eradication process.

      Anonymous5:22 am
      "Sounds like you are for it to happen."

      Its happening already, whether we are armed, prepared or trained - its happening everyday.

    6. No Tom you have a point but imagine a scenario like this. Blacks attacking blacks, Suidlanders fighting the monopoly giant Afriform and many other battles, the land in total disarray.

      Then what?

      Remember the wealth of the planet is under our feet. More money in gold, diamonds, uranium and other natural resources than can ever be printed by the IMF or US fed combined.

      We have a bargaining chip (a very big irresistible chip) and we sell to the best bidder. Not all of it it just a lot of moneys worth

      Now you have all the weapons you could ever dream of

    7. Anon 2:07 Please give me one example of where the MK Vets invaded anything? Just one.

      The only things they ever invaded, with great stealth and anonymity, were public places to plant bombs to kill and maim innocent civilians. I don't call that bravery or heroism. I call it cowardice. And that's not warfare, but terrorism. Go and look up the definition of terrorism / terrorist.

      Ask anyone who was involved in the Bush War if they ever saw or heard of MK participation. They answer would be an emphatic no. They hid behind FAPLA, PLAN & the Cubans. In fact, they were conspicuous by their very absence.

      Ah, but the "heroic" cadres who fled SA for places like the infamous Camp Quattro were "heroes" of the revolution. Yes, sure, they were champions at pissing it up and whoring all day with their camp-following sluts - the "heroines" of the revolution. Most of those "heroes" and "heroines" are now deployed in this criminally inept government. The results of which are clearly evident for any imbecile with half a brain to see in the third world ruins of this once great first world country.

      Oh, no doubt you will have all manner of justification for the ineptitude of the despicable specie.

      Ninja, yes, without God on our side there really is no point, but we know He is.

    8. Anonymous3:04 pm

      TT: MK vets WILL invade farms still, believe me when I say it.
      i have studied k4 psychology all my life & I have been very rarely incorrect.

      I could give you clues on how to study it, very complicated but doable nonetheless.

      You ask for examples where mk invaded anything, yes, they once invaded parliament so you have problems.

      MK will occupy farms like the zim vets did, wait & see.
      Most whites will e at work when it occurs so no resistance there, they will e armed & will kill anything in their way, they will e armed with stolen sadf weapons & such.

      The land issue will have by then have boiled over.

      The same way that whites believe they have a rightful claim to african land in sa there are millions of blacks who also think so according to their historians & current leaders.

  15. Anonymous2:49 pm

    I don't how and I don't know when but payback is going to be a bitch. Every non-white is now fair game.

  16. Anonymous4:48 pm

    You do fantastic work Mike. I live in NZ and tell people about the the hideous black-on-white crimes and how the Western world betrayed South Africa. Most people are too PC-brainwashed though. They express with apathy "I know its terrible" about what the blacks do, but they are afraid of talk about a racial separation/solution where whites are protected or independent. We need your posts to receive mainstream exposure where millions across the world can easily read them. White South Africans need help from someone powerful. That's what's been lacking all along. No financial, military or political support from the outside world. The blacks have always had the mainstream media on their side and military support from outside the country.I wonder what Trump would think if he had this information.

    1. Anonymous10:09 pm

      @Anon 4:48pm

      "Teen" on white crime in the USA


    2. Stephen9:53 am

      Anon 4:48 from NZ , I'm glad some one abroad has good sentiments and well-wishes towards us.

      And yes it is like a zombie-apocolapse down here , its as if were living in a ' country from hell ' .
      Our weakest get murdered , our strongest have to work all day to keep this country going.

      And yea hope Trump gets a word of this , he's got no time for zuma and he's pro-minority Christians.

    3. Anonymous4:48 pm

      Thankyou so so much. keep on spreading the word.

    4. Anonymous1:39 pm


      @Anonymous4:48 pm

      I doubt we could convince anyone. Best is to sort our own shit out and forget the rest of the world. They never gave a shit about us to be honest.

      The only time they have an interest in SA is with sport, other than that, many were happy to follow the US & their puppets in Europe attitude towards us.

      In the long run, it will all work in our favor.

      The PC brainwashing has done its job. The people are so brainwashed in NZ/Oz that they get happy when they see their cities overrun by non Europeans.

      Just the way it is.

      I feel more sorry for the Europeans, Ozzies & Kiwis than this nation. Brainwashing is more difficult to sort out than a terrorist government and by the time those populations wake up, it will be too late and they wont have the balls to stand up to it.

      Mental torture is far worse than physical torture.

  17. Anonymous6:11 pm



    So now connect the dots with what Siener said...

    The farm murders, the increasing racial tension, land take overs, language gone, nation sitting with their hats pulled over their eyes.

    Look at Ukraine/Eastern Europe how things are building up there. He said April/May year unknown and we see tensions escalating fast now.

    More tanks/weapons pulled into Lithuania yesterday from the US. Everyone thought Trump was being nice with Putin. Thats just politics, the guys in the background know what they want.

    Would not surprise me if it is this year, wouldnt come as a shocker. It gathers momentum in April/May this year & then escalates into a full blown conflict.

    It will correspond with the time of our oppression, dark times & the furnace period where everything is broken. Watch parliament this year, when the grass is green.

    See the floods? After a severe drought, the worst in our history.

    The EUs just about broken like he said, the right rising, issues in SA, violence in Germany, immigrants.

    Too many coincidences for my liking and when you add up everything that has happened, just way too many coincidences.

    Dont think much time left her before all the events play out as mentioned.

    We`re on borrowed time now.

    1. Anonymous11:44 am

      Only one problem with all of this. You are referring to Adriaan Snyman's "prophecies". Not Siener.

    2. Anonymous1:35 pm


      @Anonymous11:44 am

      Then Adriaan snyman is also a Siener.

      If you have the original documents, be sure to scan them and send them to Mike for us.

      Please do.

    3. Anon 11:44
      If Adriaan Snyman is a 'Siener' - he must be looking up his own arse.
      He's definately not seeing that his Vaandel-blog is going to the dogs.
      All because of Afrikaner infighting....and a baitch with mad cow disease believing she's carrying the seed of Israel in her uterus.

    4. Anon 1:35, I've got sieners untranslated Afrikaans visions from a museum, in PDF , just give me an email address

    5. Anonymous8:39 am


      @Simpleman11:41 pm

      Send them to mike, he can put them up.

      Get a PDF converter and we can then translate them for ourselves.

