05 February 2017

Bantu migration and settlement of South Africa according to the Bantu

A San picture of the Bantu crossing the Zambezi coming across horses and Arabs in long robes and whites with strange helmets. In the extended version long haired women can be seen dancing in a stone fortress. Click for bigger view.

By Mike Smith
5th of February 2017

The ignorance of the modern South African black

There is something that irks all white South Africans tremendously and that is when they get told by blacks, “You are not African, get out of South Africa. Go back to Europe”, etc.

“OK…I am from planet earth. Do you also want me to leave the planet? How much do you want to take for yourself?”

Of course this is hate speech of the worst order seeing that it is totally unconstitutional. Section 20 of the Bill of Rights says quite clearly, “No citizen may be deprived of citizenship”, yet white South Africans are subjected to it on a daily basis and nothing gets done.

We also see it on this blog with comments from blacks on a daily basis. There is no argument coming from them, there is no solution to the challenges of South Africa other than the idiotic and boring mantra, “You are not African, Get out of South Africa.”

Apart from that, it is the most idiotic ignorant argument that anybody can come up with. It is so stupid and retarded that you just want to slap the fucker.

It somehow anachronistically suggests that all whites in South Africa were not born in South Africa, but arrived a couple of weeks ago and should now go back after they have “braaied” a bit of meat, watched some Rugby and drank some beers, because now they have overstayed their little “holiday” camping in the backyard of blacks.

Not only that, they should fall on their knees and thank the blacks for the wonderful African sun and good time they had.

Blacks love to point out that because the Khoi and the San were in South Africa (before them, but not the first), the Bantu can lay claim to South Africa. Of course the San-Bushmen with their much smaller stature, yellow-brown skin, flat faces and epicanthic eyelids like Asians are not related to the Bantu whatsoever.

Khoi and San are genetically divergent from other human beings and NOT related to the Bantu

In the childish brainwashed minds of modern black South Africans they were all born in SA and own the entire country, because their ancestors lived here since God created the earth and whites have no claim nor right to be in the country of their birth and in which their white ancestors have lived for at least 15 generations.

All the cities, the dams, the bridges, the electricity, the roads, the ports, the airports, the schools, the hospitals, etc…were all here long before the whites came here to holiday.

And to think…these damn whites had the audacity to push the poor blacks out of their wonderful gardened homes with manicured lawns in the suburbs, convert their soccer stadiums to Rugby stadiums and practically stole everything they’ve got from blacks and that is the reason why blacks are poor, live in shacks in townships on the fringes of the now white suburbs that were originally the homes of the blacks.

What makes it worse is that the ignorant self-flagellating white libtards of Europe believe this rubbish too. It would actually have been laughable if it wasn’t so pathetically tragic and serious. Result of years and years of leftist propaganda and bullshit.

Telling white South Africans to go back to Europe is like telling white Americans they are Europeans and should go back to Europe…or Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders for that matter. Or telling Mexicans and Cubans they should go back to Spain and Brazilians they should go back to Portugal.

Problem is, how far do you want to go back? Should the South and North American Indians go back over the Bering Straits as one hypothesis states? Or should they backtrack along the pack ice to Greenland and Europe as the Solutrean Hypothesis states?

Which little island did all the Polynesians originally come from before they spread over the entire pacific? Should we dislodge India at the Himalaya’s and glue it back onto East Africa? How about gluing back Madagascar to Africa or gluing South America to Africa? Come let us glue Gondwanaland and Laurasia back together and fill up the Seuz Canal to rejoin Africa with Asia then we can see we all come from one continent.

Where on that one continent we need to go and find our origins is not so clear, because the Bible (which is from Jewish origin) says we all come from the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates, but paleoanthropologist and libtard god Prof. Phillip Tobias (incidentally was a Jew whose ancestors were from Asia and came via Germany) believed that we all come from apes who lived in the Sterkfontein Caves in what is now, South Africa, although other versions claim from Kenya. Nevertheless, officially we all went from the South to the North when all evidence proints to the contrary.

The “Out of Africa” theory

The “Out of Africa Theory” (which is just that…a theory) has been debunked many times, yet Prof Tobias was nominated three times for a Nobel Prize by his fellow libtards and his bullshit theories are still being peddled all over the world today. Genetic study challenges theory that modern humans came from just one place in Africa

According to the Bantu themselves, they came from the region of the Congo, crossed the Zambezi en masse and moved into South Africa where they went on a genocidal rampage killing off the Khoi and the San people and heroically chased out Arab slave traders.

The Bantu Migration into South Africa according to the Bantu

The abominable story of their creation and migration is told by Credo Mutwa in his book, “Indaba my Children, African folktales”.

You can read what I wrote about it over here:

Creation according to the Bantu Part One

Creation according to the Bantu Part Two

Of course Mutwa is not the only source telling us of the Bantu migration south. The story is heard all over Southern Africa from Namibia to Malawi , Zimbabwe and I have even heard it in Northern Mozambique. Credo Mutwa calls it “The journey to Asazi”.

The story of how the Bantu tribes migrated into South Africa and genocided the Khoi and San people and stole their land is also documented by the San (Bushmen) paintings found all over Southern Africa. I also mentioned it in this article:

So who stole land from whom?

I also mentioned before how Credo Mutwa wrote that white people called the “Ma-Iti” (The Strange Ones) (Phoenecians) sailed up the Zambezi River formed settlements looking for gold and enslaved blacks to dig for gold.

They also sailed up the Orange River and one can see the evidence of rowing ships with rudders and sails in San rock paintings on the banks of the Orange River and the so called “White Lady of the Brandberg” in Namibia depicting whites on the hunt together with blacks. There is also evidence that the Phoenicians repaired their vessels in Pinelands and Langebaan Lagoon and planted wheat crops inland in 604 B.C.

The Ancient European settlements of Southern Africa

The Bantu crosses the Zambezi River

A figure with long blonde hair and a dagger crossing a bridge in a fight scene
with Arabs. Bantu never used bow and arrows.
Credo Mutwa described the mass crossing of the Zambezi by the Bantu on page 496 of “Indaba my Children”.

From page 508 onwards Mutwa describes how the Nguni leader Malandela with his two sons, “Zulu” and “Qwabe” led the three Bantu tribes of the Nguni, Mambo and Xhosa across the Zambezi River.

According to Mutwa about five million people crossed the Zambezi on triangular rafts, dug-out canoes and a floating bridge over a period of six lunar months. Only 50 people drowned when their raft capsized whilst two men fought over a young girl. The livestock were forced to swim across.

San paintings of Phoenician sailing vessels in Southern Africa
When they got to Eastern Mashonaland they fought a war against his first wife, the Albino slave trading queen Muxakaza of the fortified stone city of Zima-Mbje, where she lived in opulence and splendor from selling blacks into slavery to the Arabi.

Over ten days the blacks demolished the city, killed everyone inside, cursed it and made sure nobody would ever live within its walls ever again. No stone was left on top of another.

He also mentioned on page 498 how the San (bushmen) and the blacks cooperated to destroy the Hottentots, because the Hottentots sided with the Ma-ITi or “Strange Ones” (White people) and later with the Arabi or “Feared Ones” (Arabics) to sell blacks into slavery.

The coming of the Strange Ones depicted by Credo Mutwa.
Notice the San drawings of the Phoenician galley.
This is why the blacks hate the coloureds so much and why they take full credit and are proud of wiping the Hottentots off the face of the earth.

On page 208, Mutwa writes, “…the despised Lawu people, whom you know as the Hottentots – the people whom we hate worse than the plague and the people whom we are proud to have wiped off from the face of the earth – the Lawu Hottentots.”

After destruction of the slave dealing city of Zima-Mbje the blacks placed a curse on it and cursed the Hottentots. They see the smallpox epidemics of the 18th century Cape that wiped out the remnants of the Hottentots as divine retribution.

The remains of  queen Muxakaza's fortified
stone city of Zima-Mbje (Place of the golden lion) and
the correct spelling of "Zimbabwe".
Known today as the Great Zimbabwean ruins.
The Nguni also see the Venda’s as the descendants of hundreds of slaves who broke away at this time and seeked refuge in the Drakensberg mountains. Now you can understand why the Bantu have such a big problem with a Venda like Cyril Ramaphosa becoming the President of South Africa. A descendent of a slave as President? Never.

Mutwa also described a piece of rock art presented to him by Dr. A.S. Brink of the Institute for the Study of Man in Africa which came from a cave in Mtoko (Mutoko, Eastern Mashonaland, Zimbabwe) depicting Arabs in headscarves and long robes inside a fortress of stone, horses and soldiers with plumed helmets (see above). In the upper left hand corner can also be seen women with long hair and long dresses dancing in a fortress made of stone.

There are also other paintings with pictures of people with white faces, red hair and long white robes, those with steel mail and boats of Phoenecian design, those with long curved swords and slender swords with hilts and people wearing strange helmets.

The Bantu also speak of another tribe depicted in rock paintings with tails growing from the top of their heads, the so-called “Mehatla-Ditlohong” (Chinese).

Western history books make a lot out of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer who arrived in Africa in 1498 on an expedition to find a sea route to Asia, but what is not well known, is that Zheng He, a eunuch administrator and diplomat during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Imperial China, arrived on the East African coast several decades earlier than Vasco da Gama.

Zheng He’s maritime travels took place from 1405 to 1433 and it is documented that in 1418 he led a vast fleet of no less than 62 ships ferrying 37,000 soldiers across the Indian Ocean (“Western Ocean”). 15th Century Chinese coins found in Kenya confirm that the Chinese were in East Africa at the time

Ancient Chinese contact with Africa goes back at least three centuries before Christ

Credo Mutwa wrote at the bottom of page 498: “All these paintings prove beyond any doubt that these strange people (whites) had once dominated vast areas of Africa.”

Crossing the Limpopo

Credo Mutwa also describes on page 515 how the Bantu was very reluctant to cross the Limpopo River, because they saw the land beyond as “a great bottomless precipice marking the edge of the world. Crossing the river was not only a clear invitation to trouble; it was sacrilege as well, because The Holy legends say that God does not want anyone near the edge of the world.”

The blacks called the land beyond the Limpopo River “Ningizimu” Literally meaning “Many cannibals” (isiZulu) or as Mutwa says, “Where many ten-eyed cannibals dwell”, because blacks believed that , “The legends say there is nothing beyond the Limpopoma except a great emptiness in which winged cannibals, each with ten eyes, fly about like vultures in search of carrion.” (page516).

