28 January 2017

Whites resist land grabs in Pretoria

Scenes from the clashes between whites and blacks in Pretoria

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2017

On the 8th of January 2017, President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma made the whites gasp when he said that this year the ANC shall begin to utilize the Expropriation Bill and speed up land reform and land redistribution with greater speed and greater urgency , but when he added…”following the prescripts of the Constitution”…they relaxed again and a libtard sigh of relief went up.

What Zuma said about land expropriation

Well we know that the ANC wipe their backsides with the constitution and besides, Section Nine of the Constitution provides for something called “fair discrimination” and contains the Newspeak gem:

“Discrimination on one or more of the grounds listed in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair.”

Here is what it means: It is unfair to discriminate against anybody in South Africa unless he/she is white, then it is fair to discriminate.

The ANC has made it clear that The willing buyer; willing seller policy agreed upon at Codesa prior to 1994 is out opening the door for the Zimbabwe style land grabs.

The way the ANC does it is to just let blacks squat and erect shanty towns everywhere they want, driving whites out, unless of course the land belongs to any of the big mining companies such as Anglo American /De Beers.

Of course this is totally illegal and there are building laws. One cannot just grab land and erect any structure one wishes without any plans, but the ANC turns a blind eye.

The last two days this has come to a head in Booysens in Pretoria, when the whites resisted and clashes between whites and blacks took place. The media is of course largely downplaying this, so if anyone has more info, let us know.

Black and white clash over land in Pretoria

In my opinion it is just going to get worse. White people are sick and tired of these squatters. Sick and tired of the ANC government turning a blind eye and in fact encouraging land grabs. Unfortunately they have no other choice or solution, but to resist and fight back. The government is not going to help them. Even the most liberal of whites are now starting to organize and resist.


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Scientists have grown the first human-pig hybrid embryos and taken them a third of the way through pregnancy inside a sow.

    Geneticists at the Salk Institute in California hope this research will pave the way to grow fully-functioning human transplant organs inside hybrid animals.

    Question needs an answer. If any of that experiments lead to birth of any kind of human animal half-bred, who is responsible for the after life of that being. I mean, in order for such a being there is a soul and a spirit attached to that body in order for it to be alive. So when it dies, what is its destiny?

    Wasn't the same scientific experiments practiced in the days before Noah.? Yes and terrible creatures were concocted which left their fingerprints on earth until today.

    Now, who is responsible for that and these creatures who committed all kinds of crime from then until today.

    Surely, God takes responsibility for his creation, but can we expect from him to take responsibility for anyone else's concoctions. Certainly, No!

    Did these concoctions had any right on earth as any other creation of God. No, God didn't have any pleasure in them, because mostly all of these concoctions were wiped out in the flood. There were left overs and so God ordered these to be wiped out too. Which of course was not executed as ordered.

    Question. Can any of these leftovers claim any land that was created by God for his creation? No! If these things attack and kill us, who are to blame for it? If you suffer because of them , don't blame God for your disobedience. You will not go to hell if you kill it, because God ordered that long time ago.

    What part of sin and disobedience don't we understand.?

    1. Anonymous4:07 am

      What part of kill or be killed do you not understand? I have nothing left to lose. I know of many who has nothing left. Praying won't help. Good deeds don't help. Survival is the name of the game. How do you ensure your survival - by killing those that want to kill you. Simple.

    2. Anonymous6:12 am


      @Anonymous4:07 am

      And eradicating every last one of them. I find them all guilty and sentenced to the same fate those nations came to under the Sword of Joshua.

      No Mercy, leave none, complete eradication. Dont care about gender or age. They feel nothing when they murder white babies and older people in this country.

      Eradicate and then move to the next infestation ie Bots, Zim, Moz, continue until the only one left is in a museum.

    3. Anonymous6:20 am

      Misinterpreting God's word lead Christians turning the cheek to Satan's concoctions which lead to terrible tribulations. Prayers of disobedient people are met with ignorance from God. Ignoring God's will leads to death.

      So in short, when man does not know who he is and from where he came, it will result mingling himself with Satan's scientific concoctions. Which lead further down the swamp where all evil lives and love each other with the most unthinkable crime from hell that can only be part of creatures which do not have the nature of GOD or his love in them to live by his commandments.

      Man need to become obedient to God's order spoken by Moses to wipe out all Satan's scientific experiments running havoc in God's creation.

      Satan's concoctions is not part of God's creation and have no claim on any of his creations. Neither can Bible covenants between God and his people ever applied on these concoctions.