  18. If the government is not part of the plan to eliminate whites from farms, they should arm and equip all farmers so that this scourge can be stopped once and for all. All farmers to be issued with military R5 and ammo, direct coms to local police stations in case of a attack.
    If they do are not interested in this demand then they should own up that they re part of the plan. Start thinking like a black. Start demanding!!

    1. Anonymous9:39 pm

      As the saying goes: "Crime doesn't pay unless the government runs it".

      a number of senior anc ministers have been linked to criminal syndicates. When they are exposed, fuck-all happens.

    2. Dingo, of course their plan is to eliminate Whites and the farmers, especially. One of the first things the fuckers did to enhance their planned genocide was to disband the commando system.

      No, Boet, it's all part of their diabolical scheme. We can Zot it and demand all we want, they just turn a deaf ear. Talk about water on a duck's back? It's nothing in comparison to logic and reason in a kaffir's ear!

    3. Anonymous3:56 am

      The government disbanded the commandos - that answers your question.

      They want every white person dead. They don't give a shit about us along with every other international country. They think we deserve it.

      All my gates are locked at night, my dogs sleep inside and outside. Every door in the house is locked, if all that buys me enough time to get my gun in my hand and ready, I really hope so.

    4. Anonymous7:47 am

      They dont just want us dead. They first want to rob us. If we just disappear they lose all the wealth of this country.

      Even though this country has fallen over the last 20 years it was mainly due to ANC greed and liberal whites that had the breaks on stopping this country from becoming a Zimbabwe, but you can only break so long before your pads gets worn out.

      The demise of this country is like a avalanche or like a snowball effect. It is speeding up.


    5. Anonymous11:47 am

      Arming individual Afrikaners is not a good idea. Afrikaners have shit for brains when it comes to individual situational awareness. In a well regulated militia, Afrikaners are more formidable.

      Individual afrikaners will probably start losing the R5 carbine en masse to attackers.

      No Kommandos, no rifles. The end. Well regulated militia goes hand in hand with gun ownership. The two are like pussy to dick. Hand to glove. Cant have one without the other, unless you are a fudge packing pervert.

    6. Anonymous11:53 am

      I believe you meant to say "brake" anon 747

      If you cant spell, you cant operate. Just remember that :D

    7. That is what we want.We want things to happen. Not this slow pace genocide where they act like its normal crime.

      Media blocking out the real reasons.

      Not even the crime is normal . We are the capita of the word in crime, rape and murder everything.

      What made this saint Mandela aka rainbow nation so violent????

      Verwoerd tried his best but now its up to us to take the next stand

    8. Anonymous5:49 am

      @Dingo 8:31pm.

      They want to eliminate us, look at Africa's past history when the retards rose, they slaughtered the whites even those ones that gave everything of themselves to try help and care for the filthy critters.

      Yes lots of us are going to die here but know this that eventually all of us will die, some in the bloody battle that will rage, others will die of old age and some of sickness, the fact remains that life does end.

      My advice to South African whites is that when you get attacked fight back like you are demon possessed, you do not need a special skill to fight for your life, your life will find the strength within you to preserve its self.

      Do not think that negotiations and talking will help you,these fuckers come to kill you, kill them first, kill them with aggression you didn't know you have. Use anything as a weapon. Bite,rip,tear, poke but fight fucking back, kill any man that wants to kill you.

      You have a right to life that is why it was granted to you.

      White South Africans stop being controlled by the discipline and rules that raised you, those were different times in a different world.

      The manners of old have past and the savage has risen and seeks to take your life as he chooses.

      To fight the savage you must become a savage.


    9. I wasnt speaking i was typing.

      I believe you meant to "type" "7:47"

      If you can speak 4 languages and make spelling mistake every once in a while it is fine, but if you are numerically disabled you'r fucked.

    10. Anonymous1:21 pm


      @To fight the savage you must become a savage.


      We have to become the savages worst nightmare.

      When they think of us, we must make sure that if they had an choice between facing us or the Tokoloshe and his 6ft penis, that they take that option rather than play with us.

      The Arabs got their attention when they used to cut off their hands, arms and legs. To civilize these things, one has to be barbaric of the worst kind.

      But why waste your time, in the 21st century there is no need for this thing. Its like using a floppy drive in 2017 - pointless & outdated.

      We can hire robots to do what they can do and we know the robots can be programmed better, dont steal, dont stink, dont riot, dont rape goats.

      My fear is not of the Karasite, my fear is that a future leader doesnt wipe them out or chase them out and I have to see them in this country in the future laying, lounging on pavements, hunched over like chimps.

      Thats why I like it when they promise their little war dance... Let hulle maar dance.

      I hope & pray that my great grandchildren know more about Quaggas than this thing.

    11. Anonymous11:24 am

      Boere mall ninja once again is promoting the globalist agenda by preying on our misery with Africa. YOu just hoping we go full retard and depopulate Africa dont you? I am calling you out as a globalist little satanic minion.

    12. Anonymous7:37 am


      @Anonymous11:24 am

      Hey Mr smudge - so what do you propose little angel?

      You would rather us be a tiny minority and them devour us alive?

      Grow some balls, not everyone is a little girl inside.

      Full retard and repopulate Africa? You mean like what the Americans did in the US and Aussies did in Oz?

      Trick question - are those countries better or worse off than we are right now?

      I know its a tough one - in other words, are the lands they took over being controlled by them or the people that they found there?

      Satanic YAWN - you need to read the book of Joshua when dealing with enemies. Those who are quick to point fingers, usually show themselves for what they are.

      Now go hide under your bed with your snivels.

      No Im not Satan, Im the mark of the beast! Grow the fuck mate and most importantly grow a pair of balls, stop with the ayahuasca, its effecting you badly.

  19. Anonymous1:49 am

    I put a link to something similar here: https://youtu.be/3vorruoAUQI

    Jonathan Pompies

  20. Anonymous3:32 am

    The DailyShow's Trevor Noah tweets on Showerhead's call out of the army:

    People need to stop hating on President Jacob Zuma. Of all our democratically elected presidents he's easily in the top 3!#SONA2017
    8:19 AM - 7 Feb 2017

    Dankie Trev my boet. As you and your kommunis media whore colleagues continue to shit yourselves over Trump, your comic irony is indeed welcomed.

    Rgds, Besoeker

    1. Stephen12:54 am

      Besoeker , allow me to explain something about stand-up comedians , this is why I don't like Trevor Noah.

      I always knew this , and it was confirmed when I read what Robin Williams said.

      In the unseen world ( spiritual,imaginary ) which is what stand-up comedians tap into for their off-the-cuff jokes , there is a dark-force that takes over their mouths and minds , its the same spirit that comes out when you tell a dirty joke.