The leaders of the Bantu tribes had to trick their people to cross the Limpopo with large bats they said were not bats but demons chasing them. What followed was a human and cattle stampede that lasted three days and in which many people, especially old ones were trampled to death. Even a Hippo on the river bank was trampled to death.

That is how the Bantu entered into what is today called South Africa.

Of course there were “people” in the area already, the so called “Ngwane tribe” (or bakaNgwane) who came down East Africa and lived on the banks of the Tembe River near modern day Maputo, capital of Mozambique.

These people would later become the Swazi nation, but the Bantu did not class them as human, but as apes.

Says Credo Mutwa: “One moon later (after crossing the Limpopo) we entered the land of a people who were still so savage that they dwelt in trees like monkeys and hunted with stone and bone-tipped spears. In future years the Nguni came to adopt the whole tribe and they in turn adopted the Nguni culture and language. Henceforth they called themselves the Swazis, or Ngwane people.”

This is of course were the name of the Swazi Bantustan “KaNgwane” came from. There are claims that the Swazi’s entered the area of Swaziland around 1600, but there is no proof of this. Their first settlements were along the Pongola River around 1750 under their leader Dlamini III, father of Ngwane III (1745 – 1780) the first king of Modern Swaziland.

Credo Mutwa says that “The Swazis prefer people to believe that they are an offshoot of the Nguni, but this is not true”. They are East Africans who later adopted the Nguni Language and culture.

“We fought many battles with the cunning tree dwellers before we managed to tame them.”

Till this day, Mutwa says, if you want to severely upset a Swazi, call him a “raw-flesh-eating tree dweller”…just be at a safe distance.

It was only after another month that the Nguni reached the Pongola River and crossed it, the land of what would become Zulu-land. They praised their gods for leading them to this land where they could live in peace and prosperity for many generations.

The introduction of Maize and Tobacco

Credo Mutwa also described how the Bantus encountered the Portuguese and traded a beautiful half cast woman one of the chief storyteller Lumukanda’s concubines named Lulama-Maneruana for ears of corn and tobacco. Her mother was black and her father Arabic and the Portuguese captain fell in love with her. The Portuguese also showed the Bantu how to plant and cultivate these plants and how to make products such as corn flour and tobacco snuff. Maize replaced sorghum as the staple diet of the Bantu.

Today, maize or corn is known as Mielies in Afrikaans or Mealies in South African English. These words are derived from the Portuguese word for maize, milho.

Of course the word Maize comes from the Spanish word Maiz which comes from the Taino Indians of the Caribean who called it Mahiz. The Zulu word for it is umbilo. Tabacco is known as ugwayi and till this day Zulus are known by their nickname “Izitengisa-Gwayi” (tabacco sellers).

The first Bantu settlements and the birth of the Zulu Nation

The first Nguni and Mambo settlements took place in the area north of the Tugela River. However the Xhosa tribe trekked further south. At this stage there was no Zulu nation yet; only small tribes like the Hlubi, the Lala, the Tembu and many others.

The Nguni leader Malandela erected the first Royal Kraal (8000 huts) and called it “Pelindaba” which means “End of the story” signifying the end of the Bantu migration and the start of their settlement. Pelindaba is today the name of one of South Africa’s nuclear research centres.

The chief Malandela was stabbed to death at a feast by a young girl called Pindisa in a revenge attack. Joint ruling of the Nguni was left to his two sons, Zulu and Qwabe who quickly started to quarrel over a woman.

The older Qwabe wanted to kill Zulu so he fled with some followers into the Nkandla forest and started trading with other tribes in mealies and tobacco. They called themselves the amaZulu. The people of Zulu.

However it was King Shaka Zulu (1787-1828) who would unify the tribes and give birth to what is known today as the Zulu Kingdom.

Today the luxury Estate of the Zulu President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is also called “Nkandla”.

In 1825 The Zulu King Shaka, in an agreement with the British to help him stay in power and prevent a revolt, allowed the British to establish the port of Port Natal (Durban).

The Voortrekkers established the Republic of Natalia in 1839 after the defeat of the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River and founded its capital Pietermaritzburg.

Continued tension between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus prompted the governor of the Cape Colony to dispatch a force under Captain Charlton Smith to establish British rule in Natal, for fear of losing British control in Port Natal.

The force arrived on 4 May 1842 and built a fortification that was later to be The Old Fort.

On the night of 23/24 May 1842 the British attacked the Voortrekker camp at Congella. The attack failed, and the British had to withdraw to their camp which was put under siege.

A local trader Dick King and his servant Ndongeni were able to escape the blockade and rode to Grahamstown, a distance of 600 km (372.82 mi) in fourteen days to raise reinforcements. The reinforcements arrived in Durban 20 days later; the Voortrekkers retreated, and the siege was lifted. Fierce conflict with the Zulu population led to the evacuation of Durban, and eventually the Boer/Afrikaners accepted British annexation in 1844 under military pressure.


As we have seen, according to their own legends and oral history, the Bantus are NOT indigenous to South Africa and neither are the Khoi and San. They were at best contemporary settlers of the region of South Africa together with the whites and that white settlement of Southern Africa is much older than official history would like to admit.

The article that appeared in "The digging stick" August 1993


  1. Anonymous4:41 am

    Very informative article, I didn't know the english had a colony here before the boers had founded natalia.

    1. Anonymous1:22 am

      I suppose you also did not know that uShaka had already given the land that the Voortrekkers claimed from Dingane to the English traders at Port Natal !
      Long before the Voortrekkers got anywhere near the place.

  2. Anonymous4:42 am

    Shaka: "hey whitey you have no claim, gib us back our land.
    also leave our land so that we can build another
    ejubpt here."
    Sane person: "fuck off shaka cunt http://mikesmithspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.co.za/2017/02/bantu-migration-and-settlement-of-south.html "

  3. Anonymous5:51 am



    The ignorance of the modern South African black

    Mike have they ever been intelligent or capable of thinking?

    We had to educate them because for thousands of years they were ignorant of the year, date, month, their geographic location, history, boundaries, language and everything that is civil.

    Now they want to play on the fact they learn everything from whitee.

    Well where are their libraries proving this?

    I guess hard rock library can be interpreted anyway and they will use that but like the Koi say, they were here first.

    You cant argue with something that had nothing to begin with. Everything they had is from whitee, they know it, we know it and thats what pisses us both off.

    In Zimbabwe they seem ignorant as to how to sort their roads out, finances out, schools out, agricultural sector.

    You can enlighten them, educate them all we like - give it 10 years of independence at it looks like a scene from planet of the apes.

    So long as the two of us live in the same country, there will be no future for either. One species is progressive, while the Karasite is digressive.

    One will have to go in the end. Whether we make the decision consciously or let it play out, the end result will be the same. Best we make a conscious decision.

    In the end, there can only be one!

  4. Anonymous6:25 am

    So Shaka (piece of shit) do as the white man does and first research the subject before opening your kaffir gob.

    Mike as always, spot on and I sincerely hope that this Shaka kaffir will now fuck off, but I doubt it because they are all thick.

    1. Anonymous2:34 pm

      @Anon 6:25am

      Kaffir gob! LOL.

  5. Anonymous6:43 am

    You forgot to mention the cities with flushing toilets and marble baths that these retards lived in.

    The highways with road paint and sign boards and the safety features that were constantly policed.

    The cell phones and radios and TVs and cinemas, the theatres where they went dress in top hat and tails and the finest silk.

    The industry and manufacturing and production never seen before or since that retards forefathers had created.

    The education systems and highest standards and all the free shit that just happened.

    You forget to say how we whites stole it and exported it over seas and then force retard in locations and drove them into the mines of coal, gold and diamonds that retard had been actively mining for centuries before the white scum came and stole it.

    Oh and you forgot to mention how we stole their intelligence and how they thought up everything that we now do and have forced them to accept a 20% pass for maths and science and how they have to burn everything thats not free because we changed their ancient free shit system to a capitalist pay for it system.

    shaka, you retarded cunt, is this not true what I have just written here? I thought so you retarded twat only retards would believe it to be true. Its called sarcasm, something that retards cannot understand.


  6. Interestingly enough, Mike, a late friend and colleague from the 1980's, Baden Hammond, was a historian par excellence, and was editor of DIE DALLER, a local paper for the town of Groblersdal, but he was based in Middelburg and visited the "DAL" once a week to gather news. On one occasion he was summoned by a farmer in that area to go and have a look at something very strange - on this farmer's land stood a plantation of cycads - but not just growing willy-nilly - no, I personally developed and printed his pictures at the time - these cycads were literally PLANTED in neat geometrical rows, and years before, an expert in the study of these plants calculated them to be hundreds of years old. Who planted them, and for what reason, was asked - the expert told the farmer that the ancient Egyptians apparently used the cycad sap or juice am,ong other ingredients in their embalming process, and the only conclusion the expert could come to was that thees plants were planted by ancient Phoenicians who apparently were known to venture into the southern parts of Africa. It has also been speculated that the Zimbabwe ruins were also the remains of Phoenician culture dating back to ancient times. Needless to say the"cycad farmer" didn't want Baden to give the location of his place away as he wanted to protect these plants. I myself wonder whether they are still on that property, or whether - like everything else - the place has fallen to rack and ruin like so many other once-flourishing farms...

  7. Anonymous7:39 am

    Give the free shit army all you stuff.


    Sound familiar Shaka, cunt?

  8. Anonymous9:22 am

    But some live on in our DNA as a result of all those matings.

    Everybody outside of Africa

    has Neandertals in their family trees, ranging from 1.5 to about 4% of DNA.


    1. Anonymous4:54 pm


      @Anonymous9:22 am

      And by their studies & theories, we are also all related to flies and worms.


      We are dealing with DNA - its a code string.

      Like the golden ratio, there is cross over in everything when it comes to DNA.

      Remember theory is unproven practical.

      There was a theory about making money on wall street once upon a time by some very smart, uber smart mathematicians, the problem is they lost $200 billion and the gov had to intervene to bail them out.

      They still believe the markets are wrong and their theory right.

      Theory is great to those who live on cloud 9 but in reality, like the reality of the their pet migrants now living in Europe, realities are far different to theories and we live in reality.

      I dont buy half the bullshit or 90% of the bullshit these "over educated" fools come up with. The double slit experiment is the reason why they can come up with all their answers.

      The nature of reality - look up double slit experiment and then you will quickly see why every scientific study is actually altered, including DNA.

      This is why if enough scientists look at the data, the very nature of the data they look at changes. Scientists viewing experiments alter the experiment.

      Look up the double slit experiment.


      Watch from 05:03 when observation is introduced.