      He who dares that, faces God's wrath and rejection. How does it look today in this crooked world?

  2. Anonymous1:22 am

    Here is a question for you Mr Smith

    WHAT significance does the present situation in SA have with regard to the wider Geo-Political forces currently at work ?

    1. Anonymous4:07 am

      We are the feeding trough for the globalists.

  3. Anonymous1:44 am

    South Africa today, South Zimbabwe tomorrow. These stupid kaffirs shall never learn.

    1. Zimbabwe is liberated and under vicious sanctions by globalists like Iran. Whites don't belong in Africa.

    2. Anonymous9:29 am

      Then blacks dont belong in Europe. REcall your friends

    3. Anonymous10:25 am

      Anonymous9:29 am

      By using that reply you give credibility to the false notation that Africa belongs to blacks or so called Africans which just enhances this false narrative of Africa for Africans

      Stop it.

      What we do know as fact as recorded history is that the early Egyptians were white. This is thousands of years ago. Africa for Egyptians perhaps?..... = Africa for whites!

      Egypt is connected to the rest of Eurasia it is not some separate island somewhere.

      Blacks were never dispersed throughout the entire Africa land. Their numbers were dwindling before we arrived during the last centuries again,in fact they looked like they were on the path to distinction as written up by early European adventurers in to Africa.

      Yes they should leave Europe but they still cant lay claim to an entire Africa.

      You dont see any one racial group in Eurasia laying claim to the entire land, you only see that with the karasite.

      Just because they breed like rats because of our help doesnt make them the rightful beneficiary of a bigger part the pie.


    4. STEPHEN11:11 am

      Yes re-call the revugees , the rerevugees.

    5. Anonymous11:31 am

      @Shaka 8:38am

      Yes, liberated from prosperity into failed state.

    6. Anonymous1:10 pm


      @Shaka8:38 am

      Blacks dont belong in SA - they are not from South Africa. The Gov website says so, they came to SA in the same wave of migration patterns as did the whites and in fact, it is a historical fact, the Cape provinces combined with the Orange free state, Transvaal and Natal make up almost three quarters of SA belong to whites - there were no settled blacks in this region.

      Africa - see this is why karasites should never learn to read and write. See there is something called Geography, what geography does is help you see locations and places.

      Now for a simple mind to proclaim and exclaim AFRICA belongs to karasites, is for the karasites to not know geography.

      See pekinin, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Niger, Chad, Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Libya are not Kaffir territories yet they are in Africa, even Tanzania cannot claim to be a fully nigger boon country, Arabs have been there for hundreds of years.

      I double dare you to go work for these Arabs and claim that their country belongs to blacks!! I tripple dare you, if you think whites dislike karasites, then you have not seen how arabs treat you animals.

      When they began expanding into karasite territory, they used to cut off the karasites hands, tongues and were the first to call you "Kaffirs" non believers.

      No!!!! karasites belong in central Africa, in the jungles, far far away from civilization where they cant hurt themselves and where food grows abundantly because the world knows, give a black fish for a day and he lives, teach a black how to fish and he starves.

      Useless species, useless species, in fact the word species cannot even be applied in the same breath.

      Everyone hates them. The arabs more so than the whites.

  4. Anonymous1:49 am


  5. Whiteman1:53 am

    Anonymous 11:41 pm, you hit the nail on the head ! But I would like to add. The scientific revelations we see in print from time to time, is OLD news. We often joke about the " mad scientists, " but the more controversial their experiments are, the greater the secrecy. They fear the backlash from the public, especially the religious people. And remember, MONEY always plays a role. Think of it this way. You have pursued a vision your whole life, to create a fully grown human being out of a test tube. You are progressing very well. You can smell being famous already. You can see lots of money, and that Ferrari you have always dreamed about. If you are of the right stuff, NOTHING will stop you. But back to Pretoria. I await more inputs from our readers on this hot topic. Have the battle lines between black and white been drawn yet. Or is everybody still ignoring the naked horrible truth in this country ? The black barbarians are PLEADING for a war with the Whiteman. But the whiteman does not want to fight. ( Yet ? ) Will Pretoria be, where the BIG FIGHT eventually starts ? Will the city be reduced to rubble, as we see in Syria ? Maybe we must ask malema, because you wont get the truth from the Main Stream Media, that is for sure !

    1. No, the big fight will start in Johannesburg with a massacre of unsuspecting South African Whites. Pretoria is where the South African Blacks will get stopped. I thought this is common knowledge by now??