      Trevor Noah is so enveloped by that spirit he doesn't even realise it , thats why he rose to fame so quick, and why he is at the Tonight Show.

      Next time you see him on tellie , look with your spirit-eye and you'll see , its as clear as day-light to me.

    2. Anonymous1:38 pm


      @Stephen12:54 am

      The communists have used comedy to brainwash america & the entire western world.

      Think back to the early shows in every country where multiculturalism was forced down everyones necks.

      The cosby show.
      Fresh prince of bellaire.
      Eddie murphy

      Comedy is the fastest way to bypass the analytical, skeptic mind. Make it cool, make it funny - see they are not that bad.

      We had the same in this country with that shit show Suburban bliss the very next year that Mandela took over.

      I remember my father going absolutely ape shit seeing that program.

      Having read countless books on the subject of what people coin " conspiracy theories" - one of the books outlined how communists/this NWO use comedy, music and sports to get the message across.

      Its a recipe - you can see it being done in every country. In fact (I Know Mike dislikes Hitler/Nazis) but even Hitler saw it with those controlling the media in Germany at the time.

      Point being is there is a proven formula/recipe.

      Make a joke about it, get people saying "whats the big deal", then slowly force them into every program or film.

      Can anyone name any big movies, big television shows of the past 25 years where we havent been forced to watch multiculturalism play out in a film or TV series?

      Now why do we/the western world have to have this, when you dont see it in their countries? Its not by choice but forced via laws. There is a law and job laws applicable to the film industry that for every 3-4 white actors there HAS TO BE people of colour.

      There is a show on at the moment called "outsiders" - about hillbilly red necks blah blah blah.

      All the whites are made to be red necks, backwards and one of the cast then falls for a black, educated, intelligent store clerk who can read, has a job...

      Im not sure what is more insulting, insulting our intelligence to not see through it or simply not knowing the facts.

      The liberals and what these people in control want us to say is " its just a show" - thats brainwashing. The new generation are colour blind - everyone is equal, everyone but the whiteman.

      There is a demonic, satanic element, Trevor was put there to make Donald out to be a racist & the white uprising taking place there, he injects his background of how bad whites were and has a "tragic" story behind his comedy.

      Anyone who argues with him is a racist and anyone who says something is a clown and the joke is on them.

      In the world of media, there are no coincidences. I have been on a film set, everything, everything is put in place.

      For every 1 minute of film, there is about 4-5 hours in preparation for the set, where the table is set, the stools, the car, the furniture, the television - its all well planned out.

      It is the greatest mind control experiment of the last century and it has worked - look how the guilt trips play on the white psyche - open borders in Europe.

  21. Anonymous3:54 am

    Ek lees die komentare dat dit die kaffers se laaste dae is namate ons wraak gaan ontvlam... maar wat van al die blanke joernaliste waarna Mike in die opskrif verwys??? Ek bid hulle n groter oordeel toe.

    1. Anonymous7:39 am

      Ons het `n lys met name en ons hou dit nie verniet nie.


    2. Anonymous7:38 am


      @Anonymous7:39 am

      En die lys is groooot!

  22. Anonymous4:20 am


    Have you seen this? Zuma's afraid of getting coup'd while he makes his big speech.

    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      Well here we are
      What you have ALL been waiting for
      A damp squib
      A SANDF Marikana

      Shooting demonstrators never works-- as history has shown so many times

      Cape Town - Intelligence operatives have received an early warning of a massive uprising targeting President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address, involving several disgruntled groups which have joined forces to disrupt the event and destabilise the area.

      It is this warning, several well-placed sources say, that prompted Zuma to authorise the deployment of 441 soldiers to assist police in “law and order” activities on Thursday for the opening of Parliament.

    2. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Secretary of defence Sam Gulube said various arms of the SANDF would be involved in the deployment, including medical expertise,
      those capable of dealing with biological and chemical hazards.

      HHhhmmm ...........


  23. A bit of nostalgia for those old enough to remember.


    Not to worry, brothers & sisters, we'll make them our lands again.

    Tja . . . as Mike likes to say.

  24. Anonymous5:12 am

    Some guys in America reckon their only solution to get rid of their problems will be a civil war. Looking at the absolute demonization in South Africa one can almost say the same. Shall we call it the day. Ask all willing men so we can come together and do what should have been done 20 years ago. Who of you are willing. Enough is enough. We start to organize and push forward. What do you say?

    1. Amen. A civil war is the only solution here and it looks like the States is headed that way too.

      Join our WhatsApp group. Drop your details to JP at millsviljoen@gmail.com

    2. Anonymous8:08 am


      @Anonymous5:12 am

      It will happen.

      So long as the nation prepares, arms and trains.

      We organize & prepare and when hit by them, we are fully justified. We are justified already but the setup has to be 100% correct.

      Preparation is key.

      20% of the nation united would be good.
      30-35% would be great.
      Anything about 50% ready and prepared would icing on the cake.

      Its just a matter of time now.

    3. Arms from Germany ? Not necessary, plenty in the army bases. We just go get them back. Simple.

    4. Anonymous1:42 pm

      fuck the yanks

  25. Anonymous5:30 am


  26. Anonymous7:14 am

    This is really sickening:

    Police describe Polokwane murder scene as ‘most gruesome’

    The victim’s body, with the eyes gouged out, was discovered by her son on returning home from school.


  27. Anonymous10:43 am

    When one steps back at the situation and examines it from afar, one can only come up with and observe the following:

    The ANC doesn't give a shit (they deploy 441 soldiers for a once a year "talk bullshit conference")

    SACP demands the SANDF be deployed because a handful of their useless comrades have been assassinated.

    We have thousands of idiots that rapidly deploy to any area to "protest, dance and sing fucking struggle songs" for mostly attention completely disregarding any facts.

    Farmers get slaughtered and its "normal crime"
    (The people that say this need to go to groen dakkies)

    If these unemployable idiots put less energy into the above observations and put it into doing something positive to create / build or contribute something meaningful to society, we would not be in this mess.

    I think all of the idiots should get a free soccer ticket along with a 1 litre brandy and a panga, lock the stadium doors and walk away. Let them sort it out as it is now beyond ludicrous.

    1. Anonymous1:34 pm

      @Anonymous10:43 am

      The only thing the ANC have ever been concerned about is corruption & stealing their way to riches.