      When one studies something, the brain interprets the wave (waves are made up of particles/atoms) function but the very act of observing the wave function causes the change. This is why so many scientists can study the exact same theory or perform the exact same experiments and come away with different conclusions.

      Take quantum theory, take your bible and you will see science has caught up with what faith is all about.

      In a nutshell, when you know about this double slit experiment, you cannot take it as conclusive proof.

      Hence why the world ages about 10 billion years per day according to evolutionists.

    2. Anonymous1:06 am

      Any scientific claim to authenticity MUST be reproducible before being accepted into the body of acceptance.

      Unlike you crazy prophecies that have no way of being shown to be verifiable let alone reproducible !

    3. Anonymous4:36 am

      Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation


    4. Anonymous11:53 am


      @Anonymous1:06 am

      Shut the fuck up! You talking out your ass again.

      The body of acceptance always changes, follow the link idiot.

  9. Whiteman9:37 am

    Mike, I can see a lot of hard work went into this article ! Maybe some libturd eyes will be opened, but I am not too hopeful. But it will inspire the patriots to be more resolute, and inspired, to fight for survival. But with all wars, something must act as a catalyst, to put fire to the powder keg. I wish I new what it must be, or will be, for the NSA genocidal nightmare ? Thousands of whites killed already, and I dont see any explosions yet ? I see black barbarians tempting, and begging the whiteman, for a big fight ? Why do I think that even occupying white farms wont do it ? Let us hope I am wrong.

  10. Anonymous12:26 pm

    The “Out of Africa Theory” (which is just that…a theory) has been debunked many times






  11. Anonymous2:16 pm

    This may all be true but today SA is black from top to bottom.
    There numbers far outweigh whites countrywide & the anc run the country.
    Many white groups have since attempted to overthrow the anc & all failed & today rot in prison.

    Any country that is black dominated is a failure, anywhere in africa, this will never change, as their numbers increase, so will their "influence".

    Whites must face the reality that their numbers are now in decline in sa & eventually, not far off, they will have to move to majority white countries if they want a white quality of life.

    1. Anonymous10:45 pm

      @ Anon 2:16pm.

      Maybe you should face the fact that the majority of whites left in SA have nowhere to go and some of us don't want to go anywhere.

      I was born here and I will die here, I do not want to run and I do not want to rest in other soil. Life is not forever but guilt is a life long harassment that eats a soul away till all that remains is a shell of what was.

      You claim white quality of life, what is that? Is that you screwing your fellow white man over for a quick buck? Is that you watching rugby and braaiing while a fellow white man lives on the pavement begging for food because your greed and short sightedness and lack of courage caused him to lose his job his house and his pride?

      Is the quality white life you speak of the life where you hog everything for yourself and say " fok almal, I am ok"?

      You see 216 I have friends white friends that left Europe and the States and moved to darkest Africa and have lived there for 30 years, some lived through Amin, Kaunda, Obote, Kenyatta, Seke Seke and the wars and conflict that preceded them and the shit that came after them.

      These friends have businesses, homes and live well in absolutely black countries, they forge a life and look after each other. When you and your type realise that everything has a price and that price cannot be paid by somebody else but must come from you,then South African whites will rise and flourish because we will unify and consolidate.

      If war is to come then fight that war as a man don't expect somebody to do the killing for you, do it yourself and do it for your clan. You want to live a long life but I tell you your life will never be longer that what it is meant to be, you cannot buy life and you cannot out run death, so man up son, grow some balls stand fast and forge our future with us.

      The only reason retard in SA acts towards whites the way he does is because he has never had a true war to recall and refresh his memory. If he wants to war let's give it to him, stop giving him everything else that he wants and start giving him the ultimate prize for his efforts, even if you die in the process at least you die standing for something not running from everything .

      So if we must face the facts then I suggest you look in the mirror and search your soul and face the fact that what looks back at you in the mirror and lies within your soul is the coward you are and the sell out you have become.


    2. Anonymous12:21 am

      All white countries are set for bastardization and ultimately elimination from the brown and black parasite collective.

      There is nowhere left to run, it's all or nothing from now on. Ready?

    3. Anonymous1:43 am

      LTMA, Blacks have outbred whites, there is no future for whites in South Africa, its just you who cannot see this & wants to live in a black continent.

      You ask what is a "white quality of life"...hahaha, you see you have been in sa & africa for so long you have forgotten.
      How about a white country that does not experience 19,000 murders a year, thousands of road deaths, rapes etc, no AA & BEE etc.
      You claim I am a coward & a sellout..hahaha, I have served time in prison for the white cause, have you ?

      Where are the rest of the whites in Africa....all gone !!

      Have you ever lived in another african country, eventually you WILL go.

      Kaffirs cannot run a country this is a fact proven throughout history & throughout africa.

      White numbers are dropping daily while blacks rise.

    4. Anonymous4:02 am

      Going to prison and then running VS Not being captured and staying for the fight.

      De Wets brother was also a general for the Boers but then joined the English. He did more for the Boers than all of us combined but still betrayed them.

      You going to jail doesnt mean a thing but you have my attention so please give details of what exactly you did.

      Also if you are so pleased with your new quality of life please explain why you are hanging around here.

    5. @ Anon 4:02 am...General Christiaan De Wet’s never spoke to his brother again and swore that if he ever met him again he would shoot him like a dog.
      After the Anglo Boer War there was a lot of discussion and debate between the Hensoppers (neutral), the Joiners (those who signed a pledge of allegiance to the Queen) and the Bittereinders (Those who wanted to carry on the fight against the British about who the real traitors were.
      The bitterenders wanted to carry on the fight which would have meant more bloodshed, more costs and probably more women and children interned in concentration camps. More Boer deaths.
      The Hensoppers and the Joiners justified their apathy and treason by saying that their stance was to bring the war to an end quicker. Saving Boer lives.
      This was also the reasoning of Milner and Kitchener and why they put the women and children in the concentration camps in the first place. If they didn’t the war would have carried on longer and more deaths would have occurred on both side.
      Now should whites keep on killing whites and wipe each other out? Who was right at the end of the day? Christiaan de Wet or his brother Piet?
      The Boer soldier said that he fought for his farm, his family, his wife and children. You take his wife and children away he has nothing more to fight for and you stop the war. That is the same reason why the British and Americans bombed civilians in Hamburg, Lübeck, etc. and why the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on civilians in Japan. It stopped the war abruptly. Take into account that the other strategy of pushing the Japanese back, island by island resulted in tremendous deaths, 7000 Americans and 18,000 Japanese at Iwo Jima alone, 10,000 and 86,000 at the Solomon Islands, etc. In effect the nuclear bombs saved lives in the end.
      Isn’t the goal to bring the war to an end as quickly as possible? Nevertheless, after the war families still warred against each other about this for many generations. The bitter enders and the joiners hated each other.

    6. Anonymous5:05 am

      @Anon 1:43 am.

      I have lived longer in black run countries than you can image, I have worked with them, lived like them and experienced first hand their prisons, hostage takings, beatings, ransom demands and all the shit that goes with it.

      I will leave SA one day to live in another African country because I have a business investment there and I will enjoy my returns on that investment in a country that offers me a good return but I will not leave here before I have finished what retard started.

      White numbers only drop because people do not stand together and say enough is enough.


    7. Anonymous8:43 am

      LTMA, you think you are clever ,you & your mates will never stop the tide coming in, you can build the biggest wall on the beach sand, the tide Will come in.

      If you stay in africa, the white nation will not miss you, alternatively you can join the whites in predominantly europe, us, uk, canada etc & live among your people.

      I have been jailed in africa, dined at the finest restaurants in new york & the EU.

      Yes, the elite may have a plan to brown out the EU but the eu is still more white than SA, who would you rather fight for ?

      What I went to prison for should not really bother you.
      I could care less if you have lived like a kaffir & worked with kaffirs, I couldnt do the same, I am a white man.

      Do you really think the elite in eu do not have plans to exterminate you whites in africa, dont you think they will find it easier in sa than in the eu.
      Stats do not lie, enough whites have already died in SA at the hands of radical k4's etc.
      The same is not evident for the eu.

      I could reason this out with you face to face but unfortunately we are using the net so its not possible, you want to stay with kaffirs so be it, they will annihilate you with sheer numbers & dont tell me about blood river more than 100 years ago.

      Times have changed you cannot base your future on blood river.
      Black majority will never accept white rule again in SA, by the DA or otherwise.
      The armed struggle against any future white minority rule can easily be re financed by china, russia, etc

      You stand no chance, I have read enough & seen enough.

    8. Anonymous11:30 am

      You are the one that mentioned your jail time not me so dont backtrack now. Nobody mentioned bloodriver no where so i dont see how that is relevant in the argument.

      I am not against people who leave, not at all, plenty of my mates have left and we are still good buddies. They have their reasons for leaving and i respect it but i dont see them condemning the stayers and checking up on sites like these taking a stand, just to see how they will fail or some sort of prejudiced fantasy against the bittereinders.

      Live your new life. Enjoy it and stop looking back it doesnt do you good nor the stayers. There are other leavers who have the back of the stayers. We dont need naysayers.

      Mike has a problem with this fighting among brothers and so do i so except this as resting my case.

    9. Anonymous12:41 pm

      @ Anon 8:43 am.

      Why do you think that I think that I am clever, I am not trying to be clever or smart. I have an alternate view to you and am airing it like you air yours

      I have a passion for Africa, mate. Truly a core passion. I don't live here to prove a point, I live here to satisfy my passion and enjoy the life that I have chosen.

      I cannot imagine living without the freedom that Africa offers, even if it is run by a forgotten species with a retardation that amazes God himself.

      The fact that I might die at the hands of these critters is not decided by me and I have to accept that fate should it be so but I will not leave the continent and live amongst people that do not understand us white South Africans, no mate my home is here and if I be stupid, dumb, insane, foolish or fucked then so be it. Just consider that people like Mike Smith, Boere Ninja, Donycero, J P Viljoen and all the other contributions to this blog must also be a little cuckoo too.

      843, Mike Smith doesn't run this blog for money, he has a passion for SA and the guys that stand here together share that passion for even though you might not believe it, we are a team and we do share a common goal.

      Maybe you just don't have the passion it takes to die for what you believe in.

      I like 11:30am, rest my case as, I can only help people see that want to be helped see.


    10. Anonymous12:52 pm

      First time I mentioned prison was to show my heart, second time was because you obviously showed interest but it was irrelevant in the greater context.

      I am not fighting with you at all, a great man is great because he has many advisers, not because he accepts everything he hears as gospel.