    2. Whiteman6:56 am

      Helizna, you have described one of many theories. It is your democratic right to support your theory. It would be helpful, if you could elaborate with serious facts and/or references ? I am sure we have intelligent readers, who at this point in time, do not see your statements as common knowledge. But we are all interested to know more. As I have family in Pretoria, and friends in Jhb, I am particularly interested in what you have to say ?

    3. Anonymous11:36 am

      I think Helizna is refering to Adriaan Sleezyman's false interpretations of Siener. Sleezyman predicted that this would happen in december 2013, 7 days after mandela died.

      But we all know that Sleezyman is a liar

    4. Anonymous12:10 pm


      @Helizna Kilian1:20 am

      Yes it will be JHB for sure, simply look on the suidlanders site and see where all the action is with past and present protests, burnings etc etc

      When you look at the map of unrest, it is one big red dot that engulfs the entire JHB region.

      JHB will look like Mogadishu and the whites will not be able to escape, they are surrounded, surrounded by townships.

      You have townshits, surrounding townshits.

      Its pretty logical and when you know how these things think, its as clear as daylight. Easy pickings, easier than the farms once the masses get underway.

      Toll roads blocking and locking everyone in. Thousands, tens of thousands of armed blacks from the locations, perhaps hundreds of thousands as in the case of Rwanda and 1.8 million whites - Johanna Brandts hair went white when she saw it in one evening - those who knew her can attest to her hair turning grey in one evening from what she saw.

      Van Rensburg saw it as well & said the bucket of blood before our republic flag gets underway, it will be dipped in blood first.

      Johanna could not believe what she saw, she said she could not even believe there were so many whites living in JHB during this future event because at that moment in time, JHB was sparsely populated by whites, perhaps a 100-200,000 from my research.

      Johanna Brandt was so convinced about what she saw, as mentioned her hair turned grey in an evening.

      She was so convinced that she distributed pamphlets warning the blacks & their chiefs not to attack the whites & to heed her warning, for if they did - it would be the end of them, according to what she saw.

      By my estimates, about 200-600,000k whites will be massacred in a very, very short period of time.

      Faster than a Rwanda situation. Think social media, mobile phones, they have access to maps online - they can move faster with modern technology when they unleash the fury.

      But try tell this to anyone there right now & 70% will laugh at you.

      The signs are there.

      We are at the Southernmost tip of Africa, with communication the way it is, what took the Rwandans 1 month to complete with walkie talkies, can be done in a few days before the UN (which the US is pulling out of) to even arrive & even expecting the UN to assist the racists with their crimes against humanity, is a joke.

      It could be a week to two, perhaps even three weeks before help or even if any form of help arrives. I think it would be closer to 8 weeks before any aid even arrives.

      When a crisis breaks out, it takes these politicians weeks just to arrange a meeting.

      Make no mistake about it. It is JHB for sure.

      That is why I always mention that really, whites have to arm, train & unite & become one united army of 600K-800K+

      That many can hold the fort until help arrives.

      No one has to believe Siener or Brandt at all, just look at the situation, the terrain, the unrest, the location of the unrest, the population, previous genocides, look at what is being said and you really dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

      I mean, the karasite is busy doing it right now - that map on Suidlanders is an accurate depiction of past protests/unrest - people must use their brains & simply work with the reality of whats going on right now on the ground & then do some projection, worse case scenarios.

      JHB is easy pickings for this lot.

      They will hit the suburbs quickly -there is no protection anymore in any suburb & the "nice black neighbors" the ones that seem educated, nice, smile, they are the worst kind.

      They fool you into thinking everything is fine, when they are scouts.

      Remember in Rwanda, neighboring hutus who lived next to Tutsis for decades, in-laws, attacked them like they were cockroaches.

      I didnt pull this shit out from a nightmare I had, I simply look at the warnings, the map on suidlanders, the location as mentioned and its not rocket science.

  6. Anonymous5:27 am

    It seems that whites only fight if their morality has been offended. That is why you turn the other cheek when your wife gets raped on the farm and you bliksem blacks if they protest on a varsity rugby field during a rugby match

    1. Stephen11:27 am

      You can say what you want , those parents and guys that rushed up unto the field gave those kaffirs a good hiding.

      Futher to that , could you jump infront of a bus and then complain if the bus hit you ? no

      What did they expect was gonna happen ?
      The rugby players to join them hold hands and sing kumbaja ?

    2. Anonymous11:37 am

      @Stephen... No fool, I am pointing out that your priorities are wrong

  7. Anonymous6:10 am


    The time will come when we have to eradicate the karasite once and for all.