  28. RunForrestRun10:48 am

    YAWWWWNNNNNN- Mike posts about the continuing genocide

    So lets summarize:
    @BN: -- will post half a dozen times about: lets unite, lets arm, lets train, lets wait for Siener, lets wait for Russia, --in May, or June , or July 2016/7/8/9...
    20%, 30%, 50%.......

    @JP: Whatsapp, Whatsapp, Whatsapp, Whatsapp WE ARE SPARTAAAAA.........(see you at the monument)

    @TT: Whenwe, Whenwe, Whenwe, Whenwe were in Rhodesia, Recce's, SADF etc etc etc

    @LTMA: FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK, CUUUUUUUUNNNNNNTTTTTT, COWARD, RUNNER, RETARD, underpants, shit, and you better agree with me or I will find you and kill you, I KILLLLLYOOUUUU etc etc etc
    mmmmm, so sorry man, I apologize, lets have a truce, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.

    So I will put it in my calender, in 6 months I will return and see the exact same shit from the exact same 3 or 4 people wearing out their 2 fingers typing the exact same thing over and over,----

    JUST LEARN TO FUCKING COPY AND PASTE ALREADY MAN, and you wonder why the black man is your ruler?

    1. Anonymous1:33 pm


      @RunForrestRun10:48 am

      RunForrestRun - comments

      Bitch, bitch, bitch, complain how the country is stuffed, mock, mock, mock but provides nothing of value.

      Tell you what why not put it in your calendar for 2056, fuck off and dont return.

      Do us all a favor and mark that in your diary, go join the Effs blog.

      With all your energy put into ripping other people, just imagine what you could accomplish, if you put that in the right direction.

      Mocking & insulting is the lowest form of wit. Grow up.

    2. Anonymous2:09 pm


      What is your point?

      Some people stay here to look after their parents / grandparents that are too old to go overseas. Not everyone is in your shoes.

      Please respect Mikes request to stop this childish bickering.

      Mike provides a platform for us to air our views relevant to the topics he chooses to write about.

      "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you will get" (Forest Gump)

    3. Anonymous2:13 pm

      Yawn...RFR drinking Bundaberg rum again...missing SA

    4. Anonymous2:31 pm

      @RFR 10:48am

      No one is forcing you to read Mike's blog and the exit is always open!

    5. Anonymous3:50 pm

      Forrest I laughed at your very funny and accurate summary of certain elements here!

      However I see BN as one of the most intelligent, knowledgable and dignified contributors to these discussions. After reading Mike's excellent articles the first thing I do is skim the comments to see what Boere_Ninja says. I have learned a lot from him and many others here as well.

      Yes there is one person in particular whose misdirected aggression against "runners" like me is best ignored, but he has a good heart and means well.

      I read many White patriot-type blogs daily and I believe that the reason we all visit Mike's informative site is that there is no online substitute for Mike and his community.

      You'll be back "in 6 months"? No Forrest, you'll be back tomorrow like the rest of us. :) James

    6. Anonymous4:29 pm

      HAHAHAH triggered much RFR?

    7. Who else brings to the worlds attention the genocide thats happening, especially on the farms? I think Mikes blog has given a number of people a wake up call, locally and internationally.

      Why have you become so unsympathetic towards your ex country man? You of all people should know and understand the frustrations of people living in SA. You should also know the way people think in western societies today. If the shit actually does break out in SA, +90% of whites in the west would side with the blacks in SA, a sad fact that people in SA, I think do not believe or do not want to believe.
      So apart from being condescending towards the guys/girls who post here, what positive suggestions do you bring? Maybe you have really assimilated into your new homeland, if so then why bother coming back to this site in 6 months? Pray to the Almighty that it will be the same stuff and not a full blown war.

    8. Anonymous8:57 pm


      I told you in the begin that I would crack you, I think I have just proved it, booitjie.

      The marbles have unstuck and are rolling. I promised you something else we haven't got that far yet but carry on with your shit and we will get there.


    9. Anonymous9:44 pm

      Hey Forest Gump. Did your mommy write this out for you to copy, being that you are a brainless twat.

      What are you doing to resolve the situation in SA? Fuck-all I'm sure. You're no better than the people that you slander. You definitely suffer from small man syndrome as well as oedipus complex. Being a closet homosexual must really be frustrating for you. That whole woman in a man's body thing must be hard for your family to deal with. That's why you left SA.

      Stay on your little island Gump and leave the big things to the adults now, you hear?

    10. Stephen9:57 pm

      That's it Forest , the last straw !
      you've just lost all credibility with me.

      I gave you the benefit of the doubt , more than a couple times. but now you've cooked your goose.

      Im not gonna vloek you , just know you've slapped the hand reaching out to you.

      Get off your high horse now man . Were talking about these kaffirs but you cant get past LT ,BN and JP.

      Grow up please.

    11. Runforrestrun, you bloody right, it's always the same four or five, kill them, nuke them, they want us all dead, rapists, kaffirs agggg so gatvol of reading the comments. Next they will attack us for voicing an opinion, you guys need to realize something, the coons and liberals are also split down the middle, just like all over the world. i see it like this, when the shit starts it will be a small flame here then there and then go full tilt, the violence will be at first oppetunistic, they will test the police, they will test the military and when they see that fuckall can be done, then they will action whatever plan they have. You guys are asses if you think the African hasn't studied Siener, well Mike I'd like to say thank you for all the informative news stories you have written including your Pandora's box series, peace to you and your family. To all you guys, get your souls in order and stop worrying about what's coming, it will be what God wants it to be, best get on his side.

      Jesus help us all, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy, Amen

    12. Anonymous11:37 pm

      What's biting you today ?

      I get your drift
      Perhaps you need to go and watch -- "The Truman Show" with Jim Carrey

      Mike claims hundreds of views per day but as you say there seem to be the same old people posting all the time ?
      Maybe the others are to shy ? embarrassed ? scared ?

      It must be extremely frustrating for Mike Smith taking all this time and effort to put these articles together which certainly have merit most of the time.
      and then
      Same old same old comments from the same old same old posters -- six months later .........
      Maybe maybe / Perhaps it IS the "Truman Show" ????

    13. Calm down son, you going to give yourself a heart attack or some such thing.

    14. Anonymous5:18 am


      "YAWWWWNNNNNN- Mike posts about the continuing genocide"

      Tell me, were you born a poes or has it taken years of practice?

  29. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Ag rfr you'll be back tomorrow.or today whatever the time is over yonder.you miss SA

  30. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Watch from 1:30 to +- 5:00 minutes, isn't that exactly what is happening in ZA as well?

    Norse News


    Hey sleepy head it's not a conspiracy theory anymore it's a fact that whites are being destroyed by these mud people. Better start standing closer to more like minded people.