  12. Anonymous2:38 pm


    See in Rosettenville 70% of houses have been hijacked over the past 18 years. The Karasites turned these areas into squator camps aka using white built houses.

    Now we see that they are doing in former white areas what they do in townships and is one of the main reasons we did not want these things in white suburbia.

    Drugs, brothels, prostitution, high crime and again, all this from foreign blacks and at the cost of over R2 billion per year in unpaid taxes, municipal fees.


    Someone asked whether JHB will be hit in the end with massacre and I commented saying without a doubt.

    You can see from this scenario that this sort of thing will be played out in all JHB suburbs when the shit hits the fan.

    I remember being there in the late 80s/90s, it was as white as it could get. It was crime free, sure the south has a bad reputation but the areas were crime free and didnt look like a squator camp.

    Within 23 years, they turned it into another African suburb.

    Sad but this is what awaits all white areas when the shit hits the fan in JHB. These houses are dens for criminals and locked/loaded with weapons.

    1. Whiteman10:41 pm

      BN, what you say is perfectly true ! But the average whitey looks at these " poor " areas, and says : This degradation can not happen in our areas, because only upper class, educated blacks live here, and they also dont like the brothels and criminal nests. Ja right. We often hear how criminals will rent a house in a " security complex, " and actually use it as a head quaters, and storage facility, for ARMS, and other stolen goods. And some clever whiteys think they will just run around, and shoot " stupid " nignogs. The biggest mistake you can make, is to under estimate your enemy. We are forced to play the waiting game at present. ( Because we are so few, we cannot afford to allow more patriots to get killed, or " rot in jail, " as previously stated. ) We have to wait for the country to collapse first, so that it can be every man for himself. Then the right people will be FORCED together, and we will fight to win, or get wiped out entirely. It is as simple as this !

    2. Anonymous9:37 pm


      @Whiteman10:41 pm

      I also doubt the present gov will be at the next election.

      What we are seeing is it falling apart before our eyes when everything will collapse and an interim government setup that Siener spoke about.

      At that stage things will still be the same, just before we get the republics.

      Between now & 2019 the ANC will have to step down. I cant see them staying in power & the situation on the ground will be evident going forward.

      Watching the situation, I get the feeling they are already bailing out. You will see that the issues will escalate because they will be stealing anything left & know the present cannot continue.

      They will let anarchy reign & it will be during this period this interim government is setup by outside forces.

      If they can make it to the next election it will be a miracle at this rate. The clue was in their spending billions on their campaigns but failing dismally, the situation in Pretoria will happen in all white areas.

      They are going to fulfill their promises to the masses now, they will only do so because they can see they have no future and so by sink the ship as fast as humanly possible before having to accept defeat.

      Terrorists wont accept defeat, so they will create the anarchy.

  13. Anonymous3:01 pm

    This might interest all of you .

    Check out all the comments. Priceless!!

    1. Anonymous12:58 am

      Cape Town - Afrikaans singer David Kramer refused to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award at a gala event two weeks ago, because it meant he would have to share the stage with controversial singer Steve Hofmeyr.


      David Kramer -- "Cutting through the Mountain"

      There is NOWAY that Steve Hofmeyr represents ME ( or most other South Africans )

      WHO does he think he represents when / if he goes to speak to Trump ?

    2. David Kramer (real surname Karabelnik) is English speaking, not Afrikaans. His family are from Lithuanian Jewish decent. His Grandfather arrived in SA in 1899. David had no problem to sing in Afrikaans and made his entire living selling his music and shows to Afrikaners. He has been honoured several times by Afrikaans organizations such as the ATKV. During the 1980’s he also had no problem making several adverts for Volkswagen (who supplied the Nazis with vehicles). His shows are all about how happy and joyful the Cape Coloureds were under Apartheid. His hypocritical pseudo morality stinks to high heaven and his refusal to join a stage with Steve Hofmeyer is probably a publicity stunt to attract attention to his ailing career and otherwise pathetically dull music. What he doesn’t realize is that Steve is a big fan of Neil Diamond and even made a tribute CD to Neil diamond. Maybe he doesn’t know that Neil Diamond is Jewish.
      All I can say is, “Who the fuck does David Kramer think he is?”
      He certainly does not represent ME. Bloody hypocrite. Got rich off the Afrikaners and their language now he wants to shaft them.

    3. Anonymous3:50 am

      Anonymous12:58 am.

      80% of South Africans are black, so no he doesnt represent them at all. He is however making noise for the sake of his own nation.


    4. Anonymous4:06 am

      Entertainers and movie stars have no business representing anyone except themselves, which is nevertheless exactly what they do when they get into political discussions. Viz Meryl Streep.

    5. Anonymous7:03 am

      Well he has a political fb page and a group. So i guess he has his support base. I am not on it but he has a big following and i wont reject anyone trying to promote our agenda. I agree with you on the entertainer front but you sound quite hostile towards the oke.


    6. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Hier sit die manne hier sit die manne


      What sort of education does Steve Hofmeyr have ?

  14. Thanks Mike, that was very informative. However the great unwashed are not too concerned with facts. Unfortunately.

  15. Anonymous8:48 pm

    so there i am, on saturday, in the makro, at their bottle store, getting myself some rum and some bourbon, when i get to the till, there i find a zot, who is busy buying cases of imported french champagne, and imported french wine...

    All told, he spent 74000.00 on dop, and i watched all the other zots make such a big deal out of him, and laugh and carry on, just like the zots used to do towards the white man...

    Makes you wonder...

    Why they are willing to spend so much money, to drink imported booze, and still be as drunk as if they had spent all that on mageu?

    1. Anonymous12:15 am

      Because they cannot comprehend what you and I take for granted. They are unable to see what we see.

    2. Anonymous4:14 am

      Ha! When I went to the bottle store last week there was a munt all togged up in Muslim mufti. "Allahu akbar!" I said, whereupon he started babbling away enthusiastically in Arabic. When I told him Muslims don't drink alcohol, and asked him what he was doing in a liquor store, he wouldn't believe me. "Eish! Hayibo!"

  16. Mike is seriously deluded but I will refute his half-baked analysis.
    Khoi are not Nguni but they are nowhere near Asians in looks or DNA.
    Boers didn't invent any of those things you listed, they copied them.
    Reason blacks are poor is because whites stole our resources and best land.
    Telling you to go back to Europe is the same as telling Americans that, you are not indigenous to the land and descend from European interlopers.
    Solutrean hypothesis is a pile of rubbish and your link prooves that enough.
    Bible is rubbish we don't all come from the Euphrates valley, the truth is no one knows yet and till such Tobias hypothesis remains the most valid.
    Okay Mike retard here is a history leason, no black people ever call themselves Bantu, same as no whites call themselves Aryan. Call us Nguni, Sotho or any other term we are not a monolith.
    This Credo Mutwa guy is delusional and has no credibility. Phoenicians looking for gold and slaves in Southern Africa is hilarious and I don't believe you wrote that line with a straight face.
    Blacks don't hate coloureds, we're just apathetic and if we wiped them off the map why did Hottentots exist until whites came and stole their land from them. Wipe off the face of the earth yet millions of them still existed until whites destroyed them.
    Blacks didn't care about the smallpox epidemic as they had their own problems.
    Venda are Bantu you nitwit, just further showing your ignorance.
    So it seems your only source is the Credo buffoon?
    I knew you were a charlatan all along.

    1. @ Shaka..."Reason blacks are poor is because whites stole our resources and best land."
      Oh really? So why don't you go and lay a charge at the Police Station?
      Truth is blacks stole the land from the Khoi and the San and are still stealing land from the Whites to this day. We have laid charges already.
      I didn’t say the Bible theory was right. I didn’t say the Solutrean theory was right. Neither did I say the Bushmen were Chinese. What I said and the DNA evidence proves it, is that they are NOT related to the Bantu. My article proves that you fucking retarded lot traveled 5000km from West Africa to South Africa. The Bantu by its own admission is not indigenous to South Africa. In fact the Bantu by its own admission of its bullshit superstitious beliefs never wanted to enter South Africa in the first place, because they saw it as the end of the world and full of ten eyed cannibals.
      You say that Credo Mutwa is a buffoon and delusional and has no credibility? Why don’t you go and tell him that? That man has more fucking brains than you have in your entire family. He had enough credibility in the 1960’s that distinguished academics like Dr. A.S. Brink regularly consulted him. He wrote his books in the 1950’-1960’s, long before TV, and internet where you get your info from. He has no white Western university education. He has travelled throughout Africa and his knowledge of the African comes from the African. So if you say he is a buffoon and has no credibility then you are saying that the African is a buffoon and has no credibility.
      You like to hang on to the Bullshit “Out of Africa Theory” then you show how narrow minded and stupid you are. You are ignoring the mountain of evidence against it. Even blacks themselves said they are not from homo Naledi. Homo Naledi was an Ape to them and not Human.
      You are further ignoring and discarding all the San paintings and evidence of Phoenecian shipwrecks on the SA coast? You have proven to us that you discard any information contrary to your Commie Propaganda bullshit and ANC pseudo history.
      Whites did not wipe out the Hottentots, the three small pox epidemics did. It also wiped out 25% of whites at the Cape. Small pox is racially indiscriminant, if you don’t know. However, the Bantu were proud to claim the responsibility for it saying it was because of the curse they laid on them.

      I did not say the Venda was not Bantu. Credo Mutwa says they are an offshoot of Bantu slaves who were captured and kept to be sold to the Arabics. read the article again, doos.
      You want to give me a history lesson that blacks don’t call themselves Bantu? Say what? You have just proven yourself as NOT to be black. uMuntu (a person) aBantu (people) are Nguni words. Do you even know what “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu“ means? Here is a tip…You are not one. You are a fucking moron.
      Travel back those 5000km. Go fetch your brain that you left behind first. BTW…There is your home. Piss off. And go read the book by Mutwa before you criticise it.

    2. Anonymous4:24 am

      And you have copied nothing, because you can't understand anything, let alone improve upon anything. You remain stuck in the stone age. You're plain stupid and want to blame it on everyone else. You do not deserve Africa.

    3. Anonymous6:25 am

      @ shaka.

      Allow me to tell you that energy wasted on you is sinful, I myself would rather duel with that cowardly runner rtr than waste another thought on your fucking retarded brainless shit.

      You should thank the host for responding to you.

      You are truly the dumbest retard I have ever come across and believe me I have dealt with more than I should ever have been force to.

      I hope some white libtard never wasted money on your education.