    I hope everyone is preparing & getting ready.

    No mercy this time, nothing. This thing needs to vanish like those things that walked in J-strings & that spoke in clicks & grunts.

    Sorry but the time is fast approaching & either prepare to be taken out or prepare to take out the trash.

    Not long now. Remember Malema said in Dec that the time will come when they take revenge. Its sooner rather than later.

    I simply pray we all unite now. Need an army force of about 800-1.2 million or better yet, the entire nation stick/work together now, all 4.5 million.

    We are no small nation NEVER believe we are a small nation- a nation as large as the white Scottish nation, the size of NZ population.

    Work together, help each other, support each other, train with each other.

    We need everyone now to pull together.

    May the Lord be with the white tribe/Afrikaners of South Africa.


    1. Delusional claptrap. Its time you were all relocated back to your homelands before you really get exterminated.

    2. Anonymous9:28 am

      stick together? I am stuck in your sister...

      Fuck I hate this term "stick together". SO fucking homo. Just say "allied with each other". Fuck... Seriously. I have images of wolves mating on a documentary show that I saw where they get stuck on each other after mating. Fuck... Seriously.

    3. Anonymous10:34 am

      Thats a lot of fuck-ing for someone who doesnt want to stick together.

      I always get a image of glue but i guess we see the world through different eyes dont we.


    4. Anonymous3:49 pm


      @Shaka8:39 am - in your dreams dick head. Please exterminate us, please do it. What have you been waiting for? Try exterminate 4.5 million and see what happens, you guys cannot even get keep an already successful farm or company running. Plz go try it and hurry up.

      Anonymous9:28 am
      Use what ever fucking term you want, if you are going to get so hung up on words and miss the trees for the forest, then seriously.... rather join the boons.

      Its guys like you that get hung up on the small, minor bullshit words rather than sticking to the big picture. Wake up, focus on the context not every word.

      Next you will be correcting my grammar. Grow up.

    5. @ Anon 9:28 am. During communications people form what is called "mental models". The key to effective communication is to ensure that both parties have the same or similar mental model. Speaking perfect English is not always beneficial to the creation of the right mental model. If you are dealing with a group of French or Russians you might have to simplify your grammar. You can also use a technique called "Closed Loop Communication" where you verify that the message was clear, received and understood. Think about the captain of a ship giving the helmsman an order to steer a course of 247° or so. The helmsman will acknowledge the course and affirm when he has reached the course. Even so...mistakes still happen. Ships still collide and run aground, airplanes still fall, soldiers on the battlefield still die...mainly because of miscommunication and wrong mental models being formed of the actual situation.

      We see it on here all the time. I write something, people misunderstand, misread, misinterpret, etc. and I have to clarify, explain, elaborate, etc.

      It is normal. It is human. However you cannot stop other people from using a term simply because YOU form the wrong mental model. Whenever people used the term "stick together" my mental model was always one of a group of muddied soldiers in the rain stuck in a trench about to be overrun by the enemy. Never in my wildest dreams have I formed a picture of two wolves fucking in the wild. I was quite shocked when I saw that there are people like you. Have you ever thought that the problem is not with the term, but with you?

    6. Anonymous12:02 pm

      oh grow up huh? Boere mall ninja at it again. Calling for genocide on people. Real grown up aren't you? Go join Pol pot, Hitler and all the other mentally stunted cunts that committed or called for genocide. By calling for extermination of people, you are in the ranks of mentally stunted people like malema.

      Perhaps you are the one who needs to grow the fuck up. Runts like you talk big but run when the real shooting starts

    7. Anonymous5:44 am


      Anonymous12:02 pm

      Hey Mr Smudge, I didnt see you say anything when Malema called for the whites to be attacked?

      I have asked many times on this blog...

      Show us an alternative that hasnt already been tried?

      lol runts - yes, those who know me know quite the opposite.

      Why dont you provide us with a solution?

      See, its very easy to knock someone when you dont have any, any solution.

      Fence sitter.

      You are so worried about me saying this but say zero when they are doing it RIGHT NOW to our people - so on whos side are you on?

      You cant provide a solution and you say absolutely nothing when they are killing our people, either a traitor or simply someone not in touch with reality.

  8. Its just the historic native born black man taking back what europeans stole from him.

    1. Anonymous9:25 am

      Which is why you are leaving the continent in droves to go live with whitey in Europe. Soon we will be hearing how white people brutally oppressed blacks in Europe. We will be taught how blacks built europe and we brutally oppressed blacks and stole their native europe from them.