  31. Mike reading comments and contributing , now and then, for the last couple of years. II really believe its time for a standstill, You know get some perspective of things. I have been thinking of this for a while and hope I can articulate my thoughts.

    Western society has been one of the wonders of the modern era. We live (ed) in a Judeo/Christian society, it demands of us certain ethics to ensure the continuity of the western society. Hard work, honesty , decency, morality, strong values , continuous striving for improvements on all fronts. This is all held together by protecting those things that make us what we are. If you allow me to point to an example , look at Israel. Externally the world hates them, the propaganda levied towards then is overwhelming. The Arab counties which surrounds them wish to see them disappear of the face of the earth. The UN hates them. Internally like all communities they have the crack pots (lefties) which they allow but contain, they are only allowed a amount of madness until people that really care steps in. However even with all the odds stacked up against them they survive and thrive, they become stronger each year because the end goal is Israel and obviously their faith.
    Now we have to examine and look at ourselves . We complain about generation y and complain that they have no back bone, dreamers etc. We complain about millennials, we complain about a lot of things.
    However if you are in your 40's, 50's and 60's, some bad news buddy. You are the ones that blew it. Its no use telling your son how tough were in your young days, how many SWAPO's you shot, how you aced it on "vasbyt", how hard you worked and little you got paid. How disciplined you were and what morals you had, no tattoos for me because I am so much better that than you young ones.

    Mike, we had one main task and one main task only. Hand our country over to our next generation . We fucked up. We allowed the people sitting in their arm chairs in Washington, Liverpool, Sydney , Lyon and Amsterdam to influence us in such a way that we gave it up. Don't know why, was it because of sport, guilt or any other reason , we gave it away. Its important that it resonates with people, because even a alcoholic must realise he has a problem before he can cure himself. We need to be big enough to admit it was us, not De Klerk, Meyer etc who sold us out. It was us that allowed it.

    1. Anonymous8:44 am


      @Dingo9:08 pm

      I believe Siener put it in the most descriptive words.

      The Afrikaaner kneels, bows to the west, takes off his shoes and the wall falls/crumbles behind him.

      Yes, we bowed to the west thinking they were the answer our solution.

      In his book "Opinions & Social Pressure" Solomon E Asch says..

      "That we have found the tendency to conformity in our society so strong that reasonably intelligent and well meaning young people are willing to call white black is a matter of concern"

      That is why the brainwashing started on the youth so young in the west has been so detrimental. Once the brainwashing has been completed, there is virtually nothing we can do to rectify the problem.

      Its done, only a war will sort it out.

      Marxism, liberalism, socialism have all been about programming the west for their total destruction. Eroding family values through media, the brain cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.

      Adults can but the brainwashing starts young.

      The west is doomed. See in the US, who is protesting the most? Yup, whites!

      The Marxist achieved its agenda. First in the highest echelons of education, then in film, sport, they eroded the white mans common sense.

      Instinctively he knows there is a difference between the races but through systematic guilt, he has been destroyed.

      This plan has been in the making for half a century. Its all been planned, a long time ago. Including everything happening in this country.

      Probably planned in the 1940s/50s

      What stood between their plan was Apartheid. The only nation on earth that saw it for what it was had to be crucified and made an example of.

      Part two will be showing the world what will eventually happen to white racists that reject or oppose the order. The whites in SA/Rhodesia are/were to be made an example of.

      But we have something they dont have!

      We have our faith! That cannot be taken! We have our vow, let us simply bend the knee and unite and prepare.

      The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.

      Psalm 33:11

    2. Anonymous8:52 am

      @ Dingo 9:08pm.

      Mate, you are spot on I cannot agree with you more. Well said.

      There is one question though, do we continue to beat ourselves up for our past transgression and mistakes and carry on looking backwards while trying to move forward or do we face forward focus on the road ahead and take giant steps to change our future.

      We whinge, we cry, we complain and rant but mate I am as sure of this as I am of my name, the day is coming when words will become action and action is the only means of determining a outcome.


    3. RunForrestRun10:25 am

      Well done, the first step to finding any solution is accurately identifying the problem. ------Now shoot the messenger.

    4. Dingo, I voted yes in that referendum, two years after my mil service, remember I was a young man, we bought all the bullshit, all 70% of us. God almighty set the native free because we turned our backs on him. The native now has trampled on Christs sacrifice and turned their backs on God almighty, we whiteys now are realizing the error we have made. God is bringing us low so we will call upon him, as a merciful father would do, help us to see the light. However here is the problem, the guys that talk of Christ and then the killing of everyone are wrong, no love in that. This is where we will split, liberals and conservatives after initial battles will view things different. In my little simple mind, white or black or coloured or whatever, if you choose Christ you live, if you against Christ you either bugger off or meet the sword, even they that pissith against the wall. You see as people when not in Christ we go pagan, Africans go tribal, yet when Christ enters we all share his teachings, just look at the western world before this nonsense and see how diverse people in Christ are able to live together and what was achieved. The apostasy is so vast that I can't even begin to tell you but it's severe. A lot of us will die all races all nations, so get your spiritual affairs in order, then with confidence gird up your loins, be brave, forget the evil reports, rely on Christ, thousands will fall at your side, 10000 at your right side but it will not come near you and you will see the reward of the wicked, that's scripture. What I'm saying is we need to quit worrying, we know what is coming but start working on your soul, it's worth far more than earth, your soul is everlasting, earth will be destroyed, it's time is appointed, the Lords day was declared from the beginning. I don't support, faggots, feminism, Mother Nature, tattoos, booze, club music, mansions, money, sex, interfaith, allah the list goes on and on yet I don't scream kill kill even though they are worthy of death. I will say that when they make up their minds and start the mass murder, I will stand up and fight to the death and if you were next to me you would know that you could count on me to die helping you or the next guy, thats all I can say. One day in 50000 years time my 60-70 yrs on earth will be like my birth, I won't remember a thing of this life, anyways I pray the Lord looks out for you, I pray you start seeking him out, I pray for all, God bless

  32. Anonymous9:21 pm

    RFR 10:48....hahahaha....great maaaan.....now Fuck off..

  33. Anonymous10:47 pm

    THE other time we went into Angola


  34. RunFucknutRun @ 10:48

    Here you go again, being highhanded and disparaging. I don't know whether you read my response to you on the previous blog or not? And, I really don't give a fuck.

    "TT, whenwe, whenwe . . . etc., etc." Yes, that's right. When we fought a war to buy our nation a little extra time. Time that probably afforded you the opportunity to get an education that allowed you to emigrate and get a job in a foreign country. You see, I'm proud of that, even if you don't appreciate it.