    4. hey shaka

      I must say that every time you write a comment you are doing an exceptionally great job in confirming that for as much as you want to appear rational and intelligent you actually turn out to be unashamedly stupid.

      Way to go mompara

    5. @LTMA..."Cowardly runner rtr"...

      This bashing of runners and stayers better stop fucking quickly or I will shut this whole blog down and I will run. Then you lot can start your own blog moering each other. It is really getting boring and childish now. The enemy is the ANC and all ist supporters. Focus.

    6. Anonymous8:13 am

      @ MS, got it crystal, clear. Accept my apology to you as the host. I will refrain from further comment of such nature.

      May I bash the retards? Just a little bit? Its not as much fun as rtr who at least fights a good fight but I will live with shaka, Sipho, sizwe and clan if I can bash them a bit.

      Apology Mike.


    7. Carry on. It just irks me when we fight amongst each other.

    8. Long overdue - well done Mike.

    9. Anonymous5:47 pm

      @LTMA - do you have a fetish regarding people who left SA? Just this year alone, at every chance you get you rant about so-called runners - FFS man - your contributions are mostly informative, but what is your issue here? As stated many times before, people leave countries for manu reasons - work, family, survival,whatever - stop jou kak of gaan praat kak iewers anders.

    10. There you go again with your Bantu nonsense. Only Nguni and Sotho lay claim to South Africa not Bantu peoples.
      This Credo chap is on David Icke's shtick and I don't take both seriously.
      Who said blacks said they are not from Homo Naledi? You're making stuff up again.
      There was never any Arabic slavery in South Africa. And Phoenicians coming all the way here looking for gold and slaves while Europe was next door is nonsensical.
      Whites brought the smallpox with them and are thus directly responsible for being dirty creatures who don't bath.
      San paintings are worthless propaganda which have been twisted for your own weird agenda.
      Venda are not an off-shoot of slaves and Cyril is the favorite to be our next president. Bantu means people you idiot in Nguni, it doesn't denote an ethnic group. Whites invented the word to describe all black people like Aryan describes all white people. You truly are retarded.

    11. @Shaka who said..."Who said blacks said they are not from Homo Naledi? You're making stuff up again."

      Ag Fokkof Shaka...I am really getting tired clubbing your ignorant Kaffir head with facts. You obviously haven't read the article properly otherwise you would have seen the link. Here it is again stupid fuck knuckle:


      Go do your fucking research or piss off. Either bring facts or I will delete yo ass.

    12. Anonymous8:05 am

      @ MS 7:34am.

      Don't delete this booi, he is after all the only retard that shows endurance and commitment, he puts in a show here regularly even if its filled with shit and retarded logic.

      Give him credit, his clantards all get a beating and run helta skelta, this booi comes back for more, I haven't seen a retard do this ever.

      He most probably posts the shit he does so that he can glean the facts from your knowledge then he impresses the wog curls off all his mates heads around the braai on the weekend.

      If you delete this retard then we have nobody to bash around.


    13. Anonymous8:13 am

      @Anon 5:02 and 5:47 pm.

      Give it a break fellows, you whining like dogs at the moon.

      I said I will stop now give me the chance to stop, ffs!

      It bothered you but you were not men enough to raise when I was doing it but you want to run behind MS, I can tell you now he doesn't need you he can do it by himself.

      So give it a break and knuckle down and watch the sspace.


  17. Mike, thank you. Months of studying and reading goes into posting an article like this.
    It's time you pull out the stops and publish your book.?. More people need to know this..

  18. @ Anon. 8:48,
    Die fokken goed is rou.
    As Kebble ( who had it coming ) described it in his autobiography :-
    Frikkie Mbalula and his cohorts would pay him a visit ever so often. More like 01:00 in the morning.
    First thing this fokkol gewoond cnt would go for being the Remy Martin and all things nice.
    By 02:00 he'd be dancing on the Grand Piano...patent leather Mr Price pointer-shoes and all.
    To step up this look of supposed intellectuality...each and every one ( another that ever so stupid Kodwa imbecile ) fit themselves with eyeglasses reminiscent of the deep thinkers of old.
    Strip them of this.. staan die kaffer naak in al sy oerse naaktheid.
    Just luvvit to give them the 100 yrd stare ( and an underlying grin saying "I know better" ) when they pull up with their BEE Bullshit Merc next to me at a robot.
    Clearly taking note of this.. they can't wait for the lights to change.
    In short: - Deep down they themselves know exactly who & what they are.
    All the bling & Gucci's only a cover-up for one huge inferiority complex.

    1. Daniel, at the end of the day they are all just Zots and after a few dops will revert to their natural savage / uncivilised ways. You can dress a monkey in fancy clothes, but it's still a monkey.

      "Al dra aap 'n goue ring . . .?

  19. Stephen12:07 am

    Hi Mike

    I just love-it when you get it spot-on. Well when don't you ever.

    Those 3 landmarks you mentioned about Durban , they are still there to this day , DICK KING on his horse - statue can be seen on the Esplenada( Victoria Embankment )going south-west...
    The OLD FORT is still there ( now called OLD-FORT place) in Old Fort road. And Gongela is now a train-station just outside the city.

    Thanks Mike , its surreal to know that I pass these places everyday on my way to work and home again.

    Also Port Natal was named so because on Christmas-day the Portuguese sailed passed this coast , and so called it Port-Natal ( Natal is Portuguese for Christmas )

    Shot Mike , us Afrikaners/English started this place thanks for pointing that out.

    1. Anonymous1:19 am

      "NATAL" referred to a region of the South Eastern African coast.

      Vasco de Gama was in any case NOT off the bay when he made the decision to name the area on Christmas day 1497. Originally called RIO de Natal as it was though that the bay was the estuary of a very large river.

      Natalia Volume 27 article page 19-29

    2. Stephen3:12 am

      okay sparky ,
      so what does NATAL mean in Portuguese?

      And he was coming up from rounding the Cape and found four of his smaller ships off our coast , then named the stretch of coast 'Terra Natalis'.

      Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
      I see your part of the AAA.

      Anonymous Arsehole Association ne?

    3. Anonymous3:41 am


      I have the same replica map hanging on my wall.

      Filippo Pigafetta - dated 1591. (Italian)

      Africa map.

    4. Nice map. I see the land of Azania was just under the equator on the east coast. No wonder the Kaffirs want to call South Africa Azania. They want to name it after their former home where they came from.

    5. Anonymous11:51 am

      @ Stephen
      I provide a reference
      WHAT do YOU do ?
      Might I suggest YOU are ALREADY a wreck .........

    6. Anonymous12:58 am

      I see Mr Smith has deleted my earlier reply ?
      As I mentioned I provided a reference ( which I suppose you never bothered to check ? -- I did know the author )

      In any case there were ONLY four ships

      São Gabriel,
      São Rafael,
      Berrio, renamed São Miguel
      A storage ship of unknown name,


      IF you so desire you can download a full record of his first voyage

      "A journal of the First voyage of Vasco de Gama 1497 - 1499"
      E.G. Ravenstein F.R.G.S

      de Gama was navigated to India by someone else

      In what is now the port of Malindi, Kenya, da Gama met and interacted with Indian merchants and sailors. They advised him on the favorable monsoon winds of the western Indian Ocean. In fact, da Gama actually hired an experienced Indian navigator to guide his fleet to the trade center of Calicut (now known as Kozhikode).



      Unlike you ( and so many of the posters here ) I strive for accuracy and completeness. Rather than the haphazard and ignorant little bits of misinformation passed as -- knowledge
      You have a lot to say about black Africans but fail to recognise that you are mostly just as ignorant and lazy !
      Having to rely on ANY of you ( apart from Mike Smith ) to work out ANY strategy is being extremely hopeful ( and extremely stupid )

    7. Anonymous10:26 am

      @Anon 12:58am.

      Careful there my boy. You are so full of wind that you might pop, then there will be a shit splatter all over the walls.

      Don't venture here if we are inferior to you, oh mighty one.

      Go forth, strategize, strive, complete accurately and labour on for we are not worthy oh might one.

      I will see you by the lake on Sunday don't forget the bread and fish.


  20. Anonymous2:24 am

    One of the most progressive and positive steps forward since '94 is the move of Gerrie Nel and Afriforum to set up a legal structure to challenge the corrupt state.

    No matter what you feel about Afriforum or Gerrie, we must acknowledge this move as a extremely positive move.

    We need to set up a parallel competent system to challenge the broken state departments such as the courts, police, military etc. Our youth are no longer being disciplined/trained in military combat any more. We need to introduce these parallel centres of excellence in every discipline of governance.

    We can no longer just sit on the sidelines and make smart comments and criticise the failure of the new SA.

    We must strengthen our local 'armed response' companies. All of us should become members and receive training through this structure.

    We need to get more involved and stop the finger pointing and race accusations. We all know where the problem lies, lets present a solution - a parallel, effective working system.

    Well done Gerrie Nel and Afriforum.

    1. Anon 2:24 I agree wholeheartedly. This is a start. We need to set up parallel systems across the whole spectrum of govt to highlight their inefficiency and enforce the rules & regulations as they are intended to be.

    2. Which begs the question should one keep the brain dead patient artificially alive or pull the plug?

      I am all for Gerrie pissing on the Kaffir's batteries. I just hope he gives them stick to the point where they flip out and do what they always wanted to do. The sooner we can get this road on the show the better. Everything else is just prolonging the inevitable.

    3. Absolutely agreed, Mike. I'm sure The Bulldog is honing his blade for the useless fuckers. The dumb fucks are now suddenly "investigating" him. What the fuck for? But that'll only be more inspiration for him to nail them.

  21. Anonymous3:55 am

    Very interesting and informative post, thank you.

    Where did the San come from? And the Hottentots (Khoi)?

    1. The oldest (200,000 years)San skeletons were found in Kenya and Tanzania not South Africa. They moved from there down into SA

    2. Anonymous11:15 am

      They wouldn't have gone down south to the Karoo of their own accord. So who drove them out?

  22. Anonymous5:31 am

    How is our words on this blog helping the cause of victims like this? When will we bring this to an end. We are being exterminated.


    1. Would you like this blog to rather close down then? I can do that. No problem. Do you think THAT is going to help the cause of the victims?

      Like I always say...This blog doesn't tell you what to do. It does not give you all the answers. All it does is make you THINK about the answers.

    2. Anonymous3:06 pm

      Mike, my comment was not a dig at your blog. Just frustration at seemingly doing nothing.

    3. All of us have that frustration mate but by being active and doing something you will start to feel better, even if it is something small like pasting this post onto your fb account or create a fake account if you are worried about your identity.