      I mean you already did it with thabo mbeki where we had to listen to this crap about Egypt being a black civilization that was brutally stolen by whites. mbeki also told us how we brutally stole your civilization by stealing and razing alexandria in Egypt and how the Greeks became a powerful nation in ancient times because we stole it all from you.

      When you try to explain that the Greek civilization (that we allegedly stole) pre dates Alexandria by 700 years, and that it was the Greeks and macedonians that built alexandria we are greeted with threats of being a denialist. 700 years is long. It is more than three and a half times the length of the zulu nation to date.

      If you arent mugging us out of our cell phones and wallets, you are mugging us out of land and civilizations and history.

      The whole of Africa does not belong to you. Go back north of the equator where your refugee ancestors came from

    2. Anonymous11:38 am

      shaka...come and take my piece of land where my house is, come and try and take my white neighbour's land...come, let's see if you can. I can't wait. I'm ready to die, we are not afraid of you kaffir.

    3. Anonymous11:49 am

      @Shaka 8:37am

      "Its just the historic native born black man taking back what europeans stole from him."

      Europeans did not steal a fully developed first world country from you, therefore you are owed nothing.

    4. Anonymous6:21 pm

      Today,Scientists concocted pig and human DNA to some living being. Totally un Godly creation of them. Satan's scientists concocted his DNA with baboons for slavery in the times before Noah. Totally un Godly creation. They have no claim on any land created by God. These concoctions have no love of God in them. They hate and destroy all of his creation.

      So Shaka, your claim of being historic native born has been debunked. Your whole person and your spirit reveals who you are. You like to claim and own what God had created , but you don't want to do and live by his commandments. Typical Satan, always ready to abuse God's laws where it suits him, but hate it and oppress it where he can.

      Sorry, but you Satanic concoctions have no say. You will have to come Satan by for mingling you out of his DNA and baboons. Ask him to take you to his planet. Stay of the property that was created by God.

    5. Anonymous11:58 pm


      You are the itch on the arse of a man with two broken arms.

  9. Anonymous5:54 am

    Hi Mike,
    I was there on Friday as well as Saturday.
    To summarize, the squatters told us to just shutup and fokof, otherwise they will rape and murder our children and wife's.

    That is then that one of the ooms got hit with a panga on the head(critical) from the side, all hell broke loose, and we retreated a bit while they threw stones at us. Later when it calmed a bit, and people still demanding they pack up and leave, this mal k4 drove his taxi into the crowd, luckily everyone jumped out of the way, only 1 woman, he then managed to drove over her ankle, we pelted the fucker with bricks, smashing his back and side windows, the coward drove off to the mabopane highway. So the Oomie that got hit with panga is in serious condition and we organised to flush them out on Saturday, only for the D.A raadslid to tell the people to go home, he will sort it out.So... the sheeple obey and went home.

    1. Thanks for that. Here is some more info


  10. Whiteman9:22 am

    Anonymous 5:54 am, thank you for going to the trouble to inform all our readers, about the Pta incident. It is fair to allow the DA kingpin to earn his/her salary. But make a note of that person and monitor the progress. But I fear that a time will come, when the DA kingpin will also take a panga to the head. But hopefully he/she will remember Tony Leons war cry of a couple of years ago : FIGHT BACK !

  11. Anonymous6:33 am

    Shaka 8.38
    Looks like there are quite a few blacks in South Africa that are sick of their comrades actions to. I think there are a few older generation blacks that are stirring the pot with the younger generation because let's face it, majority of blacks are like sheep. They will follow any of their comrades that shout loudly and are extremely excitable when they smell fresh blood!!! So if whites don't belong in South Africa and blacks are also leaving South Africa then who does South Africa belong to? The bloody black rebels that need to be shipped to Robbin Island that's who. You are all very quick to put your hands out for help from the a western world. Zimbabwe is just an example of what happens when white countries won't come to your aid anymore.....you will all die from starvation but all to stupid to see it until it's to late and you are all in your graves.

    1. Anonymous6:40 am

      @Anon 6:33am

      These morons don't care as long as they've got the land.

  12. Anonymous9:47 pm

    A question, not a judgment:

    Aren't you afraid they are going to come after you for using the K-word?

  13. Anonymous9:49 pm

    I find your blog extremely interesting and thought provoking. So much truth and rationale wrt to what you said about eradicating crime insurgency in this country. It is what it is and should be dealt with accordingly. No time for political correctness. All is fair in love and war.