    If this blog and the commentary is such a big yawn for you, what are you doing here? You're free to leave. No one is inviting you to be here. We are not averse to constructive criticism, but you bring nothing constructive to the party. You're like those spongers who arrive at a party empty handed and drink and eat other people's booze and food, until you've had your fill and then depart again.

    I'll tell you what you're doing here. JP & I had a chat about you last night. He was, like others, beginning to get pissed off with you so I had enlighten him as to your insignificance.

    You come on here because you verlang huistoe. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, there's a little voice that asks whether you did the right thing.

    You're in a strange country, among strange people who you don't really identify with. You miss Africa, no matter how much you deny it. You, sub-consciously, feel guilty that maybe you have deserted your countrymen. So you try and impose that guilt on us by coming on here and deriding us who can't or won't leave. I once was fond of a term that I think might describe you perfectly; "a weak strek of piss."

    No, boetie, really. Save your shit for someone who cares. We don't. As I told you yesterday; put up or STFU. Whether you fuck off permanently or only return in 6 months time, I don't care because you will not elicit another response from me. You are not worth the effort.

    Goodbye, not totsiens.

  35. Anonymous1:46 am

    i ask again.

    when will it start?

    Giving me siener predictions, dont work, cos like nostradamus, it depends on who and how you interpret him, also, usually only after a event happens does everybody agree and say ... "See, siener was right"...

    As to the "war" or attacks on the women, children and old men and old women, well, they are the soft targets, and therefor easier to kill.

    One thing, that is usually also mentioned in conjunction with these kind of attacks, is the reason, and that is similar to how hyenas target lions, and that is one by one, to build up courage for their final onslaught, where when they are full of courage, they attack en masse.

    One other thing that bothers me, is all of you, and i have been reading for years, always with the same same same lame and tired and boring views of what is going to happen, is happening.

    All of you waiting and wanting the war to start, but in fact are very similar to the followers of some end of the world cult... where you do everything in preparation, and psyche yourselves up, but never actually do anything of consequence.

    On another note, once all the old people and children are dead from these attacks, and all the women have taken black husbands, then will there finally be a reason to fight? or will you all just give up and talk like the when we ran rhodesia bunch?

    posting about russia and trump and and and? those are the very fucking people that got us where we are today?

    Who is most to blame for our modern society?

    The catholic church and related christian sects that forgot about the muslim threat, and told us to love them and turn the cheek.

    The british abolitionists that decided to end slavery and free the black man, and through economic forces made the USA have its civil war...

    The main stream media, is just a load of bullshit, telling you that you would be rich, handsome and a movie star growing up, and that you should fuck and love every other race on the planet, and when you are done with that, then fuck and love another man of every race, and if you dont do that, then you are not a enlightened special snowflake, like all the other drugged up snowflakes out there.

    but, keep on posting on here, and keep your whatsapp groupie going, as a IT consultant, let me warn you here, there are no secret groups, that SITA does not know about, and isnt already watching closely.

    that brings me to the boerekommando knobs that got arrested by the cops, why? traitors. hanskakies. hensoppers. verraiers. As a nation, the whites of this country just love to dump one another in the shit, i dont know why, but its a fact. "Was nie ek nie juffrou, dit was jannie/sannie"...

    so, i ask again...

    When boys?

    When is your typing gonna stop?

    When will this "war" you are all so eager for going to start?

    And another question, all these traitors that you want to put up against a wall and shoot, when you have done that, and your list is nearing its end, who will append more names? and for what reason? who decides who dies?

    or is it going to be a pol pot/khmer rouge back to the farm revolution?

    Maybe a Mao and the long march?

    Or are we planning a adolf and himmler kind of cleansing?

    Perhaps a leaf out of the book of stalin and the nkvd?

    i just wonder sometimes, when you all stop at night, after typing all your theories, and your conspiracies, whether you actually believe in what you are saying, or whether you guys are just venting and making yourselves feel important?

    You see, i read. i read your comments, and wonder.

    1. Anonymous8:27 am


      @Anonymous1:46 am

      Giving me siener predictions, dont work, cos like nostradamus,

      You obviously havent read any of what he said.

      If we are sitting with the ANC, then Im pretty sure they work. He mentioned many moons before they even came to power that they would be in power.

      I dont have time to go through everything but what he said is happening, it would take a serious skeptic to go through everything, see what has happened, what is happening and then come to the conclusion that it is nonsense.

      Black government
      Language gone
      Country stuffed.
      Migrants in Europe.
      Russia's fall and rise.
      Xenophobic violence.
      Rhodesians fleeing Rhodesia
      Severe drought when parliament in session/issues there.
      Farm murders
      Whites losing their jobs
      History changed
      Media cover up in SA.
      War in Eastern Europe.
      The rise of nationalism.

      How much more proof does one need.

      Dont believe, simply tick the box if/when it happens or has happened.

      So far, 100% of the boxes have been checked.

      Still a few more boxes need checking but we can see those boxes are about to be checked.

      Those who dont think they will happen have usually heard about his stuff from others who know very little.

      Even if he was 70% correct, that is still an outstanding record.

      I dont believe, I simply tick the boxes, the more I tick them, the more Im convinced.

      After this SONA, watch the land redistribution thing speed up, the ANC know they are gone. They have to do something drastic now to appease the masses.

      Watch the entire get ploughed under now.

      When will the war start?
      It has stared! It has been raging against urban families and farmers at its highest levels in SA.

      By the time war is fully underway, its usually too late. The key is recognizing the early stages to be prepared and armed.

    2. RunForrestRun10:30 am

      Over the years,--I checked back and I've been following this blog and its predecessor SAS and its various commentators and contributors since 2005 I've seen and read exactly what you describe. Being a logical person I must conclude that your answer is 42.

    3. Anonymous11:58 am

      @ Anon 1:46 am.

      I wonder, I read your post and I wonder, I wonder why you read this blog if it bores the crap out of you, I wonder why you turn your sarcasm on to these pages and I wonder if you're not the traitor that you refer too.

      I wonder if you have not already sold out your kind in hope of making a deal for yourself and pocketing those thirty pieces of silver that one day will burn a hole through your soul and cause you to put a rope around your neck and swing from the garden tree, I wonder.

      I wonder why good men gave their lives to defend a border to keep your parents and you safe so that you could grow up carefree and happy. I wonder why the world has turned out people like you who want everything for nothing or at somebody else's expense.