      When the numbers are right our efforts will automatically level up to next stage. A million dollars are made up of cents.. be a cent or a dollar or more if you can, but contribute. That is at least some kind of action.

      Dont just read, learn, acquire, formulate and spread.

    4. Anonymous3:08 pm

      Nice one Dony.

  23. Anonymous5:37 am

    Here we go. Was this organised by the domestic?

    Further details on Oscar Pistorius’ aunt ambushed in house robbery


  24. Great article Mike.

    An interesting thing on the Phoenicians/ Ancient Israelites, Brazil was and is still known for its iron ore production.

    The Hebrew word for Iron is #1270. barzel

    The ancients were not some primitive people running around.

    Problem is we look at the kaffirs - who still run around half naked and eat each other - and think we began as primitive.

    Never, the differences between us have always been the same, whether today or 5 000 years ago, they always looked like apes and thought accordingly, we always looked heavenly and built civilizations accordingly.

    These things are not even worth the bullets you put them down with. Na, the best strategy (most cost effective) is to set them off against each other.

    Their superstitious nature is the weak point. Use dreams, say you had a dream about such and such. I always ask what tribe they are from, then say I had a dream that this other tribe is plotting against them.

    Add some spice and watch their eyes, but keep a deadly serious face. If you say you dreamt it then it carries authority in their eyes. Stupid things.

    You get my drift. They are very easy to throw off.

    1. @ JP...Thanks Boet. You say, "the best strategy (most cost effective) is to set them off against each other."

      Even if you had 50 million bullets and started executing one every two seconds 24 hrs of the day seven days a week it will take you more than three years to accomplish the task.

      The best method to date used by the Communists in Russia, China, North Korea, Zim, Somalia, Ethiopia, Combodia, etc is mass starvation.

      Like Felix "The Red Terror" Dzerzhinsky said; "Humans are not much more than animals. Starve them a little and they start eating their own."

      Tja...look at women. The moment they fall on a bit of hard times they start prostituting themselves.

      Imagine what is going to happen when you start starving cannibals and you chuck a few machetes in there.

    2. I think the starvation is at hand? CWG posted an article on our WhatsApp group about there being vegetables shortages in the UK. They have stopped all online buying it was said.

      Now here, in the "Parasitedies" S A we are still bearing the brunt of the drought, despite the good rains in some parts, and now we have the "kommando wurm" plaque rearing its head and threatening the grain harvest. No mealies = no pap = starvation. So, the cannibalism might be nearer at hand than we know?

      Divine intervention? I think so. Well, one can always hope.

      Like JP, I believe that 2017 is going to be something of a watershed year. Didn't Siener say something about "wanneer die gras weer hoogstaan", implying after good rains? [Ninja?]

      Let's see what the dumb Showerhead has to say tomorrow and then listen to how Pityana of Save South Africa & Anglo crucifies the idiot in what he refers to is going to be "The Real State of The Nation" address which he is going to also give tomorrow.

      Interesting times.

    3. Anonymous6:02 am

      Lots of hiluxes to convert into technicals, I'm thinking Janjaweed tactic used against the Sudanese pecky in Darfur, kettle them

    4. Anonymous7:19 am

      Did you know that Melania Trump was a prostitute? Now don't go on a rant that all women are whores anyway. Prostitutes charge upfront and you can go your own way afterwards. Wives nail you forever. Donald doesn't seem too enamoured of his Slovenian whore.

    5. @ Anon 7:19 am ...Melania Trump a prostitute? I would like to see your evidence for that. I mean, not that I mind, but just for the record.

      You said it...The oldest profession in the world. Women have everything men want and men have the money. It was like that for the last 6000 years and it is going to be like that for the next 6000 years.

    6. @Anon 7:19 you don't seem to understand the reason you pay a whore upfront is so that she fucks off when you are done...

    7. @Anon 7:19 am She has won/settled several lawsuits over just those claims, and is going to court soon again because the online Daily Mail published that claim. Model =/= whore

  25. Mike thank you for an informative article.

    As you know most Afrikaners and Boers has got Khoi blood in their veins and that would give us more right to South Africa than what any Bantu can claim. The Khoi peoples DNA also have a closer match to white people than with the Bantu people. That would make me think that they could then maybe decedents from the San and the Phoenicians as your Article suggest they were here long before Bartholomew Dias sailed around Cape Point.

    That say to me that I can with a clear conscious tell a Black man go back to North Africa, this land is my land.

    1. Anonymous1:26 pm


      @Jan Malan7:49 am

      That would make me think that they could then maybe decedents from the San and the Phoenicians

      I think not.

      They were incapable of even wearing shoes, where the Phoenicians crossed oceans. I highly, highly doubt they are even remotely genetically connected.

      The Phoenicians had maps of earth, time, history, inventions, ports, commerce.

      The Koi-San had neither - they couldnt even figure out how to make a pair of sandals from the skins of their animals.

      We dont have to prove shit, the yanks dont, the US dont, the Australians dont, the NZ dont, Canadians dont, Argentinians dont, Uruguayans dont... So why the shit should we have to even remotely prove we are from here.

      End of the story is , we built this place, uplifted the people, fact is the Cape is ours - end of story.

      Nothing else left to prove.

      This is our home, much like the niggers in the US claim the US is their home and never went back to Africa.

      The only way to solve the situation is via eradication, if not, continue debating like this for another 300+ years.

      They will either remove us or vice-versa.

      Until then simply be prepared because it has started already, the incident in Pretoria is just one of many, many incidents that are going to occur now and up until the next election and they will get worse.

      The things cant even get a farm right, what right do they have to tell us where we are from and that we should return. It would be interesting to do a street tour and ask the average karasite on the street to point out on a map we are from.

      I dont argue with these things - skiet hulle!

    2. Whiteman12:10 am

      I have often wondered why so many whiteys are mesmerised by the black barbarians, and mud-nations in general. To the point of doing themselves in, and leaning over backwards, to " uplift " these creatures. It can not just be the christian religion, of world wide brotherhood, and everything on two legs, must be " saved ! " The only logic conclusion I can come to, is that they are of mixed blood, because blood attracts blood. Even after many generations, and even if people are " blond, and blue eyed." Even if there is just one molekule of mixed blood. But I firmly believe there are still pure blood Adamites, and it manifests itself, in the culture of Apartheid. But we have to be careful here. Some people shout Apartheid, because the blacks have disadvantaged them in some or other way, and they are just plain angry. Then you get people, like myself, who believe in Apartheid, with every fibre in your body, and seek to get away from these creatures, as far as possible. Even the nice, educated "christian " types. It is actually also a spiritual thing, and this can not be adequately explained through science !

    3. Jan, jy het 'n baie goeie punt/argument daar - my eerste Van den Berg stamvader het in 1652 saam met Jan van Riebeeck se geselskap hier aan die Kaap aangekom. Maar ek het hoegenaamd GEEN bewys dat enige van sy afstammelinge nie ook 'n streep van die teerkwas weg het nie, want na 'n paar eeue sal dit ook nie maklik opwys nie. Ek weet net ek was baie blond en het groen oë as klein kind gehad - en selfs vandag word ek as "suiwer blank" beskou, maar dan moet ek ook byvoeg dat alhoewel ons Van den Berg lyn tot nou toe aaneenlopend is - m.a.w. suiwer Hollands - van moederskant af is ek 'n afstammeling van (weereens) Nederlands, maar ook Frans en Duits. Ek moet egter byvoeg dat ons Van den Berg lyn nou tot stilstand gekom het, daar die enigste oorblywende lid my jonger broer (ook al jare terug oorlede) se seun - sover ek bewus is - iewers aan die Natalse Noordkus 'n "beach-bum" is en nooit getrou het nie. Ek vrees nie vir wat van my toekoms oor is nie, daar ek reeds in my tagtigerjare is, MAAR - ek is grootjie van AGT agterkleinkinders en 'n 9de wat iewers in April die lewenslig moet aanskou. Ouderdomme wissel van 14 tot 1 jaar oud - vraag is, watter toekoms is daar vir hierdie kinders en hulle tydgenote? En soos so baie ander is ek ontsettend verbittered teen hierdie verdomde F.W. de Klerk en sy gatgabbas soos bv. Roelf Meyer en kie wat bereid was om MY/ONS eens veilige, vreedsame en voorspoedige land terwille van 'n paar $miljard uit te verkoop en ons/my mense daagliks verkrag, beroof en uitgemoor word terwyl dieselfde De Klerk en kie veilig agter hul gepantserde persele kattemaai... I REST MY CASE...

    4. Anonymous9:48 am

      My understanding of apartheid was to dismantle globalism. Everything the apartheid people did was the exact opposite of what Soros and them do, except that apartheid used the same tactics to achieve the opposite of globalism.

    5. Anonymous3:07 pm

      Anon 9:48 bingo, that's why all this shit we see globally has been accelerating since the fall of Apartheid. Maybe it's true what they say that the Devil has been loosened on this earth since the release of that dead black terrorist mandela.

  26. Anonymous11:10 am

    Baie goeie skryf stuk Mike.


  27. Anonymous11:13 am

    Probably many Afrikaners but Boers i doubt.


    1. Anonymous5:30 pm

      Ag ou Dony .... gaan twyfel iewers anders - moenie iets soek waar daar niks is nie. Contribute something meaningful. Asseblieftog man

    2. Anonymous5:30 pm

      Hy ballas ek "contribute" meer as jy in my fokken pinkie deer om net my naam onder my post te sit. Nie hierdie agterbakse Anonymous hit en run kak nie.

      Ek wil nie met jou baklei nie want net die feit dat jy op hierdie site is sit jou kla in die selfde span as ek. Ten to one het ek jou hierheen gelok want ek spandeer `n goeie paar uur elke dag aan bewusmaking.. Wat contribute jy? Moenie kak soek waar daar nie kak is nie.

      Wa val jy uit die berge uit? "Ag ou Dony .... gaan twyfel iewers anders"??? Wa van praat jy, want ek het mis gepost. Jy kan dan sien die post staan in die middel van niks en nerens sonder enige ruglyn van betrekking.

      Dat ek koisan bloed het? Nee ek het nie ook nie my familie nie en ons is hier 315 jaar en het deer al die oorloe geveg aan die regte kant. Ek weet wat is n boer en wat is `n afrikaner maar die saak staan dat ons almal wit is en moet hande vat vir die eerste keer in ons geskidenis. Kan jy dit doen?? Ek steek my hand uit na jou tensy jy "troll"

      Ek gee nie om as jy koisan bloed of kaffer bloed het nie, of enige iemand anders nie, want ek myself is van Italiaanse afkoms so my bloed is ook nie skoon soos in Adam skoon nie maar ek my pel is `n boer deer en deer.

      As ons mekaar misverstaan aanvaar my apologie maar moenie krap waar dit nie juk nie.

    3. Well said, Dony, my brother. There will always be some twats wat dwarstrek, sowing division instead of unification.

      Dis maar 'n eeueoue kwaal van die Boere / Afrikaners. You should try and get a copy of "Maynier and The First Boer Republic" by J S Marais [which was right there in your valley] when in the late 18th century, Graaff Reinet district declared independence from the VOC & the Cape. Even then there were always dwarstrekkers and the republic didn't last very long.

  28. RunForrestRun12:04 pm

    There is nothing new under the sun and those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, I like reading this blog and the comments for its diversity of intelligence, wisdom, philosophy and sometimes even humour BUT its what I call a "mengelmoes" everyone pulling in different directions regarding language, origin, hensoppers, non-hensoppers, boere, afrikaners, white, beige, slightly brown, etc etc and I can carry on.

    Believe me, until there is a single purpose, a singularity of thought and action it will always remain like a flock of sheep milling around directionless. As anyone who has ever witnessed a flock of sheep in the Karoo will tell you " n klomp skape is fokken onnosel". That is my overriding impression when reading these comments.

    A lot of the people on here have all kinds of ideas about fighting and dying and bravery and cowardice but I have yet to actually read the comments from ONE with constructive ideas for winning and building an enduring society that I would want to be a part of.

    Even the ones who like to think of themselves as "Spartans" or "Vikings" or "warriors" have no fucking cooking clue, here,--read this


    and try to understand the reasons for the rise, yet short lived dominance of Sparta and whether you have not seen the same things in our own SADF and in fact the erstwhile RSA.

    As I say, unless you learn from the past you are doomed to repeat your failures and I and many like me do not feel emboldened, motivated or even slightly optimistic about joining a futile endeavour when everything I read only brings the picture of those baaaa-ing, milling, directionless sheep to mind

    1. There were plenty of flaws in that article. The Spartans a bunch of bum pumping faggots? Lol Give me a break.

      The Spartans used to practice strict abstinence - even when married - they would limit their exposure to their woman.

      They understood that the life force is in the seed and that you don't just spray it down the drain like piss.

      You want to weaken yourself? yes a woman will take you down but bum pumping will destroy your energy levels and soul.

      The Spartans even knew they were descended from the Israelites as did the Trojans - they wrote about it.

      The Spartans used to actually sometimes fight basically naked to minimize weight and keep speed high. Hence where the term 'beserker' comes from.

      The Athenians were the softies and the Spartans would often comment in laconic manner how the Athenians were brave...painters that is...

      There were bits of Truth and falsehood mixed up in that article, even the one comment pointed this out.

      The only reason those poor whites fought back in Pretoria was because they had nothing left to lose.

      The solution is to edge the kaffirs on to torch this cursed country and go on a rampage like only the kaffirs can do.

      The enemy are the liberal whites, our weapon is the kaffir. We just need to start using them.

    2. Anonymous11:49 am


      @RunForrestRun12:04 pm

      Its so easy to debunk your bullshit, thats the funniest part. You look at everything through a microscope and fail to see the trees for the forest.

      " n klomp skape is fokken onnosel". - The only one that is directionless is you. You dont align with your people, you criticize, offer no solution, no thought, mock others - You sit on the fence from a far and want to impart your wisdom yet it is neither here nor there.

      "ONE with constructive ideas for winning and building an enduring society that I would want to be a part of."

      Hmmmm you want to speak about constructive, yet I believe it was you who told us you were in NZ - so how are you being or adding to the constructive new South Africa when you are 12,000 miles away?

      You cannot speak of constructive & karasites in the same sentence. There is a solution - the same one applied in the US & Australia, so unless these sheep refuse to do it, then yes they are off to the slaughter house but there is a solution, tough times will call for tough measures.

      Even the ones who like to think of themselves as "Spartans" or "Vikings" or "warriors" have no fucking cooking clue, here,--read this - one view point of history.

      Well if it were not for Sparta, Europe would have been named after the same stan states you find when they had to swing towards Asia.

      If it were not for them, chances are there would be no Afrikaners in South Africa today - again, you look through the microscope not looking at the big picture. Europe would have also been Islamic.

      And where do you come up with the idea that Sparta was short lived? Everything is short lived in the world, it depends on your time perspective.

      The ottoman empire with each day that passes could also seem in the grand scheme of things as being short lived. Short compared to what?

      What are you using to measure it and from what time period?

      "and try to understand the reasons for the rise, yet short lived dominance of Sparta and whether you have not seen the same things in our own SADF and in fact the erstwhile RSA. "

      The SADF were not defeated but sold out. The same former SADF soldiers are able to sort out terrorists in Nigeria and do in 2 weeks what the UN, US and the world failed to do in 3 years.

      The SADF might be gone but the people who made up the SADF might be old but again, look at your history book and you will see the old ballies who fought in the AngloBoer war and before you jump up and down saying they lost that war... No they did not, again forced to retreat and surrender but they are here.

      The same heart and soul found itself in the SADF, the strongest army for its size and again, it vanished but they are still there just not working for the govamunt.

      "or even slightly optimistic about joining a futile endeavour when everything I read only brings the picture of those baaaa-ing, milling, directionless sheep to mind"

      Your final statement brings me back to my first statement, you shout at everyone telling everyone they are directionless, yet you offer no solution, no alternative.

      You dont unite, you dont offer support, you dont offer anything inspiring, you dont offer any productive thought, you dont offer anything insightful or anything at all.

      The only thing you have successfully done on this blog is to shout your mouth at people, tell everyone how shit their ideas are, told them they are doomed to failure, told them they are directionless.

      Now If I were a psychologist, I would diagnose you with bipolar. You are neither here nor there.

    3. Anonymous11:51 am


      @RunForrestRun12:04 pm

      Please enlighten us on the following....

      1. Provide a solution - one where we will not be in the same situation in 365 years time.
      2. Give us your plan. (running is not a plan)
      3. How do you plan on uniting the people?
      4. How do you plan on working this while shitting on everyone?

      Honestly, I can see why Mike gets so gatvol, the only think Im certain about is the day things happen, you will not be around.

      If you are so negative before the battle, god I would hate to see you in the midst of battle.

      Sort your head out, get some faith, whatever you need to do please do it else where. You raise valid points but you do so in a manner that divides the people.

      If one is not uniting, one is dividing and if one is dividing, he is not worthy of being called a brother or sister of the future republic of South Africa.

      Come on now, sort your shit out. Either you are for us or against us. There is no in between here. This is a zero sum game.

      With such determination to make everyone feel like shit, with just a slight change in attitude towards your fellow people, you could be doing something more constructive and helping those that need to be uplifted.

      Time is of the essence, there is not much time left, so either unite, join or simply sit by and watch but dont be doing this running people down. There is no benefit to anyone.

    4. RunForrestRun3:06 pm

      @JP,---so where are those Spartans NOW?
      @Boere Ninja,-----So wtf have you been doing for 24 years? You don't seem to get it, you peddle your bs over here yet for 24 fucking years you have achieved fokkol, nada, you are just sinking deeper and deeper into shit praying and hoping for a siener, or a man dressed in khaki, or or or.

      There is fokkol to unite man, wtf are you on about, time is of the essence NOW???????? Nou will jy fokken wakkerskrik? Time was of the essence a longgggggg time ago maatjie, its why we all left when we couldn't get people like you to wake up.

      You have so many fucked up ideas I don't have the time or the inclination to address them.

    5. Anonymous11:23 pm

      @rfr 3:06pm.

      Twat, why don't you fuck off of this blog, your shit is a disease that has permeated your soul and your life.

      You're re the most negative person I know and you want to infect everybody with it.

      You are the traitor of whites the one that cannot see victory in any endeavour, I have said this before and I will say it again, you're the piece of shit that guys like myself hire because you come with the speel and the glib tongue, you've done it all, made millions for people always been fucked over and never received recognition. We put you to task only to find out that you're a useless cunt that talks big, does fuck all, tells stories, blames somebody else and sponges off the company.

      rfr you are not a man, not a shawow of a man, you're the whimp, the cry baby, the shit stirrer and the blamer go fuck yourself because your shit is enough now.

      Best you find a blog that suit your yellowed aura and your pessimistic views. If anybody deserves to be deleted its you.


    6. Ninja, very eloquently put, my brother.

      RfR - how do you know what we "Bittereinders" [excuse me for taking the liberty of associating us with those heroes of old - you might view their efforts as futile, like you do us, but we see them as brave and honourable men] are doing or have done? Do you expect the "doers" to shout it out to the rooftops for everyone to become aware? How do you know how many of the youngsters go to the combat skills training schools regularly? You're sitting there, 12 000 miles away, shouting the odds, while you have no clue of what is or might be happening here at Ground Zero.

      Jumping the gun and being overly hasty has landed people in the the shit; the Boeremag for instance [although we know that the case against them was mostly trumped up bullshit].

      No mate, as BN says, be constructive or STFU. You see, you view those old Bittereinders as being misguided, as you do us. We, on the other hand, view them as heroes who have left a legacy of which we are proud of and which we will attempt to emulate.

      You see, it's all a matter of perspective. I understand yours and do not criticise you for the decision you made. It is probably the wise one. But, I was born here. This land is my land. I have just as much right to live and die here as any of the "invaders", if not more. My family contributed to building this country. What have these parasites ever contributed? Sweet fuckall. So I am fucked if I'll give up my heritage without a fight, be it a losing one or not. At least there'll be honour in my demise.

      I've said it before on the blog. During the Border & Angolan War we were prepared to sacrifice our lives for this country, and many did, so why should it be any different now?

      Pink Frikkie and his bunch of traitors betrayed the sacrifice of all our brothers who died up there, I'm fucked if I'll also betray them.

      So, you stay and be happy down there in NZ and don't worry about us. We are quite capable, thank you.

    7. Anonymous7:23 am



      This thing is not worth the head space. Ignore him, anyone not for us is against us. Let him wallow in his negativity.

      The biggest waste of time is trying to get a negative person to think positive, the only outcome will be that there will be 2 negative people after such an encounter.

      Waste of time.

  29. Anonymous12:04 pm

    @ Run Forest Run.

    I offer you a truce, I will agree to disagree with you on your views that differ from mine, I will do so with respect for you and refrain from insulting you.