      I wonder when you put your head down to rest if you don't ask yourself, what type of a man am I, would I ride pass a scene of violence where 10 retards are beating up a white man or will I stop and help the white man, even if he was wrong, would I help him because it is an unfair battle and he is my culture, or would I continue and make as if I saw nothing and that way I never have to make a stand against anything.

      You see, I read, I read your comment and wonder.


    4. Stephen12:07 pm

      Anon 1:46 ( for crying-in-a-bucket,so youve read for years and finally found the courage to type a comment but not man enough to state your name , nor man enough to respect Mike's request to stop the bickering )

      Mike I realy wish these moaners will just get with the program.

      Can you believe this , after you asked so nicely Mike and even I tried talking some sense into them , guys we should encourage one another and build each other up.

      But we won't encourage this senseless bickering , all you chaps are doing is enraging each other and making dooses of yourselfs.

      Mike , I for one appreciate your time and have much respect for you , may I apoligise on behalf of these chops for wasting your cyber-space.

      Hulle se jy kannie jou familie kies nie , lyk my ook nie jou aan-hangers nie.

  36. RFR - I can't remember if I mentioned this.

    You are a lost soul. Your forsook your heritage for a handful of promises - your safety and that of your family being one of them, for which I cannot judge or blame you. You are a man with no past. You severed your ties with your past when you left, or so you think [and act as if you have]. Now you come and blame us who stayed.???

  37. Anonymous5:23 am


    1. Anonymous1:13 pm


      @Anonymous5:23 am

      There is something I thought I should quickly point out before the SONA address comes in. I have yet to read what was said but we should look back at statements in Nov/Dec 2016 by Zuma & Ramaphosa and then connect the dots.

      Last year they mentioned a "Radical Redistribution Of Land Program" Now we can connect the dots.

      The war has to be psychologically and physically.

      The radical part has started. These killings are but just the tipping point before thousands descend onto farm lands.

      The first part is to scare, kill, defeat the enemy and once psychologically damaged, then hit them with a full scale land redistribution program just prior to them wanting to nationalize everything.

      What we will see is the equivalent of a veld fire rage across the country where they kill as many of our people in rural areas, much like they did in Algeria.

      It will also be picking up in the Urban areas as well.

      So these attacks are not random at all, they are directed from a higher hierarchy within this country.

      When you follow how the Marxist works/communist work, they are mafia. They operate in government, they have connections that move up/down the social structures of their community.

      Zuma is a general in charge of this country. A General in power will always lead a nation to war. He is very strategic, his plans have gone to plan.

      The tribal guys in their homesteads take note from the chief, the chief listens to his king and his king is connected to the ANC. We have 11 kings in this country.

      They get their money from the state. They are all banking on getting their land and creating mini kingdoms - that is their hope IMO.

      These attacks will simply escalate and I can bet you, within a matter of months the talking/promising of taking land ends and the actual physical confrontation begins but not without hundreds of lives lost.

      This is the silence before the great storm.

      It is really not long now before we get our republic but dark, dark times now. Hence why it is of the utmost importance to build a support base, train, arm, unite.

      It is every citizens legal right to self protection. We have a right in the face of danger - the law cannot stop us from protecting friends & loved ones.

      Plan, think, think long term - failure to plan is now planning to fail. Verwoered with all his genius insight didnt leave a model or a system for the next 200-300 years.

      We have think far into the future and implement that today.

      I feel very sorry for these farmers and those on the land. To avoid media attention, the ANC will not go the ZANUPF route straight away, they have too many farmers - we still have more farmers than there are Rhodesians in Zimbabwe today.

      It will be a massacre, kept out of the media like Siener mentioned (Media censorship), it will be so dark our people will have their heads hanging low but do not lose faith.

      That is one weapon they cannot take from us, steal from us or rob us of - though they try their best, we shall come through this a stronger, more united, people.

      May the Lord be with the Karasite, this time though there shall be no mercy.

      The sun is setting slowly on the Karasite, he thinks it will be sunny forever but little does he know.

      Connect the dots happening in Eastern Europe to what is happening here on the ground and then look at what he mentioned.

      The two are connected.

    2. Anonymous11:31 pm

      You are so right! I just wish there was a FFW Button to all of this crap. Get it over and done with.


  38. Anonymous8:27 am


    Thanks for your blog, I have learnt alot from you and the many people that comment here.

    One of the things it does for me is to know Im not the only one who feels like the rest of us do.

    If or when the shit goes down I know there are like minded people out there that will be giving it horns.
    Which is important. In a time of crisis, that knowing creates more power, ambition and a boost of moral.

    The only guarantee we have in life is that we all will die. We don't know when or how.

    To all the people calling us dreamers and when we's, fuck off and leave us alone.

    At least we have vision, a vision where our kids can play down the road safely, where you can walk down the road and leave your house wide open, where the towns can be clean, where services actually work. There is no crime in wanting a better future for our kids and grandchildren.

    I have never been that religious but something is telling me to stay and see it through.

  39. sitrep-whiteskins as a group/keywords appeasement/bootlicking/political correctness/no more mongrel warrior in them/ Stockholm syndrome/frog syndrome /gatkruip

    Here's my prediction we will simply wither away as a volk on the tip of Africa

    1. Anonymous11:19 pm

      @ KJ 9:02am.

      Will we wither away or have the white bred out of us and become a hybrid or breed?

      The way things are going whites will be lucky if they still exist in 25 years time.

      Killing us is not a problem its the inter breeding that will be a problem.


    2. Anonymous7:20 am


      @Kevin Johnson9:02 am

      That is how most think - they dont have much time.

      Even though many have left this country, the nation is still the size of Scotland. The Scottish crossed through many lands, for many centuries and still maintained who they are.

      We have withered away but the refreshing rains will fall soon.

      There is one thing this nation has that few other whites have - the ability to vas byt.

      We have hung in for 22 years, it can never get worse than the conditions that we faced when we arrived. We simply have to ride this out.

      Inter breeding, natural selection.

      Like I mentioned before, I would go with what you mention IF what we see in the world wasnt happening.

      But what is happening in Eastern Europe, the rise of Russia, the invasion of Europe - its all to our advantage here.

      The real question to ask is this...

      Are there more of us than there were 200 years ago?

      Remember how many years the Israelite's had to endure under the wrath of Pharaoh. This is a walk in the park compared to that.

      Lets keep perspective.

  40. Anonymous9:23 am

    Run faggot run is a certain species of troll that often pops up on blogs. They comment the right way enough to gain a bit of cred and then they start their shit. Their whole mission is to derail the comment thread, the blog author writes an article and normaly in comments you discuss it and take it further.
    See now how the whole thread has been derailed?
    Voxday bans the cunts instantly when they start their shit.
    If no ban-hammer is applied best thing to do is ignore.

  41. Anonymous10:49 am

    Sona17 is anyone else laughing as much as me?

  42. Anonymous11:29 am

    Can anybody tell me what has happened to Phoenix, does he still blog or have you fellows bored him to distraction like you did to a certain chap, that recently posted a very pissed off post?


    1. Nah, I am here, LTMA. Been waiting for three months until Mike returned from vacation and was on duty on 22 Jan when he made his first post for 2017. Didn't have anything to say so far, but is reading every word on the blog. I can assure you I will never find it boring.
      The world had changed drastically in a short time with the new USA president, Donald Trump. The liberals are crying blood from all their orifices and I am as happy as a lark. Now I am waiting on the European elections to see what happens that side.

    2. Anonymous12:25 am

      Hey mate, welcome back.


  43. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Undignified mass brawl in parliament after Zuma is called a rotten scoundrel.


    1. Has there ever been anything dignified about the savages? I don't think that's a word that has ever applied to this government or parliament since '94.

  44. Anonymous5:34 am

    More whites should move to the Western Cape if they are able to.

    The region is experiencing a property boom and many head-offices have relocated to the Cape Town area.

    New security-complex developments are also popping up everywhere and Cape Town city itself is much safer than it was 10-15 years ago.

    1. Anonymous7:23 am


      @Anonymous5:34 am

      100% agreed. Another mil to 2 mil whites there would be a great fort.

      From there cut it off from the rest of SA. Then watch the rest of SA turn to Zimbabwe and retake it in 15-20 years. Cut off their supplies and watch them drop like flies.

      Back to the Cape to re-group, re-plan and then take everything back.

  45. Anonymous11:53 am

    If there is a food crisis, the first one's dying are those in the squatter camps, in their hundreds of thousands or even millions.
    Those with more money will be able to afford the massively higher costs for food.

    1. Anonymous11:13 am

      If there is a food crisis, the first one's (sic) dying are those lilly white assed liberals in the 'burbs, in their hundreds of thousands.
      Those with more money will be able to afford the massively higher costs of guns but won't buy them to defend themselves from the Squatters who are hungry

    2. Anonymous7:30 am

      @Anonymous11:13 am

      I highly doubt it. The whites, most urban house holds have provisions that could last 3-6 weeks when stretched out.

      Squatters dont have these provisions.

      Its always a good idea to have 3-6 months in food stores. Canned foods, pastas, water.

  46. Update: Trevor Rees has died of his injuries. Three arrested.


    1. Anonymous7:28 am


      @Mike Smith10:41 pm

      They will be released. Had the same thing with my grandfather, caught them, illegals but let them go due to evidence.

      They were identified, they were illegals yet they were released.

      In the end we will have to take justice into our own hands, leave no evidence and no facebook/cell pics - leave your cell phones at home.

      Use walkie talkies

  47. Anonymous7:56 am


    I dont get suidlanders, really I dont. Im still trying to figure out their agenda. On one hand they sound like they make sense but on the other, they simply dont make sense.

    Their recent article about warning people not to be warlike and go to war is sound and good advice.

    But they then go on to speak about how they are preparing people to run, hide, prepare and be prepared for war, in the hope the UN or some country comes to our aid.

    There is the major flaw in their thinking - thinking the UN will help us when they pulled out of Rwanda the day the fighting took place. The only thing they did do was help get foreigners out of Rwanda.

    I just dont get them. You cannot fight something being in a defensive position. I cant honestly trust an organization that says they will be there when the shit hits the fan - how do we know that?

    Going to war should always be avoided but what happens when the war comes to you?

    I get them but I dont. They have conflicting messages. With the current situation how will their members escape to live in the garden of Eden with cannibals chasing them?

    If you train defense your entire life and then decide to go on the offense without any training, dont cry when you get your ass handed to you.

    Good intentions but in the wrong context. Of course they are not going to say it out in the open what they are planning which is always smart but to tell people to only prepare for survival and hope you make it out alive is very naive.

    You are allowed to train for war & be prepared for survival. You increase your odds, you dont have to say you are preparing for war either but could simply encourage people to do exercise as they do in the military. Prepare for survival and prepare to be confronted.

    War is to be avoided at all costs but what cost will it have on you when they pray on your very life and bring the war to you?

    When war isnt avoidable, you can run but you cant hide.

    Prepare to fight and survive. If the Israelites only prepared to run all the time they would never have established the country.

    War is to be avoided at all costs but when the war is brought to you it is to be won at all costs & that can only be achieved through preparing to fight or die and fighting requires survival training.

    The smart ones prepare for both eventualities.

  48. Whiteman4:01 pm

    BN, the Suidlanders will save a lot of people when the time comes. If they honestly believe that the UN will help any horrible Apartheids-people, they are truly mistaken. But the concept is not just to run and hide. It is to primarily get women, children and old people to safety. I am not a SL, but this is how I understand their literature. I am also not interested to " protect " a multi-culti suburb, and give my life for a bunch of arseholes. But I believe in withdrawing strategically to a safe place, and plan my attack from there. As far as training etc goes, it is up to the individual. The better you are trained, the better your chances of survival. But the biggest problem I think, is to know exactly when to withdraw. They believe that they have the infra-structure, and info channels to be able to do this. I sincerely hope so, because timing will be crucial..But they are also being watched very carefully by our enemies, so they have to be careful about what they do and say. Now think about it like this. The country collapses, the nignogs are running around killing whiteys, and you have to flee. You know you might never see your house again, and you have lost plenty. This will make the average patriot seriously the moer in. I really dont think these people will just go and hide somewhere, and feel sorry for themselves. They are all, by and large, Apartheid-people. You get something called Apartheid-anger, and it is definitely a force to be reconed with !

  49. Anonymous6:26 am


    @Whiteman4:01 pm

    Whiteman I think they will do a good job if they live up to what they say. I think (based on what they say) they have a solid plan but that plan is based on what?

    The plan is based on an anticipation of violence & civil unrest that could lead to a civil war.

    So if they know a potential situation can arise like this, why then not train both offense and defense?

    You cant outrun a civil war. They will chase and do what they want to do.

    Yes I get that they are being watched and careful with what they have to say. I just think its just as important to train both offense and defense.

    So I hope they live up to their promise. I think they are doing a good job for now, time will tell.

    Though people have to prepare for both eventualities.