    I ask that you do the same and should the odd hard word or phrase be exchanged between us, accept it like a man and we carry on.

    Now be a man, accept this truce and get on with life.

    The rest of the blog, I do apologize for my rudeness and for turning the blog into my own private battle field.


    1. RunForrestRun11:02 am

      I've always been a man, -mate. I'm also quite happy to continue giving your postings the lack of attention they deserve. As far as your insults, their tone, content and direction go, I have always found them more indicative of your character or lack thereof,-you choose.

      I am quite happy to continue to disagree with you and in future will just ignore whatever you write,--I mostly do anyway.

      As an aside, I will not apologize for calling people who act stupidly what they are. Since 1994 more than a million people have left South Africa,--approx 25% of the white population, that correlates closely with IQ scores above 110 for the population. It also happens to contain almost all the analytical and abstract thinkers and people disciplined and driven enough to successfully complete tertiary education. So take this any way you want to but this continued exodus of the best and brightest will only guarantee the results to be expected as the gene pool becomes shallower and murkier.

      If you cant see where I'm going with this there is no point in talking to you. Its like debating sky fairies, prophets, goblins, tokoloshes,---every one of them manifestations of ignorance, fear and an inability to critically and honestly determine the root causes of whatever predicament you find yourself in.

    2. Anonymous3:04 pm

      Fuck LT it seems you are the bigger man after all. Well done.

    3. Anonymous8:13 pm

      rfr 11:02am.

      Firstly, never make the mistake of thinking I am your mate.

      Secondly, you are the most pompous idiot that trolls these pages.

      Let me help you out here a little bit, maybe it will sink in but I fucking doubt that, shaka booi seems to have a thinner cranium and less sloped forehead than you.

      That tertiary ignorance that you paid for was a waste, you can only use it as an excuse. You troll these pages of this blog shouting your mouth off regurgitating shit that you've gleaned for Archie comics and Mr Bean shows, thinking that you're adding value to some lives. You not, you just a fucking bitter, twisted and insecure little limp dick floating around in underpants 10 times to big for your nerdy frame.

      You would not be out there bashing peoples option if you were so fucking enlightened as what you think you are,

      You cunt, have something shit to say about everybody on this blog, you always have a snide comment and a rude remark. You are so blinded to passion that you version of foreplay is " brace yourself honey I am horny".

      You will never figure out that we have a passion for this place and that is why we stay and those that have not the passion, they have not the funds to leave. You dimwitted idiot you, stop shouting your fucking mouth off and do something physical to assist the South African that you so willingly mock. You're just a fake insecure little man looking for attention rfr.

      You are so insecure that I bet you don't allow your spouse whether it be your husband or maybe you might have found a darky bitch that conceded to your marriage beg out of your site, I bet that when they do disappear from your sight that you have tracker on their phone and have auto dial of yours and they are constantly buzzed just in case something is channel boring where you think you're boss.

      As far as debating with sky fairies and prophets and the rest of your fucked up imagination you seem to do quite well as it all happening inside that tertiary ignorant head of yours, so carry on my little man for here you will just get squashed.

      Somebody made a comment that I have a problem with people emigrating but I don't, I have problems with over inflated self important dumb fucks like you that will use a blog to try show how brave they are but on the field they are the fucking first to run and cry like the fucking babies they are.

      Let me tell you one last thing, I would stand with any man in battle but you I would fucking give to the enemy before the battle begins it would save countless of my country mans lives not having you here.


    4. Anonymous12:41 am

      Don't get upset about people like RFR and that other Shaka troll. They just planted here to create doubt. I wouldn't even bother to reply.
      If there is one thing the whole world cannot afford, then it is a united Boer nation. And the whole world has been trying to wipe us out ever since the Settlers land here. Remember: divide and rule...!!
      Laugh at them, they don't know what they doing. We still have God on our side, and the settlers where sent by God. He has a plan for us. Never doubt that, no matter how bad things are, or still going to get.


    5. RunForrestRun12:42 am

      LOL, --so like everything else you spout your truce was just as meaningless? Everything you accuse me of are your obvious insecurities. There is an old saying,--"You look behind the door you hide behind".

      Must say, your rhetoric comes across as a very gay man in abject denial.

    6. Anonymous1:40 am

      @LTMA 8:13pm

      At least you tried!

    7. @RFR

      I dont see it as the high IQ's that left. I see it as the people who's parents had all the money to send their children to the best schools and universities that immigrated. It shows in you personality too a real spoil bratt mr know it all attitude.

      These are the same people and family or related to the broeders who sold us out with pink Frikkie.

      I grew up on pap with jam handed out by the ACVV because we were to poor to buy sugar. My mothers IQ is 134 and mine is 127 and i worked and payed for my studies myself so go fuck that ..... you know what.

  30. Anonymous1:10 pm

    I would love to find that ship. What did they do with it?

  31. https://businesstech.co.za/news/government/155037/zuma-to-push-radical-land-redistribution-at-follow-up-sona-rally-report/


  32. Anonymous2:02 am

    The other point about this whole land issue is water.
    We all know you cannot survive without water.

    Farms only started being farms when people could actually access water year round hence the "Trek Boers" trekking following the rain for grazing.

    Farms without a river have either built dams or drilled many boreholes to access water which in turn make a farm viable.

    The question arises how can you lay claim to land if there was no access to water, how did you survive?

    1. Anonymous8:34 am

      Excellent observation and one can ask what will happen to these farms when whites leave. These boreholes use pumps and they need maintenance. Should whites disappear these pumps will be neglected and the bantu will group together in the old areas where you used to find them. Natal is a good example but up north the malaria mosquitoes thrive where there is natural water sources.


    2. Anonymous3:02 pm

      The blacks already blamed Apartheid for building the dams too big. These non-whites will just go back to holding our their cupped hands once the state has it all, while being well looked after by the central bankers.

    3. Anonymous1:44 am

      I am not an expert on any matters but I have experience in some.

      These critters don't give a shit, they have no ambition, no standards, no values and no motivation. The only reason critter is the way he is here is because there are still whites that produce, care and create.

      When the last of the whites that mean something are gone these critters will live in the shit of no maintenance, no health care, no food except food aid and the mielie patch. They will let everything just be because that is critters nature.

      You fellows that have been to Europe have seen how the areas that they inhabit become squalors and dumps within months of the over crowding. 3:02 you are so right, when there is nothing left here to steal then the hand will cup and extend and they will beg, plead poverty and starvation.

      The rest of the world will feel sorry for them and feed these things off other countries account. These sods know that the empathy of a white man is his weakness and the prey on it.

      If you want to beat critter then change the perception of the world pertaining to critter.

      Show the horrors that these beasts perpetrate show them often and global and start swinging the weakness of empathy to your cause.


    4. Anonymous9:16 am


      @Anonymous2:02 am

      How do you claim land when...

      You cant prove it was yours.
      Cant tell us what date you arrived.
      Cannot show us a map of the land.
      Cant tell us how many meters or hectares the land is.

      No time, no measurements, no documented proof, nothing built on it.

      They cant prove it, which is why the biggest lies are always filled with half truths.

  33. Anonymous2:10 am

    WFLF - white first land first.

  34. Anonymous10:01 am

    now I have to get that book to read. Where is it sold?

  35. Anonymous12:08 am

    Don't forget the Caldoche


  36. Anonymous7:42 pm

    I read here many post by super knowledgeable people, some of these people having a god complex. Does it really matter if one is less knowledgeable than the other?

    Let's say that Mike Hunt got a degree in structural and chemical engineering but York Hunt only got a matric with 30 years of IBL ( intelligence by life) but Mike Hunt has never been out of the office, he used google and all the other tools available, books and papers to do his job. York Hunt on the other hand ploughed his trade everyday in the trenches of life eating shit, shovelling shit and fixing shit.

    My question to you chaps here that all want to fight about how much you know and how learned you are. Is it really that important guys, must you show how intelligent you are to be recognized by your brother here?

    Do you really need to snap and yap at each other for little things like a date or a name in history, we are not writing exams, chaps and this is a resistance blog not a competition to show our host how intelligent, well read or clever we are.

    Look around you, wake up! the retards rule, shower head is most probably the last person anybody would have expected to make it to the position that he has conquered, made his own and holds onto after everything that should have unseated him failed. He has a backyard std WTF and cannot read a sequence on numbers, reads his speeches in one liners and definitely is to ignorant to know what he is saying but he still holds the seat of power and he definitely ain't intelligent, well read or clever.

    My opinion and only an opinion, stop the shit of trying to outsmart each other, stop the one upmanship and start working as a team, teams do not infight the produce and weld together, they absorb and transform each strength or weakness into a group advantage, they succeed by unity not division.

    If we want to win our country back and be a successful nation once again, you chaps had better start teaming and stop the individual self importance.

    Your forefathers( Boers and English) that came here to make this land a country were mostly uneducated men but they had a work ethic and a determination that SA has not seen in a century and some.

    Guys your forefathers, dug gold and diamonds with wooden shovel and Pick from the ground, some tilled the soil with ox and plough and then most fought bloody hard won wars to secure a place for themselves and their generations to come in this land. The fact is that most of those men just about everyone of them did it with a home education and a very basic knowledge of reading and writing. They only book they had to read was their bible and that was such precious knowledge to a determined people.

    So fellows you need to decide how you want to win this war, do you want to do it with all the ultra intelligence bashing through the ethers because if that be the case then best you join google and add to the knowledge saved there or do you want to weld together, form a unit and forge forward making what it takes to be a resistance and use your knowledge and intelligence to a betterment of our end goal?


    1. Anonymous2:15 pm

      but you are the numbah u-one stoepkakkertjie here

    2. Anonymous12:05 am

      @ Anon2:15pm.

      How would you preferred to be known, cunt or vagina? You choose I can do either, just to please you.

      I suppose you have colloquial gatherings not discussions or debates, you must go one up, good for your old chap, jolly good show just a pity you cannot hide your origins from that side of the rail track with the way you spell and the expressions you use.

      Now stop being a doos and label yourself let's see you stand for something for once in your life but I suppose once again you will duck out the backdoor and blame somebody else.


  37. And yet...

    1. Is that now fake news or is it true?

    2. Anonymous7:10 am


      @Mike Smith6:16 am

      Im testing out that holographic projector, just making sure it works.

    3. Try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFH6lp-wUBE

    4. Anonymous8:58 am


      LOL - see how fast they run!

      We need some speakers attached to it speaking their language.

      Psychological terror.

  38. Really enjoyed the baboon circus in pallemunt last night.